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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  March 21, 2019 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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jillian: his name is rob. is that you, rob? rob: definitely not me. jillian: racking up more than 14 million views and counting i am sure. rob: i was looking at the ice cream. jillian: have a good day. >> new zealand's prime minister announcing a ban on all high capacity magazines and, quote, military style semiautomatic rifles. >> after nearly five years of fighting president trump is confident that isis is about to finally be defeated. >> in 2016 everything red is isis and the bottom one somehow it is today. >> secretary of state mike pompeo visiting the new embassy in jerusalem. he will visit christian and judicial holy sights today. >> clawnel deafened the attacks on her husband you think he shouldn't respond when somebody, a nonmedical professional accuses him of having a mental disorder? >> 2020 candidate kirsten gillibrand wants to give social security to illegal
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immigrants. [applause] >> you must have the right you pay into social security. >> millionaires this morning that power ball jackpot just hit a new record. swelling to $625 million. ♪ this is my town na na na na na this is my town brian: if you live here it's your town. steve: headliner right there iv i% say they can't afford to live in my town. jedediah: we senator rick scott coming up to talk about just that. steve: indeed, he has written an op-ed for the "wall street journal" talking about how when he was the governor he would go to these high tax states like new york and california and say hey, you know, if you don't pay state tax in florida. lickety split a bunch of companies moved down there.
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brian: a lot of these democratic run legislations mayors and governors jack up the tanks the people leave so the democrats leave the blue states and go to the red states and then start flipping those states. until they start jacking up those taxes and we run out of country. meanwhile rick scott on a little bit later to talk about that. steve: half hour. brian: we will go to a fox news alert. overnight a sweeping gun back in new zealand days after the deadly mosque attacks. >> every semiautomatic weapon used in the terrorist attack on friday will be banned in this country. steve: okay. asha. >> staying through to her word announcing a ban on certain firearms that decision coming less than a week after the deadly mosque shootings that left 50 people dead. listen to. this new zealand will ban all military style semiautomatic weapons.
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we will also ban all assault rifles. we will ban all high capacity magazines. he we will ban all ready to convert semiautomatic and other type of firearm into a military style semiautomatic weapon. you recall. jedediah: so the gunman used two legally purchased rifles modifying them with online purchase that enhances firing capability. basically turning those guns into military style weapons. so, what does that mean for citizens now who already own these rifles? anyone with a banned weapon will be lawfully in possession of that weapon. they will be encouraged to start turning them over to authorities immediately. some owners like hunters and farmers will get to keep their firearms and a gun buyback program is in the works here. this is happening as we learned that the shooting
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suspect actually planned a third attack before he was stopped by authorities. steve, brian, jedediah, back to you. steve: ainchethank you very muc. dispute with a neighbor and he killed 13 of his neighbors. they did crack down on guns then. gun permits for fully automatic weapons are rarely issued to civilians so it's unclear at this point how large this is going to be. however the online purchases that's how he bought the big magazine that killed all those people. jedediah: bernie sanders waste nothing time jumping into this debate saying this is what real action to stop gun violence looks like. we must follow sneeld's lead take on the nra and ban the sale and distribution of assault weapons in the united states. that term assault weapons offends many
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second amendment. they are used to protect themselves as mechanisms of self-defense and a gun conification program will not something that would be feeivel in the united states where the second amendment is valued so much. when you have acts of lie violence like this. there is nothing more 1r58 i can't believe than people who are legally entitled to own gowns and are law-abiding citizen protecting themselves and others. can i say that in a state like new york where i wish i was in a state where there was better gun laws. let's just say that. steve: there are plenty of them here. jedediah: when i say better gun laws i mean more freedom for second amendment advocates. brian: i don't know if there is push back. they don't have a second amendment over there i don't know if criminals, cold blooded killer was think twice about finding a way to get a weapon and do exactly what they did. they just would be assured now that nobody else with a weapon to be able to stop them who wasn't in a uniform. meanwhile, five minutes after the top of the hour. >> we showed you these 2:00
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and 3:00 in the morning. hundreds of illegals crossed the border in the el paso region and not so much ache danger saying i want asylum. then we heard from griff jenkins that they were already at the capacity in the holding centers, including ice holding centers. today they have to take additional action and you are not going to like it. steve: what you are talking about, brian, they arrested 400 migrants in the country illegally in five minutes. what they are doing because they are at capacity, this he have three ice centers that can hold 1,000 or 3,000 people each. they are brimming with people in this country illegally. because they want to make surety people are safe and because of overcrowding, they are starting to release people. they are giving them a note, hey. come back on this day. some of them are going to wear if you have a family, they are going to give you a tracking device. an ankle bracelet so they can make sure that you do come back when you are supposed to come back. jedediah: this is all very scary.
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we have been talking about how many say this is a manufactured crisis and look at statistics like this not hard to imagine this is not an emergency. in the midst of this democrats like christian who is running for president comes out and says illegals must have the right to social security. steve: social security. jedediah: take a risen. >> we need comprehension immigration reform. if you were in this country now, you must have the right to pay into social security, to pay your taxes, to pay into the local school system and have a [inaudible] brian: we have no idea who they are letting out. we know. this there is a bunch of people here in this country that want to give them immediate access to our social system and now they want to give them retirement. it's insane. steve: think about it if you are in the country legally, we do provide healthcare when you go to the hospital and you need healthcare. there are various state programs as well. so now in addition to
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healthcare. a retirement program which, how many times have we heard in the last 20 years is on the verge of collapse? so, again against that is something she is suggesting out on the trail. but we have heard a lot of trail ostuff on the trail latel. term limits for the supreme court. at the same time maybe we should add more people to the supreme court. in other words, pack the supreme court which we are hearing a lot of people out on the campaign trail mixup. watch this. will and it's a montage. >> we have got to make some kind of structural form to depoliticize the supreme court. >> first they steal the supreme court seat. then they turn around and change the rules on filibuster. all the options are on the table. >> term limits for supreme court justices are is one thing. >> what if there were five justices selected by democrats. five justices selected by republicans and those 10 then picked five nor wruives
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independent who chose the first 10? brian: why don't we fill up the stadium with judges and make them all wear gowns and we will vote and make decisions. 35,000 against 27,000 therefore, the objection is sustained. steve: like a legislature. jedediah: how many is too many? who is going to pick the number and when election change hands and it goes democrats and republican, no i want 30. no, i think 40 is better. where does it end? steve: fdr tried to too it and that failed miserably. joe biden is currently leading in a bunch of polls, right? listen to what he said once upon a time about packs the court. >> president roosevelt clearly had the right to send to the united states senate and united states congress a proposal to pack the court. he was legalistically absolutely correct. but it was a bone head idea. it was a terrible, terrible mistake to make. and it put in question for
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an entire decade the independence of the most significant body, including the congress in my view. the supreme court of the united states of america. brian: this is just the beginning of what joe biden is going to be looking at. it would make a lot of sense there and make a lot of sense now. my hunch is that was before we saw what happened to merrick garland. he also is getting an idea what he is going to be up against. his own words in some case and a lot of the action of his son. i watched peter schweizer what hunter biden did in china. what his son may have invested n eastern europe. they will start looking through his background like they are looking through president trump's background and i don't know if he really wants that at his age after what his family has been through. steve: let's see how many reporters ask people who were r. in iowa, new hampshire today. do you really think packing the court is a good idea. because joe biden who is leading right now said it is
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a bone head idea. brian: wouldn't it be refreshing if he stayed with that. became candidate and stayed with what he had. jedediah: that's the problem with a long political career. these guys and ladies have to flip. you saw that with kamala harris. we have to stuff on video, guys. steve: let us know what you think about joe biden's bone head comment. email us at we are also on facebook as is jillian mele who joins us right now. jillian: that is true. good morning. start with a fox news alert and get you caught up on this story we were following. secretary of state mike pompeo visiting the new embassy in jerusalem. he is in israel on second leg of his trip to the middle east and visit several holy sites today. earlier secretary pompeo met with benjamin netanyahu renewing support to increase pressure on iran. pompeo heads to lebanon next. the sheriff's deputy murder derderian in a washington state shootout now identified. deputy ryan thompson was shot and killed while responding to a road rage
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saul call. suspect was also shot and killed. chafs is recovering from a gunshot wound. deputy thompson was a 14-year department veteran. he leaves behind wife and three kids. 12 law enforcement officers have been shot and killed this year. kellyanne conway is sticking up for president trump after he attacked her husband on twitter. the counselor to the president tells politico he you, quote: left it alone for months out of respect for me. but you think he shouldn't respond when somebody, a nonmedical professional accuses him of having a mental disorder? do you think he should just take that sitting down in the war of words heating this up week when he said the president had a mental illness. and when the president fired back saying he is gel lulls of his wife. the jackpot swelling to $625 million. fourth largest prize ever and could get even bigger. imagine that? don't forget to check last night's tickets for smaller
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prizes. the next draw is saturday. brian: only thing i ask if you are going too have powerball at the counter, can you have a separate person do it? because i don't want to buy gatorade and wait 20 minutes to pick out numbers and you are not going to win and i'm delayed 10 minutes. jillian: i was a cashier my first job i was a cashier and typically planned the station grocery on this side and lottery on this side. brian: brilliant. steve: people come in give you the $2 and say pick me a winner, right? that works. i will be buying my tickets at 9:00. jedediah: thanks, jillian. steve: he lost the race for governor of california. andrew gillum says he knows what it takes to win the white house. 1 million new voters in the state of florida. will that work and who would that be? we'll talk to senator rick scott about that coming up shortly. brian: she wasn't a good soccer player.
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to help you maintain balance and help keep you active and well-rested. because hey, tomorrow's coming up fast. nature's bounty. because you're better off healthy. ♪ >> game days, partying, i don't really care about school as you guys all know. brian: yeah, we all know. now everybody knows. olivia jade talking before she was found out to have found out that her parents,
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one a famous designer. one a famous actress had paid off the school of usc in order for her to get into college and put her on part of a team she was not part of. she says in that video i'm not in to going into college my parents want her her too. opening up on parents blaming them for her loss of legitimate sponsors over a million dollars. jedediah: she had a big influence career of her own. partnerships with sephora. youtube channel a lot of people were watching. he sheent we'llry looking at college and all those opportunities. we have entertainment tonight olivia is really angry with her parents because she told them she did not want to go to college she was pushed the source added. she has been passionate about her career and wanted to work. she was doing well. her parents said she would have to juggle college and her career. now she is devastated because everything she built imploded before her eyes. she feels they ruined
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everything. the question there of course if you have a kid and they are trying to tell you listen, i don't want to go down this path. i'm being successful. this is where my heart is should you just listen to them. and why was there this extra punish and passion. was that for the parents and not for her at all? steve: we were having this conversation yesterday when are you really an adult. you know, you are in your 30's so you trust your parents and it was a bad call. the usc student council is investigating over 60 students who got into the school questionable circumstances of the 60, 57 of the allegations had been unfounded sounds like they are going to be staying. they are looking at three. not far from usc is ucla has had for the last year or two somebody by the name of lauren isakson on elite women's soccer roster. brian: 41 on the team. she actually didn't show up for a practice in year in
3:20 am
2017. only problem going to elite schools division 1 is she has no experience playing the sport of soccer. steve: a little. brian: a little experience. da vena and bruce her parents spent over $600,000 to get lauren and her sister in into ucla and usc using fake credentials. she played on the team h to show up for a year according to the indictment. her parents are in a lot of trouble. she humiliated they went to the ancillary non-revenue sport to try to break the system. jedediah: bringing the power of the well connected to the surface. whether or not parents should be pushing kids into areas that the kids can boast about but not deserving. maybe they haven't earned those positions. brian: they haven't earned it meanwhile, 10 minutes after the hour. 2020 democrats are bawl social justifiable. nest guest calls that platform down right dangerous. we will discuss it.
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that protects what's important. it handles everything, and reaches everywhere. this is beyond wifi, this is xfi. simple. easy. awesome. xfinity, the future of awesome. brian: members of the democratic party tout social justice for all of america's problems today. one economist saying we cannot help people by giving them more opportunities by forcing an attractive vision on them and to do so could actually make the problems worse. even though you might be well-inmentioned. here to explain why is the economist thomas sowell himself. senior fellow at the hoover institute and author of discrimination and disparities which is out now and also has an enlarged edition. you say biases are out there but you haven't seen a social program that corrects it yet?
3:25 am
>> there are biases. of course there are biases there have also been biases. you can't from that he did dues every time you see disparities there are biases. in fact in the book i go into any number of areas where there is no bias. and there are still great disparities. one of the things for example unit famous of with five children, when you look at national merit scholarship finalists, the first born is the finalist. more often than the other four siblings combined. now, i don't know that's because the parents are biased or anyone else is biased it's because the circumstances are what they are. brian: everybody seems to be talking about race these days as if what i imagine was in the 1960's. especially in the democratic side. >> every time we talk about a wall, it's not about a structure but about xenophobia. it's about racism. >> it is clearly an imperfect, unfair, unjust and racist capitalist economy. >> racist thinks is he
3:26 am
racist. and his language hurts people: his language is causing pain. fear. brian: every other candidate calls him a racist. what's your take? >> i have seen no hard evidence. unfortunately we are living in a time where no one expects hard evidence. you just repeat some familiar words and people react pretty much the way pavlov's dog was conditioned to react to certain sounds. brian: you write in some of your past books. like when you were going through school you were a marxist for a while you said that makes the most sense. what changed you to a guy who embraces the free market. what did you learn. >> i didn't learn it in school as i should have. when i began research and piling up fact it became clear that the theory didn't work in the real world. brian: would you do you feel today most of the next generation seems to be open
3:27 am
to over 50% embraces socialism? what happened? >> what happens is i guess they no longer look at facts. the schools aren't teaching them. because this great fervor for bernie sanders was occurring at a time when venezuela was one of the world's largest reserves of oil. people were going down hill in their living standards and hungry and desperately fleeing to neighboring countries. but none of that has made a dent, i expect most of those people out there cheering for bernie sanders haven't even bothered to look into that. brian: thomas, lastly, just about your life, as one of nine raised by your great aunt and her two adult kids moves to harlem young age and forced to drop out of school at 17. first to get past the sixth grade in your family and you end up being one of the most respected intellects in the country. what can we learn about your
3:28 am
journey while serving in the marines, by the way? >> well, one of the things yoyou can learn is that the public school system was a lot better in those days than it is today. and one of the things in those days, they had ability grouping. even if you went to a school in the middle of harlem as i did, if you were in the group -- in the high ability group there, you got a very good education that someone living where i lived has very little chance of getting today. brian: right. >> another factor is, of course, they were not priced out of a job by minimum wage laws. brian: wait a second, i thought minimum wage was compassion for the worker? >> that's what they say. studies done by the national bureau of economic research and others show, in fact, the actual earnings of workers have at the bottom have tended to go down one because think don't have jobs at all in many cases and two, even when they have jobs. the hours are cut back. it's the first thing you
3:29 am
learn in economics as the price goes up. the quantity purchase goes down. when you make labor more specific people work fewer hours and fewer people work at all. brian: doesn't seem like people are listening to that great book. brand new one. discrimination and securities. his life story is something we should all study. this book is your latest example. thomas, thanks so much. >> thank you. brian: all right. so, that was then. here is now. a mom who made her kids youtube stars behind bars. shocking allegations against her. that will be next. in florida or bust. liberal policies are driving more and more companies to the sunshine state. senator rick scott on what is he doing right as governor and as senator coming up next. ♪ that's where i come from ♪
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steve: quinnipiac sohios that 47% of the people in new york says they can't afford to live here. buy shampoo 14 bucks. and very, very expensive to live here a million people have left new york since 2010 and in "wall street journal" op-ed you talk about how after alexandria
3:34 am
ocasio-cortez and others convinced amazon to pull the plug on the new york location you made a pitch for amazon to move to florida? >> i want all the jobs. in my 8 years we added 1.7 million jobs. here is why people are coming. lower taxes, weather is better. a lot better down there. the tax structure up here doesn't make any sense. what new york has done. what connecticut has done. i send thank you notes. thank you governor cuomo. raise more taxes people are moving. look at real estate prices our real estate taxes are going up and his is r. going down. even his mom moved because she said she can't afford the taxes up up here. companies are competing globally. who is going to pay them more money because they pay higher taxes. jedediah: keeping more of your hard earned cash and earn environment incentivizing small businessebusiness. do you come to states like
3:35 am
new york and recruit? do you come and talk to business communities and say listen, you may be struggling here here is what we can offer you? >> as governor i went 20 times. i went to illinois. i went to california. i went to new york. i went to connecticut. i went to pennsylvania with new governor of louisiana raising taxes i went to louisiana after eboni jindal left. this is what you are bob. and i went to chicago and i said this is what your mayor has done. you cannot compete globally. come down to florida. we have the number one university system in the country. according to "u.s. news and world report." we increase the funding for k-12 by $4.5 billion analyzed. increased our graduation rate to 81%. because our economy is growing. so we can invest more money in the things you care about. brian: the salt tax famously you can't write that off state and local taxes. the president is getting criticized saying that disproportion nativitily hurts new york and
3:36 am
california the question is should that be put back in. >> why should florida taxpayers or tennessee taxpayers sub is i dyes new york's high taxes? that's what's happening. we subsidize the fact that new york wants to charge their citizens more taxes. that's not fair. federal taxes ought to go for federal issues not subsidizing new york's taxes. steve: let's talk about something else. down in florida. he ran for governor andrew gillum has a plan to register a million more florida voters. right now there are more democrats by a couple hundred thousand than republicans. is this it's always a good judged to have as many people to vote. >> register to vote. we don't want any fraud. now, andrew gillum's policies would disseminate our state. high taxes. look at the democrats and think about what they're talking about. the green new deal.
3:37 am
shut down air travel. get rid of fossil fuels. medicare for all means you are going to lose your health insurance not just lose your doctor like we did under barack obama. now you will lose all your health insurance. no one believes in these ideas. maybe the far left does. andrew gillum get people registered to vote. it's our job when you run for office to go tell people what you believe in and they will vote for you. brian: senator, if the republicans plan on running in 2020 without any attack on healthcare i. that aren't blue or red, they will be unsuccessful. what's the attack -- pharmaceutical privacies where is it on coverage. >> i have been holding meetings with the pharmaceutical companies and can bees like cvs with the pbms that buy the drugs. how do we drive down prescription drug prices? i have got some ideas. we are trying to vet through the industry and make sure they would work working with
3:38 am
lamar alexander and john cornyn we have to do something with drug prices. brian: clock is ticking what are you working on two years in the president doesn't have a full roster. >> working on reducing the hours of cloture two hours. brian: two hours instead of 30. >> what we are doing now is confirming judges. every 30 hours you can't do anything else. so that's what we are doing all the time because the democrats have decided just to shut everything down. chuck schumer, he just wants to shut everything down. have nothing happen. have nobody confirmed. we don't have ambassadors all over the world confirmed including iraq. it makes no sense. steve: have you noticed the senate has crazy rules? >> some things i didn't know about when i got there i have learned a lot in the last three month. steve: wait, what? thank you for being here. brian: great to see you. 22 minutes before the top of the hour. there is jillian over your left shoulder. jillian: good morning, how are you. good morning to you at home as well u get you caught up
3:39 am
on news starting with a popular youtube how many is under arrest accused of physically abusing her seven adopted children. she ran a youtube channel with hundreds of millions of views called fa fantastic. she would pepper spray, beat and starve them if they didn't remember their lines or participate in videos. all seven children have been removed from the arizona home. her channel was also taken down. a group of skiers get caught in an avalanche in a terrifying moments were caught on camera. watch this. avalanche sweeping skiers down a mountain in austria. no one was hurt but rescuers were called in to rescue them from the snow: u mass sophomore says he was grilled over his ability to
3:40 am
work with others. school senators voted against confirming him leading to applause. he served on the student senate his freshman year before taking time off. a look at your headlines. send it back to you. steve: thank you, jillian. 20 minutes before the top of the hour. janice dean this is the first full day of spring. janice: isn't that exciting? we will get some showers today across the northeast. maybe a little bit of snow depending on where you live. take a look at the maps. show you where it is too warm for snow in new york city. a coastal low that is developing. if it was a little bit colder we would be dealing with a lot of snow. it's going to strength off the coast in the next couple of hours and bring mainly rain for the coastal locations but interior sections as it pulls in some canadian cold air could get several inches of snow over the next several hours. that's something we are going to be watching. of course we are still going to be monitoring the flooding potential across the midwest. that's going to be a big story as we go through the next several weeks.
3:41 am
back inside. shall. steve: thank you, janice very much. jedediah: how sands of guests spy on and live streamed online insane story. that's coming up. brian: should the supreme court be expanded? i cai can't answer that question but you know who can? judge andrew napolitano: might be a big opening for you, judge. ♪ ♪ when a stuffy nose closes in... (whimper) breathe right strips open your nose up to 38% more than cold medicine alone. (deep breath) breathe better, sleep better.
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steve: growing number of 2020 democrats signaling their plans to pack the supreme court. listen to this. >> what if there were five justices selected by democrats, five justices selected by republicans and those 10 then picked five more justices.
3:45 am
>> a plan where have you 15 justices. five appointed by democratic presidents. five by republican and then the other five they can only be seated by unanimous consent of the other 10? >> while more democrats are open to bakinger bench. our next guest thinks the supreme court should stick with nine justices and says history proves it. brian: not a surprise to know judge napolitano feels that way. he also hosts the liberty file on fox nation. judge, are you surprised we are in this conversation? >> yes, i am. we haven't had a conversation like this. we haven't had this conversation. steve: in our lifetimes. the country last had a conversation like this in 1937. this is offered by franklin delano roosevelt elected in 32, and re-elected in 36. when he offered this was so unpopular in 1937 the proposal was because the court had been invalidating legislation. everyone on the court 70 up to a maximum of 15.
3:46 am
even people who wanted roosevelt's proposals to be found constitutional. he watched his hands of it at one point denied he was even behind proposing it. here's the issue. the whole purpose of an independent judiciary is to be anti-democratic. to preserve the life, liberty and property of individuals from the majority. the democrats want to turn the court into a sort of legislature. if a president could add or the congress could add or the court itself could add new justices every time there is some sort of a controversy. it will look and act like a legislature. and it will seize to be a court. steve: i don't remember this conversation during the last presidential outing judge no. steve: back in 2016. judge: we didn't have that conversation. steve: we have it now democrats don't like the fact that donald trump gets to pick u. >> she should the change the con stowtion which they
3:47 am
can't do. the president chooses senate confirms in the case of robert bourque rejects. listen too these words. the democrats claim they are unpacking the court. that the court has already been packed why? because the president of the united states, pursuant to the constitution got to appoint two brilliant traditionalist style conservative/libertarian jurists in neil gorsuch and brett kavanaugh. they consider that are packing. jedediah: a lot of this is spitefulness over merrick garland not getting his hearing. >> i believe judge garland was treated unfairly and judge bourque was treated unfairly and judge kavanaugh was treated unfair little. these things happen. they are not a basis for attacks the integrity of the institution u. brian: in the past year the president's first term, if there is a second term, this is his first term can you
3:48 am
imagine if an opening comes up on the supreme court? >> wow. brian: last year of presidency? >> then we will see if the biden rule applies which is no nominations during the last -- during a presidential election year. steve: 45 minutes ago when he said packing the court was a bone head idea. judge: i hope he still feels that way. brian: they could do it know in the senate. judge: good point. the number 9 is not in the constitution. simple majority and presidential signature regrettably could do that. brian: if the republicans lose the senate? steve: we will be watching you on fox nation. jedediah: a middle school students made this soldiers. he didn't get an a. he got a suspension. that by and his attorney join us next. steve: good morning, guys.
3:49 am
the president just issued a challenge to general motors, get that plant open. the fiery speech from ohio coming up ♪ like the ceiling can't hold us ♪ ♪ making my dreams a reality takes more than just investment advice. from insurance to savings to retirement, it takes someone with experience and knowledge who can help me build a complete plan. brian, my certified financial planner™ professional, is committed to working in my best interest. i call it my "comfortable future plan," and it's all possible with a cfp® professional. find your certified financial planner™ professional
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3:52 am
jedediah: ohio student suspended for making battlefield cross contributed to fallen soldiers part of history project. brian: eighth grader replicated battlefield cross nerve dart blaster a helmet and a pair of black children's boots. his project resulted in get this instead of an a a three day inschool suspension.
3:53 am
jedediah: here how he is fighting back is that 13-year-old tyler carlin student at selena middle school along with his attorney. tyler, tell us a little bit about what happened here. you got permission to do this project from your teacher. the teacher knew what was going to be involved in this projects. you come to school that day with the project and what happens? >> >> when i brought the project to school, i made it into the building and then we started to walk down to class and then administrator from the office took the monument and brought it into another room. brian: what did he say to you. >> well, they said they are going to take my monument and that i could possibly get a suspension for it and that i can go back to class. brian: why? >> they said that because they think it was like a gun but this was actually a monument. brian: a nerf gun? >> yeah. jedediah: their issue they say the nerf gun resembled a
3:54 am
gun and that was in violation of the school policy. we have a statement from the selena ski school. the board will not violate a student's right to general policy. brian: a non-statement. jedediah: a non-statement. travis, when you see this, this is a project he had discussed with his teacher. it seems like this is not a problem with the teacher but the problem with the administration. >> and that's exactly what we think it is here. we think this is an administration that just frankly wasn't using common sense. when i first heard about this, i got in contact with the school immediately and said this must be a mistake. can we delay the suspension so we can investigate what happened? the school absolutely refused to delay the suspension after he had started serving the suspension and we had some time to look into this we said it's ridiculous can you make the suspension go away and po poll guise to tyler for what you did it will all go away and they refused to do that. brian: here's the thing. the teacher knew the assignment. gave the assignment.
3:55 am
he told the teacher what he was going to do and the teacher disappeared he is mia pun intended. tyler, why did it mean to much to you to salute the fallen soldier this way? >> this means so much to me because that was the last chance to the military and like their friends got to say goodbye to them and then they have to go back out and fight. and also my dad's friend is like a grandpa to me showed me his war stories from vietnam and he just showed me all about that. brian: if people want to support you, tyler, where do they go and what has it been like for you are since your suspension? the. >> the suspension was like -- you just sat in a room all day. an administrator thought it was stupid that i got, this so she brought me a doughnut and played cards with me. jedediah: this is for honoring a fallen hero unbelievable. tyler, many veterans have rallied arranged you. one in particular wanted to speak on your behalf at a board meeting.
3:56 am
what's been the reaction in the community? are people being outspoken on your behalf. >> the community is standing behind me on this. they held a protest and it is still going on today. brian: travis. >> what can you do for him in you just want his record expungsd you are not looking for money from him you want justifiable. >> at this point we will whatever we have to to make this right. we would like the school to expunge his record so this suspension doesn't show up on his permanent record. we would like the school to apologize not just to him but to the staff sergeant that showed up at the school board meeting and wasn't aallowed to talk during public comment and the school to do something that respects fallen soldiers. something we have suggested to them is to build a monument on school grounds. brian: tyler and travis thanks for sharing your story. tyler, i feel bad to you. glad you are standing strong. >> thanks for having us. brian: coming up next hour, we change gears.
3:57 am
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♪ brian: overnight, a sweeping gun ban in new zealand. >> every semiautomatic weapon used into the terrorist attack on friday will be banned. >> what's going on with general motors? get that plant open or sell it to somebody and they will open it. get it going now and the uaw will help you. steve: 2020 democrats signaling their plans to pack the supreme court. >> the democrats want to turn the court into a sort of legislature. >> aoc is already the star of gop campaign ads. >> alexandria ocasio-cortez she has the media, has the followers, but, bless her heart, she has some terrible ideas. >> it's so great. steve: that's the headline right there. 41% say they can't afford to
4:01 am
live. >> the tax structure up here doesn't make any sense. i send thank you notes. thank you governor cuomo. jillian: no one won the powerball last night it's now the 4th largest prize ever ♪ ♪ brian: journey does have more than two songs stop believing and there is an example. steve: welcome, jedediah, good to have you. ainsley is out are on interview. she will be back next week. city of hope what is to do with what the president was doing in lima ohio. brian: turns out the name of the song is don't stop believing i said stop believing which changes the name of the song. steve: don't stop believing that we're bringing jobs back to america. it was his tenth visit of his presidency to the
4:02 am
all-important state of ohio, there he is at the joint manufacturing center last u.s. tank plant in operation. at one point, that facility had been down to 75 employees. today it has 600. and they announced yesterday they are going to hire another 400. jedediah: take a listen to president trump on manufacturing jobs and what he had to say. >> after so many years of budget cuts and layoffs, today jobs are coming back and pouring back, frankly, like never before. production is ramping up in the awesome m 1 abrams tank is once again thundering down the assembly line. [cheers] >> we have the best economy we have ever ha h lowest unemployment we have had in 51 years. soon we will be the record all-time and what's going on with general motors? get that plant open sell it to somebody or they will open it. everybody wants it get it going to now and the uaw
4:03 am
will help you. brian: he heeded so much right. all other candidates are talking about eating dirt in beto o'rourke to change their luck or packing the court or giving away free money for doing nothing. the president goes i'm going to ohio and tell people not what i hope to do but what i actually did. i'm not going to put down unions like most republicans i'm going to say uaw i need you as a partner. a lot of the people think that's brilliant. the president's record is smart that he goes there the problem is he swamped his own message by going after george conway in that speech going after john mccain. it makes absolutely no sense. number one john mccain passed away six months ago. they actually had a rivalry. you know what? john mccain got in george bush's face. he got in bill clinton's face. john mccain was all over barack obama. i get it. for him to bring these two things up it takes away him questioning the caliphate and takes away from great economic message 71% of the people are happy and over
4:04 am
50% credit him. steve: and, of course, he was there to talk about the jobs and that leads us to our next item. when you look at the parts of america where donald trump is really popular, famous blue state, red state map that shows that the president of the united states, donald trump won so much of the heart land, in the "new york times" today paul krugman has written an item. who is in those red states? a lot of farmers and things like that. that in his "new york times" editorial about that's titled getting real about rural america u paul krugman talks a lot about the fact that that's where trump is popular and that's why right now all these democrats are out in iowa saying essentially hey, farmers i understand your pain. jedediah: we have a quote from the article. it says and politically rural america is increasingly a world apart not surprisingly. rural america is pretty much the only place where donald
4:05 am
trump remains popular. despite the damage his trade wars have done to the farm economy, his approval is higher than it is in the rest of the country. that's one quote from the article. the article goes on to really be fight not so nice. at one point he is talking about white people. blood and soil patriarchy. steve: he wrote that in a blog in 2016. jedediah: right. exactly. point is folks on the left here, you didn't get message that when you trump won because. take a look at the fact a lot of these trump supporters voyeur voted for donald trump because he was a businessman. looking it the additional table issues u stop insulting whole segments of the country take a minute
4:06 am
and say wait a second addressing issues in a way we feel reaching out to them and hearing what their needs are. steve: he also talked about how the electoral college is unfair. he said because rural voters matter even more because our political system gives rural voters hugely disproportionatdisproportionweis states generally states with relatively rural populations. in other words, the smaller states have the same kind of weight as the bigger states and it's not fair. brian: you know that's not true. steve: i'm telling you what he says. brian: he doesn't know how to do math. that's when you go to paul krugman's column can you flip the page and not miss anything. he is angry because everything he predicted from who is going to went election to what is going to happen with the economy has turned on its head. therefore is he rushing around looking for credibility and that's not going to help him. let's talk to the biggest story that i think hits more households and kitchen tables than anybody else. that is this college
4:07 am
admission story. find out if you are a grand parent and know what your grandkids are going through. parent knowing trying to get your kid through it. a kids in the middle of college can you relate to this story. what parents have done for these kids very reach. steve: super rich. brian: many cases putting them in sports they don't play. high profile story lori loughlin her daughter olivia jade is a self-made success story on social media. she has a lot of the followers. steve: a million. brian: thousands of dollars and a lot of sponsors. sephora and tresemme. i don't use tresemme. have dropped her now because she turned out is part of the scandal where her parents wrote $250,000 check just for her to get into usc. a college she didn't want to get into. and she according to hollywood -- excuse me, according to entertainment tonight is mad at them. jedediah: full quote olivia is really angry with her
4:08 am
parents because she told them she did not want to go to college and she was pushed the source added. she is passionate about her careecareer and wanted to work and doing well but that was not enough. her parents said she would have to juggle college and her career and now she is devastated everything she built imploded before her eyes. she feels they ruined everything. i don't blame her. this is my fashion where i'm putting my time and effort. you are pushing me to go to college. brian: not that they pushed her to go to college. a lot of parents would do that if your kid has early success. she imoft into a college thee didn't belong in because her parents cheated the system to get two kids in there they have now dropped out. the usc story has expanded to 60 scrutinized by the student body to say you don't belong here. three turns out getting extra scrutiny. look at the men's lacrosse teams at usc they have questionable characters on their team who don't even play lacrosse.
4:09 am
steve: 60 students scrutinized by the school. 57 of them have been officially cleared. at this point they probably will be allowed to stay the school does say students linked to the scandal cannot be register of for classes or get dringts because they have been caught up in the scandal as has isakson she is famously from the ucla women's soccer roster. one of the elite soccer. brian: they have four national teams. steve: she barely played soccer before she went there her parents to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars put money in the hands of people who got her on the squad yet she didn't play. brian: there are some people in jedediah didn't know parents put them on the sailing team. she knew she was on a soccer team and got in there for this reason. show up. play zero minutes, zero time in zero games.
4:10 am
we don't know what she did at practice because she is playing with the best players in the world. this coach is implicated. her parents paid more than $600,000 to get her, lauren and her sister into ucla and usc with fake athletic scholarships. yesterday jed infuriating to all those students who did herb it who are ho were on those high school grades. took their own sats and wrote their own applications and didn't get into those schools because those positions were taken by students to shouldn't get their parents paying them off. infuriating. can you imagine? i took my own sat. brian: this parent gave 250 shares of facebook to get their kid in. caught on tape saying i hope i don't end up on the front page of that appear to somewhere. mr. isakson, you are. steve: anyway, that's the latest on the college scandal? what's happening on the
4:11 am
news? jillian joins us today? jillian: start off with a fox news alert. main suspect in the dutch tram shooting will be charged with murder or manslaughter is terrorist intent. prosecutors releasing a statement just moments ago. >> accuse of killing three people and injuring several others when he opened fire in the city of utrecht this week. the british immigrant acted alone. he is expected in court told. also breaking right now, new zealand bans high powered military style weapons days after the deadly mosque attacks. it's expected to start next month. the government is workingen a buy back program so police can destroy the guns. those who don't turn over firearms could face fines and prison time. s this this as we learned the suspect planned a third attack before he was stopped by authorities. joe biden is reportedly considering a white house run with stacey abrams as his running mate. according to axios, advisors for the former vice president are debating whether or not to package
4:12 am
his 2020 announcement with a promise to choose abrams as his vp. a democrat narrowly lost her run for georgia's governor during last year's georgia elections. she met with biden in washington last week. form everywhere president george w. bush is celebrating his first hole in one. the 43rd president posting this picture from the warrior open tournament in dallas which benefits injured military members. next golf goal is to live to be 100 so he can shoot his age. he is 72 years old right now. that is awesome. i love that. steve: i don't know what that would feel like. jillian: no, me either. steve: president and hole in one. brian: he plays speed golf. they don't wait for you to take the shot. they say go up to your ball and hit it. do not worry about us. you get through it. jedediah: i do that in mini golf. brian: i did hit the president.
4:13 am
number one i'm a terrible golfer and number two went by his rules. when you get to your ball hit. he said the secret service is going to jump on you. steve: did you hit him or almost hit him. brian: i almost hit him except he had great hip movement and way was able to avoid my chip. when i chip no one knows what is happening except my club: left would like to say border wall would have no impact in the border crisis. is that true in the president's drug caesar says not. he joins us live next. jedediah: thousands of hotel guests spied on and live streamed online. steve: is that a camera? jedediah: we have the story coming up. ♪ and i have no privacy. ♪ i always feel like somebody's watching me ♪ i hear it in the background and she's watching too, saying [indistinct conversation]
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>> the border crisis is driving the drug crisis. 70,000 americans a year are killed by drugs including meth, heroin, cocaine and fentanyl. brian: there will the president speaking about what matters so much. stressing the securing our border to keep dangerous drugs out of the united states especially fentanyl mostly coming from china.
4:18 am
the border wall would be a weapon against illegal drugs. let's bring in jim carroll u.s. drug czar. a year ago you guys put out a proposal there to attack prescription drugs and this opioid crisis. that was march 19th, 2018. how have you done? , good morning, brian, thank you for having me on. we have made progress in our efforts. you just flashed a picture of meth there that was seized. what we have to do so save american lives. that's the bottom line. that's what the president is committed to doing and that's why we are taking all the stepping we are. brian: dealing with doctors the legal way, talking about prescriptions, trying to write less. realizing the impact of this. at the border at the points of entry and beyond, that's where they are coming through where you can't control. >> absolutely. you mentioned prescriptions. prescriptions alone one of the key things that our office and the president has been driving. prescriptions for opioids are down 20% in the last year. almost all the drugs that
4:19 am
are killing americans are coming in from overseas. what we have to do is stop them from coming in every way that they can including building a wall at the southern border. brian: seizures of fentanyl increased 46 468%. meth seizures 438%. that shows the blizzard of drugs are still coming. in but does it also show we are getting better at stopping it? >> what it shows is that there is more and more drugs coming in addition to people like customs and border patrol, border protection, border patrol as well as the state local and federal law enforcement really trying. and just to be clear you know 468% increase on fentanyl coming. in that is just between the ports of entry along our southern border. 400 pounds of fentanyl which as you know just a few grains can kill a human. it's so critical that we do everything we can. brian: people say a lot of it comes through the port of entry that's where we get it. it doesn't mean it's not
4:20 am
coming through other places and we don't even know. we don't know what we don't know when it comes to the border because we don't have the whole thing monitored or blocked. >> absolutely. if you were worried about someone breaking into your house, you wouldn't just lock the front door you would also lock the back door. that's what we need to do. beef up our ports of entry but we also need to make sure that they are securing the border where there is no wall and driving these drug traffickers to the points of entry where we have more law enforcement and take more action. brian: it's got to be all hands on deck and i think the whole country can get behind it jim carroll drug enforcement policy the drug czar thank you so much. >> thank you, brian. brian: huckabee for president in 2040? coming up the former governor on the possibility? and we showed you this video yesterday. the awesome moment a soldier dad surprises his son. they both will join us live. and they are joining us now ♪ ♪
4:21 am
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this is staying connected with xfinity to make moving simple. easy. awesome. stay connected with the best wifi experience and two-hour appointment windows. click, call or visit a store today. ♪ brian: time now for news by the numbers. let's get started $14.6 million. that's how much the republican national committee raised last month. that's pretty good. the rnc setting a record for the most pony raised in february during a nonelection year. next, 38 minutes. that's how long a 71-year-old man held a plank position for -- that's breaking a guinness world record. i don't know how you do broke it for his age group. the minnesota man did it on his birthday. finally this is the hardest one to find the third spot. $44. that's all you need to get a ticket on select jetblue flights. the airline spring sale ends tomorrow. with that steve and jedediah take it away.
4:25 am
>> thanks, brian. jedediah: 9-year-old gets a surprise of a lifetime at practice when he realizes his spars partner isn't any other matchup. >> daddy? [laughter] that's his dad. u.s. army staff sergeant rod sistesurprising his son. >> rob and his son luka join us right now there nashville. guys, good morning to you. >> good morning, guys. >> good morning. thank you for having us. steve: usually we start with the grownup. luka, i have got to start with you. after the what point did you realize that the guy you were fighting while you were wearing that blindfold was your dad? >> >> well, the reason why i recognized him was the sound
4:26 am
of his voice and him calling me shid. >> that's your nickname, right? >> yes, sir. jedediah: luka, how did you feel when you realized you took that blind fold off and whole world was watching. i was crying. how did you feel in that moment? >> sad. happy. jedediah: you haven't seen your dad in a while, right? >> no. i hadn't seen him in a year. steve: staff sergeant before that embrace we are looking at right there. he was letting you have it pretty good. he has gotten really good at tiquando. >> i was afraid that a member of the tennessee national guard was going to go down pretty easy. i was concerned. because i called him shib the first time answered didn't respond. i said wow this may not end up like my wife had planned. jedediah: staff sergeant were you surprised by the outpouring of people when they saw. this seeing that moment with the two of you. you haven't seen each other
4:27 am
for so lock. for all of us that illustrated how deep the sacrifice is. you and some in union form make. how have you felt with the outpouring of people crying and feeling so much emotion watching this? >> you know, here the 230 sustained brigade we are the volunteer state. the tennessee army national guard we always have people deployed. 278 on a rotation poland and ukraine. we are always moving. i wasn't surprised. you know, sometimes unfortunately, we get wrapped around with a negative. but our lives in america truly are so positive every day. it's exactly what i expected from our country. steve: there you go. luka, you know, when you finally were able to hug your dad right there in that picture we are looking at. you can tell you missed him a lot. what does your dad mean to you? >> a lot. really a lot. when he was gone. deployed. what did you miss? >> him. hanging out with him. steve: hanging out with him.
4:28 am
all right. so now you are back home for a while, right, staff sergeant? >> yes, sir. steve: until the army calls you and says okay here is your next assignment, right? >> absolutely. 230 brigade. old hickory they call we move. steve: at one point you mentioned your wife's plan. s who idea was this to have luka fight three tiquando fighters blind folded. >> my wife worked with jason who is luke caps taekwondo's they are brainstorming how to surprise him when i got home. i got home a little bit early. the minute i got off the plane it was like my wife put me in witness protection. put me me in a hotel. she said you can't be trusted to you keep a secret. jedediah: go ahead, i'm sorry. >> so then we showed up and everything went off like crock work. it was really really well
4:29 am
run. all because of my wife and luke caps karate instructor. jedediah: i want to thank you you so much for your service and beautiful moment that enabled us to be so thankful for that service. luke kay have got to tell you i have done some of that blinblindfolded stuff. you are better than me. you have a long career ahead of you. >> thanks. thank you very much. steve: i know today is a school day. you are going to go to school here after the tv appearance. >> probably not. hopefully i'm crossing my fingers not. [laughter] steve: well, maybe. you have want to hang out with your dad just skip school. who cares. everybody knows you are healthy because they are watching you on tv. luka, what do you want to be when you grow up? >> steve: the sky is the limit. >> staff sergeant. steve: you want to be just like your dad. jedediah: that's pretty fabulous. i think he would make a great staff sergeant.
4:30 am
fighting skills you are already working on. impressive. such a great duo and great story. thank you so much for bringing this to the center and reminding us all how much our men and women in uniform do for us every single day. thank you both. >> you are welcome. god bless the united states. jedediah: jewish democrat con fronted at town hall about congresswoman omar's anti-semitic comments. his comments coming up and mike huckabee's reaction. steve: time flies now we know that's tremendously true. the science behind the flying time coming up ♪ we're going to rock around the clock tonight ♪ ups and downs.... whatever life throws. a place to always strive for. for all the journeys that make us stronger.
4:31 am
the big drug companies don't see they see us as profits. we're paying the highest prescription drug prices in the world so they can make billions? americans shouldn't have to choose between buying medication and buying food for our families.
4:32 am
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hey would say "oh we can't beat usaa" we're the webber family. we're the tenney's we're the hayles, and we're usaa members for life. ♪ get your usaa auto insurance quote today. jedediah: alexandria ocasio-cortez, she has the media, she has the followers. but, bless her heart, she has some terrible ideas.
4:34 am
her green deal is a bad deal for north carolina. i'm michelle nix and i approve this message because i will stand up to socialism. steve: there you go michelle nix is running in north carolina and as you can see there alexandria ocasio-cortez is the star. jedediah: sure is. steve: let's bring in mike huckabee, former presidential candidate and governor. author of rare, medium or done well. >> good morning. brian: about time we saw an ad already on aoc and republicans have something to go on template for the president. >> amazing how big a deal she has become to be a 29-year-old with no major accomplishments to her credit other than making really bizarre policy pronouncements about the new green new deal and getting
4:35 am
rid of the amazon jobs in new york. making quite a name for herself. i hope she continues to be the face ever the democratic party. it's the best thing that donald trump and the republicans have going gore them this n. 2020. brian: you saw the questions and there are forces behind her. i think there is a story there. >> well, there very well could be. there were allegations she was almost like the man yourian candidate recruited, prepared. i don't know. the point is that she got her voters out. now, i think there is going to be a lot of new yorkers who would have looed to have seen those 25,000 amazon jobs that may turn out in force and say thank you but no thank you, bye-bye two years is all we can handle. jedediah: governor, we see the far left wing of the democratic party feeling terribly empowered these days. we are in the midst of a border security crisis. in the midst of that you have senator kirsten gillibrand coming out and saying illegals must have
4:36 am
the right to social security. take a listen. >> we need comprehensive immigration reform. if you are in this country now. must have the right to pay into social security, to pay your taxes, to pay into the local school system and have pathway to citizenship. jedediah: your reaction to that governor? >> yeah, i double dog dare her to go to an aarp meeting and say we are going to freeze your social security and may even cut it because we are going to take it from your grandma and you and give to onto people here illegally. i know that will be a popular statement to make to a lot of americans who have worked their hidies off their whole life to put money into social security and now have it threatened by kirsten gillibrand who would give it away to people who didn't pay into social security and who have no right to get the benefits of social security. so, if that's the democrats' platform good for them. steve: let's see what happens with that meanwhile, one of the other freshman
4:37 am
members of the democrat party in the u.s. congress is ilhan omar pictured right there. you know, she had famously apologized for some of the anti-semitic tropes and things that she has referred to. nancy pelosi asked her specifically to apologize and she did. they were going to have that anti-met particular resolution but then the democrats caved on that and just did an anti-hate resolution. governor, max rhodes who is a congressman from new york state, he apologized to his constituents in staten island, i believe, and said? about the comments that omar made. >> i was horrified and saddened when she made the comments that she did. so horrified that as a freshman member of congress i stepped in front of my party leadership and i was the first member of the democratic party to criticize. steve: he was horrified at
4:38 am
omar's comments, governor? >> she has made the statement that if you support israel you are supporting a foreign country over the u.s. i would suggest to her she do a little study. mane get aquangted with reality and find out that when you support israel, you are actually supporting the interest of the united states. because they mirror our interest. they are a free democracy. they are based on the same judeo-christian platform of understanding of human nature that we are. they are for freedom. they are so our partner in fighting terrorism. they are not terrorists. they fight it. and she really needs to get a first hand education on the value of our relationship and she would understand why many americans recognize that our alliance with israel is not because of just some blind allegiance to israel. it's because of our absolute loyalty to the united states and its best interest. brian: lastly, you had a tweet that got some notice. you tweeted this out, governor.
4:39 am
bernie 76. -- bernie 77, biden 76, shoot, man, i might have a shot again in 2040. hang on to yard signs from 2008 and 2016. are you going to bide your time and use some moisturizer? steve: looky there. jedediah: he came prepared. >> you know in 2040 i will be in my early 80s. and 80 will be the new 50. so i'm figuring, you know, i have got the t-shirts, a warehouse full of them. steve: a warehouse full of them. >> hats. i have everything we need. so 2040 baby let's go ahead and get this thing going. brian: how old will chuck norris be then? >> he will still be fit. don't worry about it. he will come out fighting. doesn't matter he will be 110 he will take down anybody who challenges him u. brian: good luck, governor good luck with that
4:40 am
campaign. space force how big? >> early start. steve: first one to declare for 2040. congratulations. >> exactly. steve: 21 minutes before the top of the hour. good morning, jillian. jillian: only hear on fox 2040. brian: might go on cnn and try. jillian: a man walks up to a woman and punches her nut face. seemingly random attack caught on camera in new york city. police now looking for that man in the blue sweatshirt who ran away as the woman fell to the ground. did you see that? this was in broad daylight. she drove herself to the hospital with a head injury u well, nearly 2,000 hotel guests were secretly filmed in hotel rooms as paying customers watched. police say cameras were hidden inside tv boxes. wall sockets and hair drier holders in 30 hotels in south korea. at least two people under arrest. investigators say there is no indication that the hotels knew about the scheme.
4:41 am
the former "new york times" fact checker who infamously smeared an american hero got a new gig. teach undergraduate course called quote reporting on the far right this fall. claimed wounded marine arm tattoo was a symbol of nazi germany when it's actually a symbol for the platoon he fought with in afghanistan. do you ever feel like time is flying by and you wants it back? >> >> click it. >> click it. >> this is last tuesday. >> michael was eagerly awaiting the arrival of his lunch order. jillian: science shows time seems to pass more quickly the older we get. researchers pointing to maturing nerves and neurons which slows down the rate at which new mental images are processed. brian: can you go into more detail on that? jillian: nope. brian: i don't quite get it i don't know what the heck you are talking about. jillian: i don't either.
4:42 am
steve: sounds like everything else in your body they wear out. the neutrons. jillian: thanks, steve. brian: somebody not worn out is janice dean. she is in the prime of her life and things is going slow for her. janice: where from you. >> sandy from orlando. jean from colorado. patrick. george from dallas. janice: nicely done. take a look at the maps. 43. 37 in chicago. we do have a coastal low. if this was a little bit colder. this would be a big snow maker across the northeast. mainly rain along the east coast but we are going to to see some interior snow across the mountainous regions and new england over the next several hours. a lot of rain we could see the poe ten for flooding across the mid-atlantic and parts of the northeast. this will be an area of low pressure along the coast it would be a nor'easter but we won't be talking about snow. other big story, of course, will be the flooding across the midwest, which we will cover over the next couple
4:43 am
of weeks. all right. wave to jedi that and brian and steve. steve: good morning, folks. steve: meanwhile straight ahead, president trump is set to take a big stand tore free speech or college campuses. we are live at the white house with an explanation. jedediah: plus, he is only 23 years old and has 5-million-dollar business has created dozens of. did we mention he has down syndrome. lisa booth got a look at john cronin's amazing story ♪ walking in memphis ♪ but do i really feel the way i feel ♪ ♪ they're our parents...
4:44 am
neighbors... loved ones. living with diseases like cancer, epilepsy, mental health conditions and hiv. maybe you're one of them. but new medicare rules could deny access to the latest, most effective therapies... therapies that keep them healthy. are medicare cuts that save less than one percent worth the risk to millions of patients? president trump promised to protect medicare... we need him to keep his word. it's going to be passover in just a few days. and these people are in desperate need. these are very difficult times for israel and the jewish people. as the government spends more and more of it's resources for battling terrorism.
4:45 am
the situation has become a crisis. every week the lines get longer and longer. there are more people who come than they expect because the numbers keep growing. its difficult to have to see people in this situation needy for food. especially at this holiday season of passover. this should be a blessing to you. this $25 food box will provide one desperately needy family here in israel with food, with hope and with a note inside each of these saying that's its from christians and jews in america who seek to bless them. with your phone call right now a food box will go out to one desperate family in israel. inside the food box is a special note that will bless them and let them know
4:46 am
that america stands strong in solidarity with israel in their struggle for survival. many of these people are ill they're sick, they're alone. they don't have the money to afford things that many of us, most of us, take for granted. people, who don't have enough money to even buy some matza the unleavened bread as the bible describes it. israel and it's people need your help now. you can make a life changing difference by calling and saying that you give a $25 food box to help a family in need in israel. thank you and god bless you for your support. jedediah: today president trump will sign executive order protecting free speech on college campuses.
4:47 am
brian: move comes among heightened political attention at universities around the nation. steve: kevin corke joins us at the white house with what we can expect today. >> can i describe this in four words it's all about fairness. that's the president's stand on this. federal agencies to tie grants and more federal money to more aggressive enforcement of the first amendment on campus. you may remember back in 2017 he said this on twitter. if uc berkeley does not allow free speech and practices violence on innocent people with a different point of view, no federal funds, question mark? berkeley as you know has been ground zero in many ways of the free speech movement. violent protests and surgeoning security costs have led to campuses effectively silencing conservative free speech, of course. many of you have saw that on full display on the infamous assault last month in the turning point u.s.a. supporter by that guy zac greenberg. the president said on campus be fair or else. >> if they want our dollars, and we give it to them by
4:48 am
the billions they have got to allow people likes hayden and many other great people and old people to speak. freesm. [cheers and applause] you heard the president there, they are going to put more teeth behind the enforcement. guys join us today right around 3:15. i will be here for you as the president just just that back to you. steve: we will be watching it live. kevin corke, thank you. jedediah: 23 years old and 5-year-old business has create dozens of jobs. did we mention he has down syndrome. lisa booth got an jid look at john's crazy socks. she is coming up. steve: hey there. ♪ notch. so in this commercial we see two travelers at a comfort inn with a glow around them, so people watching will be like, "wow, maybe i'll glow too if i book direct
4:49 am
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4:52 am
brian: today is world down syndrome today to mark the occasion we wanted to highlight a very special company have you heard about right here on "fox & friends." it's john's crazy socks. >> co-founded by a young entrepreneur with down syndrome. the company has a social mission to give back. steve: which includes hiring people of differing abilities. something close to fox news contributor lisa booth's heart. >> it is. i have an aunt with special needs and my younger brother has aspergers. their mission is to spread happiness and i think that's what they do. take a look at this. lisa: john, how many socks do you guys have here? >> we have 2,028 socks. >> what? >> he has down syndrome and co-founder of john's crazy socks. 23-year-old entrepreneur decided to go into his business with his dad mark in 2016 when he graduated high school. john also the company's chief happiness officer.
4:53 am
>> what's our mission? >> spread happiness. >> on the count of 3 say socks? >> 1, 2, 3. >> socks. >> true to the mission, each package spreads joy. complete with candy, a thank you note from john and sometimes they are even hand delivered. >> thank you, john. i'm so excited for my socks. >> thank you. >> but what may have started a crazy idea is now a proven success. last year the company made more than $5.5 million in revenue. and celebrities like susan luchey, kevin james, mini driver and, perhaps, most famously president george h.w. bush have all supported john's socks. >> george w. bush who signed the americans with disability act. that changed the world for millions of people. john would not be running this business today without that legislation. >> -- i really am going to
4:54 am
miss him. lisa: john and mark have been inspired to share success and give back. in addition to raising more than a quarter of a million dollars for charity partners. 5% of all of their profits go to the special olympics. john is a special olympics athlete. [cheers] >> he has also testified before congress twice and spoke at the statement department with his dad advocating for employment writes for hers just like himself. >> you are always showing folks that they brought different abilities are willing and able to work. >> my lower brother aspergerser's on the autism spectrum i have seen his struggles with trying to find employment. >> for us, showing what people with differing abilities could do. what can happen if you give somebody a chance. today we have 39 employees. 23 of whom have a differing ability. they make it possible for us to succeed. >> the company also gives employees a sense of belonging.
4:55 am
>> how is this job different than some of your previous jobs. >> it's more fun to work here and relaxed environment. lisa: do you enjoy working here. >> i enjoy working here, yeah. i love all the employees here. >> no one else would have kept me. >> your colleagues here. >> yes. >> what do they mean to you. >> we have each other's backs. we know our differences and strengths and that makes us stronger. >> do you enjoy working for mark and john. >> of course i do. such inspiring story. >> i have down sim drop. >> john's favorite socks are a pair that he designed and created for down syndrome awareness. >> i did that. >> you did that yourself. >> did i it my sufficiently. >> that is awesome. is it cool to see what you create turn into a sock? >> yes. >> this year john's famous dancing perrine spider a new pair. >> thee are the rocking down syndrome socks? [ laughter ] lisa: you are a better
4:56 am
dancer than me. ♪ lisa: how are my dance moves? are they okay? >> amazing. lisa: you are the only person who has ever told me that. >> [laughter] >> right. steve: that's great. lisa: is he obviously very gracious by not making fun of my dance moves. thank you john. i appreciate that. steve: 5% of the earnings are donated to splimps special olympics. >> john is a special olympics athlete. i don't know how he does everything. on top of co-founding this business and running it and being there. he does a lot of speaking engagements. he does stuff with the state department as well. and goes and testifies in front of congress. is he a special needs athlete. this is near and dear to my heart as i mentioned earlier my little brother has aspergers'. i have seen his struggle to find employment. he writes job descriptions. 23 have differing abilities. that's such a beautiful thing that they do their mission is to spread happiness. they truly do that.
4:57 am
jedediah: john crazy sock coming up dana loesch and ben shapiro is coming up. brian: your dance moves are fine. the in-laws have moved in with us. and our adult children are here. so we save by using tide. which means we use less. . . tin. and relief from symptoms caused by over 200 indoor and outdoor allergens.
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♪ >> new zealand prime minister staying true to her word. >> automatic weapons used in the terrorist attack will be banned. brian: border wall will have no impact on the border crisis. >> almost all the drugs killing americans is coming in from overseas. we havestop them coming in every way they can, including building a wall. steve: 2020 democrats signaling their plans to pack the supreme court. >> the democrats want to turn the court into sort of legislature. jedediah: senator kirsten gillibrand coming out saying illegals must have right to get social security. >> i double dare here to go to aarp meeting we'll freeze your
5:01 am
social security because we'll give it to people here illegally. >> the jackpot swelling to $625 million after no one one last night. it is the fourth largest prize ever. ♪ brian: i could see mark steyn singing this on stage one day. >> [inaudible]. brian: mark steyn is here. >> really? oh, wow. steve: talk a little bit about the news of the day since this is a news channel. the news out of i.c.e. and our southern border, they are at capacity, all the i.c.e. centers have so many people in them. they will release them, come back on this date on piece of paper we'll give you. brian: no emergency. >> no emergency. you're supposed to come back to process you for living in america. by that stage, three years down the line, you're actually living
5:02 am
in america. so why do you need to go back? i was on c-span years ago. somebody called in and said i don't know why we let you into the country. i'm going to see if i can get you deported. good luck on that. go to the office. take a number. come back in 10 years. brian: they expect 100,000 coming across this month. 76 from last month. about a million a year. not saying a threat, 2:00 in the morning 400 people showed up. five minutes later 200 people showed up. they have nowhere to put them. >> what is interesting, if you drive south out of, in arizona, for example, at a certain point there is a sign on the highway that says, proceed further at your own risk. in other words, the writ of the united states government, the most powerful government on earth does no longer run within its own country. that is actually something people should be furious about,
5:03 am
absolutely mad about. jedediah: in the midst of this crisis senator kirsten gillibrand coming out, of all things to talk about, she comes out and says illegals have a right to social security. i will get your reaction. >> immigration reform, if you're in the country now, you must have the right to pay into social security, to pay your taxes, to pay into the local school system and have a pathway to citizenship. jedediah: i'm not sure who she thinks will be popular with this proposal? >> slightly disagree with that, jedediah. to a lot of young people the abolition of citizenship is something, which is what this is by the way, because if the perks of citizenship now go to people who just wander in, you are abolishing citizenship. i think in some strange sentimental way the open borders thing has an appeal with the aoc
5:04 am
crowd. jedediah: older generations as well, the retired hearing this? >> not at all. but that whole sort of thing, you know, we are the world, we are the children, i think that literally appeals to young people. steve: out in iowa right now there are all sorts of proposals being floated. democrats talk about getting rid of the electoral college. talking about term limits for supreme court justices. they are talking about packing the court. >> right. steve: we played this morning several times a montage of democrats, you add five, you add six, whatever. interestingly enough, when fdr did that back in the '30s it failed. back in 1983, we want you to watch this video. joe biden, a younger senator, was there in a committee hearing talking about how packing the court was a bonehead idea. watch. >> president roosevelt clearly had the right to send to the united states senate, the united states congress a proposal to
5:05 am
pack the court. he was legalistically absolutely correct but it was a bonehead idea. it was a terrible, terrible mistake to make and it put in question, for an entire decade the independence of the most significant body, including the congress in my view, the supreme court of the united states of america. steve: do you think he will say it was a bonehead idea. >> no he wont. that is like classic joe biden. he was doing it when he was 12 years old oral however old he was when he first got into the senate. look, the problem judges are too powerful. the idea that you have five judges who essentially out punch 300 million americans and in the case of anthony kennedy -- supreme court.
5:06 am
basically anthony kennedy, became the supreme intergalactic arbiter. the laws of marriage predate the united states by 1000 years. there is something faintly absurd about that. and they're right, when you were saying it is turning into a super legislature, it is basically the house of lords. it shouldn't be. that's wrong. brian: right. i don't think lords belong in this country. >> no, you're right. you're a citizen of a republic. you don't want vie counts, dukes, wearing red or black robes. brian: exactly. when you need energy, you want to revitalize it did you go to new mexico and eat dirt? turns out beto o'rourke did just that. another interesting twist to the character, candidate which is beto o'rourke. >> i often wondered, he is like the world's oldest skateboarder. i hope when he takes the oath of office he comes skateboarding
5:07 am
down the avenue. brian: without a tie. >> i'm so impressionable. wow, i have no idea what his foreign policy, his economic policy, when i see a middle-aged guy on skateboard, eating dirt, passing a drive-through window, going to the counter, wow, that is what i'm looking for in a president. brian: he brought dirt home for his family from new mexico. >> spread the dirt around. that's right. jedediah: college admissions scandal, so many people infuriated by this story. new poll out where americans stand on college admission. 67% believe admissions favor the wealthy. 14% undecided. this created a national conversation, a, whether college is for everyone and whether parents should push kids to go to college regardless and whether the wealthy own the system more than we imagine.
5:08 am
>> not just the actresses all the rest of it, they corrupted the college administrators. college sports coaches who got, people who weren't going to play this sport, had never played this sport, so in effect these coaches are restricting the pool of talent -- wish it had been like that. i would like to be -- canada's college curling championship. i never, i never played. they would have come around, here is the trophy. wait a minute. i never played this. brian: thanks, mom i appreciate it. instead after participation trophy, the wrong story. the story today, lori loughlin's daughter, olivia jade is mad at her parents. >> for maker her go to college. to what jedediah is saying this is the biggest struck defect in america. people who shouldn't be going to college, take 6 1/2 years to stagger through a degree that isn't worth getting that leaves them with six figures of college
5:09 am
debt. this for profit colleges they had out in the west, corinthian colleges, they went bankrupt. somebody said to me, they're a chain of universities. what do you mean a chain of universities. like payless shoe source what is that? this is ridiculous. i'm not, i'm not, diploma mill. if you go to a diploma mill in kazahkstan. you don't have to go to kazakhstan. you go on internet get it for 30 bucks. to take six 1/2 years and have six figure debt over it is ridiculous. brian: we're getting to that especially a non-soccer player at ucla and you take someone else's spot. >> yes. steve: canadian curling. >> i won the stanley cup last year. i didn't realize it. my parents bought it for me. i'm so grateful. >> thank you, mark, for being here. brian: he is mark steyn. steve: she is jillian mele who
5:10 am
has the news. jillian: who has curled. very fun. >> curling joke. you have the stones for it. curling joke. brian: so inside i don't get it. jillian: the stone on the i.c.e.? tell brian what that is b i tell you about this, the jets at the center of the boeing controversy lacked two key safety features. according to the "new york times" the company sold them as extras. boeing says one of them, the software system will now become standard. senate is gearing up to probe boeing with concerns over the 737 max. the sheriff's deputy murdered in washington state shootout now identified. deputy ryan thompson was shot and killed responding to a road rage call. the suspect was also shot and killed. rookie police officer, benito chavez is recovering from a shotgun wound.
5:11 am
he left a wife and three kids. we have a link to give to the memorial fund on our website. 24 law enforcement officers have been shot and killed this year. joe biden is considering a white house run with stacy abrams as his running mate. they are debating whether or not to package his 2020 announcement with a promise to choose abrams as his vp. abrams, a democrat, narrowly lost her run for georgia governor during the midterm elections. she met with biden in washington last week. the library of congress adding 25 recordings to the national registry, a speech by robert f. kennedy a history album and several popular songs. [♪ sweet caroline . jillian: so good, so good. kneel diamond's 1969 hit, quote
5:12 am
sweet caroline" made the cut. steve: do they get a copy of the record or go to apple jillian: i don't know. you usually have all the answers. jedediah: thanks, jillian. steve: this is big news. isis is collapsing in syria. fox is the only tv news crew right there, right now. reporter: we are just about 50 meters away from the last remnants of isis. steve: we are live on the ground in syria with benjamin hall coming up next. brian: remember when dana loesch was heckled big time at parkland town hall. the special got award for excellence a cronkite award. dana is outraged. she will explain.
5:13 am
5:14 am
5:15 am
5:16 am
♪ >> in 2016 everything red is isis. when i took it over it was a mess. now on the bottom that is the exact same. there is no red. brian: yes, president trump pulling out a map to show the collapse of isis is imminent. thanks much to the kurds too. jedediah: u.s. backed forces are searching for remaining terrorists hiding out in
5:17 am
tunnels. steve: there aren't many left. benjamin hall is live in syria with a exclusive look at the front lines in syria. benjamin? reporter: brian, steve, jed, good morning to you from syria. you heard president trump saying the fall of the caliphate is imminent. we're learning the same thing on the ground. we spent five days embedded with u.s.-backed forces with a final push. here is a little bit what we saw behind the scenes. >> welcome to syria. pieces of equipment hanging around in case anyone comes by. this is where we shower. walk you through our morning routine. if this doesn't wake you up, nothing will. still we have got u.s. jets overhead.
5:18 am
but now, now we're ready for the front lines. we are just about 50 meters away from the last recommendnants of isis. we can see them. there is an active sniper. we're having to take cover behind this. it is slowing going. laying down is important. come have a tour of our high-tech office space right here in far eastern syria. we have scavaged around to find things. there is our old gas cooker. here is our desk space. that is also where the gunfire comes from. and there, actually, now i think about it, over there, you never know where it is going to come from. yesterday a shell landed on the roof. steve: benjamin that is
5:19 am
terrific. reporter: the bombs actually went quiet today. steve: that gives you, all of us a better appreciation how hard it is to cover a war from the front line. in this case, dwindling front line. reporter: yeah. it has been a really tough push, a big final offensive. just a few days ago they didn't know how many isis fighters remain. they pushed this announcement back for some time. president trump told the u.s. military to take the governments off against them. we've seen devastation of some of the formerly held isis towns. sdf, u.s. backed forces are grateful for president trump and the u.s. helping that happen. now really all eyes on the future how to rebuild this broken community. brian: 20 seconds, benjamin. how important that we have some type of presence there going forward? >> it is absolutely critical. they are very, very pleased that
5:20 am
president trump's decision to leave troops here. they say that will give them stability they need to move forward. to prevent turkey coming from the north or assad and iranians from the south. they believe with that support they can start rebuilding but only to that decision to leave troops here. brian: thank goodness for the kurds. they fight like real warriors. benjamin hall. great job. stay safe. coming up straight ahead, remember when dana loesch was heckled at cnn town hall. that special just got an award for excellence. >> let me answer the yes. you can shout me down when i'm finished. let me answer the question. wait a second. brian: dana is outraged so should you be. she will join us next. jedediah: a "forrest gump" sequel written and ready to go. from the man behind the movie. what would have happened?
5:21 am
5:22 am
5:23 am
5:24 am
♪ brian: quick headlines now. please stay seated. florida is considering giving drivers licenses to illegal immigrants. use a foreign passport or international birth certificate to get a license. supporters say it will build trust with law enforcement and make the roads safer. think about that for a while. ohio law wants to make it illegal to smoke in cars with kids. it aims to protect kids from second-hand smoke. my parents would have been underarrest. jedediah: cnn winning an award for excellence in television political journalism for its park land town hall. our next guest is outraged that the network is it honored after she experienced this. >> let me anticipates the
5:25 am
question. you can shout me down what i'm finished. let me answer the question. be able to defend herself. i was 20 years he would when i lived on my own. wait a second. i would have done everything in my power to prevent that. steve: nra spokesperson dana loesch joins us live from dallas. good morning to you, when you put together one of those town halls you want both sides. you were the other side. >> well, you're right. it wasn't exactly a town hall either. the whole thing was titled students demand action. that is how it was presented. that is how it was titled by cnn. it really wasn't a town hall. it was not a journalistic enterprise at all. it was a very public, cathartic, kind of shaming. i don't know exactly what to call it. but it didn't advance the conversation. that is what they say in the award. they say this town hall advanced the conversation. as you guys saw, there wasn't really any conversation being had there.
5:26 am
brian: marco rubio also took it in the teeth from tens of, 10,000 people who were against him. as you were, getting yelled at. you were sitting next to sheriff israel. what did we learn later about sheriff israel who was sanctimoniously almost campaigning for another, for more time in office? >> yeah, well, he was also campaigning before he was brought out on the stage. actually before the cameras began. that ask one of the things network didn't tell anyone, they brought out scott israel and all the politicians. they allowed them to give political speeches, deflect blame, particularly scott israel. when we were sitting on the stage as you all saw i asked him why is it that his department ignored numerous calls according to florida state statute, the digital death threats communicated by that murder, those are felony actions? and he could have been declared ineligible before even purchase ad firearm. this could have been avoided but for some reason scott israel's
5:27 am
office didn't ask. the interesting thing that was that network's own report, that the moderator didn't even defend on the stage. so which fenn brings me i don't know how this is journalistic endeavor. they didn't hold account scott israel. these were things already known at the time. they just allowed him to skate. they ran defense for him. jedediah: referenced this a bit earlier. norman lear center why the cnn won the cronkite award. they gave generous space to speaks to gun control advocates parkland parents. i agree with you, i don't think they were aiming to advance the conversation at all. i always wanted to ask you this, when you accepted this offer to go there were you expecting them to give you a fair shake? >> i thought it would be fairer. i knew it wasn't going to entirely be a fair shake. the town hall happened on wednesday. i found out i was going on a
5:28 am
tuesday. i found out i would be asked questions wednesday. i didn't know i was going to be on stage until i got there. membership blowing up phones at headquarters there was concern for lack of defense for law-abiding gun owners across the country, why i was asked to go. i knew it was going to be tough. i knew it wasn't so much, about a debate, that is hopefully we would have some conversation. but the way that the network organized it was purposefully to avoid any real conversation. i think it was too soon after the tragedy. the way that it was set up to exploit pain for maximum emotional impact, that's, that's an, performance. that is not, that is not a town hall. it is not fostering any kind of discussion. if anything, jedediah, they set, they set back discussion by decades. jedediah: thank you, dana. appreciate it. brian: you showed unbelievable courage and composure. i watched it. i couldn't believe it. jedediah: i was not surprised. i saw it. watched it. on the edge of my seat angry, i
5:29 am
was not surprised you got the treatment that you did. that was a set-up. steve: thank you, dane. >> thank you. jedediah: beto o'rourke refuses to support a law protecting babies that survive an abortion. what does that say about the democratic party? ben shapiro is next. brian: do you hate picking up this phone and hearing this. >> hi, this is jessica calling with the funding department at the business loan center. brian: well this new move, that could get rid of robocalls forever. you hear that robots? hang up while you still can. ♪ ♪ leave no man behind. or child. or other child. or their new friend. or your giant nephews and their giant dad.
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steve: we are back with a fox news alert. the country of new zealand banned high-powered military-style weapons days
5:33 am
after the deadly mosque attack that killed 50. brian: the government is working on buyback program, so the police destroy guns there illegally. those who doesn't turn over the firearms could face fines and prison time. >> weapons ban is expected to start next month. we have ben shapiro, host of "the ben shapiro show," the author of the new book, the right side of history how reason and moral purpose made the west great. welcome ben. brian: is this a reasonable answer to the massacre that took place? >> emotionally reasonable answer but not a factually reasonable answer. there is 1.2 million guns in new zealand. in country they had 35 murders. most were not with a gun. they're talking about criminalizing hundreds of thousands of new zealand citizens who don't turn over guns response to isolated statistically. criminalizing hundreds of thousands of law-abiding people on basis of that seems like bad
5:34 am
policy. steve: ben, senator bernie sanders tweeted this out. this is what real action to stop gun violence looks like. we must follow new sigh lands a lead. take on the nra, ban the sale and distribution of assault weaponses in the united states. ben? >> old enough to remember when democrats tried to run away suggesting they were pushing for gun confiscation. now apparently they embrace gun confiscation. we have second amendment. deeply embedded in american culture, rightly so if you pick countries good examples why gun confiscation is needed new zealand is not one of them. 235 murders in the entire country, 2017, country of 1.4 million people. brian: beto o'rourke has some interesting beliefs we're finding out. doesn't really stand on policy. looking in his background. he wrote a novel how great it was to run over children. he was a kid then. he was part of a hacking group. we didn't find out about that until recently. then we find out he likes to eat dirt for revitalization, dirt
5:35 am
from new mexico. we find out where he stand on late-term abortions. let's see if he has a position here. >> you were asked about late-term abortions. if you specifically won the election last november, you were in the u.s. senate, how would you have voted on that bill? >> i would have listened to the women, i would have listened doctors and medical providers. i would have looked at the facts and understood the truth and, then i would have voted with those women to make their own decisions about their own bodies. jedediah: ben, we are talking about a fully functioning, viable baby. i'm still confused as a woman why people are talking about women's rights in relation to a child that now has its own rights. is this really what democrats want to be pushing? >> really quite insane. the fact beto o'rourke and every other major democrat feel forced to embrace this position, that you have to be for abortion up to, sometimes beyond the point of birth demonstrates the
5:36 am
radicalism of democratic party. even beto's generalized position which is in the third trimester abortion should be legal, forget about the infanticide position, third trimester position only 13% of the americans hold. this is far out of the mainstream then generalized pro-life view on republicans side aisle. media treats it as women have a right to kill fully perform formed babies. steve: you were out in california. somebody doing recruiting for turning point usa now charges were filed against a non-student out there. the president, ben, will sign an executive order on free speech on college campuses and how important it is. who is this going to help? >> well, presumably it will help people on college campuses who are trying to exercise their free speech, are prevented from doing so by the administration. the real question with all executive orders how is it legally drawn up? just the lawyer in me wants to know that the constitution is being followed. that all of the laws are being,
5:37 am
being used. this isn't sort of an overreach. i don't know that until i have seen the text. generalized idea protecting first amendment, connecting for example, university funding for research to their adherence to the first amendment, that seems perfectly acceptable to me. brian: somebody who has gotten protested, locked out, screamed at, going on college campuses. you know exactly the problem. your new book is out. the right side of history, how reason and moral purpose made the west great. what do you mean reason? are we really reasonable people here in the west? >> i think that the basis of the west is reason. the basis of the west is this notion that we are individuals made in the image of god. this comes from the judeo-christian tradition. as individuals made in the image of god we have reasonable capacities we ought to use to pursue virtue the greek idea of natural law. that combination between greek natural law and judeo-christian values created west. these are deeply embedded in the declaration of independence and constitution. one of the reason our conflict,
5:38 am
anger levels are so high in the united states, we have largely forgotten those roots. we moved subjective believe our feelings matter more than objective truth or eternal values. steve: we see a lot of that about feelings, aren't we? >> the self-esteem movement did incredible amount of damage to the united states. how i feel today, if you offend me, somehow you sinned against me or certained against my identity. incredibly dangerous for american politics and actually exacerbates the identity politics and political polarization, racial polarization you see in the country. jedediah: reminds me your facts don't care about my feelings, the book was option of that. >> exactly right. at least i hope so. jedediah: thanks, bern. >> thanks. brian: ben shapiro joining us, certain to be a best-seller. talking about joining us that is what jillian is doing. jillian: every day, six times a day at least? brian: as far as i know. i don't count them. i look forward to them. jillian: thank you very much. me too. it is the best time of my day.
5:39 am
start with the headlines following a story out of arizona a popular youtube mom under arrest accused physically abusing her seven adopted children. michelle hobson run as youtube channel with hundreds of millions of views, called fantastic adventures. her kids say they she would pepper spray, beat them if they didn't remember lines or participate in videos. all children were removed from the home. her channel has been taken down. rival tech giants combating robocalls. >> this is jessica calling from the funding department at the business loan center. jillian: at&t and comcast will work together to verify phone numbers starting this year. the new system will allow customers to see if a call is coming from a legitimate number or a scammer. americans received 48 billion robocalls in 2018. so this news is great. a college sophomore says he was kept out of student government because he is a republican.
5:40 am
after his confirmation to the umass senate, richard cullen told the school paper, quote, it was a slap in the face to open-minded welcoming individuals across campus. one question that saddened me, when a senator questioned my ability to work with every member. cullen said that ability was proven last year when he was a member of the senate. we now know one of the most iconic movies of all time almost got a sequel. >> my mama always said life was like a box of chocolates. you never know what you're going to get. jillian: the writer of "forrest gump" telling yahoo! he handed in the script for a sequel the day before 9/11. eric roth describing a meeting with tom hanks and movie's director saying quote we looked at each other, said this movie has no meaning anymore. how about that? steve: they thought about it t was a big moneymaker. super impactful. jedediah: i love the movie.
5:41 am
steve: 19 minutes before the top of the hour on this very busy thursday. janice dean we dispatched to the streets. janice: mostly rain any today. we'll look at maps. show you temperatures across the east coast going to be too warm for rain across portions of the northeast but interior sections could get a little bit of snow across the higher elevations. once we get colder air pulled behind the coastal low. heavy rain in the forecast overnight and into term. some snow flying across interior sections of the northeast and new england. heavy rain, we could see flash flooding over parts of the mid-atlantic and coastal areas. across the central u.s., things are dry. we're watching epic floods for the midwest, nebraska, iowa, wisconsin, all the way down towards the mississippi is river valley. we're watching area of low pressure across the southwest. back inside. jed and brian and steve. steve: thank you, jd. jedediah: a middle school
5:42 am
student made this battlefield cross tribute to fallen soldiers. he didn't get an a. he got suspension. steve: you've seen our next guest reporting all over the network from the border, united nations times square. today jacqui heinrich is in our kitchen cooking with friends. ♪ ♪
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...once a day... ...with nutrients that support 6 vital functions... ...and one healthy you. that's the power of one a day. ♪ brian: so if you have a project that demands that maybe you do something to salute soldiers, what about the fallen soldier idea? wouldn't that be a good idea? you know what the fallen soldier idea would be? getting a rifle, in this case a fake rifle, junior high school, put a helmet on it, put boots on bottom. like sadly they do in the battlefield when someone, when someone falls to enemy fire or whatever. i think that is a great move. however i am an army of one. because the school management
5:46 am
did not feel that way. steve: that is the final project right there. as a young man who joined, brian, you and jed earlier, that is what he turned in, but then he got suspended for three days. jedediah: that's right. he got suspended by the the school. brian: tyler never got to class. jedediah: didn't get to do his project, stopped in the hallway. the piece was removed. nerf gun violated school policy on guns. tyler saying hold on a second. he talked to the teacher ahead of time. the teacher knew full well what he was going to do. they don't understand why the suspension happened. brian: here's tyler. >> administrator from the office took the monument, brought it into another room. this means so much to me because, that was the last chance that the military, like their friends got to say good-bye to them. they have to go back out and fight. >> at this point we'll do whatever we have to make this
5:47 am
right. we would like the school to apologize not just to him, but to the staff sergeant that showed up at the school board meeting and wasn't allowed to talk during their public comment. brian: they go at night to straighten this thing out. he was not given time to speak. he already served his three-day suspension. the teacher is mia. who signed the project and okayed this whole thing. jedediah: they want an apology obviously. salinas city school statement says the board will not make any statement that violates a student's general right to privacy. i'm not sure that means. basically says nothing. doesn't want to go on record anything. this was tribute to fallen hero. i don't understand the controversy here. steve: was he suspended because of the fake gun? jedediah: that is what they said. they said the gun violated their policy on guns. it is a nerf gun. brian: he stayed in school three straight days, stared at a wall. jedediah: delivered project without what he had made which is completely ridiculous. the whole story is infuriating.
5:48 am
brian: he wants his record expunged and donation to a military foundation. jedediah: super disrespectful by the way military people in the community come out and want to speak up, let them have the stage for a second. they might have something to say to change your mind. steve: let us know what you think. 12 minutes before the hour. up next, fox news correspondent jacqui heinrich is sharing all american chilly with her mother mother -- chile. ♪ there was a moment, my son i believe was about four,
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are medicare cuts that save less than one percent worth the risk to millions of patients? call and tell congress, stop cuts to part d drug coverage medicare patients depend on. >> good morning, everyone. president trump taking part in a business roundtable discussion a short time from now. we await his departure from the white house. all of this after a big speech in ohio yesterday which the president predicted the defeat of isis, saying that the terror
5:52 am
group will be gone by tonight. we'll have a live report from the front lines, top of the hour. the "new york post" this morning, escape from new york. why new yorkers are fleeing for florida. all of that is coming up in a live three hours from "america's newsroom," top of the hour. brian: i have no idea why they would go to florida. you've seen our next guest all over the network reporting on the biggest stories that mattered the most from the border to the u.n., to times square. steve: but today she is in our studio to share one of her favorite family recipes. jedediah: fox news correspondent jacqui heinrich joins us with her mom jean. i smelled this from upstairs. it smells delicious. >> this is my mom's all american chili. steve: where did you get the recipe? >> i came up with a bunch of different ways to make it. growing up i never learned how to cook. i have her, she is so good. i'm in college, creating my mom's meals. calling her at 10 mom, what are
5:53 am
the ingredients to whatever thing. i started writing them down. i have a recipe book. this is vintage of all my mom's recipes. this ask one of my favorites. it's a winner, let me tell you what. jedediah: we are office mates here at fox. i'm offended now. you have not brought any leftovers. >> for myself. you want to have the beef or sausage together. chop up your pep perps and everything. mom, you do the tomato sauce because i'm wearing white today. we'll put this -- jedediah: see? >> put all of the spices in first. >> always listen to mom. brian: reason why they have the order in your recipes? >> reason why i never learned how to cook. i got her to do it for me. jedediah: that is a lot of meat. steve: add the tomatoes. jane, what was jacqui like growing up?
5:54 am
>> she was so determined. steve: type-a personality. >> she had seven books going at a time, all the time. how is that possible. how can you cope track of what book you're reading. but she did. a week later want to go to the bookstore for more books. you read them all? steve: had a library. brian: don't go to the mall. go to the library. a dream kid. >> she was great. she is even better now. >> i'm oldest of four kid. you always had to have meals easy to freeze. have on hand, feed an army. this is one of my favorites. jedediah: do they all get a book like this? i need one. >> i was driving her nuts. >> her siblings want the book now. steve: boil that up. you present like this. you have already got right in front of us some samples. so how do you dress it? put it with? >> with cheese. great thing you can switch it up to use turkey chili or regular
5:55 am
sausage and beef. make sour cream. there is cornbread. sometimes you can serve it with tort tortilla chips. make it like a dip. >> avocado. brian: quickness matters. speed matters. >> you want something in the fridge for later. don't have time. jedediah: leftovers. >> okay. steve: good job, jacqui. brian: jacqui will read a book in the break. back in a moment. ♪ hey whoa, pop, pop... your shoe's untied. ♪ ensure he's well taken care of, even as you build your own plans for retirement. see how lincoln can help.
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>> our next live studio audience will be friday, april 12. you should go ahead and send us an email and be part of the fun and speaking of fun, take a look last time.
5:59 am
[cheering and applause] >> live from new york city, this is our second studio audience show! [cheering and applause] >> does this remind you of your town hall? >> what does our audience think about the threat of climate change. how many of you think it's the greatest threat facing our country right now. zero. >> how many of you are against legalizing weed at the federal level? >> i think it should be legalized so we can control it for medical purposes. >> if it's harmful and ruin's peoples left. >> i came from illinois. >> are you excited to be here for "fox & friends" live? >> that's great. once again if you'd like to be part of the studio audience send us an email friends live at fox >> we'll go to break.
6:00 am
if you have to leave remember it's on fox nation and if you have to run from the tv on fox nation also is the radio show. >> we want to see you today. so fun. >> mostly sunny. >> sandra: good morning, everyone. breaking news from the campaign trail. president trump making a bold declaration on isis as he travels through the battleground state of ohio. good morning, i'm sandra smith. >> jon: good morning, i'm jon scott in for bill hemmer. the president sounding the death knell for isis saying their defeat is imminent and the dramatic loss of territory across iraq and syria with a couple of maps he brought along with him. >> president trump: when i took over they were all over syria and iraq. and you see it was a sea of red. now you look at it and there is no red. no red. that's as of today this is isis. th


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