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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  March 21, 2019 6:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> we'll go to break. if you have to leave remember it's on fox nation and if you have to run from the tv on fox nation also is the radio show. >> we want to see you today. so fun. >> mostly sunny. >> sandra: good morning, everyone. breaking news from the campaign trail. president trump making a bold declaration on isis as he travels through the battleground state of ohio. good morning, i'm sandra smith. >> jon: good morning, i'm jon scott in for bill hemmer. the president sounding the death knell for isis saying their defeat is imminent and the dramatic loss of territory across iraq and syria with a couple of maps he brought along with him. >> president trump: when i took over they were all over syria and iraq. and you see it was a sea of red. now you look at it and there is no red. no red. that's as of today this is isis. there is none.
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the caliphate is gone as of tonight. [cheering and applause] very good. that's pretty good, right? >> jon: benjamin hall is reporting live from syria where u.s. forces are working to finish crushing the terror group. benjamin. >> president trump saying that the caliphate is finished very imminently. we're hearing the same thing on the ground out here. the announcement has not yet been made officially. there are some pockets to be cleared. but there is nothing left of their last stronghold. for the first time since we've been here in syria five days covering this offensive, the bombs have stopped dropping, the gunfire has disappeared. there is an eerie calm now. i think we have witnessed the end of the caliphate. this town and the final emotion campment is thought to be empty with a few isis fighters found
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last night. the job is in a clearing stage. u.s. military strikes made this job possible and there is a lot of gratitude from people on the ground about that. you see signs of us air power here everywhere. president trump told the u.s. military to take the gloves off to defeat isis. that's what they did. the result can be seen all around me. troops here are bringing the black flag of isis down. it no longer flies over this town. for a short time they can enjoy this moment. there is no sign of any of the isis leaders. it is believed they have fled perhaps into western iraq. the critical piece now is stabilizing this region and making sure they can never return. once they ruled over 8 million people. today for now at least they're gone. back to you. >> jon: spectacular reporting benjamin hall. very good job by the u.s. forces and everybody who helped get rid of that group.
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>> sandra: the president making a big prediction last night and just want to say thank you to benjamin hall on that reporting from the front lines bringing us all that story. we deeply appreciate that. meanwhile the 2020 campaign now in full swing with president trump stumping in battleground ohio, beto o'rourke pushing through all 10 counties of new hampshire and the former governor of colorado raising eyebrows in a town hall last night but one thing not going away. democrats calling to change the face of the u.s. supreme court. >> if we were to change the composition of the supreme court it shouldn't be done by democrats or republicans. it's a conversation for the entire country. maybe we set term limits on those justices. >> the first thing i would do as president is make sure that we got the right people onto the supreme court so we didn't have to worry. and that we really do uphold the law. >> president trump: they want to try to catch up. if they can't catch up through
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the ballot box by winning an election they want to do it in a different way. we would have no interest in that way. it won't happen, i guarantee it won't happen for six years. >> sandra: now justice scalia's own wisconsin is weighing in. >> good morning. a number of 2020 hopefuls have suggested they're open to the idea of changing or overhauling the supreme court. south bend, indiana may or was the first to talk about it saying we should consider expanding the court from nine justices to 15 and perhaps rotating out the justices to the high court from the appellate level. senator warren says democrats need to consider every available option. >> one idea that is interesting is you have 15 members but only 10 of them are appointed in the political fashion. five can only be seated by a unanimous agreement of the other 10. >> first they steal a supreme court seat and change the
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filibuster on a supreme court seat. when it swings to us, what will we do? my answer on that is all the options are on the table. >> republicans are solidly against that. there is the president, the likely 2020 nominee. but republican lawmakers are weighing in as well with words and legislative action and on fox senator rubio says the court needs to stick with nine justices to prevent the delegitimizing of the supreme court, i will introduce a constitutional amendment to keep the number of seats at nine. earlier this week republican congressman mark greene said he would do the same and introduce a constitutional amendment on thursday, today, to limit the number to nine. sandra. >> sandra: who is siding with democrats on this issue? >> you could say in some was chris scalia might be saying in part they have a more legitimate argument in his view. the son of the late justice
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scalia the idea of 15 and sitting justices picking some, that idea is unconstitutional but the idea of changing the number in his view could be a more serious discussion. listen here. >> as far as the number itself, the number of justices, that would have to be passed by a statute. the constitution doesn't say there needs to be nine justices and haven't always been that. that's something that could happen and maybe an argument worth taking seriously. >> sandra: thank you. >> jon: for more on this let's bring in byron york, chief political correspondent for "the washington examiner" and fox news contributor. do you get the sense that this push to expand the supreme court, which seems to be coming from democrats, is that some issue that they have poll tested or is it just kind of -- they're just making it up on the fly? >> i think what you saw from
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senator warren, what she just said is there is a deep resentment among democrats over the supreme court. they felt that the republican senate played dirty with the supreme court when they did not take up the nomination of garland under barack obama and perhaps it's time to do something on their own. they feel that because of the garland matter, the current court or the republicans on the court are not fully legitimate and therefore they would be justified in making this change. by the way, franklin delano roosevelt proposed doing it in 1937. blew up in his face. he like democrats today called it an effort to reform the supreme court. >> jon: people say the court has become politicized but, you know, there is nothing different about the way justices are being chosen. they're chosen by a president of one party or to the and then confirmed by the senate. >> you know, the supreme court
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is extremely important to activists on both sides of the political sphere. i think if you talk to democrats the most important person in the world today is ruth bader ginsberg, their desire to see her remain on the court until a democrat becomes president and be able to replace her successor. this is always a highly politicized situation but with this sense of grievance after the garland matter, democrats feel, i think, justified in making changes and proposing changes. and as christopher scalia said, the constitution doesn't say you have to have nine justices on the supreme court. congress could pass a law and make more. >> jon: other proposals are coming out for people like kirsten gillibrand running from the state of new york. listen to her thoughts. >> if you have any --
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[inaudible] pay your taxes, social security, pay it to the local school system and have a pathway to citizenship. it must happen. >> jon: she says if you're in this country now you must have the right to pay into social security and all of those other things. what's the conservative response to that, byron? >> there is no doubt the democratic party has moved, far, far to the left on the issue of immigration. simply impossible to imagine a bill clinton or hillary clinton of several years ago or even an early barack obama saying anything like that. i think that if that were actually turned out to be the position of a democratic nominee that is offering federal benefits to people in the country illegally that's something that president trump would be very happy to campaign against next year. >> jon: all right. so the idea that all you have to do is make it into the country and then all of those
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benefits accrue to you. 12 or 13 million people that would be covered under her idea? >> there is no doubt that already there are a lot of incentives for people to come to the united states illegally. those arriving across the southern border in family groups can cross illegally, turn themselves in, they cannot be detained for any length of time and they cannot be returned. so they are actually in the united states. if there were the promise of a lifetime of federal benefits doing that, i think you would see the illegal traffic across the border increasing way more. >> jon: byron york, "washington examiner", byron, thank you. >> sandra: a bold new response from new zealand one week after the massacre that took 50 lives. the new law the nation is looking to pass and what it will do straight ahead, plus this. >> we are going to commit
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ourselves to registering and engaging one million voters between now and 2020's presidential election. >> jon: andrew gillum may have lost his bid to become florida's governor but now launching a massive move to flip the sunshine state from red to blue in 2020. kayleigh mcenany joins us at the 9:30. 20 minutes from now with her take. >> sandra: extensive liberal policies taking a toll on new york and other blue states. the "new york post" cover this morning saying it all, are they driving out the middle class? maria bartiromo will join us next.
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>> jon: breaking news on that chemical plant fire in texas we've been telling you about. officials are speaking right now calling in national guard troops and warning people to stay inside. this after high levels of benzene are detected near that houston-area petrochemical facility that caught fire this week. hazmat teams are on the scene and several school districts have been formsed to cancel classes because of this. more on the story. >> president trump: we have the best economy we've ever had. the lowest unemployment we've had in 51 years, soon will be the record of all time. and what is going on with general motors? get the plant open or sell it to somebody and they'll open it. everybody wants it. sell it to somebody or open it yourself. get it going down and the uaw will help you. >> sandra: that was president
6:16 am
trump slamming general motors while touting a strong economy in ohio. this is maria bartiromo. great show this morning. a big night last night with the president touting the economy but really going after the auto giant g.m. >> i can understand why the president is so upset about this. this is the president who has built his campaign and presidency on the economy and job creation and by all accounts we've seen very good job creation, good economic growth as a result of those policies and we see the plant closing meaning 3,000 workers temporarily out of work. to be fair mary barr the ceo of gm we'll find opportunities for all those people at the plants that are working, at the plants where there are growth opportunities. the truth is at the end of the day gm has to respond to what customers want. they're still looking at big trucks and bigger cars, not
6:17 am
sedian. businesses should change the way it sees fit. i don't think president trump would like it hearing president bush or obama telling him shut this building and don't do this. he has a right to run his business the way he wants to run it. i understand the frustration. >> sandra: you are a born and raised new yorker and proud of that fact but there are some who think they just can't bear the high cost of living in this city anymore and the headline this morning in the "new york post," escape from new york. 41% say they can't afford to live here. it breaks down the cost of living and it is astounding when you get into the numbers, manhattan one bedroom is $3100 a month average. and people say this they want to go somewhere more welcoming. they fear they won't be able to ride this out. >> i understand that, too,
6:18 am
sandra. you don't get much for that $3,100 apartment either. not only are you talking about very high housing expenses, but it's the tax story. you and i have spoken about this a number of times. money is mobile and money will go wherever it is treated best. there is no secret to the fact that rich people and big businesses are leaving the high-tax states because they can get a much better situation in places like florida, in texas, where there is no income tax. so when you see taxes where they are in new york not only are you talking about federal taxes, then you have state taxes, you have city and local taxes. it gets very expensive and if a person sees it is costing them so much money to live in a certain place they'll look and assess their situation and say you know what? i may get a better deal in florida. remember aoc's mother? she grew up in queens. even her mother moved out and went to florida. that's the situation.
6:19 am
in connecticut, g.e. left connecticut and went elsewhere, went to massachusetts. because the taxes were just too strenuous for these companies. >> sandra: you wonder if it's the tip of the iceberg. the latest polling on living in new york state. 61% of voters feel they can afford to live here. 35% of respondents say they'll be forced to move in the next five years for better economic opportunity. rick scott, the senator from florida, has penned a piece published in the "wall street journal" this morning. our hearts go out to you for your sagging luxury real estate market but you did this to yourself. his piece why new yorkers flee for florida. states are competing with each other. new york is losing, he writes. their loss is florida's gain and texas and south carolina and ohio and indiana, maria. >> it has been their gains,
6:20 am
those states because people are leaving the state. governor cuomo just the other day said he is facing a $2 billion hole in his budget. maybe it's time to look at taxes and try to assess whether or not they're fair and whether or not they are strangling people and pushing people out of the state. money is mobile. it will always go where it's treated best. that's what's happening in new york. >> sandra: it got the attention of the country. you look at a city like chicago, too. in some cases had their property taxes tripled and people looking to live somewhere else. you'll be talking with the president. >> sandra: i look forward to talking to him about the issues you raised and the economy and federal reserve no more interest rates hikes. how slow can things get? are we looking at a situation where very weak growth in europe, slowing in china will hit the united states and how does president trump plan to keep the growth story going? that interview will air tomorrow on fox business.
6:21 am
my one-on-one exclusive with president trump. thank you for mentioning it. i really appreciate it. >> sandra: thank you. >> jon: investigation into boeing's 737 max jets is going and includes a criminal probe after two deadly crashes. why a top pentagon official is also under scrutiny. >> sandra: governor matt bevin for a bold move exposing his nine children purposely to chicken box. we'll have a doctor here to explain. >> jon: freshman house democrat max rose apologizing for his jewish constituents from comments from omar. >> those comments caused hurt and i'm a member -- i said that they were -- i said they were anti-semitic in nature and i stood up and took responsibility.
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the phone and network designed to do more. get $250 back on a new galaxy and save on the network with millions of wifi hotspots. say "get a galaxy" to learn more. >> today i'm announcing that new zealand will ban all military style semi automatic weapons. we will also ban all assault rifles. the time for the availability of these weapons must end. >> sandra: new zealand is banning assault rifles. she announced the ban on sales of semi automatic rifles following the massacre of 50 people at two mosques in christchurch and the ban covers high capacity magazines and the government will buy back weapons from people who surrender them. it is expected to be in place by april 11th. a nationwide reflection for the victims is tomorrow.
6:26 am
>> jon: the f.b.i. is joining a probe into how boeing 737 max 8 jets were certified as safe in the months before two deadly crashes right after take-off. those accidents killing more than 300 people. doug mcelway has the latest developments from washington the f.b.i. is involved? >> yeah. they have investigative tools that neither the department of transportation or grand jury subpoena has. congressional committees have proven to be an ineffective means of getting results. the first boeing hearing on the hill is set for next wednesday. senator ted cruz chairman of the subcommittee will convene a hearing of federal oversight over commercial aviation. all investigations combined with criminal implications are highly unusual. traditional thinking has been that civil procedures are more effective because if criminality is at stake there
6:27 am
is a risk that targets may want to ground, destroy evidence, not productive when the ultimate goal is air safety. boeing has said it will make an extra cost safety feature on its 737 standard now. the two angle of attack centers outside the windows. united for one wires their pitch control automation to both sensors but some low-cost carriers wire up just one so there is no way to tell if there is a discrepancy between the two readings. that will become standard now. >> jon: acting secretary of defense shanahan has ties to boeing and defense contractors and he is in hot water over that? >> the defense department's inspector general said on wednesday it has opened an investigation into whether acting secretary patrick shanahan used his position to properly -- the complaint is comments that shanahan made praising boeing over competitor
6:28 am
lockheed martin the maker of the f-35 fighter. he said that lockheed martin doesn't know how to run a program and pushed the pentagon to buy more boeing f-15x models that the pentagon said it doesn't want. shanahan told congress he welcomes an investigation. the recertification of the max 8 could take longer than anticipated because more countries are opting not to rely on faa certification as they used to do. >> jon: doug mcelway in washington thank you. >> sandra: catastrophic flooding in the midwest destroying hundreds of homes and farms as one river gets closer to cresting today. we're live on the ground in moments. do you remember this? >> it was a bone head idea, put in question for an entire decade the independence of the most significant body, including the congress in my view, the supreme court of the united states of america. >> that's then senator joe
6:29 am
biden criticizing the idea of packing the supreme court as a propose all to do that gains steam. what happens if joe biden decides to get in the race? >> sandra: andrew gillum lost his bid for florida governor and now launching an effort to register one million new voters in hopes of winning the state back from president trump in 2020. up next the trump campaign's press secretary kayleigh mcenany will be here to respond. >> look at the democrats now. think what they're talking about. no one believes in these ideas. maybe the far left does. andrew gillum. get people to register to vote. our job when you run for office to tell people what you believe in and they'll vote for you. (woman) what should we do with it first?
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>> president trump: it's going to be really easy on the debate stage when when they hit me
6:33 am
with nonsense. african-american unemployment the best it's ever been. hispanic, asian, women, everybody. all the best it's ever been. how do you top that in a debate? if you do a good job it's a lot easier that second time but nobody has done the job that we've done. >> sandra: president trump in ohio laying out his 2020 strategy with a focus on the economy. his pitch coming as democratic candidates make some dramatic policy proposals including targeting the voting age and the supreme court as well as the electoral college. kayleigh mcenany is the press secretary for the trump 2020 campaign. good morning to you, kaleigh. what is the strategy this morning? we heard a lot about the economy last night. >> absolutely. you heard that directly from the president. it is not just the unemployment numbers that he has brought down. it's wages. we learn this week the bottom half of the income spectrum, the americans that need it moeft, -- most are seeing
6:34 am
their wages grow up. there are so many underdiscussed aspects of the economy. we hear bernie talk about prescription drugs. president trump has flooded the market with generics. he has saved consumers $26 billion when they go to their pharmacy. that's extraordinary. every metric this president is achieving you just heard a preview of the message. americans are better off today than two years ago thanks the trump. >> sandra: we know ohio is critical to the president winning a second term. he took on general motors last night. he continues to do this. his exact words what's going on with g.m. open it or sell it to somebody who wants it? what's the strategy there? >> you look at where we were when obama exited the presidency. he had hemorrhageed 211,000 manufacturing jobs. that's a lot. this president came in and in two years, not two terms like obama. two years he reversed all of
6:35 am
that bringing back nearly half a million manufacturing jobs. but when you ask about g.m. what he is doing is saying this market is good. evidence of that is the influx of manufacturing jobs. so get your act together, open the factory, find someone to buy it. he is fighting for every single worker. half a million jobs in his eyes for manufacturing is not good enough. he wants even more. this is his key priority. >> sandra: we'll see where it all goes. meanwhile on the democrat side we see these -- a theme emerging, continued calls to change the face of the u.s. supreme court. really interesting in the middle of all these calls a look back at potential presidential candidate joe biden on the supreme court in 1983. listen to this. >> president roosevelt clearly had the right to send to the united states senate and the united states congress a proposal to pack the court. he was legalistically correct but it was a bonehead idea.
6:36 am
it was a terrible, terrible mistake to make. >> sandra: now calls to pack the supreme court have emerged as a major theme for his party, kaleigh. >> that's right. we haven't heard if joe biden has flip-flopped on that position. i assume he has. over the weekend he said he is the most progressive candidate in the race. that would purportedly mean he also wants to pack the supreme court, he also wants socialism, also more radical than bernie sanders and the rest of the far left is. this is the democratic party today. change america's institutions, the electoral college, change america's values, allow a baby to be killed outside of the womb and change what makes this country great, our economy by taking over energy and taking over healthcare. that is the democratic party today and joe biden is another iteration of that. >> sandra: we'll see what he has to say on that if and when he does announce his candidacy. meanwhile what's happening in florida. andrew gillum, as we know the
6:37 am
former tallahassee mayor and nominee for governor and the democratic party are looking to spend $2 million to register 200,000 voters ahead of next year's presidential primary. what is the trump campaign doing specifically? i know you are heavily focused on florida. >> that's right. we're engaged in voter registration, too. a very important aspect of winning any swing state. interesting democrats choose a failed candidate to lead this operation, best of luck. can't beat trump in florida, either. nevertheless what the democrats and any democratic nominee can't stand up to is the rnc's data operation. president trump won florida by just north of 110,000 votes. we know the doors to knock on and the swing voters in michigan, wisconsin, pennsylvania. we know the doors. we have know the phone lines to call because we have the data. it is something the democrats simply do not have and can't
6:38 am
compete and can't build in just two years. >> sandra: i'll finish off with andrew gillum in his own words in this push to register a million voters to beat the president in that state. listen. >> y'all can see i'm fascinated by this eviction notice. i can't wait for the image of us rolling right on out of the white house and back to whatever planet they may have come from and rolling in whoever the democratic nominee. i mean whoever the democratic nominee is for president of the united states. >> sandra: we all remember the results in florida. razor thin margins for the president winning. 49% to clintons 47%. as 2020 is developing into full steam here. >> as a floridian myself i can tell you what i hear from my fellow floridians. president trump delivered. he made a lot of promises going into the 2016 election. he has delivered on them and for seniors in florida and
6:39 am
underserved communities who have access to the job market. millennials included. he has delivered and floridians and others have taken notice. >> sandra: a trump 2020 campaign. thank you for your time this morning. >> jon: president trump will sign an executive order promoting free speech on college campuses amid widespread criticism that universities have stifled conservative voices. we'll bring that to you live as it happens. >> sandra: a surge of illegal border crossings forcing customs agents to resort to a practice that president trump has been strongly opposed to. >> president trump: in 15 minutes we could make a deal on changing catch and release. changing the horrible asylum laws that are so unfair. changing visa lottery. chain migration. these laws are just horrendous. so, you're open all day, every day. that's what 24/7 means, sugar.
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>> sandra: >> it's coming in response to a request from the judiciary committees asking. she is executive vice president for fox corporation. >> jon: this fox news alert. surging rivers are cresting in the midwest. it's damaging the livelihoods of ranchers and farmers. mike tobin is tracking this from illinois. what's it like there this morning, mike? whoops, mike. >> had to happen, right? as soon as we went live. the river here behind me hit record levels and forced the he vac here in free port, illinois
6:44 am
of 170 people. the good news, this river is on its way back down or showed a drop of 18 inches. nearby the rock river hit record levels and that forced the evacuation of a lot of people and trapped a number of people in the town of roscoe. they were living in the upper floors of their houses with the floodwaters down below and getting back and forth by kayak or other small boats. the bad news is the meteorologists are saying there is a lot of snow that has to melt. that will add to the floodwaters and predictions are we'll deal with floods in this region well into next week. >> jon: what about nebraska and iowa? >> nebraska the situation is much worse. we have reports coming out of freemont, nebraska. one of the towns trapped. we have reports now that traffic has reestablished. you still have a dramatic number of people who have been displaced because of all the flooding and the impact here is not so much the human toll or
6:45 am
the loss of life, but this dramatic devastation to farmers. a lot of the farmers had stored their corn and stored their grain in bins hoping for better price s when the market came around. a lot of it got wet. the grain that got wet expanded and bins are bursting open. regardless of the bursting once it got wet the grain wasn't good anymore. the estimate for damages in nebraska alone are expected to exceed a billion dollars and with wet fields a lot of the farmers say they won't plant this year. >> as you know, this is the most widespread natural disaster we've ever had in our state's history. we're now up to 74 counties and 85 cities who have declared an emergency and that is well in excess of 75% of our state's counties. >> in iowa 41 counties have been impacted by the flooding.
6:46 am
we have reports of two towns that don't have access to freshwater. emergency responders are rescuing people trapped by all this icy melt water. their work is part of the reason in the face of all this staggering devastation there has been minimal loss of life. so still as we're looking at the floodwaters not getting any higher today, you have your meteorologists looking at the conditions and saying that certainly into next week we'll be dealing with flooding but possibly we'll be looking at flooding well into spring. >> jon: i have a lot of relatives in nebraska. very good people there but they'll need a lot of help from everybody else. >> sandra: this is near you, jon. march madness, arizona state knocking out st. john's. they play with buffalo. north dakota state ekeing out a victory over north carolina. they'll face off against the
6:47 am
tournament's number one overall seed, everybody together, duke. all right. i took the read. you've been watching this more than i have. >> jon: good luck to them facing off against zion and duke. it won't be an easy task. >> sandra: everybody mark your brackets. the first four are done. an interesting story in the midst of this national vaccine debate that continues. kentucky's governor saying he deliberately exposed his nine children to chicken pox. why some medical experts are blasting that decision. >> jon: a big shake-up at the university of southern california. how the school's new president plans to move forward from the college admissions scandal as stunning new poll say they believe colleges favor the wealthy. all of that straight ahead. ♪
6:48 am
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>> jon: an arizona woman is accused of abusing her seven adopted children who stared in her youtube videos. her popular channel has wracked up millions of views. her children would act in skits. the children say they were disciplined with pepper spray or locked in a closet without food or water if they did not perform as directed in those videos. youtube says it has now removed that. >> sandra: kentucky governor matt bevin facing major backlash after admitting he intentionally exposed his nine children to chicken pox instead of getting the vaccine for them. here is what he told a radio station on tuesday. >> every single one of my kids had the chicken pox. they got the chicken pox on purpose. we found a neighbor that had it and i went and made sure every one of my kids was exposed to it and they got it. they had it as children.
6:52 am
miserable for a few days and all turned out fine. >> sandra: a doctor is here. a board certified medical doctor. is this something that other people should follow? this is a drastic move by the governor >> absolutely not. it's not recommended by pediatricians, doctors or cdc but to get vaccinated. we have to understand and remember that the chicken pox is a highly contagious, highly infectious disease and for some people it can cause pneumonia, bacterial infections, inflammation in the brain and can cause death. it is not just oh, a cough and cold and you are better in a few days. for most people it is but for some people it can be life threatening especially pregnant women or newborn babies or someone who has an immune deficiency. >> sandra: he makes the case he isn't against vaccines but he is for the choice of parents to
6:53 am
decide what to do with their children. here is more from that radio interview with the governor. >> in many instances those vaccinations make great sense. for some people and for some parents, for some reason they choose otherwise. >> sandra: he goes on to say this is america. the federal government shouldn't be forcing this upon people. they just shouldn't. but correct me if i'm wrong, wouldn't the case be that if he exposed his children, they were walking around with chicken pox. i'm sure he kept them home and away from other kids but they could spread it to other kids unknowingly. >> absolutely. if you don't want to vaccinate your children it's your right but you can't knowingly expose them to put other people in harm's way. the government, their job, one of their top jobs is safety of the american people. if we know that we have the ability to eradicate potentially life threatening disease we'll take those steps to make sure that we protect the citizens of this country. >> sandra: this is the chicken pox stats if you wonder how
6:54 am
prevalent it is based on the fact we do have the vaccine. it was introduced in 1995 and has a 90% effective rate at preventing it and about 500,000 cases a year. this is all happening at the same time we're learning about this story about a son and his father suing the kentucky health department because he is not vaccinated and they won't let him play basketball. >> there is a huge chicken pox outbreak. in addition hepatitis a going on in the community. the health department in the community is trying to be proactive and take measures to protect the citizens of that community. he is not vaccinated based on historical association of vaccines being possibly associated with aborted feet all cells. that was 50 or 60 years ago. the pope is saying get vaccinated. the risks of -- the harm to
6:55 am
people unvaccinated outweighs the risk. >> sandra: finally the information on this what parents need to know about the current recommendation is to get two chicken pox vaccinations, one at age 1 and 4. >> correct. it is not for everyone. if you have a certain underlying medical condition, if you're pregnant or immune deficiency. it is best to talk to your doctor. studies shows that vaccines can potentially save lives and eradicate disease for many people. >> sandra: great information. thank you. >> thank you, sandra. >> jon: the 2020 candidates hitting the ground running at this hour. is kirsten gillibrand trying to create pathways for illegal immigrants to get social security? new comments raising concerns this morning. the push to stack the supreme court continues to be a big issue on the campaign trail. as beto o'rourke storms all 10 counties in new hampshire. our a-team is here on all the biggest 2020 headlines.
6:56 am
>> sandra: breaking news out of texas where the national guard is being called in now as officials there warn of dangerous new chemical levels in light of a plant fire. >> jon: fox news getting a close look at a dangerous smuggling trend at the border. why border patrol officials say a crisis is truly unfolding on the ground there. we're live from the border next. durable value of a business in the transportation industry without knowing firsthand the unique challenges in that sector. coming out here, seeing the infrastructure firsthand, talking with the people behind the numbers creates a different picture. once i know what a business is truly worth, we can make better informed investment decisions. that's why i go beyond the numbers. ♪
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7:00 am
immigrants flood across the southern border swafrmg detention centers as apprehensions approach record levels. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom." this thursday morning. >> jon: a severe situation getting worse there smugglers delivering bus loads of migrants by the hour. thousands have breached the border streaming into the u.s. overwhelming immigration facilities there and threatening the safety of agents and migrants alike. >> sandra: william la jeunesse is live along the border in yuma county, arizona. william. >> sandra, the numbers are going up but it isn't just the number. it is who. it's the demographic that is being apprehended that the border patrol says makes this a crisis. i want to show you that new video. these migrants arrive by an express bus direct from guatemala hired by the cartels. they go through a hole on the
7:01 am
fence and line up to be arrested by a border patrol agent. >> we're in yuma. that's a secondary fence. here is where agents patrol. that's a primary fence put here in the 199 0*s. sunday 3:00 p.m. three buses from guatemala show up on the south side. 171 and come out, go through the hole and turn themselves to agents. they pay around $7,000. the last five months there have been 170 breaches of the fence. these dates are dates of individual breaches. apprehensions already doubled last year. because they are other than mexican, 96%, instead of being turned over within eight hours they are at the processing station. the agency is spending $100,000 a month on medical care, food, clothing, diapers. what does it mean? half the agents who would
7:02 am
otherwise be here doing enforcement are caring for and processing illegal immigrants back at the station. >> we have to feed those people three meals a day. provide them snacks, provide them juice, we have to provide diapers, we have to provide baby formula, we have to provide hygiene products. all those things are costing us over $100,000 a month just here in yuma. >> the point is some on capitol hill say it is not a crisis because agents are arresting fewer people than they did 18 years ago. agents say it's irrelevant because of the demographic. some of the kids who are coming over do not actually belong to the parents who claim to be their parents and we saw hundreds of fake documents yesterday in an ongoing investigation that show some of these kids are actually being trafficked. >> jon: william la jeunesse at the border. thanks. >> immigration reform. if you are in the united states
7:03 am
now, you have the right to pay into social security, to pay your taxes, to pay into the local school system and have a pathway to citizenship. >> jon: those comments from kirsten gillibrand raising eyebrows on the illegal immigration issue. let's bring in our a-team. jessica tarlov is a fox news contributor. >> am i fired? >> jon: you can stay for another hour. brian brenberg and chair of business and finance of the kings college in new york and guy benson political editor of town jessica, i'll start with you. kirsten gillibrand says illegals should be able to pay taxes and pay into social security and all that sort of thing. where does this issue stop for democrats? >> it doesn't stop at the voting booth. no argument that people who are here illegally should be able
7:04 am
to vote in our elections. there is some discussion about local elections and especially when it pertains to schools. what kirsten gillibrand is speaking to is the larger issue of there are some 11 to 13 million undocumented people in this country who we are not rounding up and shipping back home and we need to insure that they can have good healthcare, that their kids can go to school. a lot of these kids are americans and paying into social security. i appreciate your honest framing of what she said. there is a lot flying around about kirsten gillibrand that illegals should get social security. she have is saying pay your fair share, contribute to society, and you will get social security when that time comes just as if you were an american citizen because you are here and we're not removing you from this country. >> sandra: people to your right are shaking their heads. >> i saw it, too but i was ignoring it. >> sthe is dodging the underlying issue that americans care about. you have a bunch of people in the country illegally.
7:05 am
yes, if they were here legally would we want them to pay into the systems and get the benefits? we would. the problem is they're here illegally and she wants to skirt over that issue. she doesn't want to address it and she doesn't want to address the fact it is getting worse because the nature of the illegal immigration is changing and we aren't set up to handle that. >> many americans favor giving them some sort of legal status or a pathway to citizenship. >> i'm fine with a pathway to legal status for sure. but that's not the case right now. you think it's okay that someone violates our laws, comes into the country illegally, lives here illegally, or against our laws and then gets social security benefits? >> they paid for it, right? this is not an entitlementment >> it is an entitlement program for united states citizens and people who are entitled to it. are people who are here illegally entitled to the huge programs that are already going
7:06 am
insolvent? >> the decent thing. if the people will stay here. as a society we have decided -- the majority has said we want them to stay here. you favor a right to legal status. >> a pathway. >> that we should insure these people working jobs that many americans don't want to do and if they're being responsible and paying taxes in later life why shouldn't they have -- >> sandra: that debate will continue. brian, you can react to this. joe biden reacting to a debate that is now emerging from democrats about packing the supreme court, here he is talking about it in 1983. watch together. >> president roosevelt clearly had the right to send to the united states senate and the united states congress a proposal to pack the court. he was legalistically correct but it was a bonehead idea. it was a terrible, terrible mistake to make and it put in question for an entire decade the independence of the most
7:07 am
significant body, including the congress, in my view, of the supreme court of the united states of america. >> sandra: that idea is being floated by many democrats running for president. >> he got it right. bonehead is not the right word. entirely dangerous is the right word. he is right on what's happening undermining and threatening to undermine a key institution in our governing system. he will get beat up mercilessly for having said this in the primaries because it is another issue where his party has pulled way to the left of him and they'll go back to this and say this is why you can't run because you've got it wrong on the supreme court. >> sotomayor and the others appointed by president obama were approved by republicans. they got -- >> it does happen. >> jon: all of a sudden because there is a republican in the white house democrats seem to be aflame over the prospects of president trump getting another court appointment. >> they're having discussions about the dangers of court packing for a long time.
7:08 am
surely what happened with garland has spurred this discussion but to what joe biden was saying he is in line with what dianne feinstein thinks and tim kaine. there are some 2020 hopefuls talking this way but a few of them who aren't. we haven't heard what kamala harris thinks about this. i think it is something that the right really wants to inflame and say this is what is core to our policy positions when we're trying to talk about the economy. >> you were talking about it. >> i got asked the question. >> we are talking about it because your party is proposing it and seriously indulging it. it is up to six presidential candidates on the democratic side are at least indulging or embracing some sort of court packing or reforms. we didn't invent this from the fox news fever swamp. it is haeng. >> don't it matter that the proposal. one of the proposal, is five liberals, five conservatives
7:09 am
and five rotating judges like an appellate court. >> roosevelt called it court packing. it wasn't adding justices the way it sounds like. there are more than one proposal. we talked about it on "outnumbered" yesterday. eric holder, the former attorney general who is advising a number of these candidates have talked about sticking two more democratic appointed justices on there. >> he isn't running for president yet. >> that matters, that's a voice we can pay attention to. >> it is not these issues are being indulged. democratic candidates are leading with this. this is the beginning of the story and they're leading with this issue. not just something we're talking about. >> if you watched the town halls and i understand for people on the right they aren't as interesting as they are for me. one of the first things they're talking about, healthcare, criminal justice reform and they get asked questions. you should have policies on everything. >> sandra: one of those leading candidates running for president on the left is beto
7:10 am
o'rourke, newt gingrich penned a piece. i made a lot of assumptions about the candidate and i was wrong. he writes in a field of nearly 20 arm waving and self-confidence may not be enough. my hunch is we'll look at the announcement week as the high watermark of the o'rourke campaign and then it will be bye-bye beto. >> a guy standing in his corner playing to the crowd and hands up and walks to the middle of the ring. the bell rings and heavy weight fighter punches him in the face and he is running around the ring. when he gets into a debate and somebody challenges him on the left which is what will happen in the debates he will fall. this is an aesthetic candidates, not a substance one. >> i think karl rove is way off base here because i don't think
7:11 am
karl has been in a room where beto gets up on a countertop. >> sandra: you are referencing karl rove's piece in the "wall street journal." karl writes mr. o'rourke seems to suspect he is the smartest man around. he must build a team of smart people and listen to them. it requires leadership and management skills beyond the reach of a punk rock musicians turned politician unless he changes tack. >> has karl or newt, either of them been in the room where he gets up on a table? it seems like this is his power. >> sandra: what happens? >> he waves his arms and gets sweaty. i think we shouldn't underestimate beto o'rourke. he came within three points of winning in texas which is a very hard thing for democrats to do. democrats have shown that they like sort of aspirational, young, exciting figures. does that remind you of anyone that ran for president in 2008
7:12 am
and couldn't win and then did? look, he has all sorts of weaknesses, i concede those points from those very smart guys but i think it's too early to say bye-bye. >> jon: there is john hickenlooper former governor of colorado was asked whether he would consider putting a woman on the ticket if he is nominated. here is his response. >> how come we're not asking more often the women would you be willing to put a man on the ticket? >> jon: what do you think about that, jessica? >> i think that won't help him if he is running for the presidency in the democratic field right now. that might be something that a lot of people are thinking but it is not something you should be saying out loud at the town hall. men have had all the chances there. >> jon: you are advocating dishonesty in politics? >> the spirit of what's going on here. i understand where he was coming from but when you look at how many people are running in the democratic field and how
7:13 am
many people might be joe biden talking about picking up stacey abrams before he gets in the race. we want our ticket to reflect what our party looks like and we're a diverse party. >> god bless these god having to correct to the minefield these my *r primaries will be. any little word. >> you don't think that women and people of color have been discriminated against in this country. >> i thought he was making a joke. >> maybe have a bad sense of humor. >> jon: we'll bring the a-team back for more later on. >> president trump: a lot of people are asking, because they love me and ask me about a man named john mccain. i have to be honest, i have oef never liked him much. hasn't been for me. i've really probably never will.
7:14 am
>> sandra: trump criticizeing john mccain at an event in ohio yesterday. a growing number of republicans coming to mccain's defense and urging the president to stand down. kevin corke is live at the white house with more. kevin. good morning. >> sometimes, sandra, you have to walk away. that seems to be the message from some republicans to the president of the united states who as you pointed out was in lima, ohio yesterday and had a grand opportunity. he was there to talk about economic security as national security of the a chance to remind buckeye staters his policy he will keep the plan open. the one that keeps the tanks and to the khag arena of some, if not many he used that time to talk about his rocky relationship with the senator from arizona. >> john mccain received a fake and phony dossier paid for by crooked hillary clinton, right?
7:15 am
and john mccain got it. he got it. and what did he do? didn't call me. he turned it over to the f.b.i. hoping to put me in jeopardy and that's not the nicest thing to do. >> he says it's not the nicest thing to do. there are those even on the right that are saying mr. president, talking about this probably isn't the nicest thing to do either. here is what mcsally tweeted. john mccain is an american hero and thankful for his legacy. everyone should give him and his family the respect, admiration and peace they deserve. it wasn't just mcsally. others on capitol hill felt compelled to rebuke the president for what some thought was out of bounds criticism. >> it's deplorable what he said. that's what i called it from the floor of the senate seven months ago. it will be deplorable seven months from now if he says it again and i'll continue to speak out. we should never reduce the
7:16 am
service that people give to this country. >> i've had a chance to talk to white house officials off the record. they're being mum about this saying i'll let the president speak for himself. also keep this in mind. it was mccain who famously voted against the repeal and replace of obamacare. that and other things that the general public is unaware of. they have gotten under the president's skin. there are many who feel like maybe it's time to let by gons be bygones. >> the massive fire at a chemical plant in texas finally put out but the danger might be far from over. why the national guard is being called in as authorities tell everybody to stay indoors. a live report coming up. >> sandra: president trump campaigning through battleground ohio and making some news about the pending china deal. why he says tariffs could be around for a while. >> jon: also the trump administration's economic team
7:17 am
has a new 2020 theme. putting the spotlight on socialism. is that a winning strategy? charles payne is here on all of it. >> i ask you to join president trump and me and the rest to put socialism on trial and convict it.
7:18 am
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>> sandra: the federal reserve predicting the economy will grow at a slower pace for the rest of the year. charles payne host of "making money with charles payne". it depends where you look for the forecast for our economy. the federal reserve not so optimistic. >> we'll grow slower. the optimum word is growth. we're still going to grow. remember in december the big headlines were recession that we were going to retreat and not grow. even though most estimates are for lower growth particularly against last year which was the best year in over a decade, that we will be slower than that. what i thought was interesting for me to take away from jay powell yesterday, a huge decision, was that his confidence is centered around the consumer who is 2/3 of the economy. wages are going up. confidence is rebounding. the strong growth in jobs and also people coming back to the
7:22 am
labor force. he made a great distinction between wage inflation and price inflation. there was a time before when raises when people started making more money the fed would throw up speed bumps in our economy. he made a distinction that said no need to do that. the american people can have a raise without the fed interfering. i thought that was great. >> jon: trump has been saying they were too aggressive in raising interest rates. is this a response to this or something else? >> not necessarily a direct response to the fact they were too aggressive. what he said yesterday there is an amazing frustration on the part of jay powell not to actually get some inflation. when people hear inflation they think it's a bad word. we love when the value of our home and paycheck inflates. we like some inflation.
7:23 am
he has been frustrated this organization that can print money out of thin air hasn't been able to move that hire he and he expressed it yesterday. he took actions last year that made it harder to get the inflation we need. fatter paychecks and better home prices. >> sandra: what we've also heard from the president and his economic team is clearly they are targeting socialism and some of these calls on the left. here was larry kudlow, we all remember earlier this month. >> i think we have to just put it on trial. put socialism on trial. challenge, rebut, put pen and pencil to paper. i have staggering numbers here and convict it before it destroys america. >> sandra: "politico" writes this headline. this is high-level fear mongering. trumps economic team drives socialism attack. echoing trump campaign themes are spotlighting socialism's
7:24 am
disastrous impact. >> i was shocked when i saw the head liep. maybe i shouldn't have been. i am shocked they don't think there is a need to retard the romanticism of socialism. it is great when you grow up and live in an upper middle class environment. this is perhaps not the way to go about it. let's not dismantle what made us great in the first place. what's interesting also in the white house's economic report this week. they didn't just go with venezuela, cuba, russia. they said it's better in america than norway as well. just be very careful of the allure of something that sounds fair against its historic track record which is unmitigated disaster to human beings. >> jon: the president on the chinese tariffs that he says seem to be staying in place for now. listen. >> president trump: we have to make sure that if we do the
7:25 am
deal with china, that china lives by the deal. because they've had a lot of problems living by certain deals and we have to make sure. now, no president has ever done what i've done with china. china had free rein over our country. we rebuilt china in the truest sense of the word. we're taking in billions of dollars in tariff money. for a period of time that will stay. >> what's interesting about this almost everyone on wall street, including people who don't like the use of tariffs as a weapon but started to come around said their biggest misgivings is how do we keep china honest? when the president mentioned let's keep the pressure on even after we sign a deal to keep them honest, i like that idea. i think it's a great idea and it should answer some questions. we know china will sign anything if they think they can get away with simply signing anything. >> sandra: he wants to hold them accountable.
7:26 am
>> jon: hold them accountable until other mechanisms are put in place to make sure they honor whatever we agree to. >> sandra: a wait a see at this point. thank you. >> jon: in just a matter of hours president trump will take executive action to protect first amendment rights on college campuses after conservative activists say they have been silenced. can the president give a boost the free speech? >> sandra: president trump saying he wants the public to see robert mueller's final report. but not without taking a swipe at the special counsel himself. our headliner takes on both of those stories and much more next. >> president trump: no idea when it will be released. it is interesting a man gets appointed by a deputy, writes a report, you know. never figured that one out. you who have served our country honorably. whether it's two years, four years or thirty-two years like myself. one of the benefits we as a country give our veterans is eligibility
7:27 am
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♪ cal: we saved our money and now, we get to spend it - our way. valerie: but we worry if we have enough to last. ♪ cal: ellen, our certified financial planner™ professional, helps us manage our cash flow and plan for the unexpected. valerie: her experience and training gave us the courage to go for it. it's our "confident forever plan"... cal: ...and it's all possible with a cfp® professional. find your certified financial planner™ professional at >> jon: fox news alert. the associated press reports officials in harris county, texas, have called in the national guard after detecting
7:31 am
high levels of benzene near the houston-area chemical plant that caught fire this week. casey stiegel live in dallas on that. >> they just had a press conference where they would not give any specific information about the national guard but were working to get more on that. we can tell you this new shelter in place order was just issued early this morning in response to the latest environmental air samples that came back alerting to high levels of a chemical in the air called benzene. it is at unsafe levels according to health officials. in response schools have been canceled. folks being told to stay indoors. all of this going down in deer park, texas, a suburb of 33,000 people or so outside of houston where just yesterday crews got all of the flames out. look at these pictures at the intercontinental terminals company, a petrochemical storage facility.
7:32 am
according to local officials, one of the burned tanks is apparently leaking this chemical benzene. a flammable sweet smelling liquid used in making plastics and rezins and its fumes can be deadly if inhaled in high doses. >> just because the plume has gone away and the fire is out all work stops. our work continues. we continue to monitor what's happening. we are concerned about the health and safety of our community. >> their samples are being taken constantly. emergency official efs hope the wind will pick up later to help disburse the vapors that are heavier than air. special foam was used to help extinguish the flame. the cause of the initial fire is under investigation and we'll stay on top of it and monitor it for you.
7:33 am
>> jon: casey stiegel in dallas. thank you. >> president trump: i said to myself wait a minute. i won one of the greatest elections of all time in the history of this country and even you will admit that. now i have somebody writing a report that never got a vote? it is called the mueller report. so explain that. because my voters don't get it. i don't get it. now at the same time, let it come out, let people see it. >> sandra: president trump calling for transparency in the mueller investigation saying the special counsel's report should be released to the public when it is done. let's bring in our headliner sol wisenberg a fox news contributor and former independent counsel. welcome to "america's newsroom." before i ask you should it be made public? can the entire report be released to the public in its entirety? >> probably not. you have two issues. one you've got the rule that
7:34 am
says you can't reveal grand jury information. that's rule 6e. for mueller or barr to reveal that information you will have to have a court order. number two, there is some national security sensitive information that will probably never be revealed. other than that, it's really just up to the attorney general. >> sandra: you think it should be? >> i do think as much as possible should be revealed. i think people are very curious bit. it has taken up almost two years now. so i think it's in the public interest for it to be revealed whatever it shows. >> jon: you say the mueller report -- the mueller investigation was built around the idea of looking into russian collusion with the trump campaign. you say that it is fair to assume at this point that there is no significant sign of at least criminal collusion or contacts between the trump
7:35 am
campaign and russia. why do you say that? >> well, because we would have seen it. again, collusion is kind of a nothing word. when i say collusion i mean as you point out, john, criminal collusion. that is to say a conspiracy that violates a provision of our criminal code. and i think we would have seen it now in all of the various plea agreements and statements of the offense that go along with plea agreements that have been issued by bob mueller and his team. really almost all of these have to do with obstruction of justice or lying to the government. if there was a larger case, i believe we would have seen it by this time. so i don't think it's there. >> sandra: i want to get your take on the debate that is happening right now. some democrats running for president are bringing up the idea of packing the supreme court. lawmakers, some of them weighing in. senator marco rubio penned a piece published on fox saying the supreme court needs
7:36 am
to stay at nine justices. dems court packing plan is all wrong. in that piece he talked about our institutions suffering a crisis. we should do no further harm. he have will propose a constitutional amendment that would prevent changing the face of our supreme court. where do you stand on this issue? >> well, i'm not in favor of -- i'm not in favor of changing the number of justices. i'm not in favor of this court packing plan. the only time it has every been tried in american history was by fdr and it resulted in a crushing blow to him. it really damaged his popularity in a way he never recovered from until the beginning of the second world war. i don't think we need a constitutional amendment. i don't think it is going to happen. we don't need to have a constitutional amendment every time somebody is worried about something. i don't think it will pass so i just don't think that's necessary. could i go back and make one point about the collusion issue
7:37 am
i forgot to make? here is why i think collusion is so centrally important. number one, this is the main thing that bob mueller was appointed to find out. and if the collusion narrative by the left -- if it's there, we want to know about it. if there was no collusion between the trump campaign and the russians, that's a big thing because it forces the democrats to look into, if they are intelligent, why they lost. they're telling themselves, too many of them, we lost because of improper collusion between trump and the russians, not because we didn't have the right message. and so it has allowed them not to look at themselves and say how the hell did we lose to this guy? i mean, maybe perhaps we are advocating programs that are far to the left of what mainstream america wants. so i don't think we should just go -- people in congress are saying well, there is not
7:38 am
collusion but there is this, let's go to the next issue. let's go to the campaign finance. but it is actually very, very important. the trump people did not collude with the russians to rig the election. i think it's important. >> jon: some democrats on capitol hill in congress have said if they aren't satisfied, if they don't like the mueller report, they'll keep on going with investigations in congress. what do you think? >> well, that's their right. they have a majority in the house. i'm sure we'll have all kinds of fights as we always do between the congressional branch that issues the subpoena and the executive branch that doesn't want to follow them. we had them under obama. the house held eric holder in contempt because he didn't provide information they wanted. that is part of the glory of american democracy. >> sandra: finally we want to ask you about the president is now set to sign this executive order on campus free speech.
7:39 am
early this month he said he would issue an executive order, quote, requiring colleges and universities to support free speech if they want federal research dollars. is this a good path to go down for the president in using an executive order? >> well, first of all, there is a tremendous free speech and due process problem on campuses today. if it's a state campus, you can go in and file suit and in fact i think out of the 130 suits filed on due process issues having to do with title ix, i think the universities have lost every single one if i was not mistaken. i'm a little skeptical about executive orders saying basically even to private colleges you will lose your money if you don't support free speech. only for this reason. i haven't seen the proposal so i would snead to look at it. you don't want a situation where every time a new party comes in power they'll do the
7:40 am
same thing. they'll try to put forth their favorite proposal and threaten to withhold money if you don't follow our new federal regulations. do we really want to go that route? >> jon: we'll hear more from the president on that this afternoon. sol wisenberg, a former independent counsel and brand-new fox news contributor tore. thank you. >> sandra: no secret alexandria ocasio-cortez has taken the democratic party by storm. one republican candidate in north carolina is using the freshman democrat in a new campaign ad. details next. >> jon: another freshman new york congressman max rose apologizing for what he calls anti-semitic remarks from congresswoman ilhan omar. >> they were anti-semitic in nature and i took responsibility and apologized for them because they came out of congress. up with your part?
7:41 am
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7:45 am
>> congressman omar's comments really caused people pain. she apologized for them and we're working to make sure it doesn't happen anymore. i thought it was important for me to stand up in front of a jewish community on staten island and say look, i failed you. congress caused you pain and hurt. >> sandra: max rose. let's bring back in our a-team. they need no introduction. brian and guy is back and jessica you are here. i'll get your thoughts first, jessica. >> i think max rose has been doing a wonderful jobs for his constituents. he condemned omar's comments. she has apologized. it was a bit of a setback for those offended when the bill condemned all forms of hate. i appreciate him being out there in the forefront and saying it's still not okay with me. >> i don't think that omar and aoc really care how their
7:46 am
comments affect someone like max rose. they should. i don't think they care how it effects somebody in other parts of the country that have to go back to their constituents and try to explain what's being said at the national level. that's hurting the party. it is helping aoc and omar with her constituents, it is not helping the party. >> i wouldn't necessarily call what omar did a real apology. i think that she is pretty defiant after this whole thing. >> the first one was an apology. >> how many anti-semitic incidents do we need to talk about. the first one she apologizeed. next one she was triumphant when they watered down the bill with a resolution. rose doesn't need to apologize to his constituents she should apologize to them. he should apologize for voting for this resolution after it was watered down and didn't call her out by name. >> jon: aoc has become a lightning rod and part of a republican's campaign commercial. a special election in north carolina and one of the many
7:47 am
republican candidates has this in an ad. >> alexandria ocasio-cortez, she has the media, she has the followers, but bless her heart, she has some terrible ideas. >> sandra: less than three months after taking office and there she is starring in a congressional gop ad. >> i never want to hear a southern woman say bless his heart about me. such a cutting insult. >> mccain said it to me on air. it was real bad. he did. >> bless her heart is code word for not a fan. i think it is completely understandable given new polling, aoc is underwater by double digits nationally. she has ruinous idea and the media has made her into a giant star. why not point that out and then sort of use her as foil? >> jon: giant stars win reelection. >> she has all these problems
7:48 am
and easy to use her as a punching bag. the gop needs its own ideas. it can't be the election of being against aoc and the green new deal. the gop has blown it on key issues. if this is all we'll get, no thank you. i want something beyond simply we don't like aoc. >> i like what brian said. thanks for that. completely correct. i would ad what the gop will do they'll shot aoc with nancy pelosi and hillary clinton. her favorability is not high by any means but she is doing incredibly well in questioning key people. that's how she keeps up these viral clips that are spreading like wildfire. now this platform, for instance, she is doing an excellent job in that sense. i think that is tempering the negativity about her. >> jon: they have her on the
7:49 am
cover of "time" magazine. >> sandra: we have to go. here it is. april 1 cover of time. the phenom. >> great for aoc. now we need to deal with more than she said. >> the media has built her. >> jon: is there a new era coming on college campuses in the wake of a massive admissions cheating scheme? we'll tell you how one university at the center of the scandal is taking action. but is it too little too late?
7:50 am
7:51 am
7:52 am
7:53 am
>> jon: the university of southern california names a new president after news of the shocking college admissions cheating scandal broke last week. carley shimkus is here. >> the new president is a former chancellor at chapel hill. she was recommended by a board of 23 people. but the former president of usc was not fired over this college admissions scandal. he resigned last summer. sexual assault allegations
7:54 am
against an on-campus gynecologist and the other was an investigation into a medical school dean accused of smoking meth. couple that, this woman has a lot of work to do with rebuilding the image of usc. >> sandra: now there is just this broader conversation over college and universities in this country and how fair the system really is. usa today did a poll where people stand and how they see the system today. americans on college admissions. here is how they voted on that. 67% say they unfairly favor the wealthy. 19% say everything is conducted fairly. 14% don't know how they feel about it. >> unfairly favor the wealthy. something that this woman responded when asked about the admission scandals. she said we try to do things fairly. so when you see something like this scandal you are aghast,
7:55 am
really? do people that work for colleges really try to do things fairly? we learn if you check the box that says that you aren't going to take financial aid you are more likely to get in. and then there are things that are done legally like if you are a legacy student or if your parents write a check and buy a building you are more likely to get in. that's, of course, legal but is that really fair? the end result is still the same where a student who is more qualified isn't getting in. >> sandra: meanwhile the ucla story one of the students whose parents got involved and they made her out to be an mvp soccer player from her high school and she was the captain. she had never played the sport and she was admitted as a soccer recruit to ucla. >> it's one of the most dominant soccer programs in the country for ucla. imagine how it feels to be a female soccer player, you didn't get in and wondering did
7:56 am
she take my spot? now her parents are being accused of paying rick singer in 2000, 150 shares of facebook which amounts to $250,000 to get her on the team. like you said, may not have ever kicked a soccer ball. >> sandra: we'll learn a lot more from that. >> jon: i have a daughter at ucla and she got in on her own merits. >> congratulations to you, sandra, student athlete who deserved it. >> sandra: president trump gearing up for a meeting with business leaders where he praised the economy. a business round table discussion. we're awaiting the president. ns that will change that. newday's operation home. it lets veterans buy a home with no down payment and without paying one dollar out of pocket for closing costs. no down payment and not one dollar out of pocket for closing costs.
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>> sandra: president trump talking business today. the president will be sitting down this morning with business leaders at a round table discussion in washington happening a few moments from now. a day after touting the economy on the trip to ohio. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom," i'm sandra smith. >> jon: i'm jon scott. this meeting of business professionals after the president praised america's economic growth on his watch during a speech at a tank plant in lima, ohio and taking a shot at labor union leaders at the wake of the closing of the g.m. plant in lordstown. >> i had union leaders in the white house a few months ago. nice guys. but they are democrats no
8:01 am
matter what, okay? you see where that has taken you. i want to deal with the people in the union, not the heads of the union. the heads of the union are not honest people. they aren't honest. >> sandra: john roberts kicked off a new hour for us this morning. john, good morning. >> ohio clearly a very important state for the president politically in 2020. he won it back in 2016 on the promise of bringing jobs back there. looks like that was happening for a while. there has been a lot of job loss recently so the president went to a real success story that tank plant there that builds the abrams tank in lima, ohio to say how good is the trump economy? listen here. >> president trump: after so many years of budget cuts and layoffs today jobs are coming back and pouring back like never before. veteran unemployment is now at
8:02 am
the lowest level ever, ever, ever recorded. the world is down but we still go up. something is happening that wouldn't happen under barack obama. >> that lima ohio plant the president called on general motors to reopen or sell the lordstown, ohio plant that it recently closed. as you saw at the beginning here, the president had praise for uaw workers but criticism for union leaders. here is what else he said. >> president trump: your union leaders aren't on my side. i watch them on television. but the unions, the people that work there are on our side. >> the president said he saw people on television the uaw and didn't agree with them likely reference to david green on the fox news channel over the weekend and said there were a lot of voters in ohio who were rethinking the idea of voting for president trump in 2020 because he promised to bring back jobs in ohio. a lot of jobs have been lost.
8:03 am
the president didn't like that a whole lot and took to twitter to criticize fox news for putting him on. >> sandra: the president also making more comments about the late senator john mccain. >> let's set this up for you. yesterday should have been an easy win. here he was at a place again that was in danger of going under because of massive increases in defense spending. turned the plant around and double its employment in the next two years and the president acknowledged that. >> president trump: you better love me. i kept this place open. [cheering and applause] they said we're closing it and i said no we're not. >> so you had a win there. suddenly the president takes a complete left turn back into his feud with john mccain who died seven months ago ripping him for giving the steele dossier to the f.b.i. and voting against the repeal and replacement of medicare.
8:04 am
and then he went way off script. listen to this. >> president trump: i have to be honest, i've never liked him much. hasn't been for me. i've really probably never will. i endorsed him at his request and i gave him the kind of funeral that he wanted, which as president i had to approve. i don't care about this, i didn't get thank you. that's okay. we sent him on the way. i wasn't a fan of john mccain. >> i gave him the kind of funeral he wanted and i wasn't thanked for it. the president's comments on twitter, television and going to the helicopter in the back of the white house have drawn fire from a lot of republicans. senator isaacson of georgia, a big supporter of the media yesterday called his comments deplorable. >> sandra: a lot of response coming into that this morning. john roberts, thank you.
8:05 am
>> jon: this fox news alert. new zealand prime minister announcing the immediate ban on the sale of military style firearms and high capacity magazines after the shootings at two mosques that left 50 people dead last friday. >> the guns had distinguishing features. i believe there will be a common view amongst new zealanders, those who use guns for legitimate purposes and those who haven't ever touched one. the time for the easy available of these weapons must end. >> jon: jonathan hunt has more from the west coast newsroom. >> it's a move made with stunning speed. just six days since the terrorist massacre in which a self-described white supreme sift appeared to use a high capacity semi automatic rifle. those in the prime minister's
8:06 am
words military style semi automatic. the kind of weapons that are immediately banned from being sold and will be completely banned under a law expected to be enacted within weeks or even days. it is not clear exactly how many guns will be affected. new zealand has 250,000 licensed gun owners and officials believe there are 1 1/2 million guns, many unregistered, in the country. the number of high capacity semi automatics is unclear but is likely in the thousands according to experts. >> one of the -- we can have a range of weapons that are of this power and caliber and simply not know how many there are. >> the move was praised by leading democrats here. congresswoman ocasio-cortez said on twitter this is what leadership looks like and
8:07 am
democratic presidential hopeful bernie sanders saying, quote, we must follow new zealand's lead. take on the nra and ban the sale and distribution of assault weapons in the united states. to which the nra spokeswoman responded, the u.s. isn't new zealand. while they don't have a right to bear arms and self-defense, we do. the bodies of all those killed in the terror attack have now been released to their families with the city of christchurch now the site of dozens of funerals and vigils. it is now just about 4:00 a.m. friday morning in thousands of non-muslim are expected to turn out to support the muslim community there. >> jon: jonathan hunt, thanks. >> sandra: for more on this let's bring back katie pavlich
8:08 am
fox news contributor. welcome back to "america's newsroom." good to see you this morning. i know you have strong thoughts on this, new zealand reacting by banning assault weapons. now they're taking this move, katie. >> i first want to point out the shooter in this instance who car eefd -- carried that crime that everyone has con assembly of -- he is certainly accomplished that goal. if you look at what bernie sanders is saying, he is saying it's okay to ban firearms overnight through executive fiat without any kind of due process or legislative process. the new zealand process now is the ban is effective immediately. people will be fined if they're found with them. it will still go through parliament and receive a vote.
8:09 am
but if you look at the cite criteria it means any semi automatic firearm that has a detachable magazine. you are talking about every single firearm in america that exists. that's what bernie sanders is endorsing. the nra is responding and will respond as other democratic candidates weigh in on this as well. >> sandra: going back to bernie sanders saying this is what real action to stop gun violence looks like. in the wake of new zealand making this move it perhaps boosts their case further. >> if you look at the situation in new zealand. one of the muslim men praying chased away the shooter with a firearm. will he have to turn in his firearm? people in houses of worship who are vulnerable whether you're
8:10 am
jewish, christian, muslim going to have to make themselves more defenseless against people who want to attack them? when people like bernie sanders who is running for president of the united states says this is what real reform looks like, he is talking about overnight stripping americans of their second amendment rights and punishing them with high fines and prison time for refusing to give up the rights without a legislative process. >> sandra: to 2020. andrew gillum announcing his creation of a voter registration campaign. listen in his own words. >> we are going to commit ourselves to registering and engaging one million voters between now and 2020's presidential election. i just can't wait for the image of us rolling him right on out to the white house and to whatever planet they may have come from. >> sandra: they'll register and
8:11 am
engage one million voters between now and 2020s presidential election. the road to the white house runs through florida says andrew gillum. >> as we know, florida is very important when it comes to the electoral college, republican should not take this goal lightly. andrew gillum is very well funded. $4 million to carry out the initiative. eric holder has been working on a number of these voter registration issues for years now. democrats have a goal of registering new voters and taking back voters who are democrats and voted for trump in 2016. trying to bring more people into the party. they have a pathway to do it with funding behind them. >> sandra: you reference gillum, florida had $3.9 million available as of february 28 to fund his registration efforts. katie pavlich. always good to start off a new hour with you. thank you. >> jon: fox news alert after president trump says he would
8:12 am
like it to be public, the white house and congress brace for the release of the mueller report. a live report on that coming up. >> sandra: another alert. president trump sounding the death knell for isis. what the terror group's looming defeat may be on the battlefield and when means for the global reach on the internet. >> president trump: isis, let me tell you about isis. they're not doing so well. when i took over it was a mess. they were all over the place. all over syria and iraq and you see it was a sea of red and now you look at it and there is no red. i knew about the tremors.
8:13 am
8:14 am
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8:16 am
unlock savings when you add select hotels to your existing trip. only when you book with expedia. >> for the first time since we've been in syria, five days covering this offensive, the bombs have stopped dropping, the gunfire has disappeared, there is an eerie calm now. i think we have witnessed the end of the caliphate. >> jon: that's benjamin hall who has been reporting live all week from the front lines in syria where u.s. backed forces are on the verge of snuffing out isis. president trump predicting the imminent defeat of the terror group. let's bring in the director of foreign policy research at the brookings institution. i want to start with a look at the map of what isis territory was held back in 2015, january
8:17 am
2015, the final year of the obama administration, versus what it holds today. president trump is pretty proud of that. he made that point in ohio yesterday. does he get to take the credit? >> some of it certainly. although let's get the dates really clear because the maximum extent of isis in iraq and syria was late 2014 and early 2015. still two years left of the obama administration at that time and there was a lot of progress made in the last two years. one can say that president obama didn't do a good job in preventing the emergence of isis in the first place and struggled for a broader strategy towards the syrian civil war but the targeted campaign against isis really began with the fall of mosul in iraq in the summer of 2014 roughly speaking. there was considerable progress made over those next two years. president trump then adopted that same campaign plan, arguably reinforced it a bit
8:18 am
and continued to give support to secretary mattis, the general at central command and momentum was sustained and perhaps increased. that's the way i talk and think about it in broader historical terms. now we're at a good point in terms of defeating isis from holding territory. there are still perhaps 20 to 30,000 isis fighters in the general region. we have to worry about preventing their reemergence that isis grew out of the ashes of al qaeda in iraq years before. >> jon: there was a journalist murdered at the hands of isis, here is what his mother has to say about the future. >> we need to be very shrewd about how we deal with isis. baghdadi, the leadership is still at large. they know how to hide and infiltrate our societies.
8:19 am
so i feel we need to be very vigilant. >> jon: it's a lot easier to reclaim territory than to quash an ideology. >> no doubt. we have the added problem and president trump cannot be blamed for this, syria is still a mess. and that as long as syria is a mess and it is being run by a group linked to shia islam, the sunni muslims in syria feel very disenfranchised. their homes have been destroyed and no jobs. the same environment where in iraq that gave rise to the extremist al qaeda in the movement we had to surge forces to defeat. that same dynamic of an oppressed sunni population feeling like it has nowhere to go politically is a very, very scary one. it is still where we are inside of syria. i'm glad president trump is leaving those few hundred u.s.
8:20 am
forces that gives us some leverage in the ongoing effort to try to wind that war down and protect our local allies, the kurds, some of the sunnis. there is a long ways to go at preventing syria from being a hot bed where an isis group could recongregate and reemerge. >> jon: the president add first announced he was pulling all the troops out of syria. it sounds like you applaud keeping a small american force there. >> yes. it strikes me on the small side but as long as we keep an eye on what's going on and the president is willing to consider slightly higher numbers. the good news is nobody is talking about another big invasion. the u.s. military over the years has figured out how to be potent with a few hundred forces here and a few thousand forces there. backed up by air power and technology. to their great credit. that model gives us options going forward. syria is a long way from solved and therefore isis in syria and elsewhere is a long way from being
8:21 am
definitively defeated. >> jon: nice that we're not seeing the horrific mass murders on a daily basis that we were seeing when isis was at the height of its power. michael o'hanlon from the brookings institute. >> sandra: more on the situation in syria including a different view of what it's like to report from the front lines. >> this is where we shower. walk you through our morning routine. if this doesn't wake you up, nothing will. still we have the u.s. jets overhead. >> sandra: that's fox news benjamin hall taking us behind the scenes for a closer look at the day in a life of a reporter covering the war in syria. a new development in the criminal investigation of the boeing 737 max 8 jet. what we're now learning about the f.b.i. and d.o.j. involved in that case. you who have served our country honorably.
8:22 am
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8:25 am
appointment windows. click, call or visit a store today. >> sandra: fox news alert. the f.b.i. joining the criminal probe into boeing. investigators wanting to know where the plane was certified safe ahead of two deadly crashes leaving more than 300 people dead. doug mcelway is following the latest developments from washington on this ongoing investigation. how many agencies are taking part in this now? >> we've got the grand jury subpoena. at least one congressional investigation and hearing set for next wednesday in the senate. the department of transportation i.g. investigation and now the f.b.i. involved in that one as well. what makes it so unusual is a criminal probe. that's against tradition. some fear it could be counterproductive lending to the hiding of information by potential targets not
8:26 am
productive critics when transparency and safety is the goal. there are some new developments today, reuters is reporting the pilot in the fatal ethiopian crash last week was not trained on the simulator. reuters got that information from a colleague pilot in a hotel lobby instructed by the airline not to speak publicly. that's significant because of allegations that boeing billed the maxx 8 that wouldn't expose expensive training. it differed considerably because of its automation to the correct the pitch-up tendency. the failure of pilots to understand the switch appears to be a component in both accidents. boeing has said it will make an optional safety feature on its 737s standard pertaining to two angle of attack sensors outside
8:27 am
the pilot and co-pilot's windows. to save money lower cost carriers had one sensor wired up. no way during a malfunction to tell if there was a discrepancy. the wiring of the sensors will become standard now. >> sandra: acting secretary of defense pat shanahan is in potential hot waters for his ties to boeing and defense contracts. >> the defense department inspector general has opened an investigation whether patrick shanahan used his position to improperly promote his former employer which was boeing. the complaint is based on comments that shanahan made praising boeing over competitor lockheed martin, the maker of the f-35 fighter jet. he said lockheed martin doesn't know how to run a program and pushed the pentagon to buy more boeing f-15x models which the pentagon doesn't want. shanahan told congress he welcomes an investigation. back to you. >> sandra: doug mcelway, thank
8:28 am
you. we have a developing situation here on venezuela. the opposition leader there, juan guaido, says agents of the venezuelan president maduro have detained his chief of staff and personal lawyer in a raid overnight. we've got a response now from mike pompeo, secretary of state. he has issued a tweet on the situation saying this, secretary of state mike pompeo tweeted a short time ago the united states condemns raids by maduro's security services and detention of the chief of staff to interim president juan guaido. we call for his immediate release. we will hold accountable those involved. that is the last we've heard from the secretary of state on that calling for his immediate release. this is a situation that developed overnight and that we were able to confirm now with mike pompeo weighing in on that and putting that statement out. this is obviously something that highly escalates the ongoing situation there.
8:29 am
>> jon: juan guaido has been very courageous as he has taken on the worse of the forces of the maduro government. has called himself the acting president and wants to return that country to some semblance of normalcy but now the kidnapping, if you will, of his chief of staff sends a pretty ominous signal. a story we'll continue to watch. >> sandra: we'll continue to follow that for you. >> jon: a few weeks ago homeland security secretary nielsen warned us the crisis at the southern border will get even worse. now her prediction appears to come true. hundreds of migrants arriving and overwhelming border facilities. north carolina congressman mark walker weighs in next. president trump saying the final mueller report should be made public. how close is the special counsel's office to releasing it? a live report next.
8:30 am
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8:33 am
mueller report should be made public as the white house and congress are preparing for the report's release. catherine herridge has more on that. >> jon: good morning. based on our -- our contacts report there has been no serious or lengthy engagement with the white house since the president responded with written answers last november and knowledgeable sources tell us that special counsel investigators are taking steps to suggest they're tying up loose ends. this morning's reporters camped outside the special counsel's office in northwest washington associated press captured this image of mueller pulling into his downtown garage at the office. his custom and routine to often drive himself. mueller has not commented on the investigation since his appointment in may 2017 nor the timing of the report's conclusion. next steps will be guided by these federal regulations known as 28cfr600 state the mueller report is confidential to the
8:34 am
attorney general william barr and must outline prosecutions and what is called cases where no criminal action is taken. the attorney general is required to report to congress and the public but the central regulations offer guidance and are less clear. barr's report should be in keeping with established justice department practices. yesterday the president told reporters on the white house lawn that he would like to see the full mueller report public. >> president trump: i don't mind. frankly, i told the house if you want, let them see it. let it come out. let people see it. it is up to the attorney general. i think it's ridiculous but i want to see the report. >> that will ultimately be up to the attorney general william barr. those close to the president's legal team are expecting the mueller report won't show direct or concrete evidence of collusion and may be an opportunity to use that report to justify refusal to cooperate
8:35 am
with the democratic-led investigations on the hill. >> jon: all of us are waiting for the release of that report. thanks. >> sandra: now to a surge of asylum seekers at the texas border causing an overflow at detention facilities. officials say the lack of space is forcing them to release hundreds of migrants onto the street after processing. border patrol calling the situation unsustainable. >> we have to feed those people three meals a day. we have to provide them snacks, we provide them juice, we have to provide diapers, we have to provide baby formula, we have to provide hygiene products. all those things are costing us over $100,000 a month just year in yuma. >> sandra: joining us now is mark walker, member of the homeland security committee. good morning to you. very serious situation at the border. kirstjen nielsen said the situation is spiraling out of
8:36 am
control and the crisis will get worse. what are we doing about it? >> well, we have some who aren't wanting to do anything about it. we have some that are actually wanting to tear down the existing structures. secretary nielsen has warned us. this was an impending crisis. since the last administration family apprehensions from increased by over 800%. that's a crisis, not manufactured. it is a national emergency and we need to move forward to resolve it as soon as we can. >> sandra: she detailed in february we saw 30% jump over the previous months. agents apprehending or encountering nearly 75,000 aliens she details. that she says was an 80% jump year-over-year. how are we suited -- how did we get here, congressman? >> our infrastructure, our border agents, everything is on the verge of breaking down. just in fiscal year alone that starts in october we've had
8:37 am
138,000 criminal arrests of illegal aliens. that is a huge crises. listen, i applaud groups like world relief and others doing humanitarian work. that's what we have now, a humanitarian and security crisis. when one out of three of young females are migrants that are coming across trying to make it to our border are assaulted. one out of six young men or boys, i don't know how much more of a crisis it gets than being able to do something about it. we have to do that now. it's a huge issue right now, sandra, and we have those in washington, d.c. that continue to turn their back and ignore this incredible crisis. >> sandra: let me ask you, this is published in our own reporting but it is citing the times. this is an immigrant group, an attorney with the texas civil rights project is quoted in our own reporting saying they are doing this deliberately. releasing these hundreds of migrants at the border into country so they can release a ton of people at once and
8:38 am
create chaos. it goes back to the political point and debate going on somehow it is a manufactured crisis rather than a real one. what is your response to that? >> sandra: -- when you go down to the border you'll meet men and women putting their life on the line. they don't know what kind of diseases they're intercepting. what kind of criminal activity they're intercepting but willing to put their heart and soul into it. i find it offensive. a back slap of those there trying to reach out and serving from a humanitarian concept. it is a travesty and i think it's past time we do something about it. >> sandra: that reporting was quickly followed up with a border patrol agent responding to it being a political stunt. in his wordsist is a crisis not a self-proclaimed crisis, it is very will. do you have a final thought? >> i want to make sure that people are contacting their representatives and doing something about this.
8:39 am
this is way past time. it is urgent. agree with secretary nielsen, let's do on it now. >> sandra: thank you. >> jon: here is a first for a major presidential campaign. senator bernie sanders team announcing some members of its staff from unionized. >> it could be a sign of a growing trend because bernie sanders likes to brag that many progressive policies he pitched in 2016 that were dismissed as radical then are part of the democratic mainstream. he is out with a new idea. letting everybody that works for him below the title of deputy director form a union. >> working with the united food and commercial workers who organized our employees and talking about the unique challenges of being a presidential campaign staffer. that you work long hours. that you may have to travel a lot. that you may have to deploy from one state to the next state. and those are all things that
8:40 am
are going to be worked out in the course of negotiations. >> this union forming is only a few dozen members strong for now. but could grow to 1,000 workers as the campaign wears on and the idea could soon spread to the staff of the only democratic candidate for president who raised more money on campaign launch day than bernie, beto o'rourke. >> absolutely. if those who work on this campaign and who comprise what i hope will be the largest grassroots effort this nation has ever seen want to unionize i support that all the way. >> bernie sanders joined a picket line where workers were protesting for higher wages and he thinks the way to strengthen the middle class is to grow trade unions and pledged to make it easier for workers to join unions if he becomes president and he is trying to show how as a candidate. jon. >> peter doocy in washington, thanks.
8:41 am
>> sandra: a spat brewing between michael dukakis and president trump after the president took a shot at him yesterday. >> president trump: then i remember when a man named due kakis got into a tank and he tanked when he got into the tank. >> sandra: the president referring to this moment when dukakis put on a military helmet and rode in a tank during the 1988 campaign. a move that sparked heavy criticism. dukakis firing back saying i call trump these days the draft dodger in chief. while thousands of young americans were fighting and dying in vietnam he was doing everything he could not to serve. trump claimed he had bone spurs in his heels and he can't remember where they were. another rich kid who used his father's influence to avoid military service. that's the latest in the back and forth there.
8:42 am
>> jon: meantime president trump's economic team doubling down on attacking socialism calling it a major threat to our economy. will it be a winning message for the president in 2020? >> sandra: great britain's brexit deal in chaos forcing the prime minister to beg the european union for a delay just days before the deadline. we're sorting through the chaos on that across the pond with steve hilton. he will join us live next. >> nearly three years have past since the public voted to leave the european union. you want this stage of the brexit process to be over and done with. i agree. i am on your side. we earned a lot of va benefits with our service. but the va home loan benefit is a big one. if you want to use it to get cash, call newday usa. and don't let less than perfect credit hold you back. even if you've been turned down for a va loan by your bank, call newday usa.
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8:46 am
leagues and won 10 gold globe awards along the way. >> this is a matter of great personal regret for me. under this i am absolutely sure you, the public, have had enough. you're tired of the infighting, you're tired of the political games and the arcane procedural rows, tired of mps talking about nothing else by brexit. >> jon: that's british prime minister theresa may as she tries to extend the deadline of leaving the european union. a brexit plan will not be approved by march 29 after months of chaotic negotiations, let's bring in steve hilton. former senior advisor to prime minister cameron and host on fox news channel. she says it is parliament's fault they haven't been able to
8:47 am
come up with the details to get it done. >> that's a ridiculous thing for her to say. what you saw there frankly is a beaten, broken prime minister. yes, she has been trying to deliver brexit but remember, jon, she campaigned against brexit. she was against it all along by some kind of political accident she ended up as the prime minister having to deliver it. her attitude all along has been wrong. instead of seeing brexit as an opportunity for britain to leave the e.u. and prosper outside of its regulatory burden she saw it as a damaged limitation exercise. it set the tone for these negotiations that ended in chaos, she shares some of the responsibility. she is right to say parliament was against brexit despite people voting for it. the truth is it's the entire british establishment trying to reverse the people's vote. that's the problem at the heart of this. >> jon: some people are saying britain should just leave
8:48 am
without any kind of a deal. would you advise such a thing? >> yes, and i have publicly. that's been my position all along. in a sense that's the only true version of brexit. all the other versions of brexit that are being put out there, other methods of leaving still involve the e.u. having some kind of jurisdiction over the u.k. that's not what people voted for. so that's why still even at this late stage there is a possibility of leaving without a deal which, in fact, is the real implementation of what the people voted for. >> jon: let's talk a little bit about the economic situation in the united states and it is sort of borne out by the number of times that the word socialism was used in last year's white house economic report. that number zero. this year there are 110 references to socialism in the white house economic report.
8:49 am
clearly this white house thinks this is a threat that needs to be squashed. >> well, i think they're right to emphasize it. as we move towards the elections next year, it is going to be very evident you have a democratic party that has moved decisively to the left and is advocating positions which a couple of years ago would have been seen as extreme by most democrats and it's quite right for the president and his team to point out the consequences of voting either republican or democrat. now, on their side they have a record to point to. when you follow the capitalist model and boost it to let businesses grow and create jobs, look at the result. in particular look at the result for working americans, for those at the lower end of the income scale. they've done the best out of this kind of free market capitalism. if you go in the other direction, then it is going to be working americans who are hurt the most.
8:50 am
high taxes actually the rich have always been able to avoid them. the people really hurt by the centralization government control and high taxes of socialism are the poor and working americans. that's a reasonable choice to put before the american people next year. >> jon: steve hilton from the next revolution here on fox. >> sandra: to studio f, "outnumbered" is about to begin. harris and kennedy. >> thank you, good to see you. the president set today to sign an executive order on free speech on college campuses. something close to your heart. as some people feel conservative views don't get equal time on campuses. others say it isn't the government's place to police that. >> top white house advisor kellyanne conway weighing in on the feud between her husband and president trump. the line she is walking between work and family life. >> "outnumbered" at the top of the hour. join us to find out who it is. this person.
8:51 am
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8:55 am
routine. if this doesn't wake you up, nothing will. still we've got those u.s. jets overhead. but now we're ready for the front lines. we are just about 50 meters away from the last remnants of isis. we can see them. there is an active sniper we're having to take cover behind this berm. it's slow going. laying down is important. coming on a tour of our hi-tech office space right here in far eastern syria. we have found things. here our desk space. it is also where the gunfire comes from and there, actually.
8:56 am
now that i think about it. over there. you never know where it will come from. a shell landed on the roof yesterday. >> sandra: very brave and courageous reporting from benjamin hall giving us a sense of what it is like to be on the front lines and bringing all of us the story that is syria and what is happening there. >> jon: he is doing terrific work in spite of some incredible dangers and obstacles in trying to bring us that story. we very much appreciate it. president trump touting a surging u.s. economy under his leadership calling it a major asset in his 2020 reelection campaign. will it be key to a victory? we'll discuss it on "outnumbered" next hour. you're headed down the highway when the guy in front slams on his brakes out of nowhere.
8:57 am
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>> jon: will be economy be the thing that gets donald trump reelected? will he get reelected at all? take a look at the dow. >> kennedy: talks about the stock market a lot as a gauge of economic performance.
9:00 am
i hear the thursday morning gain just before the noon hour on the east coast, 232-point gain on the dow. a portly lot of this is apple. it got a big upgrade by one of the wall street analysts and stocks are rallying this morning. thank you for joining us here. "outnumbered" starts now. >> harris: president trump is holding up the economy as the signature issue for his 2020 reelection campaign. telling workers at a plant in the battleground state of ohio that whomever becomes his 2020 democratic opponent will struggle to beat him on the debate stage. he says he will just rattle off the unemployment numbers. this is "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner. here today, most of kennedy on the fox business network, kennedy. fox news contributor, lisa boothe. syndicated radio host and fox news contributor as well, leslie marshall. in the center seat, here we go. fox news contributor and coast of


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