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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  March 21, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ >> thank you for watching "outnumbered overtime." i'm harris faulkner. this is "the daily briefing." >> dana: and "the daily briefing" starts now. the new zealand government is changing their gun laws after the mosque attacks last week. and kirsten gillibrand calling for an expansion of social security. you may be shocked who she thinks should get it. a governor that has nine kids did somebody that most people wouldn't do. i'm dana perino, this is "the daily briefing." first, a major shift in american middle east policy. president trump announcing the united states will recognize israeli sovereignty over the golan heights.
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this is coming just days before the israeli prime minister arrives for meetings with the president next week. john roberts has more from the north lawn. this was news, john. >> it was big news. so far we haven't heard any backup to the president's tweet from the white house. we inquired to what will be going on here, a formal announcement, what will the president do about it? we don't know. since 1981 when israel annexed the golan heights, it's not been recognized as being israeli territory. it's been alternately called israeli occupied territory, israeli controlled territory. now it appears very soon it will be officially recognized by the united states. the president tweeting a short time ago after 52 years, it's time for the united states to fully recognize israel's sovereignty over the golan heights, which is a strategic
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important for regional stability. mike pompeo, the secretary of state is in the middle east today. he did and interview with trey yingst 40 minutes before the president set out that tweet. trey asked pompeo about it. benjamin netanyahu will be here at the white house next week. he tweeted his thanks to the president saying in a time when iran seeks too use syria as a platform to destroy israel, the president recognizes israel sovereignty over the golan heights. thank you. maria bartiromo is in the middle of interviewing the president. she will no doubt ask him about this. the attorney general, bill barr, was here at the white house. his visit here instantly raised speculation as to whether the mueller report might be forthcoming. we're told it was a routine
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meeting on national security. dana? >> dana: yeah. the attorney general comes often. i can imagine that. let me ask you also about this. is there any let-up in the mccain feud? >> no. no. and in fact, it was very strange yesterday. obviously the president over the weekend tweeted his displeasure about john mccain. it was related to the mueller investigation because mccain got ahold of that unverified steele dossier and said i didn't know what to do with it so i passed it on to the fbi. that's what got the president going. yesterday it was such a strange time for him to go into that. he was at this army tank plant, the only plant in the united states that make the abrams tank. the president basically rescued that plant from oblivion with his increased defense spending. they have doubled the number of employees or will double the number soon. listen up. he had them eating out of his hands. listen to what he said. >> you better love me.
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i kept this place open. they said we're closing it. i said no, we're not. >> then in the middle of this, the president took a big left turn back into his feud with john mccain. we remind you, john mccain died seven months ago, ripping mccain again for the steele dossier and his vote over obamacare and then talking about the funeral. listen to what he said. >> i have to be honest. i have never liked him much. hasn't been for me. i've really probably never will. i endorsed him at his request. i gave him the kind of funeral that he wanted. which as president, i had to approve. i don't care about this. i didn't get thank you. that's okay. we sent him on the way. i wasn't a fan of john mccain's. >> the president renewing
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attacks of john mccain drawing fire from senior republicans, johnny isakson, a big supporter of the military and the president's policies. i was on georgia public broadcasting saying the president's comments are deplorable. other become republicans have weighed in as well. >> let us know if you need an ark. it looks like it's raining. >> yeah. it's about to stop. >> dana: if you need help, let us know. former vice president joe biden moving closer to his 2020 bid and considering naming his running made simultaneously. he's mulling the idea of picking stacey abrams that lost a tight race for georgia governor. some have pointed out in a democratic debate, he could be asked why nobody on the stage is a worthy running mate. joining me right now, a.b. stoddard. this is like the longest tease by the biden team. it's almost we know more about
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them than when they're going to announce. >> it is strange. the advisers have made it clear that he wanted to enter at the start of the fund-raising period. the second quarter will begin in april. >> dana: makes sense to me. what do you make of this? >> it's interesting. people say it's so presumptuous for him to do that. it seems panicked. incredibly risky and it's a very volatile campaign that will go into next may, dana. that's what insiders expect to go on another 14 months. >> dana: seems early to lock yourself in. >> does anyone have a real sense of what the democratic primaries want? abolish ice, the electoral college or are they going to pick electability? >> dana: cnn has a poll out. do democrats have a better chance winning with biden or somebody else.
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50% said biden. 30% say somebody else. some say it could be name i.d. >> no, i don't think it's name i.d. people think he can win the rust belt and win trump republicans and he has the experience on day one. he slept through four years of a presidency, his staff will be better handled to bring us back to normal than cory booker, you know, taking the job and handling syria and north korea and everything else. there's a real sense from party insiders that that is a sense among the sort of early activists in iowa and other places, that he has the gravitas. >> dana: in that same cnn poll, they showed numbers about bernie sanders favorability was dropping since june, which is interesting. he started off strong with his announcement. kamala harris, up eight points. >> interesting too that she's
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rising. but she's rising with the people who don't favor biden. she's rising with women, voters of color, liberals. so that's important for her, for race, but doesn't make the electability argument that she would need eventually to win the nomination. >> dana: it's announced that she's not going to the apac meeting. is that something -- do you think that is in her heart she doesn't want to go or -- >> elizabeth warren is going to turn it down. they risk caring the population in the middle that will decide this election. >> dana: if biden gets in after the reporting period that ends on march 31, sunday, april 1 watch fox news and see how everybody did and we'll have analysis of it. what kind of roll-out does he have to have? a big splash -- everybody is talking about how good is your roll-out. can biden pull it off and have
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endorsements right away. >> he's out of step with roll-outs today. i bet he wants to make a cash splash. he doesn't have the online apparatus that beto does. he wants endorsements to be invincible on day 1. there's a question is how much does he overstep. do you come out swinging too hard assuming you're the nominee? it's risky. >> dana: could he have waited to june to get in and might he? >> i think he needs to step on it. >> dana: thanks, a.b. love having you here. >> thanks for having me. >> dana: a new report from local media in syria says the isis caliphate in syria has crumbled. u.s. backed forces liberating the spinal strong hold. the pentagon says the fight continues. benjamin hall reporting live from syria. benjamin? >> yeah, hi, dana. it's clear to point out that there's been no official announcement that the caliphate
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has fallen, but local media, we've seen it on the televisions here, are saying the town has been liberated. the caliphate is gone. nothing of it really remains. for the first time since we've been here in syria, five days, covering this offensive, the bombs have stopped dropping, the gun fire has disappeared. there's an erie calm here now and we have witnessed the end of the caliphate. the final stage now is clearing. isis has riddled this town with booby traps and ieds. that could takes months to clear. it's going to be dangerous work as well. this could not have happened without u.s. support. artillery, intelligence, mortars and the sdf are so very grateful for the help up till now. we watched as the black flag of isis was brought out. there was such jubilation of the men that have lived under isis
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in many cases. today although that is gone, the only fear is that the ideology remains in this part of syria and across the border in iraq. it was the heartland. so stability, all important moving forward to make sure that they don't return. good news potentially here out of syria today. >> dana: thanks for your a reporting. thank you, benjamin. kirsten gillibrand throws out a controversial idea about social security. you'll hear it next. and migrants apprehended at the border and let go. william la jeunesse is in yuma, arizona. >> 170 people came through this whole sunday alone. the most in three weeks. they got released. the story coming up. your home and take out 54,000 dollars or more to pay credit card debt, or just put money in the bank.
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>> dana: border agents detain thousands daily. most of them are released. in arizona, a surge being detained and let go. william la jeunesse is in yuma arizona. >> critics say there's no crisis, that it's manufactured. agents say it's not true. here's why. in yuma, apprehensions are up. one by one, men, women and children duck under the fence and they give up to a border patrol agent. this is the camera that shot that video. we're in yuma. that is a secondary fence. here's where agents patrol. that's a primary fence put here in the 90s.
11:17 am
three buses from guatemala show up on the south side. 171 get out and come through this precut hole. turn themselves in to agents. they pay on average about $7,000. now already this year, last five months, there's been 170 breaches of the fence. these dates are dates of individual breaches. apprehensions double last year. because there's other than mexican, 96%, instead of being turned back over, they're at the processing station. the agency is spending $100,000 a month on medical care, food, clothing, diapers. what does it mean? half the agents that would be here doing enforcement are instead caring for and processing illegal immigrants back at the station. so this hole is now filled, dana and this fence is going to be
11:18 am
replaced, all 26 miles next month with a steel bollard fence, concrete underneath, so they can't do that. but agents are at the station and not here. >> dana: you know i love that jacket. thanks for the one you sent me. hopefully it's warm enough seen. william la jeunesse. >> democrat kirsten gillibrand is causing a stir after jumping in with a new idea about immigration and social security. >> i have a lot of ideas. first, we need comprehensive immigration reform. if you're in this country now, you must have to pay into social security, to pay your taxes, to pay to the local school system and citizenship. >> my next guest, the author of "love your enemies," arthur seabrooks and has a great
11:19 am
podcast here with us. you're a fiscal conservative. what do you think about her idea? >> pretty good idea. the idea of the fact that we're coming illegally but put benefits on top of taking care of status. if she feels this way, they should have a guest worker program and proper benefits and proper legal safety against all sorts of abuses. but the fed let them stay illegal. doesn't make sense. >> what about this fiscal integrity of the social security system? >> for sure. that's a big problem to begin with. nobody that i can see, including republicans these days, have any plan to take on the social security system. so put another politician in line. >> dana: so in your book, "love your enemies" you talk about how we can try to work together, if we have different ideas going forward. comprehensive immigration reform is something that nobody can rope in. because the way we deal with each other today, is there any
11:20 am
hope? >> yeah, we need politicians that disregard the public opinion polls and say what they think. why? when politicians act like leaders instead of followers, people will follow. you're going to like some parts of it and you elected me to be a leader. nobody is doing that right now. >> dana: is it because people feel they don't get rewarded if they compromise? >> yeah. that's not right. one of the things you'll see is people will scream and yell but it's a small percentage. most people want a solution, want leaders to lead. >> dana: here's -- the democrats have other internal matters. take a look at max rose who apologized to jewish constituents at a town hall. watch. >> i was horrified when she made the comments she did. >> dana: i want your thoughts.
11:21 am
that's an internal squabble. >> good for him. he said i'm standing against it. somebody famous that said something anti-semitic, i'm going to call them out. >> dana: everybody should read your book, "love your enemies." sometimes they make it hard. kentucky governor matt be vin saying he exposed his children to chicken pox on purpose. why? we'll explain. live from the starlite lounge.
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simple. easy. awesome. >> dana: kentucky governor matt bevin taking a stand to force kids get vaccines. he exposed all of his nine children to chicken pox instead of vaccinating them. matt finn has more. >> dana, the governor's radio interview getting fears reaction. he thinks in the united states, it should be up to parents whether they want to vaccinate children and that the federal and local government should not be involved. >> if you're worried about your child contacting something like chicken pox, then vaccinate your child. don't worry about what else is doing. we found a neighbor that had it. i went and made sure every one of my kids got it. they had it as children, they were miserable a few days and
11:26 am
they all turned out fine. >> the centers for disease control disagrees with kentucky's governor. the cdc said that chicken pox can be serious or deadly in healthy children. this afternoon, dr. sean o'leary wrote in a statement to fox news writing -- >> governor bevin states a few times in that radio interview that he's not against vaccines, but he says he finds it ironic that it's vaccinated children that get the chicken pox and that some children that get the vaccine then have to keep getting follow up booster shots. the governor argues getting chicken pox over as a child makes it less likely that you'll get a more severe case later in life. >> dana: matt, thank you. fentanyl causing a surge in
11:27 am
deaths. a new analysis by the cdc says drug-related deaths are up 141% in african americans. 118% in hispanics. 61% in white people. fentanyl is a painkiller that is mixed with heroin and cocaine and other drugs and now the leading cause of overdose deaths in american. new zealand taking action following the deadly mosque massacres last week. what the governor will ban right away. governor john hickenlooper makes headlines. where he took his mom for a night out. >> i promised her we would go to the movie theater and see this new movie. you want to come? she said i'd love to go. she didn't want to be left alone in the house again. are you a veteran, own a home, and need cash? you should know about the newday va home loan for veterans. it lets you borrow up to 100 percent of your home's value. not just 80 percent like other loans.
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rakuten oh! is this my money? whoaaah! haha! rakuten ♪ ahhh! rakuten! >> dana: time for today's political tale from the campaign trail. california senator kamala harris
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setting her sight on voters in texas firing a shot across the bow of beto o'rourke. she put her 2020 rival on notice. next up, south bend mayor pete buttigieg upping up about religion and politics. >> everybody needs to demonstrate how they will represent people of any faith, people of no faith. i think the time has come to reclaim faith as a theme. the idea that the only way religious person could enter politics is through the prism of the religious right doesn't make sense. >> dana: john hickenlooper recall ago mortifying miscalculation on an evening with his mother. >> she said i'd be left alone. i didn't want to be in the house alone. so i took her to see deep throat. at the end, she knew i was humiliated.
11:33 am
as we drove home, i said that was some experience. she says, well, i thought the lighting was very good in the movie. >> dana: hickenlooper said he revealed the episode in his books because it's better for people to see the dumb things you do as well as the smart things. >> nobody at 8-9, 10 knows who she is. >> she's from california. i don't know her name though. >> almost none of you have any clue who he is. who would say this person doesn't look familiar so you have never seen him? show of hands. wow. you know who this is? >> i do not. >> a name game of swing voters in wisconsin. in a crowded democratic field, alexandria ocasio-cortez was more recognizable than any presidential contender even though she's been in congress a few months and three others were better known to voters, bernie
11:34 am
sanders, joe biden and elizabeth warren. robert wolf is here with us. great to have you here. so let me start with you, robert. aoc as we call her on the cover of "time" magazine. she's getting a lot of attention. "time" magazine writing, she's a political phenomenon. part activist, part legislator. the best story teller in the party since barack obama and the only democrat with the star power to challenge president trump. is she stealing the show? >> i don't think she is. a few different things. she beat joe crowley, who a lot of people thought he would be the next speaker. you have to give her a ton of credit for that. with respect to her, she's an incredible, passionate instagramer, twitter follower. she gets into underneath kind of a zone with people that like her, people that hate her. she has three million plus followers. >> people that love her and people that hate her. she has a 31% favorability
11:35 am
rating. so in some ways, she's a little like president trump that doesn't bother her. >> obviously not, dana, a lot of those viral moments that the people in wisconsin have made them familiar with her, they're not particularly flattering. while it's true she received unheralded coverage for somebody that has been in congress a short time, i don't know that all of it is positive and i think ultimately it will come back to bite her. >> dana: we'll see. i want to talk about john hickenlooper. he had this town hall with cnn last night. take a look at this other question put to him. >> governor, some of your male competitors have vowed to put a woman on the ticket. would you do the same? >> again, of course. but i think we should -- well, i'll ask you another question. how come -- >> you're not asking the questions. >> i know. how come we're not asking more often the women would you be willing to put a man on the ticket? >> when we get to that point,
11:36 am
i'll ask that question. >> dana: what do you think, robert? >> he had a softball and he whiffed. there's ten million more women voters. they voted 5% greater rate than men. the democratic mid-terms just showed that all of the excitement has been in the women in the minority movement with respect to voting. that's how we flipped 40 seats. he had a softball and he whiffed it. he should have said of course we have great women that can be vice presidents. i say you win the primary first and then make your decisions. >> dana: robert's point, the republicans in the mid-terms -- that's not a presidential election -- lost women by 19 points. typically they average loss is 4 points. so republicans have some thinking to do as well. >> they certainly do, dana. i have to tell you, i think governor hickenlooper was on the money. i think he was telling the truth. i think it does a great disservice to feminism when we are pushing female candidates just for the sake of them being
11:37 am
female. i have no problem with a female president provided they have the right policies for the country. governor hickenlooper is speaking to the silent majority. >> dana: what about that. we talked earlier about joe biden getting in the race. who knows if it's true. the suggestion that maybe he chooses stacey abrams from georgia. he will never have to answer that question. >> i think the vice president is different. he has 100% name recognition. he also has 40 years of things he's voted on and said. with respect to him, his biggest struggle is going through the primary. he's the best general election candidate. it would be a brilliant move for him. but thinking about those that are not worth while or could be vice president, i mean, kamala harris and amy klobuchar, they're all quality.
11:38 am
i think they're taking the idea that we have great candidates and would you take one if you were president. he's being asked because he would have won the primary. >> dana: the last word. >> the democrats are absolutely obsessed with identity politics. they're all about that. i think that that will hurt them very substantially when it comes to 2020. we're seeing that now in the primary. we want people running i think that will do the best thing for america. i don't know that any of those people that robert just mentioned fit that bill. >> dana: your accent is a thrill. i love it. it's australian. thanks, robert and nick. >> thank you. >> dana: a fox news alert. new zealand is ban ago sault weapons. the prime minister announcing the change days after deadly attacks. jonathan hunt explains it from los angeles. jonathan? >> dana, it's a move that has been made with stunning speed. just six days since the tearist
11:39 am
massacre carried out by a self-described white supremacist using a high capacity rifle. those sort of weapons and in the prime ministers words and military-style semiautomatics are now immediately banned from being sold and will be completely banned under a law expected to be enacted within weeks or even days. it's not clear exactly how many weapons will be affected. new zealand has around 250,000 licensed gun owners. officials believe there's about 1.5 million guns. many of them unregistered in the country. the number of high capacity semiautomatics is unclear. but it's likely in the thousands according to experts. new zealand's move was praised by leading democrats here. congress woman alexandria ocasio-cortez saying on twitter, this is what leadership looks like. democratic presidential hopeful bernie sanders saying "we must follow new zealand's lead. take on the nra and ban the sale and distribution of assault
11:40 am
weapons in the united states." to which the nra spokeswoman responded saying the u.s. isn't new zealand. while they don't have a right to bear arms and to self-defense, we do. so while new zealand changes, dana, the gun control debate here the same as it always been. >> dana: jonathan hunt, thank you. investigations widening into two deadly boeing plane crashes. and a florida republican pushing a bill that would curtail voting rights. we talk to two critics before their efforts to stop it. check out the new episode of my podcast with chris stirewalt. we talk about the possibility of biden to wait too long and the appeal of beto o'rourke. it's available on download to itunes wherever you listen. it's a reminder of your struggles with psoriasis.
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>> shepard: shepard smith on the fox news deck. a new study shows elite colleges may not be worth it when it come to the costs. and ten jobs that are not worth the cost of getting a degree. that and the news top of the hour on "shepard smith reporting". >> dana: so the fbi is now joining a criminal probe into boeing. investigators want to know why the 737 max jet was certified ahead of two deadly crashes that left 300 people dead in ethiopia and indonesia. both jets lacked two safety features partly because boeing charged extra for the features. boeing will retro-fit all of the 737 max jets. and the pentagon launching an investigation of patrick shanahan in which he gave his former employer, boeing, special
11:46 am
treatment. and a battle is brewing over voting rights in florida as the republican-controlled house approved a bill to curtail the ability for ex-felons to vote. now they're pushing back. a coalition reading in part -- >> the authors of that piece with me now, desmond meade and neil volz. let's started with you, desmond. i wonder what you thought would happen in this implementation phase? you overcame a lot. you got the amendment to pass by a healthy margin. looks like you're having to fight again. >> first of all, thank you for
11:47 am
having us on. i think what sits at the heart of this discussion is the lives of millions of people that have paid their debt to society and the will of over 5.1 million voters that voted yes on amendment 4. what is so significant about that, we're talking about people from all walks of life, all politic political persuasion that came together around say florida should be a second chance state. to not heed to what they want is a misstep. we're talking about folks that have done their time, that are out, trying to be productive citizens. being able to vote is a special thing for a person who has not experienced it for quite some time. >> dana: neil, what do you think about the legislature and basically they're saying that the implementation has to be taken care of, they're going to be responsible for these types
11:48 am
of things. does that hold a lot of water? >> dana, thanks for having us on. as somebody that has been involved in conservative politics for 20 years, you have elected officials engaging in the process to pick their own voters. that doesn't sit well with people from any walk of life, any political background. we think there's just a better way to do this. the voters spoke very clearly. nearly 65% of the people supported the idea when a debt is paid, it's paid. in this state, there's a process in place that determines whether somebody has completed their sentence. we think it would be wise to simply take those standards and move forward using those standards. we don't need to create a new government bureaucracy or jumping down every possible rabbit hole that exists in this conversation. this is about people, it's not about politics. we think we can move forward in a better way.
11:49 am
>> shepard: if the legislature and the governor decides to go in a direction that you think is antithetical to what was passed in the amendment, what is your remedy? what is the next step? >> i believe at the end of the day, we have worked too hard and waited so long to get our rights restored to just allow anyone, any politician to just take it away with some legislation. so we are prepared to defend our new-found right. we're prepared to defend what is in the constitution. the florida constitution, which i must add that the language that is in that constitution was vetted by the highest court in the state of florida. in every supreme court justice unanimously approved that language. >> dana: i remember that. >> so we are prepared to defend this. guess what? it's our constitutional right right now and we don't want
11:50 am
politicians toying with that. >> dana: yes, andrew gillum who lost to desantis in florida will have a new effort. he's announcing yesterday to "the new york times" saying florida is tired of being a cheap date. you can't just come in when it's a presidential election. republicans have been disciplined in that state for 24 years. now it's time for democrats to do the same. rick scott, who is florida's senator, he said this on "fox and friends." >> andrew gillum, get people to vote. it's our job to tell people what you believe in and they'll vote for you. >> dana: i want your thoughts, neil, in addition to what you're working on, the voter registration and these efforts, a higher priority for both parties? >> gosh, i sure hope voter registration is a higher priority for both parties across the country. as somebody that lost the ability to vote and was granted that ability by the voters and
11:51 am
lives with real gratitude to that decision, there's no one that believes stronger than i do or desmond or the people part of our ability to vote. when you talk about next steps for us and this movement, we will continue to advocate and outline our beliefs and what we think is best for the people that are impacted by amendment for. we'll also be engaged in helping people get more civically engaged and becoming leaders in their communities and trans norm our state. >> dana: that gives me a chance to ask desmond the last question. when you were on before the amendment passed and now you're here, you have this next hurdle. what is next for you? what do you want to do next? >> well, my goals are to try to see how we can take amendment 4, the victory of amendment 4 and how we won that based on live, forgiveness and redemption and
11:52 am
embrace those spirits. get this country excited about being registered to vote. get folks excited about participating in elections and being more civically engaged. we feel we're great for the rest of the country, to let them know how important it is to get involved and hold our elected officials a couldn't able. >> dana: thanks, neil and december month. >> thanks. >> dana: roger stone invoking the fifth. we'll tell you why. check this out. that was an exciting moment celebrating a major victory. why she's so happy. plusser her plans for the future. your home's value. the newday va loan lets you refinance your mortgages,
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>> dana: and now a look at other stories. it's our daily three. roger stone invokes the fifth
11:57 am
amendment. he sent a letter to the house judiciary committing denying a request for documents related to president trump. robert kraft doesn't want his records going public. kraft and others were caught in a massage parlor sting. a new report from the government accountability office finds that if you get hurt and ride in an air ambulance, it will be a hefty bill. the average price, $36,000 and not covered by insurance. those recovery efforts underway in the midwest after damaging floods swamped much of the region destroying homes and roads and crop lands and bringing rivers to record levels. mike tobin has more. >> hi, dana. the river here in freeport, illinois, is down from its record levels by about 18 inches. the police chief here tells me that he wants to start letting
11:58 am
people back into their homes and businesses. first, he wants to bring out and engineer to see if the roads have been undermined. you have about 175 people here that have been displaced. craig, missouri, has a new problem. overnight, the swollen waters of the missouri river breached the levee. the flood water poured in over the berms. emergency crews worked people getting people to safety. the ems chief says he never saw anything like that. >> the water is extremely cold. you can get hypothermia real quick. i've been with the district since 93. we never had water like this here. >> particularly in nebraska and iowa, much of the devastation has been to livestock. so the nebraska national guard comes to the rescue in big ch-47 chinook helicopters. they're dropping hay to the herd
11:59 am
stranded by the floods. and also, trains. high water and track wash-outs in high what, nebraska, missouri, union pacific says crews are working around the clock to clear and repair flooded trail lines. amtrak has suspended services because the freights needed to use their lines. the army corps of engineer is reporting in the missouri basin alone, 28 levees have been overtopped or breached. >> mike tobin, thank you. >> dana: a maryland mom of five with a lot to celebrate. [screaming]. >> dana: lakeisha ball battled breast cancer for two years and went to remission twice and relapsed twice. this year, she's cancer free and now she plans to become an advocate to help other women. she got to ring the bell.
12:00 pm
i don't blame her. wish her the very best. thank for joining us. i'll be on "the five" later on. it's a thursday. i'm dana perino. here's shep. >> shepard: it looks like those hollywood stars accused of bribing their kids way into top schools could have saved a lot of money. new studies shows students with similar grades have the same level of success no matter how elite the university. also, the times when college in general could be a waste of money. we'll look into the study that lists the top ten jobs not worth the tuition it takes to get the degree. reporting begins now. we've been tweeted. our reporting begins with president trump announcing by twitter a change to decades of united states middle east policy. tweet away.


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