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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  March 21, 2019 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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she got to ring the bell. i don't blame her. wish her the very best. thank for joining us. i'll be on "the five" later on. it's a thursday. i'm dana perino. here's shep. >> shepard: it looks like those hollywood stars accused of bribing their kids way into top schools could have saved a lot of money. new studies shows students with similar grades have the same level of success no matter how elite the university. also, the times when college in general could be a waste of money. we'll look into the study that lists the top ten jobs not worth the tuition it takes to get the degree. reporting begins now. we've been tweeted. our reporting begins with president trump announcing by twitter a change to decades of united states middle east policy. tweet away. the president tweeting this
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afternoon that america should fully recognize israel's sovereignty over the golan heights, one of the most disputed regions in the world. the year was 1967. israeli forces captured the territory from syrian troops during the six-days war. annexed it in 1981. the united nations condemned that move. president trump's announcement follows repeated pressure from benjamin netanyahu. netanyahu facing a tough re-election race next month after being indicted on several criminal charges. some analysts say the president's dramatic policy shift by twitter could give the prime minister a boost in the polls back home. secretary of state mike pompeo is in jerusalem right now and just a short time ago the secretary said the president made an important decision for the people of israel. then he tweeted it. we have team fox coverage.
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trey yingst reporting live. first, to john roberts live on the north lawn. john? >> good afternoon to you. this has been swirling a number of weeks now. the president's tweet caught everybody by surprise. of course, you'll remember in 1981 israel annexed the golan heights, was never officially recognized as a part of israel. it's been alternately described as being occupied territory by israel or territory under the control of israel. it was the most recent american characterization of it. now we find out from president trump that he's going to officially recognize the golan heights as part of israel. here's the tweet to which you referred saying -- >> maria bartiromo just walked behind me. she sat down to interview the president.
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it will air in its full tomorrow morning on "mornings with maria." she was kind enough to give us the president's reaction. here's what she asked him and here's what the president said. >> mr. president, let me end on the golan heights. you tweeted about this today. you said it's time for the u.s. to recognize israel's sovereignty in the golan heights. why now? >> i've been thinking about doing it a hard time. no president has done it. >> is it about the re-election? >> i wouldn't know about that. i wouldn't even know about that i have no idea. i hear he's doing okay. i don't know if he's doing great right now. i hear he's doing okay. i would imagine the other side, whoever is against him is in favor of what i just did. every president said do that. i get it done. >> you heard maria say is this about netanyahu's election. the president said i wouldn't know about that.
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the president spoke with netanyahu before sending out his tweet. netanyahu will be here next week. we don't know what will happen, whether or not there will be a formal declaration, something that the president might sign while netanyahu is here or it will just be a verbal affirmation. we don't know right now. netanyahu is appreciative of what the president did tweeting out at a time when iran uses syria as a platform to destroy israel, thank you, mr. trump. it was also supported by rubio, cruz and lindsey graham that tweeted out -- >> don't know how that would go, but there's been a lot of support for israel in the congress. we'll see. >> shepard: john, thank you. team fox coverage continues.
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trey yingst reporting live in jerusalem. trey? >> we spoke with mike pompeo just minutes before the president tweeted out the announcement. i asked the secretary of state if he had any update on the situation and whether or not a decision had been made. he didn't comment at that time. the trump administration as a whole making this decision. it's hard to underscore how much that changes the next month in this region. with upcoming israeli elections, you can't ignore the benefits that prime minister netanyahu receives. he's facing three indictments related to corruption charges. you can hear the excitement in his voice and he reacted to the decision by the trump administration to formally recognize the golan heights as part of israel. i want to say two words. thank you, mike pompeo. thank you, president trump. thank you, america.
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>> while prime minister netanyahu is focused on the april elections, it's important to note the regional implications of recognizing the golan heights as israel and not syria. the iranian group hezbollah is working hard to entrench itself in the country. barb barb bashar al-assad said he will attack if they don't leave. israel is facing continuing conflict in the south due to iranian proxies. with this announcement, they could face more conflict and fighting in the north and looking at a two-front conflict in the region. >> shepard: trey yingst reporting live. so when you order tickets for a plane, you can get another seat for more room or early boarding. you have options.
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turns out, the airlines have options as well when they buy their jet. for instance, some may opt for extra safety features. or some may opt for safety features. some may not. take the case of the two brand new boeing max jets that nose dived and killed everybody on board. the one on the left that you'll see in just a moment is the aftermath from this month's ethiopian airlines crash. on the right indonesia's lion aircraft in october. in each of these, "the new york times" reports in today's editions that the pilots didn't have a warning light and indicator because those were optional safety features that boeing charges extra for. some airlines don't buy them. the times reports those safety upgrades could have alerted pilots about exactly what was wrong with the jets, including pilots that were said to be
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thumbing through the manuel what do do before everybody died. an aviation analyst said boeing charges for them because it can. but they're vital for safety. other analysts have questioned the features importance with one telling our producers, pilots should know how to recover if they lose control. in indonesias a faulty sensor forced the plane in a nose dive. here in the united states, there's a chance that you have flown on a boeing max plane without those optional safety upgrades. united airlines told us that they do not have the extra warning indicator because their pilots used other data to fly the jet. southwest and american airlines that fly versions told the newspaper that their boeing max fleet is equipped with the features. the faa does not require them. but the times notes in its
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reporting that boeing may start making some changes anyway. trace gallagher reporting live. trace? >> shep, the deal is 736 max plains have two vane like devices that me shush balance and air flow to determine if the nose of the plane is up, down or level. when the nose is too high, that can lead to a stall. worth the angle of attack sensors are optional, the 737 anti-stall system was built to respond to one of the sensors. and if it's wrong, that is an issue as investigators in the two recent crashes are learning. the optional safety equipment that boeing has installed in some max 8 planes is a disagree light. it tells pilots that the angle of attack sensors are getting different readings allowing pilots to react. here's an aviation expert. watch. >> the light should be there. it's a warning light. and the angle of attack light
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should be there as well. it's time for all aircraft manufacturers to have it displayed to the pilot, including airline manufacturers. >> so boeing will make two fixes. make sure the anti-stall system takes readings from both angles of attack sensors and make sure there's a light in the cockpit showing whether both sensors are getting the exact same readings. shep? >> shepard: there's other questions about this anti-stall system. >> the biggest question being why it wasn't included in the 737 max operational manual and why pilots were not trained on it. victims are suing boeing saying the airline blinded pilots and tied their hands. the justice department is investigating whether boeing engineers were allowed to oversee their own safety protocols. boeing said all 737 pilots are trained on how to recognize and correct a run-away stabilizer. the small wing on the table
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suction that pushes the nose up or down. the primary focus of the lion air crash and ethiopian air crash is how pilots that are supposed to control a plane from a computer system that they knew nothing about. >> shepard: thanks, trace. 25 years after a blow to the knee stunned the world and made two women household names, another attack on an ice skater by a competitor. first, there's word that joe biden may announce that he's running and in doing so, may announce that as he enters the race, he's picking up a vice presidential candidate. right away. more than a year before any candidate would even formally accept a nomination. we'll speak to the reporter that got the scoop. and of the woman in question who might be his number 2. that's still to come as reporting continues on this
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about cosentyx. >> shepard: the former vice president, joe biden, may enter the 2020 presidential race as we heard but he may enter it with a running mate from the get-go. the news web side axios says that biden is considering whether he should make an announcement with a promise to cheese stacey abrams as his v.p. and make the announcement at once. abrams is no doubt a rising star in the democratic party. you may remember months ago she narrowly lost the governor's race in georgia. a contest so close they were still counting ballots ten days later. then she delivered the democrat's response to the president's state of the union address. the analysts thought she did well. axios reports biden and abrams
12:17 pm
met last week to talk about her next moves. fox news has reached out. no response. our researchers have not found another example of a nonincumbent candidate like biden entering the race with a running mate. just yesterday stacey abrams told a crowd in nashville that she will meet with any democratic hopeful but she has two requirements. one, he or she must have a plan to combat voter suppression and two the person must believe that georgia is a swing state. let's bring in elaina train. she didn't write the story but she's up to date on it. nobody has even really talked about doing something like this in the past largely because most want to wait until the end, find one of the other candidates that is around and might provide some energy to this campaign and things like that. >> exactly. >> shepard: this would be really unusual. >> it would be. there is no precedent for this in modern history.
12:18 pm
like you mentioned. i think that from, you know, the biden campaign's point of view, something like this would be making a big splash to a democratic field that is crowded with a lot of young people, diverse candidates. someone like biden this could undermine the criticism that he's an old white guy if he announces he's running with someone like stacey abrams that shot to fame after that failed gubernatorial race. she's 45. she's 31 years younger than biden. so she provides this racially and generationally diverse perspective to a campaign line this. >> shepard: you wonder if they have considered whether the optics could backfire, whether it could be seen as -- i don't know. not perfect. >> totally. i think there's a lot of risks with something like this, especially because like we said, it could come off as phony, especially for someone like biden who has after all of his years of service been able to
12:19 pm
maintain this air of authenticity and -- >> shepard: uncle joe. >> yeah. exactly. something like this could tarnish that reputation. also, i think that months from now he could be on the stage during a debate and people will question why isn't another candidate on stage, somebody like kamala harris or beto o'rourke not make a worthy running mate? why did you choose stacey abrams? there's a risk here because she's at what a lot of people are saying the apex of her career and she has a lot of options in choosing someone like biden immediately could limit her. there's no guarantee that he would be the nominee if he runs. >> what's has come out of the biden camp? he does tend to say thing when -- i don't know. >> what do you mean? >> shepard: you know, he sort of kind of said i'm going to run the other day without meaning to say it parentally, unless that was a gimmick. i wondered if they had responded
12:20 pm
anyway about this notion. >> when we -- for the reporting, my colleague, mike allen, he spoke with advisers to the former vice president, not with joe biden himself. but everyone that is close to biden said that he's 95% there. this announcement is eminent. i think that on top of it now, it's just trying to figure out what are the best ways to enter this in a way that shows he has great chances. that's the big take-away here. someone like joe biden who has 40-plus years of experience under his belt, far more experienced than the other democratic challengers in the running nor the presidential bid, eight years in a white house and yet he still is concerned about his chances here. i think it's really interesting to see that these are some of the techniques that they're debating. >> shepard: we'll know soon enough. thanks, alaina. drama in the world of figure skater. one accusing the other of trying
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all of you. how you live, what you love. that's what inspired us to create america's most advanced internet. internet that puts you in charge. that protects what's important. it handles everything, and reaches everywhere. this is beyond wifi, this is xfi. simple. easy. awesome. xfinity, the future of awesome. repeating itself kind of sort of in the figure skating world. first, there were nancy and tonya. now we have mariah and insulin. the 16-year-old south korean skater on the left. according to bell, an american,
12:26 pm
accused her of stabbing her in a warmup in a major event. that's according to a south korean news agency. fox news has reached out to both teams. so far no response. jacqui heinrich, better with names, reporting live in our newsroom. hello, jacqui. >> right now, mariah bell is not facing any penalties. they're looking for an amicable solution. that could change. it happened wednesday during the warmup for the short program in the world figure skating championships in japan. according to south korean news agencies, lim was skating near the edge of the rink when bell kicked her calf with her skate. lim was cut and had to be taped up. lim said she was bullied by bell and they had a verbal argument.
12:27 pm
they train with the same coach in los angeles. bell did not apologize. today they report that american officials tried to make things right and offered an a poll, which lim accepted. we could not reach either team today, shep. >> shepard: so people from the international skating union don't think this is intentional. >> yeah, there's a video that they say that is not strong enough evidence. the korean team was asking for witnesses to come forward. they issued a statement that reads based on evidence on hand, which includes a video, there's no evidence that mrs. bell intended any harm to miss lim. both parties were urged to find an amicable solution. the young women are scheduled to meet on friday. after the program, lim placed five and bell finished behind her in sixth. shep? >> shepard: thanks, jacqui.
12:28 pm
live with us. thank you. lawyers for the new england patriots owner robert kraft trying to make sure the hidden video stays hidden. kraft is one of hundreds of men caught up in a prostitution sting. kraft's lawyer asking a judge to keep evidence confidential. bob kraft has pleaded not guilty. phil keating has more. >> he's charged with two counts of soliciting prostitution. right now kraft is beefing up his legal team adding two prominent madison avenue new york attorneys to the palm beach office. regarding the new motion to get the judge to seal the alleged sex acts while they argument that making the see-it-for-yourself video would violate stay law because they involve criminal intelligence information.
12:29 pm
for bob kraft with a string of super bowl wins, high a release would be explosive in embarrassment and bad publicity. kraft could also be in trouble with the nfl which has a higher than normal decency standards for players, coaches and observers. in a plea deal where he gets a fine, pays no record but admits he being found guilty could violate that. a long time sports insider says that many sports writers around the country expected kraft, who is 77, to likely be inducted into the nfl hall of fame. even that is now possibly if not probably in jeopardy. according to jupiter, floor police, that i have kraft on video twice at the orchids of asia sex spa engaging in sex acts. kraft could be made an enormous example saying --
12:30 pm
>> as for the former owner of the day spa, cindy yang, she told nbc that she sold that business long ago. afterwards, of course, became an asian republican political operative and fund raiser. that included events held at the president's mar-a-largo resort. she's tells nbc that she never sold access to the president. democrats in washington are asking the fbi to investigate her and her activities. >> shepard: thanks. people in the midwest, some cleaning up after historic flooding hit several states. now the forecasters are warning there's more on the way. if you have moderate to severe psoriasis,
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12:35 pm
here it is. the head of the united states marines corps says the deployment of troops to the united states southern border poses an unacceptable risk to military readiness. jennifer griffin has the details live at the pentagon. jen? >> shepard, we just confirmed with the u.s. marine corps that the two memos written by general robert neller to the navy secretary and the acting defense secretary in which he warns that shifting funds and marines to the southern border as part of the president's plan to bolster security is going to adversely affect marine corps readiness. general neller writes in these two memos written on monday and tuesday of this week that in fact they're going to have to cancel three upcoming military exercises with indonesia, scotland and mongolia and reduce upcoming marine corps exercises that are badly needed for readiness with south korea as well as australia.
12:36 pm
general neller says this is a red flag that is being thrown ahead of crucial testimony next week on capitol hill. patrick shanahan will be on the hill defending the president's budget request and likely will be asked about whether shifting funds and also sending troops to the border whether it was affect readiness. this is a stunning set of letters obtained by the los angeles teams from general neller saying they will rebuilding places like camp lejeune if that military construction money is shifted to the border. camp lejeune was hit hard last year by hurricane michael and florence. >> shepard: thanks, jen.u.s.-backed coalition forces have not defeated the islamic state caliphate, not yet. the terror group controls a
12:37 pm
stretch amounting to 800 yards this afternoon. all of that according to the spokesman for u.s. central command. fox news talked with him earlier today. he said bombing is on pause out of concern for civilians. but the fighting does continue. the hot zone is near the eastern edge of syria. that is where we've been getting reporting from benjamin hall who is live there for us now. local reports there that the caliphate has fallen. >> yeah, that's right, shep. we had president trump saying that the end of the caliphate was imminent. as you pointed out, the pentagon still saying there's work to do and could be remnants in caves. local media saying that the city has been liberated. no official announcement quite yet. we thought we would show you what's it's like here behind the
12:38 pm
scenes. >> welcome to syria. >> this is equipment hanging around. >> this is where we shower. walk you through our morning routine. if this doesn't wake you up, nothing will. still we've got the u.s. jets overhead. now we're ready for the front lines. >> we're just about 50 meters away from the last remnants of isis. we can see them. there's an active sniper. we're having to take cover behind this berm. it's slow-going.
12:39 pm
laying down bullets. coming up, a tour of our high tech office space here in far eastern syria. we have scavenged around to find things. there's our old gas cooker. here is our desk space. that's also where the gun fire comes from. and there a you'lly. now i think about it over there. you never know where it's going to come from. yesterday a shell landed on the roof. but today the bullets and the bombs, they went quiet. there was an eerie sense of calm over this place. we saw fighters bringing back isis flags inside the town. so suddenly as i said earlier, conflicting reports but the sense that it's getting very close now, shep. >> shepard: benjamin hall live for us in syria. benjamin, thank you. one of the strictest abortion laws in of the nations is now in mississippi. the state's republican governor,
12:40 pm
phil bryant, signing into law a bill to ban most abortions when a fetal heartbeat is defected. that usually about six weeks in a pregnancy. according to a reporting of the associated press, several states are considering similar bills. right now, mississippians can get to another state after six weeks. those that don't have the means cannot. warmer temperatures could mean more flooding for people in the midwest. that's according to the national weather service. warmer days mean melting snow which means rising water levels which means trouble. so far the floods have hit hardest in nebraska, iowa and missouri. water broke through levees in all three states. in nebraska, the governor says the flooding has damaged or destroyed more than 2,000 homes in 350 businesses. he also says it has ruined near
12:41 pm
half a billion in crops and soy beans. scientists are warning that the historic flooding could continue for months. steve harrigan with details of the new warning. first, mike tobin is in freeport, illinois, about 100 miles north and west of chicago. mike, has the levee system been the problem? >> well, the levee system has had a lot of problems. the army corps of engineers says the missouri river basin, 28 levees have been overtopped or breached by the swollen missouri river. in craig, missouri, residents got the order to get out overnight. icy water rising, they left. rock port, missouri, the water pushed three or four miles in. one man that fled watson, missouri wonders if he will have a home when the water goes down. >> i don't know if watson m --
12:42 pm
anymore. >> here the river is down 18 inches from record levels. the chief is saying he wants to let people do back in their homes and businesses where the streets are now dry but he wants to bring out an engineer to see if the roads are undermined. the hard part is there's still a lot of snow north of here. the ground is saturated and soft. as the snow melts, it will flood more. >> shepard: thanks, mike. scientists say the historic flooding in the midwest continue could for months. the national oceanic and atmospheric administration released their spring report predicting floods true may. forecasters are expecting more rain this year than usual, this map, the one coming up from noaa showing the areas that have more than 50% chance of flooding. red represents major flooding
12:43 pm
concerns. green show moderate flooding and the yellow areas where scientists say they expect minor flooding. it's a huge area. it covering nearly 2/3s of the united states. the worst of it is set to hit along the missouri and mississippi rivers. steve harrigan has more. >> shepard, this is setting up to be an incredible flooding season, maybe worse than 1993. noaa officials laying out a dismal case. in nebraska, in iowa, south dakota, records have been broken. noaa officials are using dire, unprecedented and historic for what is ahead. >> the upper mississippi has received widespread rain land snow this spring. up to 200% of normal. >> all the water in the midwest now, all the snow meant and possibly more rain is coming
12:44 pm
south as many as 25 separate states could be facing moderate to major flooding. shepard? >> shepard: steve harrigan, thank you. celebrities and other parents accused of buying their kids way to college, turns out they might have been better investing their money elsewhere. the costly universities may not be worth it when it comes to much money students make after college. one of baseball's greats says good-bye. 45-year-old ichiro suzuki retired after the game in tokyo. he made a final trot out to the top of the eighth. the announcer said this is it for suzuki. the sething perfectly fitting.
12:45 pm
he played professional ball in japan in the early 90s and it was the mariners that drafted him to the majors. 28 years later, ichiro retiring with 3,000 hits and an eye-popping .311 batting average. he's often said he hopes to inspire young athletes that appear to be too small to make it. after the game, he told reporters, nothing can top what happened tonight. ichiro, good luck. there's little rest for a single dad, and back pain made it hard to sleep and get up on time. then i found aleve pm. the only one to combine a safe sleep aid, plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. i'm back.
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>> shepard: a word that jared curbmer and wife, ivanka trump, have been using private accounts for official business at the white house. the chief congressional correspondents mike emanuel live with the news from washington. >> that's a concern raised by elijah cummings saying he has concerns about the white house using private e-mail and messaging apps. elijah cummings said he sent a letter on december 19 requesting that the white house producing documents caught by his committee and a briefing. cummings saying the wide house failed to produce documents the past two months. in fact, as you know, the white
12:50 pm
house has not produced a single piece of paper to the committee in the 116th congress in this or any other investigation. cummings saying that abby lowell, the personal counsel for kushners has said he's used what's app as part of his official white house duties. lowell fired back saying -- >> shep? >> mike, on a another pop tick, what do you know about roger stone pleading the fifth? >> his attorney sent a letter to gerald nadler. nadler has been looking for information from any one individuals or entities. this letter says --
12:51 pm
>> so at this point roger stone won't be handing over documents or appearing before the house judiciary committee, shep. >> shepard: mike emanuel, thank you. the news continues after this. i would like to take a moment to address my fellow veterans, because i know there are so many of you who have served our country honorably. whether it's two years, four years or thirty-two years like myself. one of the benefits we as a country give our veterans is eligibility for a va loan for up to 100% of your home's value. so if you need money for your family, call newday usa. with automatic authority from the va, we can say yes when banks say no. call 1-833-844-6703 if you're a veteran homeowner who needs cash,
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12:56 pm
they attend. john hunt reporting live. hi, john. >> shep, those stats come from the well-respected 2011 study that tracks students with similar saturday scores decades after they graduated college and then compared their earnings. guess what? essentially there was zero difference between those that went to elite colleges and those that went to easier schools. the other significant point is this. attitude, ambition and the sat scores at 18 all far better indicators of those that will do better in later life. >> they're likely to be smarter, harder working, more ambitious. that means that a lot of the earnings difference you see with someone with a degree and without isn't caused by the degree. it's caused by the traits that they already had. >> so wealthy celebrity parents
12:57 pm
like lori loughlin buying their kids access not only teach terrible life lessons by might impact a child's drive to succeed. we heard of helicopter parenting. but loughlin and the likeses are guilty of something worse. it's called know plow parenting. clearing all the obstacles out of the way for their children. they never learn to surmount obstacles themselves. >> shepard: the teleprompter says going to high school can give you an edge. really? >> it shows that earnings of high school graduates in 2018 were around $730 a week. those were a bachelors degree, and $1,198. with a masters degree, $1, 434. that works out to around a million dollars difference between a high school graduate and a college graduate over a working lifetime. so college does matter, but that
12:58 pm
study that we referenced pointed out who you are matters much more than where you go. shep? >> shepard: jonathan, thanks. a new study out showing what jobs are not worth it when it comes to the cost of a college degree. go banking rate look at different degrees, median salaries, potential earnings after 30 years to see what professionals could have a harder time paying off their diploma. number 10, a religious educator. the average salary, $48,000. number 8, news reporter, for example. any thoughts? you have to open his mic. >> the school of journalists are only myths. it's worth every penny. for me, 300 years ago not so relevant. the british socialist gave kids
12:59 pm
like me free tuition. my bar bill is a different story. >> shepard: i wish you nothing but the best. anyway, number 7, an elementary school teacher. number 6, chemical dependency counselor. number 3 a painter or illustrator. they make 70% of the average annual salary here in america. number 1, a day care center teacher would have to use every person any they earn to pay off their degree. a human services worker makes $10,000 above the poverty line. after our reporting here, we'll have an update on facebook watch. it's a minute's long new cast with unique contest. it's available later on demand. today speaking of unique content, we will say a fond farewell to the rose family. all of those at the rosebud motel and rose apothecary. we got the sad news that my happy place is closing.
1:00 pm
2020 will be the final year. join us on facebook watch as we say good-bye. sadness falls upon us. on facebook watch. >> neil: all right. no free speech, no free cash. you're looking live at the east room where the president of the united states is about to sign an executive order that he says will put brakes on federal grants on colleges that are stifling free speech. i'm neil cavuto. how will this work? i'm going to kevin corke with the very latest. kevin? >> good to be with you, neil. keep this in mind. the president has made this clear for some time. if you're getting federal dollars and your a college or university, you better be offering free speech and fair speech or else. let's take you back to 2017 for the people that sort of have not been following this story. the president going all the way back then, made it clear that he was very disappointed in one school in particul


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