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tv   The Five  FOX News  March 21, 2019 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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2000s. it's an emergency and we are seeing the effects of it right now. >> neil: brandon judd, national border patrol council president, thank you. here is "the five." ♪ >> dana: hello, everyone. i'm dana perino with emily compagno, juan williams, jesse watters and greg gutfeld. we are already laughing. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five" ." 2020 democratic candidates continuing to make headlines for all the wrong reasons. going to extremes to impress voters. here's the latest example from kirsten gillibrand. she's getting mocked for posting that video pumping iron. gillibrand is also sporting a "just trying to get some ranch" t-shirt, reference to a viral moment in one of her recent campaign stops. beto o'rourke is getting backlash for hopping on top of
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restaurant and coffee shop counters but not everyone is amused. one cafe owner saying "it seems like a photo op that wasn't necessary. his feet are right by the cops." another breeze to saying "we major the counter was clean. this time we used bleach because his feet were on it." joe biden who was yet to announce is reportedly mulling the idea of choosing stacey abrams as his running mate right out of the gate. greg, i go to you. there was one fatal flaw. kirsten gillibrand street about the video, the workout video. the tweet said here i am doing my work out. do you like my t-shirt? you don't need that part because, like, oh, ha ha ha. >> greg: by the way, that's not how you do squats. [laughter] here's the problem with these politicians. they have lived in the entire persona that has to be perfect has to have this veneer where
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there is nothing wrong which means they have to rediscover what it's like to be human because they've been so phony for so long. the political world demands that you are phony all the time. even your sincerity is fake. they have to somehow create a human facade so right now you have a candidate working out. you have one going to the dentist, one drinking a beer. then there's one attempting to have a normal relationship finally. it's like a child pretending to be an adult. i think this is the adage that trump has over them in that he wasn't a politician. he's always been him, for 71 years. he doesn't have to be anyone else. whether it grosses you out or not, even his fibs are real. a politician look-see right rightly idolized you but trump looks you in the eye and he winks. you know that he's playing a game. it's a salesman lie. he's real and they are not. >> dana: i don't know if
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everyone would agree on the salesman part but he did have a chance to be on "the apprentice" for so many years. some of the people knew him. these people are not known. there is no name i.d. they're trying to find a way to break out find a creative way to be different. >> jesse: it's not working. it reeks of desperation. you can't manufacture a movement. you have game or you don't. kirsten gillibrand or however you say her name. she has announced her residency twice and no one has noticed. she's trying to get eyeballs with the dumbbells and did you see the guns? i thought she was for gun control. those things look pretty big. the ranch thing, she was famous one someone was ignoring her. i predict she will be the first one to drop out of the race. she reminds me of a wafer. it's odorless, colorless and you think what did i just eat? there is no there there.
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beto needs to stop jumping on countertops. he's already 6'4". he's already 6'4" and you don't put the soles of your feet where people eat. it's disgusting. the other thing is he has a massive sweating problem he needs to take care of. that capital has for very much longer. rush limbaugh said george conway is out there diagnosing donald trump for being crazy. he should take a look at beto o'rourke because he's eating dirt and he is see serving hise poop. that seems crazy. biden seems like he's pandering and he looks insecure. he's going to have her go out on the campaign trail, stacey abrams as his vp. who says she's going to say yes? she's probably on the short-list for a lot of things. seems like a fake trial balloon. i love the vp sweepstakes. they jockey for position. the unveiling.
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you are missing all that earned media when you pick someone already. >> dana: got a lot of content in there, jesse. >> jesse: i am a content guide. >> dana: juan, which would you like to take first? >> juan: the problem i have with this is the premise because it seems to me that the way you campaigned in 2019 is not the way you campaign in 2016, let's say or 1976. for younger crowd versus an older, mostly white, even somewhat retired crowd that you can reach through cable or "the new york times," the crowd that the democrats are after is a younger crowd and you've got to reach them in innovative ways through social media, through radio programs and i bet a lot of folks who are trump supporter's wouldn't even know. we've got a get out there and hold rallies and do things that will break through for american americans. >> greg: when you try, it looks bad. >> juan: it might look bad to some people but to other people, it's like hey, i didn't know about her. what did jesse say? she looks great.
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forget the message. >> dana: in you might remember that. >> juan: you think about music. you think about the gym, fashion, podcast, coffee shops. this is popular culture eats politics and i think a lot of older people are just put off by it but leave me, this is the future. >> greg: aren't younger people just as skeptical when they see someone is pandering? >> juan: it's not pandering to go on a radio show that reaches let's say a morning black young audience or to go to a gym. you and i both go to jim's. that's way to reach. "the five" let's get emily in here. >> emily: authenticity speaks for itself. we can spot a faker. i don't think you can force or fake your own moment because this is a formula worked before. i think what some of these guys are missing is that if they are just themselves, it's either going to work or it's not but trying to be charming are trying
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to be awesome are trying to cater to millennials in a certain way in that way trying to create these different moments, and my opinion, let them fall over themselves doing it. there going to drop like flies. it's good to harness different mediums of communication. you don't have to tweet out something that is so fake and contrived. >> dana: that was my point. she didn't need to say that in the tweet about that t-shirt. >> juan: the t-shirt should have been self-evident. but when trump goes down the gold escalator -- >> dana: how did we get to -- >> juan: we knew that he was a rich guy but he comes down on the gold escalator and goes after the mexicans. >> dana: timeout on that. >> jesse: to emily's point when you're talking about manufacturing it, it seems corny because it's consultant-driven. you have someone come you go to a laboratory for viral videos and you try to cook up something. doesn't look real to people.
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the whole rosario dawson-cory booker thing. he unveils and confirms his relationship to a star who's also an activist? >> greg: maybe they will get married at the white house. >> jesse: seems a little contrived. >> dana: another question for greg, remember when president obama went on to talk about obamacare. he was out there. it reached a lot of people. >> greg: they indulged him because they liked him. when you're looking at this field, it's like "ocean's eleven" without george clooney. it's like a love boat circa '79 with a bunch of recognizable mainly bit players. biden is the biggest name but biden is like i'm an old white male but look at my date.
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>> dana: can i ask you one of the thing. two of the very most unknown are pete buttigieg and they went on the joe rogan podcast. it wasn't manufactured. >> greg: you goan it's a risk. he has you on for three hours. you might get high. >> dana: there's a podcast. this is an innovative type of reaching out to people versus conservatives listening to afternoon talk radio. >> greg: not true. the overwhelming fan base for a lot of these podcasts, including rogan, our conservatives and libertarians. >> juan: i'm telling you right now it's a rage among the left. >> greg: bad podcast. >> dana: we have the best podcast. new details on the crumbling caliphate when we return.
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it handles everything, and reaches everywhere. this is beyond wifi, this is xfi. simple. easy. awesome. xfinity, the future of awesome. ♪ >> greg: i remember like it was yesterday because it was. >> what happens is this is all isis. on the bottom, that's of today, this is isis. there is none. the caliphate is gone as of tonight. [cheers and applause] very good. that's pretty good, right? >> greg: pretty good, pretty good, right? apparently it is. no one likes to say mission accomplished but fox news has learned that the last isis stronghold has been liberated, the repugnant empire that was terrorized over 8 million people is left with 800 yards of turf for now.
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i am old enough to know that with terrorism, nothing is really ever over. al qaeda attacked us. we destroy them. then isis popped up. we finally destroy them. now al qaeda seems to be resurfacing. in time i'm sure there will be something worse than both. marrying technology to terror, creating a spectacle of horror that will remind us how evil evil can be. as for trump, may be the guy deserves some credit. he said he was going to do it and for now it looks like he kind of did. you can get angry about all the mean stuff he says but all you're going to be as angry. when you should take a moment and remember five years ago and every week there was a new video of a terrified person in an orange jumpsuit about to die. those were bad, bad times. they have stopped partly because an orange billionaire tried to fulfill a promise. yeah, he says mean things of their own time but if stopping terror means putting a guy in charge who doesn't care who he offends, sign me up. i've said it before. trump is a two hour drive for one hour at the beach.
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you get to the beach and it's great we've got to put up with the drive. this news on isis is that day the beach that made the drive worthwhile. day now, we know mission accomplished, not a good thing to say. >> dana: we should take a moment to celebrate this because think about, you had it in your monologue 8 million people. 8 million people had to live under this. it was allowed to grow. it was allowed to fester. it was not stopped when it should've been. remember, every single week on this show. all of the news was covering the fact of these hostages were about to be beheaded live, don't watch the videos, folks. don't do it. they were not jv. they turned out to be the horrible horrible monster. we had help. we had coalition partners, the good guys can get together but it was mental president trump that were changing the rules of engagement. though president obama did a little bit too.
2:17 pm
president trump as he did, stepped on the gas. you're also correct that isis lives online. so marrying that terror to technologies that we have, that's a problem. this is a real moment and we should help to make sure and i guess were going to make sure it doesn't grow again. >> greg: it's why you can hold these ideas in your head that you should be thankful this is happening but know that in time it will come back. it always does. >> juan: i wanted to give credit to president trump because that's right he puts his foot on the accelerator. the key thing you have to understand is that they are going to exist as a terror network and it's not just a matter of land. it's not a matter of them occupying land. your fighting a war on old terms which as i pushed you off this piece of land so that you are beaten. i'm not sure. remember we've got i think 20,000 isis type people in jail in iraq and another 20,000 under our control in syria. this people, we have to deal with them.
2:18 pm
we are pushing the europeans to take some of them back or deal with it. we don't know how are going to do with them. for me when you listen to this, and president trump has been saying that we've defeated isis for a month, for months now, but you get u.s. central command today saying that fighting continues. the pentagon says no comments. john bolton says isis remains a threat. mike pompeo says the threat from radical islam remains. even if i say let's give credit, trump has push these guys. i just don't think the threat is over. >> greg: i agree completely with you, juan. and it's hard for me to say that. >> juan: i know. >> greg: jesse, here's something that's interesting to me and i haven't really heard people talk about but i know that with your brain you might know the answer. we've seen emotional footage of what's going on. we saw footage of the persian gulf war. we saw footage of iraq. we saw people surrendering. we have seen nothing, and is because whatever we are doing is like experimental or advanced
2:19 pm
and we are not showing it? because it's all drones or it's something so -- like isn't it weird we are not seeing anything? >> jesse: there's two things. i don't think there's a lot of mainstream media interest in sending embedded teams to the ground in syria under donald trump. a lot of -- not a lot of interest under barack obama. plus a lot of the strategy was through the air so it's not as easy to embed upon. and finally i just think they were doing some tough stuff. let's put it that way. if we did have a football, i would spike it right here at the table. in times like this, you have to take a moment, as dana said, step back and thanked people. think donald trump are having a strategy which was about defeating isis instead of containing it. >> dana: also because they think we are weak. you have to tell terrorists we are not week. >> jesse: we obliterated them and that's a good thing. general mattis deserves a lot of credit. so do the kurds, our partners commence under the british and the french. like you said, we do have to win
2:20 pm
the peace because what happened under barack obama is that he retreated from iraq i did not win the peace there when he pulled out all the troops and then isis rose up. he underestimated them, called them jv, didn't really have a strategy. he dillydallying. i wish the media would give donald trump credit, not try to spin it or couch it. this is a moment democrats and republicans can say we have now defeated evil in that part of the world where they had land the size of great britain and now it's gone. >> greg: emily, thoughts on this. >> emily: we should celebrate and savor any victory along with gratitude for everyone, especially those men and women in service. 100%. we have known i think for decades that just pushing back or mowing the lawn, as my friends in the military say, or even defeating the organized control of those groups doesn't work in the long term. to speak to the point about yes there's also a road ahead. i think with those with those
2:21 pm
groups, doesn't address the international community of support and the spreading of id, especially in the recent hyper local focus these groups have taken. moving forward, how do we exit this war and without falling into nation-building while at the same time making sure that there is no resurrection of them, that would require a specific detailed plan that i think we haven't heard yet. i look forward to hearing that from our military leaders. i like that our president gives them latitude. i look forward to hearing that making potentially the hard part might be ahead of us but 100% in the moment, i have only gratitude and celebration. >> juan: the fact is, this is what jesse said about obama pulling back to early, what do we see from trump? i'm going to get us out of syria. no i'm leaving thousands they are in thousands the south. >> jesse: you have to keep some footprint. >> juan: i think we need to keep our foot on isis. >> greg: up next, president trump hitting back
2:22 pm
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♪ >> jesse: president trump fighting back against liberal efforts to stifle free speech on college campuses. he's challenging the snowflake mentality by threatening to withhold federal funds from universities that don't respect the first amendment. >> we are here to take historic action to defend american students and american values. they have been under siege. under the guise of speech codes and safe spaces and trigger warnings, these universities have tried to restrict free thought impose total conformity and shut down the voices of great young americans like those here today. have a college or university doesn't allow you to speak, we
2:27 pm
will not give them money. >> jesse: greg, we know, we've seen it happen before at berkeley especially. would you like to apologize for them? >> greg: berkeley was the home of the free speech movement and then it went a bit over. i think it's a great mood because if you come out against it, you are against free speech, what's your problem? don't you think it's under threat? it's nice for him to do in the problem of what we are seeing on campuses, it's no longer about countering ideas but silencing them. they silence them by saying they your words are hurtful. they are hateful. therefore they shouldn't be here. the right isn't accusing the left of this. the left is proudly saying this is their plan. jordan peterson predicted this stuff. right now there's a woman in england being investigated by authorities for miss miss-engendering. using the wrong pronoun for a transgender daughter of a parent. this is beyond orwell orwellian.
2:28 pm
you can go to jail for doing this. jordan peterson said this would happen he's been disinvited, cambridge university has rescinded his offer. >> dana: cambridge? >> greg: this stuff is happening. >> jesse: jordan peterson, charlie kirk, ben shapiro. to call ben shapiro the biggest threat to civilization, people run away from him. cops being called. it's crazy. >> dana: i know. what's interesting is that the president in doing this eo has flipped the script on the speech police. now he's the speech police but he's the commander in chief. and he's the protector of our constitution. what does the first amendment say? [laughs] >> jesse: free speech, assembly, and religion. >> greg: he's -- >> dana: what's the leverage the federal government has?
2:29 pm
money. schools don't like this, they cannot take the money and they can exercise their right that way. >> juan: let me pick up on this because i think dana is exactly right about the first amendment. government is not supposed to be involved in determining what's good speech and bad speech or free speech. in other words, speech, americans to americans, it's supposed to be allowed. you don't want hateful vitriol spewing white nationalist hatred. >> greg: they aren't defining it that way. >> juan: i don't know the particulars of any one of those gentlemen but if you're making hateful speech that creates hostility, you can understand why an academic space the treasures free speech would say we don't want that. trump is going to be the arbiter of what's good speech? does that mean you have the same amount of liberals and conservatives -- >> jesse: all speech. >> juan: that i don't
2:30 pm
understand. he shouldn't be involved. he's the government. >> jesse: the reason he's getting involved is that they play games, emily. when a conservative speaker is invited, they throw up all these roadblocks and say you have to pay an extra $40,000 for security and you can only speak at this particular building at this particular time. sometimes they won't even let you speak because they are too divisive. not even offensive. divisive. >> juan: that's conservative speech? that's hateful speech. >> greg: on my hateful speaker, juan. >> jesse: ben shapiro was banned for being divisive to the community. >> dana: it happened to katie pavlich too. >> emily: what breaks my heart so much, i was president of a society in law school in san francisco over 15 years ago and we were dedicated to bringing both sides to the debate. it's hideous to see what's been a complete deevolution of the prior commitment to free speech because it's not what's happening and it's not hate
2:31 pm
speech being censored. it simply the full spectrum. i want to say that the obama administration put out a broader effort doing the same thing, getting data transparency from these programs and schools at the whatever of the federal funding basically. the risk of federal funding. as always, it's only about the money to these universities. it's not even about the free speech because university of california is $15 billion behind their pension liabilities that they own. every year, they spend $4 million of tuition purchase the top ten pensioners and frankly tuition, students bailing out of totally broken fiscal system. i could go on forever about the data but the bottom line is that the pension system there has straitjacketed everything. all of this has to do something with funding and covering the fiscal crisis. >> juan: my fear is that then if i'm the president of the university and i say we don't want to lose that federal funding, we just won't have
2:32 pm
speakers. we'll have the safest, stupidest -- >> greg: they are doing it now. >> emily: the campus -- >> jesse: juan, you are misconstruing the issue. people protesting greg gutfeld. not anybody that threatening. your material is a little edgy. >> emily: they spent $4 million on security for that. >> juan: saying that we don't want the expense and even betsy devos says government muscle should not be involved with free speech. >> greg: there is no muscle. >> jesse: there is no muscle. kellyanne conway slamming her husband's attacks on president trump. the saga continues next on "the five" ." -guys, i want you to meet someone. this is jamie. you're going to be seeing a lot more of him now. -i'm not calling him "dad." -oh, n-no. -look, [sighs] i get it. some new guy comes in helping your mom bundle and save with progressive,
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♪ >> juan: if you thought the twitter feud between president trump and
2:37 pm
kellyanne conway's husband was going away anytime soon, think again. george conway re-tweeting all kinds of new attacks against the president today, including suggesting that trump is mentally unstable. this comes as kellyanne conway is once again siding with her boss over her husband. >> my husband also has been very critical of the president publicly which is none like him just because he's traditionally been a very private person. in 2016, year of the tweet, george conway sent zero tweets. this is new. what also is new is not supporting the agenda of the president and my work there. i was raised in a household of strong italian catholic woman who taught me that you air grievances like that in private. it's very surprising to see it be so public. >> greg: [laughs] >> juan: it's so interesting to me. we should start a show. use of this yesterday, called the conways. it's unbelievable. if it's real, what kellyanne said to maria bartiromo was
2:38 pm
she's never really address this with her husband. they've only talked about in passing. meanwhile, george conway says he gets to tweeting so he doesn't have to scream at his wife. >> emily: in my notes for this block, i drew a dumpster fire. i think it would probably be best if someone doesn't want the topic to be covered that they refrain from speaking about it. the more content put out by all three of those parties is unfortunate and it's distracting from larger issues at hand and also their credibility. >> juan: jesse come he's has some really strong things about the president. whack job. he's a narcissist. antisocial. he puts out all kinds of psychiatric diagnoses for people to read about the president. and i just wonder how does this impact people who are trump fans. what do they think? >> jesse: he should look in the mirror. talk about psychological
2:39 pm
imbalance. i don't know what this guy is up to. i like your new head movements this week, very beta-esque. never seen you. >> greg: i think it's called milking the goat. [laughter] >> jesse: like emily, i don't have a lot to say about their mate -- their marriage. it's a private matter. i would say kellyanne conway is handling it gracefully. i hate to see you're embarrassed by this. it looks like george might have trumped derangement syndrome and maybe he's angling for a cnn contributor ship. i don't know what's going on. i kind of don't want to know what's going on and i hope we can all move on. >> juan: dana, as this is taking place, the president's feud with the republican party over john mccain continues and it's almost like people are saying well, we don't like that. >> dana: i think the
2:40 pm
president's feud is with john mccain and there have been -- i don't think other people in the republican party and not feuding with the president about that. some of them like congressman dan crenshaw are saying please, mr. president, stop it. he's not europe local enemy. move on. on the conway stuff, one thing i think about this is i agree, i kind of wish we didn't know but here's the thing. george conway wants us to know this. he is poking the bear. i don't understand to what desired outcome. what do you want to happen. you're not the first to say the president has narcissistic personality disorder. what do you think you're going to accomplish that you're going to be able to do that no one else is able to do by saying the same thing? what do you want? do you want to make life harder for your wife at the white house? do you think it doesn't affect her at the white house? do you want president trump to paint you as a worse husband than he? it's an incredible situation. i wish we could just not talk about it. >> juan: i think he said he
2:41 pm
would like her to stop, to leave the job. >> dana: i must've missed that. >> greg: i disagree with you. i love every minute of it. >> dana: i know you do. >> greg: was interesting, we talk about it being like a reality show. trump has been able to combine a whole bunch of different shows. it's like a soap opera with a lot of subplots. sica version of falcon crest. first trump is jr ewing. but then pence is ned flanders. matlock. kellyanne and her husband could be like from threes company but he is more like newman and brian stelter's cousin is can stands. this was going on for a while. it's kind of moving towards a resolution and i'm -- i can't wait to see what it is.
2:42 pm
how it's going to end. it's like who shot jr. we are getting to a climax. >> jesse: season finale. >> greg: we need more of these. >> dana: may be as a finale will wake up and find out it was a dream. >> greg: it was a dream. we are all -- in the shower. >> juan: that is dallas. our snacks, brand-new development in the college admissions scandal. we are now hearing from lori loughlin's daughter. what is she saying now about her own parents? next on "the five" ." so...your student loans are holding you back? it's time to refinance with sofi. with lower monthly payments, you could save big. see your rate in two minutes. ♪
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now that you know the truth, are you in good hands?
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♪ >> emily: another twist in the college admissions scandal. lori loughlin's daughter olivia data's are is reportedly furious with her parents and think they ruin her career. she's been dropped by major brands including theresa may. according to sources, her parents forced her to. she admits these developments, there's a new term for this type of parents, they are being dubbed snowplow parents because they tried to clear obstacles out of the way of their kids, even as adults. >> dana: i have a theory that
2:47 pm
this is planned. they had a family meeting and said okay you should go out and say that you're really mad that you never really wanted to go to college and when the dust blows over, when it all gets resolved, they're going to have a reality show and it's going to be something where they get a lot of money to talk about their dysfunctional family and how rich they are and how they didn't really want to go to college. i think there's going to be a show. >> emily: what's interesting is given the trouble the parents are in, there will be such a disgorgement of funds and finances and wage garnishment from the feds if this continues down that line and whatever money they make from that. >> greg: whoa, whoa, whoa. it is disgorgement a word? i've never heard that word. >> emily: yes. you're welcome. >> greg: i learned a word. >> emily: what would you do if your girls came home and said dad, we just want to be
2:48 pm
social media influencers. >> jesse: i would change the world right there and then. that's what this younger girl is running up against. if you try to emancipate yourself or try to badmouth your mom and dad in the press, that will gets changed in a heartbeat. i would be very careful because she's going to be in the poorhouse if she disrespects her parents like that. my parents were the opposite of snowplow parents. i talked about at the other day how they made me do these outdoor wilderness adventure survival schools. i had to sleep in lightning storms. we carried a kid out on a stretcher made from tree branches because he shattered his knee. i went through so much hell and heartbreak. they put me out there. they gave me three matches and set i will see you in three days and i survived by myself. i had severe sunburn. we had ice picks that we would climb up the mountain with. we had a 10-mile fun run at the end of the trip. it was horrible. >> emily: i think you are saying that boy scouts was hell.
2:49 pm
>> jesse: it was boy scouts on steroids. it was a lot more than that. >> emily: greg, i'm sure you feel strongly. >> greg: i'm not sure if the story is true because it begins with "sources say." but if true, the two greatest words in journalism history, the daughter is absolutely right. she figured out that she didn't need college and she looked around and she saw that she could pursue a career in social media. this was my kid, i would've been so grateful that i didn't have to pay $100,000 a year and that this kid is already making a living off other dumb kids on social media. i think she's absolutely right that she have the right way and her parents were forcing an old idea on her but she knew better. she knew maybe i don't need college. maybe i'm not smart enough to go to college. maybe i could just fleece people on instagram and become super rich. i am thinking i want to have a kid like that.
2:50 pm
>> jesse: you want your kid to fleece people. >> greg: yes. [laughter] >> emily: your kids are so accomplished. >> greg: the republicans, you mean? >> emily: do you agree with what greg is saying or do you feel like a degree is valuable no matter what? >> juan: i love education. i think it teaches critical thinking, teaches you how to debate. we were talking about speech in the previous segment. i think you should hear people of different opinions and different experiences. i think that's the world we live in and it's good for you. but i will see in this case, i think these are candy cane kids. they are melting in the rain. i think they are spoiled rich kids to no end and their parents, the parents have their own reason for wanting them to get into college which i think his status. but even if -- let's say you said you know, kid, i want you to go to college because i believe in college, why weren't they satisfied with letting their kid go to college that
2:51 pm
they could have merit earned admission two. that wasn't good enough for them because of the social status or whatever. to me it's a corruption of values and morals and i don't approve of it. i think the kid is vacuous and self-serving. >> greg: she knows that. that's what's great. she knows that she's vacuous. >> juan: wouldn't you want to cure that? wouldn't you want to help your kid? >> jesse: no. we want to fleece people on instagram. [laughter] >> emily: all right, "one more thing" is next. ug ♪ look limu. a civilian buying a new car. let's go. limu's right. liberty mutual can save you money by customizing your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. oh... yeah, i've been a customer for years. huh... only pay for what you need.
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>> dana: time number one more thing. juan? >> juan: the cheers didn't stop last night in tokyo. each euro suzuki still the biggest star played his last
2:56 pm
game beating the athletics 5-4, watch as ichiro opened the gamen the fifth inning. after the game ended, the fans stayed to chair ichiro after he signed autographs waving away. between us, put a call into cooperstown, folks. ichiro is going to be an mvp, 3,000 hits, also 1 of 7 players with 3,000 hits and 500 stolen bases. fair to say, tokyo or new york, he's a legend. what a career. i should also say seattle. >> dana: what accomplishments! >> greg: you don't even know what he's talking about! >> dana: i know who he is because i read "the new york post." meet chance call, he's working on his eagle scout project to
2:57 pm
build 150 dog beds for his local animal shelter. he has a soft spot for animals, and that made the eagle scout project an easy one. listen. >> i would always watch tv and see those, like, ads that say you can adopt a pet and make their life better. i want to do that on a bigger scale and help the animals that can get adopted. >> dana: he did that. he raised more than $3500 in donations and purchase peas ev pipe and fabric for the beds and all the dogs will have that. plans to deliver that by april 1st and that's no full for you. also happy birthday to my sister angie perino. a big space fan. jesse? >> jesse: dunkin' donuts teamed up with a shoe company to create the best years ever for the boston marathon. you know, america runs on dunkin dunkin? they've got the colors, coffee
2:58 pm
cup, boston... how about that? how about that. they are called -- >> greg: they make your feet smell like doughnuts. [laughter] >> jesse: which smells really good. buy them -- you know, only $120. $55 for kids by the boston marathon is on the 15th next month. >> dana: those dishes don't make smell delicious greg? >> greg: let's do this. ♪ animals are great ♪ animals are great ♪ animals are great soon to be a tv show. in my dreams, anyway. check out this dog, his name is norman. he likes to stay fit by mastering the hula-hoop, but as you can tell, norman really doesn't understand how the hula-hoop works. but it's still fun to watch and stumble around over and over
2:59 pm
again, getting very dizzy. >> emily: he might be left-handed. he always turns to the left. >> greg: you are a bigot! and that's why... ♪ animals are great ♪ animals are great ♪ animals are great you hate left-handed people! >> dana: emily, your next. >> juan: you talk about it all the time. >> emily: we need your help to catch this brazen dog thief, stole this york shire terrier off the families porch. her name is coco and last seen outside of it down make convenience store in reseda california. if anybody outside in the san fernando valley have seen coco, contact the authorities. i'm terrified -- i know that she is a 100-pound government and so... >> greg: you have a doberman name justice? >> emily: yes!
3:00 pm
>> jesse: speaking of dobermans, we have a special treat tomorrow. >> greg: what are we eating? >> dana: never miss an episode of "the five." "special report" is up next. bret lek >> bret: president trump makes his boldest move yet to strengthen ties in israel -- and scores of civilian deat. he's the first of the democratic contenders. this hour, 2020 2020 presidentl candidate john delaney joins us live with his pitch for the nomination. this is the "special report." good evening, i am bret baier. we are following to go big for them positive stories this hour. first, president trump promised victory over isis and on the ground in syria, some they are saying it's official.


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