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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  March 21, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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>> laura: it that went on for, i don't know how long. thank you for finding that. i smiled all day. the poor koala. thessaly tam we have tonight, make sure to check out the new podcast. the fox news for my team take it. >> shannon: that is what i am like with the air conditioning. they tell me to go out, no it feels too good! we begin tonight with a fox news alert. tonight, a fox news at night exclusive and just minutes you will hear from secretary of state mike pompeo on ramping up pressure on iran and his answer to why beto o'rourke, he is really in our ministry the growing list of the presidential conference after a progressive advocacy group publicly pressure the white house contender. plus, president trump by the order linking colleges and the
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responsibility for free speech on campus to billions in federal funding. this week after conservatives attacked. welcome to "fox news at night." i'm shannon bream in washington. we begin with kristin fisher covering all the presidents foreign policy. >> a lot of moving parts on the foreign policy front. in israel president trump is proposing reversing decades of american policy in violating a resolution by saying that the u.s. should finally recognize israel's authority over the kalon heights. one of the more disputed territories. >> i been thinking about doing it for a long time. it has been a very hard decision by every president. this is very much like jerusalem. it is the same thing. for years other presidents have campaigned and said they will do it that's a sovereignty and security. this is about regional security. >> shannon: the announcement came when mike pompeo visited the western wall with benjamin.
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the first time a top u.s. diplomat has ever gone with a senior israeli official. the holiest place where can pray. a signal of the trump administration and the support of israeli peace. secretary mike pompeo was in the middle of a five day trip in the middle east and he'll be in lebanon later this week. on the same day at the last isa stronghold and syria fell according to local media, the pentagon is pushing back on those reports. add it all up and it amounts to a series of dramatic if not unprecedented moves by the trump administration to show support for israel and counter iran's influence the region. come in washington because democrats are still fixated on getting their hands on the private conversation between resident trump and russian president vladimir putin. the white house counsel is refusing to comply with the request for those documents. in a letter to house democrats he said, no foreign leader would
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engage in private conversations with the president of such conversations were subject to public disclosure. disclosure to committees of congress. democrats had a letter is just the latest example of the trump administration rejecting legitimate congressional oversight and this is a battle that will continue for quite some time regardless of what is of a special counsel's report which could be released any day now. >> shannon: we are standing by. it could be today or yesterday. >> 57 minutes left in this day here on the east coast. >> shannon: tonight the growing number 2020 democratic contenders saying they will skip a pro-israel conference next week after liberal groups called for a boycott, david picks up the story. good evening. >> those democrats are staying far away from that conference and some are blaming it on the is really a minister, the trump
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administration's had many of the problems begin right here in washington. >> bernie sanders, elizabeth warren, kamala harris, kamala harris, beto o'rourke, john delaney, they will skip next week's american israel public affairs committee annual conference in washington. also skipping the conference, former starbucks ceo howard schultz was yet to announce a white house. though he is strongly considering it. the news comes as the liberal adversadvocacy creek group is c, they are blaming it all on israeli prime ministe. a close ally and friend of president trump will be in washington next week for the conference. his visit comes as he is facing his own problems back home. including possible indictment for fraud and bribery. the israeli leader has denied wrongdoing, he hence democrats should be focused and not on him but a member of their own party. >> with the dark wave of
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anti-semitism rising in europe and the united states, all nations must go to the barricades against bigotry. sadly we are the united states have seen anti-semitic language uttered in the great halls of our own capital. >> last month ilhan omar criticized and her comments were considered to be anti-semitic. she has been linked to the boycott sanctions. >> there is only one word for it, anti-semitism. let us callout the movement for what it is. >> fox news reached out for a pack to comment and a spokesperson told us our focus for the conference has always been congress and we are proud that the bipartisan leadership of the house and senate will be speaking. vice president mike pants and secretary of state mike pompeo will also take the stage. >> the conference begins on sunday and runs through tuesday and there were several 2020 candidates that we haven't heard
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from yet it is possible we will see more staying away from aipac. again, it begins in a few days. >> shannon: david, thank you very much. lebanon is the next step for secretary of state mike pompeo where he will attempt to step up pressure with iran. he is stirring up some controversy during a trip to jerusalem today and 2020 candidates are sensing weakness they stay with the trump ministrations efforts. secretary of state joins us from jerusalem. thank you for your time. >> it is great to be with you. >> shannon: we will talk about your important work in the region because they are so many things hanging in the balance. i want to start with news out of what uvenezuela. there are rumors that he has been taken into custody. we tweeted that the u.s. condemns the security services and the detention the steve
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staff. we call for his immediate release and we will hold accountable those involved. in what way? >> think we understand how this went down and we think we understand those who were involved. we will make sure the world does who those people are and we will do all that we can to hold those specific individuals who engage in this contact that is so deeply wrong with the people have demanded. the democracy that we demand in venezuela, we will do all we can to hold the individuals accountable on those who conducted this activity and those who ordered it. >> shannon: are you worrying about a tipping point or loss of momentum in venezuela as a people are in horrific conditions as we know and the pictures have gotten to the rest of the world. there are those who remember the green revolution and iran and have worries about where this is going. what are your concerns? >> the administration has
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behaved precisely the opposite of the way that the obama administration behaved during the green effort and iran. instead of showing the people, we have supported them. instead of denying the rights of the people, we are supporting them. we are committed to this end we will stay the course. there are multiple elements to this effort. the political effort and the economical effort, we are desperately trying to get humanitarian assistance to the people of venezuela. we are committed to helping venezuela, the region, the opportunity to engage in this thuggish behavior that he has done and has been so harmful. we are optimistic that we can get there. >> shannon: speaking of the obama administration, joe biden obviously touring heavily with a 2020 run. he has been meeting with world leaders are talking about that. politico had this, their headline is, world leaders tell joe biden that we need you.
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some of the leaders echoing views from across the continent told him that his return to the white house would be a sure way to restore western alliances that president donald trump has dramatically fractured. your response? >> that is ridiculous. i suppose it is some campaign rhetoric that will continue. the truth is just the episodes. look at the coalitions that this administration has built out. we have engaged in north korea, with the toughest sanctions, the global sanctions that come from every security council will also have a most successful efforts. we have built on a coalition against isis at over 80 countries. your hours or days from destruction. we built on a coalition of 60 countries that showed up to push back against the threat from the islamic republic. a threat that the previous
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administration simply ignored. vice president administration iran on a path but almost guaranteed them a clear path to a nuclear weapon system. tomorrow i travel to lebanon pushing back in clearing up berm with the previous administration failed to do. >> i know you said that you want to talk to leaders in the government and assure them that there are ways that you say that they can be extricated from iran. of course, it is a key, a major player. they are obviously heavily intertwined with all the inter-workings of lebanon. how do you propose to change that equation? >> shannon, your statement of the facts is accurate. this effort is important. it is important to the place i'm sitting here today, jerusalem and israel. it is important to the united states and part of our effort against iran. we will talk to the lebanese
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government about how it is that they can extricate themselves from this problem on the risks, the risk with the missiles the risks of having him intertwined and the government. the risk that it prevents. you know beirut is a wonderful city in lebanon, it was a once rich nation we want to restore that. the lebanese people restore that we want to them to know that america will support that effort and help them disentangle from the terrorist organization. >> shannon: it seems like the goal, the key in that you have throughout the region, all your visits as to talk about and push back the influence of the threat of iran in that area and part of that conversation we are hearing is potentially designating the militia, the revolutionary guard and others. there's been some pushback on that. "the new york times" reported this saying under plans presented by mike mayo, they would designate his military.
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a foreign organization would be the first instance of the u.s. designating a unit of another government as a terrorist group. american officials said it could put u.s. troops and intelligence officers at risk of similar actions. "the new york times" also said there are those with the pentagon and the cia which you use to lead we don't think it has a great idea. what do you say? >> i will not get ahead of the u.s. government decision on any particular designation and i also don't tend to respond to every "new york times" article. you should know this, as we think about the effort to push back against iran. you've seen us designate militias and side of iraq. you've seen us designate senior leaders inside the rig c. financial institution, financial agents and engaged. in support of all of them. this administration has taken serious efforts across a broad range of threats, a broad range
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of efforts. we will continue to do that. i do something that we work on each and every day. >> shannon: clearly you are there and israel meeting with the prime minister and he visited the western wall and you've spent a lot of time talking about the iranian threat. there are questions about where the peace process goes and moving forward. somebody who is officially an emmy 2020 race as better or work. here's what he has had to say about the negotiations. >> i know the prime minister we have someone who is openly sided with racism. somebody who warned about terrorists and someone who seems to exploit division and fear and hatred. that is not someone who was negotiating in good faith. we are about to lose the last, best chance for a two state solution. >> shannon: you hear his assessment and has description on how he views the israeli
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prime minister and they want to know something. we met with him, the palestinian chief negotiator. he says that this administration is not helping. he said for more than two years president donald trump's team has not managed to propose a single initiative to get a closer look at and set it has taken a number of steps that has significantly worsened the situation on the ground. your response? >> i don't consider him a middle east scholar by any stretch. they have it backwards. this administration has created the conditions in which ultimately may well get us to a place we can achieve the very peace that everyone in the world wants. a better likely palestinian people unless conflict. the president's decision to move our embassy to jerusalem was a fundamental part of that and it creates the conditions, realistic expectations for all of the parties involved so that
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one day when we unveil our vision for the middle east plan might look like, each of the parties has a fair shot with real facts and real data and can consider whether it is a step further. >> shannon: mike pompeo from jerusalem, thank you for your time and safe travels. >> thank you very much. >> shannon: he is a millionaire, but he is also a common man. why is beto o'rourke in trouble over his minivan tonight and following an attack on a conservative on a berkeley campus. the president signs an executive order for colleges to protect free speech or else. >> turning point usa which does such incredible work and thank you very much. it is true. come on. we can give them a hand. spewed a little shut out to charlie at the white house. ♪
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♪ >> where should the line be drawn? what speech crosses a line and shouldn't be allowed on campuses? >> if it is hateful and disrespectful to specific groups and that is not okay. >> i'm allowed to be disrespectful right? i am the right, the first amendment says i can speak out. >> if you want to be a [bleep], that is your life choice. >> shannon: students telling oonline news should not be considered free. that comes as a president trump takes action to protect free speech on the college campuses. trace gallagher has more. >> this has been on the president's agenda for quite
8:21 pm
some time and even promised free speech ordered during this conference and today he made it official. watch this. >> people who are confident in their beliefs do not censor others, they don't want to censor others. it will come for a fair and open debate and that is what we are demanding. >> failing to comply comes with a list of penalties including loss of research dollars of the president has not directed the department of defense, education along with health and human services to make sure they comply. the white house did not lay out any specific examples of exactly how the punishment would be enforced. analyst that his orders would get big time pushback, but the aclu seemed a bit subdued saying, this executive order doesn't do much with regard for free speech, instead it tells public universities to abide by the first amendment as they are already required to do.
8:22 pm
university of california president and homeland security echo that con order unnecessary. the university of california is ground zero for robots exchanges of ideas and differing viewpoints. tell that to right wing speaker milo who is a speech at berkeley was canceled because of riot and safety concerns. conservatives ben shapiro an end coulter have also faced hostile environments when they have tried to speak at universities including berkeley. conservative activists hated williams didn't exactly feel the robust exchange of ideas one he was attacked at berkeley while tried to recruit conservative students. today williams was at the president signing ceremony. young republican groups on campus have complained for years that universities can easily drop conservative speakers by citing concerns like security cost and threats of violence. the hope is that there will be
8:23 pm
consequences for canceling conservatives. >> shannon: trace gallagher, thank you. is it a real problem on campus or not? let's part of a host of left coast news and the founder of turning point, charlie who was at the event today. welcome to both of you. >> thank you. >> shannon: want to play a little bit more about why the president signed this. >> under the guise of speech codes and safe spaces and trigger warnings, these universities have tried to restrict free thought, impose a little conformity and checked on the voices of great young americans like those here today. great people. all of that change is starting right now. >> shannon: will not require colleges to get federal funding into the billions to actually certify that they will make sure regardless of viewpoint everybody has a space to share on campus.
8:24 pm
>> the aclu said it perfectly. they arty have that requirement under the first amendments. this was a nice ride to meet move to the base to get them excited. all of nine speakers uninvited last year according to fire all 20 universities actually signed on to the university of chicago standard for open debate. it sure excites them on the right. >> shannon: you can see the pictures there on campus on things that have happened. you been personally involved. i want to read something that ted mitchell said, he said no matter how this order is implemented it is neither needed nor desirable and could lead to unwanted micromanagement of the cutting edge research that is critical to our nation's continued vitality and global leadership. he says it is a problem -- a solution in search of a problem. >> i can tell you firsthand that this is a crisis on college campuses. his last semester i wa wasn't
8:25 pm
allowed to speak at two universities because they cited safety concerns. i spoke to berkeley last spring and we had to spend over $15,000 for security to allow us to have our viewpoints expressed. what happens here is far too often universities will cite securities concerns as a way to suppress different opinions. this is not just a conservative issue. i want you to be able to talk. i want all different opinions to be heard. college campuses should be a marketplace of ideas, it is inarguable that colleges tend to be more to the left and everyone should allow their opinion to be heard. the president said it so brilliantly. only people who are not confident in their beliefs go to censor others. this uses taxpayer dollars as a way to ensure that the universities are protecting the first amendment rights regardless of political viewpoints. >> shannon: use of the tapes, the students who said that they didn't think offenses should be
8:26 pm
protected. we see pulling a similar for the younger generation. we know the first amendment is not about protecting speech. i think about the church, we all know. the baptist church that is out there with the horrible science. we can't even show them on tv. they got an 8-1 decision of the supreme court protecting them. people love to understand they will have to listen to speech that they don't like. >> there are two different issues, one the university is trying to restrict speech of the other if students understand that. i agree that i fight viciously, very loud i should say for first amendment rights. the issue here and i will challenge charlie on something. if you are so worried about aboe speech, are you going to shut him down? that is wrong. he is attacking the first amendment and i advocate
8:27 pm
for it. >> twitter is not taxpayer-funded. >> will you denounce him? >> twitter is not taxpayer-funded that is a fundamental difference. >> the first amendment -- >> shannon: when it comes to twitter -- >> what about his law? >> shannon: one of his main problems as he said their shadow banning. none of the parity accounts are on there as well. when it comes to twitter people want to argue both ways and argue that it is a public forum, but it is private. people who wanted shut down have to remember at this point it is still private. it is not a government entity. >> shannon, you know that. parity of a public figure that is protected so devin nunes can treat whatever they want about devin nunes including his mom's account. >> shannon: that aside, we know that is very popular.
8:28 pm
i want to bring you back into this. >> they are not receiving federal money into the billions as most college campuses across this country aren't. should the government not have a say in what happens they are not trying to voice some new obligation onto the colleges. they are trying to say, treat everybody fairly. >> this happens far too often. groups who are on the conservative side, they don't even want to invite certain speakers because they don't want to go through the bureaucracy and the university pushing back to not allow these viewpoints to be heard. this is something that should have universal agreements. i could tell you hundreds and hundreds of times a year we go against university administration, trying to appease the protesters and trying to make security concer concerns. this executive order make sure the university does everything they can to allow all ideas to be heard. to the other point is yes, you have to hear ideas that you might not agree with that if you don't agree with him he could walk out of the room.
8:29 pm
this focus is on voluntary speech. they're not telling students you have to go to these events, but if you look at the best attended in the most events that sometimes they are conservatives. when i come on campus were ben shapiro and i think we can agree that college campuses should be a place where you can hear something you will disagree with you also agree that they go to the left. this order liberates college campuses. >> shannon: i do think that ethan would fight for your right to go there and to have the speeches i do those things. you both could agree on that which is important. thank you both. great to see you both. >> thank you. >> shannon: breaking news is next. ♪ feel the clarity...
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♪ ♪ >> shannon: this is a fox news alert. more than 40 people are dead after an explosion in eastern china. we are getting images that reports of 90 other people have been seriously injured as well. the blast is one of the worst in
8:34 pm
china's accidents. local chinese government officials and a thousand residents in the area have been evacuated and they are fearing there could be chemical leaks and additional explosions as this plays out. meanwhile just breaking a short time ago the fbi is joining the criminal investigation into how boeing 737 was certified. he reported that indonesia's airline is canceling an order of 49 of those planes. fox news alert now, missouri governor mike person declaring a state of emergency tonight monday into spring and warnings that it could be one of the widest on record, 25 states now at risk for severe flooding. several midwestern states are preparing for the worst following widespread devastation in nebraska and iowa. mike tobin reports from illinois. >> here missouri, a swollen river breached a levy with floodwaters rapidly approaching
8:35 pm
homes and residents got the order for an emergency evacuation. >> i've been here since 1993 and we have never had water like this. it seems that we get a flood. >> is threatened missouri, it was inundated. >> i don't know if it will be a town anymore. there is like four houses that were higher than the rest of town. everybody else has water. >> in addition to the operations, the governor called the international card and to service. ch 47 helicopters were loaded up with pain which was airdropped to cattle stranded by the floodwaters. grain and corn that farmers had stored hoping for better prices or to use got wet, expanded and burst into bins in which they were scored. in nebraska alone, capital losses are estimated at 400 millions. other infrastructure and the damage is 449 million.
8:36 pm
85 million and private sector homes and businesses, train service was disrupted in iowa, minnesota, nebraska and south dakota. where lines are underwater or washed out. they say crews are working around the clock to clear debris, prepare lines and bridges. amtrak has suspended some services because the freight haulers need to use the line. here in illinois, the river receded 18 inches from record level. 175 people displaced from their homes and the police chief says he wants to reopen business and traffic, but first he needs an engineer to determine if the roads have been undermined by flooding. >> the director of the weather service predicts this is a preview to a wet and dangerous spring. this was the third wettest year in u.s. history. a lot of snow in the upper midwest which is melting right now. they predicted the flooding will get worse and be more widespre widespread. >> shannon: more than 500 people are dead and southern
8:37 pm
africa after one of the most instructive natural disasters in recent history. mozambique and zimbabwe, the cyclone causing massive flooding and thousands of people still stranded right now. hundred more feared dead, villages have been completely submerged. they call out 2020 contenders telling them to stay awake from a pro-israel group. how democrats are responding and what is said about the direction of their party. joe biden's potential running mate said he would not oppose to allow illegals to vote. our panel is next. ♪ i can't believe it. that we're playing "four on four" with a barbershop quartet? [quartet singing] bum bum bum bum... pass the ball... pass the rock.. ...we're open just pass the ball! no, i can't believe how easy it was to save hundreds of dollars on my car insurance with geico. yea.
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♪ moving ♪ ready or not ♪ get ready ♪ oh oh oh oh oh ♪ hey ♪ >> shannon: counting down to 2020, a growing list of contenders say it will boycott a pro-israel conference next week. the organization hosting that meeting next week aipac has been
8:42 pm
the host of criticism by freshman congresswoman ilhan omar who applied money support of. joining me now, richard goodstein, katie pavlich, and chris plante. welcome to all of you. a couple of tweets about aipac and one said they have been known to paddle anti-muslim and anti-airport rhetoric while giving platforms to those involved and humus rights abuses. they are publicly shaming people and see better not show up. >> a lot of them have already agreed, elective candidates. there is a movement going on, the jewish american exiting the party and between ilhan omar and rashida to lead and the movement and all of this, i guess they have two shorten up their credentials on this ought to do it. if you are jewish-american and you are running democrat you should wake up and smell what is
8:43 pm
cooking here. this party has made its position very clear. president obama was the worst israel president you've had in generations since jimmy carter and now really they are out of the closet on being anti-israeli if not anti-semitic. >> shannon: what would you say? people are saying this is a separate attack of witnesses and towards error israel. >> no country is perfect and that is for sure. here's the difference. if you have someone like ilhan omar taking a side in the palestinian and israeli debate and not on the situation of israel. taking the side of groups that have sayings like -- they want to get rid of israel as a country and they have no right to exist. they are against the two state solution and you can't support that movement and also support
8:44 pm
israel's right to exist. he sighed, people living in that country are not allowed to be there and that is anti-semitic and let's not forget that we don't support israel because it is a jewish state. we support them because it is a state that has western values that the united states also has an democrats and republicans used to be able to agree on those things. democracy, human rights, voting where they had no form of any democracy, women's rights and education for everybody. israeli arabs are treated the same way, they can vote and they have the same rights as jewish israelis. it is not about treating them as a jewish state, it is about treating them as a western civilization. >> shannon: it is a rough neighborhood. beto o'rourke said he is not going next week and here's something he said about benjam benjamin. >> i know that a prime minister, we have someone who is openly
8:45 pm
sided with racism in that country. spew and i asked him about this and here's what he said. >> i don't think he is a middle east scholar by any stretch of the imagination. they have it backwards. this administration has created the conditions which ultimately may well get us to a place where we can achieve the very peace that everyone in the world wants, a better life for the palestinian people in a better life and less risk. >> shannon: how do you think this will issue will play? >> democratic congressional leadership is going to the meeting. aipac called out this party, this racist party that benjamin is forming an alliance with and they said they are reprehensib reprehensible. this notion that as trump said
8:46 pm
said, -- >> shannon: democrats hate jews. they are jewish. >> listen, donald trump cut 24% of the jewish vote. every election going back for 30 or 40 years has been this, we will see the surgeon on the republican side among jewish people and it never happens. we heard about that in 2018 and it never happened. all the reports are that -- democrats have 85% of the jewish vote. i would talk it up to you if i was getting 20% for 24%. it is a myth. they took jerusalem out of the platform and when they try to put them back and people freaked out on the floor about getting it back in there now you have ilhan omar. >> they chanted foul staff,
8:47 pm
donald trump said there were five people. >> you misremembered that. >> shannon: in bed as whole separate thing. again, aipac we will see who shows up next week. stick around. beto o'rourke and his minivan, find out what happened when he parked out to make it where was supposed to be. you'll not guess who he took as his date to an x-rated movie, yikes. physical physica♪ after the down payment. man: and the baby room needs new carpet. woman: and a door. ugh, and a window. man: and we still got to patch that mystery hole. woman: and then make it super adorable. man: ridiculously adorable. this is why we sofi. with sofi's no-fee personal loan, borrow up to $100k for home projects.
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>> shannon: beto o'rourke on his way to south carolina tonight while campaigning in new hampshire. he got a parking ticket, it stinks when that happens. let's bring in her power panel. a lighter note now. he has his minivan he is been driving around and apparently it had a big take it in a sign where it was parked. he left it in a no parking zone. he pulled up and left it there. "newsweek" talks about the image that he has and they say despite his underdog everyman image, a net worth of $9 million in 2015. he was ranked 51st in the house of representatives in terms of wealth. first of all, 50 people who are
8:52 pm
millionaires and congress. that is a whol whole another conversation. he is in jeans, he thinks he is doing his own thing. what do you think? >> here's why, we know he is young. we know he is charismatic. he doesn't mask the fact that he and his wife -- 's she is super wealthy. she is from a wealthy family. was it a stupid thing for them to do? of course and as you know it will be reported and he ran away from an accident when he was much younger. it is interesting that people are trying to knock him down because he got up to this great start with a 6 million and he says he said i make no excuse for it and i think is responsible is, what is donald trump' trump's excuse? we have to keep this in perspective. >> beto o'rourke is such a rebel
8:53 pm
parking there. it gives him some street cred. taking into the man. he has some issues with cars. it is very forward thinking of him to be driving a minivan. yoyou and if your president you can park where you are at. >> i cement is not his, his bentley convertible is in the shop and i'm sure he calls his father-in-law dad. don't you know who i am? there is no parking in front of a court house he throws the keys to someone else. a classic limousine liberal. this is a guy who was accustomed to, his father-in-law is not only wealthy, he is a billionaire. that is good and she is the only daughter. the only daughter of a texas billionaire and i'm sure he is the keys to the jet. he is used to talk showing, tossing his keys. >> there is nothing wrong with
8:54 pm
inheriting wealth. the problem as being a hypocrite and demanding that other people are evil or bad. >> shannon: we have to get to the second story. i want to play something from john about it really, really weird date. she said, i would love to go because she didn't want to be left alone in the house again. >> it was a famous movie. >> i took my mother to see and she knew i was humiliated and when we drove home she said, i thought the lighting was very good. >> shannon: if you don't know the movie is, who stays through a porno with her mom? >> i assume the conversation was about how it was analog with the relationship with the citizen and the state. >> that is so embarrassing. why would he do that? would he do that to her?
8:55 pm
>> i wasn't part of the outings, they saw deep throat in the theater. i am wondering if he saw that before. >> i thought watergate was a while ago. >> shannon: thank you panel. coming up we honor a very special hero. ♪ , you can choose any car in the aisle, even if it's a better car class than the one you reserved. so no matter what, you're guaranteed to have a perfect drive. [laughter] (vo) go national. go like a pro. see what i did there? guys go through a lot to deal with shave irritation. so, we built the new gillette skinguard with a specialized guard designed to reduce it. because we believe all men deserve a razor just for them.
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♪ >> shannon: are midnight here tonight makes march madness look like child's play. check them out. a junior at kentucky high scho high school, he happens to have down syndrome and after the tip, a half-court shot and the go crazy. look around out there, more than a few teams can use that skill and today is world down syndrome date as we celebrate, we want to honor one of these folks. you are midnight hero. if you have someone, they are
9:00 pm
full of joy and they spread it. we celebrate this day. tonight, let's watch, most trusted you spend your evening with us. good night from washington. ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to tucker carlson. various news outlets are telling us thatng the molar report is finally on its r way. we have inside informatio no in. they will go first to the attorney general and the w and there's not much debate about what should happen after that. democrats have demanded the release of the entire document. the president agrees with them and says you like to see the reportrt go public so that votes can assess it for themselves, will bring it all to you when that happens. for now we want to take just a second to put this entire scrolling story into something. our job in the show is


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