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tv   Hannity  FOX News  March 21, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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you can laugh in the face of authoritarianism and we hope we do. good night from washington. surprising appearance from the empire state, sean hannity. >> sean: i am really proud of you because you have been a champion of speaking out for freedom of speech. and you've never been better. o and everyone's got to understand that we are under fire all the time and you have been strong, articulate in the face of many attacks. we all support you. >> tucker: if our viewers knew how much time we spent on the phone and how grateful that we are that the fox news channel supports us as strongly as it does, thank you. >> sean: the country needs at n least some conservative voices. they want 99.9% liberal voices on the air. tucker, great job. welcome to "hannity." buckle up tonight. i have a special message for jim for nearly two years, the
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united states of america, we have somehow managed to survive without the dedicated stewardship of our righteous moral savior, the ever so virtuous and honorable james comey. thankfully he's back and telling all of us we are the stupid, smelly, walmart shoppers of america. his colleague peter strzok, that's how he refers to us. he's telling us how to behave as the mueller witch hunt nears its conclusion. i will get to that. we are going to show you what the indignant, totally disgraced, fired fbi director had to we are going to remind you of all about james comey and why the president did the country a favor by firing him. all right, but first --id we'll get to that in a minute. it's time for our ongoing "hannity watch" on the radical socialist democratic 2020 candidates. we start tonight with reallyso more bizarre behavior from robert francis beto bozo o'rourke.
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no countertop or table is safe in america. why? robert francis seems to force his way into every restaurant, every diner in the great state of iowa and appears that he's fallen in love with these elevated surfaces. as he moves, whatever he does. cover your food, cover your drinks because beto is coming to a town near you and apparently he is stomping all over where you actually eat. perhaps he's just tryingpp to spread the magical healing powers of what we told you last night of eating dirt. which he did. a lot of it. after he lost to ted cruz and went to new mexico and he thinks they have super natural powers. by the way, he actually even brought some home for his family to eat. what a generous gift. of course his behavior on the campaign trail, it pales in comparison to his extreme and nutty ideas. take, for example, we now know that beto, his all-out war against border walls, not only
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is he against the president's plan for expanding border o security, but he also wants to tear down existing border walls so our borders then would be completely wide open. because, according to beto, there are no problems, none, at our southern border. take a look. >> we do not need any walls. $30 billion, 2,000 miles long, 30 feet high. it will not be built on the international boundary line. which is the center line of the rio grande river. the wall will be built well into the interior of someone's ranch, someone else's farm, someone else's home. you and i will be forced to take their properties to solve a problem that we do not have. >> sean: the human trafficking we've chronicled, the young girls in prostitution, drug trafficking, violent gangs, cartels, the 2%, not the 98%. 300 americans killed every week from heroin, 90% crosses that border. i guess none of that seems to matter to robert franciser o'rourke.
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i guess the angel moms and dads who we have interviewed who have lost their family members and their children from heroin overdoses, i guess he isn't paying attention to them. maybe he needs a long conversation with them, because that crosses our southern border and i guess none of it seems to matter, or maybe he's just living in an alternative reality from ingesting too much dirt. either way, he's in good company within his own party. for example, fellow democratic congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez, now the leader pushing the bizarre far left radical ideas. these are not based on reality. she wants to ban all air travel, get rid of the combustion engine, and all oil and gas in ten years and cows because of an impending apocalypse. she actually thinks the world is going to end in 12 years. but that didn't stop her from touring this massive $8 billion expansion of laguardia airport in new york city. that's her district.
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it isn't that the very thing she wants to ban? here she is cheering on the expansion of that airport right in her home city. this is the airport she utilizes we know an awful lot. you can take amtrak between new york and d.c. but she prefers to travel via delta, the shuttle. it's a "do as i say, not as i do," kind of like the socialist way. right, congresswoman? glad you watch the channel so much. this kind of rampant hypocrisy doesn't matter to the mainstream media at all. look at "time" magazine. just featured her on its cover, calling her "the phenom." more on that radical far left socialist democrat party and their best friends in the media in just a minute. also tonight, the great one, mark levin, will be with us and the ever-so-brilliant victor david hanson. first, we do turn to some good news, before we get to our tope story, out of syria. remember in 2015, then-candidate donald trump made this promise. let's take a look.e >> they want to go after our
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civilians. they want to kill not only our civilians, all over the world, and it's got to be stopped. it's going to be stopped. somebody criticized me the other day because they asked me what i'd do and i said i'm going to bomb the [bleep] out of them. it's true. i don't care. i don't care. they've got to be stopped. >> sean: very different politician. promises made, and a lot of promises kept. those insane rules of engagement from the obama era were lifted. president trump has unleashed american airpower, bombing isisn over and over and over again. with the help of that air cover, the u.s.-backed syrian forces just cleared what is the final strip of land once held by isis fighters, the one they took over originally. tens of thousands of radical jihadists have surrendered. many other thousands have been killed, the so-called caliphate is no more. the struggle against radicalis extremism and those sympathetic
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to isis, we must forever remain vigilant. the president recognized golan heights as israel territory. again, he was the only president to promise jerusalem is the rightful capital. he made it happen. we turn our attention to "hannity watch" and this is our top story tonight. the seemingly never-ending probe appears to be in its final stage. the president wants mueller's full report released to the public. he doesn't decide that, but he wants everyone everywhere to see it with their own eyes. that after nine months, by thewa way, of investigations from comey and his fbi, that was before mueller, the nearly 700 days of investigations from mueller, we know there's no evidence of any trump-russian collusion, none, zero, nothing. remember we learned last week, lisa page, peter strzok testified that the fbi'ser nine-month investigation before the appointment of mueller came up empty. they had nothing. the house, senate
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investigations, they also camety up empty. nothing. look at this, nbc news is panicking. they are worried. they recently ran a report entitled, "you may be disappointed by the mueller report." in other words, the conspiracy theories that their network has been peddling for two plus years might be about to be confronted with truth. meanwhile the ever-virtuous savior of american morality, he's back and he's telling you exactly what you need to think about the impending special counsel report. in an op-ed in "the new york times," the always sanctimonious, self-righteous jim comey writing that he's not rooting for president trump to be guilty of a crime. instead he's "rooting for a demonstration to the world that the united states justice system works." really? well, jim comey, i don't believe a single word you say. time now for a "hannity" history lesson on james comey and his role in all of this. he is the root of almost
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everything here. james comey, he was the one who totally mishandled and helped rig the clinton investigation. he's the one that allowed obama's attorney general loretta lynch to dictate how his agency was conducting the investigation. or should i say matter? which he allowed her to say when he knew it was supposed to be an investigation. he was leading it. jim comey, the one who oversaw s clinton's exoneration letter in may of 2016, three months before the investigation ended and three months before hillary clinton, other key witnesses, were even interviewed. what i call the exoneration before by the way, it was he who allowed two other people in the room with hillary when she was being interrogated. supposedly. he's the one that signed off on changing the all important o language in the letter, the exoneration letter. "gross negligence" was taken out. that would be the criminal statute. the words "extreme carelessness"
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put in and then of course they had the new standard intent that they just made up in the law, which was all at at the direction of obama's doj, which we learned last week, in loretta lynch's office, she's taking control of all of this, according to page and strzok. jim comey is the one that lied about all of this on capitol hill. he testified that he didn't write the exoneration letter before interviewing clinton. that was a lie. he was the one who allowed rampant anti-trump bias to fester among his top officials including page, strzok,an mccabe, and so many more. it was jim comey who allowed the person that called trump supporters, us, smelly walmart people and vowed to stop trump from becoming president. he let him lead the investigation into the trump campaign and he's the guy who interviewed hillary. by the way, it was jim comey whn purposely leaked sensitive information and government memos about the president after he was
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unceremoniously, well, fired, and he did it for the very purposes of ensuring that a special counsel investigation happened after his own nine-month investigation got nothing. and that his good friend robert mueller was appointed to lead the witch hunt, even though, again, they had found nothing. you may remember this. >> the president tweeted on friday after i got fired that i better hope there's not tapes. i woke up in the middle of the night on monday night because it didn't dawn on me originally that there might be corroboration for our conversation. there might be a tape. my judgment was i needed to get that out into the public square, and so i asked a friend of mine to share the content of the memo with a reporter.f i didn't do it myself for a a variety of reasons, but i asked them to because i thought that might prompt the appointment of a special counsel. >> sean: jim comey, he also signed the first fisa application. a this was in october of 2016. in other words, it was jim comey who clearly, we now know,
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committed fraud with his signature before a fisa court judge. what did he use? the bulk of information, nunes, grassley-graham memo tells us hillary clinton's bought and paid for dirty russian dossier. it was comey in fact who hid the fact that the dossier's contents -- small detail -- hillary paid for it, but theyer didn't tell the fisa court in big bold letters she paid for it that this was a partisan document, unverified, uncorroborated. that would be called in my world fraud by omission. small oversight, mr. comey? it was jim comey who signed off on that document that was completely, think about this, unverifiable. how do we know it's unverifiable? its author, christopher steele, testified in great britain he had no idea if any of that dossier was true. we now know most of it isie totally debunked, but that's what they presented to the fisa court judge.
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now, i thought, if i remember correctly, a fisa application can only be obtained if a career law enforcement official swears that the information is true and correct. or else there will be serious consequences. where did i learn that from? oh, rod rosenstein. take a look. >> fisa application is actually, a warrant, like a search warrant. in order to get a fisa search warrant, you need an affidavit signed by a career federal enforcement officer who swears that the information in the affidavit is true and correct to the best of his knowledge and belief. that's the way we if it's wrong -- sometimes it is -- if you find out there's something incorrect, that person is going to face consequences. >> sean: jim comey put his signature, swearing that to the best of his knowledge it's true and accurate. well, even its own author doesn't believe that. by the way, now he's going to lecture us on how we the american people need to judge the mueller report that he set
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up? none of this would've happened, none of it, except jim comey allowed his personal ambition,ne his animus, his hatred ofxc donald trump get in the how do you sign off on a warrant that's impossible to verify? how do you do that? when steele said you can't verify it, he can't verify it, only 50/50 chance it's true, how do you hide from a judge hillarc paid for that dossier? the opposition party paid for it. and three months after he signed the october 2016 warrant, well, then he went to trump tower ine january 2017 and told then president-elect trump that the dossier exists. it's unverified. and it's salacious. the opposite of what he would've signed off on in october. based on the garbage, being truthful three months earlier, what he swore to. that's called fraud. that's called lying. that's called a fraud that also -- think about this.
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it denied one of our fellow citizens their constitutional right. that would be carter page. fraud, because the media, "the washington post," fraud leaked before the american people that influenced the election with russian lies, fraud that was used to elect a candidate he and others obviously preferred. fraud to bludgeon a duly elected president to undo the election because he knew better. because he hated trump, justli like his disciples, strzok and page. first they rig an investigation. by the way, mr. comey, do you think if i deleted subpoenaed emails and i acid washed my hard drive and had somebody bust myth devices, do you think i would get away with that? i don't think so, but they cleared hillary of all charges. they rigged that investigation. now he thought he knew better than you. we, the american people. to this day, comey thinks he's an american super patriot. he's not.
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this has nothing to do, by theer way, with rank-and-file fbi people. jim comey tainted what is the greatest law enforcement agency in the world. he did that. thanks to his horrible leadership, his actions and decisions as the director of the fbi. we now have serious doubts in this country as to whether or h not equal justice under the law still exists. because of what he and a few at the highest levels of government did in this case. here with reaction, he wrote the best-selling book, "the case against the democratic house impeaching trump," professor alan dershowitz, and former florida attorney general pampe bondi. by the way, for another night, professor, i was very proud of the president today rightly acknowledging golan heights was israel's territory, like many presidents have promised jerusalem, the capital, never followed through. this president did.. >> he absolutely did and i had
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an opportunity to talk to the president a couple weeks ago about this and to explain to him how you don't give back a battleship that you captured from an enemy who is going to use it to fire at you. the golan heights is a battleship and you don't give it to syria and iran. he did a great thing. congratulations to him for doing what other presidents should have done. >> sean: they should have, and it shows once again he's bold. he keeps his word.ul let me go to this issue. we know he signed the first warrant. we are told by nunes and grassley and graham, the bulk of information in the application was the phony clinton paid for russian dossier that steele doesn't stand by. then in january, that would makd what rod rosenstein said, consequences if you don't tell the court. he didn't tell the court she paid for it. is that a fraud on the court? why three months later did he tell president-elect trump the d opposite? >> i think it is a fraud on the court and i think the court ought to look into holding the
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people who misled them in contempt. you know, the court is a trusted institution. they handle these applications ex parte, no opportunity for the other side to present opposing points of view. they depend on the credibility and the honesty of people presenting these warrant applications to them. i think they should have been told the source of this material. they should have been told that tven the person who wrote it doesn't now stand behind it, and they were misled. i don't think they would've granted that warrant if they had been told the truth, the whole truth, nothing but the truth. >> sean: it's a lie by omission, pam bondi. how important a detail is it that hillary paid for it and they didn't put that in there? how important is it that he is saying he verifiedt something that is totally unverifiable? >> it's completely relevant and important and crucial, and asal
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professor dershowitz said, as a prosecutor, i've done many, many state warrants and it's one of the most important things you can do as a prosecutor because it's your reputation on the line. you are swearing by affidavit what you are saying is true to the best of your knowledge. i think comey is in trouble. i think he's going on a very poor offense now, trying to play offense. he's in trouble and i think bill barr is going to look at that and again, we love the great men and women of the fbi. 99% of them. it's these few that are doing a horrible, horrible disservice to all the great men and women. >> sean: i come from a law-enforcement family, pam. my mom was a prison guard for 25 years. my dad, so many of my relatives were cops. the two deity in the family were my grandfather's brothers two sons, they were in the fbi. it was like they were the highest of the high and i don't want others tainted by this.
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>> nor does the president. >> sean: do you see a crime here, pam? and then i will go to professor dershowitz. >> i see a very potential crime. i know bill barr has got to look into this. we know mueller's not going to. we know robert mueller's notas going to. we know that the report is going to go out and i agree with the president that it should be released and i believe bill barr will release the report. that's totally up to him, but it's so important for the american people to see it. the horrible things they've said about the president that are not true. there was no collusion. these have got to be released to the public and, yes, i think additional investigations have got to take place, as you have always said with hillary clinton, with comey, and with many others, not many others, but the top tier in the fbi. absolutely, sean. >> sean: professor, you are a great defense attorney. you really are. i want to call attention to the piece on "i want to be investigated by
10:21 pm
the fbi." which shows your character and the person i've known all the years that you are even thoughgh we might have political but as good as an attorney as you are and pam, and if i hired you, after i deleted 33,000 subpoenaed emails and i leak government information and, oh, then i deleted my hard drive completely and busted up my devices, i would bet you couldn't keep me out of jail. sorry. as good as you are. >> i would try. i would certainly try. that's the job of the defense attorney and the job of the defense attorney is to fight for his client. >> sean: what are the odds i would get away with it? >> that's what i do. >> sean: what are the odds i would get away with it? >> if you had me as your lawyer, pretty good. >> if i was a prosecutor,re probably not. >> that would be a goodet conflict. pam as a prosecutor and me as a defense attorney. let's have a moot court and see who wins. >> sean: i would hire a dream team.
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joseph digenova, jay sekulow, i would get all of you into thi this. thank you both. important information tonight, and i hope america now sees what went on here. a lot of bad stuff. but not the fbi rank and file. this was not them. president trump stands up for free speech on college campuses. thankfully. trace gallagher with the report. also the ever-brilliant victor davis hanson and the great one, mark levin, is back. he is fired up.da it's been, like, three months. coming back tonight. ♪ b ♪ i think i found my dream car. it turns out they want me to start next month. she can stay with you to finish her senior year? of course she can! [ laughter ] [ groaning ] hey! want to drive? really?
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exchange of ideas, ideals, and opinions. joining us live with the very latest from our west coast newsroom tonight, fox news correspondent trace gallagher. important issue, trace. we know what goes on college campuses. >> yeah, and the president said, sean, during the conservative w political action conference that he would sign the campus free-speech directive and today he made it official, saying people who are confident in their beliefs don't censor others. failing to comply with this order comes with a list of penalties including the loss of federal resource dollars,, although the white house did not provide specific examples of how the punishment would exactly work. university of california president and former homeland security secretary janet napolitano called the order unnecessary, "the university of california is ground zero for robust exchanges of ideas andd differing viewpoints." well, tell that towp right-wing speaker milo yiannopoulos, whose speech at uc berkeley was canceled because of safety concerns. and conservative activist hayden williams didn't exactly feel the robust exchange of ideas when he was attacked at berkeley while trying to recruit conservative students.
10:28 pm
you have to remember, young republicans have complained for years that universities have been given wide latitude to cancel conservative speakers by citing things like securityiv costs and threats of violence. sean. >> sean: trace gallagher in our west coast newsroom tonight. thank you as always. here with reaction, author of the brand-new book, "the case for trump," senior fellow at the hoover institution, frankly a genius professor in his own right, historian victor davis hanson is with us. i look at how conservatives are treated on college campuses. it's amazing to me because supposedly you have open-minded liberal academia. they say that they are for free speech but not conservative why is there this inordinate fear of just allowing somebody to give a different point of view? >> i think universities think
10:29 pm
that the community, religion, the country at large is biased so that they are justified in being biased on their own right. so they feel they can be propagandistic rather than intuitive and inductive and that balances out right wing america. but sean, there's no fifth amendment on campus if you are accused of harassment. there is no presumption of innocence, due process, cross examination.nt if you and i were to talk about global warming in a way that wasn't politically correct, i don't think we would get free-speech protection. if we take a loan out, we are not subject to the same information that we are when we buy a car. universities just assume the federal government will protect that loan and therefore they can jack up tuition above the rate of inflation. this is a scab that we have torn off and we look at the wound beneath and, my god, it's been festering for a long time.
10:30 pm
>> sean: you know -- >> it's been given an exemption from the normal audit because of their progressive, loud virtueue signaling. >> sean: you know -- >> it's past time to cross-examine everything they do. >> sean: i want to ask you this. as a conservative, i've debated liberals for years and frankly it's gotten too frustrating. at times, as so many people are locked into ideology and this is just the facts. jfk believed in cutting the top marginal rates and the economy boomed. ronald reagan, you know, doubled revenues for the government. 21.5 million new jobs created. 13 million more americans under obama were on food stamps, 8 million more in poverty afterr eight years. almost 6 million jobs trump has created. again, cutting taxes, deregulation. why don't we just learn the lesson that that conservatism, that limited government works?
10:31 pm
and it works for everybody? instead of now a desire of a 70% top marginal rate for individuals, 90% foror corporations.. >> i think it's because ofdu liberal progressive minefields. they would all rather be collectively poor, if there was no inequality, than having some inequality and everybody being better off. and that's very ironic because with this admittance scandal we've seen about very wealthy liberal people who virtue signal about privilege and inequality, they don't live by the consequences of their own ideology. they are buying admittances for their children that denies children of a welder in bakersfield that opportunity. if you turn over the rock of college admittances, you're going to see some very frightening things about admittance based on money given and one's race and all sorts of improper, nonethical mechanisms to brand your child or to get
10:32 pm
them into school, as if that's going to help his career by having a gucci bag with a ba on it from harvard or stanford or yale. >> sean: harvard, $37 billion endowment. i understand, people want to help schools in higher education. i've done it myself over the years. victor davis hanson, we thank you. we appreciate it. buckle up. it's been months since the great one, mark levin, has been on this program. he will talk about the democrats' latest insane, wild proposals and later you're going to meet a man named matthew charles.oi he was the first person freed from prison because president trump kept another promise, prison reform that so many other presidents didn't keep that promise. he's having a hard time finding a place to live. we want to help him. kim kardashian is helping him. we'll explain. ♪ kim kardashian is helping him. we'll
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♪ >> we should have national voting and that means get rid of the electoral college. >> i think i'm open to the discussion. there's no question that the popular vote has been diminished in terms of making the final decision about who the president of the united states is and we need to deal with that.he >> would you support getting rid of the electoral college? >> absolutely. >> i've been for lowering the voting age to 16. it's important to capture kids when they are in high school and they are interested in all of this. >> what if there were five justices elected by democrats and five justices selected by republicans and those ten then picked five more justices independent of those who chose the first ten. >> sean: just a small glimpse
10:38 pm
of how radical, out of touch this new crop of 2020 democrats have become. joining us now to talk about that and much more is the great one, he's the host of "life, liberty & levin," number one show, 10:00 p.m. on sundays right here on fox. and levin tv. mark, you look at our framers, you go back to 1787 and this is your wheelhouse. 16-year-olds to vote. they want to stack the supreme court with activist justices and let's get rid of the electoral college so new york and new jersey and illinois and california will elect every president going forward. dying to get your reaction on w that and the new green deal. >> you know, sean, this is one of the reasons i oppose legalizing pot because obviously we have a problem on capitol hill. look, the greatest threat to our
10:39 pm
constitution and economic system isn't any foreign power. it's the democrat party. it's the leftists within the democrat party because they use our liberty and our constitution to destroy our liberty and our constitution anr they are very good at it. you named some of them. they want to destroy the electoral college.ey what would that mean? why do we have an electoral college? we have an electoral college --v and why do i have to explain this to people who want to run for president of the united states? u because there were states whichr had smaller populations that were not going to join the union if the most populous states were going to control the entire country. we have an electoral college that keeps peace in this nation. we have a farm belt less populated than urban areas.. we have an energy sector less populated than urban areas. we don't want to be ruled by new york city, los angeles, and chicago. we should all have a role in this. a we are a republic. we are not a democracy. we are not a mob-ocracy and what you see here are not people running under the democratic party, they areer running under the mob party.
10:40 pm
they want to get rid of the electoral college. how do they intend to -- justt think about this. if they want to get rid of the electoral college, you have to amend the constitution. you only need 13 states to say no. do you think there is 13 states that will say no? i think there's 20 states that will say no. so they are absolute illiteratet when it comes to the constitution. they want to pack the supreme court. we tried this. franklin roosevelt tried it. you know who stopped him? his own vice president in the democratic party. they want to pack the supreme court because they want to fix the outcome of elections and they want to fix the outcome of court this is very good banana republic of the democrat party. they want to allow illegalec aliens to vote. why wait for them to come 1,000 miles into the united states? why don't we send absentee ballots to 7 billion people all over the world and say you don't need to struggle to get to the united states, you can just vote in our elections. they want to lower the voting age to 16. why not lower it to 12?on or 14 or 15? how stupid is that?
10:41 pm
they raised the age for booze, they raised the age for5? cigarettes to 21! but at 16, you're going to help pick our president? why are they doing that?ur because they indoctrinate all these kids in high school and so forth and they know how they're going to vote, every decision they make or everything they espouse is about power, controlling power. do you think if we had a million illegal immigrants coming across the border and 75% of them would become united states citizens who would vote republican, do you think they would want to secure the southern border? you bet they would! they would have sniper towers all over the place! they don't want republicans coming to this country! the second amendment. now we have a knuckleheadnt running for president who says we should actually start to confiscate weapons. the first amendment, they call this voter reform. they want to take away free speech. now we're only three or four weeks into this election and the kooks are in full display. what about our economy? nationalize energy. nationalize energy?
10:42 pm
we are finally energy independent and they want toal destroy it. nationalize health care. single-payer. wealth tax. 70% to 90% marginal tax rate. a vat tax, free college, a r guaranteed minimum income from birth, guaranteed federal jobs, three months of taxpayer financed family leave, expand social security while the trustees say it's bankrupt in 2034. that's the genius bernie sanders, by the way. eliminate existing border fences. that's beto o'dork right there. eliminate i.c.e. reinstate the iran nuclear deal. cut military funding. while we are it, impeach the president, indict the president, indict the president's children and let's go ahead and impeachs associate supreme court justice kavanaugh. that is quite a policy plan that the democrats have and we are only three or four weeks into this. >> sean: mark, you forget one thing.n: i never like to correct you because you're always right. during birth and after birth abortion.
10:43 pm
>> oh, s right. you're right. >> sean: deliver the baby, make sure the baby is comfortable, and let the mother decide. wow.s did you ever think in all your years you would hear this, even all these things you mentioned ever being seriously discussed? like, 100 democrats in congress supporting it.t. and 2020 candidates! >> listen to how crazy these people are. we're going to eliminate straws to save the whales, but infanticide of human beings is a right, a choice between a mother and a doctor. no, it's not. i just want to say one thing before we go, to the president of the united states. thank you. thank you for being a statesman. what you've done in israel will be remembered for 1,000 years. the golan heights, moving the embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem, taking on the terrorists in hamas and the palestinian liberation organization office that you closed and the plo. shredding the iran deal, which was a threat to the
10:44 pm
united states as well as our allies, the gulf arab states and the israelis too. honestly, we have four democrats running for president, elizabeth warren, julian castro, bernie sanders, kamala harris, none of them will speak at aipac which is a moderate left of center organization that supports israel. that's how hard-core the democrats have become anti-israel. when they have an anti-semite among them, they can't even pass a resolution specifically condemning the anti-semite by name. and yet the number three democrat in the house of representatives yet again in that party compared the president of the united states to adolf hitler! this is a sick party! these are sick people running for president of the united states! there is no other explanation for this! >> sean: mark levin, we have missed you for three months. please come back a little more regularly. amazing commentary tonight. thank you for that. don't forget mark's show "life, liberty & levin" sunday night at show eastern, number one on sunday nights here at fox.
10:45 pm
when we come back, an incredible personal story. our next guest was freed from prison. why? because the president kept another promise, and that'ss prison reform, that no other president could get through, the promise. wait until you hear what kim kardashian is doing to help this man start hisit life, the hmpelling story next. ♪ ife, the compelling story next (woman) candace, two minutes. too late for lunch. starkist saves the day. sweet and spicy tuna in a pouch! smart choice, charlie. (charlie) no drain, no pain. just tear, eat... and go! try all of my tuna, salmon and chicken pouches.
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♪ ♪ >> 1996 at the age of 30, matthew was sentenced to 35 years for selling drugs and related offenses. over the next two decades, he completed more than 30 bible studies, became a law clerk, and mentored many of his fellow inmates.
10:50 pm
now matthew is the very first person to be released fromw prison under the first step act. [applause] >> sean: matthew charles being recognized by the president in his state of the union address earlier this year. despite a very inspiring story of redemption, perseverance, he is still facing major hurdles due to his criminal record, like not being able to rent an apartment. now, famous actress and, i guess, famous person kim kardashian, she has now offereds to pay his rent up k front for five years, as she continues to be a major voice in the prison reform movement, as she was with alice johnson who we've had on this program.e joining us now is matthew charles. sir, thank you for being on the program.
10:51 pm
wow. 40 bible studies, 21 years in jail, and you get introduced to the country by the president. he got something done that no other president got done that tried before him. how do you feel? >> i feel wonderful. and grateful, sir. >> sean: i think 40 bible studies. i think i'm going to be the one asking you for prayers. how did you change? when you saw alice johnson, when she came out of prison and she embraced her family and said thank you, america, for giving me a second chance. i won't let you down. your story seems exactly like hers. you changed for the better in prison. how? >> prior to me going into prison and before sentencing, i ended up accepting the lord jesus christ as my personal savior. that commitment that i made to god as well as his spiritt changed me in a way that reflected outwardly. >> sean: kim kardashian
10:52 pm
personally lobbied on behalf ofa alice johnson and for this legislation and you're the first person released. she's offered to pay five years up front for your rent but you're having a problem getting a place? why?ro >> they are looking at it from the perspective of i still have a felony background and no credit. i was gone for two decades and therefore my credit report came back with no score, and the fact that i was incarcerated for 22 years, that felony conviction alone bars me for most housing. >> sean: yeah. f as i understand it, kim has put up that if anybody lives in your area, you live in tennessee, right? >> nashville, yes, sir. >> sean: music city. beautiful place. to contact her. i'll put that up on my website how has it been when you got out? we'll put it up there.n kim kardashian west.
10:53 pm
what does it say? @kimkardashian? i can't read it. how is it -- now that you're free, what do you want to do with your life? >> i want to continue to seek criminal justice reform. during my period of incarceration, there are a lot of people serving extensive sentences for nonviolent offenses. as well as when i got saved, god placed it in my heart to help the poor and homeless and single-parent families so i know that that's there. the platform, the opportunity has availed itself for me toe speak about criminal justice reform and try to see real changes made. >> sean: even conservatives -- i have supported this legislation and i've got to tell you i was a hard-line guy on law and justice over the years. there's a project that was headed up by barry scheck, the innocence project. when he showed so many people on death row that were not guilty, unless there is video, incontrovertible evidence, ier won't support the death penalty.
10:54 pm
we have gotten it so wrong. what's the best thing the country can do to help people like yourself when they get out? do you need a job? do you need other support? >> i would say for zero tolerance they have to rent houses as well as to work certain jobs, understand that ar job that requires a security clearance, a person coming out of federal prison or state prison is not going to be given that job.le some jobs, those barriers that exist that society needs toen remove or needs to be legislated because there are certain things that people that are incarcerated such as myself, once we are released, we can't overcome those hurdles because there's absolutely nothing we can do while incarcerated to make someone want to rent their apartment or their house to us once we are released.ut >> sean: matthew charles, i'm so happy for you. i wish you all godspeed, best wishes. it is at @kimkardashian.
10:55 pm
if you live in nashville and you can help out matthew and his family, it would be awesome. we will put it on and we wish you the very best in life. great story. good thing that the president got done. when we come back, our villain of the day predicts a shocking winner in the next presidential election. you won't believe it? straight ahead. some things are out of
10:56 pm
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the fork our villain of the day, >> our villain of the day, our old friend joe scarborough. i don't hate him, we had a feud going on over the years but he just can't stop himself. he has to bash trump every second of every day. but he wants his job. he recently gave his favorite candidate that he thinks will be donald trump in 2020 if he decides to run. watch.
11:00 pm
>> john kerry, if he ran, he would win. he would be the 46 president if he announced today he was running. >> we will never be the hate trump media. let not your heart be troubled. in d.c., laura ingraham, another free speech advocate. i was telling tucker tonight thank goodness we all support freedom of speech and we actually think people should have the choice whether they want to watch are not. >> l laura: absolutely. all for one, one for all, hannity. like the three musketeers, right? >> sean: great. three musketeers. wonderful. >> laura: which sword do you want? i want the coolest one. i want the coolest one. >> sean: and we put hannity at the bottom. >> laura: no problem. fantastic show and you are right,ti the forces against free speech in the united states, we are going to expose them night after night. they will never win. they will never stop freedom


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