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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  March 22, 2019 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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full of joy and they spread it to all of us around we celebrate this day. tonight most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us good night from washington but we will see you back here, i am shannon bream. heather: is march 22nd. this is "fox and friends first" which happening at 4:00 am on the east coast a fox news alert. the suspect accused of murdering a washington state deputy and father of three was an illegal immigrant. of democrats gear up to block the president's emergency order the white house wants to know is this enough proof of a crisis? she went to a top university, became the youngest congresswoman ever and she just planted this, the cover of time magazine but alexandria ocasio cortez says she never experienced american prosperity. the growing outrage over that one.
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>> two leading scorers. shannon: march madness is back with a vengeance. big highlights from the busy first round. "fox and friends first" starts right now. good morning to you. you are watching "fox and friends first" this friday morning. thanks for joining us as always. let's begin with this fox news alert. mike pence blasting atlanta's mayor for ousting ice from the city's jail, this is ice revealed a suspect, an illegal immigrant. griff jenkins joins us with more on the vice president's fiery
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speech. >> reporter: tough way to begin friday but mike pence when visiting in atlanta took a hard swipe at the city's mayor over the decision to terminate the city's partnership with ice. >> it is amazing to think the mayor said she would not be complicit in immigration policy. i would say to the mayor that criminal illegal immigrants, gang members on our streets inflict misery. >> reporter: last year the mayor bar this be from federal immigration detainees, the ability to take illegal chameleons into custody before they are released onto the streets, this has brian thompson becomes the first officer fatality from the state of washington. ice confirming the man who shot him was in the us illegally.
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ice issuing a statement, a citizen of mexico was unlawfully present in the united states, entered the us on april 11, 2014, on a temporary agricultural work visa. ice has no record of him leaving the us after it expired. there was a road rage incident. another officer was wounded in the leg. this tragic death is taking a toll on that community. >> it is like a nuclear bomb going off. it destroyed part of our hearts and lives. >> reporter: washington state is a sanctuary state. expect to hear more about this incident and others like it when congress votes next tuesday to override the president's veto regarding his national emergency declaration. heather: we will see what happens between now and then. thank you so much.
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some questions are left unanswered but acting ice director john torres says one sticks out more than others. >> enforcement officers killed in the line of duty, it is even more senseless when someone who shouldn't be here in the united states. one of the concerns i always had is ice agents in the past have been accused, why should they be so heavy-handed? wearing a vest or jacket or have a gun drawn? situations like this. you don't know how a person will react. when i look at this there is something missing. this is a person who is supposed to be an agricultural worker who leads police a high-speed chase and guns down two police officers, one killed and another seriously injured. heather: thompson is the 12th the law enforcement officer gunned down in the line of duty this year. breaking overnight two american soldiers are killed during an
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operation in afghanistan. their identities have not been revealed. it is unclear who they are fighting. right now there are 14,000 us troops supporting afghan soldiers in their fight against the taliban and we bring you more information on this as soon as it comes in. a billion-dollar order for boeing 747 max jets canceled overnight. indonesia pooling its order for 49 jets after two the the crashes involving the plane. passengers of lost trust in the boeing aircraft. the decision comes after two, 737 max jets crashed in ethiopia and indonesia killing hundreds of people. that model has been grounded in several countries including the us. donald trump making history recognizing israeli control over the golan heights as several 2020 democratic candidates say
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they plan to boycott an upcoming pro-israel event. we break down. >> reporter: bernie sanders not attending. the american israel public affairs committee conference is a powerful pro israel lobbying room. let's get some surprising move by the president on twitter. trump tweeted after 52 years it is time for the united states to recognize his relapse sovereignty over the golan heights which is a critical strategic and security importance, state of israel and regional stability. israel captured the strategically important golan heights in 1967. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu praising trump think the president just made history. is up for reelection in a month. listen to what the president
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said when he was asked about the timing of this move. >> i have been thinking of it for a long time, very hard decision, this is very much like jerusalem. i did that. golan heights is the same thing. for years other presidents of campaigned, this is sovereignty, this is security, regional security. >> battling accusations of anti-semitism for controversial remarks for congresswoman omar. it will be airing on mornings with maria on the foxbusiness channel. >> much more on that coming up. great to have you with us. >> let's talk about venezuela. the political crisis escalating following the arrest of juan guaido, his chief of staff. mike pompeo vowing the response as the us continues to support
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the opposition leader. >> we will make sure the world knows who those people are into what we can for those individuals who engage in this conduct, antithetical to what the venezuelan people demanded. democracy in venezuela. we will do all we can to hold individuals accountable. shannon: donald trump has not ruled out intervention to oust nicholas maduro. presidential candidate kirsten gillibrand says she will take on the fight, quote, no one else will including creating social security for illegal immigrants. >> the way you have comprehensive immigration reform, 10, 11 million people here now working now begin to buy into social security, pay into social security, they into taxes, pay their fair share and
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over a 10-year period they will earn their way to citizenship and that is what the policy proposal is. they may not understand that. i have explained it and now they know. heather: she says she is the best candidate to beat donald trump because strong women are his, quote, kryptonite. if you want federal research dollars you protect the rights of students, that message from donald trump as he signed an executive order to promote free speech on american college campuses. >> inquiry, transparency and accountability, for colleges and universities. conservative voices have been unfairly silenced. >> under the guise of speech codes and trigger warnings at these universities have tried to restrict free thought imposed
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total conformity. >> make sure free speech is guaranteed on campuses or lose federal grant money. it would require better data for students on potential earnings and financial risk associated with loans and asks for a report to shape policy that would require institutions to share some of the financial risks of student loans. >> student loan debt, i will work to fix it because it is outrageous what is happening. >> reporter: lamar alexander agrees more information should be available to students. he has concerns with the speech aspect saying conservatives don't like when judges write laws and conservatives should not like it when legislators and agencies try to rewrite the constitution. 12 federal agencies that support university research will be
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required to add language to funding agreements with colleges saying public universities, they have to set their own free inquiry policies. in washington, lauren blanchard, fox news. heather: lexi and david, the honors in, they celebrate those who helped raise money for the organization which provides services for those with develop mental disabilities and their families. a big thank you to the organization for all that it does as well as those who make up the nightmare of the award winners. in the middle is the american press can, the entertainment for the celebration. raising $130 million for the foundation. the time is 11 minutes after the
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top of the hour and washington state deputy dead and what is even more heartbreaking, his alleged killer shouldn't have been in this country in the first place. how does this keep happening? national border patrol council joins us live. james comey weighs in on impeachment but what he said might surprise you.
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right from your computer all the amazing services of the post office only cheaper get our special tv offer a 4-week trial plus postage and a digital scale go to and never go to the post office again! heather: fox news alert, ice confirming the washington sheriff's deputy was shot and killed by an illegal immigrant who overstayed his visa and it is being confirmed a lot of people had something to say including our next guest, the national border patrol vice president, thank you, we appreciate it. you along with a lot of others are fired up about this.
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>> everyone should be fired up because of these sanctuary cities, many failures with politicians, who care more about votes and criminals to continue committing crimes, and -- >> a 29-year-old mail was here to do agricultural work, correct? >> a lot of individuals come across, they come illegally, some of these people try to make it into the country illegally and once they are here, they left their immigration laws, disrespect immigration laws, they continue remaining in the country, and extend visas and never try to do any of that.
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and people within our own country, politicians in our own country that are allowing this to happen and that is sickening. everybody should be upset. protecting our nation's borders making sure american citizens lives are safe. heather: what is the problem, democrats, we hear repeatedly from some issues with ice, the democratic candidates on the ballot, we heard alexandria ocasio cortez talk about how ice needs to be done away with. different states across the country where sheriff departments are not cooperating with ice. why has it become a political issue? >> the problem is that. we have too many people in
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higher power positions whether it is political or law enforcement and the reason they are there is to protect individuals who are here legally, to protect people in this country, to protect americans and that is what it comes down to. it should have nothing to do with what political parties. it is a simple process whether you are on the right side of the aisle or the left side of the aisle, you deserve to at night be safe in your homes. when you're walking through your cds you should be safe to walk-through your cities in the argument i constantly hear that i'm tired of hearing is individuals that are saying we have criminals in the united states. shouldn't just pick on illegal aliens. the reality is everyone knows we have criminals in the united states, that doesn't mean we need to be importing anymore. shannon: we need to deal with those and we don't need to add to the list.
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let's talk about the border patrol agents, they apprehend 2500 illegal immigrants daily and they report releasing more migrants in the last 5 months than they picked up in all of last year. weiss is a crisis for the entire country? >> the focus points, they are experiencing higher numbers than they have before but realistically those numbers are higher across the southwest border but not to the level you are seeing compared to past years but it is truly a crisis and an emergency situation. in the tucson sector we had to send agents work in this area to el paso which is a different sector to assist with the individuals, bringing them to tucson sector. what that has done obviously is removes agents that should be
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working in the field, at the border, protecting our border, sending into el paso to help with their crisis, bringing more illegal aliens over our detention when in our sector because they don't have room for them. it is truly a crisis. i got several messages from agents from the processing center that they themselves are saying many times they are leaving the sales doors open because the amount of people overwhelm them. shannon: it has to be frustrating for you and others dealing with it. you know what is going on day-to-day, talking to folks down there, you know firsthand and to hear political leaders say it is not an emergency, has got to be frustrating. thank you for joining us. hopefully they are listening to you. thank you. you have to come back. the time is 20 minutes after the top of the hour. the story was big news. the crew plunging to the ground
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in a high wire accident and now we have the video. more on those horrifying moment coming up. march madness in full swing. we are breaking down the big wins and the crushing defeat up next. you.
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america's most advanced internet. internet that puts you in charge. that protects what's important. it handles everything, and reaches everywhere. this is beyond wifi, this is xfi. simple. easy. awesome. xfinity, the future of awesome. heather: it is the most exciting time of year for college basketball plans, first round of march madness in full swing and jared mack from fox news headlines serious xm 115 joins us to break down the action. great to have you with us. >> the tournament is just getting going. we have 17 days until the championship.
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a lot of games and not many -- you could be in trouble, 16 games, 16 more today, not many upsets. we start with the biggest surprise, let's check the highlights. yesterday number 12 seed kentucky, in all the three authorities, number 12 seed has been the first round winner. the game against number 5 wasn't even close. point guard john moran scored 17 points to go 16 assists, 11 rebounds, recorded first triple-double in an ncaa game of 7 years. 8364 and moves on to play florida state against vermont. out of spartanburg, south carolina, a realistic -- roller
1:26 am
coaster game against seat and hall but what about fletcher mcgee? college best about record narrow 73 point shots, scored 24, fletch becomes the all-time leader in these divisions. after giving away 16 point lead, seton hall took the lead but scored 17 straight. fletch lives. the defending champions, winner of two of the last three villanova wildcats, time to focus on villanova. it was to the fifth. they drew all my for the wildcats but it was villanova 6157 and they will play purdue in the second round.
1:27 am
clearly the top choice in the opener, coming off of the first tournament win, against one of the favorites to win the ncaa, 21 points, was up 74-30. and baylor in the second round. one shining moment, he missed the entire season with an injury, making an appearance last night and they were down four with a minute ago. he thinks his head coach. just a special moment and not many other upsets, minnesota, also a winner, the target today. heather: who do you have for the win? >> multiples but -- i took
1:28 am
gonzaga. >> i take that back. but duke? >> i understand. go heels. the time is half past the top of the hour. john delaney floated a new idea to help democrats beat donald trump. >> it would be great to have a primary challenge for the president. the president is not doing a great job so having a debate on the republican side would be good. >> are they desperate enough to ask republicans for help? we debate that next. beto having a bad day, his first brush with the law on the campaign trail. ♪ you had a bad day ♪ get 24/7 access to licensed agents with geico. hmm? yeah, you just go online, or give them a call anytime. you don't say. yep. now what will it take to get 24/7 access
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jillian: watching "fox and friends first," look atop
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headlines, we begin with a fox news alert, ice revealing the suspect in a deputy's murderers and illegal immigrant. the agency says the mexican man shot dead in a police shootout overstayed his work visa accused of shooting and killing deputy ryan thompson after a high-speed chase in washington state. a boeing 737 max that order is canceled. indonesia's airline pulling its order for 49 just after two the the crashes involving the plane. passengers of lost trust in the boeing aircraft. that model has been grounded in several countries including the us. donald trump making history recognizing israeli control over the golan heights, the president making the announcement on twitter saying, quote, after 52 years it is time for the united states to recognize his relapse sovereignty over the golan heights which is a critical strategic and security importance to the state of israel and regional stability.
1:33 am
benjamin netanyahu says he is deeply grateful for america's support. turning to another fox news alert north korea withdraws its staff from a liaison office shared with the south. donald trump want -- says he wants to work with democrats to improve infrastructure, telling foxbusiness's maria bartiroma that discussions are already underway. >> the easiest thing is infrastructure. they wanted, i wanted, i spoke to nancy pelosi about it the other day.
1:34 am
we agree on it and we even like the type of infrastructure we are talking about. maybe in a certain way more democrat than republican concept. >> he have the success with tax cuts will carry over for the new talks. mike pompeo slamming reports world leaders think joe biden would be better for us foreign policy. >> ridiculous on its face. i suppose it is campaign rhetoric we will hear about but it is the opposite. engaging in north korea with the toughest sanctions, global sanctions from every member of the security council will have the most successful diplomatic effort in north korea. we built up a coalition of isis over 80 countries, cleaning up from what the previous administration failed to do. >> political reporting multiple leaders urge the former vp to run in 2020. biden has not commented on the report.
1:35 am
democratic presidential candidate john delaney is calling on moderate republicans to run against donald trump in 2020 saying voices like john kasich and governor hogan would do an enormous service not just for their party but there are low americans who stand up and challenge this president. do democrats really need moderate republicans to take down the president in 2020? here to debate it is jonathan harris and kimberly k sick. thank you for joining us. what are your thoughts on this? >> i don't think democrats are desperate. it seems they are getting nervous. imagine being a left voter in 2019 watching helplessly as your party embraces socialism, anti-semitism, killing of babies, illegal immigrants rights over yours.
1:36 am
delaney is smart in saying why don't we embrace moderate republicans? governor hogan hasn't said whether he will race but makes no calls about it, he does not like trump whatsoever but to me delaney is listening to his base. probably a bad poker player because he is showing his entire hand. heather: jonathan? >> it is less than that and more looking for the party saying at some point the gop has to recognize donald trump is not going to be in office forever. whether he survives impeachment or gets elected to a second term at some point or another he is not going to be in office, the gop will have to reckon with the fact the american voting populism leans left. donald trump with he won the election in 2016 or not was not able to convince the majority of the american public that he was the best option and the republicans keep losing the popular vote by a larger margin. at some point you have to move closer to the center and that is what he is suggesting, try a more moderate candidate.
1:37 am
heather: will we see more democratic candidates become more moderate as the campaign moves along? >> we might see some try but it seems democrats are embracing socialism and extreme rhetoric. don't know how democrats get back from this. to jonathan's point, poised on the conservative side, that is hilarious because we are the ones that won in 2016 and i don't see us having a problem in 2020. heather: trailing nevada, slamming donald trump saying we need a brave president who will pass the green new deal. listen to what she had to say and i will get your response. >> can you remember the last president -- pass the green new deal? why not say we will have net negative carbon emission in 10 years, we don't know if we can achieve that, we don't know if we can get a man to the moon but
1:38 am
he knew we should try. >> the reality is the green new deal might be a little more left than some of the party is but climate change is something both parties use to agree on. it didn't used to be a controversial a partisan issue. what has trump said on climate change? what his he said to address the issue at all? there is radio silence when you ask that question. i don't think it is difficult or wrong to ask for president who wants to take that on. griff: will you give us radio silence? >> not at all. imagine going to the border where immigration is a hot topic and making a stink about the weather. if we have money for the green new deal, we definitely have money for a solid barrier across the border. to me gillibrand like senator warren is great at pandering and to me also gillibrand makes a
1:39 am
great case for voter id laws. talked about how she wants illegal immigrants to have rights. she honestly, i don't see her winning but what she's talking about is scary and i hope you do pass something as far as showing id. heather: the green deal was $93 trillion the cost of it. >> that is an example. i heard radio silence. not what trump's plan is on climate change, let's talk about the border wall. >> maximum-security instead of the weather. heather: just the beginning of the campaign. things will definitely change. thank you for joining us. 20 minutes until the top of the hour. firefighter making a daring rescue. the pregnant woman he saved is sending them a message. alexandria ocasio cortez making claims her generation had some hard knocks. carly shimkus joins us next with the social media outrage.
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heather: alexandria ocasio cortez on time magazine's cover causing controversy claiming her generation, quote, never saw american prosperity. carly shimkus with serious xm 115 here with more on the article. a lot to talk about. >> the economy is the undisputed bright spot of donald trump's tenure in office so far but alexandria ocasio cortez feels we are still struggling. he is what she has to say. the america we grew up in is nothing like the america our parents or grandparents grew up in. an entire generation which is becoming one of the largest electorates in america came of age and never saw american prosperity. i have never seen that are
1:44 am
experienced it in my adult life. social media reaction to this. phenomenally unaware of american values outside the city. randy tweets i noticed the date is april 1, 2019. must be an april fools joke. one thing that piece said is she is becoming the wonder woman to the left and villain to be right and that is so true. that is america sees her. griff: she knows how to make news. the tweet 7 april fools joke, people might think this is. james comey doesn't want donald trump to get impeached. >> he wrote an opinion piece and says i hope donald trump is not impeached and removed from office before the end of his term. if he were removed a significant portion of this country would see this as a coup and it would drive those people farther from the common center of american life, more deeply fracturing our country.
1:45 am
rex on twitter says he is a walking contradiction. them backlash to this, people are confused by this, impeachment would demoralize the country, best to let him see out his term and let the people decide in 2020. i see what james comey is saying and nancy pelosi as well, that impeachment would be a gift for republicans. heather: democrats keep talking about it. adam schiff being one. what in the world is the florida man challenge? >> apologize to everybody at home who is watching in florida but there is a viral social media challenge going on, google the phrase florida man and their birthday and see whatever headline comes up. we have yours, this is the florida man challenge for you. florida man gets arrested for throwing pizza at dad. that happened in your birthday this year and mine is florida
1:46 am
man jumps into crocodile pit, claims he was held captive. heather: who thought of this? >> a cnn article too. heather: people have a lot of free time on their hands. send us yours. thank you so much. the time is 10 minutes until the top of the hour and we've shown you this video, college student punched in the face for being conservative. donald trump took a major step to prevent this from happening again. our next guest says he is putting schools on notice. a wild turkey crashes into this home and not the first time. ♪
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heather: horrifying look at a store that rocked the entertainment world. daredevil nicole and's group lunging to the ground in a high wire accident. we are seeing those horrifying moment. this happened in florida two years ago. it is a miracle everyone survived. i interviewed him once. crazy. i wouldn't do it. the newly released surveillance footage showing a woman being dragon thrown from a car by a scammer. look at this.
1:51 am
>> police! police! bill: police say the driver approached the woman pretending to work in a tire store and instead of helping her change a flat he took her money and sped off. he is still on the run. that woman not seriously injured. what is wrong with people? donald trump signing an executive order to protect free-speech on college campuses. will this turn the tide against anti-conservative bias? to discuss, the president of students for life of america, thank you for joining us, we appreciate it early this morning. what do you think of what the president did to protect college free-speech? is it necessary? >> absolutely. we needed an executive order to enforce the constitution and first amendment rights on college campuses. no one needed this executive order more than the pro-life generation.
1:52 am
for years we have had to file lawsuits to have students for life, a pro-life group on college campus or host an event or file suit against a school that refuses to allow a pro-life speaker to come onto campus. heather: it will protect all the. it is not just for conservative speech. this is for liberal speakers as well. >> right. since the election of donald trump things have gotten worse on college campuses. they have become more hostile to conservative viewpoints. it used to be when you go to a college campus people might disagree with you but they would like to have a conversation with you about your views. nowadays it is considered oppression to speak in a way people don't agree with. heather: they are getting and fistfights. this happened at berkeley. how will there be checks and balances to make sure it is
1:53 am
happening? >> this directs 12 federal agencies to withhold research money, $45 in research grants given to these public universities and to make sure before they bestow these grants for taxpayer dollars, the schools are upholding the constitutional rights of their students. heather: ucla soccer coach residing in the latest high profile exit from the college admission scandal, accepting $200,000 in fines. is this the tip of the iceberg? >> i think it is and it is going on all the time, wealthy hollywood elites who will jump on any social justice cars and say they are for the poor or marginalized or the little guy and to know behind closed doors what they are really doing is rigging the system for their
1:54 am
children and it is hardening students who are looking for merit-based scholarship. i had a merit-based scholarship, i worked hard and earned those test scores and what they have done is unfair to every child looking for a way to pay for this. when wealthy hollywood elites could afford it. heather: although students in years past who didn't get in, makes you wonder why. thank you for joining us, great stuff, appreciate it. the time is 6 minutes until the top of they are. beta having a bad day, his first brush with the law on the campaign trail. ♪ - in a crossfit gym, we're really engaged
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heather: the driver who caused the deadly amtrak crash had marijuana in his system according to the ntsb. the driver has a combination of pot and medication in his blood when he drove and stopped on the tracks in virginia last year. the train was carrying republican lawmakers to a strategy retreat. one person inside the truck was killed. the driver has been indicted on manslaughter and dui charges. cvs pharmacies will sell cbd. the drugstore chain announcing hemp derived products are coming
1:59 am
to store shelves in eight states. cvs is trying to give customers alternative care options. unclear when the new products will roll out. now time for the good, the bad and the ugly. we begin with the good. volunteer firefighters say the pregnant woman, connor manual yelling for her to get out when he noticed flames under the hood seconds before the truck exploded. this happened in louisiana. the woman thanking him saying, quote, god has something major for you, absolutely. 2020 hopeful beto o'rourke's run in with the law on the campaign trail getting a $50 ticket for illegally parking this van in new hampshire. he was seen pulling away from the same van after an event. finally the ugly. this wild turkey crashes through a window and makes itself at home a couple's that. animal control came knocking. this was the second time this
2:00 am
year a turkey smashed through a window in california. wanted to take a nap. that wraps up this hour of "fox and friends first". hope you have a great weekend, "fox and friends first" continues right now. goodbye. jillian: it is march 22nd and we begin with a fox news alert was the man accused of murdering a washington state deputy in cold blood is an illegal immigrant. rob: donald trump fights to preserve his border order live in washington. jillian: donald trump set to make history and reaffirm his commitment to our allies in israel. >> i've been thinking about doing it for a long time. no president has done it. like moving the embassy to jerusalem. rob: leaving democrats scrambling to get their message on track. jillian: ncaa bracket busted like many people out there. the madness unleashed in a fiery first round.


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