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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  March 22, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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this was the second time this year a turkey smashed through a window in california. wanted to take a nap. that wraps up this hour of "fox and friends first". hope you have a great weekend, "fox and friends first" continues right now. goodbye. jillian: it is march 22nd and we begin with a fox news alert was the man accused of murdering a washington state deputy in cold blood is an illegal immigrant. rob: donald trump fights to preserve his border order live in washington. jillian: donald trump set to make history and reaffirm his commitment to our allies in israel. >> i've been thinking about doing it for a long time. no president has done it. like moving the embassy to jerusalem. rob: leaving democrats scrambling to get their message on track. jillian: ncaa bracket busted like many people out there. the madness unleashed in a fiery first round. rob: "fox and friends first"
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continues right now. >> good friday morning. you are watching "fox and friends first". rob: a fox news alert. the suspect accused of getting down a washington state deputy and father of 3 was an illegal immigrant. jillian: mike pence slammed atlanta's mayor for ousting ice from this he had jail. rob: it is part of the uphill battle to secure the border. griff jenkins joins us with the latest. >> reporter: ryan thompson became the first officer killed in the line of duty from the state of washington. thompson was fatally shot and
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killed while attempting to stop a man evading a traffic stop. ice confirming that man was here illegally in the us issuing this statement. a citizen of mexico was unlawfully present in the united states. he entered the us on april 11, 2014, through the port of entry on a temporary agricultural worker visa. ice has no record of him leaving the us nor extending his visa after it expired. another officer was wounded in the leg. this tragic death taking a toll on the community. >> like a nuclear bomb going off. it destroyed a part of our hearts and lives. >> reporter: mike pence taking a hard swipe at atlanta's mayor after she terminated the city's partnership with ice last year saying it was a policy that, quote, intentionally inflicts misery. >> amazing, to not be complicit in the name of immigration policy.
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i would say to the mayor that criminal illegal immigrants, gang members on our streets inflicts misery. >> ice took custody of them before they hit the streets. to give some perspective this comes as cvp plans to release more illegal immigrants into texas communities because the processing centers are beyond capacity. rob: a story we report too often. thank you so very much. jillian: influx of board across it overwhelming border patrol. went to homeland security. rob: the crisis comes down to people playing politics.
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>> too many people in higher power positions, whether it be political or law enforcement that have forgotten the reason they are there is to protect individuals that are here illegally, to protect people, to protect americans, that is what it comes down to. it should not have anything to do with political parties. it is a simple process. with you on the right side of the aisle or the left side of the aisle you deserve to at night be safe in your homes. the reality is everyone knows we have criminals in the united states. that doesn't mean we need to be importing anymore. jillian: according to customs and border patrol 66,000 people were apprehended between ports of entry in february. rob: fox news alert, two american soldiers killed during an operation in afghanistan. their identity has not been revealed. unclear who they were fighting.
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they were the third and fourth american servicemembers killed this year. there are around 14,000 us troops supporting afghan soldiers in their fight against the taliban. we bring you more information as it comes in. jillian: a multibillion-dollar order for boeing 737 max just canceled overnight. indonesia pulling its order for 49 just after two deadly crashes involving the plane. the company says passengers of lost trust in the boeing aircraft. the decision after two, 737 max jets crashed in ethiopia and indonesia killing hundreds of people. that model has been grounded in several countries including the us. donald trump making history recognizing israeli control over the golan heights and several 2020 democratic candidates plan to boycott an upcoming pro israel event. rob: break it all down. >> reporter: candidates like beto o'rourke and bernie sanders are among those not attending
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the american is a public affairs committee conference, a powerful pro-israel lobbying group. let's get to the surprising move by the president, after 52 years it is time for the united states to fully recognize israel's sovereignty over the golan heights which is a critical strategic security importance to the state of israel and regional stability. israel captured a strategically important golan heights in 1967. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu praising trump saying he made history. he is up for reelection in a month. listen to what the president said when asked about the timing of this move. >> i have been thinking about it for a long time. it was a hard decision for every president, no president has done it. this is like jerusalem, moving the embassy to jerusalem. i did that.
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golan heights is the same thing. for years other presidents have campaigned and said they would do it. this is sovereignty, this is security, this is regional security. jillian: the party has been battling accusations of anti-semitism since controversial remarks by congresswoman omar. the president's full interview will air on mornings with maria on the foxbusiness channel. rob: donald trump strengthening american ties with israel once again. jillian: life, liberty and live in says the money middle move will be felt for centuries. >> what you have done in israel, the golan heights, moving the embassy, from tel aviv to jerusalem, taking on the terrorists, hamas and the palestinian immigration organization office, shredding
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the iran deal which was a threat to the united states and our allies and israelis too. we have four democrats running for president, elizabeth warren, julian castro, bernie sanders, kamala harris, none of them will speak at aipac which is a moderate left of center organization that supports israel. that is how hard-core the democrats have become anti-israel. jillian: the president's critics claim the move is an attempt to help benjamin netanyahu get reelected next month. rob: foxbusiness's maria bartiroma had an interview with the president, she pushes back on the latest criticism of john mccain. >> you spent a good portion of your time in ohio trashing john mccain. why are you doing this? >> gave to the fbi the fake news dossier. they gave it to john mccain who gave it to the fbi for evil purposes.
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the other thing he voted against repeal and replace. >> you can't punch back, he is dead. rob: you can watch that full interview with the president at 6:00 am eastern on the fox news network. jillian: donald trump signed an executive order protecting free-speech on college campuses, threatens to pool federal research dollars from universities if they don't protect students first amendment rights. at a signing ceremony at the white house the president sang american students and american values have been under siege and university 7 restricting response. rob: ucla men soccer coach steps down amid the college admission scandal, accused of accepting a bribe to put a daughter's developer into the school. jillian: conspiracy to commit racketeering. allegedly helped lauren isaacson get into the school as a soccer recruit even though she had never played a game.
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we will monitor that fallout. it is 10 minutes after the hour. a bombshell new collusion investigation opened into the clinton campaign. surprise? our next guest says you shouldn't be and maybe now we can investigate the biggest scandal in american history. rob: she went to university and became the youngest congresswoman ever and just landed the cover of time magazine. congratulations to her but alexandria ocasio cortez says she never experienced american prosperity. outrage growing over that when "fox and friends first" returns friday morning. ♪ ♪ when you have nausea, ♪ heartburn, ♪ indigestion, ♪ upset stomach, ♪ diarrhea... girl, pepto ultra coating will treat your stomach right.
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russia probe may be coming to a close and in its place and investigation into possible collusion between democrats and ukraine in the 2016 election. will these accusations make the same splash as the one against donald trump? here to discuss, the chairman of the committee to defend the president, ted harvey. thanks for being here in eligibility land high school, to the end of the book to see what the conclusion was. i did that on your notes and the line you have here is let's get ready to rumble. why do you say that? >> i think this whole russia collusion conspiracy the democrats have been running in the mainstream media is running with is going to come to a end when the mueller report comes out. what has been happening is the greatest scandal in american history, the way the obama administration, the justice department, the fbi have been colluding with our enemies
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during the campaign to undermine trump's campaign and once he was put in office to undermine his administration there is plenty of evidence to show the clinton campaign was colluding with the russians. they were colluding with ukraine to benefit their campaign but also to undermine trump's campaign. we need to investigate that. senator graham has been on the floor of the senate arguing we need to investigate that. let's investigate both campaigns to see what happened. what will come out is the hillary campaign has a lot of explaining to do. rob: is there any other explanation than media bias for why the media completely ignores this clinton imbroglio, the greg jarrett book goes into extensive detail about what clinton allegedly did and why the media didn't cover it but flash forward the last two years, no evidence on the trump stuff and yet every newscast, multiple minutes go into the trump russia collusion allegations.
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>> it has been two years of nonstop attacks on the president. this was going on before he became president. there has been an effort undermined by our own government by the fbi, the cia leaking information to the media to try to run with this conspiracy narrative of collusion and there was a concerted effort to whitewash all of the truly legitimate crimes of clinton when it came to her email server, when it came to allowing classified information being sent to all our enemies, they whitewashed that, covered it all up and ran with this narrative of collusion and the media has been running with this nonstop. i want to have the truth. i'm a civil libertarian. of this stuff was going on to a democrat candidate i would be just as outraged. i want to see why the federal government was involved in undermining a republican candidate's campaign. there is no explanation but
2:17 am
media bias. rob: you call the clinton ukraine connection part of one of the biggest scandals if not the biggest scandal in american political history. why? >> not just the ukraine connection but the fbi, cia, obama justice department that was spying on american citizens, that is the greatest scandal and we need to get to the bottom of that but the way they were working with foreign agents, russian foreign agents, ukraine foreign agents to try to get information that would trash trump, trashes campaign staff. that is the problem that needs to be investigated. will the leadership in congress, nancy pelosi, will they start investigating that? i doubt it but they should be. rob: another plug for another book. the greg jarrett book goes into
2:18 am
solid detail and now he has a new chapter on the clinton ukraine connection. thank you so very much. jillian: 17 after the hour. daredevils plunging to the ground when a high wire stunned goes horrifically wrong and we have the video showing each pulse pounding moment. rob: this are some -- most exciting time of the year for college the ball fans, the first round of march madness next. ♪
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rob: a volunteer accused of embezzling hundreds of thousands of dollars from a charity for families of fallen nypd officers. prosecutor say lorraine chandler you took $150 while serving as treasurer for survivors of the shield, she spent the money on things like dental work, landscaping and barbra streisand tickets. she faces 30 years in prison if convicted. jillian: the important things in life. a house bill approving a bill to arm teachers in the wake of the deadly school shooting in parkland. it would allow educators to voluntarily carry guns if they complete a training course. they think it will make schools safer but critics don't want law enforcement officers to be replaced. this comes as the principle of marjorie stoneman douglas high school resigned as an investigation to the shooting is underway. rob: the most exciting time of the year, the first round of march madness in full swing. jillian: jared mack from fox news headlines 24/7 serious xm 115 breaks it down.
2:23 am
>> you took a little ncaa action. rob: i went three quarters of the florida state vermont matchup game, really fun environment. >> turned out to be the big upset, 16 games opening day, 16 more tomorrow. not many upsets but let's start with the dixie prize in hartford, connecticut as we open with murray state out of murray, kentucky. out of all the tournaments since 2001, number 12 seed has been the first round winner. it wasn't even close. point guard put on a show of 17 points, 16 assists, with the first triple-double in an ncaa tournament in twee 7 years. murray state up, 82-64, to play florida state which a lebanese for months.
2:24 am
the midwest region, whopper out of spartanburg, south carolina played a roller coaster against seton hall for the garden state. how about fletcher? fletcher, the whopper carrier, colleges record, twee 7, 3 pointers, fletch the all-time leader in shots, division i is whopper giving away 16 point lead and took the lead by one, whopper closes on 17 and play kentucky next. rob: just throws it up there. >> this is why they are professionals. defending champs in the ncaa villanova wildcats celebrated the arrival -- two home runs yesterday for bryce and homerun from villanova but it cleared the wall, 20 points, villanova moves on. it wasn't easy but they get past st. mary's. jillian: saving their energy. >> j wright has won two of the
2:25 am
last three championships. on day number one the only number one seed in action, the bulldogs spent some time at the ap rankings, the top choice against fairly dickinson out of new jersey coming off of the first ncaa when, in the dark against gonzaga. 21 points, the 31st when, 30% shooting to get the job done. more games coming up, 16 more, minnesota took out louisville, florida number 10, be nevada and baylor playing without one of its players. syracuse lost, okay. not really that devastated. >> syracuse sports fans are intense about their teams. jillian: we will see what happens. a lot of people's brackets are
2:26 am
already busted. as you start to see how many people dwindle out of this. >> everybody gets cute on these upsets. i worked from the inside out. who do i think will be the champ? start at the finals and work out. the finals count more. rob: really good advice. i will change my brackets. jillian: advice he will only get here. rob: progressives like bernie, using the ban on military style weapons to push anti-got agenda. democrats always go after our constitutional rights and is this a sign of things to come of democrats when the white house? jillian: speaking of 2020 progressives beto is having a bad day, his first brush with the law on the campaign trail, stay right there.
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jillian: welcome back, looking at top headlines, ice revealing a suspect in a deputy's murder is an illegal immigrant. the mexican man shot dead in a police shootout, accused of shooting and killing ryan thompson after a high-speed chase in washington state. rob: donald from making history recognizing israeli control over the golan heights making the announcement on twitter saying, quote, after 52 years it is time for the united states to recognize israel's sovereignty over the golan heights which is a critical, strategic and security importance to the state of israel and regional stability. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu says he is grateful for american support. jillian: ucla men soccer coach steps down amid the college admission scandal.
2:31 am
jorge accepted a $100,000 bribe to get a real estate developer's daughter into the school. he is accused of accepting abroad to get a student on the men's soccer team. let's talk about the weather, powerful nor'easter stranding drivers as it moves up the coast, heavy snow in virginia causing multiple crashes. rob: snow blanketing parts of maryland, the storm bringing heavy rain and strong windss to the northeast including new york city. janice dean tracking the storm. every time you think you are done mother nature doesn't care. >> march can bring some fierce storms especially in the northeast. i want to point out we have an area of low pressure in the four corners and more rain in the forecast in california but here is our nor'easter along the coast, a rain event with high winds and in the interior sections we are seeing a pile up
2:32 am
of snow, four, six, even a foot of snow as the cold air sinks southward from canada. we will feel around the freezing mark tomorrow morning as we get into saturday and snow on the backside of this. along the coast a rain event. interior sections could get significant snowfall especially in portions of interior new england. central us looks good although this is moving into areas like the missouri valley and mississippi river valley when dealing with flooding. a new system moves in across the west and here is your spring flood risk through the next several weeks into the next several months, watching for the potential of moderate flooding especially from missouri to the mississippi river valley where flooding will be an issue as we get into the spring months and all of that snowbound. we will monitor that.
2:33 am
rob: the ground is saturated. and illegal immigrant charge it with murdering four people said he did it for the drug money. according to grand jury transcripts guzman told investigators he shot the victims in their homes in nevada to buy meth. he pleaded not guilty. donald trump honoring two of the victims family members at the state of the union address. 2020 presidential candidate kirsten gillibrand says she will take on the fight no one else will including creating a social security for illegal immigrants. >> the way you have comprehensive immigration reform is 10, 11 million people who are here now, working now, begin to buy into social security, pay into social security, pay taxes, pay school taxes, pay their fair share and over a tweet in your period they will earn their way into citizenship.
2:34 am
that is what the policy proposal is. it is okay, i have explained it and now they know. rob: the new york democrat telling the las vegas crowd she is the best candidate to beat donald trump because strong women are his, quote, kryptonite. jillian: progressives using the ban on military style weapons to push their anti-got agenda in the united states. does that show democrats are ready to take away our rights if they win in 2020? here to debate it is former congressional candidate and democratic strategists antoine seawright. i want to read this tweet from bernie sanders off the top raising new zealand and its is, quote, this is what real action to stop gun violence looks like. we must follow new zealand at lead, take on the nra and ban the sale of distributional assault weapons in the united states. what do you think of that sweet?
2:35 am
>> this planet pluto arguments the democrats want to take away your guns, what democrats are clear about as we want gun reform, not to take away your guns. in charleston, south carolina, nine people were killed, no one did anything about this idea of closing the charleston loophole. it took winning congress and the midterms and now recently passed legislation to close the loophole even in south carolina where i live just yesterday, the legislature refused to have a debate about closing the charleston loophole. what democrats have been saying, let's do something we all agree on, background checks, close the loophole if you are the terrorist watchlist, you cannot fly so you should not be a to buy, let's do comprehensive common sense things but not take away people's guns. jillian: at the same time we just looked at the tweet from bernie sanders and he is comparing what happened in new zealand and new zealand is a
2:36 am
different country, they don't have a constitution there. >> i don't disagree with you on that notion but not to put words on his mouth, it shouldn't take a tragedy to move action. we should be doing these things on the front end. jillian: it is fair to antoine's point, for more action, people offer thoughts and prayers and steve scalise in the last few days said i like those thoughts and prayers, they meant a lot to me after he was shot at congressional baseball practice but people want more movement. >> people do want more movement. on bernie sanders and what he is trying to do and the democratic party right now, i think a good economy and everything donald trump has accomplished, are scrambling to find issues that are going to bring them over the edge. immigration, building the wall
2:37 am
is what led donald trump to beat out 16 candidates in the primary. you got to look at these candidates and they are scrambling for that one big issue that will break them out of the pack and when new zealand had this happen, bernie sanders grabbed it and the bottom that he would ride the tail end of that. >> i disagree, let me push back for a second. if you saw what happened in new zealand the leader of that country went to put a ban on assault weapons, something we have seen time and again when these tragedies happen and hundreds of people are killed and the leaders of this country particularly in your party want to do nothing. bernie sanders is saying they've shown by example something we should do in this country when something happens, let's prevent the next tragedy. jillian: what should happen? >> what should be done is both parties need to get together and have some meaningful legislation. i don't think -- >> shows the charleston
2:38 am
loophole. just a few days ago. jillian: finish your point. >> the point is i feel like the left is turned into a political point, versus sitting down and having something meaningful, meaningful discussion of it. they are not really taking the time to talk about it from the point of view where we don't want to disregard the second amendment. jillian: we see next with things like bump stocks. i don't know if you will disagree the more we have this conversation the more productive we are going to be with both parties reaching agreement. >> until leaders step up and do things like legislation, conversation does not mean anything. there is an obligation to get the house bill the past the house a hearing to close the charleston loophole.
2:39 am
>> we are having a conversation, appreciate you both being here this friday. it is 38 minutes after the hour. she went to a top university, the longest congresswoman ever, just landed the cover of time magazine. alexandria ocasio cortez says she never experienced american prosperity. have you heard of smarter than? we are going to introduce you to the latest social media sensation. the story that will stop your timeline this morning. ♪ do i use a toothpaste that whitens my teeth? or one that's good for my teeth? now i don't have to choose.
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rob: donald from signing an executive order defending free-speech on college campuses. >> under the guise of speech codes, safe spaces, trigger
2:43 am
warnings, these universities tried to restrict free thought and shutdown the voices of great young americans, all of that change is starting right now. jillian: carly shimkus with serious xm 115 with what you are saying online. >> the executive order signed by the president requires colleges to support free-speech in order to receive federal research grants. this is a growing number of colleges across the country have either held protests or canceled conservative speech, speakers from coming on to speak on their campus. there is a lot of reaction pouring in on this front. linda on twitter says thank you so much, mister president, our conservative college students have been bullied and assaulted and afraid to express their views. it was time universities pay a
2:44 am
price if they refuse to protect the first amendment rights of all of us. another twitter user timing and, do not for a second underestimate the significance of this executive order. thank you, president, for preserving free-speech rights for students. the president making sure republicans and democrats have the right to speak freely on college campuses. rob: something had to be done, it is ridiculous what is going on. we never seem to do anything with alexandria ocasio cortez. we are changing that. >> guess what. this time we are talking about a new time magazine profile of her. the economy is the undisputed bright spot of trump's presidency but alexandria ocasio cortez is the nation's struggling. she says in a time magazine piece, is nothing like the america our parents and grandparents grew up in.
2:45 am
the entire generation, one of the largest electorate in america came of age, never saw american prosperity. i have never seen that were experienced it in my adult life. the time magazine points out ocasio cortez's family, the articles were not mine, moved to the prosperous westchester county suburb of yorktown heights when she was 5 years old. social media reaction pouring in. let's look at what one person has to say, she is phenomenally wrong. another twitter user says this is a flat out lie, the american dream, you have to go after it, the pursuit that is guaranteed. ocasio cortez has her supporters, time magazine points out she went from having 50,000 twitter followers last summer to 3.5 million today. jillian: a lot happens in florida, some good, some bad. now you can find out what you are responsible for i guess.
2:46 am
>> anyone watching at home to lives in florida, there is a viral video challenge that involves a sunshine state. to google the words florida man and their birthday to see what headline pops up. todd, we have yours. is what happened in florida on your and here's mine. florida man jumps into crocodile pit, claims he was held captive. it wasn't me but i'm glad i'm reading it now so i never get any ideas. jillian: i saw this online and if anybody want to laugh at home, send us yours.
2:47 am
rob: good stuff. jillian: oklahoma sheriff and deputy resigned because of dangerous jail conditions and that sheriff flying to explain why she is not backing down. rob: let's check in with steve doocy for what is coming up on "fox and friends" and from what i understand we are getting loose, correct? >> i've got to diagram that sentence. it is raining outside, so do this may not be loose on the street. coming up on the television show congressman dan crenshaw, geraldo rivera, we will talk to all of them about the news today. remember the student who says he got rejected by the national honor society because he supports donald trump? that students got a special invitation to the white house and attended donald trump's
2:48 am
executive order signing yesterday promoting free-speech on college campuses. he will join us and tell us what it was like to be in the same room as the portrait is george washington. 12 minutes from now right here on the channel you trust for your morning news. we have jillian and todd in two minutes right here on "fox and friends first". for a nasty cold, take dayquil severe with vicks vapocool. whoa! and vaporize it with an intense rush of vicks vapors. ahhhhhhhhhh! dayquil severe with vicks vapocool. the daytime, coughing, stuffy head, vaporize your cold, medicine.
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heather: and oklahoma sheriff and deputies resign over dangerous jail conditions and now she's faced with contempt charges for defying a judge. rob: to join us why she's taking a stand even though koster her
2:52 am
job, terry sue barnett. thank you for joining us, tell us about the conditions you faced. >> when i took office in november there were a lot of problem areas in that facility. i have been documenting since i took office. i have been taking pictures and presenting it at the commissioner's meeting. we have had problems from wire mesh where sheets could be strung through or an inmate chose to hang himself he could. we had electrical problems where a light fixture was sitting on mesh, wire mesh. inmates told me they would get shocked if they didn't stand correctly when taking a shower. there are numerous problems.
2:53 am
and the co2 carbon monoxide leak on 28 february. actually once i took office i had an inmate explain to me before i took office he opened the door to the general population and a 6 inch green snake fell on his head. >> why do you think nothing has been done to improve these conditions? >> i have been told time and again that there was no funding. i know that it is the constitutional duty of commissioners to properly fund the jail and maintain it but that jail has not been maintained properly in years. rob: what was the response from the judge in response to that? >> if you could clarify the question, what was the response of the judge? i could explain to you if that is what you are asking.
2:54 am
on monday morning the judge send a message myself and the undersheriff were to be in his courtroom which we did go to the courtroom, he stated this was an administrative hearing in order to me to have the inmates back by 3:00 pm that day. as i left he asked me, sheriff, are you going to get the inmates, i said i am going to seek legal counsel. he stated to me then, if that is the case, be back here at 1:00 which i did return at 1:00. he continued the administrative hearing. he stated, asked me if the inmates have been brought back and i said no. jillian: sorry to interrupt, you resigned after that. 15 seconds left.
2:55 am
how important is it for law enforcement officers to be given the tools and proper conditions to do their jobs every day? >> it is extremely important. oklahoma has a lot of substandard jails and huge issues that need to be addressed in oklahoma by our legislature. rob: thank you for your time. we will be monitoring the situation and we will be right back. here... or, here. kick your antacid habit with prilosec otc. one pill a day, 24 hours, zero heartburn. .
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jillian: good morning, time for the good, the bad, and the ugly. as always we start county good. a fairly dickenson senior
2:59 am
has a touching moment with his coach during march madness. [cheers] >> and 1. baseri. you have to understand how excited they are. this kid has been hurt the whole year. he just got back just last week. jillian: getting a big bucket and hugging his coach. returned to the court last time after season long injury. his team lost to gonzaga but still that was a great moment. rob: high wire crew plunging 30 feet to the ground. happening at circus rehearsal in florida two years ago. this video just released. everyone survived. finally the ugly, 2020 hopeful beto o'rourke has a run-in with the law on the campaign trail. the democrat reportedly getting a $50 ticket for illegally parking that van you see right there in new hampshire he was seen pulling away in the same van after an event. rob: if you are in a position do you pull some
3:00 am
strings to get it out or pay it. jillian: you pay the ticket, right? rob: now wright?rob. todd: insight into jillian and my soul's. jillian fought the law, the law doesn't win. goodbye. >> suspect accused of murdering a washington state deputy was illegal immigrant. >> any time a law enforcement officer is killed in the line of duty is a tragedy. it's more senseless when done by somebody who shouldn't be here in the united states of. >> growing list of presidential con tenders boycott a pro-israel conference next week. >> this has become the new matchup of the united states. >> new order for boeing 787 max jet cancelled. airline pulling order for 49 jets. >> border patrol had to release hundreds of migrants because of overcrowding. >> we do not need any walls to solve a problem we do not have. >> is it getting


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