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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  March 22, 2019 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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strings to get it out or pay it. jillian: you pay the ticket, right? rob: now wright?rob. todd: insight into jillian and my soul's. jillian fought the law, the law doesn't win. goodbye. >> suspect accused of murdering a washington state deputy was illegal immigrant. >> any time a law enforcement officer is killed in the line of duty is a tragedy. it's more senseless when done by somebody who shouldn't be here in the united states of. >> growing list of presidential con tenders boycott a pro-israel conference next week. >> this has become the new matchup of the united states. >> new order for boeing 787 max jet cancelled. airline pulling order for 49 jets. >> border patrol had to release hundreds of migrants because of overcrowding. >> we do not need any walls to solve a problem we do not have. >> is it getting harder in
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the u.s. military to assimilate everybody? it is. identity politics is a cancer. >> murray state upsets market 83-64. >> it's a jam ♪ let's go ♪ steve: let's go. this is friday march 22nd, march madness all across the country where people are their team is going to continue in the big dance. steve: do you do a family bracket? jedediah: we don't because i don't know what i'm talking about. beginner's luck. you never know. steve: we had a family bracket one year and our youngest who at that point was in second grade won and she based the entire bracket on the mascot. [laughter]
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jedediah: that's my style. the colors of the team. that's how i big my teams. ed: great to be with you. steve: ed, jed, and steve. illegal immigrant killed a deputy in washington state. jedediah: officials say the mexican man shot dead by police overstayed his work vizquel. ed: griff jenkins joins us live from washington. griff: good morning, guys. deputy sheriff brian thompson is the first officer killed in the line of duty this year from the state of washington. shot and killed while attempting to stop a man evading a traffic stop. ice now confirming that man was here illegally issuing this statement. juan manuel, a citizen of mexico was unlawfully present in the united states. he entered the u.s. on april 11th, 2014, through laredo point of entry on
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temporary worker i have. ice has no record of him leaving the u.s. nor extending his visa after it expired. another officer in that incident bone nit toe chavez was injured in the leg. acting ice director john torrez said this shouldn't have happened. >> any time a law enforcement officer is killed in the line of duty is this a tragedy. even more sendsless when done by someone who shouldn't be here in the united states. >> this comes as ronald vitiello visited. cdp have no more space to hold them in the sector. in the rbg, the sources tell me they have apprehended more than 1,000 illegal crossers every day this week since last saturday. think about those numbers for a second. this is essentially a caravan every day this week and they don't know where to put them. steve: exactly. griff, thank you very much. jedediah: thanks, griff.
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steve: keep in mind some people on the political left who say look, no crisis. last month in february, the coldest month of the year, which is historically the least traveled across our southern border. 76,000 people were detained getting into the country. that's enough to fill up metlife stadium. ed: each "the washington post" and "washington times" were admitting in the last couple days this was 11-year high in terms of the crossings. the key that you mentioned a moment ago democrats keep calling it a manufactured crisis. steve: oh, so it's a crisis now? ed: maybe they have to eventually dropped the manufactured part and admittedly say it's a crisis. steve: they thought it was a stunt with the caravan. jedediah: key here we have families coming out sons, daughters, relatives who have died at the membersy of these people who they are saying shouldn't have been here to begin with we had a woman on this week whose son was decapitated by illegal immigrant. when you have these stories come to the forefront makes statistics much more real. that woman said i want these people deported they are not
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supposed to be here and not properly vetted. as a result these tragedies are happening. ed: a.p. said border patrol is overwhelmed something the president has been saying months and months and months and now reached the mainstream media. many of the leading democratic contenders are simply not listening. they are still saying a, it's not a crisis and b,we don't need a wall. watch. >> we do not need any walls, $30,000,000,000.2000 miles long. 30 feet high. it will not be built on the international boundary line which is the center line of the rio grande river. that wall will be built well into the interior of someone's ranch, someone else's farm. someone else's home. you and i will be forced to take their property to solve a problem that we do not have. steve: you know, he very clearly at the beginning of that sound bite we do not need a wall. it wasn't until donald trump came along that anybody ever said you know walls don't
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work. of course that's what they say now. and they are very expensive. no problem here beto o'rourke who just lives a couple of miles from the border with mexico in el paso said. meanwhile, they's talk more about 2020 politics. and it has been very clear that our situation, our relationship with israel has become politicized and, of course, apec is that annual convention they have very supportive of israel clearly. mousavi came out with series of tweets asking candidates to skip aipac because it's not in their. jedediah: some have decided they want to align themselves with move you have buttigieg, former stan antonio mayor. julian castro, gillibrand, kamala harris. inslee, beto o'rourke, bernie sanders and elizabeth warren. remind these people what works in a primary doesn't
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always work in a general elections. you will be held to account for this. we have a long-standing relationship being an ally with israel. move is a highly progressive organization. i would be very careful about this move. ed: meanwhile, aipac is this important group liaisons with israel and the united states. it's been largely bipartisan or nonpartisan. steve: until. ed: until the years of donald trump being in office. all of a sudden the democrats are trying to please move on as you say. it's not a mainstream media organization. it's a far left organization. other thing is think about where we are contexturally a couple weeks after ilhan omar this democratic congressman had this whole issue nancy pelosi had to deal with anti-semitic remarks. democrats claimed with that resolution watered down they were trying to turn the page and have new realities relations between u.s. and israel and not have this episode continue. what do they do next? whole bunch of 2020
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contenders avoid aipac. steve: move said don't go so a bunch of them aren't. john hickenlooper is the great governor of the state of colorado. ed: former. steve: he was on cnn's town hall a couple of nights ago he has said something that's gotten a lot of attention from the mainstream media. watch this. >> >> i just heard a statistic recently that about 80% of american kids consider themselves as just plain old americans before they enter high school and about two thirds of them about halfway through college become hyphenated american. steve: that was the wrong sound bite. that is not the former governor. that was sean mcfarland at the american enterprise institute talking about his experiences training young men and women. who is mr. hickenlooper.
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let's try it again. here is the sound bite that's gotten a lot of attention. governor, some of your male competitors have vowed to put a woman on the ticket, "yes" or "no," would you do the same. >> again, of course. how come we are not asking more often the women would you be willing to put a man on the ticket? ed: i think his real point was why do we continue to assume that a man will be at the top of the ticket and a woman has to be asked and you are going to pander rather than picking the best person man or woman? why not think about maybe a woman will actually win the democratic nomination again and that it will be a man that will be number two. instead, just the opposite is happening. many on the left, many in the mainstream media are going after hickenlooper like he is the bad guy. watch. >> john hickenlooper's answer about the possibility of a female running mate sparking backlash. >> i don't know what the heck he was talking about.
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there are a lot of democrats feel women haven't been given just due. when hickenlooper says things like that he is basically dismissing those concerns. [laughter] >> craig, i don't even know how to reply to that 45 presidents have been men. i mean i think that speaks for itself. >> it's just one of those answers that you really groan at. i certainly did when i saw it i think i'm going to send governor hickenlooper a copy of those place mats with all the president's faces on them that are all men. jedediah: as a woman. i didn't groan at it great answer. don't pick me because i'm a female. pick me because i'm the best person for the job. pick me because i'm going to pick a woman vp. that does not necessarily make you qualified nor does it make the woman the best person for the job just because she is a female. for women out there, a lot of women in the voting base a lot of this insults us. just a heads up. steve: most extraordinary
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thing he revealed this week he told an audience that apparently when he was in college he took his mother to a porno movie didn't realize what it was she didn't want to get up and lee. at the end she said something like there is pretty good lighting. [laughter] ed: what? he should be facing more backlash for that than not saying maybe a woman will be president and man will be number two. jillian, what do you have to say? jillian: some things should be kept to yourself. good morning. get you caught up on breaking news we are following. overnight, two american service members are killed during an operation in afghanistan. their identities have not been revealed and it's unclear how they died. they are the third and fourth american service members killed this year. right now there are around 14,000 u.s. troops supporting afghan soldiers in their fight against the taliban. also breaking right now, a multi-billion-dollar order for boeing 737 max jets is
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cancelled. indonesia's airline pulling its order for jets. this comes as two 737 max jets crashed in ethiopia and indonesia. boeing has been causing extra for safety features that will now become standard on 737 max jets. the models have been grounded in several countries including the u.s. president trump making history recognizing israeli control over the golan heights. the president tweeting, quote: after 52 years it is time for the united states to fully recognize israel's sovereignty over the golan heights which is of critical, strategic and security importance to the state of israel and regional stability. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is deeply grateful for the support. he will visit the white house next week. and plenty of heart-stopping action in the first day of march madness. there always is, right? 12th seed murray state pulling off big upstate over
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market. florida gators beat nevada 70-61. wildcats surviving a scare from st. mary' saint mary 61-57. a crushing loss. scoring late and then right there hugging his coach. he missed the whole season because of an injury. so that was one of those nice moments that you like to see even though they lost. that's still a moment that they will have. steve: hadn't they won just like first game ever. straight ahead on this friday, if you can't win, just change the rule. politics 101 according to some democrats. >> get rid of the electoral college. >> i think there is a lot of wisdom in that. >> the popular vote has been diminished. jedediah: why is the electoral college so important? our next guest has a history lesson come up. ed: thought you heard the last of hillary clinton's emails? think again.
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you might or joints.hing for your heart... but do you take something for your brain. with an ingredient originally discovered in jellyfish, prevagen has been shown in clinical trials to improve short-term memory. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. ♪ >> look at the whole electoral college. >> i'm open to the discussion. i mean, there is no question that the popular vote has been diminished. >> we have had an election 2016 where the loser got 3 million more votes than
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the victor. so, i think there is a lot of wisdom in that. >> get rid of the electoral college. [cheers and applause] and everybody -- >> a growing number of democrats still reigl reeling at the 2016 loss looking ated head at 2020. ed: why did the founding fathers feel this election system was so popular and what would be the imoccasion if democrats drug it down. jedediah: here to explain is historian doug. >> thank you ed and jedediah. jedediah: remind why the founding fathers thought this was so important. >> checks and balance and to give everybody a vote. we could have the mainstream media in hollywood and silicone valley all just go to a ballroom at the ritz carlton in santa barbara, california, lock the doors, pick the president and the country would be at peace. but the people in the rest of the country get to
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participate, too. ed: doug, people just spit out their coffee all across the country laying out hollywood scenario. look at the map. what you are saying is making a very serious point. that half of america lives in just 146 of the biggest counties out of 3,000 counties all across america. so weave this together in terms of what the founding fathers wanted in terms of balance across the country? >> they wanted representation. it's a republic. they didn't want the minority view to be squashed. socialism is defined by isaiah berlin and others the reason it squashes free speech is because ultimately the speech of the community is who are important than the speech of the individual and our constitution is our law. george washington said that the constitution was a guide that he would never abandon. beto o'rourke says it's outdated.
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jedediah: doug, real quickly, what are the odds it could happen? >> it's not going to happen. this is back to 2016. first it was comey's fault. then it was the russians fault. now it's thomas jefferson's fault. it's the u.s. constitution is the problem. ed: the founding fathers had a bit of wisdom and sometimes people don't want to listen but it's there doug, we appreciate you. >> thanks ed and jedediah. jedediah: add social security among the things democrats want to hand out to illegals. will it work? we will debate it next. ed: what happens when ron burgundy shows up to call an nhl hockey game? >> you don't mind if i bite into this burrito. shot a goal. he scores. put that baby to bed without a diaper. steven could only imaginem 24hr to trenjoying a spicy taco.burn,
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♪ jedediah: welcome back. some quick international headlines. britain will not leave the eu next week. european leaders extending the brexit deadline until at least april 12th. it could be pushed back until late may if british lawmakers approve a new deal to leave the eu next week. canadian prime minister justin trudeau is forced to apologize for eating a snack. >> i apologize, it was a chocolate bar. i apologize. jedediah: a member slamming the prime minister for eating during hour's long meeting in parliament. that's against the rules. steve: that's a crazy rules. i guess it is in the rules up there. 6:25 in new york city. 2020 presidential candidate kirsten gillibrand of new york state facing backlash
3:25 am
after claiming illegal imgantz should having seas immigrants should have access to social security. >> you must have the right to pay into social security. steve: okay. the right to pay into social security. now she is clarifying those remarks at her rally last night in vegas. >> you let the 10, 11 million people who are here now working now begin to buy into social security. pay into social security, pay into taxes, pay their fair share and over a 10-year period they will earn their way into citizenship. steve: all right. so, here with the debate on whether or not illegals should get into the social security program, we have got immigration attorney francisco hernandez who joins us from dallas and senior policy director with the conservative partnership institute rachel bowvard:
3:26 am
kirsten gillibrand has made the suggestion when she was a senator she has not proposed this in the senate but now that she is running for president she thinks this is a great idea and i bet you do, too. >> well, if you really look at the age of our population, the number of people that are going to be drawing social security in the very near future is going to drive social security broke unless we get some new contributors. it makes sense if they are going to pay into it. sure, it's the same contract that anybody that was born here has. we need people to start contributing to social security. mind you, there is still about 700 billion suspense fund within the social security system that we can't touch because it's been -- it's contributions from undocumented immigrants over the decades and decades and decades and that money is just sitting there and we can't touch it because we don't know who it belongs to. we ought to at least give them a chance to start paying into for retirement.
3:27 am
steve: he says the social security system is broken and if we had all these new people paying in maybe it would survive. >> what's interesting is that some illegal immigrants do pay into social security. the irs allows this. they don't tell ice about it and the system is still going broke. the trustees tell us social security will be bankrupt by 2034. ultimately the issue here is that we're talking about illegal immigrants paying into social security. we're not dealing with the crisis at the border. and the issue there is unless we get it under control, we have to stop incentivizing people to come here or we are never going to fix this. steve: kirsten gillibrand made it clear this is essentially the pathway to citizenship. this is something that has needed to be addressed by our congress for decades and, yet, and here's a member of congress who is saying, look, you make me president and i'm going to do my best to do. this she hasn't done anything regarding this as a sitting senator from new york state. >> oh, sure. listen. congress has been chickening
3:28 am
out for 19 years now. steve: yeah. >> not dressing the issue because it's a juicy political issue. we need a scapegoat to promote our politics. we have had democrat congress. we had republican congress in charge for six years. that could have passed any laws. no matter what. and they are not going to. so that is true. paying into social security doesn't get you citizenship or legal residency at all. as i said about is about 700 billion-dollar suspension fund where the irs and social security system has been receiving these payments. and we can't even touch it because we don't know who it belongs. to say. steve: rachel, i will give you the final word. >> i think dealing with this issue is the equivalent of -- rome burn the more we incentivize people come here, crisis at the border. sexual assault at the border. more drugs coming across the border. we will never fix the problem if we don't invent advise people. we need to fix the border first. >> we could fix it by not
3:29 am
hiring people. >> we can fix it by building a wall at the border or by starting to crack down on actual illegal crossers. we saw 76,000, the highest since 2008, this is an issue. >> stop hiring. steve: if you turn off the job magnet people will stop coming. >> yes. steve: great conversation this morning. rachel and francisco, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> thank you. steve: coming up on this friday a u.s. figure skater accused of using skate blade to attack a rival. building homes for heroes has been changes lives for decades. this morning they do it once more. a purple heart recipient and his wife are here to share their incredible story. good morning. you are coming up right here on "fox & friends" ♪ coming home ♪ ♪ us as people. they see us as profits.
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♪ country ♪ born and raised in it. steve: steer clear of that massive pet. a why put pet zone's all pets welcome to the test. staff stayed true to their policy. we want to give them credit. welcomed them like any other furry friend. jedediah: as they should. he is used to competing in rodeos. he felt right at home. this would be me i would walk in with my pet elephant. i get it. steve: hats off to petco. he brought in the steer and they didn't have a beef with it. jedediah: well done. [sighs] ed: send us pictures of your pets at jedediah: the weirder the better. ed: you like snakes, right? jedediah: ed, don't even get me started. ed: we did that on the show. i will find video.
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steve: snakes on a plane. 27 minutes before the top of the hour on this busy friday. jill yean has news about hillary clinton. jillian: that's right. good morning. let's talk about this. newly released emails from hillary clinton's personal server reveals she did discuss classified foreign policy matters as former secretary of state. the documents released by judicial watch showed hillary wanted to establish a back channel to benjamin netanyahu. the email seemingly contradict her 2015 testimony that she turned over all other sensitive work emails to the state department. american figure skating accused of slicing rifle on the ice. mariah bell kicked competitor cutting her calf during warm-up at the world championships in japan. the 16-year-old went on to compete even scoring a personal best. placing fifth just ahead of belle. the international skating union says there is no evidence the incident was deliberate. the skaters who train together have not commented.
3:35 am
a 30-foot high wire rehearsal turns into terrifying plunge stop what you are doing and watch this. yeah, that happening during dare devil -- to dare devil two years ago in florida. the video was just released though. doctors say it was a miracle everyone survived. it's not clear why authorities released the video, terrifying to watch. anchorman ron burgundy calling a live nhl game? what could go wrong. >> you don't mind if i bite into this burrito right now, do you? oh my god. shot a goal. he scores. put that baby to bed without a diaper. [laughter] jillian: actor will farrell reviving his anchorman role. he is a huge kings' fan.
3:36 am
that might be the coolest thing i have seen all day. jillian: go to janice dean for the first alert forecast might also be the coolest thing i have seen all day. janice: bad news across the northeast we have a coastal low. a little too warm for snow along the coast. interior sections is where we are getting potentially 6 to 12 inches of snow. let's take a look at the radar. you can see along the coast. heavy rain and wind is going to cause problems. especially in the air. so call your travel agent and make sure you know where and when you are going to be traveling because you could see some delays. the winds are going to tick up throughout the day today and through the overnight. there is your additional precipitation along the coast it's going to be rain event in interior sections. that's where see will see the snow. we will watch the flooding potential this weekend. more rain unfortunately in the forecast for saturated ground including nebraska and iowa and wisconsin. all right, ed, over to you. ed: thank you, janice. building home force heroes
3:37 am
we have seen this on "fox & friends." it has literally changed lives of veterans for years now. now, they are focusing and a part of a -- a big part of a new fox nation special. watch. >> for family that suffered to have something done easy for them has to be such a relief. >> the security in knowing that they have a roof over their heads. i'm able to roll right through the living room and into the kitchen and without having to dodge a great deal. ed: here with more is retired u.s. air force captain nathan and wife jennifer gifted a mortgage-free home and founder of building homes for heroes andy puljols thank you for all your work. tell me what the home means for you? >> the home was a spectacular gift and it really was a corner stone for the transition from going through the injury to what we have laying ahead of
3:38 am
us in our future. but for me and my wife. ed: jennifer, talk about what kind of burden this meant for you? you have a beautiful daughter. >> yes. ed: what does it mean for the family. >> for the family it's everything. we are absolutely grateful for andy and the volunteers our builder and our community to have this opportunity to have a mortgage-free home. it's really continued to launch our family in a new direction. nathan can get everywhere in the home independently of me. it is his home. it was built significantly for every need he could want. ed: andy, 9/11 changed some lives there was good of people coming together and people like you stepping up to help the bravest who serve all of us. >> thanks, ed. ed: tell us what kind of transformation you had. >> oh my goodness gracious during the search and rescue
3:39 am
9/11 and crying one evening at the rubble and so many emotions struggling with ptsd for months after and making a promise one night sitting in the rubble that i was going to serve my country one way or the other. and now 18 years later i have been helping to build building homes for heroes and i have never taken a single penny. ed: you have given wonderful service to america. i don't want to forget captain nelson. tell our audience about your service. watch this clip from fox nation. >> right now i serve as director for military affairs for congressman gaetz. >> nate has a unique way of inspiring patriotism in people. we wish we had a pinky's worth of energy and love for service. ed: you are purple heart recipient. talk about what it mental for you to serve this great country. >> well, absolutely. we didn't go into the service expecting to suffer
3:40 am
injury but we always know it's throughout and it's a possibility. i was doing everything that i could as an intelligence officer serving as continuing to fight in afghanistan. and when i got hit, i was very fortunate that i had such a wonderful support system in my wife who was there and carried me through it. ed: what an important point to make because, jennifer, you are every bit hero to captain nelson keeping this family together. how proud are you of this man. >> i am incredibly proud. we just celebrated 10 years anniversary. so watch him grow and thrive post injury. have that new mission and purpose and just kind of take off. i mean, and spread his wings and fly. i'm so incredibly proud of my husband. ed: talk, make a final point for me what it means. you haven't just helped the nelson family. what kind of pride and joy does it mean to you to see -- kind of help that we
3:41 am
can bring when our audience comes together to help out? >> they just lend a couple of thoughts. eight years ago we were gifting one home every year. one home every year and we were so proud of that and then ainsley and sean jumped in and now believe it or not, we will gift and modify 30 to 40 homes this year. our 200th home. these homes are beautiful homes but it's so much more than that our goal is to launch lives to a brighter future and we are seeing that from 8 years ago a veteran who had hundred surgeries, third degree burns, missing limbs, blind, he just got his degree in college and now nathan works for congressman gaetz. she works for a real estate company. and they're the best parents i have ever seen. ed: thank you, thank you, thank you. captain and mrs. nelson, we literally cannot thank you enough but we are so happy that you have all come together here. thank you for having us.
3:42 am
thank you again. >> yeah. ed: you can watch this inspiring story first season of building homes for heroes right now fox nation check it out the app. or online. thank you all. bad news for democrats who want the president out of office. the numbers have proven either their own party is actually not behind impeachment. be careful what you like on facebook. turns out what you post on the social media site could actually impact your insurance costs. -i call it my comfortable future plan. -it's our confident forever plan. -welcome to our complete freedom plan. -it's all possible with a cfp professional. ♪ -find your certified financial planner™ professional at
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-find your certified financial planner™ professional (alarm beeping) welcome to our busy world. where we all want more energy. but with less carbon footprint. that's why, at bp, we're working to make energy that's cleaner and better. we're producing cleaner-burning natural gas. and solar and wind power. and wherever your day takes you... we have advanced fuels for a better commute. and we're developing ultra-fast-charging technology for evs.. at bp, we see possibilities everywhere. so we can all keep advancing.
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♪ mmm, exactly!ug liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. nice! but uh, what's up with your partner? oh! we just spend all day telling everyone how we customize car insurance because no two people are alike, so... limu gets a little confused when he sees another bird that looks exactly like him. ya... he'll figure it out. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ jillian: good friday mornings to you. welcome back. quick headlines now. mississippi governor phil bryant signing a sweeping abortion bill. the republican governor banning abortions once a heart beat is detected. something that can happen within six weeks of pregnancy. the law will take effect on july 1st. and a florida house panel approves a new bill to arm teachers in the wake of the deadly parkland shooting it
3:46 am
would allow educators to voluntarily carry guns if they complete a training course. the think it will make schools safer. critics don't want law officers to be replaced. the state senate is considering a similar bill. steve? steve: thank you, jillian. be careful what you post online it could impact the cost of insurance. jedediah: life insurers are sizing up social media accounts to determine applicant's risk. ed: here is kur kurt the cyber by guy. >> nothing scouring through history of all of our online posts. a warning this morning to pay attention to what's on there from well your cigar smoking and skydiving photos might want to come down. anything that shows risky behavior you can go ahead and look in the history of your posts, you know, you don't want to show yourself smoking if you smoke. you don't want to show yourself having what would seem like a rambunctious time with alcohol.
3:47 am
jedediah: we have a full screen of some stuff you might want to avoid. >> engaging in high risk sports such as for skydiving especially without a helmet. you want to make sure you have your helmet on if you do that any sort of reckless behavior that you know inherently would freak your mother out would be the same thing that's going to fechuch out the insurance company. steve: you are pointing out skydiving pose. all i have on my feed are me cooking meat loaf. you found another reason. >> that could be dangerous. kitchen fires and you caught yourself on fire? my gosh. one thing can you do. for facebook what can you do is go and limit if you haven't done this already. this is a perfect morning to do a privacy check go. into privacy settings and look at this. limit who can see past posts. check that. and make sure that you have limited it to just your friends or friends and family or only me you could set it for. meaning not meme but you
3:48 am
personally. so very smart why give them. steve: you know how social media works. you want to post the craziest picture ever to say look at me look what i can? >> it's not worth that like. jedediah: once it hits social media,. >> it's there. jedediah: it's there for good. >> it is there for good. however, why make it easy for people who don't intend to help me get a better insurance rate down the road? if i'm applying for life insurance and i'm showing obvious things that may seem braggadocious at the time and fun, they will say oh, well, we don't want to insure you or that's going to be a double premium. steve: do we know for sure that insurance companies are doing this? >> we don't. what we do know is there is really little if anything stopping it few laws on the books that prevent that being analyzed at risks. jedediah: are people worried that they might target certain individuals, for
3:49 am
example? it would be so easy we don't want to ensure this person. ed: nascar driver. jedediah: so public. easy mechanism to target someone. you look at social media account reckless behavior i'm going to bump up numbers for them. >> if i'm an insurance company and going tore expensive policy super high payout on it i'm going to look a lot more closely in the greatest of details. that's where i imagine those will ramp up. ed: cookbook or something like that. >> cookbook authors high risk. there you go. steve: coming up, this is a gigantic story. isis nearly completely gone in syria. so why is it getting so little media attention? we will talk to army vet pete hegseth coming up in the next hour. ed: our buddy is coming up. says he was left out of national honor society over his support, yes, of the president. he just got the last laugh. right to the white house. what was it like?
3:50 am
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3:53 am
steve: we told you about this story. that high school student from new jersey says he was rejected from the national honor society because of that t-shirt where he seems to support president trump. >> i had the grade requirement. community service requirement. >> you checked all the box. >> i checked all the boxes when i posted the trump quote al all of a sudden i had a character issue. jedediah: he got a very
3:54 am
special invitation from the white house where he had the opportunity to attend president trump's executive order signing protecting free speech on college campuses that student joins us now. thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> what was it like to go to the white house? >> it was something really special. you think of the white house as something really cool. but when you go inside it was a whole other world. jedediah: was it important for you to be here to protect free speech on campuses given what you just went through. >> i think so. so, the president just mandated free speech on college campuses. i think that's a good start. i think the next step moving forward we need to extend it to high schools and middle schools, right? the idea is to stop leftist indoctrination that starts in high school and middle school. steve: you certainly meet the requirements to be in the national honor society. community service, the good gravmentdz you got a 4.0. congratulations. >> thank you. steve: yet, it was a little group of teachers and educators at your school who
3:55 am
said you had a character issue because you support the president. you had that t-shirt. you posted some things for the president. how dare you? you know, they are going how could he possibly do that and so they said you don't get to be in the national honor society. >> well, this happenings all the time in schools. and after i was on for fox the first time all the students reached out to me telling me similar stories. my teacher gave me a bad grade for supporting trump. same thing for writing things that are conservative. teachers need to realize that they are public servants. they work for the students and the community. and our taxes are the ones weighing their salaries yet they act like they can hold our grades over our heads because we write something in support of the president. jedediah: you came on here in february and alluded to this a couple of seconds ago when you went back to school after that and some students wrote you. was there any backlash from the administration or feel any pressure as a result of coming on here and telling this story about the bias
3:56 am
going on. >> that's always something you have to consider. jedediah: very brave of you. >> thank you. but but, at the end of the day, this sour fight. and, you know, this sour generation. we are the ones that need to fight socialism and free speech can't vote writing our papers and speaking in the classroom is the only way to do that. >> because you went to the white house during a school day you had to get perms from the school and they denied you, right? >> to go to the white house. the choir class at the end of the year get to go to six flags but the trump administration is not an excused absence. jedediah: real quick 2020 going to vote who are you voting for? >> trump. steve: hang on a second, jedediah, in 2040 he says he is running for president. >> we have to keep the legacy going. jedediah: not messing around. steve: thanks for stopping by. what has robert mueller found? apparently james comey doesn't really care. do you believe that? stick around we will tell you about it. jedediah: beto o'rourke just had first run-in with the
3:57 am
law on the campaign trail. we will tell you why he got busted? ♪ who's going to save the world tonight ♪ if ywhen you brush or floss, you don't have to choose between healthy gums and strong teeth. complete protection from parodontax has 8 designed benefits for healthy gums and strong teeth. complete protection from parodontax. cancer, epilepsy, mental health, hiv. patients with serious diseases are being targeted for cuts to their medicare drug coverage. new government restrictions would allow insurance companies to come between doctor and patient. and deny access to individualized therapies
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griff: deputy sheriff brian johnson shot and killed as he performed a traffic stop: >> president trump making history recognizing israel's control over the golan heights. this all comes as several 2020 democratic candidates say they plan to boycott upcoming pro-israel event. >> the college or university doesn't allow you to speak who will not give them money. it is very simple. >> is it getting harder in the u.s. military to assimilate everybody? >> yeah. >> it is. >> identity politic sass
4:01 am
cancer. >> as soon as reparations pass there is something i didn't tell you about my ancestry result i'm also 1/20th blank. who knew? ♪ i don't care ♪ i love it. ♪ steve: janice told us because of a coastal low we will have weather throughout the northeast today. today could actually be the day that robert mueller wraps up his report. of course, rumors have been rampant for weeks. ed: haven't we heard that before? steve: and send it to the department of justice and they figure out what do they do? how much do they release? today could be the day. but i don't care is kind of what james comey thinks these days. ed: he cared a lot when he was the one who sparked the entire special counsel investigation by saying he leaked out those memos about his conversation with the president all because he felt like the president was
4:02 am
unfit for office it was time for him to goened he a wanted a special counsel. now james comey is flip flopping. let's take a look at what he said then and we will tell you how he has changed. >> i woke up in the middle of the night on monday night because it didn't dawn on me originally that there might be corroboration for our conversation. there might be a tape. my judgment was i needed to get that out into the public square. i asked a friend of mine to share the content of the memo with a reporter. didn't do it myself for a variety of reasons but i asked him to because i thought that might prompt the appointment of a special counsel. steve: look what happened? jedediah: guess what? maybe there has been a little change from james comey. in a "new york times" op-ed he now writes even though i believe mr. trump is unfit to be president of the united states. i'm not write for mr. mueller to demonstrate is he a criminal. i'm also not rooting for mr. mueller to clear the president. i'm not rooting for anything at all exception that the special counsel be permitted to finish his work.
4:03 am
i have no idea whether the special counsel will conclude that mr. trump knowingly conspired with the russians in connection with the 2016 election or that he obstructed justice with the required corrupt intent. i also don't care. ed: he doesn't care after two years? really? jedediah: come on. if you believe that i have a bridge to sell you. that is ridiculous. steve: why would that be? maybe fast forward to today how many indictments have there been or people convicted regarding the trump-russia collusion thing. yeah, there haven't. and what about the obstruction of justice thing? ed: see what mueller has. steve: we would have known by now. come on it's washington, d.c. ed: here's the thing. chris hayes on msnbc a couple nights ago said can we trust the mueller report if it doesn't find collusion? wait a second, you have been among the people pumping up the mueller report he might have the goods. we heard adam schiff say two years ago there was
4:04 am
evidence. that's what schiff said there was evidence of collusion. two years later we are still waiting. maybe that's why some in the media are flip flopping because it's not fitting their narrative. jedediah: they did the same thing with james comey. first they hated james comey because how he handled hillary clinton and then they loved james comey because he doesn't like trump. they will love and hate mueller based on how much information he has that's negative on president trump. steve: only stuff we have heard about and i know the republicans make this their talking point only collusion we have seen with between the department of justice and the fbi and the democrats. keep in mind. all of this seemed to have started with this dossier that was essentially an oppo research paper funded by the democrats after the republicans originally started dirt on donald trump. and then just the fact that it was shopped around by a bunch of people in washington. will you please just look at this? and eventually it landed at the fbi and department of justice got involved. keep in mind. ladies and gentlemen, ilisa pagd
4:05 am
doors said they could not prove there was collusion before the mueller appointment. when mueller is talking about how he gave his notes to his college friend, so they would start a special counsel it wasn't for collusion because they had no evidence. it was for obstruction. fast forward now, there's no evidence we have seen of either. jedediah: now, of course, democrats when they talk about collusion the next word that comes out of their mouth is impeachment. we have interesting poll numbers from cnn on support for trump's impeachment. in december of 2018, it was at 43%. march of 2019 it had dropped to 36%. steve: seven points. ed: look among democrats. jedediah: december 2018. 80%. march 2019. 68%. each among democrats this has dropped. now, i think it's because people are looking and saying, look, a lot of same people say i originally supported. this i wanted you to look into this. sure, if there is collusion with russia it's legitimate.
4:06 am
now many have signed on and said you know what? it does look like a witch-hunt. ed: which is why the democrats should have signed on to it maybe the president shouldn't have been calling it a witch-hunt. if the mueller report ends up not finding corruption or collusion he might end up saying hey, mueller did a good job. steve: people are hopeful at the end of the process we hear from the inspector general and department of justice whether or not any corners were cut. whether or not there were any influences politically. we know that mueller fired strzok and page essentially from the investigation because of perceived bias. ed: the text messages that showed they didn't like the president and they are the folks who were investigating him. interesting because you have got this whole pack of democrats. it's a list of baker's dozen or so still growing in there trying to get the president's job. one of those folks is john hickenlooper the former democratic governor of colorado. he said something that almost sounds like common sense at the cnn town hall a
4:07 am
couple nights ago and yet, there has been a freak-out on the left. listen. >> governor, some of your male competitors have vowed to put a woman on the ticket. "yes" or "no," would you do the same? >> again, of course. but how come we are not asking more often the women would you be willing to put a man on the ticket? steve: he said afterwards he was trying to make the point that, too off, media discounts of a chance of a woman winning by asking such questions of men. they never ask that question or at least maybe i missed it but women i know feel that is a form of discounting that they are less likely to win the nomination. that is what i'm talking about he went on to explain. jedediah: he was actually he elevating women in his comment. they might have to be on the top of the ticket and figure out if they want me on there. it is crazy. we have a montage of media attacking him. take a listen. >> john hickenlooper's answer about the possibility of a female running mate sparking backlash.
4:08 am
>> i don't know what the heck he was talking about. there are a lot of democrats who feel that women haven't been given their just due. so when hickenlooper says things like that, is he basically dismissing those concerns. [laughter] >> craig, i don't even know how to reply to that 45 president have been men. i think it speaks for itself. >> it's one of those answers that you really groan at. i certainly did when i saw it i think i'm going to send governor hickenlooper a copy of those place mats with all the presidents' faces on them that are all men. >> they are missing the point. you had cory booker about a week ago and say i'm going to pick a woman. all these women are running and one of them is going to be my vice president. that to me is worse because he is assuming a man is going to win the top spot. steve: axios had a story yesterday that apparently joe biden's counsel of advisors are considering stacey abrams who had run for governor down in the great state of georgia.
4:09 am
that they would essentially preannounce before the convention, months before, which is the standard that she would be the ticket. ed: it would add a woman and someone younger and she is black. they are saying this would really balance things for biden. jedediah: don't pick me because i'm a female. that's the most condescending thing can you do. pick me because i'm the best woman for the job. are you going to pick a woman just because she is a woman? no. there are plenty of capable women out there that can do this job in a brilliant way. don't assume just because it's a woman they are the best person for the job. steve: one of the women running for president is elizabeth warren. you know, famously, elizabeth warren has taken some flack for her roll-out announcing her d.n.a. results and whatnot. last night, on the daily show, trevor noah actually took a shot at elizabeth warren and we wanted to play it for you this bite on this
4:10 am
friday morning. >> i have my eye on you, elizabeth warren. i feel like as soon as reparations are passed she will be like there is something i didn't tell you about my ancestry results. i'm also 1/20th black. who knew? apple pay. ed: havhe ed: when you have lost trevor noah. she played his game came out a loser there. and now even the left is turning on her. jedediah: come on, ed. 1/1,024th ounce. even comedians are sitting back. even fans of elizabeth warren some of my friends in new york city i have plenty of liberal friends come on this is not a win for you. just back away. not a good look. ed: she likes beer. steve: she couldn't get her husband to have a beer with her in the kitchen. what do you think about that? email you was at we're also on facebook. jillian joins us now and she has a fox news alert.
4:11 am
jillian: let's get you caught up starting with. this overnight two american service members are killed during an operation in afghanistan. their identities have not been revealed and unclear how they died. they are the third and fourth american service members killed this year. right now there are around 14,000 u.s. troops supporting afghan soldiers in their fight against the taliban. also breaking right now, ice revealing an illegal immigrant murdered a deputy in washington state. the agency says the mexican man overstayed his work visa. the suspect opening fire on deputy brian thompson in a shootout after a high speed chase. he was also shot and killed. this as we learn 1800 illegals will soon be released from homeland security custody in texas because there isn't enough space to hold them. a dark jewish cemetery disseminated with anti-met particular graffiti. two stones were knocked
4:12 am
over. massachusetts police and the fbi are treating the incident as a hate crime. more than $12,000 is being offered for information leading to an arrest. did you see this? 2020 presidential candidate beto o'rourke has a run know with the law on the campaign trail. the democrat reportedly getting a $50 ticket for illegally parking, that man you see right there in philanthropy, seen pulling new hampshire. pulling away. ed: not speed. jillian: no that would be dangerous. we don't do dangerous here. steve: 50 bucks. jedediah: identity politics is a cancer, that's the word from a retired u.s. army general. wait until you hear what he has to say about how killing the army. > steve: that terrorist said if he ever went free again he would go back to jihad. guess what? he is about to be free. he has been handed his walking papers. is it time for a terror registry. former cia operative joins
4:13 am
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♪ ♪ steve: former american taliban fighter that man right there john walker lyndh, remember that video from 2001 in afghanistan, he is set to be released from prison after serving 17
4:17 am
years. even without denouncing radical islam. in addition to his terror ties, walke walker lyndh killeda ria officer september 11th. is he one of the terrorists expected to walk free in 20225. is it time for a terror registry. this is important to our next guest. bryan dean wright joins us now live from tucson. brian, good morning to you. >> good morning, sir. steve: it's personal to you because mike span, the cia officer who was killed by mr. lynde was a colleague of yours at the cia. >> that's right. you know, an amazing guy. he had three kids. wonderful wife. and i guarantee you right now they are living through a nightmare knowing that this man could be back out on the streets without any kind of following by the government to ensure they know where he is at and what
4:18 am
he is doing. these kids now babies when i first knew now in their 20s. got to be horrified. steve: look he served his time. the judicial system put him away for 17 years and he did his time so now he can do whatever he wants. >> yeah. so, let's take the case of some of the gitmo detainees, a guhe served his time and went through dereaction program. they released him from that program and within days he goes to yemen and joins the fight with al qaeda there. we know his case is not an odd or an outlier for example by the way. we know about 30% of gitmo detainees go on to join the fight once more. that's already bad. the more horrifying point is that the utes government, we don't know well which one of these detainees whether it's walker lyndh or otherwise will be the 30% that goes
4:19 am
back in the fight or 70% that stays straight as it were. that's the really terrifying point. on top of that walker linged isn't alone. we have 75 more of these folks coming back online and coming back into our cities by new york and tucson by 2025. this is justth beginning. walker lyndh is the tip of the iceberg. steve: because they are coming back into society. we have a map of states in which lawmakers are calling for, perhaps, a terror registry they include new york, texas, florida, missouri and louisiana and when you think about it, briabrinebryan you can go onlind find out where a sex offender lives in your zip code why can't did you go online and see where a terrorist lives? >> we know that sex offenders once they are rereleased back into our communities, not only do we follow them but we do that
4:20 am
because 5% to 20% of these folks reoffend. we want to make sure we know where all of them are at. terrorists we know that at lease 30% of them reoffend. why wouldn't we do something about this? why wouldn't we have this registry? it makes far too much sense. congress needs to move forward with something called the tracer act which you referenced. absolutely has to be done in the senate and the house. president trump needs to get on this and show the american people that its government, his government is serious about this problem. we know that's true. but this has to be done and soon. walker lyndh gets out in two month's time. we have got to get on this now. steve: let's see if the president mentions the tracer act you are referring. to say bryan dean wright joins us from tucson today. >> pleasure. steve: he killed he killed for people for drug money. what's even worse, he should not have been even in this country. the sick admission from an illegal immigrant coming up. and elizabeth warren says she wants to break up big
4:21 am
tech, what does the founder of aol think about that? steve case, you've got mail. he is going to join us live next. ♪ if you want to have a good time ♪ to help you maintain balance and help keep you active and well-rested. because hey, tomorrow's coming up fast. nature's bounty. because you're better off healthy. walkabout wednesdays are back! get a sirloin or chicken on the barbie, fries, and a draft beer or coca-cola - all for just $10.99. hurry in! wednesdays are for outback. outback steakhouse. aussie rules. [indistinct conversation] [friend] i've never seen that before. ♪ ♪
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ed: time for news by the numbers. first 94 years and 173 days former president jimmy carter's age making him the oldest living president in american history. the title previously held by the late george h.w. bush. next, 1,000 bucks. that's how much you can make by binge watching marvel movies. what? >> ed: steve's weekend plans just changed. cable is looking for
4:25 am
someone to watch and live tweet all marvel movies back-to-back to build hype. steve: i can't watch and tweet, okay? ed: that's the deal. avenger's end game is what they are trying to promote. finally 40 billion bucks how much americans spent last year while shopping drunk. jedediah: i believe it. ed: we will talk to hegseth about that. say half of the people they blamed it on late night takeout. steve: shopping while drunk. in other news, 2020 cap democrat elizabeth warren has a message for america's big tech companies. listen to this. >> they want to be the umpire in the baseball game. and they also want to run a bunch of teens in the game. my view on this you can be an umpire or have a team but you can't do both. it is time to break up america's tech giants. [cheers and applause] jedediah: our next guest co-founded one of the first
4:26 am
big tech companies aol. what does he think about breaking up big tech? ed: let's ask him joining us live now and the ceo steve case who comes from my area in washington, d.c. >> good to see you. ed: big tech companies big punching bag. big applause on the campaign trail. how does it work? >> you have to be careful. success stories of american entrepreneurship. backlash brewing against big tech against silicon valley. even various parts of the country feel left out by the disruption happening in places like silicon valley and make sure everybody is a part of it and competitive playing field. i think it's worth looking at and tread lightly. 50 years ago when ma bell a big phone company was controlling communications it did break it up and it unleashed a lot of competition. $10 an hour to be online now
4:27 am
pennies and sometimes nothing. competition is good. how do you make sure start-up can compete with big players. that should be the focus. consumers love these services and make sure it's competitive markets. that's not necessarily jumping immediately to a break-up scenario. jedediah: when you founded aol, i'm just curious. did you see it playing out this way? >> yes and no. when we started it back in 1985 only 3% of people were online. those 3% were online just an hour of week. still pretty. steve: it was dial up. >> it was expensive. goes back to the competition. it was expensive. steve: tie up phone line. >> $10 an hour to be online. of course you won't be online. now it's so ubiquitous and can't live without the internet. great toe so it. some issues now so pervasive with platforms like facebook and others. how you make sure all voices are heard. make sure there is quality control out there. gone from niche thing that nobody cared about to being such an essential part of
4:28 am
everyday life it does look sense to take a fresh look at what the rules of the road need to be. >> regulated last thing they want. but, at the same time, to your earlier point, talking about how you want to hear all the voices. it seems like every time there is a story about shadow banning or any of that stuff, it always impacts people on the political right. >> right. steve: is that just a coincidence? >> that's hard to say. the platforms, google and others right now there is a trust issue that is pretty ubiquitous. steve: trust them oh it's not us. it's our algorithm. >> i think there is a backlash more generally against them. maybe they are a little too powerful. when we got started only three television networks, before cable really took hold, before the internet really took hold. one of the great things more voices out there. and there are more voices out there. at the same time not every voice is equal. not every voice is accurate. how do you make sure there is focus on ache investigation. level playing field for
4:29 am
ideas. over time live less in filter bubbles listen to people that already support their view. it is helpful, i think and one of the things promise of the internet to expose other ideas to other perspectives. we need to do it. jedediah: tell us about the ride. >> this is our eighth tour we will be in florida. important state. we have so far visited, i think it's 38 cities. 10,000 miles in places like buffalo and albuquerque and madison and new orleans. start-ups everywhere. trying to get more venture capital. last year 75% of venture capital dollars went to three states. california, new york and massachusetts. steve: are you saying, steve, the bus pulls up. >> money. stiff competition. chattanooga. we invested in. watch company. also stock-marketplace. hundreds of employees we have to created jobs everywhere. start-ups create jobs.
4:30 am
only back in silicon valley ohio kansas and other places will see the negative part of disruption. job loss because of ai or driverless trucks but not job gains. we have to back start-ups everywhere and that's what this is all about. ed: column suggesting you can't help rural america. it sounds like you have a more optimistic message. >> you have to create jobs. start-occupies arstart ups. we shouldn't be surprised a lot of people in country do feel left out and left behind. we need to change that. steve: if people are interested where the bus is coming next do you have a website? >> go to steve: you don't have to use dial up. >> exactly. it's faster than it used to be. steve: meanwhile, straight ahead, a major american drugstore chain is going to povment we will tell which you one is going to start selling cbd oil. ed: 2020 presidential candidates on the left skipping out on a pro-israel
4:31 am
conference. another sign of bias. pete hegseth is all over this story. steve: pete, have you met -- ♪ ♪ my experience with usaa has been excellent. they really appreciate the military family and it really shows. with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good, we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. it was funny because when we would call another insurance company, hey would say "oh we can't beat usaa" we're the webber family. we're the tenney's we're the hayles, and we're usaa members for life. ♪ get your usaa auto insurance quote today. the big drug companies don't see they see us as profits. we're paying the highest prescription drug prices in the world so they can make billions?
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4:33 am
4:34 am
ed: a fox news alert the u.s. military closing in on a complete defeat of isis a story not being covered. we bring in pete hegseth army veteran and "fox & friends weekend" co-host. good morning. >> good morning. pete: our own benjamin hall is doing fantastic reporting on the front line. steve: there is not much of a front line anymore. pete: there is no more front line. say for a few people in caves here or there, most have ultimately surrendered. that tells you this is a last of the last. it tells you how much pressure has been put on them that these guys who said they were going to die
4:35 am
for allah. that was their life's ambition ultimately are surrendering and now in refugee camps. whole other issue what you do with these guys. a testament to this president unleashing our military to crush identifies. steve: when he was running for president he said look, i'm going to make it a priority. isis got started on barack obama's watch. and. ed: they were the jv team. steve: junior varsity city team. he said he would do it. and people go yeah, sure. we have been trying and it's not working. what did he do specifically with his military commanders to get us to the point today where they are pretty much extinct. pete: loosen rules of engagement. push our advisors closer to the front lines. so they are not pulling triggers necessarily but they are right there with the guys that are. which has an emboldening effect. steve: they are able to use our technology. pete: they can use our technology and air support and ar artillery and weapons. our guys are right there with them as they move to the front line very different than being an
4:36 am
advisor in the rear with the gear in the headquarters. calling shots. but also if you are picking targets and saying you can't shoot there. you can't shoot there. then you are handcuffing yourself. steve: why are we the only people talking about this. >> it's unfortunate narrative for the people on the left who hate this president. i really, really unfortunately believe that to be the case. it's sort of yesterday's news in think mind, isis, the caliphate was not going to work anyway. somewhere had to go there and murder them to prove that the caliphate didn't work. they killed 800 million people at their height. expoor station to europe at the wanted to bring to to the united states. ed: they were beheading americans. >> absolutely gone because of the united states of america. it reminds you how indispensible america is in the world. if we get our military and seize to lead no, one else is going to go crush isis there isn't another freedom military in the world it's us or nobody. jedediah: before you used
4:37 am
the expression pulling triggers. i'm triggered about another story. i'm triggered about move who is encouraging 2020 presidential candidates on the left to skip pro-israel aipac conference. you already have a punch of prominent candidates yeah we are going to skip it elizabeth warren, bearngdz, beto o'rourke, jay inslee, kamala harris, christian, kirstn gillibrand. the list goes on. i'm sitting here saying is this a mistake? what works in a primary election? move is a far left progressive organization. you are going to cater to them? how is this going to work in a general? lots of folks democrats included want israel to be. pete: you described move the far left group it is now the democrat party. they are the soul of the democrat party. just like the justice democrats. just like cair and all these radical groups that have captured the democratic party. that's who they are kowtowing too. and maybe they think testimony works in a general. i think you are trite doesn't work in a general
4:38 am
election. aipac is not an extreme right wing pro-israel group they play it down the middle bipartisan consensus of partisans and democrats. if you won't go to aipac you are somehow anti-israel or anti-semitic. we have seen the comments. i'm north saying they are. you are not willing to stand shoulder to shoulder with our most -- with our strongest ally. all of them boycotting it shows you how afraid they are of the fringe left base of the camp. they are afraid of them. how dare you stand with a group that you saw the president recognize the glitsd or hgolan heights or dide during twitter. you can't do that what about the 1967 lines and two-state solution? because there is a pro-palestinian base of the democratic party. they don't want to offend. >> that's what this is all about. ed: we talk about identity politics on the weekends a lot. retired general sean mcfarland had this to say about the impact it's having on the military. really chilling. watch.
4:39 am
>> i just heard a statistic recently that about 80% of american kids consider themselves as just plain old americans before they enter high school and about two thirds of them about halfway through college become hyphenated american. we remove those hyphens in the army, in the military. you know, you are a soldier, next question. we all wear of the same pack on our right shoulder. the american flag. that's what it is all about. is it getting harder in the u.s. military to assimilate everybody and get everybody on the same plane for the same team? it is. identity politics is a cancer. and army is a reflection of its society. it's a dangerous path that removing along and eventually it's going to become too hard for us to fix. steve: of course, he is talking about his point of
4:40 am
view as somebody who led so many people in the army where you served proudly. pete: yeah. incredibly well said why by the general. what makes america special is a bunch of people different background and skin colors and orientation we are all in for the declaration and constitution to set a we can be free people for ourselves. that's the social contract for america. if you start to say no, i'm black, i'm white, i'm this, i'm that. i'm this agree advance. i'm that grievance. i'm this identity, that identity first. it all starts to break down. because you are not looking at the center of idea ofs that you share together. steve: america first. we all have our patch on our shoulder. >> this is where it comes from in universities and high schools telling folks to focus on background even things like 23 and me. then we look back i'm part of this subpar subgroup. that type of stuff sump what
4:41 am
we have been trying to move past for a long time. steve: shouldn't you be proud of your background. >> i'm 70% nor we john. you and i have from the same village, probably. we don't look at each other and say how is it going in the homeland? ultimately i'm a fifth generation american. i know my grand mother, i believe, spoke norwegian. i don't know a word of nor we john that's what i hope every group who comes here does. i'm proud of the folks who got me here. ultimately i'm proud of this flag and country. that is what brings us together. jedediah: that's what i'm hoping for. particularly millennials coming out of college campuses this message is apeeling to them. my hope it's not resonating as well. pete: military is the ultimate melting pot. if generals are saying it's not working there, what other institution could heal this cancer? he is right it is a cancer. ed: your jump shot around march madness wasn't too good. >> i don't have video of it.
4:42 am
jedediah: could have come prepared. ed: we have the harlem globe trotters on the show. wait, you have video. pete pete last year my 3 is far off. ed nailed the three. jedediah: that's why you brought video. pete pee rematch. steve: you played division one basketball? ed: i don't want to trigger you. we will have fun. ed: will you with be us. jedediah: not this weekend. i will be soon. steve: i will be watching. i went to kansas, just saying. meanwhile, he said he killed four people for drug money, what's even worse he should not have been in this country. sick admission from illegal immigrant coming up shortly. jedediah: getting real about rural america. the "new york times" says don't even bother with those flyover states. why hasn't the left learned their lesson from the 2016 election ♪ bad company ♪ until the day i die
4:43 am
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jillian: good morning. welcome back. illegal immigrant charged with murdering four people says he did it for drug money. according to grand jury transcripts guzman told investigators he shot the victims inside their homes in nevada to buy meth. he has pleaded not guilty. president trump honoring two of the victim's family members at the state of the union address. cvs pharmacies will soon sell cbd. hemp derived products like creams and sprays are coming to store shelves in 8 states. trying to give customers alternative care options. unclear when the new products will roll out. ed? ed: paul krugman is getting real about rural america writing that no one knows how to reverse its decline. that's what he called it a decline because, quote: politically rural america is increasingly a world apart. rural america is also pretty
4:47 am
much the only place where donald trump remains popular, he writes, despite the damage his trade wars have done to the farm economy. here to react author of alienated america why some places thrive while others clasp. tim carney. >> good to see you, ed. ed: seems like folks on the left paul krugman write about rural america this distant planet that's not in america. >> he tries to hide it but is he showing liberal disdain. the bitter clingers as obama called them. deplorables as clinton called it the reason donald trump won because he was the person who didn't sort of hate rural america and who also articulated there is a real problem out there. the left spent years saying oh there is no actual suffering in middle america. the working class rural america is doing fine. if you are saying things are going bad it's just because you are upset that the world is progressing. krugman at least admits there is a problem out there
4:48 am
but he handily says there is no good way to fix it. it's a disdain a lot on the elites have in middle america. >> it's sort of shocking that it's sort of still there. maybe they haven't learned since 2016. look back at what krugman wrote on elections day a couple years ago. there turned out to be a huge number of people, white people he writes, living mainly in rural areas who don't stai share at all our idea of what america is about. for them it did about blood and soil. about traditional patriarchy and hierarchy. >> he sees people in the abstract. he doesn't see people as humans in a place and that talked about blood and soil. what he is objecting to is people who love the place that they are. and i think, again, what gave -- what the reason that trump won the primary is because when he said the american dream is dead. and this is what i write about in my book alienated america. when he said the dream is
4:49 am
dead. that resonated for people who has looked around at the place they love and said this used to be great. i want my place to be great again. and for a person like krugman who says you can just move out to another place, you can just change your suffering isn't real they don't see that as a legitimate desire my hometown i want it to be thriving and to have strong community institutions. ed: real quick, what does this mean for 2020? are democrats throwing up their hands and saying we can't get rural america? >> there is a lot of them are but iowa caucuses means a lot of them have to try. sherrod brown was the guy who had the most interesting stuff to say the senator from ohio. he dropped out. a lot of these people, i think you are going to see kamala harris and a lot of these people run against the deplorables. there is a couple guys maybe pete but the gay an but buttigi.
4:50 am
ed: check out the book. we appreciate you coming. in plus, if you are a conservative woman on american campus get used to bullying. the college student who wrote she is bull idea on her campus joins us live next. ♪ feel the clarity of non-drowsy claritin and relief from symptoms caused by over 200 indoor and outdoor allergens. like those from buddy. because stuffed animals are clearly no substitute for real ones. feel the clarity. and live claritin clear. my dream car.
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♪ ♪ jedediah: president trump signing an executive order to promote free speech on college campuses saying if universities want federal research dollars, they have to support all free speech. this as one college student is addressing bias at her school in a new op-ed writing, quote: if you are
4:54 am
a conservative woman on my campus, get used to bullying. charlotte townsend wrote that op-ed. she is a sophomore at the college of charleston in south carolina and she joins me now with more. charlotte, thanks for being here. very brave of you to write this down and put this out there. i have taught at cleanings colli know this bias is real. tell us what bias has looked like for you? >> first of all, thank you for having me. bullying right now, particularly for me i wrote in my op-ed that about a particular instance where a fellow conservative and i were putting up posters around campus and within 15 minutes they had been torn down and destroyed. and we shortly thereafter we confronted the vandal. and he proceeded to say that it was his free speech to tear down our free speech. jedediah: you filed a police report actually in that incident. i'm curious, have you ever gotten to the administration
4:55 am
and said to them, listen, i feel as though i'm a conservative woman. my values aren't being respected here, there is bullying going on. are you going to do anything about it? is that something you have addressed with them? >> this is not something that i have addressed with them directly myself; however, i know several other student groups that are conservative have gone to them, explaining that they do not feel like their voices are being heard on campus. furthermore, i think that this is an issue that has a lot to do with people's character. people need to respect one another's opinions rather than silencing of an opinion that they do not agree with. jedediah: now the college of charleston has he issued a statement. it says the college of charleston fosters an inclusive environment that offers a wide range of opinions and beliefs, opinion and otherwise. obviously they see this issue a little bit differently. what has been the reaction around campus? i'm curious. you put this op-ed out there. has any rallied to your side? have you been disparaged by anyone on campus as a result of being so vocal about the
4:56 am
bullying? >> i have not yet been disparaged yet. the op-ed was just posted yesterday. so, i have not seen anything yet. but, from my other conservative peers, i have seen positive comments. they are thankful that i am standing up for my views and values on campus because we are very a very close knit family together. jedediah: i want to thank you so much for being here. obviously this is a relevant topic as president trump just signed that executive order to protect free speech on college campuses and i appreciate your input and voice on this. thank you so much. >> absolutely. thank you for having me. jedediah: of course. seattle is dying? it's the title of a new documentary exploring how liberal policies are killing the city. someone who has been directly impacted joins us live next hour. plus, geraldo rivera, congressman dan crenshaw is coming up as well ♪ ♪
4:57 am
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steve: i.c.e. revealed an illegal immigrant killed a deputy in washington state. >> it is like a nuclear bomb going off. it destroyed a part of our heart and our lives. jedediah: border patrol announcing it had to release hundreds of migrants because of overcrowding. >> we do not need any walls to solve a problem we do not have. >> several 2020 democratic candidates plan to boycott upcoming pro-israel event. >> if you don't go do aipac you're at some level anti-israel or anti-semitic. >> because the idea is to stop leftist indoctrination. >> what happens when ron burgundy to show up to call an nhl hockey game. >> shot on goal! he scores. put that baby to bed without a
5:01 am
diaper. ♪ ed: that was nice of the l.a. kings to let -- do the call. steve: ron burgundy. ed: oh, it was ron burgundy. steve: stay classy, america. ed: i will be here all weekend. jedediah: steve is great, brian a great. ed is great. i am having a blast. steve: thanks for joining us making us world's number one morning cable show. we start with the news. i.c.e. revealed an illegal immigrant murder ad deputy in the state of washington. jedediah: officials say the mexican man who was shot dead by police overstayed his work visa. ed: griff jenkins is on the story live in washington. we learn more illegals are about to cross the border. good morning, griff. reporter: good morning.
5:02 am
deputy sheriff, brian thompson is the first police officer killed in the line of duty. he tried to initiate a traffic stop. this man was here illegally. he entered into 2014 through a port entry in laredo, texas, on temporary work visa. he never left the u.s. another officer was wounded in the leg in that incident. this tragedy taking a toll on the community. >> it is like a nuclear bomb going off. it destroyed a part of our heart and our lives. reporter: another case that former acting i.c.e. director john torrez says shouldn't have happened. >> anytime a law enforcement officer is killed in the line of duty it's a tragedy but even more senseless done by someone who shouldn't be here in the united states. reporter: this come as dhs secretary chris tin neilson and i.c.e. director ron vitello meet with local officials as cpb
5:03 am
release more illegal immigrants to border communities because they have no more space to hold them. in that sector alone, rgv they have had five straight days apprehending 1000 illegals per day this week. think about that, that is 5000 illegal immigrants could be released as soon as this weekend into the communities. one note for context, because at weather we're traditionally busiest time of year for crossings. steve: thank you very much, griff. they are forecasting, geraldo joins us live. as many as 100,000 will try to cross into the country illegally. 100,000 people. >> i can't figure out exactly what is causing this huge tidal wave because it's a tidal wave. it is unmistakably, undeniably a tidal wave. 76,000 family apprehensions in the month of february. 430% increase.
5:04 am
steve: geraldo image from couple days ago. 400 people were arrested trying to cross into the country in five minutes. >> the question is what do you do about it? i'm for, we argued or debated, you know, had loving conversations about it now for almost two decades. i'm for compassionate immigration reform. i don't know what to do about this. i don't know how you stem passionate wave of people, desperate people, some i guess are just, you know, pragmatic playing the odds, getting into the country by beating the system. but the vast majority of them are just people who want to work. i don't know how you do it. steve: have to change the law. >> yes you do but you also have to meantime, surge immigration judges. try to get some order in the asylum process where you don't have catch-and-release. this is an emergency, i think that people who deny that fact like beto o'rourke are really are wrong. jedediah: i want to ask you about that actually. he is out there he is
5:05 am
campaigning you know what? there is no need for a wall because we don't have a problem. we have sound of that. take a listen. >> we do not need any walls. $30 billion, 2,000 miles long, 30 feet high. it will not be built on the international boundary line which is center line of the rio grand river. that wall will be built well into the interior of someone's ranch, someone else's farm, someone else's home, you and i will be forced to take their property to solve a problem we do not have. jedediah: this is not effective strategy. he is ignoring reality there is problem. something needs to be done. >> i heard you, ed, you were substituting for martha, was it, and you, you debated you said take the wall out of it. what would you do about it? i don't know. i don't know what to do about it. i am baffled by it. i certainly see this is an emergency. we can't empty out all of
5:06 am
central america into the southern part of the united states. compassion is one thing but a fool's errand is another. i believe that the wall in certain areas is a necessity just for control, to bring order to the border. stop the abuse of the migrants by human smugglers and others predatory population that lives there along the southern border but beyond that, i think that everyone has to get together, say okay, what are we going to do about it? you have to have as part of your solution to this problem some kind of economic component and a law and order component, i covered the south american countries for abc news. i was correspondent for many years, guatemala, nicaragua, honduras, et cetera. these are places do have a severe gang problem. they do have a severe economic hardship on the people. we've got to stablize central america. otherwise there is no way on earth, when you have the poorest people on earth next to the richest people on earth you will not have this migratory flow.
5:07 am
ed: jedediah was saying the point i was trying to make on martha's show, how does the president get any compromise with democrats when they won't admit a problem. it is not about the wall. not about the economic part. those are solutions you're trying to get to. democrats are saying it's a manufactured crisis. even "the washington post" publishing stats we haven't seen a flow across the border like this i believe in 11 years. >> when you have the discussion on the wall and you make the wall a moral issue, that's easy, that's for people without any emergency nation. wall, immoral, wall immoral. it is easy. that becomes your position. that is your default position, whether you're secretary of, speaker pelosi or minority leader schumer. wall immoral. and that, absolves you of any moral responsibility for fixing the problem. here is what you do. you keep showing those pictures. keep showing those pictures.
5:08 am
400 apprehended in an hour. 76,000 in a month. look at these families. what are we supposed to do? republican, democrat, left, right, blue, what would you do? how are you going to fix this problem. steve: your heart breaks for people trying to enforce the law on the southern border. they are now releasing people because there is no room at the inn anymore. at the same time we got images. from the university of arizona where students in the criminal justice majors, they bring in members of the border patrol, they bring in atf. as it turns out a number of students didn't like the border patrol agents. made it very clear. here is about 30 seconds of it. the border patrol agents were referred to as the murder patrol by these students. listen to this. >> this is supposed to be a safe space for students but they allow an extension of the kkk into campus, murder patrol is here on campus.
5:09 am
murder patrol. murder patrol. murder patrol. murder patrol. >> you're not welcome here. murder patrol. [inaudible]. >> police, i.c.e., [bleep] twice steve: here is the thing. they're simply enforcing laws of the land. yet, apparently the student body backed up the students they were right in doing that to them. >> very embarrassing to me as proud graduate of the university of arizona. bear down wildcat. you know, we're still very active in the college, olivia goes to school. steve: school of journalism. >> my park out there on fraternity row there. this is emblematic of what is happening on campus. i was, i was a an activist, particularly in law school. i was arrested in washington in 1969. steve: you're still an activist.
5:10 am
>> i thought i was the most activist generation ever the '60s. look at surveys, higher education research institute at ucla, not exactly rad institute, twice as likely now a student will identify as far left. not that you're a protester, you're a resistor. when you couch, you know anyone whose speech you disagree with as racist or sexist, 3/4 saban it. steve: invite the border patrol to talk. >> there is intolerance. that is what the president's executive order is all about. this reminds what happened to chelsea clinton, when a pregnant chelsea clinton shows solidarity for the 50 muslims slain by the lunatic mass murderer in new zealand, gets shouted at assaultedded with finger pointing this far away. you could charge assault.
5:11 am
the shrinking of tolerance, the anti-intellectual aspect of it, it is very, very daunting and -- jedediah: lack of respect for diversity of thought. university is supposed to be a place to go to learn how to think, not what to think. that is vanishing. >> thoughtfulness is vanishing. steve: geraldo thanks. news time. jillian joins us. jillian: good morning geraldo. good to see you as always. breaking news that we're following overnight, two american servicemembers are killed during an operation in afghanistan. their identities have not been revealed. it is unclear how they died. they are the third and fourth american servicemembers killed this year. right now there are around 14,000 u.s. troops supporting afghan soldiers in their fight against the taliban. newly-released emails from hillary clinton's personal server reveals she did discuss classified policy matters as secretary of state. the documents released by
5:12 am
"judicial watch," clinton wanted to establish a secret back channel to israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. the email seemingly contradict clinton's 2015 testimony she turned over all her sensitive work-related emails to the state department. general joe sufficient dunford, meeting with google to discuss the company's ventures with china. the joint chiefs of staff chairman says he will debate the company on its responsibility as a company and how much it owes to the u.s. the general insists he is only focused on maintaining u.s. military advantage. in a senate hearing last week dunford slammed google for quote indirectly ben fifth the chinese military. those are the headlines. steve: thank you very much. coming up, mr., mrs. and mx? the major american airline that is now offering a third gender when you fly the friendly skies. jedediah: plus alexandria ocasio-cortez gracing the cover of "time" magazine but the political phenom says she has never experienced prosperity.
5:13 am
stu varney, says she is wrong. she is experiencing it right now. ♪ leave no man behind. or child. or other child. or their new friend. or your giant nephews and their giant dad. or a horse. or a horse's brother, for that matter. the room for eight, 9,000 lb towing ford expedition.
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♪ steve: new york congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez gracing the cover of "time" magazine and many sharing, sharing many americans her age have not experienced prosperity. ed: she says quote the america we grew up is not like the america or that our parents or brand parents grew up in. entire generation becoming one of the largest electorates never saw american prosperity. i have never seen that or experienced it in my adult life. jedediah: the writer of that article charlotte alter agreed. alexandria ocasio-cortez were born the same year. i liked fruit roleups. people our age never americansed prosperity in our adult lives why so many millenials are embracing democratic socialism. steve: stuart varney host of
5:18 am
"varney & company." >> what is dunkerooo. jedediah: i think you dipped in chocolate. ed: you remember the fruit role of-ups. >> let's get serious. to your question. steve: alexandria ocasio-cortez appearing in "time" magazine, she and author say they have never experienced american prosperity. do you think that is right? >> yes i do, actually. for the past 10 years, america has not been a prosperous country, prosperous in the way i think of prosperity. i think of prosperous societies dynamic, booming, growing, wages are rising. confidence is there. everybody feels good about their society. you're moving up the food chain. that is prosperity. we're all linked together with a come -- commonality going places. we have been weighed down with taxes, regulation, antibusiness administration, kept a lock on
5:19 am
america's engine of capitalism. steve: steve this is accurate? jedediah: is she criticizing the obama administration without realizing it. talking about regulation. where did that come from. >> i don't think she is. jedediah: she may be doing it would you realizing it. >> the idea here socialism does not create wealth. socialism doesn't create society booming and prosperous. it doesn't, it suppresses animal spirits. suppresses urge to get out there, work, to move up the food chain. that is where i'm coming from. i don't think that is where she is coming from. she is a socialist. ed: she moved from the bronx to wealthy other county in new york because of prosperity. her parents to her credit. if you read the life story, worked hard to get her to better school district for a brighter future. isn't that more like prosperity and capitalism, less like socialism? >> i'm agreeing with you. i have no problem with that. they did that. by the way her mother promptly
5:20 am
moved to florida to escape the high taxes of new york state. steve: do you blame her? >> no comment on that one. be. steve: it is interesting because alexandria ocasio-cortez is so popular. she said yesterday i'm not able to take all the comments. follow me on twitter. i have outreach. i go to all of these events as well. see me at a town hall. she is that popular. >> she was on late-night comedy show that was. she was taking issue with questions about the green new deal president trump coming at her with. the green new deal is not expansive. not all all. it is a marriage of socialism and and it is not good for america. jedediah: always tough to answer questions, when you don't have the facts, stuart. >> thank you. steve: he will be here in 40 minutes talking about prosperity. >> you got it. steve: liberal policies turning sea at that time he will into
5:21 am
free-atle with homelessness and drug use taking over the city. he is so frustrated taking on the problems. >> our ground keepers find needles on the ground, crystal meth on tombstones, other drugs. no matter where you are in life or what your dreams entail, a cfp professional is trained, knowledgeable, and committed to financial planning in your best interest. find your certified financial planner™ professional at cancer, epilepsy, mental health, hiv. patients with serious diseases are being targeted for cuts to their medicare drug coverage. new government restrictions would allow insurance companies to come between doctor and patient. and deny access to individualized therapies
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5:25 am
huckleberry finn from 1884. it is inappropriate since it uses racial slurs and depicting assist attitudes as well. ed: all right. new documentary warns seattle dying. it's a stark warning. they say liberal polls leaving the city, a haven for homelessness and drug use. >> prostitutes are working woods. drug ad didn'ts are working woods. our groundskeepers on monday morning find everything from a weekend of fun, needles on the ground, crystal meth on tombstones, other drugs. garbage. this shouldn't happen in civilized society. jedediah: our next guest became so frustrated with the city he decided to take matters into his own hands to run for city council. steve: board member of the cemetery, ari hoffman took part in the documentary. he joins us from seattle. good morning. >> good morning, happy purim to all your jewish viewers.
5:26 am
steve: thank you, sir. >> what happened to seattle? >> they failed our city and created a haven where it is okay for people to die on the streets with drug use and who live on the streets with mental illness. they're not offering treatment solutions and failing people in the city. steve: nobody wants that. why do you say they brought that on? >> what happened was through 2013 the homeless population was relatively stable. what happened after that, a group, 150% per year, because policies they had enabled drug use behavior. it enabled what you're seeing on streets of seattle. it is absolutely tragic that we have people who are living inside after cemetery dealing drugs outside of a cemetery. running prostitution in a cemetery. you see it on the streets all over seattle. it is tragic. ed: how could seattle and washington state more broadly home of massive successful companies like starbucks, amazon, microsoft, that all say
5:27 am
they have got a social conscience? what are they doing about it? >> so actually amazon opened some locations for mary's place. mary's place offers homeless for children and battered women and battered women's shelter things of that nature they offer them so people have place to go. amazon tries to give back as much as it can. microsoft are trying to build affordable housing in seattle. they announced they will do $500 million worth of that. millions of dollars, billion of dollars going to non-performing non-profits here in seattle helping homeless you wonder where all the money is going. jedediah: that is one of the issues. not that there is no money. there is misallocation of funds. you're running for city council. probably wasn't part of your plans originally. you see the issue. love sate tell. want to save it. what would you do to save seattle? >> first thing you need to do audit where all the money is going. there is plenty of money. city covers are full. the money is not being spent
5:28 am
appropriately. you need to make sure you're offering services. i saw a study, according to seattle's own numbers, 78% of people want to be off heroin. they don't want to have addiction problems anymore. they want treatment. unfortunately there are not enough services. not enough mental health options for them. in the seattle city charter responsibility as sanitariums is not done. western state hospital failed certification, lost its federal funding because it was so underperforming. we need to make sure services are available to people on the streets. at the same time word has gotten out across the country if you come to seattle, they give you needles, everything else you want. you can live here. nobody will enforce the law and do what it takes to get the treatment you need. steve: as we look at images of the cemetery, looks like a junkyard. jedediah: very sad. steve: so much stuff there. what happens on days when there is a burial? you know how do you get around
5:29 am
that? >> we've had it happen before where the grounds crew comes in very, very early in the morning they find needles, drugs and human feces all over the place. they have to clean it up. our ground crew were pricked by needles. had to undergo preventative treatment. they were assaulted by people living there. it is ground. they found people on the ground who were od a.i.d. they thought they were dead. this is the stuff we find in the cemeteries. jedediah: i commend you running for office to change the situation. should be more people. >> i appreciate it. thank you. jedediah: he is accused of war crimes but is this decorated navy seal being treated like he is guilty? >> congressman dan crenshaw is a retired navy seal. he is leading the charge to find answers.
5:30 am
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5:33 am
♪ ed: inspiring image of the american flag on this friday morning. great honor to bring in texas congressman, former navy seal dan crenshaw. jedediah: good morning. >> good to be here with you all. ed: you talk about snowflakes and importance of the u.s. military bringing freedom around the world. retired u.s. army general, sean mcfarland, there is crisis in the military, worries not just about the military but future of america. listen to this. >> i just heard a statistic, recently, that, about 80% of american kids consider themselves as just plain old americans before they enter high school and about 2/3 of them, about halfway through college become hyphenated americans. we remove those hyphens in the army, in the military. you know, you're a soldier.
5:34 am
next question. you got, we all wear the same patch on our right shoulder, the american flag. is it getting harder in the u.s. military to a simulate everybody, get everybody on the same, playing for the same team? it is. identity politics is a cancer. ed: how do you react to that? >> well i would agree with it. you know, luckily in the seal teams, for instance, i don't think i saw that as much. i think there is very close-knit community there, no matter what the ethnicity or background, certainly a problem in america at large. what is identity politics. it is temptation to divide us up into different groups, whether that be based on race or gender or some other category. put those groups against each other. and compete for power accordingly. ways america should be is that the only colors that matter are red, white, blue. we compete according to the
5:35 am
competency. compete according to meritocracy. that is fundamental element ever the military. if you take it away from the military. the general is absolutely right. the military eventually fail. our country at large will fail. he is absolutely right about identity politics. steve: congressman, how did we get to this point? >> how did we get to this point? jeez, postmodern mentality where on college campuses now especially there is real temptation to tear down everything that our country was built on. to. tear down these enlightenment ideals of equality. they have different ideas of equality means. they think equality means egal tehran, that everybody should have the exact same thing. there are injusts all around them. the reality is compete in free society as free individuals. part of that competition is a meritocracy. ha is what the country is founded on. i think people are forgetting
5:36 am
that. jedediah: representative crenshaw you are fighting for a fellow navy seal, eddie galler. a letter was written a chief gallagher is brave war fighter, is entitled to presumption of thans awaiting court-martial. review policies governing pretrial con findment for chief gallagher. >> people are innocent until proven guilty. they should be treated as such. the issues around the gallagher case, one thing the way he was arrested was problematic. he was arrested undergoing medical treatment. they also raided his home. they raided his home. they took him outside. put him in solitary confinement. he hasn't had full access to food he wants. medical treatment he wants.
5:37 am
full access to the legal council and family. being put in solitary confinement with guilty criminals . been in solitary confinement for self months. that is not the way we treat people. >> he is being held in miramar in california. fell us about the government case against him. what did he do? >> they're alleging during deployment in iraq, he murdered an isis fighter who was in their custody. now there is various disputes between various witnesses who were there. again, i don't know. that is not what we're adjudicating here. we'll leave that up to the jury
5:38 am
to decide that. what we do know is that his treatment from the time he was accused up until the actual court-martial, should be a lot better than it is right now. ed: this is enemy combatant, the isis fighter? >> it was enemy combatant. close air support. enemy combatant was terribly wounded. they took the enemy combatant in. gave him medical attention. that is the point where some people are accusing him of killing the enemy combatant. ed: the navy told, they have not reviewed the letter from your colleagues. we appreciate you coming in. >> thanks for having me. steve: 22 minutes before the top. hour. jillian joins us. jillian, some people are talking about tonya harding regarding this case. jillian: 2.0 perhaps. we'll see about that. here is the story. american figure skater is
5:39 am
accused of slashing her rival on the ice. mariah bell allegedly kicked a competitor cutting her calf during warm upses in japan. international skating union says there is no evidence that the incident was deliberate. the skaters who trained together have not commented. check your refrigerators. tyson foods recalling 70,000-pounds frozen chicken strips. they may be contaminated with metal. kers are urged throw out ready to eat chicken or return it to the store. the affected chicken was shipped nationwide. high wire performers suddenly plunge 30 feet to the frowned. just stop what you're doing. watch this. so that happened to daredevil nick woe lend today's crew in
5:40 am
florida. the video was released. doctors say it is a miracle everyone survived. not clear why the authorities released video from the rehearsal. scary to see that. steve: remarkable nobody got seriously hurt. thank you, jillian. now time for janice dean who has got a refer are to it, some sort of a low over us. >> it's a coastal low. i don't like to say nor'easter because everybody is like oh, big snow. some areas northeast see a snow event along the coast. it's a little too warm for snow. tell you north of new york city we're getting some snow. there is forecast temperature. bulk of heavy know will be across new england, upstate new york where they easily could get to 12 inches of snow. sometimes it happens. temperatures drop behind it. there is the additional precip. we could see rain, springtime snow for skiing maybe. there is the forecast across the
5:41 am
central u.s. we're dealing with more rain in the forecast for areas that are flooding. iowa, nebraska, wisconsin, down towards the mississippi river valley. another storm system moving into the west coast. the spring flood risk will be something we'll be talking about in the next couple weeks. because of all that historic flooding that we have been covering across nebraska, down towards missouri and mississippi river valley. that is something we have to watch next couple weeks. steve: janice, forecast for florida is? janice: mostly sunny? just a hashtag all day long. steve: great book. available everywhere. ed: coming up 2020 presidential candidates skipping out on a major pro-israel conference. is this another sign of their bias? member of trump advisory board on that coming up. steve: colorado former governor john hickenlooper feeling the heat after he said this. >> we're not asking, we're not
5:42 am
asking more often the women, would you be willing to put a man on the ticket? steve: talk about the fallout coming up next. ♪ advil is... relief that's fast. strength that lasts. you'll ask... what pain? with advil liqui-gels.
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and lonely elderly holocaust survivors in the former soviet union before it's too late. steve: 'tis the season. debates are coming up. town halls all over the place. we're learning more and more how certain candidates feel about it. ed: cory booker said, i'm saying it up front. i will pick a woman as the vp. a lot of people are wondering should you wait a little bit, first of all, should you do it, not based on gender but do it based on qualifications? jedediah: john hickenlooper faced on with that debate at the cnn town hall. look at the exchange. >> some competitors very you had
5:46 am
to put a woman on the ticket. would you do the same. why are we not asking if the woman would be put a man on the ticket. steve: the answer was not a lot of people thought he should say, given media reaction in montage. >> john hickenlooper's possibility of female running mate sparking backlash. >> i don't know what the heck he was talking about. a lot of democrats feel women haven't given just due. when hickenlooper says that he is basically dismissing those concerns. >> i don't even know how to reply to that. 45 presidents have been men. that speaks for itself. >> just one of those answers that you really grown at. i certainly did when i saw it. i think i'm going to send governor hickenlooper copy of those placemats with all the presidents faces on them that are all men. ed: they said he was being
5:47 am
sexist. i think he was being opposite. jedediah: they're like the gift keeps on given the media. he was trying to say a woman could be at top of the ticket, you might wind her, hey, will you pick a guy? perhaps this is me saying this, don't necessarily pick a woman because it is female. we're supposed to look for best people of the job, people. i think it is hysterical, when it comes to someone not of, that is of their political ideology, most of the media. they look at this, got to criticize it. run to the ism is. got to be sexism. ed: mark steyn said stay woke. >> no matter how woke you are you could be out-woke by the next guy in the democratting process. hickenlooper doesn't get it. he made the same mistake, i think martin o'malley saying all lives matter whatever it was four years ago instead of black lives matter. he said all lives matter. hickenlooper has got it wrong
5:48 am
here. it is not about should a woman put a man on the ticket. you asked the question, will you put a woman on the ticket to show how far you're prepared to base yourself and mitigate the hideousness of your white maleness. ed: hilarious. jedediah: well-put. ed: couple weeks ago hickenlooper was asked if he was capitalist. he couldn't even answer that. before he was governor he was a entrepreneur. he is scared to do it because the party is so far left. jedediah: media is used to predictable reactions. you ask beto, will you pick a woman. they all fall in line with the particular talking point. this guy didn't fall in line. no one in the media took a minute to process it. and maybe that was reasonable answer. steve: 12 minutes before the top. hour. more on the candidates. ed: a lot are skipping out on the democratic side. skipping aipac, another sign of party tilting left. a member of trump advise very board wants to tee off on that.
5:49 am
coming up next. steve: after this program, sandra smith takes control. with the channel. >> good morning steve, ed, jedediah. we're expecting the president to depart the white house any moment to depart to mar-a-lago for the weekend f he stops to talk with reporters we'll have that. democratic candidates skipping the annual aipac conference next week. what the dnc communications director has to say about that she will join us live. the mueller report, still waiting for it. our headliner congressman hakeem jeffries is here. join us live for "america's newsroom," top of the hour. when did you see the sign? when i needed to create a better visitor experience.
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♪ ed: breaking this morning growing number of 2020
5:53 am
democratic hopefuls will not attend a major pro-israel conference known as aipac. boycott from a progressive group, move on. org. jedediah: is this a growing stance of anti-jewish stance in the democratic party? steve: american center for law and justice, member of the trump advisory board, jeff balbon. >> good morning. steve: wasn't long ago hillary clinton went to aipac. barack obama went to aipac. why is said 76% of the people who took the poll said don't go to the aipac? >> this is extremely troubling. all the people said we need to move the embassy to jerusalem. when donald trump moved embassy to jerusalem no democrat showed up. they are all moving to hard left. steve: those are the democratic candidates that will not show up. >> this is crisis level, virtue
5:54 am
signaling on the left, not to say we support israel or not, trying to use different explanations for it. ilhan omar trying to use different explanations. they keep moving bar. we like israel but don't like likud or bibi netanyahu or we don't. if you don't come to aipac, most centrist organization where everyone has gone, common denominator, what you're saying we don't support israel anymore. jedediah: is the democratic party in trouble with jewish voters? some of these comments from omar, don't see anyone on the left? where is chuck schumer. he doesn't say anything. when it comes time for jewish-americans to come out and vote, will they vote democrat with all this going on? >> there is long two jewish votes. like there used to be a irish vote and catholic voight. now we talk about catholic vote, not so much irish votes. jews think of ourselves as ethnic jews and faith jews. anyone voting on jewish issue is voting for donald trump and
5:55 am
republicans mostly already. not everyone but the majority. we'll see that grow. the jews who basically say we're egg nick jews they voted like more than, irish in the sense melded into the general populace. they're not voting on jewish issues. they never vote on jewish issues. when the democratic party says, those leading democratic party, jews will vote for us anyway, don't worry about it, those people vote for them any way what they do, that is problem. the ones that vote based on jewish interests will not vote for them. ed: more issue than pure politics. our relationship with israel is important strategically. a key ally in in the middle eas. why is far left group basically dictating policy on israel? >> that is good question. what is dictating foreign policy is donald trump. he is amazing. the reaction on the left push away things across the board agreed on right and left for decades. clear that donald trump is so
5:56 am
positive, that democrats moved in the other direction, to spite trump. you have to say one thing. introduced me on advisory board for donald trump. i have been. on this issue i took a leave. i'm no longer there now, launching jexodus which is move from the democratic party. young, old, men, women, we've had it, we want to join with you. steve: have you heard from chuck schumer to jed's point? jedediah: you brought that up in the break. >> i think it's a disaster. chuck schumer calls himself guardian of israel, guardian of the jews to play on the hebrew word he has been silent. people are upset. ed: jeff, appreciate you coming in. more "fox & friends" moments away . dayquil severe with vicks vapocool. the daytime, coughing, stuffy head, vaporize your cold, medicine.
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the big drug companies don't see they see us as profits. we're paying the highest prescription drug prices in the world so they can make billions? americans shouldn't have to choose between buying medication and buying food for our families. it's time for someone to look out for us. congress, stop the greed. cut drug prices now. >> listen, the partridge family. >> come on, get happy. >> we only know this part.
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♪ ♪ come on get happy >> head over to fox nation right now for the "after the show show". see you this weekend. >> bye, guys. >> sandra: good morning, everybody. breaking news out of the white house, another bold declaration from president trump on israel. strengthening once against the u.s. relationship with our strongest ally in the middle east as a group of 2020 democrats give the cold shoulder to a pro-israel event. i'm sandra smith. >> jon: i'm jon scott in for bill hemmer. in 30 minutes we could hear from the president himself as he prepares to leave the white house for a weekend away. the commander-in-chief recognizing israeli sovereignty over the golan heights. >> president trump: this is very much like jerusalem, moving the embassy to jerusalem.


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