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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  March 22, 2019 6:00am-9:00am PDT

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♪ come on get happy >> head over to fox nation right now for the "after the show show". see you this weekend. >> bye, guys. >> sandra: good morning, everybody. breaking news out of the white house, another bold declaration from president trump on israel. strengthening once against the u.s. relationship with our strongest ally in the middle east as a group of 2020 democrats give the cold shoulder to a pro-israel event. i'm sandra smith. >> jon: i'm jon scott in for bill hemmer. in 30 minutes we could hear from the president himself as he prepares to leave the white house for a weekend away. the commander-in-chief recognizing israeli sovereignty over the golan heights. >> president trump: this is very much like jerusalem, moving the embassy to jerusalem. i did that. golan heights is the same thing.
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for years other presidents have campaigned, said they would do it. this is sovereignty and security and about regional security. i wouldn't even know about that. i have no idea. i hear netanyahu is doing okay. >> sandra: several presidential candidates are skipping next week's aipac conference including kamala harris, o'rourke, sanders, and warren. >> jon: we go to kevin corke in live at the white house with the latest there, kevin. >> jon, their absence may speak volumes where the democratic party is headed now. while we have yet to hear the president weigh in we've heard him say a great deal about the golan heights. the president effectively making a major policy shift when you compare it to orthodoxy. he laid out the case for recognizing the long-disputed territory as being part of israel. he wrote this on twitter. after 52 years it is time for
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the united states to fully recognize israel's sovereignty over the golan heights which is of critical strategic and security importance to the state of israel and regional stability. that declaration, jon, is seen as a significant departure from what many would call foreign policy orgt goxy but in the immediate term it is seen as a boon to u.s./israeli relationships and prime minister benjamin netanyahu >> he did it again. he moved the -- and now he did something of equal historic importance. he recognized israel's sovereignty over the golan heights. the message president trump has given the world is that america stands by israel.
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>> moved, bibi netanyahu there. as you can imagine a wide berth of reaction on capitol hill to the president's decision including among some democratic white house hopefuls gabbard writing this. another example of trump and netanyahu putting their own political interests ahead of the interests of our respective countries. will escalate tensions and likelihood of war between -- israel, u.s., syria, iran, russia. ultimately she calls this short sighted. as you pointed out at the top of this segment the president is expected to make his way over to mar-a-lago within the hour. it is a bet he will talk to reporters. if he does we'll pass it along. >> jon: get back to us if the president has anything to say boarding marine one. thank you. >> sandra: we'll watch for that. as we mentioned several democratic 2020 candidates will not be attending the annual aipac conference in washington next week.
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that decision coming after a progressive advocacy group move on,.org, urged them to skip that pro-israel conference. david drucker is a senior political correspondent for "the washington examiner". good morning. what does their absence say about the direction of the democratic party? >> it's been clear over the past 10 years or so that at least the base of the democratic party -- i don't think a lot of old school democratic voters feel this way but the base of the democratic party has been critical of u.s./israeli policy and more critical of israel generally. that's a generational change for democrats. i don't think these candidates skipping the aipac conference if any one of them ends up as the democratic nominee necessarily means they'll get fewer jewish votes. donald trump, despite a very aggressively pro-israel policy that is generally within the longstanding u.s. consensus in terms of how the u.s. treats
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israel, is otherwise not that appealing to jewish voters who are by and large democrats and have by and large have an issue with how the president discusses immigrants generally, legal and illegal. i don't think there is much to gain there except on the margins with certain pockets of jewish voters. not insignificant but i don't think it will cause a sea change even if democrats continue to move further away from what has been a consensus. i think the issue is that what is good for israel is for the foreign policy consensus among both parties to remain as it has been and the more being pro-israel becomes defined by one party or another the more difficult it is for israel and the tougher it is for people in the united states who care about israel as a majority jewish state being protected and safe and secure. this becomes just that much harder. >> sandra: does it give the president an opportunity to emphasize his ties and support for israel?
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>> he has done that from the beginning. he moved the embassy to jerusalem. something previous presidents had believed in concept but never done. and this move with the golan simply adds to that. i don't think the president needs to do anything more. i'm just saying the political ramifications in terms of the president's reelection i don't think are impacted all that much given how liberal most jewish voters are and given how many problems they have with the tone and tenor of the president's brand of politics. >> sandra: kirsten gillibrand talking about social security. giving social security to illegal immigrants. she was given a chance to clarify her stance on that and her proposal there and here she is doing just that. >> the way you have comprehensive immigration reform is you let the 10 or 11 million people here now working now begin to buy into social
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security. pay into social security, pay into taxes and pay into school taxes, pay their fair share and over a 10-year period they will earn their way into citizenship. >> sandra: to be clear she is talking about allowing illegal immigrants to pay into social security. >> we have to make sure we understand what she is talking about. it wasn't clear for me exactly what she is saying. if she is running on the policy of comprehensive immigration reform that would provide a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants currently in the united states i don't think that's necessarily a losing issue. in fact, it could be a winning issue to run on in 2020. if she is talking about providing or extending federal benefits to illegal immigrants just on its own, i think that's where democrats get themselves into a whole mess of political trouble particularly in a lot of swing states where you have voters sympathetic to democratic policies but just don't like the idea that you can break the law, come into
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the country illegally and take advantage of federal benefits. even in instances where some illegal immigrants are paying taxes because they may be illegal but their checks are being docked just like you and me it bothers people and one of the reasons why president trump was able to win in 2016. he took the issue head on. in areas where it had a lot of appeal it was very successful. >> sandra: the mueller report. we're still waiting. here it is friday at the end of the week where many speculated we would finally see it. the president backing his call to make it public and let everybody see it. >> yeah. well, i pause there because, well, that's kind of what's it's like. we're still waiting. what i find when i travel, sandra, in most of the country even though they're aware of the mueller investigation and people have opinions on it they're not focused on it day-to-day. so i think that the mueller report itself will be very
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significant one way or the other, i don't think everybody else is waiting for it the way we are. look, this is a company town and the mueller report is something we have been covering the investigation for almost two years and so there is naturally a lot of anticipation. i just kind of have this motto that i use for myself and it is basically nobody knows what mueller knows. we think the report is coming any day. we have no idea. >> sandra: all we can do is prepare for that. david drucker, great to kick things off with you. appreciate your time. and we'll have more on this topic coming up and all these topics next hour when our headliner joins us new york democratic congressman hakeem jeffries will join us. >> jon: the fight to defeat the isis caliphate. we're hearing the last stronghold in syria is close to being crushed. let's go to lucas tomlinson at the pentagon.
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>> at its peak isis controlled the area the size of ohio across iraq and syria and two days ago the president this prediction. >> president trump: so what happens is, this is all isis. as of today this is isis. the caliphate is gone as of tonight. >> according to a spokesman for the u.s. backed syrian democratic forces fighting isis on the ground some pockets of isis remain, quote, our forces currently engage against isis opponents. international coalition conducted several air strikes against terrorist targets. fighting continues in eastern syria. air strikes are paused in some areas for fear of civilian casualties. isis territory is almost gone. the terrorist group clings to 700 yards of territory. u.s. military is waiting for syrian allies to make the victory announcement that could come any day now.
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the u.s. led coalition says the operation to complete the liberation is ongoing and remains a hard fight and isis is showing they intend to keep fighting for as long as possible. isis continues to resort to gruesome tactics like suicide attacks and using children as human shields. while isis territory has been all but recaptured it is notable one of the president's maps shows a presence of isis in iraq, one of the reasons he is leaving u.s. forces there as well as syria. >> jon: lucas tomlinson at the pentagon. thank you very much. we've seen in the reporting that our benjamin hall has been doing, spectacular, he is not hearing explosions or bombs going off anymore. think of how that has changed in the last few years, the horrific things that we were seeing isis doing on a daily basis almost. >> sandra: as we await the complete defeat of isis in syria, reporting has been fantastic from there and it will continue. breaking news on the murder of
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a washington sheriff's deputy killed in the line of duty. an illegal immigrant may have been behind his death and this. >> president trump: the democrats are becoming a far left party. they're becoming a radical party. >> jon: president trump hitting democrats on what he calls a sharp shift to the left. will it take the party off course in 2020? democratic national committee -- the democratic national communications director joins us later this hour. >> sandra: republicans pushing back against one progressive proposal calling to increase the number of supreme court justices. congressman mark greene has something to say about that and joins us next to talk about his amendment to keep that number at nine. >> they want to pack the supreme court. we tried this. franklin roosevelt tried it. his own vice president and the democrat party stopped him. there was a moment, my son i believe was about four,
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>> sandra: a fox news aler. u.s. and nato forces reporting two american service members have been killed in an operation in afghanistan. no word on what they were doing at the time. their names are being withheld pending family notification. the deaths bring the number of u.s. service members killed in afghanistan this year to four. >> jon: as democrats debate increasing justices on the supreme court one republican lawmaker wants to cap it at nine and introducing a constitutional amendment to do so. congressman mark green joins me to discuss his proposal. you want to make that number nine permanent. >> yeah, thanks for having me on the show. it is crazy that they want to basically pack the court with activist judges who will interpret the constitution as
6:17 am
if it were a living document and this tendency started i think in the warren court in the 50s but it is very dangerous. it threatens not only the independence of the judiciary branch but threatens the legislative branch. if the justices can interpret the constitution by what they think it ought to say, that basically makes five lawyers from harvard and yale justices on the supreme court super legislators. they basically can undo anything the legislative branch does. that's not what our founders intended. they wanted to separate power amongst branches of government. this idea is crazy and we have to stand against it. >> jon: we're looking as you speak at a video shot of the supreme court. three of its members appointed by president barack obama. does that bother you in particular? >> no. i'm for the way our government is set up. and it is just real interesting right now.
6:18 am
at least the elite leadership of the democrat party, they want a different country whether it's packing the court or changing the electoral college or their house resolution one. their number one bill in this session which wants to take california's election system and force it on all the other states. they are just doing everything they can po put themselves in power and push their socialist agendss. i think it's crazy. a threat to our democracy. we can't stand for this. >> jon: let's get down to the nuts and bolts. republicans are in the minority in the u.s. house. if you propose this constitutional amendment it is not going to go anywhere under nancy pelosi's leadership, is it? >> i'm going to implore the speaker. she spent her life in the legislative branch and if we don't close this off and keep these activist judges from being packed into the court, her legacy, her lifetime of
6:19 am
work in the legislative branch will be undone. hopefully she will listen to that reason and support this amendment. >> jon: all right. so in terms of what's going on at the southern border, the marine commander has warned congress that president trump's plans and involvement in sending troops to the u.s. border is negatively effecting the marine corp. that it is preventing them from doing training overseas they need to be doing. that it is causing problems for reparations that need to be made and repairs that need to be made at bases. what is your response to that? >> my response to that is it's time for the democrat leadership to start funding the military. if you look at what happened during the obama administration, the cuts to the military, the cuts to d.o.d. where they had to sacrifice modernization. they had to sacrifice base maintenance on installations to
6:20 am
maintain readiness. so president trump has done a lot to increase that budget but you can't make it all up in just a few years. essentially they're underresourced and he is basically telling his commander-in-chief these are the resources we have and we have multiple missions and here is the risk. you can't blame him for saying that. that's what a commander is supposed to say to the commander-in-chief. we need congress to fund the department of defense and fund the department of homeland security and they've failed. our democrat opponents, at least the elite leadership, would much rather have an open border than a trained marine. that is a tragedy and we're going to continue to point that out and hopefully make some changes in 2020. >> jon: congressman mark green, thank you very much for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> sandra: fox news now learning an illegal immigrant is the suspect in the murder of a sheriff's deputy in washington state.
6:21 am
we'll have a live report on that story coming up. >> jon: plus president trump telling colleges to back free speech or lose federal funding. so will this executive order protect conservatives who say they face discrimination on campus? >> this is a truly historic day in our country's history. i never imagined the hostility i would face when trying to express my beliefs. it is ridiculous that it has gotten to this point. for strength and energy! whoo-hoo! great-tasting ensure. with nine grams of protein and twenty-six vitamins and minerals. ensure. now up to 30 grams of protein for strength and energy! we're on the move. hey rick, all good? oh yeah, we're good. we're good. terminix. defenders of home.
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>> jon: several houston area schools still closed after a massive petrochemical fire. rest departments were ordered to stay inside after the chemical benzene levels were detected in the air. the order lifted after a few hours but schools remain closed
6:25 am
as a precaution. thick black smoke poured into the air for three days as firefighters worked to put out that fire. >> sandra: ice officials say the suspect in the killing of a washington state sheriff's deputy was an illegal immigrant. 42-year-old deputy ryan thompson was shot to death tuesday after an attempted traffic stop. he leaves behind a wife and three children. jeff paul is live in our west coast bureau this morning. what can you tell us about what happened here? >> investigators say the suspect, who died in the shoot-out. had entered the u.s. through laredo, texas in 2014. his work visa was expired. he didn't have any outstanding arrest warrants and minimal contact with police. it started after law enforcement, 115 miles east of seat received reports that he was driving erratically. there was a chase and at some
6:26 am
point it ended in gunfire. deputy ryan thompson was killed and another officer was shot in the leg but he is expected to survive. >> that area where this occurred, the troopers, the deputies and city police work very close together so it is touching not only the one agency but all. >> police say it's the first fatal shooting of a law enforcement officer in that particular washington county since 1927. >> sandra: jeff paul, thank you. by the way, jeff, i'm sorry, second part of this. how is the community responding to all this? i know there has been some amazing images that have come out in support of him. >> yeah. as you mentioned, deputy thompson, who died, leaves behind a wife and three kids. so for the folks who live in that area where the shoot-out happened it is hitting those people very hard. >> i just couldn't imagine what that family is going through right now. i can't. >> it's a tragedy. >> we have to pull together as
6:27 am
a community and be supportive for each other. >> we should mention the other law enforcement officer involved who was shot in the leg is only 22 years old. he is just one of three officers in that local police department. >> sandra: jeff paul from los angeles this morning for us. thank you. >> jon: president trump is weighing in on the slate of 2020 democratic candidates in a brand-new interview this morning. >> president trump: my attitude is i wouldn't mind. i would love to have biden. i would love to have bernie, beto. beto seems to be the one the press has chosen. the press seems to have chosen beto. >> jon: will the president have any impact on the democratic race? we'll get new reaction from the democratic national committee right after the break. >> sandra: plus the midwest still under siege by widespread loving. a live report on the damage and the huge cleanup efforts.
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>> jon: fox news alert. president trump set to leave the white house moments from now heading to florida for the weekend after a very busy week of national events. we'll bring you the president's remarks if he stops to talk to reporters. >> president trump: democrats are actually becoming a far left party. they're becoming a radical party. you look at what they want to do with the supreme court, you look at what they want to do with the voting age. where did that come all of a sudden? the voting age at 16? they're becoming radical. they're radicalized. >> sandra: president trump on the democrats hoping to run against him rejecting some of the party's proposal with more than a dozen candidates now in the running. xochiti hinojosa is a communication director for the democratic national committee. a lot to ask you about. good morning. start first with the president's observation there that there is a hard left turn in your party. he wouldn't be the only one making that observation right now.
6:32 am
>> well, i think donald trump has a lot of thoughts about the democratic party. frankly, he is scared who he will potentially face. right now you have a dozen or so candidates, crisscrossing the country talking about the issues people care about, healthcare or economy and we'll have a robust discussion over the next year and a half or the next year or so talking about these issues. we have 12 debates happening. they start in june and everyone is going to come forward with our ideas. it is okay to come forward with bold, progressive ideas and have the voters decide who they want as a democratic nominee. we'll see this process play out. but we're out there talking about the issues. while donald trump is out there trying to instill fear in communities. so i think voters will see this and only help the democratic party to have this robust discussion. >> sandra: among the bold progressive ideas that you just mentioned, lowering the voting age, abolishing the electoral college, packing the supreme court. is that the direction that the
6:33 am
democratic party is moving in for 2020? >> i think democrats have been very clear especially when you are looking at the 2018 election. we saw that we won on issues like healthcare and the economy. for the most part candidates are talking about those issues. there will be other issues that we bring up across the primary and it will be up to the voters to decide whether or not they like those ideas. for the most part. >> sandra: doesn't sound like a huge endorsement of those issues on your part. >> there are a lot of issues confronting our country right now. you had a republican congress that didn't deal with anything over the last two years they had the presidency. democrats are eager the make a lot of changes to many different issues. the reality is healthcare and the economy continue to be the two issues that voters care about and that the democratic party will be talking about. >> sandra: kirsten gillibrand clarifying her comments about expanding social security to illegal immigrants in las vegas. listen to her words first and
6:34 am
i'll ask you about it. >> the way you have comprehensive immigration reform. you let the 10 or 11 million people here working now begin to buy into social security. pay into social security, pay into taxes, pay into school taxes, pay their fair share and over a 10-year period they will earn their way into citizenship. >> sandra: is that something that the party is throwing their support behind? >> well, i would take her entire comments. what she was saying, people are focusing on social security. what she is actually saying is that we need comprehensive immigration reform. what i would say yes, most democrats -- not all democrats running for president believe there should be a pathway to citizenship. a pathway to citizenship means you have to play by the rules and pay taxes. there is a process in order to do that. and we know that our immigration system is broken. i think republicans can agree with us on that but they believe a solution is a border wall and we believe it's
6:35 am
comprehensive immigration reform. >> sandra: playing by the rules you would have to be a resident of the united states to pay the social security for a period of time before you can actually receive anything from it. that's not what she is talking about here. >> what we believe comprehensive immigration reform. a bipartisan agreement is what it needs to be. it's the only way it will be passed. the house didn't bring it up. there will be a system if place so that people can play by the rules and pay their taxes and do those things and then eventually get the benefits that american citizens would get. but that's a process that congress needs to come up with and that's what we've been clear about. >> sandra: all right. obviously huge news this morning is the number of democratic presidential candidates who are saying that they are going to avoid aipac all together. this is an annual pro-israel conference and we've got a full screen we can throw up on the
6:36 am
picture here. there are prominent democratic speakers going to be at that conference including chuck schumer and nancy pelosi. these democratic presidential candidates on the screen here among them bernie sanders, o'rourke, warren, harris and others say they will not attend. this is after the organization move called on these candidates not to attend. they claim that apec worked to derail the nuclear agreement with iran which obviously was obama's work. >> well, i think that what you are seeing as you mentioned there are some democrats speaking. but generally as a matter of fact is democrats have been very clear where they stand in their support for israel and two-state solution. netanyahu specifically i think that he is up for reelection. he is using this trip to the u.s. for his reelection. and i think what you're seeing right now he is someone under indictment but also not only
6:37 am
that, i mean he is undermining the two-state solution. i think what's happening right now it is up to every presidential candidate where they want to speak, where they want to make their voice heard and what organizations they want to support. but i think, you know, when it comes to this i think this is probably why they are not attending is because they don't want this to be a political game. >> sandra: let me tell you why bernie sanders says he is not attending. the stage that aipac gives to leaders who expressed supreme positions that oppose the a two-state solution. with that many presidential candidates from the democratic party saying they won't attend a pro-israel event. what message is that sending from your party? >> well, i leave that up to the presidential candidates. i don't speak for each of those candidates. but i will say as a whole as a democratic party we will never waiver in our support for israel. we believe that there must remain a strong support,
6:38 am
bipartisan support for israel and we continue to stand there. >> sandra: all right. joe biden, what is the latest? is he getting in? we're left to speculate here. >> your guess is as good as mine. i haven't heard anything new. whether joe biden gets in, whether he picks a running mate or whether you have other candidates get in, i think that the large field -- we have a lot of qualified candidates. any of those with their ticket could beat donald trump. >> sandra: xochiti hinojosa we always appreciate having you on "america's newsroom," thank you for coming in. >> thanks for having me. >> jon: clean-up efforts underway after massive flooding hits eight states. we have the latest. what's the main concern today, mike? >> well, john, as the water moves south the big concern is whether the levies will hold as they fight back against the floodwaters, winthrop,
6:39 am
missouri, those people got the order to get out of town because the water had gotten over the top of the levy that protected the town. they left as the water trickled in wondering if they would still have a town when it all goes down now that the floodwaters have arrived. >> it wouldn't -- we worked so hard to get this place built up and everything and, i mean, like i said, what are you going to do? >> with the mississippi surging as well crews in the twin cities were working to fill sandbags in stillwater, minnesota to create their levy and keep the big river out of their homes and businesses. the army corp of engineers said in the missouri river basin aloe 28 levies were breached and the director of the national weather service predicted this is just a preview of what will prove to be a very wet and dangerous spring. >> jon: what a mess. thanks very much. mike tobin.
6:40 am
>> sandra: boeing dealt another blow after two deadly crashes involving their max 8 model planes. which airline is now cutting ties with the company. >> jon: a bold reversal from president trump on a decades long u.s. policy. the commander-in-chief now backing israel over the long disputed golan heights territory. retired four star general jack keane weighs in with with his thoughts straight ahead. >> sandra: "time" magazine's cover has alexandria ocasio-cortez. some of her interview comments making headlines this morning. why she says her generation has, quote, not experienced american prosperity. charles payne will weigh in just ahead.
6:41 am
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6:44 am
representatives plan to visit jakarta to discuss the cancellation with the airline. >> there are many threats to israel and to the united states that we will work on together in the days and weeks and months ahead. we'll redouble our efforts to make sure that we protect all that is important. all that is important to israel. all that is important to america and important to the world. >> jon: that's mike pompeo affirming the strong ties between israel and the united states as president trump tweeted yesterday, after 52 years it is time for the united states to fully recognize israel's sovereignty over the golan heights which is of critical strategic and security importance to the state of israel and regional stability. let's talk about it with general jack keane, a retired u.s. army four star general chairman of the institute for the study of war and fox news
6:45 am
senior strategic analyst. this declaration by the president, general keane, your reaction to it. >> it reflects the contours of change that have taken place in the middle east. clearly the status quo since 1967 of israel occupying that and not recognizing it as having sovereignty over it has been the status we've been in. so what has been the change? one word, iran. iran has taken control of central and western syria and for the last three years has been encroaching on the security of the israelis. so much so that they've conducted over 100 air strikes, jon, into central and western syria to push back on the iranian proxies, hezbollah. what are they trying to do? they're trying to establish missile bases in syria so they can fire them at jerusalem and tel aviv. so that is what is happening. the arabs, jon, will protest this to a certain degree like they did the change in the embassy to jerusalem. but they will not be a serious
6:46 am
protest. it will go quiet. why? the arabs are working with the israelis to push back on iranian's aggressive behavior. this is all about iran. >> jon: it sounds like you don't see a real down side to the president's decision here. >> not whatsoever. if you've ever stood on the golan heights and looked into syria you can see for miles. right now today you can actually see the pro-regime forces and hezbollah from the golan heights. if israel was not on the golan heights you know who would be there? hezbollah would be right there. so this is a decision the status quo is not being broken by israel. the status quo is being broken by the iranians who took control of syria with the single purpose in mind to encroach on israel. >> jon: worth pointing out israel only grabbed the golan heights after syria and its arab neighbors tried to attack
6:47 am
israel and overrun it during the six-day war. >> absolutely. likely in some future negotiations, if the iranians had not taken this bold move to establish syria as their strategic anchor point in the middle east there would have been a possibility for some negotiations over that piece of tear rain in some future piece deal. that's not going to happen now. the iranians are challenging the security and sovereignty of the state of israel. >> jon: quick thoughts on the situation regarding isis. the president says the caliphate has crumb eld. >> all the air strikes and pilots involved the last four years, it is a significant accomplishment. the trump administration accelerated the process. the obama administration was
6:48 am
dragging their heels. we put more capacity in there and also with the direction, let's get this done as quickly as possible. the challenge now is we need to deal with isis as it moves into its other phase, which they are already preparing for, a terrorist network operating inside syria and also in iraq. we have to keep our foot on their throat so they don't reemerge and retake territory. that is why we'll keep some forces there and most importantly, jon, maintain control of the airspace. that is critical. >> jon: general jack keane our senior strategic analyst, thank you. >> good talking to you, jon. >> sandra: president trump saying american students and american values are under siege on college campuses and yesterday he took action to make sure free speech will always have a home at universities across this nation. our next guest was at the white house for the executive order signing and he will join us next. >> president trump: today we're delivering a clear message to
6:49 am
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>> jon: fox news alert. president trump is preparing to leave the white house for a working weekend at the mar-a-lago white house down in florida. as he was getting ready to board marine one, he spoke to reporters there. he is telling -- talking about his views of israel and his potential opponents' views of israel. also saying that he will be having meetings this weekend regarding china and the future of the caribbean with the caribbean leaders. we have all of this as marine one lifts off from the south
6:53 am
lawn. we have his remarks. we're queuing them up now and will bring them to you shortly. >> president trump: today's action is just the beginning of our efforts to protect free speech and advance our students' rights agenda. what i've been witnessing over the last long period of time, long before i became president, what i've been witnessing is outrageous. >> sandra: meanwhile that was president trump responding to conservatives who say their voices are silenced on college campuses signing an executive order promoting free speech. the president warning if schools and universities do not comply they could lose federal funding. let's bring in cabot phillips. media director for campus you were there yesterday. why is the president taking this action? >> it's needed. for too long there has been no accountability. universities have been able to get taxpayer money and at the
6:54 am
same time routinely deny free speech rights to students. i've been over to 100 college campuses and i have oef seen what it looks like. universities telling students you only have free speech first amendment rights in the free speech zones which are no larger than a parking spot on a campus. i've seen conservative groups lose funding from the university because they don't agree with them. i've seen speakers be disinvited and i've had to face threats personally from administrators, professors, students. right now on college campuses free speech is not welcome. they aren't a marketplace of ideas where debate is encouraged. i think it's time for the president to step in saying if you are taking federal money you have to defend the constitution. >> sandra: making higher education more transparent and holding institutions more accountable. will it be effective? >> it remains to be seen what the teeth behind it is.
6:55 am
when universities request grants they have to meet a threshold they need to fulfill their job fulfilling the first amendment. we'll see how it will be rolled out. a big part is bringing eyes to it. making sure universities know that people are paying attention. the president of the united states is paying attention. and the president's job is to protect the constitution, defend the constitution. this certainly falls under his area of expertise and what he should be doing and i think it's also going to benefit liberal students as well as conservative students. liberal students routinely hear the same ideas every day in class and not challenged by outside believes. conservative beliefs are kept off campus. liberal students will have a chance to become stronger in their belief. when a university environment is open for debate and discussion everyone benefits. >> sandra: the president, that should be happening in a few moments. final thoughts from you on the
6:56 am
reaction that you've seen so far in the college and university community to this. >> i think a lot of administrators and prove are scared. they have realize their actions might be held accountable and cost their university dollars if they don't create a good environment for free speech and that's a good thing. i think it will be empowering for students around the country that have had their rights denied. i applaud president trump for bringing eyes to this. >> sandra: cabot, thank you. >> jon: fox news alert. we told you that president trump is heading down to the winter white house, if you will, in mar-a-lago, florida, his resort there. he will be having a working weekend of sorts meeting with a number of caribbean leaders, talking about china and other issues. he just boarded marine one. before he did so he stopped to talk to the reporters assembled there after shaking some of the
6:57 am
hands of the folks. here is what the president had to say this morning. >> president trump: i am going to florida. we have meetings with the five caribbean leaders that will be at mar-a-lago. we have a lot of other meetings set up for this weekend on trade. we have a lot of talks with china and a lot of things happening. we'll be doing it from florida. and a lot of very important things are happening. [inaudible question] >> you said democrats were anti-israel and anti-jewish. >> president trump: the democrats have proven to be anti-israel, no question about that. and it is a disgrace. i don't know what has happened to them but they are totally anti-israel. frankly, i think they're anti-jewish. [inaudible question]
6:58 am
>> president trump: we're being very, very strong on the border. the number is enormous of people we captured and apprehended. we'll take care of it. it's very tough at the border. [inaudible question] >> are you telling your staff not to comply? >> president trump: it's a continuation of the same witch hunt. they know it. behind closed doors they laugh at it. it is a continuation of the same nonsense. everybody -- they ought to go to work and get infrastructure done and get a lot of other things done instead of wasting everybody's time. [inaudible question] >> president trump: i can't hear you. [inaudible question] >> i know nothing about it. i've never heard about it. [inaudible question]
6:59 am
>> president trump: we'll see what happens. it will be very interesting but we'll see what happens. there was no collusion, there was no obstruction. everybody knows it. it's all a big hoax. i call it the witch hunt. it is all a big hoax. we'll see what happens. i know that the attorney general highly respected ultimately will make a decision. there won't be, if there is it will only play to our advantage. [inaudible question] >> jon: the president there telling the assembled reporters he is not at all concerned what is coming out in the mueller report. is that report coming out this weekend? sandra, you seem to think it might be. >> sandra: call it the continuation of the same witch hunt. behind closed doors they laugh at it on the ongoing investigation. i have no idea when he asked about the release of the
7:00 am
mueller report as he has been calling for it to be made public. he also continued to make comments on the democratic presidential candidates who have said they will not be going to aipac next week at which chuck schumer and nancy pelosi will be speaking. at the annual pro-israel event. he was answering questions there and said they're the party that is anti-israel and anti-jewish. peter doocy has more from washington on that story after several of those presidential candidates said they are skipping it. they aren't going to aipac. peter. >> it hasn't been six weeks since democratic congresswoman ilhan omar was widely condemned for tweeting that aipac was paying politicians to support israel. now democratic presidential candidates are staging more of a silent protest skipping the annual meeting of the american israel political affairs committee. kamala harris not going. elizabeth warren not going. beto o'rourke not going and he just explained why.
7:01 am
>> i'm here in south carolina. i'm here in front of people who will decide who the democratic nominee is. who are going to decide this next election and who will defeat president trump and bring this country together. that's the best way for me to spend this time. >> these boycotts came after pressure from the progressive move whose campaign director said this. it's no secret that aipac has worked to hinder diplomatic efforts like the iran deal, is undermining palestinian self-determination and inviting figures actively involved in human rights violations to its stage. democrats from congress are still going to show their support including senator bob menendez, hakeem jeffries and congressman brad sherman and everybody that isn't showing up could be sending a strong signal to america's closest ally in the middle east according to trump advisors. >> they've gotten to the point
7:02 am
if you can't come to aipac, the most central organization where everyone has always gone the common denominator. what you're saying is we don't support israel anymore. >> jon: barack obama and hillary clinton both addressed aipac in the past but a lot has changed since the last democratic primaries. sandra. >> sandra: peter doocy, thank you. >> jon: it is an election year. the white house, washington and all of america waiting for robert mueller's report on russian election meddling. the special counsel expected to deliver his findings soon to the attorney general, william barr. he will decide what the public gets to see. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge with more on that. >> we're working to confirm reporting this morning from abc news that no more indictments are anticipated. we know here at fox that special counsel investigators are taking steps that are consistent with tying up loose ends including closing out interviews with witnesses. almost all the key players were
7:03 am
at the justice department yesterday. attorney general william barr, rod rosenstein, former acting attorney general whitaker for a presentation to jeff sessions. the report was not delivered yesterday. those close to the process suggested it was unlikely given the timing of this public event. next steps as you mentioned are guided by federal regulations known at 28cfr600 that state the mueller report is confidential to the attorney general and must outline prosecutions and where no criminal action is taken. listen to this exchange from barr's confirmation hearings where he commits to transparency but appears to stop short of releasing the full mueller findings. >> will you provide mueller's report to congress, not your rewrite or a summary? >> the regs do say that mueller is supposed to do a summary
7:04 am
report of his prosecuteive and declanation decisions and they will be handled as a confidential document. i'll try to get the information out there consistent with these regulations and to the extent i have discretion, i will exercise that discretion to do that. >> separately fox news has obtained these text messages between former acting f.b.i. director andrew mccabe and former f.b.i. lawyer lisa page. it shows there was deep concern within the justice department over surveillance warrant application just nine days before one was obtained for trump campaign aide carter page. the texts show the two exchanged derogatory blogs about candidate trump and used derogatory language to provide former gop chairman trey gowdy. >> jon: thank you. >> sandra: bring in our a-team. friday morning and look who is here. ed henry, chief national
7:05 am
correspondent. juan williams, fox news political analyst and ab stoddard, associate and editor at real clear politics. let's start with the mueller report. the first thing the president said when he walked out and talked to cameras for a bit before heading to mar-a-lago, he doesn't know when we'll see it. when it is coming out. >> nobody knows when we'll see it or what will be in it. people have been sharp critics of the president seem to lay the ground work for there not being a lot in the report. james comey writing an op-ed saying i don't know whether there is evidence of collusion or obstruction of justice and i don't care. i don't care. he is the guy who started this whole thing. he said under oath of congress he had a friend leak. we've been investigating whether or not there is collusion with russia for two years and james comey is saying he doesn't know if it is there. nobody knows what's in the
7:06 am
report. the president may be able to say actually bob mueller did a fair job. >> jon: the president just made remarks about this impending release. here is the president this morning. >> president trump: we'll see what happens. it will be very interesting. we'll see what happens. there was no collusion. there was no obstruction. everybody knows it. it is all a big hoax. i call it the witch hunt. it is all a big hoax. we'll see what happens. i know the attorney general, highly respected, ultimately will make a decision. >> jon: no collusion says the president. we don't know when this thing is coming but it seems like all of washington is getting ready for it to land with a thud. >> i don't know. there are different theories about the holes that bob mueller has left in his indictments. speaking indictments that show that the paul manafort connection with the russians, the actual collusion which may or may not rise to the level of
7:07 am
the legal definition of conspiracy and other episodes haven't been dealt with in his sentencing and charging thus far. why you saw the judge last week at his sentence say collusion is the subject of a different investigation which is ongoing. is it possible that there is a sealed indictment about paul manafort conspiring with the russians? it's possible. we have no idea. what's interesting is we're all talking about the mueller report landing. what we'll be looking at is the next huge political fight which is what is bill barr, the attorney general's discretion. what kind of executive privilege and redactions can the white house legal team claim and make. when would the public ever see any of this. will the justice department follow those policies they say they are going to, which is in making decisions on declaration they will not tell us information about people not under indictment. we don't know the beginning of
7:08 am
what we'll be talking about whenever this does land. >> sandra: juan, newt gingrich used strong words on fox why the case it should be made public. make the mueller report public, here is why. treating the elected president of the united states as though they were a murderous organized crime family and why it should be made public. american people should be able to see how long they've been willing to levy the power of the government to torment people in a political investigation writes newt gingrich. >> i think that the bottom line is i agree with newt gingrich you have to make this document public. where i disagree. i don't think anybody has been tormented or unfairly subjected to the power of government. clearly by the way you have republicans here not only jim comey, not only jeff sessions, but guess who, robert mueller,
7:09 am
all republicans. i don't see that. let me finish. so the point that i think is critical here is even before we all start debating whatever is in the mueller report, whether it's a small report with a few announcements these are the indictments are made and the deck lanations i decided on. what do we get to see as the american people? i agree with newt gingrich. it's the case right now that president trump didn't want jeff sessions in that job because he recused himself, let rod rosenstein in place and rosenstein has extended his stay and rosenstein and barr will now decide what we see. the regulation gives him that authority but this -- >> paul manafort first of all when you said there is no government overreach here. did you ever read about paul manafort's home, the f.b.i. charge than in to drag him out
7:10 am
at 6:00 in the morning? >> what are you talking about? that's standard operations. you make it out like it was some effort by some people -- >> sandra: the president spoke further and went more in depth in this interview with maria on the mueller investigation yesterday. >> president trump: think of it. i have a deputy appoints a man to write a report on me to make a determination on my presidency. people will not stand for it. now, with all of that being said for two years we've gone through this nonsense. there is no collusion with russia. you know that better than anybody and no obstruct sthun. they'll say wait, no collusion, that was a hoax, but he obstruct i had in fighting against the hoax, okay? think about that one for a second. >> sandra: that was the president in his own words talking to maria. i want to move to aipac. we have a long and growing list of democratic presidential candidates who say they will not attend this pro-israel conference next week at which look who are the speakers,
7:11 am
nancy pelosi, chuck schumer, leaders of the democratic party. so what happens now because we haven't yet heard from them, but we have heard from those candidates who say they will not go. >> another example how the left has taken over the 2020 race already. i'm sorry, but you've got all these candidates in a rails to see who is a bigger socialist already and you have move that started in the clinton impeachment and iraq war on the very left dictating which democrats are allowed to go to aipac or not and being pro israel is a problem. israel is our key ally in the east. i've covered barack obama when crazy are hard right conservatives like barack obama and hillary clinton spoke to aipac. this is hardly a controversial group. it has been made out to be you can't show up at aipac. >> jon: is it a response to move >> not at all. response to president trump. he is the one that has politicized israel to try to make israel an issue that would draw in jewish voters to the
7:12 am
trump side. i think he only got like 25% of the jewish vote in 2016. especially after moving the capital to jerusalem, the move he made this week with regard to the golan heights and in support of the political campaign of benjamin, netanyahu, the raise *r eyesly prime minister. a lot of democrats running feel it has politicized and you throw in the kind of antagonism we saw towards the idea of a full throated debate about abandonment of the two-state solution for israel and palestinian. i think a lot of people think it is pure politics. as you point out, jon, several leading democrats are speaking. they are just not the runs running. >> sandra: you support the presidential candidates decision not to go. >> i didn't say i support them. i say it has been politicized by president trump and people running for political office don't have an advantage in
7:13 am
showing up. >> sandra: move called on these candidates not to go. they made many cases on the grounds the lobby is anti-islam and anti-arab rhetoric. >> this is a missed opportunity for democrats. it is causing huge tension in the party which is why the congressional leadership with be there like barack obama and kamala harris was two years ago. it doesn't make sense to skip this event in protest and look like you're answering to move beto o'rourke's comments spending time on the campaign trail makes sense but they should go to aipac and say as a party many of us feel we have criticism with benjamin netanyahu's policies. aipac is opposed to racist politicians in another party in israel. aipac has. this is an opportunity for democrats to go and put some
7:14 am
distance and diffuse this debate and say we're standing with our ally israel and explain what it is instead of letting tlaib and aoc and ilhan omar determine the debate of democrats and israel. >> she is right. a couple of weeks ago she makes a great point. ilhan omar. she made this anti-semitic comments and aipac was in the middle of the comments. they watered down the resolution, we don't have to rehash it. that's out there. the president is trying to make political hay out of that. it's a bad thing going on, number one. number two in terms of move on, when they say aipac was trying to derail the iran nuclear deal during obama. aipac would say they were trying to make the deal stronger to protect american national security and to protect israel. that's hardly a foolish position. >> i think we can have that debate but when you see what the president has done it is
7:15 am
reversing bipartisan american policy with regard not only to moving the capital to jerusalem. golan heights and abandoning the two-state solutions and discussions of what american policy should be. at some point you have a legitimate conversation. you can't shut it down and say you are anti-israel, anti-semitic for wanting to have this discussion. >> you think the democrats want to move the embassy? >> sandra: thank you. >> jon: more big news this morning on the 2020 candidates, the u.s. relationship with israel. waiting game on the mueller report and we'll talk about it all with our headliner new york democratic congressman hakeem jeffries. he will be on later this hour. >> sandra: we look forward to that. it can feel like all day every day. those annoying robocalls we all get them. one republican senator is proposing a new law to bring them to an end. could we see the end of robocalls? >> jon: also new york's self-proclaimed democratic socialist alexandria
7:16 am
ocasio-cortez hitting a late night show to defend her green new deal. does she make her case? money man charles payne is here next. >> you would outlaw cows, cows farting, that would be out, children, hamburgers, ice cream. any of that true at all? >> no. [yeah!] in hotels... [maybe, like tilt] resorts... homes and more... [you got it?] [oh that's good, yeah] bookers always find what they're looking for... be a booker at cancer, epilepsy, mental health, hiv. patients with serious diseases are being targeted for cuts to their medicare drug coverage. new government restrictions would allow insurance companies
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>> president trump: the world is slowing but we're not slowing. and frankly, if we didn't have somebody that would raise interest rates and do quantitative tightening we would have been over 4 instead of 3.1. >> sandra: president trump in an interview with maria bartiromo on fbn keeping up criticism of the federal reserve. host of making money with charles payne is here, the money man, charles payne. we heard the president openly criticize the fed in the past. in itself was unprecedented for a sitting president to do. he goes further here. >> he does but the irony of course is the big news this week from the federal reserve is that they won't raise rates anymore this year. wall street thought they would raise it two more times. it was acknowledging that president trump is right. they should not have raised interest rates four times last year. i don't know that we would have had 4% growth.
7:21 am
we would have had greater growth, no doubt about that. now they're trying to redress that wrong which was based on a set of old thinking and principals and powell is rethinking. things like wages, higher wages don't instantly mean inflation. let's not derail the economy and other things the fed that had been in their playbook for decades i think they're rewriting the playbook. ironically jay powell's actions this week actually echo what president trump told maria. >> jon: in the meantime alexandria ocasio-cortez is making some news. still continuing to promote her green new deal. here is what she told seth meyers on late night tv. >> they're trying to say that the green new deal is about what we have to give up, what we have to cut back on when in fact the green new deal itself is a resolution to be more expansive. it is to be able to generate more and to make sure we're investing in working class
7:22 am
americans. >> jon: how does the proposal invest in working class americans? >> a wide ranging document that has been revised. that part of it is mumbo jumbo. the idea that the united states, which is 5% of the global population can somehow cure climate change no matter how much you believe in climate change, you have to acknowledge that hey, no matter what sacrifices we made here if china is putting out a bunch of pollution and india is putting out a bunch we can't save the entire planet. listen, it's a smoke screen for something else which is redistribution of money and power and socialist agenda. that's all it is a smoke screen for. >> sandra: interesting to hear a major wall streeter jamie diamond takes on the green new deal. listen. >> the green new deal. larry kudlow a few weeks ago said it will destroy the economy. is he right? >> i don't spend much time
7:23 am
worrying about things i can't effectuate. can you focus on climate change in an intelligent way that doesn't damage the economy? yes, you can. co2 emission, trade, couple ways to do it. you better do it wisely. you could hurt the economy which hurts everybody. >> sandra: ocasio-cortez fired back in a tweet. j.p. morgan agreed to pay out $13 billion in mortgage schemes with the 2008 recession and fund major fossil fuel pipelines. it is big money. maybe they aren't the best authority of prioritizing the well-being of american people and the planet. >> if we did the trading of co2s. j.p. morgan would make money trading that. here is what i think and not getting enough credit. aoc has pushed around j.p. morgan. another tweet that she put out was that the huge update, j.p. morgan, wells fargo announced they would no longer fund private prisons. how did this happen?
7:24 am
organizing people and public pressure. that's the most alarming thing that we've seen this week with respect to this particular narrative because it means that whether j.p. morgan admits it or not she has a major bank telling them who can they lend money to and they're listening. when i was researching this this morning i went to j.p. morgan's home page. the headlines that move sideways, forging a black for black leaders, this is j.p. morgan's home page. stopping unconscious bias, 39 million to help the underserved and the news they had. creating a more equitable world. funding american dreams for black people. how to increase diversity in technology. enriching women's lives. the takeaway is that this could be some of that corporate signal what every corporation is doing. jamie diamond has moved to aoc,
7:25 am
nancy pelosi has moved to aoc. she is very powerful. >> sandra: she is on the cover of "time" magazine. >> that must be the worst thing that happened to her this week. >> jon: she and her generation has never seen prosperity. >> i had grandparents who didn't have indoor plumbing until the late 1970s. she may want more prosperity but she is seen it. take a trip somewhere outside this country. >> sandra: you'll talk more about this on your show. >> jon: the 2020 democratic shoulder given the cold shoulder to aipac to boycott the pro israel's -- >> sandra: the waiting game for the mueller report is on. our headliner democratic congressman hakeem jeffries takes on both of those stories for us and more next.
7:26 am
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>> jon: breaking news just in to "america's newsroom." the trump administration will slap new sanctions to target iran's nuclear program. 31 nuclear scientists and others will be hit with these new sanctions. secretary of state mike pompeo saying we will be relentless in denying iran the ability to engage in weapons of mass destruction proliferation. >> president trump: the way they've treated me, and we have found many crimes on the other side. these are stone cold crimes what they've done between the deletion of 33,000 emails and many, many other things. if somebody -- they all say flynn. i don't know anything about what he said. the f.b.i. said he didn't lie. mueller said he did lie. so what's that all about?
7:31 am
>> sandra: president trump talking to maria bartiromo about his treatment in the special counsel's investigation as we await robert mueller's report in russian interference in the 2016 election. that investigation almost two years old now. let's bring in our headliner, hakeem jeffries, a member of the judiciary committee. good morning. nice to have you on set. good to have you here. so you just heard the president on the robert mueller investigation. we're in an hour by hour wait and see to see when this is going to be released. what do you think is going the happen here? >> this is an important national security investigation that we just have to allow to run its course. the house just voted 420-0 to make sure that when bob mueller completes his work and finishes his report that that report can be seen by the american people. which is a bipartisan consensus coming out of the house. good, bad or indifferent. >> sandra: the president wants that, too. >> that's the right thing to do.
7:32 am
whether the report exonerates the president, imply indicates the president or somewhere in between the american people deserve transparency. >> jon: the f.b.i. director who the president fired raised eyebrows with this editorial in the "new york times." the headline is what i want from the mueller report. i'm rooting for a demonstration to the world that the united states justice system works. he goes on to write i hope mr. trump is not impeached and removed from office before the end of his term. i don't mean congress shouldn't move ahead with the process of impeachment, if congress thinks the provable facts are there. i hope it doesn't because if mr. trump were removed from office by congress a significant portion of this country would see it as a coup and drive those people farther from the common center of life deeply fracturing our country. >> the majority of house democrats belief talk of
7:33 am
impeachment is way too premature and nancy pelosi came out and said before anyone decides to go down the road the case should be compelling and consensus in terms of public sentiment around impeachment should be bipartisan in nature. that's a strong standard and the right one and the one i agree with. i don't know what james comey is saying one way or the other. our perspective has been clear. >> sandra: does it surprise you to hear him move away from any talk of impeachment of this president? >> it's hard to know where he stands on these issues. he has been in different places. my view is clear as i just articulated. impeachment is premature. before we decide to proceed we have to wait for the mueller investigation to conclude itself. two, we have to be able to review the report. three, we have the make sure the report is presented to the american people. >> sandra: you are urging your democrats to stay away from that. >> we want to lower healthcare
7:34 am
costs, and cleaning up corruption and the mess in washington, d.c. that's the for the people agenda we have been talking about. >> jon: that being said former congressman trey gowdy says he sees a ground swell among democrats to move toward impeachment. >> i can't speak for director comey. i can tell you will 60 democrats voted to move forward to impeachment before mueller has released a single solitary syllable. schiff not only -- not only does he have evidence of collusion, he claims, in his later quotes he has him indicted and there was a very real prospect he would go to jail. now swalwell is promising indictments. >> jon: if 60 democrats are on board you don't think there is a wait and see attitude or you do think there is one? >> trey who i served and worked with him on issues including criminal justice reform is referring to procedural votes
7:35 am
that took place in the last congress with respect to a motion to table a resolution that was put forward by representative al green that has nothing to do with articles of impeachment or starting an impeachment inquiry or steps that democrats have taken since we seized control of the house of representatives. >> sandra: i have to ask you about these demands from house democrats to have jared kushner answer questions and turn over documents related to what they say was his use of whatsapp which as he is an encrypted messaging service owned by facebook to conduct official business and communicate with foreign leaders. what are democrats asking for here? >> people want to get some understanding of the type of communication that jared kushner was engaged in, whether it compromised sensitive discussions with foreign leaders. and susceptible -- was susceptible to the type of hacking that could really jeopardize america's communication of information.
7:36 am
and i think that is a reasonable request. we'll have to try to figure out what took place. jared kushner's lawyer has spoken. we haven't heard from him. at some point he will comment. >> sandra: what's the request based on? >> i think you would have to talk to the house oversight committee in terms of the particulars of what they want in the judiciary committee. we haven't gone down that road yet. >> jon: you've be speaking at the aipac conference. presidential candidates, a number of them. are not going to be there. here is beto on that point. >> i'm here in south carolina. i'm here in front of people who will decide who the democratic nominee is. who will decide this next election. who will decide who will defeat president trump and bring this country together. that's the best way for me to spend this time so it is not what i'm not going to or anything to the negative.
7:37 am
it is what i'm for and excited to do. what i'm excited to do is be in rock hill south carolina. >> others like kamala harris said they won't speak at aipac. do you think it's a mistake? >> i can't speak for them. i can speak for the house democratic caucus who are strongly pro-israel. i represent the ninth most african-american district and jewish in the country. i've been to israel three times. i recognized there are shared values and strategic interests that are important. i think that's the perspective of the overwhelming majority of democrats in the house of representative. speaker nancy pelosi will be there. chuck schumer the democratic leader in the senate will be there and several of my colleagues will participate as well. >> sandra: bernie sanders isn't going because he is concerned about the stage that aipac is, the leaders who have expressioned supreme positions and oppose a two-state solution. what message is he sending to a
7:38 am
pro-israel group like aipac that you will be speaking on that stage? >> as far as i'm concerned, aipac's position as i understand it remains to robustly support a two-state solution. that's the right approach. that's in israel's best interests and the best interests of the democratic aspirations of the palestinian people and the best interests of america. >> sandra: very interesting to have you on the program this morning. your thoughts on 2020 and the direction your party is going. i heard you talk about healthcare, economy. there has been a hard left turn in your party. final thoughts how 2020 is shaping up. >> keep the focus on bringing america together. articulating a forward-looking vision to resolve issues on behalf of the american people anchored in the kitchen table things that americans are concerned about. retirement, security, good paying jobs, increased pay, how do you educate your children in a meaningful fashion and lowering healthcare costs. >> jon: you ever get any robocalls on your phone?
7:39 am
you'll want to stay tuned for this next report. >> sandra: appreciate you being here this morning. >> thank you very much. >> i'm getting a robocall right now. it's a robocall. >> jon: robocalls are plaguing nearly every telephone user and people want a solution. a new effort to block those annoying calls is underway. jaeke heinrich has that for us. >> robocalls are the number one kam mraint to the federal communications commission. they tried a do-not-call list back in 2003. violators weren't phased by fines. the problem continued. now a bill introduced last year is getting a second look in the senate and promises criminal punishment for the first time. the abuse criminal enforcement and deterens act would increase fines and also increase the
7:40 am
statute of limitations for the fcc to take action against the violators and allows carriers to ought thent indicate incoming calls. in 2018 there were 48 million calls a 60% increase from the year before. another company first oh ryan says this year will be worse. 44.6% in calls in 2019 will be scams and 90% of the time it will look like a familiar phone number. something known as spoofing. the bill targets people who federal regulators makes nearly 100 million robocalls in three months in 2016 slapped with the biggest every fcc fine but got no jail time even though his called overwhelmed an emergency medical paging service. >> you represent nearly 100 million reasons why we need robust protections from the epidemic of robocalls and robo
7:41 am
texts. >> strong bipartisan support and the backing of attorneys general from all 50 states. the bill sponsors hope it will come up for a vote in the next few weeks. >> jon: that's one we'll be watching. thank you. >> sandra: your phone is ringing, jon. onto the crisis along our southern border. president obama's former head of border security calling the evidence undeniable. >> jon: another head rolls in the wake of the college admissions fraud scandal. with the most lobster dishes lobsterfesof the yearred lobster like lobster lover's dream and new ultimate lobsterfest surf and turf. so come lobsterfest today! and now for a limited time, get ten percent off red lobster to go.
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7:46 am
henry is here, juan williams and ab stoddard. juan, how do you respond? >> there is no argument about the humanitarian crisis. argument in terms of the politics about someone saying there is a national security issue and we're facing invaders or a threat or these people are coming with disease and all that political rhetoric. if you are just talking about -- this is what the man said the former obama official said very clearly it's the number of people. the idea that our agents are overwhelmed because we have more and more people seeking to come here and to be granted some special status. his argument is oftentimes these people say that they are escaping oppression. >> as i listen to juan i hear him describe a crisis. i'm glad he is saying that. he has previously said it is a manufactured crisis. >> in terms of the invasion. that was manufactured, by the
7:47 am
way, not only in the mid-terms >> they're overwhelmed. >> with the humanitarian crisis of people seeking legitimately and under law to become americans. >> i really think both sides are being disingenuous are the issue. democrats are denying that fact we can't absorb the refugees fleeing terrorism in central and south america. there is such a high proportion of displaced peoples all around europe and the middle east. 4 million leaving venezuela in -- 3 million in four years. this is a problem everywhere. we can no longer take in the amount of people. it is not criminals coming in with their fentanyl. sometimes it is. largely they come across the points of entry. a wall won't work. republicans have never felt a wall will work. these are women and children and families fleeing nark owe terrorism like our pom sees on terrorism in the middle east we need to fight it there so they
7:48 am
don't come here. the parties don't want to address it. democrats don't want to say we can't take in refugees and the president should come out and say i want to limit criteria for asylum. >> sandra: beto o'rourke says take down the wall. >> i say both sides. >> he also said there is not a problem. >> sandra: we've got it. >> we do not need any walls. $30 billion, 2,000 miles long, 30 feet high. it will not be built on the international boundary line which is a centerline of the rio grande river. the wall will be built well into the interior of someone's ranch, someone else's property. we'll be forced to take their problem to solve a problem we don't have. >> please stop talking about the wall for a minute and admit there is a problem. i'm sorry, in a debate we had
7:49 am
recently about the wall and about immigration i heard democrat after democrat say as he just did there is not a problem. and it is a manufactured crisis. that's not true. >> they know the wall doesn't work. >> hold on. let's take republicans out of it. chuck schumer wanted -- >> it's about asylum. congress needs to address that. here is the thing going on now. this is a manufactured -- when you say invaders, these terrible people. >> the "washington post" said it's the worst inflow in terms of numbers in 11 years and that's manufactured? that's manufactured? >> seeking asylum. >> sandra: this is a debate happening around the country. it shall continue. appreciate your a-team this morning. >> have fun with the ncaa this
7:50 am
week. >> sandra: go tigers. >> jon: facebook is under fire once again after another security lapse. why passwords of millions of users were left out there in plain texts. if you have moderate to severe psoriasis or psoriatic arthritis, little things can be a big deal. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not an injection or a cream. it's a pill that treats differently. for psoriasis, 75% clearer skin is achievable, with reduced redness, thickness, and scaliness of plaques.
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7:53 am
>> jon: more fallout now over the college admissions scandal and facebook in trouble again.
7:54 am
carley shimkus from fox news headlines channel 115 and sirius xm. >> jon: ucla, the men's soccer coach stepped down yesterday after anticipating $11,000 to get lauren isaacson on the soccer ball. she is not a soccer player. little nugget i found interesting in the story is that lauren's father according to prosecutors wanted her to go to usc. so hired rick singer to get her there. he botched it. her application went through the general admissions process. we can't have that. why do the honest thing when you can cheat your way into school? she wants up at ucla on the soccer team as a midfielder, given number 41. the rest is now history. >> sandra: parents are facing serious charges up to 20 years, i believe. the coach is also facing charges as well. >> what is happening here
7:55 am
schools leave spots open for athletes and the coaches act like college admissions officer and can pick whoever they want. there needs to be more oversight in the college admissions process but especially with the athletic process. why you would ever think a college coach would pick somebody that doesn't play the sport, that would never cross your mind. >> jon: for money, i guess. meantime facebook if trouble again. >> facebook is getting a lot of bad press today. hundreds of millions of passwords for facebook and instagram were stored in an unsecure manner. facebook employees had access to the passwords and could view them. usually facebook scrambles passwords before storing them so nobody can access them. hundreds of millions were not done this way. what if a hacker hacked into facebook? those passwords are now -- they could have been hacked.
7:56 am
this is why i think -- i thought it rich when mark zuckerberg wanted to create this secret encrypted server so people could have private conversations. why would we ever trust him to do this? >> sandra: there is a trust issue there. the passwords were left out in plain english. >> jon: carley shimkus, thank you. >> sandra: new reaction pouring in after president trump makes ot bold move on israel recognizing its sovereignty on the golan heights and reaffirming u.s. support for our closest ally in the middle east. >> president trump: i've been thinking about doing it for a long time. it has been a hard decision for every president. no president has done it. chool . good thing i'm paying them off early now. yup! this is why i sofi. refinance your student loans with sofi, and you can save thousands.
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8:00 am
fight both fast tums chewy bites with gas relief all in one relief of heartburn and gas ♪ ♪ tum tum tum tums tums chewy bites with gas relief >> sandra: president trump reversing decades of u.s. policy recognizing israel's sovereignty over the golan heights territory captured from syria in the 1967 war. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm sandra smith. >> jon: i'm jon scott in for bill hemmer. the president is heading to florida now after a shift in u.s. foreign policy that comes just weeks before israel votes on whether to reelect prime minister benjamin netanyahu. president trump maintains this is not about politics. >> president trump: i've been thinking about doing it for a long time. it has been a very hard decision for every president. no president has done it. this is very much like jerusalem. moving the embassy to jerusalem. i did that. golan heights is the same thing.
8:01 am
for years other presidents have campaigned, they said they'll do it. this is sovereignty, security and about regional security. >> jon: chief white house correspondent john roberts is reporting from the north lawn on this. >> good morning. let's remind you a little of the history israel captured the on heights in the 1967 war. it's only been recognized as israeli controlled territory. the president tweeted yesterday after 52 years it is time for the united states to fully recognize israel's sovereignty over the golan heights, critical strategic and security importance to the state of israel and regional stability. benjamin netanyahu was thrilled at the announcement.
8:02 am
>> president trump has just made history. i called him. i thanked him on behalf of the people of israel. he did it again. first he recognized jerusalem as israel's capital and moved the u.s. embassy here. then he pulled out of the disastrous iran treaty and reimposed sanctions. >> jon: like the embassy move, this move drawing its fair share of criticism. the plo saying it will further destabilize the region and this from senator gabbard. another example of trump and netanyahu putting their own political interests ahead of the interests of our respective countries. will escalate tensions and likelihood of war between israel, u.s., syria, iran, russia. short sighted. there are plenty of people in the senate who support this move. in particular senator lindsey graham of south carolina, florida's marco rubio and senator ted cruz of texas. they all applauded the move
8:03 am
yesterday. >> jon: the president continued defending his criticism of late senator john mccain. >> just to give you history on this again. the president got a bee in his bonnet over the weekend that show an associate of john mccain's david kramer, was responsible in late 2016 for shopping around that steele dossier to several media outlets in and around the washington area. the president ripped mccain in a tweet that was sent at 4:46 in the afternoon on saturday and then again sunday morning and brought it up again out of the blue at that tank plant in lima, ohio. severely criticizing john mccain in all three instances but insisting to fox business channel's maria bartiromo yesterday he was only responding to reporter's questions about it and he also chided maria for bringing it up at all. listen here. >> president trump: i didn't bring it up. i didn't mention john mccain
8:04 am
until you asked me a question about john mccain. i could say i have comments. that's not me. i thought you weren't supposed to bring it up. that's okay. fake news. >> it is not fake news. you told me why you have an issue with him. >> i have a serious issue. he handed something to the f.b.i. on me. he knew it was a fake. he handed it to the f.b.i. that's an issue. repeal and replace of obamacare. he campaigned for years, that's an issue. i didn't bring it up, you did. >> you heard the president said you were not supposed to bring it up, i thought. maria bartiromo insists there were no preconditions and didn't have an agreement to not bring up anything with the president. now it is true that the president was asked about this. he responded to a question that was asked on tuesday in the oval office when he was there with the brazilian president, the president saying he was never a fan of john mccain nor would he likely ever be.
8:05 am
but it was the president, jon, who initially brought it up saturday afternoon after the new revelations that were contained in that court document about the deposition from david kramer. >> jon: keeps your beat interesting, doesn't it? >> never a dull moment. the president glared at me like i've never seen him glare at me before. >> jon: we'll have to get to the bottom of that. >> sandra: let's bring in chris wallace anchor of "fox news sunday". the president doubled down on his criticism of john mccain even in his death. he is defending that. >> yeah. let me say -- and john did very solid reporting there. this long pre-dates the revelation that one of the mccain aides had been shopping out the report from the dossier to various groups.
8:06 am
i was in a session with the president where he went off on john mccain. it just seems to be something that sticks in his craw and he does talk about and criticize john mccain on a variety of issues, especially his vote against the obamacare. it wasn't a repeal and replace. it's one of the reasons that mccain voted against it. it was called a skinny repeal which would have kept the issue alive but didn't do anything to replace obamacare. and in any case, the president does have a problem with john mccain and even in death as in life he wants to talk about it >> sandra: meanwhile the president was also asked in that interview, chris, about his dream 2020 opponent. here is what he said. >> president trump: i would love to have biden, i would have love to have bernie or beto. beto seems to be the one the press has chosen. when i watch beto i say we could dream about that. >> sandra: bernie, beto, biden.
8:07 am
biden isn't even in the race. >> all those guys have a b in their name. i have think the president feels confident. he is not a man who lacks for self-confidence. i suspect he thinks he will be able to handle anybody in the democratic field. we'll have a poll on sunday. i haven't seen it yet. hasn't been given to us which we do a couple of horse races, some of these potential candidates against the president. so we'll see how he does. at this point it is just based on name recognition and probably more a referendum on the president than it is a real choice between the democrats and the president. but we'll get a chance to see just how he would do at this very early stage against some of the leading contenders on the democratic field. >> sandra: meanwhile some of the democratic contenders are not going to be attending the aipac conference next week at which many prominent democrats will be speaking.
8:08 am
nancy pelosi and chuck schumer are on the list to speak. these candidates running for president won't go. harris, bernie sanders says he will not go. beto owe -- o'rourke. he said he is busy on the campaign trail. the president responded to this a short time ago en route to mar-a-lago and here is what he said. >> president trump: the democrats have very much proven to be anti-israel, no question about that. it is a disgrace. i don't know what has happened to them but they are totally anti-israel. frankly, i think they're anti-jewish. >> sandra: what does this say about some of those candidates who are refusing to now go? >> let me say first of all if you talk about the democratic party at large as you pointed out, chuck schumer, if democratic leader will be there. nancy pelosi, the speaker of the house, steny hoyer the house majority leader will be there.
8:09 am
the congressional democratic leadership will be there and making the point about democratic support for israel and they'll also talk about some of the comments made by ilhan omar and the idea that americans can support israel and there is no dual loyalty. you can be a good america and still support israel which is our most stable ally in the middle east. as for the democratic presidential candidates there is pressure on the left. where most of the energy in the democratic party is now for the presidential campaign. i don't know if it's against israel but against benjamin netanyahu and his current policies in israel. the idea of opposing a two-state solution. the annexation of territory in the west bank and the golan heights. so i think that they are feeling under some pressure and conceivably they could be making a mistake here because traditionally jewish american voters tend to support
8:10 am
democrats over republicans by at least a 2 to 1 margin. to the degree they give an opening to president trump you can be sure he will seize it. >> sandra: chris wallace. we'll see you this weekend "fox news sunday". thank you. >> jon: thank you, sandra. officials from immigration and customs enforcement say the suspect in the killing of a washington state sheriff's deputy was in the country illegally. 42-year-old deputy ryan thompson was shot to death tuesday at a traffic stop. he leaves behind a wife and three children. we have more from our west coast bureau. >> his work visa was expired, mexican national del toro didn't have any outstanding arrest warrants and minimal previous contact with police. this happened about 115 miles east of seattle. police were called after receiving reports the suspect
8:11 am
was driving erratically, behavior described as road rage. there was a chase through several blocks and at some point shots wereg. deputy ryan thompson, a husband and father of three kids died. >> it's like a nuclear bomb going off. it just destroyed a part of our hearts and our lives. >> this is the most traumatic event they've been in or probably will be in and not something that will end anytime soon. >> ice officials play del toro who died in the shoot-out entered through the route of texas back in 2014. ice has no record of the suspect leaving the country or trying to extend that visa. officer chavez who survived is still recovering in the hospital. he is only 22 years old and one of three officers in that local department. >> jon: what a sad, sad story. jeff paul, thank you.
8:12 am
>> sandra: a new report showing deportations are on the rise as president trump gave a surprising ally in the battle over border security. national border patrol council president next. >> jon: president trump taking aim at james comey as washington anxiously awaits the mueller report. what are we hoping to learn from the findings? kim strassel of the "wall street journal" weighs in and says why she thinks comey hasn't been up front on the steele dossier. >> president trump: comey is lying. all the brennan lying, the lies to congress. these are absolute lies to congress. clapper lied to congress. nobody does anything. [do you want breakfast or no?] [definitely breakfast.] be a booker at
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
8:16 am
>> president trump: we're being very strong at the border. the number is enormous of people we've captured and apprehended but we'll take care of it. we are very tough at the border. >> jon: an obama-era border patrol chief comes to the president's defense saying the border is undeniably in a state of crisis. let's bring in national border patrol council president brandon judd. the situation on the border seems to have deteriorated in recent months. why? >> what is happening the criminal cartels, organized
8:17 am
crime is dictating to us what our u.s. immigration policies will be. they know all they have to do is flood our system and then we'll have to start letting people go pending a deportation proceeding down the road. their profits are up, they are bringing more people and that's a problem for us. but as long as we continue the catch and release. if congress doesn't step up and do their job and actually dictate to them what our u.s. policies will be, we'll have a problem. >> jon: william la jeunesse had a pretty astounding bit of video the other day. i believe it was yesterday. bus loads of people being transported up from central america. they get through a hole in the border fence and once they are on u.s. soil, what happens to them? >> so if we understand the process. if the american public understood the process they would be outraged. all you have to do is enter the country illegally. claim asylum and be released
8:18 am
pending a deportation or asylum hearing that happens two to three years down the road. if these individuals had an asylum claim they would show up to their proceedings. the vast majority of the people that claim asylum disappear into what obama termed the shadows of society and don't show up to their court appearances. that shows you they are gaming the system. they understand that there are loopholes in the system and they are working the loopholes. >> jon: the democrats are saying there is no crisis at the southern border but the man who ran the u.s. border patrol under president obama says there is. listen to mark morgan. >> it's absolutely national emergency. so what we're talking about right now is part of the continued catch and release. it is different than before. usually border patrol agents, they turn them over to ice who releases them according to the policies. right now what you're seeing is a different form of the catch
8:19 am
and release. border patrol agents, because their facility is overwhelmed. >> jon: president obama's border control chief saying we have a real problem? sxwloo >> he is correct. we talked for months about it. last month we exceeded more arrests than we had in any month under the obama administration. but if you look at what we're facing now, we're facing a different situation than what we did in the height of our arrests back in the mid and early 2000s. we are dealing with people not from mexico. they're coming from guatemala, honduras and el salvador. if you look at the statistics nothing has changed since april of 2017 to march of 2019 in those countries. so when people say well, it's because of gangs, it is because
8:20 am
of nark narco tearism why weren't they crossing report. no intel report that i'm aware of that shows that there has been a higher level of crime in knows three countries in that period of time. it is strictly based upon the criminal cartels generating profits, encouraging people to come to our country, flood our system and force us to start releasing the people like we've begun again. >> jon: we'll have to leave it there. your viewpoint is certainly valued. thanks very much for being with us. >> thank you, jon. >> sandra: u.s. backed forces in syria getting closer to liberating the last isis stronghold. our own benjamin hall is live on the front lines and new zealand marking one week that left 50 people dead at two mosques. how the country is coming together now to heal. >> it was a moment looking around and seeing people of all these different backgrounds and
8:21 am
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8:25 am
wore a head scarf and offering support to the muslim community targeted in the terror attack as she quoted the prophet mohammed. >> when any part of the body suffers, the whole body feels pain. new zealand mourns with you. we are one. >> thousands turned out to honor the 50 people slaughtered by a self-described white soup recommendist one week ago. the imam of the mosque where the largest number died put the blame who use the world stage to fan the flames. >> it was the result of the anti-islamic and anti-muslim rhetoric by some political leaders, some media agencies, and others. it has no color, has no race,
8:26 am
and has no religion. >> also friday a mass funeral took place for 26 of the victims of the mosque shootings. among them the youngest, a 3-year-old. they were watched over as police. one was dressed in muslim head scarf with a red rose tucked into her bullet proof vest. a show of unity by new zealanders and summed up by the imam. we're brokenhearted but not broken. sandra. >> sandra: the nation trying to heal. thank you, jonathan. >> jon: the president this morning answering a question on when the mueller report will be released. >> president trump: it's just a continue was of the same witch hunt. they know it.
8:27 am
and behind closed doors they laugh at it. >> jon: nobody knows when it will land but growing speculation it could come soon. kimberly strassel is here to talk about. >> sandra: authorities in georgia reopened child murder cases. why officials think they can uncover more information now. >> a lot has changed in atlanta since 1979. and a lot has changed in our world since 1981 when there was a conviction for two of these murders, a conviction of wayne williams. build attendance for an event. help people find their way. fastsigns designed new directional signage. and got them back on track. get started at a cfp professional is trained, knowledgeable,
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>> sandra: fox news alert. the federal prosecutor who oversaw the case against president donald trump's former personal lawyer michael cohen will step down from his role as deputy u.s. attorney for the southern district of new york. he led the case against cohen who has pled guilty to campaign
8:31 am
finance violations, lying to congress and other federal crimes. >> jon: fox news alert as isis is very close to final defeat in syria. the announcement could come within hours. benjamin hall is on the ground in syria. >> hi, jon. fox news has learned the ceremony to celebrate the end of the caliphate is expected tomorrow. the announcement could come sooner and preparations are underway for that. but the offensive part of this battle is finished. it is over. the clear-up is underway. the last town held by isis has been liberated. all that remains is a small pocket of resistance in a cave outside the town. fighters are surrounding that cave at the moment say they're speaking to the isis fighters inside and tell us that they could finish them off by putting two grenades in there but they're hoping they will surrender at the very end. the beginning of this week
8:32 am
began with fierce clashes. no sense back then of how long it would take. we were within 150 yards of isis fighters looking down on them. they seemed relaxed. at one point they tried to launch a couple of counter attacks but in the days since they have simply folded. the u.s. military are here on the ground doing a critical job not just with the offensive that's taken place but looking ahead to what comes next. as the transition to post caliphate now begins it is undecided what exact role the u.s. will play and the numbers of u.s. forces will be determined. it will be to make isis can't return. the ideology remains strong and 70,000 held in camps. if they were released and let back into the community they could cause problems. the geopolitical elements. iran, turkey, all things to consider moving forward. the great news is that the celebration of the end of the caliphate is expected in the coming hours. >> jon: lots of problems still ahead but it is good news.
8:33 am
benjamin hall. whose excellent reporting was recognized this morning. >> president trump: they came up with an excuse for losing an election. it shouldn't happen to other presidents. i know the politicians and i know what we're dealing with. most people wouldn't be able to take it. let me tell you something, what happened to me should never happen to another president of the united states. because i depend on this right here, mine, not other people. >> sandra: president trump weighing in on the russia investigation as washington awaits the robert mueller report the president telling maria bartiromo he has been mistreated in the process. kimberly strassel. the president showing his frustration there with this ongoing process. >> yeah. well, good morning, sandra. i think the president has a point here. if you think about this, the f.b.i. first started looking to
8:34 am
him in the spring of 2016 so we're three years into this. ceaseless headlines and accusations from congress and the media. we have not had a single congressional committee, a single news outlet or the f.b.i. itself who has ever managed to martial evidence of the claims speculated all this time. it will be very important when mueller puts this report out hopefully it draws the line under it. i have think there will be plenty more still to learn when all of the documents from this entire escapade get released and people see how this actually got started in the first place. >> sandra: the president went on in the interview to talk about just how poorly he feels he has been treated in the process. listen. >> president trump: they have treated me so viciously. they have treated me so badly. and we did nothing wrong. you look at the other side. all of these people you hear about that had nothing to do with russia, russia collusion,
8:35 am
nothing. it is all a big hoax. a witch hunt and a hoax. >> sandra: in your most recent piece in the "wall street journal" what f.b.i. counsel told congress you say this is how you start the piece, one big problem with the trump/russia investigation is the facts are released in the dribs and drabs. you say it's important that the american people see it in its entirety. >> think about this from the beginning. everything we have been told may have happened or speculated coming is from leaks from the media, former obama administration officials, from people high up levels in government who you can tell do not like this president, have an interest in hurting the administration, it's come from media speculation. but none of it has come from any concrete evidence. and so we get these competing narratives and we don't get the facts. the house, for instance, last year at the end of last year
8:36 am
conducted a number of very important interviews with key players in the beginning of this to deal with the dossier, to do with the f.b.i. and its initial investigation. they have been slowly releasing some of the transcripts but we need to see all of them. and likewise we need the president himself to declassify those documents. the fisa application against carter page and others so we can get a holistic picture of what exactly happened and how this started. >> sandra: i know you end the piece with this. it's time america has the full story. there are bipartisan calls for this report to be made public. republicans and democrats, the president even. hakeem jeffries the democratic congressman from new york was making a similar push. >> the house just voted 420-0 to make sure that when bob mueller completes his work and finishes his report, that that report can be seen by the american people. whether the report exonerates the president, imply indicates the president or somewhere in
8:37 am
between the american people deserve transparency. >> sandra: is the "wall street journal," do they have any reporting on when we may finally see the report or who has seen it? >> the $30 million question. nobody knows. there is a lot of speculation it could drop today but i think that's based largely on the fact that the special counsel's office and often the department of justice have a habit of leaking things or putting things out on a friday. i want to temper expectations. remember, when this report actually gets transmitted to attorney general bill barr, we're not allowed to see the contents of it. it is a confidential report under department of justice guidelines and mr. barr has ultimate authority over whether or not it is made public. >> sandra: so i guess we're left to wait and see. you are suggesting that even if he decides to make it public it could be filled with redactions. >> it could be filled with
8:38 am
redactions and the option of providing a summary to congress rather than the whole report. look, i have think the president is right, the editorial board has also called for this. put it all out there but put everything out there. don't put out the mueller report on its own. put out all of those documents, declassify things. let people see the shenanigans that played into the beginning of this so we can follow the entire timeline to see where mueller ultimately ended up. >> sandra: the anticipation is surely building. kimberly strassel from the "wall street journal" editorial board. thank you. >> jon: the city of atlanta reopening the cases of two dozen children murdered back in the 70s and 80s. the men convicted in two of those killings, wayne williams, is already serving life in prison but now the atlanta mayor wants to use today's technology to test the evidence. >> it may be that there is nothing else left to be tested
8:39 am
and it may be that we will not get any additional information. but i do think history will judge us by our actions and we will be able to say that we tried. >> jon: steve harrigan is live in atlanta with more. >> jon, the atlanta mayor making the decision to reopen a 38-year-old case, a case of 29 grisly murders which really transfixed the nation and terrorized the city of atlanta. she hopes using dna technology of some of the evidence could offer new insights and perhaps a sense of closure to the family members of some of the victims. >> we now know that dna technology is much more advanced. it did not exist in 1981. and even when we asked for retesting of evidence that was in our possession in the 1990s,
8:40 am
we now know there are national databases online that give us an opportunity to access even additional information as it relates to dna. >> wayne williams, 60 years old is serving life in prison in georgia. he was convicted for two of those murders. police concluded he was responsible for the other murders. williams has always stressed he is innocent of those 29 murders. the killings followed most of them a pattern, young, african-american males, the youngest just 9 years old taken in public, strangled to death and then their bodies found in a remote location. it terrorized the city of atlanta and one mother of a victim, kathryn bell, her son, curtis, just 13 years old. >> i want some closure. i want some justice. so that i can rest in peace. >> it will be a joint
8:41 am
investigation between atlanta police and the georgia bureau of investigation. now this reopening comes just before a documentary on the atlanta child murders that will be released tomorrow. jon, back to you. >> jon: what a story, steve harrigan, thank you. >> sandra: the crisis escalating in venezuela and they arrested the chief of staff for opposition leader juan guaido. how the u.s. is now responding. >> instead of shunning the people we've supported them. instead of denying the rights of the people of venezuela. we're committed to this and we're going to stay the course.
8:42 am
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8:44 am
>> sandra: growing fears this morning that toxic substances are in the air and water after an explosion in china. it caused an earthquake and
8:45 am
prompted thousands of evacuations, the cause of the explosion is not known. >> jon: the columbian government says nearly 1,000 venezuela troops have fled across the border as the country's political crisis escalates. they arrested a chief of staff accusing him of terrorism. joining us noin isaiah medina, it's very good of you to join us. i know you must be extremely concerned about what is going on there but what do you say to the american people who haven't heard of some of the horrors befalling the people of venezuela under the maduro regime? >> well, first of all, thank you for having me, jon. i have to say this protracted humanitarian crisis has already taken the death toll of at least half a million lives of innocent children, women and men just for social control of
8:46 am
a criminal regime. it has made the suffering and death of venezuelan civilians its priority to maintain power and control. it is important to understand that we need to turn the dial up and our interim constitutional president juan guaido should try to protect the civilian population that has been exterminated currently in venezuela by weaponization of, no running water, black-outs, controlled black outs and also starvation. it is important very to address this issue and the u.s. trump administration has been essential to move forward and to try to corner diplomatically this regime to try to find a way out.
8:47 am
>> jon: president trump is saying u.s. sanctions and pressure on venezuela could get a lot tougher. here are some recent remarks from the president on that. >> president trump: at some point i would imagine things will change but we really haven't done the really tough sanctions yet. we can do the tough sanctions. all options are open. we may be doing that. we haven't done the toughest of sanctions as you know. we've done i would say right down the middle. but we can go a lot tougher if we need to do that. >> jon: it sounds like you would advocate the president get tougher on the maduro regime. >> it is very important before it's too little and too late to move forward full strength and try to save as many people as we can. as you've noticed, the humanitarian aid is right at the border. people can see that there is a huge effort by the international community but there is no way to bring it in. they have denied it for years, the humanitarian crisis and now they are blocking the aid.
8:48 am
as the united nations high commissioner for human rights expressed a couple days ago, this has become already the human rights violations and crimes against are a destabilizing factor for the region and also it is a threat to the maintenance of peace and security in the american hemisphere like the german ambassador of the security council has mentioned twice. it is very important to act early to try to prevent more deaths and suffering of the venezuelan civilian population. >> jon: forces loyal to nicolas maduro apparently kidnapped guaido's chief of staff. as far as we know, he is still being held hostage. our secretary of state commented on that. listen. >> we will make sure the world knows who those people were and
8:49 am
we will do all we can to hold those specific individuals who engaged in this conduct that is so deeply opposite to what the venezuelan people demanded and the democracy we demand in venezuela. we'll do all we can to hold the individuals accountable, those who conducted and ordered this activity. >> jon: do you have any updates? >> it is no surprise false accusations and false charges, arbitrary detention, rape as a tool of violence in a country without the rule of law has become the standard trend. nonetheless as you have noticed, they have applied asymmetric warfare like strategic deception. they have become better liars than we are at telling the truth. a couple weeks ago.
8:50 am
it is no surprise that presently we have 1,000 civilians and at least 200 military political prisoners being tortured as we speak and, of course, they will try to get to juan guaido's closest circle and i don't think it will stop here. i am grateful that the trump administration is aware and acting steadfastly in this situation. we need more action and stronger sanctions to see the end of this terrible apocalypse. >> jon: it appears the trump administration is with you on that. thank you for being on. >> sandra: a walk among the stars and a mission for astronauts on board the international space station. why the station is in need of an upgrade. we'll have that for you next. ♪ would you like to swing on a star, carry moon beams home in
8:51 am
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a get your questions answered by awesome experts store. it's a now there's one store that connects your life like never before store. the xfinity store is here. and it's simple, easy, awesome. >> sandra: two astronauts going out for a space walk at the international space station to make some much-needed upgrades. phil keating is following the story for us in miami. phil. >> nasa now halfway into the space walk outside the space station up there and the series of three space walks that are planned over the next 17 days all about upgrading the space station's power systems and communications. taking a live look right now about 250 miles above us. that's mcclain one of the
8:55 am
astronauts out there. they're diligently at work. her and mcclain and nick hague in the vacuum of space. so far everything is going perfectly. today's microgravity mission replaced old nichol hydrogen batteries are more powerful lithium-ion batteries for the power channel on the solar arrays. batteries and solar power are essential and critical for life support up there. here is who they are without the space suits. nick hague is from kansas. he was involved with a soyuz capsule went back to earth after it launched. mcclain, this is their first-ever space walk and they're doing great. everything has gone just perfectly and nasa said they're 30 minutes ahead of schedule. today's space walk will end up lasting six hours. we're watching the astronauts moving the new and old
8:56 am
batteries around like feathers even though they weigh 400 pounds. next friday's space walk will be historic. the first all-female team. >> sandra: nobody could hear with my lead-in. i needed an upgrade like the space walk. thank you, phil keating. >> jon: president trump recognizing israel's claim to the disputed golan heights. why democrats are criticizing the move and questioning his support of our strongest middle east ally. and as a fitness junkie, i customize everything, like my bike, and my calves. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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♪ [country music] >> sandra: some friday music for you.
9:00 am
the >> jon: yes indeed. from the news are involved, 86 years ago, fdr dealing a major blow to prohibition signing an act putting the prohibition to an end. >> sandra: have a safe weekend, everybody. "outnumbered" starts now. >> harris: fox news alert, president trump is doubling down on his support for israel. and i think that it is time for the united states to fully recoe israel's sovereignty over the long-disputed golan heights region. a move that would mark a dramatic change in decades of u.s. policy. happy friday, this is "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner. here today, fox business network anger, dagen mcdowell. fox news contributor, lisa boothe. fox news contributor, morgan ortagus. in the center seat, fox news political analyst and, most of the, juan williams. today you are "outnumbered." >> juan: indeed! a rainy day, dream away!


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