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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  March 22, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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the >> jon: yes indeed. from the news are involved, 86 years ago, fdr dealing a major blow to prohibition signing an act putting the prohibition to an end. >> sandra: have a safe weekend, everybody. "outnumbered" starts now. >> harris: fox news alert, president trump is doubling down on his support for israel. and i think that it is time for the united states to fully recoe israel's sovereignty over the long-disputed golan heights region. a move that would mark a dramatic change in decades of u.s. policy. happy friday, this is "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner. here today, fox business network anger, dagen mcdowell. fox news contributor, lisa boothe. fox news contributor, morgan ortagus. in the center seat, fox news political analyst and, most of the, juan williams. today you are "outnumbered." >> juan: indeed! a rainy day, dream away! [laughter] >> harris: in some parts of
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the country, yeah. we pay for the midsection. >> harris: let's roll. president trump says he backs. dominic israel sovereignty over the golan heights region it captured in the 1967 war. they have long maintained the area strategically important in the rise of iran and talks of israel's annihilation. that also bolsters benjamin netanyahu as he faces the tyrese reelection in april he is due to visit the white house next week. the surgeon said to not be based on the reelection. he says he is following through on the pledge made by many of his predecessors. >> it's been hard decision for every president. it's like moving the embassy to jerusalem. i did that. the heights is the same thing. for years, other presidents have campaigned and said they would
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do it. this is sovereignty, this is security. this is about regional security. >> harris: critics say the move will destabilize the region. 2020 democratic presidential candidate, tulsi gabbard, i tweeted this. "another example of them putting their interest that of the interest of our respective countries. it will escalate the tensions and the likelihood of war between israel/u.s./syria/iran/russia. shortsighted." juan, your thoughts? >> juan: this is a radical shift from bipartisan u.s. policy for decades. you go back to 1967 when israel captured the territory, 1981 when they annexed it, no international body has ever recognized the golan heights as israel. they do this for a very strategic reason. you don't want to destabilize what is already a tinderbox. >> harris: so you agree with tulsi gabbard. >> juan: yes, i think the president has politicized israel and support for israel that it's very difficult to have an honest
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conversation about, for example, the two state solution. again, that was bipartisan u.s. policy for decades. or moving the capital to jerusalem. i think what benjamin netanyahu, the prime minister of israel's, election coming up on april 9th, i believe, the president is taking sides. he has politicize this to the point that i think it could help not only benjamin netanyahu but his attempts to woo more jewish voters here in the united states. >> harris: when you look at this and see that tulsa gamers as it moves us closer to war with that long of countries, it is in your wheelhouse is national security. i do see this? speed are very different from my dear friend, juan. of course. [laughter] >> lisa: it softens the blow! [laughter] >> morgan: the only person -- the only institute responsible for destabilizing the region is not drunk, not israel. you have your money and influence in the region coming of a civil war in which bashar al-assad has killed hundreds of thousands of people. his own people.
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you have syria quickly destabilize from of the country it was just seven or eight years ago when i was living in saudi arabia and the middle east. what has happened here as israel has effectively been in control of the golan heights. this is not disputed that they have controlled that territory. >> harris: about 40,000 people are living there. >> morgan: everybody has left well enough alone, and because of the typography, because they have been attacked there several times, there is no israeli per minister who could ever be elected and would see that territory. it's not possible. whether it's iran, hezbollah, isis, any enemy of it is state would have a huge advantage if they attacked there. while it is a change in u.s. policy it certainly isn't change of the status quo, effectively will remains the same as that israel controls the territory they've been controlling. >> harris: lisa, when i was there for the embassy opening last may you are the president referencing that.
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there was talk about what would come next, i made no mike met the ambassador. what would come next in a relationship? do you see it as following course? >> lisa: we are seeing a lot of the same criticisms president trump face when he acknowledged and said we would move the embassy to jerusalem. in israel. i see that a somewhat similar. to the criticism that president trump is just solely trying to help benjamin netanyahu, he also made that decision back in december of 2017 to move the embassy. was that also to help benjamin netanyahu? i think president trump just sees himself as a pro-israel president, stands with israel, and this is consistent with his policy. i do have a question for morgan. can you talk a little bit about the strategic interest for israel with the golan heights? b5 as i said earlier, interviewers could easily google a map. if you see, iran already -- because what we see of the destabilization in syria -- they basically effectively now have a land bridge.
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a very easy way to attack israel. that's why it is so important that the israelis cannot give it up. that's a great map that we have of the: heights. i think it's also important to remember, when we look at the conflict in this region, there are not people who don't have blood on their hands. there is not innocent players here. when you look at bashar al-assad, with the iranians are doing, then when you see the fact that benjamin netanyahu has been per minister for at least ten years, he doesn't necessarily have serious opposition. it's always a tight election, of course. to think that he needs president trump's help, that is really starting to get into domestic politics in a way that i just don't think he needs. >> harris: interesting. that map was so critical. we might keep popping it up. as you see syria and what's happening over there -- and we already know that iran is on the ground over there, that russia
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is involved via proxy over there if not in person. >> dagen: iran enriched by the bad nuclear deal, brokered by president obama's administratio administration. do you want to talk about destabilization? we sent $1.4 billion in cash, some of it pallets of cash in the middle of the night, to a nation that was still calling "death to israel, death to the united states of america." we enriched them, we opened iran up for business, and that money was directly or indirectly funneled into the hands of hezbollah, rebels in yemen, to terrorists and nations that want to wipe israel and the united states off the mat. so if you want to talk about destabilization, let's talk about that, number one. number two, just really quickly, "the wall street journal" writes editorial laying on what morgan was talking about the negotiators for so many years always talked about returning the golan heights to syria as part of a broader peace settlement. this declaration by the
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president, it acknowledges the new reality on the ground. it sends a message to russia, the patron of syria. it also sends a message to the palestinians about, "we are not returning to pre1967 borders. we are standing with an ally and recognizing the new situation on the ground." >> harris: lisa, i see you and i will come to you. i want to give you a chance to rebut anything you wanted to, juan. >> juan: you are. you talk about the iranian deal. again, it's benjamin netanyahu, i think, trying to encourage the president to pull out of the deal that in fact has taken away nuclear weapons from iran. in terms of protecting her ally, israel. which should be the goal. the goal should be to get all these parties -- syria, given the trouble that's on the ground there, iran, given the fact they are invested heavily in undermining israel. russia, given that they are the patron of both syria and iran. to get these parties to come to the table and work something
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out. that's why the united states, republican and democrat, have stuck to the two state solution and said, "we won't unilaterally make estimate about the golan heights that has been --" >> harris: dagen was talking about it. we know that american fighters were killed by the iranians on the ground inside syria. we were leaving a thousand guided syria. we look at all of that. not just because of isis but of what has devolved into the situation that we know. >> juan: i think he's a butcher. >> harris: we aren't calling for regime change. >> juan: but what we are doing is the president wanted to pull americans out. all of them. but he can't do it. >> harris: general keane come on our air -- one of our analysts here at fox news -- he has talked about what would be good about that. not just in terms of isis. i want to give you, lisa, a quick word. >> lisa: also see increased threats to israel. one, with iran's footprint in
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syria. also you look at hezbollah, the increased inventory of rockets they have there. i think it was something like 50,000 in 2006. now 150,000. there's a great op-ed from congressman gallagher as well. there's been an increased threat to israel. i think it makes sense. >> dagen: let's move on. meantime, new questions for democratic 2020 presidential candidates as the liberal group "move on" called for all democratic white house hopefuls to boycott the annual aipac conference. right now know 2020 democrats say they are attending this year's event. but it's unclear if that has anything to do with the boycott that was called for. aipac is denying to aipac is declining to confirm nor deny whether they were invited. one of the only candidates going on the record was senator bernie sanders whose office that he is not attending because the senator is "concerned about the platform aipac is providing for leaders who have expressed bigotry and oppose a two state solution."
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meantime, several democrats and congress are speaking at aipac this year. look at them. among them in, speaker nancy pelosi, senator chuck schumer, house democratic caucus chairman hakeem jeffries. look at all of those fellas and lady. earlier president trump was asked about the climate surrounding the upcoming conference. >> the democrats have very much proven to be anti-israel. there is no question about that. it's a disgrace. i don't know what has happened to them but they are totally anti-israel. frankly, i think they are anti-jewish. >> dagen: a short time ago, congressman jeffries was on "america's newsroom" and disputed any notion that there is a split between aipac, the jewish community, and house democrats. >> i can't speak for the candidates. what i can speak for his house democratic caucus who are clearly strongly pro-israel. i myself represent the ninth most african-american district in the country, the 14th most
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jewish. it's the best of both worlds. i've been to israel three times, i recognize that there are shared values, seared strategic interests that are important. i think that is the prospect of of the overwhelming majority of democrats in the house of representatives. >> dagen: this, morgan, make some of these presenter candidates look like a gaggle of gutless wonders. [laughter] they are worried about congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez or ilhan omar tweeting something mean about them if they go. that's what it looks like. >> morgan: and full disclosure, i have attended aipac several times. as many people know, i am -- >> harris: we just want to make reference to the president of the united states touching down at the palm beach international airport. this is the head a meeting where he will host caribbean leaders coming up in the next couple of hours. of course, the president has made news on a whole host of things. we were just talking about his decision regarding the golan heights and the support for israel's prime minister, benjamin netanyahu, and many israelis on that issue, too. to keep the territory there that
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they have had since the 1967 wa war. as the president touches down, sometimes he will give some press availability. he always does what we are watching right now, and that is of course a very popular state ram, florida. politically. he has a home there, headed to mar-a-lago. sometimes he will broaden this out. we may hear from him. on either end of his arrival at of this meeting with caribbean leaders. we like to watch and share these events live. you can hear some people shouting their support of the president. the united states, with its touchdown palm beach. we will stay on the story as he continues to make news in florida and has a working day on this friday. you know what, juan? i'm curious to know -- and you nodded -- presidents do this. they go down. but this president is really known for giving his thoughts and letting reporters just lean and with all of their questions. what would be the first thing you would want to ask him? >> morgan: first , let me just say you're exactly right. this is one of the most
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available presence. maybe the most available present i've ever seen. but that is in keeping with his character. we have never seen a president tweet like this, make use of every -- >> harris: part frankly, twitter didn't have the presence it did before. >> juan: under obama it did, but he didn't use it like this. >> harris: not like this. >> juan: to your point, the first thing i would have to ask him what's going on at the moment is about his views on the mueller report. i think he got some questions like that as he was leaving the white house. i think we showed it here on fox. nobody knows what's in that report that is coming, but you always think -- "you know, the president is going to have early word." apparently he said he doesn't know when that report is due. >> harris: all right, let's pause. he's talking about isis and syria. >> president trump: congratulations. [applause] [cheers and applause] i think it's about time. >> reporter: how do you feel, sir?
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>> harris: what we were just watching there, as he was boarding marine one -- we've seen them go to ohio this week, as well. as he was headed there he showed that map that you just saw. the red signifies what was pre-existing and isis just a day ago. what he has been saying -- hold on, he is still shouting. >> president trump: you know who i'm talking about. he is going to be great on the fed. >> great job! >> don't listen to them! >> thank you, sir. >> harris: i hope that they could speak up. i don't want to step on the words of the president of the united states! as he hears questions shouted, obviously wants to talk. he was talking about -- as you
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heard them say, mr. moore. somebody's looking at for the fed. that's been one of the news breaks today. >> dagen: david moore. people who watch fox news nine very well. >> harris: that's true. he was with the trump campaign but he has also been a guest on our air many times. what i was previously saying, that he gave to a cheering crowd of reporters -- which seems odd to me -- because they got the map he held up on his way to ohio. what that means, and we can see it from this perspective. we can't see that, we can see is the back of the gaggle there. that map showed, morgan, where isis had been. the president said within a day or so you will see the red go away. he talked about another region and syria where it was just littered with red, and that was isis. what we have been able to accomplish to defeat them in those areas. >> dagen: sarah huckabee sanders, caught by the press --
9:17 am
this was by a reporter on air force one. sarah huckabee sanders saying the following. she announced that the territorial isis caliphate have been 100% eliminated in syria. she directed reporters to the department of defense for additional information and she showed reporters a map of syria, possibly the nap that president trump has. >> harris: we know that was the one he held up, so you fully anticipated that would happen. >> morgan: i can't underscore how important this is, not only for the president before the men and women on the ground and our allies who have been fighting. what you are seeing is the actual physical territorial caliphate that isis put together, you have seen that completely destroyed and dismantled. now there's a lot of remaining questions of what happens. the institute for the study of war has put out a report that many of these isis fighters have gone back to iraq. remember, isis comes from
9:18 am
something called a qi. al qaeda in iraq. it's a group that grew from there. there are many historical strongholds in iraq. they are defeated in syria, it's important, but i think the transition that the president is putting into focus, more in iraq and less in syria, still having those at least 200 troops is important. but you have to continue to watch this group. it will fester, it will grow. what we saw happen in 2010 president obama pulled out completely is that this group came back infested internet devices. today is incredibly significant. it's really important accomplishment for many of my friends in the military who have fought there alongside our allies, and the brave kurdish fighters. it's a monumental day. >> harris: i would add that tomorrow marks the 16th anniversary of the start to our presents as such in iraq. the beginning of the war. the president tweeted before he exited air force one, "isis uses
9:19 am
the internet better than almost everyone. anyone. but for all those susceptible to isis propaganda, they are now being beaten badly at every level." the president, again, tweeting -- "there is nothing to admire about them. they will always try to show a glimmer of vicious hope, but they are losers and barely breathing. think about that before you destroy your lives and the lives of your family." that, from the president of the united states. we are watching the president after he has touched down, headed for his home in mar-a-lago, florida. as this continues to make news on fox news channel, of course, we will bring it to you. this on "outnumbered" -- the senate .3 bigfoot after majority leader mitch mcconnell set a date to bring congresswoman o cossey of cortez's prenew deal to the floor. now the russian democrat says critics are manipulating her message. we'll talk about it. we will talk about how the doj plans to handle the upcoming release a special counsel mueller's report. how democrats are planning to push head with investigations,
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9:25 am
disclosure of information that would charge people not charged with crimes." rosenstein also take issue with then, fbi director james comey publishing publicly criticizing hillary clinton as he decided not to charge her over public service scandal. he published an op-ed today, "are not rooting for mueller to demonstrate that he's a criminal. i'm also not ruling for mr. mealy to cook the president paid i'm rooting for a demonstration to the world and would be most of all to our president and his enablers that the u.s. has a justice system that works. because there are people who believe in it and rise above personal interest and tribalism. that system may reach conclusions they like, or it may not. but the apolitical admin's ration of justice is the beating heart of this country." meanwhile, politico reporting several democratic lawmakers and aides tell us privately they are certain the mueller report will be a gut. but democratic probes into president trump are going to drag on regardless. here's the president today on whether he is telling his staff
9:26 am
not to comply with democratic investigations. watch this. >> it's the same witch hunt. they know it. behind closed doors, they laugh at it. it's just a continuation of the same thing. they ought to get to work, get infrastructure done, and a lot of other things done instead of wasting everyone's time. >> lisa: obviously we don't have report yet even though everyone has been saying forever it'll come out. but if it doesn't mention president trump, if it is in fact it done -- which democrats are reportedly saying -- where does leave the democratic party question are people like adam schiff and eric swalwell who have been telling us for years now that president trump -- that there is collusion. with president trump and his team. >> juan: they have talked more in terms of conspiracy. there is no such charge specifically exclusion. we will see, lisa, is the battle of the spin over this document. you are seeing the run up to that right now. from the democrat perspective, i
9:27 am
think the key they want to emphasize is, as you just read from the comey op-ed, that it's been a fair process. it's not a witch hunt. it's not an attempt to undo the 2016 election, which is what trump has been saying. from the republican side, "if the president wasn't directly on the phone with the line we put in, let's forget this. it's democrat up to their old tricks." the kids at all of us, republicans and democrats, should feel that robert mueller conducted himself in an impartial way under the president has been treated freely. >> lisa: morgan, what would there be to spin if president trump is not mentioned in the report at all? what would they have just been from it? >> morgan: i think it's an important report. if it is true, i agree with the attorney general that you should not malign people not in charge of the crime. it might've been on with you, dagen, the day the news broke when coming to the press conference. as it related to hillary clinton. i said, "wait a minute, is
9:28 am
awful. you either charge her of a crime region. but disparaging her without charging her with a crime is not we were supposed you are supposed to do." i agree with the attorney general, also sources and methods -- we don't want to release any sort of classified intelligence information. it's an important report in my opinion. >> lisa: dagen? >> dagen: speaking of jim comey, i underlined this from the op-ed he wrote in "the new york times" today. "i'm rooting for a devastation to the world, maybe most of all to our president and his enablers, that the united states has a justice system that works because there are people who believe in it and rise above personal interest and tribalism." jim comey is the walking, breathing, belching embodiment of personal interest. as "the wall street journal" has said, the editorial page, he has left a trail of legal messes wherever he has tried during his entire career. this is laughable. i want to point out, president trump never gave in to the left narrative that he was going to shut down the mueller
9:29 am
report. he resisted that, they prodded him, they debated him, they goaded him into doing it. guess what? when this report drops i hope everybody says, "oh, president trump didn't get in the way of!" >> harris: i want to know how rod rosenstein really fits in. he's number two there. he delayed his departure. he has written this letter everyone is talking about today. who is listening to him? what does the new attorney general, william barr, have to say about all this? i have a question -- the attorney who wrapped up the investigation for kenneth starr and took over, robert ray, would remain next hour. i will ask him about that. how distracting is it heaven and were to say he's not leaving? >> lisa: stay tuned for that. after deciding against his own 2020 bed, former new york city mayor michael bloomberg weighing in on the campaigns of some other contenders saying they are apologizing all the time. that debate next. stay with us. >> joe biden went out and apologized for being male, over
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newday can say yes when banks say no. take advantage of your home's increased value. call newday usa now. go to or call 1-833-844-6703 ♪ >> harris: i can already see the tweets on this one, but we are doing it anyway. how old is too old? new reports that former vice president joe biden's weighing concerns over his age. and he is continuing to mow a 2020 run. the former vice president would be 78 years old on inauguration day, making him, if he wins, the oldest sitting president. if he runs it, anyway. "the new york times" reporting that biden has discussed two ideas to ease voter concerns about his age. one would be naming a young running mate as a nod to the next generation of democrats. two, a pledge to serve only one term. possibly framing has run as a
9:35 am
one time rescue mission for a beleaguered nation. and now, former new york city mayor mike bloomberg has weighed in on biden and the rollout of beto o'rourke's campaign. watch it. >> joe biden went out and apologize for being male come over 50, white. he apologized for the one piece of legislation which is actually a pretty good anti-crime bill, which is the liberal never read it, most of the things they liked would be in that bill. they should have loved that, if they bothered to read it. and i haven't crime, you must be anti-populist. everybody else -- beto, whatever his name is -- he has apologized for being born. >> harris: wow. no, he apologized for saying he was born to run. juan? >> juan: i think this is a moment where you have, i think, about three months away from the first debate. we already have about 15 candidates, and biden isn't even in. you will have like 20 candidates. they will be all kinds of people. what you are seeing here, on the
9:36 am
large scale -- and this is represented by bloomberg -- people saying, "this younger generation comes out and it looks like airplane identity politics." we have such diverse group. more women than ever. maybe it's many as seven women? that i've lingered in the attitude you will see is totally different. bloomberg declined to run. >> harris: that's interesting. at fox yesterday -- there are 206 democrats who have filed indicating that they will run. they are not in that yet, but that is a big pool of people. >> lisa: i think joe biden's biggest challenge is not his age. it's a fact that he is not proven himself ever to be a formidable candidate. if you go back to the last actual competitive race that he had, if you look at his senate results, it was 1972. that's the first senate race he had ever ran. look at his last race in 2008 until christine o'donnell, he trounced her because she was a terrible candidate. he has two failed presidential bids.
9:37 am
>> dagen: "i am not a witch!" >> lisa: he has two presidential bids under his foot. he will have the same challenge other clinton faced with her crime bill, when you look at the fact that 4.4 million of the 20 million obama voters that set, and 2016, more than a third were african-american. it is already been an issue reported that is coming up with biden in his previous support for the crime bill. >> harris: if our camera grabs the big wall right now you will see, is it just a number? voters have indicated it's about ideas and moving forward. it's not about energy or anything like that. if we look, up until this point donald trump was the oldest on inauguration day at 70. i've sat across from the man. he's got a ton of energy. that's about idea. as joe biden bringing the fresh and new? you will be 78 if he's winning and inaugurated. steve avenue it's good for republicans that beto o'rourke -- or robert
9:38 am
francis, excuse me -- is running for the presidency. because they are not running in texas and in georgia where they could be two incredibly competitive senate races if stacey abrams were to run with joe biden. if they do that they are just hurting their own chances of getting this in effect. >> harris: do you think ages of thing people tend to vote on? >> juan: be careful, here! i'm aging! be careful! >> harris: i'm aging with you! [laughter] >> dagen: if you show signs that a just getting in the way of your energy, of your ability to, and your ability to think logically -- he does bring nothing to the table, has an ability to laugh at himself. and he will talk despite the apology about vice president pence, talk off-the-cuff. i really wanted mike bloomberg to run for the nomination because my few encounters with him over the years, he is not nice. he's a terrible retail
9:39 am
politician. >> juan: wow. >> dagen: never get to hear his commentary from the peanut gallery because he didn't have the guts to get in the mix. >> harris: friday frankness! [laughter] president trump defending his criticism of the late senator john mccain, and pushback from lawmakers inside of the republican party. the impact this could have on voters. is there one? we will debate. ♪ ♪ limu emu & doug mmm, exactly! liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. nice! but uh, what's up with your partner? oh! we just spend all day telling everyone how we customize car insurance because no two people are alike, so... limu gets a little confused when he sees another bird that looks exactly like him. ya... he'll figure it out. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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♪ >> dagen: president trump defending his criticism of the late senator john mccain. the president, in an interview with maria bartiromo on mornings with maria on the fox business network, blasting mccain for his thumbs down vote on repealing and replacing obamacare. watch this. >> you people bring up, i don't bring it up. i'm not a fan. he was horrible, what he did was repeal and replace. what he did to the republican party and to the nation, to sick
9:44 am
people that could have had great health care, was not good. so i'm not a fan of john mccain and that's fine. >> dagen: it was a skinny repeal, by the way. it was not a full repeal and replace. in the meantime, "the washington post" reporting on the president's strategy in going after mccain, quoting a g.o.p. operative who worked with trump's team who said, "a significant number of voters in this country have seen politicians that lie to them, make promises come are disingenuous, who are basically not themselves. they aren't real. when the president does things like this, he is real. there is a currency for that." while many g.o.p. senators have not weighed in on this, some have spoken out to say they are not happy with mr. trump's approach. juan, i will go to first on this. but i will say this. i said yesterday on the fox business network. silence is excepting the unacceptable when it comes from anybody, and i will sit here and say this attack on senator mccain -- given the fact that he's dead, and his
9:45 am
family, who is in mourning, don mike -- it's petty, it's mean, and it's appalling. >> juan: the question is, are the people who feel differently than you do, deacon? or see this as was described in that piece, as authentic and genuine? or that c john mccain, even in-depth, as a representative of the establishment republican politics. as president trump is the disruptor would go against that. i think it's uncalled for. what we seen from his daughter, both meghan mccain, who is known to her audience, and bridget, who might not be known, is to just say -- even if you don't like john mccain, act with some decency. they are still grieving. >> dagen: i know the old discussion about the dossier and his aide that came out last week -- i know all of that. so people can tweet that me. but this is coming from somebody whose mother is battling cancer. if somebody in my hometown pulled this nonsense after a
9:46 am
loved one died, i would be basically -- i would be stepping their tires every night to make sure they couldn't even get out of the driveway. >> lisa: i think that is understandable, which is why a lot of people sympathize with meghan mccain given the fact that her father's death was very recent. so there's a very real pain in there and this hurts. in fairness to the president, he was asked the question about this fight and he responded. i do think he has, in fairness, and ability to be frustrated at senator mccain for his role in the dossier. >> dagen: he brought it up on saturday. >> lisa: dagen, let me finish. considering the fact that the dossier helped lead to an investigation, that it has led to former associates ended up in jail, also his own family having to testify -- >> dagen: i want to get more time here. i hear you, i want to get morgan in here. >> lisa: the response in which he was about it. but is he not supposed to answer a question? >> dagen: he brought it up. >> lisa: it's not like the media has taken the approach of
9:47 am
examining the records. >> morgan: as it relates to the dossier, my understanding from what we've known publicly is that the fbi had that for at least a year before the senator handed in. not only that, christopher steele seem to have some sort of payment of an informant or a source for the fbi. the allegation that this investigation started with mccain handing the dossier, with the dig deeper about why it did, what happened in those fisa documents. that's a very important discussion. >> harris: i will say this quickly, we started this conversation -- of them may be some people who have political reasons for wanting to talk abot mccain, so on and so forth? dignity is something we always is a dialect. you are: the 2008 campaign, senator chuck schumer set of john mccain, "an unappealing candidate, done great things for our country but he doesn't particularly emphasize the plight of the average person." there were people who had some
9:48 am
criticisms of him as he was running. this is posthumous and hurtful for his family, but i just put that out there as more information. b-2 i speak with personal hurt and nothing more my fat, but i stand up for that. she's sticking to the plan. congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez defending the green new deal that have a scheduled vote in the senate. could this progressive firebrand be writing the playbook for the g.o.p.? we debate for strength and energy! whoo-hoo! great-tasting ensure. with nine grams of protein and twenty-six vitamins and minerals. ensure. now up to 30 grams of protein for strength and energy! not this john smith. or this john smith. or any of the other hundreds of john smiths that are humana medicare advantage members. no, it's this john smith. who we paired with a humana team member to help address his own specific health needs. at humana, we take a personal approach to your health,
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♪ >> morgan: ahead of next week senate vote on the new deal proposal, democrat alexandria ocasio-cortez began defending the resolution on late night clinic that the narrative is being manipulated by president trump and other critics. watch this. >> if we are going to make progress, we need to declare our northstar. our northstar is 100% renewable energy, medicare for all, tuition-free public colleges, it's investing in technology and renewable resources and electric vehicles. but the resolution and the green new deal is the vision of what we need to accomplish in the next ten years. >> morgan: in the meantime, the president says he hopes they keep this green new deal thing
9:53 am
up. >> you look at this green new deal, it's the most preposterous thing. i don't want to knock it too much right now because i really hope they keep going forward with it. frankly, i think it's going to be very easy to beach. >> morgan: juan, when i talk to what i would call establishment democrats behind-the-scenes they sort of rolled her eyes at aoc. they don't think she's great for the party, but she clearly has captured the energy of a certain part of the electric. you agree with her pushing this narrative of the green new deal, free college, medicare for all? >> juan: i like it but it doesn't matter what i think. the polls show voters like it. somebody started the conversation but we can do in terms of climate change in the country. i think the reason mitch mcconnell is bringing it up is he wants to emphasize, "this is going to take away your hamburgers. no more airplanes." and he will try to use this to absolutely stigmatize her and the green new deal and democrats who support it as unrealistic, wanting to punish america. so it's a political stunt, i
9:54 am
think is what it is. >> morgan: lisa, you've been involved in the hill and campaigns. is this a smart political tactic for mitch mcconnell specifically to force this book? >> lisa: absolutely. you have a handful of senators running for president, and president trump would love to have this conversation about the green new deal that would devastate jobs and would also increase prices. this rust belt, the path to the presidency for president trump in 2020, he would love to have this conversation in a state like wisconsin or ohio or michigan. i would say alexandria ocasio-cortez embarrassed herself with the rollout of the green new deal, with the frequently asked questions document which talked about getting economic security to people and willing to work and talks about farting cows. >> morgan: kristen soltis anderson is on the network of outpatients talk about how important climate change is for young people on all sides of the aisle. republicans missing the opportunity to have the private
9:55 am
sector approach to climate change? >> dagen: we were sitting here reading my mind come up morgan ortagus. [laughter] if i point at you it means i love you. that will ultimately be the approach, talking about how natural gas, which is plentiful in this country, has helped reduce emissions at power plants by 30% since 2005. focusing on the jobs that are created. again, more fuel-efficient cars in this country. what private industry is doing rather than this on-high, high and mighty idea that, by the become her ideas -- aoc -- will drive up the costs for people in the station nation you can't afford it. the working poor, lower income americans, cannot afford gasoline that is $5 more per gallon. >> morgan: absolutely. we will have more "outnumbered" in just a moment. it's america's most popular street name. but no matter what park you live on, one of 10,000 local allstate agents knows yours. now that you know the truth,
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10:00 am
>> lisa: tennessee! sorry, i had to get that in there. [laughs] dagen, i love you. we have disagreements. >> dagen: it's all the love. >> juan: she will point at me next and say she loves me, too. >> dagen: i love you all, and i love harris more. we are back monday at noon. harris, take it away. >> harris: we begin with this fox news alert. president trump is coming up democrats commitment to israel. this latest charge comes just 24 after hours after the president announced a major shift in u.s. policy concerning the jewish state of the rest of the middle east. you are watching "outnumbered overtime." i'm harris faulkner. the president is taking issue with several 2020 democratic presidential candidates who have decided to skip the annual american israel public affairs committee conference, known as aipac. this follows the president tweeting yesterday that it's time for the united states to recognize israel's sovereignty over the disputed golan heights region. it comes days before meeting


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