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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  March 22, 2019 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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>> juan: are you a virginia fan? oh virginia! >> lisa: tennessee! sorry, i had to get that in there. [laughs] dagen, i love you. we have disagreements. >> dagen: it's all the love. >> juan: she will point at me next and say she loves me, too. >> dagen: i love you all, and i love harris more. we are back monday at noon. harris, take it away. >> harris: we begin with this fox news alert. president trump is coming up democrats commitment to israel. this latest charge comes just 24 after hours after the president announced a major shift in u.s. policy concerning the jewish state of the rest of the middle east. you are watching "outnumbered overtime." i'm harris faulkner. the president is taking issue with several 2020 democratic presidential candidates who have decided to skip the annual american israel public affairs committee conference, known as aipac. this follows the president tweeting yesterday that it's time for the united states to recognize israel's sovereignty over the disputed golan heights region. it comes days before meeting
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with israeli prime minister, benjamin netanyahu. >> the democrats are very much proven to be anti-israel. there's no question about that. it's a disgrace. i don't know what has happened to them, but they are totally anti-israel. frankly, i think they are anti-jewish. >> harris: at the israeli prime minister is due at the white house next week. peter doocy in washington. peter? >> harris, the progressive pressure on presidential primary candidates came from, whose campaign director wrote that it's no secret that aipac has worked to enter diplomatic efforts like the iran deal, is undermining palestinian self-determination, and inviting figures actively involved in human rights violations to its stage. and now the entire top of the democratic field is skipping aipac, including kamala harris, elizabeth warren, and beto o'rourke.
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>> i am here in south carolina. i am here in front of people who will decide who the democratic nominee is, who will decide this next election. who will decide who will defeat president trump and bring this country together. that is the best way for me to spend this time. >> both barack obama and hillary clinton addressed aipac in the past, , and while democrs hoping to succeed them as a nominee or skipping, other democrats including some in congressional leadership claim to attend including new york congas and hakeem jeffries. >> i can't speak for the president or candidates. i could speak with house democratic caucus who clearly are strongly pro-israel. i myself up is on the ninth most african-american district in the country, the 14th most jewish. as a best of both worlds. >> today president herm did allege that the democrats keeping the american israel affairs committee are anti-jewish. a member of his campaign advisory board explained why. >> they've gotten to the point
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now where if you can't come to aipac, the most centrist organization where everyone has always gone, the common denominator across the board, we are really saying is, "we don't support israel anymore." >> has even been six weeks since democrats distanced themselves from ilhan omar's assertion that aipac must be paying politicians to support israel. when i was democrats are distancing themselves from aipac. harris? >> harris: peter doocy, thank you very much. republican congressman peter king says on the house homeland security committee and he is with me now. congressman, let's start with just this notion of 2020 democratic hopefuls skipping aipac. what does it mean to you? >> i think it's shameful. there is no doubt there's a wing of the democratic party, mainly within their base, which is anti-israel. and it's pro bds. they are putting enormous pressure on these presidential candidates and giving into it.
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in many ways, the democratic leadership in the house caved into this type of pressure to weeks ago and they wouldn't initiate the denunciation of what congressman omar said without linking with every other group in the world. people like chuck schumer and nancy pelosi, they certainly are not anti-israel and they are not anti-jewish. obviously. but i think there is a wing of the party which is putting pressure on these candidates who are going to be running in primaries. and i think it's shameful. aipac is a centrist organization. if you think of it, the public criticism of aipac began about a month ago from congressman omar. now, right after that, you have getting involved and have these presidential candidates who are trying to shove leadership we need to stand with our closest ally in the middle east, which is the most dangerous region in the world. >> harris: you mentioned to bds, which is the palestinian-led movement for freedom and justice. it's a combination of divestment and boycotting. i'm wondering, has it become binary choice that either you
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are pro-aipac or pro bds? where are we going with? these are elected officials. >> again, people talk about the two-party tradition of supporting israel. there's also a two-party tradition of speaking at an aipac event. nobody has to agree with every stand that aipac takes. the fact is that, as a centrist organization -- and for none of these currents down my candidates to peers really shameful. it shows this bds movement, the pro-palestinian, critical of israel movement, has really taken hold. again, i think it's a small fraction of the democratic party but it's part of the base. it is what is driving the debate and it's very dangerous for the country. >> harris: 's of substance to add to what you were saying. former vice president joe biden, he hasn't jumped into the 2020 race yet but he might. he spoke of the conference in 2016. even now you've got a bipartisan group still going.
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no democrats from the 2020 pack who are going to be speaking, you've got to secretary of state mike pompeo, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell from one side. you've got senate minority leader chuck schumer going and how >> nancy pelosi. so it's still a bipartisan event. what are those democrats doing? will it hurt them? i'm wondering why it's a 2020 pack. >> it's a 2020 pack that has to run in the primaries. the primaries, usually a hard-core base has a disproportionate impact. the hard-core base right now the democratic party is part of this pro-palestinian, pro-bds movement which is externally critical of israel. and it's an element which is not one that recognizes israel is clearly a strong ally. there often finding ways to be critical of israel and are strangely silent when it comes to other abuses in the middle east. that's what it is, they are afraid of the primary voter. the primary would run for chile right now, as we've seen, and
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some of the primaries last year, the primary voters driven by this left-wing bias. >> harris: let's get to the next big news point of the day. president trump is defending his decision to recognize the golan heights reason dell might region israel as israeli territory. this is a shift in policy for the united states, but he says it actually goes along with what other presidents have wanted. let's watch. >> for years, the presence of campaign, said, "this is sovereignty, this is security." it's about regional security. >> it's not about netanyahu's election? >> i would know about that. i would imagine the other side is in favor of what i just said. every president has said, "do that." i'm the one who gets it done. >> harris: congressman can come of this is a shift. however, as the president says, it does go hand-in-hand with what he did moving the u.s. embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem. what do you say?
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>> i fully agree with it. this is long overdue. the fact is, i guess for 50 years now this has been the situation on the ground. israel has control of the golan heights. it's essential to israel's security. i can see why back in 1967 it was the thought of having an overall negotiation. the facts on the ground of change. iran has emerged as a major power in the middle east. a major cause of harm and destruction in the middle east. they control strong power over hezbollah and iran and hezbollah together are in syria. to be able to use the golan heights is a platform to attack israel is just unsustainable. israel cannot tolerate that. so president trump was realizing the facts on the ground. the facts on the ground are that israel is there right now. they are controlling it. and the golan heights are essential to israel's security. >> harris: really quickly, is it does get done -- what happens
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customer give it doesn't get done, what happens? >> to the golan heights? it's essential that it be maintained. the same thing everyone was yelling about when the president was the embassy to jerusalem, that there would be riots. you won't have it. some intermissions will publicly be critical and suppor it'll create more disunity in the middle east and the countries there will not fully appreciate that the u.s. stance of close to zero. israel. >> harris: congressman king of the great state of new york, thank you very much for your >> isis on election day, and is isis, and that is what we have right now. as of last night. that's all we have right now. you guys can have the map,
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congratulations. [cheers and applause] i think it's about time. >> harris: we watched it live together, just a few minutes ago, as the president had just touched down in palm beach at the international airport there in florida. the president touting major gains against the islamic state in syria. defense secretary pat shanahan briefed him aboard air force one air force one. he saw them earlier, descending the stairs. here's a closer look at the map he was showing everyone, which indicates just how much territory the terror group lost since the president took office. this coming just moments after the white house said isis has been eliminated inside that war torn of syria. benjamin hall has been doing amazing reporting from the front lines in eastern syria, and joining us live daily here on "outnumbered overtime." benjamin, the latest? >> hi, harris. fox news is learning that the major announcement to celebrate
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the end of the caliphate will take place in syria here tomorrow. the preparations are already underway, after four and a half years of brutal terror. the offensive part of this finding has now finished and the clear up is underway. that last town itself, the town of baghouz where we have been for a few days, is now liberated. the fighters have some remnants cowering in a cave outside that village. they are speaking to them through megaphones, encouraging them to come out. they say will take just to cope grenades to there and kill them, but we don't know yet if those last few remaining ones have pulled out. or if they will choose to surrender. the beginning of this week it began with fierce clashes, and no sense then of how long this would take or how many were left. we were within 150 euros of isis fighters. back then they seemed relaxed. they were moving around as we saw them try to carry out counterattacks. in the days since then, they have simply folded. the u.s. military are here on
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the ground, and they are doing a critical job. natalie now with the offense of the place, but looking ahead to the transition. what comes next. what rule the u.s. will play here. the decision of how many troops to leave here has not been made. that will come when the role the u.s. places decided. of course, the primary goal is to make sure isis does not return. the secondary goals are keeping and i on iran, making sure the cards don't come down from the south. a lot of issues. for the moment, the sense of relief, celebration, that after so many years the caliphate has fallen. harris? >> harris: benjamin hall, thank you very much for the reporting inside syria. fox news alert now. immigration and customs enforcement, or ice, says the man accused of killing you washington state sheriff deputy before dying in a shoot out an illegal immigrant. a mexican citizen who entered the united states in 2014 on a
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temporary agricultural worker visa. isis says it has no record of him ever leaving the country or extending that work visa. jeff paul is on los angeles with more. jeff? >> harris, investigators are digging into the background of that suspect as they try to figure out how the situation escalated into a deadly shoot-out. but they say he didn't have any outstanding arrest warrants and had minimal previous contact with police. this all happen about 115 miles east of seattle, and police were called after receiving reports that the suspect was driving erratically, behavior described as road rage. investigators say there was a chase through several blocks. at some point, shots were fired. the officer was shot in the leg but deputy brian thompson, husband and father three kids, did not survive. he is the first police officer killed in that county and 92 years. >> is like a nuclear bomb going off.
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it just destroyed a part of our hearts and our lives. >> he had a great personality. he was well-liked and highly motivated. he had a great future in law enforcement. it has impacted the entire sheriff's office. >> officer chavez, who survive, is still recovering in the hospital with a shattered femur. he is only 22 years old and is just 1 of 3 officers in that local city police department. investigators saying there were no body cameras being worn at the time of the shooting. harris? >> harris: jeff paul in l.a., thank you very much. staying on immigration for a moment, a possible roadblock for the trump administration's policy of returning asylum-seekers to mexico. a united states judge in san francisco has held a hearing today on whether to put a temporary hold on the policy. civil rights groups are arguing the administration is violating federal law by making it almost impossible for migrants to apply for asylum. no word yet on when that judge
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will issue a ruling. washington on edge amid reports that special counsel robert mueller may be close to releasing his findings to the justice department. as president trump is once again criticizing the investigation. catherine herridge with the latest details ahead. >> we are going to see what happens. it's going to be very interesting, but we will see what happens. there was no collusion, there was no obstruction. everybody knows that. it's all a big hoax. i call it the witch hunt, it's all a big hoax. ♪ alright, i brought in ensure max protein... to give you the protein you need
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doors they laugh at it. it's just a continuation of the same nonsense. everybody knows -- they have to go to work, get infrastructure done, get a lot of other things done, instead of wasting your buddy's time. >> harris: president trump going after house democrats over expanding investigations into his administration and businesses. as an extension of robert mueller's russia probe. she continues to label a hoax. this, as fox news has obtained bombshell text messages against andrew mccabe and former fbi lawyer lisa page in the run-up to the investigation. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge on the doll. >> thinks, and good afternoon. fox news obtained these text messages between then debbie dared to andrew mccabe and fbi lawyer lisa page. they reveal a mockery of president trump, fears about the surveillance warrant, and the nasty dig at former g.o.p. congressman trey gowdy.
10:21 am
90s before the fbi and doj secured a warrant for trump campaign aids, page, worked directly for mccabe, so there's a problem with the justice department, and conservative resource. "office of intelligence now has a robust explanation regarding any possible bias of the confidential human source, or chs, in the package. don't know what the holdup is now. this might take a high level push. will keep you posted." fox news' told the texts were contacted dell not connected to the ultimately successful surveillance warrant application for carter page , which relied heavily on the information from christopher steele. you see there. his antitrust views are not well documented. mccabe and page also share derogatory blogs about that i forget it trump, and they used the d word to the doll might describe trey gowdy who, along with chairman and chief, let aggressive oversight hearings into the fbi and doj handling on emails on russian investigation.
10:22 am
until interviews or congressional testimony, page where mccabe stressed political views did not affect their investigations. the cases were open for legitimate reasons. >> as a counterintelligence investigator, you have to ask yourself why a president of the united states would do that. all of those same sorts of facts cause us to wonder if there was an inappropriate relationship. a connection between the president and our most fearsome enemy. the government of russia. >> on the special counsel report we can confirm through our young independent reporting that there are steps consistent with tying up loose ends, such as closeout interviews. the road map is pretty clear that the report goes to the attorney general, the white house, and the legal team expects several hours notice. many of the key players were at the justice department thursday. the attorney general,
10:23 am
william barr, dippy attorney general rod rosenstein, former acting attorney general matt whitaker, for a presentation on behalf of the former attorney general jeff sessions. the report was not delivered yesterday and those close to the process said it was unlikely given the timing of this very public event. the next steps are guided by the federal regulations, harris, as you know. there was a letter from the deputy attorney general, senator grassley, which really lays out that it's highly unlikely that derogatory information will be made public about individuals who are not prosecuted in these cases, harris. >> thank you very much. i want to bring in robert ray, former whitewater independent counsel and former federal prosecutor. great to see you. let's start with the new andrew mccabe texts. why they are significant given the fact that he is gone. >> it sure looks political. we talked about that previously. the bombshell part of this piece of news is not only that it
10:24 am
looks political -- it was political. more importantly, the department of justice was involved. not just the fbi. and people at the department of justice in sally yates' office, the then-attorney general, were concerned about this source and had expressed, as you can see from the text messages, concerns about christopher steele and his bias. all of that sounds an awful lot like too much information, a lot of bureaucratic in-fighting. it's that, too. the important part is a lot of with that bias really meant didn't find its way into the warrant application. that is the unforgivable part. that should have been -- it's nice the department of justice focused on this and had concerns about it, and it's okay for the department you have proceeded and gone and made an application for a warrant. what is not okay about it is that it did not disclose all of what they knew about why this
10:25 am
person's credibility bias was subject to question. >> harris: one of the checks and balances like on the fisa court? i think that's worth knowing now. who's going to be -- is there an intermediary? somebody that makes sure that kind of information about bias or whatever it would be, that is a conduit between that and the court? it's already the system is broken enough that it didn't happen in this instance? >> that's what you worry about. the buffer is supposed to be the department of justice lawyers, between the fbi's understandable desire to push -- and we want them to push. frankly, they are the investigators and they are supposed to push. the break on that and the filter is supposed to be department lawyers before they go to a court and make an application. if it's a close call, even acknowledging close calls sometimes happen and you might want to air on the side of more investigation rather than less, the point is that a court should be adequately informed about the
10:26 am
own concerns. >> harris: my last point and we will move on to the next topic. you talk about political. three times, members on the inside of the political aisle -- republicans -- push this fisa warrant. it got through, it kept happening. it kept being extended. why is that? >> i think the president's right to point out even though people don't give him much credit for the fact that he has pointed to something that is important for the public to know. he has asked for further investigation in this regard. i do think it's an appropriate time. it does warrant further consideration by the only other check that's out there, the people's representative through the congress. >> harris: interesting. any say there should be more that we see. hopefully there will be. i know it's a secret court, but forming that secret core in a way that the court makes an appropriate decision -- i don't know that that necessarily has
10:27 am
to -- >> one policy mixes, mischief usually results. this should be seen as some concern about partisan basis. this is not just democrats going after republicans are republicans going after democrats. the country should be concerned about something like this. >> harris: real quickly, you've wrapped up investigations before. you took over for kenneth starr coming wrapped up the clinton investigation. are we seeing the end of mueller? what are you looking at -- not tea leaves, but what you know. >> i don't know. we are all speculative. if you really thought it would be today. maybe it's not today, maybe it is today. who knows? i think all the outward signs as this is coming to a conclusion. the only thing i would be watching for is there has been some reporting and some indication that this might be done in two strokes, meaning that there be notification by the department of justice that it actually has received mueller's report. at the second stroke would be, okay, the white house in the presence lawyers have reviewed and we've now prepared to release something to the public
10:28 am
through to the congress. >> harris: and we will watch for that. >> it would be ideal, however, if that'll happen behind the scenes. i think it's in the public interest that there is just one announcement when this is all over and the report goes to congress. >> harris: robert ray, thank you. nice to see you. we will bring you back. president trump doubling down on his attacks on democrats and a new interview with maria bartiromo of the fox business network. naming his dream 2020 opponent, next ams on his brakes out of nowhere. you do, too, but not in time. hey, no big deal. you've got a good record and liberty mutual won't hold a grudge by raising your rates over one mistake. you hear that, karen? liberty mutual doesn't hold grudges. how mature of them! for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise their rates because their first accident. liberty mutual insurance. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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10:33 am
water dries there. >> it really is. got a lot of water right now that's pushing down the missouri river. that's where we see a lot of the flooding. the immediate concern is how high that water is going to get. will the levees hold? information received yesterday from the army corps of engineers said that 28 levees in the missouri river basin alone had either been overtopped or breached. one of those locations as winthrop, missouri where residents can only speculate if they will have a town anymore. a lot of people who got the order to leave say the days of living down by the river are over. just not worth it. >> i don't know if it's normal anymore. this is eight years from the last one. it was supposed to be 100 years. >> let me show you life pictures now from nebraska, right on the state line with missouri. as i show you those pictures i can tell you that governor kim reynolds of iowa has submitted the application for expedited emergency relief to the president. it's a very detailed requests and this is the impact from the flood to iowa alone is
10:34 am
$1.6 billion. that includes 25,000 structures damaged and 70 miles of levees that failed. the request states that recovery is beyond the capability of state and local government. as i tell you that, i can also tell you that the national weather service is predicting that this is just a preview. things will get worse. the combination of show that is melting, saturated ground, and mean mean we are into a very wet and deidre spring. this be what i was looking at pictures put out by ben sasse of nebraska. those aerials are heartbreaking. thank you very much. meanwhile, new fallout for boeing falling to the g dough mightily crashes involving its max 8 jets. reuters is reporting an indonesian airline has asked to cancel its current order for 49 of those debts. the order valued at $6 billion. the airline reportedly wants to order another type of boeing jet. president trump once again taking aim at the democrats
10:35 am
accusing them of becoming radicalized, in a new interview with fox business network's maria bartiromo. the president also weighing in on his potential 2020 opponent. >> i would love to have biden. i would love to have bernie, i would love to have beto. beto seems to be the one the press has chosen. the press seems to have chosen beto. >> is it socialism versus capitalism? >> when i watch beto, we can dream about that. >> harris: let's bring in paul. our dreams, will they come true? who knows? as you look at this packet, can anyone take on donald trump? >> that's what the democrats are hoping and that's what they will decide over the next year, that will be. they feel confident. they saw the results in 2018 and they feel confident they could take the president and oust them from the white house in 2020. his comments were interesting. he named three of the four front runners right now and the nomination race. it's early but joe biden is likely to jump in next month.
10:36 am
bernie sanders, who jumped in last month. and beto o'rourke, who in the last week has really shown some big campaign cash numbers in this race, harris. >> harris: you mentioned 2018 and the midterm elections. the president said his name is not on the ballot but he was out there. almost seven days a week at some points. across the country. it took a lot of democrats then. this is a different situation. this is going to be a one-on-one primary. what do you think about it? >> it's a good point. the president will have his base freely behind firmly behind him come 2020. he mentioned three guys. three white men. he didn't mention any of the women running for the nomination, like kamala harris, the senator from california. >> harris: may be looking at the polling. that doesn't have those people up in the double digits like bernie or biden. biden isn't even in yet. >> exactly. all three of those guys he
10:37 am
mentioned, biden, bernie, and beto, they have b in their name so that's one thing they have in common. but you are right, they have all been in the news recently. all three of them are high in the polls as well as call harris. senator harris is in the double digits in some of the latest polls, as well. so that may be one reason. that is something some people are picking up on. i think the president is just toying with the opposition right now. he's having a little fun. >> harris: the president says he wants to campaign against what he calls "socialist ideas," things like the green new deal. watch. >> the democrats actually are becoming a far-left party. they are becoming a radical party. you look at what they want to do with the supreme court, you look at what they want to do with the voting age. where did that come from all of a sudden? the voting age of 16? they are becoming radical. they are radicalized. you look at this green new deal, it's the most preposterous thing. i don't want to knock it too much right now because i really hope they keep going forward with it. frankly, i think it's going to
10:38 am
be very easy to beat. >> harris: a different word there. i said socialism in the president said radicalized. does that stick? if that does, why? >> you will hear the president and other republicans. the republican national committee, america rise, those other republican shops. they will talk about that. "radicalized. socialist." you will hear it over and over the next year and a half. they want to paint to the eventual democratic nominee somebody too far to the left. you are the president logically new deal. you hurt him and others talk about medicare for all. scrapping the electoral college. getting rid of filibusters. they are calling these radicalized ideas, and they are hoping that all this this and energize the base to get the moderate voters in the middle on their site next year. >> harris: let's ask a final question. if this is where you see members, particularly younger members come of the local party going forward, how does a guy like joe biden get in and do what you say? pull everybody to the middle? if that's where they don't want to be.
10:39 am
>> right now in the activist class, all the energy is on the progressive side. with the left. when we actually get down to the voting it'll be a much larger democratic electorate. it will be just the progressives voting in the primaries. vice president biden, the former vice president, and others were more moderate -- maybe john delaney and some of the other candidates. maybe amy klobuchar. not as far to the left. they will have a chance. it'll be difficult, but they will have a chance to win the nomination. >> harris: the president says he's ready to argue all of those tenets of radicalization and far left and so on and so forth. we'll see how it goes heading forward. let's take a live look now. this is happening. astronauts are outside the international space station the seller taking a spacewalk. a live report on what the mission is, exactly, more than 200 miles above our heads. ♪
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>> harris: jimmy carter has passed a major milestone. he has now lived longer than any other former president. it's not a birthday, it's a notable milestone. today he is 94 years old and 172 days. the previous record holder was the late president george hwb, who lived one day younger than carter. carter was the first american president to be born in the hospital. astronauts going outside the space station for first space bar, exposing, expecting it to they are replacing batteries on a solar panel. phil keating's life in miami. not for atomic space, but close. phil? >> not too far! a, harris. ness is just about finished wrapping up this first of three spacewalks to be conducted over the next 70 days. for two rookie spacewalkers
10:45 am
today they are to be feeling pretty proud of themselves as this has been a nearly flawless performance. looking above us, we are 250 miles up. the astronauts have completed the primary tasks and are now doing a little get ahead work and tidying up. soon they will make their way back into the airlock. the american astronauts climbed out of the hatch for just about 8:00 a.m. eastern time this morning after setting up the workstation they went into very important upgrading action. today's microgravity mission replaced old nickel hydrogen batteries with newer more powerful lithium ion batteries for the power channel on one of the solar arrays. the astronauts today just moving these new and old batteries around like feathers, even though they weigh more than 400 pounds on earth. that's with the help of weightlessness. here's what they look like without the spaces. he's from kansas, and he was one of the astronauts involved in
10:46 am
that dramatic aborted mission in october when the russian capital jettisoned back to earth shortly after it launched. and mclean, a native of spokane, washington. for both this is their first ever spacewalk. at one point they encountered a stubborn bold on the adapter plate. they were trying to remove it. apparently they got it loose, leaving mission control and houston to tell them good job. that was really one of the only setbacks of the entire spacewalk today. next friday 'a is going to be historic, because mclean will be joined by christina cook and that will be the first all female spacewalk team in space history. at least in our solar system, that me know if. >> harris: i don't know if we can go back to that, those pictures were live while you were talking. i was starting to my microphone was not on. [laughter] those pictures are love, that was incredible. what a day. the first of three, and you call that the women and space bar there's a lot to this.
10:47 am
your last words? >> you may notice they are on their hands and wrists they have mirrors. you may have seen the reflection of that particular astronaut. they use them to help do the work when they can't see with their eyes. >> harris: amazing. phil keating, thank you. took a moment out for space. i love space. the showdown between the president and democrats over israel is now just a few days away, head of that aipac conference in washington. some major 2020 democrats not attending. the power panel slides in. ♪ ♪ when cravings hit, hit back. choose glucerna, with slow release carbs to help manage blood sugar, and start making everyday progress.
10:48 am
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>> dana: hi, everyone. em dana perino. president trump set to speak in florida soon and we will look to see if he makes more news today. plus, which 2020 candidate is being told by the one of their local newspapers to drop out of the race already? it's part of our campaign makes report with peter doocy. and the netflix documentary, "abducted in plain sight," chucking viewers. i will talk to the woman featured who has a child was adopted twice by her neighbor. only on "the daily briefing" ." >> harris: top story now, president trump going after democrats earlier today calling them anti-israel, and, anti-jewish, after reports that there is not a single 2020
10:52 am
democratic contender committed to attending aipac's annual policy conference or speaking there in washington. this follows a call by the progressive group "move on" for democratic contenders to boycott that event. right now it is unclear whether the democrat decisions are directly related to calls for a boycott. the power panel now, a fellow with the independent women's forum and a senior writer for the heritage foundation. antjuan seawright, democratic strategist. it served as a senior advisor to hillary clinton in south carolina. antjuan, what is happening with your party and the jewish community, attending aipac? >> i think they are responding to aipac being an organization that is really close to benjamin netanyahu. and most people know how corrupt he is, i.e. some of the things you see them come down. i think there's a progressive alternative to aipac called jay street that a lot of people, democrats,
10:53 am
find themselves going into. and then aipac is taken a policy position that you cannot be pro-israel and pro-palestine with the same time. >> harris: that is not in their bylaws. what did happen as they had an official response to representatives are ill and omar's comments. >> i think a history of aipac and the fact that there is an alternative, i think that's the reason. >> harris: one more quick pushback on facts, you called benjamin netanyahu corrupt. their allegations. we will see what happens. kelsey? >> juan: i think a lot of this is being done simply to spite president trump. he has been very close with netanyahu. he has been a great ally of israel, which historically americans, bipartisan americans, have been. i think it's important to point out this conference, historically, is a bipartisan conference. i think democrats sort of skipping the conference, coming
10:54 am
off the heels of congresswoman omar's statements really sends a message that they are not out here to support israel. i think that is going to have a huge effect, when the 2020 elections come around. it'll leave a lot of liberal jewish americans feeling politically homeless. >> you can be pro-israel but also feel some of the pain and burden that's going on in palestine. i think that's all they are saying. somehow or another -- i'm not saying this, but i think some part of the messaging is that aipac wants you to pick a side one way or another. >> harris: what you are talking about didn't just happen in a vacuum yesterday. in 2016 when former vice president joe biden spoke, did you have a problem with that? there've been many other democrats who have spoken, attended. nancy pelosi, chuck schumer, both attending this year in a bipartisan fashion. would you criticize the senator and the house speaker? >> i'm not criticizing anyone because i'm not running for president. the question was whether this is an issue for 2020. >> harris: i want to know what you think about biden previous
10:55 am
his speaking there, and their attendance. >> i think it's fine because it was his position at the time. >> harris: then is it really a binary choice, antjuan? >> harris, let me see the stupid people's positions can evolve and change. the joe biden that spoke then, maybe his posture has changed. >> harris: kelsey, what does this do politically leading up to 2020 on this issue? >> first off, it gives a chance to highlight the position with israel and pull some americans who would have stayed home in 2020 into his camp. i think it will be very problematic for democrats, because it's going to leave a lot of liberal jewish americans feeling like they have been abandoned by their party. politically homeless. i think this really speaks to what's going on in the democratic party right now, which is really being overtaken by these members like omar and aoc. >> i disagree with you, there is not a progressive there is a progressive alternative to aipac.
10:56 am
they will find the zip code inje jstreet. >> i will be repacked. uthank you both t watch. this is jerry learning that he's still paying for this stuff he's not using. he's seeing his recurring payments in control tower in the wells fargo mobile app. this is jerry canceling a few things. booyah. this is jerry appreciating the people who made this possible. oh look, there they are. (team member) this is wells fargo.
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15 minutes could save you 15% or more. >> dana: your daily briefing starts now. 2020 democratic contenders are avoiding a pro israel annual convention. and the white house touting a victory against isis in syria. plus, teachers at an indiana school say an active shooter drill went way too far. hello everyone. i'm dana perino and this is "the daily briefing." but first president trump now in florida as america waits for robert mueller's report on russian election meddling. the president saying he's in the dark on the timing of its release. garrett tenney has more from west palm beach. garrett? >> reporter: dana, the president
11:01 am
spoke with repor


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