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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  March 22, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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>> dana: your daily briefing starts now. 2020 democratic contenders are avoiding a pro israel annual convention. and the white house touting a victory against isis in syria. plus, teachers at an indiana school say an active shooter drill went way too far. hello everyone. i'm dana perino and this is "the daily briefing." but first president trump now in florida as america waits for robert mueller's report on russian election meddling. the president saying he's in the dark on the timing of its release. garrett tenney has more from west palm beach. garrett? >> reporter: dana, the president spoke with reporters here when
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he landed in palm beach. he talked about the seed of isis and talked about his nomination to the federal reserve board. he did not talk about the mueller report specifically. however, this morning as he departed the white house, he said like the rest of us, he does not know when the report will be complete, but insisted he has done nothing wrong. >> we'll see what happens. it will be very interesting. we'll see what happens. there was no collusion. there was no obstruction. everybody knows it. it's all a big hoax. i call it the witch hunt. it's all a big hoax. so we'll see what happens. i know that the attorney general highly respected, ultimately will make a decision. >> reporter: we're expecting to hear from the president any minute now, as he is set to kick off a meeting with caribbean leaders to discuss a number of issues, including venezuela. after he landed here in palm beach, the president tweeted a bit of news as well, saying it was announced today by the u.s. treasury that additional large scale sanctions would be added
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to those already existing sanctions on north korea. i have today ordered the withdrawal of those additional sanctions. we are looking at exactly what the sanctions are that he's referring to. the treasury has not issued an official statement. this is an issue the north koreans and chinese have complained about to the u.s., that these additional sanctions. it's worth noting the sanctions have been a key debate and negotiation tool of the north koreans. the north koreans wanted to see the sanctions eased up. the u.s. refused to. >> dana: i was following that a moment ago. there seems to be some confusion between the treasury and the white house. if you clarify, come back to us. i also wanted to ask you, is jared kushner in trouble for using encrypted messaging while responding to people around the world? >> reporter: that's something house democrats are looking into. specifically the house oversight committee is aquing kushner of
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violating the presidential records act. in a letter to the white house, elijah cummings said kushner used the encrypted messenger what's app to converse with foreign leaders. his attorney quickly pushed back on cummings letter saying, i have never sent his communication was with foreign leaders. i said he used those communications with some people. i did not specify who they were. lao went on to say kushner follows all of the protocols for handling classified information, the archives, any of those messages by taking screen shots of them and forwarding them to his official e-mail account. we should point out because of the nature of an encrypted mess sepbging app it's hard to know which were taken screen shots of and how complete that record is. >> dana: we'll hear more about that. garrett tenney, thank you.
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fox news alert. the white house saying isis in syria has been 100% eliminated. president trump calling the group barely breathing. >> here's isis right now. if you look, so there's isis. and that's what we have right now, as of last night. that's what we have right now. you guys can have the map. congratulations. >> dana: and tweeting this, isis uses the internet better than anyone but for all of those susceptible to isis propaganda, they are now being beaten badly at every level. benjamin hall is actually there, live on the ground, in syria. benjamin? >> reporter: hi, dana. in fact, not only president trump and sarah sanders saying isis is 100% defeated, it is also commanders on the ground to us. they have told us most recently
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that final village has been obliterated and all that remains is a small cave with a few isis fighters on the outskirts. they are speaking to those fighters directly. a couple grenades thrown in there would finish them off. they are hoping they will surrender on their own and come out. but here people announcing that 100% is finished. they are already putting in place preparations tomorrow for a ceremony to applaud that victory. the beginning of this week began with fierce clashes. nobody knew quite how much longer it would take. just a few weeks ago they estimated there were only 1500 isis fighters left. three weeks after that, 30,000 had come out. so they had no indication of whether or not there were many more left. the u.s. military are also here around us on the ground. we have seen them. they are playing a political job. not just on the offensive that's taken place, but crucially now.
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there's so much talk about this. what happens in the future? now that isis is defeated, what role does the u.s. play? how many troops do they need here? the primary goal is to prevent isis from coming back. to hunt down their leaders. but, of course, other geo political concerns. pushing back on the assad regime or that turkey doesn't attack the kurds who have fought alongside america. today we are hearing the califate has fallen, a small cave all remaining. >> dana: excellent news. benjamin hall, thank you. house democrats taking action to protect incumbents from primary challengers. get this. it involves new rules concerning the hiring of outside firms. the party's congressional campaign arm announcing the changes saying the core mission of the dccc is electing house democrats which include supporting and protecting incumbents. to that end the dccc will not
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conduct business with nor recommend to any of its targeted campaigns any consultant that works with an opponent of a sitting member of the house democratic caucus. to talk about this, chris stirewalt. i wanted to get your take on this. to me it shows that, one, they're worried about, for example, aoc's saying they want to challenge these incumbents with primaries that would make it very difficult for them to keep the house again in 2020. also they're taking a lesson from what the republicans have gone through and they're deciding to play hard ball early on. >> they are playing hard ball. republicans would have benefitted if they would have told tea parties in the early going, we're going to deal harshly with people who challenge incumbents. we would also think of this maybe as a truce, a nonaggression pact here between the warring wings of the democratic party. remember, i don't know about in
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cortez case, maybe in cortez case. but certainly the other fire brand freshmen, omar in minneapolis and talib in detroit, in both of those cases, they are tremendously vulnerable to primary challenges. these are candidates who slipped through chaotic contested primary fields. in the case of talib, that was john conyers case that he resigned in disgrace. there was an scrum there looking to get that nomination. a similar situation in indianapolis. this is the dccc saying to the democratic socialist, okay, cool. we're not gonna let anybody come after you, but you're not gonna come after us. we're going to have a truce and focus on holding the house, which will be difficult as it is. >> dana: this week former governor of colorado john hickenlooper said that he was asked if he would choose a woman as his vice president. he says why doesn't the women
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candidates if they're going to choose men. he took heat for it and then clarified. watch this. >> what i was trying to say, however inartfully, i was trying to say the question itself in some way discounts the probability that a woman will actually get the nomination. this is a diverse and powerful field of candidates, that's one of the reasons i'm proud to be a democrat. >> dana: he's actually more supportive of women than anybody would have thought. >> i'll tell you what, if the -- if you saying you took your mom to a pornographic film is not the worst thing you've said in a week, then you are definitely having a bad week as a presidential candidate. john hicken the looper is really bad at this. the statement he would act defensive about this question, not just in the democratic party, but at this moment in america. that, of course, it would make sense that male candidates would talk about wanting to have a
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woman on the ticket. that is real cutting edge, circa1984, people. >> dana: going back a ways. >> yeah. this is not a big idea. the fact that he would respond that way, saying he has political instincts of a glass of his beer. >> dana: he used to sell it. gil gillibrand all having an opportunity to clarify comments. >> you let 10, 11 million people here now, working now, begin to buy into social security. pay into social security. pay into taxes. pay into school taxes. pay their fair share. and over a ten-year period, they will earn their way into citizenship. >> dana: that's much more fullsome than what she said the other day, chris. >> well, look. that is hardly an out of the left field idea.
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that's basically what most normal -- inside the normal discussion for 70% or 80% of americans. that's what you're looking for. what do you do to accommodate these folks? in her case, it is that she seems to be going from an absolute amnesty unconditional and now we're over here. the gillibrand, the problem with gillibrand is we can't quite track her. we can't quite follow her and get a handle on what she's really all about. >> dana: chris stirewalt, have a good weekend. >> you, too. >> dana: tune in to fox sunday for chris wallace. there are brand new polls on 2020. the pentagon confirming two u.s. soldiers have been killed in combat in afghanistan. plus, what about bob? the media tracking robert mueller's every move as we wait for his report to drop on the russia investigation.
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>> dana: two american service members have been killed in afghanistan. it happened during a fire fight with the taliban. their names are being withheld pending notification. the deaths bring the number of service members killed in afghanistan to four. there are growing demands for full disclosure. >> whether the report exonerates the president, implicates the president or somewhere in between, the american people deserve transparency. >> dana: a former principal director of public affairs at the justice department.
11:17 am
i wanted to read what robert costa tweeted today. on the phone with giuliani, who's tracking mueller. just like everybody else in d.c. with the tv on, i'm scrolling through it. he said he talked to the president today. like waiting for a baby to be born. if the report is good, i'll give out cigars. mike levine tweeted this, bill barr just walked past me. i asked him, is today the day? his response was a death stare before walking off without saying a word. finally, i imagine i used to work at the doj public affairs office. the number of phone calls they must be getting must be incredible. you know that. worldwide. >> i can imagine what it's like. i'm sure all the reporters that cover the department of justice are waiting there are waiting for baited breath. >> dana: do you think there are
11:18 am
signs that it is wrapping up? >> i do think it's wrapping up. whether that's going to happen today, whether it's next week, it's unclear. i would be surprised if people at main justice know. really, the only person who knows when that report will be done and delivered is bob mueller and his team. i think that the fact that several of mueller's lawyers have left and gone back to main justice or going back to private practice, i think the fact that there's been no grand jury activity since the roger stone indictment are all tell tale signs that this is wrapping up. when the report goes to bill barr, that's anyone's guess. >> dana: lot of people talking about this letter that rod rosenstein sent to senator grassley, basically saying under policies and procedures at the doj should not reveal information about a criminal investigation if it's not necessary. it's kind of long. i don't have a ton of time. i want you to explain to people, this is pretty standard, right? >> absolutely.
11:19 am
it's in the department of justice manual that applies to everyone at the department of justice and the fbi. you do not release derogatory information about unindicted third parties. what james comey did, that's exactly what you're not supposed to do. under this department of justice, specifically with deputy attorney general rosenstein, they made an effort to make sure they do not make that mistake again. so when this report goes to barr, i suspect that there will be very little in there that eventually gets to congress for the public or even congress to get into that involves anything that wasn't contained in the indictments we've already seen. >> dana: what do you think about the house democrats saying that while regardless of what mueller says, we're going to continue to relitigate this and reinvestigate for the next two years. >> yeah. i think that house democrats and really the anti-trump cartel have spent two years talking about bob mueller's integrity, bob mueller's professionalism. if this comes out and it does
11:20 am
not take down president trump as they've all hoped and they continue along this path, i think they really risk becoming the tin foil party here. people are going to start to lose credibility. the public is going to tune them out. ultimately that will adhere to the benefit of republicans in 2020. >> dana: all right. ian, all good to have an expert like you on. thank you. parks and rec may be gone, but leslie lives on. who amy puhler said her character should back in a 2020 race. plus tyrus is next. >> they don't know this is coming. then they're being shot at. it is crazy. smile dad. i take medication for high blood pressure and cholesterol. but they might not be enough to protect my heart.
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>> dana: one indiana school is taking heat for one drill that left teachers bruised and bloody. laura ingall is following this. this is an incredible story. >> reporter: well, for anybody who's been through one of these
11:25 am
active shooter drills are designed to seem as realistic as possible. right? many teachers at this school say being hit in the back with projectiles to show what it's like to be shot went too far. students were not in school, we want to mention that, which was held as a voluntary exercise for teacher. the indiana state teachers association said teachers were taken into a room, told to crouch down and were shot execution style with air soft guns. the teachers association also tweeting this. the teachers were terrified, but were told not to tell anyone what happened. teachers waiting outside that heard the screaming were brought into the room, four at a time, and the shooting process was then repeated. the details of this drill that took place in january were not publicly known until this week when it was discussed during a hearing before state lawmakers about how to best spend grants from the indiana state school fund. the sheriff's department which ran the drill has defended the
11:26 am
methods, saying it was meant to show teachers what happens if you don't act. the school posted this picture on facebook in january, the same month after the drill, writing, thankful for the partnership between our school and local law enforcement. today our staffers received training from the white county sheriff's department. the sheriff's department stating they will no longer be using air soft guns in their drills while teacher association is pushing lawmakers to make sure the type of drill that happened in january doesn't happen in any district in the state. >> dana: laura, thank you. let's bring in tyrus, fox news contributor and co-host of unpc. also a former teacher. i read this and said i got to get your take on what's going on. >> i thought was an episode of "the office." dwight was in charge of school safety. you cannot recreate a moment like that. a life and death situation. you don't know what someone's going to do unless it's actually
11:27 am
happening. you can train them, self-defense classes, things they can do, things to look for. but telling someone to get them on the ground and shoot them in the back with fake bullets, if anything, they saw how much the fake bullet hurt. i would imagine they might just run out the door. imagine what the real ones feel like? this was a bad idea. >> dana: the director of the indiana state teachers association said people are being injured because of the responsibilities they have in our school system. it's tragic. i do understand the desire though to have a safe school fund and train -- when this happens, sometimes, if you can find a way to protect more students by following the instructions that you get, i can see the need for that. >> there is training. again, execution style fake murders is probably not a good way to teach. what are they learning from that? it doesn't work. you can recreate life and death situations, unfortunately.
11:28 am
you don't know. some people are heroes. some people are not. you don't know who's going to run. every time we see these horrible stories in school, we always see that one teacher who risked their lives to save the children. then there's the other one who ran for the door. most people become teachers not because they want to become combat soldiers. they want to educate. they're usually artistic, not aggressive. there's all exceptions to the rules. you can give them training, teach them how to use protective measures, but you can't teach them how to react with a person using a gun. >> dana: are you for having an armed guard in school? >> yes. one of the things i thought, we have all these great men and women coming back from service. what a great job. they protect us overseas. they should be protecting our schools. >> dana: a deterrent if nothing
11:29 am
else. >> i think maybe take this money and put it in the pockets of some good american soldiers and let them protect our schools. >> dana: you have unpc. we'll see you there. >> yes, ma'am. i'll be seeing you soon on "the five." >> dana: that's a tease. let me tease this. one country's national airline having second thoughts ability purchasing the boeing 737 max jet. plus president trump talking about 2020, weighing in on the democrats b team and what he's saying about democrats and their views on israel. >> the democrats have very much proven to be anti-israel. there's no question about that. and it's a disgrace. i don't know what's happened to them. but they are totally anti-israel. frankly, i think they're anti-jewish. fact is, there are over ninety-six hundred roads named 'park' in the u.s. it's america's most popular street name. but no matter what park you live on, one of 10,000 local allstate agents knows yours. now that you know the truth,
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>> dana: joining the field of democrats making headlines on the 2020 campaign trail including bernie sanders,
11:34 am
kirsten gillibrand and amy pohler. >> reporter: dana, bernie sanders has spots staked up and down the pch planning a rally a day in california, where hundreds of delegates are up for grabs. san diego tonight, l.a. tomorrow, san francisco sunday. a state that's moved its primary up to super tuesday, which means that early voting in california will be happening just days. he previewed his pitch in l.a. >> i'm here today, i should tell you, not as a candidate for president, but as somebody who has spent the last 40 years of his life walking on picket lines with unionized workers. >> reporter: from southern california to south carolina, that's where cory booker has been spending a ton of time and just earned endorsement number
11:35 am
one there from john king, who tells the ap he has spent his entire career running toward big challenges. so i sat long and hard and i thought about who i wanted to support. cory booker is that guy. kirsten gillibrand is getting the opposite where the niagara newspaper is urging her to drop out quoting gillibrand has taken a left turn since her days in the house. there's nothing wrong with that, if that's what's in her heart. new york voters haven't minded. her position changes seem more like reactions to the political whims, the act of a follower rather than a leader. that's the opposite of an endorsement, but the first fictional endorsement is out from a fictional elected official and a fictional town in indiana. amy pohler said her character in
11:36 am
parks and rec would probably pull for amy klobuchar because of a midwestern connection. so if 2016 was the election that was like a reality show, maybe 2020 will be the re-election that's like a scripted comedy. >> dana: the reality show's pretty fun. peter doocy, thanks for putting that together for us. president trump putting a bet on the 2020 race. here's what he said about a matchup with the former texas congressman. >> my attitude is, i wouldn't mind. i'd love to have biden. i'd love to have bernie, beto. beto seems to be the one the press has chosen. the press seems to have chosen beto. >> dana: let's bring out our panel. good to have you here. let's start with you. president trump is like spoiling for a fight. he's ready for re-election. it's easier to run for reelection than running the first type around.
11:37 am
he has a record. he knows americans usually reelect their president. he says he wants one of these guys. >> president trump's always been good when he has an enemy, so to speak. i think that's why he beat hillary in 2016. each of those folks has very different campaigns against the president. i think biden, if you're gonna talk about age, unfortunately, you have to talk about how he's been a moderate background. that might not excite the democratic base. with beto, it's pretty shallow. i don't think he knows why he's running. bernie will alienate a lot of voters because of his socialist past. >> dana: if the president says he thinks the media has chosen beto o'rourke. do you think that's the democratic perspective? >> i don't. first beto is getting attention because he's been out there. this is all new and he's the shiny object that's out there. right? i don't think that's going to continue at this pace. i actually think if the media
11:38 am
has chosen anyone they like is buditek. he has been everywhere and has been doing a phenomenal job. listening to what he says. he's an excellent speaker. >> dana: i listened to a pod cast he did. i was like, yeah, he's well spoken. i can see why people get behind him. his positions are quite liberal. wants to abolish the electoral college, for example. >> he's a new face. it's one of the rare times where obama inthe trump, we actually went backwards a generation. we always find somebody younger of a younger generation. so he would go back on that track. >> dana: that's not bernie. >> or biden. >> dana: let me ask you about apec. 2020 democrats who are not attending. we have a list here. this is a pro israel group, an annual convention. these democrats decided they are not going to go in 2019. whether they go in 2020 still to
11:39 am
be determined. move saying it's under mining palestinians self-determination and inviting figures actively involved in human rights violations to its stage. this should give a clear insight to 2020 candidates on where their base stands instead of prioritizing lobbyist groups and policy people who rarely step outside d.c. john, your thoughts? >> we have to remember the democrats who are going, who are leaders of the party. we have schumer going, pelosi going. what bothers me about this is i think people have some serious concerns about apec and they have some concerns about netanyahu's administration. you don't have a discussion by avoiding engagement. it's kind of like the same issue i have with the dnc saying we're not going to let fox join a debate. you have to talk to the people with whom you disagree and have discussions and come to a
11:40 am
solution. >> dana: the president sees this as an opportunity to get more jewish votes here in america. >> absolutely. >> dana: not just votes. i should say support. >> the pro israel were always core democratic constituents. remember 2000 in florida. i was at the dnc in september. question after question was about aoc. they stopped the questions because they kept getting the same one. they're giving president trump a gift here. with the golan heights announcement, he's driving a wedge between republicans and democrats on israel. they might head toward the center in 2020, but it' not a good start so far. >> you're right, he is trying to drive a wedge. that's unfortunate. that's what we've seen a lot of with this president. it would be nicer if he would take the lead and try to pull the country together. >> dana: isn't that hard for him to do when they use him as the target to help pull people apart. i'm not saying he's a uniter,
11:41 am
but it tkpwoe both ways. >> yeah, but it's his job as the commander in chief, job of the leader of our country to be the one to rise above that. it is ultimately his job to bring us together and not, for political advantage, continuing to try to drive wedges on an initiative so important. >> dana: good to have you here. happy birthday. today? >> it's sunday. >> dana: happy birthday. matt and john, thank you. let's look at some amazing photos from outer space, reviewing the scale of the super bloom in southern california that we talked about. satellite images review an entire site. the superbloom attracting huge clouds and traffic jams. growing fallout for boeing after the deadly crashes in ethiopia and indonesia. this as lawmakers launch a new push for accountability. ron burgandy making a surprise appearance in the broadcast
11:42 am
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>> shepard smith at the fox newsdesk, waiting for the mueller report. we'll talk with chris wallace about president trump's latest comments on the russia investigation and all the speculation and all quarters that the mueller report delivery to the attorney general may be imminent. also, sure, america runs on donuts, on dunkin. but if a train station is closed, is that really dunkin
11:47 am
donuts fault? we'll have a new jersey moment for you in the next hour on fox news. >> dana: new fallout from the deadly crashes involving the boeing 737 max jet. senate lawmakers prepare to hold a hearing on airline safety next week. mike emanuel is reporting live from washington. who are the key players involved in this upcoming senate hearing? there will be a lot of eyeballs on it. >> reporter: no question about that. that senate subcommittee planning to hold two hearings, second one expected to be boeing and industry experts. texas republican ted cruz is the chair of the senate commerce committee subcommittee on aviation and space. he's expected to lead a hearing on the state of airline safety, federal oversight of commercial aviation next wednesday. invited witnesses include chairman of the national transportation safety board, calvin scofeld, inspector general department of transportation and daniel ellwell acting administrator of
11:48 am
federal aviation administration. an industry analyst is warning against playing the blame game. >> i think the big danger here is everyone blames the faa, even though there's no investigation findings yet and, most importantly, the most likely logical thing is that the faa was nearly under resourced, which has been a continuing mantra. >> reporter: the hearing will be the start of congressional oversight regarding boeing 737 max jet crashes. >> dana: mike, what do you know about the indonesia airline canceling its order of the planes? >> reporter: yeah. price tag about $5 billion. an airline spokes person saying, quote, passengers always ask what type of plane they will fly, as they have lost trust in the max 8 jet. this would harm our business, adding we don't want to use mack jets but maybe we'll consider switching it with another boeing model of plane. this week the boeing ceo said the company is working to rebuild confidence.
11:49 am
>> safety is at the core of who we are at boeing, and ensuring safe and reliable travel on our airplanes is an enduring value and our absolute committee to everyone. when an accident happens for any reason, we focus relentlessly to determine why. we're united with our airline customers. >> reporter: boeing representatives are expected to visit jakarta next week for further discussion. >> dana: thank you and have a good weekend. a famous hold news anchor making a jump to sports. ron burgandy crashing a sports booth to call a hockey game. will ferrell reviving his role during the kins/sharks matchup. >> the sharks have never won a stanley cup. >> can you say that one more time? >> shot on goal, walker! oh! pass completed by the kings. take that, san jose! hero stanley cup.
11:50 am
hero stanley cup. shot on goal! he scores! put that baby to bed without a diaper. i have done a lot of things in my life. lot of things in my career. this is truly in the top, i think, 1,000 things i have ever done. >> dana: will ferrell's team won 4-2. we're happy for him. 101-year-old veteran marching in remembrance. his amazing story. plus, i will talk to the woman at the center of a shopping documentary about how she was kidnapped twice by the same neighbor. >> people ask how long did it take for you to be brainwashed? i don't know. five seconds. alright, i brought in ensure max protein... to give you the protein you need with less of the sugar you don't. (straining) i'll take that. (cheers) 30 grams of protein and 1 gram of sugar. ensure max protein. in two great flavors.
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>> dana: shocking netflix documentary abducted in plain sight tells the true story of jan broberg who was kidnapped by the neighbor when she was 12 and then by the same man two years later. i'm honored to have you here. let me get a take from you as to why you wanted to do this documentary in the first place. >> so, i have been telling my story for 20 years. when i have the opportunity to perhaps put it on film in a way that might actually permeate this conversation, get it started around the world, i really knew that i was ready, first of all, because stranger danger is not the problem. the problem is that our children are targeted by people they
11:56 am
know, love and trust and generally speaking, so do the parents. it's not strangers, it's people you know. >> dana: in deciding to do this documentary, i'm sure that you knew your family and especially your parents would be open to criticism or judgment. take a look at this from the documentary. >> i think we did a few thins mistakes. we love jan. such a bizarre thing. but we lived it. it's all true. >> it would have been different if jan hadn't have been kidnapped, i'm certain. i didn't feel cheated out of my childhood. i'm incredibly lucky and blessed with those parents of mine and my sisters. >> dana: did you talk as a
11:57 am
family about what could be the result and the feed back that you would get afterwards? >> yes. we all waited to be ready. that's why it's come out when it has. my father just passed away. i was inspired by his honesty and bravery of my mother. without the parents that i had and the childhood, those first 12 years of my life were perfect, i don't know if i would have survived. even though they made mistakes and there were certain things they both took -- i know my dad took it to his grave, regret. they were innocent in it as well as being groomed and manipulated just like i was. >> dana: they were victims as well. have you had trouble trusting people in your adulthood? you were let down, obviously, by a few adults in your life. i wonder if you have advice for others. statistics of missing children
11:58 am
and the people that go through this, families that go through this, really kind of blew me away. >> when you realize 800,000 cases were sexual abuse were 90% by someone that the child knew. those were just the reported cases. you understand this is an epidemic. yes, are we let down by some of the adults in life and have i had trust issues? here and there. overall, i really feel like i have been one of the lucky ones who had the right parents, who had the right faith in a bigger picture and a higher purpose, who had the fortitude maybe, strength, talents, whatever those gifts are, that allowed me to heal and go through that process. the right counseling so that i could stand here today and be the voice for thousands, hundreds of thousands of victims who are my age, younger, older than me, who haven't had the strength or courage yet to tell their story.
11:59 am
and they deserve to be heard. >> dana: they do. jan broberg, thank you for coming on the show today. have a good weekend. >> thank you. >> dana: now a look at other stories. first, the man accused of sending pipe bombs to president trump critics facing life in prison. and coastal cities in southeast africa are pleading for humanitarian aid. a cyclone killing an estimated 1,000 people last week. that death toll sadly expected to rise. lastly, the e.u. extends the brexit deadline by two week. british prime minister teresa may is trying to get parliament on board with the deal. world war ii veteran ben scarden walking to remember the thousands of troops killed defending the philippine islands in 1942. the retired army colonel reporting for the 12th time in an annual memorial event in new mexico. clemson said he's the only
12:00 pm
survivor of the march to participate. good news is, colonel scarden walked 3.2 miles at the age of 101. congratulations to him. thank you.


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