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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  March 22, 2019 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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survivor of the march to participate. good news is, colonel scarden walked 3.2 miles at the age of 101. congratulations to him. thank you.
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>> the president stepping up his attacks in an interview at the fox business network. >> i have a deputy that appointed the man to make a determination of my presidency. people will not stand for it. >> the president referring to the deputy attorney general who appointed a special counsel, bob mueller. so far the team has indicted, convicted or gotten guilty pleas from 34 people and three russian companies. that includes half a dozen of president trump now former associates. possible collusion with members of president trump's campaign and whether the president obstructed justice is being looked into. the president has repeatedly said there was no pollution and no obstruction. the chief white house correspondent john is with us.
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>> good afternoon, we are running out of time for special counsel robert mueller to deliver his report. he could not come before the close of business. it used to be if you wanted something buried you would get it out in the news cycle and you could put about anytime and you would get a lot of coverage. but there is nothing to suggest that it will come out in the next two hours, or yesterday or the day before or the day before that. the president has said that he would like to see the report made public and he would like to tens of millions of people who like the way the economy is going to see what robert mueller has to say. the president hopes that this will be fair as well. when asked if he thought that robert mueller was dishonest, here is what the president said. >> we are going to see what happens, and there was no collusion, there was no obstruction, everybody knows that. it is all a big hoax. i call it the witch hunt. we will see what happens. i know that the attorney general
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highly respected will make a decision. >> and we don't know about way that the decision is going to go. it is up to the attorney general who will review it and determine what, if anything, and what might be released to congress and the public. the confirmation hearing, he wants to make his best efforts to put it into public. as for the timing, rudy giuliani said the day before yesterday -- or maybe yesterday. he is still in washington dc. the scheduled to go tomorrow or later on today. if this report does drop, shep, he is probably settle for tomorrow morning's show. shepard: president comes summit lot used what's app for official business, according to a report? >> yes, he talked to the attorney for ham, and abby
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lowell said they were looking into the what's app application. abby lowell said yesterday he disputed what the chairman said. that i have never said these communications with any foreign leaders or officials, i said that he has used those were some people and i did not specify who they were. for example, he has numerous friends. he goes on to say that it is a question for the white house and nominee. on the way out the door this morning, the president was asked, and he did not know much about it. >> i know nothing about it. i have never heard that. i had never heard of that. >> it person familiar with the
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jared kusher situation has said that he is compliant with records, loss from all messages regarding work-related vortex communications or apps, and they did not give an argument as to whether someone had been dealing with secret information or anything other than official communication for the formats. but i think that we can probably lots of valid argument that as long as you're not using a private communication, as the president had hammered on hillary clinton so much for doing. shepard: thank you. waiting for robert mueller. waiting for mueller. >> yes, i had said to everyone, if this was las vegas, you would always take the over. i remember john, back in octobed
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be over by 2017. i really don't know quite why. but there always seems to be this kind of theater in washington. it is coming out this week. it is coming out today. frankly, we have been waiting bated breath on this. the prediction if it comes out today, somehow if that's true. [laughter] shepard: i'm with you on all of that. it does feel a little bit different. and folks have been told, do not leave justice. who the heck knows? and really, i don't know about you, but i'm just expecting a sentence, like the robert mueller report is complete and handed over to the attorney general. >> yes, that is exactly what they are going to say, that it's
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going to be put out. we know under the regulations that the special counsel operates under, he delivered a confidential confidential report to the attorney general who don't abuse it and decides what he is going to reveal specifically to congress. the only thing he is supposed to reveal is -- well, that he has to reveal much more -- is any action that the special counsel has taken. anything that the attorney general has decided not to say. a declining of taking action. so i agree with you. if it was to come out in the next two hours, i would guess that you would get something that the special counsel has handed over the report to the attorney general that will now review it. and furthermore -- it is a widely held belief that indicting a sitting president is not something they would do? >> well, up until now the
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guidance from the office now conceivably the special counsel, they could recommend something else or do something else, but that has been the going assumption on the part of the justice department until now. shepard: putting in another way than. in the absence of an indictment of a sitting president, it is altogether possible if not probable that the robert mueller report may not even mention any activities of the president. because historically and traditionally, if the justice department does not indict someone, to bring up anything about that person would be outside the norm. and here is the only wrinkle i would throw into that. if you follow the constitution and you believe that a president cannot be indicted because the constitutional remedy would be impeachment, i am sure -- and this is an argument that i suspect the house democrats would make -- look, if you
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decide you cannot indict you have any information about the president, all of this is hypothetical. but if you have it and you could turn it over to the house, because under the constitution whether he's guilty of crimes and misdemeanors, i'm sure they don't turn everything over to the house, the house democrats will talk about this. >> say we get the sentence and then it goes -- whatever goes to the house. which is obviously from the attorney general's office. and the process moves forth. separately because of the way that they are doing it, be investigations are going on in new york, virginia, the process continues. and it feels like the process can be never ending. >> up to election day, i don't mean to be cynical, but i do think that they are saying that this is a way to continue to do
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damage to the president at the presidential campaign. but you are exactly right. we know that they are continuing to investigate matters, most likely about people related to the president is not about the president. we know that the house oversight -- actually, the six committees in the house -- they are looking at the various aspects in office and before he came into office. you could well say that when robert mueller hands over the report, that is not the end of the process. it's just a way station during a continuing and very long journey shepard: or maybe the end of the beginning. >> well, yes. you have been asking me questions, may i ask you one enact. shepard: okay. >> i know that you have been a fan of old man's basketball for
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ole miss university. >> oh, yes, they flip the record around in 2012. they lost to tennessee by two points, they lost by two or three points to kentucky. they have been inspiring, attendance records at the pavilion at ole miss, so proud of them. they played anon they lost. would you like some salt? because i have a wound. >> i did not know that. shepard: that whole team and the whole organization, they represented us well and made us proud? i want you to know that as your colleague and friend, i get no pleasure in the defeat of ole miss. i think that they were playing oklahoma. shepard: yes, oklahoma was fantastic today. >> it says a lot about the conference. they finished and they came out and shot the lights out. oklahoma was great today.
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but my rebels made us proud, always. >> okay. shepard: i will send more cartons of salt for future women's. [laughter] >> we are looking forward to seeing you on sunday, chris will be talking to the house intelligence committee. and maybe the vote will come down, i just don't know. anyone who says that they know -- they are probably not being straight up with you. but hopefully they will have more updates on the robert mueller report. the islamic state territorial caliphate is 100% eliminated in syria. that is according to the press secretary sarah sanders. her words are coming after intense fighting to win back control of the islamic state's last stronghold. a spokesman for the u.s. forces
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says that fighters of isis are hiding in caves and trenches, and they are our concerns that other isis fighters have scattered, if they are still there and able to carry out attacks wherever they are. benjamin hall is with us from syria tonight. >> hello, and yes, not only has president trump talked about this, but there are people speaking to us from on the ground. the territorial caliphate is gone. the final offensive is done in the external operation. preparations are beginning for the announcement for the formal end of the caliphate. there are a few outside the town and we had a spokesman earlier that said that they had been surrounded and surrendered. however, what we are hearing is that this is the end of the
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caliphate. and it could not have happened without heavy lifting. they were the spearhead of the front who did all the work on the ground. it has been a remarkable week for us to be here and to see this. having covered the caliphate for 4.5 years, seeing a rise and rule over a million people, to see its demise. president trump told them to take off the grub, that is what they did. shepard: we really appreciate your report, best to you and your crew. also, president trump causing confusion in his own administration with a tweet about sanctions on north korea. dropping sanctions against north korea. we will let you know and we will hash it out, we will try to get an explanation of what it means, still to come on this friday afternoon for fox news. ♪ ♪ aspirin can further reduce
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shepard: president trump is apparently overruling the treasury reversed sanctions targeting north korea just hours after they ran into effect. the president just said that it was announced by the u.s. treasury that it would be added to those already in putting sanctions on north korea. i have ordered today the withdrawal of those additional sanctions. a bit of confusion about which sanctions he is referring to. he could be talking to the sanctions that they slapped on chinese shipping companies, ties to north korea, that happened yesterday, anyway, the white house team is asking for answers. sarah sanders just put out a statement that reads like this. president trump likes chairman kim jong-un, of north korea, and he doesn't think the sanctions will be necessary. in recent weeks there have been
12:20 pm
reports that north korea is rebuilding one of its main nuclear sites. the united states is asking for denuclearization. the north koreans have not agreed to that. gillian turner is reporting from the treasury department. >> yes, they did announce the north korean sanctions yesterday. president trump says it indicates confusion now about the timing. there is also a disagreement about discussions of the policies. the sanctions were rolled out yesterday and john bolton, he immediately a applauded them saying that there are important actions today by the treasury. the maritime industry must look at the shipping practices. everyone should take notice and review their activities to make sure that they are not involving the sanctions. but the product on the receiving
12:21 pm
end are two chinese shipping companies, the top administration says that they have been working illegally to help the kingdom export coal overseas. sarah sanders said the president is revoking the sanctions due to how much he likes kim jong-un, a common theme. the sanctions were a big deal because there is a first action that the top administration has taken against north korea in the wake as they fall through with the summit just a few weeks ago. shepard: thank you. the top administration slapping new sanctions on 30 iranian scientists, technicians and companies involved in the countries nuclear and missile research. a senior official says that it is targeted internationally. anybody caught doing business with them will be facing a penalty. they are calling for the allies
12:22 pm
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12:27 pm
release any more details. four american service members have been killed in afghanistan. laster 13 americans were killed. down from 500 and 22 and. the pentagon is cutting nearly half the force. officials say any reduction will depend on speed talks. high-level peace talks, including spanning 17 years of war. >> thank you so much. guess than a year to go until voters are having their say in the 2020 race. and news of the former texas congressman leonard zeidenberg spreading across the country, campaigning in michigan, texas, new hampshire. he also spent wednesday and thursday new hampshire visiting all counties in that first
12:28 pm
primary state. very busy. peter has more for us in washington. >> a hush fell over a noisy crowd when somebody asked him for his thoughts on reforming cash bills. he is someone that needed to post bail twice after arrests for criminal trespass and dui. >> in both instances i was arrested and spent the night in a county jail. i was able to post bail. i understand how exceptional my experience was in the fact that these mistakes did not define me or my future over the course of my lifetime. >> he went on to say that he supports any system so that they don't get stuck in jail and others can pay to get out. president trump has been watching coverage of the
12:29 pm
campaign kickoff and says he is ready for a head-to-head matchup >> i wouldn't mind. i would love to have bernie and beto o'rourke. >> is the socialism versus capitalism? >> they can dream about. >> the president had dismissed the viability, he said that he thought that he was supposed to win something before running for president. >> he is spending a lot of time on the campaign trail. he is traveling a lot more than other candidates, because he doesn't have a day job. they can really only campaign on weekends or during recess because they have to come back to vote. but he has not needed to take any big breaks and he has are to hit the first three primary states and continuing on. >> peter, thank you so much.
12:30 pm
and word from the fallout of the massive college admissions cheating scam for actress lori loughlin's daughter and one of the universities. and now jimmy carter. the 39th president is 94 years old, oldest living president. ninety-four and 172 days, passing the late george h. w. bush who was 94 and 171 days when he died in november. today former president carter and his wife, roslyn carter, live in a small town in georgia where they were both born and raised. ♪ ♪ liberty mutual can save you money
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and back pain made it hard to sleep and get up on time. then i found aleve pm. the only one to combine a safe sleep aid, plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. i'm back. aleve pm for a better am. shepard: emergency officials in houston had issued a shelter in place order around some areas around deer park.
12:35 pm
can see that this comes after a fire after the industrial complex. officials say there has been a partial collapse of a wall holding back millions of gallons of potentially toxic chemicals. officials have been working inside. it's a fire that happened earlier this week, staying in place in houston. as soon as we have more developments, we will let you know. the ucla men's soccer coach has resigned after the college admissions scandal, according to multiple reports. prosecutors say that he took $200,000 to help get kids into the university, pretending they were soccer recruits. about her teen miles down the road, usc is planning a misconduct hearing to determine whether to ban lori loughlin's
12:36 pm
daughter from their campus, according to the report of tmz. lori loughlin and her husband are accused of paying $500,000 to make it look like they are daughters were recruits for the crew team. it's not clear if the daughters do about the scheme at the time. reporting live from los angeles. >> this scandal has already done a lot more oversight. part of the reason no one questioned him is because he has been so successful for so long. he started as a ball boy, then he became a star player. as a coach, he guided his team to 14 tournaments and two national championships game. he facilitated the acceptance of one female and male soccer player, neither that have laid competitive soccer. but on the women's soccer team she was not an athlete, so how
12:37 pm
much did she know? she has not commented, but it has now been reviewed by ucla. >> and the daughter of lori loughlin is out? is that still pending? >> no, they are out. they did it on their own. they decided not to wait around for the school to give them out. according to tmz, the university will still hold a misconduct hearing to determine if they will be banned from the campus of usc. lori loughlin and her husband's trial has been moved to april 3. of the 32 parents indicted, 16 of them are allegedly found cheating their kids into usc. they have denied six applicants associated with the scandal, they are in the process of dealing with current students and now they are considering
12:38 pm
revoking those students that have arta graduated. here is the president. >> when you see something like that you feel aghast. but most of us are like okay. we know how to get to the bottom of this. we are going to figure this out, and that is not something i ever want to see happen again. >> but they may have a battle on their hands. >> amanda died after a murder in the state of florida did not actually commit the murder according to a prosecutor who is asking a judge to throw out the man's conviction 40 years later. guilty to raping the women, they say that jack jones, executed in arkansas two years ago actually murdered a 20-year-old college student in south florida in 1983.
12:39 pm
before he died he confessed to the killings and hold told his sister not to open the letter until he died. and the city of atlanta reopening an investigation into a string of murders that plagued the black community decades ago. twenty-nine people killed between the year 1979 and 1981, most of the victims were children. this man, wayne williams, serving a lifetime senate after a jury convicted him of two murders. the police blame him for many more but he never gave charges now they want to retest the evidence. >> it's really the mayor that is driving the investigation, 38 years after they had been committed. because of these advances they
12:40 pm
could shed new light on the cases. she hopes her some families that they can find closure. >> i watched the national story he was a man charged with two rapes and murders, including putting their dna into a national database. >> another reason why this could be happening now, a documentary on the atlanta child murders opening tomorrow. >> when williams still says he is innocent reign. >> yes, he is serving a lifetime sentence in georgia. sixty years old, convicted of two murders. there were some doubts for some of the family members. he could be behind all 29 murders, including that of catherine leach. her 13-year-old son was one of
12:41 pm
the victims. >> i would like some closure. i would like some justice, so that i can rest in peace. >> both of the murders follow a similar pattern. a young african-american male, the youngest is nine years old, in public, in daylight they were taken, strangled and left in a remote area. this happened once after months for almost two years. shepard: 400 points up for the dow jones, 26 of the points are in the red. investors worried about slow global economic growth. boeing's stock taking a hit after indonesia airlines requested to cancel an order of max-8 jets after the deadly investigation crash investigation.
12:42 pm
the order was worth billions. gerri willis has more on the stock exchange. >> that's right, freaky friday here, let's talk about blowing. that was a 6 billion-dollar order for boeing. regulators have asked to stop these planes. $20 billion in market cap,, boeing has orders for nearly 5000 max-8 planes, enough to keep production lines open for years. the steady drip drip of that economy. shepard: what else is causing the dow to drop? this is a lot of sectors. >> financial and tech stocks are down, it has been brutal today. the only good news that we had
12:43 pm
was that shaquille o'neal came down here and handed out free pizza to everybody. he is going to serve on the board of papa john's pizza. and economic indicators are negative. technical indicators for the economy, the global economy, forecasting recession, industrial production down for germany, the largest economy in europe and the fourth largest economy in the world. lower earnings for consumer companies, one of the traders came over and said what is going on with the economy. we heard that the federal reserve saying that we are rationing down our expectations for growth and we are going to consider rates for the entire year. so that was a big surprise, they almost never do that.
12:44 pm
shepard: good to see you, gerri the governor of iowa asking for a disaster declaration. an air force base in nebraska canceling a major airshow. and in illinois, look at these drone pictures just outside rockford. damages across the midwest rising to $3 billion. all of this as forecasters predict that there is more rain in the forecast for the midwest coming this week and weekend. fox drone over a flood plane. ♪ ♪ la so why am i still thinking about this? i'll take aleve. aleve. proven better on pain. but allstate actually helps you drive safely... with drivewise. it lets you know when you go too fast... ...and brake too hard.
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shepard: new zealanders coming together observing the muslim call to prayer one week after 150 people died after the shooter gokmen tanis took their lives. >> we are one, we are together. we are determined to not let anyone divide us. shepard: telling the crowd that one week ago he saw hatred and rage in the eyes of the terrorist. today he sees love and compassion in the eyes of thousands. the new zealand prime minister jacinda ardern also speaking to the crowd.
12:49 pm
>> when any part of the body suffers, the whole body feels pain. new zealand mourns with you that we are one. shepard: 50 people killed in the houses of worship in christchurch, new zealand. historic flooding across the midwest has constantly $3 billion in damage, the number is expected to rise. or castors predicting more rain this weekend. melting snow right here in minnesota is adding to the problem. and then there is offutt air force base in nebraska, just south of omaha. they are canceling plans for a june air show. these are before and after images. a commander said that it will be some time before they return to normal operation. mike is reporting from illinois. about 80 miles northwest of chicago. >> hello, shep, here along the
12:50 pm
rock river, bad roads, even mold is in their immediate future here for the people. this is right on the border with missouri and nebraska. the missouri river was expected to crest today. should be able to see the many levees. miles and miles of farmland underwater. you can see some edge and trends emerge irrigation to keep a field from drying out. as we show you the landscape, suggesting the damage there, 1.5 alien and nebraska alone. the iowa governor requesting emergency funds for her stay at 1.6 billion. a substantial has been lost with livestock and crops.
12:51 pm
why so many farmers could not get this ahead of the floodwaters. >> the thing is there wasn't just one year, there were two years for some people. because their brain was lost. the roads were tour to hack. >> the army corps of engineers said that 28 levees have failed and even more were in bad shape. with that being said, the meteorologists do not have good news looking into the spring. he mentioned the melting snow in the upcoming rain. the ground is saturated and the water has nowhere to go but the banks of the river. >> thank you, mike. this is live from one of our drones in nebraska. it is about nine minutes to 3:0s incredible how widespread the flooding in this area is. you can see that it is flying
12:52 pm
over a bridge of some sort. you can see the houses. the banks of this river are just overwhelming and the flooding is so widespread and so costly. we have the 3 billion-dollar estimate today. and this is what we are sure of in this thing is not over. or castors expecting more rain this weekend. and as others have mentioned, the snowmelt continues. all of that will eventually add to all of this. and very serious problems as you look at this shot as it continues to pan around. it is just about as far as the eye can see. astounding pictures. all of the best were friends and neighbors and loved ones in the midwest who are dealing with what is truly a historic flooding event.
12:53 pm
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things will be tight but, we can make this work. ♪ now... grandpa, what about your dream car? this is my dream now. principal we can help you plan for that . shepard: chances are that you have gotten a robo call at one point or another. it happens from everyone to cell phone, to landmines, everyone seems to get them. according to a company that blocks them, there are about 48 billion of them. billion in the united states last year. and now lawmakers are trying to put them behind bars. >> legislators try to tackle this in the past. you may remember this, but this
12:58 pm
law will put them in jail. and right now they pay a fine. and they have increased by 60% last year. another company says that this year is going to be worse, predicting nearly half of calls in 2019 will be scams, 90% of the time it will look like a familiar number. they want more serious punishment. >> they are building it into their business model. they really need to be able to see what they are doing. >> the bill targets people, including a miami man who had 97
12:59 pm
calls and just overwhelmed within three months. open source software lets you make thousands of calls. this bill would address that. shepard: running on dunkin' donuts coffee. just ask one of our producers. new jersey transit riders were locked out yesterday. walked out of the train station because a worker showed up late. you can imagine there were some angry tweets, especially after they confirmed that
1:00 pm
has a bit a representation for wall street, down 450, the business in buildings is coming up." your world with neil cavuto" starts right now. turks stocks selling big time. worries about a global slow-down, that could clip this economy as well. we can be seeing sign of it already. something happened today, that has a lot folks worried about what could happen in the future days. what does steve moore think about that? he's been nominated bite president of the united states to serve on the federal reserve board. he has been an out spoken critic. so to the president early terd, in an interview, so much happening, let's get right to t. welcome, everybody. glad to have you. it is something very unusual, but it happened today. interest rates were inverted. by that, a three-month treasure bill y


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