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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  March 22, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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stand by to let this happen to anyone in the united states. we're going to be covering the issues that matter to you in the coming weeks. we'll be back on monday. shannon bream, take it from here. have a good weekend. >> shannon: special counsel robert mueller wrapping up the investigation into potential russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. the findings not yet public. democrats though already speculating about the possibility of subpoenaing mueller. what's in the report and what's not and where we go from here legally and politically. first, fox news team coverage on the president's response so far.
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good evening, catherine. >> good evening. earlier today, special counsel mueller delivered the final russian report to attorney general barr here at the justice department. attorney general barr sent a formal letter. he also told the committees that there's a possibility he will be able to provide them a fuller explanation as early as this week. what we expect is that that would include the decisions to prosecute and then also what's called the declination. those are cases they did not pursue in the criminal courts. now barr will meet with mueller and rosenstein to further consider, based on the regulations and justice department practices, what can further be released to congress and perhaps the public. perhaps one of the most
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important things was that special counsel mueller recommending against further criminal indictments in this matter, so recommending against further indictments. that is effectively the end of the russia collusion investigation. i apologize for the wind here, because it's a really stormy night for some reason. but i have a couple of final points. people have forgotten there's another investigation, almost parallel, that's been run by the inspector general here at the justice department, horowitz. and it's one at a number of key issues. media leaks from the fbi, including classified information, during the 2016 campaign period, also gifts accepted by fbi executives from reporters and others during this period, and also allegations of surveillance abuse are through the fisa courts, specifically the warrant for a trump campaign
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aide. and fox news was able to contain more than 40 pages of text messages that were exchanged between acting fbi director andrew mccabe and fbi lawyer lisa page. and the bottom line in the text messages is two-fold. one, we've been told by a very credible source, that during the last term, these text messages were never provided to the congressional committees with oversight. the reason the texts are important is they show a senior justice department official was uncomfortable over the surveillance application for carter page in october of 2016. those are the things that continue to develop. >> shannon: catherine, thank you so much. >> very much so, you're welcome. >> shannon: congressional democrats already dangling the idea of threat of subpoenas if they do not get all the
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information they're demanding from mueller and barr. live on capitol hill tracking the action, good evening, peter. >> they've repeatedly urged americans to wait for the mueller report so that they could learn about the full extent of the russian collusion. but now those same democratic lawmakers are urging americans to wait to trust the report until the evidence is seen, even if it takes a subpoena of the special counsel. >> i would first argue that the department cannot adopt a double standard and should cooperate willingly. but if it doesn't, we will have to subpoena the evidence. we will have to subpoena mueller or others to come before the congress and answer questions. >> every lawmaker seeking higher office who had an event tonight addressed the mueller report right away, and that includes bernie sanders, who didn't sound convinced that no indictment
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means no wrongdoing. >> now, i don't know what's in the report. nobody does. i do know, however, that mueller wound up indicting 34 people, including six trump campaign officials. >> some democratic lawmakers are going public with fear that attorney general barr might try to touch base with the president's legal team before revealing the report to lawmakers, but the top republican on the house judiciary committee is brushing off those concerns based on the way things have gone so far. >> no one's interfered. he had plenty of time to do everything. he has now completed it. what will happen now, as said in the letter, mr. barr will actually -- the attorney general will then prepare his report and send that to us as early as this weekend. at that point in time, we will have the process of what mueller found and it'll be coming out to the public as we go forth in the way that bill barr has set out
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in regulations. >> there is a separate senate intelligence committee investigation into allegations of russian collusion with the trump campaign that's led by senator richard bur, republican from north carolina. he says, i trust counsel mueller has conducted a fair investigation and i look forward to reviewing his report. burr is somebody who has seen thousands of pieces of evidence pertaining to this investigation and made a big splash about a month ago when he said that in none of it has he found evidence of collusion between the trump campaign and the kremlin. shannon. >> shannon: long day on the hill from peter ducey. thank you very much. sarah sanders says the white house has not seen the report. following the late-breaking news from the white house, good evening to you don. >> president trump in a good news tonight. he hosted a lincoln day dinner.
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at some point in the evening, he was also huddling with his inhouse counsel. i'm told by the sources that the president is glad that the mueller investigation is over, that the russia probe is over, and his attorneys are taking comfort from the fact that the department of justice said that mueller does not plan on seeking any more indictments. earlier this afternoon, rudy -- we are confident there is no finding of collusion by the president. and this underscores what the president has been saying from the beginning, that he did nothing wrong. i'm told it's not likely anything will come out in the next 24 or 36 hours. there's a lot of material to go through. a lot of it would be classified and subject to executive privilege. they're telling me the earliest
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anything could be released to congress might not be until late on sunday. one of the things that the president did on an almost daily basis was undermine the premise of a mueller investigation so that anything at the end would be looked upon suspiciously. a poll out earlier this week, a lot of people did buy into the president's argument. some 50% of americans believed that the president was the subject of a witch-hunt. and on his way out the door this morning, the president continued to make that point. listen here. >> we're going to see what happens. it's going to be very interesting, but we'll see what happens. there was no collusion. there was no obstruction. everybody knows it. it's all a big hoax. i call it the witch-hunt. it's all a big hoax. so, we'll see what happens. i know that the attorney general, highly respected,
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ultimately will make a decision. >> the next couple of days will be very interesting to watch. one of the big questions, will the attorney general want input from the president's attorneys on his summary report before he delivers it to the hill? will he show t it to president's attorneys and also might he seek some input from them in terms of what ends up in that summary? i'm told by sources that we are in an area where there is very little precedent. so it'll be interesting to find out how things develop over the next 24 to 48 hours. one of the other points we should make too, i've contacted the president's outside counsel to find out if they write an answer report? it all defends on what's in the mueller report because nobody has any idea at this point. a couple of other things to watch for, if this report goes some distance toward exonerating
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the president but doesn't completely -- there be a political battle. the entire report and all of the source materials. and that could be a warehouse full of items. one campaign official told fox news tonight that democrats are being hypocritical in their call for the release of the entire report. quote, when it doesn't work in their favor, they try to change it. it is also believed by many people, because of the department of justice regulations, there won't be a whole lot about the president in the report, because as rosenstein told grassley back in june of last year, prosecutors are not supposed to mention misconduct by people not being charged. so, we'll see. >> shannon: some of these political fights may turn legal as well. senior justice department
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officials telling fox news tonight, special counsel not recommending any further indictments. special counsel's been the target of repeated criticism by the president, who has called the investigation a witch-hunt. let's bring the white house correspondent mason and kaley. great to have all of you with us tonight. kaley, what do you say to those that say, don't start celebrating just yet. we still don't know exactly what this report says. >> well, we at the campaign underscore that this underscores what the president has been saying all along, that he has done absolutely nothing wrong and we're confident there's no finding of collusion. this marks the third time we've had an investigation and end up here where the president is completely absolved. democrats had to admit we found no evidence. you look back to the fbi investigation, after eight
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months, strzok said there is nothing there. that did not stop democrats from taking us on this wild circus in a desperate attempt to retake power. they told us collusion existed based on no evidence. and now they have to answer it. >> shannon: he says, throughout this prolonged investigation, which costs tens of millions of taxpayer dollars, it'll only harm our political discourse and play into the hands of our foreign adversary. he's committed to that. does that just further divide, which maybe is what russia wanted all along? >> i think that's at least a fair point to say that -- i actually believe that most of america has already made up their mind on what this report
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says before it was released. i think there's a number of people on the right that believed the president was not guilty before the investigation and a lot of people on the left that it doesn't matter what the president does, they've already convicted him. i think one that could help is if the report were in a declassified way released to the american public so they can make a factual decision. people's minds are already made up on this whole thing. and in regards to the president in general. that's an unfortunate component of what's going on in the american discourse right now. >> shannon: i keep watching twitter to see what the president's gonna have to say. it's going to take a lot of discipline for him to not say more than the white house has already said tonight. >> i think all of us are watching very closely to see when he decides to weigh in. it's not usually very long before the president shares his thoughts on twitter. maybe he will but maybe he will also wait until his attorneys
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have a chance to take a look at it, once it is shared with the white house. i do think it's worth emphasizing, we don't know what's in that report. it has not been made public. it has not been shared with lawmakers, the white house, and certainly not us. until we actually see the contents of mueller's report, we don't know what his conclusions are. >> shannon: and as a journalist who covers so much of this, i want to ask your predictions about how ugly this could get on the hill? >> it's been ugly for a long time. i think it depends on the contents of that report and whether or not lawmakers accept the content. president trump has worked hard the undermine the special counsel by casting doubt on the investigation and calling it a witch-hunt. let's say that the conclusions of the report come out and say, there was, in fact, no collusion, what president trump has been saying all along, then will the president accept that?
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i'm sure that he will. if it doesn't say that, will republicans accept that, will the president accept that? i don't know. and the same question can be posed to democrats on the hill based on what those conclusions end up being. >> shannon: to our power panel, stick around. we have more to talk about as more news comes in on this. thank you all very much. the democratic chairs of six house committees are demanding that attorney general barr make it public immediately. joining me now for reaction, republican congressman chris stewart who is a republican member of the house intelligence committee. let me ask you, because you haven't seen the report yet. we expect in the coming days that will be probably to congress first, at least some portion of it. to this point, as a member of the house intelligence committee, what have you seen with regard to the idea of collusion? >> well, it's not going to surprise you to say we haven't seen any evidence of that.
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i've been saying that for a year. the house committee and senate committee released their reports. they saw no evidence of it. members of the fbi said the same thing, as have democratic isn't that rights. i think there's some people tonight who are going to be disappointed that the mueller investigation is concluded and there's nothing dramatic yet and probably won't be. but it can't be terribly surprising. i think reasonable people expected this for months or even longer. >> shannon: again, as we wait to here more, you heard peter ducey's reporting. adam schiff say, if we have to, we'll go after s&p -- subpoenas. here's what the judiciary chair is saying. >> we'll see what's made public. we'll react to that. as i said, if it's not made public in its entirety, we'll
8:17 pm
use a compulsory process, and as necessary, we reserve the right to call mueller before the committee or maybe even barr before the committee. >> they're going to continue to dig because they do want to see the underlying information because they say they have a right to it and the american people do as well. >> first, are they going to continue to dig? absolutely they are. if there's no evidence of collusion, they're gonna say, what about his financial transactions, his kids, his business? their intention is to have some type of investigation, some type of cloud over this president up until the election. that's clearly their political motive here. the second thing is, look, we've been told for months, for a year, trust many mueller. and by the way, i have and i've been willing to wait for the report. but implied in their threat is that they don't trust mueller now, that he's maybe hiding something from them. i have said for a long time, i
8:18 pm
hope every word, sentence, and paragraph of this report is released to the american people. this isn't truly national security. it's not revealing sources or methods. this is a political conversation we're having here. it should be released. and the second thing i think more important is this, if there's a single paragraph redacted, people will point to that and say, yeah, the collusion is in there. that's what they're hiding from us. they wouldn't tell us. i hope every word of this is given to the american people so we can on its face make a decision. >> shannon: the president said the same thing. i want people to see it. i'm confident about what's going to be in there. do you think that will actually be released? we're talking about a lot of underlying interviews, possibly grand jury materials. there may potentially be names and contacts. >> one is the report. the report that mr. mueller actually provides to congress.
8:19 pm
>> >> shannon: the one from barr? >> exactly. i think it should be. and if it's not released, it should be essentially. >> shannon: there are 535 people that may be interested in doing. that >> there may be parts of that investigation, grand jury proceedings, we may not have access to that. but if you trust mr. mueller, as you've been told we should and i said we should and our democratic colleagues said they do, you should be able to trust the report given to barr, not having to see the underlying evidence that supports that report. >> shannon: there are many investigations going on on the hill that you guys will be sparring about over there. thank you for stopping with us late tonight. are democrats turning on robert mueller? that's next. some things are out of your control. like bedhead. hmmmm. ♪ rub-a-dub ducky...
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>> shannon: top democrats threatening subpoenas could be next for mueller if he does not release his whole report and underlying documents. let's bring back tonight's panel. great to have you all with us. i'll start with you. here is something that the top democrats in the senate, chuck schumer, had to say tonight about the stuff going public. >> i think the demand of the public is overwhelming to see the report when it's on such a serious matter, and it will be made public. public pressure will force it to be. >> shannon: what role is the public going to play in forcing some of these things out into the open? >> i think realistically, we not at the beginning of the end but the end of the beginning of this. i think there will be a lot of congressional oversight. we also have southern district work going on.
8:25 pm
a lot of what i've heard from the democratic base is they want to make sure this information fully comes out. the president thinks it should come out. and if it fully absolves him, it makes the most sense to be as transparency as possible. the easiest thing to do would be present the information to the american people and -- >> shannon: do you think they're feeling vindicated tonight? >> no doubt about it that the president's feeling vindicated. i think he's also feeling democrat haves finally been exposed. they said first, president trump is going to fire mueller. that never happened. they said president trump will interfere with the investigation. we found out tonight that didn't happen. then they said there's collusion. to this day, not a shred of
8:26 pm
evidence. the president is feeling vindicated and the american people are finally realizing we're being taken on any variety of carousel rides. >> shannon: so many of the 2020 contenders who are sounding off on this tonight. they are putting petitions together. if you click on those, it takes you to their campaign website. for them, it sounds like they're trying to make the best of this situation as they campaign. >> well, we'll see. again, it's hard to draw conclusions when we haven't seen the actual report. the one thing we do know, which fox and others have reportd, is that the special counsel doesn't plan any more indictments.
8:27 pm
that does not give direct insight into what he's written that that report. democrats and republicans, and for that matter, the president, have said they would like to see the results of this report shared with the public. there will absolutely be pressure from all sides for that to come out, because everyone has an interest in knowing. this is an investigation that has cast a cloud over president trump's presidency and weighed on the entire american public for nearly two years now, and everyone wants to know what's inside that reported. >> shannon: if it does exonerate the president or at least says there's no link between him and the russians in any way, if he can now go out and campaign on the theme, if it is proven that he has no connections here and the report is positive for him, how much more is he going to be able to go out to those rallies and say, i've proved it.
8:28 pm
this is the deep state. it's been a witch-hunt. these people want to get rid of me and you voted for me. don't let them do it. >> we have to remember that six of his closest associates were either indicted or pled guilty. >> shannon: but not on the point of collusion. >> which i totally agree on. let's be honest. if any of those other presidential candidates had their top advisors in this situation, i'm pretty confident some of my colleagues on the right would be challenging it. i truly don't actually believe that whatever the report says, that this will change anybody's mind. i think it'll have no political impact on 2020. i think the base is totally behind president trump irrespective of what he does. that's actually a problem i think we need to bridge in america. it speaks to the need to have the report out so people can
8:29 pm
make up their own minds. people's minds are already made up politically. >> shannon: kaley, quick final word to you. >> what i would say is this. zack talks about those around the president convicted of saying things entirely unrelated to the president. pretty sure if we scrutinize any other democratic candidate this way, you would find some wrongdoing there, too. this president has been the most investigated man in america based on no probable cause. tonight he's the most exonerated man in america. democrats have been caught and have to tell america why they lied for the last two years. >> shannon: based on what we know. thank you all very much. good to see you. okay. so no further recommended indictments, but are democrats now moving the goal post as they focus on the president, his businesses, and his family
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>> shannon: the special counsel investigation lasting 675 days, almost two years. now the president's supporters are predicting vindication, are democrats moving the goal post? >> in a tweet at 2:15 this afternoon, goldberg noted, if mueller in effect clears trump, they suddenly discover mueller's integrity. the mueller investigation lasted 675 days. a lot of cable tv time for pundits and politicians to put their foot in mouth. last november, president trump tweeted mueller was, quote, a convicted prosecutor gone rogue. here's napolitano also two years
8:35 pm
ago. >> this investigation will be conducted below the radar screen, not on national television, hopefully not on information being leaked to the point where it's a flood. >> mueller's tight -- >> all these dots we now believe don't connect. >> there are lots of unanswered questions. for example, what was the connection between wikileaks and the campaign? does it bother you that the president is the target of this inquiry? >> tonight they moved the goal post. >> donald trump is going to have a very hard time explaining like jared kushner would get security clearances. >> i believe the southern district is looking at some of mr. trump's business dealings.
8:36 pm
>> how much are we prepared to trust barr? >> that report could be an impeachment document. >> impeachment is by its nature political, not legal. no matter how trump is implicates, if at all, in the mueller report, the political attacks will not let up. >> shannon: that may be a different phase of this whole thing. the justice department says mueller is not recommending further indictments, as democrats hope to scour the report. trace gallagher is on the case. hello, trace. >> good evening, shannon. all told, 34 people were indicted during the mueller probe. there was not a single allegation related to russian collusion. former trump campaign advisor papadopoulos pleaded guilty to making false statements to the fbi.
8:37 pm
manafort is going to prison for finance crimes that preceded the administration. rick gates was accused of finance crimes. cohen, donald trump's former lawyer, pleaded guilty to fax and bank fraud and campaign finance violations. and finally, long-time trump advisor roger stone was indicted for making false statements and witness tampering. without collusion, it appears democrats will scour the report for signs of obstruction. already tonight, senate minority leader schumer talked about, quote, unlawful attempts to hinder the investigation. and schiff is already talking about issues a subpoena to mueller. but house judiciary cheer nadler got a jump on obstruction weeks
8:38 pm
ago when he stated that it's crystal clear jump obstructed justice. at this time, house minority leader mccarthy called nadler's move nothing more than the democrats' plan b. but he threw a little cold water on the democrats' plan b. watch. >> you can't have obstruction of justice when the president simply exercises constitutional authority to fire or even to pardon. what you need is nixon-type crimes for obstruction of justice. >> shannon. >> shannon: trace gallagher, thank you very much. what will attorney general bill barr do with the report now that he's got it? that's next. okay, paint a picture for me. uh, well, this will be the kitchen. and we'd like to put a fire pit out there, and a dock with a boat, maybe.
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>> he can still be impeached. and the fact of impeachment is a different standard of proof. and that's the last resort. >> shannon: all right. let's bring in tonight's legal eagles. and former fbi assistant director mark morgan. great to have all of you with us tonight. okay, donald, i'll start with you. what do you make of this talk of subpoenaing the special counsel mueller, the attorney general, the underlying documents to get to this? the president conceivably could tell the doj not to comply. then what? >> first, i don't think congress is going to be able to do that because, as you just mentioned, the president has the right of executive privilege. it usually extends to prosecutorial decisions. this would be the kind of fight president trump would love to
8:44 pm
have with congress. second, i think instead what will happen is i think attorney general barr will probably release the report in full and that'll probably take the steam out of this train to try to say, let's get mueller up here, let's attack mueller and request his decisions. mueller is really the gold standard among prosecutors. i think trump made a mistake in attacking mueller. >> shannon: go ahead, don. >> so, i think that mueller did his job. i think people are not in the end going to question his prosecutorial decisions. instead what's going to happen is that the house and the senate have to take up their own constitutional responsibilities, which is conducting oversight and maybe starting impeachment proceedings, but that's a different standard than what mr. mueller's been asking about, which is whether crimes occurred. >> shannon: bradley, to that point, it is a very different standard because if you're going to indict someone or put together a prosecution or say
8:45 pm
it's possible, that's different than putting together an impeachment case. is that what this is about if indeed it turns out that there's o not a further indictment request? do they want this material simply to build an impeachment case? >> i think that has to be certainly part of it. their presumed impeachment probe is going to be multifaceted. there's going to be whatever comes out of this mueller report. they also have their separate probes in the president's businesses. but you can't forget that there's an ongoing investigation in the southern district of new york when the president has been implicated at least once. these are all different aspects of congress, particularly the house is going to be looking into. they need to build a body of evidence. i think nancy pelosi's mentioned this, congressman nadler, several others.
8:46 pm
if they're going to pursue that route, they have to persuade the american public there's legitimacy to this. >> shannon: your initial comments and thoughts on the investigation? >> i want comment on what john said. i worked for detectirector for 2 years. i never saw anything that would indicate for me to question his integrity, character, or investigative able. the other thing i will say, you talked it earlier today, is that the statute is very clear. it's purposely limiting on both what is required from the special counsel mueller as well as the attorney general. and from a law enforcement perspective, not a political perspective -- that's where i come from -- that i actually hope that the report is not released in full. the other thing is, is that there's sources and methods they hope they protect, as well as
8:47 pm
those legitimate privacy concerns. if somebody comes up and their name and everything they provided is open to the american people, that's going to damage them and it's going to put chilling effect on further investigations. there are absolutely legitimate concerns for not discussing people not indicted. comey made a mistake doing the same thing. i hope the attorney general think abouts about that as well. >> shannon: it's very different now. we'll talking about that. legal panel, stick around. we'll come back to you. meanwhile, democrats laying out a roadmap for possible impeachment. steven could only imaginem 24hr to trenjoying a spicy taco.burn, now, his world explodes with flavor. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day all-night protection.
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>> shannon: well, attorney general barr is reviewing the mueller report tonight, this weekend. let's bring back tonight's legal eagles. welcome back, gentlemen. i want to read a tweet. he lists the names and asks the question. he said, lisa page, peter strzok, comey, brennan. now that mueller has finished his investigation, it's time to
8:52 pm
investigate these people who have entangled america to destroy donald trump. >> beyond the ig investigation which is already ongoing, we've already had one and now we're having a second one, no, none of that's going to happen. that's pure fantasy. look, this was a campaign that made clear its desire, its willingness at least to conspire with foreign actors. you had donald trump jr meeting someone he thought was a russian proxy. you had manafort, the chairman in august 2017 handing 75 pages of detailed polling data to a russian intelligence operative. if there was ever a need for an investigation, this clearly was a campaign that was completely caught up with foreign influence. whether or not there was collusion is what we're waiting
8:53 pm
to find out from mr. mueller. >> shannon: and as someone who served for years and years in our fbi, what do you hope to find? bradley mentions the investigation. we've seen these texts with peter strzok and lisa page and others who have been involved. as a former fbi man yourself, what would you like to see? >> with all respect, i have to completely disagree with bradley's perspective on what he just said. from an investigative standpoint, not a political one, look, there is absolutely enough information and evidence out there that this should be looked at. that's where i do agree. the ig is looking at a lot of that. and i'm hoping that the fbi does take a look at this. those recent texts that came out from former deputy director mccabe and lisa page, those are absolutely devastating. that in itself should be enough to have people take a serious look at this and open an
8:54 pm
investigation, and i hope we see that. >> shannon: okay. i want to play something from a democratic senator. his prediction. okay, we don't have that, but i'll just tell you what he said. essentially, he said there are more indictments. there are potentially indictments in this president's future. if it's not connected to this, it seems that he's referring to the southern district of new york, some of the state things launched in new york as well. how much should his legal team be worried about that tonight? >> we should take away from the mueller report being finished is it's not a surprise there are no more indictments from mueller. he's now finished. there aren't going to be any more indictments involving russian collusion and the trump campaign. mueller looked at all of those facts and he decided there's nothing chargeable there. again, i'm not going to second guess mr. mueller's
8:55 pm
prosecutorial decisions and i don't think congress should either. it's going to move to congress and impeachment and oversight and the southern district of new york. but these will all be matters that involve conduct by trump before he was president. under governing law, those prosecutions are going to have to be paused until his presidency is over. that's why impeachment is really the only thing that's going to to happen to trump while he's in office. southern district of new york might pull in other people like cohen and the family not protected by this. but i think if it moves to the southern district of new york, that's not going to touch trump himself. >> shannon: all right, we will stand by. we thank you off for weighing in tonight. here's what we know tonight. the report is in. after 675 days, we know it's with the attorney general as the statute mandates.
8:56 pm
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: this is a fox news alert. for close to two years, american politics has been stuck in a state of suspended animation. two years, the city, the city of washington has been utterly consumed by the far-reachingun investigation of special counsel robert mueller. the business of running the government, improving the lives of people who live here, those have been a distant second for two years. tonight, the mueller era is ending. at 5:00 p.m. this afternoon, robert mueller delivered his report to the attorney general to the united states, william barr. welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." the mueller report has not been released yet but there are some things we want to know about its


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