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tv   Cavuto Live  FOX News  March 23, 2019 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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look what happened. unfortunately i was right. get more information about what's actually in the report if congress refuse toss fix the today. pete: i have a feeling there loopholes and the court keep will be stuff today. ed: maybe we'll get pete back to suing this president on the work. pete: go march madness. border. what happens, ice needs to do a taking on ed henry tomorrow. nationwide operation look for the family groups that had due >> [laughter] process at great taxpayer expense and ordered removed by a federal judge, we have to remove these people and those orders neil: waiting on barr, we are mean nothing? live at the justice department there's no integrity in the in washington where the attorney entire system go ahead and open the border up. general bill barr is expected to i did it three years ago, i did be making a decision maybe shortly on the reports released. a nationwide operation and guess we're also live in west palm what happened? when they sent plane loads of beach, florida near mar-a-lago families home after due process, where the president and his team the numbers on the border of lawyers are waiting for the reduced dramatically. exact same details and live live we've got to get back to the nationwide operation. on capitol hill and the 2020 as controversial as it is, it's the law and we have to do the right thing for the nation. campaign where democrats are demanding the report's immediate and full release, neil: thank you very much. former acting ice director leading democrats expected to have a 3:00 p.m. conference call related to tom's point here, the house is going to attempt to to address this and so much more override the president's veto on welcome, everybody, happy weekend i'm neil cavuto. so much we do not know, here is this emergency declaration. what we do after nearly two the votes aren't there, but years, the russia probe is now they're going to try.
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to tom's point, they're wasting over and there are no new valuable time doing so. indictments. now is that a good sign for the we will have more after this. president? we'll be speaking with former whitewater independent counsel ken starr who will be joining us in a moment and likes to warn folks do not jump to early conclusion and first to peter do ocey with the latest. >> neil we finally got our first official congressional action since the mueller report dropped that 3:00 p.m. conference call where democrats are all going to dial in and hear from relevant, committee chairs, about what the next steps are specifically when it comes to messaging but also just whooo! want to take your next vacation to new heights? in terms of interpreting what might come from the justice tripadvisor now lets you book over a hundred thousand tours, department. as for everybody else, lawmakers attractions, and experiences in destinations around the world! are on standby, because as soon like new york! as the attorney general barr is from bus tours, done leaping through the mueller to breathtaking adventures, tripadvisor makes it easy to find and book amazing things to do. report he said he might be ready to quickly provide lawmakers with a summary but some democrat and you can cancel most bookings up to 24 hours s are already saying that is not good enough for them in advance for a full refund. they do not just want a summary. so you can make your next trip... monumental! they want to see all of the read reviews evidence that mueller used to check hotel prices
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book things to do draw a conclusion and if they tripadvisor don't get it, then they're ready to subpoena the special counsel, and make the money whose been silent for years testify. >> this if it is not made public in its entirety, we will use a come pulse or it process and subpoena the report and if necessary, we'll reserve the right to call mueller before the committee or maybe even barr before the committee. now that the report is done democrats also say they're worried the attorney general might try to give the trump team a sneak peak but republicans can't believe their ears because this investigation has been leak -free from start to finish and they don't know why that would change now. >> with many democrats right now in this political maine majority, theophano want impeachment as the end result regardless of the fact, that's the opposite of the direction you're supposed to go if again this report comes out and says there are no new indictments and there is no collusion they ought to drop this hoax.
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>> we only know of two people in the united states that have a hard copy of the mueller report right now, the attorney general barr and deputy attorney general rod rosenstein but lawmakers have been told that might change soon, this weekend. neil? neil: all right, peter thank you very very much and we're also waiting for reaction from the president of the united states as the mueller probe comes to an end garrett tenney in west palm beach, florida where the president is spending this weekend. >> neil, good morning to you president trump has been very un characteristically silent so far since this news came out and he is up and about this morning this past hour he arrived at trump international golf club and it's a beautiful day here, so he's probably making the in the golf course a bit while he's over there but last night a the latest inisn't just a store.ty source close to the president says he was in a good mood after it's a save more with a new kind of wireless network store. this news came out and we're also told that both he and his legal team are cautiously it's a look what your wifi can do now store. optimistic and one reason for that is because of the justice department saying that mueller a get your questions answered has not recommended any other by awesome experts store.
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charges from his investigation it's a now there's one store that connects your life and in a statement the president 's outside attorney, like never before store. rudy giuliani told fox news this the xfinity store is here. marks the end of the russia investigation. and it's simple, easy, awesome. we await a disclosure of the facts we're confident there is no finding of collusion by the president and this underscores what the president has been saying from the beginning that he did nothing wrong but like the rest of us the white house, >> all right. the president and his legal team you are looking at presidential are now awaiting the details of candidate, new jersey senator cory booker, he's know south what exactly is in the mueller carolina. report and last night, press the major and prominent democratic candidates are secretary sarah sanders tweeted crisscrossing the country as out the next steps are up to they do every weekend. attorney general barr, and we and right now, to a man or a look forward to the process taking its course, the white woman, they are commenting on house has not received or been these latest revelations with briefed on the special counsel's the mueller report out, they want to make sure it's fully out report, and one of the big questions going forward is how and everyone gets to see it and involved the white house will be furthermore if there's any issue in the summary of mueller's of mueller testifying on capitol report, that the attorney hill, subpoena the guy. general will be sending to congress if they will get let's go, back with us, subpoena involved at all as well as how involved they will be in the details of what is and is not bob mueller, what do you think? >> are you not surprised, neil? released from the further listen, the democrats are not investigation, not just the going to stop. summary, both to congress and
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they want to create another then to the public as well. circus like they did with the what all of us will ultimately kavanaugh hearings. see, neil. neil: all right garrett thank neil: and with a subpoena, just you very much. ask him, i'm sure he'll come. with the president, in florida in the meantime, no indictments >> probably. with the report, obviously, it's were handed over with this not going in their direction report so what does that mean is because we would have seen leaks it a good sign for the president by now. so, i think because of the let's ask former whitewater outcome of what we're going to independent counsel and author find out with the report, that of the memoire of the clinton investigation, ken starr. there was no collusion and the ken very good to have you thanks democrats are going to double for taking the time. >> hey thank you, neil. down and continue to obstruct and do anything they can to be neil: you know, back in 1998 you had what about a 445-page report anti-trump. neil: and we don't know-- we know there's a 3 p.m. meeting , we're told that this one of the key democratic committees was very large, they didn't give a page count to it but i'm and then their chiefs. betting it was more pages than no republicans invited. was that a mistake, do you yours i don't know. think? >> [laughter] yeah, it really doesn't mean beyond the politics, not to make anything, because by the way, this look bipartisan, that they all act together? bill barr who has this report is >> but it is bipartisan because going by the books. when you read his letter to everyone wants to see the report. i think we're on the same page. congress and that he made it neil: why don't they get public, neil, there are four republicans to share that? different references to the >> because i think they have different motives when it comes regulations under which robert to releasing the report. mueller's been operating so each side-- everybody needs to remember, it's fine, both sides have said
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bill barr is a lawyer and he analyze in different ways. looks at the law. everybody says well we want and one sees no proof, no complete transparency. collusion. he's got discretion to do that the other says, wow, it's a web but thus far he's a go by the of lies and we can't wait to books guy and he's what he said see. neil: i wouldn't be surprised if is principal conclusions, he's going to share those and then it's something, no tweeting or he's going to consult separately comments from the president. with both rod are, and then with >> we talked about that earlier. robert mueller to see what other i don't know because with his personality, you know which that information. he would feel vindicated right pullly bill barr is doing exactly right. now and say, look, it's a neil: so the fact that there are no additional indictments, and nothing-burger. you know and this is what he's many have read into that, well been-- >> and barr, what does it say, great line is a nothing burger. what does it say? i always found that to be a >> i'm sure a call has been weird phrase because even with already made. nothing on it the burger is if this was a report on me and compelling but having said that, something came out, i would what do you make of that and certainly be on the phone. what that means that there's his non-tweeting self is very nothing new here, nothing anything that the president needs to worry about here what bizarre. do you think? he's on the way to go play golf >> right and of course we don't right now, which is great. know, but as we discussed this i mean-- >> and by the way, separately, before. there have been contraindication s all the way we're looking at the justice through that there was no department, a few blocks from where we're sitting. collusion. there's a pro-trump rally going now, what the country was led to
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on outside the trump tower right understand is theres a serious now. what do you think of that? question. >> i think if anything, to your was there collusion between the other point, the president wants trump campaign, and russian to keep the news on the fact interest and so now, we have at that the report is out, and least no indictments right? there aren't additional we'll see was there information, indictments. so he-- >> or he's aware of other people and the like, but there's one really key thing that seems to saying mr. president, don't jump me people should feel very good the gun. about. they should, whether they will >> i don't think he can win. or not is their business. if he tweets or not or stays one, no indictable offenses with silent, he can't win. >> he never listens when they respect to any alleged collusion tell him don't say anything, , but secondly, this don't tweet. neil: and he still might and we investigation was allowed to run don't know. this is obviously putting this there is no interferes that's in the hands of the attorney general to read this thing and see what's in the thing. one of the key things that bill there's a lot to it. if you had to give barr made clear, so throughout recommendations to your the tenure, remember all the democratic friends on how to proceed from here, what would matt whitaker is the acting you say? >> let's ignore the mueller-- attorney general, oh, he's going to put a damper on. none of that came true so the the report and move on to other process has been run with integrity which is what the investigations. something else. let's focus on something else. american people should hope for and frankly, they should expect. neil: we've moved from collusion neil: but was there a leak of the no indictment news? to trump charitable foundation
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was that a leak? stuff, trump inaugural committee. >> well it may be, but we don't >> the report could be the gift that keeps on giving. neil: but if it's not, do you know where that came from, but think-- could risk looking a little over if to me that's a natural zealous. >> it's going to force the democrats to actually have to inference, neil just to be drawn from the fact, that robert have an authentic message, meaning not mueller report and mueller says i'm through. now, anything can happen, right? impeach trump, because that is something that has been everything has been on referred back to the justice impeachment for trump. now what secretary is-- department, and the extraordinary service of a what exactly is your message? special counsel, but again, this whether you like it or not is a one of those wait and see you're running up against the economy and pretty good things moments but i think it is a time going on and pretty good for the nation, i'm leaving policies. forget his personality. politics aside, others can talk neil: and he stumps on that about that but the nation to be message this week going after thankful that there was no john mccain and-- >> and his personality, that's evidence that we know of, of the thing that might take away collusion, which i think has been the case all the way along. the job and, he should win, no public evidence of collusion, however, he's non-presidential and secondly, that this process and that's what kills an has been run with integrity, and incumbent every time. >> you have some turning his back on accused of and voting so we should all just say thank goodness this is a rule of law and if you're going to have a country as opposed to a vladimir repeat of that. >> no one wants to fire a putin russia or a maduro president and he may get fired. neil: many in your party do,
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venezuela. neil: you know what's interesting too about 37 many in your party do and i'm indictments under a guilty plea wondering if they'll overplay over the span of two years. it. if this is the worst for the when all is said and done, most president, it's a big cloud of those were on lying or lifted. >> it's a big cloud. and look at the accomplishments with the economy, with jobs, misrepresenting yourself whether it's michael flynn or paul with international affairs. manafort or roger stone, but a this is what the media, the lot of lawyers have pointed out anti-trump media does not want to me, ken, that no one was to talk and democrats certainly charged with directly conspiring don't want to talk about. neil: i want to thank you all with the russians to help donald very, very much. trump get elected president and we're learning from my buddy john roberts as well, the attorney general is going the indictments did not accuse through this page by page and any americans of conspiring with now we're told he could report some of those conclusions russia, so what do they do? between 3:00 and 5:00 p.m. >> thank you, thank you. we're to make of it that the eastern time today. suggestion that there was that's significant because there is this 3:00 p.m. powwow ng mo collusion was from everything that we've seen, utterly just was without foundation, so let's democratic top committee heads and decide strategy from there say close the chapter on that. and he might have this to pounce let's deal with russia, the real on, to reject, to upon if i have threat isn't was there collusion kate -- there wasn't, no public evidence of any collusion whatsoever, but pontificate on.
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the russian interest are indeed a threat as we've seen in the thank you, fox continues after this. two indictments and i praise those indictments before that robert mueller's team returned against the russian individuals ♪ and the russian organizations. so even when she outgrows her costume, they're thugs, they're trying to interfere with our elections. we'll never outgrow the memory of our adventure together. let's bring them to justice and say robert mueller, good job, ad unlock savings when you add select hotels ios. neil: we tried to bring these to your existing trip. only when you book with expedia. russian nationals to justice and of course russia won't hand them over to us, so we aren't making much progress there but i'm curious about maybe this is the pro forma part of it that you can educate me on. when you released your report on bill clinton, did you have any recommendations that would go to the house and say all right this is something you can seize on the lying about the monica lewinsky stuff or whatever or did you just lay it out there and then they would seize on what they thought to be an impeachable or high crime and misdemeanor at best. >> yeah, well we said don't release it. we said this report, which was released without having been
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reviewed, it has very sensitive material in it, so my transmittal letter could not be clearer, watch out and i think everyone knew the nature of the investigation was such into perjury and obstruction of justice when you give the background but it was likely to contain details that you want to be cautious about and prudent but the house of representatives , they're the people's house, everybody loves transparency so boom, it just goes out, but no, i was very much by that and i was frankly surprised, because congress does in fact deal in a very professional way with sensitive material, all the time. neil: but they seized on that and felt that, you know, if you lie under oath, that that's going to be an impeachable event and people have different ways of interpreting oh, he lied about an affair, but be that as it may, they seized on that to begin impeachment operations so i'm wondering here those who have jumped to conclusions or
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thought the democrats might not be able to get something out of this how did that process go? >> yeah, well the process will, they will be looking, the political opponents will look for anything to hammer the president with so that's one of the reasons for the call of transparency, the 3:00 call. what are we going to do now, robert mueller has i guess let us down or whatever because he did not conclude the suggestions were that there was collusion, which i viewed certainly unlikely to begin with, so they're going to be trying to find anything that they possibly can, but again, my point is, and by the way i've got to correct one thing. what the president of the united states, bill clinton, was guilty of was included obstruction of justice and that's why he was found in contempt by susan weber wright. one of the things so different about this neil is we've had the president continually attacking the investigation but not
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interfering with it. bill clinton was subtle. >> noon eastern, the defendant of justice where attorney he let others, surrogates, general bill barr is inside as we speak this saturday reading attack the investigation and to the mueller report. an administration official put private investigators on our telling fox news that barr could reveal the principal conclusions private lives. the clinton white house played of the report as early as for keeps. it looks as if donald trump's tonight. >> we have got fox news team bark is a lot worse than his coverage fanned out across washington this afternoon. bite. neil: do you think donald trump we've got peter doocy over on has asked for a copy of his capitol hill getting lawmakers report and is that legal for reactions and david spunt is in bill barr to give it to him? front of the justice department. leland: and with that, welcome >> i doubt that he's asked. to america's news headquarters i'm sure his lawyers have said from washington. we would like to see it. continuing coverage of the mueller report. bill barr is so prudent that i i'm leland vittert. gillian: great t think he will provide the president's lawyers only, if anything, that which they need to know that might affect national security. neil: ken starr thank you very much for taking the time i appreciate it. >> you bet, neil. neil: ken starr the former white water independent counsel. by the way, this is going to be
7:14 am
political for democrats across the country including beto o'rourke who i believe he is in south carolina. he's joined many other democrats saying get that report out, the light of day the sooner the better, more after this. after months of wearing only a tiger costume, we're finally going on the trip i've been promising. because with expedia, i saved when i added a hotel to our flight. ♪ so even when she outgrows her costume,
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>> i would first argue that the department cannot adopt a double standard, and should cooperate willingly but if it doesn't, we will have to subpoena the evidence and have to subpoena mueller, or others to come before the congress, and answer questions, because if there is evidence of a compromise whether it arises from a criminal conductor not it needs to be exposed. neil: all right, that of course house intelligence committee committee chair adam schiff threatening to subpoena robert mueller as he wraps up the russia probe and the investigation keep in mind that bill barr the attorney general has already commented that he will certainly get out key
7:18 am
details of that report maybe the entire report it's too early to tell, obviously it's certain names have to be redacted and all that stuff and it's a very timely process. don summers is the former communications director for the former senate majority leader harry reed. john, are they jumping the gun to already be talking about that before, obviously barr has had a chance to fully read the report, weigh the report, talk to rosenstein and obviously, robert mueller about the report. >> yeah, neil i think everyone needs to slow their role on this one, right? i mean it's too soon to start calling for subpoenas of mueller and anyone on his team. it's also too early for republicans in the trump adminitration to declare victory because we just don't know what's in that report so i think everyone needs to take a breath, give attorney general barr some time to take a look at the report, and then come up with, you know, with what the next steps ought to be and obviously, one of those next steps needs to be a way to make that report
7:19 am
public, which i know some people are saying the democrats are calling for, but the reality is that people on both in both parties are calling for the release of their report, house voted unanimously last week to do that and nearly 90% of the american public wants that as well. neil: apparently there's a lot here where you can't release everything, names, and those who were originally tipping investigators in the early going how is that process even done? >> yeah, i think it's something it is important to keep in mind the sensitivity and i could see why some people, you know, who are involved with the report i could see why people on the justice department might be hesitant to release everything word-for-word, and i think reasonable people get that, but there is an opportunity for them to actually share that report, in a confidential setting, with members of congress. they get confidential and top- secret briefings all the time, where they could actually see things word-for-word and that's one of the reasons we have elected representatives in
7:20 am
washington to be our eyes and ears as well as our representative. neil: you know if you think about it but not much was leaked about this report yet outside of the fact there were no additional indictments. what did you think of that? >> about the fact there's no leak? i mean, -- neil: the only leak that i know of there were no additional indictments in it. >> yeah i think that was actually something they announced. you know, it's hard to know what to make of it because again we don't know what's in the report. you know, i think a lot of people think that democrats are out there hoping, you know, that this president would be found guilty of something or indicted for something. i personally think the opposite for the good of our nation i don't want this president to be guilty of anything. i think you and i have talked about that before. neil: indeed. >> i don't want the guy sitting in the oval office to have, you know, to have been found cooperating with a foreign adversary. i don't want that, but if it happened, i want to make sure that the people involved are held responsible. neil: you know, now they're
7:21 am
moving on to what's happening in the u.s. attorney' office, in separate attorney's offices in brooklyn and washington d.c. and the eastern district of virginia and all these other investigations including everything from the trump charity foundation to trump businesses and dealings dating back decades. this seems like it could easily get out of control and linger for years. >> well i think that's because we've got a president whose been involved in a lot of things they think he does have a very passing relationship with the truth. neil: but that was not the originality would not be the first time somethinging like this veered off course to the point of investigating everything under the sun but do democrats worry this boomerang, do they look a little too much? >> i think everybody has got to watch out and make sure they don't over reach on this and it is, i think it is an important point that you make, neil that this wasn't part of the original investigation, this wasn't what it was supposed to be all about,
7:22 am
but at the same time if crimes are found, then those people should be held accountable and we're seeing that happen. neil: thank you jon, very very much, used to work with harry reid. well forget mueller, what if i told you the big worry for the president could be the markets? if you have a garden you know, weeds are lowdown little scoundrels. draw the line with roundup. the sure shot wand extends with a protective shield to target weeds precisely and kill them right down to the root. roundup brand. trusted for over 40 years. that we're playing "four on four" with a barbershop quartet? [quartet singing] bum bum bum bum... pass the ball... pass the rock.. ...we're open just pass the ball! no, i can't believe how easy it was to save hundreds of dollars on my car insurance with geico. yea. [quartet singing] shoot the j! shoot, shoot, shoot the jaaaaaay... believe it! geico could save you fifteen percent
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or more on car insurance.
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with mlb extra innings on xfinity x1, you'll get up to 90 out of market games per week. and all of the body sacrificing catches, home plate heroics, and 6-4-3 double plays. plus, with x1 you can get every stat and every score all with the power of your voice. that's simple. easy. awesome. order mlb extra innings for a great low price. plus, access your favorite team on any device. go online today. neil: all right this might be kind of obvious, but we're just learning now that the attorney general of the united states, bill barr will be at the department of justice today completely reviewing the mueller report and we're told that it's comprehensive some people interpret that to be a whole lot of pages to it, the record set back in 1998 for such reports, ken starr is on bill clinton that was 445 pages and many are saying it's a safe bet this has more pages so none of that means anything i would always add pages to a term paper thinking volume it might make up for the
7:26 am
lack of substance but didn't always work with professors anyway welcome back, i'm neil cavuto and you're watching cavuto live so it could be as early as tonight we get some details on this or what's in this report we'll be focusing on that. there are other issues though for the president even if he's not worried about mueller any more if that is indeed the case should he be worried about the market and be worried about a big sell-off yesterday precipitated by concerns for a slow down in something called the inverted yield curve this is where i'm chasing viewers away . plaining this but it's important enough to note it hasn't happened since 2007 with a yield you get on a three-month treasury bill was higher than a 10 year treasury note and that when it does happen usually leads to a recession in fact all of the recessions we've been through certainly post they have had this classic, so with market watchers kevin kelly, we got fox business news susan li. they say that's a worry, what do you say? >> i think we've been hearing
7:27 am
wispers of the r word the recession happening. we've been hearing about this for the last 18 months. with this inverted yield curve sure it might be an indication this is around the corner, but you know, pretty for the most part the markets have been sort of bullet proof, and i don't know if this is necessarily an indication of recession happening in the near future. i mean, markets ebb and flow. we're going to see a recession at some point. neil: we haven't out lawed that and very high odds we'll have a recession the next couple of years. >> that's what's going to happen. will it happen tomorrow? probably not. neil: or maybe the day after tomorrow. so kevin we were talking during the break about some people say you've got to be aware of how long we're in this inverted phase or whatever. what's the truth? >> yeah, the truth is we actually don't know what the in version of the yield curve means now post 2009 if you think about how the federal reserve has come out and done quantitative easing programs where they've
7:28 am
manipulated interest rates so we've never been in this environment before. neil: you do know interest rates are very very low. that's the market betting on a slow down. no that's showing worry, that shows a lot of worry in the conservative bond market, right? where if you're willing to take higher yields shorter term than longer you're not getting compensated for that and we're long in this economic cycle. its been the longest recovery we've ever had, so what i'm most worried about is actually what the fed does, right? and i think that's where everyone's kind of been the reason why the market is up this year is because the fed completely capitulated from when they raised in december to then coming out saying listen it was probably a mistake i won't raise any more. that's why you see the markets come up and if the markets sell-off and we start to see the economy slow that rate of change can be drastic. >> it's not the first time the yield curve is inverted those three-year treasury notes and the five-years, it's the same
7:29 am
thing in december, and how did it react? it wasn't a great december but we bounced up 20% in the first few months of this year. i think the concern might be its been too good of year there might be profit taking. neil: but could i ask you guys something the mueller stuff is a wildcard i grant you and it's way way too early to say this but if it when they say no more indictments and this certainly doesn't expand, be it what some had thought, would that be a positive for the markets whether they're right or left, republican or democrat that it certainly doesn't head toward a constitutional crisis what do you think? >> it seems like we're heading in that direction. we've seen information that has come out that has been on par with or not worse than what we are expected to hear, and to be quite honest, i mean, let's think about it this mueller report came out on friday at 5 p.m., you know, if there was a walk of the president it would of come out on monday at 9:00
7:30 am
a.m. >> i disagree because after market hours so it doesn't cause a huge disturbance. neil: but when it comes to that extent on monday morning what do you envision? >> then there would be panic that's what i envision. markets would be down. >> but i think that there is no information in this. >> it's market positive because you're not dragged through the course for the next two to three years. neil: well there are other investigations going on. >> well we know that and we've also seen actually there's leaks of the mueller report over, you know the past few years, and every time the market reaction has been more and more muted and so what i mean by that is we would be down a couple hundred points and it would rebound an hour later and i think the majorityies" are more focused on trading tariffs. neil: this isn't a right or left argument. markets are on board around uncertainty and the clinton impeachment process, and going through good market times they don't like that disruption say friday we're enjoying good market times, so anything that
7:31 am
hints that we're avoiding that, it would be welcome, right? >> yeah, it would be welcome and we already know that almost half the people think this was a witch hunt, right? we've seen through poles, so if you think about the general population and then market movements from leaks, i think the market is really not concerned about the mueller report. neil: is the market concerned about investigations that will ensue? that will continue? and a conference call today? >> the markets aren't concerned with if the democrats are going to overtake the house. i mean right now all republicans are leaning towards the president and the president has been able to keep this economy going, so if the democrats, if the focus on 2020 at this point unless the democrats put a lot of pressure on new york state, as these investigations happen with the president. that's the only way that the markets are going to be affected by this. neil: we shall see guys thank you very very much. we don't know we do know about this 3:00 p.m. conference call among top democrats as to what to do now that is assuming they get any more details than they
7:32 am
know already. we know in that justice department billing, bill barr is going through all of this right now, page by page, and we're told that it's voluminous so that means there could be a lot of pages, after this. all money managers might seem the same, but some give their clients cookie cutter portfolios. fisher investments tailors portfolios to your goals and needs. some only call when they have something to sell. fisher calls regularly so you stay informed. and while some advisors are happy to earn commissions whether you do well or not. fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better. maybe that's why most of our clients come from other money managers. fisher investments. clearly better money management.
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7:36 am
indictments on the right of your screen is the capitol where we're told at 3:00 p.m. today there will be a conference call by all of the effected democratic committee chairs to decide on what the next step should be it's hard to know the next step if you don't have the report, and many leading deput ies said they do want that report, they want it out there, and completely released without any redactions, and the sooner the better. let's go to former clinton advisor mark penn on all of that mark, democrats have a delicate dance on this don't they? they can't can't appear to be too zealous so what's your sense of how they're handling it thus far? >> well i think that's right. i think that the more non- partisan they can appear the better. i'm a little surprised they hold a one party conference call before the report is even out. i think that kind of looks partisan and i think you want to avoid that and be waiting for the report to come out, you want to react to the findings, and then you want to ask for more information if there's some findings that you want to pursue and i think that's very important.
7:37 am
it gives a bad impression if everyone is just looking at this report as yet another partisan document. neil: so adam schiff is calling for subpoenaing documents and individuals, you know, all the way to robert mueller, i mean is he over reaching here or what? >> well, i mean if i were him i would have held my fire until i saw what was in the and what the summary was because he's giving the impression that he's going to pursue another investigation no matter what, and if there's one thing that we kind of know here, if there are no collusion- related indictments which there haven't been there couldn't possibly be collusion, and so they know that finding is coming out there may be other findings that democrats find is helpful related to comey and whether or not there was some attempt to obstruct it we don't know that. we're waiting for that. i don't think that they look good at all doing what they're doing now as opposed to appearing to wait for the finding. neil: you know it's always
7:38 am
politics and i understand that and you've told me that over the years i can remember great concern on the part of democrats about releasing the ken starr report back in 1998 that it was a bad idea now of course in this situation, different investigation, released the whole thing but there are legal and logical reasons to say nothing of national security reasons for at least admitting or redacting certain names and individuals who precipitated this investigation so just to do that could take a little bit of time, right? >> well that's right. look, i opposed what ken starr did, back in 98 and i was glad to hear him say he didn't want his report released because it shouldn't have been released with all of the graphic detail that was included in that report , and here, everyone knows when they say we want everything , i want the report, they know that's a a popular sound bite but they know what the department regulations are and they know that innocent people, you know, who are not indicted who may have been
7:39 am
investigated shouldn't be compromised if the decision was not to in fact indict them or didn't find anything. they know that violates basic rights of grand jury. they know all of this, but they should say attorney general barr should follow those regulations we ought to get everything we're entitled to get to see what happened here. neil: you know, switching it around watching a lot of coverage on this and depending on the venue you could hear what traditionally is talked about almost like they've moved past mueller to talk about other investigations going on in the manhattan u.s. attorney's office , other federal prosecutor s throughout the country the eastern district of virginia and washington d.c. what have you, it's everything from the trump charity foundation to trump business dealings, dating back decades, so i can envision certainly more house-related committee hearings , from judiciary and is that a danger to democrats over- investigating, what do you think? >> well, i can only give you
7:40 am
the experience back in 98. when it was over, it was over. no one wanted to talk about it again. everybody talked about monica lewinsky for an entire year. everyone talked about russia collusion for two years. i think there's russia collusion exhaustion. neil: but i think it veered from the collusion issue to your point. this does not address collusion because it doesn't find evidence to that. if that is indeed the case that no one has been charged directly with conspiring russia to rig an election which is the initial intent. if it's veered now with these other investigations into the business dealings and the like, how are americans going to respond to that? >> well look, i think that americans are really give two responses number one if you say should we investigate x, they always say yes, but 60% have said these investigations have been hurting the country. so i think democrats have to think long and hard. do they want to talk about healthcare the issue on which they won the mid-terms or do they want to talk about investigations and charitable
7:41 am
foundations and fundraising stuff when if this didn't go anywhere. now let's see the report, let's get the conclusions, and make a decision but yeah there's a real danger of overreaching here you're exactly right. neil: mark penn always good to have you my friend thank you very very much. mark penn on all these developments. and by the way the justice department that the attorney general of the united states bill barr is in fact going through this report, we're told it's comprehensive some may take that to mean voluminous some take that to moon a whole lot of pages i don't know if the attorney general is a speed reader but he's already promised that at least highlights would get out of this weekend, and he is providing those highlights presumably based on what he's read so he's reading and we're still broadcasting. more after this.
7:42 am
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7:44 am
neil: all right, a little earlier today president trump arriving at his trump international golf club in pest palm beach, we do know that the
7:45 am
president was alerted to the no additional indictment thing and that people around him said he was happy about it, we don't know much more than that we're keeping track of it but again whatever happens, with the mueller probe, we're not done. there's something going on in the southern district of new york, jacqui heinrich is on top of that, hey, jackie. >> hey, neil the reality is even if the mueller report doesn't recommend any more indict ams the investigations out of the southern district of new york and elsewhere are not limited russian collusion or interference with the 2016 election and right now there are least six entities linked to the president under investigation. they are trump's inaugural committee, and potential corruption involving favors for donors trump taxes and the allegations that he benefited from a $4 million tax scheme involving deutsche bank, the trump organization, the trump foundation, michael cohen his former fixer and hush money payments made to adult actresses , paul manafort and possible mortgage fraud whether manafort is campaign chairman illegally coordinated with the
7:46 am
pro-trump super pack and also allegations of sexual assault from former contestant on the apprentice. in an interview with maria bartiromo yesterday morning the president seemed unconcerned. president trump: i said to my lawyers, are we being looked at here or there? they don't even know what people are talking about. how many breaking news story was there about me that turned out to be non-existent? reporter: many investigations grew out of an april raid of michael cohen's office and residence. the probe into the trump inauguration is one of them. >> the southern district of new york and indictment of michael cohen has already named president trump as an unindicted co-conspirator individual number one. he is a criminal in their eyes. he participanted in that conspiracy. members of his family mesas well there's almost no aspect of trump world not under investigation right now. reporter: there still is a lot that remains to be seen about how the president is coordinat
7:47 am
ing with his legal defenses over these probes. neil? neil: all right, thank you very very much. just minutes ago, that is stunning. that might not even be in the mueller report at all. welcome to politics, 2020 after this. we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. we're the tenney's and we're usaa members for life. call usaa to start saving on insurance today.
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7:50 am
>> doing everything to close up the charleston loophole, who should not have weapons in their hands do not receive them, saving lives in the process. >> [applause] neil: all right, well that was
7:51 am
not the particular sound bite we wanted here but earlier that was beto o'rourke in south carolina for a political event but he had mentioned of the mueller report that no matter the details, the president conspired with russia to bring the 2016 election. do we have that now, so look at this, this is what he said. okay, do you know what i'm not even going to i apologize for that but he did say that trust me on this, so now many will leap on that even though there might not be anything in the report to verify that we did not see additional indictments come out of the robert mueller probe that doesn't mean there might not be other surprises in there but this idea that the administration were closely with the russians to rig the election in donald trump's favor that is not come through just yet. even in the indictments and arrests that we have already had a lot of lying going on and misrepresenting of the meetings going on but rather, a direct
7:52 am
administration where then top tumultuous official involvement in trying to alter the 2016 election has not come out so let's get the read from deneen border patrol el it. we do know the attorney general is going through this page by page, obviously a lot of pages. if it's that then beto o'rourke took a leap. >> well listen i would say the whole thing should be released for the public to review the media, we've been inundated with russia collusion for over two years now so let's get to the facts and see what has been resolved in this report, but when you also look at how democrats are not going to let this go, the news headlines that i've been seeing since yesterday when the report came out other investigations, there's got to be something else there, they're not going to let this go so we really need to see what the details are to really expose the
7:53 am
left and that it's all about control and power and they're trying to direct their narrative with this when in fact there is no proof. neil: mark penn was here a little while ago, the advisor to the clintons who said that the democrats risk over doing this. what do you think, kathy? >> well yeah there is a risk. i mean one of my sources said if you're going to attack the king make sure you kill him so because the wrath is going to be awful so is this report going to kill the king? >> it's sort of like a majority >> exactly. so no, no, i was just saying -- neil: i get it. >> if you're going to attack this guy. neil: but by constantly pounding , so it is legitimate going on. >> absolutely but this one might not be the one that actually kills the king. this might not be the one that has the weapon that brings him down. so they may not they might have to step back a little bit because it seems like this is not the report this is not the investigation that's going to do it. neil: well they always reported again i was flipping around
7:54 am
hearing that look the 37 indictments or guilty pleas span ning two years, some key members of the president's team early ongoing off to prison, that's something. what do you think? >> well there are two narrative s i think that are consistent within the democrats right now and first of all, it is that they don't recognize the election that they really think that hillary clinton won and there's something wrong. the second is he's guilty. i don't care what the mueller report says, but they're going to look for anything that's negative and go with that. neil: anything that's negative? in other words we moved beyond potentially collusion because the trump charitable foundation. anything and everything right? >> and don't forget the house democrats investigations going on with what 81 people that are remotely associated with president trump? neil: but even nancy pelosi was warning go slow and be careful this is when i had steny hoyer not too long ago. >> she's all full control of the house. neil: do you worry that they are grabbing the feet from the jaws of victory for 2020 but not
7:55 am
letting go? >> this report perhaps they should let go but we knew that they were going to launch investigations after investigations before they had the house that was the whole point. we said it on this show what's going to happen if they get the house? investigations. neil: and that's true and happening but when i hear all of the presidential accounts just among them saying that this was a bought and paid for russia coordinated trump deal, that's just a false narrative and that's a risky story to pursue? >> right you're exactly, so they want to look at in the district of new york. neil: i understand i understand but they have the republican overplayed in 98. >> well but the thing of it is with beto rallying his base and the crowd, they want -- neil: they love that. >> want to hear things that may not even be true just to rally that base, anti-trump because a lot of these democrat hopefuls are hoping that any kind of
7:56 am
negative spin on trump, a vote of anger is going to be a vote for them. >> beto, the guy who ate dirt, right? neil: i heard that. why would you eat dirt? >> go figure. neil: i mean, did you need water to make it go down better? >> can't help you there. neil: guys thank you very very much again, the justice department where things are going on right now, the attorney general is going through this report, and we do know this 3:00 p.m. meeting among prominent democrats all the key committee chairman involved, to sort of assess what they do, they might be planning that, ahead of the reports formal release, that has not happened and they want it released and the sooner the better so the back and forth on this continues we'll have more after this.
7:57 am
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7:59 am
>> all right. it's going to be a busy morning for the attorney general of the united states. not that many weeks into the job and he's got a lot of reading to
8:00 am
do. a comprehensive mueller report that's out say what is it, 675 days for this. so got to be a lot of pages there. he's going through them page by page. we're told he wants to get at least some bullet points out to folks sometime this weekend. david spunt is at the justice department with the latest, hey, david. >> hey, neil, good morning to you, and good morning from the justice department. the attorney general william barr just got here within the last 30 to 45 minutes and as you said, he does have a lot of reading to do, but this is not something, that mueller report, that's going around to all staff members here at the justice department. a select group of people are going to be looking through it with the attorney general today. not something that's going to be circulating, being e-mailed around at the justice department. the special counsellor mueller has been deliberate since he took over this investigation almost two years ago, neil, to keep this from leaking to the public. many said he's done a great job
8:01 am
because of what's in the report. we do know that attorney general barr got a hold of it yesterday afternoon and he and his team are reading it. and the task, what can be released to congress. many members asking to see it and what can be released to the public. barr says the moment he came to office earlier this year, he would be as transparent as possible, but there's always that catch, neil, as you know, parts of the reports could be classified and could pose a risk to national security which could delay things a little bit more. meanwhile, a senior doj official told fox news yesterday, shortly after the report was sent to the justice department and admitted, we found out there would be no more indictments in this case and barr says he may be in a position to brief congress as early as today or perhaps tomorrow as some of the contents of the report, again though, neil, this report is being reviewed right now by the top person himself, attorney general william barr, probably some select staff members, not being e-mailed around, but when will
8:02 am
we see it? when will members of congress see it? that's what we're waiting to find out, waiting to find out the content as soon as possible. neil. neil: all right. david, thank you very much. david spunt at the justice department. we told you a little earlier that house democrats are planning on holding a conference call on this, but among democrats, this guy is a man out, he may not participate in this, chris stewart. congressman, no republicans invited, this is a democrat-only conference call, what do you think about that? >> i think it's going to be the most depressing call they've had for a long time. i think you've got a lot of disappointed democrats who have been hoping and making claims for years, as he think you played that kip of beto o'rourke, they've been saying very definitively, we have evidence of collusion and conspiracy, this president conspired with russia and should be held accountable and turns out by the way, for the fourth time, the fourth investigation, there's virtually no evidence of
8:03 am
that and leaves many of them, i think, to have to answer some questions. frankly, i think some of them should apologize to some of these innocent americans who have had this cloud hanging over their heads and accused of very serious crimes and again, without any evidence to support that. neil: you know, they counted, a lot of the democrats, look at all the guilty pleas involving everyone from the former national security advisor, michael flynn and paul manafort, the former campaign chair and former advisor roger stone and michael cohen, the personal lawyer, for the russia nationals, and russia wasn't going to let them here to face the movement. with those 37 indictments and/or guilty pleas for the mueller probe, accomplished. >> i think that some of these individuals who obviously had illegal activity, participated in illegal activity and should be held accountable for that and i've never objected to that and never would, but that's not what
8:04 am
we were told. we weren't told that paul manafort had some illicit activities ten years before he started to work for president trump. we were told that president trump and his campaign and people associated with him were colluding and conspiring with russian agents during the campaign and none of that has gone out to be true. it's also fair to point out and remember for some of these individuals they're accused of crimes in some cases pled guilty of crimes which occurred mr. manafort-- or i'm sorry, mr. mueller was given the responsibility of acting as special counsel. again, coming back to the point that none of these are crimes that were participated during the campaign as we've been told for a couple of years that they have been. neil: would you support an effort to subpoena bob mueller himself, to testify before your committee or other committees. something that adam schiff has been kicking around. >> we're certainly not learning anything new. i've been in favor of
8:05 am
transparency and i've been saying for months this report should be released and i would like the work done on the house intelligence committee that that would be released for a couple of reasons. one shall the american people deserve to know after years of hearing these accusations for them to know the truth. the second thing is that anything that isn't released, if there's a paragraph or a sentence of the mueller report that's redacted, people will point to that and say, see, theys that's where the conspiracy is and get it on the table and let the american people see it and draw their own conclusions. and it's better. if mr. mueller can add to that by coming before the committee i would invite that, although i don't think we're going to learn anything new or dramatic if he appeared before us. i'll be surprised if that was the case. neil: do you think that the president has a right to read this report before you or the democrats do? >> i do and i don't think it
8:06 am
should trouble people. it's a prosecutorial report, when i say he mr. mueller, he has no obligation to put in exculpatory information to prosecutcute the case. and i think for in i to say this is information that casts it in a different light. i think that would be fair for the president or to any individual to be able to reply to something before a one-sided report. that's not a criticism of mr. mueller, i want to be clear, it's the nature of his work that i think it would be fair to allow them to reply to that. neil: congressman, thank you for coming on on a saturday. we appreciate it. >> yeah, shu thank you, sir. neil: we told, but this report out, it could be a breather for the president, but then there's the issue of the market and we told you about that earlier, they were a little crazy.
8:07 am
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where's your belly rubs? after a day of chasing dogs you shouldn't have to chase down payments. (vo) send invoices and accept payments to get paid twice as fast. (danny) it's time to get yours! (vo) quickbooks. backing you. >> you know, we are could cog that other things are going on including the president declaring that isis is defeated in syria. and hey, lauren. >> hi, neil, we're expecting a statement from the white house today, but the president has been teasing this announcement for days now, that the isis caliphate has officially been wiped out. >> so, here is isis on election day. here is isis right now. if you look, so there's isis and that's what we have right now,
8:11 am
as of last night. that's what we have right now. you guys can have the map, congratulations. >> a spokesman for the u.s.-backed kurdish led forces tweeting in part, syrian democratic forces elimination of so-called caliphate 100 territorial defeat of isis. the u.s. military aircraft have dropped over 100,000 bombs on isis. some 11,000 u.s.-backed fighters and thousands of civilians have been killed as well as 17 american soldiers. all once-held isis territory has been eliminated including the last isis stronghold in eastern syrian. the french defense minister tweeting the territorial defeat was a collective success, but isis has not disappeared, pentagon, however, would not
8:12 am
commit forces in syria. and the british calling isis defeat a historic achievement, but the fight is not over. so, what's next? the fear from military leaders is that while the physical territory may be gone, isis fighters and those who want to preserve the ideology are still a very real global threat and neil, just a few minutes ago, the secretary of state, mike pompeo saying, even with this news, the mission has not changed and there's still work to do to make sure radical islamic terrorism doesn't continue to grow. neil: okay. lauren, thank you very, very much. and lauren blanchard, nothing to do with lauren, we mistakenly showed video of the u.s.s. cole bombing and that was not obviously isis-inspired. the point that the president makes they're done, finite. colonel, what do you think about what the president is saying, they're done? >> well, it is a major victory,
8:13 am
neil. there's no question about it. i see this as a victory in terms of taking back the land. they had u.k., united kingdom sized piece of terrain, 12 million people and now they're-- they don't control land. they have, really, morphed into an insurgency and they'll continue with the thousands of people that are embedded within the refugee population, et cetera. what i'm concerned about is that we continue to have isis presence in afghanistan and certainly in southeast asia, the philippines and north africa and the like. the ideology is as your reporter indicated, is really and it has to be defeated on cyber space and yet, you know, we continue to fight violent extremist organizations, not just isis, but others around the world. so, yes, it is a milestone. no, they're not totally defeated. the caliphate is on its heels and they will continue to have a
8:14 am
presence, albeit, behind the scenes. neil: you know, obviously, terror groups morph into other terrorist groups. we saw that, if you go back even to the attacks on 9/11 and the taliban and then comes al-qaeda and boakako horam and whether t need a station or base at all to conduct these attacks? >> they don't need land. you know, we've seen what al-qaeda can continue to do from the, you know, the tribal region of pakistan. we've seen what has happened with the groups that are going into western china. we've seen what boca horam has become and in this country, through cyber space and the
8:15 am
radicalization, and against our police and the president's national defense strategy are right, they identify two near-peer rivals and then they also identify violent extremist organizations that's going to keep us very busy for decades to come. we've reached a milestone with isis and i celebrate what the president has been able to do because i don't think that if he hadn't been in there we wouldn't be where we are today. neil: and the military guy's read on this, if the president is somewhat exonerated in the mueller report, it certainly would stymie the impeachment effort which obviously cuts to the core of the president of the united states getting dragged through the hearings and the like. militarily, i would imagine that it would be deemed a relief? >> it is a relief, neil. certainly, vladimir putin in moscow and president xi in
8:16 am
beijing watch with baited breath the president's troubles in washington with its own congress. those enemies and i call them enemies with good reason, they are now, i think, going to sit back and watch and see what happens here in washington, whether or not the president is weaken weakened. because they are being very aggressive across the world and it's important that our president be empowered to do the types of things that he must do to defend this country. i see today as far more dangerous than we were in 1938 as we faced the nazis and the japanese just before they launched attacks into poland and of course, they attacked us on december the 7th, 1941 in pearl harbor. these are dangerous times and i hope that the american people wake up empower our country to defend against the adversaries we face. neil: well-put. i want to thank you for your presence here on saturday and
8:17 am
your services to this country, right or left, that's amazing. >> thank you. neil: the investigation is over and the rush to make it public is on and all of this as the attorney general of the united states is holed up in that building, going through it page by page after this. i can't believe it. that there's a lobster in our hot tub? lobster: oh, you guys. there's a jet! oh...i needed this. no, i can't believe how easy it was to save hundreds of dollars on our car insurance with geico. we could have been doing this a long time ago. so, you guys staying at the hotel? yeah, we just got married. oh ho-ho! congratulations! thank you. yeah, i'm afraid of commitment... and being boiled alive. oh, shoot. believe it. geico could save you 15% or more on car insurance. that guy's the worst.
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8:20 am
>> all right. and this is a new video coming into our news room right now showing the attorneys general arriving at the department of justice where we're told he's now been reading the mueller report. we don't know how many pages that report is and suffice to say when it's been called comprehensive and this has gone on for the better part of what, 670-some odd days. there's a lot of pages to that. i don't know if the attorney general is a speed reader, it might not matter. this is a lot of reading to do whether you're doing it fast or a normal pace.
8:21 am
let's get the read from the former whitewater independence counsel, robert ray. i don't know if he's speed reader, but with the clinton -- everybody wants it released in their hot little hands and you were facing that pressure. that versus this. >> it's not too much different. we don't have an independent counsel statute any longer. same concerns are present. we have still have the end of an investigation, findings and conclusions with regard to that investigation which are of paramount national interest and understandable desire, on the one hand to be as transparent, as forthcoming as you can be and to be fair about that process as well. we'll see. obviously, the attorney general wasn't at the department of justice late last night and into today, this morning, for no reason and they're obviously
8:22 am
giving that their undivided attention. neil: presumably he's going to put out bullet points and whatever from that report. how does that process go? >> i think what he said in his letter was that he intends to get back to the committee chairman and the ranking members on those key -- the four key committees. i guess the two key committees. neil: this weekend. >> and it could be as soon as today. neil: and the democrats attached to those committees are meeting at 3 p.m. do you think they'll have it. >> i think they'll have the principle conclusions and findings of the mueller investigation, sure. now, is that enough to keep them happy? of course not. i suppose, at some level, no matter what happens here, it's not going to be enough to keep some people happy no matter what you do. neil: and including the california democratic congressman who might be a
8:23 am
presidential aspirent. and this is from the congress and want you to react to it. >> here is what's important, the public sees the report contemporaneously with the president he should not be allowed to edit and sanitize and restrict and mueller has to come before the congress and-- . >> can you make that happen? >> yes, adam schiff and-- >> you subpoena mueller? >> subpoena mueller. >> they have the power to do that. i expect that in all likelihood, mr. mueller would respond and appear, but, also, i believe the department of justice will stop at the water's edge of releasing what they intend to release from the mueller report and if bob mueller appears in congress, i suspect that he will not talk outside of that report. i think, you know, as a -- as a policy matter, the department owes it and the attorney general was clear that he will be as transparent as he can be under the law, but i think that means that that's going to be the end
8:24 am
of it at any attempt by the democrats to sort of lurch behind those findings and conclusions to actually get, you know, every single thing that the special counsel did, i don't think that's going to happen. i think those subpoenas will be resisted and i don't think that there's any court that's going to compel the department to turn over what the department doesn't want to turn over. neil: do you think the issue of russians in kahoots and to rig the 2016 election has been put to rest? >> i hope so. i don't think there's any question of what the intent of the russians were and i think that it's also clear that bob mueller made some determinations in that regard. he returned charges against russian nationals. that's a long way from saying that officials in the trump campaign were in collusion with-- >> and make sure you get the
8:25 am
distinctions clear, no one has been charged with directly conspiring with the russians to help donald trump get elected, but democrats have pointed to the 37 indictments and guilty pleas involving michael flynn to paul manafort to roger stone of evidence as dishonest individuals who lied. that's why we have an investigation. bob mueller's mandate was to press, to find out an answer to that question. i think we're going to be close to finding out that answer. i do think the american people are entitled to findings and conclusions as they relate to the president with regard to those two core issues. one is on russia collusion and the separate issue with regard to obstruction of justice. in one fashion or another, is going to be delivered to congress and then congress can-- the house can decide-- >> and you don't make -- these are -- the house can season what it wants, right? and we believe that the merits,
8:26 am
or high crime or misdemeanor to go after the president? >> i think it's important for the american people to understand the distinction between did bob mueller choose not to proceed against the president because he was prevented from doing so under existing department policy, not to be able to charge a sitting president or instead-- >> and in this case by now? >> sure, i wasn't bound by department of justice policy, but i was pound bound to consult and i came in at the end of the clinton administration, the second term of the clinton administration so my principal charter was to decide what to do about potential criminal misconduct and whether to charge after the president left office. so a little bit of a different situation. here though, i think the american people need to come to understand, did he choose not to proceed because of department policy or choose not to proceed because he didn't find there somebody sufficient evidence, in
8:27 am
that, if it's determined he chose not to proceed because of lack of evidence, i think that completely takes the air out of the sails of attempts to press forward. and what many democrats want to do with impeachment proceedings, and i think that ought to be the end of it. neil: and if you had anything to do with the manhattan's attorney general's office and three other owners in district of columbia, and the district of virginia, looking at everything from the trump foundation, the charity foundation, to the trump business dealings, did you have anything like that ancillary to what you were investigating? >> no, and the reason was the independent counsel statute to the extent there needed to be extended authority, an independent counsel statute to go to the court for-- >> and complicates things this go-round. >> it does, but remember, all of this is under the auspice cesses
8:28 am
-- auspices of justice. and bob mueller was upped the regulations and the district attorneys report to main justices in washington. i think it's unrealistic to think that now that the mueller investigations have ended that these other investigations should be a stalking horse for the mueller investigation. neil: they've continued and they have-- >> they can, but under the supervision of the leadership of the department of justice and i believe that leadership will exercise control over those investigations as she should. neil: do you believe that bob mueller has-- could go from hero to goat in the eyes of democrats-- >> and i have always felt fortunate as a result of the experience to have left washington with my head on my shoulders and my reputation reasonably intact. and that's something in the political process things have a way of turning in a hurry,
8:29 am
depending on whose ox is being gored and where the politicians are in a presidential campaign and all the other things come into play. that's possible. neil: that's a risk. >> you know what? i believe with regard to big matters, the country gets things right and i also believe that, you know, ultimately the truth wins out. bob mueller is a person of significant experience and integrity and so, you know, they can try to that, but you know, the american people in their good judgment understand that they owe him a great debt of gratitude having conducted a full and fair investigation over 22 months that has now concluded, as i'd hoped. we talked about previously. it's in the country's interest that we now move on. >> finally, does it mean anything to you, in that investigation. mueller never got to talk to donald trump? >> i think that was a significant moment. i think experience has shown-- i mean, i put my white collar criminal defense hat on. if you were advising the president as i'm sure rudy
8:30 am
guiliani did and others, look, there's nothing to be gained as a result of voluntarily making yourself available for an interview because all it does is lay fodder for a claim that you weren't forth coming or you made a false statement or purgered yourself. that's the president's prerogative as it would have been-- >> he could have forced the issue? >> he could have, but we all understand that would raise constitutional concerns that would have had to have been litigated and the greater public interest here is to get to the finish line and conclude the investigation in the country's best interest, which was done here. i think he made the right call on that. >> robert ray, thank you, the former whitewater independent counsel and pressure from both sides. that was then and who knows if it's going to happen all over again now. we'll have an update now. so far no response from the president. he's golfing, we're told. no tweets, no reaction at all. what does that mean? i have no idea. after this.
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8:34 am
>> the attorney general's bar should be called to testify under oath before the united states congress. >> absolutely, absolutely. >> i cannot even imagine what will happen if he doesn't release this report. >> you have a president who, in my opinion, beyond a shadow of a doubt sought to however ham-handedly, collude with the russian government, a foreign power to undermine and influence our elections.
8:35 am
neil: all right, so that might be a bit of a reach there on the part of beto o'rourke. we should stress even the exciting indictments out there did not accuse any americans of conspiring with russia to allter the outcome of the election. they lied, they lied about meetings and in some cases they lied about trips to moscow and elsewhere, but that was never proven in any of the cases here, so, just put that in perspective when we get the details of this report, if and when, attorney general barr releases those details. he's already promised he would give at least some bullet points, maybe this weekend, that could be later today. we'll know more, but for now we have to resist the political urge on the right or left to characterize it one way or the other. with us now is a former justice department official jean rossi on this. i thought the beto o'rourke leap was just that, a huge leap. what do you think? >> it's the classic getting over your skis, the tips of your
8:36 am
skis. you brought up a good point, neil, republicans and democrats should not get over the tips of their skis either way. we don't know what is in this report. it's a war and peace, a lot of pages. we doesn't know if there are exoneration of individuals, including the president, or this is a possibility. when i was a prosecutor i would write memos to decline cases. in the memos i'd put the good and bad and positive and negative and we don't know if that report, if mueller came close to charging somebody or that person was completely exonerated. we have to wait. so, both sides should be very cautious and should not be spiking the football and to go with that football analogy. i think we are at the end of the first half. in the third and quarter quarter are going to involve two forces. one is congress, we all know what could possibly happen there
8:37 am
with the investigative committees, but the other force in the second half of this football game, if you will, this very serious one, is you have the southern district, the eastern district of virginia. the new york, the d.c. u.s. attorney's office and main justice who have received handoffs, if you will, from robert mueller who -- i've got to say this, neil, the biggest star in this whole scenario is robert mueller. in 22 months he didn't go after anybody, he went after the truth. he was an umpire in a baseball game, to mix metaphors and we've got to compliment him because he didn't drag this out. he did what he had to do and he didn't leak. neil: yeah, that's remarkable. to your point, too, the outset there, it's led to splintered
8:38 am
investigations that morphed from russian collusion, to the president's inauguration. it veered wildly off course and maybe wisely, bob mueller thought hand this off for other investigations. but did that create a mess that could obviously dominate the headlines the next couple of years? >> yes, it did create a mess, but it's a mess that if you're a prosecutor, if you're-- and i work for the department of justice almost 30 years, and you are handed off the football, if you will, and there's potential crimes, you have a duty to investigate, to dig deep, to find out, is there enough there to charge. it doesn't mean you are going to charge, but you have a duty, if you have a reasonable basis to think that a crime has been committed, a prosecutor has to investigate because the rule of law is paramount and no one is above the law. now, if i were president trump, i probably would be golfing,
8:39 am
too, because there is some good news in this report filing. no indictments have been filed that we know of. no indictments have been brought and that is good news for the president. i mean, the democrats are disappointed, but i'm happy because robert mueller is a class act. i'm a big fan of his, and if he says there's no "there" there for the russian conspiracy for the russian collusion, there may be a lot of red flags and wild gongs, but there's nothing to prosecute, i'm at peace with that. now, the other people who have gotten the football, if you will, the southern district of new york, i think that jurisdiction, that office is the biggest problem for the president because i've sat across the table from the four prosecutors in the southern district on another matter that i can't talk about, and i can tell you this, those prosecutors are tough, they are brilliant, and they are relentless and if i
8:40 am
were the president, i wouldn't be golfing tomorrow, maybe today. neil: okay, gene rossi, thank you and they've got a wider purview to put to milder. talking to a former federal prosecutor and to gene's point here we're getting a word that the attorney general barr is moving to get something out on this, some bullet points, principal findings as early as tonight. we'll keep you posted. is always worth the trip. we know the only thing better than the last adventure is the next one. we know the great outdoors. we love the great outdoors. bass pro shops and cabela's-- the home of tracker boats-- america's favorite fishing boats. your adventure starts here.
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>> all right. democrats not across the board, but a lot of them are still saying, you know, we still have a potential constitutional crisis with the mueller investigation and all of the others soon to be. and my next guest says we've got a bigger crisis going on at the border and no one is reporting on it and we should because it's every bit the emergency that the president says. detention centers so overwhelmed that a couple of thousand of
8:44 am
illegal immigrants are apt to be released and we don't know where they go. the former acting ice director tom holman with us now. good to have you. >> good to have you, neil. neil: this seems out of control, tom. what's your assessment? >> look, it's out of control. i've done this job for 34 years. the numbers on the border are historic, talking about families and uac's, it's historic numbers. based on the slide scale, if you look at it who is coming in and numbers increase, a million illegal entries, a million people illegally entering this country and the border patrol is forced to release them because there's no space in detention. i want to make something clear, i've read stories on this, border patrol does not want to release these people. they've come across the border illegally and the border patrol wants to detain them, but the district has stymied them.
8:45 am
neil: and the detention centers are simply overwhelmed and for that that's an emergency. and now, the democrats, of course, have been saying, not enough of one to warrant building an expensive wall or declaring emergency to get your way on the wall. what do you say to that? >> i say they're ignoring the data. that's what makes me angry when i talk about this. the data is clear, every place they've built a border barrier, illegal immigration has declined significantly and drug smuggling proved 100% effective. is it the answer of all answers? no, it's one tool that will make the illegal groups be funneled to border patrol so they make sure to catch every one of them. what we've got to understand, and what people aren't talking about, what makes it a national security issue is that the cartels are managing these groups and sending large family groups, 100, 200, 300 people to the sector and ties up border patrol assets and moving narcotics and bad people to the unmanned sectors. that's what's dangerous, we
8:46 am
don't know who is coming through and what is coming through. neil: to your question, we've been so focused on the border and hasn't paid enough attention to what's happening at the detention centers and almost every single one, the same story playing out. so overwhelmed, they're forced to release the individuals. now, they're trying to to go through and and make sure no bad guys get out and that's where the trouble is and that's where the crisis is, and i don't know any other way to describe it, but, again, it's escalated literally in just the last six weeks alone. >> it has. look, the 9th circuit, specifically the 9th circuit and their rulings that you can only detain family units for 20 days, let me be clear, that's the most devastating judicial ruling i've ever seen in my history of doing this job in three decades. that ruling has done more damage to this country than any judicial ruling i can remember. i am ooh, once they said that, 'cause it takes about 40 days to see a judge.
8:47 am
once they said it had to be 20 days we knew what would happen. in my affidavit during the lawsuit i said if you limit this
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