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tv   FOX Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  March 23, 2019 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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are right. we should learn tomorrow. arthel: did not forget to watch maria bartiromo with president trump tomorrow 10 am sunday eastern time on "sunday morning futures". that does it for us, jon scott is next with the "fox report". we are back at noon tomorrow. jon: anticipation growing across the country with the meal investigation finally over. and the department is reviewing the report as we speak. the principal findings as early as tomorrow. good evening i'm jon scott and this is the "fox report". special counsel robert mueller submitted his report to the department of justice late yesterday wrapping up the nearly two year investigation into russian election meddling in whether the trump campaign collude with moscow. attorney general william barr telling congress he remains committed to transparency. he pledges to consult with lawmakers on what information to make public.
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we have fox team coverage on this. david spunt is at the justice department, jackie heinrich has the latest on a separate investigations in the southern district of new york. weaving with chief white house correspondent, john roberts reporting live from the north lawn. reporter: good evening to you. things are fluid in terms of this letter that the attorney general, william barr will send up to the house with principal conclusions of the millie report. we had thought this morning that we would have it by now. there were told about noon. that will not be until tomorrow. the president's attorneys are telling us noon at the earliest. but nobody really knows for sure. that is just the principal conclusions of the report. getting into some of the meat in the details, the facts of the case will take even longer because in the facts of the case likely will be a lot of material that is classified material that is subject to executive privilege. and though barr wants to get things out as quickly as
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possible to show transparency, even to give this to congress little into the public, the president seemingly unconcerned about what the conclusions may show. we were told yesterday that he was glad that this part of the investigation is over. he spent the morning and part of the afternoon on the golf course. last night at mar-a-lago he was hosting a lincoln day dinner. in a video taken by a guest in the crowd, the president seems to be in a great mood. there we see him with the first lady at his side. joking about the keynote speaker, senator lindsey graham. listen. >> two reasons. number one, he's a great speaker. in the number two he's not saying anything bad about me. [laughter] >> the president an expansive mood as the process goes forward there's a chance that barr may have to run the conclusions by the white house counsel and the men you see
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standing next to the president, emmett fled. his the president's in-house counsel dealing with the meal investigation. they might have to look at whatever it is that barr was to release to make sure there's no material in there that is subject to executive privilege. they may have to ask for reductions of whatever is released as well. we don't know yet because we don't know what is in the report. democrats have already laid down a marker that they want to see not just the conclusion, not just the facts behind the conclusions but the entire report and that the end of the miller investigation does not mean that this is over. his mission -- michigan democrats. >> it does not mean that there is no collision, it does not mean that there is no obstruction in the typical sense of the term. i think the president will still have a lot of questions to answer. reporter: and a very important clue and what he just said.
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we do not know if there is collusion, we do not know if there is any obstruction per there may be evidence in there which is why the white house is fully expecting the democrats and congress will push as hard as they can to get the entire report of here not just what is selected by the attorney general, william barr. and they may even go as far as to ask for all of the investigative materials that went into the report. documents sensitive, depositions with white house officials, communications within the white house and the white house will fight tooth and nail to make sure that stuff does not become public because they believe you need to keep that stuff secret in order to be able to run the government. they are preparing for a battle royale at the white house. they clearly understand that the filing of the miller report does not mean that the fight is over. jon: that is the case but it also seems that democrats are
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disappointed with a report that they haven't even seen yet. is that fair to say? reporter: you i think what was really disappointed was when the justice department was so that robert mueller is not recommending any indictments. which is the suggestion that there was no findings, that the present was guilty to the point where he would face criminal charges and we do note too from a limb that rod rosenstein that he sent to chuck grassley, you cannot really talk about this with people that are not being charged. everyone is bracing for the report to not really contain much about what the president might have done wrong. jon: john roberts, our chief white house correspondent, thank you. all eyes on the justice department were a senior official tells fox news, attorney general william barr is reviewing the millie report quote - hand-in-hand with deputy ag rod rosenstein.
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david spunt is live at the justice department with more. reporter: we have been here all day and the attorney general, william barr has been here for much of the day. there's actually no indication that he has left. we've not seen him leave. from the moment he came in into the administration he said that he was for transparency. especially when it comes to the mueller report. and from what we are hearing, he wants to get the summary. the key bullet points out to members of congress as soon as possible. we do have some video of mr. william barr leaving his home this morning on the way here to the justice department. where he was joined by his deputy, rod rosenstein and other key members. he did leave late this morning. and a small handful of aides have been reading through the report. this is not something that is being circulated around the entire department and definitely not from emails. doj officials want to make sure there is no classified information before just releasing it to congress or leasing it to the public for that matter. special counsel robert mueller has been deliberate since he took over the investigation
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almost 2 years ago to keep this thing from leaking. many would say he's done a great job because we still don't know exactly what is in the report. >> republicans and democrats should not get over the tips of their skis either way. we don't know what is in this report. it is war and peace, a lot of pages. we do not know if there are exoneration of individuals, including the president. reporter: this comes an important test to see what can be released to congress what can eventually be released to the public. barr said he would take great care when releasing information but there's always a catch, jon, the parts of the report could be classified or could pose a threat to national security. meanwhile, as we found out from a senior justice department source, there are number
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indictments. that certainly is getting a lot of attention here at the justice department and beyond. all indications are right now that william barr, the attorney general, rod rosenstein, but behind me in this building looking at that document that they've been doing for some time. we are told that they will be back at work tomorrow morning. jon: david spunt at the justice department, busy time, thank you. the mueller probe may be wrapping up at the legal is far from over. they continue to pursue investigations related to the president and his associates. some of which grew out of the case against michael cohen. jackie heinrich is live in the new york city newsroom with that. reporter: right now there are six linked to the mr. trump that are under investigation. they're looking at conspiracy, fraud, campaign-finance violations and contributions. still, the president seemed unconcerned yesterday morning on fox business network. >> i said to my lawyers, are we
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being looked at here? don't even know what people are talking about. how many breaking news stories was there about me that turned out to be nonexistent? reporter: we are broken down the case of a jurisdiction for the southern district of new york, investigators looking into hush money payments the presence former lawyer michael cohen paid to adult actresses. owen pleaded guilty to campaign-finance violations and prosecutors implicated president trump in the crime saying that michael cohen acted at the direction of the president. they are still investigating the extent of the president's alleged involvement. also investing in president trump's committee and possible illegal donations from foreign nationals. in two cases stemming from president trump's former campaign chairman, paul manafort. new york state is investing in the trump foundation, trump organization, the president and his family. specifically whether they took advantage of the foundation tax-exempt status. and use it to help the campaign. attorney general is also investigating whether the trump organization inflated assets to get better loan terms. those cases could uncover links
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to the president. >> the president is not yet out of the woods. legally, yes, there may be ongoing -- we will see. >> there are going to be lots of loose threads and other agencies are going to be able to pull now as a result of the information that was gathered in that probe. the president is also facing lawsuits outside those cases. including one from apprentice consistent -- suing for defamation and claims she was sexually assaulted. the president could be deposed in that case and might have to testify under oath. nationwide, there are more than a dozen state and federal investigations that grew out of the mueller probe. plus a number of congressional inquiries.jon: jackie heinrich, thank you. for more know this let's bring in robert ray, former whitewater independent counsel and former federal prosecutor as well. no further indictments seems to be the linchpin that so many people are seizing on to say
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okay, the president and his team have been pretty well cleared here. is that we are missing? anything that jumps out at you? >> is not only that is also that the investigation is over. i don't know how more clearly bob mueller could have spoken then to have delivered a report which signals the end of the investigation. at least as far as what he was asked and designated by rod rosenstein to do. jon: right, and because former assistant director of the fbi, mark morgan spoke earlier today and said robert mueller is as thorough as it gets. listen. >> i work for bob mueller his entire 12 years as director. and what i'm very confident to say is that when he completes the report it is just that, it's complete. no stone left unturned. what he says, i recommend no indictments, the investigation is done. jon: so you don't expect to see further action coming out of this?
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>> which part of done is unclear? when i was independent counsel, statutory mandate was prompt, responsible and cost-effective. you can add to that, by an effective prosecutor, thorough, all of which bob mueller has proved to be. that is to say, 22 months, and investigation for beginning to end and it is now concluded. that is where we are. people can talk about dangling threads all they want about other things that are out there. of course, there is always something out there but the principal mandate here in order to determine whether crimes were committed in connection with the election campaign and potential collision with the russians has now reached its ignition point. meaning that there are going to be no further charges within that mandate. jon: can store with whom you worked closely said pretty much the same thing. here is ken starr earlier.
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>> the suggestion that there was collusion, from everything that we have seen, utterly un-meritorious. it was just without foundation. so let's say, close the chapter on that. let's deal with russia, the real threat. the collision, there wasn't, no public evidence of any collusion whatsoever. but the russian interests are indeed a threat. >> and no one has ever denied that russia was at that but was there collusion between the trump campaign and russia does not seem to be any evidence of that. >> it appears the answer to that question is definitively no. there are other issues that obviously this investigation spawned. one of which was the question about obstruction of justice. i think it is appropriate for the american people now to wonder. this is why we are awaiting to see what would be released out of the mueller report. to congress and ultimately to the american people.
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that is you know, did special counsel come to the conclusion that no crimes were committed that were provable that could be brought? or did he make a determination that with regard to the president, it was not appropriate to bring charges because department of justice policy that would have precluded it. i suspect the answer to the question is that he found insufficient evidence. and it is a substantial finder because that of course covers not only the collision mandate but also with regard to obstruction of justice. therefore, i disagree with democratic senators that say well you know, just because robert mueller finish the investigation and didn't find criminal wrongdoing relative collusion to obstruction of justice, doesn't mean we shouldn't be pursuing it. hogwash, that's baloney. a well-founded article of impeachment would have to constitute a high crime or misdemeanor. if there is not a criminal violation with regard to obstruction of justice, or collision however, anyone wants to define it, that is meaning issue also put an end to an impeachment inquiry as well.
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jon: but you've heard talking about the possibility to subpoena robert mueller to testify. bob barr, they want to subpoena them. >> they can do that and they can threaten them and issue subpoenas if they would like. i suspect the answer will be first of all, the justice department will stop at the waters edge of the report as it is made public and delivered to congress. that will be the end of it. if they subpoena bob mueller and/or bill barr the attorney general, i suspect they will say listen, we have said all we intend to say, it is contained in the report and that is it. we are not going any further. furthermore, any effort by house democrats to subpoena the underlying investigation, meaning documents and raw data and fbi reports and so on and so forth, i think will be met with a very stiff objection of executive privilege and also the fact that there are ongoing investigations within the department of justice. which would preclude that
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dissemination to congress and public. jon: to reiterate we said you don't think that congress will find anything robert mueller didn't already take a look at? tequesta certainly have the ability to conduct an investigation on their own if they choose to do so. what i don't think they can do that was just issue a blanket subpoena to the justice department and say essentially, give me everything you have. they can do it but it will be met with an objection. even if the objection were to be challenged and faced a court proceeding, i imagine that a court will overrule any effort by the congress to obtain that information. jon: robert ray, former whitewater independent counsel. thanks very much. >> you bet. jon: is taking close to two years for special counsel robert mueller to wrap up the investigation. two years of waiting and all the debating. you may have forgotten how it all began. just what brought us to this point? a report on that next.
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talked about and argued about investigations in washington history, special counsel robert mueller report is now in the
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hands of attorney general william barr. the probe lasted nearly 2 years. catherine herridge takes you back to the beginning and the timeline up until today.>> he unfortunately had to fly back to washington. unexpectedly. >> on may 9, 2017 president trump fired fbi director james comey while he was traveling in california. the white house released a memo from deputy attorney general ron rosenstein to justify the termination. media accounts they portrayed rosenstein just to ease into the job overseeing the russia probe as badly shaken. with james comey out andrew mccabe took over as acting fbi director. may 16, robert mueller who is the fbi director after 9/11, interviewed with president trump and ron rosenstein to replace james comey. the following day ron rosenstein appointed robert mueller as special counsel. writing the responsibility as quote - to ensure a full and thorough investigation of the russian government efforts to
3:22 pm
interfere in the 2016 election. new documents testimony and text messages show the 10 days following the firing are a period with fbi and officials pushing back against the white house. >> red rosenstein, andrew mccabe and others discussed secretly recording the president and removing him from office of the disagree whether it was serious. from the presence former personal attorney, michael,, to former campaign chairman paul manafort, special counsel is either indicted, or had guilty pleas. six trump associates and two dozen russian nationals. they reportedly called this a witchhunt. >> there is no collision. >> during his confirmation hearings for attorney general, william barr took a different position. >> and i believe that mr. miller would be involved in a witchhunt. >> despite a team of seasoned prosecutors and a budget of more than $25 million, the special counsel has not executed a conspiracy. between the trump campaign and russia to steal the election.
3:23 pm
under federal regulations there mueller report to the attorney general is confidential. william barr will summarize the findings for congress and the american people.>> my purpose is to get as much accurate information out as i can. >> on capitol hill, catherine herridge, fox news. jon: growing questions on the political fallout is the mueller probe winds down. democrats threatened to subpoena the special counsel report if it is not publicly released. we will have live team fox coverage ahead. plus, president trump heading to the golf course in florida amid the show down over the mueller report. so what will the apparent ending to the investigation mean for the president? how is the white house handling this big moment in history? the president yesterday again, slamming the investigation. we will talk to dana perino next. >> is just a continuation of the same witchhunt. they know it, and behind closed doors, they laugh at it.
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the "fox report". we're just shy of the bottom of the hour. if you're just joining us william barr can be updated lawmakers as early as tomorrow on the principal conclusion of the miller report. question about the white house response as a wet explosive two-year investigation wraps up your joining is now, someone who has first-hand experience working in the white house. under president george w. bush. she was also free time a spokeswoman at the department of justice. she has many of the bases come here. dana perino, anchor of the daily --
3:29 pm
>> thank you for having me! jon: thank you for coming in on a saturday. >> absolutely! jon: at the white house he seemed to feel vindicated but no tweets from the presidents' day. that is unheard of! >> yes a couple things we know. mueller was able to finish the report on his own terms so it should please people who thought he was going to get fired. jon: no firing. >> the present may have wanted to fire him multiple times but did not. and what we know is that democrats really wanted robert mueller to be protected. now we have this report or the attorney general does and people should think of that report is the best assessment of the evidence. and whatever comes up tomorrow, if it comes up tomorrow with the conclusions that been reached, then we go from there. from the white house perspective i think it's smart not to say much. the president does not know what's on paper the press secretary says we've not been briefed we've not seen the report. it might have changed today but we have not seen the update. in the meantime the president cannot let his secretary and his lawyer speak for him. i think that speculation is not useful right now.and it is really hard if you're at the white house.
3:30 pm
it is temptation that's very hard to resist. because it does look on the surface everything will be great for the president. we don't know that for sure. if it turns out that is totally clear, you will hear the mighty lion roar and he will give us severe tongue lashings. but there's plenty of time for that. jon: alan dershowitz, who is not necessarily for the president. he calls himself a hillary clinton democrat but he's been defending the president a lot in this particular investigation. he says that he thinks the white house should get a chance to see this early so that they can sort of come up with a defense against the claims. listen. >> this would be a one-sided report. it will draw every conceivable inference against the president. they did not hear exculpatory evidence. the witnesses against the president were not cross-examined.that's why i called for the attorney general not to release the report immediately. jon: obviously the white house would like that opportunity but
3:31 pm
apparently they will not get it. >> well, yes. here's the thing. i also think you mueller that wasn't interfered with by the administration. a new attorney general has a stellar reputation and the utmost of integrity. trying to do his best to make sure that this investigation comes to a conclusion and he said in his testimony when he was getting confirmed, i want to be as transparent as possible.and i think he will do that. in our country there is a separation between the justice department and the white house. it's all part of the executive branch. i think the attorney general is trying to do something not just to help the white house but he wants to make sure that the american public, has been waiting for two years, we can wait one more day for him to get the conclusions to a point where they can release it. but still, it will not be enough for the critics. jon: and what is coming up tomorrow is not the report. it is the principle conclusions of the report. >> and it is the -- you will
3:32 pm
see i think that the democrats will say we need to see the full report, we have to see everything because they will try and cherry pick. one thing that's difficult at the justice department, is playing operation. remember when is very difficult. they will try and redact information. and you have to find out what is grand jury material. what is classified. what is intelligence sensitive? what is subject to executive privilege? if you mess up on something like that, it could really cause some stumble anything they have handled it so well so far that there is no need for them to rush so let's get that right. jon: democrats are clamoring for everything to be released for indictments and testimony and everything they want. the president is saying that the whole thing has been something of an excuse for the opposition party. listen. >> they came up with an excuse for losing the election. this should never happen to another president. because most presidents would be able to take it. i know the politicians, i know what we are dealing with.
3:33 pm
most people would be able to take it. let me tell you something, what happened to me should never happen to another president of the united states. because i depend on this, right here. mine, not other people. jon: does he have a point? >> sure! he does. the democrats will say that we have a point, and because we already know that the house democrats and the grand pulled out of the chairman now are saying we want to continue to investigate.i think will be interesting to see what 20/20 democratic candidate has the ability to lead. meaning, how can you prove it and say all right, the mill investigation is done. it is what it is. look at me. look at how i think i have a better way to make america great appeared and focusing on policy, the mueller report is in the past. if a democrat can do that, great. if they continue to go on this i will not call it which i but if they continue to do all of these drawnout things, then i think it will look like political payback for the loss
3:34 pm
in 2016. jon: pretty much all of the announced democrats thus far have suggested that this is going to be sort of you know, a nail in the coffin for the president or something like that. cory booker even sent out a fundraising pulley attached to the fact that the miller report -- >> so premature. i know when you're ready for president on the opposition side you're trying to make a name for yourself, trying to raise the money. you do things that you might not otherwise do. i think it is highly inappropriate and what we should all want is for us to find out that there was no collusion. why wouldn't that be a great outcome? if we find out that the russians are trying to interfere but they were not successful, that to me would be a good information to have. the other thing we should get from the miller report is just how strong the efforts were from russia. are they trying to do it again? and what are we doing to protect in the next election? jon: dana perino from the daily
3:35 pm
briefing. thank you. >> thank you. jon: catch sunday money futures tomorrow. you do not want to miss maria bartiromo. tomorrow morning on the fox news channel. reaction to the mueller report coming from the campaign trail as 2020 democratic presidential candidates push for the full report to be made public. among them, beto o'rourke and bernie sanders made campaign stops today. we have fox news team coverage on the political impact of the mueller report. peter doocy on capitol hill but would be with jeff paul live in los angeles. reporter: jon, some presidential hopefuls campaigning today are sitting in a clear and loud message. they want everyone to see the mueller report in its entirety. senator bernie sanders at right now is campaigning in california was not shy about his thoughts. he is rallying in los angeles today but last night while
3:36 pm
campaigning in san diego, he went on for a bit to address the situation. >> i don't know what's in the report. nobody does. i do know however, that robert mueller wound up indicting 34 people including six trump campaign officials. nobody, nobody including the president of the united states is above the law, the american people have a right to know. reporter: he is now heading to las vegas for a rally tonight. but before he left he held one last event and trust away he made sharp comments despite not seeing the report. >> in my opinion from beyond the shadow of a doubt sought to collude with the russian government, a foreign power to
3:37 pm
undermine and influence our elections. this entity of the ballot box, the ability for each and every single one of us to make informed decisions about those who seek to represent us and hold positions of public trust. reporter: other candidates like senator kamala harris, who is in texas and senator cory booker in south carolina, were more guarded peer both briefly mentioned the report at some point but mostly just saying that it needs to be released. senator amy klobuchar, elizabeth warren and former colorado governor john hicken looper are all in new hampshire today. all three have made a call for the full release of the report as well. jon: thank you. meanwhile, huge fight looming on capitol hill as both sides of the aisle gear up to battle over the mueller report findings and how much make public. peter doocy live on capitol hill. reporter: over 120 democratic
3:38 pm
lawmakers dialed into a conference call today. then it returns by impeachment proceedings but they did all agree they do not want to hear one word about the mueller report from the justice department that is classified. they want anything the doj comes to congress with to be unclassified so that members can start talking about it right away in public. it's one thing that nancy pelosi said at one point, thank you members for joining us on such short notice.but it is an emergency conference call. the purpose of the call is to hear from the chairman so i will be very brief and only say that the take away from the call that the american people deserve the truth, to know the truth, transparency is the order of the day. that is what chuck schumer and i said in a statement. if they don't get their way though, democratic committee chairman are prepared to subpoena robert mueller.but some republicans are urging the democratic colleagues to stop digging.
3:39 pm
>> i think the democrats will look fairly silly. i think adam schiff will look silly if he continues to jump up and down and say that trump is a threat to national security with respect to russia if mueller does not find one. if we need to turn the intelligence committee back to focus on national security and working with the intelligence community. >> republicans are saying they trust whatever it is robert mueller comes to them with. whatever it is that he found. democrats are saying the results might not be trusted until they have had a chance to look at all the material that robert mueller used to make up his mind. jon: peter doocy on capitol hill, thank you. so, should the full mueller report go public? we will ask republican on the house judiciary committee, then klein joins us next. my experience with usaa
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from william barr with a conclusion of the special counsel report. it was delivered late yesterday and we are told congress to receive the findings as early as tomorrow. meantime both sides of the aisle calling to make the entire thing public. drain is not republican congressman from virginia, then klein house judiciary committee. congressman, thank you for joining us this evening. are you among those that would urge the attorney general to make the entire report public? >> absolutely. everyone needs to see the report and we need to take a collective deep breath. especially my colleagues on the
3:45 pm
other side on the judiciary committee. we need to eat just the facts before we jump to rumor and innuendo and hypotheticals. it just doesn't help anything. hopefully we will see the report in its entirety next week. jon: not enough you for this fellow committee member the comes from the democratic side but here is what steve cohen of tennessee had to say. >> chairman other made it clear he would make a decision. if we don't get the report to our satisfaction robert mueller will be indicted. >> if he doesn't get the full report he would like to see him subpoenaed. >> i think that's fine if what the chairman wants to do. and have mueller before the committee. more than happy to welcome him to ask him questions about the report. it does need to be made public and we need to know all of the facts. the worst thing that could
3:46 pm
happen would be for parts of it to be redacted or covered up. it would just give the democrats more to say what is behind the redaction? what are we seeing? maybe there is the smoking gun there. we just need to wait for the facts and when they're out, i think we all know that we can move ahead at that point. >> attorney general does have obligation to make reductions of items that grand jury testimony phrases or items that deal with national security, right? >> sure. and there are ways to inform congress of what's behind the induction and what information theory at full report does need to be made public in a look forward to the next week. >> represented dan kildee of michigan says he's not one of those who is rejoicing if in fact, this report does not show any criminal wrongdoing by the administration. listen.>> i am a democrat but
3:47 pm
anything anybody should be wishing for bad news.for anyone. we shouldn't want to see collusion. we shouldn't want to see evidence of significant problems within the administration. we do have a responsibility to look at the facts, make it clear eyed judgment about what the facts say. frankly, the picture is been painted so far is troubling. >> we just had robert ray on. for whitewater independent counsel. he says look, there is nobody more thorough than bob mueller. and bob mueller says you know the investigation is over, it's over! do you get the impression that democrats in congress are ready to say the same thing? >> i wish that that were the case. unfortunately, some running for president and some on the judiciary are already making -- i think there -- any lack of
3:48 pm
collision evidence is a good thing and we should be happy if there is a clear report. and it should extend to both sides of the aisle. >> there is you know, there are no further indictments coming. we do know that. but we don't know much else about what is in this report. are you going to be -- you said the whole thing should be made public. but when the primary conclusions, these you know, first conclusions are released tomorrow, how much longer is it going to take until you get what you want? the full report. >> well, i am an attorney who was a prosecutor before i got elected. i'm used to waiting for the facts. we wait for all of the facts to come out. just hope my colleagues on the other side particularly, those who are also lawyers on the judiciary committee, our patient as well. and wait for the fact instead
3:49 pm
of jumping to conclusions or room ring innuendo. jon: you don't think this will be the end of it on capitol hill? it will just open up a new chapter of investigation and arguing? >> after listening to some of my colleagues, i've only been in the house for two months now. but after listening to some of them, they will keep on going as long as they get the free airtime. they will fill the air with more hot air. jon: congressman, ben klein, republican from virginia and member of the judiciary committee, thank you. >> thank you. jon: we will have much more reaction to the conclusion of the mueller investigation and what to expect when the attorney general sends that highly anticipated letter to lawmakers. that's next.
3:50 pm
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3:54 pm
are we going to do? >> a solution for many democrats, more is best. who can serve and for how long. among the proposals rotate injustices on and off the bench from the lower appellate courts. and term limits for currently life tenured federal judges. >> term limits for supreme court justices might be one thing. you give every person to be able to choose three. people hold onto the seats and ways of thinking necessary healthy. >> the south bend mayor has his own plan. chris wednesday i think is interesting is your 50 members but only 10 of them are appointed in the political fashion. five of them can only be seated by unanimous agreement of the other 10. >> the constitution does not establish a set number of justices it's up to congress. they were initially six numbers of the high court. then five, then seven. then nine. down to eight, 10 for a while and back down to hp for only 79 a century and and a half ago. >> i will point justices who will not undertake the judgment of the congress.
3:55 pm
>> roosevelt had a plan in the 1930s to add up to six justices met with widespread public and political condemnation. it is no secret the other two have long -- to change the decision the thinking goes, change the ciders with more choices and a democratic president. >> be of no interest in that whatsoever it won't happen. it won't happen i guarantee it will not happen for six years. >> some court which is that the current democratic expansion team has little chance of success. >> something this controversial code be better for the democrats in the 2020 election. we start adding justices for purely partisan motives, that can help but divide the country
3:56 pm
even further. >> there are prominent democrats on the hill questioning their colleagues in the 2020 pack. not to waste time over there come a fools errand with regards to radically making over the high court. and while they may be, they plan to offer measures to stop any attempt at packing the court. in washington, fox news. jon: washington on edge now as special counsel robert mueller 's report is finally in william barr 's hands. could remail the conclusions as early as tomorrow. the political and legal impact of all of this as a "fox report" continues with special coverage at the top of the hour. ♪ raquen... rakutahn... rakooten... ♪
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