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tv   Watters World  FOX News  March 23, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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greg: we are out of time, thanks to our studio audience, i'm greg gutfeld. jesse: welcome to. "watters' world." robert mueller submitted his report on the russia investigation to attorney general william barr. sources are reporting that barr will deliver a summary letter as early as tomorrow. here are the key findings. mueller is not going to indict anybody else. and mueller was not obstructed in his investigation. so in two years no one has been charged with anything relating to russian collusion, and they won't be. abc news is reporting that
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president trump is in a great mood and told friends at mar-a-lago that he's quote glad it's over. the left couldn't have been more wrong. >> i think more indictments are coming and they will be broad based and a general conspiracy indictment. >> there are indictments in this president's future. >> we believe we may have a criminal in the white house. the next step will be the trump family. >> guiding them to the states and low calitys. some of that was president trump's responsibility and some don, jr. jesse: they said the mueller report was supposed to end the quoas unquote trump treasonous
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presidency. >> somebody has something on donald trump. >> there is outright treason. there is no question what he is doing is giving aid and comfort to the enemy. >> president trump could be indicted or possibly face jail time. >> this is a potentially more dangerous situation than watergate. >> i think it's that serious. that grave. nobody can gauge how imperiled this presidency is. the end is in sight. jesse: the end isn't in sight for donald trump. but it may be for the people who set him up. joining me, dan bongino, sara carter and the host of america first on salem radio, dr. sebastian gorka. this is probably the best panel assembled outside of a "hannity"
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show. i'm just happy to be part of it. i will begin with you, dan. tino you have been champing at the bit all day. i feel this delivers a knock-out blow to the press and democrats who have been saying collusion collusion collusion the last two years. when you couple that with a hot economy and the decimation of the caliphate, this is a two-term presidency. so the democrats will have to start working with this president and not against him. but i'm pretty angry. the people that set this up, what's going to happen to them? are they going to be accountable or not? >> that's a terrific question. what's getting lost in this scrum after the mueller report and the report there will be no additional indictments.
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a lot of people who knew there was no collusion are celebrating because the truth came out. but think about the damage. the fbi's case was entirely based in this dossier. the dossier is the collusion scandal. if mueller could not indict and you vindicate even one small component of that dossier, all of the players who spied on donald trump used human intelligence assets, weaponized the intelligence agency have nothing to fall back on. here is the key question. when exactly did mueller find out there was no collusion? this whole initial memo was to investigate collusion. that begs the question, what is that second scope memo he got? what does that say? i think mueller knew early on it was a stinking pile of dog -- well you know.
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it was a hoax. jesse: we have the text messages that say there was no there there. the dossier filled with russian lies gets lawn toward through the state department and the fbi. they throw spies on several campaign officials, they throw spies to infiltrate the campaign. once he takes over and during the transition, everybody starts leak and unmasking everybody. there are a lot of potential felonies that happened and abuse of power from the obama administration. are they going to get away with it? it looks like potentially they might. >> they were getting away with it under jeff sessions and rod rosenstein. under bill barrr there is a new sheriff in town. the special counsel was called to investigate the collusion
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with the clinton campaign. as dan correctly pointed out, the real collusion were democrats hiring a foreign spy who was a known liar to the fbi to work with russians to tell lies about the president to destabilize what has now become one of the most of successful presidencies in the entire modern era. 675 days, the mueller investigation. the united states involvement in world war i and the whiskey rebellion. out of the mueller indictment we didn't get a single collusion indictment. i don't think the president's supporters should you be cork the champagne yet. i think there will be negative things about the president in the report. but this was a biased group of people who wrote the report. jesse: the democrats had a
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meeting today. i would have loved to have lived to that conference call. i would love that tape. the point was according to fox news sources, they were trying to call the dogs off and it was a therapy session. saying i know mueller did not produce the collusion you are looking for, but you can go on with the subpoenas in the southern district. everything will still be fine. we'll get this guy. where do you see the democrats going now? >> they made it clear. they want to pivot to his family and businesses. they are doing what they can with the southern district of new york. but let's talk about this. they are focused on both the election, whether there was election fraud. the family. the foundation. while we have on the other end
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probably one of the biggest most of egregious breaches with our intelligence community, just as dan said, and congressman gaetz said, with the fisa. mall -- malfeasance within the fbi and the doj. the inspector general, michael horowitz whose report will come out within the next month. that should tell us a lot more about what happened during the hillary clinton investigation and what happened during the russia investigation. i think what we'll see is william barr. we'll see a lot of these criminal referrals move forward, we'll see indictments. but not of president trump and his family. people within the doj and the fbi and the intelligence community who abiewtiond the law
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and abiewtiond the constitution of the united states. the democrats can keep pushing and pushing and they will. but they will exhaust the american people's patience. people are exhausted with this. i tell you, it's going to backfire on the democrats big time. jesse: there has to be some sort of accountability for the people involved in this from the very beginning. dr. sebastian gorka, my theory on this whole thing is they tried to set trump up during the election. trump caught them, fired comey, they tryingerred the special -- they triggered the special counsel. to me the mueller report looks like a white wash of all the federal abuses that were going on and less of a search for the truth. like dan pointed out at the top, we knew early on there was no collusion. >> jesse, you nailed it.
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remember what we saw in those text messages inside the fbi and doj. we need an understand policy if donald trump wins. this is the understand policy. remember what happened. we had two years, $25 million of our taxpayer money, your taxpayer money wasted to prove what? that paul manafort lied on his mortgage application? this is a travesty. the only reason we have the mueller probe is because hillary clinton lost and they have to have a cover-up for everything they did to spy on another presidential campaign. this is the biggest political scandal in american history. all i can tell you is what the president told me, make the 2017 in the oval office sebastian, there is nothing. we spent two years on a witch hunt. the president was vindicated. people have to pay a penalty for
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what they did with our money and used the law enforcement powers of this country as a political weapon. jesse: that's a good point. if hillary were elected none of this stuff would have come out. >> you used the word witch hunt. suffolk university believe yes, 50% of americans believe yes, the president was subjected to a witch hunt. 47% say no. this is after two years of the president hammering witch hunt, hoax, no collusion, fake news, and he's been castigated for the term fake news. if this report comes out and tomorrow we expect it to, and it says there was no criminal collusion involving donald trump's campaign and the russians, what does the word
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fake news mean? that word has been completely vindicated. and the media who has been selling this hoax as the president calls it, what do they do with it? their credibility is shot beyond belief. >> i tell you what it means. it means donald trump may be the first higher up government official to take on the entire swamp, weaponize the intelligence community and win. people say he should stop tweeting, fine. his 52 million followers got the message that this was a witch hunt because it was. people are getting tired of the democrats changing the goal post. first it was treason, then it was collusion, then it was obstruction. they have come up empty handed on every one.
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there was no effort to obstruct the investigation. comey's own memo said trump asked him to look at his quote satellites to see if they were doing anything wrong. obstruction is dead in the water. it's nonsense. jesse.jesse: remember how they d about trump was interfering in the investigation and was firing mueller? >> president trump ordered the firing of special counsel robert mueller last june. >> the president sought to have mueller dismissed. >> trying to stop mueller from doing his job. jesse: the report said mueller was not obstructed in any way by the white house or department of justice. these people, how wrong can you be? >> it shows the witch hunt continues. they were wrong about the president's intentions and
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actions. they were wrongs about russia. it's all hype and build-up but no substance. i suspect this will go on. the democrats have launched an 81-pronged investigation into every element of the president's life because they need something to talk about. in the absence of evidence they have to stoke their base with the theory they will be able to undo an election donald trump won in historic fashion. the voters who want to see wars ended and the american economy rebuilt will appreciate this president for maintaining focus on the lives of the american people while the democrats have been so affected by trump derangement syndrome that they haven't thought of anything else. jesse: i was on "the five" when
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the news broke. i got hammered at msnbc saying how dare watters put down the american people. these people live in a bubble. the exit polls from 2016. russia wasn't even on the list. no one cares about russia except for partisans in the swamp and you and i. people don't talk about russia or the kremlin. the media built this up so much that people on msnbc are crying reporting the news last night. watch this. >> i can certainly say with con fir dense that there is significant evidence of collusion between the campaign and russia. >> if he was colluding with a hostile power. >> so much connection with the kremlin.
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>> it was obvious to collude. now we are seeing a conspiracy to cover up. jesse: that was the wrong video. that was the collusion video. >> as far as this letter goes from the attorney general, bill barr, he says he never exercised that power. he's notifying congress there was nothing the special counsel sought to do that bill barr stopped mueller from doing. and that's fascinating. jesse: she was tearing up. i think the person that tweeted that out got banned from twitter. you can't even do that anymore. >> this is so insane. i feel like i'm living in upside down-land. it's just insane.
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i remember election night at the strum victory party waiting for the results like everyone else. as they started to pour in, i looked over and i saw reporters with their mouths hang open, tears coming out of their eyes not because they were happy, but because they were astonished. they believed hillary clinton was going to win. jesse: this whole thing has been a reality check for the left. dr. gorka, any last words for the people watching tonight? >> i wish it were a reality check. these people live in an alternate universe. it's the twilight zone and "alice in wonderland." we can laugh about this but it's a serious issue. we have people who called the president a traitor who are in congress. jesse: up next. democrats getting weird on the
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jesse: the 2020 race getting
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more interesting by the day. democrats vying for attention and pulling stunts that are just plain weird. we begin with kirsten gillibrand pumping iron at the gym. calling attention to a woman who ignored her at an event, just trying to get some ranch. so she is most of famous for people ignoring her. also, beto o'rourke is taking his campaign to new heights, one countertop at a time. but the restaurant manager is not too happy with the theatrics since customers eat on the counters he's standing on top of. he's ate new mexican dirt after
8:23 pm
losing to ted cruz. then cory booker gushing about his so-called love connection with across trestle rosario dawson. >> she is a deeply soulful person and has taught me a lot of lessons about love. jesse: john hickenlooper sharing this story about watching porn with his mom. >> i didn't know what an x movie was, we thought it was a little naughty, do you want to come. i was sure she wouldn't say no. so i took my mother to see "deep throat." you have got to respect his honesty, i suspect. >> and andrew yang is make
8:24 pm
headlines on a touchy topic. andrew yang comes out against circumcision. we'll just leave that there. speculation building about a biden 2020 run. the former vp hasn't officially announced but is reportedly considering naming a vp right out of the gate. stacey abrams who couldn't even win the georgia gosms race. joining me, anthony scaramucci and katrina pierson. you either have buzz or you try to create buzz. these people are trying to create it. >> before you accidental step in buzz. jesse: let's take gillibrand at the top.
8:25 pm
i think these were dumbbells maybe 15. i thought she was for gun control. >> it's not doing it for me. she is not going to make the next jane fonda fitness video. but i find fascinating the level of lack of self-awareness. she thinks she can be president. i just think it's funny. jesse: i predict she'll be the first one to drop out. >> she has no shot. she is not on the board for casino purposes. jesse: then you look at cory booker. perhaps he is romantically involved with rosario dawson. he announces he's running for
8:26 pm
president then confirms on "ellen questions's dating a famous democratic actress from hollywood. do you buy it? >> no. you mentioned cory booker. and he did this after the #metoo allegation. ellen degeneres gave him permission not to get married before he's elected. i have a different theory about the chaos from the left. still can't quite get over the consider sum significance prohibition or watching a dirty movie with your mother who sat all the way through it. maybe this is a strategy to distract from the real issues. as long as we are talking about
8:27 pm
this, they are not talking about the policies they want to promote. jesse: they are not talking about the economy, they are talking about circumcision. anthony, can you believe neither the son nor the mother didn't leave the x-rated movie? they sat and watched the whole thing. is this jeff sharing a symptom of the democratic desperation? >> or they are trying to get out there out of a conventional style box. one of the things that the president has going for him is he's not a politician. and he has lived a great life. they are trying to say cuckoo things to look less quote-unquote standard issue politicians. i think that's the move they are trying to make. that's not going to work because that's authentic. one thing you can say about the president web's authentic. jesse: some would say he's too
8:28 pm
authentic. joe biden, again, he's trying bring in a younger vice president person. he's got three things not going for him. he's male, pale and stale. that combination is not going to help him in that party. jesse: is this bantering to the african-american community by naming a vp, a female, an african-american woman this early? is he just lazy. eld send her out to do the dirty work? >> absolutely. i'm curious as to why the democrats are playing around with democrats who lost in red states? biden will have to compete against beto. what does he do? he goes out and find a liberal black female hoping it will
8:29 pm
balance him out. and i think it's a non-starter. jesse: thank you very much. up next, ben shah push oh breaks out -- ben shapiro breaks out how desperate democrats are to how desperate democrats are to to be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing it's best to make you everybody else... ♪ ♪ means to fight the hardest battle, which any human being can fight and never stop. does this sound dismal? it isn't. ♪ ♪ it's the most wonderful life on earth. ♪ ♪ hi. maria ramirez!
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[♪] aishah: live from "america's news headquarters." i'm aishah hasnie. a massive protest in london against brexit. more than a million people taking to the streets to demand another vote. this may be one of the largest demonstrations in the u.k. european leaders agreed to delay the european's exit from the european union. back at home, supreme court justice brett kavanaugh is heading back to the classroom. he'll spend the summer teaching in england. he's joining george mason's antonin scalia law school and plans to teach a course in italy this summer. i'm aishah hasnie. esult of floo.
8:34 pm
>> every vote matters. we should have national voting. and that means get rid of the electric toacial college. >> supreme court justices, give every president the ability to choose three. people hold on to those seats in ways i don't think is necessarily healthy. >> i think we should lower the voting age to 16. jesse: they resorted to changing of the rules. like pushing an end to the electoral college, packing the supreme court and lowering the voting age. do you think this kid's brain is functioning high jeff a level to cast a vote for president?
8:35 pm
ben shapiro joins me now, the author of "the right side of history." if i were a democrat running for president, i would say i don't need to change the rules. i will beat donald trump with the rules as they are. i will get over 300 electoral votes and that's how it's done. >> that's right. but it shows where the passion of the base is. they know this isn't going to change before the election. what you see is this bizarre scenario where one candidate will race out to an issue andle other candidates will race out like lemmings. jesse: hopefully they don't run off the circumcision cliff because that could get
8:36 pm
terrifying. do you think this shows they don't believe they can beat donald trump in 2020. they are not talking about that, the word on the street is the mueller report might not be the explosive result they have been hoping for. to now shimmy around the edges and pander to the base with these weird constitutional changes, i think they look weak and insecure. >> certainly a feeling that they are not quite as strong as they seem to be. i think a lot of these candidates are confident they can run competitively with president trump. but every five seconds you are talking about changing the electoral system or changing the age of -- voting or getting rid of fundamental institutions. we know they wouldn't be talking about this if hillary clinton had won in 2016.
8:37 pm
jesse: they are accusing president trump of trying to take down ibs institutions and that's what they are doing with the ones they don't like. a report in "politico" said they project a trump 2020 landslide. if the election were held today he would likely ride to a second term in a huge landslide according to multiple economic models with strong track record of picking presidential winners and losers. you really can't handicap donald trump because he's an unorthodoxed politician. but seeing what you have seen with the caliphate being destroyed. >> i stopped betting on elections. but when it comes to 2020. my view is if president trump could get the public to focus on
8:38 pm
his record and on democrats, he'll win. if it's about his personality, all he has to do is point. point at democrats and at his economic and policy record. president trump alienating suburban women and young people is a personality issue, not a policy issue. jesse: dana perino has this book out. i just started it and you just finished it. there was a poll out that says no one has even heard of the bill of right. one in five doesn't know what it is. you talk about being on the right side of history. why is it so important to get back to the fundamental principles that created this country. >> the argument on the left is the left is fundamentally an
8:39 pm
unfair place. that the declaration of independence is a fake. to understand that that's not the history of america, you have to understand the ideas of the founding fathers and the idea that the founding fathers were because their thought on. those ideas made the west what it is and raised 80% from abject poverty and freed billions of people from tyranny and created the most of fee call environment in the history of mankind. this a profile of aoc, and suggested millenials have not experienced prosperity. how ignorant to you have to be to believe that. unfortunately that kind of ignorance is prevailing. jesse: ben shapiro, "on the right side of history," thanks
8:40 pm
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jesse: media bias running rampant. former abc newsman ted koppel called it out. >> we are talking about organizations that i believe have decide as an organization that donald j. trump is bad for the united states. jesse: joining me now, radio show host larry elder. i think i know why it's so personal with the media and why they hate him so much. he's tearing apart the messiah's legacy. barack obama was loved by all these people. he put all these people on the supreme court. he proved the prognosticators
8:45 pm
wrong. he's teflon, and he goes over their head with twitter and makes them feel useless. that's why they are angry and despise him have much. >> and they are angry because they know they helped create him. every time they put him on their ratings went up. they were sure he wouldn't go all the way. then he viciously went after the media for their bias. it's about time a president has done that. he has 60 million followers on twitter so he can go around cnn and msnbc and get miss message to the people and they hate that. jesse: no one has punched back democrat or republican. think about the things they said about the first lady. what about the things they have said about ivanka. the "c" word.
8:46 pm
they put out a dirty dossier that caused two years of total chaos. and they tried to bourke his supreme court justice. to say they are just holding him accountable is not true. these people are actively cheerleading his impeachment. i think ted koppel hit the nail on the head. >> they are actively cheering for this man's impeachment. the media has never liked republicans. they attacked ronald reagan. walter cronkite went after ronald reagan when he retired. and he went after george w. bush. they created trump. they pregrit. they feel guilty about it and now they want take him down. jesse: to show you how villains and heroes are framed. some prankster, some new zealand
8:47 pm
senator said nasty things about muslims and he cracks an egg on him. >> people are getting attacked in their own. so egg boy is famous. the media loves this guy. showering him with love and affection. i remember the covington kid close to the same age. did nothing, just stood there in the face of somebody very aggressive, and he was vilified as some sort of racist. >> remember when the iraqi reporter threw two shoes at george w. bush and they laughed. they cheered the egg boy because he said something that was anti-immigrant. they assumed the kid from the school, covington, was a racist
8:48 pm
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[♪] jesse: liz warren back in the hot seat this week after throwing her family under the bus. the senator seeming to blame her parents for her dn sarks debacle. >> how do you respond to people that the way you handled the question your native american heritage was tone deaf, and indicative of presidential tact. >> i grew up in oklahoma. i learned about my family from my family. based on that, that's kind of who i am. and i do the best i can with it. jesse: joining me, diamond and silk. throwing mom and dad under the bus. that's a big no-nowhere i come
8:53 pm
from. >>it is a big no-no. you have to understand, elizabeth warren is pushing for reparations. we want to know why. maybe there is something in her family history that is horrible that she don't want the public to know about, but she wants to atone and make that go away with the reparations push. but elizabeth warren did all of this for herself. jesse: her parents said she was a very small part native american. she's clearly white. look at her. we have had enough of elizabeth warren. beto, he went down to new mexico to eat some regenerative dirt to cleanse his pallet and find himself after he lost to senator
8:54 pm
ted cruz. who eats dirt on purpose? >> he might have a condition. he need to be running to the nearest doctor to see what's wrong with him. or he may have a mental illness. we don't know. but we don't need him to be question. >> was the dirt fertilized? and who was it fertilized with? jesse: he's in trouble for hopping up on diner counter tops and making those things dirty. i heard another report. he took stuff from his kid's diaper and gave it to his wife in a beenl called it avocado. >> that's a mental illness. jesse: i know you are not allowed to diagnose a person's mental health on television. beto, we are worried about you.
8:55 pm
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jesse: time for "last call." we came across a video on twitter. check out this footage from a little while ago. a man who appears to be just a little bit intoxicated busting through a security barrier at an air show and climbing into an airplane and take it for a ride. he gets the plane off the ground and wobbles from side to side. he actually takes it straight up vertical in the air, but he barely hangs on. but he's a flying ace who does this all for fun.
9:00 pm
gotcha. that's all for us tonight. be sure to follow me on facebook, instagram and twitter. remember i'm watters and this is my world. ed: good evening. i'm ed henry. this is a breaking news special report about the fallout from the end of robert mueller's russia probe. charges of collusion and obstruction of justice, nearly two years after some democrats promised they already had actual evidence of collusion. >> i don't want to go into specifics, but i will say there is evidence that is not circumstandings and worthy of investigations. ed: two years later tha


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