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tv   FOX Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  March 24, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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greg: we are out of time, thanks to our studio facebook, instagram and twitter. remember i'm watters and this is my world. ed: good evening. i'm ed henry. this is a breaking news special report about the fallout from the end of robert mueller's russia probe. charges of collusion and obstruction of justice, nearly two years after some democrats promised they already had actual evidence of collusion. >> i don't want to go into specifics, but i will say there is evidence that is not circumstandings and worthy of investigations. ed: two years later that
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investigation is done. william barr revealed there will be no more indictments on the president or his aide on the russia conspiracy. the attorney general spent several hours saturday at the justice department combing through the report. sources say barr was working hand in hand with deputy attorney general rod rosenstein, weighing how much of that report to reveal to the public. a senior official tells fox as early as tomorrow afternoon barr will send a summary of findings. some democrats are dejected and they are already moving the goal post, demanding a look at the entire mueller report even
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though precedent is if someone is not indicted, it's not dumped out into the public. >> i have been saying for months this report hud can released. >> i'm not going to draw any conclusions until we see the whole report and the underlying findings and documentation. >> if this report essentially clears the president, are you accept the findings? >> yes, i will. ed: all this happening as a bruising 2020 election battle has already kicked off. as the collusion narrative falls apart, will the democrat still push impeachment? we'll have an update from california whereabouts * just
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held another d california whereabouts where bernie sanderd another rally. a former obama officials some supporters say owe him an apology. we'll talk with david bossie and devin nunes. but first we'll go to john robert on the white house lawn. reporter: the president's counsel anxious are you anticipating the release and results of attorney general barr's review. the president uncharacteristically silent this
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weekend. will the summary of principal conclusions require the attorney general to consult with the white house counsel's office? is there any material that could be subject to executive privilege? the white house counsel say they don't expect to see the summary before it's transmitted to the congressional tonight hes. and will the outside counsel write a rebuttal report. rudy giuliani and jay sekulow say that depend on what is in the report. the president and his outside counsel are taking comfort from the fact that mueller says he is not going to seek any further indictments. rudy giuliani telling fox news, this marks the end of the russia investigation. we await a disclosure of the facts. we are confident there is no
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finding of collusion by the president. and this underscores what the president has been saying from the beginning that he did nothing wrong. he's going about his weekend playing golf with kid rock. last night the president was in an expansive mood hosting a lincoln day dinner at mar-a-lago. one attendee told fox news the president didn't even mention the mueller report. our cameras caught mueller out and about in georgetown. while the attorney general is working quickly to get out a summary of the conclusion. releasing some of the facts of the case will be a much more lengthy process. if there are any materials that can be subject to executive privilege that could require a counsel review.
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the white house could claim privilege and note release that information or it could ask for redactions. the white house is steeling for a fight with members of congress over what you heard chuck schumer say. democrats and republicans are asking for the release of the entire report. but schumer says he want to see all of the underlying document. that could go to executive privilege and classification. hours and hours of depositions and interviews with trump administration officials. any white house would fight tooth and nail to keep that away from congress. and you can bet this white house will do that, too. ed: on capitol hill lawmakers are awaiting those findings from the attorney general. the democrats are demanding a full report and maybe issuing a subpoena for robert mueller. >> it's important that the public sees the report
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contemporaneously with the president. he should not be allowed to edit or sanitize. mueller has to come before us. >> you are going to subpoena mueller? ed: let's go to chad pergram. tell us about that conference call nancy pelosi held. the special counsel is different than independent counseled ken starr in terms of transparency. >> they had a conference call this afternoon. and this conference call kind of served two masters. one, nancy pelosi was telling her democrats the investigation is not over. that's why she had six of the committee chairs broke various aspects of alleged misdoings.
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that's why she had the chairs on the conference call to say they have a broader purview to look into things. by the same token she wanted to indicate to democrat, we can't go too far here. i was told impeachment was not a part of this conversation. she said a couple weeks ago impeachment was off the table. she is trying to keep the democrats in check. chris coons put it best. he was channeling winston churchill. he said this is not the beginning of the end. this is the end of the beginning. meaning this is the first marker. once people start to go through whatever the summary is, that will start to spin once members of congress return this week. members of congress, some on both side, want to get barr and
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robert mueller at an open hearing. you might remember ken starr who investigated president clinton and whitewater in the 1990s. he spoke before the judiciary committee in an open hearing. but he was an independent counsel, not special counsel. so the report went to the house of representatives and the house voted to publicize that report. the house voted a non-binding resolution 420-0 that the report should be publicized. but they don't have any real weight here. people say what is this summary going to be like? the house speaker nancy pelosi indicated today she doesn't want a classified briefing for the congressional leadership. she want something comprehensive
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so all members can go and talk and understand what's in this report. ed: here with reaction, all the developing news. the house intel committee member devin nunes. john brennan was supposed to be in a non-partisan job when he was there. he has been charge the last two years that treason was dplitted. where does the president go to get his reputation back? >> it won't be easy. and i don't think any american should be celebrating anything to do with mueller. there are indictments that are awful. what happened to these people is awful. we need to see the origins of this investigation. we don't even know what robert mueller was supposed to be looking at. the irony that the democrats are calling for full transparency when for two years they blocked
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their involvement. this was a clinton, obama, and a bunch of dirty cops at the fbi that started this in the first place. ed: what kind of transparency do you want. you have been pushing for a couple years for the fisa document. you have got some of the materials but not all. you are still waiting for the president to declassify some of the information. what else do you want to see? >> let's just start with just on friday, some real news broke. 40 pages of mccabe's phone calls, text messages, the former deputy director of the fbi, he's knee deep in the involvement in this whole setup. those just came out. those were leaked to fox news. somebody over at doj and fbi obstructed our congressional investigation. let's just start there. i mentioned the scope memo. this is what rod rosenstein
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wrote the second time. he started with the mueller investigation in may. that was a phoney beginning to that because he had no underlying crime. then in august he wrote a new memo to tell mueller what to do. none of us in congress saw that. we can start there. there is a whole bunch of information in the fisa. it would take the rest of your show. ed: you leveled a heavy charge that there were dirty cops, there was james comey, strzok, page, mccabe. let's say for a second that you are right. why did some of the president's top officials up as general flynn. why did they lie to the fbi if there was no collusion? why did they lie? >> as you know from the report we did, the house republic cabs did that still has not been challenged at all it's proven to be right when all the other reports were wrong. including almost the entire
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media apparatus. but our report said that the acted that interviewed flynn did not think he was lying. as it relates to general flynn there is a whole lot there that the public need to know about that remains classified. flynn was set up. and people need to understand that. ed: paul manafort. he ended up getting convicted over bank and fraud charges not tied to president trump or the 2016 campaign. but he was accused of witness tampering, bob mueller said. why ther to appear to obstruct the investigation by others outside the white house when there may be no collusion? >> well, the easy answer on that, that had to do with manafort, his past going back two decade. it had nothing to do with russia. there wasser in any ounce of evidence -- there was never an
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ounce of evidence of anybody in the trump orbit working with russia. there was only evidence of the clinton campaign working with russia. know one should be celebrating -- no one should be celebrating what mueller has done here. this is an embarrassment to america. ed: bill barr, when he's done with this mueller report, do you have confidence he'll hold fbi and doj officials accountable? >> i do. we are work on a memo and we'll find out who those dirty cops are. we'll be sending that to attorney general barr and other names i think people will be surprised at. ed: david bossie is a fox news contributor and former trump deputy campaign manager.
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do you believe the president was vindicated? >> 100%. he's been saying all along there was no russian collusion. and there has been a determination by robert mueller there was none. this is a good day for this president and a good day for america. ed: you know the president is liable to tweet about almost anything. why has 24 hours gone without the president taking a victory lap? >> he's enjoying himself at mar-a-lago, i thought he would have myself. if he wants to tweet, he'll tweet. when he does, we'll be watching what he says. ed: one of your colleagues spoke to me by phone and he said he thinks the president is holding back because he's going to be essentially cleared on collusion, but some of the advisors are bracing for at least the possibility the details of obstruction did not
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rise to the level of indictment but it will be quote-unquote ugly. there could be stuff in there that would be politically damage. is that why he's holding back a little bit? >> i don't think so. what's damaging is the members of congress in the democrat party who hate this president more than they love the country. whether it' it's -- swalwell orm schiff. these people are what's wrong with our politics today. what need to be done is an investigation of the investigators. that's comey, clapper and even barack obama. i want to know how far this went, and i believe it went all the way to the top. ed: big news happened today that people are not paying attention to because of the mueller report. the isis caliphate gone.
2:17 am
tonight is this president in bater position than he was a week ago in terms of reelection? >> there is no question. the president has been working for the american people since his first day in office. if you look at the situation with isis. he promised the american people that he would destroy isis and decimate them. barack obama said they would be around for generations. he destroyed them in two years. the commission on fire after being destroyed for 8 years by barack obama. after this report is made public in whatever form or fashion, and we investigate the investigators. the american people can move on. ed: we are going to get the democratic point of view in a few minutes. all this started as you heard
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>> the nice a court. the fisa court, many civil libertarians have been concerned about. it gives one-sided information. it trusts the government to tell the truth. now we know the government didn't tell the truth. one good thing about this whole thing is you conservatives are becoming civil libertarians. thank you for joining me. ed: that is harvard law professor alan dershowitz weighing in on the mueller report. gregg jarrett, how do you react to what professor dershowitz is saying. he as a liberal democrat who supported hillary clinton says the fisa court was misled. >> he's right.
2:23 am
it's a crime to commit a fraud on the court. they had exculpatory evidence they are obligated to tell the judges about and they did not. and they are required to verify information before presenting it to the court and they didn't do it. they didn't fully disclose who was paying for it, the hillary clinton campaign and the dnc. and there were other deceptions. they didn't fully disclose they fired for lying the author of the dossier. instead they said he was a credible source when they knew he wasn't. i write an entire chapter in the book about this. including deprivation of rights under color of law, conspiracy to commit fraud, false statements and perjury. ed: president trump runs the justice department. why have they not gotten
2:24 am
involved? >> because in charge is the feckless jeff sessions and rosenstein is compromised because he signed off on one of those fraudulent guysa applications. ed: but he's still there today going through the mueller report with bill barr. are you confident he'll do the right thing? >> no. his replacement has been nominated and confirmation hearings are set. now you have a new attorney general. i have confidence in him. he vowed during the confirmation hearings he would versus gate the alleged acts by people at the department of justice and the fbi. ed: the former number two was on a book tour. he said it's still possible maybe the president is an agent of russia. if james comey in an op-ed said who knows, who cares basically
2:25 am
whether there was collusion. how can these guys get away with this? >> they shouldn't. they should be investigated. and evidence that was gathered should be presented to a federal grand jury for potential indictment. the word of andrew mccabe accusing the president of being an asset of russia underscores what a cesspool of corruption the fbi became, the top levels of the fbi under james comey and loretta lynch who we now know gave marching orders to comey not to charge hillary clinton. we know that from the testimony we received from lisa page and peter strzok. ed: one year, 10 months and six days after the mueller probe began america waits for the details. we'll have more on what to expect from the report when part
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without submitting his principal conclusions from the mueller report. he's expected to do it tomorrow. joining me, harmeet dhillon and ari arbach. is this a case where there was interference by the russians in the election but not the collusion folks in your party alleged? >> not just those in my party. a lot of consequence are lib tearans also have strong questions about whether there was collusion. what is not clear whether there there was collusion. collusion. all of a sudden mueller came out and hammered 37 indictments from the president's national
2:31 am
security advisor to the campaign manager to foreign policy associates. you name it. there would be chaos and earthquakes. and mayhem at the white house, at the gop and on the hill. so it's not that nothing has happened. but if you put up sort of this indictment coming out slowly, had it come out all at once. ed: harmeet, i think your microphone dropped. what's your sense about all of this. the president as you heard from david bossie. they feel like they have been vindicated. >> certainly the president or his relatives were not indicted when democrats were saying they were sure he was going to be indicted for serious crimes. brennan said he has committed treason. other things claimed by democrats hysterically the past
2:32 am
two years did not happen, like interest force by the president in the investigation. any evidence of any kind of conspiracy. the indictments that have come out are of people close to the president who would have never been indicted were they not close to the president. they weren't indicted for collusion or any crimes the democrats claimed would be uncovered here. a lot of those indictments are of russians who won't be brought to justice. this is an abuse of power and it traces back to the obama administration. no president democrat or republican should have the wheels of justice turned against hem. ed: democrats are pushing for a full release of the mueller report. mark morgan a former fbi official was on fox explaining why that's not a good idea. >> the statute of the special
2:33 am
counsel, it's different from the starr report it's different than the independent statute. when this salacious report came out, 450 pages. congress wanted to prevent that from happening in the future. the special counsel statute is limited purposely. ed: your partly is saying release the whole report and release evidence even though the president and other top officials have not been indicted. you know full well based on the law you don't release information like that. shouldn't there be a redacted version. >> they are not saying release classified information. ed: they say they want evidence. >> just to give you an example. when the hillary clinton witch hunt was going on, they handed over to congress 880,000 plus pages of documents for the
2:34 am
email, the hillary email bonanza. so you can tell and you can see there is a lot of evidentiary pieces that have gone into this investigation that could be important. but what's important here to know is not just the interference part of it, but obstruction. i'm a bit disappointed no one named kushner has been indicted. but 37 indictments. and unfortunately. ed: most of of those russians -- >> not russians. gru. jim jones. obama's national security advisor was convicted because he talked to the iranians. ed: go ahead, har met. >> setting aside the democrat
2:35 am
talking point on this. it's clear the investigation was thorough, it was lengthy. over $25 million spent. democrats want the department of justice to set aside the ground rules you reared to. we need a situation where those rules are followed. but i like other republicans would like to see the report to the extent it should not be redacted by other rules. and i would like to see some of that underlying evidence consistent with doj rules. ed: we appreciate you coming in tonight. up next. more reaction to the mueller report coming from the campaign trail. several democratic hopefuls speak out. naysayer said no one would subscribe to a car the way they subscribe to movies. we don't follow the naysayers.
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ed: democrats on the campaign trail already weighing in on the delivery of the mueller report. and beto o'rourke was campaigning in south carolina. reporter: ed, some of those presidential hopefuls who were out campaigning are sending a clear and loud message they want everyone to see the mueller report in its entirety. senator bernie sanders was not shy about his thoughts. he just wrapped up a rally in los angeles. he started his speech to the crowd by addressing the mueller situation and pointing out president trump. >> it's absolutely imperative that the trump administration make that full report public. nobody including the president
2:41 am
of the united states especially this president is above the law. reporter: former texas congressman beto o'rourke started his day in south carolina but is now in las vegas for a rally that's set to begin in a few minutes. but he made some sharp comments despite the report. >> you have a president who in my opinion beyond a shadow of a doubt collude with the russian government, a foreign power to undermine and influence our elections. the sanctity of the ballot box. to make informed decisions about those who represent us who hold positions of trust. reporter: other candidates were more guard but briefly mentioned
2:42 am
the report saying it needs to be released. ed: with no further indictments coming at least from robert mueller, does that prove collusion? how will americans react to further investigations. let's ask stephanie hail and jonathan harris. are democrats going to say let's move on from this and jump into a whole bunch of new investigations? >> we don't know what's in the mueller report. we don't even know for sure in there won't be any indictments. we are not there yet. ed: the attorney general of the united states said there are no more indictments coming from mueller. we know that fact. >> i'm sorry. that i knew of earlier today we didn't even know that for sure. that was an early report. but even then we don't know the contents of this report. so we have to wait to see what's
2:43 am
in the report. there is a recommendation for indictments and what's in the actual report. but there are recommendations about obstruction of justice and so on. this was just one part of the investigation going ford. ed: robert mueller was held up as the great hope for the left and would take down president trump. now are we going to see investigations going on everywhere? >> i hear democrats want to investigate mueller because they are not happy with the report. we know there will not be any indictments, there is no obstruction of justice from what we know. we might hear about it tomorrow. at least members of congress will. but it probably won't make president trump or people in his orbit look great. but there is no russia collusion at this point which is what a
2:44 am
lot of people have been talking about for three years now. what we need to investigate is how we got to this point which is the christopher steele dossier, the british spy who worked with the clintons and democratic national committee to put together this whole salacious campaign against president trump. from there to the fisa courts. it's appalling, an abuse of power and something needs to be done. ed: look at this from "usa today" and suffolk university. has his president been subjected to more investigations than other presidents? 50% say yes. i thought your party in the last mid-terms total us you were running on the economy and you would do great things on healthcare, but what we see mostly is a whole bunch of investigations and 81 subpoenas
2:45 am
from jerry nadler. >> the point of this to act like this investigation is a witch hunt that trump keeps trying to call it. this resulted in 34 indictments, 7 guilty pleas, six of those guilty pleas were people in the trump campaign admitting to criminal behavior. it's not like this investigation makes trump look great. when you have everyone around you involved in criminal behavior -- ed: everyone around you involved in criminal behavior seems like a stretch. >> enough to field a football team. that's significant. these are the conservatives who wanted to investigate hillary clinton seemingly to her grave over benghazi and her emails. but something came of this. and that should raise eyebrows. ed: most of of those indictments
2:46 am
were to russians note actual trump advisors. stephanie, i will give you the last word. >> a lot of people got in trouble. this was mueller investigating, finding a crime. this was about taxes and russia collusion. they want to conflate this and make an excuse because there was nothing there. so now they are pivoting trying to find the next thing. and there will be more investigations. congress is trying to look at the foundation from. they want to look at his taxes and anything else. because a lot of people are embarrassed today. we saw chris matthews and rachel ma these getting emotional over the nothing burger. >> we don't know what's in the report. >> no one was indicted. ed: there were people on another channel who were a little bit emotional. but you are right, we should stick to the facts.
2:47 am
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>> the expectations were set so high by progressives. even though we don't node everything that's in there. it will be hard to say the president will go down when nobody around him close by is being indicted. >> my concern is people nominally following this, i worry they will think this was a colossal waste of time and resources. ed: joining me, tom fitton. people like van jones on the left are admitting they almost set expectations too high for bob mueller. >> it was a calculated attack on president trump for the last two years. they accused him of treason and never backed down from it. it began during the campaign and it was the reason for being in the mueller operation. it wasn't just a waste of time, it was an abuse of power by
2:52 am
justice department employees and the fbi and the mueller special counsel operation. there are no further indictments. that's a benefit to president trump and people around him. but there were other folks caught up in the same conduct paul manafort was caught up in, mainly the illegal representation of ukrainian interests such as anthony podesta and greg craig. there were allegations of some of the same type of activity paul manafort was indicted and prosecuted for. they are not going to face justice. ed: does that mean anthony podesta and others won't face indictment because the attorney general said mueller is not indicting anyone else. or could those are been landed off to other prosecutors. >> the way i read what your network is reporting is they are not recommending any other
2:53 am
indictments. greg craig is facing potential indictment and anthony podesta. it looks like they are free and clear as well. you have to compare and contrast their refusal to indict them with the charges and indictments of paul manafort and general flynn on foreign agent registration charges. charges rarely ever prosecuted. ed: you, david bossie, and others are saying the president has been vindicated by this. but you know there are other political and legal mine fields out there. how does he navigate next two years. >> he'll face harassment from the justice department in the southern district of new york. this will be a political battle. now congress will be harassing him and the fight between the executive branch and congress
2:54 am
will be downgraded by the american people than less important than a dangerous special counsel investigation. and one way he can navigate this is by bringing transparency to the whole mess and the corruption behind the formation of the special counsel operation by releasing all the information, declassifying everything and getting the justice department to do its job with respect to others who haven't been seriously investigated. people like hillary clinton and others. ed: we'll wrap up this evening's special with a preview of what's coming up tomorrow. including more special live coverage when we come back.
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ed: i will see you bright and early tomorrow morning, 6 a.m. eastern on "fox & friends." joint me with pete egg seth for the first word of what's sure to be a busy sunday. jerome coursecy has been in the cross haishes. but he was never indicted. he wants to sound off on what he calls prosecutorial overreach. don't forget about maria bartiromo's interview. my colleague chris wallace is interviews jerry had he had her tomorrow morning on fox news sunday.
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check your local fox affiliate, 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. right here on the fox news channel. if that's not enough, join me and the only dana perino 3 p.m. sunday for a two-hour monster special, 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. just as the preliminary findings from robert mueller are likely to be revealed by the personal. the attorney general. you'll get it here first. good night. greg gutfeld coming up next. ♪ [national anthem]
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anticipation growing as the mueller investigation finally over. we are now hours away from the attorney general revealing what he calls preliminary conclusions of mueller's investigation. >> you have a president who my opinion beyond a shadow of a doubt thought to collude with the russian government. >> there was never an ounce of evidence of anyone in the trump orbit working with russia. no one should be celebrating what mueller has done. >> the president is playing golf with kid rock. a growing number of 2020 hopefuls will not attend a proisrael conference. >> when ilhan is facing some controversy, that


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