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tv   Fox and Friends Sunday  FOX News  March 24, 2019 3:00am-7:00am PDT

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anticipation growing as the mueller investigation finally over. we are now hours away from the attorney general revealing what he calls preliminary conclusions of mueller's investigation. >> you have a president who my opinion beyond a shadow of a doubt thought to collude with the russian government. >> there was never an ounce of evidence of anyone in the trump orbit working with russia. no one should be celebrating what mueller has done. >> the president is playing golf with kid rock. a growing number of 2020 hopefuls will not attend a proisrael conference. >> when ilhan is facing some
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controversy, that is not something to be afraid of. >> a dramatic rescue off the coast of norway after a kriez ship sends out a mayday call. >> it's over! march equals madness. ♪ ♪ well the two of us. >> there's two of us for now. >> good to see you this morning. good morning. >> great to have you here. >> ed henry. >> ed had a late night. >> defactor anchor of the channel. covering everything. did you sleep? >> i barely slept. i didn't get to see march madness. apparently florida went down. our executive producers are gator fans.
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>> michigan and michigan state had big days and your florida team and my team minnesota went down. >> the big competition is who is going to win later when we play our own game. looking forward to beating these guys. we're going to try. >> we are now hours away from finally getting the preliminary conclusions from bob mueller's report. they'll be delivered by the attorney general to the house and judiciary committee. >> as democratic lawmakers lawms demand the full report be made public and quickly. >> our own ellison barber in washington with the latest. >> attorney general william barr spent most of saturday in his office reading special counsel robert mueller's findings, trying to find the key findings and send it over to congress. the republicans, the democrats, the president, the american public, they spent their time waiting to see what was in it.
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sources close to the attorney general tell fox news mr. barr wants to send mueller's conclusions to the leadership on the house and senate judiciary committees sometime today. house speaker nancy pelosi says she and chuck schumer will insist on unclassified briefings, saying that congress needs to full report and the underlying documents so the congressional committee are able to continue their work. yesterday house democrats held a conference call on the mueller report. according to a person on the call, spheeker pa lossy told her caucus, quote, the takeaway from the call is that the american public deserves the truth, to know the truth, transparency the order of the day. some republicans have criticized that, accusing democrats of hypocrisy. >> the irony that the democrats are calling for full transparency when for two years they blocked their involvement -- this was a
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clinton, obama and a bunch of dirty cops at the fbi that started this in the first place. >> ed, katie, pete. >> it's interesting. on this conference call she laid it out. you had democrat after democrat laying out -- maxine waters at the bank committee is looking at the trump organization, and the ways and means committee wants to get his tax returns. and the foreign affairs committee is going after his meetings with vladimir putin. investigate. investigate. the final word was we don't care what the mueller report says. how democrats saying, don't fire mueller. he's going to be the key thing. now he's not going to say what they want and they're running from him. >> the subpoena's they've issued are going after president trump in a personal way, going after his businesses, personal finances, people around him including family members looking into their business dealings.
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when you look at this in terms of pom ticks and what people in congress are interested in doing, impeachment is at the bottom of the list, the russian investigation is at the bottom of the list of what they want them to focus on. >> they're not even close. >> if you look at the "washington post" account they say impeachment never came up. i want to beat up on the president and walk up to the line of the impeachment because it's unpopular with the american people. pound pound pound but don't go all of the way. >> they want to placate the base. instead we get videos of bob mueller getting into his car. as if that's interesting. this guy had a job, spent a bunch of money, had a bunch of lawyers, didn't find anything that amounted to collusion but we're still talking about it. 2020 looming. one of the candidates running
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for president, beto o'rourke, he was on the campaign trail. he said president trump, well without a shadow of the doubt, still colluded with russia. listen. >> you have a president who, in my opinion beyond a shadow of a doubt, sought to collude with the russian government, a foreign power to undermine and influence or elections. >> look at the key part there. >> my opinion. >> in my opinion, you're right. and sought to collude. so you move the goal post to not he colluded with the russians. he sought to collude and maybe bob mueller didn't prove it. that's a far cry from adam schiff saying two years ago there's he colluded with rush r. >> and andrew mccabe saying in february that president trump may be a russian agent still
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together sitting in the oval office which is why the special counsel was launched in the first place. >> if you're bored, i am too. it's all boring, ridiculous, lame. this whole thing is done. bob mueller is not -- you said he was the end all be all. here he is. his report is out. we're going to hear from them. we knew from the beginning, that he didn't collude, he won the election. if you're bored, i am too. we got interesting stuff on the show but this stuff from democrats, they eastern playing into a playbook which they're invested in which is no ground in truth. bob mueller got to the bottom of it. he said -- we'll see what he said, the actual test. come on, people. he had an enormous amount of resource to carry out the investigation. >> if there was anything, he would have find it. >> there are a lot of democrats in the media and over on a different channel, one of those hosts is questioning whether this may be a coverup.
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>> the fact that this investigation takes place with justice department, which dump donald trump is in control and got rid of the control, jeff sessions, the one decent thing he did was recuse himself. this guy have not. >> i feel like it might be a coverup. they're smearing bill barr, a highly respected former and now tournament attorney general. the man has had the mueller report since friday and he's already covering it up? this was on saturday? boy, he's really good at coverups. within 24 hours. meanwhile, he's about to turn over the findings. >> the most astonishing thing to me is this 180 change on how democrats see robert mueller. they criticize president trump rightfully or wrongfully for talking about him poorly,
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calling it a witch hunt on triter, said they need to introduce legislation to protect robert mueller, republicans got behind the call and now they're saying there's a coverup and he mate not be as trants parent ass they need to be. >> count me as surprised that the media is not going to be fair about this. laura logan laid out the problems with the reporting on mueller's report. listen. >> there's something else that bothers me with much of the reporting on this from the begin beginning. you keep seeing in many articles this line that six members of the trump campaign has been indicted by the mueller investigation. but you don't read in the same space right there, nobody writes although none of them were charged with conspiring with russia, the central question of the mueller investigation. that always comes way way way down further in the reporting.
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my question is this. if charges had been brought against a president, then the headlines would all be screaming about, you know, victory, right, for the left. indication. this proves that what the law is saying is right. no charges intrn brought but i don't see screaming headlines saying this vindicates the president. >> the headline of "the new york post." with mueller finished, it's time to probe obama an the investiga. will we get a special counsel or something looking into the nonsense that happened at doj and the fbi. >> one person talking about investigating the investigators, mark levin will be here. >> mark levin at 8:00, jerome corsi at 8:20. mark levin was on this show two
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years ago saying that the obama team spied on the trump team when no one else was saying that. based on public sources and leaks. he was there and knew about it. >> looking forward to what he has to say. turning to your headlines, a relaxing vacation turns into a nightmare at sea. an engine failure in stormy weather forcing 1300 people to evacuate a cruise ship one by one by helicopter. look at the chaos unfolding inside. 54-mile-per-hour winds and 25-foot waves forcing fowr furne to fly around and the ceiling to collapse. water pouring on to theship. 16 people have been taken to the hospital, three of them with serious injuries. the ship is expected to be towed back to land this morning. and we now know the names of two american heros killed in come bcombat afghanistan, will y
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served five tours in iraq. and specialist joseph colet was part of an explosive ordnance group. they also earned four army achievement medals. both heros are survived by their wives and children and those are the headlines. >> god bless those men. you do all this politics stuff and then you see photos like this and you're reminded those guys are doing that for us on the battlefield right now. did john brin non desee us all? >> i see more indictments. if they indict somebody of the trump family that donald trump would not allow bob mueller to continue. >> his sense of smell is off.
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dan hoffman worked with john brennon for many years saying that brennon damaged not only the reputation of the industry but other things as well. what do the voters think of the mueller probe ending? todd pirro out in virginia beach having breakfast with folks. reporter: if you have any question about to whether people are excited about the end of the mueller report. it's 6 a.m. you can't get a table in this place. are you guys fired up? [ cheering ] reporter: my guess is that's a question. more "fox & friends" on a sunday. ♪ . they're completely different people, that's why they need customized car insurance from liberty mutual. they'll only pay for what they need! [ gargling ] [ coins hitting the desk ] yes, and they could save a ton.
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i think bob mueller and his team know if in fact they indict somebody of the trump family that donald trump would not allow bob mueller to continue. so i think it's a conspiracy -- i think criminal conspiracy and
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a family member. >> comments from the former cia director right there, john brennon perhaps not aiming so well after sources say the special counsel robert s. mueller, iii is not recommending any more indictments after delivering his russia report to the attorney general. did the former director deceive the american public? here to weigh in, fox news contributor dan hoffman who worked with john brin non. goobrinbrin recollectiong washington for a long time, cia directors who were nominated by presidents of both parties were relatively nonpartisan focusing on foreign security. what happened here? >> john bri brennon is really an outlier. i would argue he was the most politicized dreblghter o directa
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in our modern history. >> and talk about not just any former obama official but the former cia director repeatedly using the word treason, treason to describe the current president and now it appearing to fall apart. >> make no mistake that john bribrennon's words carry weight. the former director of the cia. there's no nuance there. it loses credibility and to those of the president's opponents who use john brennon's arguments as his own and he's fracturing our domestic politics doing vladimir putin's bidding. >> we hear so many lectures about president trump and his relationship with putin and how that might be underlying our nato alliances and all of the rest. what about the fact that a former cia director is out there accusing the current commander of chief of treason but also
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repeatedly speculated wrongly that maybe members of his family were about to be indicted. >> this goes back for a year ago when john brennon delivered cringe worthy tweets and on another network claimed that vladimir putin could blackmail president trump. if john brennon believed that he should have trusted to the process and gone to the special counsel instead of idly speculating. there's an irony here that john brennon is accusing the president of things that the president has not done and yet he himself is doing putin's bidding by driving our partisan politics to ever many extreme places. and our foreign governments on whom we rely to collaborate against russia and spies and you know, inside -- in other capitals may be worrying that there are issues with sharing intelligence with us because of what john brennon has said. >> you make some strong points.
3:20 am
pete talk about investigating the investigators. you have to wonder whether john brennon's time in the obama administration, in the latter days is going to get a look as wul. danielle hoffman, appreciate you coming in. always thinking about you and your family. thanks for coming in. 2020 democrat hopefuls are skipping this year's pro-israel aipac conference. thi plus, so spence builds or details in the mueller report. look at the fired fbi director james comey. he's taking time out to enjoy his surroundings. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ do you love me? ♪
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go online today. good morning again. quick headlines. a man is arrested for throwing a glass of water on republican congressman steve king inside an iowa restaurant. blake gibbons charged with simple assault and disorderly contact. he came under fire earlier this year for questioning why the term white supremacy is considered offensive. the house admonished him over that. senator bernie sanders is accused of breaking election laws by employing foreign nationals including one illegal immigrant. they prohibit foreign nationals from participating in decisions with regard to election related activities. nine 2020 democratic presidential hopefuls skipping this morning's pro-israel aipac
3:25 am
conference after move on. org >> rabbi, what is your response to 2020 candidates deciding not to participate in this year's aipac conference? >> i was just shocked. we just finished the jewish holiday o. and it was all about speaking out when it raising raises its y head. they have not learned their lesson. every democrat canne candidate n priest years, obama went, hillary clinton went, bernie sanders went in 2016. and i've attended aipac two or three times, many of the people
3:26 am
there are democrats. so to reject the conference is counter productive. it was shocking. >> traditionally aipac has been bipartisan. sit fair to say at this point that support for israel has become a partisan issue? is this something that republicans and conservatives recognize and democrats have left behind? >> i think it's increasingly becoming so, pete. one of the reasons is the base of the democratic party is moving further left and does feel a real aversion to israel. i do think that many of the mainstream in the party still have a positive feeling towards israel but that's not being heard. that's being drowned out. and i worry tremendously about it. >> i want to play some sound from congresswoman ilhan oman during a speak with c.a.r.e., council on islamic-american relations and get your reaction
3:27 am
to that. >> why are you always talking about you know this particular country open you'r and you're ng about that particular country. my choice of a country to talk about is not my preference of countries. it is based on what country is violating basic me human rights. >> is her charge that israel violating basic human rights accurate and what do you have to say about her continuing to work with groups that are not just anti-israel but have tie to terrorism? >> it's incredible. it's shocking. i know she works with groups that have compared israel to isis. you know, in my book on anti-semitism, i talk about the way that some of the same views towards jews distore cli that led to the holocaust, those same views are being applied toward
3:28 am
israel. and i think representative omar is embodying that trend, that israel becomes this irrational all powerful demon that's sup pressing everyone. in her tweet where she said israel hypnotizing the world. i remember when her apology came out, it wasn't really an apology. and this just brofs it. >> honest question, have she been to israel? i don't know. i mean being there is understanding it. >> it's true. >> absolutely. i mean if you wanted the -- if you cared about human rights and you wanted to choose a place to live in the middle east, 100% of the evidence would suggest that you live in israel. people can vote there. there's equality twean th betwes sexes. doesn't matter what religion, what sexual orientation you are. you can live a comfortable life there. >> rabbi, thank you so much for you time. >> for your perspective. >> great tough. >stuff.>> thank you both.
3:29 am
a new caravan of migrants headed to the u.s. border right now. this former obama border chief doubling down on the national emergency at the border. joins us next. teresa may could be facing a coup among a major uprising in parliament. >> shees go she's got nine live. todd pirro in virginia beach having breakfast with, looks like a couple of friends there. ♪ ♪ with usaa has been excellent. they really appreciate the military family
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♪ oh, yeah. born free. and proud of it. your shot of the morning. kid rock, rocking his red, white and blue. picture on the golf course with president trump. >> that's awesome. the singer tweeting quote, another great day on the links, thank you to potus for having me and everyone at trump international for being so wonderful. looks like a beautiful day. >> so fun to be with. keep america great. >> those are good. >> if you're going to golf with the president, bring your attire. >> well done. let's bring in mark morgan, fompler fbi assistant director,
3:34 am
former border patrol under president obama. you spent a lot of time at the fbi which a lot of folks don't know. but you know up and down what's happening at the fbi. we're waiting on the details of what's happened on the mueller report but a tweet came out yesterday from fired fbi chief james comey. this is the tweet, he said geologic time offers useful perspective. there he is mulling geologic time, it appears. someone else took the photo. it's very staged. let me get a piece of his testimony from june of 2017 and get you to react. listen. >> i woke up in the middle of the night on monday night because it didn't dawn on me originally that there might be corroboration for our conversation, might be a tape. and my judgment is i needed to get that out into the public square. i asked a friend of mine to share the content of the memo with a reporter.
3:35 am
didn't do it myself for a variety of reasons but i asked him to because i thought that might prompt the appointment of a special counsel. mark, your reaction to the wacomy is conducting himself today. >> every time that i see that, it's like a dagger in my heart. and i believe the majority of fbi personnel feel the same way. it was at that moment where even some people that still believed became nonbelievers. what he did there violated the e though every employee know ps. he intentionally leaked information. we don't do that in the law enforcement community. when i sat there and listened to that along with everybody else, i was outraged. it's a sad day for the fbi that a former director would do what he did. >> now that we're waiting on the details of what the mueller report may have said from their conclusions today, house speaker nancy pelosi is rejecting any
3:36 am
kind of classified briefings to congress because she wants all of the details made public. what is your reaction to that in. >> katie, this is just a talking point to get people fired up. but if you think about it, there are some legitimate balances. we understand the right of the american people to know stuff and be transparent. but there's also another right of privacy concern for people that have not been charged. those are both very important rights that must be balanced. and from a law enforcement perspective, not a political one, law enforcement, there's real concerns about sensitive methods and sources, grand jury material. and look, we will put a chilling effect on people that -- one of the hallmarks of our ability to do our job, if people come to us and give us information and then they know that then we're going to put that out there for the entire world to see, guess what, they're not going to stop helping us. >> just a follow-up to that question. are you concerned that the politics and the plit tie
3:37 am
disaition opoliticizationof thee mueller report out has done damage to due process? >> it has done damage to the fbi. i just heard another, actually a republican congresswoman refer to fbi corrupt cops. we need to stop that on both sides of the aisle. this was some bad decisions made by a very select few at the top of the fbi. the yofer well ming majority of the rank and file of the fbi have done their job, continued to do their job and i think their reputation has been damaged and it's going to take a long time to correct that. >> there can be legitimate oversight of any congress, but nancy pelosi had this conference call yesterday where they talked about using some of this material from the mueller report to investigate all other kinds of things when meanwhile you've got the economy, health care and immigration waiting for action against congress.
3:38 am
and there are new reports of another caravan, 1200 people on the way from central america in mexico towards the united states. what say you about the lack of action on capitol hill to deal with this issue? >> you know, again, another fact among thousands of facts. and what this represents, this caravan, people need to realize, is that we're anticipating a million, a million people being apprehended trying to illegally enter this country. but the demographics, because they're family units and unaccompanied minors and because of the broken laws is that 60% to 65%, that's the makeup now, they're going to be allowed into this country. so of that million 650,000 are going to be allowed into this country. and right now they talked about reaching the breaking point. they're not reaching the breaking point. they're in the middle of the breaking point and we still hear talking points that there n is a
3:39 am
manufactured crisis and the border is fine. >> it's a problem. >> very briefly, i heard you talking about the law, law and order. how do we get back to that as opposed to politics? >> exactly. congress could fix that. they could fix the law in about 15 minutes. but until then, until we get them to do their job, there's some stuff that could be done right now. for example, stop asylum seekers at the border. make them file asylum claims from their country of origin or make them wait in mexico. we know the majority of them are not a process and denied because they're false claims. if we could stop that, we remove a huge incentive for them to come. a great start. >> mark mor morgan, appreciate . mayday, a cabinet coup against uk prime minister teresa may. a series of private phone calls between high-ranking cabinet members have taken place and
3:40 am
they all agree she must step down. as many as one million protesters marred througers marh london to protest brexit. robert kraft breaks his silence since being charged with soliciting prostitution in florida last month, apologizing in a statement saying in part, quote, i am truly sorry. i know have disappointed my family, my close friends, my coworkers our fans and many others who rightfully hold me to a higher standard. kraft is facing up to a year in jail and denies in engaging in any illegal activity. with a trip to sweet 16 on the line, lsu gives basketball fans some true march madness. >> waters makes his move. three seconds. waters to the rim. layup. good! it's over! march equals madness! >> it was a great game. tray month waters game winning
3:41 am
layup gives them the win over maryland. in other news florida failed to break 50. 49 points. rick, how is the weather in florida? >> i wasn't going to go there but not that bad actually. another over higher than normal temperatures in florida, which has been the case all winter long. the one spot in the country that has been hot and not had much precipitation. the rest of the country thaz had way too much precipitation. but we had one storm across the central part of the country, where we've had the flooding going on, a little moisture coming into that area. you're going to get a little more rain overall. probably half an inch or so which won't make the problem that much worse. but all of these areas here along the rivers are going to continue to see flooding ongoing and we have snow to the northern side of this that needs to melt. temps are going to be above average.
3:42 am
especially along the red river which flows north into canada is the next river we're going to see some problems with. overall this week, not much precipitation falling in that spot which is good news. >> i did not know that that river flows north. i should know that. >> yep. exactly. >> interesting. thank you, rick. meanwhile, felons can actually vote in florida after serving their sentence. but a new proposal won't let them off that easy. and what do the voters think of the mueller probe ending? todd pirro in virginia beach having breakfast. good morning. reporter: we're going to get to what the voters think after this break. but first, when you're in a heavy military community like virginia beach, you don't have omelets, you have bomb-lets. the master diver is here. this is for you. shrimp, steak, a lot of protein. it's awesome.
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and finally the cruiser. this is for you, ed, very sphis skated. baked apples and bree. we're going to get to the ak chul mueller report right after this.
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. the key findings from that long anticipated mueller report could be sent to congress as soon as today. this as democrats demand the whole report be made public, even some of the evidence. long anticipated by some. so what do the voters think? let's ask todd pirro. he's talking to them live over breakfast with friends at anchor alley's. tom? reporter: what a great place to be here on a sunday morning. a heavy military presence here in virginia beach. you get real americans who have served our nation and n know what's up. law so says she's happy it's over and she used the f word,
3:47 am
finally. >> yes. i'm tired of this dominating the media. don't we have something else to talk about? >> thank you. >> thank you. >> but there's a big but, you say you don't think politicians are going to get back to the issues. why do you say that in. >> no. they have to have something to talk about, something to try to get trump out of office, something else. i'm just really tired of this. >> but you're sort of kind of happy it's over? >> heck yeah. use that 27 million that we spent on this for the wall maybe. reporter: all right. kind of had a hunch that would get a reaction here. josh, you're a navy guy. thank you for your service. you say this whole thing is just an excuse for losing an election why? >> there's no collusion. it's built upon nothing. there's nothing there years ago, nothing there now. we as veterans for trump understood there. we stood by our president and we'll stand by our president in 2020. reporter: let's see what these folks over here do.
3:48 am
dennis, retired navy. vietnam veteran. thank you for your service. you're frustrated that the m thes don't seem to be done. why? >> they just have lost their way. they lost the election. they have no platform. and now, i mean, if my grandma was still alive, she was an old hard core democratic she would be rolling in her grave. they're not democratics anymore. they're going down the socialist trail, a real strange trail to go down for this country because we believe in freedom. reporter: you say you're happy it's over but you don't think it's over. what do you mean by that in. >> it will never be over for the dems. that's all they worry about. they hate president trump. that's the bottom ryan. reporter: pressure is on the rest of you for the next three. back to new york. >> say hi to dennis for us, will you? say hoi to denni hi to dennis f.
3:49 am
>> he can't hear you. >> we'll check in with todd all morning live from virginia beach. 2020 democratic presidential hopefuls aren't just hitting the campaign trail. >> i know and will know and do know how to prosecute the case against donald trump. >> and they're also taking jabs at president trump too. >> shrieks of reaction in that one. >> poetry. americans aren't living on a prayer like they used to. pastor robert jeffers joins us next. it's causing a major shift in religion. s best
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welcome back. well a shift in religion in this
3:53 am
country as a new survey reveals that the number of americans who claim to have no religion is roughly the same as though who claim to be catholics or evangelicals. >> so what does this mean for the future of america? here to weigh in, fox news contributor robert jeffers, senior pastor of first baptist church of dallas. good morning. what's your reaction? we've seen numbers heading in this direction but it seems pretty stark now. >> i think i'm going to surprise you this morning by saying i think there's some good news in this new poll. here's why. you know, 50 years ago i think people felt compelled to check the baptist or catholic or protestant box even though they didn't embrace those beliefs personally just to be thought of as a good person. but as the culture has become secular, i think people feel more honest to say what they believe or don't believe which is why you see the rise in the nuns and the atheists in our
3:54 am
country today. people need to understand faith has to be personally embraced. nobody goes to heaven or hell in a group. we go one by one based on our relationship with christ. >> i can't remember the verse, it's either you're hot or cold or i'll spit you out of my mouth. the idea is know where you stand. these numbers are closely core correlated with folks who are boldly catholic or evangelical or atheist at this point. >> i think that's right. the study reveals the number one choice of people checking nuns, they're jumping ship from mainline denominations. and we know for 507 years, main line, the protestant to become more and more liberal in their politics and theology. people say if what i'm going to hear at church is not different than what i hear on cnn or the rotary club, why bother. the fact that churches like mine that teach the bible, we're growing furiously. we cover six blocks of yowb town
3:55 am
dallas, had two building programs in six years. it's not because people are attracted to me but in an ever changing world people are craving the never changing truth of god's word. >> pooh pastor, you mentioned politics and even in 2016 evangelicals were a key point in getting president trump elected. but now the numbers are changing. 29.3% of the country identified as evangelical. today the number has dropped to 22.5%. does that have to do with what you're talking about, people jumping denominations or should this be a concern for the president heading into 2020. >> the good news for the president this week, 70% of evangelicals continue to support president trump. and in if poll that we're talking about today, even though the evangelical number dropped as a whole, the number of
3:56 am
evangelicals turning out at the ballot box is greater than other groups. they have deeper convictions. they believe in absolute, moral and spiritual truth and they vote those convictions at the ballot box. >> robert jeffers thank you for your time. appreciate it. good stuff. >> thanks for having me. still to come, congressman devin nedevin nunes. >> some say it's time to put hillary clinton under the microscope again. ♪ ♪
3:57 am
3:58 am
3:59 am
expwhro we are now hours away from finally getting the preliminary conclusions for bob
4:00 am
mueller's report. >> democratic lawmakers demand the full report be made public. >> we understand the right of the american people to know stuff but there is real concern about sensitive methods and sources. there are legitimate balances. >> the president is going about his weekend playing golf with kid rock. a growing number of 2020 hopefuls will not attend a majr pro-ilpro-israel conference. >> when ilhan is facing some controversy, that is not something to afraid of. >> the base of the democratic party is moving further left and does feel a real aversion to israel. >> representative omar is embodying that trend. >> a new care var caravan of mon 1,000 migrants reportedly headed to the u.s. border right now. >> catch the ball, throws it in reverse. >> it's over! march equals madness!
4:01 am
♪ ♪ >> lsu beat maryland, michigan beat florida. flort didn'florida didn't get 5. >> bracket is doing pretty well. >> who do you have winning it? >> duke. >> how did you come up with that? >> number one seed, doing pretty good. >> i picked unc in the final against duke. >> that's a good matchup. always a good matchup. we can hope for that. >> we are waiting for the winner of march madness. we're also waiting for the mueller reports. >> march madnes madness way more interesting. >> attorney general william barr now hours away we believe from sending the top line conclusions of whether or not there was collusion with russia, whether or not there was obstruction of justice. you see democrats this morning trying already to move the goal post out on the campaign trail
4:02 am
and in congress. on the trail you've got beto o'rourke saying regardless of what the report says he believes beyond a shadow of a doubt that the president sought to collude with russia. so there might not be ed but he tried. >> and the democrats have demanded that congress see the report before the president and the white house and the legal team has seen it. as of right now the white house hasn't been briefed on the findings according to sarah sanders and the deputy secretary. we don't know how man mowch howe seen this morning. >> we've all been waiting. bob mueller was going to deliver the truth. we got to wait for it. and when it comes, that will be the final answer. >> it's mueller time. >> they are saying mueller is going to save democracy. >> mueller time! here's what they had to say about mueller time in the way back machine. listen. >> look, i'm going to wait for the mueller report. we have to see what the mueller
4:03 am
report says i think before making any conclusion. >> i think we're going to have to look at that evidence in its totality as we learn more and get a report ultimately from bob mueller about what the consequences of all of that are. >> you wait until the investigation is finished. i think we should wait until the report comes out. >> we have to a wait and see what happens with the mueller report. >> okay. so we've been waiting. >> here we are. it's over. >> e we'll soon see. we'll get some form of the report. you've said this, ed. bill barr is a respected guy in washington. he's going to be prudent about it. he's president trump's attorney general but he's going to be fair about what should be redacted. >> not seen as a trump partisan. she's seen as an honest broker in all of this. if you play out what the democrats said for months, we're going the wait for mueller, follow the facts, now the facts might not be what they wanted, doesn't fit the narrative they pushed for two years about
4:04 am
russian collusion. look at the washington post this morning, democrats insies on pursuing trump no matter what mueller concludes. >> keep in mind, the senate and the house have already done these kinds of investigations at the same time that mueller was doing his. the senate intelligence committee just came out with a report saying no collusion. >> in february. >> in february. and yet here we are with the mueller report and the democrats saying that they're questioning now the kred blgh credibility oe investigation saying there may be a coverup. >> if you're annoyed, i am too. like it never ever ever ever ever ends. can we get over 2016 already and run in 2020 if you want to beat this president? that's what it comes down to. michael goodwin had an op-ed today daying out how to end the national nightmare. this is what he had to say. time to give equal attention to the other side of the story of
4:05 am
how we got here. the questions can be boiled down to two. was the initial decision to investigate trump's campaign an honest mistake by obama administration or was i. there are so many questions about the clinton case and the origins of the trump probe, the best and only solution is for barr the appoint a new social counsel. i read that this morning. if you're not indignant at the end of this and what the democrats are doing, ultimately you want accountability and justice and believe that people will be held accountable. if they spied on trump, which is evidence is overwhelming of, the folks that did should be brought to account. bill barr has that chance. others have the chance to call those folks forward and hold them accountable. i think that's what a lot of people -- you don't want more investigations. but you want accountability. >> equal application of the law to everybody. not just because you're a republican and that's what he's
4:06 am
talking about. senator lindsey graham called for a special counsel investigation in light of the mueller report being finished. >> you're saying people don't want more investigation. >> correct. >> but let's have a new special counsel for more investigation. >> correct. >> as long as you're investigating the other guy it's cool. >> i am tired of the investigation. >> there shouldn't have been fbi and department of justice abuses. there should have been accountability. i don't understand why after two years we haven't gotten to the bottom of what the obama administration did. but you can't say let's have another special counsel and investigate hillary. >> sometimes you got to do it. >> either you're moving on or you ore not. >> that's up to priests and pastors and jesus to absolve you of your sins. otherwise you can't move on until things have been reconciled. that's a big part of moving on. have you ever had a disagreement with your significant other. you can't move on until you figure out what's going wrong. >> we're going to try to settle
4:07 am
this with mark levin. jerome corsi as well. remember he was per pseudob pere special counsel. she's said they're pressuring him to lie about trump in order to fit the trump-russia collusion. he would not lie. switching gears to another topic, aipac, the pro-israel conference starts today, runs through the early part of this week. and representative ilhan omar is again in hot water for slamming israel at a c.a.r.e. event last night. >> why are you always talking about, you know, this particular country and you're not talking about that particular country. my choice of a country to talk about is not my preference of country. it is based on what country is violating basic human rights. >> all right.
4:08 am
>> okay. so you've got nine presidential candidates on the democrat side boycotting aipac because move on .org said that they should. >> you've got a liberal group that started in the clinton impeachment, way on the left dictating to democratic presidential candidates whether or not they should go speak at a national security forum conference promoting israel. >> with a key ally in the middle east. the only democracy in the middle east. i always find it -- it never squares the circle when it comes to when the left is so anti-israel. they have a democracy, one of the largest gay pride events in the year, women are equal rights. one thing that's brushed under the regular is there are are protests in gaza last week against hamas by palestinians because of the way they're being treated and israel is getting
4:09 am
the blame for being a. >> you ask a lot of palestinians who live under israeli control say i would rather have the israelis because i would get equal law and treatment. ilhan omar is clearly on the side of the palestinians. we had a rabbi on the program earlier and asked him about 0 more. this is whaomar. this is what he had to say. >> some of the same views against jews historically, those are now being applied toward israel. and i think representative omar is embodying that trend. if you cared about human rights a, wanted to choose a place to live in the middle east, 100% of the ed suggests you should live in israel. people wit can vote there. the point to them as the violator of human right rights s
4:10 am
all reason. >> she was voted in. she can speak out. but after this resolution passed by the house staying stop these anti-semitic remarks, stop anti-muslim remarks, you would think he would stop attacking israel. >> why hasn't she made her top campaign issue that the most folks that have gone to fight for isis have left from minnesota, my home state, her district, saying how do we stop the radicalization of young muslim men who came through somalia. how would you make that issue number one. instead you're pointing to israel? >> someone on the intelligence committee -- or the foreign affairs committee, excuse me, she should be focusing on that. >. police are scouring surveillance for a cop killer. police say he was furredded
4:11 am
hours after finishing his shift. >> it's really disgusting. this appears to be an unprovoked attack against a group of individuals who went out to unwind on a friday night. >> rivera was shot sitting in a parked car. a relaxing vacation turns into a nightmare at sea. an engine failure in stormy weather forcing 1300 people to evacuate a cruise ship one by one by helicopter. look inside at the chaos. 54-mile-per-hour winds and 25-foot waves off of the coast of norway forcing furniture to fly around. three people are seriously hurt. the ship is expected to be towed back to land this morning. the stars of quf fuller house "show support for costar lori laug lowing live.
4:12 am
>> they pray for each other and stanld by their side no matter how tough it gets. >> this as dr. dre shares a photo writing quote my daughter got accepted into usc all on her own. no jail time. good her him. those are your head lines. >> when dr. dre is speaking truth. good for him. the mueller probe is over but beto robert francis betting on collusion. plus, madonna is proving she's still a ray of light with a big comeback. >> how many comebacks can you have? ♪ ♪ sion ever. i switched to geico and saved hundreds.
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you have a president who in my opinion colluded with the russian government. >> what this campaign is about is winning the democratic nomination. it is about defeating donald trump, the most dangerous president in american history. >> i know and will know and do know how to prosecute the case against donald trump. >> democratic hopefuls hitting more than just the campaign trail this weekend taking aim at president trump as they push their far left agenda. but our next guest is warning them, running against trump is a losing strategy. kelsey buller, a senior writer at the heritage foundation and she joins me now. thank you for being here. first of all, a lot of democrats have made the mueller investigation a key part of their campaign strategy so far. where do they go now that the
4:17 am
report is finished without further indictments against the president or his close associates. >> despite what we know thus far about the final conclusions of the investigation, democrats running for 2020 appear to be doubling down, which is really a bizarre strategy. you can only imagine if the results ended the opposite way where president trump was indicted. i think the entire mia would be ask him are you going to accept the results of this two-year multimillion dollar investigation. of course because it's democrats refusing to accept the results, nobody is questioning them on that and they're allowed to continue campaigning on some crazy idea that trump is collude with russia despite absolutely no legal grounds, no evidence of that. >> so former vice president joe biden is going to get into the race sometime in the next couple of weeks. he's said on the record that we
4:18 am
should be waiting on the mueller report to come out before we figure out what to do with it. how do you think this is going to affect his campaign moving forward if he decides to get in in. >?>> a lot of us view joe bidens someone who is a little more reasonable than the 2020 candidates pivoting to the far left calling for the green new deal, abolishing the electoral college and so forth. so i think joe biden's reaction i hope will be more tempered than we've seen from candidates like kamala harris, bernie sanders and beto o'rourke this weekend. but that is to be determined. >> in the 2016 election a lot of democrats got elected in districts that president trump won in 2016. if they continue to focus on the russia angle of this despite there not been further indictments on collusion, do you think that's going to backfire as they continue to avoid talking about real issues? >> it's absolutely going to
4:19 am
backfire. what the american people want to know is what policies are you fighting for that are going to improve my life, make my life better. it's understandable why they're campaigning against trump on a personal level because the economy is doing great, because the pro-gro pro-growth policiese working for the american people. this is all meant to distract and i think it's part of thar strategy because they know their policies, like getting rid of private health insurance, are not popular with the american people. >> well we will see how things shift and change as 2020 continues to heat up. kelsey, thank you so much. >> thank you kb katie. well the details of the mueller report may not be out yet but there are five things that did not come out of the report. our next guest breaks them down. and what do the voters think about the mueller era finally coming to an end. todd pirro is in virginia beach
4:20 am
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♪ ooo baby, here i am, signed, sealed, delivered, i'm yours ♪ applebee's 3 course meal now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood. why are all these business owners so excited? we're going to comcast. it's ahead of the game, ahead of the curve. it's going to add to the productivity of our business. it's switch and save days at comcast business. right now, get fast, reliable internet
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4:24 am
to stand up for faith-based adoption agencies. attorney general's comments on mueller's report could be released today. and we already know what's not in it. >> you know, it's been a lot of focus on the russian collusion. >> contact with the russians. >> contact with russian. >> russia. >> russia. >> collusion with russia. >> that's chris matthews on friday. russian collusion. one of the five things that didn't happen in the mueller investigation. fox news contributor and washington examiner chief political correspondent bu byron york is here. no one charged with conspiracy with russia. >> that is correct. first of all we have to say we don't know what's in the report. could be a lot of interesting information but you're right, we can tell some things are not there because we know that mule
4:25 am
ser not going to make any more indictments and he never charged anyone in the trump campaign or the trump circle with con spearing with russia to fix the election. and you have to remember, a number of people, paul manafort, rick gates, michael flynn who were charged with other crimes, if there had been a russian con conspiracy you would suspect they had some role in it. they were never charged with come sort of conspiracy with russia. >> new york magazine wrote donald trump jr. expected to be indicted by mueller soon. robert mueller investigating jared cur kushner's dealing. >> we know who he incite indictd there were tons of talk about donald trump jr. being indicted,
4:26 am
probably involving the trump tower meeting that got so much attention, jared kushner, the president's son-in-law, a lot of talk of him being indicted. that didn't happen. a lot of talk of jerome corsi being indicted. did not happen. >> a lot of folks speculated whether the president himself would be indicted or subpoenaed. not there. >> first of all, mueller appears to have abided by the justice department guidance that the president cannot be indicted. the real remedy for presidential misconduct is impeachment. as far as the subpoena is concerned, there was going to be a showdown between mueller and the president and mueller was going to order the president to testify or marshals were going to go to the white house were something like that. it never happened. >> speaking of things that never happened, the media said this about what will happen to mueller. >> president trump ordered the firing of special counsel robert
4:27 am
mueller last june. >> why he moved to fire robert mueller. >> president sought to have mueller dismissed. >> trying to top robert mueller from doing his job. >> he was never fired, though. >> that's another one. i mean, how many thousands of hours were spent speculating about whether the president might fire mueller. the president clearly complained about mueller 24/7 all of the time, was very unhappy with the information. hinvestigation. had the power to fire mueller at any time and did not do it. >> complaining is not the same about interfering. a lot of folks on the left claimed president trump is going to intervie interfere with the investigation. it appears that never happened as well. >> we got that straight from william barr, the attorney general. he said in his letter to congress, which goes very strictly carefully by the special counsel regulations, and he said the regulations require me, the attorney general, to tell you, congress, if there was any interference with the
4:28 am
special counsel's investigation and there were no such incidents in this matter. >> byron, your biggest takeaway whereby where we are today based on what you know about this investigation. >> well the biggest takeaway is the no collusion and the no charges involving collusion. we don't know what mueller will say in the report but we now know for a fact that he never, in all of his court papers, he never alleged that there was a conspiracy between russia and the trump campaign. he indicted a bunch of russians for trying to interfere with the 2016 elections, no doubt about that. but the connection that everybody seemed to make between that effort and the trump campaign, he never alleged that it even existed. >> thank you very much ffer your time. he was targeted in the mueller probe and now jerome corsi says he feel vindicated. he joins us next hour. and we're hearing what voters think of the ending of
4:29 am
the mueller probe. todd pirro in virginia beach having breakfast with friends and some sort of a drink. reporter: pete, if there was ever a drink for pete hegseth, this is it. it's the american man mosa. no idea what's in it. but what is it in red, white and blue. wwe talk to the voters when "fox & friends" return on sunday morning. ♪
4:30 am
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4:33 am
♪ ♪ >> you like that? these are red elephants, white elephants and blue elephants. >> i like it. >> the blue elephants are the never trumpers. >> okay. he was naming them earlier. we were talking about it. >> whatever. >> yeah, whatever. >> we don't have anything in the screen so we don't know what we're talking about. >> well we're going to be talking about the news. here is your news and headlines. several cars erupt in flames during a massive pileup on a california freeway. more than 30 people were hurt including a baby in critical condition. one horse died in the crash. as many as 50 vehicles were involved. authorities are investigating what caused the chain reaction. several drivers say thick fog
4:34 am
impacted visibility. two hotel employees fired after refusing service to members of the military. this sign was posted a the a military celebration event at the doubletree in colorado. the hotel's general manager confirmed the firings in a statement adding, quote, we are honored and proud to support our military community and their families and look forward to accountincontinuing to serve tho serve us. >> oh my. >> several doctors whose medical licenses were suspended are moving to other states to practice. a new york post reports that these two plastic surgeons are among those working in new jersey after being suspended in new york. it took several months for new york's medical oversight board to stop 14 doctors from continuing to practice els elsewhere. have you ever stuffed your face with junk food after a long night out? a new study shows that most americans have done that. three pounds of bacon, 14 tacos
4:35 am
or six orders of french fries are among the list of foods that americans eat when they are drunk. 82% of americans are self proclaismeproclaimed drunken sn. most regret it the next day. >> that's me today. my kids had a birthday party last night and i was drinking nerds. >> you were thing them in. >> the nerds candy? >> let's tran titio transition d pirro. he's breaking bread with friends, breakfast we call it in virginia beach with a special drink for pete. >> we dea we did the drink earl. what would you eat if you were a little hungover. everything on this menu would be awesome if you were a little buzzed at 7:00 in the morning. we're going to do that later.
4:36 am
let's get down to brass tax. we're talking about the mueller report and people here pretty excited. it's done. including tonya, why? >> it's a sigh of relief. nice to look forward moving on to something else. reporter: thanks, tonya. retire marine, thank you for your service, owen. time to move on why? >> they waste too much time and money on the hearing. they haven't found any collusion. all of the indictments that have come down have nothing to do with the president or the cam campaign. reporter: you told me you're frustrated that the democrats aren't done. >> they're trying to pivot to whatever they can find to bring the president down. it's not good for the country. reporter: and you feel this is just an excuse from the democrats for losing the tweep election. why? >> yes. for some reason they have some allusion in their heads, it seems, that they're going to impeach donald trump and then install hillary as a president and that's not how to system
4:37 am
works. reporter: speaking of democrats you say you're really worried about socialism why? it's coming up more and more and. aoc is a straight-up socialist. you got bernie sanders. reporter: let's see what the electrician brother can do. you say the whole mueller probe was a waste of money, why? >> we have more forn important s to deal with than trying to impeach the president on possible collusion. we have veterans who need services, very much so more than we need to waste money on these witch hunts. reporter: you say these politicians probably aren't done. why? >> they're more worried about keeping their job than doing their job. they want to continue on and continue on just to pass the republicans and divide the country. i don't understand it. reporter: and you say this is all because they couldn't get
4:38 am
their person hillary rodham clinton into the white house. >> their candidate turned out flawed and donald trump has won. they have lost their minds over it. i don't understand it. reporter: which brother won this battle? >> that would be many. reporter: i'm going the give you one opportunity. do you think there should be an investigation of hillary? >> very much so, yeah. i agree that she committed -- i don't know about treason. he was in the marines and had a top secret clearance and if she had done what she did he would be in jail. >> i would still be in jail right now. reporter: finally to dave. dave, you say you're retired military. thank you for your service. you say, we just got to get down to business here. >> yes, sir. we need to stop with all of the investigations. the democrats have gone full on lunatic, which is the extent of trump derangement syndrome. reporter: nation, write to
4:39 am which brother won that battle? >> owen did crush it. todd, well done. appreciate it. >> thanks, todd. >> all morning long virginia beach at that wonderful diner. rubbing we're going to go to you but we'll send you to a diner one day. >> let's do it. i'll eat a lot of breakfast. let's talk weather out there. chilly start to your morning pretty much everywhere. take a look at the map, show you what's going on right now. we're going to deal with a nice day across the eastern seaboard. enjoy it. it's going to feel almost like spring across parts of the northeast. down across the southeast spring is going. we have a big storm across the central part of the country and that storm is going to bring rain and threat for flooding especially across parts of iowa. that's where we're going to see half an inch of rain or so with this. down the southern side of this,
4:40 am
severe weather later on. i don't think a huge threat of tornadoes but we might see one or two pop up right across the confluence of the mississippi river. >> thank you. >> good stuff. all right. special counsel robert s. mueller iii wrapping up his probe with in new indictments. om democrats say that's not enough. former doj official christian adams has some thoughts and he weighs in next. celebrating march madness with the harlem globetrotters on the fox square. >> there they are. ♪ ♪
4:41 am
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4:43 am
. welcome back. a couple of quick head lines for you this morning. barbara streisand apologizing after saying alleged abuse by michael jackson of two men
4:44 am
didn't kill them. writing he department misto dismiss the trauma that these two boys experienced in any way. new reports show music legend madonna is making a comeback. ♪ the new york post page six reports the star will perform in tel aviv in may around the same time she will release a new album, 60 years old and still got it. >> pretty cool. special counsel robert s. mueller iii wrapping up the investigation with no new indictments. some democrats say so what. >> it's tes end of the beginning but not the beginning of the end. >> we'll call bob mueller ore others before the committee. >> mueller has to come before congress and tell us. >> can you make that happen? >> yeah, we're going to subpoena him. >> the end of the beginning.
4:45 am
a number of other entities will be looking at aspects of the trump organization. there's more to come. >> some people might call that shifting the goal post. will it backfire. what will history tell us. >> joining me now, former doj attorney, president of the public interest legal foundation, jay christian adams. seem like there's a talking point, i heard two of the democratic senators say it's just the end of the beginning. as if they're going to keep on investigating no matter what. >> i hear an echo in there. listen, these folks, the democrats can't be taken seriously anymore, ed. they have joined the great propagandists in world history that built their whole story on a lie. web this all goes back to russian collusion. it's what drove the narrative for the last two years. it was part of the congressional lexes last november that turned out all of the crazies who were in this fit of mass his stai hi.
4:46 am
there needs to be a reckoning for all of their dishonesty. >> will wil there be a reckonin. those are new clips, the last 24 to 48 hours. no two years ago. two years ago they say they have evidence of collusion. two years later they're still going forward. >> they claim to be the party in favor of democracy, they love democracy but they really hof power. that's what they're about. causing the election of 2016 to become a nullity. they don't believe the president is a legitimate and they're going to do everything they can to undermine. him. there needs to be a reckoning for the never trumper idiots who gave power to the left, bill
4:47 am
crystal, all of the never trumpers who echoed this lie about collusion. it didn't happen. there was no collusion. it never occurred. and we've had to put up with it for two years. >> we absolutely have. could the president, could republicans in congress have done a better job of taken more seriously the word interference from russia in the 2016 campaign and made a delineation, interference but not collusion. >> i think they did take it seriously. remember, russia has been interfere in our elections going back 80 years. this is nothing new. it's what this part of the world in moscow has always done to the united states, attempt to influence or domestic policies. they did it in the '80s, the '70s, the '50s. nothing new. the republicans understood that. it was the democrats who finally cared about it if are the first time since 1917. >> you worked at the justice department, as i mentioned before, and republican administrations. what about the southern district
4:48 am
of new york which has overseen obviously reports back to the headquarters, justice department in washington. you also hear democrats say okay, mueller didn't get the goods but now we're going to make sure that the president goes down in the southern district because they're going to keep investigating him and they hope that he'll be indicted. >> the southern district has a reputation as sort of its own entity. in charge of itself. always got an attitude that they know better than washington, they know better than the elected and appointed officials in washington, d.c. so who knows what comes out of the southern district. they're very militant, if you will, inside the doj structure. >> what about the fact that jeff sessions is no longer running the justice department, though, the president and others in the white house clearly felt like, you know, people were running rampant around justice and the fbi. with bill barr in charge, are you rft that he'll provide the right oversight with the southern district to make sure
4:49 am
they're being fair, number one. and number two, do you think bill barr is going to hold people at the doj and the fbi accountable for what happened at the end of the obama administration? >> topping the list ought to be bruce ohr. bruce ohr worked with his pals at christopher steele's shop. christopher steele with the dossier. and took it as serious. anybody who read it new i wupt t wasn't serious. there are others in rod rosenstein's office giving cover for the democrats all through this investigation. >> will bill barr do something? >> i hope so. if he doesn't, nobody will. let's wait and see. >> appreciate you coming in. still ahead, weighing in on the end of the mueller probe. mark levin, congressman devin nunes both here and both live. we're celebrating march madness with the harlem globetrotters. they are on fox square and pete
4:50 am
is about to go down. ♪ ♪
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. all morning we are celebrating march madness out here on the fox square. >> who better to help us fine tune or basketball skills for the big competition than the west of the best. >> hear from the harlem globetrotters making a stop on their 2019 world true. or lanorlando ma then menendez. is this like the coolest job you've ever had. >> this is the best job i've ever had seriously. >> for hey i'v me i've been on m seven years, 734 countries.
4:54 am
i'l73 in paris in . >> what we're doing is giving the power high. we have 50 games left, providence, greensboro, des moines, indianapolis. we're going to be in 17 countries all around greurp, south america. we're having a good time. >> show us some of your signature skills. >> well, when i started i was terrible. but then i got a chance to hang out at the training camp and learn a couple of things from the master. some of the things you're going to see at the show. go to harlemglob and get your tickets. [cheers and applause]
4:55 am
>> i'll be the ref. >> for you, katie. one more. >> keep it going. >> no, no, no. >> we appreciate harlem globetrotters. orlando, lakesha, thanks to sports pros usa for this awesome court that says ""fox & friends.. >> they're really good. >> so much fun. later on. i want to pay for the washington generals. >> they lose. >> well they could win one time. >> with you. >> like 20 years ago. a new caravan of more than 1,000 migrants reportedly headed
4:56 am
to the u.s. border right now. next hour we'll hear from the man who's at the center of the crisis and says border patrol is being pushed to a breaking point. plus, mark levin on the other side. two years ago he came on the program and predicted what would happen. two years later what does he have to say about the mueller report. and jerome corsi as well, on this program, coming up. ♪ ♪ this is your invitation to be our guest. ...
4:57 am
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(coughing) need a change of scenery? kayak searches hundreds of travel sites and filters by cabin class, wi-fi and more. so you can be confident you're getting the right flight at the best price. kayak. search one and done. ed: we are now just hours away from finally getting the preliminary conclusions for robert mueller's report. katie: democratic lawmakers demand the full report be made public. >> you have a president who in my opinion beyond the shadow of a doubt thought to collude with the russian government. >> the president is going about his weekend playing golf with kid rock. ed: a growing number of 2020 democratic hopefuls will not attend a major pro-israel
5:00 am
conference. >> when illham is facing some controversy that is not something to be afraid of. pete: a new caravan of more than 1,000 migrants reportedly headed to the u.s. border right now. >> two villanova defenders there, and throws it in reverse. it's over. katie: all morning we are celebrating march madness, of course whose going to win the competition later when we play our own basketball game. pete: yes, sir! >> oh, my goodness. sorry the better man won! >> ♪ ♪ ed: we have basketball out there pete: that's right, they're better than all of us that's probably true but i've been waiting one year for my redemption against ed henry.
5:01 am
ed: you have a new nick name. it's brick layer. pete: ed nailed the three on 1-3 last year. ed: yeah let's look at that. pete: i've been hearing about it ever since. katie: but the smack talk is starting early. pete: katie you played high school basketball. ed: she's a ringer. pete: she might be a ringer. but we've got the kids from premier basketball and katie pav lich, who i feel like -- katie: i made a couple threes, missed a couple layups too so we'll see how it goes. ed: march madness villanova last yesterday so there will be a new champion because they won last year. will there be a new fox champion we'll find out next hour. pete: your dad was a basketball coach right? katie: yeah i went to a state championship and lost to a team we beat three times during regular season obviously still not over it. pete: stay tuned for that. that is next hour we're warming up until then, but -- ed: we're just hours from robert mueller's findings officially being sent from the attorney
5:02 am
general william barr up to the chairs ranking members, democrat s, republicans, of the house and senate judiciary committee so highly-anticipated report now that the big picture has leaked out that there was not collusion and there will not be any new indictments you see democrats already moving the goal post wanting to investigate the president more, that sets us up perfectly for our next guest. pete: that's right mark levin host of life, liberty and laving on this network as well as radio program mark you were on our program two years ago on fox & friends weekend saying you believed that the obama team was spying on the trump team, no one was talking about it then, you were. here we are today with the mueller report, 675 days later. your take on where we are. >> do you know what? two years ago all i did is i pulled together media reports. media reports, because the fbi and the department of justice were leaking to the media. how else would we know about a two fisa requests?
5:03 am
how else would we know that the intelligence agencies were un masksing how else would we know any of these things and the reason is they were leaking at the fbi and it's a fact they were leaking at the department of justice now we know it's a fact and so all i did is put together the different exhibits from the different media outlets including the new york times, and so forth, and the general parameters of this were laid out and they were stunning at the time and i might add there was a chorus of media attacking me as a conspiracy theorist and everything, how can i be a conspiracy theorist when i'm reading their reporting? katie: [laughter] >> what we have here is media gate. now what do i mean by that? we've had thousands and thousands of stories on cable tv , on network tv, in the new york times, washington postses, government officials lying to us about conspiracies, indictments, lying to us about obstruction and meetings that took place. just said stuff by the federal government by the obama
5:04 am
administration previously, said stuff by the bureaucracy, stuff by the hillary clinton campaign like the dossier, we had an iron triangle, the hillary campaign, the obama administration, the department of justice, the fbi and the intelligence committees agencies and the media and the media which is supposed to watch the powerful and the government, threw in with this government in order to take out donald trump. now i want to talk about a few things because it's getting a little convoluted with the endless speculation out there. bill barr is not part of the postal service where he picks up the report and gives it to congress. this regulation has been in place for 20 years since the clinton administration. his job is to look at this report, to make sure there isn't secret 60 grand jury information which legally is not permitted to be made public. it's his job to make sure that fbi raw notes 301s are not distributed publicly. it's his job to make sure
5:05 am
classified information is not distributed publicly, and believe it or not, it's his job to make sure that people aren't smeared who haven't been charged bill barr and the executive branch they're not the impeachment arm of the house of representatives for the democrat s. the special counsel report to the attorney general is not an impeachment report for the house democrats. let me remind you about leon dwa rski, the water gate special prosecutor they like to talk about watergate. so do i. the vast majority of the water gate report was under seal until just a few years ago and here is why. this is a quote if we have 30 seconds for the american people. "for the whitewater, excuse me, for the watergate special prosecutor to make public the evidence it gathered concerning the former president and others who were not charged with criminal offenses will be to add another abuse of power to those that led to the creation of the special prosecutor's office. the federal rules of criminal
5:06 am
procedure prohibit the disclosure of information presented to a grand jury except as necessary in the course of criminal proceedings, most important, in terms of the american constitutional system of government, is the notion of fundamental fairness for those who after investigation have not been charged with any criminal misconduct. this consideration, he wrote, is particularly important for a special prosecutor whose independence considerably reduces his accountability and who must be unusually sensitive to possible abuses of its power. it is a basic axiom of our system of justice that every man is innocent until proven guilty after judicial proceedings, designed to protect his rights to ensure a fair adjudication of the charges against him, where no such charges are brought. it will be a responsible and unethical for a prosecutor to issue a report suggesting criminal conduct on the part of
5:07 am
an individual who has no effective means of challenging the allegations against him or of requiring the prosecutor to establish charges beyond a reasonable doubt." now, what are the democrats doing? the democrats are now trying to interfere with a criminal justice system, trying to undermine exactly what this prosecutor said during watergate , trying to undermine the regulations that had been in existence, the law, for 20 years they're threatening the attorney general with subpoenas, they're threatening the special counsel with subpoenas, they're demanding to all of this secret information, all of the inform lying information they want the attorney general to violate his oath, to violate the regulations a 20 year law and if they get their way in this case they can do it in any criminal case. ed: mark it can go even deeper because if you look at what former top fbi and cia officials have said for the last two years , they have created, tried to create a narrative that set
5:08 am
this up suggesting the president was a criminal. this en to this and then we'll let you react. >> you still believe the president could be a russias"? >> i think it's possible. i think that's why we started our investigation and i'm really anxious to see where director mueller concludes that. >> more and more, i've come to a conclusion that after the helsinki performance and since, that i really do wonder whether the russians have something on him. >> i use the term that this is nothing short of treasonist, because it is a be trail of the nation. he is giving aid and comfort to the enemy. ed: what should happen to mccabe , clapper and brent on? >> first of all these men are very unamerican. what they've said is outrageous, they should know better, you had the former head of national intelligence under obama, the former head of the cia under obama. a top fbi under obama. these three men should be
5:09 am
dragged in front of a federal grand jury, they should be testifying about everything they did and everything they knew because they, particularly mccabe, was involved in a coo effort, involved in trying to stop trump during his campaign as we pointed out two years ago and now, they since have been trying to take this president out and i don't know what's in this report and i don't much give a damn what's in this report. the fact of the matter is they did not indict anybody for collusion. do you want to know why? there's two reasons, there's no such crime as collusion and number two, whatever it is, nobody did it. now not a single person, prosecuted for collusion. if anyones going to be prosecuted for collusion, whatever that is, it ought to be the clinton campaign, the dnc, it ought to be that damn law firm, and fusion gps and those three stooges that you just show ed us on tv. not a single criminal statute was even cited when mueller was appointed. he violated his own regulation. listen, rosenstein appoints
5:10 am
mueller special counsel right to investigate. ed: uh-huh. he does it after comey is fired by the president of the united states. who recommended that comey be fired by the president of the united states? ed: rosenstein. pete: yeah. >> and he receives the special counsel. have you ever heard of anything so stupid in your life? katie: [laughter] >> not a single step let's talk about obstruction because my fear is mueller will throw a little stink bomb in there, obstruction. let me ask you a question. did the president withhold a single dollar from this investigation? did the president stop any aspect of this investigation which went worldwide and went into everything you can possibly think of? was the fbi thwarted in any respect? no. the only person who was thwarted was comey because he was a bad cop. firing comey, absolute constitutional right by the president of the united states, and the president was smart, he said do you know what mr. prosecutor? you don't get to ask me about presidential authority. do you know why? not because the president wanted to protect himself.
5:11 am
he had to protect the office of the presidency. it's called separation of power. do you know whose acted most responsibly throughout this whole thing and yet it is trash ed every day? the president of the united states. he didn't take a single governmental action to stop the fbi and the department of justice despite the fact that the fbi and the department of justice were out to stop him. this is the great scandal in american history and i mean it. and it's media gate because the media threw in. you couldn't watch cnn, msnbc, read new york times, the washington post, quite frankly, thank goodness for fox, fair and balanced your morning primetime shows, your nighttime primetime shows with opinion on both sides . if it wasn't for all of that, we don't have one way in this country with the media, but once again, the media threw in with the government, the media threw in with the hillary clinton campaign. let me ask you this question. what do you think the russians think today? pete: [laughter] >> they're laughing.
5:12 am
katie: they are thinking they won't extradite the people charged in russia by the special counsel absolutely for sure. pete: mark laving you were right two years ago and you're speaking truth again today thank you so much for joining us this morning, and for talking to us. we appreciate it. check out the program sunday nights we appreciate it. ed: congresswoman illham omar taking aim at israel again speaking out against a group previously linked to terror. israeli ambassador reacts next. pete: as democrats spend the weekend worrying about the mueller report that we're waiting so much for, president trump hits the links appropriate ly with kid rock. nothing says spring like fresh flowers,
5:13 am
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>> why are you always talking about, you know, this particular country, you're not talking about that particular country. my choice of a country to talk about is not my preference of countries, it is based on what country is violating basic human rights. pete: that's minnesota congresswoman illham omar taking amateurs once again as she fund fund raises for the council on american islamic relations, the political action committee with ties to hamas, here to weigh in is israeli ambassador to the u.n., danny danon, danny thank you so much for being here this morning. so she continues to talk about and a lewd to her distrust of icer. your take on illham omar this morning. >> good morning, pete.
5:17 am
it is unfortunate. it is not the first time that we hear congresswoman omar criticizing israel but in a particular way she is speaking about the jewish population here in the united states. we have no problem with criticism, but the way it is being done, it is pure anti-semitism and we have seen it within the uk and now we see it here in the u.s. and my message this morning is very clear. we're to denounce anti-semitism, isolate and remove those leaders who promote anti-semitism. it is unacceptable. pete: but danny, have the democrats announced anti-semitism? first of all they watered down the resolution in the house and now we see nine democrats running for president in 2020 skipping the apac conference that you're a part of we're going to put a list of up some of those candidates and a far left group which feels like its become the center of the democrat party calling for them not to attend apac and they're
5:18 am
not going so are democrats sufficiently denouncing anti-semitism? >> first of all, for israel the bipartisan support is very important and we appreciate it and we have a speaker because we have common values with the u.s. and we continue to be the case but yes, should you hear a strong condemnation and in the u.n. when we want to pass a resolution condemning anti-semitism or you hear people say well it's not only anti-semitism and they are trying to dilute the resolution let's look at the numbers, pete in the united states in 2017 according to the fbi, most of the hate crimes were against jews, so we should be very clear about it, we should not dilute the message, we should have a clear condemnation only against anti-semitism. pete: danny, what is the rationale behind creeping anti-semitism? why does the tendency become to push back against the jews? >> well unfortunately, nothing
5:19 am
new here for thousands of years, we see it that people blame the jews for everything, and every few hundred years, it's coming up again, and that is we are facing today we should not ignore it. we saw what happened in europe. we should not ignore it here in the u.s.. we should be very strong about it and we should push away those people especially those leaders while trying to bring systems back to our table. pete: danny you talk about the bipartisan consensus which existed for a long time republicans and democrats at apac coming together to support israel. is that bipartisanship fractur ing? you have a few democrats speaking but if the leads of that party who want to be the commander-in-chief of america refuse to attend something like apac which is bipartisan, it's not a far right group, are you losing that bipartisan consensus >> i believe we are not. we will have here today many of the leaders of the democratic party speaking in apac. we value that, and i think next
5:20 am
year, when there will be a candidate for the democratic party they will come and speak in apac next year so i'm not worried about that but i'm worried about those radical forces who are gaining strength in the house, that is something that the american people will have to deal with. pete: danny briefly the recognition of the goal on heights as israeli territory by the president your reaction? >> i'm not a great decision of president trump he started from pulling out from the iran deal which was dangerous within the region and he moved the embassy to juster and last week he announced the golden heights it is stability for us and we know what's happening in syria, we know that they are trying to get into syria and recognizing our president there, it is an important step and prime minister benjamin netanyahu is lending today and it will be grateful for this great move. pete: danny danon, you're totally right trafficly very important thank you very much for your time. >> thank you very much. pete: well he was targeted in the mueller probe and new jerome corsi says he feels vindicated he's not silent any more, corsi
5:21 am
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plus, with x1 you can get every stat and every score all with the power of your voice. that's simple. easy. awesome. order mlb extra innings for a great low price. plus, access your favorite team on any device. go online today. katie: special counsel robert mueller wrapped up the russia investigation friday and recommended no new indictments our next guest says he feels vindicated. ed: last year, jerome corsi was accused of lying under other to mueller's investigators and he refused a plea deal though that would have required him to plead guilty to perjury in the end, he was not indicted. katie: joining us now jerome corsi author of "silent no more how i became a political prisoner of mueller's witch hun" jerome welcome. thank you. katie: first let's get your reaction to the mueller probe wrapping up. >> first of all i'm very pleas
5:25 am
ed of course that i'm not indicted and i feel vindicated because i did refuse to accept what i consider to be a fraudulent plea deal that i was offered. i went into cooperate, we spent 40 hours with mueller, i gave them my laptops, my computers, i helped quantico download my e-mails and double verification, worked with them on the phone. i went into cooperate, but from the moment one they treat you like a criminal, and this plea deal, i mean this is a bully, they were bullying me. they gave me a plea deal and said, you know, one count, of the first day memory mistakes is they allowed me to amend the testimony, but the plea did not reflect the amended testimony and i would not stand before a judge and god and say i committed a crime i didn't. i did not give them false information, they knew to be false on a material subject in order to see them. i tried to tell then the truth these thugs offered me a fraudulent plea deal and i refused it. ed: you call them thugs strong
5:26 am
word obviously. back that up by explaining did you believe that mueller's team was trying to get you to lie about the president? >> yes, so trying to coerce me into testimony. they were question-and-answered and that's the whole point, how can you get a plea deal and then they don't charge you. they couldn't approve that plea deal. they wanted to bully me into being a criminal when i'm not and going to jail. this is not america. it's not justice, and they were constantly going after my contact with julian asan. they didn't have any contact. ed: so were they saying asan wanted you to do this the president, what was it? >> oh, sure what they had, by the way this book "silent no more" goes into it your first of all closed in conference room, unmarked fbi building facing three prosecutors, six to nine fbi, and you can't even leave the room to go to the restroom, without being accompanied by the fbi. katie: were you there with a lawyer? >> with my attorney facing all this army for six to eight hours
5:27 am
a day, for six days, and what they do is constantly, they say well, you know, roger stone, they wanted me to connect roger stone to asanj, because in july, 2016, my wife and i took a trip we had our 25th wedding anniversary we were in italy and i figured out on my own that julia has the e-mails and he was going to drop them in october and i knew even precisely how he was going to do it. i was describing these to people so the special prosecutor said you had to have contact with asa nj, you're lying to us and then they badger you all these kinds of psychological techniques to where you doubt. "i lent no more" i wrote while i was going through this psychological torment and it's the basis to validate with legitimate claim in federal court for several hundred million dollars civil suit against mueller, where i think
5:28 am
prosecutorial abuse. katie: so what's next for you now that you feel vindicated you rejected this plea deal you have a book to explain your side of the story in this case, how do you move forward now, with the accountability and how you feel about the investigation wrapping up? >> well first of all it destroy s your life. i now have no job, no income, no monthly income, you" get abandon ed by everyone, tens of thousands of legal expenses, the family going through of seven months, is dad going to prison, is the fbi going to show up at the front door and break down the door and take you away? well i don't know, waking up at 3:00 in the morning you go through absolutely a nightmare and they intend to put you through this nightmare because they kept saying you're lying to us. i'm not lying. i never had any contact with asa nj, and by the way if i had been lying they would have indicted me. ed: so what do you think happens to roger stone because he was indicted? >> well that's roger's case and
5:29 am
with a gag order i'm pretty reluctant to talk about it. i think they used some of my e-mails as person number one in his case, and if they subpoena me, i'll testify but i'm reluctant to say anything about roger's case given the gag order on that case. katie: so where do you see this going forward in terms of the other side of congress now saying from the republican side that they want to investigate the abuses that allegedly went on with not only the mueller investigation but at the fbi? >> well it's going to be continuing. i now have all the house and senate and everybody is not going to stop. the turning point for me when i was trying to decide to accept the plea deal or not, my wife woke up one morning, and she said i'd rather visit you in prison for the rest of your life than have you not be the man i married and when she said that, i realized that was a turning point, that if my wife could accept that, i could not swear before a federal judge that i committed a crime i didn't and
5:30 am
we told mueller to take a hike. that day, i expected i'd be indicted. it was bullying me from the beginning. coercive techniques. ed: so you stood up though and in the end you were not indicted jerome corsi good luck with the book. >> thank you very much. katie: thanks for coming on. ed: after nearly two days of no tweets guess what the president just tweeted we'll bring you his sunday morning reaction ahead of this mueller document dump perhaps? katie: document dump hopefully plus the cruise ship violently tossed like a dollhouse, wait until you hear how this vacation turned into a nightmare at sea. ed: and march madness is upon us meaning pete and i are ready for some sort of friendly competition. coming up right here, it's not friendly and katie will be here it's not just me and pete. >> ♪ let's get it started here ♪
5:31 am
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pete: it is your shot of the morning, kid rock celebrating his time, with the president. ed: look at those. pete: man, playing a round of golf in mar-a-lago. ed: it's actually over at trump international course the singer tweeting "another great day thank you for having me and everyone at trump international for being so wonderful what a great man so down to earth and fun to be with keep america greatest there are all kinds of democrats trolling that, why is
5:35 am
he playing golf it is saturday folks. katie: he may had something to celebrate yesterday but from kid rock to the president, president trump is up and tweeting, as congress is expected to see the mueller report today. pete: our own garrett tenney is in west palm beach with the latest. reporter: good morning short time ago president trump broke his twitter silence posting his first tweet and he said simply good morning, have a great day, and then, make america great again. so, not addressing the mueller report there, but as he and all of us wait on the details of the special counsel's findings the president's legal team tells us they remain cautiously optimistic about it. fox news was told that before attorney general william barr releases the conclusions of the report to congress, if there were any items that could fall under executive privilege that will likely be the same for the other facts and details of the investigation which will take a bit longer to go through and release though, however,
5:36 am
democrats are demanding that nothing be left out or redacted and that the entire report be released to the public on a conference call with house democrats on saturday speaker nancy pelosi said the takeaway from this call is that the americans possibly she meant american people deserve the truth to know the truth. transparency is the order of the day, right now, we are in the mode wanting to know the truth, wanting the facts so that our chairperson and members of the committee can take a look into this going forward so there is definitely a battle brewing here between congress and the trump adminitration and that battle may eventually wind up in the courts who will decide exactly how much gets released in this report. ed: might be an epic show down over executive privileges. katie: down in the sunshine for us. pete: have a great day. you as well. katie: that's the big question right executive privilege? ed: yeah because the white house is going to want to keep some of this information back and there will be some legitimate claims to that and democrats will say no you're not doing it on sound
5:37 am
legal ground you're doing it to shield embarrassing information we shall see. katie: turning now to your headlines just in more than 450 passengers have been airlifted from a cruise ship stranded at sea. rescue operations are now suspended as crews tow the vessel to port. the ship became trapped off the coast of norway by a failed engine in stormy weather causing chaos on board. 1,300 people were on the cruise, at least 17 are hurt. supreme court justice brett kavanaugh is returning to the classroom, kavanaugh is joining george mason university's law school to co-teach a summer class in england, kavanaugh taught at harvard for over a decade before joining the supreme court. it's called intimidation and it's a very real deal. >> looking good.
5:38 am
here we understand that ugliness and fatness are genetic disorder s. katie: a new study shows about half of americans are afraid of working out in front of others and the survey questioned about 2,000 people and one-third reported feeling especially intimidated by working out near people who are in great shape and those are your headlines rick over to you for weather. rick: hey there we're debating louisiana goring here. you're from homa? >> yes. rick: i would say you said south that's west. >> for some people that don't know i guess a little bit easier explaining. rick: geography problems around louisiana take a look at the weather map and show you what's going on we have a big storm across the central part of the country and also where we had that flooding going on across parts of nebraska and iowa. unfortunately some more rain this rain is maybe about a half inch or so that won't cause huge problems with the flooding but certainly won't help either here is your forecast across the mid atlantic northeast parts of the ohio valley we'll see sunshine
5:39 am
today and feel like spring eventually, once the sun is fully out, down across the southeast a beautiful day with tons of sunshine a little bit of a trailing end cutting across parts of arkansas and the mid mississippi river valley causing a little bit of severe weather and out across the west take a look at the white snow continues out across the mountain west. guys? ed: march madness is upon us meaning pete and i have a re match. friendly competition. here is what happened during last year's march madness on fox square. >> [applause] pete: yes, sir! >> sorry the better man won. pete: it's painful every time. i'm challenging ed to a rematch later in the show, but first, we have to get a refresher and we're up a little bit. >> yeah, tomorrow as peterson and he's brought this half-court right here to fox & friends. ed: this is an amazing looking
5:40 am
court right here. how do you do that? >> we do a lot of people's yard s it's all about family, fun and business so we get out there in the yard and setup a nice court for somebody, years and years of play and you get the kids out as you can see they are having a great time, you get every kid in the neighborhood there too. how much does something like this cost? >> something this big is seven to $10,000, but we put these in people's backyards. pete: and you play on it for 10 years with the kids while they're growing up. >> ten you'll have your grandkids on it. remember this has been around for 45 years so this technology keeps improving every year it's great for your knees and ankles and hips. pete: this is premier basketball in new york right? ed: do you got tips for us? >> i've got tips. katie: take it all.
5:41 am
that's it. pete: kentucky is looking good. >> i don't know i've got to go with the elephant on the tie. i have to go that way. pete: i love it. here we go. ed: we will see. pete: i have a suit on, come on. ed: nice! no that was ugly. pete: that's a warmup. >> why aren't you playing? katie: all right, all right i'll take a shot at this are you ready? pete: she's a lefty too? pete: here goes eddie from the swamp. ed: wow! katie: i get extra points for the shoes. pete: come on, rick. ed: well thank you again. katie: we'll be back out here later in the show, so thank you so much for getting us ready.
5:42 am
pete: what's the website? >> ed: appreciate it, thank you very much. pete: all right, well, robert kraft speaking out for the first time since being charged with soliciting prostitution and this morning a new report that another migrant caravan is on the way we'll get an update from the arizona border patrol tucson sector. ed: and what do the voters think of the mueller probe coming to an end, tv's todd piro in virginia beach is having a little breaking bread with friends. this is your invitation to a higher standard of luxury. this is the invitation to lexus sales event. lease the 2019 es 350 for $379 a month for 36 months. now thru march 31st. experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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5:46 am
chief, sorry about that listen i'm terrible at pronunciation. help us out though this morning thanks for being here. what are you seeing at the border as another migrant caravan is coming your way? >> well good morning and thank you for having me on. the crisis as it exists is ongoing its been ongoing for quite some time, we're looking at a repeat of continual caravan s so we had the original back in october-november, and since then we witnessed an additional three to four and they're also indicators that there are additional caravans forming in central america right now. katie: so talk about the kind of people who are coming across? we've seen now reports that dhs is releasing illegal immigrants from their custody because they are full. the detention centers are full but tell us about, you know, the distraction that these kinds of migrants are having to border patrol's mission. >> and that's a key point the distraction from the caravan.
5:47 am
what we're witnessing today is a crisis on two fronts is both humanitarian and operational. the humanitarian aspect is that we're for the first time in our history we're witnessing the volume of family and it's exceed ing single adults, and the reason that's a crisis for us is that the care, the feeding, the medical attention that's allocated to these family units impacts operations on a daily basis in tucson, i'm sending anywhere from 30-50 agents to medical facilities to accompany migrants who need care for everything from simple things such as chicken pox to a cold, and what that means is that's 30 -50 agents that can not be deployed to the border for border security. katie: are bad actors and cartels taking advantage of that in arizona, especially the cartels run a wide territory there that you guys patrol. how does that impact really dangerous elements that are taking advantage of the distraction? >> and that's a key point, the chaos that's created by caravans and family units is certainly
5:48 am
exploited by the trans-national criminal organizations. one of the phenomenons that we're witnessing today is that the smugglers will take the family units groups from 50 to upwards of 200, matter of fact yesterday morning, 200 central americans were dropped off, about 15 miles east of arizona which is a very desolate desert area and that means i've got to allocate agents to shuttle out to the desert to bring these migrants back to our stations, so effectively, it creates a gap in our border security and that is exploited. pete: i know you don't want to get political i'm not asking to but on campus, this has become a political issue. university of arizona, so border patrol agents were harassed. watch. >> this is supposed to be a safe space for students, but they allow an extension of the k kk into campus, border patrol is here on campus. >> murder patrol. murder patrol.
5:49 am
murder patrol. murder patrol. >> [chanting] >> you're not welcome here. murder patrol. >> [chanting] pete: chief, why? >> so we got an ongoing relationship with the universities across the entire united states as part of our recruitment effort and in this particular case the president invited the students to engage in an interest in law enforcement it's unfortunate we have young students who aren't taking the opportunity. you're at a place of higher education take the opportunity to dialogue with my officers. i assure you we would certainly enjoy the opportunity to dialogue and probably learn from one another. katie: real quickly with you respond to the accusation that the border patrol is an equivalent to the kkk and murder patrol? >> that's absurd when you look at what the border patrol does on a daily basis there's no other law enforcement entity that is faced with the unique
5:50 am
situation that we have and that we're operational we're doing leann and then we are humanitarian and that we are caring for and rescuing people on a daily basis we are far from those horrendous allegations. katie: absolutely. well we really appreciate you. pete: it's a mercy patrol the amount of humanitarian aid you give on the border for those of us that understand we get it and we thank you for your service chief thank you for your time. katie: thank you. >> thank you. katie: well isis took the life of her son james foley, and his mom says she's grateful but the job isn't over yet she joins us just ahead. pete: and what do voters think of the mueller probe, endless mueller probe finally ending, todd piro in virginia beach having breakfast with some friends. >> ♪ ♪ different generations get the same quality of customer service that we have been getting. being a usaa member, because of my service in the military, you pass that on to my kids.
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5:54 am
ed: key findings from the mueller report likely to be sent to congress as soon as this afternoon as the democratic lawmakers demand the whole report be made public. katie: so what do the voters think let's ask todd piro having breakfast with friends in virginia beach, todd? todd: hey guys good morning. you know when i walk the streets of new york city i feel pretty confident i could defend myself if need be. everybody in this place and everybody at this table is trained to kill me. >> [laughter] todd: we start with shawn, retired seal, and also owner of strike force energy, you've seen him on the show before. you say now that the mueller report is in we can switch the focus to the positive. why? >> just like we're here, veteran-owned business, small business started a few years ago was only one location, now there are two and they just expanded
5:55 am
their first location, so let's focus on those type of things creating jobs and the economy. that's what we need to focus on. todd: shawn, thank you julie you're a navy vet. you say this whole ordeal shows the democrats are focused on power not the people. why? >> yes, they're focused on staying in power and keeping the power with the people not focused on the people or the issues at hand now. todd: did you say the people are waking up though? >> we are look at this last election which is how we got trump in and everything. yes people are paying attention now more than ever and they understand that these laws they are passing are taking their freedoms away. todd: julie, thank you. john navy vet. john body slammed me and that's why he got to talk on tv. you say the democrats will never be done with this investigation why? >> they will never get over losing the presidency and they're making noise and not addressing america's issues and they are just trying to outlast president trump and we support the president completely todd: john thank you and finally , navy seal, you say now
5:56 am
is the time to get back to what's important. what do you mean? >> move forward. get back to making america great what do we focus on? taking care of our fellow american citizens and those who served our country supporting people like shawn, veteran-owned businesses and taking care of our citizens, working on what's truly important, which is our economy, bringing more jobs back and taking care of our citizens. todd: thank you all for your time and thank you all for your service and to everybody else in here we'll send it back to new york. katie: looking good, todd. pete: they all could kill you. ed: this is true. pete: but we love you anyway. katie: i can't hear you. pete: well done. [laughter] and i'm drinking strike force energy right now. make sure you let him know. katie: brand new fox polls just law enforcement leased what they say about the growing democratic field for president and if they want joe biden to enter the race or not. ed: and we are awaiting for details on that long-anticipated mueller report congressman devon nunes joins us live at the top of the hour with some reactions.
5:57 am
>> ♪ ♪ fact is, every insurance company hopes you drive safely. but allstate actually helps you drive safely... with drivewise. it lets you know when you go too fast... ...and brake too hard. with feedback to help you drive safer. giving you the power to actually lower your cost. unfortunately, it can't do anything about that. now that you know the truth... are you in good hands?
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6:00 am
ed: we are now just hours away from finally getting the preliminary conclusions for robert mueller's report. >> you have a president who in my opinion beyond the shadow of a doubt thought to collude with the russian government. >> the fact of the matter is they did not indict anybody for collusion. there's no such crime as collusion. whatever it is, nobody did it. >> the president is going about his weekend playing golf with kid rock. ed: a growing number of 2020 democratic hopefuls will not attend a major pro-israel conference. >> [chanting] >> when ilham is facing some controversy that is not something to be afraid of. we have no problem with
6:01 am
criticism but the way it's being done, we need to denounce anti-semitism, it is unacceptable. >> to villanova defender, he throws it in reverse and it's over! katie: all morning, we are celebrating march madness, the question is whose going to win the competition later when we play our own basketball game. pete: yes, sir! >> oh, my goodness. ed: sorry the better man won. >> ♪ you all ready for this? ♪ ed: we have a new entrance this week. pete: we do. last year ed beat me, i'll say it. katie: [laughter] pete: this year i get a rematch but katie pavlich played high school basketball. ed: she's coming out of left field. pete: and ed made one shot and i have not heard the end of it but katie i've learned this in the
6:02 am
break, your viewers would be interested to know. you shoot left handed. katie: i do. pete: but you throw a baseball right handed? katie: that is correct and i bat left handed but hit a volleyball right handed so you never know. i keep everyone guessing when playing sports so we'll see how it goes. pete: e-mail us are you also, what is that? katie: i think so. pete: pretty much what you are i'm much more worried about katie than i am about ed. ed: that's what you said on break. everyone is worried. katie: the expectation is pretty high for me so hopefully i don't air ball like i did with the globetrotters earlier. pete: speaking of air balls. ed: that expectation is high, that would be robert mueller. democrats have inflated that for almost two years suggesting boy oh, boy, this report is going to deliver the goods maybe it'll take out president trump, instead, we got the word on friday, that there will be no new indictments so the president is not going to be indicted people around him associated with russia, the alleged conspiracy in all of that we heard about for two years now.
6:03 am
pete: we heard about it endlessly and if i had any power on this show i'd replay what we did in the 8:00 hour which is about 10 minutes with mark la vindicated who was ahead of this story before pretty much anyone else was, we had him, mark levin , talking about the implications of the mueller report being delivered whose responsible for it and what the scandal is all about take a listen to mark levin. >> the fact of the matter is they did not indict anybody for collusion. you want to know why there's two reasons. there's no such crime as collusion and number two, whatever it is, nobody did it. you know whose acted most responsibly throughout this whole thing and yet is trashed every day? the president of the united states. he didn't take a single governmental action to stop the fbi and the department of justice despite the fact that the fbi and the department of justice were out to stop him. this is the great scandal in american history and i mean it. katie: so now democrats who have been saying that they will wait for the mueller report to
6:04 am
make any kind of conclusions some are now saying they aren't going to accept the conclusions they want to subpoena robert mueller to come talk about the report this and the washington post with this headline, democrats insist on pursuing trump investigations, no matter what mueller concludes, so for a very long time, we heard that mueller could be trusted, whatever he finds will be credible we'll accept the results, and that is the results are in without indictments of the president and his close associates they are now saying they are going to continue investigating with the power they have in the house. ed: you'd think that after the special counsel with $26 million able to investigate whatever he wanted, not finding collusion with russia, the democrats will finally say okay president trump won the 2016 election fair and square that's what they will say pete: and what folks are thinking this morning is when does it end? does it ever end? will you ever accept anything? or is it are you just going to litigate 2016 all the way to 2020 and for democrats running for president, is that a beneficial approach? katie: right. pete: do you really want to run
6:05 am
on we've investigated these guys forever? ed: and we'll do it for two more years? pete: i just don't think it works. katie: not only, there are some saying they're not going to accept the mueller reports some democrats including congressman john lewis from georgia still says he doesn't think president trump is a legitimate president. >> i don't think he's legitimate, at the end of the election, and i still believe that today. that he's not a legitimate president? >> is not a legitimate president. ed: that's interesting because it happened yesterday, on joey r eed's show and in addition to that show saying the president is not legitimate, joey reed was also saying she thinks there are the seeds of a coverup with william barr so now we'll change the focus to the attorney general whose barely on the job for a couple weeks. pete: who everyone immediately said to congress, democrats and republicans here it is i'll be
6:06 am
open and transparency and yet he's part of the coverup. katie: i remember when democrat s said it was a threat to democracy, an attack on our country and our voting system to not accept election results and to not accept the findings from robert mueller, and here we are now, with democrats rejecting both of those still. pete: you know whose not a legitimate president? hillary clinton. because she didn't win. they won't ever accept that but they went after anyone around president trump from the beginning including you had jerome corsi on the program, an associate of president trump. ed: they were trying to force him to take a plea deal. katie: without an indictment. ed: in the end they didn't indict him anyway. pete: he felt like his life was turned over but he wouldn't admit to something he didn't do. take a listen. >> the turning point for me when i was trying to decide to accept the plea deal or not, my wife woke up one morning and she said i'd rather visit you in prison for the rest of your life
6:07 am
than have you not be the man i married and when she said that, i realized that was a turning point, that if my wife could accept that, i would not swear before a federal judge that i committed a crime i didn't, and we told mueller to take a hike. that day i expected i'd be indicted. it was bullying me from the beginning. pete: you heard the same thing from a lot of people, who went before mueller and ultimately if he didn't bring charges against the president or his son or others around him he didn't have the goods because there was nothing there. ed: republican congressman devon nunes has been talking about investigating the investigators for a long time and he joins us now congressman appreciate you being here. >> ed, thank you. it's bright and early out here in california. the sun is just starting to come up here. great to be with you. ed: so should investigating the investigators also include now what really happened with the mueller probe if democrats say we want to see all the documents what kind of documents do you
6:08 am
want to see then about how we got to this investigation in the first place? >> well that's a great question , and i don't really care what the mueller report says, the mueller special counsel should have never been appointed, and i say that and we can take any part of this investigation and we can show you how fraudulent it is, but i think the most important item that comes to mind is our congressional investigation was obstructed by the department of justice and the fbi, that is a crime. so that's one of the first things that they should look at and you can start with, among many things, the mccabe text messages that just broke on friday, that weren't given to the congress, which are extreme ly critical, because it shows that they knew that one of their sources that they had submitted to the fisa court was not credible, which is what we've been saying forever, and somehow, mccabe text messages
6:09 am
escaped congress and you've seen that over and over again, things have been redacted it's a lot like this whole thing looking for collusion, it was all a lie and a myth. katie: okay so congressman you talk about being obstructed by the department of justice, the fbi, and your investigation of the situation but what about president trump's ability to declassify all of the documents that you are in pursuit of? he has the ability to do that and he has not done it do you think he still should? >> i believe so, so the mueller report, you know a lot of people well what does this say? we can just burn it up. i mean, it is a partisan document, so there is a lot of calls for that and the democrats say we've got to see the underlying information. what we really need to see is what was the fbi's involvement with fusion gps. who were they, who did they know about? and i'm sorry i don't want to gloss over this for the viewers but fusion gps was essentially
6:10 am
the hillary clinton campaign, they were hired by the clinton campaign so we need to see all of that and need the fisa fully disclosed and we need everyone that mueller talked to including his interactions with jerome corsi who you just had on the show. look, i can't imagine why they would bring jerome corsi into interview with the special counsel. jerome corsi is just a long time kind of press guy, you know i think you guys have known him for a long time. he had every right to call julian asag or anybody else he wants to now look i don't agree with that. but press people do that all the time. that's part of our first amendment right. pete: congressman, so some have called for a second special counsel, somewhat to look into what was done to surveil this president, what processes were violated, how far should you and other republicans go or other just americans go to get to the truth of what happened here? >> you know, second special counsel would have been great
6:11 am
about a year and a half, two years ago it would have been better to not have a need for a second special counsel because we wouldn't have had an investigation in the first place but i do have faith in the new attorney general. i think he knows that it's critical for the american people to have confidence in the fbi and the department of justice, it's clear that this was not a widespread plague across the entire department of justice. it was a few really really bad apples so i think that if they start to put out the critical information, who talked to who when, it'll be pretty simple to have an investigation run by just an independent-type of investigator, u.s. attorney or someone, and we're going to make a criminal referral, the republicans on the house intelligence committee that we've been waiting until this mueller report comes out. ed: all right congressman we appreciate your time. katie: thank you congressman. thank you. ed: meanwhile, isis took her son 's life.
6:12 am
now james foley's mom says she's grateful that that terror group has finally been defeated and she joins us live next with why there is still a lot of work to be done. katie: plus brand new fox news polls just released what they say about the growing democratic field for president, and if they want joe biden to enter the race or not. pete: look forward to those and today is mark your calendar, national cheesesteak day. ed: john kerry was running for president and he asked for this. pete: of course he did. and we have authentic cheese steak to settle the cheesesteak debate. let's get a better photo. >> i want it all, and i want it now ♪ i can't believe it. that we just hit the motherlode of soft-serve ice cream? i got cones, anybody wants one!
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6:15 am
you're having one more bite no! one more bite! ♪ kraft. for the win win. president trump: so what happens is this is all isis, now on the
6:16 am
bottom, that's as of today, this is isis. there's none, the caliphate is gone as of tonight. [applause] katie: president trump tying the impending defeat of the terror group after the last area held by the islamic state was liberated last week this comes four days, four and a half years , after the brutal murder of american journalist james fol ey, at the hands of isis. so has justice been served? joining me now is james foley's mother dianne. thank you so much for being here today. your son was abducted in 2012 in northwest earn syria we're working as a journalist, he was brutally murdered in 2014. what is your reaction now to the president saying that the physical caliphate of isis has been defeated? >> well, i'm grateful for that progress; however, i really feel that radical jihad and those that hiatus in the world
6:17 am
continue to be a danger, and i, for example, the head of isis has not been located or apprehended, and my other concern of the hundreds of isis fighters who are being held in northern syria, but have not yet been held accountable for their human rights crimes, so i feel we must really take some leadership on this to british jihadists, who allegedly tortured and killed our son and three other americans are still being held. its been one year since their capture and they still have not been held thible for these accountable for these crimes, i'm very concerned about that and the hundreds of unjustly detained americans held throughout the world, at least two cases in syria, austin tyce,
6:18 am
and of course, we have u.s. hostages in iran, and in venezuela, so we have very pressing problems throughout the world, so i hope we continue to keep our eyes on this threat. they know how to hide. katie: absolutely, can you tell us a little bit about james? he was very interested in going to syria, covering this story it was very important to him, can you tell us a little bit about his legacy and what you hope to see in terms of justice for him and your family moving forward? >> thank you, katie. yes, jim's legacy is this continued need to advocate for americans who have been unjustly taken hostage, detained throughout the world, and unfortunately this is the problem that is a very quiet problem, a lot of folks don't even want to know that their
6:19 am
loved one is being held like this, but it is a way that nations who hiatus, want to use this as clout. take innocent american citizens and hold them against their will , around the world, so we continue to advocate and raise this issue. i thank the trump adminitration for them making the return of american hostages more of a national priority, i'm very grateful for that but we continue to, we're very challenged by this issue, because countries continue to hold our citizens, and of course , there's groups like these radical jihadists who just take our citizens as jim was taken. katie: i know that you've been in touch with other families who have had family members held and killed, steven sotloff was also
6:20 am
killed by isis. can you talk a little bit about the progress that you've made with the new administration in terms of working on getting hostages home? >> there have been a lot of progress. this administration has kept ptd 30 alive and well. we have hostage fusion cell, we have a wonderful special envoy for hostage affairs in robert o'brien as well as the hostage recovery group at the white house, so they are working very hard with us. we are, the james foley foundation recently fired a new executive director to work closely in washington with them, to we feel there's definite progress and we're grateful. katie: we're so grateful that you, thank you so much we're so grateful that you came in today to talk to us about james and we hope that you get justice as
6:21 am
isis's physical caliphate comes to an end thank you so much. thank you, katie. katie: next as we wait for the mueller report details on the democrats who spoke to nancy pelosi about it, joins us next. the california congressman and why he thinks the report needs to go public. there was a moment, my son i believe was about four, where he actually asked me "mommy what's wrong with your teeth?" if i would've known that i was gonna be 50 times happier... i would've gone into aspen dental much sooner. it was a very life changing experience... and it felt like i was me again. that's when i realized i hadn't been for three years. at aspen dental we're all about yes. like yes to flexible hours and payment options. yes to free exam and x-rays for new patients without insurance. and yes whenever you're ready to get started, we are too. call now at 1-800-aspendental.
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6:24 am
because there's always another game on deck. with mlb extra innings on xfinity x1, you'll get up to 90 out of market games per week. and all of the body sacrificing catches, home plate heroics, and 6-4-3 double plays. plus, with x1 you can get every stat and every score all with the power of your voice. that's simple. easy. awesome. order mlb extra innings for a great low price. plus, access your favorite team on any device. go online today. ed: back with headlines several cars erupt in flames, look at this, during a massive pileup on a california freeway more than 30 people were hurt including a baby whose now in critical condition. one horse actually died in the crash, as many as 50 vehicles were involved. authorities are investigating what caused the chain reaction, several drivers say it was thick fog that impacted visibility. and robert kraft breaks his
6:25 am
silence the owner of the patriot s since being charged with soliciting prostitution in florida and not spoken out he's now apologizing saying in part, "i am truly sorry i know i have hurt and disappointed my family, close friends and co-workers, our fans and many others who hold me to a higher standard" and he has pleaded not guilty. pete? pete: thanks, ed well democrat lawmakers demanding mueller's report be made fully public in a conference call yesterday nancy pelosi reportedly telling her caucus the takeaway from this call is that the american people deserve the truth to know the truth and transparency is the order of the day. so what else do democrats have up their sleeve? our next guest was on that conference call, democrat congressman john garamendi joins us congressman thank you very much for joining us we don't know yet what's in the report. the conference call yesterday was to discuss how democrats will handle the fall out or the reaction to it. what was said on that call and how are you reacting today?
6:26 am
>> well, a couple of things first of all i really want to congratulate you on the previous report about syria. while the caliphate is complete, destroyed that is physical. i just came back from iraq, and your former section was right on we have to continue staying on top of this. pete: yes. now with regard to the call, cyst interesting that every member of congress, 420 or so, voted for a full open report, that all the information be made available and that's what the democrats want to do and apparently the republicans also presumably there will be a lot of spin doctoring going on as it is actually happening but there are some facts there are some information, a lot of information that's in that report, beyond just the headlines which we'll probably have today and we need to know. we really need to know what happened. pete: congressman the fear for some is theres games being played here so the democrats call for transparency but you understand, the attorney general has to be prudent about what
6:27 am
gets released and why, there's confidential information, there's ongoing investigations there's things that can't be released so will you accept a released report that has some redactions that are prudent for our country? >> of course, and then we'll have to define prudent and that's a process that'll be underway but i think really the american public has been waiting now for more than two years for a conclusion and the conclusion cannot just be a bunch of headlines, and that we'll probably receive today. there's enormous amount of material that has been already presented to the committee when the republicans ran it and now the democrats are running the committees and the house and the same thing in the senate and there's new information that may prove that somebody was lying, perjuring themselves or not. there's a lot of data ultimately the bottom line of all of this is we know for a fact that russia interfered in the 2016 election. we need to find what's lost.
6:28 am
pete: but that's very different than the trump campaign or the trump team for colluding with russia no indictments from robert mueller was about collusion, so you talked about a conclusion. i think what the american people are asking is we've spent $25 million, almost two years, an army of lawyers with overwhelming power to investigate whatever they want, and this report will come out and conclude no indictments on conclusion. are you prepared to move on, or are you with your democrat colleagues who want even more investigations? >> well, there are six committee investigations underway now and those investigations need to have whatever information is -- pete: what are they investigat ing at this point? i thought robert mueller was the definitive point and he was going to help us get underneath this and draw conclusions so our country can move on. are you saying we have to investigate all the way? even to 2020? >> well we're going to do that. now, keep in mind that there are ongoing investigations by the
6:29 am
southern district of new york by the attorney generals here in washington d.c., and states across and a couple of the states, new york specifically. those are investigations about things that may or may not be re leasted to collusion and what went on in the campaign but i want to go to the bottom line here seasoned that is that there is a probability that in future elections 2020 that countries probably russia, perhaps others, will attempt to interfere in that election. we need to fully understand what happened in 2016, whether the presidential campaign was involved or not. that'll come out, but we need to be sure that we are -- pete: congressman, i think we've looked a lot into the trump team there's no doubt about that but what about smashing blackberries and what about millions sent to the clinton foundation? do you have any concern that on your side of the aisle, there was collusion that there was corruption at the fbi, at the doj, there was an investigation
6:30 am
into a political candidate? would you support fair-minded efforts to get to the bottom of that side of it? >> of course. of course. if there is inappropriate actions taken by anybody in this whole process, of course and that's why i've been saying and in fact every member of congress agreed for all of the information to be made public. pete: but you're talking about they all agreed for the information to be made public on this investigation. >> yes. pete: so will a single democratic house committee investigate what happened with the clinton campaign? >> well that certainly took place when the republicans were in control, just three months ago. now whether going forward we're talking right now, about the mueller report. beyond that, will there be information in that report that goes to the issues you just raised as to what else was going on? quite probably there would be, because as you said, they spent a lot of time looking at all hopefully all of the elements that were involved in the 2016
6:31 am
election, and beyond, so let's get it out there, that the american public know, let the investigations go forward, and we'll see where it goes. pete: congressman i want to thank you for coming on the program. thank you for coming on. you're welcome any time we appreciate it. thank you. pete: you've got it well brand new fox news polls just released that the growing democrat field for president, the democrats they want joe biden, do they want him to enter or not? we will answer that question for you, plus what do the voters think at the end of the mueller investigation, todd piro talking to voters in virginia beach, a young voter probably can't vote but some day and we're celebrat ing, he's preaching right now, telling her if you're 16, the deputies want you to vote, so celebrating national cheesesteak day, settling the sandwich debate.
6:32 am
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ed: well brand new fox polls out not just this morning but this very hour taking a look at the 2020 democratic field preference among democratic primary voters as you could see joe biden is not even in the race, but probably because of the name id is way at the top. katie: and we expect he may get in in april according to a number of people who talked about it including senator chris coons democrat in delaware, bernie sanders there coming in
6:36 am
at 23%, kamala harris 8%, beto o'rourke 8%. ed: i think it's interesting because pete has been talking about bernie sanders don't sleep on him he's still way up there and i don't think there was a be to bounce. i'm not saying he should be at the top just yet but he's still in the middle with hairs and others and by the way elizabeth warren -- katie: is she still running? pete: voters don't want to vote for their teenage son. think about it democratic primary voters the newest information that we have nationally they say they want biden, what happens when he actually enters the race and then has to answer the questions of the activist, where do his numbers go? bernie sanders has held steady there, that isn't broken down by early states which you know, south korea, new hampshire, iowa that's a matter too. ed: warren at 4%. cheryl: pete: check it out fox new poll lots of interesting numbers. ed: by the way, this mueller
6:37 am
report obviously handed over to the attorney general on friday we think as soon as this afternoon, congress may get a look at least at the top line findings, not the overall report , but was there collusion, was there obstruction? katie: so what do the voters think about all of this let's ask todd piro talking to them live over breakfast with friends in virginia beach. todd? todd: hey guys it's the talk of the nation let's get right to it ron is in finance and ron is a money guy you say mueller report is a waste of money why? >> totally unnecessary there's a lot of other issues we need to tackle right now and this is not one of them we could use the money elsewhere. todd: ron, thank you, jason retired navy you worry the investigators are not done because you say the democrats are way more loyal to party than people. why? >> that's right, todd i think right now you see there's more loyalty on there than the party side than there are the people out there need more collaboration people need to come together and work more for the people not just the parties
6:38 am
themselves. todd: you also say you think this whole investigation is a, not done but b, part to hurt president trump going into 2020 why? >> i don't think they are trying so much to damage his presidency or be upset they lost the election but this may be part of a defamation campaign to put themselves in a competitive position for the next election. todd: jason thank you, bob also a navy vet. remember where i flew in the tube bob owns that thing thanks for joining us, you don't think the investigation is over either why? >> unfortunately the anti-trump coalition is going to fabricate and investigate for the rest of our lives. todd: understood bob thank you as always and finally, aforementioned allie of angie allies get in here thank you so much, also a navy vet. >> [applause] todd: you say it's time to build up our nation. why? >> absolutely, todd i think we need to focus on our economy, creating more jobs here in virginia beach we have two locations, and we have created
6:39 am
around 50 jobs here. todd: that's awesome. >> [applause] todd: let's give a cheer for jobs, this is awesome thank you guys so much this is a great day back to new york. >> [applause] pete: nicely done, todd appreciate it great stuff. all right the cheesesteak is known as one of the great american sandwiches, watch. >> philadelphia cheesesteak. >> [laughter] >> this is not a philadelphia cheesesteak. see look at the bag. no grease stain. >> [laughter] >> it's an authentic philadelphia cheesesteak you can see right through the bag by now katie: [laughter] well today is national cheesesteak day and we have authentic cheesesteak straight from the birth place to set l the great cheesesteak debate right here at fox & friends who has the best sandwich? ed: joining us now is frank oliv eri, an owner of pat's, and tony luke jr. ceo and co-founder of tony lukes an institution of its own gentlemen i'm looking forward to trying. i have been to pat's and i
6:40 am
remember covering john kerry's campaign and he showed up and when you go there, you look through this window right, it's in the street in philly and you either order with or without and i'm like it turns out it's cheese wiz. >> it's craft cheese wiz. ed: but john kerry had a little twist on that. he came to the window and he wispered, do you have swiss cheese? >> [laughter] katie: he wispered it. >> and for us cheesesteak guys tony would agree with this, no. no swiss cheese that's like for a ruben or something like that right? >> not for a cheesesteak. >> [laughter] so i said no, it's either american, prove o loan or wiz, you don't want to get tied to a fence and beaten to death. pete: you guys are competitors but what makes for a great cheesesteak? it's not swiss cheese what is it >> it's very simple and it's a marriage of the roll, the cheese , and the meat, and onions i'm going to say it again on national tv and my dear friend
6:41 am
will absolutely back. sweet peppers do not belong on a cheesesteak. ed: i totally agree. >> no. katie: well why don't you show us? pete: i will say this is really greasey. >> so he uses wiz, i use american or mild provolone, and what we normally do is just put it on top and then we'll melt this in and frankie will put his on and layer his. ed: i tried and frank's is great i already tried. what happens is we both use rib eye. frankie cuts from a whole and we have a cattle ranch that we use in the united states so we trim it. and we force it together and then we slice it. katie: pass it over and try this? >> he goes right for the big one. >> so the difference is too like for us our signature sandwich is cheese wiz, and other cheesesteak places, these just do it differently. we put our american cheese on
6:42 am
the roll and then the meat actually melts it. katie: they do it in the pan. >> all on the grill itself. ed: frank is a jokester, he told me that he gets his meat from australia and i said oh, what is it and he said it's kangaroo. i sort of believed him for a second. >> you did actually for a second you gave him a really weird look. ed: i tried this one, i tried pat's i'm going to try tonies. >> i'll just push it over. ed: i like the cheese wiz i've got to say. katie: which one is your favorite? this one? all right >> it's the cheese wiz. katie: pete you have to choose. ed: i like tony's it's delicious pete: but i feel like i'm going to go with pat's i like the cheese wiz. ed: it's great. katie: so is that a tie? i think it is. the one with the cheese you can't see. >> well i think that it's
6:43 am
cheesesteak so everybody wins. katie: the rivalry will move on >> the winner is us right now. katie: exactly well happy national cheesesteak day, and we're celebrating in philadelphia. every day of the year. >> check out all of the places you'll love it. ed: meanwhile, the waiting game for the mueller report may final ly be over but that won't stop the left from targeting the first family. this was all a dilution to avoid realizing democrats lost the election, he weighs in, next. katie: march madness is upon us meaning pete and ed are ready for some friendly or not so friendly competition, the madness coming right up here on the fox square. >> ♪ ♪
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6:47 am
request our next guest claims is essentially a crime. he's going to explain fox news contributor, he of course served as deputy independent counsel i should say in the whitewater lieu in skin investigation with kin star. good morning, saul. >> good morning ed great to be here. ed: great to have you and your insight because as i understand it you know better than i but i want our viewers to understand it because we'll hear a lot about put the whole report out there in america, if you're not indicted, it's not proper as i understand it for the justice department just to put out all the underlying evidence as chuck schumer says he wants out there and says well we didn't indict you but here is all the bad stuff we heard about you. >> that's against department of justice policy, ed but the more important point is that senator schumer and the house speaker pelosi have said we want the entire report released
6:48 am
immediately. if barr was to do that right now he'd be guilty of a federal felony. it is a violation, a federal criminal violation to release matters occurring before the grand jury without a court order , and i can guarantee you that in the mueller report, our matters appearing before the grand jury, not the whole report now i've got no problem if they want to release it after barr gets the court order but he can't do it without a court order they're basically telling him to commit a crime. ed: sol, real quick we have a bit of breaking news where the white house spokesman hogan gidl ey, just told reporters that the president or white house officials have not received or been briefed on the details of the mueller report other than what the attorney general put out friday so i've got a minute what do you think about how barr the attorney general is handling this and also what about the democrats saying regardless of what's in the mueller report we'll keep on investigating the president and his family. >> well, i mean they control the house.
6:49 am
that's up to them. that's politics, that's part of the american system. let them have at it and let them fight with the administration over how much of the subpoenas will be responded but i think barr is doing it exactly in the proper way, exactly like he said he was going to do it. he says i want to get as much out as possible consistent with the law and doj policy but i will tell you this if they allow everything if they decide that everything, all the raw data, from the mueller report should come out, you should do the same thing for the fisa information, right? the same democrats who were demanding all the raw data tried to keep that on the question of abuse of the fisa process. so sauce for the goose buddy let it all hang out. ed: very well put, we appreciate that sol, in fact for our viewer s we just heard in the last moment attorney general barr has left his home in the d.c. area we don't know if he's headed to the justice department
6:50 am
to review the report but we'll be on top of the story thanks. >> ed? only thing we know about that is that he's not going to chick-fil-a. ed: we certainly know that thank you, sir. march madness is here pete and i ready to bring it out on the court for some not so friendly competition you don't want to miss the madness, while he's getting practice time he's out on fox square i'm taking off my jacket and i'm going to beat him >> ♪ ♪ plaintiff
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pete: march madness is upon us meaning ed and i are in competition mode, its been one year since this unfortunate incident. and ed has not stopped talking about it. rick: a year? pete: a whole year.
6:54 am
>> yes! ed: i beat you. pete: yes, sir! >> oh, my goodness. sorry the better man won. ed: i guess i'll let pete have a rematch but i thought maybe he could use a few pointers first. katie: well so here with some of those tips that we need, coach calabria, correct, from premier basketball new york. >> good morning. katie: so there's a competition going on between all three of us what advice do you have for us this morning? >> the most important thing i could say is that it's cold so make sure you get your legs under you, you're using them and that you hold it through until the ball goes through the net trust your body and stay in your form. pete: premier basketball ny, what is it? >> well premier basketball new york we do basketball training and i'm very fortunate i have an elite them of aau kids i get recruited to get in ncaa certified tournament. katie: here we go. pete: katie is going to try three shots for katie. katie: ready? pete: oh, my goodness. >> that looked good.
6:55 am
pete: katie same thing. same thing. >> oh, that's going in. katie: little short. pete: only two this year? >> a lot of pressure here, ed. >> you can do it. katie: the elephants are with you. >> yes, sir. >> i did that last year. >> redemption? >> yes. >> oh, there it is. >> only one, only one. >> all right. >> there it is. katie: good job. pete: can the news man do it? >> oh! whoa! katie: pete hegseth. rick: bonus, bonus. katie: one more for rick. tie it up. >> oh! pete: this is just to rub it
6:56 am
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7:00 am
[inaudible conversations] aau basketball, we do training, strength and conditioning,. ♪ ♪ maria: good sunday morning, everyone, i'm maria bartiromo. attorney general william barr could provide lawmakers with principal conclusions about the mueller report as early as in the next few hours. i had an exclusive sit-down interview with president trump on thursday. the president weighs in this morning on the probe as well as the u.s. economy, trade deals, china, the 2020 democratic field and a lot more. also joining me for reaction this morning to my interview as well as the mueller report, a pair of influential lawmakers. republican congressman john
7:01 am
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