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tv   Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo  FOX News  March 24, 2019 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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[inaudible conversations] aau basketball, we do training, strength and conditioning,. ♪ ♪ maria: good sunday morning, everyone, i'm maria bartiromo. attorney general william barr could provide lawmakers with principal conclusions about the mueller report as early as in the next few hours. i had an exclusive sit-down interview with president trump on thursday. the president weighs in this morning on the probe as well as the u.s. economy, trade deals, china, the 2020 democratic field and a lot more. also joining me for reaction this morning to my interview as well as the mueller report, a pair of influential lawmakers. republican congressman john
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ratcliffe who sits on the house judiciary and intelligence committees, and he is also a former federal prosecutor who has seen the redacted documents. democratic congressman ro khanna of the house oversight committee joining me as well. plus, former u.s. solicitor general ken starr is here. just how much of the mueller report will be made available? we are on it this morning. we look ahead right now on "sunday morning futures." ♪ ♪ maria: and we are awaiting attorney general william barr to deliver a letter to lawmakers summarizing his principal conclusions of the just-finished mueller report. receiving that summary will be the top republicans and democrats on the senate and house judiciary committees. we are told that could happen as early as today. many lawmakers told me they are expecting it within the next few hours. i had an excusive interview this past week with president trump, a day before the special counsel
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filed the report. you will hear much of that throughout this hour this morning, but first, the president shares his expectations about the mueller report. >> what's always interesting to me, because a deputy that didn't get any votes appoints a man that didn't get any votes, he's going to write a report on me. i had one of the greatest election victories in true, wouldn't to you say that's true? maria: yes, absolutely. >> they came from the valleys, the rivers, the cities, they came from all over, they greated in one of -- voted in one of the greatest elections, and now i have a man because we have an attorney general who -- [laughter] nobody can can even believe he didn't tell me, but he he recused himself. so i have a man who i didn't know at all, and he appoints a man 40ed had just left my office, i didn't give him the job at the fbi, comey's -- maria: we cover it every sunday. >> and you know better than
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anyone, you've been very fair to me. a deputy a appoints a man to write a report on me to make a determination on my presidency? people will not stand for it. now, with all of that being said, for two years we've gone through all this. there's no obstruction. they'll say, wait with, there was no collusion, that was a hoax, but he obstructed in fighting against the hoax, okay in think about that one for a second -- maria: and at the same time, the same group is running the hillary clinton investigation, and now we heard testimony that the obama department of justice suggested we're not going to bring charges, so get off of this. so during the campaign i remember you said, look, it's time to get away from hillary clinton, let's forget about this now. do you still think you want to see accountability now that we know the doj under obama did say we're not going to bring charges to the fbi? >> that's a great question. so when i won, i made my opening
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speech, everyone shouting lock her up, i said, no, let's get on to the future. but they have treated me so viciously, they have treated me so badly, and we did nothing wrong. you look at the -- and all of these people you hear about, that had nothing to do with russia, russia collusion, nothing. it's all a big hoax. it's a witch hunt and a hoax. you asked me a question, it's a very interesting question. the way they've treated me -- and we have found many crimes op on the other side. these are stone cold crimes, what they're done, between the deletion of 33,000 e-mails and many, many other things, comey's lying, all of the brennan lying, the lies to congress, and these are just absolute lies to congress. clapper lied to congress. nobody does anything. if somebody -- they all say flynn, i don't know anything about what he said, but the fbi said he didn't lie. mueller said he did lie, so what's that all about in and then they destroy a man who was a general and a respected man
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for many years. they've treated -- we have been treated very, very unfairly all because jeff sessions didn't have a clue, okay? and he recused himself. maria: will william barr follow this? >> look, i have a lot of respect for him. i've never known him. he's a very, very smart, respected man. hopefully, he'll do what's fair. maria: and now -- >> all i can ask is what's fair. maria: the southern district is op -- on you. >> i don't know about these things, just so you understand. i don't even know about this. e said the my lawyers, are we being looked at here? they don't even know what people are talking about. there's so much fake news out there, it's a disgrace. if you look over the past two years, how many breaking news stories was there about me that turned out to be nonexistent? so many of them. maria: how are you going to get anything done?
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>> this should never happen to another president they came up with an excuse for losing an election, this should never happen to another president because most presidents wouldn't be able to take it. i know the politicians, i know what we're dealing with. most people wouldn't be able to take it. met me tell you something, maria, what happened to me should never happen to another president of the united states because i depend on this right here, mine, not other people. and what they've done is a fraud, it's a fake, it's a witch hunt. it should never happen the another president. maria: and you'll see more of my interview coming up with the president. but first, joining me now is republican congressman john ratcliffe from texas, foreman federal prosecutor and, congressman, or it's always a pleasure to see you. >> good morning, maria. maria: first, your reaction to the president just there on the mueller report? if. >> well, i remember when, after
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the election, donald trump said let's turn the page, let's move on from hillary clinton. unfortunately for the president, hillary and the democrats were not nearly so gracious. in fact, they were already working to undermine him. hillary and the democrats, unbeknownst to the president, had already funded the fakeer phony dossier that they peddled through the intelligence community of the obama administration, clapper and brennan, to comey and lynch at the department of justice and the fbi who falsely very find it. all of which wasn't true. so when the president expresses concern about the mueller investigation given the fact that some of those same people started that process, he has every right to wonder whether or not he's going to be treated fairly. having said that, without having seen a single word of the mueller report, the one takeaway that we with already have we know is positive for the president. there are no indictments for collusion, there was no conspiracy or collusion with the
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russians. maria: you know, congressman, you have seen every document that any member of congress was able to see throughout this whole period. you've been one of my regular guests on sunday here for the last two years. because of your intelligence on the subject, because of you seeing every document, you have been one of the reasons that i, too, have been pretty adamant about the no collusion situation in the last two years. our viewers or are smarter as a result of it, because of what you've shared and some of your other colleagues. devin nuñes has done a great job on this as well. what are you expecting? give us your sense -- you're going to get that summary in, what do you think, the next couple of hours? >> i think in the next few hours. maria: okay. so what are you expecting that is going to be most important for you to look at within this report and this hear? >> well, again, what a senior department of justice official has already confirmed is that bob mueller is going to issue no
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further indictments. what that means is no indictments for collusion or conspiracy, and what the american people need to remember was the primary mandate of bob mueller, the reason weed had bob mueller, were americans conspiring with russians to undermine the 2016 election, and the answer to that is no. bob mueller, who was not limited by time or expense or by resources, apparently is concluding there was no collusion, there was no conspiracy, there were no crimes by donald trump or those associated with him as it related to russia and vladimir putin. and if that is true, maria, the most important takeaway, i think, and the ironic takeaway for the american people would be that the very people who for two years have been accusing donald trump of treason, who have accused hem of working with vladimir putin would themselves be the ones responsibility for giving vladimir -- responsible for giving vladimir putin his
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greatest victory over american democracy. think about that. a dossier funded by the democrats, peddled through the obama intelligence community, falsely very orfied by the obama justice department, then sold to the american people by those very same elected democrats and willing folks in the media. all of that taking place really is extraordinary. vladimir putin, in his wildest dreams, could not have devised a more destructive scheme to fabric of american society, and yet it has consumed the public discourse for the last two years. maria: right. and that's what i want to ask you. we're going to take a short break. i want to ask can you about the accountability here. john brennan, james clapper, jim comey, peter strzok, lisa page, jim baker, the lawyer, and then jim comey has the nerve to write an op-ed about this in this past week. let's talk more about that when
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we come back, plus reaction from the democratic side with congressman ro khanna. more of my interview with president trump this morning as well. tell us what you'd like to hear this morning, @maria bartiromo on twitter. join me on instagram @sunday futures. we're looking ahead right now ahead of the mueller report findings on "sunday morning futures." stay with us. ♪ ♪ nagers might seem the same, but some give their clients cookie cutter portfolios. fisher investments tailors portfolios to your goals and needs. some only call when they have something to sell. fisher calls regularly so you stay informed. and while some advisors are happy to earn commissions whether you do well or not. fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better. maybe that's why most of our clients come from other money managers. fisher investments. clearly better money management.
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made. i know that the democrats are saying we want everything, but the law doesn't provide for that. in fact, it says the opposite. and i very much doubt that bill barr is going to turn over classified material or material subject to executive privilege or, most importantly, grand jury testimonies that bob mueller has received that did not result in charges against anyone. that has been a longstanding policy of the department of justice. it was a departure from that policy by jim comey as it related to hillary clinton that got him fired and had democrats complaining back then. maria: right. >> bill barr is not going to repeat those mistakes, so he'll be as transparent as the law will allow and as the regulations provide, and the democrats should respect that. maria: because when a salesperson investigated, investigators don't say, oh, look, we're investigate you, and we're not going to bring that charges, but by the way, we were looking at this thing you did
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last week, it and looked lady. that's not the way the american judicial system work, to give crumbs to the skeptics so that they can just create more chaos around the official word that there were no charges. i want to move on to this op-ed that jim comey wrote this last week, and it in the -- in it in "the new york times" he writes i don't care what mueller does. your reaction to the op-ed that jim come maine wrote. comey wrote. >> yeah. jim comey doesn't care. my reaction was jerusalem comey care -- jim comey cared number that he created the special counsel. his ego, when he got fired, was why jim comey cared enough to leak classified, privileged conversations with the president of the united states from the oval office to the new york times to create the special counsel. now the special counsel doesn't come up with the findings that jim comey wants, and he wants everyone to know that he doesn't
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care anymore. but at the same time, in that op-ed he wants to lecture you and me ask about the rule of law and restoring the reputation of the department of justice. getting a lecture from jim comey about the rule of law is like getting lectured by bernie madoff on how to invest wisely. donald trump wasn't the president when loretta lynch met with bill clinton five days before hillary clinton was cleared. and donald trump wasn't president when jim comey talked in the public square about conduct of hillary clinton for which she wasn't charged. maria: yeah. >> all of those things happened and undermine the reputation of the department of justice under jim comey. maria: it's just incredible to watch andrew mccabe on his book tour and jim comey writing these op eds. he knew that hillary paid for the dossier, he knew that this
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was flimsy ed to go get -- evidence to go get a warrant to the wiretap an american citizen so they could spy on their political enemy's campaign, and he knew it was flimsy evidence to get that wiretap. he knew all of this, and yet he's acting like this schoolboy. real quick, from the mueller report are you expecting that we are going to see new investigations start? like, for example, we know what he's saw page told us the oh day -- lisa page told us that the obama doj told the fbi, lay off hillary clinton. are we going to see new investigations? where's the accountability, as i always ask you, congressman. >> yeah. well, i do know that the biggest challenge and the the biggest opportunity for bill barr is to restore the reputation of the department of justice and the f or bi, and the only way he can possibly restore people's shaken faith and trust is accountability. so i do expect bill barr -- he
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only needs to take the transcripts that are now becoming publicly available where jim comey contradicts andrew mccabe, his own lawyer, jim baker, where sally yates contradicts her own deputy, bruce ohr, and say this was sworn testimony to congress. a all of these things can't be true. some people are telling the truth and some respect, and i expect bill barr to follow up with respect to all of that. maria: by the way, congressman p we know that the hillary clinton foundation got $145 million in the foundation while she was secretary of state. she got the $145 million from russia. we know that they hired russians to find dirt on donald trump and put in this dirty dossier which jim comey called shares and unverified -- salacious and unverified. do you believe that the clintons were doing exactly what they were saying donald trump was doing, colluding with the
7:20 am
russians? >> well, i'll say this, maria. i'm not a prosecutor anymore, i don't allege crimes anymore, but as you mentioned earlier, i've severe enclassified document that any member has been allowed to see, and there is enough there that i think that everyone should be treat fairly, everyone should be treat equally, and there is enough information there that a jury of their peers should be presented with that information before a grand jury to consider whether or not crimes committed. and again, finally someone in charge of the justice department who is committed to that and getting to ap apolitical department of justice, and i think we'll get back on track. that's the only way the american people are going to feel better about our justice system. maria: all right. we've said it before, certainly looks like obama politicized all of these agencies. congressman, thank you. more reaction from democratic congressman ro khanna. he sits on the house oversight
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a get your questions answered by awesome experts store. it's a now there's one store that connects your life like never before store. the xfinity store is here. and it's simple, easy, awesome. maria: welcome back. we are awaiting attorney general william barr's summary of the mueller report. we have reaction this morning from democratic congressman ro khanna and former independent counsel ken starr coming up. but first, more of my exclusive interview with president trump. i asked the president how he will keep the economy growing as his team is on the ground in beijing trying to hammer out a trade deal next week. >> well, i just think it's happening. you look at what's going on with respect to china, or our deal is coming along very well. we're taking in billions and billions of dollars for the first time ever against china in the form of tariffs. i'm very happy with that. i think they need the deal very
7:25 am
badly. nobody's ever really seen anything quite like what's happening. then we dead the mexico -- we did the mexico and canada deal, usmca. i think that it should get approved pretty quickly by congress because it's a great deal. nafta was, to me, one of the worst deals i've ever seen. i think the wto is terrible also, by the way, i they's a really bad one. but we're doing even better with wto. we're winning cases all of a sudden because we never won cases. now we're starting to win cases because they know my attitude, the if they don't treat us fairly, we get out. we're doing a good job. we finished up at 3.1 gdp, that hasn't been done in 14 years, maybe more than that, but 14 years. and i think we have tremendous momentum right now. and you're right, the world is slowing, but we're not slowing, and frankly, if we didn't have somebody that would raise interest rates and do
7:26 am
quantitative tightening, we would have been at over 4 instead of a 3.1. maria: and the fed said this week, actually, signaling we're not going see any more rate hikes this year. do you think you influenced that decision? >> i hope i didn't, frankly, but it doesn't matter. i don't care if i influenced it. one thing, i was right. but we would have been over 4 if they didn't do all of the interest rate hikes. and they tightened. i said, what are we doing here? $50 billion a month. 3.1 a may be the best in 14 years, i'm not happy with it. we should have had much higher. and hopefully now we'll, won't do the tightening. because with the world going so, you know, off and with a lot of things happening, you don't do tightening at this time. and we'll see what happens. but we have tremendous potential as a country. our companies are doing phenomenally well. the earnings are great. we have the greatest companies in the world. we're not being treated properly by other countries --
7:27 am
maria: but things are slowing, so can you keep this growing. >> oh, this i f i think so. maybe other can't, but i think we can, absolutely. maria: on china you've got officials headed to beijing this weekend. you said the tariffs are going to stay in place for a substantial period of time. is a snag in these -- is there a snag in these negotiations? is. >> no, not at all. the first $50 billion in goods, we want to keep that. we have what's called the chicken tax, you know what that is on the small vans and trucks. maria: yes. >> that's a great thing for us, and that has to do with the automobile industry. that's the best segment. people don't know we get a 25% tariff on that segment, that's our best segment far. yeah, we will absolutely be able to keep it going. not only keep it going, i really think we have tremendous potential. the world is going in a little bit the wrong direction. not horribly. i think a lot of people are waiting for the deal china. i think that's going to have a
7:28 am
very big impact. whether or not it makes it, i think it will. i think we're getting very close. that doesn't mean we get there, but i think we're getting very close. maria: i'm glad that you mentioned the chicken tax, that a 25% tariff on european light trucks, because right now the commerce department is looking at autos and auto parts and whether or not they pose a national security risk. do they? >> well, no. what poses a national security risk is our balance sheet. we have to have -- we need a strong balance sheet. so people are always saying what do cars have to do with national security? when germany is sending cars and we virtually don't tax them, and yet they won't accept our cars -- namely, the european union which, frankly, treats us as bad as china, the numbers are just smaller by a lot. but, you know, we lost over the course of the last five, six, seven years $150 billion a year with the european union. they don't take our product, they tax us tremendously, they
7:29 am
tariff us tremendously. almost every country has taken advantage of the united states, and we're straightening it out. maria: yeah, but if you slap tariffs on auto and auto imports, doesn't that affect the global stream of goods? doesn't it slow down the economy? it's expensive. >> it does, but ill tell you what the end game is, they'll build their plants in the united states -- maria: what if the europeans say, mr. president, let's go to no tear lives, are you willing to give -- >> no, because a chevrolet will never sell like a mercedes sells here. they've offered me that. they said, oh, i have an idea, we'll go -- the problem is the chevrolet will never be accepted in europe hike the mercedes is accepted here. i wouldn't do that deal. they've offered me that deal. >> maria: so you wouldn't do zero tariffs. >> i wouldn't do it for cars. they have very good cars that come in, and i want them to make them here. if you're going to sell them to
7:30 am
the american, make 'em here. maria: you mentioned usmca. a lot of democrats have said to me i'm not going to vote for it in its current form. do you have a plan b if it doesn't pass? >> maybe pre-nafta. nafta's one of the worst trade deals ever made, probably the worst, and i do include wto. wto gave us china in its current form. they're considered, you know, a developing nation. we put -- and, or you know, we've let them know we're not going to stand for that. we let the folks over at the world trade organization know we're not going to stand for that. but, so think of it. china, india, these are all considered developing nations. we're not a developing nation. they have a big advantage over us. why didn't people come out strongly against that in past administrations? they should have. that's a tremendous advantage. we are not allowing that to happen. we've advised them that we are not going to stand for that. maria: let me ask you about
7:31 am
social media. you said that many platforms censor conservative speech. you have congressman devin nuñes suing twitter for the same reason. what, if any, regulation do you want to see? >> well, i hate the concept of regulation op media, but it's very unfair. you talk about the word collusion. the collusion between the democrats and these people, it was ridiculous. it's hard to believe i won. if you think about it, i had facebook, google, twitter everybody against me. i have the media's almost totally against me, and yet i won. 306-223. people can't even believe it. because i'm able to get the word out through my social media, because i have great social media, but i'll tell you, it's much tougher than it should be. i deal with twitter. of it's not right the way they do it. i know exactly what they're doing. they take people off my account. they make it very hard for people to join. i had a time very recently ago where i was picking up hundreds of thousands of people in a very
7:32 am
short period of time. now when i pick up -- and i guess i have way over 100 million on the different platforms. maria: wow. [laughter] >> but it gives me a voice because it's a corrupt media. i call it fake medias, but it's -- >> do you want to break those companies up? >> you understand that, and i'm not talking about you, by the way, but you know that better than anybody. 93% negative news, and think it's worth than that. maria: do you want to break these companies up? this is one thing ted cruz and elizabeth warren agree on. >> i don't like the concept, i really would like even to be free, but they don't treat us the same way they treat liberal democrats. the democrats are becoming a radical party. you look at what they want to do with the supreme court, what they want to do with the voting anal. where did that come all of a sudden? the voting age at 16. they're becoming radical. they are radicalized. you look at this green new deal, it's the most preposterous thing. now, i don't want to knock it too much right now because i
7:33 am
really hope they keep going forward with it, you know, frankly, because i think it's going to be very easy to beat. maria: coming up, more of my interview with president trump including his reaction to the 2020 democratic field. also democrat congressman ro khanna on the mueller report next.
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maria: welcome back. straight ahead, democratic congressman ro khanna on the pending conclusions of the mueller report, but first, more of my interview with president trump. we talked about where the president could work and find
7:37 am
common ground with democrats on capitol hill and his thoughts on the 2020 presidential field. is there anything you would like to work with the democrats on in the next two years? >> yes, we could work on a lot. i think the easiest thing, frankly, of all, is infrastructure. they want it, i want it. i spoke to nancy pelosi about it the other day. we agree on it. we even like the type, i think we like the type of infrastructure we're talking about. maybe in a certain way more democrat from my standpoint than the republican concept; private/public. i like, frankly, owning our own roads, owning our bridges. i don't like selling them to other -- maria: but is it even feasible? they don't want you to have victories. >> i think it's very feasible. nancy pelosi told me very strongly they want to do infrastructure, and we have other things we can do too. i think we can do something on immigration. immigration's a total disaster. we have laws that are so bad,
7:38 am
people pouring in. i'll tell you what, border security, border patrol, what they're done is incredible. the job that i.c.e. is doing, what they're doing without the protection and the ability to have a wall now -- and, by the way, we're building a lot of wall right now, you know that. it's going up fast, big, strong, looks good. not the horrible thing that they were building before i got here. we're building the wall now. we're going to have a lot of wall built pretty soon. but if you don't have that, you can't have border security. maria: who do you want to go up against in 2020? >> so you have people saying a lot of weird things. i hear not only the green new deal, but so many others -- maria: medicare for all, a tax on wealth. >> yeah, you have -- maria: 70% tax -- >> so you have beto, and he comes out and says let's take down the wall. if you ever took down the wall, this country would be overrun, okay? and we put up a lot of wall in san diego, they're begging me to do the wall.
7:39 am
i end up doing the wall, and then i see the governor of california criticizes me for the wall, they're begging me to do it. and they know this, it's all a political deal. it's all politics. but -- maria: you want to run against beto? >> i wouldn't mind. i'd love to have biden, bernie, beto, the press seems to have chosen beto -- maria: is this socialism versus capitalism? >> and when i watch beto, i say we could dream about that. whatever it is -- no, i think it's competence. i think it's somebody -- look, when i first ran, i was never a politician. i ran on a certain platform. i've done far more than i said i was going to do. when you look at the tax cuts, when you look at the regulation cuts, more than any other president. when you look at -- it's the biggest tax cut. maria: growth. >> you look at right to try, people can now use, they're
7:40 am
terminally ill, and they can use medicines by signing a simple document. they used to travel to asia, to europe, all over the world. you look at so many things that i've done for the veterans. choice, accountability. they never thought you'd have accountability. you couldn't fire anybody if they treated our vets badly. now you have accountability. veterans choice where, if they have to wait two weeks on line or if they have of to wait two days, they can go out and see a private doctor -- maria: mr. president, let me end on the golan heights because you tweeted about this today in israel, you said it is time for the u.s. to recognize israel's sovereignty and the golan heights. why now? >> i've been thinking about doing it for a long time. no president has done it. it's been a very hard decision. this is very much like moving the embassy to jerusalem. i did that. and i fully understand why every -- clinton and bush and obama, everybody campaigned on jerusalem and the embassy going to jerusalem. i even got the embassy built, by
7:41 am
the way, very inexpensively. they never did it, and i understand why, because i also campaigned on it. when i got elected, i was inundated with calls from all over the world mostly the leaders saying, please, don't do it. i did it and it's been done and it's fine. golan heights is the same thing. for years other prime ministers have campaigned -- presidents have campaigned, they've said they'll do it. this is about regional security. maria: it's not about net an ya hue's -- netanyahu's re-election? >> no, i have no idea about that. i don't know if he's doing great right now, but i hear he's doing okay. but i would imagine the other side, whoever's against him, is also in favor of what i just said. i'm the one that gets it done. maria: prime minister, thanks so much -- mr. president, thanks so much. >> thank you very much. maria: copying me right now -- joining me right now is
7:42 am
democratic congressman ro khanna. good to see you this morning, thanks so much for joining us. >> thanks for having mentioner maria. maria: your reaction to the president as well as what you're anticipating from the mueller report, congressman. >> well, i would say on china the president's facts are just wrong. we had a report recently that we have an $891 billion trade deficit with china. it's the largest in our 243-year history, and that's because the tariffs haven't been working. and i know he knocks the green new deal, but really we have a green energy race with china. they're leading in making electric vehicles, 40-50% -- maria: congressman, just to be clear, just to be clear, this president is really the fist president that has pushed back on china because of the trade imbalance and because of the constant intellectual property theft. so when you talk about the deficit with china, that was very much this in place and that was one of the catalysts that caused the president to act and put china's feet to the fire.
7:43 am
>> well, maria, i agree with you about the trade theft, and i'm not saying that china isn't acting inappropriately. but the 25% trade tariffs which even gary cohn has rejected has, i think, made the situation worse. we have the largest trade deficit with china today in our history -- maria: that's why the president has his team on the ground in beijing trying to do a deal. let's talk about the facts from the mueller report. if we do get the facts from the mueller report that there was, in fact, no collusion as many of us have expected for the last two years, are you going to let the facts speak for themselves? what's your next move when we do get the report and you are able to see it later this afternoon, the summary, and you hear that there was no collusion with the president and russia? >> well, i heard my colleague, john ratcliffe, earlier. he voted, part of 420-0, to make the full mueller report public, so that should be the first
7:44 am
step. second, the mueller report has a lot of indictments of russians who have interfered -- maria: but just to be clear, that wasn't collusion. there's no collusion, congressman. is that a fair statement, no collusion? >> well, i want to read the report first, but there are two separate issues. i agree with you, maria. one is russian interference. every american should be opposed to that, and we should look at what the russians -- maria: right. that wasn't debated. nobody debated that. what we're debating is whether or not the president colluded with the russians, and now we're learning there will be no more indictments. carter page, we know that carter page was wiretapped, he was a member of the trump campaign, and the other side wanted to spy on the trump campaign. for two years we've been hearing about all of these charges, your colleagues called the president treasonous. carter page was never charged. does that bother you that all of this euphoria around carter page
7:45 am
and yet the guy's walking around, he never did anything wrong? >> we, maria, i've never called the president that, but i am for a transparent investigation and having the facts lead wherever they do. i do think there have been allegations that mueller has made about manafort and -- maria: right. again, no collusion. let's take a short break, sir, and i want to ask you really what you want to know, where you want to see that transparency. we'll be right back. stay within us. your car. whether it's a few years old or dinosaur old, we want to buy your car. so go to carvana and enter your license plate, answer a few questions, and our techno-wizardry calculates your car's value and gives you a real offer in seconds. when you're ready, we'll come to you, pay you on the spot, and pick up your car. that's it. so ditch the old way of selling your car and say hello to the new way... at carvana.
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maria: and i am back with democratic congressman ro khanna. congressman, i want to ask you, we said earlier your colleagues have been trying to take town this president and called him treasonous. is it fair to say that your colleagues overreached, and should they step down from their positions for the last two years misleading the public so massively? >> i don't think so. i think most of our colleagues have been calling for transparency. 80% of fox news viewers want the
7:49 am
report to be public -- maria: i'm talking about adam schiff, adam schiff two years ago yesterday or two years ago this week saying he had more than circumstantial evidence that the president colluded with russia. where is the accountability? how do you spew that out when there's absolutely no evidence? should he step town for calling the -- down for calling the president treason the house and misleading the american people for the last two years? >> i don't think he's ever called the president that, i certainly would ever -- maria: he said he had more than circumstantial ed. that's a quote, sir, you know that. >> well, what i would say is let's get the mueller e report out. it doesn't matter what any member of congress thinks, what matters is what bob mueller has found. we haven't even read the report. let's look at what he has found not just about possible interference of russia, but also on obstruction of justice. and then i would stand by the mueller report. i think bob mueller has more credibility than anyone in congress, and what matters is his findings. maria: all right.
7:50 am
so you stand by the report. i know that sometimes you vote alongside alexandria ocasio-cortez. does it bother you that the idea that the you can get rid of fossil fuels in ten years doesn't make sense and that it would cost upwards of $94 trillion, sir, real quicking? quicking -- quick? >> what i'm concerned about is a green energy race. china is building solar plants, energy and wind, we need to be competing here. we need to have electric vehicles and renewable energy here. and that's something that republicans believe in too. i don't want to lose that to china. maria: i totally agree with you there, sir. sir, we appreciate you joining us, we hope you'll come back. sorry about the abbreviated time. we're waiting on the mueller report. former whitewater independent counsel ken starr is next, back in a minute. s, anybody wants one!
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maria: welcome back. we are awaiting attorney generalwomen y'all barr -- william barr to release a summary if of the mueller report. ken starr, thanks very much for joining us. tell us what we need to focus on when we get this conclusion, summary report. what are you looking at in. >> and thank you. maria, you're doing exactly the right thing. you're mindful of what the attorney general, bill barr -- who's a terrific lawyer ask and he's very careful -- he's going to go by the book. everyone says we want the full report out. well, the full report, it all depends on what that report contains because justice department prosecutors, and that's what bob mueller is, not to go about besmirching people's reputations. so i was so pleased to see bill barr in that first communication to congress on friday afternoon, you know, there are four different references to the regulations under which he's
7:55 am
operating. people just forget that. maria: so, in other words, he's going to stick to the book. the way it should be. >> i think he's a by the book kind of guy. it's the way it should be. now, at the same time, he promised under oath during his confirmation hearings that he wanted as much transparency as possibility he reiterated that in his friday afternoon letter, and i think that's good. but he's going to be mindful of these the practices, procedures, 6e, that's a fancy way of saying thou shalt not reveal information, it's a crime to do that. maria: the skeptics of president trump would like all this information about what they may have looked at so that they can launch their own investigations. let me ask you about the hillary clinton investigation because, you know, the right will say, well, look, she wasn't investigated at all. meanwhile, donald trump was invested on flimsy evidence. do you think the mueller report is going to be a catalyst for other investigations to come out of that? like of peter strzok and andrew mccabe and all of these people
7:56 am
who tried to take down a duly-elected president? >> it may be, but i'm in favor of let's just get to the truth of this either through the inspector general, and if there are appropriate criminal charges to be considered, as is happening right now with former deputy director andrew mccabe. the findings of the inspector general were sr. very unflattering to andrew mccabe, and so that's referred over to the criminal division. so let's just take it a step at a time, see what the facts are. but, yes, i think the american people -- at least a huge swath of the american people, just want -- if charges should be brought or at least seriously considered, have that serious consideration process. because i don't think there's been an assurance there has been that kind of careful, fair-minded review and just let the facts come out. maria: sounds like you think there will be accountability here. >> i think eventually. maria: eventually. all right. ken, it's good to see you this
7:57 am
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