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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  March 24, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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[♪] >> america is watching washington. your eyes are not deceiving you. it's noon in new york city. i'm bill hemmer. nice to be back with you. >> thank you to all of you for welcoming us into your home. i'm sandra smith. william barr is expected to send a summary of mueller's report this afternoon. there are calls from both sides of the aisle for the entire report to be made public. >> this investigation of the
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president and those around him for alleged misconduct and the public should go public in its entirety and see where the chips fall. >> that report and the findings are still coming out. i think the president was frustrated and rightfully so as this report seems to show. sandra: we begin with molly henneberg at the justice department. reporter: this is what the waiting game looks like. it could come in the next few hours or later today or it may not. we do know attorney general william barr is here at the department of justice. we have video to show you of him arriving here early this morning. he and his assistant attorney general rod rosenstein were
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working yesterday trying to figure out what the gist of the report is, how to summarize it and what to release to the public. we asked him earlier how he felt about the report being completed and he had no response. democrats say they want the whole report made public and the underlying information and the evidence. republicans say the law prohibits that. >> hearing my chairman say he wants everything out there. i ask my chairman does he include classified information? grand jury information, things normally never released to the public outside of the special order from the court. >> the job of congress is much broader than the job of the special counsel. the special counsel can only look for crimes. we have to protect the rule of law, we have to look for abuses of power, obstruction of justice
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and corruption. reporter: attorney general barr says he wants to provide transparency consistent with the law. he said he thinks it's important the public and congress be informed of the special counsel's work. bill: president trump's reaction a bit muted. a few tweets earlier today. and they were short, too. he's spending the weekend at his mar-a-lago estate in florida. he says he looks forward to making the report public for everyone to read. president trump: there was no collusion, no obstruction. it's all a big hoax. i wallet a witch hunt. i know the attorney general highly respected, ultimately will make a decision. bill: that comment from friday. he has not been in front of the camera for two days.
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garrett tenney is live from west palm beach where the president is at the moment. what are you hearing from the white house? reporter: the white house is anxiously awaiting the release of the key findings from the mueller report. but the president is not letting that get in the waive a beautiful day at the trump international golf course. the president himself has still not publicly weighed in since the report was completed. however, this morning he returned to twitter after a rare 39-hour hiatus tweeting simply, good morning, have a great day. then make america great again. fox news is told the attorney general could run his summary by the white house before send it to congress if there are any items that could be subject to executive privilege. but the white house says it has not received or been briefed on
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the report. that possibility raised the ire of democratic lawmakers. lawmakers in both parties called for the report to be released to the public in its entirety. but that does not appear likely given the use grand jury information. there is a battle brewing over exactly what the final details of this report, how much is released to the public. and that could go to the courts and decided there. bill: have you seen him today? is he playing golf like yesterday? reporter: we have not heard if he played golf yesterday. no word if that's what he's doing there right now. bill: we'll get back to you when
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we get more developments. sandra: the mueller investigation over and the political battle will shift to capitol hill. ellison bear has more from washington. >> republican or democrat. lawmakers don't have the report yet. some republicans say the apparent lack of additional indictments suggests all of this is a fishing expedition. some democrats say not so fast. they believe there is a big difference between evidence of bad behavior and evidence that can go to court. >> today not one bit of evidence to show coordination, collusion, conspiracy between the trump campaign and russia and evidence of collusion. >> there is evidence of collusion. we set that out in the meetings at trump teur between mike flynn
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and the russians. there is a difference between compelling evidence of collusion and whether the special counsel conclude he can prove beyond a reasonable doubt the criminal charge of conspiracy. reporter: jerry nadler says because the doj has a policy not to indict a sitting president, it's important to get the report as well as the under lying evidence. >> the only institution that can hold an institution accountable is congress. congress need the evidence and the information. reporter: nancy pelosi said we'll reject any classified briefings on this report. they emphasize the need for transparency. they want americans to see the report. they say americans have a right to see it. bill: we want to bring in
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arizona congressman andy biggs. thank you for your time. i don't know what you are hearing out in arizona. but let's start there. >> we are waiting for the top line from mr. barr. but i think most of people i am talking to out here just on the ground, they are of the opinion that there must not be anything there because nobody is getting indicted. the collusion issue in many respects is a dead issue to people. though the reality is we have to see what's in the report. bill: how will you be briefed? i spoke to a colleague of yours and he said two on the senate side and two on the house side. do you expect to see this at the same time they do? >> i don't think they will give the rest of the judiciary
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committee the opportunity unfortunately. i think we'll get the top lines with everybody else. my office requested as early friday actual report itself and the top lines from nadler and mr. barr's office answer we have not received any real response. bill: do you know what barr is doing at the moment with rosenstein? depngd on pages and -- depending on pages and testimony and what he puts out in his testimony, what is that process like at the moment. >> they are going through the whole document. they have to highlight certain items. they have to be careful if there is something classified from the grand jury. and i think they will give us a summary. it wouldn't surprise me if that's a 10 or 20-page summary. it will focus on the big issues and talk about collusion.
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we have never seen an unredacted scope letter. i'm hoping we start seeing stuff like that come out. even as part of the summary they should be telling us what mr. muler's objective was and how he was supposed to be guided by that. i expect that to come out. bill: what would that mean? >> we would understand if he stayed within his scope. so many of us believe he left the scope. but it would also tell us how active the management oversight was by rod rosenstein. that's something a lot of us have been curious about. it would go to the investigation validity itself. the democrats put all their eggs in one basket. we'll keep doing our own investigation. why? because they overpromised.
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that means they are questioning effectively the credibility of this report. they said the administration will be blocking some information. i am not sure that's necessarily true. the bottom line is all of us want as much transparency as possible. 24 of us voted for that in the house. i want as much information as possible and the full report. bill: what do you make about what senior administration officials put out about no collusion and no indictments. >> i think they are on to something. i think the fact there are no indictments indicates the evidence wasn't there. regardless of what my friend on the other side of the aisle say, if there was evidence to support an indictment of trump, jr. and kushner and others. they don't have that. it indicates to me there was no
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collusion, no evidence of collusion. they could have gone ahead like they did with others. they get the indictments. they try to lever the additional information and that didn't happen. it tells me there is no evidence of collusion. bill: jeffe nadler said the following on what could be next step. >> if the president cannot be indicted as a matter of law, the only way a president can be held accountable is for congress to consider and act if warranted and congress can only do that if it has the information. for the department to take the position we are not going to give the information because he's not indicted like a normal person is not indicted because of lack of evidence is the equivalent to a cover-up. >> i agree with him on one point. congress is the only body that can hold a sitting president accountable through the
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impeachment process. but some of the other things he's talking about. he want to get into classified information and he wants the department of justice and the mueller investigation, everything they have, so he can go on a fishing expedition as opposed to saying we believe there was this crime committed here and we want evidence deduced regarding that particular crime. what he wants is this broad swath of information so he can just decide what works and doesn't work for his narrative. and that's a real problem. bill: our producer at the department of justice sent this in. gibson confirms attorney general bill barr and deputy attorney general rod rosenstein are at the department of justice reviewing the report. it's likely we'll get the letter
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today about the principal conclusions. we know more now than we knew an hour ago. i will live that with you if the report does release principal conclusions. maybe it's 10 pages, 20 pages. how much will be revealed in this summary? >> it's going to be a top line. it won't be into the details. it will be headlines. that's it. bill: thank you so much for your time. andy biggs is the republic cab from arizona. just to let our viewers known. john radcliffe said they talked about a holding pattern. he said it's just speculation out there. congress is on break.
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but radcliffe and others are coming back late tonight sandra: william barr said he would seek the counsel of the special counsel himself about how to release the details within the limit of the law. bill: we are waiting on the summary report. we expect spit would not happen until 12 noon. so that's why we are here today. when it happens we'll get it first. >> democratic lawmakers holding a conference wide conference call after the release of the mueller report. impeachment apparently not a topic of conversation. >> we have been very clear. democrats didn't run on impeachment. we didn't win the house of representatives back on impeachment. we are focused on executing for
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>> we have an independent obligation to share the facts with the american people. we in the intelligence community have a particular obligation to determine whether there is evidence that the president is compromised in any way, whether that is criminal or not. sandra: schiff saying he may call on attorney general william barr and robert mueller to testify before congress if necessary. let's bring in joe cunningham, a member of the blue dog democrats. sunday afternoon as the wait and see continues. are you prepared along with our colleagues to accept the finding of this report? >> good afternoon. let me say congratulations to you and lsu on yesterday's victory. we'll wait and see what the report says.
9:21 am
i think that's with democrats and republicans are waiting for the report to come out. we have no reason to doubt the authenticity or veracity of the report. sandra: when you say wait and see what it says, is there something it could say that would cause you and your colleagues not to accept the findings of this report? >> i can't say that. i don't have any reason to doubt the contents of the report. and i can't speculate what's going to be in it. we are focused on -- up there in congress we can walk and chew gum at the same time. i think the american people expect congress to continue to do it job and not just sit around waiting for this report to come out. sandra: the attorney general william barr and rod rosenstein are at the doj now.
9:22 am
there are questions about how much of this report william barr can make public. there are bipartisan calls to make as much of it public as possible. classified information and information regarding grand jury investigations will be restricted. >> i can't speak to what other members of my party would say as far as their calls. but i'm for full transparency while respecting the rule of law. this has been going on for months and captivated the audience of americans for months. taxpayers have spent $30 million on it. i think democrat, republicans and even the president says he want the report released
9:23 am
publicly. that's where generally everyone stand. sandra * listen to this. >> at the end of the day if this report comes back like it seems to be coming back that there is no collusion on the part of the president. sandra: two years later and $25 million spent, there is no evidence of collusion, no evidence of collusion. no indictments for collusion. is this a win for the president? >> i am not cheering against the president. first and foremost we are americans. we should be cheering for america. it would be great if that were the case. but i think we'll have to wait and figure out what the report says and hear the facts. sandra: you are not hearing that
9:24 am
from all members of your party. jerry nadler talking about further investigations of this president. would you support that? >> i think the democratic party in the majority did not run on impeaching trump. they ran on kitchen table issues. they are worried about our crumbling infrastructure. down at hilton head they are worried about the threat of off-shore drilling. while some in my party might beat that drum of impeachment, we are going to be focusing on the problems of the american people. there is nothing we can do to expedite the contents of this report coming out. i think our energy can be better spent elsewhere. sandra: the political battle will heat up when we get the findings of this report. we'll see what this battle looks
9:25 am
like. there is still questions over the constitutionality. jonathan turley says let's give credit where credit is due. >> you cannot collude alone. if there is collusion, one would expect others would be charged. the policy is you can't charge a sitting president. but that doesn't apply to other people. if special counsel found there was no collusion, that is a vindication for the president. sandra: we'll see where things go. we are in a minute by minute and hour by hour wait. it sounds like you are going to be fair with the outcome of this report. but jerry nadler talking about a justice department cover-up as he awaits this report. what is your mess across as we hear calls for further investigations of president
9:26 am
trump. what do you want to see happen the moment we hear more. >> i think the american people need to be patient and not rush to judgment. this is a sitting american president and people are louding serious allegations. attorney general barr * should be given the benefit of the doubt. we need to give these people the benefit of the doubt and the time to complete their report. let's not rush to judgment and speculate on whether there has been wrongdoing. let's sit back and wait for the results to be released, which i hope they will be released publicly as do most of americans. sandra: we know they are hunkered down at the justice department right now. congressman cunningham, i appreciate your time this morning. bill: discussions over the weekend with white house
9:27 am
officials stressed two things. no new indictments they expect and no interference with the mueller matter and the department of justice. a senior official at the white house says they do expect word today. it could be any moment. as we await the ag to send that highly anticipated summary. chris wallace is here. some interesting numbers here. voter support for the investigation, whether their mind could be changed. we'll share with we have learned from the voice of america coming up next. xperience with usaa has been excellent. they really appreciate the military family and it really shows. with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good, we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. it was funny because when we would call
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>> people don't realize that a year from now will be deep in
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the presidential election and people need to be aware of what happened. we need to hold people accountable and get to the truth but we also have to be pray for the next election. >> marcus on a cautioning democrats to keep their focus on 2020th the country awaits further ag william sudbury. fox news polling shows that the majority of voters approve of the special counsel investigation although that number has fallen since last year. an overwhelming 80% of voters say the report should be made public. don't know how much of that wish will be granted. chris wallace, anchor of "fox news sunday" is with us now. sir, nice to have you on the sunday. figured you were having a dupe of the moment. i know you just finished your show on both sides. where are we at right now? >> well, i just finished with mr. sunday, lorraine, and i'm listening to you guys. in terms of this we are waiting, but this morning we interviewed
9:33 am
the chair of the house judiciary committee, jerry nadler and the top republican and they are both at battle stations already even though we don't know what's in the report. it is clear the investigation is going to continue by house democrats regardless of what is in this report. chairman nadler was at pains to say that there is a completely different standard on the one hand what robert mueller was doing, looking for criminal activity and with the house's judgment will be, which isn't necessarily criminal activity. it's the rule of law, abuse of power, all kinds of other things. meanwhile, the republican ranking member says this is all the democrats have. they don't have a plan to govern the country still to do everything they can to carpet the president between now and november 2020. >> back to the poll. the chance to mueller per could change her mind about president
9:34 am
trump. small or none 70%. so a lot of this is baked in at the moment depending on what headlines come from thence. i think in a political sense and i was watching interviews earlier with nadler and collins. a minimum of $25 million spent. that number was put out last fall around september, october. the number in all likelihood is higher than $25 million. if this exonerates the white house and the president of his campaign in some way, and he now has an issue he can turn around and campaign on going into 2020. they found nothing he can say. it was a witch hunt after witchhunt after rall. how does that message now? >> that is certainly the argument that the white house and republicans will make. it wasn't even just 22 months because you consider the fbi started this investigation in june or july 2016. it was close to three years and you can be sure that the
9:35 am
president and his supporters are going to say they came up with nothing. yes, some people were convicted of crimes that have nothing to do with pollution, nothing to do with obstruction of justice. i've got the claim bill of health. on the other hand, i don't think democrats are going to give an inch on that. that was what was so interesting with my interview with nadler. as a book, let's talk about the issue of collusion because the president couldn't collude with russia by himself so if there was criminal collusion, somebody else would have to have been involved whether mr. kushner or donald trump junior or paul manafort or someone else and given the fact that they come in none of were indicted for collusion does not indicate that the president is clear on that issue. he wouldn't give me an inch imac. he said we have to wait and see. he feels there is already evidence of collusion in the trump tower meeting with the
9:36 am
various activities by michael flynn, paul manafort, other people. i actually think the poll is. start date. the vast majority of people and i guess the vast majority of representatives in congress are not going to be swayed or whatever the report finds or doesn't find as far as the democrats are concerned they are going to go full speed ahead on investigation as far as republicans are concerned false data had rallied around the president and defending them. >> as you await a report, we await here as well in new york, chris beard one last question. you have a handle yet on how much of this report is made public? my sense is democrats will argue to the variant that everything needs to be made public and republicans will say hang on there could be classified information, grand jury testimony you could indict someone publicly who should not be considered in that category. what you -- where he think the
9:37 am
argument goes? >> i think it's going to be highly polarized. i asked chairman nadler about that today. one of the questions i asked us to the white house be given a first look even at the summary. just the principled conclusions that we might get today because there might be something in there the president wants to claim executive privilege. he said absolutely not. there is no executive privilege. look at the tapes. no executive privilege involves a possible crime. we need to see everything. not only the report, but the underlining materials, everything robert mueller came up with the most like two months. meanwhile, republicans much more restrained. guess they wanted the report, but they understand there were things just as you pointed out. grand jury testimony, classified information. i talked to doug collins in a sad we want to see everything
9:38 am
consistent with the statutory requirements. so they have a big t.a.r.p. out there. i was kind of hoping -- i think a lot of americans were hoping this would settle something one way or the other and we could get past the investigations. if anything it may get even more heated because at least before you could wait for the mueller report. now all they can do is argue about what is in it. >> thank you, chris. tell your wife lois were watching bob mueller go to church earlier today. standby forget we will bring you back on. sandra: as we await the release of key findings from the mueller report, democratic 2020 candidates are hitting the campaign trail. beto o'rourke and kirsten gillibrand making their pitches to voters. jacqui heinrich is life here in new york city. reporter: take on a standard. senator joe legrand sat here in just a few minutes for her first appearance in tonight her candidacy. she's taking aim directly at the president by hosting in front of
9:39 am
the trump international hotel. she was also one of the first democratic candidates to win again after the announcement came down the mueller report was finished. whatever the report contains coming a result we already know. undermine our democracy. she then urged supporters to join her at this rally in front of the national hotel. 13 other democratic candidate who had an exploratory committee. the presidential hopefuls have uniformly called attorney general william barr to release the full mueller report and not allow the white house in the sneak peaks. campaign in this weekend. josé gabbard and john hit him up for all in new hampshire today. step one in nevada, kirsten gillibrand in new york and bernie sanders in california. after events they've echoed the same message about the report. >> attorney general bar should
9:40 am
be called to testify under oath before the united states congress. >> i cannot imagine what will happen if he doesn't release this report. >> i want to make sure it comes out and we all have a chance to read it. >> some of the candidates are upping the ante. senator kamala paris was called to testify. senator warren, senator corey booker started petitions to pressure the administration to release the report. >> it is absolutely imperative that the trump administration make that full report public. nobody including the president of the united states. this president is above the law. >> aside from report, all
9:41 am
candidates are expected to push their campaign platforms after events this weekend. kirsten gillibrand talk about medicare for all in all gbp rights. the fox news poll shows joe biden had as the top democratic candidate. he hasn't even announced his candidacy formally out. sandra. sandra: jacqui heinrich, thank you. >> the principled findings of the mueller matter in the scope of this russia council's investigation. 22 months worth. in a moment our next guest is a watergate prosecutor and we'll get his take on where we are today. coming up next. is boost® delicious boost® high protein nutritional drink has 20 grams of protein, along with 26 essential vitamins and minerals. boost® high protein. be up for life. need a change of scenery? kayak searches hundreds of travel sites
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9:46 am
operating under guidelines as outlined by deputy attorney general rod rosen's time. the doj memo laying out the scope of the investigation cnn part any length and/or coordination between the russian government and individuals as though seated with the campaign of president donald trump in any matters that are browser may arise directly from the investigation. john sayle, watergate prosecutor and former special assistant to the attorney general. appreciate your time this morning. often we have to remind ourselves and others through this process, was this investigation initially set out to do? what is the scope of this investigation? >> well, the scope originally was to look into whether there was interference in the 26th election by the russians and if so what the trump campaign was involved in that. that investigation is over and i
9:47 am
think round one the president should be very happy. but it is only round one and now we are waiting for the attorney general to decide whether summary is going to be. what he received from mueller is by regulation confidential. so now, what is he going to release? i think what he will release sometime today may disappoint us because i don't think it's going to be as detailed or get the underlying information that everybody's waiting for. sandra: when you say disappoint us, what do you mean? >> buzzword is transparency. everybody wants transparency. interestingly enough the attorney general is conferring yesterday and today with the deputy, rod rosenstein. guess what he said about transparency? he said it's a knee-jerk reaction to think that's a good thing. there are times when we should not be transparent and is referring to the situation.
9:48 am
i watched attorney general barr and his confirmation hearing and i was so impressed that i wrote an article that was published in the which is called william barr is the right man for the times and i'll tell you why. i think it's going to not be influenced by demonstrations. i think it's going to follow the law and i think the law is going to limit some types of information that we all like to see. sandra: he authorities said that he is also seeking robert mueller's counsel on what exactly can be released and made transparent under the constraints of the law. so we will see. i heard you say this is round one. what is round two? >> well, round two will be first of all what they do in congress. democrats, republicans all said were waiting for the mueller report like that would be
9:49 am
gospel. now what they are really saying is that depends upon what the mueller report says. they're not necessarily going to accept it. there is going to be a big data loop are the things that attorney general barr will not allow the pleased. one thing when they are saying that they shouldn't give the white house a sneak peek, it is not a sneak peek. they are not going to destroy it. they're not going to rip it out. they are entitled to preview it was white house counsel because executive privilege is real. it is not something to hide behind. it is real and only the president can determine whether or not to assert it. nobody else can. sandra: when you started out, you talked about the scope of the investigation and how it originally began. did the scope of the investigation change? >> well, the only way it changed with mueller was with the manafort case in virginia, which
9:50 am
he had permission from rosenstein to do it, but it did not anything to do with the president, with collision. but i think you've done. what i'm saying is these other investigations the president has to deal with. public opinion matters greatly. that is why these polls are important. as long as the president has supported the public i think ultimately is going to prevail. >> makes it all very interesting. great insight there. thank you. >> we are on standby mode at the moment within the department just disappeared when we get you hear about it first. how does russia react in the conclusion of the mueller matter? the work is over and done with now. so with a special counsel's findings could mean for the relationship between washington and moscow. taking new life they are coming out. to look at me now, you don't see psoriasis. you see clear skin. you see me.
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>> the completion of the mueller reporter putting the spotlight back on moscow and its interference in the election 2016. how far did russia go? très gangsta track in that part of the story for us today on the sunday afternoon. >> reactions to the prograph denied bond friday. around the world.
9:55 am
the kremlin russian president vladimir putin and other key political figures in russia have not commented in no further indictment. during the two-year investigation, mueller indicted national dental fresh intelligence officers. most individuals related to the internet research agency with the u.s. election. the intel officers. >> is proving, it's like a witchhunt. i don't trust the both sides of democrats, republicans. house of representatives stick with the ideology. they hate russia. this is how russia might
9:56 am
respond. >> as for how the mueller probe will affect future relations between the united states and russia, president trump is maintained that he would like to maintain a working relationship with russian president vladimir putin. critics have pointed out the white house often splits with u.s. intelligence agencies on how much president trump himself believes that russia try to interfere with this probe. >> thank you from a tray. the game continues. >> special coverage continues as we await attorney general william barr summary of the mueller report. post a job may be done but the president's legal saga may not be over. keep it right here as we roll keep it right here as we roll on. this is jc... (team member) welcome to wells fargo, how may i help? (vo) who's here to help with a free financial health conversation,
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intelligently senses your movement and automatically adjusts... so you wake up rested and ready for anything. save $500 on select sleep number 360 smart beds. only for a limited time. sandra: anticipation at a fever pitch in washington if we could buy mueller learned what is in robert mueller's report for the first time today. attorney general william barr to release the principal finding this afternoon. welcome to our special coverage on a sunday afternoon. sandra smith. >> special day when we get to spend sunday together. i am bill hammer wherever you are. welcome where live in new york city way to make in new york city waiting my blessed america. the ag is that the justice department now reviewing the full report as congress anxiously awaits the summary.


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