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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  March 24, 2019 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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y senses your movement and automatically adjusts... so you wake up rested and ready for anything. save $500 on select sleep number 360 smart beds. only for a limited time. sandra: anticipation at a fever pitch in washington if we could buy mueller learned what is in robert mueller's report for the first time today. attorney general william barr to release the principal finding this afternoon. welcome to our special coverage on a sunday afternoon. sandra smith. >> special day when we get to spend sunday together. i am bill hammer wherever you are. welcome where live in new york city way to make in new york city waiting my blessed america. the ag is that the justice department now reviewing the full report as congress anxiously awaits the summary. could be time, could be 20
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pages. each side bracing for what is in it holding emergency conference calls over the weekend to talk about strategy is calls for the entire report to be made public. live coverage. brad baier standing by. reporter: this 22 domestic -- month investigation is over and questions regarding the report will show collusion between the 2016 tram campaign in russia where will it show any evidence of obstruction of just does. we are told not to expect any more indictments but other than that we don't know what's going to be in this report. attorney general william barr and the department of justice to read this morning. he will try to put together a sum summary that can be released quickly but will that be at because then he will decide if any other parts of this report could be released publicly.
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they want to know why or how robert mueller reached his conclusion, including why there may be no more indictment. >> we have to see the report or the entire country come in the public needs to see the entire report so we can be with the special prosecutor says about these. >> robert mueller who went to church across the street from the white house today made no comment as learning. he may call mueller to testify before his committee at the doj, department of justice does not release the full report. it's against the law to release confidential information that could be contained in parts of the report and i don't think democrats will be able to obtain much more information than what is in the report. >> they think they can go into the judiciary committee and have a limited budget, limited staff and go up against an investigation that lasted 22 months, had unlimited power,
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plenty of investigators and they think they can find something more than what they did, then they are sadly mistaken. >> attorney general has said he hopes to release information this weekend. we've got 11 hours left in the weekend so we way. >> good to see you at the department of justice. thanks. >> host of the special report. coming in on a sunday for you. good afternoon to you. the way design. what are you hearing? >> i'm hearing a lot of what you're hearing. it is waiting and really analyzing before we get to this point. you've been saying them a lot. robert mueller made it to the end, that the special counsel finish this investigation without being fired, without being interrupted or interfered with according to the inner attorney general in any way shape or form. that in of itself is news.
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think about how much time is spent on is the president going to fire mueller. is this going to be somehow obstructed in some way come in the. according to the attorney general there was no holdback for mueller to complete his duties. we don't know how this is going to be written out in its very negative things in this final report, but we do know from senior officials that there are no more indictments and that is key because as chris wallace mentioned earlier on your show, you can't collude to yourself. there would likely be a lot of other indictment if this was a conspiracy involving the president, his campaign in the kremlin. sandra: jonathan made that point you today. that alone is the reason for the president to claim vindication here. ron mcdaniel, chairwoman of the rnc. she just treated out she was speculating that just as department would interfere in
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the mueller investigation. as you just pointed out, he made it to the end. she wrote they were wrong. more proof they been pushing conspiracy theories about the president. but that doesn't mean that democrats will stop here. they may all be planning further investigations of this president. >> yeah. that is going to continue. the goalposts have already continued. mueller was never the main event. southern district of new york and it's almost like they are saying these are not the drums are looking for. you didn't hear us covering this the way that we did. but congress can inspect or general for that matter cannot convene grand juries. they cannot initiate prosecutions. so a smaller at the end of the day does not find conspiracy to collude with russia on the
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election, which is seems that's the way we're heading, it is hard to imagine that along that track the congress or anyone else can get all of the access with all the tools special counsel robert mueller has. >> nancy pelosi is calling for any briefing to be unclassified so they can be speaking freely about the report. one of the key questions is how much the report will be released. >> i think that's the battle and you hear that from every democratic committee, chair, presidential candidates, transparency is the watchword out and about. it is the attorney general's decision how much comes out. obviously sensitivity about classified information and also the question about exec and a privilege saying there isn't one
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and they will fight it all the way to the supreme court. that battle going forward. there will be other investigations in the southern district of new york is moving on a lot of different friends. if this comes to the end it will be a major thing for the president has had a darn good week that exists officially eliminated according to forces on the ground. we are not done fighting isis, but the caliphate they are, that is a huge story that largely got overrun by way of the mueller report. >> after nearly 40 hours for those keeping track of not treating have a great day, everyone. make america great again. we're all waiting on this. i know you're going to standby for thank you. >> will talk to that later. we talked about chris wallace on this program earlier today. house democratic judiciary member jerry nadler talk about
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what move that he and congress could make next. check it out. >> let's bring in the chair of the house judiciary committee jerrold nadler. welcome to "fox news sunday." >> attorney general barr says he will provide, quote, the principal conclusions of the mueller report to you and the other top members of congress. have you been given any advance notice as to when specifically and how detailed the summary will be? >> on friday he said maybe as early as the weekend and not so we know. >> do you expect the white house to get a review of the summary before you do and would you have any problem with that? >> i certainly hope it does not happen and i do have a problem with that. this is an investigation of the white house and the president and the people around them for alleged misconduct in different
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ways and subverting the constitution to various different ways. as we know from the supreme court decided privilege cannot be used to shield wrongdoing and certainly they should not get an advanced look at the report. the report should go public in its entirety and see where the chips fall. >> let's do a tea leaf reading on the little that we know could the justice department says the special counsel is not recommending any new indictments. that means no one will have been -- has been or will have been charged with collusion with the russians and president trump clearly couldn't do that himself. the special counsel did not find any criminal collusion. >> well, all we know is the special counsel -- we think we know the special counsel is not
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bringing criminal indictments for collusion. there are other investigations going on based on virginia and they may or may not. we do not remember is in plain sight of a lot of collusion. we know for example that the president's son and his campaign manager to receive information, which they were told in the invitation was part of the russian government's attempts to help them in the election. we know that the campaign manager gave political targeting data to an agent to the russian government. maybe it's not indictable, but we know there was collusion. the question as to what degree and what purpose. >> excuse me, that's the point i was going to make. jared kushner was not charged for that.
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john junior wasn't charged. it would seem that there was no criminal collusion among them so it came clear to the president on that issue. >> no, it would not. the "washington post" has a story today in which counterintelligence investigations because of the way they are done, very often they do not need to criminal prosecutions. but these are additional reasons we have to see the report. the public needs to see the entire report so we can see what the special prosecutor says about these questions. right now it's very speculative. >> you've made it clear you want to see not only the report, but the underlying material, investigative material. here is but the beauty rod rosenstein said last month. >> if we are not repaired to prove her case we have no business making allegations
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against. >> given how upset they were in 2016 but then laid out the case against her. why should attorney general barr make the same mistake if he is not going to bring a case against donald trump and layout against him. >> the justice department believes and normally it's very good rule. you shouldn't sully their name. however, as a matter of law, the president can never be indicted simply because he is the president. that's the case that can hold them accountable and the only institution that could put president accountable this congress and congress therefore needs the evidence in the information. once you say that a president cannot be indictable no matter what the evidence as a matter of
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law to them follow the principle you can't then comment on the evidence is to convert that into a cover-up. >> i want to pick up on that. if the attorney general does not turn over everything to the special counsel is that the cover-up, and couldn't it just be that he reads the regulations differently than you do that on the cover-up of a crime. secondly i understand there's two differences of opinions here. what are you prepared to do to get all the information you want? >> again, if a president cannot be indicted because of a matter of law, the only way a president can be held accountable is for congress to consider it before and did. congress can do that if it has the information and for the department to take the position that were not going to give information is equivalent to a
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cover-up and subvert them ability to hold the president accountable. they cannot be above the law. as to whether we will use subpoenas and we will if necessary. we put out a lot of document requests to people. we're getting a good response on that and not from the white house, but a lot of other people and will use subpoenas if and when we think we have to. >> you have made it clear that you think your committee will keep investigating regardless of what is in the mueller report. you just sent out a document request of 81 people and entities for information. but at the special counsel and i understand this is speculative. but the special counsel after two years basically does not find criminal activity, obviously if they find no evidence of criminal activity on collusion or obstruction of
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justice how do you think the american people will react to democrats continuing to investigate the next two years. i understand why it might be good politically. but is it good for the country? i don't also take the next two years. the job of congress is much broader than the job of the special counsel. special counsel is looking and can only look for crimes. we have to protect the rule of law. abuses of power, we have to look for corruption. which may not be crimes. they may be, but it they may not be crimes. we have to exercise a mandate to protect the integrity of government and the integrity of liberty in the country. >> as you well know, there were some republicans who believe the real scandal here is the bias,
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misdeeds, overreach by the fbi, by the justice department, the special counsel. do you have any intention of investigating them, sir? >> when republicans control the judiciary committee and oversight committee the last two years, there was an extensive investigation of that and nothing relevant was found. yes, it turns out some fbi agents had political opinions. other fbi agents for the president that the inspector general found no actions were taken that were influenced by political opinions. it's against the law for the fbi or any other government agency to inquire as to the political opinions of people are going to higher. so now i don't think there's any further investigation. it is part of a sustained attack by the administration and its allies on the integrity of law enforcement agencies, fbi, special prosecutor for the last
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two years to try to undermine the integrity and credibility of law enforcement institution. that is something very damaging to the country and one of the things we have direct to five. regardless of whether the special prosecutor finds crimes and the we know certain things. we note that the president asked the fbi director to go easy in stop investigating close associates like michael flynn. we know the president fired the fbi director because he wouldn't give him the personal loyalty he demanded and the russian thing. we know a lot of the president's closest associates, campaign managers, deputy campaign managers, have been indicted for crimes and we know of the sustained attacks on our law enforcement institutions. these are very dangerous to the rule of law and we have to try to rectify it.
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>> i've got 30 seconds left. but she seemed to be saying is whatever's in the mueller report, not mean you're going to do it, but impeachment is still on the table. >> it is way too early to talk about impeachment are not. we have to look -- as i said, our mandate is not to impeach the president or anything like that. and to back up the institutions that have been weakened by the attacks of this administration, the institutions we depend on for our democratic form of government. so we have to look into abuses of power. the obstructions of justice or not we will do and see where the facts take us. >> chairman matt miller, thank you. thanks for your time.
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>> really interesting stuff. before we go there, breaking news at the department of justice. >> or producer saying the letter to congress is expected today. so it's moved could be out today is that today. >> which matches what they are telling us an hour ago. whether it's 1:00 or 3:00 or 6:00 we don't know. i thought your interview was very interesting. he's suggesting that all of this may be a disappointment. he suggested this debate on what is made public will continue and then he talked about how public opinion matters greatly and we showed the fox pulling about how few people think their minds could be changed regardless of what we find out. sandra: the conversation goes what you heard from jerry nadler. not only the full report to be
10:20 am
made of that, and anything less than that would be a cover-up. >> we will continue on that. sandra: the president has been pretty quiet today and we will see what happens next as we await the report expected out today. our coverage continues next. in your family tree. i learned that my ten times great grandmother is george washington's aunt. within a few days i went from knowing almost nothing to holy crow, i'm related to george washington. this is my cousin george. discover your story. start searching for free now at (coughing) need a change of scenery? kayak searches hundreds of travel sites and filters by cabin class, wi-fi and more. so you can be confident you're getting the right flight at the best price. kayak. search one and done.
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>> a difference between compelling evidence of collusion and whether the special counsel concludes he could prove beyond a reasonable doubt the criminal charge of conspiracy in the country were conducting the investigation as professionally as he has. so i have trust in his prosecutorial judgment, but that doesn't mean there isn't compelling and incriminating them evidence shared with the american people. bill: adam schiff about three hours ago commending bob mueller leaving open the door for potential incriminating evidence despite the decision apparently not to seek any further indictments in the rush of collusion matter. criminal defense attorney and prosecutor doug burns. nice to see you guys. do you have any insight behind
10:25 am
the door at the department of justice into a bill barr and rod rosenstein are doing right now? >> they're in a tough spot. i don't think it is bare bones were brought this indictment were declining on that. i think it's more significant. then comes the really hard decision, which is every going to let this thing? are we going to give an initial summary, waiting give a fuller one? it seems to me they've decided it's probably a good idea to come out with a summary of the conclusion. 10, 20 pages. >> my guess is -- just as there hundreds of pages. >> two carries, $25 million later. this could be as large as an encyclopedia britannica for all we know. what is aggravating to me is we do know one thing. there are no new indictments, which if you're reading the legal tea leaves a good time for
10:26 am
the president that we have democrats basically insisting no matter how good this report is, for the country that our president didn't do anything wrong. we're going to lock out that door and another one. >> that is a political reaction. whether collusion is there or not this will continue. they somewhat adam schiff and others are saying it's in all likelihood where it's going to go. there's a difference he says between compelling evidence of collusion and whether he concludes that he can prove beyond a reasonable doubt the criminal charge. he is splitting hairs that could be very critical down the road. >> from a legal standpoint and what we do all the time is the time to say wait a minute, what are opponents to argue tomorrow in court? they are principled arguments be made on the left side of this. one, the only reason the president has not been indicted is because of the doj memos. that's hugely important because
10:27 am
that is their differentiation between the he could now come which was there was nothing to prevent that the much more important one is your point real quick. they do want to get near the idea that it didn't happen so they flip it very convenient. what is going on here is they don't have that. >> they don't need it. you would only need probable cause and then you would go and launch a full criminal -- >> is an gesture and hang on, is that this is where the pivot will be made. >> this is where the pivot will try to be made but i think it falls flat because trust me after two years if not mueller did not come up with enough probable cause to have this president indicted after he is out of office it is never going to happen. >> she's right.
10:28 am
responsible prosecutors only bring a case when it's beyond a reasonable doubt. >> thank you, doug. >> maybe you're always right. >> we want to bring this to you right now. this is happening right now. kirsten gillibrand speaking outside of trump international hotel in new york city. you've been seeing this throughout the morning with the back drop of the american drop your choosing new york city. what she is saying on the ground there. she's been talking about the president as we await the mueller report. it is expected out today. our continuing coverage when we return. fast... ...and brake too hard. with feedback to help you drive safer.
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10:33 am
of the report. we expect that to happen today. the white house so far sounding confident about what happens next and i understand you're attending is watching all that live in west palm beach, florida. >> we haven't seen or heard from the president much this week, but he has been in a great mood. cracking jokes. on saturday playing golf with kid rock and today he's back out on trump international golf course. also back on twitter today after for the first time since the mueller report was completed on friday he had a rarer 39 hour hiatus until this morning when he treated good morning, how the great day and then make america great again. what other damaging information. after the summaries come out, the next big step will be
10:34 am
deciding what other facts details on the investigation will be made public given that mueller has hundreds of hours of depositions and interviews with administration officials. the white house will almost certainly review the report to determine if anything is in their subject to privilege. this is sending any white house would do in the situation. democrats are still fired up about the possibility of the trump administration and they argued the white house would whitewash mueller's report here and that is why they will do anything necessary to get the full report released with all of us are able to see eventually. bill. tammy, thank you. sandra scott moore. >> we appreciate that. the completion of the mueller
10:35 am
investigation showing an overwhelming 80% of voters. the report should be made public. let's bring in senior clinical correspondent at the "washtington examiner." david, good afternoon to you. and when you could join us on a sunday afternoon. let me tell you what jerry nadler said in the interview this morning because you have been tweeting about this. the full report underlying evidence. he wants both. anything less would be a cover up. he says the job of commerce is much broader than the job of the special counsel. we have a much broader mandate and we must exercise the mandate. what did you take away from him and were democrats will go next with this? >> democrats ever be shown what they're doing next because they've aren't even doing that are beyond the scope or the concepts of possible collusion in the 2016 elections. this is what you would expect from any house majority in terms
10:36 am
of conducting oversight of a president from the other party. it's what we saw with president barack obama and now we see with democrats and president trump. i think what is a little bit jarring is this is the first time democrats have had any power during the trump residency. the president's first term, whether one or two was going to be spent dealing with a lot of investigative request and a lot of shade being thrown his way from democrat who believes he has a lot of political and legal issues that go far beyond the issue of russia in 2016. sandra: new bits of information coming in the last 20 minutes. our doj producers say not this point it is expected we will get at least initially the conclusions of the report today. when exactly that happens we do not know. the second piece of information
10:37 am
continued to react before the reports even released. chuck schumer just weeded out the american people are entitled to see the mueller report and its underlying documentation for themselves. they do not need to sanitize their spin the report. they simply want the truth. #released the report. we know this is one of the key questions right now. how that material will actually be released. we know there's classified information that democrats are taking not to say if they don't get all of it as jerry nadler says this is a cover up. >> both sides have been working from day one to frame the narrative about what president trump is all about. the president would constantly trying freeman as a witchhunt to talk about his investigative team in the sense to win the
10:38 am
messaging battle and political battle over what the report might say before her was submitted to the attorney general. democrats have been doing the same thing and now they're trying to win the battle to say even if it doesn't implicate president trump. even if it's not politically problematic, it is in here is what we think so. this political battle is going to head all the way into the 2020 election. the president himself common even though it's been a quiet couple of days one of talking about this as often as talked about it so far. most of the news during the investigation that was generated was often generated because the president felt the need to speak out and defend himself, which of course raise the issue and kept it on the front burner. i don't think any of this is going anywhere. sandra: what is the political battle look like on capitol hill after it leaves the initial results of this report are
10:39 am
released? >> you have a house of representatives controlled by democrats. a senate controlled by republicans and for the president's allies on the hill and opponents on the hill, they're going to go to war and they're going to try and talk about why what you're seeing in the report raises a whole bunch of other questions. we party scene from republican leaders on capitol hill declaring victory in saying there's nothing to fear her this is a big waste of time. one of the things i want to bring up that is interesting about what could come next. after the fbi decided not to recommend for the doj decided not to recommend indicting hillary clinton in pursuing a criminal case against her comic couple months later in the middle of the presidential campaign, the investigative notes were submitted to republicans who control the house of representatives at the time and those notes became public and they were very troubling and problematic and
10:40 am
embarrassing for hillary clinton and it really impacted her presidential campaign in what is one of the reasons she lost. any of the information that ends up coming out is problematic for the president come and that is he's going to have to deal with even though not been implicated in collusion south is an unqualified victory at the moment. sandra: david drucker, "washtington examiner," thank you. >> you mentioned about 15 minutes ago. 2020 democratic hopeful kirsten gillibrand launching her campaign today. talking in new york city at the moment. holding a rally outside of the trump international hotel right around the southwestern corner of central park. she wasted no time going after the president. here's what happened the moment ago. >> this president has tried to reduce america to its smallest cells.
10:41 am
in turning them inside out, rooting for bigotry and discrimination and violence. closing our doors to immigrants and refugees, taking from the many to line the pockets of the few. >> gillibrand is then. that's her first official campaign stop today. i think we're up to 12? >> it is growing. >> keep the check marks. she's talking about the president and all of this. the timing is we are awaiting the mueller report today. >> the report should come any moment now. hundreds and hundreds of pages. fbi director says it needs to tell us by next.
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>> i would suspect that the end of the day they'll release a report and not put things in there about people that have damaged the people they chose not to prosecute. that's not unique to the president. that way they handle every case. they don't smear people and say but we chose not to prosecute. through sunday shows were loaded. we expect the summary from the report to be released at any moment. marco rubio. meanwhile, top fbi official who served under bob mueller is calling for the rushed investigation report to be released to the public. former assistant director to the fbi live in charlotte. how you are doing on a sunday afternoon? thank you for your time. the piece from fox
10:47 am
let the information flow appeared were a nation that can handle the truth and let the chips fall where they may. >> the mueller investigation had to happen because it was in the hand of a hopelessly biased small inner circle of fbi executives and rosenstein knew that it would be a fair balance. so these questions had to be answered. we knew the russians had conducted espionage against the 2016 election and there were a lot of allegations floating in the air and i think they picked the right guy, former or mueller to conduct an independent nonpolitical unbiased investigation and now get those questions answered. >> you would allow for reduction would you not? >> of course. i don't think bill barr will let anyone bully him into releasing grand jury material, things of
10:48 am
that nature. >> you've got some folks who agree with you. not just democrats. here is ted cruz. >> report needs to be made public. he needs to be released to the congress and to the american people. this is consumed two years of the american people time. mueller made a serious mistake when he brought together the team of investigators and lawyers and select that partisan democrats who have been longtime democratic donors. that was unfortunate because by doing that it undermined the credibility of the office. >> here we are 22 months later. jason chaffetz is coming on next hour. one of the points he's drilling down on as the inspector general's report happening right now will be released in two or three months come in may or june. and how those on the inside of the department of justice or fbi will work. now do you agree with that wind
10:49 am
he describes that as that could be the tipping point here. if your are doing put the whole report out, you're going to argue again in two months to put the whole ig report out. >> absolute way. we have to fix things in the other half of this equation is whether the intelligence committee did was weapon i against the campaign. by that abuse, this dossier full of junk and unverified that went before a court. how the case was initiated against the presidential campaign. they will answer those questions. like the first to report it to be publicized as well. then we can fix things. bill: thank you. we encourage our viewers to check it out. thank you. >> we are on mueller report watch. why they've been unusually silent this weekend, the same
10:50 am
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>> after months of republicans and democrats drawing battle lines and robert ball or his
10:54 am
investigation, the little to do but wait at this point for the attorney general to release a summary of the council's findings are demanding full transparency from the justice department, ellison barber joins us live in washington weather week is on. >> a whole lot of waiting, but at the same time, democrats deemed to be a already drawing in the sand here. they need to see this report and congress needs to see the report as well as the underlying evidence. jerry nadler says congress is the only body that can hold a president accountable. >> they can't hold them accountable and the only institution that can hold the president accountable is congress. once he said the president cannot be indictable no matter what the evidence as a matter of law, to then follow the principle that you can't then comment on the evidence or publicize it is to convert that into a cover of. >> top republican, representative doug collins disagreed in part.
10:55 am
the reporter should be released, but classified items or things related to grand jury. he then said that -- >> it's not the department of justice job to give chairman nadler or any committee on house for the senate for that matter what they want to do to go off in a purely partisan investigation to lead towards impeachment. >> democrats are now embarking on a partisan mission aimed at impeaching president trump. >> what will democrats do if the report is not made public? >> subpoenas are not out of the question. he said her committee will issue subpoenas if and when they have to. chairman nadler says it too early to talk about impeachment. he says that is not their mandate, the congress is supposed to defend the rule of law in its broader in the special counsel in the special counsel uses only looks for crimes. sandra: the anticipation builds. thank you. >> much more coming up in a moment. the waiting bill barr's summary.
10:56 am
we are back at the doj on that. what is alan dershowitz think about what we believe we have learned thus far? special coverage rolls on on this sunday afternoon. no, no, , no, no, no... only pay for what you need. liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ woman: ahh! need a change of scenery? kayak searches hundreds of travel sites and lets you see how your baggage will affect the cost of your flight, so you can be confident you're getting the right flight at the best price. kayak. search one and done.
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11:00 am
right now, he will issue a summary that's expected today, and that's why we're here. i'm bill hemmer. another hour of our special coverage -- sandra: how you doing, bill? nice to be here on a sunday with you. good afternoon, everyone, i'm sandra smith. lawmakers eager to get their hands on the summary of the special counsel's report as both democrats and republicans call for the whole thing to be released to the public, some democrats threatening subpoenas to get the full report. guy benson is standing by, but first to molly henneberg live at the justice department. anything changing there, molly? [laughter] >> reporter: hi, sandra. let me show you some scenes from the day, the morning, to give you a sense of what this waiting game looks like as we wait for the summary of mueller's report. we know it's going to come today, maybe in the next couple of hours, and we know that attorney general william barr is here in the building behind me, the department of justice.


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