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tv   FOX Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  March 24, 2019 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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from the attorney general saying zero collusion found by special counsel, also exonerating the president of any obstruction of justice. that's it for us here in washington. "fox report" with jon scott is up next. i'm shannon bream, i'll see you back here at 10 p.m. the mueller probe finds no sufficientmueller evidence of the trunk campaign conspiring or collusion during the 2016 election. now the nation gets its first glimpse that has loomed heavily over the administration. i am jon scott and this is the fox report. attorney general bar a few hours ago delivered a four-page letter to congress outlining visible conclusions of the mueller report amid calls for full findings. despite finding no sufficient collusion evidence, barr says
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it did not exonerate trump of obstruction of justice but leaving that to the attorney general who decided to clear the president after going over the report. where does that leave the president and his political opponents? we have fox team coverage. we are live at the department of justice along with analysis the first let's go to the white house where the president is set to arrive this hour after spending the weekend in florida. kevin? . >> making his way back up from our lago the president calls this the exoneration. while the special counsel went to a degree to say it wasn't exactly that attorney general bar says one thing for sure there was no collusion between the president's campaign and russia and he went so far to say there wasn't enough to claim obstruction by the president. i will share a trump campaign
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statement there's a lot of people there that were involved in the 2016 campaign and now the 2020 campaign that are enjoying this daily asset for the very beginning there was no collusion and no obstruction the special counsel investigation did not find the trump campaign or anyone associated with it can spidered or coordinated with russia in its efforts to influence the 2016 presidential election further attorney general bar and deputy attorney general rosenstein concluded there was no obstruction of justice to catalog the president's action the report identified no action in our judgment constitutes obstructive conduct and had a nexus or a
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contemplated proceeding or with corrupt intent. this a total vindication of the president according to his campaign. for his part mister trump waited almost two days and said this before boarding air force one. >> after a long look and investigation, after so many people were so badly hurt, after looking at the other side, a lot of bad things happened a lot of horrible things happened to the country but it was just announced there was no collusion with russia the most ridiculous thing i have ever heard. there is no obstruction whatsoever.
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it was a complete and total exoneration. it is a shame that our country had to go through this. >> the mayor of new york rudy giuliani also said in a statement that it was a complete and total vindication we do expect to see the president sometime before 7:00 p.m. eastern and it is a pretty good bet he will be interested to speak to reporters and we will pass that along but after issuing 2800 subpoenas and 500 search warrants and more no collusion between the trump campaign and russia. jon: a lot of sighs of relief coming from behind the building. more on what the attorney general found where he and attorney deputy general spent most of the weekend pouring over the findings. that is where molly is standing by. reporter: the special counsel
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found the russian internet agency tried to bring in the trump campaign and failed. to say that special counsel found they hacked into computers and obtained computers with the democratic party organization to disseminate those materials through intermediaries. but the letter goes on to say the special counsel did not find the trump campaign or anyone associated with it conspired or coordinated with the russian government in these efforts despite multiple offers from russian affiliated individuals to assess the trump campaign. so no collusion. now that spring out the fox justice department producer who was in the justice department when the letter came out today talk about obstruction of justice mueller
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left that open in his report. >> it is interesting he said it is unresolved and the special counsel views it as the president committed obstruction the special counsel says from the report while this does not conclude he committed a crime it does not exonerate him and then said he leaves it to the attorney general to determine if this conduct constitutes a crime the attorney general and at deputy attorney general saying that the investigation is not sufficient to establish the president committed the obstruction of justice. reporter: this is a summary will be see the full report? . >> this is an interesting question the attorney general says he wants to be as transparent as possible but as he references there is information that reverts
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directly to the grand jury investigation and that cannot be let out. some will come out but we just don't know how much. reporter: one more note no more indictments are expected to come out. jon: molly from the justice department think you. now we have brett bear and for those who work in the white house, brett, this report even though just a summary could not have been better. >> the president's attorneys consider this a grand slam because the investigation was started to look at any possible collusion or conspiracy between anybody in the campaign or russians in general not only that american has found to conspired or corroborated with the russians to disrupt the 2016 election.
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but the obstruction will be on capitol hill as they get more information the attorney general has made his decision as you have just heard from ali. there is not a determination of a corrupt intent although they cannot describe why some things happened that was on the edge of obstruction. jon: democrats do not seem satisfied on the democratic side there will be more if they could actually see the mueller report. >> right but how was special counsel mueller obstructed? there was not one dollar held back arguably over $30 million. the attorney general at no time to the doj did they ever interrupted the investigation, he was not fired. the report was completed so there will be a lot of back and forth to get those details
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behind a particular part but it is the attorney general's call and it is worth noting now we have gbrett bear and for those who work in the white , john that the president was not subpoenaed it would likely have been fought and maybe taken all the way to the supreme court but he had the option to do that but he didn't so these conclusions in this report will take a lot of effort to get them up on capitol hill. jon: the most interesting line on page number two under the discussion of the russian attempt to influence the election where the attorney general writes the special counsel did not find the trump campaign or anyone associated with it, conspired or coordinated with the russian government in these efforts to influence the election. despite multiple offers from russia affiliated individuals to assist the trump campaign. the apple was they are. the temptation was they are. nobody on the trump campaign apparently took the bait.
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>> think of what we have heard about that indictment is coming or from the president or jared kushner that they were all pending the former cia director said it was imminent. this was wrapping up. how much airtime was used talking about conspiracy and russia? and this is pretty definitive. the real question now is where this goes from here? all these different headlines to say mueller was never the main event in the special counsel of new york or the southern district is where it comes down. disregard those. jon: robert mueller has been a hero to democrats over the past two years but it seems
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the attitude is turning. you always heard the house judiciary committee says he wants to call mueller in front of the house committee to get him to testify. >> right that will be interesting. i doubt that will happen i know the attorney general will be called. nadler has already said that and now all the candidates a we should just listen to the letter from the hand-picked attorney general of the president. all of the good words about attorney general bar through his confirmation hearing are gone and now there will be an effort to get him to go through line by line as much as he can. jon: many people thought the release of the mueller report would end all of the arguing about the rush of meddling and collusion but it doesn't sound like that will happen on capitol hill. >> it will not on capitol hill
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but it is a political marker. it is a turning point. had this been different, or a different conclusion, major political problems for the president. this is not. it is potentially a big political when the president will use to tamp down any other democratic efforts. jon: it will be fascinating to see what happens when we learn more when we see what is in the actual report. brett baier. think you. the special counsel has wrapped up his work several other investigations into the president and his campaign dealings are still in motion.
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we are in washington with more. >>. reporter: good evening. the team had a narrow scope of investigation but as pointed out the almost unlimited budget and a grand jury. part of the process of ending the investigation was to turn over what he learned of the other parts of the doj for prosecution. most notably to the southern district of new york. they looked into prosecuted the michael cohan case. but now there are multiple investigations going to the president's family and associates. >> donald trump is not out of legal jeopardy or to have that narrow mission that the special counsel had to be fair and apolitical there are things that are worth pursuing and they will do so and that means if there is legal jeopardy for those around the president we will have to see t to "the new york times" reports looking into the inaugural committee and as of today there are still about one dozen open investigations by state and federal prosecutors that have come out of the mueller probe mueller indicted 34 people and more on
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where those cases are more than two dozen were russian unlikely they will ever face a us court. michael flynn the advisor on the campaign trail former national security advisor pled guilty to make false statements. he has not been sentenced. paul manafort pled guilty sentence 90 months in prison. roger stone a close confidant and notorious dirty trickster goes to trial in november. michael coleman the longtime attorney from trump stays in real estate sentence three years in prison pleading guilty to a number of crimes plus the payoff to stormy daniels and others not related to the campaign and your post article shows him frequenting fancy restaurants before heading to jail in may. jon: so now that the attorney general barr summary is out
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jon: the president and his team calling full vindication after the attorney general summary is out. democrats are responding that the whole report we released to the public house judiciary committee chairman nadler tweeted he will call attorney general barr to testify before the committee over very discerning discrepancies and final decision-making at the doj. in his letter attorney general barr reiterated his goal is to release as much of the report as he can. now senior fellow from the national security institut institute, matthew we know they will scrub the mueller report of any national security material how long will that take quick. >> they want to be very careful and take their time
3:20 pm
whether it is days or weeks we don't know the volume of the total report but we think it's critical that is in coordination with a special counsel's office all material is stripped out but this began as a counterintelligence investigation so there could be classified material that could be redacted before it is shared with those on the hill. jon: i want to read one of the lines of the attorney general summary. he writes a special counsel investigation did not find the trump campaign or associated with it and then to influence the us presidential election there is no wiggle room or a gray area that is about as definitive a declaration as you can get.
3:21 pm
>> i agree i think it is wise for the attorney general to quote directly from the report special counsel mueller's words not the attorney general's words that there just wasn't the evidence there between the trump campaign team and russian individuals. jon: elizabeth warren is a democratic candidate for president who is not happy with what has transpired and she says she wants to see the full repor report. she tweeted congress voted to release the full report not a summary from the hand-picked attorney - - attorney general barr make the full report public immediately. he is probably not allowed by law to do that quick. >> he is not. no. not by the doj practice or if
3:22 pm
there is classified material by that process either. it is a bit much to say immediately. attorney general barr is following the process that is set out. he released a summary and said consistently during his confirmation hearings in his letters to congress he would reveal and me as transparent as he can. so i anticipate he will be as good as his word and we will see additional information and we should let the process work itself out and then we can assess what is releasable. jon: one of the aspects the political opponents are seizing upon is obstruction of justice deputy attorney general rosenstein and i have concluded the special counsel investigation evidence is not of sufficient to establish the president committed
3:23 pm
obstruction of justice offense. apparently mueller did not come to that conclusion but left it to the attorney general and his underlings can you explain that process quick. >> clearly special counsel mueller and his team came to the conclusion they could not make a conclusion there wasn't sufficient evidence but they didn't feel completely comfortable to say there is absolutely nothing and those two gentlemen made the call and we can take some comfort in their judgment and is not a partisan character and as a long time doj official not a political bomb thrower.
3:24 pm
jon: he said the determination was made without regard to or based on the constitutional considerations surrounding the indictment and criminal prosecution of a sitting president. a lot of people have said throughout the process even if trump had done something wrong he would not face prosecution because there are a lot of questions if you can indict a sitting president but the attorney general said that did not even enter into their considerations. >> exactly. that was important he cleared the field on that issue to make it crystal clear this was not about the fact donald trump is a sitting president but whether or not there was sufficient evidence to move forward with criminal charges and it's their determination the evidence was not there.
3:25 pm
jon: there was a lot of question with the department of justice to be apolitical if some members are playing politics. do you think this report helps to put that to rest or will that be an open question for time to come quick. >> as long as partisan people i have the utmost trust and confidence in robert mueller. he has had us sterling career and has provided another service to the united states of america and we should thank him for that. i have no doubt the integrity or legal action of attorney general barr or deputy attorney general rosenstein wires handle the right way and we can move forward from this. jon: senior fellow from the national security institute, matthew, thank you. taking a look at joint base
3:26 pm
andrews at any minute the giant 747 carrying the president will be touching down. president trump spent the weekend at mara lago in florida, his weekend getaway. he is coming back to the white house after this report clears him and his campaign staff of any involvement of any kind in the russian efforts to influence the 2016 election we hope to have that life with full coverage in just a moment i got cones, anybody wants one! oh, yeah! get ya some! no, i can't believe how easy it was to save hundreds of dollars on my car insurance with geico. ed! ed! we struck sprinkles! [cheers] believe it. geico could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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3:31 pm
efforts to influence the 2016 election. attorney general barr also clears the president of obstruction saying mueller did not find enough evidence for the charge but did not exonerate him. now crossing across the political spectrum's senior editor kelly jane torrence. is there any surprises for you in this summary of what the mueller report is about quick. >> not really. i expected it was a surprise to people in washington. there will be a lot of money changing the hands the next couple of days. so many democrats mostly thinking that mueller would find and reveal evidence of collusion between the trump campaign and russia and clearly did not.
3:32 pm
i was not surprised i do think this summary is for the reasonable people to see let's wait to see what mueller and his team are doing. many did not want to wait we have heard for months democrats talking about the fact they think there is direct evidence for collusion but robert mueller and his team of 19 lawyers working with 40 fbi agents did not find it or obstruction of justice. now that is a little more complicated they did not completely exonerate the president in the words of robert mueller but i do not find this surprising but i think a lot of democrats in washington did i don't think they will stop with this report. they will try to see what they can do in congress which i think is a terrible idea and with a summary what the mueller team did with 2000 subpoenas, 500 search warrants 500 witnesses and with those
3:33 pm
foreign governments this is a complete and thorough investigation. jon: in the same process four times the amount of money the average us attorney's office spends. ninety-three us attorneys offices throughout the country or go mueller spent about the same amount as the eastern district of virginia which is a huge prosecutorial office. they have all of these lawyers and unlimited resources and they indicted six americans. yes they did indict 25 russians but they will never see the interior of an american courtroom is this a success with the dollar spent quick. >> you are right yes it is a lot of money and a lot of americans or taxpayers may consider it a waste especially given so hard they have been struggling but these were huge issues and very divisive talking about fs sitting
3:34 pm
president colluded with russia. it is well worth the money to resolve that question in the eyes of the american people. whether the democrats will be happy with that, i am not sure. and i wonder to be honest if donald trump and his team think it is a good idea to attack the credibility of mueller and his team which they have been doing and they will find he had a professional and thorough job and what they know of that report right now they may have regretted making it sound like they would trust the findings. but yes this is a lot of money in the american people are tired of it and they hope this will be the end. i fear from the statements we have heard today like the joint statement from pelosi and schumer hinting that congress will be doing its own
3:35 pm
investigation. they are sick of it millions of dollars have been spent. mueller's team did a thorough job and talk to hundreds of people. wetmore possibly can be found? maybe they will agree it is a witchhunt if the democrats continue after the very professional special counsel made his conclusions. jon: jerry nadler is no fan of the president and he tweeted after the summary was released special counsel mueller worked 22 months to determine the extent to which president trump obstructed justice. attorney general barr took two days to tell the people although the president is not exonerated there will be no action by doj it is almost as if he is not reading the same report. >> exactly.
3:36 pm
that is why we are hearing calls and will continue to hear for the full report to be made public. in that report attorney general barr said he will try to make as much public as possible. certain things cannot. the law says any information from a sitting grand jury cannot be made public. there are several sitting grand jury's in this case. also anything ongoing trial. we still have a few of those and none of that can be made public. but he has committed in this letter to make everything else public. we do need that people will want that. did attorney general barr give an accurate summary of the letter? i think he did because he knows much of that will be made public. of course, congress is calling for a then we can make that determination for ourselves.
3:37 pm
jon: from the "washington examiner" thank you kelly jean. republican supporters are hailing the special counsel's determination of no collusion between the trump campaign and russia. while democrats double down the demand for the release for the full report we are life on capitol hill with more on reaction and the fallout. mike? reporter: reaction coming in from mitch mcconnell who says the special counsel's conclusion confirms the president's account and that there was no effort by his campaign to conspire with russia to influence the 2016 election. ohio congressman jordan says no collusion, no obstruction. it is time to move on. a republican congressman says that will likely not be the case. >> nothing will be good for
3:38 pm
the democrats but with the collusion the mueller report says there is no evidence at all it's not saying he will not indict the president. there is no evidence involving the president, his campaign, or any american. how much clear could that be? jon: on the other side. reporter: they are saying they want special counsel mueller and attorney general barr to come to capitol hill for hearings. nadler tweeted there must be full transparency on what the special counsel mueller uncovered do not exonerate the president from wrongdoing. this is just a synopsis and the decision not to go any further in the work then the signal is he is not giving up. >> in the intelligence community have an obligation to determine if there is evidence that the president may be compromised in any way. if that is criminal or not and the indications he was pursuing through trump tower and other real estate that could be deeply compromising.
3:39 pm
>> democrats say they want the full report and the underlying paperwork in the house speaker already says she does not want classified briefings for just a select few lawmakers. jon: so the arguing is not over. adam schiff said he had evidence i believe of collusion. did he not quick. >> no question. he said there is big trouble coming for this president. today he is playing monday morning quarterback going after the special counsel mueller to accept written answers was a mistake so adam schiff continues to blast away at this investigation to not settle for what the special counsel has turned over to the attorney general. jon: mike emanuel in capitol hill think you. we are awaiting a press conference with jerrold nadler the democrat from new york heading the house judiciary committee will step up to the microphone shortly you can see
3:40 pm
air force one has touched down you can imagine the jubilation and those staff members that are on board the 71 - - 747 getting rid of a new week without the investigation hanging over their heads we will be back with more in just a minute on the fox report. rep. things will be tight but, we can make this work. ♪
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3:45 pm
that it was almost impossible for any president to commit obstruction of justice as the head of the executive branch made a decision about that evidence in under 48 hours. these conclusions raise more questions than they answer given the fact that mueller uncovered evidence that in his own words does not exonerate the president. we try to expand the findings and second given the questions it is imperative with the underlying evidence as long as the evidence underlying that report and to the american people as much as can be made
3:46 pm
public should be made public without delay. i intend to fight for that transparency will ask the attorney general to testify before the house judiciary committee. the american people are entitled to know what is reference by the special counsel. third, the attorney general's comments make it clear that congress must step in to get the truth of transparency to the american people the president has not been exonerated by the special counsel me at the attorney general has decided not to share those findings with the public it shouldn't be a hasty partisan interpretation of the facts. earlier this month the house passed a resolution for the
3:47 pm
special counsel's report 450 / zero calling on the attorney general to honor that request to release the report with the underlying evidence and appear before the judiciary committee to answer our questions without delay. that is my statement. thank you spee5. >> as you point out the president says it is total exoneration that contradicts what the special counsel found. that is a lie but we should not be surprised that they lied.
3:48 pm
>> i hope it wouldn't be necessary before the committee we also want to see the full report and if necessary will use that power to get that. >> the president could try to exercise but he will not be successful the executive privilege must be exerted by the president and with the next in case in front of the supreme court was decided nine / nothing executive privilege cannot be used to heighten wrongdoing. and with those personal conversations were ordered by the court so i don't think executive privilege will be successful. [inaudible conversations]
3:49 pm
is that they are do you have confidence in the attorney general? . >> it is fair. he auditioned for his job by writing a 19 page memorandum to give the extreme view of the obstruction of justice of presidential power to say no president could commit obstruction of justice. given the fact that special counsel found ample evidence so as not to say you are not guilty of obstruction we are not exonerating the president after 22 months the attorney general. jon: we will be hearing more in the days ahead from jerry nadler house of judiciary committee is clearly unhappy at the results of the mueller investigation.
3:50 pm
now here is the president coming back from his weekend at mar-a-lago in florida. he made a statement that we will play that. we don't know if he will have anything to say here at the base before he returns to the white house banquet does not appear he will. there is no bank of microphones. we will play the statement before he boarded air force one a couple of hours ago. his feelings now to stand for itself of what he has learned about the mother report from the attorney general. >> after a long list, after a long investigation, after so many people have been so badly hurt, after not looking where a lot of bad things of happened a lot of things have happened to our country there
3:51 pm
was no collusion it was the most ridiculous thing i have ever heard there was no obstruction whatsoever this was a complete and total exoneration it is a shame our country had to go through this. jon: as the president has boarded marine one a very quick trip to get about the business of the nation over the week ahead. a very different white house without the mueller report hanging over their heads. robert mueller said there is absolutely no evidence of collusion and even though members of the russian government and russian intelligence service tried to offer help to the trump
3:52 pm
campaign nobody was accepting that help. let's bring in james trusty a former department of justice prosecutor to share his insight insights. jerry nadler, i pointed out no fan of the president and seems bitterly disappointed in this report or the summary from the attorney general. he started by saying robert mueller spent 22 years uncovering evidence of obstruction. but that is not in the summary we have heard. that is not what we have got from the summary. >> right. obviously there is a political
3:53 pm
angle but the short version of what the letter says is somewhat surprising how far it goes with the vindication. you can have a prosecutor announced there is no proof beyond a reasonable doubt but here they went much further to say there is no evidence. that is done there is not a lot to play with if you sit on the committee. the second part dangles a little bit to say we don't think there is provable obstruction of justice we will turn that over to attorney general barr and deputy attorney general rosenstein to put in the final nails. until we see a big chunk of the report there is room to say what does that mean? what's the evidence? by career prosecutors are saying there is no way that rises to the level of proof beyond a reasonable doubt the question is just how low is it? jon: i just career prosecutors but primarily those were democratic affiliated prosecutors. without significant sums of money and to their candidacies. these are not people necessarily the presidents
3:54 pm
friends. >> it is a mixed bag and there is room for continued scrutiny with career prosecutors that a lot of people have a lot of respect but what the partisanship may have been for the individual on the team whether investigators are prosecutors. those at the top of the food chain are serious professionals whether mueller or rosenstein. people with astounding reputations to be principled and deep thinking constitutionalist. whatever criticisms we may have it stops where it stops and the people at the top knew what they were doing. jon: you will hear more about this line in the summary. and nadler said that report does not exonerate president
3:55 pm
trump. the special counsel states while this does not conclude the president committed a crime, it also does not exonerate him. well, prosecutors are not charged with exonerating people but proving beyond a reasonable doubt somebody committed a crime and they don't seem to have that here. >> right. it implicates that first generally speaking prosecutors don't announce vindication they just move on quietly and everybody wonders what it meant. but because of the nature of the pro- vet - - the probe in the subject they were a little more willing to be overt about their findings by finding evidence whether firing james comey or to send out tweets of pardons, none of that struck
3:56 pm
any of the people in the food chain to be part of a successful prosecution. it will be hard to second-guess the findings of the attorney general and deputy attorney general but some cannot wait to sit down and read the whole report at the kitchen table. jon: how long do you think it will take to do that? . >> it is a false test to see the public will see the full report. there is classified information. there is most definitely grand jury material covered by secrecy rules. it is absurd to think we will see a perfectly clean version. there will be reductions with conspiracy theorist but we should see enough within weeks or days rather than weeks or months to have a better take on the underlying facts. jon: thank you. we will be back with
3:57 pm
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the nation finally getting a first glimpse into the results of the molar investigation as the attorney general delivers his results of the findings. the president and his team claim complete vindication. i'm john scott, this is the fox report. president trump landing at joint base andrews moments ago after spending the weekend at his resort in florida. hours earlier william bar submitted his four-page letter to congress on the principal conclusions of the molar report. he said the special counsel did not find evidence of


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