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tv   Scandalous  FOX News  March 24, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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believe no trump russia conspiracy. that is the big news of the day. good night from washington. i am shannon bream. . >> the letter just came out to congress the special counsel investigation did not find the trump campaign or anyone associated with it conspired or coordinated with russia in the effort to influence the presidential election. >> the special counsel's report that the country and the president were waiting for. >> it is out there is no collusion with russia. the most ridiculous thing i have ever heard. >> this report does not conclude the president committed a crime it does not exonerate him. >> so how do we protect our country and our democracy quick. >> there isn't enough evidence
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to make a decision. does attorney general's comments and to provide full transparency. >> nobody in this country not even the president is above the law. >> foot for the president it is a grand slam. >> there is no obstruction it was a complete and total exoneration. >> a special edition of the mueller report starts right now. . >> good evening this is special coverage on the mueller report we will speak with house minority leader about his reaction to the attorney general's letter but first we have fox team coverage first from the white house where the president
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called the probe the illegal takedown we will begin at the department of justice with the details from a very newsworthy day. >> good evening attorney general barr answers the million-dollar question plaguing the nation for two years direct and of equivocal he felt the counsel investigation did not find the trump campaign or anyone associated with it conspired or coordinated with russia in its effort to influence the 2016 presidential election the question of the president obstructed justice deputy attorney general deputy attorney general rosenstein and i have concluded the evidence is not sufficient to establish that the president committed the obstruction eit bt
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bob mueller was not so direct with the attorney general writing well this report did not conclude the president committed a crime it also does not exonerate him. americans are surprised to learn the special counsel mueller deferred the decision of the criminality to attorney general barr essentiallyna passing the buck but as the justice department tells fox news this is pretty typical how doj investigations unfold. and then they determine if it meets the threshold for indictment. but some insist it was a copout. . prosecutorof the
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is a yes or no. make a decision. if you say yes you indict pickle if you say no you shut up you don't say no i will not indict but let me tell you of all the evidence that might have led us to indict. that is what prosecutor should not do t to the other major finding to go deep into the presidential elections to affirm that the community was right so now mueller is over and out and the ball is in congress is cour court. brett: jillian turner outside the department of justice president trump has declared victory following this letter from the attorney general arriving back in the white house a short time ago we are live on the north lawn with the latest t to a victory lap and trump saying i told you so from white house officials in fact, when he returned from that weekend at mar-a-lago he called america the greatest place on earth ever since
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friday afternoon thinking maybe he would say something but he waited almost 48 hours before he said anything about what he thought about the motor report and why attorney general barr would say. also we got a aal chance to hear the president talk about it before boarding air force one to return to washington. >> to be honest it is a shame before i even got elected and it began illegally for go now somebody will look at the other side. >> meanwhile that campaign issued a statement just to read part of that and the people at home will find this interesting because they lay out the argument after issuing 2000 subpoenas 506 warrants, interviewing 500 witnesses employing 40 agency
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19 lawyers with tens of millions of taxpayer dollars mueller concluded unequivocably the investigation did not establish members of the trump campaign conspired or coordinated with the russian government with those interference activities. you can see that rudy giuliani said this is a complete i and total vindication of the president but democrats are disagreeing with that characterization here is the chairman of the house . >> president trump is wrong this is not total exoneration special counselor mueller said it does notar exonerate the president. >> he spent 22 months uncovering evidence of obstruction ofio justice.
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>> i don't think there is any question they are spoiling for a fight and i should add very quickly bernie sanders is another hopeful to weigh in and he did want a summary from bill barr one - - attorney general barr the whole damn mueller report we will see how soon the ag can get that out to the public. back to you. brett: thank you. your reaction from capitol hill joining me now is kevin mccarthy. thanks for being here. your topline reaction to the special counsel's report quick. >> 22 months, $25,000,000.2800 subpoenas. 500 witnesses. there has never been a more thorough and in-depth research from the american government without a shadow of a doubt that said no collusion. it is a time for america to
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move forward. i don't care what side of the aisle.dor russia tried to get involved in the campaign said no. we need to continue with this economy and dealing with north korea, make sure we get a china agreement going forward instead of continuing down what the democrats have been trying to do they have wanted to impeach the president since the day he got elected initiative - - and the debate in america should come first. >> what about the calls from democrats that this makes its way to capitol hill and the american public quick. >> you will see attorney general barr will put out everything legally that he can i give him credit but the real question is why did this start
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was there collusion? we now know no other organization or committee would have as much unlimited resources or subpoena power to investigate this everybody understands that and no doubt no collusion to put the country first instead of politics. >> the fact the special counsel mueller report does not exonerate the president on the charge of obstruction of justice demonstrates how urgent it is the full report and underlying documentation be made without further delay he is not a neutral observer and in a position to make those determinations about the report. >> looking at the democrat still playing politics and it wasn't just attorney general barr making that decision.
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deputy attorney general rosenstein agreed also attorneys at the attorney general's office so it is time we move forward. attorney general barr is looking at all the options he can. to make sure to protect and follow theiord law. asking him to scrub that and to protect america and then moving forward to react to this fast to get the synopsis out to the american public no collusion or obstruction how much resources and how thorough the investigation this will go down as one of the most thorough investigations like any government entity so now let's move forwardrn but that with the southern district of new york still pending quick. >> i don't know how much
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further they can go. 2000 subpoenas, 40 fbi agents, 13 different countries, 500 witnesses, 22 months. nobody to look this far to get this much information to come back with a very clear answer america wanted to know. in the answer is clear itr was n no. >> are you that minority because of this action crack. >> there is a lot of reasons why but to raise this doubt and when we look back those democrats who setback who said they had proved two years ago when they did not to put the american public through this history will not support the idea what they put america
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through the last 22 months but now can they put the country first instead of politics first. brett: house minority leader mccarthy thank you for your time.. so now bring in the congressmen a member of the oversight committee from our view california so now your take from the attorney general quick. >> i agree to put the country first but to look at mueller's conclusion that the russians interfered as they hacked into the democratic party the russians social media that kind of interference does not happen and spreading the intelligence platform and internet platform from ever happeningat again. >> do you agree with leader
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mccarthy that it's a good thing for america that nobody with the trumpmp campaign colluded or conspired with russia quick. >> i need to read the whole report but tremendous confidence in the mueller there is a finding that russia intervened. to say they coordinated or conspired if that is the conclusion i take that at face value. but there was an interference in the election the reason they wanted the trump campaign to win and whether trump conspired is the question of what happens again. . >> so listen to your colleague.
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. >> the american people deserve to know whether donald trump is a legitimate president, a russian asset, the functional equivalent of the organized crime boss or just a useful idiot who happens to be victimized by the greatest collection of coincidence in the history of the republican party. certificate you say he is a legitimate president quick. >>. >> he was elected by the american people and he is the president so we have to be focused on so pass the infrastructure bill and deal drugs to make sure america wins the green energy race. so what are we doing for the r country? and that's what we can focus on these next two years. cu people let those
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characterizations considering what the special counsel has done? ;-semicolon i can do is speak for myself that i had confidence in bob mueller. and not make a conclusion before the mueller report and that is what we should do is responsible members of congress. and that opportunity to come around election interference to indict 12 russian agents any american should be concerned in our election and in the uk. >> there was calls for the entire report to be released on capitolol hill there are parts that deal with the grand jury's that legal experts say should not be put out there and classified information how
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does this wrap up quick. >> even leader mccarthy voted to have the full report to become public 420 / zero vote obviously you cannot disclose classified information you cannot disclose that from a grand jury but other than that it should be made public and that will help the country assess the effects on - - the facts for themselves. brett: congressman we appreciate yourrn time. up next molly and juan williams joined me to discuss the impact of the mueller report with our continuing coverage.fe with drivewise. it lets you know when you go too fast... ...and brake too hard. with feedback to help you drive safer. giving you the power to actually lower your cost. unfortunately, it can't do anything about that.
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brett:. >> it is a shame that the president has had to go through this before i even got elected.d. it began illegally and hopefully somebody will look at the other s side this was an takedown that failed.
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hopefully somebody will be looking at the other side so it will be complete exoneration with no collusion no obstruction. thank you very much. >> the mueller investigation led to 37 indictments and a series of guilty pleas and convictions including the president's campaign manager in national security advisor and personal attorney is hard for me to see how that is a complete exoneration. brett: more big news of the day we have the senior editor ng t williams so first to you kudos for staying on the story from the beginning you in a number of t others chartered the way with discovery so your thoughts on this day as we wrap up this part of the path quick. >> thank you for that. i have said many times we had two competing stories president trump was a traitor colluding with russia to steal the 2016s election or the fbi
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behaving very improperly so this exoneration of the central charge of collusion that has had the country hysterical to a half years isn't just about trump but also about the fbi if we need many more answers to questions just what they were doing against the campaign when they basis to target the campaign or put wiretaps on the campaign to bring informants wire is this dossier we know that note anything led has proven to be correct. this is a very important moment. doesn't mean it is story because one storyline is done but now the other storyline we will see more what is going on . >> they want to focus this was a letter from the attorney general not the actual special counsel. they want to see the underlying data because the obstruction of justice angle.
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>> i think that's difficult because in some cases as was said a few moments ago that in some cases you may have incriminating or circumstantial evidence if you decide not to prosecute you decide not to prosecute it's not fair to smear someone's reputation in that way but all the talk about hopes and witchhunt and all the talk about deep state actors to get the president i would think the people on the right tonight would say look at that b americas institution the justice department, the fbi, cia functioned in such a matter they were impartial even to say they didn't like the president look at what came about tonight so i think homeoint to drive especially to president trump is you are still going after the institutions of the united
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states constitution that in fact, has come to your defense in this matter so look at the result mister president. brett: i would point out the former head of the cia days ago said the indictments arent coming for the children of the president the former national intelligence director said there was collusion so obviously these heads have a different take just days ago. >> what you were talking about is their opinions. they were not conducting this investigation obviously. i think tonight you just saw the citation of how many fbi agents how much of the investigative power of this country goes all the wayoi to national security intercepts were used in the mueller probe.
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he said he could not make a case to make people point to these indictments as if that supports the idea it was legitimate but showing there was no collusion makes those indictments even worse not the idea that you can go after people until you find a crime we were promised treason and collusion and stealing the election not pollyanna tax problems or other minor things this is further evidence the spout - - special counsel should not have behaving this waye. >> thank you to both of you charting the path forward on capitol hill findings of the mueller report continue. stay with us. -omar, look. [ thunder rumbles ]
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brett: special counsel mueller is done investigating the president congress certainly is not democrats are calling for the full report to be released in the name of transparency but more say it is a tax on the president the attorney general says he will release as much as he is alloweds chief correspondent mike emanuel talks about the way forward. >> mitch mcconnell says this evening special counsel reports confirms no collusion for mac the conclusions
8:30 pm
confirmed the president's account that there was no effort by his campaign to conspire or coordinate with russia with the efforts to influence the 2016 presidential election senate judiciary chairman nancyin graham says it's a good day for the rule of law great day for president trump and his team no collusion and no obstruction that cloud hanging over president trump has been removed by this report. >> there was no evidence of any collusion how you interpret it so all through the endless questions being asked, all the witnesses there was no evidence. >> on the other side speaker pelosi and chuck schumer issues a joint statement to say it on - - attorney general barr letter raises as many questions as it answers the fact the special counsel report did not exonerate on charges as serious as obstruction of justice shows
8:31 pm
how urgent it is the full report and underlining documentation be made public without any further delay the house chairman saidig he is ready to play hardball. >> i hope it would not be necessary to use the subpoena power if necessary we will use the power of subpoena. >> adam schiff says make the request and if necessary use the subpoena power. brett: now joining us from atlanta is georgia congressman the top republican of the house judiciary committee. thanks for being here. you reply to the chairman of your committee wanting to have the attorney general testify quick. >> i'm sure he would come to the hill that is what the judiciary committee is the problem i have is on several occasions they are impugning the integrity of the attorney
8:32 pm
general implying he was not acting fairly in his own job that is where i have the issuen and probably the more concerning part of the day which is good news to know that there is no collusion or obstruction and if they are president who is working hard for them is continuing to do that that is the good part for america today. brett: that is the top line of this report as the attorney general described the special counsel's report but there is a focus on the obstruction part as is reported that there was no exoneration according to the special counsel what do you think of the decision to not move forward with obstruction of justice issue quick. >> i make nothing of it whatever is in the letter we will let that speak for itself also deputy attorney general rosenstein made that determination the democrats have been protecting and not talking about how great he was
8:33 pm
and how great of a prosecutor he was his own investigators found they could not come to a reasonable charge o. they could not charge. it was an area they were not willing to. they did not make a prosecutorial discretion they said they would leave it to the attorney general so also most of what the letter says his public what we have seen what went behind the obstruction issue and that is a good thing for america and something that when we look at it at the end of the day attorney general barr has done everything by the book and has no reason to question he would not continue to do so. brett: the president said this was a total exoneration also he hopes people will start looking into the other side of how this started that it was an illegal takedown so when
8:34 pm
you had control or when republicans had control why didn't that part of the investigation move forward? we'll let going forward now quick. >> it did. with the judiciary in oversight committee which by the way i have been releasing transcripts we want the american people to see how this came that was the witchhunt that is how the process began it was early 16 we will continue to press that case but also we will focus on the fact of all the other things my friends across the aisle say senator blumenthal representative waters jumping on to say we have plenty of evidence of collusion we know it exist now all the statements came crashing down with a very thorough investigation by robert mueller so now to adam schiff is says we know there collusion and indictments where is the apology mister schiff there is no collusion.
8:35 pm
>> so to those who want to see that as part of the investigation going forward along those documents that started this entire investigation will they come out out? but those are questions we are asking right now to attorney general barr in his confirmation hearing he said he would look at that that is the most enlightening part of the confirmation hearing that attorney general barr when willing to look into the fisa and the issue we have found in the house through our investigation and he said yes and confirmed that with me as well. we are looking forward to moving passes to make sure the american people can trust their department of justice. democrats and republicans and independents need to be aware at the highest levels that justice is blind and does not wear partisan hat. brett: congressman we appreciate your time. >> a pleasure to be with you. >> up next how the mueller
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brett: who is running against president trump next year the democrats calling for a full release of the special counsel's report we have the 2020 roundup. >> these candidates have had a few short hours to digest but now we hear through more of them the theme is the same they are not satisfied with the four-page letter they want to seeee the entire report immediately bernie sanders was in san francisco in front of a crowd. >> i know it is a summary of the report. well i don't want a summary of the report. [cheers and applause] i want the whole damn report.
8:41 pm
[cheers and applause] because nobody, especially this president is above the law. >> beto o'rourke is doing a campaign in las vegas shortly released.asas>> >> the single greatest thing we can do with the threat of russia is to defeat russia november 2020. >> kristin gillibrand officially launched her campaign and here's what she had to off say. >> the mueller report must be made public. all of it. it is not often that i agree with richard nixon. [laughter] but he was right to say that the american people have a right to know whether their president is a crook. >> with the news of this summaryo kamala harris took to
8:42 pm
twitter the mueller report needs to be made public the underlying investigative materials should be handed over to congress and bar to testify that is what a transparency look like a handwritten letter is not sufficient s elizabeth warren tweets congress voted 420 / zero two release the full report not a summary from the hand-picked attorney general make it public immediately. these are just some of the reactions coming in from those candidates we will see more as they delve into the letter get in front of cameras the next few days of course, we will update our viewers. brett: next up a special mueller report addition of the all-star panel joints me to digest ody else... ♪ ♪ means to fight the hardest battle, which any human being can fight and never stop.
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brett: spirit the president says there is no collusion what he means bob mueller has not proven beyond a reasonable doubt i am not guilty of the crime of conspiracy that is a pretty high bar. >> it was less clear one year ago if there was a conspiracy between the russians and the trump campaign it has become abundantly clear to me there is that conspiracy.
8:47 pm
>> once in office the president will obstruct justice first by firing the principal investigator in the 2016 elections then to stop the rush investigation. >> anybody from the trump extended family will be indicted it will be in the final act of the investigation that would be the death knell of the special counsel. >> just some of the soundbites you have heard over the recent days as a special counsel's report was anticipated but this is the bottom line the special counsel did not find the trump campaign or anyone associated with it can spidered or recorded with the russian government with theseha efforts despite multiple offers for individuals to assist the trump campaign so now that spring in the last panel the chief political
8:48 pm
correspondent of the "washington examiner" and a member of the editorial board of the washington journal also correspondent for reuters and former us r attorney, thank you for being here what are your thoughts quick. >> with those statements a lot of people have a lot of clarifying to doo in the coming days but i look at this it is a complete exoneration of the president on thehe issue of russian collusion and conspiracy and coordination. that was the accusation from which all other accusation f flowed including the one about obstruction of justice. now there is a less complete picture what mueller came toat think about obstruction of justice but now moving into the political realm and there will be a very strong argument are you accusing me of obstructing an investigation into something that did not
8:49 pm
happen? i defend myself against the false accusation is that obstruction? that will be his theme politically going into theio next phase. >> a lot of people obviously the white house is behind you the president seems to be emboldened we have been reporting throughout the day this is the end of the legal threat and other things pending it was a big day for the white house. >> it was and a good day no question. the white house officials are very pleased with the outcome of what came out in the summary today the president on the tarmac i thought was a mix of happiness and anger over what has transpired over the last two years so i am curious for those who have covered the white house to see how he continues to react in the coming days if it is a long
8:50 pm
victory lap or he or his other advisers will focus on punishing people that were involved in the probe is one advisor told me today he or to draw a line and move on strengthening going into the 2020 campaign he is strengthened today as a result that attorney general barr put the report. brett: what about the talk of obstruction of justice and if the attorney general can make that call quick. >> no doubt the attorney general to make the call and it is correct under the facts and circumstances but the really big story is the conclusion by bob mueller not that he could not prove collusion beyond a reasonable doubt but that there was . the profound importance is as follows that means everything
8:51 pm
was based on false information that they probably created also the pfizer warrants in all likelihood were illegally obtained. that everything that the basis of the counterintelligence and criminal investigation has no legal foundation i expect the attorney general to impanel a federal grand jury to investigate the pfizer abuse and the fake counterintelligence threat i think mister brennan and mister comey better get themselves some lawyers. >> there is a point to be made this is more than the exoneration especially on the collusion front it is a searing indictment of the fbi and the department of justice if you go out to investigate a presidential campaign and do it on the very brave charge colluding to aid the foreign enemy and use the heavy-handed tactics the fbi used you
8:52 pm
better have highly compelling evidence to why you did that. that is one of the results of the mueller report that there was no such compelling evidence be yet the fbi moved forward anyway. you will hear calls for disclosure not just on the mueller report but also on the underlying documents that led to the official probe to give us some answers how we got to a special counsel in the first place and what missteps the fbi made so we don't have something like this again. >> we don't have time to play all the soundbites over the last few years. >> this has consumed our political debate for more than two years the fbi started july 2016 mueller appointed may 2017 here we arere. 2019.
8:53 pm
i am with all of those people who want to see the whole report released in the underlying information as well if possible. this was i such an important investigation we need to look at this the house voted 420 / zero to seee this and there is so many stories we have to go back and look over in light of the conclusionnd like the famous dossier alleged an extensive conspiracy between trump and russia to fix the election did mueller look into that? it did a lead into any charges on his part but there are so many things to go back and look over now that he knows there was no issue ofkn collusion. >> now the district of new york continues to their have
8:54 pm
their investigation but whether the focus should solely be on investigations or to try to move forward is there a decision-making met. process quick. >> that is a good question it depends on which democrats we talk about the t democratic presidential candidates willde nono doubt think about this and decide it's their job to focus on contracts andoc policy. between what the democrats would offer and what president trump ismp offering and less concentration on this investigation if you are a lawmaker in congress you made make a different calculation and we will see that in the common law - - the coming days. >> i think no doubt about it the president is now at the white house what is really fascinating is that this letter today that was sent by the attorney general to the
8:55 pm
members of congress everybody said why doesn't he just let deputy attorney general rosenstein go? this is why he put deputy attorney general rosenstein right in the middle of every major decision and made him fess up to what he did and it basically shows deputy attorney general rosenstein had no basis to appoint mueller that is why the pfizer documents have to come out. they have to come out. brett: thank you very much on a big day. final thoughts when we come back draw the line with roundup. the sure shot wand extends with a protective shield to target weeds precisely and kill them right down to the root. roundup brand. trusted for over 40 years. you don't always use your smartphone to like something. here we are! how is it? perfect! who is this? you don't always use it to share something. ..
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we're on the move. hey rick, all good? oh yeah, we're good. we're good. terminix. defenders of home. tonight, a four-page letter, one year, ten months and six days in the making. the mueller investigators interviewed over 500 witnesses, issued subpoenas, issued 500 search warrants, many were indicted 34 people were indicted no matter your ideology or your loyalties, this is a good day for america.
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no american conspired or cooperated with russia in its efforts to interfere with the 2016 election. that is good. thanks for inviting us into your home. fair, >> breaking tonight, no collusion, no conspiracy, no obstruction. it's official, america's media establishment has been dividing this country on the basis of a lie. all because they would not accept the result of the 2016 election. good evening and welcome to the special edition of the next revolution. president trump back in the white house tonight just hours after william barr released the mueller report. we are live standing by to break it down. sarah carter, gregg giant, all here with me in studio.


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