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tv   Life Liberty Levin  FOX News  March 24, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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stay with fox news. coverage continues. shannon green is up next. come back again next sunday when the next revolution will be televised. hello and welcome to a fox news special, the mueller report. life, liberty and live-in returns next sunday. the president and his allies are claiming total exoneration, a great day for all american saying it's time to move on. while the special counsel left open a question of whether or not he tried to obstruct the investigation, the attorney general settled that question. the cloud that has hung over on top of the russia collusion has been lifted. while we don't have the mueller report, we do have a summary from the attorney general. democrats say they want to see every bit of what the special
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counsel gathered and that executive privilege cannot be used to hide wrongdoing. we have team coverage. chief congressional correspondent is monitoring reaction from capitol hill. we begin with kevin. >> it's always good to be with you. to say white house officials are happily telling the american people i told you so, that would frankly be a bit of an understatement. they said there was no collusion, and there wasn't. they said there was no obstruction of justice. to hear the attorney general pellet, there wasn't, and the white house is celebrating along with a great number of americans who support the president of the united states. here's what the lawyers are saying as we have stated from the beginning. there is no collusion and no obstruction. the investigation did not find that the trump campaigner anyone associated with it conspired or coordinated with russia in its efforts to influence the 2016 u.s. residential election. further, attorney general bar and deputy had ernie general rod rosenstein concluded there
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was no obstruction of justice in cataloging the president's actions, many of which took place in public view, the report identified no actions that in our judgment constitute obstructive conduct and were done with corrupt intent. this is a complete and total vindication of the president. tonight when he returned to the white house, the president called the america the greatest place on earth. for that, a lot of people would agree. i should also add before he left florida, he talked about the bar summary. >> to be honest it's a shame you're president has had to go through this before, before i even got elected. it began illegally and hopefully somebody's going to look at the other side. >> hopefully someone will look at the other side he said, but
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on capitol hill, you guessed it, democrats are not giving up the fight. for more answers about the mueller probe jerry nadler tweeted this about the summary. in light of the very concerning discrepancies and final decision-making at the justice department following the special counsel report where mueller did not exonerate the president, we will be calling attorney general bar to testify before the house judiciary in the near future. democrats are pointing to the expression that the mueller report did not exonerate the president when it came to obstruction. he effectively left that up to others to determine. as you've also pointed out that it attorney general and his deputy decided about 22 hours that there wasn't any evidence to believe that was the case. that will be part of the ongoing discussion in the days, weeks and months ahead. for now, a big-time celebration of the white house. >> kevin is live with us tonight. we might democrats say they want the entire mueller report released or they have subpoenas standing by.
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they are not willing to rely on a summary by the attorney general. some say the attorney general shows specifically to shield the president. >> good evening shannon. bill barr has answered the million-dollar question that plagued the trump administration and the nation for two years. was there collusion? his answer came clear and unequivocal. he writes the special counsel's investigation do not find the trump campaigner anyone associated with it conspired or coordinated with russia in its efforts to influence the 2016 u.s. presidential election. next up on the docket, the question of whether president trump obstructed justice. bars answer again coming unambiguous. he writes deputy attorney general rod rosenstein and i have concluded the evidence developed during the special counsel investigation is not sufficient to establish that
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the president committed obstruction of justice. bob moeller wasn't nearly as clear in his findings. he writes the special counsel states that while this report does not conclude that the president committed a crime, it also does not exonerate him. lots of americans were surprised to learn that special counsel mueller ultimately deferred a decision about president trump's criminality to attorney general bar. essentially passing the buck. sources here at the justice department health source news -- fox news that this is typical of how d.o.j. findings unfold. they present and then in turn see if it meets the threshold for indictment. some legal scholars insist it was a copout. >> that's not the job of the prosecutor. the job of the prosecutor is to decide yes or no. make a decision and then, if you say yes, you indict.
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if you say no, you shut up. you don't go on and say no were not going to indict. let me tell you, all the evidence that might have led us to indict. that's exactly what prosecutors should do. >> the other major finding from the memo is that the russian government spread its tentacles deep inside the u.s. presidential campaign cycle in order to try to influence and manipulate the outcome of that election. in effect, the intelligence community was right and they find it during alarm bells. bob moeller is over and out at the department of justice and the ball is in congress is court. >> live at the justice department, thank you jillian. >> nearly uniformly, the democrats hoping to unseat president trump say the entire report have to go public. the demand follows a narrative that some type of collusion with russia would almost certainly take down the president. >> by the time we get to 2020,
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donald trump may not even be president. in fact, he may not even be a free person. >> i would like an impeachment to indictment. there is enough there to proceed with the trial. it's highly suspicious, his behavior, we haven't had a president who has been as supportive of the altamira pollutant in decades or of russian government in decades. >> former president don delaney joins us now. good to have you. >> it's great to be here. >> we saw you back there. you both that this was highly suspicious behavior. now, months, almost two years of investigation comes out and says clearly, on the issue of collusion, it did not happen with the trump campaign. anyone related to it or any american approached by russia to help them disrupt the 2016 election, does that subtle but question of collusion for
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you. >> no, i think we need to see this report. i think the american people deserve to see it. i'm not sure what's in the report. all i was able to do is see the same report that came from general bar. i think it's important american people see what's in this report. there is a lack of trust in our institution. i think making this report out in the open and available to the american people will help restore the public trust. i think there remains a lot of questions about what russia did to interfere in our election. this is the most central thing to our democracy and we need to see the details. i think we really need to see what mr. moeller thought about this because obstruction was only decided by attorney general bar. >> and others within the justice department who the president has taken aim at him.
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there have been perennial republicans who say they didn't have confidence. he was part of that as well. we were told across the board let's wait on him, he's well respected and what he finds is what we need to know. general bar has summarize the findings but he was absolutely clear with issue of collusion and what the special counsel found. are you saying there is in any way be attorney general potentially misinterpreted that work are you now saying you don't trust his findings. >> i just think there's almost no argument for not making this report public. i think everyone would feel much better seeing the report. obviously it concluded that the standards for prosecuting collusion were not there but that doesn't mean there was no evidence of collusion. i haven't seen the report, you haven't seen the report, we shouldn't have to rely just on what the attorney general says. we should all see it and make our own determination. here the president goes again with him saying he was
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exonerated. what the attorney general said was that he was not exonerated on the obstruction charge. again shannon, i just think everyone benefits of this report is made public and we all have an opportunity to see it. >> just so people know, it did say special counsel did make a decision on whether or not the president obstructed justice. he and the legal team within the justice department then said the president was not guilty of obstruction. on that point, that's for the attorney general. i know many want to call up to the hilt to have them explain it, the president has said yes, let's let the public see it. so it looks like we are moving in that direction. i want to read something from senator grassley who says this. this should serve as an opportunity for those who have engaged in irresponsible speculation simply because they do not like the president to reflect on how they have contributed to vladimir putin goals of undermining our
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government. >> you agree with those who say it was actually good news that our president was involved or his team including with the russians, we do know they were bad actors and continuing to disrupt. good news for americans regardless of public that our president was not involved in that. >> i think it's good news that the report is out and i think it will be really good news we all get an opportunity to see it. that we all can be comfortable with the conclusions. there is the notion that russia interfered in our elections, which all 17 intelligence agencies in this country confirmed, if the president never has fully embraced, i think again it's so important for the american people to see what's in this report, understand what we are dealing with with respect to russia, they interfere in the 2016 election, they tried to interfere in the 2018 election.
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they will try again in 2020. not giving the american people an opportunity to see this report, i think in many ways gives them confidence they continue to do it. i thing will be a great day when the report is public. i'm happy mr. moeller's report is done. i'm glad he was able to finish his work. i think he is a patriot and he worked really hard. i look forward to reading his report. i think we all should be interested in seeing what's in this report, drawing our conclusions and then being able to move on from this as americans. whether your democrat or republican or independent, you should want to see this report and we should want to move on from this. >> the president said he wanted out there and it was a unanimous vote. they have promised barring the issues of national security or other concerns he will get out there as quickly as possible. we look forward to seeing it ourselves. we will see you out there on the campaign trail. thank you for stopping.
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>> absolutely. thanks for having me. >> to capitol hill where republicans say it's time to move on. democrats say this battle is just getting started. there's a lot more we need to know. mike emmanuel joins us now. >> good evening to you. steve scalise called this a vindication of president trump. for years high-ranking leaderships claim that special counsel's report would provide definitive proof of collusion and today's report has proven that to be an outright lie once and for all. everyone who made those kind of untrue and outrageous claims should apologize for misleading the american people for years. the top republican called out the house intelligence chairman for being wrong. my question is, we know there is collusion. where's the apology? where's the apology saying there is no collusion. that's what i'd like to know.
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>> on the other side, the chairman of house judiciary, intelligence and oversight said it's unacceptable that after special counsel robert mueller spent 22 months meticulously uncovering this evidence, general bar made a decision not to charge the president in under 48 hours. he did so without interviewing the president. this evening he has questions for the attorney general and disagrees with the president. >> this is wrong. this report does not amount to a so-called total exoneration. special counsel mueller was clear that this report does not exonerate the president. the special counsel spent 22 months uncovering evidence of obstruction and other misconduct. >> several congressmen are calling for them to testify or bring them up with subpoenas.
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no collusion with russia. the rnc is calling the summary a great day for all americans. the democrats say there is still serious questions about the issue of obstruction, rnc chairwoman rhonda mcdonnell. thanks for having me. it's great to be with you. >> let's start with your counterparts tweeting this, more americans deserve answers. we can't trust the president or his team when it comes to the story which is why we need to see the mueller report. as i just talked about, there had been this uniform assessment that he was gonna be fair and he had to be trusted and we have to wait for the report but now that his reports been summarized by the attorney general who is nominated, there is questions about the letter. how do you answer those
10:20 pm
doubts. >> i'm not surprised that there continuing to try to cast shadows over this presidency. they've never accepted the results of the 2016 election. i think it's important to look back at history and what happened to cause this report. first the hillary clinton campaign funded this fake dossier that went to the fbi that precipitated a two-year investigation of our president that has resulted in what we knew. there was no collusion with russia. why are the american people having to pay 25 million in taxpayer dollars, there's been 2800 subpoenas. this has been such an ongoing investigation that has hurt this presidency. the democrats have tried to use it to dealer delegitimize the president. they have lied to the public. chairmanship has said there would be charges of collusion. the democrats owe the president an apology. they also owe the american people the chance to move on. let's put this behind us.
10:21 pm
let's make this place better and pass laws to help this country. >> there has been reports before that said no collusion of any kind. when the public was asked if they thought president trump colluded, 44% said yes, 42% said no. going into 2020, do you think those numbers will change? people on both sides said they won't change. [inaudible] how do you convince more as they run for reelection that this is something that is wrong. >> absolutely, the mueller report and the findings of this report that say there was no collusion. they actually go so far to say there were attempts by the russians to collude with the trump campaign and that the trump campaign did not follow through with those and no american citizen colluded with russia. i think that's really
10:22 pm
important that this report has concluded and those conclusions were decisive in saying there's no collusion. i do think there has to be an overall look at the media, at the democrat party and the leaders, why did they continue to delegitimize this president. why do we even have to have this investigation for two years based on a fake dossier. it's shameful and bad for democracy. i am pleased with the results. they're great, but like you said, look at the pole. they tried to cast a shadow when he was elected by the american people in 2016. democrats have never accepted the results of that so they put these investigations forward. they're just going to continue to do that. the american people are smarter than that and they will look at the democrats and know what they are up to because this report exonerated our president and it shows that the democrats are not there to help the american people. they are just there to hurt donald trump. >> owner play something for you and get a quick response.
10:23 pm
he said i worked on these kind of things. the wording today doesn't mean that the president is not guilty of something. here's what he said. >> i was part of a team in republican and democratic. frequently wednesday we declined a case, we declined it not because we didn't have major concerns but because we made a conclusion that we couldn't find, beyond a reasonable doubt that the allegations were provable. that's very different. >> he said something very different. what do you say. >> that's the standard of law beyond a reasonable doubt. clearly the mueller case did not find anything beyond reasonable doubt. they came forward and said there's no evidence of collusion and attorney general bar said there was no obstruction of justice. how can you obstruct justice when there was no crime. the president did not collude.
10:24 pm
the democrats are going to try to drag this out. we've already seen this. they will not accept the results of this report that they fought so hard to protect and preserve and the president never stood in the way. isn't it time to come together and say maybe now we should work on behalf of the american people we've elected to serve. will they legislate or investigate. we are starting to see the path but they will go down. republicans are going to continue to bring jobs back to this country, fund our military, defeat isis which we had this great accomplishment this week. these are the things the president is focused on. the democrats are continuing this investigation path and i don't think that will win for them. >> i don't think the investigations are going away anytime soon. rhonda mcdaniels of the rnc, thank you for stopping and. >> they did not clear the president of obstruction of
10:25 pm
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democrats zero in on the statement in the attorney general summary. that that they didn't
10:29 pm
exonerate president trump of obstruction of justice. he left that decision to the attorney general. his legal team cleared the president on that point. let's bring in national security attorney bret moss. former independent counsel paul eisenberg, great to have you with us. >> it's all, i'll start with you. jerry nadler is the congressman, the chair of the house judiciary committee is honing in on that point saying they will have to come to the hill. we want have a discussion of how it took two years for the special counsel to say he couldn't decide that point and yet less than two days for the attorney general to conclude he's not guilty of obstruction. where do you think that goes. >> you will have to go to the hill and answer the question that he wants to answer. that's part of the democratic process. i don't think it's really going to go anywhere. there are no secrets about what bob barr thanks about obstruction based on the idea of president trump firing james comey. he thought it was ridiculous, i thought it was ridiculous and i think they got the information and consulted and have probably been talking
10:30 pm
about it for a lot longer than two days. there wasn't any real witness tampering. it's very clear that barr thanks you have to have real witness tampering, something that goes to the evidence, tampering with evidence and you didn't have that here so i don't think anything's going to come of it. i'm actually not surprised that mueller framed that way knowing how barr feels about obstruction, but i'm sure meliss mueller is quite upset about some of things that were done by the president's team. i just inc. is not going to go anywhere. >> we will play something from alan or schlitz. i spoke with him earlier about this issue of the special counsel leaving this on the table for the attorney general to decide. here's what he had to say. >> i think they do a good job of deep politicizing, at least on the collusion, conspiracy, russian interference, but i think they did an abysmal job on the obstruction of justice.
10:31 pm
we are entitled to a yes or no decision, not some law school essay on what arguments there are on both sides of the decision. that was a serious mistake. >> finally what you make of that. they felt it was kind of like a copout that the special counsel put out there but did not make the decision. >> i personally, i had no issue. i understand what they're saying about it, but in the end, this was a very political question more than anything else, whether or not the president's behavior, things were in the scope of his authority, whether he should've used it or not, ultimately going to congress and the special counsel decided i'm not going to place myself as the unelected non- appointed bureaucrat to make that choice. i'm going to give it to the attorney general who was properly appointed by the president and confirmed by the senate. i will give him that choice and say here's the evidence and you decide if it needs to go to congress and be
10:32 pm
decided. i myself am not going to decide on this because is not a criminal issue. >> of course, the legal fair that you have for deciding to move forward with impeachment prosecution or indictment or prosecution of someone is a much different assessment then deciding whether or not you have enough to impeach someone. it seemed like democrats, in pushing for these underlying materials in the request they've made within the president's orbit, it's a different feeling for them in an easier one for them to get there. >> i can imagine how they go down that road. the president has been very clear that he thanks the investigation was a sham. now it has proven out that there was no collusion. he has taken a victory lap as the democrats try to come at him with impeachment, it will be a big political mistake. it would be like attempted impeachment back in the '90s. we saw how the well that went for republican candidates. i think democrats have a lesson to learn. >> do you think they should be worried about too much
10:33 pm
backlash with their continued push of more these materials and other investigation and the threat of subpoenas of potentially bringing him on the hill under subpoena. >> were you asking. >> sorry. there's always the danger but it's always going to be very, very difficult for the democrats to say no. they have an enraged base that they're concerned about. where they will go is on the obstruction side because it's very clear there's nothing there on collusion and it's really quite striking that we did not find, i think the actual words are we did not find evidence of the collusion, and they either went beyond saying of criminal collusion, he said of any collusion and despite the many efforts and overtures to people in the trump campaign. i think the plan all along has been to get mueller's information on obstruction and
10:34 pm
to turn that into an impeachment and the attorney general did something very interesting in his letter he said, i'm not really allowed to reveal information. he's correct, grand jury information, he's right, it's a crime to do so and schumer and schiff and pelosi are in effect asking him to commit a crime by asking him to turn it over immediately. however, he can go to court. ken starr went to court, he can get a court order allowing him to release information, but his letter and of skips over that. it assumes without saying so that he can't do that. i don't think that's correct. that will be an interesting thing to watch. regardless of what happened in the report, he pushed to get as much out as quickly as he could while respecting those
10:35 pm
legal guidelines. we will now stand by for the rest of the story. in the meantime, thank you all very much. >> clearing the president of collusion with russia should be good news for all americans. not everyone in the media think chicken?! chicken. chicken! that's right, candace--
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(vo) go national. go like a pro. see what i did there? rather than leaving with the special counsel finding that no american including the trump campaign colluded with russia to disrupt the 2016 election, many focused on the special counsel decision not to fully exonerate the president on obstruction charges. we have team coverage looking at how the 2020 candidates are responding. first leland is monitoring the media reaction. there's been plenty of it. >> in a very rare thing, for a moment there was near universal agreement among even the most skeptical cable news
10:40 pm
pendants on one point that this does clear the president on collusion. many didn't take much more time than i just did on that point before going on the attack. >> why did donald trump and why did his administration and why did everyone close to him lie about contacts they had with russia throughout the course of the campaign. i guess the answer to that may just be pure basic greed. he wanted to build a tower and masco. >> it's not whether things are illegal, is whether things are inappropriate. >> as it relates to obstruction, they called out the president for his declaration both by tweet and before he flew back to washington of exoneration. >> katie, as we know, this is what donald trump does over exaggerates everything, whatever it is.
10:41 pm
>> there's a very big difference between trying to get enough evidence for criminal charges, president or not, and to start impeachment proceedings against the president for obstruction of justice. >> even those agreeing that this is good for the president found a possible issue. >> it's good for the president to be able to cast himself as a victim. robert mueller we were told was a lunatic hell-bent on bringing down the president at any cost with his 12 or 16 angry democrats who were rigging this whole thing. >> here's how eric trump responded. he tweeted, how about a simple apology from the msn held that everyone has been put through for the past two plus years. they tagged a number of media companies. he might have to wait a while for that. of all the things said today from speculation on impeachment to calls for investigation into the fbi and d.o.j., an apology is one
10:42 pm
thing we never heard. >> and were not holding our breath. thank you very much. 2020 democratic candidates hoping to defeat president trump speaking out in force. you heard from democratic candidate john delaney at the top of this hour. now they join us with the rest of the 2020 roundup. >> this is the letter we been talking about it all day long. now that these candidates have had up with a few short hours to digest this we are hearing from more of them. the theme is the same. they are not satisfied with the letter. they want to see the entire mueller report. bernie sanders was in san francisco in front of a crowd when the news of the letter broke. >> what i know is that it is a summary of the report. well, i don't want a summary of the report. i want the whole damn report because nobody, especially
10:43 pm
those president is above the law. >> pete has launched an exploratory committee and said something interesting following the bar conclusion letter. listen to what he had to say. >> as was said in the summary he is now being indicted at the moment. he's also not been exonerated at the moment. from the political perspective, i think this is further evidence that it would be a mistake for democrats to think that the way for the trump presidency to end is by way of investigation. the collusion argument may not hold but democrats will continue to push the obstruction angle in the near future. here's 2020 candidate john delaney who was on the show at the top of the hour. >> in here the president goes again saying he was exonerated. what the attorney general said is that he was specifically not exonerated on the obstruction charge. >> with news of the bar summary letter, kamala harris took to twitter saying the
10:44 pm
mueller report needs to be made public. the underlying investigative materials should be handed over to congress and bar must testify. that is what transparency looks like. a short letter from trump's handpick attorney general is not sufficient. elizabeth warren tweeted congress voted 422 - 02 release the full mueller port. not a summary from the attorney general. make the full report public immediately. congress did vote to make this report public but as the attorney general noted, he may not be able to release all of this. the entire report can't be released because of other policies. we all expect we see these 2020 candidates on the trail over the next few days talking a little bit more, a lot more about what we found here in making that mueller report public. that's what they want to see. >> the president said a couple days ago, fine, i want the public to see it.
10:45 pm
i don't think there's anyone objecting other than the legal and statutory framework they have to follow. >> the president does call it a complete and total exoneration. will voters see it that way, dave, alexandra and charlie fact is, every insurance company hopes you drive safely. but allstate actually helps you drive safely... with drivewise. it lets you know when you go too fast... ...and brake too hard. with feedback to help you drive safer. giving you the power to actually lower your cost. unfortunately, it can't do anything about that. now that you know the truth... are you in good hands? need a change of scenery? kayak searches hundreds of travel sites - even our competitors - so you can be confident you're getting the right flight at the best price. kayak. search one and done.
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does the special counsel conclusion the leave the president colluded in 2016 now give him a leg up in 2020? we have a political power panel lined up to talk about that and more. alexander wilkes and founder charlie, it's great to have all of you. >> i will read something that comes from what he released in an early chapter hate inc. under this headline. russia gate is this generations wmd. for years every pendant and democratic pole in washington, nothing he is accused of will be believed by huge chunks of the population. a group that is now larger than his original base. does this two-year investigation and now the president being exonerated on this issue of collusion set
10:50 pm
him up perfectly for reelection? >> i don't think so for couple reasons. i don't think this will change how the president is viewed by most americans. the mueller report and the underlying issues of russia and whether or not the president sought to obstruct justice, these are things that have become very hardened partisan positions for a lot of voters. i don't think the news today will shift those people. right think the president is going to go and where democrats are going to reach the persuadable voters is on the issues that will really matter when it comes to what the american people care about. healthcare, education, you name it. >> no, i don't think this changes the ballgame much other than to say i do think what we are quickly and already seeing is now a showdown between the executive branch and the congress, and of course rightful calls were it to be released in full. >> charlie, i'm not hearing anyone saying they aren't
10:51 pm
going to release the report. the house has voted across partisan lines and bar has said as quickly as i can get it to you it's coming. >> it seems that way. i want to go back to something you talked about a few segments ago. the percentage of people that believe trump colluded with form power. i believe you said it was 42%. that is a stunning figure. what a disservice they have done to this president and the country. 42% of voters think he colluded with a foreign power. they are treating this as if he was guilty until proven innocent. of course, i believe in its correct that he was vindicated by the mueller report, but i'll tell you, it is unbelievable that that many people thought that without actually seeing the evidence. thousands of articles are written by other outlets about this with no evidence. just on hearsay. this is also important that attorney general bar and the
10:52 pm
special counsel mueller combined have that much experience. they wouldn't issue those kind of opinions without reviewing the documents and 500 witnesses, 2800 subpoenas, this is pretty amazing. i say to the media, shame on them for what they did for two years. it has real damage on the narrative totally built on lies. >> i want to play something, show you something, this is a tweet from james comey, obviously no love lost between him and the president. he put out a tweet and he's out in the forest, it's a beautiful picture. he says so many questions this afternoon. that was read tweeted and answered by lindsay graham who is now chair of the senate judiciary committee. he said i could not agree more. see you soon. do you think he winds up back on capitol hill along with the calls for bar and mueller to come. >> i absolutely think so because this whole thing was predicated on this dossier
10:53 pm
that has now been discredited and so you can see why the president and his allies on capitol hill would want to take a closer look even before president trump became president. with respect to today, i think it's hard to see this as anything but a great day for the president and a total face plant for democrats. from a legal perspective, if you are a lawyer and you get pulled by the biggest, baddest prosecutor in town that they are guilty of charges, that's a pretty good day. there's a lot of democrats out there in 2018 who were able to run these polite campaigns that didn't mention donald trump and didn't mention russia and passed everything onto mueller. now you have jerry nadler and democrats who had the majority saying they will continue the investigation. that is something that moderate democrats are going to have to answer for and it's not going to be a pleasant conclusion.
10:54 pm
>> do you think it backfires on them? is there possibility they could push this too far? >> i think you have a responsibility to exercise their article on duties. just to go back to what charlie said in the other gas, the reality is mueller made a determination that beyond a reasonable doubt the threshold wasn't met. one of the reasons we want to see this report in full is because there may be conduct that doesn't rise to that but it i is still critical for the american people to know what happens. >> it seems like that's exactly what the democrats are after. >> that's what they are after, but make no mistake they want the report so they can use it as a political talking point. we want the report so we can get all the facts. they should be able to issue a they should be able to issue a de
10:55 pm
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. >> i just want to tell you that america is the greatest place on earth. the greatest place on earth. thank you very much. >> i think everybody would agree with that statement by the present was responding to the letter from attorney general that lifting a cloud over the 675 over the pro se that they did not reach a conclusion if the president was guilty of obstruction with the democratic criticism and the team at the justice department that did clear the president and said the collusion is the one the president is cheering tonight but what about the rest of america? to check it out we have for you the cover of the near time that is reporting extensively on the motor report by
11:00 pm
tomorrow morning hard to believe no trump russia conspiracy. that is the big news of the day. good nightbret bear is up next e coverage.


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