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tv   Media Buzz  FOX News  March 25, 2019 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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no american conspired or cooperated with russia in its efforts to interfere with the 2016 election. that is good. thanks for inviting us into your home. fair, >> breaking tonight, no collusion, no conspiracy, no obstruction. it's official, america's media establishment has been dividing this country on the basis of a lie. all because they would not accept the result of the 2016 election. good evening and welcome to the special edition of the next revolution. president trump back in the white house tonight just hours after william barr released the mueller report. we are live standing by to break it down. sarah carter, gregg giant, all here with me in studio.
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joining us, exclusively tonight, trump 2020 press secretary, kaylee mack in any. in a moment i will give you my opinion on all of this. about what it looks like the rotten establishment, and what must now be done to bring real justice and accountability to those who are guilty of dividing america and under minding the foundations of our democrat. see where i'm going with that one? first, let's get the facts. attorney general, william barr set the summary about 3:30 eastern time today. here's the key findings mueller did not find that president trump, his associate or anyone working on his campaign quote inspired or coordinated with russia in the election. no collusion. mueller does not recommend any further indictments. and, the attorney general did
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not conclude that the president obstructed justice. however, the president was not exonerated by mueller, either, leaving it up to the attorney general to make that judgment. in turn, the attorney general and deputy attorney general did conclude that there was no obstruction. after all of this, the subpoenas, the search warrants, the endless, breathless democrats and never trumpeters screaming tweeting and promising indictment in impeachment, guess what. nothing. no collusion, no conspiracy, no obstruction. >> it was just announced there is no collusion with russia. the most ridiculous thing i have ever heard. there is no collusion with russian. there was no obstruction and none whatsoever. it was a complete and total
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exoneration. it was a shame our country had to go through this. to be honest, it's a shame that your president has had to go through this before i evening got elected it began. they began illegally and hopefully somebody will look at the other side, this was an illegal takedown that failed. >> we will get to some of those things. here's how the democrats reacted. instead of cheering the fact that our president did not conspire with a foreign power to steal an election, they are attacking the attorney general in calling everybody liars. >> the president and his people are saying is a total exoneration that contradicts with the special counsel found. it is a lie about what they found that we should not be surprised that they lie anymore. >> let's break it down with our top team tonight. the best people we could
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possibly have. i'll start with you, sarah. was your reaction to what we heard today? >> i'm not surprised. for the last two and half years i was a nearly three years since we started looking at hillary clinton and what happens with james comey, i have been investigating this. it seemed like every story i had kept exposing the fbi in the doj. but i cannot find any evidence, even top officials, never found one shred of evidence or proof that there is any collusion or conspiracy with the trump campaign in russia. today i think is a vindication for the administration. it definitely feels good to know that truth is standing tall and this is what the american people were looking for. i think it's time to move on and i think the important point is that we don't let this slide by. we don't put it under a rug.
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>> will get to that later in the show. there's a really interesting line of detail here from the letter that hasn't received much coverage. the attorney general says there is no collusion that's despite multiple offers from russian affiliated individuals to assist the trump campaign. the russians tried it. they resisted it. now, we have to have a moment here. the russia hoax, did you ever think that it would be robert mueller. >> it is robert mueller who confirmed the accuracy of the title of your book. >> collusion was always a hoax. anybody who actually cared to examine in depth the facts, evidence, and the wall came to that conclusion. the mainstream media refused to do any of those things.
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they simply assume that trump must have stolen the election by hatching a flaw in the bowels of the kremlin with vladimir putin. it is based largely on this phony dossier that was conjured by two individuals, glen simpson in christopher's field. clemson has now clammed up. steal it was line and is now in hiding. >> is an unbelievable story. both of you, have been the forefront of documenting what really went on. just want to bring you in with a very specific question which goes to the real when you look at what is being said on other networks and by leading democrats, they are glossing over the no collusion, unsurprisingly. they're focused on obstruction question. and that's where the argument is going.
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robert mueller declined to state whether or not there was obstruction by the president. he said, i will leave that up to you to decide. the attorney general, with rod rosenstein, very clearly has said in their legal opinion there is no obstruction. what you're getting from the other side is it's none of their business. if not for attorney jar to bar to decide is for congress to decide. we don't understand why he did it but it certainly not a member of his cabinet. what you think of that? that seems to be the centerpiece of the attack. >> this gets to the fundamental insidious notice of what this is about. it has always been about getting donald trump removed from office. not through the ballot box for the american people make the decision but through empower and impeachment. that itself is a terrible threat to the american system of government. if the democrats pick up on this
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now that there wasn't enough evidence to go after him on obstruction, but the democrats decide this is going to be there because our they will be pursuing the same insidious sadness that has driven this nation to the point where we question whether we think it's legitimate. that's a terrible way to lead america and they need to move on and let it go and focus on things. things that the country wants to focus on. >> i so wish that might be possible. i don't get a sense that is where we are headed. you mentioned their efforts to get donald trump out of office. let's bring in kaylee who is part of the team trying to keep him in office. good to see you. thank you for joining us. the trump campaign has put out a video tonight which is i think very much on point, documenting some of the things we have been
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hearing about russia. let's watch that quickly. >> the evidence is clear that there was collusion between the trump campaign and the russians. >> i think there's plenty of evidence of collusion and conspiracy in plain sight. we saw strong evidence of collusion. >> we know there is collusion with people in the campaign. >> amount of evidence of collusion between the campaign and the russians. >> i think the consensus is a great job. i'll let you elaborate. >> thanks d. that was democrats in their own words, lying to the american people time and again, paddling
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a russia collusion conspiracy theory that they knew was wrong all along. they were in a desperate quest to retake power. they would stop at no wind. they wanted to show you all along this was an evidence free conspiracy. maxine waters when the press said there is no evidence, diane feinstein said there's rumors but not necessarily evidence. democrats knew this was a conspiracy theory. they did not care. they lie to you, america. you just saw a replay on your television screens. they were caught when the special counsel exonerated the president. steve: lisa, what are the democrats say now? >> if you look at social media, steve, the push for the democratic party is to zero in on the fact that this letter, although they did not find a crime with obstruction of justice, was also not exonerated. that's what their zeroing in on.
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you look at the press conference today and it's a 22 months for this special counsel to investigate that intrigue attorney general bar has come to the conclusion there's not enough information to establish obstruction of justice. i want to pull up some tweets from chuck schumer. he say and americans want the truth, they deserve the full mueller report. there is information withheld which we know there is going to be based of grand jury information, also classified information, executive privilege, democrats will call fall. there's also this was speaker pelosi saying, attorney general bars letter raises questions as it answer. the fact that it doesn't exonerate the president on charges as serious as collusion shows you how urgent this is to be released. again if there's any lack of information they will cry fall.
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adam shift saying that mueller spent two years investigating obstruction of justice and found evidence that does not exonerate trump. this will not be the focus of democrats. i think it will hurt them after saying for two years that there is collusion and there is not, to continue down this road. >> they're not going to let it go. listen, all our team will stay with us for the whole hour. we have more coming on this breaking news story. a big night here. please stay with us, we will be please stay with us, we will be
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a get your questions answered by awesome experts store. it's a now there's one store that connects your life like never before store. the xfinity store is here. and it's simple, easy, awesome. steve: welcome back.let's remine key points tonight. no collusion, no conspiracy, no obstruction according to the mueller report and the attorney generals letter. let's get straight back into the details with our team here. craig, gerrit, you have an interesting take on the whole question of obstruction and why robert mueller left that open. >> robert mueller knew there was no obstruction case. mccabe, coma, and rosenstein had testified before congress that nobody ever obstructed the
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investigation. mueller knew that the firing of comey is not obstruction of justice. what he did is very clever. by half. he advocates his responsibility as a prosecutor to make that decision. gives it to william barr, they mueller slips in the report this thing about well, we didn't find trump guilty of crimes, but we did not exonerate him either. that is the classic prosecutors cheap shot. when the prosecutors loses a case he goes in front of cameras and says, the jury may have found the defendant is not guilty, that does not mean he is innocent. it is a glaring cheap shot when a loser doesn't get the results he wants. that is what mueller did. >> absolutely. steve: a lot of the conversation is to this point, in order to determine if there was obstruction we need to see the whole report. what are you hearing about when that might happen? >> i'm certainly hearing that attorney general bar wants to
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make as much of this report available to the public and as transparent as possible. there will be areas of the report and gregg can explain this on the legal terms, that would be considered classified. he doesn't want specific areas of the report possibly going public. there could be a chance the entire report will be made public. i think that's a determination for william barr and for the justice department. we know president trump wants the report to be public. we know every member of congress voted to make this report public and we know the public wants it to be public. because it's based on, and i think it changed under the clinton administration, it is up to william barr whether not to release the report based on public interest. there is extraordinary public interest in this. i have a feeling it will be sooner rather than later. steve: this is in the end of the beginning, whatever, basically
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they just want to keep it going, that's the point. >> i think democrats like silly. you look at the mueller investigation, 19 lawyers, 28 subpoenas, it was exhaustive. for almost two years this is when on. not to mention there is an investigation prior to that that led to an investigation. if the democrats will look silly if they continue to overreach. what i want to see now that we know that president trump has been exonerated on the collusion front, is why this investigation started from the beginning. you have the fbi who said it was based on the conversation between australia diplomat george papadopoulos. but, the fbi met with chris were steel prior to operation crossfire hurricane beginning on july 31, 2016. >> is on believable on the very day that comey clears hillary clinton his fda's meeting secretly in london with
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christopher steel who has the first memo of the dossier. >> the president referred to this earlier in his remarks about looking into this. kaylee, how do you in the campaign see this plane into 2020. the presidents reelection? >> where we see this going, it looks like the democrats have said, we have 81 trump targets. they are not stopping. they put this conspiracy theory on the american people. it was exposed today. they are moving forward full force with their lies. if you think nadler and adam schiff cannot do what was done by 40 fbi investigators, 19 lawyers, on the special counsel, robert mueller, one of the the most reviewed prosecutors on the planet, your diluting yourself. you have the left-wing base out there who's putting a fire under kamala harris and -- saying --
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if you do. the lies will continue. steve: the sad thing about it is, as i mentioned earlier, this is something every american ought to be able to celebrate and be happy about. there was this cloud over the president. a lot of the president supporters, me included, said there is no way he could have possibly colluded with the foreign power. he's patriotic. a lot of people bought into it. now it's proven not to be true. surely the whole country can unite behind that fact. >> this gets to the problem we have with the media today. if you've watched msnbc, or cnn, you have been fed a constant diet of donald trump colluded. really, there's only one station that has been fair in this and that has been fox. and fox analysts who have looked at this with more of a dispassionate eye than anybody else on both sides. but, for two years, two networks lead the american people to the conclusion that it must be
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collusion. now that the truth is out, too many people want to say it doesn't matter what bob mueller found, this is the decay of our democracy. cnn and msnbc have a lot of answering and explaining to do. they screwed up. they screwed up royally. they did not expose any of the people who made the allegations to any hard questions. it was the opposite. when anybody made a comment about president trump, anchors would bobble their heads going, a very profound point. the president has a lot to explain. no probing questions. this is a huge problem in america. the networks in the media has got to do better. >> you and i did not collude over this. you just perfectly set up my commentary in the next segment. i'm grateful for you. coming up, i am so fired up about the reckless, destructive,
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self regarding, pompous idiots in the establishment and the media who have up sexually petaled this russian ally for the last few years. i'm going to let them have it, after the
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arthel:steve: we now know the ee
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basis of the democratic parties political agenda the establishment medianews agenda and the bureaucracies agenda over the last two years was a lie. they said that president trump was illegitimately elected because he colluded with russian 2016. robert mueller said that was a lie. they said president trump and his team engaged in a criminal conspiracy to subvert democracy and steal the election. robert mueller said that was a lie. the establishment said that president trump obstructed justice to cover up the crimes. the attorney general says that was a lie, as well. for years, these pompous, self regarding, condescending, intellectual yet idiots in congress, and the media, at the highest levels of government, and those who recently served, all of them should know better.
12:28 am
for years they have ruthlessly, recklessly, irresponsibly spouted their theories. and now the man improve their hopes on say it's all a lie. there is no collusion. president trump is not a russian agent. it was all a massive lie. of course is in time the establishment lie. they took the world to war on the like. but the establishment put america to the brink of civil war on the lien that is the consequence of this russia madness. not the destruction of trump as they wanted. but, the destruction of confidence in america's democracy and institutions. things to the self-indulgent russia ratings, half the country now thinks that the 2016 election was stolen and their president is a russian agent. i'm telling you, nothing will
12:29 am
change that. after years of hearing nothing else, the trump eaters will always believe that regardless of the mueller report. and thanks to the shocking subversion of senior apparatchiks in the justice department the fbi, cia and national intelligence, the other half of the country now thinks these vital institutions are corrupted and cannot be trusted. what a disaster of the establishments own making. for all their high-minded lectures about democratic norms and the rule of law and democracy dine in darkness, they are the ones who took a wrecking ball to the foundations of the public. who undermine faith in democratic norms, who undermine faith in american institutions. not the evil trump, it was you adam schiff to come as you eric's well well, it was you rod rosenstein, it was you john brennan, he was you james comey, and it yes, it was you lauren
12:30 am
o'donnell and nicole wallace and chuck todd, who did this to america. you are the real agents of putin. it was you and all your establishment cronies who helped hooton achieve his goal of dividing and destabilizing this country. and for what? for politics. all because you couldn't accept that the disruptive outsider to challenge the establishment would actually elect the president. so now what? how do we move on? president trump was magnanimous this week. here's what he said to maria. >> this should never happen to another president. what happened to me, they came up with an excuse for losing an election read this should never happen to another president. >> i don't agree. i don't think this country will ever heal unless people feel there is fairness and accountability, and equal justice. let's start with fairness.
12:31 am
at some point, there'll be another democratic president. when that moment comes it's only fair that they, too, are treated exactly like president trump has been. joe biden is personal and family corruption with china, that would have to be investigated. kamala harris is investigation of the attorney general. her relationship with former california powerbroker, they must all be investigated. we would need endless investigations. then once the next democratic president has been treated just like president trump furnace will have been achieved in america move on. next, accountability. who seriously thinks that the damage to our democracy can never be repaired unless there is a thorough accounting of what went on at the fbi, the justice department, the cia and the other corrupted components. we need a non- partisan
12:32 am
equivalent to conduct a full and independent examination and make recommendations on how to restore public competence. and finally, equal justice. for years, supporters of president trump has watched aghast at the one-sided nature of the investigative processes 2016. there will be no coming together. no moving on until there is an exact equivalent of the mueller investigation to look into the actions of the hillary clinton campaign, the fbi, and the justice department in the run-up to and after the 2016 election. today, the establishment has been saying the completion of the mueller report is not the end or even the beginning of the end. just the end of the beginning of their campaign to undermine and overturn the 2016 election. there you have it. we can now see for the establishment facts don't actually matter. democratic norms don't actually matter. the establishment of the rule of
12:33 am
law isn't that important. what is important, the rule of the tell me what you think of that and we will see what our guests here tonight thank, straight after the
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welcome back everyone. we've all been treated to lisa's impression which i hope i will make you do on air. pressure. we talk about doing some kind of reenactment, but the serious point we really want to get to is what i was just talking abou about, in my opinion piece which was i just feel so angry about the fact this has all been so one-sided. a bout of people feel that. what can we do. the president touched on this
12:38 am
in his remarks. what do you think should happen. >> i think he needs to declassify and release all the information regarding pfizer and all the other documents regarding the russian investigation. the reasons why the fbi said they open the investigation into president trump and his associate doesn't add up. it's impossible that he's been exonerated to not look back at that and the way the dossier was used and look at some of these players involved. it's impossible to not look at that with renewed scrutiny. the fact that it was a hillary clinton dnc funded opposition piece of research that got paid for. the fact that hillary clinton in the book shattered talked about spinning the loss of the election and blaming it on the russians, you go through some of the players involved, john brennan had said that president trump is un-american. said he committed nothing more than treason. go to andrew mccabe, peter struck, the instructor general said james comey testified that he released the memo to
12:39 am
spur a special counsel investigation not to mention the fact that he tried to get the dossier legitimacy by meeting with trump in that meeting called for the release. >> with a given event to cnn two of course, that's how they solidified it. >> the point about lisa page. >> i'm so sorry. >> lieutenant general michael flynn. i want to bring up this point because a lot of people forget january 26, 2017, sally yates ran to the white house to inform the president and everybody at the white house that general flynn had been compromised by the russians. but think about this. here's amendment served his entire life in the u.s. military. he was honored, he's an honorable man, a family man and all of a sudden his name is sullied. not only is it leaked, highly classified unmasking leaked today big nation of the washington post about his conversation with the russian ambassador.
12:40 am
the former russia investor. all the sudden he is in the center of a controversy. now we find out nobody, including lieutenant general michael flynn was compromised by the russians. >> they set him up. >> what happens to him he met what happened to his reputation. >> you know what i'd like to do because we've got so much to get to, i will have a whole discussion on this question of the second special counsel. if you don't mind, i want to lead up with you so we do that properly. i just want to quickly get a comment from ari on the media aspect of it because you talked about earlier and as you heard, i really let them have it in my country. they are constantly going on about how divisive donald trump is. this whole thing they've been pursuing has been the main thing. >> it's distressing because a job be fair-minded is to hear both sides and fill the american people and on both sides of the argument. for two years the american media for the most part only filled them in on one side of the argument, the anti- trump
12:41 am
side of the argument. i get it, they don't like donald trump. he's an outsider. he doesn't do what the previous people did. it blocks them from doing their job well. it further divides the american people from where they feel they have s so, so many you just can't trust the press. it will long endure. they're killing themselves when it comes to the most important thing. when major events take place we need to know who we can turn to. most of the media has shown there is no one to turn to. name one anchor, one report on cnn or msnbc who has been fair about any of this. you can't. >> great point. well put. just hang on a second, we have to take a quick break. the role of the fbi and the cia in the campaign and the potential that a lot of people
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first on this question of equal justice and fairness in all of this. the president today, in his response was talking about how he was hoping someone would look into this on the other side. what do you think he meant by that. >> i think he is spot on. he is asking how did this investigation begin based on no probable cause, no evidence. it's a great question by the president. especially when you consider the fact that the fbi began the investigation way back in may of 2016, long before the special counsel and after nine months of investigating, i'm sure sarah can attest, you had peter schrock saying there isn't no there there, lisa page testified thing there was a prospect but literally . . telling lies to
12:47 am
the american people. we must get to the bottom of this. someone must be held accountable. >> totally agree. >> many people have said the answer is a second special counsel to look at the other side. do you agree with that. >> it's tempting because under james comey fbi management became such a cesspool of corruption. peter struck, lisa page, james baker, i throw a lot of people in there. nicmostly james comey. it's tempting to say there needs to be a special counsel. there is an inspector general ongoing investigation into the alleged corrupt act in launching this trump, russia collusion investigation. i think william barr probably wants to see results in that. in the meantime, that may not come out for 90 days or longer. i think he needs to put together a team of top prosecutors to gather together the evidence they already have presented to a federal grand jury for potential indictment
12:48 am
against everybody from james comey to andrew mccabe and peter struck, and you know what, maybe you ought to throw in the instigator and the whole thing which is john brennan. >> yes, that's exactly right. who can, is that purely with the attorney general to initiate that. can the president request or you have to leave it to the attorney general two i think it's up to the attorney general. >> it's up to william barr and the pressure on him. he is now the attorney general of the united states, he had to move forward, but it just as he said, it's the american people that have to build their faith in these institutions. the fbi and the department of justice, two of the greatest institutions in america, is the reason why they come here. what we have seen now and what the world has seen is this upside down topsy-turvy
12:49 am
situation. the first step is what happened today. the bruise or interviews, the gang of eight, finder and the rest of those buckets. i think from there it was an investigation into who concluded. >> this direction of argument that there needs to be accounting on the other side. >> absolutely. i think everybody is missing something similar and bigger and that is what what role does barack obama play. it's impossible. there's no way the fbi would authorize an operation to spy on a political campaign without getting clearance from above. that means taking it to the white house and to the president. not only that, but the wiretapping of americans, the unmasking and the release of information from an unmasking on michael flynn, there is a question about what did barack
12:50 am
obama know and when and what did he authorize. we need to know that. the easiest way to do that is for reporters to do their jobs. they've got brennan and klapper on tv shows. if any reporters put these questions to them. just two weeks ago they were predicting that indictments would take place in the final mueller report based on what he knew in part as cia director. if the cia director for obama is saying there will be indictments, think about what privately they were saying about what he was observing. >> yes, there has to be accountability. the obama administration needs to be looked into. what was the genesis and why because they overreacted and they put america through a two year ordeal. >> great. thank you. >> and a quick word about what. >> on the obama front we know there was masking leak. we also know president obama change the way intelligence
12:51 am
could be disseminated across but on his way out we knew obama officials were leaving breadcrumbs behind as well for intel officials. there's a lot of questions as ari pointed out regarding the obama administration. >> thank you so much. what of the 2020 democratic candidate thing about the mueller report. just a guess here. that's next.
12:52 am
12:53 am
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12:55 am
as you would expect, the 2020 hopefuls for the democratic party have been weighing in on the mueller report. some of them, even before it was conclusions were released. and surprise surprise came from. [inaudible] militias have a look at what he said. regardless of the mueller report, he doesn't care, this is his take.
12:56 am
>> you have a president who in my opinion, beyond a shadow of a doubt thought to collude with the russian government, a foreign power to undermine and influence our elections. >> who needs a mueller report when you've got his opinion, i mean really. >> we did in st. patrick's day last week. but honestly, that really captured it. >> it does. and also, president trump was helped so much by today's report, not only legally but also politically. there was a recent report in political talking about how president trump would win in a landslide for 2020 looking at economic models that tend to be correct about who's going to be president because the economy is so strong. what were similar? people had about president wan trump.
12:57 am
the mueller investigation. so now that he's been exonerated i do think it will move the needle. there's a usa today poll that found 50% of americans thought that president trump was subject of the witchhunt. don't you think that number will increase now. >> couldn't be refreshing if the democratic candidate would actually come out and say we ought to respect the mueller report and the decisions of the attorney general, and let's all come together as americans and move on. wouldn't that be refreshing. >> and i bet they go from the bottom of the pile to the top. >> it's what you are saying earlier. what do you think are the chances of that happening. >> 020. >> but the sentiment is right. the thing that you do if you really want to govern is you say we were wrong. we believed in our hearts that was collusion based on all the low-level contacts from the statements the president made. we earnestly believe that but we turned out to be wrong. we accept his report, enough is enough and let's go back to the real honest disagreements about policy and medicare for all. that's what our democracy
12:58 am
should run on. these are the tensions in the complex that our democracy should be based on but the democrats can't let it go because they hate trump too much. this is their fundamental flaw. i don't think the country is going to be there with them. >> well said. so there was a delicious irony today about the right word. i think she launched her campaign today. how is that news? are you trembling at trump 2020 and the announcement today. >> not at all trembling at that. however mike that's today of all days. the sad truth about the integrity of the democratic deal, it's not about truth for them. it's about power and the left wing base demands attacking trump, they demand something coming from the mueller investigation so all of the 2020 democrats must ascribe to
12:59 am
that and the point from lindsay graham in the wake of the kavanaugh hearing, they want power and i hope they never get it. >> exactly. >> and the american people aren't going to buy it. the american public is very well aware of what happens. the facts are laid before them. of course there's always going to be people who do not want trump no matter what, but we've seen right now the fact, there out there. the american people are looking at it. you brought up some great polls that are really important and very significant. 2020. i say we move forward and get ahead and get justice. william barr does his job and investigate this and we should all move forward as a country. >> i think that was a great summary. i just want to and again, there we are, confirm today, a big day for you and all of us here. we really appreciate you being with us and just make sure you stay with fox news. coverage continues.
1:00 am
shannon green is up next. come back again next sunday when the next revolution will be televised. >> there was no collusion with russia, it was a complete and total exoneration. >> the attorney general's comments clear that congress must get the truth. >> i hope it's something that the entire american public -- >> i don't care what side of the aisle you're on, this is a good day for america. heather: monday march 26th, fox news alert, no collusion and no obstruction of justice. william barr with stunning summary of robert mueller. would this be enough for democrats to stop waging war on the president and how would it impact the 2020 race?


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