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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  March 25, 2019 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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shannon green is up next. come back again next sunday when the next revolution will be televised. >> there was no collusion with russia, it was a complete and total exoneration. >> the attorney general's comments clear that congress must get the truth. >> i hope it's something that the entire american public -- >> i don't care what side of the aisle you're on, this is a good day for america. heather: monday march 26th, fox news alert, no collusion and no obstruction of justice. william barr with stunning summary of robert mueller. would this be enough for democrats to stop waging war on the president and how would it impact the 2020 race? live team coverage and analysis
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for you coming up "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ heather: lights are on, a busy one over the weekend. wow, lots of things happening on capitol hill, we have it all covered for you, good morning, you're watching "fox & friends first" on this monday morning, i'm heather childers, thank you soft for starting your day and your week was, straight to fox news alert for you, president trump declaring victory after mueller report finds no collusion with russia but democrats as many would imagine
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are pushing back saying that the special counsel's report does not fully exonerate the president. doug luzader where the fight is possibly just beginning, good morning, doug. >> the president learned about report in florida, this was his reaction as he headed back to washington. >> there was no collusion with russia, there was no obstruction, it was a complete and total exoneration. it's a shame that our country had to go through this, to be honest it's a shame that your president has had to go through this, this was and illegal takedown that failed. and hopefully somebody is going to be looking at the other side. >> two big take aways here according to summation of mueller report, first, summary
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is pretty emphatic, the special counsel's investigation did not find the trump campaign or anyone associated with it conspired or coordinated with russia in efforts to influence the 2016 u.s. presidential election. now, on the question as to whether the president whether on instructed justice, mueller document has arguments on both side but doesn't make determination, did not draw one conclusion or the other as to examine is obstruction, democrats focused on that point. >> this report does not amount to a so-called total exoneration. the special counsel spent 22 months uncovering evidence of obstructing and other misconduct. attorney general barr made a decision about that under 48 hours.
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his conclusions raise more questions than answer. >> now, number of democrats are calling for the full report to be released. looks like that's going to happen, looks like they'll obviously be some redactions and in the meantime some democrats are calling for attorney general william barr to testify in capitol hill, heather. heather: thank you very much, doug, lots more to come on this, thank you. the trump administration celebrating the mueller report findings, press secretary sarah sanders tweeting, great day for america and for president trump after two years of wild antitrump hysteria the president and his million supporters have been completely vindicated, counselor kennedy ann conway tweeting, today you won the 2016 all over the again and got a gift for the 2020 election, there will never -- they'll never get you because they'll never get you. and the trump campaign is using report to call out democrats in a brand-new campaign ad, look.
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>> i think there's plenty of evidence of collusion and conspiracy in plain sight. >> we know there was collusion with people in the campaign. heather: democrats holding out to finding the president guilty of obstruction of justice. in a joint statement nancy pelosi and chuck schumer claiming attorney general william barr is not a neutral observer and the democratic leader saying, quote, the fact that special counsel mueller report's does not exonerate charge of obstruction of justice, demonstrates how urgent for full report and underslying documentation be made public without any further delay. well, some say the outcome of special counsel -- of the special counsel's investigation begs the question why was it even started in the first place, todd piro the break down the
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probe. >> some of the key dates in saga and again these are just highlights, a lot more we could have put in here, starting in 2017, buzzfeed publishes the unverified, the discredited russian dossier allegedly that russia has compromising information on president trump. march fourth, trump tower was wiretapped before election day by the obama administration. may 17th, rod rosenstein announces robert mueller's appointment on special counsel on russian election interference, move after trump fires james comey after fbi director. june 14th, mueller is investigating trump for possible obstruction of justice after comey testified that the president asked him to end the fbi's investigation into michael flynn. october 30, mueller's first indictments against paul manafort, former trump campaign chair including conspiracy, tax fraud and money laundering.
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december 1, flynn pleads guilty to lying and agrees to cooperate. now to 2018, february 16, mueller charges three russian entities, april 9th, feds raid the apartment, hotel and office of michael cohen, trump's personal lawyer. mueller indicts 12 russians in dnc hack accusing them of conspire to go interfere in the presidential race. september 7th, george papadopoulos sentenced to 14 days in prison, september 149, manafort pleads guilty and agrees to cooperate, november 20th, trump submits written answers to mueller avoiding an in-person sit-down and then this year, january 25th, roger stone informal adviser to trump's presidential campaign is indicted on charges of obstruction, false statement and witness tampering and on friday, mueller delivers report to doj ending the investigation.
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heather: next thing on the timeline is when will we get a copy of the full report if and when. >> who knows. i made the point yesterday in twitter, not a lot of lawyers will be able to go through 675 pages and make sure the confidential stuff is all removed over the course of 48 hours, you can summarize it like barr did but to go through and make sure nothing that is confidential or could jeopardize our country's security. heather: they block out entire page which is we have seen them do before. thank you so much, todd, let's bring in constitutional law attorney jana ellis to talk more about the findings and barr's summary. >> good morning, heather, great to see you. heather: what are your initial thoughts as you watch all of this unfold yesterday? >> yeah, well, this is an absolute and complete total vindication for the president and regardless of what the left-mainstream media is reporting the obstruction of justice question is completely
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closed. what you're not seeing reported is the full sentence and the full scope of that page to barr's letter, remember, the evidence developed during the special counsel's investigation is not sufficient to establish obstruction of justice. what most mainstream media outlets are reporting is simply, cutting off that sentence to say, the special counsel's investigation was not sufficient, so now they are calling for even more investigation where mueller has, you know, almost 3,000 subpoenas, 500 witnesses, 22 months, this was fully sufficient and so obstruction of justice question absolutely is closed and american people, heather regardless of whether you're an r or a d should be celebrating the fact that our president regardless of who voted for donald trump and who didn't, he is our president and he was completely honorable throughout his campaign and throughout tenure in the white house. that's the bottom line.
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heather: what democrats are saying now and some expected to happen in terms of barr, the summary was written by barr and rosenstein who was both appointed by president trump. given mr. barr's public record of bias, he's not a neutral observer and not in position to make objective determination about the report and he and rosenstein were both appointed by president trump, what about that? >> well, that's just simply not actually accurate and the attorney general have to be an unbias party and let's remember, these are the same democrats that were claiming that loretta lynch and eric holder were unbiased observers, they can't claim that one attorney general is and another attorney general isn't based on one party that appointed them. that's one thing, second, let's remember that barr has significant history here, he was part of the bush administration
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and not new to ball game, every time the prosecutor looks at evidence, it's not just their opinion about it, they have to look and make a legal conclusion and determination, that's what barr did and his summary was thorough and incredibly transparent and also just summarized what is going to be coming out later in the report, their discrepancies, we in the american public will know that and he will be careful. heather: let's talk about that, a lot questioning obama's role in this, clinton's role in this, exchange in january. >> do you promise me as attorney general if you get the job to look into see what happened in 2016? >> yes, mr. chairman. >> how do statements sit with you? >> i was shocked when i saw them. heather: should the obama administration, should hillary clinton be both investigated in terms of what led up to this investigation of the president to begin with?
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>> absolutely and, you know, a lot of us who are conservatives understand the rule of law and equal protection of the law and equal justice under the law means that everyone who was potentially involved should be investigated. we have been calling for an investigation of hillary clinton and barack obama on the democratic side, this has been a one-sided investigation and the president was right in his remarks yesterday, so, of course, the american public needs to know who else was responsible for this, was there any collusion on the part of the democrats, of course, that needs to be investigated. heather: a lot of folk, republicans, doesn't seem to be controversy, they do agree as well that the mueller report should be released but also calling for all of the material leading up to this investigation that to be released as well. so we will see what happens. jenna ellis, thank you for joining us, busy day. >> thanks, heather.
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heather: americans across the country are weighing in on the report, one person writing, looks to me like we all agree, barr you might want to look at #release the full report. another tweet surely will get leaked sooner than later so you might #release the full report. what do you think? should the report be made public? we will share them a little bit later, time now about 13 minutes after the top of the hour, no collusion, none, the democrats sent president a 2020 win, our next guest the republican strategists full steam ahead for the president's agenda. >> we have a lot of questions that are not answered in this letter. >> they don't have a single full sentence quoting the mueller report at all. heather: lef-leaning media melting down, why they can't come to terms with the no-collusion headline
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>> the evidence is pretty clear that there was collusion. >> i think there's plenty of evidence in plain sight. >> strong evidence of collusion. >> we know that there was collusion within the campaign. heather: president trump already pouncing on robert mueller's report releasing the video slamming democrats about their claims about collusion, so are they helping his bid for reelection, here to discuss gop strategists chris, thank you very much for joining us, we appreciate it. >> good to be with you, heather. heather: as with anyone, i want to begin about overall thoughts about what transpired yesterday? >> i don't know if we need
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manesse or mustard. heather: sounds like the plan is to continue with additional investigations, is that a wise move? >> they are desperate, they want to dog him down. i think the president is going to stick to the agenda, be consistent and the democrats really have to try oh to figure out something new here. heather: we have this one portion that we wanted to pull from the attorney general's letter summarizing the mueller investigation saying the special counsel did not find that the trump campaign or anyone associated with it conspired or coordinated with the russian government in these efforts and goes onto say despite multiple offers from russian affiliated individuals to assist the trump campaign. >> i think foreign powers are always trying to interfere, we see that with china, that's what they do, there was no collusion between democrats and middle-class voters and that's what happened, it's electoral problem and continue to struggle with that and that's exactly what's happening right now.
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heather: do you think this will benefit the president moving forward? >> i do. i mean, his narrative has been consistent. the president was opposed by everyone, the media establishment, the democrats, republicans and he was able to be successful, i think it's his connection with voters and his ability to communicate directly to them without the media establishment. heather: in terms of democrats accepting conclusions if the report is made public, would it be wise for them to do so, will it harm them if they decide they're not going to accept this? >> not necessarily, it's just next steps and they've really been consistent about trying to push this up and draw attention to it but there's not just anything there. they should try to focus on the agenda that moves them back to the center because democrats that i know are in the center don't want the party going as far left as they have, they have a pretty call -- political problem. heather: they are trying to dismiss summary both he and rosenstein were appointed by president trump, you know, now
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they have the opportunity, they are saying let's release the report and trying to act like that's a partisan issue as well where it doesn't appear to be, do you think that the report should be released? >> you know, not -- no, i don't think i don't think there's much there. i don't think it's necessary and we are ready to move on from this. heather: we will see if anyone agrees with you, appreciate it. , we will be right back, stay with us the biggest week in television is almost here.
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retaliate against the strike that destroyed home, the rocket came from the gaza strip but so far in group has claimed responsibility. netanyahu is in dc today for a meeting with president trump where the president will formally recognize israeli control. boeing getting 737 max 8 back in the air, planes were grounded as you recall all around the world in the wake of two deadly crashes, 3 american pilots now testing software changes on flights simulators following a new york times report claiming that boeing rushed engineers to design the planes at twice the normal pace, well, the issue is forcing american airlines to cancel 95 flights a day through april 24th. this was really remarkable, viking cruise line working to send passengers home after near disaster at sea. the ship reaching port in norway
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following hours of chaos when its engine failed during a storm, watch. unreal, nearly 500 passengers air-lifted off the cruise ship before it restarted engine, at least 20 passengers were injured in all of that. and the first wave of defendants accused in national college admission's scandal will face judge today, 12 of at least 50 people charged are expected in boston courtroom paying and accepting bribes, college coaches involved will be present including fired legendary usc water polo coach yovan. >> march madness, how about this? oregon facing after blowing out uc irvine, 73-54 and top seed is
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duke surviving a scare from central florida in the final second. heather: duke advanced with 77 to 76 win and in tennessee almost blowing a 25-point lead before winning in overtime nail-biert over iowa 83-77 and the north north tar hills, beating washington 81-59. so go hills, the time now 26 minutes after the top of the hour and meltdown for the left-leaning media.
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>> we have a lot of questions that are not answered in this letter. >> they don't have a single full sentence quoting the mueller report at all. heather: so what will it take for them to come to terms with the no-collusion headline and why did it all begin in the first place, president trump now calling for the investigators to be investigated. emily comano joins us to weigh in. (client's voice) remember that degree you got in taxation?
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revealing that there's not enough evidence to find the president obstructed justice. but it's not enough for democrats, they want the full report released and barr to testify on capitol hill. >> attorney general barr made decision in less than 48 hours, conclusions raise more questions than answers. heather: findings of no collusion triggers media meltdown, look at this. >> there's a very big difference between trying to get enough evidence for criminal charge president or not and making a political determination on capitol hill. >> we have a lot of questions that are not answered in this letter. >> in this summary from barr tonight the clear outlines of new fight from donald trump's hand-picked attorney general, the other key thing to know that the four pages that barr works they don't have a full sentence quoting the mueller report at all. politically, the two faces are
1:32 am
out, they say, this isn't getting resolved in this country until november 2020. heather: media grasping for a different outcome claiming there's still smoke when it comes to possible obstruction, good morning. >> good morning, yeah, a lot going on, we are talking about 2 years, $25 million and 500 witnesses, if you thought the mueller report would have put an end to all of the speculation, think again. the mainstream news media trying to come to terms now with the no-collusion headline, some still looking for smoke out there, now suggesting it's time for the democrat-controlled house to died whether or not the president obstructed justice and if impeachment is still on the table here. but not everybody is buying this, rolling stone contributor matt calling the mueller report a, quote, death blow for the reputation of american news media and then commenting on just how many americans have now lost trust in the media.
1:33 am
white house press secretary sarah sanders had a few words to say about that take a look at, this she tweeted this out, democrats and their liberal media allies for 2 years slandered president trump for, quote, conspiring with russia. it was all a malicious preposterous lie given wall to wall media coverage despite zero evidence. this should never again happen to an american president. >> i do think there has to be an overall look at the media, at the democrat party, at the leaders in the democrat party, why do they continue and delegislate miedz -- delegitimize the president based on fake dossier paid by hillary clinton. >> the question is would there be any apologies and doug collins is calling on house intelligence committee chairman adam schiff to apologize after
1:34 am
schiff repeatedly claimed there's collusion, he's not backing down, there's still evidence supporting collusion. heather: much more to come on this throughout the day and the week as president trump calls for probe into why mueller was appointed at all, is it time to investigate the investigators? here to weigh in attorney and fox news contributor emily compano, thank you so much for joining us. >> good morning, heather, thank you. heather: calls to investigate the investigators, should that happen and how could that happen? >> right, i think it's a viable course of action, right, there's a lot of anger rightly so on the right and on behalf of the president who feels that he was the result obviously that target of 2 years of an incredible investigation with an overwhelming amount of resources deployed to the tune of our tax dollars that would look in --
1:35 am
look at future report. some type of totally independent group of people appointed by the doj that then ges out and investigates all of the underlying events that occurred that haven't been covered by mainstream media as to why exactly the dossier was accepted and all of the information passed back and forth between the then fbi and certain people that some of which are still employed at the doj. heather: not only involve fbi, hillary clinton campaignened the obama administration how they responded to what they knew and when, here is what rudy giuliani had to say, there has to be full and complete investigation with at least as much enthusiasm as this one to figure out where did this charge emanate, who started it and who paid for it. so what would be the repercussions for any of those individuals involved?
1:36 am
>> all of the repercussions potentially that we saw here, at this point, the substantial amount of indicators towards everything from bias to fraud to down right leaks of press, inappropriate of resources, whole host of things that we saw touched on at this point and i think there's level of national fatigue that's likely occurring right now, amount of resources, it shouldn't be cut off, if at this point there's so much more to investigate which it looks like there is and especially this report, you know, the knee-jerk reaction by those on the right, chairman of house intelligence committee, it's not appropriate at a minimum for him to be discussing and citing what he calls compelling and incriminating evidence that still exists if after 2-year investigation there wasn't any such evidence that exist.
1:37 am
those kinds of comments, they need to be put to rest and the only way that it can, frankly, would be another independent investigation. heather: yeah at another cost. we have the breakdown we can pull up for people, just to bring it home for you, this was 674 days, 19 lawyers, 40 fbi agents, $25.2 million in cost, 37 indictments but zero collusion indictments, so what we initially began to look for, zero, none of that. >> exactly and you know for those that are calling for, well, okay, this needs to happen now and this testimony and this, that's really undermining the extent of the investigation throughout which so many on the left hung their hat on, it's -- it's relevance, its importance, frankly canonized mueller, what is everyone on the left looking for then, they will not be
1:38 am
satisfied until certain conclusion has reached that up until now the evidence has not supported. it kind of -- heather: i did want to ask you one quick thing before we run out of time because i'm not really clear on this. former deputy andrew mccabe, just last month talked about counterintelligence investigation launched based on the president's action asking james comey to discontinue investigation into michael flynn, what about the counterintelligence investigation, is that now wrapped up and done? will that continue? >> it seems to me it is note that there's still ongoing investigations that were referred to southern district of new york so we don't know what's going on with that yet, remains to be seen if there are other things that are being developed, note that its reference as well as ag barr's report, part of what would be redacted, released to the public, so not withstanding that, the answer in my opinion would be yes,
1:39 am
reminder, it's a 12 billion-dollar industry that's digital espionage and the majority of those indicted were russian nationals. certainly moving forward, not only do we know thus far that there was -- there's been no evidence towards an underlying criminal activity the president was engaged in which went through his intent that then ag barr along with rod rosenstein referenced that. all of the required elements, the underlying crime, et cetera, none of that was there and therefore that's why we are not proceeding, so that ties in. heather: we will see, a lot of folks are now to start as well, counterintelligence investigation. thank you emily, we appreciate it. time now is about 20 minutes until the top of the hour, 2020 candidates like beto o'rourke using the mueller findings as spotter on the campaign trail. >> democracy was attacked, attacked by a foreign power and i think we've got to see if it was also within by somebody who
1:40 am
sought to assume power. heather: how other big names in crowded democratic field are responding, how is james comey responding to no-collusion news speaking of james comey, apparently he's taking a hike, carley shimkus here next with social media reaction that there's a lobster i in our hot tub?t. lobster: oh, you guys. there's a jet! oh...i needed this.
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heather: welcome back to watching "fox & friends first" despite robert mueller finding no clueing, no collusion, democratic hopefuls are refuse to go accept it. >> the mueller report must be made public. >> i don't want a summary of the report. i want the whole damn report. >> for our democracy was attacked, attacked by a foreign power and i think we have to see if it was within by somebody who
1:44 am
sought to assume power. heather: carley shimkus, fox news headlines 24/7, siriusxm 115. >> democrats are hoping that the devil is in the details there demanding full report to be released. massachusetts senator elizabeth warren tweeting congress voted 400 to zero, not summary from attorney general ag barr, make the full report public immediately. both warren and kamala harris emphasizing the fact that william barr was hand-picked by the president a sign that credibility may be called into question. the underlying investigative materials should be handed over to congress and barr must testify, that is what transparency looks like, a short letter from trump's attorney general is not sufficient, new jersey senator cory booker chiming in with a tweet, the american public deserves full report and finding from the
1:45 am
mueller investigation immediately not just the in-house summary from a trump administration official. now while democrats and republicans disagree on so much these days they do agree on this because president trump has, of course, said he think it is full report should be released as well. heather: it's funny democrats try to use it saying it's partisan issue when it's not a partisan issue right now. carley: everybody wants the full report. heather: release all of the documentation and material leading up to the investigation and the mueller investigation. carley: exactly. heather: let's talk about james comey because he obviously was involved in a lot of this. >> sure was, after barr released, comey responded with this picture shows him looking up at the sky while standing in a forest of tall trees, he included the caption, so many questions, well, south carolina senator lindsey graham responded
1:46 am
with clear sign that republicans are interested in investigated, could not agree more, see you soon, could he be making his way to cap hill here pretty soon. and then a reporter, jim also responded saying, someone is lost in the woods, maybe a little jab at the whole hillary clinton woods situation. heather: responses to that were amazing, such a weird tweet for him to send out, not the first weird tweet he's sent out. >> democrats are angry that report found no collusion and trump is also mad, you put me 2 years of this for nothing. heather: taxpayers are angry, i like response, looking for hillary. i like that. thank you so much. >> appreciate it. heather: time now is 15 minutes until the top of the hour, house intelligence chair adam schiff has insisted that there's evidence of trump-russia collusion despite having nothing to show. >> have democrats found any
1:47 am
evidence of collusion? >> yes, we have. >> there's clear evidence on the issue of collusion. there's also abundance circumstantial evidence. heather: so now that the mueller findings appear to have blown up in his face should schiff step down, political panel up next to debate the latest innovation from xfinity
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1:51 am
president's campaign and russia but now that we see the mueller report disagrees, should he step down as head of the committee, here to debate it former obama administration official roger and independent women's forum fellow beverly, thank you both for joining us. >> good morning. >> good morning. heather: very busy day with lots of responses to the mueller report and ag barr's summary, beverly, i will begin with you, what do you think of that in terms of schiff, should he step down and still insisting that there's no collusion? >> no democratic will ask to step down, but republicans ask for apology, when you play clips back to back, not just assumption that there was some type of collusion with trump and russia but coming out saying that there's significant evidence, what we know from the mueller report it's not the case and serious expectation and issue with adam schiff and what i would hope moving forward that he's more careful with his words
1:52 am
but unfortunately i think for america what we are going to see is democrats including adam schiff are going to continue to go after trump, i think we can expect to see more of this in other areas not resolving around collusion. heather: roger, your thoughts, great to be here with you and beverly. it's interesting to hear the call for apologies, i think back where to all this all started and i've said all along and we need to see the report, i say that today, we need to see a report and not a summary by the attorney general whose views on a lot of the matters were well known. heather: republicans are saying to see the report as well. >> fantastic. a little bit of context, vice president pence faced the nation in 2017 and said there was no contacts between campaign with russia, the president's campaign saying he had no business deals in russia and we know about
1:53 am
hotel and while vice president pence was on face the nation, the president was cutting checks for hush payments to porn stars so this is not a profile encouraged, people who are spiking the football and calling this like the big win, i think are mistaken. this is a good day for the president, there's no way of getting around that, and then the other thing is how much of this ag's letter escapes some details of report. i stick to my original point. i will make my judgments when the report comes out and i'm glad that we are in agreement with that. heather: none of those involved russia collusion, beverly. >> i'm not surprised to hear what roger is saying, i do agree, roger, we should see full report, democrats are saying since william barr released the letter, he's a trump appointee, we do need to see the entire report, i agree, let's see it at the same time hearing what
1:54 am
democrats are talking about today you know that the issue with trump isn't dead, this is going to move into other areas, family dealings are, taxes are and other issues that he has specifically in new york and some legal issues there. so i think what we are going to see up until 2020 is that while the russian case, i believe, is settled at this point, the democrats are going to do anything they can to embarrass trump, partially because they dislike him very much but also because they want to use this for advantage in 2020. heather: is that a wide move, roger, in terms of democrats because we see fatigue associated with this investigation when you do poll after poll, are you over it, should it be wrapped up and finished and they say yes and democrats making pretty clear that they will continue investigation of the president in other ways, already this investigation, the mueller investigation cost taxpayers $25.2 million so we will do it all over again?
1:55 am
>> well, $25 million pails compares to what the federal government spends with the president's trips with mar-a-lago which the price tag is $60 million, when you say that there's -- the charges have nothing to do with russia and nothing to do with collusion, makes sense that a liar hires liars so this is just circumstancing of liars so you would think that one would lie about stock deal or whatever, they lied about russia, if there was nothing there why did flynn lie about russia, why did gates lie about russia, all of these things, that's why i would council friends across the aisle not to get ahead, a lot more to come out just within the report, but i agree with beverly and i said all along, anybody running for office needs to start with blank piece of paper and lay out what they will do for voters and make the basis of their campaign and candidacy completely separate from trump, collusion,
1:56 am
mueller report, et cetera. heather: we will see if and when the mueller report is actually released in its entirety, if that is good enough for democrats moving forward. roger, beverly, thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you so much, have a great day. heather: you too and we will be right back. it makes it really easy and seamless. pick an order, print everything you need, slap the label onto the box, and it's ready to go. our costs for shipping were cut in half. just like that. shipstation. the #1 choice of online sellers. go to and get 2 months free.
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heather: welcome back, nearly 2-year long mueller investigation costing taxpayers $25.2 million, about 40 fbi agents with hundreds of interviews, so we asked whether you think those full mueller
2:00 am
report should be made public and the reaction was mixed. deon on facebook said released it and carl writes, ag is spot on, only way it gets released if the law allows, he must follow the law regardless and that -- excuse me that wraps up our hour of "fox & friends first", thank you so much for joining us, "fox & friends first" continues right now. have a great day. >> there was no collusion with russia, there was no obstruction. >> the report does not amount to a so-called total exoneration. >> i don't want a summary, i want the whole damn report. >> this was and illegal takedown that failed. rob: happy monday. march 25th, fox news alert, what a busy weekend, robert mueller's report is signed, sealed and


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