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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  March 25, 2019 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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of disclosure of full amount of wasted dollars and time spent. it will be interesting to see how the mainstream media will react to this. jillian: far from over. also beginning "fox & friends." have a good day. steve: the mueller report is in. the special counsel's finding no collusion between the trump campaign and russia. brian: all right. and in his initial review, attorney general william barr says mueller didn't find enough evidence that president trump obstructed justice. the president declaring victory. >> it was a complete and total exoneration. this was an illegal takedown that failed. and hopefully somebody is going to be looking at the other side. ainsley: republicans say it's a great for this country. democrats are pushing back.
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demanding more information and refusing to say that the report clears the president's name. steve: we have got a guy began particular program. we have been waiting for this day to find out what was in the mueller report. so we have booked the president's attorney, rudy giuliani is going to be with us. one of the smartest legal minds in the world deasht and jay sekulow on president's team. we have mike huckabee and kellyanne and ken starr. we have congressman mark meadow, jim jordan and jason chaffetz and many more. brian: we are going to try to cover a lot of news today. the biggest story around the globe and certainly in this country william barr came up with and that is along with rod rosenstein, which is brilliant by the way to have rod rosenstein still there to say like. steve: to validate it. brian: this the is guy that more than likely offered to wear a wire to wiretap the president. they looked at it and said here is your conclusion.
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ainsley: rod rosenstein said he was so alarmed by the bias between strzok and page and that's exactly what we are finding, we are going over all the media reports last two years and looking at the costs of the investigation and how big this scope really was. 675 days. total cost 25.2 million. 2800 subpoenas. 500 search warrants. obtained more than 230 orders for communication records. 50 orders to tap phones. 13 foreclosure government requests for evidence and they interviewed 500 witnesses. zero collusion was found between the president and russia. steve: zero indictments. ainsley: to influence this election. steve: despite what you have seen on the other channels the last two years donald trump did not steal the election. they looked and there was no evidence that there was any collusion between trump and trump's campaign even though the russians really tried. this morning when you pick up the not you won't believe the headlines.
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for instance, the "new york post" today says no. no collusion. no obstruction. the daily news. teflon don, mueller probe can't find collusion. the attorney general says report does not exonerate him. ainsley: even the "new york times." steve: this probably killed whoever had to type this in. mueller finds no trump-russia conspiracy. and then it shows the letter and breaks down how they figured it all out. ainsley: yesterday we were sitting in my apartment and we had one tv on basketball. we had the tv on this mueller report and flipping around to all the different channels to figure out how they were all covers covering it fox news was, of course, the channel we started with and dana perino and ed did a great job covering that but i printed out the letter as we all did, probably. i was sitting at the dining room table going through all and talking to my parents because they were visiting. steve: talk about march madness. ainsley: exactly right. looking at two different things. they were looking at collusion and obstruction.
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brian: here is excerpt from it. basically right to the point. they looked at 675 pages and boiled it counsel t down to four now. redact and take out the grand jury testimony and release the rest of it eventually. i imagine that will be sooner than later. said this the special counsel's investigation did not find that the trump campaign or anyone associated with it conspired or coordinated with russia in its efforts to influence the 2016 election it also went on to say the russians tried and there was no acceptance on the other side. knowing that you didn't collude and you hear it every day that you did collude and hearing 25 million spent to prove that you collude and all these democratic henchman hired by robert mueller behind the scenes who you did not hire as fbi director, you can understand a frustrated president who just won an election and was never ever able to revel in that election for an hour before they wanted recount.
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the electoral delegates weren't going to report. and then they said the russians were involved in it. and because he knew that he hadn't colluded, he fired james comey because of a variety of reasons. back in the day, remember, every democrat wanted james comey fired for what he did to hillary clinton. and reopening those investigations. that prompted whole obstruction of justice assessment. this is what the attorney general said regarding obstruction. after reviewing the special counsel's final report on these issues, consulting with department officials including the office of legal counsel, and applying the principles of federal prosecution. to grade our charging decisions. dag, deputy attorney general rod rosenstein and i have concluded that the evidence developed during the special counsel's investigation is not sufficient to establish that the president committed a on destruction of justice offense.
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the report identifies no actions that in our judgment, constitute con obstrue conduct. steve: we are not going to tell you whether or not to prosecute. we will lay out what we know. that's what's going to be interesting about the mueller report. reasons it looks like there could have been something. looks like there wasn't something. nonetheless, it's all there. but, mr. mueller himself just said you know what? i'm not going to be the guy who is the decider on this. ainsley: republicans and democrats alike want to see the full report. mr. barr spent the entire weekend mulling over that report and he put it together in four pages for all of us just a summary of what he found. but, you know what? it begs to question who should now be held accountable for this? because this all happened because hillary clinton and the dnc hired fusion gps. they came up with this foe faux dossier. carter page. you the taxpayer spent $25 million on over the last
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two years. people want someone to be accountable for all of this. they can't get away with this. this is the first time it's happened to siding president. it's not fair to him. it's not fair to the people who support him. it's not fair -- the media, think about that. they have spent the last two years this has been a headline coverage. shouldn't everyone be embarrassed by this? steve: the president thought it was great just before he went via air force one from west palm beach to washington, d.c. and on one side of the trip he said this. >> i just want to tell you that america is the greatest place on earth the greatest place on earth. thank you very much. brian: the president also spoke before he left you got to whop der. he kept his tweets quiet all weekend long. he golfed with first kid rock and then lindsey graham how he held his tongue because i don't know, he had no communication with the attorney general. but i guess he sensed when
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there was no more indictments coming and that news came out on friday this could break positive for him. he held his fire. what's going to happen today is going t fascinating. bring in jason chaffetz former chairman of oversight committee and now lucky enough to have him here. it's been a long two and a half years. there hasn't been a moment where the president could actually say can you believe i won? now in 2019, he might be able to say at least for a day i won. base on this report and total complete exoneration of the president of the united states, it's as if donald trump won 100 million to nothing. he actually, i mean, exactly what he said every single step of the way, but this is -- there is still more to this, because we have got to go back and look at how this whole farce started. why was this special counsel put in place. brian: you think we are going back there? >> i think you have to. i think based on first the inspector general's 500-plus page report, the senior
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echelon of the fbi what they did and how they did it was highly questionable. we know that there is another investigation currently underway, probably wrapped up in the next 90 days from michael horowitz. brian: what's he focused on? >> he is focused on the fisa abuse. is he focused on did they take that biased animus. the fact that these people were so adam manhattanly against the president of the united states. they hated donald trump. they disparaged him and found these tens of thousands of tweets. they need to go back and look. did you use that to go out and not, you know, prosecute hillary clinton? but the question is did they use that proactively to then go after the president inappropriately? steve: jason, do you think the evidence, the materials that prompted the fbi investigation are going to be part of the mueller report? they should be. ainsley: they have to be, right? >> they should.
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i think barr should go and testify before congress. i do agree with jerry nadler. brian: good luck with that. >> good luck with that barr, if the democrats want to continue to relive this, have at it. you know, but, there are certain materials that obviously can't be out there. grand jury, you know, there is all sorts of things that can't go out there. but, the underlying premise of why this originally happened, that is a legitimate investigation. ainsley: they are not accepting these results. they really do not like the president. they are disappointed unfortunately because it's great for our country, democrats and republicans that are in the middle would say that, that our president was not colluding with russia. it should be a good thing, but democrats still, yesterday, they were saying okay. they didn't find any collusion but obstruction. there wasn't enough evidence for obstruction. listen to this. >> these conclusions raise more questions than they answer we will ask attorney general to jeff before the house judiciary committee. we will demand the release of the full report. >> it's not the end of everything. >> the question for me that
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remains is was he compromised? why did he say that he believes putin over the intelligence community? why did he talk about leaving nato? things that put our national security in jeopardy? i think the house needs to move forward to answer all of these critical questions. >> i want the whole damn report. [cheers] >> because nobody, especially this president, is above the law. brian: by the way, look at that size of a crowd that's for another time in california bernie sanders got momentum. he should have been watching our show, tom perez. because the president of the united states in 2010 was talking about nato. they have got it pay their fair share. is he saying listen russia is looking out for himself and backing mitt romney's assessment they are our number one faux. other thing to bring adam schiff to be the face of the party next two years or new
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candidates. they are going to be saying investigate it, investigate it american people are telling the candidates on the stump. they are not asking about the russia probe. they have a political decision to make. >> they do. because adam schiff has essentially just lied to the american people time and time again. how many shows did he go on and say that he had seen it firsthand under the guise that he supposedly had classified information? the other thing very interesting in this bar release in four pages not only did the president not collude he rebuffed the idea that there were multiple chances for them to participate and they said no. so it's so totally polar opposite of what nadler and others have said. steve: have there been any democrats who have apologized to the president yet? i said there was evidence of collusion and i guess i was wrong. >> they said they were going to fully accept the collusion of mueller. brian: over and over again. >> over and over again. we should accept it all and now they are not -- the media, how in the world after two years of the drum beat. steve: what a perfect segue
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to this montage. >> the new chairman of the house intelligence committee is vowing to investigate a bombshell new report about the president. >> bombshell report from buzzfeed. >> if the buzzfeed bombshell is true, this is evidence of willingness to commit collusion. >> i think they are all going to end up together in prison. >> he was colluding with the leader of a hostile power. >> so much involvement. so many connections with the kremlin. >> trump now sits at the threshold of impeachment. >> we are in high crimes and misdemeanor and we are in impeachment territory. >> we are looking at the possibility that the president of the united states and those around him during an election campaign colluded with a hostile foreign power to undermine the basis of our democracy. >> it's so obvious that they were eager to collude with russia. now we are seeing the evidence there was a conspiracy to coverup. >> he may be the first president in quite some time to face the real prospect of jail time.
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brian: that worked out well. karl bernstein i don't know how he gets out of bed and john brennan has to be so embarrassed i wouldn't be surprised if they just disappeared from the landscape because they have become fire brands anti-trumpers and it put their whole resumes to bed. >> i think the thing that bothers me most are the people that had intelligence and classified -- you know, they were revealing classified material, schiff, brennan, clapper, swalwell. these are the people that used their power and ability to seek classified information to say i know more than everybody else and we have seen it. it's there. and, look, the team that mullen put together, these were not friends of the president. these were friends of the democrats. they were people from the clinton camp on this team. if they could have gotten the president, they would have and they didn't. brian: michael isikoff had a source in the media and fbi to write that russian book. i'm wondering. he fed that i'm wondering all these people with classified information who they used as conduits to get
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into the mainstream into the blood of this investigation. >> well, and you, again, that's what is so fundamentally wrong. we have to go back and look at the genesis of this. because i think mr. mueller, we have got to take our hat off to him and thank him for his service. i don't think they should have had this person in place in the first place. i think comey set this up. i think it was a trap. he laid it down. he put out one of the strangest weirdest tweets that i could possibly imagine. brian: take a look at it together and figure it out see the forest through the trees. okay. it says so many questions. that's it. ainsley: what's lindsey graham's response? he said could not agree more. see you soon. very bizarre picture. like he wanted to use this picture. today i'm going to find a headline. >> nobody wanted to fire james comey more than you did. absolutely. should have been fired. and the president has the constitutional authority for
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whatever reason he want. brian: the meeting with the russians the next day. brian: coincidental but bizarre series of unforced errors. >> that does not mean there should be a special counsel put into place. ainsley: will the full report be released? >> you can't. this is why the democrats set the bar so high because they know between grand jury, classified information, executive privileged material. brian: there is a lot of it. we will get more of it because they are working on it. >> absolutely. ainsley: barr said it was to release as much as he could. >> the inspector general chastised and said james comey was insubboard napolitano releasing information about somebody who was not indicted. you can't repeat that mistake. barr understands. this he has to answer a lot of questions. let's remember, as republicans, i think republicans would be smart to make sure we have got to go after the russians, other nation states and a guy in a
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van down by the river who wants to hook into this country. >> the president is stronger politically than he has ever been right now. brian: maybe you don't lose the midterms with the russian investigation or lose the house. >> it was a factor and cloud. gave hockey point to every democrat. put republicans back on their heels. you all lied to us for the last two years. steve: why should we ever trust you again? ainsley: definitely thorough. we want to hear from you at home let us know what you think. brian: just getting started. jason, thank you. i'm sorry. i forgot to say goodbye to you. you guys bait and switched and told me we were talking about grog. brian: a very good tight end retired. jillian: fox news alert. right now the israeli military reinforcing troops
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along the gaza border following a rocket attack. seven people hurt when rockets from the gaza strip destroyed a home north of tel aviv overnight. prime minister benjamin netanyahu vowing retaliation and cutting his trip to the u.s. short. he will meet with the president today and immediately after fly home. vice president mike pence meeting the remains of a fallen hero at dover air force base. joseph collette's body returning to the u.s. after he was killed in combat in afghanistan. he leaves behind a wife. they were married just months before he was deployed. u.s. army green beret sergeant first class will lindsey was killed alongside collette. he leaves behind a wife and four daughters. the first wave of defendants accused in a massive national college admissions scandal will face a judge today. at least 12 of the 50 people charged are expected in a boston courtroom. seven of the nine college coaches involved will be present including fired legendary usc water polo
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coach. actress lori loughlin heads to court next week. march madness now top-seeded duke did you see this surviving a scare from central florida in the final sects. seconds. >> puts it in the net and duke survives, just barely. jillian: they advance 77-76 win. tennessee almost blows a 25-point lead before winning a nail biter: some good action over the weekend. ainsley: how about that duke game? the last second they won. steve: that almost broke every bracket in america. thanks, jillian. brian: thanks, jillian. 19 minutes after the hour. what's the difference between the investigation into president trump and how the justice department handled hillary clinton? our next guest worked at the doj and takes us inside
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next. us as people.
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arrive on our border. and, illegal border crossers could soon be stopped by people in alabama? the state senate passing a bill to let people donate their tax refunds to build a border wall. lawmakers say it's a great way for people to show support for president trump and border secures. the bill now moves to the house. i'm out of stuff. now to steve and ainsley. steve: we have plenty today. president trump and republicans declaring victory after the long awaited robert mueller report finds that there was no collusion with the russians. ainsley: our next guest praising president trump's doj saying after years of biased hillary clinton investigations, they put politics aside. steve: here to explain former department of justice deputy director of affairs ian prior. good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: this is a tale of two investigations. they looked into the fbi and hillary clinton and started with the obama administration. and then morphed into eventually in a lot of people's minds the
3:25 am
investigation of donald trump based on when we don't know what exactly from the fbi. >> yeah. if you look at how things went in the clinton investigation. it's clear that the obama justice department really became a tool of the democrats and the clinton campaign. the way that they conducted the clinton investigation. the way they did interviews not by the book as we saw from lisa page's testimony, and then the way that the trump investigation was opened up, it was clear that politics infected everything that the obama justice department did. now, move over to the trump justice department. you just had one of the most thorough investigations ever into the -- its own president. 1200 subpoenas. 500 witness interviews. 500 warrants executed. right? and they came to a result where they were looking for the truth. they weren't looking for a specific outcome that was predetermined. and i think more importantly, you have a president that is committed to the rule of law despite the tweets, despite what he said. he didn't fire rod rosenstein. he didn't order that mueller be fired.
3:26 am
he let the investigation run its course and now it's going to be very hard for democrats and sort of the anti-trump cartel to say that this investigation, the fix was in from the beginning and it was a sham done by trump appointees. ainsley: you make a good point. if you read this four page letter to congress. william barr makes it clear that he did work with rod rosenstein. what's your reaction to how he handled the investigation and the fact that the president kept him on. he had to go back to rod's initial decision to special counsel. looking back on it i go back to what i said at the time andy mccabe was running this investigation. rod had only been in office for roughly three weeks at the time. he didn't know the full details of the investigation. what he clearly did know was that andy mccabe was biased and should not be running this investigation. he hands it over to a special counsel bob mueller unquestionable integrity and unquestionable professionalism. now you have an investigation that's being done without bias to the president. if it finds something, well then that's important and we
3:27 am
need to do something about it, and, if it doesn't find something, as it didn't, then it's untainted and it's going to be very difficult for people to say that that investigation was a sham investigation and that the fix was in and the average american is probably sitting there thinking to themselves well, look. this was a thorough investigation. it's over. let's finish this. steve: when you think about it though, ian. the fbi unleashed its powers on a candidate running for president of the united states tha. that is an amazing first that we know of. >> a lot of those bad actors are gone i think the next shoe to drop will be the inspector general report on what happened with the fisa applications. what happened with the initiation of this investigation. remember, by the time the trump justice department gets it, this investigation had been going on for a while. if they had shut this down, if you think democrats are going after impeachment now. just imagine what it would be like if an investigation was shut down. i'm interested to see how this all came about.
3:28 am
i think that's going to be the next chapter in this story. ainsley: you worked at the doj and in this letter mr. barr says that his goal is to release the full report. at least as much as he can as long as it's allowed by law and department policies. do you think that will happen? will would he be able to read the entire thing? >> well, i think we will be able to read a lot of it obviously there is going to be redaction for grand jury material. national security information, potentially confidential sources. but i take barr at his word. i think democrats are overreaching. the first thing we need to seat report. that's the first thing that they said. what happens if barr gives them 5% of the report? what are they going to complain about then. i think barr is a man of his word and we will see most of the report. steve: if they give 95% they are going to claim 5% is missing and that's could be the smoking gun. >> sure they will complain about everything over there at that point people realize it's just politics. they realize the law has come out on president's side. ainsley: no matter how you
3:29 am
feel about it. 19 lawyers. 2800 subpoenas. 500 search warrants. interviewed 500 witnesses. so, you have got to take it at its word and you have to believe that there is no collusion and no obstruction based on this finding. >> clearly not. i think this is a huge win for the president. i saw somebody tweet, i think it was brian tweeted yesterday that, you know, officially the president won the 2016 election. i would go so far to say officially the president just won the 2020 election. steve: there you go. boom. ian prior used to be with the department of justice. thank you very much. >> thanks for having me. steve: meanwhile, now that president trump has been cleared of collusion, is it time to investigate the investigators? as we were just talking about we have got an all-star panel weighing in on that coming up next. >> before i even got elected it began. and it began illegally and hopefully somebody is going to look at the other side.
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♪ >> after a long look. after a long investigation. after so many people have been so badly hurt, after not looking at the other side, where a lot of bad things. a lot of horrible things happened, a lot of very bad things for our country. it was just announced there was no collusion with russia, the most ridiculous thing i have ever heard. so it's complete exoneration, no collusion, no obstruction. brian: that was a dream come true for the president. our all-star panel here to put it in perspective let's meet them. former fbi director mark morgan back with us. constitutional law attorney jenna ellis is here who is also a trump 2020 advisory board member and kristen
3:35 am
soltis anderson is here columnist for "the washington examiner" a guy i met in person but he doesn't want me too close gregg jarrett author of the russian hoax. let's start with you, gregg. gregg, this comes out yesterday in four pages. boil down 675 pages. what surprised you most in the four pages? >> well that robert mueller dodged his responsibility. i mean, he was hired as the chief prosecutor to make a decision on obstruction of justice as well as collusion. he clearly found no collusion. he adabdicated. he wanted to put out there the president is not guilty of a crime but is he not exonerated either. that's a cheap shot. that's what prosecutors do when they lose a cases in front of a jury and then they say well, the jury found him not guilty but
3:36 am
that doesn't mean he's innocent. that's what robert mueller was doing. brian: right, mark. you know all the players here. you know the people who have been disparaged justifiably so in the fbi. you know robert mueller and james comey. mueller comes out and says i can't tell. part of the reason why he can't tell there is obstruction is because donald trump is unorthodox to say the least. he did his obstruction in plain view and made people wonder what's he doing? >> yeah. so i agree with gregg the way he captured that i was disappointed in that. let's look. you have talked about this already. i think it's important to remind everybody. 2800 subpoenas. 500 interviews. 500 search warrants. 40 fbi people. $22 million in excess and on and on and on. so what this should tell the american people is what people have been saying. this was a chloro, complete and exhaustive investigation. i think a nuances that's not being talked enough again
3:37 am
i'm not a political guy i'm a law enforcement guy. what this does is exonerate the president 100 percent from a legal perspective on both the obstruction of justice and collusion. everything else that we're talking about now is all political. the door has been shut legally on collusion and obstruction of justice. end of story. is he exonerated. brian: there is nothing end of story when jerry nadler based his whole career on getting the president where they have a 30 year rivalry. here's an example. he sat down there on the streets of new york being heckled left and right by the way. here is what he says happens next. >> we will ask the attorney general to testify before the house judiciary committee. we will demand the release of the full report. the attorney general's comments make it clear that congress must step in to get the truth and provide full transparency to the american people. brian: i'm sure they will get the ag, don't you think, kristin?
3:38 am
he will show up. >> sure. look, it's a bipartisan thing to say we want this report to be as transparent and open as possible. given the summary that attorney general barr put forward, it makes sense that republicans and supporters of the president would want this out there to fully clear the president's name. this is something that when i have been taking a look at polls, early on in this investigation, you did have fairly bipartisan support, not for the idea of necessarily investigating the president himself, but let's find out what russia was trying to do. and this is where something where bob mueller did find a lot of information about what other people may have been trying to do to the united states but found that there weren't americans sort of playing ball with them. as the investigation wept on, approval for bob mueller. the idea this was a witch-hunt began to grow and grow in the polls. i fully expect democrats to now say bob mueller as they went on as a savior his favors are going to drop quite a bit among democrats now that this conclusion has been reached that there was
3:39 am
no collusion. brian: paul manafort is not good at paying taxes and disclosing finances and michael flynn was set up and leads me to you, jenna. i know you are 2020 and you want things to work out for the president. in this way it has. do you think the president should back any type of movement to investigate the investigators? >> absolutely. and, you know, this isn't a partisan effort to say that equal justice under the law means that everyone is seeking truth and no matter if you have an r or d after your name, everyone wants to know exactly what happened during the 2016 election. and that shouldn't just be limited to president trump. but should also cover everyone who was potentially involved. you have brennan. you have strzok and page. you have mccabe. you have all of these people who are part of the deep state who clearly had it out for president trump. we know that there was russia collusion. we just know that there was nothing whatsoever associated with trump or anyone on his campaign or his team or in the white
3:40 am
house. but that doesn't mean that we shouldn't be looking at what else happened in 2016. that's something the american people deserve. we deserve legitimacy in our law enforcement and trust that they will investigate whether there is an r or d after your name. brian brian let me just tell you something. the average american people is out there going we have got to get prescription drug prices down. we have got get healthcare that works and we do have a catastrophe at the border that needs to be addressed by both sides. we don't need any more russia investigation. after two and a half years i think we can agree on that. guys, thanks so much, you too, ladies. >> thank you, brian. brian: you got it coming up straight ahead. robert mueller's report triggering a meltdown for many democrats in the left-leaning media. >> what we don't have though is an answer, julia, on all of the so-called smoke. all of the questions. >> this isn't getting resolved in this country until november 2020. brian: really? what will it take for them to actually come to terms with no collusion?
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ask your doctor for ilumya today, for a clearer tomorrow. jill diswril good morning to you. welcome back. quick headlines. viking cruise line working to accepted pass jerusalem at home after a near disaster at sea. hours of chaos when its engine failed during a storm. nearly 500 passengers air lifted off the cruise before ship restarted engines. tight end making announcement on instagram saying he will quote move forward with a big smile after nine seasons and three super bowl wins his 2017 victory leading him to the white house where this happened. >> can i just. [laughter] i think i got this but,
3:46 am
thank you. maybe. thanks, man. >> unclear what drun gronk will do next. maybe partying, cruises, party boats? isn't that what he does? back to you guys. steve: thank you very much, jillian. meanwhile robert mueller's no collusion findings are not sitting well with certain members of the mainstream media. >> politically, the toothpaste is already out of the tube as they say. >> yeah. >> so, you know, this isn't getting resolved in this country until november 2020. >> there is a very big difference between trying to get enough evidence for a criminal charge, president or not, and to start impeachment proceedings against the president for obstruction of justice. >> and democrats want to assert their constitutional role, which is typically theirs. not bill barr's to determine any potential obstruction. bob mueller did not find a chargeable election conspiracy. steve: with more of the media's reaction joe concha
3:47 am
reporter for the hill and new radio talk show host here in new york. joe, good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: you know, over the last couple of years there have been members of the media, some of them have said let's just wait for robert mueller's investigation to come out and others have been able to present without any evidence that they have said we have evidence of collusion and yesterday that was put to bed. >> all i know is, steve, that throughout these last 22 months, gossip was treated as gospel. sources providing information to reporters all too willing to accept it like seagulls at the beach. this is a day of reckoning for our media like we haven't senile since the 2016 election. i would say maybe the worse day ever for our media given all that coverage and the pushing of that particular narrative around russia collusion. "the washington post" and the "new york times" mollie hemingway pointed this out, won pulitzer for their reporting on russian collusion. all we heard about walls are closing, in noose is
3:48 am
tightening and this is the beginning of the end. now we are hearing even yesterday and this morning, this is the beginning of something else. the next chapter. you know why? because it's good for ratings and because people want to believe the worst about this president. steve: there is an item this morning, joe, in axio that apparently the president is going to plan to call for organizations to fire members of the media and former government officials who he believes made false accusations about him. so, do you think there auto could be a day of reckoning for these people who said oh, absolutely, there is collusion? >> i don't think it's up to the government to hire and fire certain media people. that's up to the organizations. news organizations that employ them. but from what i have seen, steve, how many russian collusion stories did we see where an organization, reporters got it wrong and there were actual consequences? i can only name once really on a major level, cnn and anthony scaramucci and three reporters got fired. outside of that there haven't been suspensions and reprimanded in corner
3:49 am
offices officer. think of the stories we missed because of russia. economy's performance as it pertains to wages or unemployment or growth. the destruction of the isis caliphate it came out of nowhere it seemed to a lot of people because no one was covering it. the most overlooked story opioid epidemic 70,000 people killed in 2017 alone more than car crashes. you hardly hear anything about that. that's what effects real americans' lives,. steve: a wake-up call for everybody. joe, thank you for joining us today. >> good to see you. steve: what do you think about that email us at and also on facebook. benjamin netanyahu cutting his trip to the united states short after a rocket hits a home near tel aviv. the breaking news from overnight in israel coming up. and the special counsel's report not enough for the left but our next guest, the democrat says move on, former bill and hillary clinton advisor mark penn is on deck ♪ just another manic monday ♪
3:50 am
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♪ steve: the robert mueller report's no collusion finding what does this mean for democrats in 2020 election. ainsley: nancy pelosi and chuck schumer say given
3:54 am
mr. bar's public record of bias. is not a neutral observer and in a position to make objective determinations about the report. brian: it goes on this before. bill and hillary clinton have been before this before and frustrated during the clinton times. how do you feel today, mark. i know you were upset about this inquiry from day one. do you think in four pages we got the real gist of what was in the 675? >> yes, i think we do. from day one i have said look, just read the dossier and you get the page strzok text and say look, something is wrong here. this never added up. this was preposterous. we spent 22 months examining this and they find there was, in fact, no underlying facts. now, what happened in 1998 and i worked with president clinton on impeachment was when it was over, it was over. america didn't want to hear about it or talk about it again. brian: no follow-up probes? >> the question really is will america say the same
3:55 am
thing or will democrats keep pushing this as though they need to do an investigation even bigger than the mueller investigation which is impossible given the resources that he had or will they say, you know, we have some legitimate concerns. our emails were hacked. now this investigation was held. we have to admit that the special counsel was right and move on. if they say that i think they can get more votes. if they don't, they are going to be in for a possible backlash. ainsley: they are not listening to you. yesterday on the campaign trail a few of them were out there saying they want to see the whole report. they are not buying it. >> i'm sure they are going to read every single word of this report. it's kind of ludicrous. these findings couldn't be clearer. the question out there if you are on the campaign trail they don't want to disappoint their base that's been revved up about the russia conspiracy now for two years. but the swing voters are quite different. they are going to look at this. they are going to look at the "new york times" headline. they are going to look at the additional information that comes out and say wow, this was never a real
3:56 am
conspiracy at all. how did we ever waste two years of america on this? steve: mark, ultimately third time is a charm for donald trump. this is the third investigation that has found to collusion. the house and senate intel committees both did the same thing they said they couldn't find it either. >> well, it's not like a microscope wasn't taken. it's not like all his friends, associates were not, in fact, taken to the breaking point to try to find collusion. so, obviously, there was never anything there. and those who spread this have to be held accountable. ainsley: mark. thank you so much. we have kellyanne conway and rudy giuliani after the break as well as congressman mark meadows, alan dershowitz and ken starr all live. in a study with ozempic®, a majority of adults lowered their blood sugar and reached an a1c of less than seven and maintained it. oh! under seven? and you may lose weight. in the same one-year study, adults lost on average up to 12 pounds.
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4:00 am
♪ steve: the mueller report is in. special counsel's finding no collusion between the trump campaign and russia. >> it's a shame that our country had to go through this. this was an illegal takedown that failed. >> the president is stronger politically than he has ever been right now. there are people from the clinton camp on this team. if they could have gotten the president, they would have and they didn't. >> i think this is a huge win for the president. >> the door has been shut legally on collusion and obstruction of justice, end of story. he is exonerated. >> this is a day of reckoning for our media like we haven't seen since 2016 election. >> i just want to tell you that america is the greatest place on earth.
4:01 am
♪ steve: this is a fox news alert. mueller findings released no collusion no, obstruction. let's bring in rudy giuliani. president donald trump's attorney. former mayor of new york city. he joins us live from our nation's capital. rudy, good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: you said yesterday that the findings were better than you expected. what do you mean? >> well, look, you know, i think it's quite clear that this group was hardly a group of trump fans. it's made up of almost all democrats. some of them very, very rabid partisans including one of them for the clinton foundation. very extraordinary. i don't know new accomplished that another one a notorious prosecutor who has been in ethical trouble all throughout his career. they conducted an investigation as if this were a terrorism case or obstruction of justice case. i'm sorry, rather an organized crime case on their obstruction of justice and conspiracy theory. so, they couldn't find it. if they can't find it. it's not there.
4:02 am
believe me. there was no obstruction of justice. there was no collusion. i just ask people to use your common sense. this investigation went on for two years. it cost actually about $40 million. 1.4 million documents. they got every document they wanted. they got every witness that they wanted. stood in the way of nothing. where is the obstruction? where is the obstruction? brian: some on the other channels are saying well, we can't count this because the president didn't sit down for an interview. what's your reaction? >> i think i made 5,000 prosecutorial decisions in my career. some of the worst criminals of the 1980s, i rarely got to interview anyone. the people that i indicted and people i declined. that's very extraordinary when you do that only because he was the president was there any pressure to do it. if he were just a regular citizen out there, jay and i or jane and marty, you think
4:03 am
we would have get even answer those questions? of course not. he did that because he wanted to. and believe me, this is not something that usually happens. the real question now though is, he has been absolved, vindicated, exonerated, you pick the word. any lawyer never gets a letter like this. usually you get a letter that says we don't have enough evidence. in this case we have complete vindication. and the relat reality now is, te question is if there was no evidence of collusion, three investigations, no evidence of collusion. who made it up? it had to come from somewhere. ainsley: right. >> it didn't just come out of thin air, i want to know who did it, who paid for it, who fueled it. because the person who did it and the group that did it knows it's untrue because they invented it. ainsley: the president yesterday said it's time to look to the other side now. last night we were all
4:04 am
reading this report. i know your time people was as well. i want to read an excerpt from it, the special counsel's investigation does not find that the trump campaign or anyone associated with it conspired or coordinated with russia in its efforts to influence the 2016 u.s. presidential election. the report identifies no actions that in our judgment constitute obstructive conduct. and then it goes on to say i was impressed by this because many people are saying why did this investigation take two years? this is a waste of our taxpayer dollars it's going on and on. when you read this report, it was so thorough and i think it was important for mueller and his team and mr. barr and rosenstein to include how thorough it was. 675 days. the total cost they report 25.2 million. you are saying maybe 40 million. 2800 subpoenas. 500 witnesses. and the total indictments about collusion zero. what do you say? what was your reaction about how thorough this was when you read that? >> it was thorough and it was conducted by people who had a bias to get him. people who didn't want him
4:05 am
elected. people who were crying when hillary clinton lost. people who donated relatively large sums of money to her. we know how bitter that election is. and we know how angry some people are as a result of that. so, it was conducted by people who had every motive to get him and tried every tactic and some i don't approve of to try to get him and to try to get people to lie. listen to mr. corsi. mr. corsi yesterday was on, i think he was on "fox & friends." it was quite a compelling statement of how they gave him a script. hey, you want probation? say this. the man has integrity. he didn't do it. steve: he did not. over the last two years though, we have all been waiting for the mueller report, rudy. now we know. and mr. mueller was emphatic no collusion. no evidence of collusion whatsoever. and that makes you wonder when i look at and we have got a montage here of democrats who said there was evidence of collusion. what they do starting today, first the montage and then
4:06 am
your reaction. >> sure. >> i could certainly say with confidence that there is significant evidence of collusion. >> co-including with the leader of a hostile power. >> we saw cold hard evidence of the trump campaign, indeed, the trump family eagerly intending to collude, possibly. >> collusion. >> collusion. >> collusion. >> if there was not collusion there was at least the effort to collude. >> there was collusion. if they just do their work and do their job, they will find out there was collusion. steve: rudy, how many of those democrats do you think are going to apologize today? >> i think they are shameless. i have seen them already ignore it. we did spend enormous amounts of money and enormous amount of time and had very skilled people who had a bias against the president. the definitive thing they said is as two prior investigations concluded no collusion. you would think they would have the decency to say i was wrong. i made a mistake. even if they want to move on
4:07 am
now to this other stuff they are going to look at and just embarrass themselves, at least stop and say i was wrong. they should also be happy for the country. every american, whether they like the president or they don't should today breathe a sigh of relief that the president of the united states and all the people around him did not engage in the horrible crimes that these people were saying. imagine if they had how terrible it would be for the country. these people are unhappy with his finding? shame on them. shame on them. brian: you know, did i flip over to cnn last night. anderson cooper actually said that a couple of times. this is good news for the country. which is surprising. but you did call in to cnn, too. here is a quote from -- to show you how relentless the democrats will be. from pelosi and schumer yesterday afternoon. this raises as many questions as answers, meaning the four-page report. senator durbin says the people deserve the full truth. schiff and nadler and cummings say we call for the
4:08 am
attorney general to come forward to testify which i'm sure he will do. when this report comes out 675 pages. when you take out the grand jury testimony and take out the top secret things that have to be redacted. let's say you have 100 pages there. in it it's going to list things like the trump tower meeting. it's going to list things like how long the president was in conversations with to have a moscow tower. and then there will be my hunch is there will be a reinvog gore ration of those saying how could mueller not come to the conclusion that the president conspired? what are you going to do with the backlash that will happen in a week or two? >> we have jane and i and marty have about 90 pages of response that we can't use right now because we're not going to respond to no collusion, no obstruction. we agree. but this that happens i'm very, very confident. that our side will prevail again. so, please. you know, people just -- here's the thing to understand and i understood this from the very beginning which is why i'm so
4:09 am
passionate about it. he didn't do any of this. the man is an innocent man. i, again, whether you like him or don't like him and i happen to love him. he is one of my very good friends. and to see him go through this was horrible just as a friend. to see him go through it as the president of the united states really broke my heart as a patriot. the president shouldn't be distracted with made-up stories. collusion is made up. if collusion is made up. how crazy -- how could you have obstruction plus, please, guys, all of you wake up. the investigation wasn't obstructed. what do they think about it? of course he didn't think about it. but you don't prosecute people for what they think. you prosecute them for what they do. if we prosecuted people for what they think, you know, half the country would be in jail. ainsley: this is justice when you didn't do anything wrong, you are finally proven innocent. >> this is a weissman crazy theory. just like campaign finance is a crazy theory. those payments are in part
4:10 am
personal payments. if not fully. once there are personal payments for any reason at all, it's not a campaign contribution. just think if people could settle the lawsuits against them with campaign money. everybody would be running for office. collecting money. and settling the sexual harassment complaints against them. the breach of contract complaints against them. 30 members of congress have had our taxpayer dollars. did they list it as a campaign contribution? of course they didn't. ainsley: rudy we have stacks of newspapers. >> i want to know who they are? who are they? ainsley: headlines are shocking especially for liberal newspapers. "new york post" wrote no collusion no, obstruction. "new york times" wrote mueller finds no trump-russia conspiracy. "wall street journal" mueller finds no trump collusion. new york daily news, teflon don and "the washington post" mueller finds no conspiracy. but compare that to what they were saying. look at a flashback of what the media was saying in the
4:11 am
past. >> the new chairman of the house intelligence committee is vowing to investigate a bombshell new report about the president. >> bombshell report from buzzfeed. >> if the buzzfeed bombshell is true, this is evidence of willingness to commit collusion. >> i think they are all going to end up together in prison. >> he was colluding with the leader of a hostile power. >> so much involvement. so many connections with the kremlin. >> trump now sits at the threshold of impeachment. >> we are in high crimes and misdemeanor and we are in impeachment territory. >> we are looking at the possibility that the president of the united states and those around him during an election campaign colluded with a hostile foreign power to undermine the basis of our item crazy. >> it's so obvious that they were eager to collude with russia. now we are seeing the evidence that there was a conspiracy to coverup. >> he may be the first president in quite some time to face the real prospect of jail time.
4:12 am
ainsley: all right. your reaction? >> well, that's the group that's got to apologize. if they are decent people they will now apologize. there is no high crime. there is no low crime and there is no misdemeanor. remember, this report was signed off on in the name of not just attorney general barr but deputy attorney general rosenstein who has been into this case from the very beginning and appointed mueller and by the office of legal counsel of the justice department who are all highly skilled professional lawyers. and by the way, their interpretation of the law is the right one. the other one is a -- let's call it a legal term. a cockamamie theory. [laughter] steve: something there was. there was an investigation by the fbi. the fbi unleashed its powers on a candidate for president which is an amazing first on the grounds that the campaign had colluded with russia. of course now we know that's not true. >> and with a lead agent and his girlfriend who hated the
4:13 am
president of the united states, vowed to stop them and then to take them out of office. when do you get that? never. never in a well-run decent forecast. seeking justice. steve: i think the "wall street journal" writes this morning on their op-ed page. did someone con the fbi into one of the great dirty tricks in american political history? >> yes, yes, yes. and you're going to find out, believe me, who it was. steve: give us a hint. >> nope. i can't give you a hint. ainsley: christopher steele? >> working on it. i have got some theories and a lot more than theories. steve: is it someone from the obama administration? this administration or the last administration? >> just pay attention. ainsley: will that person be held accountable? >> i believe. so we are in a era of a real justice department where just because you have a d after your name, democrat, you know, or clinton or something like that, you still can be held to account. brian: right. very interesting. so, rudy, what was the president like last night when you spoke to him? and, number two is, can you
4:14 am
explain when you first knew that this might be breaking the direction you wanted it to? >> i didn't know it until we saw it, i mean. hoping for the better getting ready for the worst. difficult situation where they misinterpreted everything. i emphasize again that this report comes from the justice department not just attorney general barr although it's about as well-written a legal document as i have ever seen. brian: four pages. >> precisely powerful. brian: do you give robert mueller credit and do you feel bad about the discrediting of robert mueller from you and the president? >> no. no, i don't at all. he deserved every bit of criticism he got. look, the fact that he couldn't find evidence is a testament to the fact that he is an honest man. is he not going to make it up. but, boy, did he try and boy did he have some people that did things that as a prosecutor for almost 20
4:15 am
years shocked me. so, they did things that just because they came to the right conclusion these are things you shouldn't be allowed to do. manafort in solitary confinement? god almighty. i didn't put fat tony salardo in solitary confinement except once where he threatened a judge for a couple of days and then he apologized. ainsley: we were wondering if the president was going to speak when he got on the plane and off the plane. he did. he said america is a great country. i was glad he was speaking out. will he speak again? >> you know the president of course he will. ainsley: will he have a press conference? >> when he wants to and freely. the reason why so many of the american people support him he is a breath of fresh air. i was thinking last night he communicates more than any american president i remember. i mean, all those basically scrums that he has getting on and off the airplane are press conferences.
4:16 am
steve: that's right. >> very informative. some of them take 20 minutes. steve: sometimes they go on and on. >> he loves them and he is great at it. brian: drives his lawyers crazy. >> not now. now we are a little relaxed. no, he doesn't drive us crazy. you know, we are supposed to take care of him and protect him. that's our job as a lawyer. everything i did i feel perfectly comfortable with. this investigation is much more of a shame than people know and it was conducted in a more shameful way than people realize. brian: what do you have to say to your critics? >> maybe they should apologize that we had -- first of all, it isn't our strategy. we had an innocent man we were defending. i know he is the president of the united states. he didn't collude. he didn't obstruct. this investigation wouldn't have taken place if he obstructed. so, both of them were bogus theories. it's a horrible thing if you whn you have to represent somebody who is innocent. can i see in his eyes sometimes he would say to me i didn't do anything with the russians. i didn't do anything.
4:17 am
how could they do this? he happened it better than anyone could possibly handle it. the only time he would really get upset not about him but about his family and about his co-workers and the people who came to washington to change things and left having spent a lot of money, completely upset and disspirited. he feels very bad about that. he can't possibly be a better president in what he has accomplished. it's astounding. i think now he can enjoy it for. take some satisfaction in it. i think you will see even more wonderful things now. steve: sure. is he enjoying the fact no collusion, no obstruction. rudy giuliani, congratulations. that i think for joining us today. >> thank you. and thank you very much for your in this terrible, terribletown town. >> we are ready. ainsley: rudy, thank you. jillian is somewhere in the
4:18 am
studio. she is upstairs. jillian: starting with this fox news alert. right now the israeli military is reinforcing troops along the gaza border this following a rocket attack overnight. seven people were hurt when a rocket from the gaza strip destroyed a home north of tel aviv. prime minister benjamin netanyahu vowing retaliation and cutting his trip to the u.s. short. he will meet with the president today and fly home immediately after. this is a tragic story. a second survivor the parkland school shooting has taken their life. the miami herald reporting the male sophomore shot himself. his death coming just one week after another survivor sydney iello shot herself after struggling with survivor's guilt. 17 people were killed at the high school last year. prosecutors are seeking the death penalty for the suspect nicholas cruise. russia has sent equipment and troops to venezuela. two russian military planes were spotted there
4:19 am
yesterday. reportedly carrying a high ranking defense official and nearly 100 troops. according to a russian news agency, they were sent to fulfill military contracts. russia has imposed sanctions on the government of nicholanicolasmaduro. a dare devil runs through a dust devil tourist hot spot. caught on camera ancient mya maya pyramid. they are usually harmless. send it back down to you guys. steve: i have been to those pyramids. thank you very much, jillian. after anti-semitic comments the topic of congresswoman ilhan omar took center stage at major pro-israel conference this weekend. we will show you what happened when one of the nation's top democrats took to the stage. brian: steny hoyer stood up.
4:20 am
alan dershowitz calls the mueller report a copout. he will have more on that ♪ don't you know i'm still standing better than i ever did ♪ looking like a true survivor ♪ feeling like a little kid ♪ ♪we've got a long way to go ♪and a short time to get there.♪ ♪i'm eastbound, just watch ole bandit run♪ whatever party you've got going in the back, we've got the business up front. neighbors... loved ones. living with diseases like cancer, epilepsy, mental health conditions and hiv. maybe you're one of them. but new medicare rules could deny access to the latest, most effective therapies... therapies that keep them healthy. are medicare cuts that save less than one percent
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agents at the port of nogales. ainsley: she didn't think they could see that. brian: busting a mexican woman and niece and turning them over to ice. the drugs are worth about $240,000. the elderly could soon be taking their senior citizens discounts to pot shops. recent studies show supreme 65 and older are the largest group of users in the nation. recreational pot to past time and deal with things like arthritis and sleeplessness. they can't get suspended from school because most have graduated. steve: special counsel robert mueller stating quote while this report does not conclude that the president committed a crime also does not exxon father rate him. ainsley: our next guest condemning that mood while engaging in a copout. alan dershowitz is author of the case against impeaching trump and he joins us now to explain. why do you think that? >> well, if he wanted to
4:25 am
hedge his bets and he refused to come to a decision. he ought to go to work for a hedge fund. the job of a prosecutor is to evaluate the evidence on all sides and then come to a conclusion. this especially important in the obstruction of justice part of the case. because, rod rosenstein should not be making any decisions relating to object destruction of justice because he was involved in the firing of comey. and he has his own interests in making sure that the case came out one way rather than another way. so, you know, i think two cheers for mueller. he was right about obstruction of justice. i'm sorry, he was right about collusion or conspiracy and he was right in the end about obstruction. not bringing any charges. but he was wrong not to say unequivocally look we have looked at the evidence and there is no case for obstruction. there is no case for obstruction. you can't obstruct justice if you engage in constitutionally authorized act, firing, pardoning, helping the justice
4:26 am
department make decisions. that should have been the end of the inquiry. now what we have a comey situation like with hillary clinton. comey said on the one hand i'm not going to indict clinton. on the other hand, what she did was terrible. so the democrats got something out of it. the republicans got something out of it same thing is true here. the republicans are saying vindication. the democrats are saying this is an invitation to more investigations and we have to now subpoena this guy and that guy. that's not what prosecutors are supposed to do. they are supposed to decide up or down indict or not indict and then shut up. that's it. move on. somebody who didn't shut up the media over the last couple years we have heard, allen on a couple of different channels. in fact we have heard voices on this channel talking about there is evidence of collusion clearly the president and his family or somebody involved with the campaign colluded. what do you make of what the american public took from what they saw on television, heard on the radio, read in the newspapers, regarding that and now this morning we
4:27 am
wake up, you know, the media doesn't just have a little egg on their face they have a whole omelet. >> well, with all due modesty, if they had just listened to me from day one. they would have gotten this straight. i called it exactly right do you know why i called it right i'm not a politician. i'm not partisan. i look at the law not in terms of what i wish would happen but what i know will happen based on 50 years of experience. i wish the folks over on cnn would have done the same thing. they didn't. all they did was oh, he is gonna be indicted because we want him to be indicted. he did collude because we want him to collude. he obstructed pause we wanted him to have obstructed. that's not news analysis. that's advocacy journalism. i think a lot of apologies are due to the american public about being mislead by many in the media who substituted wishful thinking for factual analysis. that's not what media people want to hear. what we want to hear is the american public is a straight down analysis.
4:28 am
and what we don't want to hear from mueller is a law review article. on the one hand. on the other hand. that's good for a law review article. but from a prosecutor we want no, we're not indicting, end of inquiry. that's it. i think the end result is what the facts pointed toward. >> allen, a couple of things, not only cnn but other channels too. they question you, what happened alan dershowitz? why is he saying this? why is he going off the handle like this? man, he has lost his fast ball. i know we voted for hillary clinton. why is he in bed with trump? what's your answer to those critics? >> well, they are still coming after me. the new yorker has commissioned a hit piece on me, attacking my personal life because they don't like what i have said about donald trump. you know, did you go all over the media. i'm being attacked all over the place not because of anything did i but because of my truthful analysis which people think shows i'm a big supporter of trump.
4:29 am
look, i voted for hillary clinton, as i said. i'm a liberal democrat. but i call them as i see them. i love the fact that fox calls me the voice of reason to believe. that's high praise for me. i try to apply my reason, my analysis, my 50 years of experience and i try to give the viewer the truth just what the facts are. but i get condemned for that because they don't want the facts to come out in favor of trump. what they want is to distort the facts and the law to come out against trump. ainsley: it's ridiculous because you teach the law. and if there is not sufficient evidence of obstruction there is no obstruction. thank you so much for being with us. >> absolutely. ainsley: all right. >> thank you. ainsley: you are welcome. >> the washington capitals getting their visit to the white house today. some members of the team are skipping out. shouldn't they just put those politics aside? brian: another member of the president's legal team jay sekulow joins us to react to the mueller findings. that's next. >> there was no collusion with russia.
4:30 am
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4:34 am
>> there is a very big difference between trying to get enough evidence for a criminal charge, president or not, and making a political determination on capitol hill. >> we have a lot of questions that are not answered in this letter. >> in this summary from barr tonight the clear outlines of a new fight from donald trump's hand-picked attorney general. the other key thing to know is that these four pages that barr wrote, they don't have a full single sentence quoting the mueller report at all. politically the two toothpaste is already out of the tube as they say. >> yeah. >> so, you know, this isn't getting resolved in this country until november 2020. steve: all political. bring in jay sekulow chief counsel for law and justice
4:35 am
remember president trump's legal team. is he smiling because he had a good day yesterday. jay, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> good morning, thanks, steve. steve: no zero zilch of collusion. yesterday the attorney general made it clear that was the finding of mr. mueller. >> that's correct. the entire basis upon which this counterintelligence investigation began, which was allegations over russian interference and collusion with the trump campaign and people associated with the trump campaign, bob mueller concluded after issuing and i like to numbers 2800 subpoenas, 500 search warrants. 230 orders for communications. 50 orders authorizing use of registers. 13 requests to foreign governments for evidence. and 500 witness interviews that there was as the president said from the outset no collusion. ainsley: that was smart to include that because it showed the american people how thorough it was and why it took two years. yesterday my family were watching and we started with fox and then we wanted to flip around to see how the
4:36 am
other stations. steve: you were watching the games, too. ainsley: and the game. that was a little bit later the duke game. we saw you on several channels, msnbc and gma. you were saying this took two years, time away from things really important and really matter. how do the american people react to this because it was a lot of money, tax dollar money and two years away from things that people went to the polls to vote on this president for? >> i think the american people are resilient. what we have now is a concluded investigation there was no obstruction. there was no collusion. the fact that gave you statistics about the scope and nature of this investigation. congress has got these investigations going now on the same exact topics except they don't have the resources or capability frankly the jurisdiction to get the kind of information that special counsel got. so instead of wasting money and time and more importantly, i think, or as important let's focus on things for the american
4:37 am
people. the president said he is in favor of comprehensive immigration reform. let's get it there is a lot of things that could be done to advance our country over the next several years. let's start governing again. and i think that would be best for the american people. brian: william barr said is he going to go through it and take out the testimony and redact the intelligence. are you in support, jay, of releasing what he can and what do you expect to happen after that? because i imagine they will have things about the trump tower meeting. they are going to have things about the would be moscow tower. and it could reinvigorate all this debate again. >> my view is straightforward. i think the attorney general pursuant to the regulations regs has the authority to issue what he thinks are the appropriate aspects of this report. is he doing that in that regard and i think this is important to understand, he is not going to disclose 16 material. if he did that, that could be a criminal act if you disclose grand jury material. national security material should not be disclosed.
4:38 am
people exonerated should thought be put in the spotlight that would be wrong. that's what james comey did. the attorney general is saying on paper as much transparency as can you under the law and regulations. he is going to do that and i think move expeditiously. steve: we had your co-counsel rudy giuliani with us a half an hour ago. >> yep. >> we asked him whether he felt somebody conned the fbi, this is from the "wall street journal." conned the fbi into one of the great dirty tricks in american political history. he said yes. and he felt that there was somebody who essentially invented this to destroy donald trump. do you feel that way? >> yeah. i think, look, this whole thing starts with the dossier, the steele dot yea, right? and james comey calls it salacious and unverified. meanwhile started a counterintelligence action on that and then you have got these fisa warrants and people that the fisa warrants are against brought up on no charges as far as as it relates to carter
4:39 am
page. i think what this shows after a two year extensive investigation after the president said at the outset was correct. there was no collusion. there was no obstruction and we need to move on. brian: jay sekulow thanks so much. we will be talking to you again. >> thank you. brian: congratulations. >> thank you very much. ainsley: coming up, mike huckabee, kellyanne conway, congressman mark meadows and congressman jim jordan and dan bongino. steve: no collusion cocoa lucien conclusion what happens next. >> will you ask to testify before the house judiciary committee. we will demand the release of the full report. what makes these simple dishes the best simple dishes ever?
4:40 am
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jillian: good monday morning, welcome back. quick headlines, house majority leader steny hoyer shows report at pro-israel event and comments deemed
4:44 am
anti-semitic from congresswoman ilhan omar. >> i am a part of a large bipartisan coalition in congress supporting israel. so let's have debates on policy instead impugning the loyalty of israel's supporters. jillian: owe more suggested pro-israel organizations pay members of congress for support. she later apologized. headed to congress to celebrate stanley win. many say they will sit this one out. saying he needs to stay true to his values. others say they will pass because of the president's rhetoric. some players though are excited to visit the white house including star player. steve: jillian, thank you. after nearly two years that long awaited special counsel report clearing trump on any collusion came out over the weekend. a summary did. what does this outcome say about the -- how the probe
4:45 am
began in the first place? and is it time to, perhaps, investigate the people who were the investigators? former department of justice prosecutor james trusty joins us now from washington, d.c. good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: a lot has been made, we were just talking to jay sekulow about how it all started with it seems like the story from the fisa court and the dossier and stuff like that. >> somebody sold the fbi on an investigation into somebody running for president which is extraordinary. is it time to investigate how it all started? >> well, i think those are fair questions. the reality is, you know, we don't have an answer yet about the fisa court, about the use of the dossier, of christopher steele meeting with doj and fbi officials after he was fired. steve: right. >> it's fair game and hopefully we will get some of that from the inspector general. it's not full proof. give us process. that's a fundamental fairness thing we should all want to know about.
4:46 am
steve: of course, at the very core it was all about trying to figure out did the trump people collude with the russians. invariably some people close to the president got indicted and sentenced because they said inappropriate or wrong things to the fbi. you say the whole prosecution of these false statements is a red flag to you. >> it is, where i work we represent folks who get caught up in white collar investigations it seems to me there is an awful lot of subjectivity of 1001. there was four or five people that might have not had any criminal exposure. didn't do anything wrong, didn't collude, obviously, but at the end of the day, they get tripped up because they have what's called a convenient memory lapse. they may or may not remember something accurately and subjectively that puts them in a felony in federal court. it was sworn off in the hillary clinton probe. it was used frequently in the trump probe. that's a fair area for all of u.s. to question. steve: how do you fix that? >> i think you have to try
4:47 am
to drag some people in for oversight of this narrow topic. not trying to relitigate everything to do with this probe. really drill down and find out what's the use of discretion that prosecutors and agents are using when it comes to these false statement prosecutions. steve: excellent point. jim trusty thank you for joining us on a busy weekend on the fox news channel. >> sure. good to see you. steve: coming up on the telecast kellyanne conway, congressman jim jordan and dan bongino. plus, mike huckabee coming up next on how the presidential hopefuls are now campaigning on the mueller report findings and what it means for 2020. menta. patients with serious diseases are being targeted for cuts to their medicare drug coverage. new government restrictions would allow insurance companies to come between doctor and patient. and deny access to individualized therapies millions depend on. call the white house today.
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4:51 am
>> the mueller report must be made public. >> i don't want a summary of the report. [cheers] >> i want the whole damn report. >> our democracy was attacked. attacked by a foreign power. i think we have got to see if it was also attacked from within by somebody who sought to assume power. brian: quickly go to new mexico and eat some more dirt. a bunch of democratic candidates 2020 hitting the campaign trail this weekend demanding the full details of the mueller report. ainsley: what do the findings mean for president trump in 2020. steve: let's talk to fox news contributor and former
4:52 am
arkansas governor mike huckabee who joins us today from down in florida. mike, okay. so, as soon as the report came out and the president has been exonerated in his words. you didn't expect the democrats to say, you know what? we were wrong. >> i honestly thought they would have the good sense to shut their pie holes after this came out but they didn't. here's the thing we need to remember. there is three things i think have to be put in context. number one, there was a conspiracy, apparently, a coverup and attempted could you deat thacoupdeat that depacde space tat. demands investigation and charges if they find evidence. second thing. for all this time we were told donald trump didn't even want to be president. and he didn't really run because he thought he would win or wanted to win. he didn't want to win. he just wanted to
4:53 am
increase -- let me ask you something. if he didn't want to win, why would he have conspired with the russians to begin with he would do everything he could do to make sure he didn't win. now they are saying he colluded with russians so he could win but he didn't really want to win. you can't have it both ways democrats and media. and the third thing i think is important who was in charge of the government when all these things happened? who was running the government? brian: president obama. >> briar to the election. it was not donald trump it was not corey lewandowski and not paul manafort. it was none of these people it was barack obama. susan rice. it was james clapper, john brennan. it was jim comey, andrew mccabe, peter strzok, lisa page, bruce ohr, they were the ones in government. donald trump had zero power. why aren't we hearing the fact that when everything happened, the supposed russia collusion, these were the people who were supposed to be protecting america and they were asleep at the
4:54 am
switch. and if it happened it happened because they let it happen. and they weren't competent enough to stop it. ainsley: what about these democratic candidates or nancy pelosi? should they be sitting down with their entire party and saying just let this rest? no more on this because it's going to hurt us in 2020? this is a great move for the president or be favorable for the president in 2020, his approval rating is probably going to go up because of this. the american people aren't stupid. they spent a lot of taxpayer dollars on this investigation. what should the democrats be telling their party now. they need to be blaring out on loud speakers the song from frozen "let it go." let it go. they are not going to do this. evident by what they have been saying the last 24 hours. i'm stunned by the media and democrats who don't have even the courtesy of even acknowledging that this is a president who has been falsely accused. as well as the people around him for two years they have relentlessly attacked him
4:55 am
and accused him. and here is a little word to adam the shift. adam, you have been saying you have evidence. show up with a box full of it and empty it out on the capitol steps or shut the heck up. provided -- prove that you don't have it. brian: he will not listen to you. the investigation is going to move forward. you know elijah cummings has already put out all those requests for documents and some have come in. in light of this mueller probe. if they are requesting that you give documents or someone that you know give documents who is involved somehow with the trump campaign, do you start to stiff arm them and you say no? enough? i'm not wasting my time? in the case of a lot of these people they have gone bankrupt because they have to get an attorney that's going to represent them at a clip of a minimum $50,000 every three months. some of one of my political mentors dick morris taught me in my political life is this don't throw the first
4:56 am
punch. once you are punched counter punch and counter punch hard. what we need to do as republicans is let them punch and then counter punch. open the investigations. remember, we have the executive branch and the senate. all they have got is the house. punch hard. let lindsey graham and the senate judiciary committee go after. who were the con spirit tores. who were the ones inside the department of justice or the fbi actually conspired to bring down this president and chase them to justifiable? order the attorney general to do the same thing. steve: okay. let's see what happens. in the words of mike huckabee the democrats let it go, let it go. mike huckabee thank you very much. ainsley: or counter bunch. >> you bet. steve: final hour of "fox & friends" two minutes. . .
4:57 am
4:58 am
4:59 am
5:00 am
steve: this is a fox news alert, brian. brian: here we are. there is no collusion and obstruction is still a question mark. talking about the mueller report, that came in yesterday, we're still battle what the four mains mean and what attorney general barr does next. ainsley: william barr spent the weekend reviewing the mueller report. he released a summary. there were two parts to the summary. he didn't find president coordinated with risha to influence the election. the second part was okay instruction, there was not sufficient evidence to make a determination one way or the other. steve: after two years a lot of people in the mainstream media there was evidence of collusion,
5:01 am
it must have killed them to put things on the cover of the papers today, like "the new york times," says, mueller finds so trump-russia conspiracy. "new york post," no collusion, no obstruction, ainsley. ainsley: "the daily news," teflon don. steve sieve some of the headlines. brian: "the daily news" being a flyer for the six people that read it. joining us now to discuss this, so much more, bret baier, you know him on "special report." he is here early to help us out as he helped us out throughout yesterday. brett, what do you think the next step is as we start unwinding what the four pages mean? >> good morning, guys. there will be a lot of cause for transparency, heard them from democrats wanting to see the full report. i think the attorney general is going to true to his word, put out as much as he can without
5:02 am
putting out grand jury testimony for example, implicating somebody who is not named or charged. and also classified materials. so the whole meme on social media and elsewhere this is the attorney general's letter, you can't trust this because this is a politically-appointed person is a little farfetched in that he wrote the four-page letter, along deputy attorney general rod rosenstein, who was the champion of the left and a lot of lawmakers on the democratic side. there will be a push to rethese as much as you can. steve: brett, over the last couple years we heard two different messages from a lot of members of the mainstream media and democrats as well. one was, we trust robert mueller. as soon as his report comes out that will be what actually happened. but at the same time there have been other people who have suggested regarding this, you know, there obviously was collusion and they have evidence
5:03 am
about it, fast forward to today, a lot of those same people not trusting mueller, doubling down say we'll have another investigation? >> yeah. i mean if you can't come to the conclusion where on the collusion part, the conspiracy, the cooperating with russia that the mueller probe which the attorney general quotes from in that four-page letter, finds no american tied to the trump campaign or the president cooperated or conspired with the russians to interfere with the 2016 elections that is after 500 witnesses, 2800 subpoenas, all of the resources of the special counsel that the attorney said were not hindered in any way, shape or form throughout this whole thing. i do think there will be a call, guys, as the president said, a look into the other side, how this all started. i thought the best tweet yesterday was james comey tweeting this picture of himself looking up into these trees, so
5:04 am
many questions. and then senator lindsey graham retweeting that, could not agree more. see you soon. suggesting that he will call comey back up. brian: do you think there is appetite in america to go further on this investigation how it came to be? to find out more about the fisa warrants and build-up to this investigation? >> i think there is definitely an appetite on the right. there is definitely an appetite for folks who think this has been you know, really hammered again and again on the left as collusion and that the president is an agent of russia. they want to get to the bottom of it so it doesn't happen again. collectively if you poll america you might bet to the point of mueller fatigue. we'll see because this is a crucial question as you head into the election, what democrats are going to do going forward. ainsley: we had rudy giuliani, jay sekulow, both president's
5:05 am
attorneys working with the president for several years both on our show earlier both very happy to find out the results of the mueller investigation. this is what rudy giuliani had to say, brett. >> here's the thing to understand, and i unstood this from the very beginning why i was so passionate about it, he didn't do any of this. the man is an innocent man. whether you like him or you don't like him, i happen to love him, he is one of my very good friends, to see him go through this, was horrible as a friend, to see him go through it as president of the united states really broke my heart as a patriot. presidents shouldn't be distracted with made-up stories. collusion is made-up. if collusion is made-up how could you have obstruction, please, guys all of you wake up, the investigation wasn't obstructed. this investigation is much more of a shame than people know, it was conducted in more shameful way than people realize. we had an innocent man we were
5:06 am
defending. i know he was the president of the united states. he didn't collude. he didn't obstruct. this investigation wouldn't have taken place if he obstructed. so both of them were bogus theories. it is a horrible thing when you have to represent somebody who is innocent. i could see it in his eyes sometimes, he would say to me, i didn't do anything with the russians, i didn't do anything, how can they do this? ainsley: brett, what's your reaction? >> well i think that, you know i tweeted out yesterday, no matter what your ideology is, where you sit, this is good day for america because the special counsel did not find an american tied to the trump campaign or the president who colluded, conspired, with russia. that is the period, the end. the other stuff will be fought out as as far as the specifics. alan dershowitz rightly said they put in all of that here, both sides of the obstruction. it is attorney's general's call on that front.
5:07 am
steve: brett, thank you very much. i think we'll watch special report tonight. i think we'll have a idea what your lead story is. kellyanne conway, counselor to the president, talking about the james comey tweet, people who don't follow you on twitter, you tweeted this out yesterday. congratulations president donald trump, you won the 2016 election all over again. got a gift for the 2020 election. they will never get you because they never get you, you wrote. >> i did. those let this lie fly for two years, haranging and trying to embarass and worse those of us connected to the 2016 campaign beginning with the president and his family really owe america an apology. more importantly they never legitimatized him as president because they never saw it coming. those who spent 22 months, wasting their time, 2 1/2 years
5:08 am
since he was elected running out of time for 2020. they made donald trump look like the victim here because set victim here. let me be specific about certain individuals, the head of the democratic national committee, tom perez, let me quote him, he said repeatedly there is a mountain of evidence of collusion between the campaign and the russians this is a man who's own dnc along with hillary clinton's campaign first funded the phony dossier that got us to where we are. you have adam schiff, talk about oxymoron, heads the intelligence committee in the house, he said, quote, he believes that the scandal of size and scope probably bigger than watergate. there is plenty of evidence of collusion. he should resign today. he has been on every tv show 50 times a day last two years that the president would be impeached or indicted -- steve: he is politician. that is what politicians do.
5:09 am
>> talk about collusion, they are aid i had and abetted, my tweet last night, they will never get you, because they don't get you, the how he got elected. non-politician disruptor. americans didn't want business as usual. think of all the time and money wasted not just on this investigation which is the second most expensive investigation by day since the special counsel was created 40 years ago, but think about all the people who are suffering from drug addiction, who couldn't get the media to cover on greatest scourge of our time. think of all the people languishing in prison who were ignored even though this president put forth criminal justice reform. think about all the property owners, taxpayers, small business owners who don't know deregulation is there to help them? people ran around basically calling the president of the united states a russian asset or a russian agent. brian: john brennan in particular.
5:10 am
john brennan in particular. >> many tv lawyers, many people let the lie fly. brian: kellyanne, do you think the president as talked about today in "axios" is going out for vengance will call for people in the media to be fired? >> i talked to the president very late last night after he returned from mar-a-lago. he said none of that. but i will repeat to you what i said to your own chris wallace on "fox news sunday" around january 29th, 2017, which is, that people, we were going to have joint custody of this custody for eight years. we being the white house and the media. we are duty at this bound together to give the american people the truth and the facts that affect them, not people curating, doing advocacy journalism. give people news they can use. give people information, do the veterans know everything available to them? i told chris wallace, there is not a single person in the media
5:11 am
got the 2016 chronically and embarrassingly wrong lost their jobs. they won't here too. brett kavanaugh. the first most covered story was russian collusion. the second story was brett kavanaugh. they treated him the same way. that is micro so i am what they tried to do to president trump and his family and last two years. this is a drive-by they abandoned all standards. all professional duty. do you realize major papers in this country, won pulitzer prizes over reporting something that is totally fake? do you realize another cable station, over 13,000 stories combined by two major printout let's and two major cable stations not named fox news. somebody who engages with those people much as i can, tries to get out there, we were basically told we were liars.
5:12 am
i was the campaign manager, bustings my hump as did my colleagues in the last three months in 2016 building on the great work donald trump who won that election fairly and squarely done for a year-and-a-half before that. basically when you're talking about collusion and talking to russia, and conspiracies and obstruction of justice for two years with no proof other than people leaking to you or you just, you just guffawing with the anchor next to you and fake lawyers on tv and journnanists pretending to be lawyers for that moment, you're calling us all, you're saying that we did not win fairly and squarely. you in fact running around jutting your jaw i'm worried about the effect of institutions. you were disparaging the institutions. you were demeaning and deriding our great democracy, and president of the united states. adam schiff should resign. pedaling a lie day after day,
5:13 am
unchallenged not unoath, somebody put him under oath, do you have evidence? where is it? bob mueller ran the fair and full investigation. any partisan, politicized investigation from here on in will never have the credibility of the mueller investigation. the credibility of attorney general barr and deputy attorney general rod rosenstein what they have done here. ainsley: kellyanne, people voted for him, are frustrated it has gone on for so long, yet there was no collusion yet hillary clinton got off scot-free. kimberly strassel had a fabulous editorial op-ed is in "the wall street journal." she said the fbi unleashed its powers on the presidential candidate. rod rosenstein said he was alarmed by the bias against president trump strzok and page. if you investigate me this way you have to be fair to investigate the other side. what happens next? >> our democracy and truth
5:14 am
should bear nothing less. those running around for two years, to get the president, frog march him out of the white house did two things. they legitimatized calls for full investigation how we got to this in the first place. let's see everything that attended to the fisa warrants. let's see all the communications happening at the top levels of the fbi during the obama administration and getting that quote, insurance policy deriding the trump voters and rest of us as filthy walmart shoppers and all the other slights, all the snark and bark from eliteist snobs. they showed that the department of justice and the fbi cured itself very quickly. what mueller and barr and rosenstein and rest have done is a great service to our democracy. they repaired us. what was happening at the highest levels of fbi was absolute disphrase. those who legitimatized comey
5:15 am
and mccabe, credibility and great book tours, shame on them. we know comey lied under oath t was big leakers. the leaks got us where we are. gave us the obstruction of justice nonsense. steve: kellyanne, we had had mike huckabee on 20 minutes ago, when we looked at how this started it happened on barack obama's watch. he listed names of people in the west wing. the big question how high does this bo? >> let's see. we should see, shouldn't we? those who called for full and fair investigation, i must get the truth, we will not stop, facts first, have at it. we've got time. you have not stopped, you have not winced a single moment, not reflected or be reluctant to waste 25, $30 million of taxpayer dollars. 13 is requests of foreign governments. pen registers, subpoenas. 500 witnesses all these subpoenas. so, and you came up with nothing. no obstructive conduct, no
5:16 am
collusion, no more indictments. nobody named trump or kushner indicted, folks. people would whisper in our ears. look out. don't get in a meeting with them. everybody has to duck. what a bunch of nonsense. nobody will reflect because they listened to it. let it all hang out. see what happened with the fisa warrants, phony dossier. see what hillary clinton, why are you still talking about hillary clinton, because folks you wouldn't let the 2016 election go. now you're running up against 2020. you got a big ol' nothing. beto o'rourke two days ago there is beyond a shadow of a doubt president colluded. there should be a reckoning because our democracy bears nothing less. thank you. brian: we don't know what counter he was standing on when he said that. >> stop violating federal and health regulations. go home, see your kids. steve: look at your phone. you got three text messages.
5:17 am
could be from your children. brian: a lot of balls in the area. >> take care. brian: second biggest day of the administration after winning election. second happiest day. ainsley: i'm sure they're all popping champagne. glad it is all over. jillian upstairs with headlines. jillian: good morning, a fox news alert. israeli military is reinforcing troops along the gaza border following a rocket attack. seven people were hurt after a rocket from the gaza strip destroyed a home north of tel aviv. benjamin netanyahu vowing retaliation and cutting his trip short. he will meet with the president and fly home immediate after. >> >> viking cruise sending passengers home after near disaster at sea. hours of chaos when the engines failed during a storm.
5:18 am
nearly 500 passengers airlifted off the cruise before the ship restarted its engines. at least 20 passengers were hurt. the first wave of defendants accused in a massive national college admissions scandal will face a judge today. at least 12 of the 50 people charged are expected in a boston courtroom. seven of the nine college coaches involved will be present including fired legendary usc water polo coach. actress lori loughlin heads to court next week. rob gronkowski retires on instagram. he will move forward with a big smile after nine seasons and three super bowl wins. his 2017 leading him to the white house where this happened. >> can i just -- [laughter]. i think i got this, but thank you. maybe. [laughter]. thanks, man. see you in a minute. jillian: who could forget that.
5:19 am
gronk cracking up the room in press briefing. posting a tribute to his friend online. our team was almost unbeatable when you were on the field. i'm sure he will be just fine, having a great time. brian: he will do okay. jillian: he seems like he is all fun. ainsley: all the parades, takes his shirt offhands beers to the crowd. brian: he will be like shaq. millions of endorsements and they don't tackle you anymore. brand new migrant caravan is heading straight to the u.s. is this really not a crisis? ainsley: plus president trump and his legal team calling for an investigation into the investigators. so what's next? congressman mark meadows and congressman jim jordan will join us live next. ♪ with my annuity, i know there is a guarantee. it's for my family, its for my self,
5:20 am
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5:24 am
could be stopped by people in alabama. the state senate passing a bill to let people donate tax refunds to build a border wall. a great way for people to show support for president trump and border security. the bill moves to the statehouse. brian. brian: thanks, jillian, now we know there is no collusion, president trump and the legal team are calling for an investigation into the investigators. what is next for members of congress to look into? joining us mark meadows and ranking member of the house oversight committee congressman jim jordan. if you want to know why president trump was able to sustain this fight because of these two gentlemen had a lot to do with that. first off, individually your reaction to the four-page conclusion we all read yesterday, jim? >> i think, remember four numbers, 19, 40, 500, and 2800. 19 lawyers, most of them clinton democrat lawyers. 40 fbi agents, 500 search warrants and 2800 subpoenas over
5:25 am
22 months and the findings come back and they say what? no more indictments coming. no sealed indictments. no collusion, no obstruction. this is as strong a statement as you can see. this is good for the president. more importantly good for the country. brian: we'll roll the full screen in. similar states of 2800 subpoenas, 500 witnesses, cost of between 25 and $40 million. mark, you talked to the president probably as much as anybody on the hill. how much is this weighed down on him and affected him? >> well, i mean it is weighed down on him from doing his job. i mean you have a president who love this is country, who is committed to this country. yet each and every day there were lies after lies after lies told about him. some by, in the media, but some by adam schiff and jerry nadler, the same people that will try to switch the narrative and say, well, this is not an exoneration. it is told vindication of the
5:26 am
president, not just for the president. it is indeed for the american people who trusted this president, who voted for him and now can say to the mainstream media, you know why have you lied to us for two years? it is about time. brian: here is jerry nadler yesterday. he didn't miss an opportunity to go to the streets of new york, get heckled, speak out. >> we will ask the attorney general to testify before the house judiciary committee. we will demand the release of the full report. the attorney general's comments make it clear that congress must step in to get the truth and provide full transparency to the american people. brian: so, as pre dicked -- >> brian, one of the big things, you hear jerry nadler there, if he wants to get to the truth, bring in glenn simpson who started this with a fake dossier, who claimed the fifth. bring in a lot of individuals who put the false narrative out
5:27 am
there. if we want to get to the truth. be about the truth. >> mark is exactly right. 81 letters jerry nadler sent out. this was not the bombshell. the mueller report. they're starting whole new fishing expedition. 81ers are. two key people he didn't send a letter to, didn't send one to glenn simpson, christopher steele the foreigner hired by the clinton campaign to the write the dossier the basis of this whole twisted deal. brian: investor business daily does the headline, obama, hillary brennan combined. if it weren't for president obama we might have done the sell against community assessment that set up whole sequence of events unfolding ba including special counsel tell robert mult letter. president obama is responsible for that. it was he who tasked us to do the intelligence community assessment in the first place. he was trying to credit obama,
5:28 am
but what did he do? >> we know based on certain text messages, meeting that took place between the department of justice, the intel community and the white house there was involvement at the highest levels of government. that being said it requires further investigation to make sure we do that, that we do not weaponize the intelligence community, the department of justice or the fbi. i know jim and i are committed to getting to the bottom of it. brian: one question, try to end on positive note. hakeem jeffries, i will paraphrase. i will work hard to find common ground to work with the president. do you believe him, jim? >> let's hope so. doesn't sound like mr. nadler is looking to do that. doesn't sound like mr. schiff is looking to do that. doesn't sound like chairman cummings is looking to do that i appreciate what he said. hope we find common ground. fix the crisis on border. build a border wall. fix the debt situation. i hope we can. brian: people are saying at
5:29 am
home. they're over the russia thing. talking about prescription drugs and health care and immigration. >> i agree. brian: great to see you today. the president owns a debt of gratitude for saying by him. adam schiff has had night there is clear evidence on collusion. that to me is direct evidence. there is abundant circumstantial evidence. there is significant evidence of collusion. brian: so, why couldn't robert mueller find it? dan bongino coming up next. so in this commercial we see two travelers at a comfort inn with a glow around them, so people watching will be like, "wow, maybe i'll glow too if i book direct at". who glows? just say, badda book. badda boom. nobody glows. he gets it. always the lowest price,
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♪ she's doing it again. no cover up spray here... it's the irresistibly fresh scent of febreze air effects. cheaper aerosols can cover up odors, burying the smell in a flowery fog. switch to febreze air effects! febreze eliminates even the toughest odors from the air. and it uses an all-natural propellant to leave behind a pleasant scent you'll love. use anywhere odors can spread. freshen up, don't cover up. febreze air effects. >> have democrats found any evidence of collusion? >> yes, we have. there is clear evidence on issue collusion this adds to the body of evidence. that to me is direct evidence but there is abundant circumstantial evidence. there is significant evidence of collusion. i did say there is ample evidence and indeed there is of
5:34 am
collusion. steve: wow. there is a lot of evidence of collusion according to adam schiff. bring in dan bongino, fox news contributor, former any cop, former secret service agent, author of "spygate," the attempted sabotage of donald j. trump. mr. schiff is talking about that evidence. why couldn't robert mueller find it? >> because there wasn't any, steve. there was never any evidence. you know i've been seeing a bunch of tweet this is morning from blue check marked liberals and anti-trump fake conservatives out there, they keep saying this. the system worked. there was a serious allegation out there and they investigated it and they didn't find anything. no, the system never worked, steve, ever. there was never any credibility of any of this happened. steve, if you, buy, or ainsley entire lives were disrupted because you were accused of bank robbery you never committed and your friends and family and network of people around you
5:35 am
were bankrupted, hauled into court and raided at 6:00 in the morning over a bank robbery you had nothing to do with, as a matter of fact, a bank robbery that never even happened in your neighborhood you would be furious. adam schiff should resign in disgrace. him and eric smallwell humiliated themselves. the united states congress, the united states itself on national stage accusing a sitting united states president of effectively treason. he should sign a citizens contract to never enter the political realm again. he should engage in charity work for the rest of his-to try to tree deem his broken, sorry soul. the only redemption for this whole thing i have is that the lord almighty he will have to answer to him one day for his disgraceful conduct for the last two years. ainsley: dan he is not only one. tom perez saying there was mountain of evidence. senator blumenthal, evidence is pretty clear. swalwell you mentioned, string
5:36 am
of evidence. jerry nadler, we know there was collusion. now he is saying, can't rely on it, possible hasty partisan interpretation of the report. no so-called total exoneration as the president says. he is not alone. the democrats are spreading this message because they have seen the report and they don't like the result. >> you know, ainsley in business they have an expression, when you had a really bad quarter they say listen let's just take a bath with the stockholders. let's pile all the bad information into one report, get it out there, let the stock take a beating and move on. time for the media to take a bath. drop the l, fellows. schiff, nadler, politicians, media class, who have, by the way, listen i get it, i work here now, but i'm not kissing this outlet's butt here at all i don't need to, we were the only ones that played this straight, ever, only ones that played this straight. media, cnn, msnbc were in on the collusion hoax. i occasionally saw a chiron in
5:37 am
the airport, cnn was only place tens of viewers can see it, it was constant non-stop collusion if this actually happened. fellows, ladies, take the loss. it's over. you got worked. there is no evidence. this is a complete -- you bought in on it. brian: opinion on column on cnn section today, keep in mind when you look at this picture. they said this, investigation did not establish that members of the trump campaign conspired or coordinated with russian government. they said this. look at the, he does not explain, barr does not explain what mueller meant by establish or legal word. barr putting in the world established they think it opened up a possible inquiry? >> brian this, is complete utter desperation. this is not like grasping at straws. this is complete humiliation on their part. i read that. not only that they're claiming the president is not vindicated from obstruction if they
5:38 am
couldn't read the same four-page report i did. he was vindicated completely. attorney general barr and rosenstein, by the way, brian, row send stein, who. brian: so smart to keep him. so smart to keep him in there, right. so smart to keep him in the final report, they would have said barr told him to take a walk, he said, stick around, write this with me. >> you stole my thunder, brother. rod, what a genius move. rod rosenstein signature is on two critical documents. the fourth fisa which gave them the authority to spy on the trump team. in other words he did something wrong here. and the exoneration letter from the department of justice where his name is in there, indicating he said there is nothing to this, let's move on. one more thing on the obstruction charge. they said also, they didn't even consider the fact that the president couldn't be indicted according to olc, office of legal counsel. brian: good point. >> they looked at it any way, even though the president couldn't be indictedded but they
5:39 am
still could come up with no legitimate i prosecutable car of obstruction. the media is making this up. they have no credibility left. now they're just completely embarrassing themselves, misreading that four-page letter. brian: like the rams complaining they lost the super bowl. they were crushed. they lost. it as is over. >> right. move on. it wasn't the refs call, you lost by 600 points. move on. the game is over. it is not the ref. it is you. brian: such a big day, i almost thought you would wear a tie. i was mistaken. >> that ain't happening. ainsley: thank you, dan. brian: straight ahead, ken starr served as independent counsel during the clinton presidency. he said the rule of law has triumphed. he joins us next with surprising news. ♪ 300 miles an hour,
5:40 am
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jillian: good morning to you. welcome back. quick headlines now. a police officer is dead after shooting along the u.s.-mexico border. west texas's sheriff's deputy peter herrera was critically wounded during a traffic stop on friday. he leaves behind a wife. a suspect is behind bars on attempted capital murder. that will be upgraded to capital murder. authorities will ask for the death penalty. herrera is the 27th officer killed in the line of duty this year. a heart-stopping moment when a father pushes his little girl out of the way as a car blows through a crosswalk. you can see in the top corner of your screen the red car there speeds right at them. the dad shoves his 11-year-old daughter and is knock toed ground. he broke his leg. the girl has scratches. the father said he is not a hero. just a dad. the police are looking for the driver who never stopped. frightening scene. steve: that was a close call. thank you. robert mueller special counsel
5:45 am
clearing the president of any russia collusion, a decision our next guest says is the total vindication for the rule of law in our constitutional democracy. brian: fox news contributor ken starr served aspects counsel prosecuting bill clinton as everyone knows. friday the came out, saturday the read, sunday the summary. are you okay with the process. >> exactly the way it should be done. bill barr, attorney general, honorable, goes by the law, not by politics, did exactly what he was called on to do about it governor earning regulations which bob mueller was appointed. he is going by the book. steve: you were chancellor, president at baylor. in addition to the judicial background you have a educational background. what grade would you give mr. mueller because he is getting mixed reviews? >> incomplete. he did a fine job, i know there are a lots of criticisms let's
5:46 am
leave all that aside. that is the rear view mirror. we are where we are, bob mueller did incredibly investigation, there are no indictments. that is what a pros thor is supposed to do. no indictment, no charges, that's it, it is over but respect to obstruction he gets an incomplete. he kicked that over to bill barr. bill showing his wisdom said, okay. bob mueller, you've been reporting to rod rosenstein, the deputy attorney general who appointed you. the two of us will complete the paper. they found, given what we know in the public dough main there was no obstruction of justice whatsoever. ainsley: so that how this works? who makes the decision there is no obstruction were they supposed to read the report and give a summary what mueller came up with? or were they supposed to decide whether or not the president broke the law? >> it really was bob mueller's
5:47 am
responsibility to come to a decision but on the other hand, we've got the very important fact that under the justice department understanding of our constitution the president cannot be indicted. it is odd situation, i understand that. the way the report came to bill barr, as our attorney general, it was, it is difficult. there is evidence here and there is evidence there. as i said, this is sort of a hamlet like, i don't know what to do. so i'm going to again kick it to the fifth floor of the justice department. brian: how do you get through 675 pages in a day? >> hey, you can do that because you're not reading it alone. because this is one of the things people just don't understand. this is not bill barr and rod rosenstein ail cloistered right into some library somewhere. they have great assistants, career prosecutors. i want to emphasize, dad gum it too many people are criticizing
5:48 am
the career people at the justice department. are there some bad apples? of course. the career people at the justice department have been advising bill barr and rod rosenstein. they come up what i think is the correct conclusion, no obstruction of justice by the president of the united states. steve: ken starr, thanks for joining us from waco. >> thank you. brian: pick up his book, contempt, memoir of the clinton investigation. >> thank you. ainsley: there is a picture of the book. 48 minutes after the top of the hour. all the attention is on russia, russia, russia, we want to end the show with an american hero today on national medal of honor day, sergeant leroy pietri joins us live coming up. steve: first, good morning to you sir. first bill hemmer joins us live with preview of the lead story i think i know. >> i think you're right on it, actually. good show. the report america has been waiting for for two years, first reaction in the white house. sarah sanders is our guest in 12
5:49 am
minutes. trey gowdy, donna brazile, brit hume, karl rove, john radcliffe, there is a ton to go over today. we'll get that for you. from overseas, is isis finished syria? why benjamin netanyahu is cutting his white house visit short today. it is monday. big day. come join sandra and me in couple minutes. see you at the top of the hour. for cuts to their medicare drug coverage. new government restrictions would allow insurance companies to come between doctor and patient. and deny access to individualized therapies millions depend on. call the white house today. help stop cuts to part d drug coverage that put medicare patients at risk.
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♪ steve: sergeant first class leroy pietri receiving the congressional medal of honor for his heroic action serving in afghanistan. an enemy again dade detonated in his hand, leaving him severely injured. this incredible act of salt lore is credited for saving lives of his rangers. ainsley: 72 medal of honor recipients are living. on national medal of honor day we celebrate heroes like the man sitting next to us. master sergeant leroy pietri. thank you for being with us here. >> thank you. >> what does that medal mean to you? >> this represents all those who serve, currently serving, especially those who paid the ultimate sacrifice. steve: when you received the award for something that happened in afghanistan.
5:54 am
back in 2018? >> yes, on memorial day. steve: on memorial day of all days. you were in process of saving lives of fellow army ranges, there is grenade comes in here, you don't think twice, you pick it up and throw it. one of those fight or flight things. picking up grenade, probably last thing average person would do. but not you that day. >> i looked at the guys around me as my brothers, my children. i had a responsibility to their families to do the best i could to bring them home alive. if it meant giving mine i was going to do it. ainsley: wow. eight tours in iraq and afghanistan. first of all thank you so much. >> thank you. ainsley: what does medal of honor day mean to you? >> it's a day of recognition for all those who have portrayed could yourage. it is representation like the medal itself of not only the recipients but the uniform and
5:55 am
the men and women and their families that sacrificed and continue to sacrifice today. i tell my children, dad's retired. the ones still currently serving are the heroes that are still protecting us. ainsley: how many kids? >> four. they are grown kids. steve: after you lost your hand you had the opportunity to retire. but you stayed in the service six more years. >> it was inspiration, somebody took care of me while i was going through rehab and i looked at, if i got out, you can't get back in. it's a lot harder. and, i wanted to do that for someone else. if i can't go to the front lines i want to help those coming back with families. >> you show the folks that is amazing the technology. >> i tell them this is a conversation starter. ainsley: i'm sure it is. you take it off at night, put it, on your nightstand, charge it every night. >> plug in my cell phone. plug in my arm. steve: the technology. ainsley: thank you for your
5:56 am
service. steve: thank you for joining us today. >> thank you. steve: celebrating our heroes on the national medal of honor today with some of the faces. more "fox & friends" right after this. here at snowfest... for your worst sore throat pain, try new vicks vapocool drops. it's not candy. it's powerful relief. ♪ ahhhhhhhhhhhh vaporize sore throat pain with new vicks vapocool drops.
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>> head over to fox radio "after the show show" and it's national of medal honor day. 3,000 plus will be honored in
6:00 am
washington >> we have sergeant leroy petri on set with us and we'll talk with him more in the "after the show show". >> fox nation you can watch the radio show. >> we'll be back on the couch tomorrow. have a great day. >> bill: thank you, guys, good morning, everybody. 9:00 in new york. the white house declaring victory and vindication. bob mueller's report finds no collusion with russia. democrats insisting on more investigations. we have a ton to go through today. good morning. a brand-new week. good morning. >> sandra: i'm sandra smith. president trump calling the entire investigation calling an illegal takedown after attorney general barr released his four-page summary of the special counsel's findings. democrats are not giving up their fight for answers and republicans say it's time to investigate the investigation. >> bill: also today one thing is for certain. the reaction is pouring in from every an


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