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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  March 25, 2019 6:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> we have sergeant leroy petri on set with us and we'll talk with him more in the "after the show show". >> fox nation you can watch the radio show. >> we'll be back on the couch tomorrow. have a great day. >> bill: thank you, guys, good morning, everybody. 9:00 in new york. the white house declaring victory and vindication. bob mueller's report finds no collusion with russia. democrats insisting on more investigations. we have a ton to go through today. good morning. a brand-new week. good morning. >> sandra: i'm sandra smith. president trump calling the entire investigation calling an illegal takedown after attorney general barr released his four-page summary of the special counsel's findings. democrats are not giving up their fight for answers and republicans say it's time to investigate the investigation. >> bill: also today one thing is for certain. the reaction is pouring in from every angle. have a listen. >> president trump: there was
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no obstruction and none whatsoever. and it was a complete and total exoneration. >> president trump is wrong. this report does not amount to a so-called total exoneration. >> that report needs to be made public asap so we can evaluate the body of evidence on the issue of conspiracy and look at why bob mueller decided not to indict. >> the very people who for two years have been accusing donald trump of treason and accused him of working with vladimir putin would be the ones responsible for deaf invladimir putin his greatest victory over american democracy. >> a good day for the country and president. we had two years of this which took a lot of time and attention away from things -- other things that could be accomplished. >> i want the whole damn report
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because nobody, especially this president, is above the law. >> the american people have a right to know whether their president is a crook. >> democrats have tried to use it to delegitimize this president, lied to the american public. chairman schiff and chairman nadler said there would be charges of collusion. the democrats owe the president an apology. >> sandra: we'll hear from white house press secretary sarah sanders in moments. doug mcelway at the justice department this morning. what can we expect today? >> probably not a lot half evening at the department of justice. attorney general barr has left home for the morning en route to work as we speak right now. but the process of scrubbing the mueller report has now begun. i'm told it could take some time. keep in mind it involves secret grand jury testimony. for everybody who has been indicted or found guilty or coped a plea deal there were
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many more people exonerated in grand jury proceedings and they need to be legally protected. that's why the scrubbing of the mueller report needs to happen. the action today, as you hinted, will likely be on capitol hill where democrats want the report to be released in full. they're honing in on barrs letter that found bar and deputy attorney general rod rosenstein have concluded the evidence developed during the special counsel's investigation is not sufficient to establish that this president committed an obstruction of justice offense. here is house judiciary committee chairman jerrold nadler. >> we'll ask the attorney general to testify before the house judiciary committee. we'll demand the release of the full report. the american people are entitled to a full accounting of the president's misconduct referenced by the special counsel. >> the white house is pushing back really hard on this. they aren't just content with
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the president being exonerated at this point in time. it appears that they want a little bit of revenge here. here is kellyanne conway. >> you have adam schiff talk about an oxymoron. he heads the intelligence committee in the house. he said quote, he believes that the scandal is of a size and scope bigger than watergate and plenty of evidence of collusion. we ought to resign today. >> republicans want this full report released as well and they're reminding democrats to be careful of what you wish for. they are of the belief that if this thing were to be examined truly in full it would lead back to the obama administration to a highly politicized justice department, the clinton campaign, to fusion gps. and on and on. sandra, back to you. >> sandra: doug mcelway, thank you. >> bill: let's look at the numbers from the mueller report.
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special counsel lasting 675 days. 1 year, 10 months, 6 days in time. 500 search warrants issued. 500 witnesses interviewed. mullers team employed 19 lawyers and 40 f.b.i. agents. the investigation to date cost $25 million. >> sandra: here is what you need to know about attorney general william barr who will determine how much of robert mueller's report will be made public. served as attorney general under george h.w. bush. he has a working relationship with mueller. barr toefld lawmakers during the confirmation process he is committed to transparency and would not allow the white house to edit mueller's report. >> bill: for the reaction from the white house, press secretary sarah sanders joins me from the north lawn. good morning to you and welcome back on what has turned out to be a rather significant monday morning. want to go through a number of things i've heard from
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democrats in a moment. what the president said, he talked about an illegal takedown that failed. when will we hear from him today, sarah? >> the president has a number of meetings today. we'll see if some of those open up where he decides to address the press directly. again, he did so twice yesterday. i wouldn't be surprised if he does that again today. >> bill: we'll wait on that. with regard to releasing the full report. is the white house opposed to that yes or no? >> again, as the president has said he wants full transparency in this process. we absolutely know and have said for over 2 1/2 years there was no collusion. now bob mueller is also saying the same thing. but that decision is up to the attorney general and the president is leaving it up to him at this point in time. >> bill: you wouldn't object to it. >> again, we want to make sure i think some of the biggest things we have to look at is that we're protecting the office of the president. it is not just about this president but about the future as well in making sure things
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like executive privilege and sources and methods and things like that are protected and why the attorney general will look at this and make the best decision not just for this president but for america. he will make the best decision for the office of the president. >> bill: the a a.g. bill barr confer with the white house on his summary before it went to the hill? >> no, there was not a discussion about details and a negotiation process of any type between the white house and the department of justice. we got the information about the same time that congress received the letter, the white house was given notification. >> bill: about 3:40 in the afternoon on sunday then. what is the president's reaction to this obstruction, non-collusion conclusion, i should say, the obstruction thing. what's the reaction to the president on that bottom line from bill barr.
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>> the bottom line is what we said it was for 2 1/2 years. there was no collusion. there was no obstruction. frankly, i think the democrats need to be really careful here. so far what they're doing and what they're saying they should be embarrassed by. they have said for two years, they have repeatedly and breathlessly attacked the president and perpetuated this malicious lie that the president was some sort of foreign agent and working with the russian government in order to win the election when really, all of the interference between russia and the election took place under the obama administration. let's not forget that clapper, comey and brennan were the ones leading the intelligence community when these things took place and obama was the president. they knew about it. did nothing to stop it and i think they need to be very careful about pushing too far down that road. >> bill: is it your hufrj then that the answers to everything you're raising right now will be satisfied in this inspector
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general's report that could be out in may or june two or three months from now? >> i think everything should be satisfied in the report that just took place. bob mueller spent two years. as you put those numbers up earlier, 2800 subpoenas, over 500 witnesses, millions of pages of documents, $25 million wasted in taxpayer dollars to tell us what we've been saying for two years. it didn't take place. there was no collusion. the president won and is sitting in the building behind me today because he was a better candidate. he had a better message and a better vision for our country and he outworked his opponent. they have failed at every single step of the way to defeat this president and they've done it again. this time they did it at the sake of the american people by putting them through this outrageous process, by wasting their money and making this such a big part of everyday life for democrats in the media
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when they should be focusing on the economy, isis and everything else. >> bill: the next leg in the story is why so many people chose to believe the dossier in the first place. >> because they wanted to, bill. it's real simple, they wanted to. they didn't want to believe that donald trump had defeated them. they didn't want to believe their own failure. but this report further confirms what we all knew in november of 2016, donald trump won and he won decisively. he won fairly and he won because he was better. >> bill: but my question is will the i.g. conclude that? that's what we're trying to figure out in the next leg of the story. >> i don't know how anybody could come to any other conclusion. >> bill: mueller concluded that russia tried repeatedly to interfere with our election but nobody took the bait. it was one of the conclusions from the mueller report yesterday. what has the administration
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ordered to protect the integrity of the next election? >> not too long ago we had a number of senior administration officials come to the briefing room and walk through in detail how we're taking a whole of government approach. dod, dhs, doj. intelligence community working to make sure what happened in 2016 doesn't continue to happen and we're looking and working with all of the state and local officials and making sure that we do everything we can to try to prevent this. unlike the previous administration, we're actually taking steps to prevent this from happening again. and we're very hopeful in that process and will continue to work across the board with all of the departments and agencies to make sure it doesn't. >> bill: when will we hear more about that? >> department of homeland security is one of the leads on this entire whole of government approach. i would certainly encourage you to talk to them. i would also encourage you to go back and look at the
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briefing. i think your network covered it. a lot of networks did not on the day it took place. they spent 30 minutes walking through in detail all of the different steps that the trump administration is doing to protect and uphold the integrity of our election. >> bill: last point. james comey sent out a tweet yesterday looked like he was in a redwood forest. his message was so many questions as he looked up in the skies above him. lindsey graham responded to that saying could not agree more. see you soon. when do we hear from james comey next, sarah? >> look, i think lindsey graham said it best. see you soon. he was one of the people that failed to do his job. he lied throughout the process. he leaked information that should never have been public. james comey has been a disgrace to the f.b.i. thankfully this president has stepped n he took james comey out of that position and has been working with director wray to make sure we don't have similar instances. he has a lot of explaining to
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do. if congress wants to call anybody up to the hill he should be one of the very first followed by his friends clapper and brennan and if they want to look at what really happened and what the failures of 2016 were, they need to look inside the obama administration. that's where they took place. >> bill: hope to see you soon. sarah sanders, thank you for your time. >> always great to be with you. >> sandra: we have a packed lineup for you this morning. andy mccarthy, congressman john ratcliffe. donna brazile and trey gowdy all joining us in the next few hours. both sides of the aisle worked up this morning. we'll hear from all those folks shortly. >> we'll respond with all the necessary means. we're fed up with hamas, enough is enough. >> sandra: there was a rocket attack in israel forcing him to cut his visit to washington short. israeli ambassador to the u.n. danny danon will be here to react. >> bill: storms at sea causing chaos on a cruise ship.
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terrified passengers rescued by helicopter. how they're doing today. tell you about that. >> sandra: and we are only getting started with our coverage of robert mueller's report. much more to come right here on "america's newsroom." stay tuned. they really appreciate the military family and it really shows. with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good, we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. it was funny because when we would call another insurance company, hey would say "oh we can't beat usaa" we're the webber family. we're the tenney's we're the hayles, and we're usaa members for life. ♪ get your usaa auto insurance quote today. the big drug companies don't see they see us as profits. we're paying the highest prescription drug prices in the world so they can make billions? americans shouldn't have to choose between
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who glows? just say, badda book. badda boom. nobody glows. he gets it. always the lowest price, guaranteed. book now at >> bill: there was a rocket attack overnight in israel injuring seven people fired from the gaza strip. hit a home in israel. president trump welcomes benjamin netanyahu to the white house. want to bring in ambassador from israel to the u.n. danny danon. netanyahu is going home early cutting that white house visit short. in the meantime this rocket landed quite close to a place where you call home. what do we need to understand about this growing conflict now, sir? >> good morning, bill. unfortunately we see hamas hitting israel again targeting
6:18 am
civilian populations. this time it was my village a few hundred feet from my home near tel aviv. we saw the casualties, seven people wounded. we will retaliate. if hamas is targeting our families, we will retaliate and attack back. prime minister netanyahu will fly immediately after the meeting with president trump back to israel and he will decide with our military officials how to respond but hamas will pay a price. we do not care if it was a mistake or not a mistake. once we have rockets landing on a house hitting children while they're asleep we cannot hit idly by. >> bill: he feels the urgency to come home. you're well aware of the american politics here. steny hoyer made a speech at aipac over the weekend. a lot of debate in america over the last couple of weeks. listen to comment he made about his own democratic party. >> this august i will lead what i expect to be the largest
6:19 am
delegation ever, probably more than 30 democratic members of congress, including many freshmen. by the way, there are 62 freshmen democrats. do you hear me? 62, not three. [cheering and applause] >> bill: what did you make of that statement that he made and how concerned are you about a possible fractured relationship between israel and the united states? >> we welcome the bipartisan support. we saw it in the conference in aipac here in d.c. and we saw leaders from both parties standing with israel. we appreciate it. if you have individuals who support anti-semitism from both parties, you have to exclude them and denounce them. you have to isolate them. eventually you will have to remove them from public office. i believe the voters will be smart enough to decide about that. we saw what happened in london when you have an anti-semite in
6:20 am
the u.k. i believe it is not the case in the u.s. >> bill: danny danon, thank you for your time. we'll watch that visit today at the white house and we'll see what each respective leader has to say about the time. 20 past. >> sandra: more trouble along the southern border. authorities are having trouble housing the migrants trying to enter our country. why border patrol officials are being forced to release illegal immigrants. vindication and victory are the words coming out of the white house at this hour as top republicans say they will try to find why the entire investigation was started in the first place. >> the findings come back and say what? no more indictments coming, no sealed indictments, no collusion, no obstruction. this is as strong a statement as you can see. it is good for the president. more importantly it is good for the country. e cancer, epilepsy,
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simple. easy. awesome. xfinity, the future of awesome. >> adam schiff and jerry nadler, the same people that will try to switch the narrative and say oh, this is not an exoneration. i can tell you, it is a total vindication of the president. not just for the president. it is indeed for the american people who trusted this president, who voted for him, and that now can say to the mainstream media, why have you lied to us for two years? >> bill: that's more reaction you had. the house oversight committee members jim jordan and mark meadows reacting to the summary report saying it's good for president trump and good for the united states. in the spirit of march madness you could say it was nearly a slam dunk based on the report that we got yesterday. we were sitting here yesterday waiting for it for about three hours. didn't happen but as soon as as hemmer and smith said goodbye
6:25 am
we get word it was coming out. it works that way. >> sandra: both of them making the case it's time to move on. this should be the end of the story. you look at the active tweeting out there and social media is on fire with all of this and reaction continues to pour in. but they make the case to move on. democrats say they have more questions many of them. we'll see. now onto this. southern border where communities are trying to cope with the wave of central american immigrants being released from federal custody. detention centers are full and ice is appealing to churches and local charities to help transition those migrants from u.s. custody to american life. william la jeunesse is live with more. >> remember critics dismissed calls for more border security just last month saying apprehensions were at historic lows. it wasn't true then and it isn't now. the border patrol is on track to apprehend 100,000 migrants in march alone. most released in days. the church in phoenix takes in
6:26 am
1,000 immigrants a week. they get clothes, shower, food, help get a bus and plane ticket to live elsewhere until their court date three or four years away. in the last three months ice released more than 100,000 families, often as bus stations as government shelters are full and court rulings require families be released after no more than three weeks. out of 49,000 beds ice only has 3,000 for families. so nonprofit shelters like this step in so migrants don't live on the street. >> we take care of them here in the church because if they release people in the bus station we without cell phone and communication. they can become a crime. >> ice agents who typically arrest criminal aliens in cities are being sent to the border to help. critics want to eliminate ice and most detention beds all together. others contend is u.s. is
6:27 am
encouraging more immigration by rewarding those who come with freedom. >> just about family units crossing the board. people think it's a victimless crime that these family units are coming for a better life. criminal cartels in mexico control the northern border of mexico. >> the american bar association warned the immigration courts are at unprecedented levels. 767,000 pending cases and it's on the brink of collapse. >> bill: we get to the next phase in the college cheating scam. a dozen defendants make their initial appearance in court. a live report from boston and lets you know what's happening there today. >> sandra: the mueller report making waves in the 2020 campaign trail. will the no collusion result hurt their chances for the white house? we'll ask former dnc chair ed rendell next. >> president trump: this was an
6:28 am
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>> sandra: quick check at the markets here on this monday morning. down 26 points out of the gate. not much of a sell-off. opening to the down side after the dow sold off on friday you'll remember falling 460 points. it was a big sell-off ahead of the weekend. concern about what will get done or not get done when it comes to trade. markets continue to be very sensitive to that. react to that. >> bill: i don't remember friday. >> sandra: it's nice to have you back, hemmer. i hope you had a great week off. >> bill: sure did. president trump claiming victory after the mueller report clearing his campaign of collusion with russia and many, including the democratic hopefuls on the trail, are calling for the entire report to be made public. former dnc chair ed rendell standing by with analysis.
6:32 am
first we've got peter doocy live on the hill in washington let's start with you, peter. good morning. >> don't expect every democrat to delete mentions of russia collusion from their trump speeches. o'rourke was asked if it was time to move past the mueller investigation and he said no. >> our democracy was attacked in a way that we haven't seen in the 243 years we've had a democracy. attacked by a foreign power. and i think we've got to see if it was also attacked from within by somebody who sought to assume power. >> mayor pete buttigieg doesn't think it is smart to count on a special counsel to help much. >> it would be a mistake for democrats to think the way for the trump presidency to end is by way of investigation. that could, of course, happen. but we have to be paying attention to the kinds of conditions that made it
6:33 am
possible for somebody like him to get here in the first place. >> just minutes after the attorney general's summary of the mueller report dropped, bernie sanders took the stage at a huge california campaign rally and he called for something that every democratic candidate wants. >> what i know is that it is a summary of the report. well, i don't want a summary of the report. i want the whole damn report. because nobody, especially this president, is above the law. [cheering and applause] >> while democrats try to keep the focus on the mueller report the trump campaign is moving on to the economy. that's where the campaign manager brad par scale said most of the president's attention has been all along. >> bill: a big crowd in northern california, bernie was? >> yeah, he went all up the coast.
6:34 am
san diego, l.a. san fran. >> california goes early this year, too, as you know. nice to see you in washington, peter. >> sandra: the trump 2020 campaign wasting no time putting out a new ad slamming democrats for a collusion hoax. take a look. >> the evidence is pretty clear that there was collusion between the trump campaign and the russians. >> i think there is plenty of evidence of collusion or conspiracy in plain sight. >> we saw strong evidence of collusion. >> we know there was collusion with people in the campaign. >> sandra: let's bring in former dnc chairman ed rendell. you go back to the tape and see how many times we heard prominent democrats talking about actual evidence of collusion. the report is out. robert mueller couldn't find any. would you like to see more of an acknowledgement from your own party as to the result of this investigation?
6:35 am
>> well, i do think we all need to read the report first. the president in his usual style made some statements which aren't true. he said the report totally exonerated him. he did exonerate him on any evidence of collusion but specifically said and his own attorney general said it didn't exonerate him on obstruction of justice. that has to look at people who will look at the report and decide what to do with it. so the question is, what should we do as democrats? we should continue to do investigations when appropriate. we should focus our attention now on legislation. on getting some things done. seven courts -- seven federal judges, including one who was appointed by president trump, all ruled that the investigation was proper and legal. so there is no question about that. the president was dead wrong about that as well.
6:36 am
>> sandra: kimberly strassel penned an -- they need to look at the missteps of comey and the f.b.i. a searing indictment of the federal bureau of investigation. looking back, do you think there needs to be a look back, an investigation as how this initially started >> i don't know how she knows what's in the report. nobody has seen the full report. i think we should withhold judgment on that issue until we've seen the whole report. but look, everyone doubted that mueller was going to be fair. president kept saying witch hunt, witch hunt, witch hunt. i knew from mueller's reputation he would be fair. the fact that no evidence exists proves something. it doesn't necessarily mean it didn't happen. no evidence exists to prove it. the democrats should not have made the statement there was plenty of evidence of collusion. there wasn't. it was at the margins at best. now we should put that behind
6:37 am
us and focus on investigating other things that need investigation. but most important, on legislating. we need to pass out of the democratic house an infrastructure bill to get people back to work and do something about the absolutely pathetic state of our infrastructure. immigration, we should start something about the immigration problem. >> sandra: you are saying move on. two years, $25 million later this should be the end of that story. i want to ask you what is happening for 2020. this certainly will play a big part in what happens there. the latest fox news polling on what we're seeing so far with democratic nominees. the preference among democratic primary voters. biden not in the race yet topping the list. sanders moving up. you saw the crowds he had a moment ago. 23%. harris and o'rourke round it out at 8%. i know that you have said that at one time this would be a
6:38 am
slam dunk for democrats to beat the president. you've moved on from that. what changed? >> well, our party started making unforced errors. the day after the 2018 election if we held the presidential election that day president trump would have gotten drummed out of office. remember, democrats got 9 million more votes for congress in the 2018 election than republicans did. three times what president lost the popular vote by in 2016. then we started making unforced errors. we started talking about getting rid of ice, we started talking about the green new deal, we started talking about medicare for all without talking about how we are going to pay for it. we started to make unforced errors. we started some of our new members started criticizing and making comments about the
6:39 am
middle east. all those things. >> sandra: i wonder if you could bring it all full circle looking at 2020 and democrats' chances now that this report is out, ed, and here is brad -- here is what the president's campaign manager is saying. so distraught and blind-sided about the results of the 2016 election. they want to undo the election of president trump. even today democrats have picked up the disgraceful mantel of obstructing and destroying the will of the american people at any cost. they failed once and they will fail again. i wonder if you could finally tell us what are the lessons learned here and what have democrats learned as a result of the process and how things will change in 2020? >> i wouldn't say that president trump is out of the woods if i were a republican. this was one of many different places investigating president
6:40 am
trump. for example, on the campaign finance violations with his lawyer paying off the women. that is a clear violation. >> sandra: that's beyond the scope of the mueller investigation. they were looking for collusion. go ahead. >> right. but we're talking about other investigations that are ongoing which could be just as damaging. that's number one. number two, yes, it's time for us. we can continue looking at certain things which should be looked at but we have to get back to doing the business of the people. that's legislating, infrastructure, immigration, fixing the affordable care act, things like that. that will the key whether we'll be successful in 2020. >> sandra: great to have you on "america's newsroom" this morning. thank you. more on the mueller report fallout and its impact on the 2020 race. former dnc chairwoman donna brazile will join us 10:40
6:41 am
eastern time. >> bill: a lot more to come. a major scare, top seed ncaa tournament late on sunday. watch what happened. >> jones is on him. taylor driving, drives it in, banks it up, no, putback, and duke -- >> bill: wow, duke and central florida. that tip right there might have won the game and destroyed a ton of brackets across america. duke survives 77-76 over the knights on sunday. duke heads to the sweet 16 where they'll play the acc rival florida state, which will be another great game. the madness is around us. >> sandra: i feel the energy. >> bill: #zion had 32 yesterday. just saying, good stuff. >> sandra: all right. onto this fox news alert on monday morning as u.s. backed forces defeat isis in syria. is the fight against the islamic state really over? retired four star general jack keane joins us next. >> bill: we're awaiting the israeli prime minister to
6:42 am
arrive at the white house and the president as well. also we'll tell you about the meeting today there and explain why netanyahu is cutting that trip short. >> president trump: the democrats have very much proven to be anti-israel. no question about that. it is just a disgrace. i don't know what has happened to them. ( ♪ ) dealing with psoriatic arthritis pain was so frustrating. my skin... it was embarrassing. my joints... they hurt.
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>> sandra: a complete and total vindication of the president is the word from president trump's legal team after the mueller report summary was released. rudy giuliani is calling on democrats who went to for an their attacks on the president to apologize. >> you would think they would have the decency to say i was wrong, a made a mistake. even if they want to move on to this other stuff they'll look at and just embarrass themselves, at least stop and say i was wrong. they should also be happy for
6:46 am
the country. there is no high crime, there is no low crime and no misdemeanor. remember, this report was signed off on in the name of not just attorney general barr but deputy attorney general rosenstein, who has been into this case from the very beginning and appointed mueller and by the office of legal counsel of the justice department. >> sandra: that was reaction from rudy giuliani. >> bill: interesting interview this morning. maybe we'll talk to rudy later today. we have this news from overseas, fox news alert. territory isis held in syria has been liberated. u.s.-backed syrian forces now successful. a top u.s. commander on the ground in iraq saying the following. the end of the so-called physical caliphate is a military accomplishment that brought together the longest coalition in history but the fight against extremism is far from over. jack keane is with us.
6:47 am
how are you doing today? you would agree, the battle is not over but this battle has been won in syria. >> hats off to everybody from the united states and our coalition partners and particularly the syrian democratic forces for what they were able to achieve after four plus hard years here. the trump administration deserves a lot of credit because they accelerated the pace of this operation, they changed the rules of engagement and put more military capacity on the ground to get the results that we have now. >> bill: you were arguing four years ago you could get this done in a matter of weeks. remember that? >> oh yeah, yeah. when isis first identified itself from a safe haven in syria obama administration made a mistake. that was 18 months away. they were decimated by isis, their military was. the safe haven was in syria. we should have taken that away from them right away.
6:48 am
the basharism could have been prevented. good news today they will continue to operate as a terrorist organization, much like al qaeda continues to operate as a terrorist organization. we have to maintain our diligence to be sure to do that but it will not require all the people that it has been in the past. >> bill: well stated. what's going on with chairman kim in north korea. there was confusion over the weekend. president trump likes chairman kim. doesn't think the sanctions will be necessary. there were additional sanctions that will not happen. read between the lines and tell us what you think is up. >> well, kim came home empty-handed. he has hard liners at home. they thought that they would come back with some sanction relief particularly the tough u.n. resolution sanctions and it didn't happen. what is he doing now? trying to gain leverage again saying i may not go back to
6:49 am
negotiations. the truth is he will because it's in his national interest. he is saying i may conduct missile testing again or maybe even nuclear testing. i think that's also a hollow threat. i think he knows if he does that, then he is returning the entire negotiations to a crisis mode that we were in 18 months ago. so i think it's unlikely he would do something like that. where the trump administration is, they're doing exactly what they should be doing. they'll sanctions china, who has opened it and using the shipping companies to transfer oil at sea to korean vessels. that has to stop. we should also go after russia. i think what the president was saying there are other sanctions that have been planned that he will hold in abeyance to see where kim is moving. they're in a pre-negotiation stage, i think. we're feeling each other out. i believe the north koreans
6:50 am
will come back to the negotiating table. they have to get these economic sanctions off their back. >> bill: thank you, general. more to come on this. it is a process, you would be the first one to admit that. jack keane in washington thank you. >> sandra: operation varsity blues heading the court today in the college admissions scandal the stunned the entire country. we're live at the federal court in boston. >> bill: our headliner today texas republican john ratcliffe is live. why he is going after james comey in light of the mueller report from sunday. >> jim comey doesn't care. my reaction was jim comey cared enough about the special counsel's conclusions he created the special counsel. now the special counsel doesn't come up with the findings that jim comey wants and he wants everyone to know he doesn't care anymore.
6:51 am
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:54 am
>> bill: a bit of chaos on a cruise ship off the coast of norway, the viking sky tilting 45 degrees in choppy seas. look out below. it had engine trouble. mayhem on board. part of a ceiling fan falling down on passengers and 20 people injured. nearly 450 passengers rescued by helicopter. eventually the ship was towed to shore. everybody is okay. >> sandra: the college admissions scandal heads to court today. actresses lori laugh lynn and others on a long list of parents and coaches involved in the bribery scream that involves some of the country's biggest universities. >> on today's docket no parents but test administrators and coaches who allegedly accepted bribes from wealthy families to
6:55 am
get those kids into elite schools. the man at theents of it all william singer has pleaded guilty. prosecutors say he ran a fake charity that acted as a side door into college by paying people off to cheat the admissions process. some people he allegedly bribed are making their first appearances. one of them is a water polo coach who led the team to 16 ncaa championships. he was fired by the school and expected to enter a plea today. wake forest head volleyball coach will also appear and allegedly accepted $100,000 to put a client's daughter on the volleyball team. because the scandal involves wealthy people. hefty fines and probation may not be a strong enough sentence to send a message. the judge might want to make an example out of this case. >> in the end, i think the district court judges are going to want to send a message that this is not going to be
6:56 am
tolerated in the future. there will be a respect for the law and when i say respect for the law, i mean that many of these parents are going to have to serve some kind of jail time so it doesn't look like the courts are bending over backwards for wealthy parents. >> defense experts say because people will be cooperating with prosecutors we say more people named in the case and additional charges come down. >> sandra: we'll continue to watch it. jackie, thank you. >> bill: a new battle brewing on the mueller matter. andy mccarthy will tell us what the barr summary means and john ratcliffe on what is important next. come on back top of the hour. mental health, hiv. patients with serious diseases are being targeted for cuts to their medicare drug coverage. new government restrictions would allow insurance companies to come between doctor and patient. and deny access to individualized therapies
6:57 am
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>> sandra: fox news alert as we await a big speech from vice president mike pence at the annual aipac conference. the speech is coming as israel blames hamas for a rocket attack that hit a home there and ahead of benjamin netanyahu's white house visit next hour. a lot more on this in a moment for you. first brand-new reaction coming in from the white house after robert mueller finds no collusion with russia and now president trump is making it clear that the whole probe was an illegal takedown in his words and that he has been totally exonerated. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom," i'm sandra smith. >> bill: good morning at home. should mueller's full report be made public and when is that decision made?
7:01 am
what new congressional investigations may be generated by the probe's aftermath. questions going forward. sarah sanders talked to us last hours and said the following on our program. >> the president has said he wants full transparency in this process. we know and have said for over 2 1/2 years there was no collusion. now bob mueller is also saying the same thing. i think the democrats need to be really careful here. so far what they're doing and what they're saying they should be embarrassed by. they have said for two years they have repeatedly and breathlessly attacked the president and perpetuated this malicious lie that the president was some sort of foreign agent and working with the russian government in order to win the election. >> bill: bring in fox news contributor and former assistant u.s. attorney andy mccarthy. the first time we've spoken to you since the news yesterday. what do you think? >> well, i think it's pretty
7:02 am
much what both of us who have been closely watching this expected. there was never a collusion case here. the only way they could have suggested that there was one was by continually moving the goalpost away from what the original rationale for the investigation was, which was russia's hacking of the democratic email accounts as to which there was never proof other than the unverified steele dossier, a clinton campaign opposition research product. other than that, there was never anything that suggested that there was trump campaign involvement. and what i wonder is how long mueller has known there was no collusion? >> sandra: it's a fair question to ask and makes you want to remind everybody of the resources and time and money that poured into this investigation, andy. 675 days this went on, 34 people, three companies indicted. six former trump associates and 199 charges in total. total spent over $25 million
7:03 am
but the result was no collusion. it doesn't seem, though, that democrats are going to stop here. we just talked to ed rendell. he is saying there should be further investigations, andy. what grounds do they have to call for more? >> well, they've never had legal ground, sandra. that hasn't backed anybody up from the beginning. if you think about it, it's all well and good to say great that mueller came to the correct result in the end, what the law compelled. but the fact is there was no rationale for having a special counsel in the first place here. there was never a factual basis for criminal investigation of the president articulated. there was no conflict of interest that would have prevented the justice department from investigating this in the normal course. yet because of political pressure, we had this two-year investigation. so since politics is the coin of the realm, seems to me there
7:04 am
is no reason to suggest there won't be more. >> bill: rudy giuliani, quite a forceful interview today. he talks about the steele dossier and listen to how he characterized the next phase of the story. >> in this case we have complete vindication. and the reality is the question now is if there was no evidence of collusion, three investigations, no evidence of collusion, who made it up? it had to come from somewhere. it just didn't come out of thin air. i want to know who did it, who paid for it, who fueled it, because the person who did it and the group that did it knows it's untrue because they invented it. >> bill: i think this is a part of the story the american people really not followed. he asked a relevant question. who made it up? you think back about james comey coming to new york city in the depths of a january
7:05 am
winter to meet with a president elect at trump tower and give him the information that we've got this on you. he describes in his own words how he went out to his s.u.v. on fifth avenue and took notes about what he told trump and what trump said in response. there is a striking lack of curiosity about how this dirty dossier ever came to be in the first place. and without it we're probably nowhere near where we are today two years down the road. >> yeah, bill, think about what comey didn't tell the president. what they did was they gave the president a small snapshot of what was in this dossier, the salacious stuff. what didn't he tell the president? he didn't tell him oh, by the way, the dossier also alleges that you are involved in a massive conspiracy with putin to undermine the election and to hack democratic accounts. and i forgot to mention this to
7:06 am
you but we've been in the fisa court for three months getting surveillance warrants against people involved in your campaign on the theory that you are a russian agent. just wanted to mention that. you know, that's not the conversation that they had in january and what to me is amazing is that they continued, even after trump was in office, january, april, june to go back to the fisa court on the basis of this same information and if you think about it, mueller scrubbed this information very carefully in deciding that there was no collusion. why didn't the f.b.i. and the justice department try to verify it and corroborate it and when they couldn't verify, why didn't they refrain from going to the fisa court in the first place? >> bill: all relevant questions. perhaps the i.g. report will answer a lot of that. that appears to be the next leg in the story as we try to get
7:07 am
to what sarah sanders last hour. thank you for your time. >> sandra: let's bring in america's newsroom a-team. bill mcgurn. former speech writer for george w. bush and steve hilton, and marianne march former senior advisor to john kerry. i feel like we should go around the horn. after we learned the results of the investigation, your thoughts. >> my thought is the investigation and letter was clear. no evidence. i take what andy said and go a little further. it's one thing for democrats and pundits to make these accusations, but we had the leaders in our intelligence community, we had john brennan out there talking about treason, james clapper saying he could see trump being a russian agent, andrew mccabe said that recently. now we know there is no evidence for it except for
7:08 am
maybe -- we should be calling it the simson dossier, not the steele dossier. what does it say about our intelligence operations? the reason this narrative went as far as it did was not because democrats embraced it and so forth. that's common in washington it had the backing of some high intelligence officials. lower people are telling us there was no evidence for it. >> let's look at the big story here. what do we know now we didn't before? we know for sure the scope of the russian effort, putin's effort to destabilize our democracy and divide america. that's clear from the report. we also know that not only was there no collusion, very important line in the attorney general's letter, the special counsel not only didn't find collusion it says despite multiple offers from russian affiliated individuals to assist the trump campaign. they tried to collude with the
7:09 am
trump campaign. the trump campaign said no. i tell you who did end up being an agent of putin, an agent of russia in his effort to divide america and to destabilize our democracy, it is all these people who have been pushing this story. they're the ones who have been dividing american, brennan, clapper, adam schiff, eric swalwell and msnbc and cnn. they're the real agents of putin. >> politics in a vacuum. bill barr filled that when he exploited mueller's decision not to indict donald trump even if he had the evidence and the kitchen sink because that is the policy of the department of justice. so it is clear the mueller report, which we have not seen, no one here or anyone else has seen it that bill barr used to exonerate trump has to go through it and decided to take the evidence he gathered, put it together and says high crimes and misdemeanors versus a legal standard no one can
7:10 am
meet. no one can indict a sitting president. it is now up to congress to get the mueller report. we should all see it and they need to go through it, every end of it to determine what russia did to interfere with our elections, what role trump played in it and what he knew or didn't know about it. >> why? there is no doubt -- there is no doubt about collusion. it is another example how the democrats just want to keep pushing this story regardless of the facts. regardless of the evidence. >> what facts? >> the special counsel found there was no collusion. >> bill: do you accept what bill barr summarized yesterday? >> that's bill barr's opinion? >> bill: do you accept it or not? >> i want to see the mueller report. hold it. hold on. can i answer you? the fact is we deserve to see the mueller report, not bill barr's version of it.
7:11 am
>> bill: you said no, go, steve. >> the reason what we just heard is false there is no doubt in the judgment about no collusion with not an opinion of bill barr. that was the conclusion of the special counsel. what i think you are talking about. it says here the special counsel did not find that the trump campaign. you think bill barr is lying? >> i want to see the report. put it all out. >> why can't you give up on this ridiculous manufactured story. >> sandra: let's throw this up and remind everybody who he is. attorney general who served from 1991 to 1993 under president george h.w. bush, the current attorney general in february, 54-41. good relationship with robert mueller. that case was made throughout this time. said he was committed to transparency. in confirmation hearings he was committed to full transparency,
7:12 am
mary ann and wouldn't allow the white house to edit this report. don't you have faith in him as an attorney general? >> here is what i know. he wrote a 19-page memo a year ago outlining the outcome yesterday that turned into a three-page letter. >> i see mary anne's report to congress and raise her one. i'm for transparency. let congress see it. let's have it all out there. i want to see the fisa warrant. that wasn't the democrats' reaction. >> it's mine. >> what they used for the fisa warrant. let's see rod rosenstein's letter. let's see it all. i think democrats have to be careful what they wish for because right now it looks like the only man in the -- that will be indicted for any of this stuff is andrew mccabe and three other i.g. reports coming out. one on the f.b.i. agents taking gifts. one on d.o.j. leaks and one on
7:13 am
the fisa warrant. let's see where that goes. i think these are -- if there is no evidence -- that's the one thing. if bill barr is right and there is no evidence for collusion, how did these guys open an investigations and how did they justify these warrants? these are big questions. >> bill: i think you'll hear commentary on this network about that. i imagine some others will have very short memories. >> people complain okay, democrats aren't letting it rest, they're looking to impeach. the truth is i agree with andy there shouldn't have been a special counsel in the first place. the proper way to remove a president is through the house judiciary committee. democrats have to weigh do we go down here and dissipate our electoral vibrancy in 2020? mrs. pelosi has concerns about that. that's a political calculation they have to make. that's the way it should be. andrew mccabe didn't have to
7:14 am
make any political calculation when he opened an investigation and these other guys and the special counsel is sort of immune from all this. our system is based on accountability. let the democrats if they want to go down the impeachment, let them do it and pay the consequences. >> quickly want to connect bill's point about the democrats and politics to his earlier point about the intelligence agencies and so on. what connects them is this establishment point of view has been driving all this which is a complete refusal to accept the result of the 2016 election that the american people actually sent a disruptive outsider, who questions everything the establishment has been doing, into the oval office. they cannot accept that result and ever since then they've been trying to overturn it. >> the report said the bar summary with rosenstein and others. as the report states, quote, quoting now from the mueller
7:15 am
report, the investigation did not establish that members of the trump campaign conspired or coordinated with the russian government as election interference activities. when our producer was reading that by telephone yesterday afternoon, that was the slam dunk in the spirit of march madness the trump team has been talking about for two years. >> three points. i agree with everything bill said about putting everything out and the fisa warrant. i've wanted to know why nunes went running to the white house in the middle of the night when he saw surveillance. number two the dossier that was funded by a republican fundraiser who is raising money for donald trump and it started with jeb bush and marco rubio. that's where it started. last but not least the responsibility of the congress to do oversight. we deserve, the country deserves, america deserves every single bit of that report including every paragraph and period and let everyone. >> sandra: how do you respond to members of your own party
7:16 am
and adam schiff and blumenthal wanted it to play out but at the same time they said they had evidence, they knew of evidence that this president colluded with russia to win the election. what do you say to do or is a now to them? >> two things. one, mueller's charge was to examine the role of russia in the 2016 election and trump's role knit. we don't know what happened. >> sandra: you don't accept the [tp-eupbgsd/] -- finding of the report. >> sandra: we have done nothing to stop the russians from doing whatever it is they did in the next election in 2020. that's the problem. >> bill: the merry-go-round will go round and round. mary anne, bill, steve, thank you. fox news alert. benjamin netanyahu arriving at the white house moments from now. we'll see him next hour. he is saying he will cut his trip short after a rocket attack hit a home northeast of tel aviv injuring seven people there. this as the vice president mike
7:17 am
pence gets ready to speak at the aipac conference in washington he and the president will make an announcement today in his decision to recognize the golan heights as part of israel. kevin corke is watching all that. >> this is somewhat par for the course. domestic incident that cuts short a trip abroad. it happens for heads of state all the time. we've seen it play out here and unfortunately for the israelis this is playing out in realtime in their country as bibi netanyahu will make his way back to israel after shortening his trip to the u.s. because of a rocket attack fired into central israel north of tel aviv. several israelis were injured in the process. the prime minister will head back to israel immediately after meeting with the president today instead of sticking around for the events tonight and tomorrow. he called that rocket assault a criminal attack on the state of
7:18 am
israel adding we will respond forcefully. while the president and the israeli leader will meet for a little more than an hour. they're saying 70 minutes give or take later this morning, there is no photo op scheduled for the oval office meeting. we'll see if that changes. the seventh time these two gentleman are meeting. i should point this out, bill. that rocket attack means the prime minister will miss making an address at the aipac conference. many from the trump administration will speak and most notably the vice president of the united states. also at this hour the white house is preparing for netanyahu's arrival and we'll see if he decides to take a slight left turn from the south side of the white house to address reporters. there are a number of crucial security discussions that need to be had between u.s. and israeli officials and critical shared intelligence on the war on terror.
7:19 am
that plus the golan heights announcement. we aren't sure what form it will take. we'll keep an eye on that. for now back to you. >> bill: kevin corke from the white house. thank you. >> sandra: back to our top story. democrats vying for their party's nomination saying the mueller report is not exonerating president trump for the obstruction of justice charges and they are using this as a campaign issue now. former dnc chairwoman donna brazile will join us with her take. >> bill: many in the republican party calling for an investigation how the mueller probe got started in the first place. will it get traction? john ratcliffe member of the house judiciary committee will explain that coming up in a few moments right here. >> i do know that the biggest challenge and the biggest opportunity for bill barr is to restore the reputation of the department of justice and the f.b.i. and the only way he can possibly restore people's shaken faith and trust in those venerable institutions is accountability.
7:20 am
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7:24 am
confident. charles payne is always confident, a man on a mission. he is making money. how are you doing? what are you seeing in this poll? >> these kind of polls are difficult. there are two i.u.s to form by decisions, one is from the conference board from the michigan university. they've been doing it longer and they break it down. for instance, this poll sort of echoes what they found recently. with the michigan sentiment number the bottom 2/3 of household incomes. their confidence soared through the roof. those are the nuances i'm looking for. we know the consumers 2/3 of the economy but a reflection of the fact we've had seven months in a row where blue collar wages are up 3%. you have to go back a decade the last time that happened. the idea that people are anxious. we're sort of anxious no matter what for a variety of reasons. the underlying confidence is
7:25 am
phenomenal. >> sandra: feeding into the president's approval rating on his handling of the economy right now. 50% approve for february. 50% approve versus 49% in january. the same as it was a year ago. but still the president holding strong at that level. >> he is holding strong. there are times i really wonder why that number isn't higher. but it is what it is. even when people who weren't working have a job, even people who were stuck at low wages are starting to get raises, you put a clipboard in front of them or cell phone call they get a little more cautious. but i think the bottom line is that there are other things. more -- more hard data like the fact a million people have come back into the labor force in the last six months. the fact that wages are beginning to soar. those kind of things -- >> you were tweeting about that at 5:00 this morning. a million americans have found
7:26 am
a job? >> they've come back into the labor force. really, the most important thing right now i think for our economy and the federal reserve chairman pointed out last week. people have to come back to the labor force. there are people who have given up on working as more and more of those folks come back, you come back, knock on doors and you fax out or tweet out whatever you to do, whatever it is. get back into the system because the jobs are there. because the jobs are there, they're there for you to take. more people are quitting their jobs, a great sign. they're confident they'll get a better job. >> sandra: continue to reflect a robust economy. >> the rest of the world's economy is down. we're concerned it washes up our shores. >> sandra: will there be an investigation into the investigation? president trump urged congress
7:27 am
to look at how the russia probe started in the first place. so will lawmakers act on this? we'll act our headliner judiciary committee member john ratcliffe will join us next. >> president trump: hopefully somebody will look at the other side. this was an illegal takedown that failed. and hopefully somebody is going to be looking at the other side.
7:28 am
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>> james comey has been a disgrace to the f.b.i. thankfully this president has stepped in, he took james comey out of that position and has been working with director wray to make sure we don't have similar instances. i think he has a lot of explaining to do and if congress wants to call anybody up to the hill, he should be one of the very first followed by his friends clapper and brennan, if they want to look at what really happened and the failures of 2016, they need to
7:32 am
look inside the obama administration. that's where they took place. >> sandra: white house press secretary sarah sanders pointing to what she says prompted the mueller investigation earlier on this program as president trump and several top republican lawmakers suggest it is time to look into how this all began in the first place. will congressional committees go down that road? let's bring in john ratcliffe, members of the intelligence and judiciary committees. perhaps you can answer that question. is that what is next? >> good morning. good to be with you. well, that is what's going to happen in the senate where republicans control the judiciary committee. lindsey graham has already indicated that. jim comey said yesterday that he had so many questions and lindsey graham agreed with him and says i do have questions for you and we'll bring you in to see that. in the house unfortunately it is adam schiff and jerry nadler and elijah cummings that
7:33 am
control the committees looking into these issues. but instead what they want to look at is the issue of collusion and obstruction that bob mueller just dispatched. so why bob mueller, who had unlimited time, unlimited money, unlimited resources, 40 f.b.i. agents working with 20 federal prosecutors couldn't find any evidence of any crimes, what in the name of god's green earth makes anyone think that adam schiff, jerry nadler and elijah cummings could find what bob mueller couldn't? >> on and on and on. it is a healthy list here. you and tray gowdy had a chance to talk to james comey a year ago. what did you conclude then? >> well, we reached the same conclusion that bill barr and rod rosenstein announced yesterday with respect to the issue of obstruction, it really wasn't a close call. we asked jim comey how could
7:34 am
president trump have obstructed and investigation into collusion when he didn't know there was an investigation? you repeatedly told him there was no investigation. why would he obstruct an investigation into collusion when as bob mueller tells us, there was no collusion? this wasn't a close call. i think the special counsel did do a disservice to the president and to the american people by saying we aren't going to charge the president with a crime but we are not exonerating him. that's not the purchase -- burden of proof. president trump has a presumption of innocence. no evidence of collusion, no evidence of obstruction. a complete win for the president. >> sandra: you had a chance to listen to the reaction pouring in last night overnight, this morning. this is still sinking in. america is still digesting after you mentioned two years of this. the conclusion, how do you --
7:35 am
how would you characterize the reaction you've seen so far from your democratic colleagues to this? are they acknowledging what really has happened here and the outcome of this investigation? >> no. it is disappointing. they're not. so many are saying it's not over. we don't care what bob mueller thinks. now we're counting on the southern district of new york to deliver us from the evil that is donald trump. listen, stop wasting our time. we don't need to be investigating issues that bob mueller has now fully vetted and investigated and found in evidence of. let's get on with dealing with a broken immigration system. opioid -- >> bill: my apologies. mike pence will comment. stand by one second. >> there was no collusion between the trump campaign and russia during the 2016 election and the attorney general confirmed there was no obstruction of justice. [cheering and applause]
7:36 am
make no mistake about it, my fellow americans, this was a total vindication of the president of the united states and our campaign. it should be welcomed by every american. even if some democrats want to spend more time and discredited allegations the american people can be confident the president and i will continue to focus where we always have, on the issues that are most important to our country, on a stronger and more prosperous america and on a safer world. that's exactly what we've done since the first day of this administration. >> bill: wanted to bring our viewers those comments. we were given the speech five minutes ago. back to john ratcliffe quickly on the inspector general report. i don't think a lot of people are focused on it at a moment. we'll see it in two or three months. the question they'll try and solve is how did this begin in the first place? what do you think they'll
7:37 am
conclude? >> i had a chance to talk with michael horowitz, the inspector general very recently to get an update in terms of timing. he hopes to be done in may or june. he is looking at those issues. bob mueller said there wasn't just insufficient evidence of collusion, there was no evidence of collusion. so where was the probable cause to begin this investigation? that's one of the things that the inspector general is looking at. more particularly to the issue of fisa abuse. a phony, fake dossier paid for by the democrats falsely verified by the department of justice and the f.b.i. certified by jim comey. why did that happen? how was that allowed to happen? and on the criminal side of that, john huber, the u.s. attorney in utah, has been dispatched to look at the criminal aspects that may be associated with that. so between those investigations, american people will hopefully get answers to those questions much sooner than later. >> sandra: finally if we could
7:38 am
end on this. kimberly strassel talks about the f.b.i. and a reminder to know the story behind the bureau's corrosive investigation. where should this leave the american people with our system today and how we were able to get here and see two years of this investigation with this result? >> well, you know, what's important is not the institution of the department of justice or the f.b.i. it is the values that they stand for. we need people to stand up for what those values are. bill barr is off to a great start. he is rejecting calls from the democrats for him to violate the law and release the full report, to ignore classified information, grand jury information. he is not going to do that. he will follow the law. people need to see the department follow the law and that's the only way we'll restore people's shaken faith and trust. i think he is off to a great
7:39 am
start in doing that but the other part of it is hold people accountable for the breaches of trust and that's this investigation into comey, lynch, mccabe, strzok, page. they need to be held accountable. the american people need to see this very unfortunate episode, the people that caused it, held responsible for it. >> bill: do you see the james comey tweets? standing in a forest of redwoods i do believe. lindsey graham. >> picture of himself of course. >> lindsey graham said couldn't agree more. see you soon. >> lots of questions, i hope jim comey has to answer all of those questions. i know lindsey is eager to bring him in. i think we'll see that in the coming weeks. >> sandra: he will be holding a press at the top of the hour. we'll hear from him himself. >> bill: next hour on "america's newsroom" we'll go into this more with south
7:40 am
carolina republican congressman chair of the house oversight committee trey gowdy. we'll talk to him about what's next on the mueller matter coming up next on "america's newsroom." >> sandra: new fox poll in the state of the 2020 race which candidate is in the lead? who has the most traction and who stacks up the best against president trump? >> bill: several candidates calling for the release of the entire mueller report. we've heard from many already. donna brazile former head of the dnc will join us on that. is that a winning strategy? a lot more coming up next on "america's newsroom." >> it is not often that i agree with richard nixon. but he was right to say that the american people have a right to know whether their president is a crook. are you a veteran, own a home, and need cash?
7:41 am
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7:45 am
well, i don't want a summary of the report. i want the whole damn report. [cheering and applause] we'll soon learn what is in the mueller report. but what we know is that this president, when he was a candidate for the office, sought to collude with a foreign power that was trying to undermine our democracy, that once in power he sought to obstruct the investigation. we've got to make sure that this is settled at the ballot box in november of 2020. >> sandra: top democrats competing for the 2020 presidential combination are demanding attorney general william barr release the entire mueller report with some candidates making this a talking point with voters. let's bring in donna brazile, former dnc chairwoman and former fox news contributor tore. welcome to fox news. >> good morning. thank you. my first week on the job, bill and sandra. >> bill: that's right.
7:46 am
you're doing well. back to o'rourke comment. apparently he made that at about 35 minutes before the barr summary was given to capitol hill. you heard that, right? this president when he was a candidate sought to collude with a foreign power and now we know it's far from the truth. what about that? >> as you know, bill and sandra, i became chair of the democratic party as a result of the russian hack and the special counsel stated at least from the summary that there was no involvement from the trump campaign or trump officials. for me personally, and i think for the american public, that's the best news because the notion that any american, let alone the person running for president colluded with or worked with the russians to interfere in our elections, that bothered me for many, many years and now that we can put that aside i think it's
7:47 am
important to try to remove all the other clouds over our democracy. we've had clouds. when a foreign government attacks you, i think the only way to dissipate the clouds that we still see is to have more of a report released. we recognize the attorney general must consult with the special counsel to insure that the grand jury information and perhaps classified information is not leaked or potentially put in this report but i do believe that the best disinfect ant is sun shine and we should see as much of the report as soon as possible. >> sandra: i think we've heard a lot of those calls this morning in the wake of this report being released to see it in its entirety. william barr has promised throughout this process and during his confirmation process he would to the fullest extent of his ability under the constraints of the law release it in its entirety. don't you take him at his word for that? >> let me say this. i read that and i've heard that. as you know, talk is talk and
7:48 am
you have to do more than just talk. i think the american people deserve to see everything. as you know, congress passed in the house at least 402-0 democrats and republicans for this report to be released. let's release it as soon as possible. >> bill: i don't think there is a lot of debate over that yet. >> agree. >> bill: you have to protect sources and methods and redact it and get it out. >> i agree. >> bill: don't you -- how did this thing start in the first place? the dirty dossier, the meeting between james comey and donald trump in january when he was president elect to know that we have dirt on you that was an entire fabrication. a remarkable lack of curiosity where it all came from. doesn't that strike you as a bit odd? >> somebody who suffered some of the wounds from the
7:49 am
cyberattack, i'm not going to get into the pity party of thinking about just the internal works of the f.b.i. and the counter intelligence. of course i'm concerned and i want to know it as an american but i want to make sure the american public know what cyberattacks mean to our democracy. i think we can do both. we can continue to proceed as if this investigation is over but we still have to evaluate it to protect our country. at the same time, if individuals did anything wrong we need to know. you know, i personally had to go before the senate intelligence committee. i had to speak to some of these issues. >> bill: we've already got that information. they said that russia tried to interfere repeatedly and no one took the bait. why is that not good enough for democrats? >> i want to know if you didn't take the bait, did you report it to the f.b.i., okay? if somebody comes to me from a
7:50 am
foreign country, actually i've had everyone -- and say i have dirt on, or i would like to do something that is not in the interest of my country, did you report it? when i was al gore's campaign manager they sent the debate took to us. the george w. bush debate book. one individual reported it and took himself out of the debate process. did they report it? let's look at the report. we're making conclusions without reading. by the way, i love to read between the line. there is nothing to color in it. i want to see the full report, as much as can be redacted without taking away the essence of what was found out. we need to protect our country. we have to protect our country. >> sandra: donna brazile, appreciate you coming on the program. come back soon. thank you. >> bill: we're waiting to hear from the senate judiciary chair for the first time since the a.g. shared the summary of the
7:51 am
mueller matter. lindsey graham saying the cloud has been lifted telling james comey see you soon. are there more investigations to come? lindsey graham will be at the microphone live and we'll take that for you coming up when it begins. i can't tell you who i am or what i witnessed,
7:52 am
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>> bill: still reviewing the floodwaters receding in hard
7:55 am
hit areas along the missouri river. relief might be short lived. we're live in miles point, missouri. mike. >> miles point is the front line of this war against the flood. this is where the missouri is cresting. what we've got is an army of flood fighters. all volunteers mostly farmers from the town trying to protect their own farms. what happened out here? what you're looking looks like a reservoir. it filled up overnight when a levy was breached and all the water came in. these guys are coming out here. people are filling up sandbags and we have this never-ending convoy of gators driving out with the sandbags and flood fighters are putting it out trying to shore up the levy. when the water gets within two feet of the top of the levy the army corps of engineers says the levy is at risk. there are 17 some levies in the area that are at risk. they're making a cut in one
7:56 am
side of this levy off in the distance. this water can flow back out to the missouri when the missouri goes down. bill, back to you. >> bill: thank you, mike tobin in missouri. >> sandra: any moment now chairman of the senate judiciary committee lindsey graham will address the mueller report and taking questions. we'll take you there live as soon as he begins. plus trey gowdy is on deck. we'll get his reaction to the brand-new mueller report just out as brand-new hour of "america's newsroom" rolls on. oe newday va home loan for veterans. it lets you borrow up to 100 percent of your home's value. not just 80 percent like other loans. and that can mean a lot more money for you and your family. with our military service, veterans like us have earned a valuable va benefit. the right to apply for a va home loan. the newday va loan lets you refinance your mortgages,
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>> sandra: fox news aall right. new reaction to the mueller findings with more battles on the way as democrats demand to see the full report amid calls for new investigations from both sides of the aisle. reaction pouring in this morning. welcome back to "america's newsroom," third hour. i'm sandra smith. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. live to the hill. senator lindsey graham is about to hold a news conference after the mueller report found no collusion with russia and the a.g. and his team found it was not enough evidence to make the case against the president for obstruction of justice. andy mccarthy last hour on "america's newsroom." >> there was never a collusion case here. the only way they could have suggested that there was one was by continuely moving the
8:01 am
goalpost away from what the original rationale for the investigation was, russia's hacking of the democratic email accounts. there was never anything that suggested that there was trump campaign involvement. and what i wonder is how long mueller has known that there was no collusion. >> sandra: we have live team fox coverage for you on the fallout with john roberts at the white house. first to doug mcelway at the justice department this morning. doug. >> good morning. sandra. there is an old expression about prosecutorial overreach in the united states of america. it is that you can indict a ham sandwich. consider the resources, the weapons that bob mueller had. he spent 31 to $35 million. 19 lawyers, many of them known for their aggressive tactics. approximately 40 f.b.i. agents, intelligence analysts and other professional staff. issued over 2800 subpoenas, executed nearly 500 search warrants and attained more than 230 orders for communications
8:02 am
records and interviewed approximately 500 witnesses. after more than two years of ad nauseam comments from the news media about russia collusion, there was no evidence of russia collusion. in terms of obstruction of justice charges attorney general rod rosenstein and bill barr said i have concluded that the evidence developed during the special counsel's investigation is not sufficient to establish that the president committed an obstruction of justice offense. here is mr. trump in palm beach last night. >> president trump: it's a shame that our country had to go through this. to be honest, it is a shame that your president has had to go through this for before i even got elected it began. and it began illegally. and hopefully somebody is going to look at the other side. >> i understand that the lindsey graham press conference is underway.
8:03 am
let's go to it right now. >> my desire is for the public to get as much of the report as possible consistent with the outlines of concerns i've just announced. as to my relationship with the special counsel inquiry, august 3, 2017, i introduced legislation special counsel independence protection act with senators booker, kaouns and tillis. there was a lot of chatter by the president and others about mueller being on a witch hunt and that chatter continued. i just wanted the public to know that i believed that special counsels now in the future should be protected to the extent possible. the reason i introduced the legislation as a republican is to let people in south carolina and the country know that i thought mr. mueller was not on a witch hunt and mr. mueller was qualified and the right
8:04 am
kind of pick to deal with such a difficult issue. as to mr. mueller, in march 14th, 2018. the only reason that mr. mueller could be dismissed is for cause. i see no cause when it comes to mr. mueller. he needs to be able to do his job independent of any political influence. i pledge to the american people as a republican to make sure that mr. mueller can continue to do his job without any interference. november 2018, i'm confident the mueller investigation will be allowed to come to a solid conclusion. that there will be no political influence put on mr. mueller by mr. whitaker at the time, to do anything other than mr. mueller's job. and am confident that mr. mueller will be allowed to do his job without interference. january 2019. since -- i have supported
8:05 am
special counsel mueller's -- while the report is over it was completed without interference, and from the day mr. mueller was appointed, i felt that he was the right guy at the right time for the american people to give us a definitive answer about whether or not the trump campaign or anyone associated with it worked with the russians in an improper fashion in the 2016 election. it is clear to me from the four-page summary by attorney general barr that the russians did, in fact, hack into the dnc. the podesta emails. it was the russians. it wasn't some 300 pound guy sitting on a bed somewhere. and the conclusion was firm without equivocation that no one on the trump campaign colluded with the russians when it came to the 2016 elections. as to the obstruction of justice matter, apparently the
8:06 am
special counsel gave some of this and some of that and mr. barr and rosenstein concluded that the evidence was insufficient to move forward on obstruction of justice by the president or anyone around his team. so i hope soon to have as much of the report released as possible. and what happens next. what happens next is that i have been talking since 2017, the end of 2017, about the other side of the story. and nobody much appears to care, but i hope you will find some interest now. that the fisa warrant issued against carter page based on a dossier prepared by christopher steele is at a minimum disturbing. whether or not it's illegal i don't yet know. so i'm going to get answers to this.
8:07 am
if no one else cares, it seems to be republicans do. and that's sad. because if the shoe were on the other foot, it would be front page news all over the world. the double standard here has been striking and quite frankly disappointing. i am 100% convinced that if the republican party had hired mr. steele to go to russia and investigate clinton and the report was prepared and given to the department of justice, used to get a warrant against a clinton associate and the underlying information in the dossier proved to be garbage, everybody in the world would have it on the front page and would be endless chatter on the cable networks. i'm also convinced if the agents involved in investigating clinton, if the
8:08 am
shoe were on the other foot, hated her and wanted trump to win, would be having a thorough discussion. i'm also convinced if they interviewed trump with a couple of his associates there not under oath and already made up a decision not to charge him, that there would be outrage in this country. so the rule of law applies both to republicans and democrats. and why do we have a special counsel? in rare circumstances to have somebody outside the department of justice to take a look at a hot topic. i know the president did not believe that a special counsel should have been appointed. i do. it was clear to me that jeff sessions was part of the trump campaign and when it came time to look at whether or not the trump campaign did anything wrong with the russians, it's impossible for jeff sessions to
8:09 am
render a verdict because he was part of the campaign. that made imminent sense to me then and now. what makes no sense to me is all of the abuse by the department of justice and the f.b.i., the unprofessional conduct, the shady behavior. nobody seems to think that's much important. well, that's going to change, i hope. i've been calling since the end of 2017 for a special counsel to be appointed to look at whether or not the fisa warrant process was abused for political purposes, whether or not a counter intelligence investigation was opened up regarding the trump campaign as a back door to spy on the campaign. i still to this day am at a loss to explain why nobody went to president trump to tell him there may be some people in your orbit that are connected
8:10 am
to the russians and working with the russians. a counter intelligence investigation is designed to protect the entity being targeted by a foreign power. dianne feinstein's case she had somebody working with her that the f.b.i. suspected of having an inappropriate relationship with the government of china. they told diane about it and she let the guy go. that's the way it's supposed to work. how did it fail and break down here? was it a ruse to get into the trump campaign? i don't know, but i'm going to try to find out. as to the clinton email disposition, why did comey do what he did? why did he take over the investigation in july, make a statement that she did a lot of bad things but not quite a crime?
8:11 am
that did affect this election. and if the shoe were on the other foot, republicans would have been pretty mad about that. what was the conflict that made loretta lynch so unable to preside over the clinton email investigation? was it just a tarmac meeting or was it more? i believe there was more there. and i intend to get to there. how could in october right before the election, we find out that emails on the clinton server winds up in the hands of anthony wiener and just within 48 hours everyone is good to go? this is puzzling at best and troubling to its core from my point of view. mr. mueller has been given a chance to do his job. two years, 19 lawyers, 40
8:12 am
f.b.i. agents, 2800 subpoenas, 500 people interviewed, 230 orders for communication records, 13 requests to foreign governments for evidence, 25 million dollars or more. that is what happened to the trump campaign. and i've been okay with that scrutiny from day one. when it comes to the fisa warrant, the clinton campaign, the counter intelligence investigation, it's pretty much been swept under the rug except by a few republicans in the house. those days are over. going forward, hopefully in a bipartisan fashion we'll begin to unpack the other side of the story. with that i'll take questions. >> the special counsel on the issue of obstruction of justice mueller has declined to fully exonerate the president. do the american people deserve
8:13 am
to know why? >> if you know lawyers are not into the exoneration business. they are into making cases or not making cases business. all i can tell you is that when it comes to obstruction of justice, mr. barr and rosenstein concluded that the facts did not justify a charge. not the idea you can't indict a sitting president. in his memo mr. barr was about a statute. it is very problematic to bring an obstruction case for making a personnel decision. if he fired a u.s. attorney somewhere, does that lead to an obstruction argument because you have a political difference with that attorney general who is not serving your agenda? what mr. barr said at the hearing was that nobody, including the president, can get a witness to lie. nobody, including the president, can fulfill the information from the court.
8:14 am
mr. mueller apparently could not find sufficient evidence to conclude on his own that the president obstructed justice in a classic sense and mr. barr said, along with mr. rosenstein, having looked at the evidence, we do not believe there is evidence to support a charge of obstruction of justice and it is important but not dispositive that the underlying crime did not exist. you can actually obstruct justice even if there is not a crime. but the intent really does go to whether or not somebody is trying to protect themselves. if they did nothing wrong to begin with, it's pretty hard to prove obstruction of justice. >> was it appropriate for bob mueller to punt on the issue of obstruction and leave it to the president's two top political appointees in the justice department to make this determination? >> as far as i'm concerned, mr. mueller's report gave the
8:15 am
attorney general, both sides of the equation. he decided, not mr. barr, to give that decision over to the attorney general. you can ask him. from my point of view, i think what mr. barr and mr. rosenstein did was very appropriate. somebody has to decide, and the attorney general is not conflicted. he was not part of the campaign. so the big thing for me, guys, has always been did trump work with the russians? and i told him to his face almost two years ago, if you did, that's it between me and you and anything that follows, you deserve. i'll say that about any politician of any party. and here is what we know two years later. after an exhaustive examination of the facts in this case by
8:16 am
somebody that every american should trust, mr. mueller, the answer is no. >> what about is there any daylight as democrats are suggesting between what the mueller report may say and what barr's memo says and secondarily isn't there a question, though, because of the change in the statute in 1999 the purview that mueller had that he may have been restricted if how far he could go and thus have to defer to barr because the special counsel is under the department of justice, unlike the independent counsel statute when ken starr had more lee way. >> bill: all i can say about mueller's report. he looked at obstruction of justice. he didn't say anything about i can't get there from here because of legal bars. here is the pot of evidence on one side, the pot of evidence on the other side. it is complicated legally and
8:17 am
statutorily. this is our view of what happened. we'll defer you to make that decision and i'm absolutely okay with that and mr. barr hopefully will come before the committee and we can ask him the questions. >> you brought up session's conflict of interest and you made a rousing speech of mar-a-lago. doesn't that give an appearance of conflict of interest in your role of chairing the judiciary committee? you have to be kidding. did anybody ask during the clinton administration that a democrat was conflicted of speaking out for the president? i'm a republican and going all over the country to speak to the republican party. i want trump to win. i'm chairman of the judiciary committee. i do my job very responsibly. this committee is going to allow mr. barr to come forward and tell us and answer some of the questions you've asked. i'm asking him to lay it all
8:18 am
out. i stood by mr. mueller because i believe in the rule of law. there is politics and there is the rule of law. so to suggest that if you are a republican and that you want trump to win somehow you can't do your job is absurd. >> you also golfed with him, right? >> yes, and i played terribly. >> you were involved in the clinton impeachment saga back in the 90s. >> right. >> your party later suffered at the polls for its focus on that and other investigations. you know that across the building democrats are now mulling what to do next. what would be your advice to them? >> learn from our mistake. let's go back to the 90s. it started out about financial misdeeds and basically enriching oneself. it wound up being about an
8:19 am
improper relationship. sexual harassment lawsuits are always about sex. the question was did the president in a sexual harassment lawsuit basically bend the rules of the court to help himself. he was suspended for five years for inappropriate conduct as a lawyer. he was chastised for lying under oath. having said that, looking back, the public sort of knew what they were getting with bill clinton. i think the public sort of knows what they're getting with donald trump. and here is my advice to the democratic party. pursue what you think is important to the public, but if you keep going after mueller's spoke, people are going to think you are just out to get him, that there is no right answer other than donald trump must be removed from office, and you will probably suffer
8:20 am
the same fate we did as having gone too far. >> just to clarify you say you want attorney general barr to testify. how about mr. mueller? >> i'll leave that up to mr. barr as to whether or not he thinks that would be helpful. i don't know the answer to that about the special counsel himself. let's start with mr. barr, who is in charge of the department of justice. i want you to know as much as you possibly can know. it's a big deal. from my point of view it was a great day for the president in terms of the underlying allegation. but now i'm hoping some of you will be interested in the other side of the story. >> a quick follow to that question. you said what is the public getting with donald trump? you once called pardoning someone like paul manafort a political disaster but the political winds might changed. have they changed? are pardons on the table? >> i think president trump
8:21 am
pardoned anybody in his orbit it would not play well. as to what people are getting with donald trump? i think it's pretty clear that like bill clinton, donald trump is a larger than life character. people are focused on what he is doing for them. i think people would be legitimately concerned if he did, in fact, his campaign work with the russians. if mr. barr had reached a different conclusion and he had reported that there is evidence of trump coordination with the russians, i would have believed it, i would have listened to the president but that would have been a bad day for the country and i just end with this and take a couple more questions. to those wanting an outcome of removing trump, you have to be disappointed. to those who wanted somebody to look at trump without interference, you have to be pleased. to those who are happy that
8:22 am
your president has been cleared of working with a foreign power, i think you're a good american. >> when you say you want barr, is that a public hearing? >> as public as possible. >> secondarily when you say see you soon to james comey, does that mean you'll call him before the committee for a public hearing as well? >> yeah. what was the whole thing about. what i'll do and just quickly, i'll start and work backward. the fisa warrant application, four different occasions. what role did the dossier play? was it the primary source of the information given to the court? was it supplemental? was it outcome determinative. i want to know the role that comey played in the process. was the only reason you recused yourself was because of the
8:23 am
tarmac meeting with loretta lynch? i want to find out what were the rules about a counter intelligence investigation? what kind of defensive briefing did you give to the candidate, if any at all? those are the kind of questions i want to know about. >> are you willing to issue subpoenas to have people come before the committee in these separate areas? >> i will talk with her, i hopefully -- a lot of these people have testified before but now the report is behind us. i think it's important to find out what happened. if it takes a subpoena we'll do that. i hope we won't have to. >> where do you see now that this report is behind us, the country going in terms of divisiveness? is it just going to keep going? are you seeing any chance for things improving? how do you see the divisiveness issue. >> sandra: you have been listening to lindsey graham holding a press availability
8:24 am
answering questions. he started out by saying very importantly that he had supported this investigation all along. he was all for protecting robert mueller as he went through the process and saw it to the very end. he said when it comes to the fisa warrant, the clinton campaign, the counter intelligence investigation, he said it has been swept under the rug except by a few republicans. those days are over. trey gowdy joins us now. trey, you have been listening to this along with us. he went on to explain to those reporters that the rule of law applies to democrats and republicans equally here and explained why it's time to take a look at the other side of this story. what did you take away from what you just heard from the senator? >> well, lindsey is right. there are some house republicans that have been looking for the past 12 months at the fisa process, the origination of the f.b.i. investigation in july of 2016.
8:25 am
we were ridiculed by our democrat colleagues and quite frankly by most people in the media for daring to ask how jim comey could have possibly cleared hillary clinton before she was interviewed. democrats didn't want any part of that. so i am glad that senator graham and his judiciary committee is going to look at it. he is exactly right. the lady wears a blindfold. she is not a democrat or republican. you want a department of justice and f.b.i. that you can have confidence in. if anybody wants to know why so many of my fellow citizens have so little confidence in the media after two years and finding no evidence of conspiracy or coordination, the first three questions were not about that. they weren't about the origin of the investigation. it was about obstruction of justice. not one question. there were three questions about obstruction and one about whether or not lindsey should hold a campaign event in
8:26 am
florida. nothing about the past 25 years -- two years, $25 million, 500 witness interviews, no media inquiries about that. >> sandra: it reminds me of this picture that stood out to us. james comey tweeting out a picture of him standing in the forest with the title, so many questions. to which lindsey graham retweeted with the reply, could not agree more, see you soon. leaves us wondering what is next as far as further investigations, where he will go with that. what he did confirm at the podium now is that william barr should testify, he said. as far as whether robert mueller will be put on the stand he said he will leave that up to william barr. what does happen next, trey? >> i was with lindsey all day yesterday and talked to him last night after the comey tweet came out. somebody needs to take comey's twitter account away from him.
8:27 am
someone who hates the president as much as he does and the president is cleared on any -- no evidence of collusion with the russians. the barr letter said despite multiple offers by the russians trying to get into the trump campaign they still didn't do it and comey is not satisfied. lindsey will bring comey, barr. where i disagree a little bit with lindsey whether or not this report should be made public. the department of justice answers true and false questions. should you be indicted, should you not be indicted? they don't write reports and do op research on people we don't like. that's part of how we got where we are now. the f.b.i. and d.o.j. were given research by fusion gps and swalwell and schiff and castro. >> sandra: thank you for
8:28 am
standing by through that with us. we appreciate that. let's bring in political analyst brit hume. you've been standing by. i want to throw to this sound going back to lindsey graham making the point why he has so many questions now about how this all began. listen. >> what happens next is that i have been talking since 2017, the end of 2017 about the other side of the story. nobody much appears to care, but i hope you will find some interest now. that the fisa warrant issued against carter page based on a dossier prepared by christopher steele is at a minimum disturbing. whether or not it's illegal i don't yet know. i'm going to get answers to this. if no one else cares, it seems to be republicans do and that's sad because if the shoe were on the other foot it would be front page news all over the
8:29 am
world. >> sandra: that was lindsey graham moments ago insisting as the chairman of the senate judiciary committee he is going to get answers. >> i think we should welcome any effort to go back and find out exactly how this debacle was launched. when i say debacle i'm talking about the political accusation of collusion which occupied our media and politics for now two years in all the ways described leading to this enormous investigation that cleared the president on the collusion narrative. not only do people like lindsey graham need to look into f.b.i. and justice department behavior leading up to this getting started but we in in business, in our business need to look back and say how in the world did several major news organizations, networks, newspapers and so on devote so much time to what turned out to be utterly baseless speculation about the most serious crime you could imagine mounting in some cases in the accusations
8:30 am
we heard to treason. the worst journalistic debacle of my lifetime. i've been in the business 50 years. i've never seen anything this bad last this long. it is a terrible thing. needs to be investigated and soul searching about members of the media today and going forward. >> sandra: are you seeing any sort of admission on that front? on the part of democrats, the media? >> alas, i am not. i'm seeing a handful of honest liberal journalists who have no use for trump agreeing this was bad reporting all the way. some of them have been doing it for some time. the catalog of baseless speculation and wild accusation is very long indeed. i'm seeing very few signs of any real intro spec shun. everybody is moving on to well, there may be a possibility of obstruction of justice. that is likely another wild goose chase and as trey gowdy
8:31 am
correctly noted, the questions you heard in that news conference that lindsey graham held did not reflect well, i don't think, on members of the media about where we go from here and how we got here. >> sandra: great to get your perspective on that this morning. >> bill: we have a lot more reaction coming in. all corners, all sides. karl rove on the democratic reaction we're hearing thus far and judge napolitano after the barr release there yesterday. stay with us, a lot more coming up still this hour. >> i stood by mr. mueller because i believe in the rule of law. there is politics and there is the rule of law. so to suggest that if you are a republican and that you want trump to win somehow you can't do your job is absurd.
8:32 am
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8:35 am
russians? i told him to his face, almost two years ago, if you did, that's it between me and you and anything that follows you deserve. i will say that about any politician of any party. and here is what we know two years later. after an exhaustive examination of the facts in this case by somebody that every american should trust, mr. mueller, the answer is no. >> bill: we just watched lindsey graham for 25 minutes on the hill. some of the other relevant comments. he asked the question why no one informed donald trump to tell him that people in his orbit might be working with russia. went on to say about the fisa, was it a ruse to try and get into the trump campaign? i don't know but i'm going to find out. lindsey graham there. karl rove with me, former white house deputy chief of staff live in austin. first time we've had a chance
8:36 am
to talk. brit hume laid out the media pretty much said he has never seen something like this in his entire professional life and as brit said he has been around for a while. your observations about what we have covered over the past 24 hours, karl. >> a couple of things. first of all i think lindsey graham is exactly right to have said what he said to the president and now to say that the mueller report clearly says the president didn't involve his -- his campaign was not involved in collusion and no grounds for obstruction. the democrats are now going to be on their heels. the president has been given a big victory. we have to be careful. we need to examine what went wrong and how. these are big, important questions. we have to be careful how we do that. brit is absolutely right. the media blew this up. jason leopold. i have a personal experience with him. jason leopold said earlier this year buzz feed reported they
8:37 am
had absolute evidence the president had lied in this and there was going to be indicted over it. i went through the same experience with jason leopold in 2006. it was falseness in the valerie plain investigation and the buzz feed investigation. are people like jason leopold still be employed and what is the media doing to be more accurate of reporting? courageous people on the left. the media bought into this and spent all their time on it. i thought also the point about the democrats is absolutely certain. they have a problem and they will probably respond to this by making the problem worse. they will overreach now on the question of obstruction. we've already seen it from jerry nadler and others. they'll sound like they are completely unhinged to the ordinary american voter and that will be problematic for them as they approach 2020. >> bill: the question about obstruction. bill barr was not isolated in a
8:38 am
room by himself. he was in are rod rosenstein and a cast of others on staff as well. >> career people at the office of legal counsel. look, let's be clear about this. he was very specific. you have to have obstructive conduct. it has to be involved in a pending for contemplated proceeding and has to be done with criminal innocent. he said there is no ability to indict anybody on the basis of those three points because they aren't present in the material that he and rod rosenstein and the career people at the department of justice looked at. >> bill: you talked about democrats and their reaction. what appears to be the collective reaction we need to see the entire report. maybe we do with a few redactions on intelligence and information there. beto o'rourke. las vegas, nevada. i believe if the time code is correct o'rourke was at a coffee shop 30 minutes before the summary came out. he said what we know this
8:39 am
president sought to collude with a foreign power trying to undermine our democracy which is 180 degrees from what the barr summary gave us yesterday. the question then politically how do they pivot to their next point? >> don't expect him to show any shame about a case of bad timing. don't expect any of the rest of these democrats to -- who said adam schiff, there has been lots of evidence of collusion, not exactly right. don't expect any of them to show any shame on it. but they will -- this is where the problem will be for them. just like the republicans overreached in 1998, i believe the democrats are going to overreach now by demanding the report in its entirety by saying clearly he should have been indicted on the basis of obstruction of justice. this was obstruction of justice. their credibility is thin and the american people want to get back to the important things in their life. this brings me to a point. everybody, i think, needs to
8:40 am
keep this in mind. think about the fox poll. who is up for grabs between now and november of 2020? in the latest fox poll it is 57 biden, 40 trump, 13% undecided. sanders is 40 for 41. there are a couple of points of the people today with sanders and with biden who might be available now that this whole issue has been resolved. so roughly one out of every six voters is up for grabs. that's where everybody, particularly the trump white house and team trump needs to be focused. what do they need to do to talk about the economy and what the president wants to do next. family leave, additional regulatory reform. one out of six of the american voters undecided today is what they want to hear about. not all this stuff we've just gone through. >> bill: look forward to talking to you again soon. karl rove in austin, texas. >> sandra: the mueller investigation is over now. president trump's legal team calling it total vindication. the president is still the
8:41 am
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i had a few good tricks to help hide my bladder leak pad. like the old "tunic tug". but always discreet is less bulky. and it really protects. 'cause it turns liquid to gel. so i have nothing to hide. always discreet. >> i am a republican. i'm going all over the country to speak to the republican party. i want trump to win. i'm chairman of the judiciary committee. i do my job very responsibly. this committee is going to allow mr. barr to come forward and tell us and answer some of the questions you've asked. i'm asking him to lay it all out. i stood by mr. mueller because i believe in the rule of law. there is politics and there is the rule of law. so to suggest that if you are a
8:45 am
republican and that you want trump to win somehow you can't do your job is absurd. >> sandra: that's what you just heard from lindsey graham, the chairman of the senate judiciary committee a few moments ago. we want to bring out judge napolitano, judge, good morning to you. you just heard that from lindsey graham clearly laying out his case why now he has questions that need to be answered. the rule of law applies equally to both democrats and republicans. where does all this go next, judge? >> you know, i watched senator graham's presser and i thought he was terrific. my hats off to your producers. they picked just the perfect clip to summarize what he was suggesting. here is where i think he wants to go. senator graham, who is a lawyer and a military judge, as well as a senator, is aware that fisa poses the potential for abuse. some of us have been arguing --
8:46 am
i hate to use the number, -- for 41 years, the time fisa has been in existence, it has a corrupting effect on the f.b.i. that it is too easy to start an intelligence operation with fisa rules by presenting shaky evidence to fisa judges and getting a search warrant on innocent people and then morph it into a criminal investigation. if senator graham wants i'll testify before the senate judiciary committee why and how fisa is unconstitutional. even though he already knows that. he will look into how did all this start? did it start because there were bad act ors in the f.b.i.? yes, probably were and defective proper shead yours like fisa. he will have a treasure trove of potential corrections by way of legislation that the congress can make. >> sandra: what you heard from lindsey graham as well is he does want william barr to
8:47 am
testify. we have seen a similar call from ranking democrats jerry nadler and also demanding that william barr be called to testify before the committee. whether or not robert mueller will, lindsey graham said he will leave it to william barr. it looks like barr will sit down and answer questions before congress. >> here is what happened in 1998 with the impeachment of bill clinton. ken starr went to the presiding federal district court judge in washington, d.c. and said give me permission to make this public because right now there is grand jury material in here about people who were not charged with crimes and under the rules i can't reveal that. i think the attorney general bill barr today will probably do the same thing and i think the federal judge will probably agree with him and she will sign an order allowing him removing the privacy protections on all of this. allowing him to present it to the democrats and the entire
8:48 am
congress. the bad part of that is they are going the find some area they want to pursue. the good part of it is we'll see why the president and how the president was exonerated. >> sandra: all good stuff. judge, thank you. nice to see you. >> bill: melissa francis coming up next. quick preview of "outnumbered" today. >> president trump meeting with the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and expected to announce a dramatic shift in decades of u.s. policy recognizing israel's sovereignty over golan heights. we can also hear from the president for the first time since the white house from the mueller report. big news from senator lindsey graham saying he plans to use his committee to get to the bottom of the origins of the mueller report and hillary clinton email report and wants to hear from all the big players. whether we'll get real answers
8:49 am
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>> sandra: breaking news right now we're hearing israel is bombing hamas in gaza right now this is happening where trey yengst joins us live from the israeli/gaza border. trey. >> just moments ago the israeli military began strikes inside the gaza strip after a rocket was fired by one of the factions inside gaza earlier today into central israel injuring at least six israeli civilians. we've seen two strikes from attack helicopters hitting hamas targets inside gaza. off in the distance i can see two attack helicopters staging. they're preparing to strike mortar gets inside gaza what is expected to be a night of attacks on the gaza strip. israeli military and government has said they're going to be launching what appears to be a series of strikes inside gaza in retaliation for that strike, the rocket hitting israel
8:54 am
earlier today. factions inside the gaza strip are not claiming responsibility for the rocket fired earlier today but will respond to any israeli provocation. >> sandra: we're following the breaking news on the border. thank you. >> bill: duke survives but oh so barely. a lot of brackets, too. march madness and jim gray to talk about this. how are you doing? also big retirement in the nfl. on duke. duke could have three number one picks in this year's draft. how good is this team? >> well, they're really good and why they're the number one seed. it is a fragile existence in the ncaa tournament. ucf had a chance yesterday. coach k, how great was he with his compassion and sympathy he had for dockins, his former assistant. he knew the other team was better. they got lucky. you can have three number one picks and still go down.
8:55 am
one on done. williamson is so much fun to watch and barrett saved the day. you never know. >> bill: i think zion is the most exciting gone out there. on ron gron koskie. he will retire. you believe he is the best tight end ever. >> i do. mike ditka and john mackey and kelen winslow. this guy was so good. they were almost unbeatable but it has taken a physical toll. keep one thing in mind. gronk doesn't want to go through training camp. his body is broken and tough to do. his agent even said this morning that there may be a sliver, a door could open. if tom brady would call. he is saying it could be a possibility according to his agent. this guy has been fantastic and made it so much fun. we've laughed with him. enjoyed him on the field. it has been a pleasure to be able to cover him and a pleasure to be able to watch
8:56 am
him. >> bill: my sense is very few of us have had the opportunity to go out on top and he has. we'll see you soon. jim gray from los angeles. >> sandra: good to see you. president trump taking a victory lap after mueller's findings show no collusion between his campaign and russia. we'll have more reaction at the top of a new hour. homeowners get cashteran by using the powerful va home loan benefit we've earned with our service. the newday va cash out loan can help you get over 50,000 dollars to pay off the credit card debt, put cash in the bank, and reduce your payments by over 500 dollars a month. and since newday's been granted automatic authority by the va, they can say yes when banks say no. get the financial security you've earned and deserve. call 1-833-844-6706 whooo! want to take your next vacation to new heights?
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8:59 am
>> bill: a couple things in here. jake gibson, department of justice yesterday, saying three weeks ago special counsel bob miller told the ag william barr and rod rosenstein they would not be able to reach a conclusion on the obstruction of justice. what remains, i would guess, is -- when was bill barr told there was no conclusion on collusion? did that come prior to that as
9:00 am
well? >> sandra: had to get that all out. that was one of the big questions andy mccarthy had when he joined us earlier in the 9:00 hour. that was a big three hours. >> bill: it was. >> sandra: thanks for joining us here at "america's newsroom." he will do it again tomorrow. "outnumbered" starts now. you two fox news alert, we are waiting present trump trump's first public comments at the white house says the attorney general released his summary of the highly-anticipated miller report. right now the president meeting with benjamin netanyahu and expected to formally announced the recognition of the disputed golan heights as part of israel. a major shift in decades of u.s. policy. we will bring you the president just as soon as we see him right there. >> there was no collusion with russia. there was no obstruction and none whatsoever. it was a complete and total exon


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