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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  March 25, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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collusion? did that come prior to that as well? >> sandra: had to get that all out. that was one of the big questions andy mccarthy had when he joined us earlier in the 9:00 hour. that was a big three hours. >> bill: it was. >> sandra: thanks for joining us here at "america's newsroom." he will do it again tomorrow. "outnumbered" starts now. you two fox news alert, we are waiting present trump trump's first public comments at the white house says the attorney general released his summary of the highly-anticipated miller report. right now the president meeting with benjamin netanyahu and expected to formally announced the recognition of the disputed golan heights as part of israel. a major shift in decades of u.s. policy. we will bring you the president just as soon as we see him right there. >> there was no collusion with russia. there was no obstruction and none whatsoever. it was a complete and total exoneration.
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it's a shame that our country had to go through this. to be honest, it's a shame that your president has had to go through this. >> melissa: the president they are claiming total vindication after the mueller report finds no evidence that any member of his campaign conspired or coordinated with russia to influence the 2016 election. democrats pushing ahead with calls for more investigation, and demands released the full mueller report, pointed to the open-ended result of the obstruction probe. this is "outnumbered" and i'm melissa francis. here today, harris faulkner. fox news contributor, lisa boothe. fox news contributor, jessica tarlov. during us in the center seat for the very first time, former california republican congressman darrell issa. he is "outnumbered" but we are going to go to the president before you get a word in edge wise, because the president is out there right now, we understand. yes? here we go. here is the president with benjamin netanyahu. let's listen.
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>> president trump: serra? this is a big moment. a very important moment it's my honor to welcome prime minister netanyahu to the white house. a very special man, he has done a great job. i want to begin by expressing our condolences to the prime minister and the people of israel for the horrific hamas rocket attack on israeli homes this morning, which wounded seven civilians at least, including numerous children. our prayers are with our friends in israel as they carry out an incredible way of life in the face of great terror. the united states recognizes
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israel's absolute right to defend itself. the despicable attack this morning demonstrates the significant security challenges that israel faces every single day, and today i am taking historic action to promote israel's ability to defend itself and really to have a very powerful, very strong national security. which they are entitled to have. in a moment i will sign a presidential proclamation recognizing israel's sovereign right over the golan heights. the state of israel took control of the golan heights in 1967, to safeguard a security from external threats. today, aggressive action by iran and terrorist groups in southern syria including hezbollah continue to make the golan heights a potential lodging ground for attacks agait israel. very violent attacks.
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any possible future peace agreement must account for israel's need to defend itself from syria, iran, and other regional threats. we do not want to see another attack like the one suffered this morning north of tel aviv. in our meeting today, the prime minister and i will discuss these dangers, as well as several mutual priorities in the middle east and beyond. we will be discussing other subjects also, including trade, but we will mostly be discussing this defense and perhaps a fence. under my administration , the unbreakable alliance between the united states and israel has never been stronger. you read things, you hear things. it has never been stronger. just remember that. people talk, but it is only talk. our relationship is powerful. at this moment, the american embassy stands proudly in
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jerusalem. the capital of the jewish people, that they have established. and they wanted the embassy for many years, for many decades, frankly, for many presidents. we got it done. not only did we get it done, we also got it built at a slight cost savings. like, about $1 billion cost savings. [laughter] i want to thank ambassador david friedman for the job he has done. jason greenblatt, jared, and everybody that worked so hard together. i want to thank you all. thank you very much, ambassador. are you enjoying it? and you love israel. good. and america. [laughter] i was waiting for him to say that. [laughter] we have defeated the caliphate in syria. we have withdrawn from the horrible iran nuclear deal, and imposed the toughest-ever sanctions. these are by far the toughest ever on the iranian regime.
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it's having a big effect. iran is not the same country it was when i took office. the day i took office, we had threats all over the middle east and beyond. iran is a much different place right now than it was. as i said, during my state of the union address, we will not avert our eyes from the dictatorship that chance "death to america, death to israel," and calls for genocide against the jewish people. we won't let them even consider that. we will confront the poison of anti-semitism through both our words and maybe even more importantly our actions. in the last century, humanity witnessed the horrific consequences of anti-semitism, in a world without a jewish homeland. in the wake of those unthinkable horrors, the jewish people built a mighty nation in the holy lan
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land. something very, very powerful. something very special and important. today, israel demonstrates that incredible possibilities, when strong sovereign independent nations construct their own destinies. there can be no other better example of greatness than what israel has done starting from such a small speck of sand. israel is an inspiration, a trusted ally, and a cherished friend. the united states will always stand by its side. i would like to now invite prime minister netanyahu to say a few words. bibi and i have known each other for a long time. he's another one who truly, truly loves israel. i think you can say he also loves the united states. before i signed the presidential
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proclamation recognizing israel's sovereignty over the golan heights, i would like to ask prime minister netanyahu to say a few words. thank you very much. thank you, thank you. [applause] >> mr. president, my dear friend, donald, you have shown consistently incredible support for israel. for our right to self-defense. when we exercise that self-defense, you have never flinched. you have always been there, including today. and i think you yesterday, a rocket was fired from gaza deep inside israel. it hit a home north of tel aviv. it wounded seven, including two small children. miraculously, no one was hurt. no one was killed. israel will not tolerate this.
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i will not tolerate this. as we speak, as i told you, mr. president, just now, israel is responding forcefully to this wanton aggression. i have a simple message to israel's enemies. we will do whatever we must do to defend our people and defend our state. after this meeting i will return home ahead of schedule to lead the people of israel and the soldiers of israel. before i go, mr. president , it was so kind of you to invite me to come here. it was so important for me to come here to the white house and to thank you. mr. president, over the years israel has been blessed to have many friends who have sat in the oval office. but israel has never had a better friend than you.
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you have showed this time and again. you show this when you withdrew from the disastrous nuclear deal with iran. i remember in one of our first meetings, you said, "this is a horrible deal. i believe it." you said it, you did it. you showed it when we restored sanctions against the genocidal regime that seeks to destroy the one and only jewish state. you said, "i will restore the sanctions." he said it, and he did it. you showed that when you recognized israel as jerusalem as the capital and move the embassy there and gave us a tremendous ambassador. you said it, you did it. and you showed it once again today, mr. president, with your official proclamation recognizing israel's sovereignty over the golan heights. mr. president, ladies and gentlemen, this is truly a historic day.
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for two decades, from 1948 to 1967, syria rained deadly fire from the golan heights on israel's citizens below. a generation of israeli children lived in constant danger. and then, in two glorious days, in june 1967, the brief soldiers of israel scaled those daunting heights and liberated the golan heights. this has profound meetings were all israelis, and me, personally. one of those brave soldiers was my brother, who was wounded in battle three hours before the end of the war. a few years later, as an officer in the special unit, i led my soldiers into a covert mission into syria. as we came back through the golan heights, to israel, we nearly froze to death in a blinding snowstorm. as you can see, i'm still here. at that point, in the 1967,
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israel seized the high ground. which has since proven invaluable to our defense. in 1973, syria launched a surprise attack against israel. those same golan heights proved to be, to absorb the initial attack. it was a horrific attack. and successfully counter attack the invading syrian forces. within two weeks, we were at the gates of damascus. outmanned, outgunned, our brief soldiers tramped after one of the hardest-fought tank battles in history. we would have to be nearly half a century until this moment here, in this room, to translate our military victory into a diplomatic victory. and that is why, mr. president, your decision to recognize israel's sovereignty over the golan heights is so historic. your recognition is a twofold
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act of historic justice. israel won the golan heights in a just war of self-defense, and the jewish people's roots in the golan go back thousands of year years. in the long sweep of jewish history, there have been a handful of proclamations by nonjewish leaders on behalf of our people in our land. cyrus the great, the great persian king, lord balfour, president harry s. truman, and president donald j. trump. and you, mr. president , have done it not once but twice with your bold proclamation on jerusalem and with your bold proclamation today on the golan. your proclamation comes at a time where the golan is more important than ever for our security, when iran is trying to
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establish bases in syria to strike at israel. from across the border in syria, iran has launched drones into our airspace, missiles into our territory. mr. president , just as israel has stood tall in 1967, just as it stood tall in 1973, israel stands tall today. we hold the high ground and we shall never give it up. mr. president, we have a saying in israel. i will see it in hebrew. it says, " " thanks to you, we now know there are two people who stand with the golan. the people of israel, and the people of america. on behalf of all the people of
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israel, thank you, president trump. thank you for your leadership, thank you for your friendship, and thank you for all you have done to make the alliance between america and israel stronger and greater than ever. thank you, mr. president. [applause] >> president trump: thank you very much, that was beautiful. this was a long time in the making. it should have taken place many decades ago. you can give this to the people
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of israel. >> thank you. [applause] >> reporter: after signing this proclamation and recognizing jerusalem, would you give palestinian -- >> president trump: we are talking about this. thank you, very much. thank you. >> reporter: do you want to -- >> i have brought you a case of the finest wine from the golan. i understand you are not a great wine drinker. [laughter] >> reporter: mr. president, do you want to see the prime minister -- [reporters asking questions] >> melissa: okay, you can see the president there with
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prime minister benjamin netanyahu. he was signing a proclamation recognizing the golan heights as part of israel. right there, talking with benjamin netanyahu as just two weeks from now he faces a very difficult reelection against the backdrop of a lot of scandal in that country. i want to bring it back out to the couch here. congressman, what is your take on the closeness between these two men? obviously giving a boost to prime minister benjamin netanyahu when he is really under siege, so many scandals back home. they are trying to make the point that he has been great for the state of israel. does not outweigh what you may think of him ethically amid all these scandals? i think that's the case that they made to voters back home. >> darrell: i think the president is making a statement about the last 18 years. 18 years ago, the outgoing clinton administration was in negotiations with israel to give back the golan heights as part of the peace agreement until hafez assad died.
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and my trip to meet with bashar al-assad, that was the subject. "will you take over what your father left off?" an answer was no. he has been in the pocket of the iranians. he has been unwilling to quit the attacks on israel. i think the recognition by these two strong defense leaders that this was time really speaks for itself. >> melissa: jessica, i will ask you -- very interesting, you see benjamin netanyahu come out and say, unequivocally, "you are the best friend that israel has ever had." this is creating an interesting new dynamic right now between the parties. because it does seem like president trump, who builds coalitions and isn't necessarily republican on everything, is trying to cleave off this group is pro-israel from the democratic party. it is not a good strategy? does that work? >> jessica: it hasn't worked in previous elections. the jewish vote usually goes 77%
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to 79% to democrats. there are a number of people who might be more liberal leaning who would vote republican over the years. my own grandmother, who fled europe from hitler, always voted republican. my grandfather canceled her down on the left side, but she said republicans are the ones who protect israel. we live in new york anyway and we will elect a democrat. i think it's smart for president trump to do this. i don't think it moves the needle, though, in the jewish vote's assessment of him as a friend to them in different israel because of what has go on in the past. obviously, the anti-semitic tropes. >> melissa: you think he's into somatic in spite of all this? >> jessica: i don't think he meant having support from anti-semites. i think he has dabbled in hugely dangerous language that is anti-semitic. i don't think that having jewish family makes you not an anti-semite. he has even spoken to jewish crowds where he said, "you don't like me much, you don't get my money." if you put in that paddling pool with pepe the frog and attacking george soros and all that, i don't think that jews believe
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you are what's best for them. >> harris: i want to get any point of news. trey yingst is in the israel-gaza border right now filling that rocket attack. he says the israeli military has just started bombing. the associated press is also reporting that israel's military has started striking hamas targets in the gaza strip after that rocket had a house in central israel early today, overnight, wounding seven people. i want to get the news in there because there is some being made. prime minister netanyahu is going home early and he knows -- you were to mention his military there. he knows that this is going on. so that is the backdrop for today's news. >> lisa: it was going to say, i think president trump is inarguably pro-israel. they lay that on a moving the embassy to jerusalem, which previous presidents had promised to do and he was the only one that fulfilled it. also recognizing the sovereignty over the golan heights. it's undeniable that the democratic democratic party has a risk. we saw that with max was apologizing to his constituents
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for the comments, steny hoyer, some of the members of his part- >> melissa: much more to discuss on the inside. the mueller report clearing president trump of collusion but not drawing a final conclusion on obstruction. am will talk about that next. ♪ but no matter what park you live on, one of 10,000 local allstate agents knows yours. now that you know the truth, are you in good hands? wgreat tasting, heart-healthys the california walnuts.ever? so simple, so good. get the recipes at billions of problems. sore gums? bleeding gums? painful flossing? there's a therabreath for you. therabreath healthy gums oral rinse fights gingivitis and plaque and prevents gum disease for 24 hours. so you can... breathe easy, there's therabreath at walmart. come hok., babe.
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9:26 am
during the 2016 election, and the attorney general confirmed there was no obstruction of justice. this was a total indication of the president of the united states. >> harris: they are taking aim at the claim of indication. watch. >> president trump is wrong. this report does not amount to a so-called "total income on the ration." attorney general barr have an open memorandum suggesting the obstruction investigation was unconscionable and that a president -- that it was almost impossible for any president to commit obstruction of justice to seize the head of the executive branch. he made a decision about the evidence in under 48 hours. >> harris: house intelligence chairman jerry nadler they're talking about what democrats might be -- excuse me, adam schiff. what might be next.
9:27 am
our democrats at risk of overreach here? >> darrell: harris, they really are. one of the reasons is this was a vindication of the accusation. they may want to talk about, as they call it, obstruction. but is not surprising that the president chafed when being accused of a crime he didn't commit. nor to anyone in his campaign. you might remember, the democrats made a point about cavanaugh not being calm enough when he was being accused of assaulting women falsely. it's that sort of reaction that, yes, the president chafed at being falsely accused. now he and his entire campaign have been vindicated. >> harris: thank you for that correction on adam schiff. where are we on this idea that everyone might move on when mueller gave his report? because everybody thought bipartisan that he was the right guy to be doing the investigation. did something suddenly change about robert mueller that we don't know? >> darrell: i don't think anyone will take on his conclusions. they will argue over what those
9:28 am
conclusions mean, because he is such a respected figure. because -- he had 2800 subpoenas, 500 interviews. he exhaustively did the research to wear it -- bless adam schiff's heart, he cannot begin to equal that investigation no matter how hard he tries. >> harris: jusco, governing and going after the president with further investigations. you and i have talked before. the mueller report was supposed to be the thing we were all waiting for. >> jessica: then we should see it. i think that's what most of my stomach is arguing here. >> harris: it's not enough to know there are no indictments coming? no collusion? >> jessica: you don't know what indictments are coming, first of all. starting from the fdny. >> harris: know, from the new infestation. >> jessica: i was strapped when i saw that part. i think termini limits a great point when he says that it took william barr two days to conclude something that robert mueller couldn't come up with over the course of two years. when the president says he is totally exonerated, there was language explicitly in the summary that said this is not an
9:29 am
exoneration. obstruction of justice is still on the table, and also, as per collusion, mueller said he didn't collude with russian government officials. they keep saying russia. we know how the russian state works. it is like a mafia organization, and every term person lied about their connections to russia. >> lisa: it's an honest mistake or dumb because to continue down the road of the russian and deceased breeder talking about mueller, who had unlimited power in his investigation pre19 lawyers, 2800 subpoenas, 500 witnesses that work -- who came up with nothing. not only nothing, but the fact that trump associates rebuffed efforts by the russians, yet they and their limited power, once they continued that investigation, what a waste of money. what a waste of time. not to mention the fact that people like adam schiff abuse their power on the intel committee continuing to peddle these lies to the american people when he knew better. >> harris: we will move on. top are public graham is now going to use his committee to get to the bottom of the investigators linked to the special counsel probe, and that hillary clinton email investigation.
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♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ >> melissa: renewed calm in the wake of the mueller report to get to the bottom of how the mueller investigation began in the first place. the president's lemming the special counsel report as an illegal take down the field, and suggesting it is time to look at the other side. now topper publican and chairman of the judiciary committee, lindsey graham, vowing to get to the bottom of it all and meeting with attorney general barr this hour. here is a grandma this morning. >> when it comes to the fisa warrant, the clinton campaign, the counterintelligence investigations, it's pretty much been swept under the rug except by a few republicans in the house. those days are over. going forward, hopefully in a bipartisan fashion, we will begin to unpack the other side of the story. >> melissa: a source now
9:35 am
telling fox news special counsel mueller told attorney general william barr and deputy attorney general rod rosenstein that he would not be able to reach a conclusion on obstruction of justice three weeks ago. we also want to tell you that the president did make a comment when he was in with prime minister benjamin netanyahu about the mueller report. we will bring that to you just as soon as we have it. in the meantime, i would ask you -- so, all of that wiretapping and surveillance and all of that focus, yet there was no one colluding. no one in the campaign, no one associated. it sort of takes you down the root of, how did all that get started? why was there so much listening in? >> darrell: there's never been a campaign that was more eavesdropped perhaps since barry goldwater, his aircraft was bugged by the fbi. this is an example, though, of the one who made the accusation. when the accusation turns out to be wrong. in other words, hillary clinton. you look then at the accuser. in this case, the fake dossier,
9:36 am
the democratic national committee, and havard clinton now are coming under scrutiny for what turns out to be, after an extensive investigation, false accusations that, in fact, were created by giving a foreign agent -- british, in this case -- to work with the russians to create this fake dossier that has cost the american people tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars. >> melissa: jessica, rather than hillary clinton, it was president obama who started this and started talking about the russians. kind of pointed the justice department at that point in president trump's direction. >> jessica: mitch mcconnell was when he told president obama he didn't want to investigate further about russian interference. i can't believe that we just got the four page summary from william barr of the mueller report and we are back to investigating hillary clinton, and now talking about president obama. the trump campaign officials undeniably had unsavory links to russians. they had conversations with them and meeting so they lied about. many of them were indicted over
9:37 am
this and some are even going to jail. >> melissa: stop for one second there, we had donna brazile on not too long ago and she said this is very common. that what happens is the russians reach out to everyone. within this report, we saw that they say there were many attempts to try and infiltrate the campaign and nobody took the bait. >> jessica: i would guess it doesn't usually happen that your campaign manager shares polling data, for instance, with russians. that's the paul manafort special. i would guess you do it usually hires him to the carter page who brags that they -- >> darrell: i'm the only one here who has had ten different elections, neither of which i won. >> jessica: i will get there one day per [laughter] >> darrell: the reality is that you listen to everyone that comes in saying they have dirt n your opponent. >> jessica: you take a meeting with the russian lawyer who is saying they have dirt on her clinton and then lie and say it's about -- and the never did help you? >> darrell: and everyone of these campaigns, 70 takes it. maybe the trump organization is a little naive. they didn't use a surrogate law firm to prevet people.
9:38 am
but the reality is, and donna was very honest. i saw the interview. the fact is you listen to them and see what they have. ed gillespie would be governor of virginia if someone had walked in and said, "have you looked at the yearbook?" okay? the reality is that you do listen to that. the question is, who went to a foreign national and created a false narrative? the democratic national committee? >> jessica: christopher steele was a long-time asset of many governments. am i six. >> darrell: he is still for a foreign national. >> lisa: one, we have the fisa investigation that's coming a prepotential bees. hopefully that answers a lot of questions. we still need to get to the y and the how that we know president trump -- the fbi has not been seemingly dishonest about this. >> harris: i'm going to have to cut in couple if you get to the white house by the president, we know, is meeting of benjamin netanyahu. the premise of israel. we saw their words earlier today, and not a meeting of in
9:39 am
the oval office. a few questions from reporters. let's watch. >> reporter: mr. president, did this turn out to not be a witch hunt after all? do you think robert mueller today -- >> president trump: it lasted a long time, we are glad it's over. it's 100% the way it should have been. i wish it could have gone a lot quicker, a lot sooner. there are a lot of people out there who have done some very, very evil things. very bad things. i would say treasonous things against our country. hopefully, people that have done such harm to our country -- we have gone through a period of really bad things happening -- those people will certainly be looked at. i've been looking at them for a long time, and i'm saying, "why haven't they been looked at? they lied to congress." many of them. you know who they are. they have done so many evil things. i will tell you, i love this country. i love this country as much as i
9:40 am
can love anything. my family, my country, my god. what they did, there was a false narrative. it was a terrible thing. we can never let this happen to another president again. i can tell you that. i say very strongly. very few people i know could have handled it. we can never, ever let this happen to another president again. thank you all very much. [reporters asking questions] thank you very much.
9:41 am
[reporters asking questions] >> president trump: it wouldn't bother me at all. it's up to the attorney general. it wouldn't bother me at all. >> harris: we stayed with it there because we were trying to see if we could understand the original question that went to the answer of the president saying it's up to the attorney general, but it wouldn't bother him at all. we are still with us in closely and fling that back and side are controlled right now. >> melissa: i think it was about releasing the mueller report. >> harris: attorney general william barr, we found out, is scheduled to testify before the house appropriations committee now on april 9th. this would have been about the justice fiscal year 2020 budget. the department of justice. but it is suspected that the subject of the mueller report will come up now. chairman lindsey graham is also saying that he would like the attorney general to testify before the senate judiciary committee.
9:42 am
i bring all that in, as you were just saying, the question that you could hear was about releasing the mueller report. the president there with the prime minister of israel on what is a huge day regarding the sovereignty of the golan height golan heights. a presidential proclamation that the president signed just a short time ago. we showed you that life. saying that the golan heights region should be a sovereign area attached to israel, that it is theirs and we support them. benjamin netanyahu spoke for a bit and said that is just one of many examples of what he said. "president, you say it, and you do it. you said it, and you did it and it came to moving the u.s. embassy to jerusalem. you said it, and then you did it when you said you were going to show that you would leave what we call the disastrous deal with iran --" we, meaning israel -- "you said and you did it." that's where we are now predictable times to see both of these men. in this particular situation, very raucous response from the
9:43 am
media there. it got pretty chaotic in the end as they were throwing questions and shouting them at the president at that point. you have been with the media. you have run so many campaigns. have you ever seen what is happening when a conclusion comes out and the good news is, no one in the oval office -- meaning the president -- colluded with another country 200 hours. >> darrell: does pretty amazing that he doesn't have the follow-up question. >> harris: what would it be? >> darrell: that the low point. they wanted a follow-up "what about so-and-so's indictment?" and they don't have it. the initial question for the special prosecutor now has been answered, that there was no conspiracy. it's often called collusion. there was no conspiracy. at that point, when there was no outreach to the russians to try and do something bad in this election, the president has been mitigated. there may be collateral of their we have seen
9:44 am
, but the important thing is the president has been saying no president should have to face is again. they'll be question for congress. will they insulate future presidents from two years of this? >> harris: he said that more than once. he said, "i love this country." the president, just seconds ago. "my country, my family, my god. we can never allow this to happen to another president again." jessica, i come to on the other news that is breaking at this time. that is that we will see attorney general william barr before the house of probation's committee on april 9th. >> jessica: i think that that's great. there has been talked to get robert mueller in front of various committees as well. i think if you have invested two years into something like that, it's good to have as much information as possible. and as much transparency. i think we would all welcome that. >> melissa: in the meantime, white house press secretary sarah sanders blasting democrats and the mainstream media saying they owe a big apology after the special counsel found no proof the president colluded with russia.
9:45 am
>> i think democrats and the liberal media over the president and the american people an apology. they wasted two years and created a massive disruption and distraction from things that people -- that impact everyone's day-to-day lives. >> melissa: donald trump jr., was also the subject of much speculation, said in a statement, "sadly, instead of apologizing for needlessly destabilizing the country in a transparent attempt to delegitimize the 2016 election, it is clear that the collusion true theories in the media and the democratic party are only going to double down on their sick and twisted conspiracy theories moving forward." in the meantime, national review editor rich larry tweeting, "the three biggest losers from the mueller report in order -- the media, the media, and the media." abscessed and hysterical for two years because it was smoking gun was just over the horizon." lisa, i will start with you.
9:46 am
is there a big credibility hit now when there were so many breathless reports? "this one's going to get on data, this one is going to the jail." >> lisa: i wrote about this in 2017 about what would happen to the media if the collusion ended up being a bus. the best example showing how the media petaled this disinformation, which was the dossier, was the meeting james comey had with president trump. he told president trump that cnn was looking for a news hook. he had that private meeting with president trump. there was a leak about that private meeting happening, and then cnn and buzzfeed got the green light to run their stories. buzzfeed bring the dossier in full. i mean, come on. >> melissa: congressman from her point being -- >> darrell: collusion there! [laughter] >> melissa: they couldn't find a reason to come out of the stuff that was gossip. that was linked cooperation between the media -- >> darrell: the fbi and the department of justice have to be prevented from doing it in the
9:47 am
future. this is where comey and the others overstep their bounds by creating -- >> melissa: but how do you do that? how do you stop something like that, as you are saying, from happening again? but at the same time you have to have, obviously, an independent fbi and doj that go out and investigate what they think are crimes. >> darrell: because the fbi and department of justice normally have rules that are pretty solid that you don't disclose, you don't answer questions, they have to stick to it when it becomes convenient to leak something like they did. there is no question, comey violated policies. in this case, he was fired by president for what many things he did wrong. that's one of them. ultimately, that may be the story. comey was properly fired for doing wrong. people don't like peter strzok was properly fired for doing wrong. lisa page was properly fired for doing wrong. that might be what the democrats need to do to get on board, and say, "we don't want to have this and people on either side. let's codify that those are good firings."
9:48 am
>> harris: who among them wouldn't have called for hillary clinton to do the same things for james comey customer perhaps at the top of her presidency what he had done the previous summer before the election. >> darrell: that's one thing about coming, he did wrong to two sides, didn't he? >> harris: the impact of the mueller report on democrats especially when it comes to the issue of impeachment. speaker of the house nancy pelosi and leadership trying to rein in the numbers of the party want to go there. will things get easier for her on this front, or will the push continue? >> they fully intend to impeach the president, and they don't care about the basis. ♪ i don't know why i didn't get screened a long time ago.
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so call today and start with a free health assessment to understand your best plan of action. so why didn't we do this earlier? life line screening. the power of prevention. call now to learn more. >> melissa: new questions about the impact of the mueller report on democrats. politico is reporting that house speaker nancy pelosi may want some wiggle room to rebut demands for impeachment from the left and refocus on the agenda that helped in the party retake the house. however, the lack of a smoking gun or any further indictments in the mueller probe is not stopping congressman al green from continuing to call for president trump's impeachment. the texas democrat tweeting yesterday, "mueller's report did not investigate bigotry emanating from the presidency, harming our country. the findings do not negate the
9:53 am
president's bigotry as long as bigotry influences the president's policy, i will continue to seek his impeachment. #impeachmentisnotdead. "jessica, you wrote a fantastic piece on nancy pelosi was only one exonerated by the summary of the mueller probe. tell us your reasoning. >> jessica: my reasoning is that nancy pelosi has been an amazing leader for democrats for some time now. all this talk of impeachment and pushing back on her when she makes a very clear case -- if you're going to talk about impeachment, we need all of the facts. we also need control of the centage before we get to that. it was being ignored by some. i just wanted to take a moment and say nancy pelosi, you were right. democrats do need to get in line when it comes to the direction she's giving them. she won the shutdown battle for them. we just passed the nine year anniversary of the affordable care act being signed. that was legislation she got through. the 2010 midterms, she said, "we talk about health care. frankly, if you need to bash me on the campaign trail, go ahead.
9:54 am
as long as we take the majority back, we are going to be fine." i thought it was worth pointing out. >> melissa: congressman tim i would ask you. for the politicians who gets out there and promise everything, there were a bunch of people -- not a bunch -- a group of democrats who are elected on the idea of impeachment. "we want trump out, we want him out any chance." as their price to be paid for that or not? they beaded the best you could. "oh, well, we tried." >> darrell: the people for the most part who campaign in won on that, the primary was the race. nancy pelosi, to her credit, she has to protect the vulnerable ones who took up the republicans and what could be considered swing or even republican seats. when you are the speaker for the second time and you have the perspective that she has, not my party, but her politics are smart. she's going to protect those who could never have said that because i never won their
9:55 am
elections. many of those are in california where they ran much more moderate to try and in fact take the majority, which they did. >> melissa: lisa? >> lisa: i also think the report yesterday tate's impeachment off the table. you have a lot of democrats saying, "let's wait for the mueller report." guess what? there occlusion. so they would look really silly if they continued to go down the road. to jessica's point, i think nancy pelosi is smart in seeing the dynamics at play, considering that republicans hold the senate minority ohmic maturity majority. >> darrell: congress and green come as you saw, he's talking about bigotry as an impeachable offense. he was done like is a wonderful man, he's a good and solid christian nasser. he is in fact finding a narrow and obscure way to champion this. >> melissa: more "outnumbered" in just a moment. don't go away. ♪ , sister. that's why i'm partnering with cigna to remind you to go in for your annual check-up. and be open with your doctor about anything you feel. physically, and emotionally. body and mind.
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10:00 am
>> darrell: answer for each of these new-minted chairman in the house is to move on to real investigations. there is real, real problems in the executive branch. there always is. you need to be part of rooting that. that means you go -- >> melissa: thinks all of you. we are back at noon eastern. here's harris. >> harris: president trump says the mueller report clears and comments democrats take issue with that claim. we go "outnumbered overtime" now. i'm harris faulkner. the president of the white house just a few moments ago. we're watching watching it live here on "outnumbered overtime." saying the special counsel acted honorably, as he claims victory and a complete and total exoneration after robert mueller's report found no conspiracy between his campaign and russia. he stopped short of calling him on obstruction. white house press secretary sarah sanders echoed the president's remarks earlier. >> they made a decision that there was no obstruction.


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