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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  March 25, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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my trip to iwo jimo. back tomorrow. >> tucker: good evening. welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." in a moment, the president's son will talk about being a central target in the mueller probe. donald trump jr. is here. we'll have a remarkable update on the creepy porn lawyer. and the special counsel's investigation did not find that the trump campaign anyone associated with it conspired or coordinated with russia in the 2016 u.s. presidential election. that is robert mueller's conclusion after nearly two years of investigating the
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matter. the attorney general repeated versions of that sentence four times in his summary of mueller's report. whatever you think of donald trump, it's not factually established that he did not collude with vladimir putin to steal the presidential election, period. that case is now closed. this is the point in the story where applause breaks out. not just cheers from trump and his family and campaign staff and all of those many people that were told they would be indicted but weren't. but gratitude from the country itself, from all americans. for years we've all been told our government was being controlled by a foreign power. there were spies in our midst, the president of the united states was one of them, disloyal, an agent of a nation a hates us and seeks our destruction. that man was at the helm of our country, undermining our values, poisoning this nation from within. he was terrifying. millions of americans were
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terrified. some wept as they talked about their fear and helplessness. none of that was true. you would think the relief at learning this would be over powering like finding out a terminal illness was a cold. the long and bitter war has ended. we're safe. that is not how most on the left are responding tonight. they're not celebrating for their country. they're angrier than ever. the mueller investigation has exonerated no one and proved nothing. russian collusion is as real to them is it was the first day hillary clinton alleged it. the democratic party fights on as if nothing has changed. >> the fact that this investigationtation place in the justice department which donald trump controls and he got rid of the one problem, jeff sessions who recused himself, this phi is not recused, feels like the
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seeds of a cover-up are here. >> tucker: oh, a cover-up. not just a cover up but a cover up being perpetuated by mr. robert mueller, the man that you loved and trusted, the one whose report you looked forward to like christmas. our friend, robert mueller. it turns out mueller was part of this conspiracy too. it was a conspiracy so brilliant, so complex that he and 18 other federal prosecutors conducted a two-year investigation in order to shield their plot from discovery. diabolical. why would mueller do that? you know the answer because it's always the same answer. robert mueller is a racist. >> look, if i'm the trump children, i'm having a party tonight. they won the white privilege regatta. you cannot -- there's not an african american person in this
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country that could have been investigated for 22 months, had their family investigated and come away scot-free. >> a racist plot. that's what nbc is telling you. if that sounds like a far-fetched claim, keep in mind you're the wacko. you're a conspiracy nut. you believe in crazy things. you think the left is coming for your guns. you think mass immigration is hurting this country. you think illegal aliens are voting in i collections. you imagine the tech companies are censoring political speech. you don't trust the media. by the way, you don't believe in science and that's why you're hesitant to give a 29-year-old member of congress complete control of the u.s. economy. you're a lunatic. you should be ignored. so should trump. ignore his complaints about being persecuted. he's just whining. here's nbc suggesting that it's donald trump, the guy who has been falsely denounced from
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betraying his country, who owes the apology. an apology to the prosecutors that hounded him. >> did robert mueller deserve better from the president? this kind of language and behavior? >> he trashed him for two years. in the end, mueller just did an investigation that ultimately the president considers a total exoneration of him. does he owe robert mueller an apology for that kind of rhetoric? >> it goes without saying that democratic members of congress echoed these sentiments or maybe the other way around, the media hating the democratic party. suddenly it's hard to tell who is taking cues from whom? reporters used to boast about holding the powerful to account. now they scramble to do their bidding. "the washington post" is owned by the richest progressive in the world. they're one interest group now. politicians and prosecutors and
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intel agency heads told us implausible lies about rush collusion. reporters are paid to push back. they did. they welcomed the lies and amplified them. they're not apologizing for it now. in the first statement after the mueller report became public, nancy pelosi and chuck schumer, the two leaders of the democrat, didn't mention the fact that trump had been cleared of collusion. neither did any democratic poll situation appearing on cable news. virginia congressman don bayern said there was a lot of collusion in the trump campaign. even though robert mueller told us otherwise. so nobody was fooled by any of this. mueller's summary is on the internet. you can read it yourself if you want and reach your own conclusions. so by lying about the obvious, democrats revealed themselves to be what donald trump is, stupid,
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irresponsible, reckless, corrupt. they didn't know what else to say. over on cnn, jeff zooker, said you may think cnn has been whining too relentlessly the last two years. not at all. cnn has done a fantastic job. none of this was our fault. we're amazing. listen to him squeak. >> reporting is what adds the most value. finding out something new, putting out new information into the world is the best feeling in journalism. it's the greatest value add. that's what hundreds of journalists have been downing, trying to solve pieces of this trump-russia puzzle. don't be fooled by the partisans that cherry picked the twos mistakes of individual journalists or the craziest ideas from commentators and claim that's the entire media. it's not.
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we're waiting for the facts. here's what i know. you'll hear this from the right the next days and weeks to come as the press has made this up to take down president trump. the press is following a trail that trump created. >> tucker: the greatest value add. that's how cnn sums up its role in the russia story. does a single person believe that? of course not. not one person. jeff zooker himself doesn't believe it. he's an anxious man tonight. he's been caught doing the one thing journalists are not allowed to do. hi misled head audience. in a fair world, he would be running a car wash or selling time shares in cancun. he wouldn't be in the news business. he knows that very well. he knows he's an imposter. in 1996, cnn blamed the olympic
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bombings in atlanta on an entirely innocent security guard name richard jewell. in the end, they paid him a settlement for slander. and then they accused the united states military of murdering of sarin gas. they ran the story anyway after they knew it was false. and then after zero evidence that a california congressman gary conditt murdered an intern. they helped drive him from office. he turned out to be innocent. too late. his life and family were destroyed. you'd think a news network might learn from debacles like this. under the leadership of jeff zooker, their dishonesty have accelerated. they said that brett kavanaugh was a gang rapist alcoholic that
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targeted underage girls. in january, they told us a group of catholic boys from kentucky were bigots that threatened to reve revere tribal elder because they hated american indians. every part of the claim was a lie and cnn is facing a $275 million lawsuit for repeating that lie. cnn kept going. just days after its covington catholic fraud, they desided to amplify another racially divisive hoax. jussie smollett's hate crime. now we learn that the russian collusion narrative, which by the way has formed the backbone of cnn's entire programming schedule for two years, is fake. it's a hoax. it never happened. cnn responded by congratulating itself. jeff zooker still runs the network. his job is safe.
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cnn's anchors wonder why americans don't trust the news media. must be the propaganda from fox news. has nothing to do with coverage like this. >> big new questions in the russian investigation and the lack of answers from the white house. >> any kind of collusion with the russians. >> and then the russia investigation. >> we know the russians were involved with interfering with the election. >> how do you explain the manafort allegations? >> it's on the question of collusion, possible collusion with russia. >> fact. it's russia. >> tucker: fact, it's russia! okay. thanks for that, mr. lemon. what are these voices saying now on cnn, that the facts have arrived? have they apologized or corrected themselves or acknowledged their roll in perpetuating this hoax? let's see. here's carl bernstein whose
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sloppy watergate reporting from half a century ago. he said he thought a lot about this question. he decided that in his seasoned opinion as a newsman, cnn did a remarkable job here. >> i think we done the media, the press has done one of the great reporting jobs in the history of specially of covering a presidency by the most news organizations. look, let's look at where the disinformation and mistakes and lies have come from. hasn't come from the press. it's come from the president of the united states and those around him. >> tucker: okay. in case you're wondering, and you may be, why donald trump got elected president of the united states, you just saw it. trump may be flawed, but the people in charge are just absurd. "the washington post" and "the new york times" have no idea. they still don't know why trump won the election. they whole heartedly agree with their friend, carl bernstein.
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both of his papers won pulitzer prizes for their russia reports. >> tucker: read that run-on sentence again, if you dare. you might want to keep those words as a keepsake momentum like that dewey defeats truman. your grandkids can read it and snicker. the times have no plan to return their prizes. they did they did a great job. the rest of us can keep laughing. there's an ominous lesson here, too. our leaders are not fit to lead. they have no idea what they're doing and they won't admit it. they're hysterical children, cruel and stupid and vain.
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they care only about themselves. they learn nothing from their mistakes. so their self-regard, they march on to the next disaster full of self-righteous confidence. the next battle is over obstruction of justice. doesn't seem to occur to them that justice is precisely what we got yesterday. 19 federal prosecutors investigated the democratic party's claim that donald trump stole the presidential election. investigators in the case had to limitless budget and no restrictions. they hired dozens of analysts and accountants to help them investigate. they issued 3,000 subpoenas. they received hundreds of search warrants. they showed up with people's homes with automatic weapons. they spade on american citizens, read their texts, downloaded e-mails. they interviewed at least 500 separate witnesses. not since september 11th have federal investigators dug more
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deeply into a case. in the end, they proved the charges false. democrats have decided to ignore the findings. instead they say they want justice by which they mean revenge, punishment, power. that's what they have always wanted. the rest of this, the mueller investigation included, was staged for show. shame on the rest of us for falling for it yet again. you'd like to believe that people that did this will be held accountable. they hurt our country, poisoned our public's fear and distorted our foreign policy, terrified the population. they should be punished. it's not like we don't punish people here. we live in a society for people lose their jobs for believing in biology. college students have their lives at risk for telling the wrong joke. america is suddenly a punitive place. these people will escape what they deserve. they so often have before. the same people that pushed the russian collusion conspiracy are the ones that said that saddam
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hussein had weapons of mass destruction. they said the housing situation was solid. invest. now they said we'll have to stay in syria and afghanistan forever because of threats that only they understand. tomorrow they'll be telling you to take the bus to work because of global warming. they will never take the bus. they won't have to. they will never face the consequences of the disasters they created. instead, they keep getting rich from failure. another tv contract, another fat grant from a sorros funded foundation. they continue to lecture you about your imaginary moral failings. shut up, racists, obey. that's what is likely to happen. that's what's always happened. how long do they think this can continue? donald trump jr. was labelled a traitor his country by a press that could not accept his father's victory. tonight he's here to respond.
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>> tucker: for two years, donald trump jr. has lived the very heart of the russia story, which we now was a conspiracy theory for attending a meeting with a russian lawyer nobody has heard of. many suggested he would die in
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prison. we know none of that was real. they were lying. it was not true. he's not going to prison. donald trump joins us tonight. donald trump, thanks for coming on. can recall the number of times that i heard that you would be indicted. you're not going to be indicted. >> i have not but it's thousands if not more than that. >> tucker: so what is the experience like? what is it like to be you right now? >> feels great. i was a big part of this going on. i'm the one that took the daily incoming, the nonsense. at the same time, i was the person that was there. i was actually in the room. so i understand everything that went into it. i realized we didn't do anything wrong. certainly when you look at what the other side was doing, you realize it was them colluding, not us. we were doing a campaign. we were functioning like any campaign would. that's what we did. so it was difficult to watch. it was difficult to watch what they're trying to and have been
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trying to do to my father for two years. it's the democrats with their media lackeys creating a narrative that they want to be true because they couldn't explain the outcome of the last election. my father won. he was able to speak to the american people. he's been able to move the needle for them in a way that barack obama couldn't come close to doing. by the way, it's not just a partisan issue. bush couldn't have done it either. my father has done incredible things. he's done things for working class americans. you have all-time low african american unemployment, all-time low hispanic unemployment. all-time low female unemployment. he's doing that with this bubble around him for two years. think of what he could do without that noise. >> tucker: so what i never understand, if you don't agree with the policies or the campaign before it on trade, immigration, pick a topic, why not debate them? the russia story seemed to
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subsume that. nobody talked about the policies. some policies weren't getting done because of it. why not have a conventional political debate? >> the democrat can't win with their ideas. with the issues and the things that they want to push, they don't work. they tried that under obama. they're trying that with the green new deal. the only problem is, we don't have 93 trillion to spend to say you're going to take a bus to hawaii. that doesn't work. their ideas don't work. they recognize that. so the way to combat that is to demonize that is getting it done with ideas that they can't stand. that's what my father has been doing. >> tucker: this wasn't -- the russia story wasn't about your father. it was about the people around him, very much including you. you were a major figure in this narrative. >> yeah, i was the needle in the hay stack. we handed over our e-mails.
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i did 27 something hours of testimony in front of congressional committees. you know what happened? you go in the meeting at the eof seven hours, guys, do you have anymore questions? go look at the records. do you have questions? no, we have known. guys like dick blumenthal go out on the steps and say there's many questions that were not answered. it's nonsense. it's a game. you have the leader of the tin foil hat brigade, adam schiff talking about the evidence of collusion. he's lying to the american people. he's doing it every day on national television. he's gotten more air time amazingly enough than michael avenatti, but they're about of the same level of credibility and there's no accountability for that, tucker. when you're on that side, you have the media carrying your water for you, you can say whatever you want. when you're on our side, even
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when you're right, even when you're proven so, there's a level of culpability. >> tucker: so since there's millions of americans people that believe you're a russian agent, the most serious charge you can level against anybody betraying your country, how has that affected -- what is it like when you go to the grocery store? >> new york city, it's different than the rest of the country. obviously. the reality is this. i'm a patriot true and true. i love this country. i love everything it stands for. the difference between me, amazingly enough, the son of a billionaire from new york city, unlike the democrats, i spend a lot of time in middle america, whether my hobbies, shooting, fishing, i know those people. guess have asked about russia? zero. they know that it's nonsense. this is the media's classic
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move. they take the narrative they understand and their new york and d.c. bubbles and they try to sell that to the rest of the country. the rest of the country gets it. you know what they see? they see manufacturing jobs coming back to this country. they see their wages rising for the first time in decades. they see the stock market and their 401(k)s at all-time highs. they see all-time low unemployment. what is the democrat platform? do the opposite of anything that donald trump has done. if donald trump came out today in favor of oxygen, the left would be against it. do they really want to reverse the successes that we have seen? do they really want to reverse all-time low unemployment numbers for all of the minorities listed? >> tucker: so that conversation -- can we begin the conversation about policy now? what happened since -- presumably at some point they'll acknowledge reality, which is mueller cleared the administration of collusion charges. >> i doubt they ever do that. it's not their style. again, there's no accountability
5:27 pm
on their side. >> tucker: true. >> two things have to happen. we have to look into how this all started. okay? this didn't start with some fbi agent. this started with a lawyer bureaucrats at the top of the fbi working with hillary clinton, fusion gps, christopher steele, peter strzok. those people need to be looked into. this was the greatest farce ever perpetrated on our democracy. it's a disgrace and it's a stain on our constitution. we have to fix that. then what i'd like, i'd like us all to get together. let's start working -- how about we pass some bills for infrastructure? why don't the democrats get together with the republicans and my father and actually start doing and continuing the amazing things that my father has been doing for the american people? that's what i'd like to see. i'd like to see that kind of unity. i'd like to see the democrats focusing on what is good for the american people, not just screaming on tv trying to perpetuate a hoax and a myth
5:28 pm
that they themselves have created. the media and the democrats have no credibility right now. the adam schiffs of the world have no credibility right now and it will take years for them to gain that back if they don't try to actually do something to effectuate change and get things moving for the american people. my father did amazing things with this stuff going on, with this cloud over his head. imagine what he could do if you let him do his thing. they may want to sit this out. jump on the trump train. let's get this thing going and let's keep the winning. we can do it. look at what is going on. >> tucker: maybe they'll wake up add realize. trump jr., thanks. >> thanks. >> tucker: you heard the mention of creepy porn label. there's news in his life that we'll address later on. but first, the russian collusion conspiracy has got to be one of the most shameful moments in the history of the press. some pretend it never happened.
5:29 pm
but it did. trace gallagher joins us with a reminder of what it looked like. trace? >> and we should remind you that lindsey graham says by any reasonable standard, robert mueller thoroughly investigated the trump campaign adding that the same cannot be said about the other side of the story, the origin of the russian probe. specifically how the democrats were able to use the debunked dossier to obtain a fisa warrant to surveil a trump campaign adviser. graham said imagine if republicans used a dossier to go after a hillary clinton associate, what the media would do then. watch. >> and the underlying information in the dossier proved to be garbage, everybody in the world would have it on the front page and it would be endless chatter on the cable networks. >> the analysts believe the mainstream media had chosen sides in the trump russia investigation and instead of facts, they opted for
5:30 pm
information that fit the ordinary ty. brit hume says along with looking into the fbi and justice behavior, the media also needs a very hard look. watch. >> the worst journalistic debacle of my lifetime and i've been in this business 50 years, i've never seen anything this bad last this long. it was a terrible thing and needs to be investigated. >> rolling stone argued that russian gate is this generations wmd. they said the sheer scale of the errors and exaggerations this time around dwarfs the last mess. they said the three biggest losers from the mueller record, the media and the media and the media. tucker? >> tucker: trace gallagher. thanks for that. it was a rare person that didn't accept the underlying a system shuns of the russia story at face value here in the washington press corps.
5:31 pm
internet founder glen greenwald is one that did not. he questioned the theory. he also concluded it was a sham investigation with no evidence to support it. for that he was roundly attacked. he was a liberal. probably wouldn't vote for trump at gun point but still attacked roundly by virtually everybody on the left. howard dean called him a possible russian agent. he did not seem to care and persisted and of course he has just been vindicated. glen joins us tonight. so i think before it slips from collective memory, we should restate once again that you, a liberal, were denounced as a russian agent by other liberals. what was that like? >> i mean, it was exactly what you would expect it to be. it wasn't just howard dean. it was on msnbc continually. let me just say, should have
5:32 pm
their top host on prime time go before the cameras and hang their head in shame and apologize for lying to people for three straight years, exploiting their fears to great profit. these are people that were on the verge of losing their jobs. the whole network was about to collapse. this whole scam saved them. not only did they constantly feed people for three straight years total disinformation, they did it on purpose, tucker. the proof of that is that unlike you, who has been criticized in a lot of different ways by the left, some of which i agree with them, we talked about before, the first time i ever watched your show, you had on adam schiff, the leading democrat, to talk about on your set for 12 straight minutes collusion so that your audience could hear the other side of the story. msnbc did the exact opposite. a whole slew, not just me. of left wing journalists with very high journalistic credentials, like matt tiaebi
5:33 pm
and jeremy scale and others including myself that were banned from the network because they want their audience not to know that anybody was questioning or expressing skepticism about the lies and the scam that they were selling because it was so profitable. they did it on purpose. it was a total fraud that they perpetrated on their audience to the extent that they talked about it at all, it was to call the russian agents and call us traitors. they still won't apologize and they're still lying to the audience. they don't want their audience to know what they did for them for three years on purpose. >> tucker: it's unbelievable when you put it that way. one of the things that you've been, i think, particularly acute on and virtually nobody else has said this, is those channels, both msnbc and cnn have hired and promoted a series of retired intel officials, jim
5:34 pm
comey, john brennan. they come on and they basically parrot a certain set of talking points. what effect does this have on american society? >> it is completely corrupted journalism. the whole point of what we're supposed to learn from the debacle of the wmd and the iraq war, which this network was one of the leaders was, we're not supposed to truth intelligence agencies when they say things about evidence. not only did msnbc and cnn use those people as their sources, they hired them as their news analysts. so if you turn on cnn on msnbc, it was state tv, it was cia tv. three weeks ago, tucker, john brennan was on msnbc and he said that he believes robert mueller will indict members of the trump family either before or after march 15 because he's too noble
5:35 pm
to use the ides of march for having conspired with russia. they kept all of this off the air and turned in to the people that are supposed to be scrutinizing. you have government officials that spent their whole careers in the pentagon and the cia. they're disinformation agents that work at cnn and msnbc shaping what the new is. that's why these channels turned into disinformation campaigns. those are the people that they hired. the people that are supposed to be serving as watch dogs over the neocons, the people that lied the country to war. they got rewarded by becoming the stewards of these networks and lied to millions of people for three years around huge amount of accountability is needed. >> tucker: so last minute that we have, make me feel better.
5:36 pm
i'm thinks there's no repercussions and this cycle will continue. do you disagree? you think anybody will be held accountable for this hoax? >> in one way, they can't have accountability because rach rachelmaddow is a big celebrity. they'll keep her on the air. they went so far overboard and deceiving and lying to people for so long, i watched the nbc reporter, the cia spokesman on twitter say look, this is the end of the game. trump won. there's no collusion. huge numbers of people on twitter that follow nbc were genuinely confused. they said wait a minute. you told us for three years all of this was a give-in, it was a slam dunk, it was a matter of time when it would happen. i think they have completely lost credibility and faith, even among their own followers that are confused and disoriented and they deserve this scorn and the
5:37 pm
loss of faith and credibility that they're going to get. they're the reason why people don't trust journalism. >> tucker: exactly. glenn, you were one of the people vindicated by this. congratulations for doing your job as you're supposed to do. good to see you. >> thanks, tucker. >> tucker: for years democrats staked their entire agenda on saying the president was a traitor. there's breaking news about the creepy porn lawyer. that's also ahead. you.
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>> tucker: you think the democratic party would be thrilled to learn that the president of the united states is note a traitor, they're not.
5:41 pm
they're in denial. some say it doesn't matter what the facts say, collusion is real anyway. >> just because there was not enough evidence for a criminal charge of conspiracy does not mean that there's this very cozy relationship that donald trump had with vladimir putin, who might be really happy that this came about. this kind of cozy relationship is not good for our country. it's not transparent will continue. >> tucker: yep, she's a united states senator. even other less -- i would say more impressive democrats are saying new conspiracies to explain why the first has not been proved. >> president trump is wrong. this report does not amount to a so-called total exoneration. >> now we have ed of the last two years that the mueller investigation was not covering that is highly suspicious.
5:42 pm
>> remember, a big piece of this report does not exonerate the president. so yeah, we have to make that determination for ourselves. >> we cannot allow them to get away with this. he does this all the time. this is not the end of anything. >> tucker: uh-huh. now, that was maxine waters. you can write her off and say it's maxine waters. who care what's she says? it's not just her. yesterday, nancy pelosi and chuck schumer, the most powerful democrats in america released a letter that they could not mention the fact that the mueller report found the president innocent of russian collusion. the question is after two years of obsession, collusion can't be at the very center of the democratic agenda because there wasn't any. so what is the democratic agenda going forward? richard might now. he was an adviser to bill and hillary clinton. you think it's weird that the mueller report on the central question -- i know you agree
5:43 pm
with it. the central question of collusion was the central part of the democratic party. >> there were two sentences that barr quoted in full, not even in full. neither of which said what you just said. he said we couldn't establish, what is a different standard legally, that the trump campaign had conspired with the russian government. didn't say about wikileaks, doesn't say anything about russian only -- oligarchs. mueller said the opposite. exactly the opposite. it's a bit much. >> tucker: so obstruction -- we'll find out more when the report comes out. obstruction of justice into the question of collusion. that was one of the two things that mueller was charged with finding out. how did the russians interfere in the election and was trump
5:44 pm
involved. >> correct. >> tucker: he determined no, trump was not involved. >> he didn't say that. he said we couldn't establish, which is different. the facts -- look -- if congress voted to -- >> tucker: are you saying that the most extensive investigation in the history of the country since 9-11 couldn't get to the truth but there's some other truths that someone else is going to find? who would that person be and how will it be found? >> what we're saying is not that sounds like -- first of all, can we comment on the comedy of the fact that before this report there was 13 angry democrats and everything. and now those same people are saying, oh, mueller did a thorough job. democrats -- >> tucker: i would say two things. i never doubted that mueller would lift up every rock. i think what mueller disgusting.
5:45 pm
what they did to carter page, stone -- >> we'll find out. >> tucker: the whole thing was insane and he wrecked their lives. i think mueller should be ashamed of himself. what he did was appalling. i'll never stop thinking that. my point is let's be rule. democrats charged collusion, collusion didn't happen. nobody was charged for collusion. at what point do you admit we're wrong. do you admit it or keep lie something. >> not from mueller or the mainstream media but from manafort's own lawyers that he met with a russian spy to give them the most top secret poll damage that that the russians could have used to target key voters. >> tucker: so why you think nobody charged -- >> let's see what the report says. >> tucker: nobody was charged. why do you think? >> let's say what the report says -- would you agree the report should come out? >> tucker: it goes without saying. >> thanks. so we're speculating -- >> tucker: we're not actually speculating. you made a charge. you said this criminal thing happened.
5:46 pm
nobody was charged for it. i'm saying why do you think that is. you think robert mueller is part hoff the conspiracy? >> i think robert mueller had a standard of what can i prove beyond a reasonable doubt. we had two people. manafort that lied to him and a russian spy that he couldn't get access to. >> you think you can keep this up? >> the problem is collusion. >> i think adam schiff should have hearings and donald trump jr. now can't plead the fifth, so he should be called in, under oath and say what did happen in that trump tower meeting? >> tucker: are you serious? you still want to know about that after the mueller report comes out? >> the white house -- you think it's a joke. >> tucker: i do. >> after the report comes out, they should have said here's how we're going to stop it. instead they're thumping their chest and aren't we great. no, dick cheney said it was an act of war by attacking our elections. >> tucker: that's a very silly characterization with all due respect. and anybody else that said it.
5:47 pm
i don't agree with it. quick in one sentence. the russia investigation continues is what you're saying. >> we don't flow who did what, why and when and how to stop it from happening in 2020. you think it's a joke. >> tucker: it's a sad joke and will cause the democrats to lose. >> that might happen but what will hurt the country is what the russians did. >> tucker: i don't think so. i think it's a lie. i don't -- didn't hurt the country. it's like -- one of these lies that i have to go along with. what is hurting the country is what china is doing, our own tech companies are doing what the opioid crisis doing. this does not hurt the country. it's a lie. >> tucker: mueller found the russians did -- >> if trump -- >> tucker: i don't buy into it. great to see you. >> thank you. >> tucker: the president responds to the mueller report. we'll hear what he said in a minute. and you notice today is a bad
5:48 pm
day for cnn. not only was the russia hoax exposed what will they talk about for the next decade? and two of their legal analysts were indicted and arrested today. two of them. one of them was the creepy porn lawyer busted for extortion, fraud and tax evasion. mark steyn responds after the break. (woman) candace, two minutes.
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>> tucker: the president responded from the oval office today about the mueller report. 1 of our favorite correspondents, david spunt has been following us. david? >> president trump had a lot to say about this mueller report. he's been saying what he wants to say for the past two years, that he and his campaign did not collude with russia. now he has the backing of robert mueller. in that statement, the president went on the offensive after the attorney general released his summer report. the first world leader the president met with, benjamin netanyahu. i want to play some sound from the president when asked about the mueller report. >> mr. president, did this turn out to not be a witch hunt after all? you think robert mueller -- >> lasted a long time. glad it's over. a 100% the way it should have been. i wish it could have gone a lot sooner, a lot quicker. a lot of people out there that have done some very evil things, very bad things.
5:53 pm
i would say treasonous things against our country. i say it very strongly. very few people i know could have handled it. we can never ever let this happen to another president again. thank you all very much. >> and here's the president when asked about releasing the report for all americans to see. >> it's up to the attorney general. wouldn't bother me at all. up to the attorney general. >> william barr said he would release as much of the report as soon as possible. the house voted 420-0 to make the report public. now we'll see if the attorney general delivers on his promise. tucker? >> tucker: thanks, david. >> sure. >> tucker: if you watched his show in the past year, you know we've done our best to keep you up to date on the doings of a man called the creepy porn later. we welcomed him to the set. here's part of what happened.
5:54 pm
>> tucker: why are you rich and your client is working in seedy strip clubs? >> do you have any idea -- >> tucker: you're running for president now. i know you haven't paid your taxes. looks like we called that one. the creepy porn lawyer is gone for good as of tonight. he's the creepy extortion lawyer as well as the creepy tax evader and the fixer on cnn. just hours ago the man you saw on the screen was arrested in manhattan. he was facing indictments in new york and the state of california. authorities say he went years without paying any taxes on what he earned. they say he embezzled cash meant for his own clients and employees and he tried to extort millions from nike in a mafia-style shake down scheme. in short, this guy is in serious trouble tonight. if he calls you with a can't fail investment opportunity, probably best to pass on that
5:55 pm
one, our advice. tonight we wonder what happened to the people around the creepy porn lawyer. there were a lot of them. how are they doing? the democratic officials that begged him to run for president. the donors that funded his exploratory committee. more than anything, the media. they truly loved this man. >> he's a beast. >> he's a beast. he keeps popping donald trump and all of his folks in the mouth. >> john meachem said he may be the savior of the republic. >> i've been saying enough already, michael. i've seen you everywhere. what would you love to say? i was wrong, brother. you have a lot to say. the democrats could learn something from you. >> match made in heaven. they deserve each other. tonight we're especially concerned about cnn. in a single two-month span, that channel welcomed the creepy extortion lawyer on their air a remarkable 65 times. maybe that's where he learned the negotiating skills he tried to use with nike.
5:56 pm
according to reports, another cnn legal analyst co luised with him. mark garragos. he's also been indicted. we'll keep you posted with more. meantime, author and columnist mark steyn joins to chew this over. does this surprise you, mark? >> no, not at all, tucker. if you're road testing now labels for the creepy porn lawyer, we should go with creepy porn extortionist. i congratulate you, tucker, because you grasped the essence of this character. as we talked, mentioned six months ago after that interview and the reality of the situation here. stormy daniels is stripping on a 18-inch bar in richmond, virginia.
5:57 pm
hoping to get the $5 and his sitting there in a $5,000 suit and making trips to iowa and new hampshire. it ties in with everything else you've been talking about this last hour. no matter how often -- they're basically like kind of an army of yosemite sams. they keep sticking the dynamite down their own pants and no matter how often brian seltzer's pants are dynamited and anderson cooper's pants are dynamited and don lemons pants are dynamited, they'll fall for the next creepy porn extortionist that comes along. >> tucker: i notice a theme here with avenatti, and harvey weinstein and many presidential
5:58 pm
candidates. what about the democratic party and their hand maidens attract them to the worst people in the world? it's always the unusually bad people that they wind up celebrating. why is that? >> well, i think it's to do something that alan dershowitz was talking about earlier today. once you decided on the outcome, you're actively invested in the outcome. it an old fleet street chat. i love sex scandals. for the sex. the minute stormy daniels was presented as a campaign finance reform, that is the least interesting sex i've ever heard about. that is a fetish that only democrats and the media can get into. the idea that nothing else is going -- seems to be clear enough in the russia collusion thing, we don't we merge it with stormy daniels by making this a campaign finance reform
5:59 pm
infraction? that's a losing proposition for anyone other than cnn. >> tucker: such a good point. i can say this sincerely, he really was creepy. in all the years i worked with our stage manager, the only time i've seen him use purell. he's that dirty. >> no, no. wear a hazmat suit next time, tucker. >> tucker: by the way, i would almost never -- i feel bad about saying -- describing something that took place off camera, but that really did happen. it stuck with me ever since. i never met a guest in 22 years of doing this who was more personally menacing and dark than that guy. >> you came up with that label. and the question is why did you get the essence of the man and cnn and msnbc and the rest tried to glorify him, you're looking
6:00 pm
great for 2020. >> tucker: mark steyn, thank you. >> thanks a lot, glad to be with you. >> tucker: back tomorrow, 8:00 p.m., the show that is the sworn enemy of lying, smugness and group think. >> sean: sorry about your friend. what happened to him today. i know how much you love him. >> tucker: karma, baby! excuse me. >> sean: great show as always. >> tucker: thank you. >> sean: we have so much to unpack here. tonight is the tip of the iceberg. this will take months. stay with us. i have so many details. we are holding everyone accountable. mueller's report on russia election interference finds, as we have been telling you, zero collusion between the president, his campaign and russia. tonight, newt gingrich, senator lindsay graham, rudy giuliani in just a second. my opening monologue and how we got


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