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tv   Hannity  FOX News  March 25, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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good point, as always. mark steyn,ea thank you. >> thanks a lot, glad to be with you. >> tucker: out of time. back tomorrow, 8:00 p.m., the show that is the sworn enemy of lying, smugness and group think. see you tomorrow night. in the meantime, sean hannity, ladies and gentlemen. >> sean: sorry about your friend. what happened to him today. him.w how much you love >> tucker: [laughs] karma, baby! >> sean: great show as always. >> tucker: thank you. >> sean: we have so much to unpack here. i'm just telling you tonight, it's the tip of the iceberg. this will take months. stayan with us. i have so many details. we are holding everyonewe accountable. mueller's report on russia election interference finds, as we have been telling you, zero collusion between the president, his campaign, and russia. tonight,t, newt gingrich, senatr lindsay graham, the great when mark levin, rudy giuliani, jay sekulow will be here in just a moment. my opening monologue and how we got here, more importantly where do we go forward in just a few
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minutes. we break order tonight to join -- joining us now from washington is the president's attorney. jay sekulow. oh, yeah.en and jay has done legal work for me. we actually had dinner together once and we're friends. >> there we go. >> sean: i know this because i know you. i know this because i've watched all along and i ask a lot of questions. i don't think you or your entire legal team has slept more than three hours as all of this has gone forward as you have steadfastly fought and defended the president. now you have literally gotten to the point where it is so important for the country. let's walk through how we got here. >> first after all, i appreciate you saying that. we have a great legal team and a great client. one of my granddaughters said how proud they were of me in a text yesterday. that's what i think about when we are handling these cases. i think about my kids, my grandkids, and the country we're going to leave them. let me say this, sean. this was a tremendous,s,
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tremendous victory for the president. a tremendous victory for the united states of america. it was a tremendous victory, frankly, for our system of justice. that is the bottom line on all of this. and although the president had to go through an awful lot and a lot of other people have as well, the end result was a complete -- really a complete vindication. complete vindication, exoneration of the president. it's so interesting to me that this started as a counterintelligence investigation called crossfire hurricane, a year before the president was the president was thepr president, actually before he was a candidate -- actually, he was a candidate. and the conclusion, which is unmistakable, exactly what the president said, no collusion, no obstruction. c >> sean: let's go over what the attorney general, who got the report, what he said, absolutely no collusion. the media say, he didn't make a definitive statement. when you read further, and it
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will go into the details in a moment, it is very clear rod rosenstein and the attorney general, william barr, looking at the evidence and what was presented, that they used theil rule of law determinations and found there is no way that you can indict or pursue any charges related to obstruction in any way of the president. that is not picked up by the media. i wanted to go into detail. >> let me tell you what they've done. they've taken -- so bob mueller in the report, at least what bill barr has released so far, says, we're not accusing there president, of course, of any criminality with regard to obstruction. then they have this tag line about we're not exonerating either, which is not really their job. they either recommend a case to go forward or decline it. what has happened here is the special counsel followed department of justice protocol. in other words, he stated -- this, again, is in the attorney general's letter -- that these were difficult questions of law
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and fact. you don't make a case out of difficult questions of law and fact. so he took it to the department of justice. remember, he is not -- i said this on another -- excuse me -- another network. he's not an independent counsel. he is a special counsel. he works for the department of justice. their conclusion, which was o tn reviewed by the office of legal counsel, which is the ones who look at these theories of law and fact, the deputy attorney general of the united states, rod rosenstein, and the attorney general of the united states, bill barr, came to that conclusion, that there was no basis for obstruction, as there was also no basis for collusion. there was nothing in that sense to obstruct. they're parsing a word out of context without understanding the internal operating principles within which a special counsel operates underer the department of justice guidelines and regulations. what bill barr did was follow the law. >> sean: let me ask you one last question. going forward is a big part of my opening monologue tonight. we know now there was never a
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real investigation into hillarye clinton as it relates to the espionage act and obstruction of justice. i say, if we're going to get this right, we've got to go back there. not only did they rigg a primar, they tried to rig a general election. in spite of warnings, from bruce ohr in august of 2016, they went ahead and relied on ad phony, unverified dossier full of russian lies paid for hillary clinton. they lied by omission and lied directly to fisa court judges repeatedly. how can we possibly have real justice in this country and a real constitutional republic? if we don't go to the bottom of all of that? >> lindsey graham said we have to. i know he will be on later. he said we have to and he's 100% correct. t there something else fundamental, you said it. it start to the dossier, which we all know is salacious and unverified. who said that? james comey. what do we have -- >> sean: that was in january
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of 2017. he signed the fisa warrant in october of 2016 saying the opposite to the fisa court. that's a broad! >> exactly. that's exactly what is going to then you have the fisa warrants say. on top of it. y the whole impetus was this dossier, this counterintelligence investigation regarding and guess what? after 2800 subpoenas, 500 search warrants -- 300 search warrants, 500 witness interviews, 13 countries, no collusion, no obstruction. >> sean: you and your team performed a service for the country. i thank you on behalf of all the people that want free, fair, open elections. no president should ever have to go through this again. i'm going to address that now. thank you for being with us. >> thank you, sean. >> sean: i want to welcome everyone to this program, maybe including some of you maybe that don't usually tune in here. those who maybe now realize that you have been lied to by other
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networks and the news media on a spectacular level for years and years. you know, i look at so-called competition in cable news, let's start with rachel maddow's audience. they have been sold one conspiracy theory night after night after night, lie night after night after night, 22 months. she has profited from these lies to her audience on a spectacular level. frankly, she and her so-called colleagues, so-called mainstream media, so-called journalists, they should be embarrassed tonight, they should feel humiliated tonight, they should be apologizing tonight to the american people as well as so many others in the media. it will take me months, but we will follow every lead and we will remind you what has been done here. the truth has been laid bare for all to see. no collusion, no obstruction, fo truth to the lies that have been peddled daily. we, on this program, have been
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right all along because, unlike the mainstream media, we have been telling the truth with evidence to back it up. many of you since yesterday have been writing me and you want mea to spike the football tonight. i am not in any type of celebratory mood here tonight in any way. this is a time -- you should be angry at what has happened here. all of america. i am pissed off and so should the rest of the country be over what has happened. just because, you know, this is --at this is only the first chapter. this must be a day of reckoning for the media, for the deepep state, for people who abuse power, and they did it so blatantly in this country. if we do not get this right, if we do not hold these people accountable, i promise you with all the love i can muster for this country and our future for our kids and grandkids, we will lose the greatest country god has ever given man. we will lose it.
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we now have 675 days, l $25 plus million, 2800 subpoenas, 500 witnesses, 500 search warrants, doors kicked down, pre-dawn raids, felony convictions for process crimes, screws turned to accelerate or hope for or get people to lie to hurt the president. other lives ruined, mounting legal bills for so many americans, many who are now facing bankruptcy like lieutenant general flynn. a 33-year combat veteran. lna that's how we repay him? after a prior nine-month investigation that found zero evidence of trump-russia collusion, after a bipartisan senate investigation found zero evidence of collusion -- the person never told you. after another investigation in the house found zero evidence of collusion. lo and behold, we learn
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for the fourth time over the weekend, robert mueller has found zero zr evidence of trump-russia collusion according to the attorney general bob barr's summary findings of the mueller report. "the special counsel's investigation did not find that the trump campaign or anyoneot associated with it conspired or coordinated with russia in its efforts to influence the 2016 u.s. presidential election," and let me be clear, a direct quote from the mueller report, "the investigation did not establish that members of the trump campaign conspired, coordinated with the russian government in its election interference activities." and that's not all.. president trump has also been cleared of the issue ofid obstruction of justice, you just heard from jay sekulow. mueller did not draw a conclusion "one way or another as to whether the examined conduct constituted obstruction." the special counsel did not he conclude that the president committed a crime, it didn't exonerate him, which the media is clinging onto. but read a little further.
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after reviewing the matter, the attorney general in consultation with the deputy attorney general who started this whole thing, rod rosenstein, concluded, "the key phrase that the media misses, the evidence developed during the special counsel's investigation is not sufficient to establish that the president committed an obstruction of justice offense" -- and this is important, according to the attorney general, "our determination was made without regard to and is not based on the constitutional considerations that surround the indictmented of a criminal prosecution of a sitting president." he concluded, "generally speaking, to obtain and substain an obstruction conviction, the government would need to prove reasonable doubt that a person acting with corrupt intent engaged in obstructive
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conduct with nexus to a pending or contemplating proceeding." anyone in the media who refuses to admit this truth is continuing the lying they've been involved in for two years. you can't obstruct a crime you didn't commit. there was no collusion, there cannot be any obstruction. no charges will be filed. the mueller media witch hunt is finally over. the big question for this country tonight, this shouldn't be about conservative, liberal, democrat, republican. where do we as a country go from here? how do we prevent this dulycedented attack on a elected president and an effort to then overturn the will of the american people from ever happening again? people with the highest levels of power abusing that power to exonerate one candidate that we know should have been indicted, to favor that candidate, to rig a presidential election, and then undo the results that they didn't like. after all, you, we, the american people, we were lied to over and over and over again. my promise to this country from
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this night forward is we will hold every liar, every propagandist, every conspiracy theorist accountable. this will likely take us months and maybe longer to unravel the truth. we've got all the tape. we've got all the comments. it will take time. i make you this pledge tonight. every deep state actor that abused the power that you, we, the people give them, will be held accountable. every super patriot, comey, who thought they knew better than thee american people. we will hold every fake news media liar conspiracy theorist accountable. we will hold every liar -- oh, the cowardly schiff to begin within congress -- accountable. we will name names, we will demand new investigations, we will get this right, we will demand that we get this right, and we will show you can never be trusted again. and tonight, we start with this corrupt media mob in the democratic party. we now know they work in unison.
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they are one entity. and for the past two years, there have been two parallel narratives in this country. one, of course, was the truth, twhich we have been proving nit after night and reporting on night after night. and tomorrow, all the people that deserve the credit will be here with me about the biggest abuse of power, corruption, scandal perhaps in history. then there was the media's pack of lies about a grand scheme where donald trump and his team worked closely with russia to steal the election. literally breathless reporting, hysteria pushed week after week, every second of every hour of every day. look at some ofhe the headlines. come on place across outlet. there'ser actually lots of evidence of trump-russia collusion. wrong. "the atlantic," the collusion with russia is in plain sight, wrong.
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"huffington post," manafort indictment reveals trump-russia collusion, a lie. we're talking about thousands upon thousands of reports in the opinion and so-called hard news pagesds alike. that means the "washington post," the "new york times" -- believe it or not, they actually won pulitzer prizes for their lying coverage of the russia collusion hoax. that is a disgusting disgrace and a dishonor to every person that deserved a real pulitzer prize. this horrible conspiratorial coverage was amplified every single day on fake news cnn, conspiracy tv msnbc. this is but just a tiny sampling. take a look. >> i think this meeting and the revelations about it are a game changer in the investigation. they present the first evidence of actual collusion. >> what mr. trump did yesterday was to betray the women and men of the fbi, the cia, nsa and others, and to betray the american public.c. that's why i use the term this is nothing short of treasonous.
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>> this is direct collusion. collusion has been established. it's all out in thehe open. >> the whole notion there being no collusion, this is the biggest diversion of the trump crowd. there was collusion. >> so thise picture that the president is so desperate to avoid, this picture of collusion, begins to fill in., >> you know, what's interesting here, it's both on one hand very damning because it's collusion. >> it would seem that collusion is obvious. a criminal conspiracy is unknown. >> there was collusion and painh siteth. they were the back and forth between various individuals who were affiliated with the trump campaign and russian individuals. that collusion, i think is quite obvious and apparent. >> a political hurricane is out there. we'll call it hurricane vladimir, if you will. the whole russian thing. >> this is evidence of willingness to commit collusion. >> sean: this is all a lie!es and at the height of this hysteria, especially fake news cnn and conspiracy tv msnbc, oh, of course, they were featuring every second of every day, c former stormy daniels attorney
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michael avenatti. more than 108 times in two months because he hated donald trump and avenatti wasas speculating wildly and spreading these baseless rumors and they ate it up about trump and russia on a daily, nightly basis. today, avenatti was indicted in two federal separate cases surrounding fraud and extortion. yet for weeks, he was there there stark asked on cable tv on show after show after show in the media was a desperate for te false narrative and live to be advanced. brit hume, 50 years in journalism, called this russia collusion coverage the worst journalistic debacle of his lifetime. over 50 years in journalism. a lot at even far left former "rolling stones" writer wrote, "nobody wants to hear this that news
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special prosecutor mueller iss headed home without issuing new charges is a death blow for the reputation of the american news media." jeff zucker, head of cnn, are you going to apologize for your network's constant stream of lies and hysteria? phil griffin, nbc, are you going to apologize for the conspiracy theories you allow to be spread every second of every day on nbc? what about jeff bezos, you going to come clean over the front page deception every day in the "washington post"? will you at least stop referring to far left collusion obsessede hack jennifer ruben and others as conservatives? they're not. is the "new york times" executive editor, is he going to give back the paper's pulitzer prize for collusion reporting, given they were caught now reporting a hoax? they all lied to we, the people, day after day for two plus years! in reality, we know there will never be a mea culpa from any of these fake news outlets.
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they'll just move on to the next group of lies. they'll never apologize. they'll never retract. their lies and anonymous sourcing. they are on the speculation. they are hopeless. journalism, i told you in 2007, it's dead, it's buried. it's not something that i said lightly. they have earned their horrible reputations. neverai vetted obama. they rushed to judgment going back to richard jewel. look what they did to a 16-year-old kid and other 16-year-olds from covington, nicholas sandmann and the covington kids. look at what they did in the smollett case. look what they did to thee cambridge police, darren wilson, michael brown in ferguson. they rushed to judgment in baltimore. the fake rape allegations at uva. the fake rape allegations against the duke lacrosse team. due process be damned. equal justice be damned under theac law. equal application of our laws be damned. the constitution of the united states, to all of them, be
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damned! the media mob, the democratic party mob, they have caused great harm and division in this country! they laughed at the idea that donald trump could win. they begged him to run. by the way, on all those cases we mentioned, we didn't rush to judgment. justice kavanaugh, another case. we allowed due process. we allowed the presumption of innocence. they never allowed it in any of those cases and they've neverpt been held accountable but it's never been this big. now that he'ss president, they have never taken the time to ever cover donald trump's accomplishments, which have been record-breaking. they hate him. they hate all of we, the people, that dared to vote for him. they thought they knew better. we, the irredeemable deplorables. we believe in god, our bibles, and our religion. we are the smelly walmart shoppers. this hatred as now, this rage has caused as mainstream media to be wrong over and over and
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over and over and over again. npr embarrassed after it lied about don jr.'s senate testimony. oh, we paid for their coverage. blatantly wrong about michael cohen's trip to prague. it never happened. "the guardian" reporting about a fake conspiracy about mueller and julian assange. three cnn employees forced to resign after reporting a fake russian story about anthony scaramucci, our friend. fake news story after fake news story, lie after lie, propaganda after propaganda! if it had to do with russia, president trump, well, the story was hastily reported and facts were nothing more than an after thought. look at more of the video evidence. >> the sort of dossier of alleged dirt that the russians allegedly say they allegedly have on donald trump. alleged dirt they allegedly used to allegedly cultivate him as basically a russian asset. >> get the person's phone records. here they see these calls to the blocked number. now there seems to be good evidence that that was probably
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president trump. [buzzer] >> michael cohen claims that then candidate donald trump knew in advance about the june 2016 meeting in trump tower. [buzzer] >> crucially, these sources tels us that cohen is willing to make that assertion to the special counsel robert mueller. [buzzer] >> we begin with a new report that paul manafort, thee president's former campaign chairman, paid secret visits, multiple ones to julian assange at the ecuadorian embassy in london. this is according to "the guardian." [buzzer] >> president trump directed his attorney to lie to congress. [buzzer] >> sean: why no due process? why no presumption of innocence? why no due diligence, even on a 16-year-old kid? blatant false reporting, rushing to judgment again and again. the answer's simple. this corrupt partisan media mob is an integral part of the new
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radical extreme democratic socialist party. they clearly work together. they develop, they push the same narrative using the same words whether it is true or not. outlets like fake news cnn, conspiracy tv nbc, they have become nothing moree than the propaganda arm of the democratic party. that's why when they try to kill us here at fox and you support us, you are allowing the only voice of reason on the air half the time. that's why democrats, the media sounded exactly alike. remember their comments about collusion? gee, they sound like one another! it's like they're one mind, one heart, one body, one soul! take a look. >> you know, my republican colleagues, the president himself, the white house has been saying there's no evidence of collusion, none at all. say there's noto evidence of inclusion. no collusion whatsoever. it turns out that there was collusion. >> in our investigation, we saw strong evidence of collusion. the republicans are choosing to bury it. >> over the course of the last year, we have seen, i think, a mountain of evidence of
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collusion between the campaign and the russians. >> the evidence is pretty clear that there was collusion betweei the trump campaign and the russians. >> you think there's evidence that's pretty clear? >> the evidence is there. >> it seems quite clear the present keeps saying no collusion. but there obviously was collusion. the question is, how high did that collusion go? it was clearly a criminal conspiracy to defraud the american people of an honest election. >> this looks like an explosive indictment, the facts they set forth look like collusion. >> we saw cold, hard evidence of the trump campaign, the trump family, eagerly intending toto collude possibly with russia. >> sean: all lies. in the end, we now know the truth. trump-russia collusion, the conspiracy theory was nothing more than a coping mechanism by people that couldn't handle losing, desperately hoping theou
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2016 election results were not what they were. some evil forcewh was behind the scenes, behind the curtain pulling the strings, russia, russia, russia. never before as a country have we witnessed such sore loserism ever like this! so many lies, so much hysteria and breathless reporting. and democratic house intel committee chairman schiff -- i call him the cowardly schiff, lied repeatedly when he said there's significant evidence of collusion. he is not to be trusted! should be taken off as the chairman of the house intel committee! he's a national disgrace! as is congresswoman waters lying to you when she vowed to impeach trump over collusion. you can never trust people that lie like this or congressman eric swalwell who said he'd seen plenty of evidence of collusion. he is a liar. he's never to be trusted!
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or senator mazie hirono explaining that we are headed towards a constitutional crisis. more total b.s.! and the list goes on and on. and the hysteria on the left was widespread. if not for talk radio -- thank god for rush, mark, my colleagues here, many of them at the fox news channel, like tucker, laura, a few other brave, logical independent thinkers standing alone, there would have been no one out there advocating for the truth, discovering the biggest abusenef power scandal in our history. tnobody! we now have to concern ourselves as a country with a two-tiered system of justice featuring high-ranking deep state powerful officials. we empower them. that try to first rig an election in favor of hillary clinton by exonerating her from what should have been obvious obstruction and a violation of the espionage act. then they use their power to try
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and influence the 2016 election with russian lies that hillary paid for, of all ironies. that's why our "hannity watch" on the deep state is more important than ever. i am tonight wearing an fbi flag pin given to me by a rank and file fbi individual. can't name him. he'll get in trouble. but like so many people i know in the fbi, thanking me for distinguishing between the 99% of brave, dedicated agents of the premiere law enforcement agency of the world that do a tremendous job. that are embarrassed by what their leadership has done. they serve our country every day. don't put them in the same alignment with the comeys, mccabes, strzok, and pages of the world. this is now time that we get the justice that we deserve. this is now time for those that abuse the power that you gave them, their day of reckoning
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must now come or else this will happen again. my sources are telling me it's all about to come cascading down. this all started when they rigged the investigation into dihillary's email scandal. there was clear, compelling and incontrivertible evidence that she mishandled confidential evidence on a private server that we believe six foreign intelligence agencies broken into. there was clear evidence. by the way, no attorney could get me or any of you out of subpoenaed e-mails that you may destroy, 33,000 of them, and then you acid wash your hard drive with bleach bit and you bang up your phones and devices with hammers and remove the sim cards. remember strzok and page and their texts? remember about trump supporters they said were smelly walmart people and saying that hillary should win 100 million to zero? the lead investigator into the clinton case, peter strzok could do the interview with flynn andd clinton. in the clinton cage, imagine allowing two of her friends in
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the room while she's being interrogated in an investigation. or as loretta lynch said, a matter. he was writing hillary's exoneration with comey's blessing in may of 2016. they had never done an investigation. the exoneration before the investigation. by the way, interviewed her july 2nd.d. comey exonerated her july 5th. not before cheryl miles was granted immunity. not before the infamous tarmac meeting between bill clinton and then attorney general lynch and of course the testimony lastst week that loretta lynch herselfr was up to her eyeballs in every decision that was made. and even lisa page admitted,o they're all democrats, we knew the fix was in. that horribly flawed investigation into hillaryde clinton now must be reopened if we are to ever have justice in this country. once clinton lost the election, the next phase of the deep state corruption, that kicked in. the insurance policy, hillary's bought and paid for russian lies. imagine russian lies put together by a foreign spy. and then used on an american
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citizen to get entry into the entire trump campaign in the lead-up to a presidential election. they denied carter page due process. they denied carter page's constitutional rights.s. they repeatedly committed fraud against fisa court judges, they did it by omission, and of course they used what is unverified, uncorroborated information. remember, christopher steele doesn't stand by it to this day. bruce ohr warned everybody, thia was in october 2016, that dossier was tainted. hillary paid for it. christopher steele hated trump and christopher steele testified i'm only 50/50 saying it's raw intelligence as to whether any of the dossier was true. most of it now was debunked. that rendered that dossier unverifiable. they say they tried to verify it, they're lying. that didn't stop the dossier from then being used as nunes
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and grassley-graham memo said , as the bulk of evidence for the fisa warns, four of them. tonight it's time for transparency. tonight, we begin a process that will take us a long time of accountability. it is now time to declassify all of those fisaa applications. you talk about transparency. let the american people see the extent to which those fisa warrants were based on hillary's bought and paid for russian lies. and then fully expose every single one of thesee deep state actors who abuse the power that you, the american people, gave them. james comey, let's start with him. let's start with sally yates. they need to be investigated. mccabe needs to be investigated. all who signed off on the fisa warrants need to be fully investigated. susan rice, clapper, lynch, and also if lynch is running this. whole fix, what did obama know and when did he know it? they all must be now put under oath,id investigated because thy weaponized the powerful tools of intelligence and resources and
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they literally broke the law! they surveilled against the law, they unmasked americans against the law, they leaked raw intelligence against the law, and they tried to favor an election in one side and not the other. and then bludgeon and undo an election. clapper and john brennan, let's hold them accountable for leaking and lying. by the way, comey, oh, he believed in the dossier in october of 2016, but told trump in january of '17, it's salacious, it's not verified. what about the private memos he purposefully leaked, government documents to a special counsel to begin the investigation? think about the harm that all of this has done! imagine what president could withstand this, denying a free, fair, open election, and the american people their right to pick their president. the president and his de supporters. an attempted, frankly, coup of a sitting president. appointing a special counsel filled with partisan democrats. people that went to hillary's victory party and even
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represented as attorneys hillary clinton. this has caused enormous amounts of collateral damage to many people who cannot afford theth lawyers they had to hire. the president, his wife, his kids, his family, his advisors. heroes like michael flynn, people like carter page, george papadopoulos and so many others. there is fbi director comey tweeting, "so many questions," to which lindsey graham replied, "could not agree more. see you soon." i warned director comey a long time ago before his book, you have the right to remain silent, i suggest you use it. he didn't take my advice. joining us now, senator lindsay graham. senator, a lot of this falls now on your shoulders. i see you laughing, but -- >> i've enjoyed listening. >> sean: anything you heard me say that's wrong? >> no. i mean, we're not going to try
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these people on cable television. we're going to put it through the rule of law, right? >> sean: totally agree. i believe in due process. the presumption of innocence. >> absolutely. and you've been consistent on that. here's what i want to find out. did they exonerate clinton because they had a political bias? did they ignore all the facts because if they indict her, they know she can't beat trump and they wanted trump to lose? was the counterintelligence a backdoor way of spying on trump? there's no evidence of working with russia, they're just using it as an excuse. was the fisa warrant obtained based on fraudulent documentation does every other f campaign? those are the things that i think you want to know about and i want to know about. >> sean: what will you do? tell us the steps he will take? he will play a very pivotal role here, sir. >> first thing i want to do is find out why they got a warrant against carter page if the dossier was a bunchot of garbag. what did you have beyond the dossier? why didn't you listen to bruce
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ohr? at the end of the day, how could you use this document, that's unverified to this day, to get a warrant on four different occasions. i want to find out all about that. i want to know if the email investigation was basically dropped because they had a political i want to know if the counterintelligence investigation, why didn't you warn trump that you thought the russians were trying toe infiltrate his campaign? why didn't you tell him? >> sean: yeah, he's a patriot -- right. t >> the reason i think they didn't tell him about the russians infiltrated his campaign is that they wanted to infiltrate his campaign, not the russians. >> sean: senator, i know you have -- by the way, there are a lot of good people that have been very helpful in all of this. meadows and jordan and all these people. you now have the ability to make public, and the president will have the ability to make public the fisa warrants, the 302s, the gang of eight information. >> yeah, right. >> sean: and these other
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buckets, the five buckets i always talk about it. how important is it that the american people see that besides the mueller, you know, conclusions? >> i've been pretty consistent. i said i thought mueller was the right guy to look into the allegations against president trump. he was a man of the law. he had a great reputation, and i fought to make sure he could do his job. he has rendered his verdict. there is no collusion. now it's time to look at how this got off the rails. what am i going to do? i'm going to use every tool available to me, disclose as much as i can without compromising source and methods to make sure a the public understands how their presidentp could be accused of working with a foreign government when there's no basis in fact. this should scare everybody. did the investigators, did the prosecutors use the law for political purposes? if that turns out to be true, that is bigger than watergate. did they try to take him down after he got elected? was there a real effort to
10:37 pm
invoke the 25th amendment? >> sean: was there? looks like it. >> nobody seems to give a damn but me and you and a few other people. if it had been republicans hiring steele to spy on clinton and used a dossier prepared by steele against clinton associates that was a bunch ofto political garbage, it would be front-page news everywhere. >> sean: russian lies. >> i think so. i told trump that. i think the dossier came from russia. mr. president, if you think the russians are just out to help you, they're not, they're out to destroy america. they're using both campaigns.el >> sean: you really had a moment in the kavanaugh case. a lot weighs on your investigation and your pledge tonight is so important to getting to the truth so this never happens again, sir. thank you for being with us. >> sean: here with my reaction reaction, former speaker of the house, newt gingrich. mr.t speaker, you have been around a long time and you have fought a lot of political battles. you've seen a lot from watergate
10:38 pm
on through. what we now know is the biggest abuse of power, as far as i can tell, and corruption scandal this country has seen. >> i think that's probably right. i think it's going to take a few days for it to sink in, but the mueller report, the fact that he came back and said flatly there was no collusion after all the talk, as you point out tonight, says to me that there are three different investigations that have to go on in parallel. one is, how did we end up in this mess? who are the people who made the decisions? toth what extent was president obama and his attorney general directly involved? the evidence seems to be pretty clear that they were. the second investigation i think has to be to -- and i challenge the news media to do this themselves.
10:39 pm
this is such a total fiasco that starting with, as i've suggested all day today, the "new york times" and the "washington post" ought to return the pulitzer prizes which they earned for publishing falsehoods. if they want us to rebuild respect for the press, they got a great opportunity to start. the whole news media industry has an obligation to look at what went wrong here. and then third, you have to say to yourself, if the deep state was this anti-trump, don't we have to go back and lookhi at te entire clinton foundation, hillary clinton, that entire process which, by any reasonable standard, was felonious andy should have led to criminal charges and somehow got brushed under the rug. >> sean: i was brought up maybe very differently. i kind of fear judges. if i'm in a courtroom, i'm going to say yes, your honor, no, your
10:40 pm
honor, yes, sir, no, sir. the idea that they never verified -- they presented something that was unverifiablee then they omitted the key point hillary paid for what is we're told the bulk of information in the fisa applications, she paid for that. they never told the fisa court judges. james comey, sally yates, rod rosenstein, they all put their signature to that. to me, that's a fraud on a court. i don't think i could do it and get away with it. i don't think i could delete 33,000 emails like hillary and get away with it. >> i think it's deeper than that, sean. i think now that we've had -- you and i both have been very critical of the people mueller hired. they were hard core democrats. i'm frankly mildly amazed that despite all their best effort they in the end had to conclude trump was innocent, which is what they did in terms of collusion.n. they said there's nothing there. what that says to me, this is a
10:41 pm
moment to take a deep breath and recognize the following fact: there was a deep state news media joint conspiracy to protect hillary clinton and to destroy donald trump. and it in many ways is one of the sickest moments inn americn history. and i think that it has to be -- i'm glad that you pointed out to chairman graham tonight the great obligation and opportunity he has in the judiciary committee. we need to, as a country, come to grips with just how sick this was and how much it still has a lot of pieces sitting out there that need to be -- the rocks need to be turned over and we need to see what's under them. >> sean: tonight is the beginning. i will not stop until we get to the truth. mr. speaker, you have been steadfast in always standing up for truth, rule of law, due process, thank you for being with us.
10:42 pm
now with the collusion narrativf crashing to its death, will the media ever take accountability for their failures, their outright lies? somebody also in the forefront, me, rush, mark, and our ensemble cast here, a lot of us alone on the edge as usual. mark levin. mark, we don't have as much time as usual. you go. a >> well, you have collusion. you have collusion between the democrat party, the media, and the obama administration. hillary clinton, she's been silent for three or four days, rahasn't she? barack obama has been silent throughout all this, hasn't he? for all the talk of the democrats who run these committees, they don't want to talk to hillary clinton. they don't want to talk to president obama. they want transparency. i want transparency. here's the impeachment clause of the constitution. bribery, other high crimes and misdemeanors. i can name people who committed treason, other high crimes and misdemeanors. he's not in the white house. they're members of congress. we have a big problem in this
10:43 pm
country. the democrat party is not a pro-american party. they lost an election. they act like a third world party. they want to destroy the president and the presidency. listen to their candidates. anti-american, anti-capitalism. anti-liberty. anti-security. anti-immigration. this is the problem and the media is the mouthpiece. now, you want to talk aboutio obstruction -- i want to hit this quickly in this report. did bob mueller subpoena the president of the united states to appear before a grand jury over obstruction? no, he didn't. did bob mueller try to go to court to adjudicate the issue of obstruction? he didn't. you either charge or you don't, he didn't. that's the point. he didn't charge an obstruction because there was no obstruction! what the hell did the president of the united states do? he fired comey! he was a bad guy, a leaker. they spent whatever money they wanted to spend. they went wherever they wantedey to go. they spent all the time in the world.sp
10:44 pm
there was, in fact, no obstruction and no collusion! but it is time to focus on the democrats in the house! it is time to focus on the media! the hillary campaign! the dnc! barack obama! this was barack obama's government that did all this! when the russians were interfering with our election, they were interfering with our election when comey was the fbi director, when clapper was the head of intelligence, when brennan was the head of the cia. when loretta lynch was the head of the department of justice! they went after the candidate of the opposition party! they put spies in his campaign! they abused the fisa court system! they used opposition research. this country doesn't belong to adam schiff and nadler and pelosi! big deal, they got one-half of one-third of the government. it belongs to us and you in the free press, you are destroying the free press! this will be noted in history
10:45 pm
what a bunch of loathsome, ideological mouthpieces you are for the tyranny that is a democrat party! i don't have anything else to say! >> sean: you said a mouthful. i got to thank you, rush, tucker, laura, fox and friends, sara, john, gregg, too many people to name. i will bring them all on. alan dershowitz, even. so amazing. this is important. we better get this right. you wrote about a post constitutional america. >> we are living there. >> sean: thank you for being with us, my friend, the great one. >> amen. >> sean: congressman mark meadows, jim jordan, they have been steadfast. rudy giuliani, steadfast, next. straight ahead. ♪ doug, doug!
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>> sean: republicans calling on the >> sean: republicans calling on the hack, the liar adam schiff to step down as chairman of the houseir intelligence committee. these two men from the freedom caucus -- i've said many times, without the freedom caucus we don't have republicans that stand on principles, support the president, and fight to keep their promises. jim jordan, mark meadows. guys, we're just shortt on time. how important is it now that we get this right? mark? >> i think it's very important that we go back to how it all started, let's get the reams of documents, let's give it to senator graham on the senate side, let him do a real investigation. let's get to the bottom of it and hold people accountable. the time is now. >> sean: you guys laid the foundation perfectly. the work you've done -- honestly, without you we wouldn't be here. and devin nunes and some others. jim?- >> no, mark's exactly right. let's do everything we can to work with chairman graham and get to the bottom of this andnd expose how they used one party's research's document to get a secret warrant to spy on the other party's campaign and
10:51 pm
launch this whole ridiculous thing we saw unfold over the last several years. >> sean: how do you investigate russia collusion and ignore the hillary bought and paid for lying russian dossier that is used tot bludgeon the presiden, infiltrate hisdg campaign, deny human rights and constitutional rights, and then they use to try and undo aum duly-elected president, try and remove him? mark? >> we spent twice as much time, four timesnt the amount of resources investigating trump than we did hillary clinton. yet, we find all the collusion that happened was actually from fusion gps, spending the $12 million to get dirt on the president of the united states. and in the end, there was nothing to it. >> sean: they'll never stop in congress. endless investigations. jim jordan. >> here's the good news, sean. 1940, 500, 2,800. 1,900 lawyers, 500 witnesses.
10:52 pm
2,800 subpoenas" where the findings of the mueller investigation? no new indictments, no sealed indictments, no collusion, no obstruction. in spite of everything they did to try to take down this president, they still -- when mueller does his investigation, he finds no collusion, no obstruction, no indictments. that's the ultimate vindication for this president. now let's go find the people who started this whole thing and let's hold them accountable. that's what's good for the country. that's what's good for this nation. that's our charge. that's what we have to do now. >> sean: you two have been on the forefront. i want america to know we wouldn't -- we may not have been here today but for these two guys. thank you both. when we come back, the attorney when we come back, the attorney for the president, rudy giuliani, will weigh in. and a surprise straight ahead. hang on, the attorney for the president is with us now. long time friend of mine. mr. mayor, good to see you. >> good to see you, sean.
10:53 pm
>> sean: i said this to jay privately, i know you worked tirelessly, i know you guys didn't sleep. >> [laughs] >> sean: it's true. >> it's worth it. to defend an innocent man and see justice done is the ultimate goal of any lawyer. it was an honor for me to work on this case. to see it turn out such a ltmplete victory.t i've never seen a declination letter, which is what this is, so powerful. usually prosecutors just say we're not going to go forward with the case. mueller put in this thing about he didn't commit a crime, but i can't exonerate him. that's totally unprofessional. you're not supposed to say that. then barr and rosenstein kind of knock the obstruction thing right out of the park. >> sean: what mueller did was handed back to rosenstein -- >> the guy got paid upwards of $30 million, but he couldn't make the key decision. his hands were shaking. he had jekyll and hyde. he had the bad guys and the good guys. that little cheap shot probably got stuck in there somewhere along the way by weissmann who
10:54 pm
tortured manafort, who tried to get corsi to purjure himself. who jammed up flynn and a really pathetic fall statement. >> sean: i want him to pull back that plea. if they don't prosecute cohen, they got to pull back the plea. michael cohen lied brazenly to cummings, they said he would throw the book at him, and the book has not been thrown yet. i was just on crisco almost a show -- >> sean: who is he? >> he'ss a guy on the other network. >> sean: there is no other network. >> i told the other network they got to apologize. >> sean: i'm kidding. go ahead. >> i said they got to apologize. i told him, you're the first witness. you got the tape that proves his a perjurer. 13 witnesses to his perjury. >> sean: there are a lot of tapes involved in this case, according to my sources. you know, mr. mayor, if we don't get this right, this was an attempt to rig an election, this was an attempt to do undo an election.yo g if we don't get to the bottom of
10:55 pm
it starting with hillary, what happens? >> yeah, yeah. this is even more than that. as a lawyer and former prosecutor, this was a massive attempt to frame the president of the united states and to hijack the american electorate. this was an attempt to take out the president of the united we don't have a to go much furtr than the texts of peter strzok. it was first an attempt to prevent him from becoming president. then it was an insurance policy to take him out if he was the president. i know peter strzok is involved. he's got to be prosecuted. ohr has to be prosecuted. for conflict of interest. his wife working for the company that got a million dollars house to be prosecuted for conflict of interest. here's the big question -- >> sean: real quick, we got to go. >> this wasn't made up. who came up with this story t.first? up?made it >> sean: we'll have you back. >> i have a good idea. but i got to prove it first. >> sean: the football's back next. ♪
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♪ ♪ book now and enjoy free unlimited open bar and more. norwegian cruise line. feel free. >> sean: tonight is the beginning and tomorrow all those people, everyone that contributed. we will get to the bottom of this every single night and also, they will be here to tell the story.
11:00 pm
a new book, alive signing right now, go to my twitter account and you will get it, football is back, let your heart not be troubled, laura ingraham, how are you? what did you do this weekend? >> laura: it was such a great the spiral, it took 48 hours. >> sean: there we go. >> laura: i was contemplating the meaning of life post-mueller report. what will we do with all the time on our hands, the "hannity" report? >> sean: we will get to the bottom of it and naming names media, deep state abuse of power, i'm not going to stop. >> laura: "hannity" was ain great show, and we will pick it up for you. >> sean: by the way, you mark, tucker, fox & friends, you know without john solomon without this team of people


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