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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  March 26, 2019 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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off the head. he stayed in the game and was able to laugh it off. but that certainly does not look not fun. rob: one inch south of there he might be in the hospital. jillian: have a good day. >> it's 100 percent the way it should have been. interest are a lothere are a lot of people out there who have deny some very evil things and those people will certainly be looked at. >> this is the absolute most severe political scandal in the nation's history. >> michael avenatti facing nearly 100 years in jail. >> the charges are based on avenatti's extortionist threats. >> by one count he was on cnn and msnbc 108 times and the result was what you see another embarrassment for the media. >president trump could get a major win today acting defense secretary patrick shanahan just approved $1 billion of military funding for the wall.
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>> tensions along the gaza strip mount to serious new levels it? >> does appear this is just getting started. >> big news for mma fans. conner mcgregor just announced on twitter that he is going to retire ♪ you're just a natural ♪ feel it high and low ♪ you got to keep control ♪ to make it in this world steve: yep, live from new york, march 26th, 2019. it's "fox & friends" for another beautiful tuesday good to have you today. ainsley: good morning. thanks for joining us. brian: how great a day for the president yesterday. first mueller says no collusion and michael avenatti one of his nemesis and there is quite a few seems to be going down on the east coast and west coast. ainsley: alleged extortion. steve: plus, time to fill out your bracket, who got it most wrong in the mueller madness? was it stephen colbert, alec
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baldwin, rachel maddow or don lemon. brian: you just have to pick one? steve: go about 50 names. ainsley: tell you what the democrats are saying this morning. first. steve: straight to a fox news alert. you haven't heard this yet. the pentagon has approved $1 billion to start building president trump's border wall. ainsley: comes amid reports more than 1,000 illegal immigrants were just released into the united states. brian: he got money from congress and then he asked money from the defense budget in order to finish the wall that the congress would not give him. garrett tenney is live in d.c. with the next step to secure our border. garrett, update us? >> good morning to y'all. no surprise here. democratic lawmakers are not happy about this. the pentagon notified congress late month it is transferring up to $1 billion to help fight -- to help in the fight against drugs entering our country. in a statement, the pentagon said these funds will be used to support dhs's request to build 57 miles of
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18-foot high podesta fencing constructing and improving roads and installing lighting within the uma and el paso sectors of the border in support of the emergency declaration on the southern border of the united states. according to the fox affiliate in san diego more than 1,000 illegal immigrants were dropped off in the city saturday night because detention centers have run out of space. that situation is only expected to grow worse as more migrants continue crossing the border every day. however, 11 democratic senators blasted the pentagon's move as a violation of congressional appropriations saying in a letter to the defense secretary we have serious concerns that the department has allowed political interference and pet projects to come ahead of many near term critical issues facing our military. the 1 billion-dollar without congressional approval a dollar for dollar theft of other readiness needs from our armed forces.
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today patrick shanahan is expected to testify before the house armed services committee and is he almost certainly to face a lot of questions about this. ainsley, steve, brian. steve: do you think? thank you very much. brian: 3.6 billion. a billion now. figure he is using his border patrol or the army corps of engineers using 1.3 to build out already. so, i mean, you have a lot of work going on. even if you had 100 billion. this is as much work as can you do. ainsley: the money comes from the department of homeland security counter drug moneys for this first step. that's just the first billion. there is also money they can use from the military construction funds. those folks that were just dropped off at the bus station, the reason is because of catch and release because these immigration detention centers are full capacity, eagle pass, del rio, the rio grand valley and can you expect more of this to happen over the next weekend. steve: look, he declared a national emergency at the southern border. either you believe it is or not. as we saw all those people now have been released
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because they simply don't have enough room, we are going to keep you posted on that. in the meantime, of course yesterday this program, three hours, we talked about how there was no russia collusion after the fact we had heard that a million times. now the democrats are being, you know, facing the real possibility in addition to being wrong on that, that the republicans are going to go after them and obama administration officials as well, at least that's what the president seemed to indicate yeendfigure out yester. here is the president alongside bb netanyahu. >> there are a lot of people out there that have done some very, very evil things, very bad things. i would say treasonous things against our country. and hopefullying that people that have done such harm to our country, we have gone through a period of really bad things happening. those people will certainly
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be looked at. i have been looking at them for a long time. brian: meanwhile the president of the united states has got it say hey, how did this whole thing start? remember, george papadopoulos is coming on shortly. he is one of the people like michael flynn accused of lying and cut a deal with the fbi. he wants to tell his full story. we have not gotten mike flynn's true story and how he feels today because his life has been ruined today one of many. lindsey graham picked up the phone and talked to william barr and he said listen, when are you going to give the summary -- when are you going to give additional information about the report? he said i'm going to get it to you. it's not going to be a month. it's going to be weeks. i'm going to talk to bob mueller about what i can and can't release. what are you going to do about how this investigation was launched? ainsley: democrats are saying we want the full report by april 2nd. that's out deadline for the full report. lindsey graham went ton say when barr testifies he will start focusing on many of the things that you as americans are questioning now. president no collusion and
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no obstruction? what about the other side like the president said. he said he wants to ask barr about the emails. the fisa warrant and the dossier. remember the meeting between loretta lynch and bill clinton? steve: oh, yeah. ainsley: he says he has a lot of questions for the democrats. listen to some of the questions. >> did they exonerate clinton because they had a political bias? did they ignore all the facts because if they indict her they know she can't beat trump and they wanted trump to lose? was the counterintelligence investigation a back door way of spying on trump? there is real no evidence of working with russia. it just uses excuse with the fisa warrant obtained unlawfully based on fraudulent documentation to surveil the campaign. those are the things that i think you want to know about and i want to know about. steve: yeah. apparently the trump campaign has been suggested to tv producers that use going forward basic journalistic standards when booking guests. if they have lawmakers on the air who have said we have evidence of collusion,
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ask them about that. and it includes richard blumenthal, adam schiff, how are about to hear from, jerry nadler, eric swalwell, tom perez and former cia director john brennan. if they have evidence, let's see it and adam schiff, tripling down on that. >> accept the prosecutorial judgment of bob mueller is sound. i have said all along that we would accept whatever conclusions he reaches as a prosecutor. i have also said that there was a big difference between whether there is evidence of collusion and i think that evidence is in plain sight. steve: plain sight. ainsley: read some of the democrats' tweets you can tell they got together what are we going to stay in we have got to spin that. steve: it's in plain sight. ainsley: hand picked attorney general. hand picked attorney general is not sufficient. jeff merkley said barr was hand picked. he decide nod obstruction. shocker.
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keep in mind thorough investigation, two years, millions of taxpayer dollars. rod rosenstein was a part of this as well. brian: there was a conference call 3:00 saturday. so they all got on the same page with this. ainsley: yeah. brian: i believe every attorney general is hand picked by the president so it shouldn't have been a surprise. rod rosenstein to have him there was brilliant because he has been loved by the left because he seems to be the one who launched this whole thing and promised to wear a wimplet meanwhile rush limbaugh says this is going to be tough now. how county democrats possibly say we are going to impeach this president? >> this is the absolute most severe political scandal that has happened in my lifetime and maybe in the nation's history. a dossier that was fake. it was made up. it was never corroborated. it was never validated. and it was used as one of the highest secret courts in this country to get warrants that were renewed four times
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to spy on donald trump and related members of his campaign and his family. i don't know how more egregious a travesty of justice you can find than this. and then th the realization that everybody involved knew it. steve: here's the thing the democrats want the full mueller report released. release the fisa warrant. they don't want that released that reveals how this all started. you know you how fisa works. it's a secret court and everything is a secret. they won't release it when democrats say they want to release the whole thing they don't want that released. ainsley: rod rosenstein signed the fourth warrant in order to survey carter page. but here's the thing. william barr, they are all blaming william barr. this was a summary of the robert mueller report.
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steve: preview. ainsley: 19 lawyers involved with. you know all the subpoenas and witnesses they talked to this is just a summary of what he wrote. this is not william barr's opinion. brian: two weeks ago, march 5th they told barr and rosenstein there is going to be no decision on obstruction because i can't figure out intent of anyone. it's too hard. when it comes to collusion, the verdict is in. we don't see it meanwhile, 1 minutes after the hour. jillian you have the other news? jillian: that's right. good morning. get you caught up on the other news we are following starting with a fox news alert right now. tensions flair along the gaza strip. take a look at this. you see that? that is a lot of violence erupting as israel and hamas launching dozens of rockets in second straight day of fighting. israel attacked the office of the head of hamas for retaliation of a rocket strike north of tel aviv that injured seven people. the violence erupting while
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prime minister benjamin netanyahu was in washington. he ended his trip early. the trump administration could soon erase president obama's signature accomplishment. the justice department is siding with a district court ruling finding obamacare to be unconstitutional. the doj will now ask an appeals court to validate the affordable care act entirely. new enrollment in the healthcare program is down by more than 500,000 this year. big number there the pentagon is celebrating after successfully testing a new antimissile defense system. the u.s. military launched two missiles from california which then intercepted an unarmed missile. more than 4,000 miles away in the south pacific. and how about this? conner mcgregor could be happening up his gloves for good. the mma star abruptly announcing retirement overnight. i wish all my old colleagues
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well going forward in competition. hours earlier mcgregor claimed he was negotiating with ufc to fight in july. not the first time he has retired though. he did it back in 2016 before coming back a few months later. a lot of people saying oh, he will be back. steve: a stunt. jillian: he has been in trouble lately. brian: i would look for him to give up brawling outside the octagon like he is alleged to have done. 13 minutes after the hour. steve: a new migrant caravan heading to the united states at this moment. the next guest patrols the border every day and says they need all the help they can get stat. ainsley: plus, michael avenatti says he will be fully exonerated but he is facing a long list of charges and a lot of years behind bars. the judge on the case coming up. ♪ come on and take a free ride ♪ come on and take a free ride ♪ come on and take a free ride ♪ come on and take a free ride
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what maheart-healthyle salad the california walnuts.ver? the best simple veggie dish ever? california walnuts. the best simple dinner ever? great tasting, heart-healthy california walnuts. so simple, so good. get the recipes at brian: a fox news alert now. the pentagon approving $1 billion to help build the president's -- the border wall for this country. gloria chavez is chief patrol agent on the el centro sector in california joins us now to react. gloria, you are getting a billion dollars, building is going to start. going to be big huge fencing going up. will that help? >> i can't say enough about the dodd.
3:18 am
dodd hadodd has been phenomenal partner on the ground. today providing so much support placing concertino wire fragile to border security mission. pumping water out of areas where water has been flooding along the border wall, the border fence. and then also they have been building bridges and providing us in some areas some surveillance for situational awareness. dod has been great. their kil skill sets are imagine sent any support from dod is very much appreciated on the border. brian: you say that is really getting out of control. what respect? >> it is. this caravan situation it is concerning to us. there are two things we are dealing with now. we have organized caravans which started back in october of 2018. these caravans consistently keep us very tasked. both between the ports of entry and at the ports of entry.
3:19 am
the other situation is the family unit situation. that involves family and children. see, back in 2014, we had the crisis with unaccompanied alien children. and in 2016 it, changed to family units and children. and now today it is still continuing to increase. it has not stopped. for us it is a humanitarian crisis. and it's also a national security crisis. because the focus of our agents is no longer on border security mission. they are being so tasked their focus is shifting to providing support and aid to many of these families and children that come across our border. especially when many of them come here and are suffering from different illnesses and agents need to transport these people over to the hospital so then they are there tasked with the hospital. here recently we have had. brian: let me just ask you real quick. you have another caravan coming your way.
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how are you going to handle that? >> for us it's a bit frustrating and overwhelming. already our facilities which are short-term processing centers. they are not long term detention. they are already fully tasked and at full capacity and overcapacity. we have sectors like huma, arizona. we have sectors in tucson, el paso, rbg fully tasked already. it's a bit overwhelming because now we see organized caravans continue to come and they are coming because they are continuing to take advantage of the opportunity that is coming across as a family unit they will get in anyway. brian: to identify stop you there. i think you made your point it is emergency at the border. democrats and republicans take note. gloria, thanks so much. meanwhile, straight ahead, the media went after president trump for years over russia. >> i think they are all going to end up together in prison. and maybe that's a good thing. >> donald trump now sits at
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the threshold of impeachment. >> so will they apologize now that there is no collusion? joe concha says don't count on it he joins us next. cancer, epilepsy, mental health, hiv. patients with serious diseases are being targeted for cuts to their medicare drug coverage. new government restrictions would allow insurance companies to come between doctor and patient. and deny access to individualized therapies
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a get your questions answered by awesome experts store. it's a now there's one store that connects your life like never before store. the xfinity store is here. and it's simple, easy, awesome. ainsley: here are quick headlines for you, a national bump stock ban is in effect. those who make these rifles must destroy them or turn them in. president trump expressed support for the ban after the used by the las vegas gunman worse shooting in history. the senate is expected to vote on the yeel. democrats are expected to block it even though many say they are in support of congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez's plan. the controversial climate change proposal calls for
3:25 am
net zero emissions in 10 years. steve, down to you. steve: we will be watching for that. thanks, ainsley. according to the media research center. tv networks spend three minutes every day for 771 days covering the mueller probe and during that time 92% of the stories were negative toward president trump. even now the media will not accept the results of the mueller probe in some cases because it does not fit into their agenda and years of bias against donald trump. >> this is evidence of willingness to commit collusion. >> so much involvement. so many connections with the kremlin. >> i think they are all going to end up together in prison and maybe that's a good thing. >> donald trump now sits at the threshold of impeachmen impeachment. >> he may be the first president in quite some time to face the real prospect of jail time.
3:26 am
steve: here with reaction can you see right there media reporter for the hill and radio talk show host wor joe concha. joe, what day do you think these tv talking heads and, you know, blue checked journalists are going to apologize to donald trump for getting the story wrong? >> i can't give a day a year 3074. not very good at math. i'm pretty sure that's a long time from now. steve: they are not going to admit they got the story wrong? >> oh god no. because egos don't allow for that, right? when you have been pyes. forget reporting. as pyes as they have been over the last two years there is no way to put tooth paste back in the tube at this point. you say it does not fit their agenda. i agree with that i also think another 40% of it is it does not fit their business model because this has been very good for business in some circles. the clicks and ratings are
3:27 am
there. they are going to continue to hammer this mommy. all right. mueller, let's move on, let's pivot to something else, southern district of new york. or let's focus on was there obstruction or not obstruction? think will try to keep this alive as long as possible because that's all they have known for the past two years and that's all their audience has known they will continue to hammer it home because it's good for business, steve. steve: it's interesting you would say that i was watching a segment in this morning chris cuomo on cnn was battling with rudy giuliani. rudy said look, you guys owe us an apology. cuomo said no, not going to do it. he said you should apologize because cuomo said i didn't get anything wrong. rudy said your network got it wrong. he would not apologize. i think you are probably right on that. >> yeah. probably. one more point by the way. there was a monday report that came out. it was done by axios or at least it was published by axios. it was published by news whip. when we talk about how much this story has been covered. 530,000, more than 530,000
3:28 am
web articles have been published, focusing on russia, donald trump and mueller since may of 2017. steve: unbelievable. >> think about that for a second. that's more than 700 a day. people say we didn't cover it that much. oh, yeah, you did. steve: hard to see much coverage on the television aside from this channel talking about what happened. meanwhile, the "new york post," joe concha has mueller madness take off on the march madness bracket and they have all sorts of categories. they are trying to figure out who we watch on television and read in print got it the most wrong. so, in cable, and i'm not going to read all the names. who do you think got it more wrong? rachel maddow, anna navarro, don lemon or chris haze? >> i have to give you a tie on that one. i have to go to john brennan only because is he a former cia director. when he speaks people believes he has inside information or in other words there is more graph toss. he predicted there would be
3:29 am
more indictments handed down by mueller? does he apologize? no, of course not. rachel maddow again this was very good for business for her in the intercept not too long ago they did analysis of her coverage on a nightly basis. she has covered russia more than every other topic out there. and there are a lot to choose from in a trump administration combined. yeah, is she going to backtrack on that? no, of course not. she will continue to push this home because she wants to feed her audience what she thinks they want to hear. steve: this continues because it's broken into four. aside from cable then they have print. they have network. they have twitteratti. who is your ultimate person on television we see on television who got it the most wrong. >> who we see on television a lot got it the most wrong. i would have to go back to maddow again clearly. if you want to throw colbert in there, steve.
3:30 am
you say is he a comedian. a lot of people don't watch the news and watch colbert at night and that will be the news source the same it was with stuart and his program on a nightly basis. all he talked was mueller time. mueller time. can't wait for it to come out. last night had a very weak response as far as that's concerned. i'm sorry, trump, that you are still a bad president or something horrible. he will continue to sing the same song as well. finally on twitter has to go to bill kristol. mueller will find there was collusion and that trump knew about it and sought to cover it up and sought its investigation. can we never listen to bill kristol. i never seen anybody get more predictions wrong since jimmy the greek. steve: joe concha joining us live from new york city. thank you very much. >> that's all due respect to jimmy the greek by the way he was great. steve: meanwhile teenager in this country illegally and now charged with killing a teacher in a horrific car
3:31 am
crash. what a judge just ruled in this case coming up. plus, george papadopoulos was one of the first people charged in the mueller probe. now he wants to clear his name in public. he is here with the message for his critic coming up. ♪ ♪ last years' ad campaign was a success for badda book. badda boom.
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3:35 am
saying it 14 days. he could have gotten up to six months. >> how is it not collusion when george papadopoulos in contact with various people who are promising dirt on hillary clinton. >> this ought to be clear like this entire investigation gets started because papadopoulos runs his mouth -- brian: boy was that wrong. joining us now is george papadopoulos himself. brand new book out today deep state target how i got caught in the crosshairs in the plot to bring down president trump. george, what was it like seeing these commentators. this is a small sample talk but as a liar. >> oh my goodness. from day one i knew this entire thing was a hoax. unfortunately i just couldn't speak. you know, i basically had a gag order on me until i was sentenced and i was very fortunate that girlfriend and now wife slowly going on tv giving hints it's not what you think. she obviously couldn't tell the whole story because there was legalities involved. i think that she was starting to give a couple hints when she was going on
3:36 am
abc news, nbc and cnn. people started looking at my story and things weren't adding up. steve: something we know now according to the attorney general's sum rift mueller report there was no collusion. >> that's right. steve: when they were probing you, asking you questions about collusion, if there was no collusion, no actual crime, they have no evidence of collusion, and, yet, you got in trouble because you said something that was not right to the fbi. >> yeah, my story is in so much misinformation about actually what my real case was about. and just to really simplify it for the viewers. it was about a professor i met in london who the fbi told the world was a russian agent. this guy is no russian agent. brian: who is he? >> joseph mifsud is his name. i met him through intermediary represents the fbi in the u.k. i met him in rome which they hold various symposiums at.
3:37 am
i never examined him to be a russian agent. one day the person tells me that the russians have hillary clinton's emails out of the blue. >> who is that? >> joseph mifsud. brian: i have hillary clinton's emails. he tells me the russians have hillary clinton's emails. i don't believe him. this was not a credible person. basically what the fbi wanted me to do and what mueller was trying to, i guess, force me to admit even though it never happened who did i tell on the campaign about what this guy told me because if i had told somebody on the campaign, this entire. steve: collusion. it? >> would have been a collusion, conspiracy. it would have been based on western intelligence basically fabricating the entire thing and that's why the case is insane. ainsley: when you were interviewed by special counsel and how long did you have to testify? how many hours? >> probably about 20 hours of just getting my head beat in daily. ainsley: you think they were trying to make you sing and say something that wasn't true? >> that was my impression. i mean, at that time i'm being arrested. i'm taken off an airplane. i am violently arrested and thrown into a cell with two
3:38 am
inmates. i don't know what's going on. i write it in the book. people are talking about chicken wings on wednesdays in jail how i'm going to be in there for months before i get a lawyer. then all of a sudden i have two lawyers who really don't buy into my story because, i guess they thought this is a young guy. he got caught up. let's just plead. so, as i'm talking to mueller's people and they are trying to get me to say something that i know is not true, i just couldn't. i had to stick to the facts, the truth. ainsley: you were treated beautifully in prison you say by the guards and other prisoners because you didn't rat out the president. >> yeah. basically as soon as i get into the beautiful city of oxford, wisconsin. the people were great there the guards basically tell me i'm taking off my prison hat right now and talking to you as a u.s. citizen. what did you was the right thing. we understand that this was a fabrication. it was a set up against you and you did the right thing fighting back while you came in to here and we applaud you for that. brian: just to be clear.
3:39 am
they told you russian agent. giving you information you go to a bar and meet ambassador downer. you have a casual conversation. what happened with ambassador downer, who had donated money to the clinton foundation, if you are following this. he is talking to you. is he trying to get information out of you? >> yeah. just to put some context about alexander downer. so i was one of four witnesses that was invited to testify in front of the oversight committee last year in front of mark meadows and john radcliff. the other three were jim comey, sally yates and loretta lynch. people were scamping their heads why would george papadopoulos be among those four names among fisa abuse. during my conversation and testimony in front of that committee, the name alexander downer came up a lot. he came up within the context of this guy was probably spying on me. and he wasn't there acting like a friendly dip looking to pass along pass along sensitive info but he was there to basically sabotage
3:40 am
me and the campaign. and just to be clear, i never remember talking about dirt with this person. he is actually contradicted himself numerous times. brian: they say you got drunk and you started telling him how hillary clinton's emails and all this story. >> yeah. i mean that's a complete lie. he has even come out and said we had one drink each. that's the truth. now, something people don't know and i have never it shared it with anyone except right now. i actually reported alexander downer to both the fbi and bob mueller because of his very bizarre, strange behavior during my meeting with him where he was pulling his phone out. he was recording me. it was very bizarre. steve: you did the right thing. ultimately though you were convicted and you served your time. you are out and you have a brand new book it drops today. deep state target how i got caught in the crosshairs of a plot to bring down president trump. do you want to know the whole story read all about it george papadopoulos. >> thank you so much. brian: if you want to know someone was putting together a broad scandal you start with your story and work
3:41 am
your way backwards. somebody put these people up to this. >> that's exactly right. high book really puts everyone. it characterizes everyone's role. how i met them and what their involvement was. ainsley: your wife stood by you the entire time visited you every day when you were behind bars. >> she is great. ainsley: saw all the videos when you were walking into the government buildings she was right with you. >> thank you so much. much.congresswoman liz cheney, donna brazile and jerry fall well coming up. brian: the extortion plot with nike that could land after neat behind bars. also, he forgot to pay taxes allegedly for years. the judge is on the case. ♪
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jillian: good morning to you. back with headlines now. illegal immigrant teen accused hitting in a deadly hit and run crash. 16-year-old hit a school teacher head on and sped away in mobile, alabama. prosecutors say they must deny his bond throughout his trial or else he will be deported back to guatemala where he will no longer face charges. an american soldier returns home deployment to find squatters had taken over his house. >> it used to be nice. i guess somebody was living up here. they got their handprints on the wall. they displayed my artwork. they caught my cameras on fire. >> he was planning to sell the tennessee home when he got back from iraq. but now it will take how sands of dollars to clean and repair the house. a look at your headlines, steve? steve: thanks, jillian. the lawyer known for best representing porn star
3:46 am
stormy daniels against president trump out on $300,000 bond in two separate federal cases. michael avenatti accused of trying to extort millions from nike, bank and wire fraud and he could face jail of 100 years. ainsley: here to weigh in on this is fox news judicial analyst host of liberty file on fox nation judge andrew napolitano. what happened here? >> this sort of came out of the blue. the events in this case all took place or the principle events in the past four or five days. steve: the nike case? >> the nike case where the government alleges and it has tape recordings to substantiate most of its allegations, that michael avenatti and another celebrity lawyer whom some of us know geragos. mark geragos represented themselves as having a client who was aware of a major fraud that nike was involved in. paying people to use their sneakers and get them into certain schools. and if they didn't pay these lawyers a lot of money,
3:47 am
meaning pay their clients a lot of money, the so-called client remain silent. they were going to hold a press conference and destroy nike. the language that with is used in the efforts to get this money out of nike is far more the language of extortionists than it is of lawyers trying to settle a case. brian: they called that a shakedown with suits. just because is he wearing a suit it's a classic shakedown. judge: rang wage very rough and aggressive. i can't repeat it here. not the language you would use in a case like this. if you had a client who was really aggrieved you would file a complaint, share it with the lawyers you were about to sue. you wouldn't show up at the office and demand a million for your client 20 million for you and by the way hire me so i can work for you. this is preposterous. steve: what he was suggesting or putting out there was look, if i come out against you, your stock is going to tank. and because he is so frequently on television he
3:48 am
says essentially he has, you know, a great celebrity presence. in fact, when you look at the number of times he appeared on cable news. >> how many times is it. steve: i'm glad you asked between march and may of 2018 he appeared 147 times. 74 times on cnn. and 57 times on msnbc. i do not believe he appeared on the fox news channel. brian: tucker carlson he did. >> the fbi says if we don't arrest him immediately, he might hold this press conference and nike stock might go down. i think the stock would have come back up but that's just my estimation. brian: nike would be in the same trouble adidas is. he got hit on the other coast at the same time because of not paying taxes. correct? >> well, this is obviously and the prosecutors can do this and they do this all the time. this is obviously coordinated. a tax fraud case in los angeles and a bank fraud case in mississippi, all these things came out at the
3:49 am
same day. it appears as though the bail that he posted yesterday afternoon in new york was for both the new york and los angeles case. it's not clear what happened in the mississippi case. geragos factor is interesting. his name doesn't appear anywhere. the complaint against avenatti says and other con spirit tores known and unknown. he hasn't been formally charged or arrested. many of us who know mark know him to be a first rate lawyer. i don't know what happened here. ainsley: avenatti faces 100 years behind bars and could get disbarred. >> disbarred the least of his concerns he couldn't get disbarred until after a conviction or guilty plea. steve: after making bond he said i want to thank all my supporters for kind words and support. it means a lot to me. i'm anxious for people to see what really happened. we never attempted to extort nike and when the evidence is disclosed, the public
3:50 am
will learn the truth about nike's crime and coverup. >> taping everything he said. and the exsempts he put in the complaint. brian: talk about what a despicable character he is keeping a 4-million-dollar personal injury settlement payout from a pai paraplegic man with mental health issues. stormy daniels says he hasn't been honest with her. >> how do you defend against that. ainsley: and he wanted to run for president. steve: one of our friends is returning to the curvey couch. >> one thing we are missing elizabeth hasselbeck is here. steve: elizabeth hesitate sell beck is back here. she has a brand new book. you will see her in 30 minutes. ainsley: plus liberal celebrities having a meltdown after the mueller report finds no collusion. joey jones is here with a message for those celebrities coming up next. ♪ ♪
3:51 am
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3:54 am
♪ ♪ >> attorney general barr's summary of the mueller report is a win, not only for the president but for our entire country, right? yet, many members on the left are not satisfied with the vindication of our president. our next guest says as an american you should be proud that president trump is cleared of collusion and obstruction. joining us now is retired u.s. marine bomb technician joey jones. thank you so much for your service and for being here this morning. >> thank you, good morning. ainsley: good morning. why do you think that? why do you think this is a win for all americans, republicans and democrats
3:55 am
alike? >> well, i think it's self-effort in the fact that we're now in a place where yoall the policy and legislation passed by president trump has made this country a better place now has a bedrock or foundation that's legitimate. not that it ever wasn't. that's what was at stake. it wasn't the idea that russians might mettle in our elections which has been forgotten now because now it's on to obstruction of justice or whatever they can grasp at for a straw. the idea that all the policy, the legislation, the place that this country is today and the direction it's headed, this is an attack on everything president trump and his administration has accomplished. now it has a bedrock that's fully legitimate. can't be challenged. sure, when the full report comes out there will be enough in there for each side to say what they have been saying is somewhat true. the truth is there is no indictment. there is no risk of president trump being delegitimized in some kind of back door marion and we can move forward with some of these policies that allow people like my parents that are on social security disability to go out and earn a few dollars.
3:56 am
my mom bought a car this year. i never thought that would happen. people are slowly but surely moving forward getting better in their lives. and to attack that makes no sense and is surely unamerican. ainsley: usually when celebrities weigh in sick of it. you responded to one because it hit a nerve with you. it was bette midler's tweet she said donald trump has forced to us live through war as a nation for the last two years. he has caused depression, despair confusion and death. we're not sick at heart but literally sick at him. from uncontrollable rage at the thought that he will get away with his crimes. you wrote back, ma'am, stop, sincerely, a guy who has been to two wars. why did you write back? >> yeah. you know. i have a lot of friends that are liberal and i have a lot of friends in hollywood and i love them dearly they are good people and care about things. when you see tweets like this and see people comparing living in an ivory tower to war, that's mine. i own that i went to war
3:57 am
twice andy so so that you don't have to or have to experience it. so don't try to pull that into your lives when you live a pampered life already. move forward and try to be positive. ainsley: thank you so much for being here. donna brazile is coming up. >> cal: we saved our money and now, we get to spend it - our way. ♪ valerie: but we worry if we have enough to last. ♪ cal: ellen, our certified financial planner™ professional, helps us manage our cash flow and plan for the unexpected. valerie: her experience and training gave us the courage to go for it.
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and it uses an all-natural propellant to leave behind a pleasant scent you'll love. use anywhere odors can spread. freshen up, don't cover up. febreze air effects. i got to go with john brennan here. he predicted a couple weeks ago more indictments handed down by mueller and that never happened. >> i think i suspected that there was more than there actually was. >> pentagon is transferring up to $1 billion to build 57 miles of 18-foot high pedestrian fencing. >> it is a national security crisis. our facilities are at full capacity and overcapacity. >> michael avenatti facing nearly 100 years in jail.
4:01 am
>> the charges are based on avenatti's extortionist threats. >> the excerpts that the government put in the complaint are to say the least damning. >> big news for mma fans. conor mcgreg gear just announced on twitter that he is going to retire ♪ ain't no stopping us now ♪ we're on the move. ♪ steve: welcome to the mezzanine level on this busy "fox & friends." ainsley: so excited the lady who used to sit right here our dear friend elizabeth hasselbeck is up with a new book. talk to her about her life down south, her kids, her faith. we love you. she is so cute. brian: wonder if she can tell we replaced the couch. new cushions and foam. steve: when you read it she
4:02 am
is very honest about how working on a morning show. ainsley: how cold the studio is and how hard it is to wake up that early. steve: she has that right it is a wonderful book and she is going to be on about 28 minutes from now to talk about it. ainsley: we welcome you back, elizabeth. brian: one thing about doing a show on mueller monday is mueller tuesday. steve: you mean treason tuesday. according to the president. brian: the president is tweeting out this morning about the mainstream media and how they are going to all around the world they are being ridiculed because they basically said the russian collusion was the conclusion before there was actually a mueller report. ainsley: rush limbaugh is saying it's a scandal for our country. remember the president came out as soon as we learned no collusion, he came out and he walked outside in palm beach and he said i think we should look at the other side. he is on the offense now. steve: he is and yesterday when he was appearing in the oval office about b.
4:03 am
netanyahu, who, by the way, brought the president a case of wine. he said i any you are not a big wine drinker but i know you could probably share this with your staff to celebrate the fact that you were vindicated by the robert mueller investigation. nonetheless, the president has made it very clear now that it has been established there was no collusion, let's figure out who dreamed up this whole investigation to start with. here's where he used treasonous. >> there are a lot of people out there that have done some very, very evil things. some very bad things. i would say treasonous things against our country. and hopefully that people that have done such harm to our period we have gone through a period of really bad things happening. i have been looking at them for a long time. brian: now you know why the president of the united states was so angry at john
4:04 am
brennan in particular when we talk about people being angry. it's one thing for someone sitting on a couch or chair or desk and say this is what i think happened and what shy sources are telling me. when you have the former cia director, national security advisor. and all these years in surveillance and in keeping top secret, government top secrets and you sit there and you tell network after network, anchor after anchor, there is something going on here. this president has been compromised over and over again. that's why the president got up and said can we pull this guy's security clearance? what is he even saying? john brennan doubled down and made personal. nobody looks worse, i don't believe than john brennan right now. remember when he said this. >> what makes you believe that he has more indictments? >> because he hasn't addressed the issues related to criminal conspiracy as well as any individuals. >> criminal conspiracy involving the russians? >> yes. i use the term this is nothing short of treasonous. because it is the betrayal of the nation. is he giving aid and comfort
4:05 am
to the enemy. ainsley: he predicted more indictments and yesterday he admits he got it wrong. listen. >> well i don't know if i received bad information. i think i suspected that there was more than there actually was. and i am relieved that it's been determined that there was not a criminal conspiracy with the russian government over our election. i think that is good news for the country. i'm not all that surprised that the high bar of criminal conspiracy was not met. i am surprised that that second part obstruction of justice, getting to the full mueller report is the best way to get some of these, if not all of these questions answered. steve: he may have relied on bad information. now, the president, we need to point out. the president did not name names. but we had rudy on yesterday who he said look, there were people in the previous administration and he went, you know, we have had people on this program who, mike huckabee yesterday as well. named people right up to the
4:06 am
west wing in suggesting that they somehow had their fingerprints on the whole hullabaloo that led to the mueller madness. let's see where this goes from here. it will be interesting to see what mr. huber, who is looking into the department of justice and the fbi is able to come up with. along with the inspector general, mr. horowitz. brian: i have given up on hoover. steve: i wouldn't. >> where is he? steve: like the mullen case no leakage which is a good thing. that way he can connect all the dots, figure out what happened. he has the power of subpoena and all sorts of things going for him. if anybody is going to get to the bottom of it. it's going to be people inside the doj and not congress. >> i will say this about john brennan. if anyone wants to understand about the international aspect of this investigation, of carter page and papadopoulos as we tried to unwind, which is unwound in his book an hour ago, if somebody had to be behind it, international context, might it be the former cia director and how is it that he got this bad
4:07 am
information? and if you are going to unwind, this and if you are chairman of the judiciary committee and you are lindsey graham. maybe you start bringing some of these guys in and saying who launched this? what do you know about ambassador downer? what do you know about christopher steele? what do you guys know about. steve: fisa warrant which we cannot reveal. ainsley: lindsey graham says he is going to do that asking questions about fisa warrant and meeting with loretta lynch bill clinton. so much time nearly two years focusing on this president and came up with the fact that there was no collusion. a new report came out that showed the network coverage of russia probe. look at this 2284 minutes on abc, cbs, and nbc on their daily coverage. the average was 3 minutes for 791 days. and 92% of it was negative coverage of president trump. steve: right. this was between january 20th, 2017 when the president became president and march 21st of 2019. the president has in the
4:08 am
last five minutes tweeted this out. the mainstream media under fire and being scorned all over the world is being corrupt and fake. for two years they pushed the russia collusion delusion when they always knew there was no collusion. they truly are the enemy of the people and the real opposition party. brian: i would add this. this is what is unquantifiable. would the president have been a better president for the last two and a half years? i don't think there is any question. you can't get your hands around that it's not tangible. when john dowd was on radio yesterday he said he got call from the president. john dowd was his original attorney along with ty cobb. he says do you know how many times they would say, donald, talking to world leaders, are you even going to be here? are you going to be here to execute this? how do we know, do you have the power at home to pull this off. steve: shows how effective when the mainstream media pushes the collusion thing that happens. brian: the country has been
4:09 am
hurt by. this. ainsley: people buy into it. steve: absolutely. ainsley: rush limbaugh said this is the biggest scandal for our country. brit hume said this is the worst debacle of his lifetime. listen. >> been going on quite a long time and this endless speculation about it, indeed the accusations about it that came out of many mouths on cable television and in the public prints, the list of people who got it wrong is really quite extensive. and, you know, to include many news organizations that got the prospect of donald trump being elected in the first place badly wrong and seemed not to learn very much from that. one hopes and expects, perhaps, that after this debacle and that's exactly what it is in the worst journalistic debacle of my lifetime, that there will be some serious soul-searching. steve: it's one thing when reporters ask questions. that's the job of a reporter is to ask questions. when you flatly say there is collusion or trump family members are going to wind up going to jail, you know, you cross a line.
4:10 am
and to brit's point, there was a lot of that going on. the campaign, the trump campaign did send out to tv producers at the networks yesterday some guidelines and said hey, going forward given the fact you gout this so wrong how about using basic journalistic standards when booking guests. when you have somebody on who has been talking about evidence of collusion. ask them to produce the evidence. and they list a number of people, including lawmakers like richard blumenthal who talked about it extensively, adam schiff obviously. jerry nadler, eric swalwell, tom perez, former cia director john brennan as well who probably would say yeah, that was then but i think i got some bad information. brian: this is going to happen in the next couple of weeks. in few weeks you will get the rest of the report. 675 pages they estimate about 100 pages plus will be released. they will talk about the trump tower and they will talk about roger stone and they will talk about. ainsley: obstruction. not doing enough about
4:11 am
obstruction. brian: he studied this for two years. there was no conspiracy. no collusion. these were isolated incidents that didn't coincide with the trump campaign. steve: no evidence. >> no evidence. it didn't go through. and, in fact, it was repelled. so, were they going to go out and go oh my goodness, papadopoulos and carter page and look into don jr.'s meeting at trump tower. everyone should stop hyper ventilating. looked into it and there was no there there. that's the point. if you don't think that barr's summary is accurate. they are great friends u they are coordinated. if there was something inaccurate about barr's four-page summary. robert mueller would have spoken out. ainsley: correct. brian: like he had to speak out before when they made up that story about trump telling michael cohen a lie. ainsley: william barr wrote a summary of what's in the report. it's not his opinion. it's what mueller wrote. steve: they have to switch gears and talk about things that matter to people rather than mueller madness.
4:12 am
brian: i don't think they are though. steve: if they're smart and want to win, i think that's what they do. all right, it's 7:11 in new york city. jillian has some news. jillian: let's start off with this story two. men arrested and charged with the murder of an off-duty chicago police officer. authorities now reveal officer john rivera was likely shot because he was hispanic. they say the shooter targeted the first hispanic person he saw after an earlier argument. rivera and three others were ambushed in a parked car just hours after his shift ended. the 23-year-old died a hero, shielding his girlfriend from bullets. president trump could get a major win today in the fight for his border wall. the house is not expected to override the president's first ever veto which will let his emergency declaration stand. the move will allow the president to shift $3.6 billion from military construction projects to help pay for the wall. that's in addition to the $1 billion the pentagon just approved for wall construction. education secretary betsy devos is investigating the
4:13 am
massive college admission scandal according to politico. 8 universities at the center of the scam could all face penalties if they are found to have violated any laws or regulations. this as 12 of the 50 people accused of paying and accepting bribes in the criminal case pleaded not guilty before a judge in boston. actress lori loughlin is due in court next week. that's a look at your headlines. we will continue to follow that story. i. jillian: we will be following that story. steve: it keeps going and going. jillian: thank you, jillian. steve: 2020 democrats skipping out on the pro-israel aipac conference in washington. congresswoman liz cheney spoke at that conference. she is here with reaction next. brian: look who is back. elizabeth hassl hasselbeck retus to "fox & friends." we have exclusive on that story because we are in it ♪
4:14 am
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maybe you're one of them. but new medicare rules could deny access to the latest, most effective therapies... therapies that keep them healthy. are medicare cuts that save less than one percent worth the risk to millions of patients? president trump promised to protect medicare... we need him to keep his word. >> eight democrat candidates for president are actually boycotting this very conference. anyone who aspires to the highest office in the land should not be afraid to stand with the strongest supporters of israel in america. [cheers and applause] >> it is wrong to boycott israel and it is wrong to
4:18 am
boycott aipac. [cheers and applause] steve: there you have got the vice president addressing aipac calling out democratic hopefuls for skipping out on the annual pro-israel conference. ainsley: this as president trump overturns the policy -- steve: the next guest importance of standing by israel at aipac. house g.o.p. conference chair liz cheney joins us now. congresswoman, good morning to you. >> good morning. good to be with you guys. steve: the democrats, they have got a problem because they seem to -- some seem to be standing with aipac and the israelis and some do not. >> yeah. it is really scary. it's dangerous. you know, when we are at the point where the democrats will not even put a resolution on the floor of the house of representatives condemning the anti-semitic remarks specifically condemning by name representative omar. they continue to let her sit on the house foreign affairs
4:19 am
committee. we have seen in the past. we know anti-semitism begins with words and ends with things far worse than that and we all have an obligation to stand up against it to call it evil. and the democrats today aren't doing that they are cowering. they are enabling the anti-semitism in their party. and, frankly, it's dangerous for the nation and they ought to stop it. ainsley: how is that going to effect them at the polls in 2020. the majority of jewish people in america seem to vote democratically. so, how is that going to effect them? >> well, this shouldn't even be a partisan issue, ainsley. i mean, when you look at the obligation that all elected officials have in this nation, the obligation that we all have to do all of our part to ensure that we never, again, see what's happened in the past, particularly now when you have got a rise in anti-semitism globally, this is absolutely, you know, a situation where the radical left of the democratic party has seized control and the democratic leaders in the house of representatives are enabling it by standing silently by.
4:20 am
steve: well, steny hoyer spoke out against her comments. how did that end? >> well, you know, i think that he is making an effort, but it's one thing to give a speech at aipac. it's another thing he is now being attacked by the left. i think he has made somewhat of an effort now to say wait a minute, i wasn't condemning her specifically. it's not a profile in courage. it shouldn't be this complicated. it shouldn't be this hard. put a resolution on the floor, condemn her words and take her off the house foreign affairs committee. they have the power to being a. they have the power to show the world that we won't stand for anti-semitism. they are refusing to do it because they are catering to the far left of their party to this radical anti-israel faction. ainsley: all right. thank you so much for being with us. good to see you this morning. >> good to be with you. thanks, you guys. steve: what do you think about that? email us at and also on facebook. meanwhile, democrats not giving up on the collusion narrative despite the end of the mueller probe. >> whatever kind of, you know, collusion that didn't lead to a criminal
4:21 am
indictment doesn't mean that it didn't happen. >> so we know there was an intent there to receive the help from the russians. steve: that was yesterday. when will enough be enough? we will talk to former dnc chair donna brazile coming up next. 300 miles an hour, that's where i feel normal. having an annuity tells me my retirement is protected. learn more at retire your risk dot org. whatever your dog serestbrings home to you,. it shouldn't be fleas and ticks. seresto gives your dog 8 continuous months of flea and tick protection in an easy-to-use, non-greasy collar. 8-month. seresto, seresto, seresto.
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>> people will pay a lot of money for that information. brian: time now for news by the numbers. the mob edition. first $1.37 million. that's how much michael core lee own's house from the godfather hit the market for in new york. make an offer can't refuse and it could be yours. $42 million that's how much the social security administration paid out to hundreds of dead people.
4:25 am
the payments were made in michigan, maryland, and texas. and if they are cashed, we have a story. finally 2, that's the number of two candies reese's just unveiled like you need more. let's you choose between more peanut butter and more chocolate. finally a choice. they hit the shelves in april. steve: i want the same amount. brian: i want the scientists to give me the right amount. ainsley: greater than ice cream. some are pushing the collusion narrative despite robert mueller finding no proof. >> the collusion is still an open question. >> again, what legal term are we using here for collusion? i'm not willing to conclude anything yet. >> whatever kind of collusion that didn't lead to a criminal indictment doesn't mean that it didn't happen. >> so we know there was an intent there to receive the help from the russians so let's know what mueller saw. >> i did say there was ample evidence and indeed there is of collusion.
4:26 am
steve: well, and that was yesterday. joining us right now with reaction is fox news contributor and former dnc interim chair donna brazile. a lot of people we have seen on television how there is a possibility of collusion said, you know, let's just wait for the mueller report. we trust robert mueller. now he has come out and said there is no evidence of any collusion. if the democrats continue with this collusion thing, i don't think that helps with the voter. >> well, first of all, good morning. steve: good morning. ainsley: good morning. >> it's such a great honor to be with all of you. i cannot wait to sit on that couch. you know when i sit there i'm going to go you know what? i'm going to relax and really have a great day. i have to tell you do you know what the democrats want? they want the same thing that we saw back in 1998. you know, because i am donna brazile and i like to read, this is the report from the ken starr report from 1998 three volumes. i read it this was a very
4:27 am
important moment in our country's history back then. and i think we need to go beyond the four pages. i want the full report myself. because i became chair of the democratic party second time in my life because of the hacking. what democrats are asking for like most americans. they want to sees a much of the report as possible. we know parts of it will be. brian: we all do. >> parts of it will be redacted. we know grand jury testimony may not be public. but, we are adults. we need to see the report. and i think once the report is out, all of the report, then i think the american people will get a better understanding of what happened and hopefully we can stop thinking about who is right and who is wrong and figure out how do we protect our country. brian: donna, would you also agree that they were wrong? the summary says there is no collusion and the summary was put together by bill -- by william barr knowing one of his best friends is bob mueller. so if mueller says anything
4:28 am
was inaccurate about the summary would have brought it out. you can get details from this report. but i understand correctly from ken starr's conversation with us one of the reasons there is a special counsel with these rules it goes to the attorney general because all the salacious details that came out on bill clinton forever sullied and made everybody change the rules. not everybody wants to go back to the rules that both sides agree to get rid of last time. >> no. i'm saying, look, i recognize that individuals who might have been witnesses, might have seen something and if it was before the grand jury. you can redact that these volumes are full of redactions. these volumes are full of -- but it is also full of details and information, what i saw here and, look, i'm not looking at this through any eyes but the eyes that i saw and witnessed as someone who was the chair of the party. it says the investigation did not establish that members of the trump campaign conspired or coordinated with the russian
4:29 am
government. in its election interference activities. i want to know -- this is me, okay? i'm a democrat. but i'm also an american. i want to know when the russians came to the trump campaign and they tried to give them information, did they -- did they tell the fbi? did they call the police and say hey, we have got these guys from russia trying to give us stuff that we don't need or we don't want? i mean, look, let us see the report. and i think we will all get back on the same page when it comes to protecting our country. ainsley: i think everyone agrees they want to see the report. even the president said that back to receive' steve's questi. no collusion. democrats are continuing to vow investigation. >> the democrats have a constitutional responsibility. remember we have oversight responsibility of the executive branch. ainsley: so you agree with that? >> no. you are asking me two questions. in terms of the democrats' constitutional responsibility it's the same
4:30 am
constitutional responsibilities that the republicans had when they were in charge of the house of representatives. mr. graham, who is in charge of the senate judiciary committee, he says he is going to open an investigation. i don't understand why when one side decides to open an investigation we get upset but the other side. brian: going on a different area of it, donna. they are not going over this area of it. they will say how did this come t being that the whole premise was blown up? that's what he is focusing on. >> do you know what i want democrats and republicans to do? i want them to make sure that this never happens to our country again so the next election which is in 587 days the president who is running for re-election, the democrats who are trying to get his job, i hope that we don't go through this again. brian: exactly. >> can we all agree on that? steve: we don't want that again. it was a mess. welcome to the fox family. >> by the way i'm going back home and putting this in my basement and 20 years from now i will just pull it out again.
4:31 am
brian: hopefully not. ainsley: hopefully not based on your last comments. brian: tut in your donna brazile library. >> thank you. brian: a major league scare for a star pitcher. >> oh, that hit porcel. brian: wait until you see his reaction when he got up. ainsley: that hurt. our old friend elisabeth hasselbeck clashed with rosie o'donnell on "the view." she is back on the curvey couch coming up next. ♪ ♪
4:32 am
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4:35 am
sell beck is here. >> coffee? brian: thank you very much. >> i'm going to take a seat right here. ♪ ♪ ♪ brian: you have a game face? >> right here. >> she has the helmet and everything. ♪ ♪ [cheers] >> taking off, okay. steve: who is at the door? ♪ >> hit me so hard. >> you can't touch this. ♪ ♪ >> right there. this, i have to say, believe this was the first selfie. >> have a good day at work,
4:36 am
mommy. steve: today is elisabeth's last day. good luck. we love you. [cheers and applause] brian: that was then. steve: once you are a friend of this program and a host, you stay a friend forever. brian: we are excited. even though it says in the prompter i could have ad-libbed it. welcoming back elisabeth hasselbeck. ainsley: author of this new book that comes out today point of view look. a fresh look at work, faith and freedom. you are in nashville. congratulations. >> i'm glad to be here. brian: it's totally changed, hasn't it. >> the renovation is totally amazing. still feels like home and that's a great thing because of the hearts that are in this building. i'm so excited to see all of you. it might take a while to catch up. brian: the book is great. the book is fantastic.
4:37 am
chronicles a part i didn't know about in detail almost like survivor years. your softball years is in there. >> a lot of the lead-up. ainsley: your kids? >> yes. ainsley: what have you been up to? >> when i left here to was really hard and i talk about it in the book. i wish i were a morning person naturally i really misimagined my clock. do you that so well. for the world to know what the three of you do every single morning take as great deal of discipline, intelligence, grit and determination and also just the way to convey what you convey is not easy. and i found that out the hard way. i totally did not get the rest i needed. nashville has been really good to us. i have to say we get a lot of whys we moved and now we do the what first. we heard god calling us there and did that in time. it was hard to leave here. i just knew that something had to change. steve: it was such a leap. and in the book it explains what was going on in your personal life. you were running out of gas, essentially. because this is -- you were working on the show all day long because have you got to
4:38 am
know everything in the world. >> yes. steve: you were doing your best to make sure that you could not only be great on tv but also a wonderful mother and ultimately you decided, you know what? i have got to decide and you decided for your family. >> i did. i think working moms face this all the time. ainsley, you know, you are constantly trying to manage yourself, your energy and i think that i just didn't do it well enough and i put a lot of pressure on myself. i think most moms do and dads do. we don't give enough credit to the fact that dad do a lot to be present and coach and what all they do. whether you are working mom or stay-at-home moms we are all full time moms. it's something you take away i hope moms feel the freedom we are just doing the best we can sometimes you are in a season and can accelerate in certain hours of work. sometimes if you have the bletszing to step out and figure out something more flexible and so grateful god gave me that chance then i got to do that. brian: you are mbo right now.
4:39 am
right? [laughter] brian: main breakfast officer. >> chief breakfast officer. because have you three full contact kids? >> yes. they are amazing. i'm just trying to figure out the x's and o's of their practice schedule. i need like a spreadsheet to figure all of that out. steve: we don't have a spreadsheet we do have the book. would you like to read a passage from the book. >> sure. steve: what's the passage about. >> this is on page 116. after being 10 years on "the view" and then being here i call myself a recovering writeaholic. i got really good at being right. because in "the view" i was in debates all the time. i came to writing a point of view through some great teachers and by the grace of god who really helped me figure this out. it says i'm pretty sure that we are not going to enter the gates of heaven with god saying child, i'm so proud of you look how right you were. i'm more confident that god desires us being right with one another not more right than the other. is he asking for where we stand on issues to be way
4:40 am
less important and sacred than the god we stand under together. ainsley: i love that. >> that was learned the hard way. i think there are some relationships i think we can all look at and say i was so focused on holding my ground i forgot how to hold your hand. and i really think in the process of this book god has let me repair some relationships. look i'm a work in progress. ainsley: you have sent me over the years since i have been doing this show lots of scripture, encouragement through text messages which i really appreciate and love because i have admired you for so long and i feel so honored to sit in your seat and i can't replace you. i love with how each chapter you put a scripture at the beginning of each chapter and how that scripture applies to the chapter you are writing about whether or not you are being a mom or television anchor. how did you know that god was calling you away from the curvey couch to go be a mom? that's hard. once you get on television it's like your dream job. how did you know that was the right thing for you to do? >> ainsley, right back at you. you have been such a solid, bright light.
4:41 am
i have always said. ainsley: this is not about me. >> literally the sunrises right here. i think it's so awesome to have friendships and sisterhood where you can look at each other and fill each other up with the word. my words fall short. i didn't put these words in here because they helped a chapter. i cling to them because i need them. ainsley: survival. talk about survivor it's survival. >> roger bingham was a great friend of mine from survivor. and his survival item was the bible and tended up being mine. i ended up bringing a headdress. brian: it inspired you and you talked about this in the book. >> yeah. brian: here we go again. ainsley: welcome back, elisabeth you in the news again. brian: rosie o'donnell said she was actually had a crush on you. that she really liked you. and as a -- what's your reaction to that because she hid it well. it seemed to be very tense. do you buy that. >> i read that i would like to be able to say i didn't i
4:42 am
read that. i will be very honest. i read it and i immediately started praying. how i'm going to handle this in my old self-would be another split screen moment. but now i really feel like by god's grace i just started praying and i pray now the holy spirit gives me the words to articulate. this i think it can be addressed as both truth and grace and i feel like the truth is what she said if you took her words, and you replaced rosie for ronald there would be objection occasioobjectoccasion in the wo. whether it's right or wrong objectifying a woman in the workplace it's wrong. one thing truthfully i would address as a friend and be honest about. casting a stereotype on female athletes in what she said. brian: she had a crush on you because you were a division one softball player. >> and all female athletes are a little bit gay. i tried to call her yesterday. her name is old the one on
4:43 am
my phone. so i would say this directly to her and i would say that's an unfair stereotype and it seems selfish in a way. and i think it's untrue. i think the truth of that is that -- but i can't handle that with the grace of god because i need grace and his forgiveness. rosie o'donnell, i think it was disturbing to read those things and offensive to me but i forgive her, i totally forgive you rosie. i hope we can be at peace hold our beliefs in one hand and hold each other's hands in the other and still have a relationship that's at peace. more than that, just like i would pray for my friends, i hope she has the peace of god. rosie o'donnell is still seen and known and loved by god. i hope that she feels that and that she can find ultimately the peace. even more than i want to be at peace with her. i hope she finds that peace because god wants that for her, too. steve: you talk about your journey and your relationship with god in a brand new book. it comes out today, point of view, a fresh look at work, faith, and freedom.
4:44 am
elisabeth hasselbeck thank you very much. >> i love you guys so much. brian: i had a chance to visit new nashville i know why you left. it's beautiful. >> come on over. steve: can you meet elisabeth as she tours around the country including north vale, new jersey where she will be at books and greetings tomorrow night. >> that's right. come visit me. brian: see you on radio on thursday. >> i know. i'm excited for that i love waking up with the three of you. brian: when you want? ainsley: at 8:00. steve: doing the show when she wakes up. ainsley: i love you. steve: stormy daniels lawyer michael avenatti charged in-million-dollar extortion plot against nike. we are outside nike's flagship store coming up next. ♪ ♪
4:45 am
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what's in your wallet? shhhhh! ♪ brian: 12 minutes before the top of the hour. the celebrity lawyer michael avenatti is now in trouble with the law himself. steve: the former attorney general for porn star stormy daniels potentially facing life in prison over 100 years over 20-million-dollar extortion scheme against the shoe maker nike. >> he says he will be exonerated. robert moses from our new york affiliate is outside the nike flagship store with the latest for us. robert? >> steve, brian, and ainsley. this alleged extortion plot was hatched exactly a week ago. nike says that it is now cooperating with prosecutors. michael avenatti was released late last night after posting $300,000 bond. he faces charges on both coasts. prosecutors here in new york
4:49 am
allege that he threatened to reveal damaging information on nike. avenatti claimed that his client who was a coach in california had information the company was making illicit payments to recruits and so here's the catch. michael avenatti said could avoid the p.r. headache and just pay up to the tune of up to $25 million complaint also claims unnamed celebrity lawyer mark geragos. last night michael avenatti was very we eminent in his denials. >> we all know when due process occurs that i will be fully exonerated and justice will be done. >> in a separate, unrelated case in california, prosecutors there have charged avenatti with both bank fraud and wire fraud. as you mentioned. he faces decades in prison if he is convicted. but this morning he sounds
4:50 am
just as emboldened as ever. steve, brian, ainsley? steve: he sounds just like michael avenatti. thank you very much. brian: domestic abuse charges in november. what happened to them? steve: meanwhile media are crying foul after liberty. one praying for liberty to lose. liberty president jerry falwell jr. coming up next hour. ainsley: mueller investigation might be finished but social media still can't get over it carley shimkus with what's trending, the mueller edition next. ♪ ♪ -i call it my comfortable future plan.
4:51 am
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♪ steve: "fox & friends" trends that long awaited mueller report finding no collusion. no evidence of that this morning the internet still can't get over it. ainsley: here with reaction going viral on social media. fox news headlines 24/7 reporter carley shimkus. >> let's kick it off with this tweet that says i investigated trump for two years and all i got was this lousy t-shirt. steve: did he really pose for that? >> in front of a sea of flowers it looks beautiful in the background. another person tweets the line from the movie for rest gump and said and just like that the democrats hate mueller more than trump. i think the actual line should be and just like that she is gone. talking about jenny. i was also really curious to see what president trump's celebrity critics had to say. brian: he has celebrity critics. >> just a few. they have the biggest reach
4:55 am
and following and they have been accusing him for colluding with russia two years now. they are not happy this morning. actress melissa alan know why barr hasn't released the report. well if there is nothing in the report why won't they just release it if the report full exonerated him or his family he'd have it all out in seconds. wouldn't he? that's going to take some time. listen to this tweet from rob reiner the actor-director. the fight for our democracy is about to intensify. the g.o.p. cult is lining up between a criminal you a accurate. ottautocrat we keepfighting thed corruption battles but the war of saving 242 years of self-rule will be won by the destroying him overwhelmingly in the ballot box. react to the mueller report the way they accepted the 2016 presidential election.
4:56 am
steve: is that a bridge? >> that's a giff he jumps over the bridge. one person who hasn't said anything yet at least on twitter is hillary clinton. she posted a tweet yesterday it was about climate change not about the mueller report. we will hear if she says anything about this. steve: joe biden hasn't said anything. >> he said mueller should have demanded president trump testify, you know, under oath. brian: that's a big thing. we need to see the whole report and donald trump didn't give up for an interview. >> yeah. that's right. a lot of reaction pouring in, guys. some of it funny, some of it very, very upset. depending on what side of the aisle you are on. steve: thank you for scouring the internet. >> my pleasure. thank you. and it needs a good cleaning that's for sure. brian: we will listen to you on channel 115 on sirius. >> thank you so much. steve: he was a target in the mueller probe. george papadopoulos reveals all in interview.
4:57 am
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5:00 am
>> there are a lot of people out there that have done some very, very evil things. very bad things. i would say treasonous things. >> leader of the tinfoil hat brigade, adam schiff. owe is flag grantly lying to the american people. steve: george papdopoulus was first charged in mueller probe. now he is trying to clear his name. >> mueller was forcing me to admit, never happened, was collusion, conspiracy. brian: pentagon approving one billion dollars to help build the border wall. >> our facilities are at full capacity and oh capacity. >> hero of the left, michael avenatti appears to be in real trouble. >> the charges in the complaint are at least damning.
5:01 am
brian: elizabeth has bell back, welcome back. >> that is great thing. because of the hearts in the building. i'm take a while to catch up. ♪ steve: waiting now for brian to come on number of band members in imagine dragons. brian: bigger than elo. bigger than elo. ainsley: you always said 10. brian: how do you explain the chorus behind them? is a big organ? >> wall the music? ainsley: the big chorus behind them? do you hear a big chorus behind them? i hear a few voices. brian: sounds crowded. steve: electric light orchestra had lot more members. just saying. brian: if you were with elo let us know you're watching in. steve: with the horn.
5:02 am
ainsley: let's go to go washington, d.c. benjamin netanyahu was in washington. a lot of reporters were with him yesterday. he was in good mood. zero obstruction. zero collusion. a they want to play offense, go back in to look at other side. how this all happened. steve: we heard that from rudy who was on our show. mike huckabee suggested this thing could go up to the west wing. the president when he was there with the prime minister of the country of israel did not reveal any particular names about who he is going after. nonetheless he suggested that these were the people who triggered the special counsel. here's the president. >> there are a lot of people out there that have been very evil things, bad things, i would say treasonous things against our country and, hopefully that people that have done such harm to our country, we've gone
5:03 am
through a period of really bad things happening. those people will certainly be looked at. i have been looking at them for a long time. brian: remember i saw lara logan last night. when the president said i was people said i was crazy because i was wiretapped in trump tower? you wonder who launched this and why? and how extensive it was to go beyond our country and reach to christopher steele. who possibly reached into the papdopoulus connection and whole carter page connection. he is saying someone is listening in. the president couldn't expand on that. now maybe he will tie it all together. look at week he is having. getting a billion dollars for the wall. mike avenatti is looking at world of trouble, 1000 years in prison maybe and his best friend
5:04 am
in the international stage in oval office, after 2 1/2 years exhibition he was just exonerated on collusion. what a week. it is only tuesday. steve: that last point is the one that makes him so happy because he has been waiting for two years to get the green light he is cleared for takeoff on 2020. robert mueller report, according to the william barr summary says there is absolutely no evidence of any collusion t was all about collusion. ainsley, you know, some of the democrats who staked their reputation, they're famous, almost brand names for collusion, they continue to double down. ainsley: they're either saying barr was hand picked by the president, so they don't believe it was summary of the mueller probe or they're saying it is still clear evidence even though the summary says there is not enough evidence to approve obstruction. one of those is congressman adam schiff. weeks ago he said there is clear evidence.
5:05 am
he is still saying that. listen. >> i don't really accept the prosecutorial judgment of bob mueller is sound. i have said all along we would accept whatever conclusions he reaches as prosecutor. i have also said that there was a big difference whether there was evidence of collusion and i think that evidence is in plain sight. steve: if the evidence is in plain sight, you would think that -- ainsley: you see it. steve: that would be low-hanging fruit for the mueller team. they didn't find any. had they found any it would be in the mueller report. donald trump, jr. has been listening to this for a while. had this on station about schiff's line to all of us. >> the leader of the tinfoil hat brigade adam schiff out there every day talking about the evidence of collusion that he has seen. he is flagrantly lying to the american people. he is doing it every day on
5:06 am
national television. when you're on that side, and you have the media carrying your water for you can say whatever you want. when you're on our side, even when you're right, even when you're proven so, there is level of culpability. there are repercussions for being a conservative that you don't face if you're on the other side. brian: bankrupting people left and right. they were somehow attached to trump's orbit as candidate and president. we don't know what general flynn is thinking sitting at home. what was he lying about? what was he obstructing when there was no collusion to begin with? how were the process crimes that caught george papdopoulus up on it? if i'm own the list, witness, to appear, i don't think i'm doing it. i'm not coming in front of your committee. you're not even equipped to handle it. ainsley: it will not bode well for the democrat as the polls if they continue this. we talked about this. if you look at the report, adam
5:07 am
schiff is saying there is collusion, still collusion, does he know better than the 19 lawyers, 40 fbi agents, intelligence analysts, forensic accountants? does he not believe information at that came from 28 subpoenas, 500 search warrants? they obtained 230 orders for commune records. 50 orders to tap phones. they interviewed 500 witnesses. robert mueller was head of the fbi for some years, more than 10 years, that was his report. two years a lot of millions of dollars. steve: think about it, a fbi investigation was launched in the presidential campaign running for president. that has never happened to our imagine in american history. ainsley: hopefully will never happen again. steve: the whole question is, why was it? looks like, this is a line out of the "wall street journal" yesterday, it looks like the biggest dirty trick in political history. then you have to the where do we go from here?
5:08 am
george papdopoulus who wound up serving i think two weeks in jail. ainsley: 11 days. steve: almost two weeks. brian: life ruined. no job. steve: he was interviewed. keep in mind he was being interviewed about collusion. the mueller probe showed there was no evidence of any collusion. but mr. papdopoulus got caught up. ainsley: working for the trump campaign at the time. steve: whatever he told the fbi was not accurate. that is how they got him. that is why despite the fact he said he had a bad lawyer, that is why he agreed to plead guilty to the fact that he misrepresented the history of his life. brian: he was on with us 9minutes ago, first interview in the brand new book, this cobe even bigger. it is very enticing scenario which shows he might have been set up as unpaid foreign policy advisor to the president, might have been set up in england. the lynchpin, believe it or not an ambassador from australia.
5:09 am
listen. >> from day one i knew this entire thing was a hoax. unfortunately i just couldn't speak. i basically had a bag order on me until i was sentenced. what people don't know, i never shared with anyone except right now, i reported alexander downer to both the fbi and bob mueller because of his very bizarre, strange, behavior during my meeting with him, where he was pulling his phone out. he was recording me. it was very bizarre. steve: the thing to remember about this, we first heard about george papdopoulus in the pages of "the new york times," oh, look what happened. this is what prompted the investigation and fisa and stuff like that. there have been people who looked at this, the whole scenario what happened, realized that happened on this day? that is not true then. things were happening way before it. that was part of the narrative that came out from "the new york times" to try to explain how this all got started but the more you peel away the
5:10 am
layers of the onion the more you realize it started before george papdopoulus. ainsley: he said the special counsel interviewed him more than 20 hours. he felt like they were trying to get him to sing, say things, coerce him into saying things that he believed weren't true. he refused to do that. he goes to prison. because he didn't do that. he wasn't a rat, they treated him beautifully. the guards loved president trump in jail. they treated him well. he had chicken wings on wednesday. only got to experience that for one time because he was in jail for 11 days. his wife stood by him the whole time. brian: stefan halper linked to the probe invites him oversees this guy joseph mifsid linked to hillary clinton gives him information about hillary clinton emails. then downer said, do you know about hillary clinton's e-mails? i heard something. someone told me bit. he gets questioned off a plane
5:11 am
by the fbi. what do you know about hillary clinton e-mails? turns out all three of the people were linked. like a bad episode of james bond. they give him information. they bait him to give the information back. they nail him by giving up unsolicited information. steve: that plays into "the new york times" narrative that came out. look, here is this low-level guy. he was colluding with the russians. ah-ha! now as we know -- ainsley: he was charged with lying to the fbi. i didn't lie to the fbi. i just didn't remember the timeline. brian: that's it. ainsley: jillian has headlines for us. jillian: lots to talk about. let's begin with this an update on story we're following. simulators recreating the doomed lion air flight gaves pilots less than 40 seconds to correct the problem. they landed safely in the test when faced with safety issues with boeing 737 max jets. a similar problem is believed to be behind the deadly ethiopian
5:12 am
airlines crash. a preliminary report on that flight is very likely to be released this week. a massive blackout puts venezuela in the dark for second time this month. disputed president nicolas maduro's regimes blamed outage on u.s. opponents blacking out the power plant t knocked out communication and transportation swim. juan guaido blames government incompetence. did you see this? a spring training moment that could have been a whole lot worse. >> oh, that hit porcello in the head. jillian: that got to hurt. boston red sox pitcher rick porcello taking a line drive off the head. in fact he stayed in the game. laughed it off. more power to him.
5:13 am
what would be historic moment for nasa, the space agency canceled first spacewalk because they don't have a spacesuits to fit. they both need medium-sized torso suits but there is only one on the space station. she will do the spacewalk with a male colleague on friday. steve: couldn't get amazon to deliver a new one? ainsley: take more up there with more women. thanks, jillian. the pentagon approving one billion dollars to pay for the wall and border security but is that enough? our panel of all-female border patrol agents here to discuss that coming up. steve: the political left is making all kinds of excuses for hillary clinton's election loss in 2016. our next guest says with the end of the mueller report comes the end of the democrats excuses. he will explain coming up. ♪
5:14 am
5:15 am
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5:17 am
♪ >> what they did, it was a false narrative. it was, it was a terrible thing. we can never let this happen to another president again.
5:18 am
brian: president trump responding to how many on the left pushed the collusion narrative in order to delegitimatize his election win for presidency. our next guest says with the end of the mueller probe comes to an end of democrat as excuses. he wrote an op-ed. top excuse for hillary's 2016 titanic loss. trump won fair and square. you report, deroy murdoch, the stats reek. president had 132 rallies. she had 63. she had average of 1700. the president had over 17,000. this was before even gets into the oval office. >> they started investigating him on the whole russian hoax in july 2016 this is the left excuse why blessed hillary didn't win the white house. it wasn't because she was bad candidate. this gas stolen by trump and putin. he out worked her, out foxed
5:19 am
her, won it fair and square. brian: as you said, people doing the legal team, 14 were democrats, 12 are democratic donors. two maxed out on hillary clinton. one went to the loss party which he thought was going to be a victory party, still there was no collusion. >> this conclusion were not right-wing lawyers that worked for project veritas what have you. these are left-wing lawyers, partisan democrats. the person who represented justin cooper. he is the guy who took hillary clinton's mobile devices and destroyed them with hammer. they were member of team mueller. they were hardcore democrats. they came to this conclusion. brian: what could have been had the probe not happened? >> i think if president trump didn't have the giant monkey on his back last two years, we could have gotten obamacare repealed. gotten a bigger, tax cut. brian: why do you think so.
5:20 am
>> wouldn't have republicans saying see how this goes. let's be cautious. he wouldn't have relentless headwind in his face. he would have a deal with china and north korea. leaders saying why would i do a deal with somebody that may not thereby in six months. this guy is fully elected. he is not going anywhere. let's do business with him. this whole probe, whole hoax needlessly weakened hip. brian: if you are a democrat you have to look why she lost, stop saying donald trump cheated to win. >> they need to look themselves in the eyes and look the way she handled that campaign. issues which she ran. barely made it to michigan. was never able to find wisconsin, on a map of the united states america. that is why she lost. brian: she was out-worked. that is all in your column, deroy murdoch. >> thank you. brian: liberty university pulled off a march madness upset but media is crying foul. they are hoping they lose.
5:21 am
jerry falwell, jr. is here to talk about headlines like that. ♪ oi oi oi set the pick! kick it outside!! shoot the three! shoot the three!! yessssssss!!!!!! are you...ok? no, no i'm not. i think i pulled a hammy. could we get some ice? just one cube of ice? geico®. proud partner of ncaa march madness®.
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5:25 am
breach affected 145 million americans private information. it includes giving the ftc more tools to go after credit reporting agencies for data abuses. steve: jillian. thank you. history was made on friday after liberty university upset mississippi state 80-76 in their first ncaa tournament victory. cinderella stories are normally celebrated their victory came under attack. deadspin called for them to lose and sb nation said the team made the lgptq shame list. before you celebrate liberty university as a plucky underdog, do a little research on jerry falwell, jr. and the school's history with the lgbtq
5:26 am
community. join joining us is liberty university president jerry falwell, jr., ashley singleton, a liberty university cheerleader who was at the game. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. steve: let's start with the game, since you were right there, one of the cheerleaders, communications cheerleader as well, ashley. what was it like, the day your school, number 12 seed, beat mississippi state at number five seed? >> it was absolutely incredible. i was at a watch party here at the vine center. the atmosphere was absolutely amazing. everyone was super excited. i know we weren't favored to win the game. be able to go to support the team and watch the game was a big deal. steve: very good. i'm looking at jerry's body language, i have a feeling he cannot actually hear us right now. >> i cannot hear anybody at fox, i'm sorry. tell me what they asked. steve: ashley, ask jerry, if he
5:27 am
was surprised at the backlash? >> were you surprised at the backlash? >> you know really was. it's funny. because i have lots of conservative friends who support universities who are the faculty and staff are very liberal. mayor michael bloomberg gave a speech at harvard a few years ago and chastised the ivy league. how can you give fair and balanced education to these students when 96% of ivy league faculty and staff donated to the obama campaign? but in spite of that, i have lots of conservative friends who support liberal, liberal teams and maybe conservatives are just more tolerant than the liberal counterparts. liberty has, has never refused admission to gay students. that is one of the things they accused us of. we have never, we have never been seg -- segregated.
5:28 am
when we were young school, bible school, the rules were restrictive. we found a good balance. the students have more fun at any other university without any party atmosphere. it is just, they take some, something conservatives say. i've never made any comments about gay rights one way or the other in my whole life. and they act like liberty is anti-lgbtq, whatever. and it is, only thing they can do is label conservatives because they don't have substantive arguments. it didn't surprise me, i guess it did, but it is sports. come on, guys. steve: jerry, can you hear me now? >> can you hear him now? >> no. steve: he can't. ashley, were you surprised at the backlash? >> unfortunately i was not surprised at backlash we received. i feel like it is almost a
5:29 am
constant thing. but i do know we have a lot of people that are support us and are here for us. to the people constantly coming at liberty, they need to come to see what liberty is all about. they get all the preconceived notions that aren't true, such as how strict our rules are and stuff like that. but they haven't experienced the love here and incredible atmosphere here at liberty. steve: you had a good run. >> ashley was not prepped at all. she didn't know about the interview until this morning. steve: turns out she is only one who can hear me. go figure. jerry falwell, jr. -- >> she is gunning for your job one stay. steve: a communications expert. good luck to her. ashley singleton, sophomore from cincinnati. thanks for joining us live. >> thank you so much. steve: you bet. we do apologize the fact there was a little audio snafu right there. meanwhile 8:30 here in the new york city. the pentagon approving one billion dollars to pay for the
5:30 am
border wall and border security but what else is needed? we have a panel of all women border patrol agents here to discuss that coming up next. it is not just march madness, it is mueller madness! >> i think they're all going to end up together in prison. maybe that is a good thing. >> donald trump now sits at the threshold of impeachment. steve: which media outlet should take home the prize with the mueller madness? we have the brackets coming up. ♪ is this place... it can't be found on just any map. a place miles from the beaten path. overcoming twists and turns, ups and downs.... whatever life throws. a place to always strive for. for all the journeys that make us stronger.
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the big drug companies don't see they see us as profits. we're paying the highest prescription drug prices in the world so they can make billions? americans shouldn't have to choose between buying medication and buying food for our families. it's time for someone to look out for us. congress, stop the greed. cut drug prices now. ainsley: we are back with a fox news alert. the pentagon approving one billion dollars to start building president trump's border wall. the money will be used to build 57 miles of an 18-foot hyphens
5:34 am
that will help stop drugs from pouring into our country. democrats call the move a violation of congressional appropriations. they say they didn't get permission. the president didn't get permission. comes amid reports that over 1000 illegal immigrants were just released into texas because the detention centers are out of space, overflow. so what is it like to be a woman in that line of work and on the front lines of the border? joining us now a panel of six women who serve our country as border patrol agents. supervisory border patrol age sent stephanie dixon, deputy patrol agent in charge, lawyer kabronic. raise your hands. cpb officer, jennifer galvadone. did i get that rare. air indyk laura man necessary, with her patrol dog. her patrol dog's name is lada. lady, so impressed. you're so tough, representing
5:35 am
our country, thank you so much for that. how many support the wall being built. raise your hands? >> you do. i start with you on the front. why do you feel like the president is doing a good job pushing for that wall, lara? >> i think for, from the border security perspective it is a essential. it is part of the three-legged stool for border security. so it is not just the wall that's important. you also need technology, you also need manpower but the infrastructure obviously is a part of that. ainsley: okay. behind you, stephanie, why are you in support of the wall? >> i most definitely agree with laura here. we need all three of those components to work to secure our border. the wall is definitely important in those three. ainsley: jacqueline, how about you why do you support it? >> as well as my peers said. it would help to funnel in, direct our efforts, to make sure that we continue to keep our border secure as well as we make sure we have the necessary resources where we need them.
5:36 am
ainsley: lara, you're not in support of it. >> no. i honestly believe my president will make the best decision. ainsley: all right. behind you, jennifer, what are your thoughts? >> i just, my opinion is to have more officers. we need more officers. ainsley: what is the problem, why do you say that? >> my own opinion, i mean -- ainsley: there aren't enough to arrest -- >> no, just we need a lot of resources. besides, that is just my opinion. >> marie, what is your message to d.c., to our lawmakers? how can they help make your job easier? >> they can help us out giving us tools and assets we need to perform our job on a daily basis. ainsley: laura, what made you want to serve our country as a woman? what is that like? >> well, for me, it is not just about being a woman. i wear the same uniform. i've gone through the same
5:37 am
training. i'm just a border patrol agent. i'm not a female border patrol agent. for me, i never served in the military. this is a way to serve my country. >> stephanie, why do you do your job? >> i always have a passion for law enforcement, serving the country. this is way to give back. i completely agree. i never looked at it as female on border patrol. i have done everything my coworkers and brothers in green have done so well. ainsley: jacqueline, we're in the new york, and we talk about the border a lot. i'm not down there a lot. i have gone down to visit it. what is media not discussing or average things you face every day? >> we actually mostly fly in central america. i'm not actually on the border. ainsley: what do you see? >> when we go down, one of our last cases that our office found, we, we tracked 1400 kilos
5:38 am
on there, 3200-pounds of cocaine. that is not something average american would see. that is what we face in our mission. ainsley: marie, what do you see? >> we are on the air operations mission side of the house. we deploy missions down south, call areas of transit zones. transit zones, areas where there is a lot of illegal activity. we go and send a dedicated crew with a long-range aircraft that is capable of detecting specific areas where there is illegal activity happening. and nine out of 10 cases the results come back positive with tons of illegal narcotics are being taken away and prevented from even getting close to our border. ainsley: great. thank you for doing that. for keeping them out of our country. laura, i know with your patrol dog that you have arrested 78 people at one time trying to
5:39 am
smuggle in 3,000-pounds of drugs, 92 loads. are you okay with the president using this emergency money, it is drug money, from the pentagon, to build, one billion dollars to start building the wall, 57 miles of the wall? >> honestly i trust my agency to make the best decision. i go to work to try to get narcotics off the street. ainsley: we appreciate everything you're doing, ladies. anything you want to add. >> i want to say for me on my part, the southwest border, we do see a lot of undocumented immigrants coming into the united states and they're coming in massive, turning themselves in at the border and we have to accept them because they're coming in and asking for help. and money and work and to be able to live in the united states. >> put them in detention centers. when there is overflow because
5:40 am
of catch-and-release, they're released into the united states. >> yes. or actually being detained but we, i am seeing a big number jump up and that is what i was talking about earlier. we need resources tools, just to be able -- ainsley: do we need more detention centers? >> we need more officers. and we need people to, to be able to handle that, the work load of hours that we do, we need more resources. ainsley: you all work overtime. we appreciate everything you do. thank you for being here with us. you're welcome. jillian has headlines for us. jillian: that's right, ainsley. let's stick with this for a second. 20 reported migrants packed into a pickup truck take off running when police try to pull them over. did you see this? unbelievable moment caught in texas. this started as a traffic stop. when they stopped run the plates, the truck wag stolen.
5:41 am
death in he had buck's home was ruled overdose. buck's attorney, says dean took the drugs before arriving. dean is the second person to die from a meth overdose in buck's home in the past two years. lapd will present the case to a district attorney. hotel worker save as 3-year-old as live after he nearly drowns in a hot tub. the boy was you know water for two minutes while his mother was partying nearby. they saw him on surveillance and tried to revive him. >> we got him breathing, but barely. barely. >> he is breathing? >> yes. we got him. he is crying now. jillian: the boy was rushed to the hospital in daytona beach florida. his mother is charged with felony child neglect. 20 minutes before the top. hour. time to go outside, check of forecast with meteorologist
5:42 am
janice dean. janice: hi, everyone, what are your names, where are you from? >> matthew from ohio. >> logan from ohio. janice: very nice. what are the current conditions here in new york city? >> mostly sunny. >> and 35. janice: excellent. hello to the yacht club. what is your name. >> alex from new jersey. janice: thank you, sir. i will sign that for you in a moment. look across the country. it's a beautiful, mostly sunny day in new york. 34 right now. a little cold. we'll deal with it. we have a system across the mid-atlantic. that will start to dissipate. we have potential for more heavy rain and mountain snow for the west coast. unfortunately this could get into some of the flood-prone areas across the central u.s. which we will watch next couple days. say high to steve, ainsley and brian my friends. yea. thank you for coming. ainsley: thank you. steve: straight ahead, tensions flaring overnight in the mid-east.
5:43 am
you're looking live at israeli tanks sitting at the border with gaza. we're live on the ground there next. brian: first it was march madness. now it is mueller madness. who in the media should make the final four. your comments coming up. there are no wrong answers. ♪ weeds are lowdown little scoundrels. don't stoop to their level. draw the line with the roundup sure shot wand. it extends with a protective shield and targets weeds more precisely. it lets you kill what's bad right down to the root while guarding the good. roundup sure shot wand. got weeds in your grass too? try roundup for lawns. kills weeds, not the lawn. roundup brand. trusted for over 40 years.
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steve: we are back with a fox news alert. tension mounting along the gaza strip. ainsley: israel and hamas trading rocket strikes overnight. brian: it happened all day yesterday too. trey is live along the israeli-gaza border where violence ses can lating. how is the iron dome working, trey? reporter: right now the past eight hours, brian, ainsley, and steve have been relatively quiet but last night it was an intense night of fighting.
5:47 am
rockets fired from the gaza strip, many intercepted by israel's defense system, iron dome. prime minister benjamin netanyahu is back in israel after meeting with president trump yesterday. he headed to security consultation where he decides what the next steps will be inside gaza strip. according to israeli officials there is no cease-fire. the israeli military is preparing for potential of a ground operation. you can see a number of tanks and also armored vehicles. they have staged very close to the border. according to israeli officials that spoke with fox news yesterday, at least 1000 reserve troops were called up, two additional brigades. they indicated they're preparing for the potential of this conflict to escalate farther. after dozens of rockets were fired last night from gaza into israel. the israeli air force pound ad series of targets in gaza overnight. we saw israel's missile defense
5:48 am
system, i noted the iron dome, intercepting many of those rockets. we wait wait and see exactly wih happen with the security consultation that the prime minister is a part of. also factions inside of gaza who are agreeing there is no cease-fire in place, the tension remains really palpable in the region. brian, ainsley, steve? steve: does indeed. trey yaingst along the gaza border. brian: jared kushner tried to get a middle east plan. he doesn't have anybody on the other side to negotiate with. steve: we'll keep an eye on this. it is not just march madness anymore. it is mueller madness. >> threshold of impeachment. >> we are in high crimes and misdemeanors, we are in impeach ment territory. steve: really. your picks for the final four coming up next.
5:49 am
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5:52 am
>> good morning, everybody. big tuesday morning coming your way. president trump and his team continue their victory lap after the mueller report concludes no collusion. kellyanne conway will join us live coming up. now trump critic, former storm any daniels lawyer michael avenatti charged with fraud. what a week for the president. we'll get fresh white house reaction to all of that. plus senator kennedy will join us as republicans plot their plan to go on offense. what he has to say. john james, andy mccarthy, more coming up on this tuesday morning. see you at the top of the hour. ♪ >> at the threshold of impeachment. >> we are in high crimes and misdemeanors and we are in impeachment territory. >> we're looking at the possibility of the president of
5:53 am
the united states and those around him in an election campaign colluded with a hostile foreign power. >> it is so obvious they were eager to collude with russia. now we're seeing evidence there was a conspiracy to cover up. >> he may be the first president in quite some time to face the real prospect of jail time. brian: right. okay. that didn't turn out too well. they're wrong, not admitting to it, which is absolutely crazy. you wonder, if you stack everybody, 92% of all the coverage has been negative, if you stop some of the biggest personality out there, democrats out there, who stands out as the most, the most wrong today? steve: media research center looked and since the president was inaugurated 2284 minutes have been on the evening newscasts on the big three, abc, cbs, nbc. that averages out over the last 791 days, three minutes a day on nightly news where they talk about collusion. brian to your point, 92%
5:54 am
negative coverage of president trump. what they do not measure is the non-stop collusion talk on cable news. and it is, they can't quantify it. neither can we, but if you click around you know that it has been non-stop for the last, close to two years. ainsley: president tweeted about it. the mainstream media sunday fire and being scorned all over the world as being corrupt and fake. for two years they pushed the russian collusion delusion when they always knew there was no collusion. they are truly the enemy of the people and the real opposition party. brian: rush is a came out and said, we told you we didn't do anything. no, we didn't say that you did it. back to your regular knew cast. >> "new york post" has take off on marred madness. inside it has brackets which of the pundits, people you see on tv, who you value their opinion got it the most wrong. ainsley: they have four
5:55 am
brackets. cable at top, print below it. on other side, network and twitteratti. steve: number one far left in the upper corner, rachel maddow, talked non-stop collusion rants came to naught. under her, looking a lot like christmas. beginning to look a lot like collusion. down south. bill crystal, krugman, joy behar, kathy griffin, people like that. brian: tell us who the final four are. do it thought the show. joe concha joined steve two hours ago to break down his picks, the worst offenders. >> got to go with john brennan here. only a former cia director. when he speaks people believe either he has inside information or, in other words, there is more gravitas there. he predicted couple weeks ago there would be more indictments,
5:56 am
it never happened. does he apologize? no. rachel maddow, that was very good for business for her. she covered russia more than every other topic out there. there are a lot to choose from in a trump administration combined. if you want to throw colbert in there, steve. that is fine. but he is comedian. a lot of people believe it or not don't really watch the news, watch colbert at night. that will be the news source. steve: that is such a good point. of the voices you heard over the last two years, who do you think essentially got it the most wrong? email us, friends at we'll try to tabulate it tomorrow morning. ainsley: we have more "fox & friends" moments away. stay with us. ♪
5:57 am
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5:59 am
cancer, epilepsy, mental health, hiv. patients with serious diseases are being targeted for cuts to their medicare drug coverage. new government restrictions would allow insurance companies to come between doctor and patient. and deny access to individualized therapies millions depend on. call the white house today. help stop cuts to part d drug coverage that put medicare patients at risk. >> it was a magical moment earlier today.
6:00 am
el izeth has el back has a new book called "point of view." >> check it out. and make sure you watch us tomorrow. wefm -- we'll go over the final four. the people that were most wrong. >> bill: battle lines drawn. top republicans want to see adam schiff lose his leadership post. democrats refusing to back down from investigations and one of the president's biggest political foes is facing federal charges all in 24 hours. good morning, everybody. for the next three hours we'll be with you. good morning. >> sandra: what a morning this is shaping up to be. a trump critic and attorney michael avenatti said he will be fully exonerated after federal prosecutors charged him with extortion and bank and wire fraud charges as special counsel's mueller investigation declares no collusion. one thing is clear, democrats are not


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