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tv   Hannity  FOX News  March 26, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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good night from washington. we have a special surprise for you, not really a guest on this show, but the man who is going to anchor the 9:00 p.m. show tonight. and honestly, every night, sean hannity. he is live from new york right now. >> sean: great show.w.he i saw your friend was in the a special tucker headline. good friend of yours. good show, thank you. welcome to "hannity." buckle up, we have a lot of work to get going on and get started on. the mueller witch hunt is over. obamacare was just dealt a serious blow. democrats are running scared from their green new deal of insanity. the wall on our southern border, guess what? it just got 57 miles longer, and the president wins again. are you sick of winning? and the economy is booming. and this is been a major week for the country, one we will never forget. we are going to cover it all, and we will begin the process tonight of holding people responsible that were involved in the biggest abuse of power, corruption scandal, in our history. those that committed crimes
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that need to be investigated. the people who rigged an investigation. rigged a primary, tried to rig a general election. in other words, those people who used hillary clinton's bought and paid for russian lies from a foreign source with funneled money, leaked to influence you, the american people, ahead of that vote in 2016. russian lies, fraud perpetrated on fisa courts, citizens denied basic, fundamental, constitutional rights, spying, infiltrating an opposition party in a presidential campaign, using russian lies that hillary paid for to bludgeon and attempt to remove a duly-elected president. people that we entrust the most power to, they thought they knew better than you, than we, the american people. tonight, we begin the process -- it is a process -- of getting the truth, the whole truth, nothing but the truth, and holding all of these people accountable for their actions. if we do not do it, it will
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happen again. plus, almost an unbelievable news development out of chicago tonight, a miscarriage of justice has just taken place after some major, backroom, chicago wheeling and dealing, alleged hate crime faker jussie smollett, well, completely let off the hook for a mere $10,000. the corruption in chicago is a national disgrace. we are going to have an important mini monologue coming up on that, and thee ramifications, oh, of the covington kids, and the smollett case, and how it is all intertwined in the psychotic, hate-rage of donald trump. but first, this is a new day for the country., president trump was totally and completely cleared of all the russian collusion lies and all the other fabricated allegations against him. no collusion, no obstruction of justice. the long-standing 2 plus year narrative of the media mob and sthe democrats, it was nothing more than a hoax.
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it was contrived and built off irrational hate and this psychotic rage perpetrated by those who first wanted to everi prevent trump from becoming president but had an insurance policy to destroy his presidency in any event that he wins. at any cost, even if the heart and soul of this country was ripped apart in the process. and our constitution. for years, you, the american people, you have been deliberately lied to. you have been deceived on a spectacular and frankly historic level. but this process of holdingg people accountable from the deep state, to the media, to their friends in the democratic party, we will name every name, we will demand justice. we will call out every single solitary liar, con artist, who actively promoted a hoax, conspiracy theories, many for personal and political gain
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only, for power. this is now part of our mission going forward. tonight,t, we start with the chief conspiracy theorist of all of them, starting at the top: nbc news. tom brokaw, are you proud of your network tonight? rachel maddow, the face of msnbc, supposedly a news channel. yesterday, prominently featured on the cover of "the new york post," along with the title "mueller madness: who got it the most wrong?" they actually put up brackets of the media's numerous collusion conspiracy theorists. as you can see, oh, yeah, she is the number 1 seed. by the way, you can see my filled hood bracket on and you better believe she has earned that position. night after night, never ending lies, one bizarre conspiracy theory after another. and she has been rewarded for being the number one liar, conspiracy theorist in america. nobody ever has challenged her or vetted her or questioned
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her. as to the depths and lengths she has sunk to in this process, recklessly suggesting that the kremlin and putin t ae controlling the white house, that donald trump is a russian puppet, and vladimir putin is pulling all the strings in our very own federal government. watch with your own eyes and see if you believe this. >> maybe he is not really under audit. all of those little things might be true, okay, that would be interesting to know. i don't know that that would change thehe world that much, t what would change the world iso if russia was interfering in the election, and they weren't doing it on their own, and he was in on it. >> after all of the worry, we are actually about to find out if russia maybe has something on the new president? we are about to find out if the new president of our country is going to do what russia wants. once he is commander in chief of the u.s. military.
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>> we haven't ever had to reckon with the possibility that someone has ascended to the presidency of the united states to serve the interests of another country rather than our own. what's the corrective to that? how do you remedy that? these are no longer hypothetical questions. this is where we are. >> he received the order of friendship from vladimir putin personally, the highest civilian award they give to nonrussian citizens. somehow rex tillerson ended up as secretary of state under donald trump, who he had never met. >> mueller is proceeding without being stymied, and he is proceeding at this kind of a pace, rolling out the stuff right now, everything is aiming right at the president personally, and that's got to be very unsettling. >> it not only enters the president's immediate family, it also enters the white house. >> sean: the face of
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nbc news. my question to viewers: how does it feel to be lied to day after day, hour after hour? have you had enough? do you really see what has gone on here? have they backed up anything with evidence and proof, or has it just been speculation and rumors and innuendo and anonymous sources and reckless, nonstop speculation? this program, by the way, we welcome you with open arms. we have been right so many times, not because we have a crystal ball, this is richard jewell, duke lacrosse, uva, trayvon and george zimmerman, ferguson, baltimore, why are we right and they usually wrong? why were they wrong on smollett and the covington kids? we don't rush to judgment. we believe in due process and the presumption of innocence. something they don't understand or seem to care about. but a much different story over there at nbc news. despite mueller's findings, maddow still cannot let go that her collusion obsession, now claiming the attorney general
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of the unitedo states is somehw complicit in another grand conspiracy to cover up obstruction of a crime that never took place. in spite of how much they really wanted, for years, rather than retract, apologize, about the dishonest, f reckles, irresponsible coverage, which clearly has destroyed her owntr credibility and the network's, they doubled down on stupid. more conspiracy theories, more lies. by the way, andy lack, phil griffin, are you proud of this? really?y this is your brand, nbc news, complicit in lying to people for years. in fairness, nbc news did not act alone. and we have fake news cnn pushing the same russia collusion hoax, every single minute of every hour of every day, for every month, for every year. don lemon among them, the walls are closing in on president trump. cnn editor-at-large saying thae russia collusion was choking trump's presidency.
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for 2 plus years, the collusion news network, except for the fact that they are actually not reporting any news. baseless speculation, t hyster, breathless reporting, all in an attempt to advance their political agenda and feed an insatiable hatred for all things donald trump. harvard law professor alan dershowitz claiming fake news cnn wouldn't even have him on the air! because they didn't like his opinion. it was too fair. despite being so wrong so often, you have cnn,n, fake nes chief, the king of it all, jeff zucker, pretending i'm not embarrassed at all, telling "the new yorkf times," oh, another lyingg news network, we are not investigators, we are a journalist. our goal is to report the facts as we know them, which is exactly what we did. it's pretty hard to seek facts when you are so blinded by hatred and rage.ex it's also nice to hear a rare moment of truth from zucker. they don't actually investigate
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anything they report, they basically spread rumors, innuendo, maybe things they pick up on the internet, twitter, or maybe facebook, or maybe instagram. rumors to help their narrative, oh, like the smollett case or the covington kids. and today's narrative dura jou, that is the mueller report was totally clearing the president of any campaign collusion -- well, it doesn't actually do what it did, because in their fantasy world that they can't give up because then they would have to put aside their egos and their pride and admit, oh, guys like sean hannity were right and they were wrong. instead, they just go on with a new one. even though the attorney general stated clearly that trump would not be charged with obstruction, rod rosenstein agrees with the analysis. news busters chronicles cnn fake news chanted, what? 120 times, it doesn't exonerate, that is what they tell their audience. take a look. this is a 24-hour period. >> vindication on collusion?
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yes. exoneration on obstruction? not so much. >> mueller specifically said his report does not exonerate the president of obstruction of justice. >> it does not exonerate the president. >> it is no exoneration.ti >> did not exonerate the president. >> mueller didn't exonerate trump. >> while mueller did not exonerate the president on the question of obstruction of justice. >> while he did not conclude that the president obstructed justice, the report does not exonerate president trump. does not exonerate him. >> did not exonerate the president of obstruction. >> there is not enough evidence to prove the president committed obstruction. >> robert mueller did not exonerate the president on obstruction, period. >> sean: the attorney general and deputy attorney general did!d! in other words, mueller gave it to them to decide. do you even read over there? you cannot expect people with this type of one-sided agendas to ever be fair. this mob and the media, they
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will never apologize for misleading purposely and lying to the american people, and don't expect them to ever change their ways. you should never trust them. look at clapper, for example. former director of national intelligence, his job is safe at fake news cnn, despite leveraging his former position in our government to validate these disgusting lies, which by the way, what had happened under his watch. the great obama department of justice, take a look. >> do you agree with andrew mccabe, it's possible the president of the united states, the president, is a russian asset? >> well, i completely agree with the way andy characterized it. it is a possibility. what a great case officer vladimir putin is, he knows how to handle an asset, and that is what he is doing with the president. >> our institutions are under assault, both externally, andnd that is the big news here, russian interference in our election system.
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and i think, as well, our institutions are under assault internally. >> internally from the president? >> exactly. >> asserts this has nothing to do with the president, either as the president or as a candidate or the white house, it is just silly. >> do you think the russian investigation is fake news or a witch hunt, as the president keeps tweeting and saying? >> well, i -- i don't believe it is. to me, it stretches credulity to think the russians didn't have profound impacts that could have swung the election. >> sean: everything you just heard is not true! but clapper, totally unapologetic, telling his good friends, good old anderson cooper, that he doesn't have any regrets for the way he smeared the president, lied aboutgr the president. clapper's cohorts on msnbc, oh, none other than former cia t director brennan, he is being paid by nbc because of his status as america's former top
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spy. again, happened under his watch, too.f his words carry tremendous weight. remember, he accuse the president of treason again and again, using that position and power to trash the president of the united states on the world stage, even suggesting again and again, treason, reporting only two weeks ago, mueller would be handing down more indictments before his investigation concluded. i guess the sources were wrong. >> people are innocent until alleged to be involved in some type of criminal activity. there was an extensive effort to try to influence the outcome of the election that involved the russians, that involved u.s. persons, and that may have gone to the very top of the trump campaign. >> it's collusion in plain sight. donald trump at the end of july openly called on russian intelligence to find hillary clinton'sju emails. >> certainly his tweets do not seem like they're coming from a
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person of innocence and confidence. i don't think robert mueller will want to have the dramatic flair of the ides of march when he is going to be delivering what i think will be his indictments, final indictmentse as well as the report he gives the attorney general. >> i think he is afraid of the president of russia. >> why? >> i think one can speculate as to why, the russians may have somethingen on him personally. >> this is nothing short of treasonous because it is a t betrayal of the nation. he is giving comfort to then enemy. >> i think there is a question in terms of those who are on mr. trump's national security team, whether they can serve in good conscience, an individual who basically betrays his nation. >> i called his behavior treasonous, which is to betray one's trust and aid and abet the enemy, and i very much stand by that claim. >> sean: tom brokaw, are you proud of that? the brand you built your whole life? it makes you wonder who was really doing the work over there, russia's bidding. an unwitting asset? brennan said he had bad information -- you think? no, he lied.
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tonight, brennan, clapper, it is time to hold all of these others accountable. not just for their blatant lies, let's not forget about the major crimes they may have committed. many, i think, did. duringng their time, high-ranking, deep-state actors abusing the power we gave to them, which brings us back to how did this all start? how did we get to this point? who must face the consequences for their illicit actions surrounding the 2016 election?t we don't fix it, it will happen again. july 15th, 2015, the fbi opened a criminal investigation into hillary, mishandling top secret, classified information, despite comey citing overwhelming evidence of criminal negligence and obstruction of justice, clinton got off scot-free. why? she was their favorite candidate! a her investigation was rigged from the get-go. the fix was in, even page and strzok admit it was run and rigged by obama's doj and loretta lynch. what did she know, when did she know it?
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by the way, what did obama know, and when did he know it? look at your screen. watch it, we will roll it throughout the show. she got away with things that no other american would everl get away with. she mishandled top-secret intelligence, she violated clearly the espionage act with her private server. she obstructed justice by destroying 33,000 subpoenaed emails, acid washing her hard drive with bleach, and having an aide destroying her phones and blackberries with hammers.o this case must be reopened if we want equal justice to be served in this country. no american citizen, nobody would get away with any ofof these crimes that were clearly committed, the biggest slam-dunk case of obstruction i've ever seen in my life. comey, too, he must be investigated for his handling of this rigged investigation. if he exonerated clinton for political purposes, clearly that would be a felony. if he lied under oath, that is
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a felony.onor he needs to be investigated for knowingly, did he commit a fraud on the fisa court? it appears like he might have. obama's attorney general, loretta lynch, must also be investigated for her political interference in the clinton investigation. strzok and page that she made every decision, and they knew they would never go after clinton. don't forget about the tarmacci meeting with bill clinton, just the beginning. during the very same month, clinton exonerated, comey's fbi opened an investigation into the trump campaign, using op research from hillary clinton's bought and paid for dirty dossier with paid lies, put together by a foreign national, christopher steele. if clinton knowingly paid the foreign national for the anti-trump dossier, by the way, that is a crime and a felony. of course, we now know that they dossier was s, never verd and unverifiable because steele doesn't stand by his own dossier. and that means, well, didn't that stop the dossier somehow from ever being used before a fisa court as the bulk of evidence toer obtain a warrantn
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an american citizen, to deny them his rights, his constitutional rights, and also dig down deep, right inside the heart of an opposition party? look at your screen again. comey, mccabe, yates, rosenstein, all signed up on the fisa request, all must be investigated for committing fraud before a court, and allts be held accountable for their miegregious, alleged crimes. it must be investigated. comey also likely committed the serious crime when he intentionally leaked fbi memos about his conversations with the president. why? to spark the special investigation. that's not all, when it comes to abuse of power, mccabe, strzok, page, all forced to resign in shame, 25 in all demoted, resigned, or fired. we have a lot more to get to, this is only the beginning. joining us now, gregg jarrett, the title of your book says it all: "the illicit scheme to clear hillary clinton and frame donald trump."
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also, we are joined by professor alan dershowitz and also joining us, investigative reporter sara carter. gregg, your book nails it. we are going to continue to scroll the crimes that need to be investigated. don't, what happens? >> what happens is people get i away with crimes, and that means some people are above the law. i blame mostly democrats and journalists. journalist drove this. they weren't just reckless, they were malevolent. they suspended their sense of fairness and abandoned all objectivity. they allowed their enmity toward trump to consume them and their common sense. and the more their hatred for trump, and propagating this false narrative. they have an obsessive belief in a nonexisting conspiracy called collusion. they refused to do their job, which is, as journalists, examine the facts, the evidence, and the law. >> sean: professor, i was kidding with you the other night, i said even you couldn't get me out if i deleted 33,000
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subpoenaed emails and s acid washed my hard drive and beat up my devices with hammers and removed sim cards. what about these people that abuse their power, that we now know, if we are to have equal justice and equal application of our laws, isn't it a necessity to prevent this from ever happening again? to follow through on people that violated law and abused power? >> well, i think we ought to call them out in the court of public opinion. i think we ought to disarm mutually and stop using the criminal justice system against either party. >> sean: if crimes were committed. >> either side, when it comes to -- look. >> sean: lying to a fisa court? >> you need discretion -- >> sean: lying to a fisa court, would you do it? >> no, no, that is different. the fisa court should call for possible contempt of court by people who misled them. they misled them not by directly lying, but by omission.
10:22 pm
by failure to disclose that the information they were asking the fisa court to rely onmi didn't have reliability. and when you deal with the fisa court, there is nobody on the other side, so government officials have a specialt, obligation to be completely honest and candid, and the people who submitted that dossier weren't honest and candid -- >> sean: professor, comey signed this in october 2016. he denied it and said it was unverified in january 2017. wouldn't that mean if the bulk of information was the dossier, that he lied in october? >> well, the question is did he commit perjury and should he be held in contempt? i think the fisa court has an obligation to make sure that people who present data to them ex parte do it honestly, candidly, and without failing to disclose -- and that didn't happen, and i think, look, i think the main lessons have to
10:23 pm
be learned about the media. people who watch cnn were affirmatively misled by the pundits. and, as you said, they kicked me off, i used to be on all the time, all the time, and then suddenly they stop calling me. >> sean: professor, you call me out on my own show constantly. >> i did. >> sean: stay right there, got to get saraa in. you're right. sara, i want to bring you in. who should be investigated? >> right now, all of the people you listed, sean. loretta lynch, hillary clintone james comey, but more importantly, i think that john brennan, the former director of the cia, i think james clapper, the former director of national intelligence, they need to be investigated, as well. we need to know how much they knew and when they knew it, and that is so vitally important to getting to the truth here, because they have spread so much disinformation about the trump administration and about the campaign, and if we were worried about russians, we should have been more worried
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about what our own intelligence community was doing. >> sean: you all have been amazing, i'm sorry i went aalong. we will have a mini monologue on the smollett fiasco. these guys have been great. straight ahead. ♪ when we started our business
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10:29 pm
and the perpetrators, i don't see jussie smollett as a threat to public safety." so now chicago policehe are outraged, especially the person i admired most, the police chief, eddie johnson, even rahm emanuel, the liberal mayor, took issue with this. take a look. >> do i think justice was served? no. they chose to hide behind secrecy and broker a deal to circumvent the justice system. this was a whitewash of justice and sending a clear message that if you are in a position of influence and power, you get treated one way. other people will be treated another way. there is no accountability in the system. it is wrong, full stop. you have a person using hate crime laws that are on the books to protect people,e, who are of minorities, from violence, to then turn around and use those laws to advance
10:30 pm
your career and your financial reward, is there no decency in this man? >> sean: even ex-obama advisor axelrod is slamming the decision, tweeting out "you can contrive a hate crime, make it national news, get caught, and if you are a well-connected celebrity, get off for $10,000 and have your record expunged and your file sealed." remember, two brothers told police, smollett paid them to stage the attack. witnesses in a crime, they were caught on surveillance footage buying the very item used in the apparent hoax. the original story was that smollett was attacked by twod men yelling "this is maga country," and it even stranger. the order of police is e accusg the prosecutor, kim foxx, of intervening in the case because, before even recusing herself, at the former direction of guess who? michelle obama's chief of staff, tina tchen.
10:31 pm
joining us of reaction from a former attorney general, pam bondi. fox news contributor, dan bongino. pam, we start with you. the hours wasted in a city where we are losing hundreds and thousands of lives and shootings, and they spent all of that manpower on this, and stand behind the indictment, and the evidence they say is incontrovertible. >> the great men and women of the chicago police department deserve more than, sean. not a $10,000 payoff, basically, to them for an investigation that caused probably 10 or 20 times that, and hats off to rahm emanuel, he did a great job with this, defending the great men and women. sean, listen to this, if you are a criminal defendant, which you will never be, never let your lawyer talk for you after you get the chargess dropped. when asked by a reporter, she said the two men we know who did this come of the two men who said they did it, the two nigerian men were,
10:32 pm
african-american who jussie smollett -- she said that in the press conference. jussie smollett said they were not minority, the men who attacked him. he said he would recognize their voices. and he said he did not know them. he would've recognized the voices. she completely contradicts her client. she said plenty of people agree to forfeit their bond, not true. it's ridiculous. >> sean: there are federal charges on the possibility, but can another grand jury convene, or is this it? >> yes, federal and state courts have concurrent jurisdiction. so often times, we would concur, we would talk to the federal authorities, conference with them, and drop charges in order for them to prosecute something. that clearly did not happen here, and i hope thewe federal authorities look at it there i think rahm emanuel, the chicago pd, i think they will be pushing for it to them should. this is a very, very serious accusation. >> sean: big picture between the 16-year-old that was frankly bludgeoned and beaten
10:33 pm
and called names in a rush to judgment, nicholas sandmann, and this case, really, dan bongino back to this irrational, psychotic rage and hatred of trump. both cases. >> this smollett case is bigger than jussie smollett. americans are angry right now. they are, could this have come at a worse time, sean? we have the college admission scandal, where everyone is on a superhighway to power and stardom, while all of the rest of us working people are suffering on the toll roads, right? you have the spygate debacle, the collusion hoax blown up, the media's credibility is completely falling apart, and while facing b the justice system, the media, it's collapsing. at the same time, you have a well-connected hollywood actor who gets off. i was a cop and a federal agent, not a lawyer like miss bondi, but i have seen a lot of federal cases, i've not seen evidence is overwhelming in a case like this in my life!
10:34 pm
i'm only 44. this was overwhelming. he gets off? i mean, can you blame people for being upset about this and why this is a new story? i certainly don't. >> sean: great analysis. again, it's true, where does it all come from? one we have a lot of breaking news we have to get to tonight, and a big announcement at the end of the show. but next, lawrence jones hits the streets of new york city to see what people think of the mueller report. alec baldwin has tried to pick another fight with me. okay, alec, game on. more coming up. ♪ another fight with me. okay, alec, chicken?! chicken. chicken! that's right, candace-- new chicken creations from starkist. buffalo style chicken in a pouch-- bold choice, charlie! just tear, eat... mmmmm. and go! try all of my chicken creations! chicken!
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♪ >> sean: in the wake of mueller finding no collusion, the media has taken yet another devastating blow to s their credibility. i think they never recover. now they are trying, literally going down the long path, oncee
10:39 pm
again, in other words, doubling down on stupid, trying to downplay how wrong they have been. look. >> did many commentators and democratic politicians alleged collusion? yes. did many journalists ask about it? yes. but there is a giant difference between asking and telling. speculation actually has value, too. it helps open our eyes and our minds to what is possible. >> there has been such fabulous reporting by, especially, "theha new york times," "the washington post," "the wall street journal." >> i'm reluctant to talk about it at all because we don't know anything. >> needs to be investigated because democrats don't like the fact -- >> he wasn't investigated for the first two years at all, so i think there's a little catch-up to do. lawrence jonesd ask people in liberal new york city, what did they think? see what the people of the great country, what they think. >> he cleared the president, how do you feel about that?
10:40 pm
>> in my opinion, i think it was a witch hunt. >> i totally agree with the mueller report, i'm glad it came out the way it did. >> are you okay with the conclusion?gr >> yes. what i'm not okay with is how much money we spent, wasted our tax money. >> there is sort of vindication, false vindication on the right, and maybe, like, i would think a sense on the left of disappointment. >> for two years, it's been collusion. >> i don't watch them, anyway. >> cnn, msnbc, all of the journalist that accused the president without any evidence, do you think they owe president an apology? >> absolutely. >> they were all wrong. >> there was a no collusion. >> do you want to apologize to him? that you were wrong about it? >> i'm sorry. >> i don't think anyone owes anyone an apology for an investigation. >> do you think should get't on board with trump now? >> yes. >> you can get on board now?
10:41 pm
>> yeah. >> good job. [laughter] >> sean: lawrence is just great. special correspondent. here with reaction, media reporter for "the hill," host on wor, my affiliate,fo great station in new york city, joe concha. and, of course, journalist, former "60 minutes" correspondent, lara logan. thank you both. lara, we will begin with you. look at that reaction, this is interesting, i think people get it. i think democrats don't get it, we will see more overreach, more investigations, and of course, more socialism, which will destroy the country. your reaction to all of this? >> my first reaction, sean, asa a journalist, speculation is not what i do. right? i prefer to focus on what i do know, and i'm always very conscious of what i don't know. i want to give you just a simple example. in some of the coverage, that i think demonstrates where the media is culpable. for example, do you remember what all of the headlines and
10:42 pm
the media frenzy around president trump supposedly leaking classified information to russians at a meeting in the white house, right? except that no reporter actually appeared to look at what the law says about classified information and the president of the united states. not just this president, but every single president. the commander in chief under u.s. law is the only single individual whose act of speaking about something is an act of declassification. so you talk to anyone in the intelligence community whos knows the law or anyone else who knows the laws on classified information, they will tell you it is not possible for the president to leak. but that was used by the media and right across the spectrum, every reputable newspaper and outlet in this country was hot and heavy on the president leaking classified information to the russians as further evidence that he was somehow some kind of traitor and russian agent. to me, the most basic journalism, it only takes a
10:43 pm
couple minutes, to look online and see what the law actually says about this, and do some honest reporting. and i think for that, it is a dereliction of our duty as reporters. >> sean: joe concha, you do this for a living, you analyze this. do they ever recover? this has been two years of never ending, nonstop lies and conspiracy theories. frankly, they ought to be apologizing and embarrassed. that will never happen. >> sean, i think we got a snapshot just based on, ratings aren't everything, clearly, but last night, monday night, the fact that you more than quadrupled your competition on cnn., tucker carlson, as well, and right down the line. the fact you are getting more than 4 million viewers and cnn couldn't even break 915,000, i think that may be a preview of things to come.15 they have been promising -- not all, but many people on those networks, cnn, msnbc, promising aal certain outcome, or at leat strongly hinting towards it,
10:44 pm
speculating about it, which does nothing for the eyes and minds, by the way, for two years -- >> sean: wait. what's the worst thing they can do? overpromise and under deliver. they have been assuring their audience. >> right, and it was time to cash the check, and the check wasn't cashed, and now there is disappointment. maybe some people, more people than usual, were tuning out last night. let's think about this for a second, in terms of mueller and that investigation with the mepecial counsel, they hardly, by all accounts, leaked anything. think about it, the pushback i saw today was that we had to pursue the investigation and the facts, but around collusion, ifod the special counsel isn't leaking, therefore this only leads to rampant, reckless speculation by people from sources that were providing information that was either bad or nefarious. they wanted to believe what they were being fed. if there are no facts out there around collusion because of no
10:45 pm
leaking, that is the only thing thato could've happened. bad speculation that led to all of this mistrust that we are going to be seeing moving forward. >> sean: they can't recover, from my perspective. we'll see. lara, thank you. joe concha, thank you. when we come back, senator ted cruz on mueller finding no evidence of collusion orf obstruction, and the media giving beto "bozo" o'rourke a free pass? oh, alec baldwin wants to pick a fight. i have a response, and we do have a big announcement. ♪fr do ha
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♪ >> sean: joining us now to react to all of today's big news, holding people accountable, deep state, people that abuse power, the biggest corruption scandal we have seen. texas senator ted cruz is with us. senator, between the media and people that we entrust with the
10:50 pm
powerful tools of intelligence, to see that they rigged an investigation with hillary, they lied and committed fraud before fisa courts, purposefully, we now know, because they were all warnedud about who paid for it, they omitted that. steele all about defeating trump, and then bludgeoning the president, trying to undo a duly-elected president. you are a constitutional scholar.he you, i think, appreciate how severe this is for the country. how do we rectify this so it never happens again? >> let me say, first of all, this weekend was a very good weekend for the president, but even more fundamentally, it was a very good weekend for the country. we've had now two years of this special prosecutor investigation, and during the entire time, virtually every democrat and all of the media has been breathlessly covering every minute of it, insisting collusion, collusion, collusion, collusion. well, we now have the report from the special counsel, and
10:51 pm
they concluded there was no evidence, zero evidence of collusion. that's a big deal. not only that, but we also now know that both the attorney general bill barr and the deputy attorney general rod rosenstein concluded that none of theey evidence supports the charges of obstruction for justice -- obstruction of justice, which means everything the democrats and media have been talking about for two years was lacking in a factual basis. and the entire media has egg on their face, and what are they doing now? they are not apologizing or backtracking, they are not saying "gosh, facts were wrong," instead, they are attacking, we are seeing every democrat. to say "never mind about collusion, never mind about crimes or evidence," and mark my words, sean, the house democrats are going to impeach the president anyway, not because of any evidence, not because of any crimes, but because of the fact he is donald trump, and they hate donald trump. it is showing just how extreme they >> sean: you know, you went up
10:52 pm
against a guy, beto o'rourke, as they call him, i have my own names for him, i won't drag you into my mess. i've got to tell you something, i've seen benjamin netanyahu as a churchillian figure that was all alone, the sole voice of moral clarity against modern evil in our time, until donald trump got into office, and i see o'rourke literally went after netanyahu as an ally of racists, and we know that "reuters" covered the real story of your opponent foris or aha year. they made a deal with beto to hurt you in that election and help him. >> well, listen, when it comes to media bias, the "reuters" story is truly a smokingng gun. back in 2017, they had evidence that beto may have committed multiple felonies. the reporter interviewed beton on the record, and he confirmed it, but then they cut a deal and said we won't to report on
10:53 pm
it until after the 2018 election. anwhy? because they want the democratw to win, they wanted beto to beat me. now that beto is running against bernie and all of the other leftists, now "reuters" will report it. the media is in bed with the far left wing of the democratic party. but i will tell you, this also reveals, i mean, you're talking about prime minister netanyahu, who i know well and consider a friend, and "churchillian" is exactly the right adjective for him. one of the things this reveals -- listen, beto is trying to appeal to the extreme left and the democratic party. one of the ways you do that t s launching anti-israel attacks.o i was at the aipac conference this week, not a single democratic presidential candidate came to the conference, and we saw just a couple of weeks ago, the house of representatives couldn't pass a simple bill condemning anti-semitism. i tell you, sean, i've introduced a resolution in the senate condemning anti-semitism. i think we need to take it up,
10:54 pm
and i think we need to put every senator on record. i hope the democrats aree willing to condemn anti-semitism, the kind of comments these freshman house members are making, thingsto like "it's all about e benjamins," which is nothing but an anti-semitic trope, and i also have legislation to formally recognize as a matter of statute the golan heights as part of israel. this weekend, the president announced he is going to do that. i've been urging him inre the administration to do that for months, that is a tremendous victory for israel and america, but we need to take up and pass my legislation to put in federal law that the golan heights is part of the nation of israel. >> sean: all right, senator, that is unfair that you are part of the media and you cover up, that is a campaign contribution in a major way. >> is there any universe in which "reuters" would cut that deal for a republican? can you imagine? >> sean: good to see you, senator. thank you. "villain of the day," let's just say it has to do with an
10:55 pm
old enemy, friend of mine, alec baldwin. you don't want to miss this. we have a huge, major announcement. it's big. next. ♪ announcement. it's big. next.
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♪ >> hannity: of the villain of the day. our old friend, ♪ >> hannity: the villain of the day. our old friend, the ever so angry, far left actor alec baldwin. having trouble coming to terms with the mueller report. tweeting, you don't need that to make one thing clear. unified -- trump is the devil. i have a history with him. want to go there? wait till i start playing your audition tapes when you tried to be a radio talk show host. yeah, get ready. repeat after me, no collusion, no obstruction. we have a quick announcement.
11:00 pm
tomorrow night, the president of the united states reacts to the mueller report and much more. let not your heart be troubled, tomorrow at 9:00 p.m. laura ingraham is standing by. as we are not the destroyed trump media mob. >> laura: i thought you were. you are not the destroying trump media? you're kidding me. as long as you get the audition tape. that will be a good rating night. >> hannity: you have never heard anything funnier in your life. what is the number? do we have any calls? nope! >> laura: my producer and i used to joke because they said they were taking a p pause from the radio show to fine-tune it for a few months. >> hannity: he is trying to be a radio talk show host and we called him and he ran out of tha studio and he


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