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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  March 27, 2019 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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his son trevor who was 11 when his father died. he will accept the middle honor his memory during the white house ceremony and tonight we honor this true american hero, travis atkins. you are a midnight hero. most-watched, most trusted, thank you for spending the evening with us. >> i have been truthful and consistent on every level since day one. a whitewash of justice. >> i think justice was served? know. heather: it is march 27th and this is "fox and friends first" which happening at 4:00 am on the east coast. all charges dropped. those words stunning just about everyone including law enforcement. jussie smollett cleared in the alleged hate crime hoax. the questions and backlash that continues to mount this morning.
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defense secretary shanahan clashing with congress after diverting $1 billion to the border wall. are you feeling lucky? for 750 million reasons you have to play the powerball today. "fox and friends first" starts right now. ♪ so wake me up when you fall over ♪ ♪ >> wake me up, time to wake up wherever you are this morning. thank you for watching "fox and friends first" wednesday morning. we appreciate you starting the day with us. i major bombshell into alleged hate crime hoax involving empire
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actor jussie smollett. chicago's top prosecutor dropping charges feeling the case. >> i have been truthful and consistent on every level since day one. >> do i think justice is served? know. at the end of the day, in this hoax. >> listen to this, from stunning text messages emerging between michelle obama's former chief of staff tina chin and state attorney kim fox. according to the chicago sun-times, and concerns about the investigation. hours later and identified relative of jussie smollett texted fox starting a relationship with leading to the attorney recusing herself in the investigation. fox testing jussie smollett's relative, quote, spoke to the superintendent, and keep you posted.
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jussie smollett in this way, this would be a huge victory. fox responding then, i make no guarantees but i am trying and jussie smollett family members saying i understand, appreciate the effort. the sun-times revealing an email from fox to chen reading this, quote, superintendent eddie johnson, i convinced him to reach out to fbi to ask they take over the investigation. he is reaching out and will get to me shortly. jussie smollett has agreed to community service. he will not get his $10,000 bail back. the decision to clear jussie smollett of all charges isn't sitting well with the law enforcement community. kevin graham, head of chicago's police union and vice president calling out the corruption. >> is not prosecuting the people that need to be prosecuted not just in the jussie smollett case.
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it is getting people out on bond. one member was killed by a person that should have been sitting in jail. they decided to give him bond and he was out. this is a travesty of justice all the way around. our detectives are mad. our members are angry and they want justice. >> the good thing about all this is the national media gets a clear window at how the criminal justice system works or i should say doesn't work in chicago. it is ludicrous, it is ridiculous. but that is the reality in chicago. todd: 1 hear from romney manual and the superintendent of chicago. jussie smollett, for threatening letter he may have sent to himself before the attack so much more to come. let's talk about the other big
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story, a version of the mueller report will be released in, quote, weeks, not months. william barr planning to make as much information from the russia investigation public as possible and this, donald trump said, the probe never should have started in the first place. >> what happened is a disgrace, this ridiculous witchhunt where it was proven very strongly no collusion, no obstruction, no nothing. shannon: there will be a series of reviews to make sure no sensitive or classified information is included in the report, the doj has no plan to share an advanced copy with the white house. a record 3700 apprehensions along the southern border in just one day, 100,000 expected this month alone and 107,000
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illegal immigrants released into the us since december yet democrats are still furious over how the pentagon plans to fund border security. leland that it joins us from washington where the lawmakers grilled him. >> that one billion-dollar pay is for 57 miles of fencing. it is not clear what pentagon budgets would be affected but some of the money comes from a counter narcotics account. congressman adam smith said congress trusted the department with this tool meaning the ability to move money around for additional flex ability to manage day-to-day operations, the recent notification of its intent to use that process to reprogram $1 billion without congressional approval is a violation of that trust. here's the defense secretary saying it is worth it. >> we understand significant downsize losing what amounts to a privilege. i've been to liberally working to be transparent in this
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process fully knowing there are downsides which will hamper us. >> this decision after the final house vote on veto override of the president's bill against donald trump's emergency declaration to build the wall, 248-101 in favor, the overriding 38 votes short of the 2 thirds majority needed. those on the border continue to ring the alarm bells, customs border patrol tweeting a picture saying border patrol reported 3700 apprehensions on the southwest border yesterday. the largest single total in a decade. are broader scale secretary neilsen brought support, 76,000 illegal (-- apprehended. 2000 apprehended every day at the southern border. the border patrol apprehended 268,000 since the beginning of the fiscal year, 97% increase
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from last year. this is not the only asset helping on the border as we reported. us troops remain on the border helping with surveillance and reportedly plans for more troops to come. shannon: always a pleasure to have you with us this early, thank you. another store we are following, the navy investigating after a marine is shot dead at camp pendleton. lance corporal riley shoots shot in the head. the 19-year-old from colorado was training for deployment. his mother said he dreamed of being a marine since he was a kid and all he wanted to do was protect people. a memorial service will be held next week. violence intensified near the gaza strip. israel and hamas shooting off a new round of strikes as the israeli prime minister faust to do whatever it takes to protect his people.
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live along the israel gaza border, you had to remarkable reporting, appreciate you joining us. >> reporter: tensions rise on the israel gaza border after more fighting last night, in control of the gaza strip firing a report as the israelis continuing her campaign in gaza, two days of intense fighting in the region. this all started after a rocket was fired monday. at a house in central israel, destroyed that house sending the family to the hospital and now they are preparing for the potential of a ground operation. the scene behind me, you see a number of taking and armored vehicles on the israel gaza border, the israeli military as far as we can see preparing for what could be a long weekend of fighting. according to israeli officials thousands of troops are headed to the border to join these
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vehicles and bulldozers preparing for the potential of that operation. monday night after the initial rocket attack a series of strikes in gaza by israeli air force, additionally hamas and islamic jihad groups operating inside the gaza strip as a series of rockets capture those images as the israel missile defense system intercepted many of those rockets in an effort to keep the israeli people along the border safe. we understand negotiators are working with groups inside gaza to negotiate a long-term cease-fire deal that would give both sides the opportunity to calm things down and avoid a major war. heather: we hope things calm down with you and your crew, appreciate it. back at home we talk about the green new deal. you can call it the green no deal, democrats climate change pipedream failed its first test.
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>> this is a picture of aquaman, the superhero from the undersea kingdom of atlantis. i draw your attention to the 20 foot impressive seahorse he is riding. under the green new deal this is probably hawaii's best bet. >> not a single senator voted to begin debating the issue, 42 democrats and bernie sanders simply voted present. the left slammed the vote as a political stunt by mitch mcconnell forcing senators into taking a position one way or another. how about this. your chance to turn two dollars into $750 million. the powerball jackpot is the fourth largest in history. of someone picks the lucky numbers they will get a lump sum of $466 million before taxes. your odds of winning, one in
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$292 million but there is no chance if you don't try. the time is 11 minutes after the top of the hour. outrage growing in chicago after jussie smollett is let off the hook. >> jussie smollett is still saying he is innocent, still running down the chicago police department. heather: our next guest calls this, quote, privilege 2.0. ♪
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it's going to be passover in just a few days. and these people are in desperate need. these are very difficult times for israel and the jewish people. as the government spends more and more of it's resources for battling terrorism. the situation has become a crisis. every week the lines get longer and longer. there are more people who come than they expect because the numbers keep growing. its difficult to have to see people in this situation
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the unleavened bread as the bible describes it. israel and it's people need your help now. you can make a life changing difference by calling and saying that you give a $25 food box to help a family in need in israel. thank you and god bless you for your support. >> i am a man of faith and a man with knowledge of my history. i would not bring my family or movement through fire like this. i just wouldn't. >> this without a doubt is a whitewash of justice. influence and power to be treated one way. >> do i think justice was served? know. heather: jussie smollett
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insisting he is innocent after charges were dropped accusing him of staging a hate crime. the shocking news leaving more questions than answers which are to weigh in is anti-violence activist, thank you for joining us. appreciate it. >> glad to be with you. i wore this colorful shirt to make sure everyone is watching early in the morning. heather: you joined us when this winter down and share your thoughts about the situation going on in chicago and how this took away from much-needed resources, legitimate resources. your initial response to what went down yesterday. shock, anger, a lot of that we heard from the police and mayor rahm emanuel. >> as the mayor said, it was a whitewash of justice, more a black wash of justice. never before in the history of the court have i seen an individual charged with 16 counts and all of a sudden everything is just dropped just
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like that. it shows lack of coordination and communication with the state attorney's office. obviously jussie smollett knows for this to take place in cook county, it is really sad. all the attention, the lions share of media attention when he was reported that he was attacked. in chicago, 32-year-old young lady was killed, her baby was shot in the kneecap that her husband is in critical condition. the media is all about jussie smollett. he owes the city more than apology but some type of explanation in the cook county state attorney's office, they are the people of cook county in the nation of what happened. heather: i want to go back to the allegations that it is all a matter of who you know and people in higher places. this text message was one of many that went back and forth between michelle obama's former
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chief of staff and a text that went to fox with the state attorney general saying i want to give you a call on behalf of jussie smollett and family who i know, they have concerns about the investigation and following up with this email exchange from fox where she says spoke with superintendent johnson. i convinced him to reach out to the fbi to ask they take over the investigation. he is reaching out now and will get back to me shortly. do you think this went back and forth? >> connect the dots. the communication chain took place with people in high levels of society and jussie smollett was able to walk away without being charged anymore, all charges were dropped. this is one time they did their due diligence, they did their job and went through the process. i'm not saying i was wishing jail on jussie smollett but some
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consequences should have taken place with the situation without a doubt. prison 2.0 all the way. heather: what are the consequences for those facing real crimes against them? who are reporting real hate crimes? >> jussie smollett was an ordinary young african-american male in chicago. he would never get out of jail because it is hard. the reality is people with real crimes out here, the consequences should be jussie smollett, they should mandate him to visit people that experience hate crimes in the lgbt community, and homophobic crimes against people throughout the united states. he should be mandated to perform community service with victims of real violence. heather: we will see what happens next if the fbi gets involved in faces federal charges involving the alleged letter he wrote himself.
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>> that is a great possibility without a doubt. >> the time is 19 after the top of the hour. no collusion but what impact has the mueller probe had on the world stage? the former president of georgia says the probe undermined america's reputation and joins us live up next. ♪ ico could help you save on homeowners insurance. nice tip. i'll give you two bucks for the chair. two?! that's a victorian antique! all right, how much for the recliner, then? wait wait... how did that get out here? that is definitely not for sale! is this a yard sale? if it's in the yard then it's... for sale. oh, here we go. geico. it's easy to switch and save on homeowners and renters insurance.
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julie: mueller report clearing the president of collusion with russia but how did the two year russia narrative impact our credibility on the global stage? here to weigh in is a man who
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says he personally experienced russian interference with an election, the former president of the republic of georgia, thank you very much. >> good morning to you. heather: let's get your personal experience with russia trying to interfere with an election. it was your own. >> yes. the 2012 very important crucial election in my country, russia did the same thing, social media campaign and also hacking of our computers and telephone systems and all kind of stuff we are painfully aware of. heather: as a result you approached the obama administration, hillary clinton, secretary of state, this is going on, you need a little help.
1:25 am
what was their response into did you speak to? >> we appeal to every level of officials. i was meeting permanently with hillary. i mentioned it to president obama and close advisers and every single official from washington that i met because we were seeing of course russia for two reasons, georgia was the world's number one and georgia was a fine democracy which -- bill: don't want thriving democracy in that area. >> not yet and donald trump came to us in georgia said that he was fascinated by that and praised me and the reforms and tax system and was investing in georgia. we have friends on both sides. the problem was what was
1:26 am
happening. russia handed over to russians, single shareholder. who happened to run a business, $2 billion. heather: by russia to the person running against you but what was the response when you were coming to the obama administration and hillary clinton with these concerns, what did they say to you? >> they said we were paranoid, pushing us to allow more space to this russian oligarch. i found later, what actually happened is we had this guy, former clinton administration ambassador and another guy, senator blumenthal, and on this
1:27 am
-- heather: pay for play was going on. we are taking money that was ultimately going to the clinton foundation. heather: let's collect the dots. people are annoyed because of this report. foreign agents registration act and in washington, it doesn't have that ready. it is a -- the foundation, if --
1:28 am
would turn georgia into a caucasian cuba and make meaningful relationship possible. heather: we are almost out of time. >> it is like supporting israel. in order to appease your animus that is unfair. heather: you allege the same thing happening today. >> the same people as donald trump, i know for sure donald trump contained russia and i know vladimir putin. with your report, give me a break. his agent -- bill: there are a lot of calls to determine if the mueller investigation began to begin with and you have a lot of insight to provide.
1:29 am
>> corruption all my life. and looking at washington forever and this has to change. what the president said, you cannot work for us. heather: we are going to go to black but thank you for joining us. we will be back, stay with us.
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heather: look at our top headlines this morning. major bombshell in the alleged hate crime hoax involving jussie smollett. and the mayor and police force furious as jussie smollett maintains his innocence. >> i have been consistent on every level since day one. >> a whitewash of justice. >> do i think justice was
1:33 am
served? know. >> staging hate crime and lying to police, he could face criminal charges. in the meantime there's brand-new ethics concerns in the case as chicago sun-times reveals text messages and emails that may show the state attorney was asked to interfere in the case. violence intensifying near the gaza strip as israel and hamas should off new rocket strikes overnight. the israeli army carrying out 15 strikes on hamas targets as militants fired at least 30 rockets into israel. as many as 1000 israeli troops are headed to the border. despite new numbers that backup the president's claim of crisis at the southern border democrats still pushing back, lawmakers grilling the secretary of defense over the pentagon's plan to pay for a border wall. >> to look at the pentagon as a piggy bank/slush fund undermines the credibility of the budget.
1:34 am
>> given the order from the commander-in-chief we are executing on that border. heather: congresswoman vicki of the armed services committee, we appreciate you joining us. >> glad to be here. heather: you were there yesterday. what was your feeling in terms of what transpired? >> i support the president's action. it is an emergency and we need to ask, 70,000 americans with drug overdoses last year, more than combined homicide and traffic fatalities and so the president was in his powers to make the emergency declaration and it was appropriate to transfer these funds congress had given the secretary of defense this ability. heather: we heard from the chair of the house armed services committee, democrat adam smith,
1:35 am
basically reprimanding shanahan saying you should not be able to reprogram this $1 billion. what did you think of that and should he be allowed to do that? >> of course adam schiff would say that, as a democrat who didn't support this, democrats who had not supported controlling the border, they would keep it open and keep drugs out of our communities and this is a political statement he made prior to our voting to try to override the veto of the president which was unsuccessful. but there is authority we have given the secretary of defense to reallocate $1 billion that was not going to be used because there was a shortage of recruitment in the army, many in the personnel account that was not going to be used and with the national emergency in place now that the president has put forward with 2000 people coming across the border, 90% of our
1:36 am
heroin coming across the border. it was appropriate and for him to do that. heather: let's look at the actual section of the border where this fencing will be put up. you have been to the border, you experienced it firsthand so you know what you are talking about. >> it is a war zone between the drug cartels and dedicated hard-working border patrol agents being outmanned and outspending many ways. we have got to act. it is very concerning. when you have more people dying last year due to drug overdoses, they have two traffic fatalities and homicides combined, that is an emergency and i'm proud of the president for taking the step he had to try to address this crisis that was long avoided. we need to get at it and get
1:37 am
these walls built and make sure our communities are safe and individuals and other countries come here make sure they are here legally. we want them and welcome them but they need to come legally and safely. heather: you mentioned house failing to overturn the veto, 248-141, additional 38 more votes. what are democrats doing? was it all for show? >> i am disappointed as they took over the house. instead of reaching across the island working in a bipartisan solution we can agree on such as going after the opioid crisis, infrastructure, rebuilding the military, they have just been putting forth one political thing after another from socialism to anti-semitism and this is a political stunt and it is too bad they chose to go this way. heather: it is moving forward from here.
1:38 am
we appreciate your time so early in the morning, have a good day. the time is 20 minutes until the top of the hour and a bombshell for the jussie smollett case even and raging liberals who originally bought his story. >> and unbelievable not washed director -- he has been let off scott free. heather: carly shimkus is here with the outrage flooding social media and there's a lot of it. ♪
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heather: brand-new trouble from boeing, the 737 max jet making an emergency landing despite a mandatory ground stop. tracy carrasco from foxbusiness with new reaction boeing is taking today. >> reporter: boeing is ready to
1:42 am
unveil its software update to those 737 max jet planes in washington. they will be unveiling this fix to pilots, airline officials, training officials from around the world. this software update 260 automated system is believed to push the nose down. and if there were any civilizations, the faa will still have to certify this update. not sure that will happen very quickly. especially after that emergency landing, and forced return to the air force in orlando after an engine problem was reported by two pilots aboard. the plane was being transported from florida to california for short-term storage during the grounding of these planes. waiting to see when they will
1:43 am
get back into the air. we have in watching shares of boeing that have been under pressure, pointing lower in the market. heather: no passengers on board but putting the pilots at risk. thank you so much. outrage building for law enforcement and chicago officials after all charges are dropped from all 16 against actor jussie smollett. >> this is a whitewash of justice, the grand jury cannot have been clearer. where is the accountability in the system? heather: carly shimkus with fox news headlines is here with the online reaction. it was swift and a lot. >> it was not an exaggeration,
1:44 am
and bond payment and community service he did was a punishment. meantime jussie smollett's campus claiming victory after charges were dropped. the empire show writers tweeted this saying see you wednesday when the show airs but not everybody is celebrating. former obama advisor david axelrod who has ties to chicago had this to say. unless a better expedition surfaces here is the list of this weird turn in the jussie smollett case. you can contrive a hate crime, make it national news, get caught and if you are well-connected celebrity, for $10,000, have your record expunged and files sealed. many feel justice has not been served was one twitter user says the people still have opinions. sarah on twitter china in saying
1:45 am
apparently jussie smollett cost $10,000 and if you volunteer hours and another twitter user says hollywood privilege at its finest. at the center of the controversy is the top prosecutor who originally recused herself from the case because of connections with communication with jussie smollett's family trying to get the case to the fbi. heather: communication with the former chief of staff and text messages. >> she is now facing a lot of backlash for this and the chicago fraternal order of police want the justice department to investigate why this went down. heather: everything is sealed now so how will we get access to any of that information. will we get access to that information? >> a real head scratcher. heather: raises some questions, thank you. the time is 15 minutes until the top of the hour.
1:46 am
democrats on the attack trying to keep obamacare alive as the trumpet ministration attempts to pull the plug. will this saga finally end? doctor nicole safire joins us next. ♪
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with our commitment free guarantee, there's never been a better time to start listening to audible. the most inspiring minds, the most compelling stories, the best place to listen. to start your free 30-day trial, text listen5 to 500500 today. ♪ heather: new york times editorial board slamming democrat and admitting not all the president's budget proposals i bet. even his medicare cuts, quote, the indiscriminate attacks by senate democrats are a reminder how hard it has become for congress to perform the most basic prudent housekeeping in the public interest. here with more is doctor nicole safire. thanks for joining us. love having you with us. let's look at the cuts we are
1:50 am
talking about as we being in our conversation, donald trump's 2020 budget healthcare proposal includes cuts over a decade for medicaid, cuts $818 billion over a decade for medicare, 12% decrease in discretionary funding. this goes against some of the things the president promised. >> i applaud the new york times editorial board because i was surprised to see this. they are taking a pragmatic approach, not getting caught up in headlines. during the campaign trail donald trump did say he was not cutting medicare or medicaid or social security. is he going back on that? nothing in his proposal takes away benefits from the elderly and that is what people are stuck on. the losers are doctors and hospitals. i should be the one upset. i want everyone to know the proposal is not taking away benefits from our elderly. what it is doing is shifting
1:51 am
around a lot of money, cutting 500 plus billion funds from medicare. it is not that 800-number they are projecting but what it is doing is getting rid of waste and tight medicare spending is good government and he knows, he needs to decrease healthcare costs. we see him doing that with drug prices and helping out the opioid crisis. this goes along with fiscal conservative policy. for democrats to sandblast that is being irresponsible which they want to expand the thing to everyone. it is on an unsustainable path. i'm optimistic, curious to see what these cuts look like. i like that he's not taking anything away from our elderly or medicare. heather: the person or group people should be angry with our democrats who are trying to make
1:52 am
it seem like the president is taking away benefits from the elderly. heather: it is all politics for 2020. they want healthcare when it comes to that election. what they are not understanding or what they are understanding is donald trump is trying to make a positive dent in healthcare. he is trying to take the republican side and avoid socialized medicine. this is the first step. heather: let's talk about obamacare. democrats, a new war against donald trump's plan to kill obamacare once and for all altogether. how will this end? >> the saga continues. all the little things donald trump keeps doing ultimately what he is trying to prepare for is the republican plan, working on the repeal, the doj holding up the unconstitutional aspect is repealing the portable character.
1:53 am
he is working to repeal it, to strip away the affordable care act that made it the unaffordable character. heather: do you think you would abolish and repeal it altogether which is another thing democrats are warning saying he's going to do this and all the people dependent on healthcare, obamacare left with nothing? >> is trying to lower healthcare prices so it does become more affordable so when he repeal the affordable care act he will be able to implement something in place. a lot of people upset if you take away medicaid and the subsidies. he is trying to listen healthcare costs and bring back coverage in different forms whether it is block granting, coming up with catastrophic plans to lower costs and parts of the affordable care act people don't like without taking away coverage. without getting held up in crazy media headlines. heather: happy to be here.
1:54 am
the time until the top of the hour, donald trump's twitter total turning into bench brawls, why a judge is threatening to block other users and make a not upgrade, a woman crossing 6 lanes of highway traffic completely naked. ♪ it's understanding why that... will get him a body like that... move! ...that. your job isn't doing hard work... here.'s making her do hard work... ...and getting paid for it. (vo) snap and sort your expenses to save over $4,600 at tax time. (danny) jody...'s time to get yours! (vo) quickbooks. backing you.
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heather: the health alert, state of emergency declared in rockland county, new york over measles outbreak, officials banning unvaccinated minors from all public places for the next 30 days. 153 confirmed cases of measles in the county north of new york city and concerns in michigan as 22 people contract the measles. can donald trump block people on twitter? that is what a federal appeals court is deciding, the president asking for a lawsuit to be tossed out claiming his twitter account is personal and separate from his official title, this after a federal judge ruled he violated users constitutional rights after blocking them. that continues. the good, the bad and the ugly. a police officer busted a move
1:59 am
for the kids. the new york police officer showing schoolchildren from level for the american heart association. officer jackson was a big hit. and unusual distraction hug the man's attention in minnesota, swerving driver, a 250 found bore sharing the steering wheel. authorities using the strange encounter to warn people about the dangers of distracted driving. that is distracted all right. finally the ugly. a woman provides a different distraction north of daytona beach. >> oh my god, the stuff that goes on here. heather: this woman was spotted crossing the florida interstate
2:00 am
in broad daylight no clothes on. she pulled over to catch her dog which somehow escaped from her car. that explains it. that wraps up this hour of "fox and friends first," thank you for joining us, "fox and friends first" continues now, goodbye. rob: i haven't driven naked with my dog in a long time. wednesday, march 27th, while day in the windy city understanding twist in the jussie smollett case. jillian: prosecutors drop all charges, not even police i this coming. rob: new evidence showing jussie smollett had help from friends in high places. jillian: agent struggling to stop 100,000 illegals expected to cross the border this month alone. rob: defense secretary shanahan responded to democrat saying there is no crisis. >> this is a picture of aquaman.


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