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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  March 27, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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in broad daylight no clothes on. she pulled over to catch her dog which somehow escaped from her car. that explains it. that wraps up this hour of "fox and friends first," thank you for joining us, "fox and friends first" continues now, goodbye. rob: i haven't driven naked with my dog in a long time. wednesday, march 27th, while day in the windy city understanding twist in the jussie smollett case. jillian: prosecutors drop all charges, not even police i this coming. rob: new evidence showing jussie smollett had help from friends in high places. jillian: agent struggling to stop 100,000 illegals expected to cross the border this month alone. rob: defense secretary shanahan responded to democrat saying there is no crisis. >> this is a picture of aquaman.
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under the green new deal this is hawaii's best bet. rob: entertainment from mike lee. aoc's global warming bill goes down in flames in its first legislative test. jillian: "fox and friends first" continues right now. ♪ ♪ jillian: another busy day. if it is not one thing it is another. rob: you can't even go to the gym, a huge bombshell breaking news story. jillian: a lot to talk about today. you are watching "fox and friends first" on wednesday morning. rob: thanks for getting up early with us.
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a major bombshell, the hate crime involving jussie smollett, chicago's top prosecutor dropping all charges. the city's mayor and police force furious as jussie smollett still maintains his innocence. >> i've been consistent on every level since day one. do i think justice was served? know. rob: jussie smollett was accused of staging a hate crime in february and lying to police. he could still face federal charges. jillian: the police department asking for an investigation into kim fox. the chicago sun-times reveals text messages and emails that may show she was asked to interfere in the case. fox testing a relative of jussie smollett saying spoke to the superintendent earlier, he was going to make it, figure out logistics.
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i will keep you posted. jussie smollett's relative replying this would be a huge victory. fox response i make no guarantees but i'm trying. jussie smollett family members saying i understand, i appreciate the effort. rob: the sun-times revealing an email from fox to michelle obama's former chief of staff, quote, spoke to chicago police superintendent eddie johnson, convinced him to reach out to fbi that they take over the investigation. he was reaching out and will get back to me shortly. jillian: jussie smollett faced years behind bars, he has agreed to community service and will not get his $10,000 bail back. a version of the mueller report will be released in, quote, weeks, not months. attorney general william barr planning to make as much information from the russian investigation public as possible. rob: the probe never should have started in the first place. >> what happened is a disgrace,
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this ridiculous witchhunt where it was proven very strongly no collusion, no obstruction, no nothing. jillian: there will be a series of reviews to make sure no sensitive or classified information is included in the public mueller report. the doj has no plans to share an advanced copy with the white house. rob: another major story to follow, a record 3700 apprehensions along the southern border in just one day. think about that. 100,000 expected this month alone. jillian: 107,000 illegal immigrants released into the us since december. democrats are still furious over how the pentagon plans to fund border security. >> you are not asking for our permission. you said here are the risks longer term to the department and those risks were waived and
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given a legal order from the commander-in-chief we are executing on that order. jillian: leland is live in washington where the acting defense secretary was grilled by lawmakers. >> reporter: that $1 billion we are talking about will pay for 57 miles of fencing. unclear exactly what pentagon budgets would be affected but some of the money comes from a counter narcotics account. adam smith who you just heard from said in a statement congress is trusting the department with this tool, the ability to move money around, to give them additional flexibility to manage day-to-day operations, dod recent notification of it intends to use that process to reprogram $1 billion without congressional approval is a violation of that trust. acting defense secretary saying it is worth it.
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>> we understand significant downsize of losing what amounts to a privilege. i have been working to be transparent in this process fully knowing there are downsides which will have her us. >> reporter: the decision comes after the final house vote over veto override of the president, the bill against the emergency declaration to build the wall. final vote, 248-181 in favor of the override, 38 votes short of the two thirds majority. those on the border continue to ring the alarm. customs and border patrol tweeted a picture saying border patrol reported 47 applications on the southwest border yesterday, the largest single day total in a decade. on a broader scale, this from dhs secretary's march report,
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76,000 illegal immigrants apprehended being inadmissible in february, 12 year high, 2000 aliens apprehended every day at the southern border and border patrol apprehended 268,000 in the beginning of the fiscal year. the pentagon money is not the only military asset, us troops remain there with surveillance and there are reportedly plans for more troops to come. heather: hard to deny those numbers. rob: 3700. the family of kate steinle who was killed by an illegal immigrant is far from going forward with the wrongful death suit against the city of san francisco. the ninth circuit court of appeals, very familiar, ruling a sanctuary city cannot be held liable for her death. this despite this the refusing to tell immigration and customs enforcement about a car's release from custody months before her death. steinle was shot and killed when walking on appear with her father.
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jillian: ms 13 ginkgo member added the top 10 most wanted list in texas, they hope it won't be too tough to find him since ms 13, they are offering $7500 for information leading to this person wanted for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and assault of a family member. rob: violence intensify near the gaza strip. israel and hamas shooting off a new round of strikes as the israeli primacy of vows to do what it takes to protect his people. jillian: along the israel gaza border where people wrote woke up to blaring alarms. >> reporter: tensions high along the israel gaza border as fighting continues between hamas and israeli forces. a text message from a senior hamas official in the gaza strip says the situation is fragile on the ground. i want to show you on the other side of the border as is really military is preparing for the
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potential of a ground operation inside gaza. you see armored vehicles and tanks. this is from a brigade that includes hundreds of israeli soldiers. additionally we know thousands of troops are here in the southern part of israel preparing for a larger conflict. this erupting after a rocket was fired on wednesday. rob: thank you so much, appreciate it. jillian: in a few hours secretary of state will be grilled on capitol hill, two congressional committees today laying out his proposal for the state department budget which calls for a 23% cut in is expected to face questioning over diplomatic relations with north korea, iran and saudi arabia. rob: the president will award the nation's highest honor to an american hero killed in iraq, travis atkins made the ultimate sacrifice when he tackled a terrorist wearing a suicide vest in 2007. he saved the lives of two fellow
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soldiers standing just feet away. athens's son and parents will accept the middle at the white house this afternoon. just unreal. jillian: it is 10 minutes after the hour. democrats have been calling to impeach the president since he took office. >> we are going to go in there. >> i'm going to keep saying we need to impeach him. >> to bring impeachment to the floor of the house. jillian: with obamacare on life support are they trying to shift their 20/20 focus thanks to a pep talk from obama himself? congressman louis goehmert has the insight from capitol hill. rob: jussie smollett cleared in his alleged hate crime hoax and just about everybody wants to know how and why. we will look at the legal scenarios that could have led to this bombshell decision coming up.
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>> i am a man of faith with knowledge of history and i would not bring my family, our lives with the movement to this. i wouldn't. >> this, without a doubt, a whitewash of justice. if you're in position of influence and power you will get treated one way. >> do i think justice was served? know. jillian: jussie smollett insisting he's innocent after all charges were dropped in his alleged hate crime hoax. rob: this was a shocking move leaving many more questions than answers. appears to be fantastic news for the empire star. here to weigh in, his defense attorney, you saw this come out, the entire city and shock. >> as a person who the prosecutor's office for 6 years you have to be careful in a case like this.
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he set off hysteria in a community. a massive police investigation. hundreds of thousands of dollars have been wasted on this hoax. racial tension ratcheted up. this would considered by me when i was running the agency is one of the more serious offenses that i had. this prosecutor get that data and that evidence, presented to a grand jury which means they have probable cause to get an indictment, 23 folks out of chicago decided there was enough evidence to indict and then as i have been saying with a kiss to the guy who throws the police department to do the bus, the citizens of cook county under the bus, prosecutors, people who respect the rule of law, because you have power and influence and friends in high places doesn't get you a break. my last point, what about those other defense attorneys in cook county. i hope they are lining up at the state attorney's office saying what about my guy you want to
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put in jail for marijuana or my guy who broke into a car or the little guy, the minorities going to jail, this guy escapes, i challenge this prosecutor on this show, you tell me man-to-man why you made this decision, why you did this, to disrespect the police, disrespect the community, give this guy a break when he did something as dastardly as going around saying he was attacked by white people with a news and sprayed in the face and being assaulted and it is all a lie, you presented to the grand jury and give him a break like this. you don't do that for minority who doesn't have power or money, come on the show and let me deep a you. jillian: how does this happen? you are fired up, we were talking in the breakout we are fired up, people across the country are fired up. what goes on behind the scenes to make this happen? >> when i ran an agency, the police had to hold their nose
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and you had to make a decision, i would bring them in based on law and fact as to why we couldn't prove our case. states and even contact the police. people they work with every day, they blindsided them. prosecutors rightfully so, are given wide discretion and latitude to meet out justice to people. not everything is the same. when prosecutors abused their discretion like occurred here, then you get an anomalous unjust result like you have your. rob: you have the top prosecutor in cook county in chicago, kim fox who should be up for reelection in 2020, she knew what was going on here. allegations she pushed this in, got a phone call from michelle obama's former chief of staff, text message and says can we get
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off of this or get a little bit of push? he was a friend of the obamas. >> most stories we do are the result of politics and prosecution, those things should not be anywhere near connected. if somebody contacted me i would say excuse me, this is the middle of an independent investigation, thank you for your concern, i cannot speak about this case. rather, reaching out to law enforcement officers, communicated with other people. jillian: a portion of it from kimberly fox to tina chen, superintendent johnson. i convinced him to reach out to fbi to ask they take over the investigation. he is reaching out, what do you
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think of the fact this is steel? >> why should the fbi take an investigation? madam prosecutor, you are the prosecutor conflict out, your office, cook county, lots of cases and you're capable of handling this case. getting to the fbi, and interference in trying to do that makes no sense to me. the fact, give me a break, no one gets to understand the information, he gets to claim i'm innocent and in the greatest irony of ironies the prosecutor comes out to the mayor's quest -- press conference, and we don't believe the evidence shows he is innocent. everybody wants answers here heads control with this.
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jillian: appreciate it. 20 minutes after the hour. the establishment versus the freshman, nancy pelosi taking a not so veiled swipe at the anti-israel views of congresswoman omar. rob: are you lucky if you hit the 7 $50 million powerball jackpot? how to avoid financial ruin, one of those horror stories. uh uh, e news around here. sources say liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. over to you, logo. liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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wake up a multimillionaire? rob: what you need to know after your numbers get called. how sad is that people can lose this much money? >> the statistic that is really frightening, 70% of the people that win the lottery within five years have lost it all. it is inconceivable. jillian: what are they doing? >> buying more than what they have. it is incredible. jillian: house in every state? >> bad investments. if you are fortunate enough to win the lottery you need to put the right plan in place, the right advisors and accountant lawyer and financial analyst or financial advisor to take that kind of money. that is not for the normal person. jillian: your chance of winning the lottery is one in $290 million. the winning ticket --
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rob: this is the winning tackett. this is the winner in this is a "fox and friends first" ticket. >> it is a little deceiving when you think of $750 million because that is not what you get. you take the lump sum payout you are down to $465 million and then you start to take federal taxes and state taxes so it could be as low as $250 million. i don't know if it is worth playing any longer. rob: let's talk about the first one. don't tell anybody. if you win this thing everyone will be coming to you. >> you will get more phone calls. and a lot of strangers as well. the first thing you want to do is don't tell anyone and keep in mind this is a instrument. the person who holds the ticket on the ticket. if you drop that and someone picks it up it is there so you
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need to protect that ticket. jillian: hire an attorney, and accountant, stay anonymous, not all states allow it. >> only 7 states allow you to stay anonymous. most states want you to be out there because it protects the integrity of the lottery. it is a real winner. jillian: transfer funds to pay off the debt. >> put your money into a trust, to protect it from creditors and protects you in the state planning as well. rob: take $10 million in an account that is untouchable. if i get one of these numbers tomorrow i will probably have a heart attack. i never get a single number. jillian: 26 after the hour,
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to treat every car like i treat mine. ♪ at adp we're designing a better way to work, so you can achieve what you're working for. ♪ jillian: a look at top headlines, all charges against jussie smollett dropped amid new ethics concerns, text messages, the state attorney with after interview. he could face federal charges. >> violence intensifying as israel and hamas shootout new rocket strikes, they are carrying out 15 airstrikes on hamas targets. gaza militants fired 30 rockets,
2:31 am
as many as 1000 israel troops are headed to the border. >> despite the numbers backing up the president's claim of a crisis at the southern border democrats pushing back, the acting secretary of defense grilled on capitol hill over the pentagon's plan to issue $1 billion paid for 50 miles of fence at the border. rob: democrats blame politics for the safety of americans? jillian: louis goehmert, appreciate your time. are they playing politics? >> absolutely playing politics. as they play politics and taking up a bill if you bring a child with you, you are sure to get in and probably be released and the drug cartels control every inch of the border, they get paid when every person comes in and the consequences, they are not stupid in the drug cartels. they know when democrats are doing their bidding and talking
2:32 am
about no walls and letting anybody who has a child with a coming, puts children at risk but you were playing the numbers earlier, 3700, in one day. the information i'm getting from border patrol down south, not only are they doing catch and release driving border patrol crazy, they think they have criminals in the group but they have given orders, whatever information they give you quickly and let them go. rob: they are out of space to put people, where do you put anybody at this point? >> exactly. they process people to get the information. they are way outside the building, and -- rob: we looked at this so many times, how overstretched we are at the border.
2:33 am
the house armed services committee chairman adam smith is trying to block $1 billion from the pentagon. the administration has $1.3 billion approved for wall construction and they want this other billion. can adam smith block that? >> he can try. he's chairman of the committee. if they pass a bill that would block it just as we saw with trying to reel in the national emergency they don't have the votes to override the president's veto, he would veto it because donald trump sees how bad this is. he can push it but the fact is the president would never sign it. it wouldn't get past the senate anyway but even if it did the president would veto it. they are not going to block the money because this truly is a matter of this nation's defense. it is out of control. jillian: listen to adam smith and get your reaction on the back end.
2:34 am
>> funding the border wall, that is unbelievably irresponsible. whatever one feels about the border wall, to look at the pentagon as the piggy bank/slush fund to grab money for something when you need it really undermines the credibility of the entire dod budget. jillian: people have a hard time understanding how this might be, quote, irresponsible according to him when you can't argue the numbers that we see. >> you can't. if you go back to one of our worst presidents, woodrow wilson, even he finally when poncho via killed some americans, the congressional research service, 75,000 american troops down to the border, more into mexico, when they put those numbers on the
2:35 am
border people didn't come in the we didn't want coming in and it is that bad. adam smith is very sincere in this, we in congress have given so much money, so little specificity, the obama administration, the trump administration. it is perfectly legal what they are doing and there is no more bigger national emergency, no bigger and better use of the fence money. >> we have a second topic, mueller finished the report. a lot of democrats moving away from impeachment at this point and talking about obamacare, doj says basically the individual mandate is unconstitutional, big blow to democrats. they are trying to save obamacare. >> if we know it is
2:36 am
unconstitutional, justice john roberts, making up fiction in order, and it is a ridiculous opinion and the official mandate, the obama administration said repeatedly without the mandate the whole thing falls. finally it has taken years and more intelligent judges looking at it and saying what the obama administration did, that needs to happen. jillian: we really appreciate it, have a good day. 36 minutes after the hour, time for a check on the weather with janice, janice is following the flooding. >> a big story throughout the spring time and we will monitor the flooding. here are your temperatures,
2:37 am
below average on the east coast, 35 in new york, 40 minneapolis, the next storm system moving into the west, very active across the pacific. this will move in, bring more heavy rain for california, feet of mountain snow and his energy, part of it across the northern plains, the rockies into the plane states where we have flooding. anymore rainfall will be a bad situation. we have epic amounts of rainfall into the springtime. and the flooding concerns ongoing. some of the aerial pictures across nebraska and iowa are devastating. jillian: we will be right back.
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jillian: good wednesday morning. major bombshell in the alleged hate crime hoax involving jussie smollett.
2:41 am
chicago's top prosecutor dropping charges and sealing the case. >> i would not be my mother's and if i was capable of one drop of what i am accused of. >> if you brought it to clear his name the way to do that is in a court of law so everyone can see the numbers. do i think justice was served? know. rob: a lot of people upset about this. the very latest developments this morning. >> reporter: certainly a bombshell and the stunner. in this video chicago, we got a tip pretty early on that something was going on in the case involving jussie smollett. he wasn't due back in court until april 17th, we were prepared in case he walked through the door. i was the only television reporter there from beginning to end and as soon as jussie smollett walked into the
2:42 am
courthouse he was surrounded by his family and team of attorneys. he was smiling the entire time. we had never seen that before and it was very clear that whatever was going to unfold was going to be in his favor. and attorney before the judge representing the cook county state attorney's office said after details, and jussie smollett community service, they were deciding to drop all 16 felony counts. as of right now what we know is jussie smollett attorneys will be back in the courtroom, back in the courthouse. they were asking for the court to ensure that jussie smollett's record was expended and the records are sealed. i'm here in the 300 block of n. water st.. this is where jussie smollett claims he was attacked january 29th at 2:00 in the morning.
2:43 am
we are no clearer, he decided to forfeit his $10,000 bond. we asked the question to his attorneys, and why give up that money and still don't have that answer. i will send it back to you in the studio. jillian: what happens to the brothers? rob: we can't wait to hear from them in all of that. the move by prosecutors to drop all the charges here stunning just about everybody including law enforcement. jillian: carly shimkus with serious xm 115 has plenty of reaction. >> this is not an exoneration. they feel his $10,000 bond payment and community service was enough. they are claiming victory shortly after the charges were dropped. empire show writers tweeted this, see you all wednesday which is when the show airs with
2:44 am
the news headline right there but not everybody is celebrating. former obama advisor david axelrod said this. unless better explanation surfaces here is the lesson of this weird turn in the jussie smollett case. you can contrive a hate crime, get caught if you are a well-connected celebrity, get off for $10,000 and have your record expunged. many people feel justice wasn't served. one twitter user calling jussie smollett the boy who cried wolf and another twitter user china in saying it is unequal justice. this has to stop. at the center of the controversy is top prosecutor ken fox who originally recused herself from the case because she has communication with jussie smollett's family and tried to get the case turned over to the
2:45 am
fbi. a chicago police union is asking the justice department to investigate this to see why the case was dropped. rob: did she recuse herself or part of this? an elected official here, that could be a career changer. a lot of people want a lot of answers. rob: we talked about the osuntairio brothers, when will he speak up? >> alexandria ocasio cortez's pipedream failed its first legislative test. what does it say about her fellow democrats and their quick about-face? rob: that is coming up. brian kilmeade will ask us to get dressed. >> eventually but don't give away the punchline. you got my memo to please get dressed. we will talk to senator michael he about the new green deal because something humorous and comical that got under the skin of aoc which happens every four minutes in washington. to senator tim scott will talk about the rise of anti-semitism in this country and so much more.
2:46 am
john james on democratic party grabbed between those who aren't anti-israel and those who are. and jussie smollett, we will try to bring in legal experts. one is judge alex, he will be here. and we have john you trying to cling to everyone why this would not be a great idea. singing, dancing and give aways. don't miss a minute of the next three hours. jillian: i know you better than that. there will not be singing and dancing at least on your behalf because you never met a dance floor that does you any good. rob: we will be right back. building a better bank
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jillian: falling flat, democrat darling alexandria ocasio cortez's green new deal failing to pass first senate vote. what does it say about democrats who just voted present instead of starting a debate? mandy from the epa office, thank you for joining us. let's look at this list of democrats who cosponsored the green new deal but voted present on this which could be a shock to a lot of people. cory booker on the list, kirsten gillibrand on the list, kamala harris, bernie sanders, the list goes on. what do you make of the fact they voted present instead of no? >> a total embarrassment and the voters they represent should be upset because it is a disservice
2:51 am
for senators to show up and vote supposedly for the issue they sold was a couple weeks ago and the most.issue facing humanity and they showed up and voted present. you know who doesn't vote present for his job is donald trump and if they were serious about addressing climate or the environment they would spend more time trying to work with him instead of trying to destroy everything he has created successfully the first two years. jillian: what would your message be to supporters? >> they should call the representatives, and book issues by voting present. and get serious about any issues especially environment and energy issues. and in a very productive way. >> see what mike lee said about the green new deal. >> this is a picture of aquaman, a superhero from the undersea kingdom of atlantis. i draw your attention to the 20 foot impressive see force he is
2:52 am
writing. under the green new deal this is a why's best bet. jillian: what do you think of that? >> he points out the ridiculousness of the green new deal and more largely the democrats have a major credibility issue, they are trying to propose issues that are not popular and wouldn't work, trying to protect a socialist agenda and senator mike lee was right to point out how shallow and lack of thought they put into their relative policies. jillian: we want your take on another topic, let's listen to what alexandria ocasio cortez had to say when she asked if it was okay to have kids because of climate change. >> there is scientific consensus the lives of children are going to be very difficult and it does lead young people to have a
2:53 am
legitimate question, is it okay to still have children? jillian: she raises that question. usa today published an article how more women are not having children due to climate change. where is this coming from? >> it is coming from extreme rhetoric that is until the for any kind of debate and personally i think it is heartbreaking. i'm a mother of two children and i will tell you today under donald trump i couldn't be more optimistic about their future and anyone thinking about having children should know we are living in the most prosperous country and we have significant economic -- the president is setting us up for perpetual success thanks to his economic agenda and environmental dominance that goes alongside a very healthy future when it comes to environmental progress. jillian: i don't have kids but i know many people who died i never heard one person say on the list of white or why not have kids, climate change. >> i haven't either and it is not a serious thing to say when you are thinking about having children and it is something you expect from somebody like
2:54 am
alexandria ocasio cortez who is not a serious congressperson, she doesn't put forward serious issues and brings a particular statement like that and what you saw yesterday was a rejection of her and dangerous policies like the green new deal. jillian: thank you for your time, appreciate it, 6 minutes until the top of the hour. naked and not afraid. >> oh my god, what goes on here on 95. jillian: the reason this woman crossed six lanes of highway traffic in her birthday suit, don't want to miss it. ♪ ing scents. introducing febreze one; a new range of innovative air fresheners with no heavy perfumes that you can feel good about using in your home to deliver a light, natural-smelling freshness. febreze one neutralizes stale, stuffy odors and releases a subtle hint of fragrance like bamboo or lemongrass ginger.
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rob: house speaker nancy pelosi condemning ilhan omar's anti-semitic remarks. >> full house came together, condemned the anti-semiticness of dual loyalty and all form of bigotry with a resolution i simply declared to be anti-semitic is to be anti-american. rob: she showed up foray pack. those comments made earlier this month the house created a resolution rejecting several anti-semitic comments made by omar. jillian: facebook banned thousands of pages trying to spread fake news. the social media linked to iran 2,000 linked to russia. pages impersonating real
2:59 am
groups and media organizations. nearly 1.5 million accounts followed at least one of those fake pages. time for the good, the bad, and the ugly. starting with the good. the governor of utah shadows an 86-year-old law to higher alcohol brews. going up 3.2 to 4% beer sold in stores. early holiday gift taking effect november 1st. jillian: unusual distraction hogs a man's attention in minnesota. police stopping a swerving driver only to find 250-pound bor boar sharing the steering wheel. dangers of distracted driving. rob: finally the ugly, that's nice to say a naked woman crossing the highway north of beach. >> what goes on here on 95. rob: it isn't ugly. she is in pretty good shape. spotted crossing the florida
3:00 am
interstate in broad daylight. she pulled over to catch her dog which escaped from her dog which for some reason she was driving naked with. and don't ask us. we just report it. jillian: have a good day. ♪ >> all charges dropped after jussie smollett cleared in the alleged hate-crime hoax. why? >> what jussie smollett did was a complete and total betrayal of the conscious of our country. >> this is a white wash of justice. >> do you think justice was served? no. >> it will be weeks, not days until the version of the mueller report was sent to congress. >> i think what happened was a disgrace. i don't believe our country should allow this ever to happen again. >> if the republican party had hired a foreign agent, there is no way in hell the media would give the republican party a pass. >> a record 3700 apprehensions along the southern border in just one day. >> the green new deal. >> is dead after it didn't get


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