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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  March 27, 2019 6:00am-9:00am PDT

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make sure you check it out at 9:00 p.m. eastern time here on fox nation. >> stay up a little later for that. >> watch fox nation "after the show show" or watch the radio show coming up in four minutes. >> bill: good morning, everybody. breaking news on the release of the mueller report. we're learning the justice department will release details within weeks. how much of it we wait to find out the answer on that. closest thing we have to a working timetable. so more on that inside "america's newsroom" coming up here. a dramatic twist in a bombshell report we watched together live on the air. the fallout from the jussie smollett case continues. all 16 felony charges were dropped. did anyone intervene in this matter? many questions. >> sandra: good morning. ifm owe sandra smith. police union calling on the justice department to dig into an apparent connection between
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a former michelle obama aid and chicago prosecutor. all charges were dropped. >> i've been truthful and consistent on every level since day one. i would not be my mother's son if i was capable of one drop of what i've been accused of. >> do i think justice was served? no. where do i think justice is? i think this city is still owed an apology. >> this is without a doubt a whitewash of justice and sends a clear message that if you're in a position of influence and power you'll get treated one way. other people will be treated another way. >> there was no justice that happened today and it is a disgrace. it is a disgrace to the police officers that worked so hard. >> bill: matt finn starts our coverage live in chicago. said to be an airtight case, matt. what happened? >> bill, cook county prosecutors claim this is not an exoneration. there was no deal.
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they say dropping the case was just punishment instead of taking it to trial. prosecutors say they reviewed the evidence and took into consideration the fact that jussie smollett forfeited his $10,000 bond and did community service here in chicago at reverend jesse jackson's rainbow push organization. this case seemed to be more aggravated than just a false police report because of how many man-hours were spent investigating what smollett was a hate crime. chicago police said they had 12 detectives on this case for a month and the costs of resources on the city so far can't even be counted. cook county prosecutors say smollett is a non-violent offender and his alleged hoax doesn't warrant more prosecution. >> our goal and our number one priority is combating violent crime and the drivers of violence. i don't think mr. smollett is a driver of violence nor was he
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someone who is a violent criminal. >> another notable point here cook county states attorney kim foxx suddenly recused herself from this case at the height of the investigation. it was revealed foxx was messaging with michelle obama's former chief of staff tina. she texted foxx on behalf of the smollett family urging foxx to get chicago police to turn their investigation over the f.b.i. and the smollett family was concerned about alleged false leaks. she texted to the state's attorney's office. i want to give you a call on behalf of jussie smollett and the family i know. they have concerns about the investigation. kim foxx then responded. i spoke to the superintendent earlier. he will make the ask. trying to figure out logistics. i'll keep you posted. she wonder oh my god, this would be a huge victory. also a big question if kim foxx ever truly recused herself from this case.
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there was no special prosecutor appointed. we just covered the mcdonald and vandyk case all summer long and there was another prosecutor from another county appointed to that case. after foxx recused herself it was handed over to her right-hand man. >> bill: what are we learning about the brothers involved from the very beginning? >> the attorney for the two brothers says they were ready to go to trial. as chicago police tell us they were preparing to go to trial. the former attorney for the brothers released a at the same time saying they were prepared to testify in any criminal proceeding in the jussie smollett case. following today's decision ending the criminal case against smollett gloria schmidt no longer represents the brothers. jussie smollett said he was innocent all along and one of the darkest periods in his life. >> bill: more with you when we get it. >> sandra: other big story, the
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mueller report coming out in weeks, not months. that's the justice department timetable for the attorney general to make a version available for congress and the public. as president trump was still basking in the findings on capitol hill. >> president trump: the mueller report was great. it could not have been better. it said no obstruction, no collusion. it could not have been better. >> sandra: catherine herridge is live in washington for us this morning. good morning. >> good morning. according to a senior justice department official attorney general did not tell republican senator lindsey graham whose committee that's direct oversight that he intends to share the report with the white house before congress. the process will take weeks with direct consultation with special counsel mueller. to identify, isolate and remove
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grand jury material that can't be released by law. the attorney general will take other steps. >> the law requires that. he will go to the intelligence community to make sure we don't release classified information or sources and methods that may jeopardize our national security. he is going to talk to some prosecutors who have cases associated with this to see if anything in the report would undercut them. he is going to do all that in weeks, not months. >> he told fox he is predicting the report's delivery next month followed by public testimony from the attorney general. meantime in a separate development a former government official is weighing in on text messages first reported by fox news. the official said former intelligence chief and trump critic james clapper does not know former f.b.i. agent peter strzok and never kept him in the loop about anything despite text messages obtained by fox news between lisa page and her
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old boss andrew mccabe that read in part. by the way, director of national intelligence clapper told pete he was meeting with director brennan and deputy david cohen for dinner tonight just for your situational awareness. mccabe replied okay. the timing matters. the meeting comes at a times when there was a spike in the russia collusion allegations and two sources told fox news that any contact between strzok and clapper would be highly irregular because strzok doesn't have the same seniority. >> bill: a lot to go through now. want to bring in alan dershowitz and get his take what we think is developing thus far. the president was on capitol hill yesterday. the part of the question and answer with reporters there. one key point at the end, watch here, professor. >> the people who launched the investigation in your
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as a treasonous act. >> he has a certain art about leaving things intriguing on the line i would say. would president obama know about campaign surveillance when he was in the west wing? >> i don't think we know the answer to that question. i do think, though, it's time to stop accusations and counter accusations. it is time to get back to the business of governing. it is time to stop investigations on all sides. i think we've had enough of that. the mueller report has come out. it is relatively conclusive. the next step is how much of the mueller report will be released. my question is will the mueller report pass the comey test? remember, the comey test is when you decide not to indict somebody, you don't then say oh my god, but she engaged in extreme carelessness. everybody condemned him for that. will the mueller report commit the same sin? will it say we aren't going to charge the president, but he
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did the following bad things, a, b, c, d. that would be inconsistent with the traditional role of prosecutors and so the question is, when attorney general barr vets the report, will he also vet it not only for classified and other material, but will he vet it for material that are critical of somebody who hasn't been indicted and fail the comey test, the test that got comey fired? >> bill: you are part of the school that would suggest, then, that even when the mueller report goes public, that there will be those who can look at certain evidence in the report and continue to raise questions. and if that's the case, professor, you don't get your wish. we don't move on from this. >> i think that's right. i think the function of the report is not to give political benefits to either side. that's what i didn't like about the obstruction of justice where the attorney general said on the one hand we aren't going to charge him, on the other
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hand he hasn't been exonerated. that was grist for the political mill of the democrats. it's like comey saying we won't indict her but what she did was careless. prosecutors shouldn't be expressing views on people that they decide there was insufficient evidence to indict. i think the same thing is happening in the smollett case. everybody is expressing views about his guilt or innocence even though the decision was made not to go forward. that also raises questions. now, if there was corruption and oh my god, corruption in chicago? whoever heard of that. if there was corruption in the decision not to prosecution, then we're entitled to look into that. but i think once you decide not to go forward and prosecute somebody, we shouldn't be having a mini trial in the court of public opinion. >> bill: what do you think is going on in cook county illinois on the smollett? how can the record be expunged,
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have the charges dropped and keep the bond money. how does it work? >> is he guilty? that's a factual issue. is there proof beyond a reasonable doubt. if he is then the decision not to prosecute because it isn't a -- it's a horrible abuse of justice. falsely accusing people is a very serious crime. you can't give people a $10,000 pass if they faltly accuse people. made up a case and situation and led the police astray, took them away from solving violent crime to try to solve this crime because the crime was a violent crime. the crime he reported was a violent crime. the 10 commandments in the bible are clear. if you accuse somebody of murder, you get executed. if you accuse somebody of robbery, they take your money away from you. you get punished by the punishment that would have been given to the people who you
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falsely accused. to say it's not a crime of violence is to mislead. he alleged he was a victim of violence. the idea of dropping these charges in exchange for $10,000 if he is guilty is a horrible abuse of justice and must be investigated to see if there was improper influence used and made on that decision. >> bill: said he was working for marginalized people everywhere. thank you for your time and your analysis. thanks. >> sandra: we have a lot more on the story coming up for you as the police union chief sounds off on the move to drop all charges. >> this is a travesty of justice all the way around. our detectives are mad, our members are angry, and they want justice. >> sandra: that man, kevin graham, is the head of the police union in chicago. where he is now demanding the feds dig deeper into a troubling connection between a former michelle obama aide and
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the state's attorney. he will join us live to explain all this. >> there is always a russian ghost somewhere like trying to find the mythical animal that came from puerto rico that people see in the southwest. they are like a bunch of those kind of hunters. >> bill: turning the tables on democrats to investigate the investigation continues. jim jordan joins us later this hour and where we are today. >> sandra: president trump saying republicans will be known as the party of healthcare come 2020 as his administration takes action to wipe obamacare off the map. john delaney will weigh in on all of that next. hmm? yeah, you just go online, or give them a call anytime. you don't say. yep. now what will it take to get 24/7 access
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call today and talk to an advisor who knows memory care. you'll be glad you did. >> president trump: let me tell you exactly what my message is. the republican party will soon be known as the party of healthcare. >> bill: there is the president
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on capitol hill yesterday talking about healthcare. both parties pivoting to this issue. trump administration asking a federal court to strike down the affordable care act as unconstitutional. with that it's back in the forefront yet again. john delaney wants to be the democratic nominee, former maryland congressman and live in studio. how are you doing? thank you for being here today. let me get to the healthcare issues in a moment. when the summary of mueller's report came out on sunday, how disappointed were you? >> i wasn't initially disappointed. at some level as an american i'm happy the president of the united states was not prosecuted for colluding with a foreign power, right? at some level i was happy that the report was over. we spent way too much time talking about this and b, i think at some level every american should be happy at least with the headline results. i do think that we should see the report obviously.
6:18 am
i think the american people -- we will never have closure on this thing unless we read the report, get it out there, and we can move on. we'll talk about healthcare. that's a more important thing for us to spend time on. >> bill: it appears some of your colleagues aren't willing to move on yet. would democrats be smarter to pivot back to the issues? >> absolutely. i think it's always better to talk about things that really matter to the american people, whether it's healthcare which we'll talk about, whether the kind of things we need to do to partner with rural america to help them deal with struggles, building infrastructure, creating a digital privacy policy. these are things that matter to the american people. the mueller report was very important and it took a lot of time and attention and we should see the results, but we have to balance. our job is to do things to benefit the american people and i think we need to get back to focusing on that as democrats and republicans. >> bill: here is what you tweeted on valentine's day on
6:19 am
the green new deal. you said it has been proposed. it is about as realistic as trump saying mexico is going to pay for the wall. let's focus on what is possible, not impossible. you sound like a doubter right there. >> i think climate change is a huge issue. the way i would deal with it is very different. i put a carbon tax in place, tack all the revenues and give it to the american people to change behavior. increase our investment in basic research. we need new innovations in storage and transmission technologies and create a market for negative emissions technology. machines that exist that take carbon out of the atmosphere. sub scale and too expensive. if we could create a market for them like we did for wind and solar we could bring down the price dramatic. i'm for market-based solution. >> bill: how far left is your
6:20 am
party moving. electoral college, people lowering the voting age, medicare for all. you support universal healthcare but you do not support medicare for all. what's the difference? >> i think everyone should have healthcare as a right in this country, a basic human right and smart economic policy. when i started my first business 20 something years ago and became the youngest ceo in the history of the new york stock exchange the only reason i was able to leave my job and start my business is because my wife worked at a law firm with healthcare. things like smart economic policy, argue that everyone should have healthcare as a right and it should be portable. it is a big mistake to make the government the only payer of healthcare. the reason for that is the government doesn't pay enough. medicaid only pays 80% of cost. medicare pays 94% of cost and commercial insurance pays 115% of cost. if the government were the only payer in healthcare which is what the medicare for all bill proposes there is no evidence
6:21 am
that the government will ever pay the cost of healthcare. and that to me would lead to a reduction in quality and access. >> bill: i hope you come back. i have a whole list of things to talk about. a crowded field. can you get on the stage? >> yes. >> bill: you can? >> there is a polling standard. we're doing well in the polling standard. >> i got you at 1%. >> we need throw polls at 1%. there will probably be other polls. >> bill: thanks for coming in. >> sandra: the debate over the green new deal and climate change sparking a heated exchange between sean duffy and ocasio-cortez. the comment from the republican congressman that set off the freshman democrat. we'll have that next. plus one state taking drastic action to combat the measles outbreak. tell you about the unprecedented move in the state
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>> bill: the high-profile attorney michael avenatti speaking out about extortion and fraud charges that he is facing. he is denying any wrongdoing in a new interview with cbs news. he admits he is worried about the prospect of prison time. >> you are facing if convicted on all charges up to the rest of your life in prison. are you nervous? >> of course i'm nervous. i'm scared. i feel terrible for my family. i feel bad for my friends. most people are sticking by me. they believe in me and know what i'm all about.
6:26 am
i've been very fortunate in that regard. but sure i'm nervous. >> bill: avenatti this week arrested on federal charges of trying to extort nike for millions of dollars by threatening to release damaging information about the company. >> the green new deal is one that if you are a rich liberal from maybe new york or california, it sounds great because you can afford to retrofit your home or build a new home that has a zero emissions. that's energy efficient, affordable and safe. >> you want to tell people that their concern and their desire for clean air and clean water is elitist? tell that to the kids in the south bronx suffering from asthma. >> sandra: on the senate side the green new deal going down 57-0 in a procedural vote.
6:27 am
congressman sean casten joins us now. welcome to the program. first up, as i understand it, you tell us, you've been a skeptic of the green new deal all along. why? >> well, i have dedicated my life to doing something about climate change and that's led to a couple00 million dollars of investments in assets and the -- i think what the green new deal has done to create energy and get people talking about it is fantastic and the youth that have come out thank you all for what you are doing. my skepticism is i think both extremes of the political environment don't understand climate. what they miss is that anything you do to lower co2 emissions means you'll burn less fuel and save money. i heard the clip you just played. what i pointed out to them later in the hearing i think sometimes my colleagues across the aisle don't understand the difference between capital and operating expenses. >> sandra: are you suggesting
6:28 am
sean duffy daos nt get it? the cost of the green new deal >> i'm talking about climate. i like the cubs, i'm not a white sox fans. we need to replace an old high operating cost energy infrastructure with a know low operating cost energy infrastructure. in the rest of world it's an investment opportunity. in my business that's what i did. >> sandra: you come from a different perspective. you are an entrepreneur with a background in engineering and a central issue for you and campaign. you are newly elected to congress. former president obama decided to warn freshmen members of congress, you weren't able to be there but what we heard was the takeaway from that was his message don't be afraid of big, bold ideas. a reference to to the green new deal but you also think about
6:29 am
how these ideas will actually work and houp you will actually pay for them. it was a warning coming from the former president to new members of his party. >> look, i quite agree you have to worry about how ideas will work. the energy industry is one of the most regulated industries in the country. what is true is that there are numerous regulatory barriers to profitably lowering co2 emissions. that's depressing from the perspective of a former entrepreneur and exciting from the role of a legislature. if we lower the barriers we'll lower the costs and we should do that right away. >> sandra: you are introducing a climate change proposal in the house this week. >> we will. shortly after this we'll announce the roll-out of hr9. it is essentially a commitment that we have to keep atmosphereic temperatures below 1 1/2 degrees celsius and a
6:30 am
reaffirmation of the paris climate accord and a call to president trump to explain how he will get there. >> sandra: is the green new deal and some of the new big proposals dividing your party? >> i don't think so. the way government is supposed to work is what you're seeing within the caucus now. you have people with a shared view of where we want to get to as a society and very different views about how to get there. it's a healthy debate and glad to be a part of it. >> sandra: thank you for coming on "america's newsroom" this morning. >> bill: back to one of our top stories, fierce backlash from the mayor and the police department after the prosecutor dropped all charges against the actor, jussie smollett. >> i would never, if someone falsely accused me i would never hide behind a brokered deal in secret period. >> bill: the head of the police union in chicago calling on the justice to investigate interference on behalf of
6:31 am
smollett. >> sandra: busting 3,000 illegal immigrants in one day. senator marsha blackburn will be here to react to that. what makes these simple dishes the best simple dishes ever?
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>> mr. smollett is still saying he is innocent, still running down the chicago police department. how dare him. >> sandra: fiery reaction from chicago mayor rahm emanuel after prosecutors drop all charges against smollett. the police department asking for a federal investigation into the state's attorney. kevin graham is from the chicago order of police. what action are you taking, sir? >> last week even before the situation that unfolded yesterday occurred, we felt that the text messages between the state's attorneys office
6:35 am
kimberly foxx and a private attorney in los angeles were really unprecedented and needed an investigation. so we sent a letter last week to the u.s. attorney in the northern district of illinois and asked for an investigation with john lynch. we hadn't heard anything. yesterday i hand delivered the letter to the federal building here in chicago to make sure that they understood we're serious, we doubled down on our efforts. we are interested in having the federal authorities look into what occurred here because we're baffled by what has happened. >> sandra: do you have any idea? >> you know, the short answer is no, which is why we asked for the investigation. but we certainly find it a little strange that one of the attorneys for mr. smollett,
6:36 am
patricia brown holmes, was also the special prosecutor and trying to indict and trying to prosecute three innocent police officers without a shred of evidence, which they were acquitted for just a few weeks ago. we also think that it's a little strange that she never -- that no one ever told the police department, the fop, the mayor's office, that they were going to dismiss the charges in this case. >> sandra: you were given no heads up or advance warning. >> no. >> sandra: when did you learn it was happening? when we watched that news conference? >> correct. when the -- when it was on breaking news that the state's attorney's office put out a press release. that's the first time i heard it and then i was asked to join the mayor and the superintendent in a press
6:37 am
conference yesterday just prior to them speaking. >> sandra: was it your understanding this was the first the mayor and police chief heard of it, too? >> they were both at a graduation for police officers. and they heard it just as the ceremony started. >> sandra: you mentioned patricia brown holmes, jussie smollett's attorney was asked if she had anything to say to the chicago police after this. here is how she responded. >> we have nothing to say to the police department except to investigate charges and not try their cases in the press, but to allow matters to be investigated, allow the state to investigate, and to bring charges and not to jump ahead and utilize the press to convict people before they are tried in a court of law. >> sandra: rahm emanuel in a fiery news conference called it
6:38 am
a whitewash of justice. he clearly was lashing out at smollett and asked the question where is the accountability in the system? do you expect there to be any? >> i do. john lynch, who is the u.s. attorney for the northern district of illinois, is known to be a law and order attorney. i actually believe he will look into this and you have to remember that mr. smollett claimed that there was a letter -- threatening letter sent to him and so that is under the jurisdiction of the federal government. so certainly charges could be brought by federal authorities in this matter. and we are hoping that that occurs. we also think that it's unprecedented to seal the case so that nobody can find out what occurred. we certainly are shocked by it. i've seen this occur sometimes
6:39 am
in juvenile cases when we're trying to protect the identity of children. but i have never seen the set of circumstances that have presented themselves yesterday ever before in all my years of police work. >> sandra: there has been a significant cost to the city of chicago near and dear to both of our hearts both in terms of resources, time away from other crimes that would have been taking place during the hours of investigation that followed this first report of the alleged hoax. what has this cost the city both in monetary and reputation? >> well, you know what? first of all, monetarily it is somewhere over $100,000. where it is i couldn't tell you exactly. i can tell you this, that the detectives that worked this case are a little frustrated because they knocked themselves out. when our detectives go out, they will go for 24 hours,
6:40 am
sometimes longer without sleeping, without eating, to try to get to the bottom of a case and bring justice to either the victim or the people of the city of chicago. and they were told their efforts didn't matter. they were told we're going to slap this guy on the wrist and we don't care how hard you worked. that's wrong. that's wrong. these guys worked hard. these men and women of the police department deserve better than how they were treated. i also don't think that it's necessarily a black eye on the city. i think the fact that we work so hard to try and look for somebody who was clearly not there says a lot about of the integrity of the city and our police officers. >> sandra: we know you're taking action. kevin graham. thank you for coming on the program this morning. come back when you have more for us. >> bill: meanwhile the nfl changing the rules on reviewing interference calls. coaches will be able to request an official review of any pass interference, call or non-call
6:41 am
because of that non-call saints fans. they missed it in the nfc championship. the nfl is adjusting. >> sandra: what does bill hemmer think? >> have little solis for those in new orleans. super bowl was pretty good but it is necessary based on that one there. >> sandra: on to baseball. the story, cease-fire at the gaza border holding by a thread as netanyahu issues a strong warning to hamas. what he is prepared to do if the rockets keep coming. did you see this interview last night? >> it doesn't bother you the clinton campaign paid for a dossier to be put together by someone who had all kinds of ties to intelligence and put together something that turned out to be not necessarily factual. that kind of engagement. >> which part hasn't been proved factual? >> bill: he still believes the
6:42 am
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we need him to keep his word. >> there is always a russian ghost somewhere. they've had direct evidence, the truth of the matter is the people would colluded with the russians were the democrats. the democrats paid christopher steele a former british spy to get dirt on trump from russia. that's just a fact. >> bill: congressman devin nunes on the whole russian collusion illusion. three days after the summary of the mueller report was made public. jim jordan with me now. take you through a couple of things. "washington post" adam schiff apparently gave an interview in the last 10 or 12 hours. he said undoubtedly there is collusion, he says. we'll continue to investigate the counter intelligence issues, that is, is the president or people around him compromised in any way by a
6:46 am
hostile foreign power. it doesn't appear that was any part of mueller's report. just go ahead and answer that collusion question there and i'll get to more. >> did he not read bill barr's letter? the attorney general said there was no collusion and points out in his letter that there were multiple opportunities for trump campaign officials to work with russians but they didn't do it. russia dangled the forbidden fruit in front of people all the time and they didn't bite. i don't know how chairman schiff can make that statement. there was absolutely no collusion. think about what bill barr said. no new indictments come, no sealed indictments, no collusion and no obstruction. it couldn't be a stronger statement on this entire investigation than what the attorney general made total vindication for the president. totally good news for the country. >> bill: we'll continue to investigate the counter intelligence issues. if the media goes along with that you'll hear more about it.
6:47 am
swalwell, the democrat from california, if you can hear me i'll try to keep this alive. do you have me now? give it a beat here. i want to take you back to the story last night with martha maccallum. she had eric swalwell on, democrat from california. he was talking about the dossier and believes everything is still in it. the exchange. >> it doesn't bother you the clinton campaign paid for a dossier to be put together by someone who had all kinds of ties to intelligence and put together something that turned out to be not necessarily factual. that kind of engagement. >> which part hasn't been improved factual. >> bill: steele said it wasn't a finished work product and -- >> which part was not proved factual? >> are you serious? >> bill: this is in the bloodstream still, sir. >> i think i got most of it. the dossier. the dossier, don't take my word
6:48 am
for it take jim comey's, he said it was salacious and inverified. jim comey said this dossier was not accurate. we all know national inquirer garbage. the scary thing is what devin nunes said. they took the document, dressed it up, paid for by the clinton campaign and took it to the secret court to get the warrant to spy on the trump campaign. that's how the whole crazy thing started and those people who did that are the ones we need to investigate and hold accountable. >> bill: i don't know if you saw the president on the hill yesterday meeting with lawmakers said the following about, well, listen to it for yourself. >> [inaudible] >> president trump: i don't want to say that. i think you know the answer. >> bill: what do you think the answer is? >> i didn't quite hear it, bill, i'm sorry. he was asked do you think it reached the west wing of the obama white house, that was the question. the answer was i don't want to
6:49 am
say that but i think you know the answer. what do you believe the answer is? >> here is what i know. when it was president-elect trump chuck schumer, one of the top democrats in our government back in january of 2017 said this, when you mess with the intelligence community, they have six ways to sunday at getting back at you. think about that statement. that's scary. the intelligence community getting back at president trump for what, winning the election? the idea that you have a top democrat official say that is scary. how high it goes i don't know. but this is why we do need to investigate that. this kind of activity is never supposed to happen in this great country. but we know that it did and that's why devin nunes, mark meadows, myself and others are committed to getting to the truth so that it never happens again. >> bill: jim jordan. thank you for your time. the i.g. report will tell us a little bit a couple months from now. we await that. thank you. >> sandra: a former trump aide caught up in the mueller investigation asking for a presidential pardon after the
6:50 am
special counsel's report showed no evidence of collusion with russia. will george papadopoulos get a pardon? our a-team will take that one up and the state of new york taking unprecedented action in the nationwide measles outbreak. you've got near real time inventory updates. & he'll find the same shoes in your store that he found online he'll be one happy, very forgetful wide footed customer. at&t provides edge to edge intelligence. it can do so much for your business, the list goes on and on. that's the power of &. & if your customer also forgets socks! & you could send him a coupon for that item. ensure max protein... to give you the protein you need with less of the sugar you don't. (straining) i'll take that. (cheers) 30 grams of protein and 1 gram of sugar. ensure max protein. in two great flavors.
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6:53 am
>> sandra: a new york county taking action to deal with the nationwide measles. unvaccinated students told to stay home from school. dr. sapphire, appreciate your time this morning. this is really something. north of new york city. schools. how do you handle a situation like this from a medical perspective? >> it is a concerning situation.
6:54 am
we considered to be measles to be eradicated in 2000. so now all of a sudden we have 314 new cases of measles in 2019 alone and 153 of these are in rockland county new york. a substantial amount a little north of us now. what they're seeing is the rates of immunization of this community dropped below 95%. they are no longer herd community because a lot of the parents decided not to vaccinate. the virus got to rockland county and trailed it back to someone visiting israel where measles is active in israel. unvaccinated american went there, contracted measles, brought it back and it's extremely contagious. therefore we have now a lot of people suffering from measles. >> sandra: the numbers are unbelievable. 153 confirmed cases in rockland county since last fall. i believe since october.
6:55 am
unvaccinated minors have been barred from public spaces. i don't know how you do that. schools, shopping malls, grocery stores, houses of worship. they will expire that declaration in 30 days. how do you know if somebody walking around town has been vaccinated or not? >> you don't. state law gives broad authority for public health. the truth is no, we won't know if someone is vaccinated or not. they won't check papers. if someone gets infected and they trace it back to someone who is unvaccinated who was in public then they could possibly be prosecuted. they won't check papers at the door. the problem with measles, it is highly contagious. you can be contagious for four days before you have the rash and los angeless four days after that. it can seem like a cold with a rash. some people it's fatal. depends on who it hits like the flu. >> sandra: if you are wondering if it's happening in your area,
6:56 am
the measles cases reported nationwide. 314 so far this year. there is the map. this is affecting states across the nation. arizona, california, colorado, connecticut among them. coast to coast. dr. sapphire. appreciate your time this morning. >> thank you for having me and talking about this. >> bill: details breaking from overnight. we're hearing a southwest airlines pilot flying the same jet was forced to make an emergency landing. what we're learning about that in a moment. all charges dropped against jussie smollett. tmz leading the reporter in chicago. harvey levin is who we'll be talking to about this next hour. come on back. hboard? hey mercedes, can you make it a little cooler in here? [ a-class ] i am setting the temperature [ a-class ] to 68 degrees. we hear you. we made a car that does, too.
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7:00 am
or are prone to infections. don't let another morning go by without asking your doctor about xeljanz xr >> sandra: reaction pouring in this morning over prosecutors' decision to drop all charges against actor jussie smollett. the stunning reversal placing new scrutiny on reported text messages between a top chicago prosecutor and the former chief of staff to michelle obama. chicago police superintendent eddie johnson joining the mayor in voicing his outrage. >> if someone accused me of doing anything that would circumvent that i would want my day in court, period, to clear my name. i've heard that they wanted their day in court with tv cameras so america could know the truth. now they chose to hide behind secrecy and broker a deal to
7:01 am
circumvent the judicial system. >> sandra: an alleged death threat received by smollett. police have handed that investigation over to the f.b.i. kevin graham reacted to that in our last hour. >> you have to remember that mr. smollett claimed that there was a letter -- threatening letter sent to him and so that is under the jurisdiction of the federal government and so certainly charges could be brought by federal authorities in this matter and we are hoping that that occurs. we also think that it's unprecedented to seal the case so that nobody can find out what occurred. we certainly are shocked by it. >> sandra: that's where we are today. the fraternal order of police calling for an investigation into the decision to let smollett off the hook. more on that coming up. another big story today. more mueller fallout. brand-new reaction from a top republican looking to
7:02 am
investigate the obama administration officials who helped launch this special counsel's investigation. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm sandra smith. >> bill: how are you doing? hanging in there. i'm bill hemmer. good morning. we're learning it will likely take weeks, not months, for the full mueller report to turned over to congress and the public. house oversight committee ranking member jim jordan say all documents go public. not just the report itself. he wants the get to the bottom of why the mueller probe started in the very beginning. he said this just a few moments ago. >> there was absolutely no collusion. think about what bill barr said. no new indictments coming, no sealed indictments, no collusion and no obstruction. it count be a stronger, more definitive statement on this entire investigation than what the attorney general made, total vindication for the president. good news for the country. >> bill: correspondent mike emanuel picks it up live on the hill today. good morning there. >> bill and sandra good morning.
7:03 am
lindsey graham says the verdict is in but democrats cannot accept that verdict. >> the bottom line here is that mueller has looked at this for 2 1/2 years. he has concluded that no one on the trump campaign colluded with the russians and that the facts regarding obstruction were insufficient for him to make a decision. therefore, there is no way you could prosecute a case. >> democrats told the american public that mueller would find that there was collusion. they told their base time and time again it was going to happen. so they are not attacking mueller. they are expressing skepticism about attorney general william barr's handing of the mueller report and not enough to charge obstruction of justice. deputy attorney general rod rosenstein also reached that very same conclusion. so far democrats are not letting go. >> i don't need attorney
7:04 am
general barr's interpretation of the report. i am for the report and our main thrust on this issue is simply transparency. release the report, then come to conclusions. >> there was clearly evidence of collusion and i want to see the mueller report, not the barr summary, for all of the evidence and see how close it came to proof beyond a reasonable doubt. that's a very high bar that is used to judge whether there is a prosecution. >> democrats clearly believe time is working against them. they are pushing to get the mueller report released by next tuesday. but all indications are the attorney general will need more time. >> bill: whether or not they keep pushing on this or whether they pivot to the issues? what's quickly becoming a campaign season. >> seems to be two tracks. an emphasis on getting back to the agenda talking about fixing
7:05 am
healthcare in the country. speaker pelosi came out with a new plan yesterday saying she could bring down costs for healthcare and trying to go back to the drawing board and fix obamacare. you also have folks like adam schiff who seem to be doubling down and wanting to continue this fight. calls for him to step down as house intelligence chairman. calls for him to resign from congress. he says whatever and he keeps going on, doubling down on this fight about russia and about collusion. we'll see where it goes, bill. >> bill: thank you mike emanuel on the hill. >> sandra: when we'll see the report and when it will be made public are questions around robert mueller and william barr releasing the actual report. lindsey graham suggesting it may be weeks, not months. >> he is going to talk to some prosecutors who have cases associated with this to see if anything in the report would undercut them. he is going to do all that in
7:06 am
weeks, not months. he will turn it over to the committee and i think he will come to the senate hopefully sometime in april. >> sandra: you go back to his confirmation process and he said he planned to be as transparent as he possibly could be under the constraints of the law. that would address grand jury information as well as any classified information. >> bill: that's a hearing that will hold a lot of anticipation, too, a lot of people will be watching it very closely. the white house is saying the president is saying i have no problem. go ahead and put the report out there. i will not prevent it. >> sandra: most of the party, too. >> bill: let's bring in tennessee republican marsha blackburn. you are one of those republicans that would like to be transparent with this process. should the public be able to see this report in its entirety? >> well, there are going to be some things i'm sure that will need to be redacted. names protecting individuals
7:07 am
who should be protected in this report, protecting their identity. but you are going to see chairman graham make a terrific effort, if you will, to first of all get the report and as much as can be available available and then secondly, what you are going to see our committee do is to pivot to find out how did we get started down this path anyway? exactly what was the deal, if there was a deal, that was cut between d.o.j. and f.b.i.? why -- there are so many why and where for and people want to know the answers for. they are pleased there is no collusion, no conspiracy, no obstruction. let's find out what really did happen in all this. >> bill: i think it is probably wishful thinking as far as getting congress to move
7:08 am
forward. i think you agree with that. i don't know what you hear from your democratic colleagues but you need to go back to the issue and work with republicans on that. is that wishful thinking at the moment? >> i don't think it is and i will tell you why. people want to make certain that there is equal justice under the law that things are fair and that this never happens to another presidential candidate again. that there would be an investigation that this would all be launched on something that was a political opposition research piece. and they can't figure out how this got started and who signed off on this and was the white house involved? so while this has cleared the president, what it has done is create questions about why there was such an intensity around making this path smooth and straight and short and
7:09 am
clear for hillary clinton? why did they pre-determine they wanted her to be there? i tell you quite frankly, i want to know why they never did investigation the clinton foundation and never went to those emails, why didn't they look at uranium one and the clinton foundation? and the pep bar funding and clinton foundation. all of these questions are out there as to why there seemed to be a preferential treatment and a different treatment that was given to one and not the other. the american people want fairness. and they want to make certain that we are a nation of laws abiding by the rule of law. >> sandra: want to move on to healthcare in a second. as far as the hearing william barr testified before congress before your committee, what can you tell us on that at this point? >> we're going to let the
7:10 am
chairman take the lead on this. we're looking forward to having mr. barr in front of us and having the opportunity to ask some questions. i have no doubt everybody is going to be watching that hearing. >> sandra: meanwhile here is the president's message on healthcare in 2020 and his party yesterday. >> president trump: let me just tell you what my message is. the republican party will soon be known as the party of healthcare. >> sandra: what is your message on healthcare? >> i agree with the president. there are so many things that we can do and we're right to pivot to healthcare. when you look at all the issues that this president and republicans have solved, then yes, moving to healthcare. making certain that we look at how you have access to affordable healthcare for everyone. addressing block grants back to the states for medicaid funding. looking at how you expand
7:11 am
health savings accounts. looking at how you reduce the costs that are embedded through all the payment processing. looking at how we are going to address emergency care and then looking at new ways to deliver these systems. broadband with health technology, digital imaging, there are so many ways we can drive efficiencies in the system and we want to make certain that we're bringing our best ideas forward. quite frankly, i think it is invigorating for so many of my colleagues, for us to see this focus come back in on healthcare. even earlier this week senator alexander, who chairs the health committee, my tennessee colleague, was holding a hearing on this electronic health records. how we work on those systems. veterans affairs we were looking at how those electronic
7:12 am
health records can be used. >> sandra: graham said your party is not giving up on healthcare. sounds like that's the case. >> that's true. >> bill: thank you for your time today. >> good to be with you, thank you. >> bill: breaking news from overseas. >> we're prepared to do a lot more. we will do what is necessary to defend our people and to defend our state. >> bill: benjamin netanyahu's stern warning to hamas after violence on the gaza strip. trey yengst where the iron dome is ready to respond. what are you getting there? >> tensions continue to rise here along the israel/gaza border after more fighting last night. it started on monday after a rocket was fired from the gaza strip into central israel striking a civilian home. it led to a series of israeli
7:13 am
air campaigns inside gaza. we saw that monday night. a number of rockets fired from gaza to israel monday and last night we saw what started out as calm during the day ultimately lead to more fighting, more rocket fire and more air raids by the israelis inside the gaza strip. i want to show you off to my right you can see israel's missile defense system the iron dome on stand by along the border preparing should anymore rockets be fired into gaza. we've seen this system active this week, bill. many times intercepting rockets fired by factions inside gaza towards israeli civilians living here along the border. the israeli military prepared to respond. also, bill, we've seen tanks, armored vehicles and other weaponry by the israelis move to the border. benjamin netanyahu in security consultations now. factions inside gaza said they
7:14 am
are prepared. the official in gaza strip saying things are fragile inside gaza both sides preparing for a potential escalation. >> bill: sounds tender yet again. thank you on the border with israel and gaza. >> sandra: the green new deal failing a test vote on capitol hill and sparking back and forth on policy. >> a poor family trying to make ends meet this is a horrible idea. >> this is not an elitist issue, it is a quality of life issue. >> sandra: money man charles payne will take that up next. >> bill: a decision to drop the charges against smollett. why critics say the move was politically motivated. we have harvey levin from tmz here next. >> i've been truthful on every level since day one. i wouldn't be my mother's son if i was capable of one drop i've been accused of.
7:15 am
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>> bill: air force squadrons in alaska showing combat red' niese in a exercise called polar force. they had to perform an elephant walk. that drill meant to prepare
7:19 am
pilots for the rapid response needs of wartime operations, check that out from alaska. >> is it all in the name of self-promotion? and he used the laws of the hate crime legislation that all of us collectively over years have put up the books to stand up to the the values that we embody. this is a whitewash of justice. >> sandra: chicago mayor outraged over prosecutors' decision to drop all 16 charges against jussie smollett. he was arrested in late february on suspicion of filing a false police report with police saying he staged the attack. here to talk about all this is today's headliner tmz founder harvey levin. good to have you in "america's newsroom." what is the latest that tmz is reporting on this story this morning? >> well, we found out that the two brothers, their lawyer has walked out on them because the
7:20 am
lawyer asked them to come forward and to say they told the truth. for whatever reason they're going radio silent now. i'm not sure why. but i have to tell you guys, i have never seen anything quite like this in my entire career. nobody understands what really happened here other than a few people in the state's attorney's office. but this is bizarre, makes no sense. what they're saying they don't even believe. there is no way they believe -- they said they believe he did it and they're saying well, not a violent crime and, you know, we have violent crimes to prosecute and all he would get is community service. i don't know where they get that from and we'll not prosecute him. if they believed it why did they waste the grand jury's time? it doesn't make any sense. >> bill: if you listen to rahm emanuel it's an unsult to the police officers working the job.
7:21 am
david axelrod sums up what you're talking about. the lesson of this weird turn. you can contrive a hate crime, make it national news, get caught. if you're a well-connected celebrity get off for $10,000 and have your record expungesed and file sealed. don't underestimate the value of getting your record expunged in this. why would they seal the files? why would you do that? >> bill, this whole thing is bizarre. i'll take issue with what david axelrod said. i get what he is saying. i did a show called celebrity justice about how celebrities are treated in the justice system. and in this case, in fact, rahm emanuel had an interesting point today. he is a celebrity in chicago and he said if i faked a swastika on my front lawn or porch, i would be prosecuted. i don't think this is the way
7:22 am
all celebrities would be treated in chicago. there is something very weird about this case. i mean, i've seen celebrities being handled differently sometimes more harshly, sometimes less than the average joe. but this case is different from the way all celebrities would be treated. there is something fundamentally different in this case. i've never seen this kind of a disposition where the state's attorney secretly says go to jesse jackson's for the weekend and spend a couple hours working on camera shots and we'll call it community service. i've never seen anything like that. it is different from other celebs. >> sandra: you are referencing the community service aspect of this. let's let him off because of that. you couldn't find the community service they are referencing. the next messages you have as well. you were describing one of them there. what did you see in those text messages? relating to the former chief of staff of former first lady
7:23 am
michelle obama? >> well, these leaked. it looks like she had contacted kim foxx, the state's attorney. it is actually saying can you do something to make this go away? kim foxx ended up talking to the police department and that caused her to recuse herself from the case at least that's what she was supposed to do. so i can't tell you what is behind any of that. i will say this about kim foxx, number one, i don't know why she didn't refer it to the attorney general and get it out of her office if it was tainted because of her. and she kept it if her office with an underling. secondly, when it was dismissed, sandra and bill, when she dismissed it yesterday, it came on the letterhead of office of state's attorney. that's kim foxx. she recused herself. why was it on that letterhead? again, i cannot make sense of this deal. >> bill: let's go back to two things here, harvey. he did what, eight hours a day
7:24 am
on saturday and sunday with the rainbow coalition, jesse jackson is what has been reported anyway. >> right. >> bill: here is the smollett attorney at the microphone yesterday. let's listen to her first. >> i have no idea what occurred in this case and why it occurred. i can just say that things seemed to spiral somewhat out of control. we've gotten to a result that is the right result in this case and we're happy for that. >> bill: sandra and i are sitting on the program and this stuff is coming minute after minute and the story seems to be ping-ponging away that no one anticipated. we got the statement from the two brothers, the attorney gloria schmidt. the brothers were fully prepared to testify in any criminal proceeding in the jussie smollett case. following today's decision ending the criminal case against smollett schmidt no longer represents the brothers in the criminal matter. when did the brothers talk and
7:25 am
what did they say? >> well, i know they talked to police, bill. and they told police we staged this with jussie. he asked us to do it. we scoped out the location where we were going to do it. we played it out on the street and they have told the police that line and verse. they told the grand jury that line and verse. they were willing to talk. again, what we are told is that gloria schmidt wanted these brothers to come out and say they did nothing wrong, they were consistent. for some reason, the brothers wouldn't do that yesterday and that's why gloria schmidt walked from representing them. and we don't know why the brothers won't talk now. it is weird because they told a consistent story the whole time. now they've clammed up and we don't know why. >> sandra: maybe he will go back to work, the show he used
7:26 am
to work for or does work for. they tweeted out see you all wednesday, #empire, #empire fox. is he going back to work? >> well, the show has not been green lit for season six yet. it's premature. they're divided on the show whether he should come back or not. ultimately it will be the decision of the executives. i'll throw this at you guys, what if the executives decide in the crazy world we live in now you know, because of the infamy of this whole thing we may get more eyeballs on the show because jussie smollett is more of a curiosity, therefore he becomes more valuable and we'll bring him back. i could see something like that happening. >> bill: pretty twisted but it does happen. thank you for coming back with us today. harvey levin. thank you. back to breaking news, 27 past the hour. the boeing plane crash investigations officials saying
7:27 am
aren't sure when the 737 max planes will fly again. >> we don't know when these planes will fly again. it is looking like at least a month, maybe more. >> bill: we're learning that southwest airlines was forced to ground the same jet yesterday. we'll bring you details as to why on that. >> sandra: president trump speaking out about the special counsel investigation as republicans ramp up efforts to investigate the highest levels of the d.o.j. and f.b.i. behind the launch of the entire mueller probe. our a-team is here and they join us next. >> president trump: it went very high up and it started fairly low but with instructions from the high up. this should never happen to a president again. y. here's how you do it. spray and scrub anything with a stain. soak your nasty jersey. it stinks! wash the really dirty clothes separately. remember -hard work builds character! new tide pods with upgraded 4-in-1 technology unleash a foolproof clean in one step. aww, you did the laundry!
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7:31 am
>> bill: fox news alert. southwest boeing 737 max 8 making an emergency landing in orlando, florida. it was the same plane grounded after a deadly crash in six months time.
7:32 am
a big hearing on the hill on airline safety today. dan springer is keeping an eye and live from washington now. >> it's a busy and critical day for boeing, the faa and boeing's most important plane to be clear yesterday's incident in orlando was unrelated to the crash investigations. it was due to an engine performance issue. not to deal with the anti-stall system under scrutiny. two southwest airline pilots were flying the plane to california for storage when they experienced an engine problem and immediately turned around and safely made an emergency landing. any day now we expect to get the preliminary report on the cause of the ethiopian airlines crash. on march 10 the second crash of a 737 crash in five months and led to the worldwide grounding of the aircraft. we now know that boeing submitted its software fix to the anti-stall system back in
7:33 am
january, seven or eight weeks before the second fatal accident. the enhancement which boeing will discuss at a news conference this morning makes sure both sensors on the front of the plane agree the attack angle is too steep and only then will the anti-stall system be engaged and also the system will only be engaged once so pilots won't have to fight ut once they've turned it off. test pilots have tested the fix in flight simulators and actual flights and boeing official says it's working. aviation experts are confident boeing will get it right. >> i have full confidence in what boeing is doing to create the fix. once this fix is implemented and the pilots are trained properly on it, the 737 max will be an absolutely safe airplane to fly. >> a spokesman for the allied pilots association representing american airlines pilots told me the apa needs a thorough explanation of the m cast
7:34 am
system and how to handle anomalies. we are pleased to have a seat at the table but concerned the fix was made before theeth oep an crash was known. it is investigating the incident in orlando from yesterday and testifying in front of congress talking about the relationship between the faa and boeing when they certify these planes. back to you. >> bill: dan springer in washington state. [inaudible question] >> president trump: i think it went very high up. i think what happened is a disgrace. i don't believe our country should allow this ever to happen again. [inaudible question] >> president trump: i don't want to say that but i think you know the answer. >> sandra: president trump sounding off on the special counsel robert mueller's investigation saying those responsible for launching it were at a high level. he is promising an
7:35 am
investigation of his own. let's bring in our a-team. brad blakeman former deputy assistant to george w. bush. richard fowler, fox news contributor and anna palmer "politico" playbook author. i'll start with you first. the president is not letting this go without digging deeper into how it began. >> he sees this as a political win and wants to see the substance there. republicans are frustrated after two years of mueller and getting bashed over the head over collusion. they see a political advantage here and you'll see him continue to press on this. >> sandra: brad, is that a good move? >> it is. the president won. he is vindicated and now we have to understand with the fisa warrants and tremendous prejudice that the senior leadership of the f.b.i. had towards this president. and the people associated with fusion gps and the information that was started because of hillary clinton operatives. this all has to be gotten to
7:36 am
the bottom of. how did it start? we know how itened but it should have never been. >> bill: do you think we'll get the answer? >> yes, the truth always comes out. >> i thought the mueller report will be the final arbiter. the summary we got from barr over the weekend. seeing the entire report is the second step. the reason why we had a mueller investigation to begin with. during the counter intelligence investigation donald trump fired james comey and that triggered the hiring of robert mueller and triggered the investigation. mueller said there is no collusion. >> sandra: funny you should mention james comey. he is talking in a new interview. he says this. the part that's confusing to him is i can't quite understand what's going on with the obstruction stuff. and i have great faith in bob mueller but i can't tell from the letter why didn't he decide these questions when the entire rationale for a special counsel is to make sure the politicals
7:37 am
aren't making the key charging decisions? james comey is going to be asked a lot of questions. i think he thinks he is the one asking them. we'll want to know more from him, anna. >> i think he is not necessarily the most credible person on this issue. he clearly has a personal stake in it. he was fired by the president. everybody will look towards what the report when it becomes public, what does it say? what can we find out from that in terms of why didn't he come to a conclusion on this? >> bill: i don't think james comey would be satisfied with anything short of a conviction the way he tweets and talks and what we hear from the interview with nbc. >> bill: he is looking to be part of the story. he should just fade away. i have questions why didn't comey seek an indictment of hillary clinton for her crimes? he chose to protect her. everybody is still scratching their head over there. two senses of justice, one for
7:38 am
democrats, one for republicans. he has no credibility. >> i don't think james comey has credibility but let's be honest and clear. james comey is not fair to anybody. seven days before the election he revealed there was another server and we needed to do another investigation and democrats would argue that's what made donald trump the president. >> bill: here is ted cruz last night on how you handle this going forward and how he believes the democrats won't let go of the i word. >> the how democrats are going to impeach the president anyway, not because of any evidence or not because of any crimes but because of the fact that he is donald trump and they hate donald trump. and it is showing how extreme they are. >> bill: there is a risk to this as we all know, brad. >> it will continue. democrats don't know any better. they were against this guy from the day he was elected and continue through the reelect. they are chasing a story that has never panned out for them.
7:39 am
good luck. >> i disagree a little bit. the investigations will continue. speaker nancy pelosi is saying caution, wait. they don't want to get over their skis. >> bill: can she hold the horses back? >> so far her rank and file are following her lead. she has been very composed on this trying to say she has been here before where republicans went too far and a lot of republicans have said that. she want it to be about healthcare. >> i will answer the question that anna won't. speaker pelosi will keep her caucus together. impeachment is not something. she said clearly it is not on the table until it's on the table. it is currently not on the table and it won't be there until there is evidence. more substantive issues that we can beat the president on. >> i think the speaker has been clear where she sat. when she was the minority leader she sat in the same place as speaker.
7:40 am
there won't be any impeachment. we can beat the president on healthcare because we beat him in the >> she doesn't have control of her caucus. >> bill: he answer your question. >> sandra: take a look at this. martha maccallum on the story clashing with democratic congressman eric swalwell over his comments about president trump. >> it doesn't bother you the clinton campaign paid for a dossier to be put together by someone who had all kinds of ties to intelligence and put together something that turned out to be not necessarily factual. >> which part hasn't been proved factual. >> christopher steele said it wasn't a finished work product and everyone who analyzed it. >> which part was not proved factual? >> are you serious? >> sandra: that was martha last night. she will join us top of the new hour to talk about that
7:41 am
exchange and more. join us at 11:00 a.m. eastern. >> bill: the green new deal now championed by ocasio-cortez losing a procedural vote in the senate. why not a single democrat voted yes. >> democrats are ducking and dodging and distancing themselves from this so-called green new deal because it is a radical plan and it is exactly why democrats are running away. cancer, epilepsy,
7:42 am
mental health, hiv. patients with serious diseases are being targeted for cuts to their medicare drug coverage. new government restrictions would allow insurance companies to come between doctor and patient. and deny access to individualized therapies millions depend on. call the white house today. help stop cuts to part d drug coverage that put medicare patients at risk.
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help stop cuts to part d drug coverage heartburn and gas? ♪ fight both fast tums chewy bites with gas relief all in one relief of heartburn and gas ♪ ♪ tum tum tum tums tums chewy bites with gas relief i swibecause they let metual, customize my insurance. and as a fitness junkie, i customize everything, like my bike, and my calves. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ >> the green new deal is one that if you are a rich liberal from maybe new york or california, it sounds great because you can afford to retrofit your home or build a new home that has a zero emissions. it's energy efficient, affordable and safe. >> you want to tell people that their concern and their desire for clean air and clean water
7:46 am
is elitist? tell that to the kids in the south bronx who are suffering from the highest rate of asthma in the country. >> bill: a sample of where this debate is headed. republican sean duffy, democrat ocasio-cortez losing a procedural vote in the senate. democrats voting present, not yes. charles payne is here. hello, sir. interesting exchange there gives you a bit of an idea where we might. >> it was an interesting exchange but i have to tell you congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez is very disingenuous. i lived in harlem when it was a lot worse than the harlem you see now and every other building was abandoned. i followed the problems in harlem and south bronx for a long time. she is conflating the two. here are some of the reasons why you have high incidents of asthma in these neighborhoods. this is according to a research report in 2005. they saw cigarette smokers 38%
7:47 am
of them smoked cigarettes where the non-asthma smokers 27% smoked. another survey done. this piece was in the "new york times" in 2003 by richard perez. he said in many cases that when the social workers went in, because they're poor. they had furniture loaded with dust and carpets with dust and they weren't going to the doctor or taking medicines. the more recent study columbia university by the way september 2013 cockroach and mouse allergens are more common in lower income housing in neighborhoods. those are the things that have contributed to the crisis of asthma in these neighborhoods. it has zero to do with co2 emissions per se or this climate change debate. she is conflating the two. a way of also bringing race into the conversation. i think it's disingenuous. i would love to see these issues addressed too. >> sandra: senator mike lee took on the green new deal
7:48 am
mocking it in this way with aqua man. >> i rise today to consider the green new deal with the seriousness it deserves. this is a picture of aquaman. a super hero from the undersea kingdom of atlantis. i draw your attention, mr. president, to the 20-foot impressive sea horse he is riding. under the green new deal this is probably hawaii's best bet. >> sandra: okay. he took it on in that way. he said in all seriousness that you can't take this seriously because of the impact it would have on the economy. >> listen, first of all it certainly aged himself with that aquaman versus the one in the movie. you see the new aquaman, come on. get with it. man. the big news missing this week. international energy agency this week released the most recent data on co2 emissions.
7:49 am
they went up. they've surged since the paris accord. the reason is because of china's use and india's use of coal. our co2 emissions as a percentage of our gdp down almost 50% in the last 20 years. we're doing what we are supposed to do. it's crazy to disrupt our economy by trillions of dollars when america is probably doing better on this than any other large growing economy in the world. >> bill: isn't that the ultimate goal for those who support climate change? they want to change the habits of those in the third world. >> we used less coal. our number went up a little bit because we had a hotter summer but as far as doing this responsible things that ultimately will get us to where they say they want to get us to, the main part of this using less coal. we used less coal this year, our co2 emissions have come
7:50 am
down dramatically since 2000. as a percentage of gdp they are ore almost down 50%. people need to understand this. we're a growing large economy and a lot more responsible than a lot of others. >> bill: he is the payne man and he is not the aquaman. >> sandra: facebook wiping out thousands of fake pages. who was allegedly behind them and whether tech companies can gain the upper hand when it comes to fraud? i've got some big news for veteran homeowners
7:51 am
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7:54 am
>> sandra: facebook back in the news ramping up its crackdown on fake accounts announcing the shutdown of more than 2500 pages linked to russia and iran. bret larson is here. what is happening now? >> i feel for facebook in this moment. they are battling with basically anyone who has a keyboard and internet connection and email address can sign up for an account. if you zoom out and look at facebook as facebook is the cable company and every page is a channel, it is a good analogy. where it is different in this instance if are you a channel on a cable network you with backed by a company and have people who work for you and you go through a process to get added. not the case with facebook. they have removed some 2632 accounts in this purge that
7:55 am
have ties to russia, kosovo and iran. a couple of the numbers that really stood out to me as troubling are one of these accounts had 1.4 million followers. you have someone -- that ain't nothing. that's more followers than i have which isn't saying much. but the problem that facebook has here is as i mentioned off the top, anybody can set up one of these accounts and can just start proliferateing garbage or nonsense or fake news or a legitimate news source. it is a hard line for facebook to walk because they want to use technology and algorithms and databases and all this stuff to track this because they have over a billion users. >> bill: two billion users. it is hard to catch up. they can do that by reprogramming their software. >> you can but there needs to be human intervention. i'm the first person to think
7:56 am
software is great, automation is great, algorithms are great and have solved a lot of problems but they make decisions based on input. if you don't really -- how do you spot -- if you look at two newspaper covers and one is totally fake, a human will be able to say that looks off to me. software might not. >> bill: algorithms are great. not to be confused with animals are great. you'll see that at 5:00 today. bret larson, there he is. when does congress see the mueller report? we learn more about the schedule. ask rick scott about that, the senator from florida, coming up live next. ♪ unstopables in-wash scent booster ♪
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8:00 am
>> sandra: fox news alert. the justice department laying out a timeline for releasing the mueller report. welcome back to "america's newsroom," i'm sandra smith. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. a version of the mueller report set to be released to congress and the public in weeks. lindsey graham says the president is okay with it coming out before the white house reviews it. has no problem with that. marsha blackburn the senator from tennessee explained it this way last hour with us on "america's newsroom." >> people want to make certain that there is equal justice under the law. that things are fair. this has cleared the president. what it has done is create questions about why there was such an intensity around making
8:01 am
this path smooth and straight and short and clear for hillary clinton. >> bill: with that as a setup here is catherine herridge live in dc. >> last night senator lindsey graham whose committee has direct oversight said weeks, not months, unlikely to be shared with the white house in advance and further consultation and input from special counsel mueller including an intelligence community review of the records to identify, isolate and remove sources and methods for national security reasons. testimony from the grand juries will also be scrubbed. >> the report is being looked at for a couple of things. we cannot release grand jury information, that violates the law. he will check with mr. mueller to make sure that everything that is grand jury related is taken out of the report. >> senator graham is predicting the report's delivery next month followed by public
8:02 am
testimony from attorney general barr and republicans are looking at officials who gave declarations to the national security court for campaign aide. republican house investigators have poured through transcripts from closed door interviews from andrew mccabe, peter strzok, lisa page and james comey and others and movement could come within days. >> the best thing that could possible happen we'll make our criminal referral. people that lied to congress, perjury, criminal conspiracy. there will be -- once we get it all done we'll make it as much public as possible. that will probably be hopefully by the end of next week. >> in a north carolina speech yesterday comey said he is confused by the mueller findings especially on obstruction because he said the special counsel is designed to keep these decisions out of the hands of politicians and comey said he disagreed with the idea
8:03 am
you can't find obstruction if there was no underlying crime. >> bill: she is leading our coverage this hour in washington >> sandra: let's go to congressman doug collins, the ranking member of the judiciary committee. appreciate your time this morning. what is your goal here? what questions do you have? >> the questions we have is let's go back. we found and the report that was just issued summary showed no collusion, also showed there was no obstruction and we're moving past that. a good day for america. let's go back and find out where we started this. why did we come to this to begin with? in is something bill barr he is willing to look into and our transcript have shown there was a bias, agenda driven at the department of justice and f.b.i. this is the truth the american people need to see. they need to have confidence in their department of justice. >> sandra: when you dig deeper what do you expect you'll find? >> we're continuing to find already is that we had a
8:04 am
strzok, page, mccabe who took it upon themselves going back to early 2016 through the email investigation and find out the department of justice at the very top loretta lynch and others pressured and said there won't be any findings against hillary clinton. which then moved into a russia investigation which we saw yesterday with the tans crypt we released on george papadopoulos and trying to get private citizens involved and to the mueller investigation. many of those are not there anymore. we want to make sure it doesn't have the chance of starting again and that's why we're continuing this process and having transparency for the american people. >> sandra: your colleague jim jordan joined us earlier and he had this to say. >> chuck schumer, one of the top democrats in our government back in january of 2017 said this. when you mess with the intelligence community, they have six ways to sunday at getting back at you. think about that statement. that's scary. the intelligence community getting back at president trump for what, winning the election?
8:05 am
how high it goes i don't know. we need to investigate. this kind of activity is never supposed to happen in this great country. >> i agree with jim. one of the things -- remember, i want to give you a brief history. it goes to the commission back in the 70s and how the fisa process started to gain control making sure our intelligence communities were operating within the law and there was a focus on how we did these counter intelligence investigations and how we would go through this so that people in this country are protected. when we have that abuse which started back then and now coming back to light where we see problems, we need to point that out and we need to see where it ends. that's an investigation worthwhile. truth is never not available for investigation and that's what we're finding out here. >> sandra: i want to go back to your own words on this resolution. you are saying it was part of quote showing the thinking and actions of the individuals who fueled investigations of president trump for collusion
8:06 am
and obstruction. is this the path forward and as far as strategy for your party now that that investigation is over, is this the right tact? >> it's a tact -- the truth is always the right tact. it goes back to something this is not new investigation. we've already done this investigation, the transcript we're talking about but the mindset of andy mccabe and why he wanted to do what he was doing and the things he has said since then. we've shown it bill barr has said there were issues that he is willing to look into. senator graham talked about that. this is a truth process. we have a policy agenda and we'll continue to talk about a president who has done great things with the economy, deregulation. we want to focus on those things but focus on the truth of what happened at d.o.j. >> sandra: how would you describe your colleagues in the house, the democrats, on this issue. are they with you? >> not really. the weekend was a tough time for them because i think they lost their first love. they got a note back from mr.
8:07 am
mueller saying we want to break up because the collusion and obstruction wasn't there. they're trying to figure out what do they do next. sometimes they want to do other investigations because they still cannot get over the fact that donald trump became president and not hillary clinton. >> sandra: congressman doug collins. appreciate you coming on "america's newsroom." >> bill: chuck woolery there at the end, huh? chicago prosecutors under fire after dropping all charges against jussie smollett. the f.b.i. now investigating a death threat letter the actor said he received while new information emerges about text messages between a former aide to michelle obama and a prosecutor in chicago. >> we're interested in having the federal authorities look into what occurred here because we're baffled by what has happened. >> bill: matt finn live in chicago for the day after today. matt, good morning. >> good morning, chicago police tell fox news they had more evidence in this case than was
8:08 am
presented in the media and they were prepared to take this case to trial. also the two brothers that chicago police say smollett paid to carry out the alleged hoax were prepared to testify. suddenly yesterday the cook county state's attorneys office dropped the state. the cook county states attorney kim foxx recused herds from this case during the height of this investigation. michelle obama's former chief of staff texted foxx on behalf of the smollett family urging foxx to convince police superintendent eddie john ton to turn over his investigation to the f.b.i. because the smollett family was concerned about alleged false leaks. michelle obama's former staffer tchen texted i wanted to give you a call on behalf of jussie smollett and family who i know. they have concerns about the investigation. kim foxx responds spoke to the superintendent earlier. he is going to make the ask. trying to figure out logistics. i'll keep you posted.
8:09 am
tchen responded, oh my god, this would be a huge victory. also the attorney for the two brothers that police say smollett paid $3500 to pretend to beat him released this statement. the brothers were willing to testify. following this decision ending the criminal case schmidt no longer represents them in the criminal matter. we caught up with the brothers here in chicago at an amateur boxing event. abel indicates he feels mentally fit and we spoke to the other brother who indicated he couldn't talk to us right now. [inaudible] >> how do you feel mentally? >> good shape.
8:10 am
>> what will the future look like the next couple days and weeks? you have a lot of fans in chicago. what do you want to say to your fans? >> this morning chicago mayor rahm emanuel says jussie smollett is a liar who abused the city of chicago. bill. >> bill: thank you, matt finn on the streets of chicago today. thank you. >> sandra: in the wake of charges being dropped against jussie smollett new calls for the fed to investigate the role of prosecutors in this case. martha maccallum will join us live next. plus this. >> paid for by the clinton campaign. took the document, dressed it up. took it to the secret court to get the warrant to spy on the trump campaign is how this whole crazy thing started and those people who did that are the ones we need to investigate and hold accountable. >> bill: jim jordan demanding answers, as bill barr lays out a timetable for the release of the report. rick scott weighs in on that
8:11 am
and his thoughts on the new white house push to dismantle obamacare.
8:12 am
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8:14 am
>> this is all in the name of self-promotion and he used the laws of the hate crime legislation that all of us collectively over years have put on the books to stand up to be the values that embody what we believe in. this is a whitewash of justice. >> sandra: that was chicago
8:15 am
mayor yesterday part of a growing call backlash that we've seen over the decision to drop all the charges against jussie smollett. with us now martha maccallum anchor of "the story." good morning. all 16 charges dropped. hard to believe. it was truly a stunner. we talked to the head of the chicago police union this morning. this took everyone offguard. nobody saw it coming. >> it is highly unusual when you have law enforcement, a grand jury process. one of the things that people find so jarring about this is that there just was no process whatsoever. they didn't exonerate him. they talked sort of broadly about because of his community service and the fact that the $10,000 bail that he paid was going to go to the city of chicago. they were kind of calling it all even. it is a very unsettling feeling, i think, to not go through the process of justice and i would think if he feels that he is the victim of a hate crime he would want his day in court. also i didn't hear him talking about wanting to find the two
8:16 am
people who did this to him and make sure that they were brought to justice. it is like he dropped that whole part of the story. i want to know what's going on with these two brothers? is he claiming they didn't tell the truth? where is this investigation now? i would like to know. >> sandra: you'll have more coming up on your show tonight. last night on your show there was this exchange with a democratic congressman eric swalwell. listen to this. >> doesn't bother you the clinton campaign paid for a dossier to be put together by someone who had all kinds of ties to intelligence and put together something that turned out to be not necessarily factual. that part of that that kind of -- >> bill: which part hasn't been proved factual. >> i mean -- >> which part was not proved factual? >> i mean, are you serious? >> sandra: such a great moment. it is getting a lot of play out
8:17 am
there in social atmosphere. >> i was surprised. i almost felt like we were doing the interview on his end before the barr letter came out. it was -- i felt like he was not aware of what had happened over the last few days and no matter how you feel about what was in that letter and, of course, we all want to see what's in the full mueller report and there will be a lot to talk about when it comes out, but to not take into account that surely over the course of the last two years the dossier would have been part of this two-year investigation and that the three main connections to collusion in that dossier report were carter page and his interactions with the oil company that he always claimed had not happened. and then you have the michael cohen prague story, which has also been discounted and then you have the salacious story of the videotape that was supposed to include the president in moscow. to think that they went through
8:18 am
this entire process and didn't run down those three things. they didn't indict carter page on anything, michael cohen has been indicted on charges unrelated to that. to completely discount the two years of investigation, i had to question if he was serious. >> sandra: you were stunned. it was like this interview took place before the mueller report and the barr report came out. you asked him specifically about some of the things he said about the president in the past being a russian agent. were some words he used. how did he respond to that? >> i think he was claiming that the way he used that phrase was that he was believing that the president had interactions with russia. but i think everybody has a connotation of a russian agent. a reporter shouted that question to the president on the south lawn. are you a russian agent? it clearly has spy connotations to that phrase. he did not want to walk that back at all. i gave him an opportunity to say do you still feel that way
8:19 am
after you have seen the report? he said yes, he does. he is a former assistant -- deputy district attorney in california. he have is a lawyer. so we were talking in terms of evidence and facts and what we've learned over the course of two years. i was surprised those things didn't matter to him. >> sandra: i loved your response when you said are you serious? it looks like it will be weeks, not months, when we can see the full mueller report with some redactions for classified material, grand jury information. >> they've been working on the report for a long time. rod rosenstein has been in this process very closely throughout all of this. i would imagine that a lot of what needs to be redacted is already pretty well understood by their team. it is probably a matter of going over it with a fine tooth comb and making sure none of the grand jury testimony or other classified information that can't come is out there and lindsey graham said the
8:20 am
white house will get a look at it. some controversy over. we'll discuss that as well. >> the week is not over yet. see you at 7:00 on the story tonight. thank you. >> bill: thank you, fox news alert. a record day for the number of illegals apprehended on our southern border. some say the situation may get even worse. plus why we may be closer than you think to putting a man or woman back on the moon. come on board. last years' ad campaign was a success for badda book. badda boom. this year, we're taking it up a notch. so in this commercial we see two travelers at a comfort inn with a glow around them, so people watching will be like, "wow, maybe i'll glow too if i book direct at". who glows? just say, badda book. badda boom. nobody glows. he gets it.
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8:23 am
>> sandra: vice president pence saying private companies could replace the space agency if it
8:24 am
doesn't send somebody to the moon by 2024. >> we're in a space race today. just as we were in the 1960s. and the stakes are even higher. after spending more than 45 years in low earth orbit, president trump and our entire administration believe that it is time to push on ward to new horizons and new destinations. >> sandra: the 50th anniversary. >> bill: another alert. startling new information from border patrol. more than 3700 illegals apprehended in one day. the largest daily number in more than a decade. william la jeunesse has been on the border quite a bit and live in l.a. from our bureau today. william. >> right now you have a perfect storm of factors coming together. many in congress and media are in denial saying the numbers are fake news and no
8:25 am
consequence, no jail, no fine, no deportation. also an unlimited supply of central americans making $5 a day when they could make $15 an hour here. last week agents released 1,000 migrants in san antonio. 2100 in mcallen, 2,000 in el paso. >> the moment they crossed the center of the rio grande they violated our law and entered the country illegally. we have an obligation to interdict anybody that crosses outside of port of entry. >> agents 800 migrants on the side of the road. add this up. officials expect 100,000 appear rementions in march alone. that's like filling a football stadium so you can multiply that by 12 over a year. that's a million apprehensions larger than the population of
8:26 am
san francisco. most arrive destitute. children will attend school and receive free breakfast and lunch qualify for healthcare, childcare, food stamps, housing, cash. many in congress oppose defense money to improving border security. >> the comment that funding a border wall out of the defense is also unbelievably irresponsible and i won't even get into the debate here about the wisdom of that border wall. >> secretary nielsen is in central america trying to hammer out a deal. a new caravan coming north now. unless congress acts, which is unlikely, it will get worse before it gets better. >> bill: stunning number in one day. thank you from los angeles. sandra. >> sandra: controversial move by one count he to eradicate a growing measles outbreak. what local leaders are doing to protect a community hard hit. >> bill: also prosecutors
8:27 am
dropping every charge against jussie smollett sparking outrage from all sides. but is this investigation now over? think again. >> dropping these charges in exchange for $10,000 is a horrible abuse of justice and must be completely investigated to see if there was any improper influence used and made on that decision. the russells travel to a different swim meet every saturday. but now... it's thursday. good thing they discovered gain flings. the only detergent with concentrated gain, oxi boost, and febreze odor remover. mmhmm. smelling is believing. and gain flings can hiya karate stink too. try new improved gain flings.
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8:30 am
>> mr. smollett who committed this hoax, period, if he wanted to clear his name the way to do that was in a court of law so that everyone could see the evidence. he is a person that brought this forward. i remind you all it also goes back to a letter. the evidence came forward, a grand jury saw the evidence, realized it was a hoax, a hoax on the city, a hoax on hate crime, a hoax on people of good values. >> bill: more reaction today.
8:31 am
chicago police, the mayor right there yesterday. prosecutors dropping all charges but the actor may not be out of the woods yet. the feds looking at his case. he has a mail issue out there. text messages between a former aide to michelle obama and the prosecuting attorney are getting attention. daniel linskey is now managing director and doug burns. we've been asking everybody what their theories are. i'll ask you about this theory. we had this debate off air an hour ago. there is a battle or struggle often between city personnel and state personnel. doug, do you believe that was at play here? if you believe that the police commissioner was overly aggressive in his public statements early on. let's start with doug on that. >> bill, i was surprised when i saw the police press conference.
8:32 am
ordinarily, you know, the standard formulation we charge the defendant with ab and c, we believe the evidence is strong and prosecutors will prevail in course. the question comes in. we would rather not comment and let it go in court. except he started throwing the defendant under the bus. i was a little surprised. that to your exact point may have started the process of some fairly serious -- >> bill: harsh words are not justice. >> the point, you read my mind. even if there was a little turf thing you won't see the dismissal of a 16-count indictment. that's sherlock holmes part 1. >> bill: after the grand jury and indictments. >> many times we'll be in a conference room. you debate it back and forth. after indictment much more rigorous, difficult and unusual. if you assume they got a little dust-up but wouldn't lead it to
8:33 am
dismissal. something untoward may well have happened and people calling for what took place in the pros cues toreall decision. >> bill: you have a closed case. daniel, where are you to understand all this now? >> absolutely. there is always times when there are tensions between law enforcement and prosecutors and decisions are made. sometimes you like them and sometimes you don't. the challenge here was the complete disrespect for superintendent, the chicago police department and community. there were conversations with smollett and his team. get a deal to do the community service he did over the weekend. it was a recusal from the attorney that wasn't going to be in charge of the case. recusing yourself doesn't mean your first assistant makes the decision essential in this case. you bring in a prosecutor from another county. the fact she admitted she was conflicted in the process and had her office continue the
8:34 am
program is a concern for the bar board in chicago and maybe the state ethics commission. they could have some information there. >> bill: the head of the police union, you can just imagine how they're feeling right now. they really feel like they had a finger put in their eye. kevin graham early in our program here. >> also think it is unprecedented to seal the case so that nobody can find out what occurred. we certainly are shocked by it. i've seen this occur sometimes in juvenile cases when we try to protect the identity of children. but i have never seen the set of circumstances that have presented themselves yesterday ever before in all my years of police work. >> bill: doug, explain that one. >> this dust-up was public. in conference rooms, behind closed doors there is arguments, points made across the table. but to have virtually the same
8:35 am
day this happened a raw, open public disgust, we're disgusted with the prosecutors, very surprising. and again, calls out for an examination as to what went on here behind closed doors in terms of this decision. >> bill: back to boston and daniel linskey on the two brothers. they've been quiet. i can't imagine they'll be quiet forever. >> i expect they won't be. they are still live witnesses. it appears they had information that was related to the federal investigation that is going on now which is his bigger problem. if those charges stick, they carry some significant prison time. the sentence of paying a fine and community service was probably what was going to be happening here. how much the fine should be and how much community service was in debate and the way it was portrayed and the police were kept out of the process. the other issue is it undermines community policing in chicago totally. you have to have police, prosecutors, community, schools, all kinds of folks
8:36 am
involved in the decisions and evaluations of programs to help deal with violence in the city. and if you can't have people trusting each other that are engaged in that, community policing goes out the window. when that happens violence goes up. >> bill: daniel, to you, when a case is sealed are there ever any leaks from that case? >> there is always potential for leaks. also a potential for civil litigation here i think. there will be discovery process through that where these documents can be opened again as well. >> bill: last question to doug burns. the post office inspection service is looking into the mail. >> one is mailing a threat which is weak because it was to himself. but two is mail fraud. emailed the letter to seem it was a hate crime and it is a fraud. interesting. it will be the relationship between the cook county prosecutors and u.s. attorneys office as to how viable and *r an audience they get from the u.s. attorney on that.
8:37 am
>> bill: thank you, gentlemen. >> sandra: fox news alert now. the measles outbreak in new york state. officials in one county declaring an emergency and banning all non-vaccinated children from certain places for a month. >> good morning. the first known ban of its kind in the u.s. they are barring all children under the age of 18 unvaccinated against the measles to going from public places like the mall behind me, any restaurant or schools or places of worship. about the only places that are excluded are outdoor spots like parks and playgrounds. the state of emergency is in effect for the next 30 days. rockland county, new york, located an hour north of new york city, has been dealing with a measles outbreak since october. the measles is highly contagious and most who have it are unvaccinated. there are a total of 153 confirmed cases in rockland
8:38 am
county, 128 of those are 18 or younger. 27% of the children in this county are not vaccinated against the measles. rockland county executive ed day said they resort evidence to the extreme measure to encourage parents to vaccinate their kids. parents who do not abide by the ban face a misdemeanor and up to six months in jail. >> there will not be law enforcement or sheriffs asking for vaccination records. that's ridiculous. that is not the focus of this efforts. parents will be held accountable if found to be in violation of the state of emergency. the focus of this effort is on the parents of these children. >> there are over 300 measles cases nationwide with outbreaks in six states. three or more cases in new york, washington, texas, illinois, california, and michigan. sandra, the new york health
8:39 am
department says the measles outbreak started in the jewish community where anti-vaccination literature has spread. rabbis and religious leaders are urging people to get vaccinated. sandra. >> sandra: big problem for that community. >> bill: we have seen the attorney general summary but within weeks the public will get to see a version of the mueller report. what will we learn from it then and what will lawmakers learn from it? senator rick scott. >> we will turn over to the country the good, the bad, the ugly. come to the committee and be willing to answer questions. i think that the process that we're embracing now -- after months of wearing only a tiger costume, we're finally going on the trip i've been promising. because with expedia, i saved when i added a hotel to our flight. ♪ so even when she outgrows her costume,
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we'll never outgrow the memory of our adventure together. unlock savings when you add select hotels to your existing trip. only when you book with expedia.
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>> bill: we're getting word from the white house the president is meeting with the wife of the venezuelan opposition leader juan guaido. during this meeting reporters
8:43 am
were called in. the president talked about healthcare saying obamacare is a disaster. premium too high and deductibles too high. those are the comments from the white house. once we get the play out we'll bring it to you momentarily on "america's newsroom." >> sandra: we'll bring on senator rick scott who serves on the homeland security and armedselves -- armed services committee. can you react when you hear about healthcare out of the white house? the president said we're party of healthcare. >> my heart goes out to everybody in venezuela where maduro is making sure kids -- 80% of the kids are starving to death under 5. people can't afford food. it is despicable what maduro has done there. i want to continue to support
8:44 am
juan guaido. i'm glad his wife is here today. with regard to healthcare we have to figure it out. it costs too much. so we have to -- obamacare has been a disaster. co-payments have gone up and deductibles have gone up and we need to make sure people get healthcare. i grew up a family without healthcare. i watched my mom struggle to get healthcare for my brother with a significant disease. we need to have healthcare but how do we get drug prices down? i'm meeting with pharmacies, hospitals, insurance companies how to do that. we have to figure how to do that. the whole delivery system has to get more efficient. >> sandra: what you just heard from the president. premiums too high. deductibles too high. susan collins the republican senator, she basically has this to say. i wonder where it puts your
8:45 am
party as a whole when it comes to healthcare. listen. >> i'm very disappointed and vehemently opposed to the administration seeking to invalidate the entire affordable care act. if the administration is supposed to be aca, the answer is for the administration to work with congress and present a plan to replace. >> sandra: what does it say about your party and where things stand, senator? >> senator collins is the chair of the aging committee and have had testimony in the committee about high drug prices. we care about that and we'll figure it out. i agree with some things in obamacare. we need to cover people with preexisting conditions, stay on your parents' plan until you're 26. what we thought were high premiums or co-payments and
8:46 am
deductibles before obamacare has skyrocketed. $5,000, $6,000, $7,000 deductibles. that's a catastrophic plan. we have to figure out how people get healthcare affordably. if you don't figure how to driver the delivery system down. >> sandra: it's a busy morning at the white house. senator rick scott. appreciate your time. we'll hear from the president in a moment. we know the pool was called into the oval office and he received the first lady of the opposition leader of venezuela, a short time ago. you will see her here in just a minute. the president talks venezuela, he talks healthcare, and he gets to a whole lot more. i believe we have it now. let's listen to the president. >> president trump: thank you very much. it's a great honor to have the first lady of venezuela. she has been through a tremendous -- been through a
8:47 am
lot. been through what people don't want to have to go through and should never have to go through. her husband is a tremendous man who is working so hard and it's very dangerous stuff. we hear what's going on and know exactly what's going on. our vice president, mike, was there for a period ever time and got to know your husband very well. i just want to say we'll have a terrific conversation. we already have. and a lot of progress is being made with all of the problems, tremendous amount of progress is being made. [speaking spanish]
8:48 am
>> president trump: venezuela was a country with tremendous potential and still a country with tremendous potential. people are starving. they are being killed. they are being beaten. what is going on there is unfathomable to everybody that sees and gets report. we are getting reports that are horrible. the potential of venezuela, if done properly and with democracy, would be incredible. it was one of the richest countries, one of the truly rich countries of the world and now it's one of the poorest countries of the world. you look at what's happened, despite oil, the oil is not coming out. everything is broken. they have no water, they have no electric. the lights are out.
8:49 am
in fact, i understand just today they had a big blackout. so we're very much in contact with your husband and with everybody else and a lot of things are happening. many things are happening. [interpreter speaking spanish] >> president trump: so just in concluding, i want to say again to have you and your friends
8:50 am
and representatives with us has been incredible. i know that you also have suffered tremendously and i would like you maybe to say a few words. first lady, i would love to have you say a few words to the media. [interpreter speaking spanish] [speaking spanish]
8:51 am
>> sandra: you have been listening to the first lady of the opposition leader juan guaido of venezuela, the president speaking at length about venezuela as he began talking about the terrible ongoing crisis there. children dying, the crisis is serious, he said. she has issued her concern to the president fearing for her husband's life there. there is repression, prison. the president and first lady of the opposition leader continue their meeting in the oval office this morning. >> bill: trying to dance around the translation a little here. it runs 18 or 19 minutes in total length. the president also issuing some concerns about russia and the arrival of military planes over the weekend calling it an unwelcome provocation. >> sandra: the president made some other news talking about healthcare. he goes on after they have this discussion there talking about
8:52 am
premiums, deductibles, what the republican party and president and the white house intend to do and how they intend to move forward with healthcare as a party when it comes to 2020 and the issues there. but for now the president and the first lady of the opposition leader continue. >> bill: pretty interesting how the topic of conversation is pivoted away from so many of the mueller matters, not entirely, but to a degree on capitol hill especially yesterday when we go back to thinking about 2020 and how healthcare will play out. it is pretty obvious to a lot of us as we watch the back and forth. >> sandra: something else to think about as we watch the meeting continue with her husband not in the room. what we know has happened recently is juan gado's chief of staff was kidnapped and held hostage in his own home. she spoke about that saying his chief of staff was kidnapped in a violent manner. the president reiterating the
8:53 am
u.s. is with venezuela and the world is with venezuela. she referred to the maduro regime as a terrible dictatorship. >> bill: we'll see whether or not we get to questions with regard to russia and the involvement there in venezuela. the president says we call on russia to cease all support of the maduro regime and stand with guaido until freedom is restored. maduro has shown a lasting ability in the face of a lot of pressure to hang on to power and how long he does that is something the world is waiting to find out. shall we go back in? >> sandra: the president continuing to meet in the oval office right now. you saw ivanka trump, the president's daughter and member of his staff present in the oval office there. the translator is making it slow. the president goes on to talk about other issues here. when we get through some of the rough translation we'll dip back in. >> bill: we'll see mike pence is in the room as well.
8:54 am
you saw that when the camera panned out sitting next to ivanka. this is something the vice president and president and administration feels should be a priority. democracy in south america and what they've emphasized many times is just how the state of the economy in venezuela has gone right down the tubes, especially over the past four to five years once one of the wealthyist, richest countries on the entire continent has been limping along in significant ways and the administration will tell you 80% of people in the country no longer have electricity. >> sandra: what we also just heard from mike pence is that the u.s. views russia as a rival. their military planes are as unwelcome provocation. we stand with guaido and nations across the hemisphere and the world until freedom is
8:55 am
restored. hearing from her, she said those who are paying the price there in venezuela are the children. they are dying in hospitals, dying because they have no food. 80% of the population has no power. they want to submerge us in eternal darkness but there is light. the light is here. she says she has come there today to say that we are going to keep bringing smiles to our children. we will again, she says. we hope to see those smiles on our people again because today, with my husband, juan guaido, the opposition leader, we want to do what it is to help those mothers in venezuela who want their children to go back to school. >> bill: initially we were told it would be a meeting with the vice president. what changed at the white house is not clear to us. 90 minutes ago we were informed the president will be involved in this and that's the case now
8:56 am
with the meeting in the oval office. this administration wanted to make it a priority and it has as the comments continue there. back inside. >> we are fighting for life and death and we know that what will triumph in the end is life. i know that you will be part of this process. thank you. >> president trump: thank you very much. beautifully said. appreciate it. would you tell us about your husband? something happened that is very terrible. >> he was at home last week. the political forces of maduro enter in a brutal way in our home and there were like 50
8:57 am
people around trying to get by the porch in their house. they finally did and with lack of communication and they destroyed our house, our child's room, everything. for three hours it was a nightmare and after that they kidnapped him and we didn't know anything about him for six days. they were trying to delay the process because we have no light. electricity is not working. we didn't know anything. he was a personal friend of juan guaido. a personal attack to his team because they work together. they make decisions together. they were working together in the national assembly. so we are afraid for his life. we haven't had any
8:58 am
communication. we have a 7-year-old kid who doesn't know anything. i pray we can move back and i want to ask you to help because we are fighting but we can't do it ourselves. >> president trump: they took him and he is in prison now? do you know where he is? >> we know the place but we haven't spoke to him or seen him. >> president trump: no communication whatsoever? >> no communication. >> president trump: okay. we are with venezuela. we are with your husband. and the people he represents, which is a big, big majority of the country. what is happening there should not happen and be allowed to happen anywhere. we are with you 100%, okay? please give my regards. it with all work out. it is all going to work out. we'll get it to work out. thank you very much. it will be fine. steve.
8:59 am
>> the russian involvement >> president trump: russia has to get out. what is your next question? [inaudible question] >> president trump: they have a lot of pressure right now. they have no money, they have no oil, they have no nothing. they have plenty of pressure right now. we'll see. they have no electricity, and other than military you can't get anymore pressure than they have. unfortunately a lot of people are starving. they don't take the aid. maduro won't take aid. we have sent hundreds of millions of dollars worth of aid to the border. he won't take the aid. he would rather have his people starve than take the aid. i don't think that's good even from a political standpoint. even from a dictator's standpoint i don't think that's good. but there is a lot of pressure on them right now. [inaudible question] >> president trump: we'll see.
9:00 am
all options are open. just so you understand all options are open. go ahead. all options are open, yeah. [inaudible question] >> president trump: i won't tell them anything. they'll make their own decision. >> you said russia needs to get out. have you in any way communicated that through nati? >> president trump: they know. they know very well. go ahead, next question. >> reporter: are they opposed to you and your views on health care? >> president trump: we are not talking about health care right now, but it will. the republican party is -- and you will see this very soon. because obamacare is a disaster. it's too expensive by far. people can't afford it, and the deductible is horrible. so the premiums cost too


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