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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  March 28, 2019 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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that's all the time we have. my new podcast trans humanism. do you know what it is? it is coming. shannon bream, take it from here. shannon: our viewers are smart and were listening to you. we begin with a fox news alert. donald trump on offense breaking news on everything from the mueller probe to bar's summary to declassified documents and possible presidential pardons and firing back after james comey sees potential obstruction of justice. breaking news on jussie smollett, looking at why the charges were dropped and we are not the only ones. house this saga driving a wedge into the obama world, breaking news in minutes. i am shannon bream in washington.
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brit hume is here with instant analysis but we begin with kristin fisher with the latest from donald trump tonight. >> the tale of two interviews, the first one on ones with donald trump and james comey since the end of the mueller probe but the president is focused on the beginning and promise to try to release the fisa warrants used to launch the fbi investigation into his campaign. a few hours ago, i have plans to declassify and release, plans to absolutely release. i thought it would be better if we held it to the end but at the right time we will be releasing it. donald trump said he didn't want to talk about the possibility of pardons but had no problem calling john brennan a, quote, sick person and congressman adam schiff a bad guy who should be forced out of office. but he saved his harshest criticism for the people leading
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the fbi at the time the investigation was launched. he said, quote, we should never allow this treasonous treasonous act to happen to another president. this was an attempted takeover of our government, our country, illegal take over and if it were the other way around, where i don't want to president obama or democrat it would be the maximum sentence. a few hours earlier on nbc news comey was playing the game of imagine if this had happened to a president from a different party. >> change the names, let me make 18 for you, the iranian's interfere in the election to help elect barack obama because they think they will get a better nuclear deal from him and during that election and obama aide meets with the iranians and talks about the dirt they have that will help obama get elected and the fbi finds out about that. we should not investigate that. >> comey did acknowledge the
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special counsel found no evidence of collusion with the russians. >> i think it is good he was able to finish the work and another piece of good news, the evidence didn't establish any americans conspired as part of the effort. that should be good news the matter what party you are associated with. >> tomorrow donald trump will be holding his first rally since the end of the special counsel investigation in grand rapids, michigan and if you thought yesterday on capitol hill was a victory lap, wait until tomorrow. shannon: thank you very much. jim comey talking about his firing from the fbi sees potential obstruction of justice by the president but all-americans should be gratified by the no collusion conclusion. let's get brit hume for reaction. what do you think of the fallout as people put their own spin on it? >> the question is whether to spin the bar letter or denounce the bar letter.
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my sense is i think we trust the bar letter is an accurate representation of what is in the mueller report. for this reason bar didn't need this job, he has been attorney general before, has a good reputation. i don't think he will put the reputation at risk for a spin on a report whose contents will be known anyway. that would be an act of insanity. people pinning their hopes on that out to keep their hopes high. shannon: he had this to say about what the mueller report does to shed light on the fbi. >> it establishes to all people that the fbi is not corrupt, not a nest of vipers and spies but an honest group of people trying to find out what is true. shannon: is that the way you see
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the report? >> don't know how much the report has to say about the import performance of the fbi. that would not be the conclusion i would draw from the outcome of this investigation. by and large that's true about the fbi but james comey and those who work in do not fit that description in my opinion. a bunch of people got fired with good reason and comey was one of them. he may hope that because people start thinking that they may think better of him. shannon: we are waiting on the report on the fish applications but across town at the cia john brennan was cia director for years and rand paul says breaking a high-level source tells me it was brennan, the fake steel dossier be included in the intelligence report, to testify under oath in congress. a lot of folks say if that is the case he gave credibility to
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the dossier as cia director by including it in the intel assessment. >> i don't doubt that but brennan's problem now is he has exposed himself as such an ardent trump hater, his projections about this, read on how the mueller investigation will turn out, both of those things are all wrong. he thought it would be more than it turned out to be, no kidding. this man brennan behaved like no other former intelligence chief i have ever seen. i can't imagine william webster ever making the partisan accusations he has made. he called him a traitor. treasonous behavior. that is an extreme assertion no responsible intelligence chief should make unless he has evidence which he manifestly has
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not. shannon: the issues with collusion were not proven, special counsel says we didn't see it according to the bar letter and he has no reason to mischaracterize it. for a lot of democrats that is off the checklist and it is on to impeachment. the leadership doesn't want them to talk about it. congressman out green, a couple times on his impeachment plan. >> a president does not have to commit a crime to be impeached. we have unfortunately allowed some persons to conflate what the special counsel was doing with what the house can do. shannon: a much lower level than making a legal case. >> in the end impeachment is a political question, but it is
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also the case mister green notwithstanding the constitution speaks of high crimes and misdemeanors. that is the reason people get the idea you have to commit a crime to be impeached it. it is not true. a high crime for congress is whatever congress says it is. one other point. not everybody has given up on collusion. adam schiff is still banging on about it and wasn't is tonight. people keep asserting what mueller found was what trump did didn't rise to the level of crime or he couldn't make the case. that's not exactly what the summary said. the summary said he didn't find collusion, criminal collusion or anything else. it said no collusion. the quote from the mueller report did not find cooperation between trump -- shannon: despite repeated attempts. the russians tried to seduce the
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trump campaign and failed. that's pretty definitive. shannon: that doesn't mean the search will end here. that's the next chapter we go into. always great to have you. breaking news about empire actor jussie smollett, 16 charges drops, as the police released the report into the alleged a crime hoax. this is causing trouble in the obama world, trace gallagher, good evening. >> 61 pages released, no bombshell revelations but they did paint a clearer picture of the osuntairio brothers who helped pull off a crime hoax including run one brother acknowledging he poured bleach on jussie smollett and make the brothers in the hotel to avoid
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the media and it felt good to tell the grand jury the truth. after being given the legal equivalent of mama from heaven, jussie smollett testing don't appear contrite but remain defiant. today his attorney told abc prosecutors know he is innocent. >> if they believed the charges they would never have dismissed the case, such a high-profile matter. everyone is talking about it. it made national headlines. >> except that the opposite of what prosecutors actually said. they did believe the allegations against him and made it clear that dropping charges did not equate to innocence and ron emmanuel is repeating his demand for answers. >> what happened here that allowed the states attorneys office who was in the room with the police department when they decided to bring the charges to the grand jury, what made them all of a sudden say on second thought this is enough?
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>> a lot of focus on states attorney kim fox recused herself after contacting the family. michelle obama's former chief of staff tina chen but today kim fox reiterated that the actions of her office are common. listen. >> when you look at other felonies, disorderly conduct and ask of we done this before the data will shed some clarity on this. >> reporter: if she can find the data an internal email shows fox acting her staff to dig up supporting evidence quoting we are looking for examples of cases, felony preferable where we in exercising discretion have entered into verbal agreements with the fed attorneys to dismiss charges against an offender if certain conditions were met. not only was the case sealed that abc is reporting the clerk's office says the case was wiped off their database. the fbi reportedly will
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>> shannon: reports tonight that t >> reports tonight that the fbi is looking at why the charges against abca6 were dropped. the legal eagles are here to lock it down. attorney general pam bondi.
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you have been here several times to talk about this case. there are those you predicted, not all of it would go away. abca6 prove the criminal justice system bends for the privileged and powerful, say what you will about race, religion, sexuality or gender or any of the democratic categories worshiped by the social justice coalition, no privilege times over celebrity and abca6 knew that from the start. >> this is a divergent program. he took the agreement call the police. you can call it what you want, it is a divergent where you pay a fine and they keep it off your record. what is strange is they seal the records immediately and the speed this happened, they don't usually get taken care of in a month and a half and the police
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were not involved, those are the parts where you get the nuts and bolts of it being a diversion program, the felony should have been -- we all knew it was overcharging at the time. they knew they could not for convict on 16 counts not to mention the case depended on the abca14 brothers. daymac we had a statement from their attorneys that they were willing to testify in a criminal trial. kim fox got all the heat over this, she said in an interview based on the facts and evidence presented in the charging decision made by this office this office believes they could find him guilty but they didn't ask him for a guilty plea. >> the only reason i believe she said that as he threatened a
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civil suit so she had to come out and say that. first of all a hoax is when a fifth-grader pulled the fire alarm at school, this isn't a hoax. of all department in the country the chicago pd with countless homicides, the good men and women are working around the clock unserious things and they took this seriously. they were trying to protect the community finding these two guys and it is a shame that this happened but it is sad for all great men and women in law enforcement. i see why they are so upset and want her investigated. the fraternal order of police in a strong letter about the state attorney needs to be looked into. daymac the feds are involved in a number of levels so hearing they are going to look into this and find out what was happening and what was by dropping the charges but there's this issue of the letter that he received, innocent until proven guilty but the feds may be looking at that,
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that is potentially serious jail time and that is not gone away. >> that the bigger issue because getting into a fight about credibility with the chicago police department but if you get into a battle with the fbi on the federal mail system, that is something he needs to be concerned about more than this because if it is proven he falsified letters against him that he used federal mail system he could be facing time in federal custody so that's what he turns his concerns to. if i was his attorney i would start getting in front of cameras, stop doing mail calls and peripheral him in your innocence. get in the car and go home and shut up for a little while. and talking is not helped. the police superintendent talking has not helped. he is not tried cases in the court of public opinion.
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rahm emanuel is not helping. let the courts work through, the fbi has the case, let them determine what happened. daymac the idea of threatening a lawsuit. we know what happened with that. guy benson writes his lawyers know the discovered process would be an unmitigated disaster for their client but even floating the prospect of suing the city as a final middle finger to make sure there is no doubt about the breadth of their core victory is hunting. >> i think he was -- the dumbest thing he could have done. i disagree that this was not a diversion. his lawyer shouldn't have been talking. she said the two nigerians are the ones who did it, they are the ones who are guilty yet abca6 said they were not a minority and he did not know them. he clearly knew these two guys so it is a mess all the way around. there is so much evidence against him and i think the chicago pd had to come out and defend themselves because they
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worked tirelessly to protect abca6 and the community and he did this. a travesty. daymac they said they respected the police and done a great job. they are saying one thing to communicate something else. >> if they thought they had a good case they would not have done a diversion program. they didn't have enough evidence. >> we can continue this and we will on pay-per-view. donald trump goes on offense in the hannity interview next. and saying, "really?" so capital one is building something completely new. capital one cafes. inviting places with people here to help you, not sell you. and savings and checking accounts with no fees or minimums. because that's how it should be. you can open one from right here or anywhere in 5 minutes. seriously, 5 minutes... this is banking reimagined. what's in your wallet? it's going to be passover in just a few days.
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we really pride ourselves >> ton making it easyautoglass,
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to get your windshield fixed. >> teacher: let's turn in your science papers. >> tech vo: this teacher always puts her students first. >> student: i did mine on volcanoes. >> teacher: you did?! oh, i can't wait to read it. >> tech vo: so when she had auto glass damage... she chose safelite. with safelite, she could see exactly when we'd be there. >> teacher: you must be pascal. >> tech: yes ma'am. >> tech vo: saving her time... [honk, honk] >> kids: bye! >> tech vo: she can save the science project. >> kids: whoa! >> kids vo: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪ >> many many people were hurt, incredibly hurt by this whole scam. i don't want to talk about this but it is so sad on so many levels. our new attorney general build bar is a great gentleman. i've heard about him for years. he's a great man. had he been there initially this all but not have happened.
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daymac donald trump breaking news from the mueller probe to the possibility of pardons talking about his plans to absolutely release those fisa applications granted as part of the surveillance on the campaign. let's bring in chuck schumer, former republican congressman jason chaffetz. great to have you with us. you know how this works, he has pulled into this show before. he likes to talk and he covered a lot of things. i want to play something he said about the dossier that at least partially to be the impetus about the amount of impact, definitely at the beginning of the investigation. >> they used the dossier to start things and there was no truth whatsoever.
12:28 am
it was a fraud paid for by hillary clinton and the democrats at the dnc. it is hard to believe. if you wrote this as a novel nobody would buy it. >> plenty people do biden believe it. >> the fact pattern that is out there. i believe it was mister mccabe who testified to the intelligence committee and said without this dossier there would've been no fisa warrant and all the things that followed on after that. the president is right, they should look at the genesis of this through a tough lens. there's a lot of information there, and inspector general looking into this, it should come out in the next 90 days the fact pattern as the president laid it out is exactly right. >> he talked about two of his biggest critics, the house until chairman adam schiff and former cia director john brennan with different assessments of the two of them.
12:29 am
>> schiff is a guy. he knew he was lying. he's not a dummy, he knew he was line. brennan is a sick person. i believe there's something wrong with him. >> how do you respond? >> the president needs to slow his role a little bit. we haven't seen the entire report and what it says. until we do we don't know what warrants were used for what. we talked about this fisa warrant a lot and we learned from of the documents that have been released in the last two years, the dossier was not the only thing that led to these fisa warrants. we learned the dossier was paid for by republicans when running against trump. >> the beginning of opposition research is one thing but hiring someone going to the russians for information is something the russians were not involved with. >> republicans paid for the steel dossier, that is unknown
12:30 am
fact verified many times. they were your originators of the dossier and the president always buildings that out when he talks, his political opponents, we know it was there. >> i won't leave you out but because jason was on oversight i want him to address that because that is not the characterization a lot of people feel about opposition research that started under the republicans and what it turned into, who paid for that? >> millions of dollars went from the dnc, the clinton campaign went overseas. it is a well-established pattern. to suggest somebody started something but then quickly and that it, it didn't go anywhere. the dnc -- how did that information get into the hands of the fbi and how did it mislead the fisa court and that is an open question, deep concerning question but only happened because the democrats and hillary clinton funded it. daymac we will learn much more
12:31 am
when the report goes out and bar promised he will make it as transparent as he can as quickly as he can. something the president said tonight, the green new deal got 0 votes. is what he said about that. >> i don't want to speak about the new green deal because frankly i am afraid they will start using it because i do want to campaign against it. it is ridiculous. it is crazy. >> it says he doesn't want to lose that is a talking point. >> when you look at the green new deal and so many other far left policies the democrats are pushing it is a blessing to donald trump because at the end. these policies are not in line with the majority of the american people. even democrats across this country i talked to in ohio don't support these policies and they do not feel the current
12:32 am
democratic party is in line with what they believe in. a lot of them are very torn what they are going to do in 2020. they don't support the green new deal, don't support medicare for all and are very frustrated. they went they look at the democrats they elected these people are not serving the will of the american people, they are not serving their constituents. people who vote for donald trump in 2020 because of things like this and you look at the vote for democrats voting with republicans and the rest of them didn't vote at all, they voted present which is the same as voting know. daymac do you think where democrats are putting their eggs in this basket with the green new deal and abolishing ice and all this kind of stuff and electoral college and packing the supreme court? >> the election will be about healthcare. the president initiated something that will take 130 million americans of health coverage because of preexisting conditions something he said he wouldn't do. now he's doing it and they have no plan to replace. that won the house in 2018 and will win the presidency if they stick to that message into
12:33 am
thousand 20. >> he said preexisting conditions will be covered but they have to have a plan to show voters. >> where is the plan. >> they need to have a plan but don't tell people they will kick 130 million people of their insurance, there is no fact and you know better than to scare people. daymac let jason finish. >> the president never said that and that is not the suggestion from the republicans. it is not. what is scary is how quickly presidential candidates jump on the green new deal without reading it or understanding it even though it will cost something like $100 trillion and to show some real guts when it comes up for a vote they vote present. daymac we will talk about that more, thank you all, come back soon.
12:34 am
counting down to 2020, rising democratic star stacy abrams says she's capable of becoming president, could be crowded 2020 field even more crowded. we are looking into it tonight. >> i think the presidency is about reasserting who we are as a nation. >> stacy abrams unofficially a candidate in 2020 but she sure sounds like she is interested. >> the success i had in our election transforming the electorate, the work i've done is a business leader, civic leader, political leader positions me to be as capable of becoming president of the united states as anyone running. >> abrams stock continues to rise in the democratic party gave the republicans -- donald trump's. of the union speech this year, she was criticized for bringing identity politics into the mix which she did in another interview today when talking about how she and andrew
12:35 am
gillam, the florida gubernatorial election compared to beto o'rourke, democratic darling. >> the difference between what he accomplished and what andrew and i accomplished. i would challenge people to consider why we were not lifted up in the same way. race plays a part. region plays a part. >> abrams is mentioned as a running mate for former vice president joe biden is expected to announce a 2020 run soon. biden was in new york last might where he too touched on identity politics and expressed regret at his behavior in the anita hill hearing in 1991. >> a bunch of white guys hearing this testimony on the senate judiciary committee. when anita hill came to testify she faced a committees it didn't fully understand what it was all about. >> reporter: megan mccain came to biden's defense arguing
12:36 am
standard in 2019 are much different than in 1991. >> joe biden is one of the truly decent human beings on the planet. of democrats cannibalize each other -- >> she said if she was going to run it would be as a presidential candidate. he would not jump in is a vp but asked if she would do it down the road is a vp if asked, she would consider it. daymac thank you very much. congresswoman alexandria ocasio cortez taking aim and senator mike lee over the green new deal and the poster behind them, the senator as responsiveness the nation for that, president reagan with a rocket launcher riding a dinosaur, that is next. that we just hit the motherlode of soft-serve ice cream? i got cones, anybody wants one! oh, yeah! get ya some! no, i can't believe how easy it was to save hundreds
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>> clima >> climate change is the next te potential threat.
12:41 am
>> we must act now >> green new deal, i'm in all the way. >> on this vote the yeahs r0, the names are 57, 43 senators responded present. >> several democratic senators hoping to be the presidential nominee next year support the president green new deal despite the vast majority of the voting present during a test vote on the resolution and now the freshman democrat behind the radical proposal congresswoman ocasio cortez is going after a republican senator for criticizing the green new deal. let's bring him in for a response, mike lee on the senate judiciary committee has posters and you have props. good to have you with us. you know she's not fond of any of the stuff you did. she says like many other women and working people i occasionally suffer from imposter syndrome, small moments especially on hard days when you wonder if the haters are right but then they do things like this to clear it up. of this guy can be senator you can do anything.
12:42 am
we will run these visual aids you had with giant seahorses, president reagan on the back of a dinosaur, she said you are not taking the job seriously. >> what could be more serious than ronald reagan riding on the back of a velociraptor or a giant seahorses? one of the things we have to take into account is these things are far more serious than the green new deal. the green new deal is up policy proposal, it is its own punchline. not one democrat voted for it in the senate yesterday. that tells us something. daymac she was passionate in giving a speech talking about people -- take care of the kids, they have asthma and environmentally caused issues and she said those who call or an elitist this is how she responded. >> this is not an elitist issue. this is a quality of life issue. you want to tell people that
12:43 am
their concern and their desire for clean air and clean water is elitist? >> until someone comes up with a better idea on climate change she is the boss. >> that is a strawman to suggest that because she's concerned and i respect her passion, i admire the fact that she has a strong message for people. i happen to disagree with policies she proposed because they are utterly unrealistic and they would harm the very people she is trying to help. they would harm especially americans because energy prices would skyrocket as president obama acknowledged but it is a strawman to suggest if you don't agree with her policy which would hurt people, a lot of people, hundreds of millions of people that you don't care about people. that's wrong. >> democrats are saying republicans don't care about people because the administration is taking the position legally in court that the entire affordable care act has to go without having a
12:44 am
backup plan. here's what the top democrat in the senate chuck schumer had to say. >> this is the party of healthcare? this republican party, come on. you can't undo all the healthcare for tens of millions, protections for preexisting conditions for hundreds of millions and say you are for healthcare. you just can't. >> you know they will campaign on this in 2020 and it has worked with them in the past so what is the plan? >> of course they are going to campaign on that. notice massive government overreach that is obamacare that made healthcare less accessible and more expensive for almost every american. is confusing that with actual
12:45 am
healthcare so i would love to hear what his ideas for how to bring down the cost of healthcare after obamacare has wreaked havoc on the american economy but i also look forward to hearing what donald trump's idea is. the fact is this is a law that was put in place that was never terribly popular with the american people, is written not once but twice by justice john roberts, and to save it from an otherwise inevitable finding of unconstitutionality. 6 a lot of golfer people to say that law that caused so many problems for so many people is something we can't live without. daymac the one or 2 top issue people are concerned about it. watch for something bipartisan. we would love to see it. thanks, good to see you. if you see, may not be the police you have to worry about, about the government controlling your car and how fast it can or cannot go. ove ♪ ♪ do you love me? ♪ i'm in the groove ♪ now do you love me? ♪ do you love me now that i can dance? ♪ applebee's 3 course meal. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood.
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>> you were driving 130? >> yes. >> ago 130, 140, 120. there was no traffic. >> i absolutely have but not 130 or 120. >> ticket or no ticket some drivers love to speed like that guy in arizona but now they are
12:50 am
going to force every car to have new software that would stop your ability to speed. big brother coming to your car in the us? hillary von is here to explain. >> the eu wants to make roads safer and their solution, computer police ready to step in when human drivers fail to follow the rules of the road, draft legislation starting in 2022, every new car has to be outfitted with software that tracks your speed. the intelligence speed and distance will cut the brakes to keep you from going over the limit constantly monitoring your speed as you drive around the tech uses gps, sign recognition cameras and maps to calculate the right speed and keep you in check, the european transport safety council says the software is like a modern day seatbelt meant to protect drivers saying, there are moments that can be described as big leaps forward in road safety, if given the
12:51 am
formal greenlight it will represent another of those moments preventing 25,000 deaths within 15 years of coming into force but some people disagree taking control and responsibility out of the driver's plans is a good thing. edmonds, the a automobile association president in london says the new law will make roads no less safe saying the best speed limiter is the driver's right foot, the right speed is often below the speed limit, but with iso there may be temptation to go with the top speed allowed. some consumer choice advocates have concerns drivers can't opt out from using the new technology. it would be illegal under this law not to use it. daymac this will sound like big brother to a lot of people. >> a lot of people and that's because it is a lot of surveillance, not just speed
12:52 am
that regulators want to control but they want every car to have an automated breaking feature that will kick in if they sent pedestrians or cyclists in danger which means the car needs to be outfitted with multiple cameras to identify unpredictable obstacles. if there's a crash the car will record all the data leading up to the collision and send that to officials. they want to retrofit cars so they can easily have a breathalyzer install. a lot of questions about this and in the us they are considering similar legislation. a lot of people petitioning congress to take similar action here. >> not sure how this will go over in america, we are pretty independent folks over here. thank you so much. >> officially banned from being out in public in new york if your child is not vaccinated. the latest drastic steps in an attempt to contain a measles outbreak. >> we cannot sit idly by.
12:53 am
>> in the first known ban of its kind in the us, rockland county new york is barring all children under 18 years old who are in vaccinated against measles for all public spaces including businesses like restaurants and shopping centers, public transportation, schools and places of worship. outdoor spaces like parts of the playground are excluded, located hour north of new york city. accounting of 320,000 is trying to stop the spread of a measles outbreak that began in october. there are 153 confirmed measles cases in rockland county, most of the infected are children and most were not vaccinated against the highly contagious disease, 27% of rockland county's kids have not received the measles vaccine. the new york health department says the outbreak originated in orthodox jewish communities
12:54 am
where anti-vaccination literature has spread. >> health inspectors have been hung up, told not to call again. if we are told we are not discussing this, do not come back. we've been in the homes of infected individuals as part of their investigation. this type of response is unacceptable and irresponsible. >> according to the cdc there are over 300 individual measles cases in 15 states. >> it is a good idea to enforce the ban because the health of the people who otherwise can't get vaccinated. >> it's up to the parents, you can't -- >> account executive says parents who violate the public band could face misdemeanor and 6 months in jail. as for course he says they won't be checking vaccination papers but a lot of different schools and their own investigations. in new york, brian yunus, fox news. >> our 4-legged midnight hero to the rescue plus border agents plea urgent, he needs help. that tops the western roundup. read earnings reports, looked at chart patterns. i've even built my own historic trading model.
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we really pride ourselves >> ton making it easyautoglass, to get your windshield fixed. >> teacher: let's turn in your science papers. >> tech vo: this teacher always puts her students first. >> student: i did mine on volcanoes. >> teacher: you did?! oh, i can't wait to read it. >> tech vo: so when she had auto glass damage... she chose safelite. with safelite, she could see exactly when we'd be there. >> teacher: you must be pascal. >> tech: yes ma'am. >> tech vo: saving her time... [honk, honk] >> kids: bye! >> tech vo: she can save the science project. >> kids: whoa! >> kids vo: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪ ♪ >> shannon: a top border
12:59 am
patrol officer >> border patrol official begging congress for help topping the western roundup. >> two weeks ago i testified in congress the immigration system was at the breaking point. the breaking point arrived this week at the border. >> he was immigration numbers on the southern border smashing records, border patrol on its way to reaching 100,000 apprehensions just this month, border patrol calling at an unprecedented crisis. california closing a rise of endangered whales getting caught in fishing equal and off the coast. the crabbing industry worried the regulations could wreak havoc on their business. gonzaga university professor leading an event to discuss whether disney's animated movie mo on a is about race, the professor suggesting subliminal messaging gives western patriarchy a pass resulting in
1:00 am
women, nature and indigenous cultures. parents and neighbors of two missing 8-year-olds hopelessly searched for nearly an hour before they decided to call the police, deputies in being, dutch shepherd, teamed up to find the girls in 15 minutes. you and the troopers are our heroes tonight, see you back here. >> we saw the highest total of apprehensions in a decade. yesterday we broke the record again with 4117. ibly28 is march 28th and this is fox and friends first. happening right now at 4:00 on the east coast fox news alert. if this isn't a crisis, what is? border patrol sounding the alarm after shattering single day arrest records. how donald trump is putting new pressure on democrats. the abca6 case catching the attention of the fbi after all charges are dropped but prosecutors insist they acted by the book. >>


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