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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  March 28, 2019 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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times a day. >> i love to have the cheese all to myself. thank you. >> can i live at your house? >> when you come to my house you will definitely see one of those. jillian: "fox & friends" starts right now. bye. >> the fbi is stepping in to review the jowment the we treatd mr. smollett in the same way we would treat similarly situated folk. >> i have plans to deqaddafi and release. they wanted an insurance policy against me. what we were playing out until just recently was the insurance policy. >> release the fisa warrant used to launch the investigation into this campaign. >> what he appears to be saying is i got rid of this guy to shut down an investigation that threatened me. i thought that's potentially obstruction of justice two
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weeks ago i briefed the media. media at the breaking point. that breaking has arrived. >> the border chief sounding the alarm as 8,000 migrants are caught crossing into the u.s. just this week. >> play ball. it is baseball's opening day. the earliest season opener in mlb history. ♪ jump right in ♪ let the music pull you in ♪ jump right in ♪ steve: let's jump right in, brian, sit down and get this show started. welcome aboard, folks. it's opening day for major league baseball we will be celebrating that all day long. brian: i'm celebrating the fact that jack jones band will be coming to the beach not the beach itself but where the stage is. steve: invite him to be on the show. ainsley: we hope he will. he does a lot of charity work with joey jones. come on zac, we would love to have you on the jones. brian: he will probably give us coupon off tickets because he works for them.
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ainsley: back stage pass for you, bribe. brian: possibly. one minute after the top of the hour. a lot to go over. the fbi is stepping into the review of jowment jussie smolles hate crime charges were suddenly dropped. steve: feds are trying to figure out why they dropped those charges. it looks like they had the goods on him. todd: another guy. more major developments. the fbi involvement coming just days after those 16 felony charges were dropped by the cook county prosecutor's office against the empire actor. with the chicago police union now asking the u.s. attorney's office to investigate the investigators. with prosecutors denying any special treatment. but, fox news has obtained an internal memo from within the prosecutor's office asking for other examples of
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similar cases where charges like smollett's were dismissed. the memo says in part, quote. we are just looking for further examples as we as prosecutors used our discretion in a way that restores the victim but causes minimal harm to the defendant in the long term. amid accusations of special treatment, state's attorney kim fox is speaking out. >> right now, there's a lot of emotion. and i wholeheartedly believe that in our work we cannot be driven by emotions. we have to be driven by facts. >> but chicago police say the facts were there the department releasing its investigative report where, once again, they say their investigation revealed a plan by smollett to stage a beating. 134089's lawyesmollett's lawyer saying we will not try this case in a court of public opinion. the case was dismissed. we should all allow mr. smollett to move on with his life as a free citizen. but, keep in mind, that
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dismissed does not mean found innocent. that is a crucial distinction. also keep in mind federal government, u.s. state's attorney could be issuing charges in this case. they are looking at it and deciding if federal charges are warranted. back to you. brian: see, todd, we know he is not innocent. and they know he is not innocent. did anyone tell jussie he is not innocent. he is proclaiming his innocence which is really not how deals work. todd: great point, brian. in light of all of this, it seems if you had the charges dismissed you would recede back into the background and not really antagonize anybody anymore. evidence comes out with a full fledged i told you guys, i didn't do that. that may not be the appropriate response under these circumstances. the feds are still out there. ainsley: the attorney had to know they were going to get this type of reaction. everyone is scratching their heads because of those preferences and how outrages the story was. >> i mean, these are all great points.
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i'm curious to hear what judge napolitano has to say when he comes up later on. ainsley: craziest thing he has ever heard of in the last 44 years of his career he said. todd: and he is a judge. steve: according to tmz this morning. jussie knows unless he gets out there and tells his story, he will never work again. and so his plan is -- tmz says he says image is everything and i'm going to fix it. so what he is going to do is he is going to go out and do interviews, be outside of his comfort zone but he will continue to push the i am a victim narrative despite the fact and this is one of the craziest things that happened yesterday. the chicago police department released their evidence because there was a freedom of information act request. what was the evidence you had on him? so they started to put it out. then his lawyer said hey, wait a minute, the judge sealed all that stuff and the chicago police said oh, you are right. we won't release any more evidence. ainsley: you can still find
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it online. 61 pages. details of $3,500 check and search warrant that police got to search his eye cloud. >his icloud. brian: sealed my mistake. ainsley: a lot of mistakes here. brian: i don't know where. steve: let's talk about this. remember during the campaign in the run-up to the election in 2016, it sounded like the president was about to declassify the fisa application for carter page and a bunch of her stuff. republicans like jim jordan and mark meadows had been pushing for that and the president was right on the verge of it but then apparently the lawyers talked him out of it because it said it could appear he is obstructing justifiable. ainsley: he sat down with sean hannity for exclusive interview talking about this investigation, how treasonous this is. listen to a clip from sean's interview last night. >> i have plans to declassify and release. i have plans to absolutely release. a lot of people wanted me to do it a long time ago. i'm glad i didn't do it.
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we got a great result without having to do it. they wanted an insurance policy against me. and what we were playing out until just recently was the insurance policy. they wanted to do a subversion. it was treason. it was really treason. if the republican party had done this to the democrats, if we had done this to president obama, you would have 100 people in jail right now and it would be treason. we'll have to see how it all started. but i'm going to leave that to other people, including the attorney general and others to make that determination. brian: there is a lookout of fascinating things that came out of sean's hour long interview yesterday phone call where the president really talking for the first time at length about being exonerated in the mueller summary, in the mueller report, and the four pages we got. we are about to get hundreds of pages more we imagine in the next few weeks. not only is the president going to be saying how tough it's been over the last two and a half years. clearly getting on the offensive and talking about how this thing was actually launch you had. when you turn around and seat people who were victims in this in carter page i
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believe and george papadopoulos and to a degree lieutenant general michael film, you have to wonder how it all started to find out how they began to be surveilled and possibly set up. and that's what that fisa warrant would reveal if it is revealed. steve: probably the most damage was done to the presidency of donald trump. and, because the fisa application has impacted everything he has done since then and since he was elected rand paul tweeted this out last night and saw it and we immediately booked him. he tweeted breaking a senior level source tells me it was john brennan who insisted that the unverified and fake steele dossier be included in the intelligence report. brennan should be asked to testify under oath in congress as soon as possible. that's the first name we have heard. remember, it was the president on capitol hill a couple of days ago and he was asked how high up in the obama west wing does this go? he said i didn't want to answer but i think you know the answer.
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that's the first name we are going to talk to the senator from kentucky rand paul this morning 8:30 about that. brian: makes me think about trey gowdy's dossier what about the whole thing? we will find out maybe why he was so angry over the last two and a half years at president trump. why he was making such resolute statements about the president's guilt and saying horrible things about his link to vladimir putin. maybe it's because they were afraid they were getting too close. i do have somebody within the cia who i have gotten friendly with to say to me if you want to know where this goes look at brennan's link to steele. that was first time i even thought about that. they have a long relationship. steve: you are talking to a cia spy? brian: cia working on our side. steve: okay. ainsley: james comey had an interview yesterday. he tweeted out that picture of him in the woods. he is out of the woods. steve: he has a lot of questions. ainsley: is he talking about the president firing him. the president had the right
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to do it. he says did he say obstruction. that's out word he used obstruction of justice for firing him. listen to a portion of that interview. >> do you ask yourself why mueller did not subpoena president trump to try to get to the heart of this intent question on obstruction? >> yes, i do. and i don't know the answer to that i have the same question about how the attorney general could resolve the question, which he says in his letter turns upon the president's intent without the president having been asked what his intent is. i thought that's potentially obstruction of justice. and i hope somebody is going to look at that i don't know what's in his head, which is why i can't reach the conclusion. what he appears to be saying is i got rid of this guy to shut down an investigation that threatened me. steve: that's his point of view. keep in end moo the president said he fired him because he was not an effective leader at the fbi. and also, pretty much every democratidemocrat in america wad
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him fired how he had dragged hillary clinton in and out of the media. brian: everyone stops it on the russia thing. he says it could get worse after he finished the sentence. he said to lester holt. this firing could make things worse. i don't know. but he wanted to make the move. steve bannon in said in retrospect famously that was the worst political mistake made in modern american politics firing him at that time because it tangentally would launch the mueller probe. ainsley: he kept saying enough smoke to justify the investigation. potential collusion. how could the fbi leave that alone it would have been irresponsible not to investigate. i kept thinking why didn't they investigate the dossier? that's where this all started. it was unverified. it was a fake dossier. inconsistencies. all they had to do was go over that dossier. instead they took it at its word, got the fisa warrant. they started surveying you the campaign, carter page.
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this all blows up. two years wasted and millions of dollars. steve: according to rand paul. high ranking sources it was john brennan making sure. ainsley: irresponsible. steve: looks like they are starting to connect the dots. stay tuned. rand paul up here at 8:30 eastern time. ainsley: hand it over to jillian who has headlines this morning. jillian: good morning. start with a fox news alert now. an illegal immigrant is charged with murdering a missing mother. the mexican man was picked up during a traffic stop outside austin, texas. the woman's body later found in a shallow grave. those charges come as the border chief sounds the alarm that the immigration crisis is reaching a breaking points. >> legislative relief changes in the law and closing the vulnerabilities in our legal framework is the only way that thisly no is going to be reduced and we are going to be able to restore integrity to our immigration system. >> more than 8,000 migrants caught at the border this
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week. jamijayme closs' abductor. saying bye job and family as he left the courtroom. even though the 13-year-old wasn't there he is accused of shooting and killing inside the home and kidnapping the teen in october. jaymee escaped his home after 88 days in captivity. he will likely spend the rest of his life in jail. that's a look at your headline us. send it back to you. steve: and he pled guilty. brian: 13 minutes after the hour. it's our top story. the fbi looking into why charges were dropped against plifer says he has never seen a case like in 38 years on the job. ainsley: remember when rearksd said this. >> we're going to go in there and impeach them all. ainsley: she just made it official. but, she doesn't exactly have a lot of support. ♪ and we can't stop ♪ and and we won't stop
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♪ brian: the fbi looking into why charges were dropped against jussie smollett. this has outraged chicago police release their report revealing evidence to his alleged hate crime hoax. retired police sergeant pete koconis joins us now. pete, have you ever seen anything like this before?
3:18 am
>> myself, no. and most of the prosecutors that i have listened to they have never seen a case that happened like this the guy served 16 hours of community service before he is even before a judge. the case is called up on a day that it's not due. the detectives aren't notified about the case being called up all of a sudden a judge seals it is going to grant expungement and he pays a $10,000 fine. the facts that i know of that this case cost either $2,000 above or below $200,000. in man hours and time spent by detectives and evidence text and everybody else that investigated this case. and you know, recently i read a book that was about a zombie and a woman called -- that's an autobiography
3:19 am
compared to what smollett did. now, you know, smollett was just pure fiction. brian: right. do you see this politics? if the mayor is a politician and he doesn't understand it, david axelrod a politician and he doesn't understand it from chicago. who is the politician that benefits from this? >> right now, it would have been prek winkle. >> who is that? >> the woman shot president of the county board. kim fox was her chief of staff when the mcdonald case came to light. anita alvarez was the state's attorney. and unfortunately she got voted out of office. and i had worked with her on some cases. she was very capable woman. they bring in kim fox, who has basically no trial experience, minimal, if any, and now she pulls something like this and, you know, you spend all these hours, you do all this work. and you have the state's
3:20 am
attorney who is supposed to prosecute, turn around and say i recuse myself and then yesterday say well not really. i just said don't tell me anything about this case. how absurd is that? brian: right. real quick. you think because her link to the obamas, the obamas could somehow gain from this. how? >> well, if prewinkle does win the mayor's race my god she is so far behind she shouldn't it will be easier to get the library in. she is the boss of bosses in the chicago machine. she is what her and foxx are two of the people politics thrown out of office. brian: it's impossible to get your head around this. charles barkley said last night it's a story where everybody loses. pete, thanks so much. >> sure enough. brian: brand new trouble for the southern poverty law center. one headline says it's in a total state of moral
3:21 am
collapse. the group wrongly called our next guest a muslim extremist. he has a new message for them. -i call it my comfortable future plan.
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oh it's him. good call. get the data options you need, and still save hundreds of dollars. do you guys sell other dogs? now that's simple, easy, awesome. customize each line by paying for data by the gig or get unlimited. and now get $250 back when you buy a new samsung galaxy. click, call, or visit a store today. brian: glad you are up and hope you are dressed. we begin with a fox news alert. turkish oil tanker is hijacked by 100 libyan migrants just captured at sea. regained control in europe before forces in malta stepped in to help. migrants took into custody after the ship docked. what a mess. trying to derail high speed trains in germany. police in austria arresting the man after finding notes written in arabic isis near the train tracks. he tried to derail the trains using steel cables.
3:25 am
ainsley? brian: thank you, brian. the southern poverty law center facing renewed criticisms with one headline going as far as saying the progressive nonprofit is in a state of moral collapse. the president and co-founder both out now amid allegations of racism, sexual harassment and intolerance in the workplace. the group also under fire in recent years for labeling conservatives as big gouts. our next guest has a run-in with the group as well when he was incorrectly branded as anti-muslim extremist. here with more is the founding chairman of quill yum. a counter extreme think tank. thank you for being with us. >> a pleasure. ainsley: this organization went after you and we will get to your story in a minute. of the organization fired the co-founder's president richard cohen had to step down. there were complaints. 24 employees sent a letter to the board of directors. sexual harassment, gender discrimination and racism. female staffers were worned
3:26 am
one person wrote to the. female staffers were washed by reputation for hitting on young women. another employee called it a virtual buffet of injustice us. the article talks about a state of moral collapse there at the southern poverty law center. what is going on? >> well, clearly this is a classic case of an organization that has grown fat on its own success, has taken the goodwill that the public had for it, for helping to bankrupt the kkk a few years ago. they have taken that goodwill for granted and it appears, both from the new yorker article which i have read and follow-up articles with the resignation and also of the ceo richard cohen. it appears that the organization by the end, in recent years. was operating more like a profit-making react that was profiteering off people's gin one fears of hatred as a way to make money and pay top executives very, very
3:27 am
high salaries in the process ruin everyday americans lives people like me that they put on their blacklist. ainsley: they tried to ruin your reputation. they ended up having to dole out million at this-million-dollar settlements. >> they listed me as anti-muslim extremist. the reason i am smirking i am born and raised a muslim. i'm not even a conservative. i ran as a liberal democrat parliamentary candidate here in london in the 2015 general elections. and the reason they listed me is because i have for 11 years now founder and involved in an organization called quill jam which seeks to challenge islamist extremism in our muslim communities. i'm vocal about that because i spent years in my youth involved in one. illegal and extreme organization. i speak from experience. we campaign openly against islamist extremism and the southern poverty law center like many unfortunately
3:28 am
among those that call themselves the progressive left i call them the regressive left, have decided that challenging this extremism is synonymous with hats all critique within our own communities. what they did in what i can only assume is a targeted attempt at political and intellectual assassination of my character. they listed me as an anti muslim extremist. this is about three years ago now. they took the southern poverty law center quite seriously. it wounded my personal. it's a 501 c 3 registered charity in america. it affected our ability to raise donations for our work as well. and a lot of people don't have the ten analysis city or the energy that i have to fight such a bee hermine a bee e moth organization. they had to issue a huge
3:29 am
public and pay me $3.75 million of damages. ainsley: they had to apologize to ben carson for putting him on extremist file. we did reach out for a statement. and we have not heard back from them. do you think all these allegations will make them clean their act up or do you think they will collapse? >> well, what i hope happens is that the leadership is challenged. after they are audited which i believe is happening right now. after new leadership emerges, they need to take a really long and serious look at themselves not just the splc. generally a lot of the people who took their blacklists as gospel and began going after other individuals need to intraspecht at this stage. my fellow liberals need to intraspecht. i don't believe that intraspeculation has properly happened. even while i was listed. apple, george clooney gave millions of dollars to the splc. i don't think we have taken a hard look at ourselves and
3:30 am
see how it was allowed to set and it's time for intraspeculation i believe. ainsley: thank you for being with us. >> a pleasure. ainsley: half a million americans having nothing saved for retirement. >> it's not too late. the ramsey team is here to help you out next. we are getting warmed up for opening day. we have a batting cage out on the fox square. we have some mascots and we have a team. ♪ ♪ nick, nick, we need a decision. these days we all feel a little anxious sometimes. but if you could see inside my mind; you'll find i go to my happy place. see if we let tensions run the show up here, then our bodies won't perform at their best out here. wait, aren't we going to the sound check? priorities. so i'm partnering with cigna, to remind you that how you're doing emotionally affects you physically. go for your annual check-up and be open with your doctor about anything you're feeling.
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nobody glows. he gets it. always the lowest price, guaranteed. book now at ♪ ♪ i do it for the money. steve: all right, here in studio f right now the main floor we have got team ramsey. they have uprooted the operation and relocated to new york city. front row we have got the guy who runs the empire dave
3:34 am
ramsey right there. next to him center square daughter rachel. chris hogan screen right. back row anthony o'neil, ken coleman and christie wright. good to have you all. >> thank you. steve: who is running the shop dave back in nashville? >> the important people. steve: all right. we have got a couple of questions. the number one reason couples argue is over money. everybody has questions because we only have a certain pot of money in our lives and we are trying to figure out how to handle it the most wisely. rachel and dave, question for you. apparently, according to a new survey, something like 8% of american parents are giving their children who are under, i think, 15 or 16, credit cards. is this a good idea? [laughter] >> no. i will interject right there. listen, they are growing up in a world where debt is normal what ends up going to happen they will be normal. 78% of americans live paycheck to paycheck. we do not want them to be
3:35 am
that statistic. they need to learn money comes from work. use their money. don't borrow the bank's money. steve: dave, i remember when my kids were young. my wife and i had many conversations about how old they should be when they get a cell phone. >> yeah. steve: eventually started at high school and then it was down to middle school. at what age should you think about giving your kids a credit card? we gave our kids credit card when they went to college and not one day before. >> what we have found is that there is zero data points that indicate credit cards build wealth. as a matter of fact, quite the opposite. and so, you are basically, it's a little different than a cell phone. the cell phone is assisting a child to win. a credit card is causing them to lose. as parents, what kind of moron gives an 8-year-old a credit card. that's moronic. so people watching right now. >> then they are. steve: they just got a talking to. chris, let me ask you about this. almost half of older
3:36 am
americans, people 55 and older, have zero money in their bank account for retirement. none. zero. zip. zilch. unlike in the olden days for when people used to save things like that. >> that's alarming thing to harr just because nowadays we don't have pensions anymore. that's where companies would put money aside for you. so you have to self-direct your own retirement savings. so, if you are out there and you are in that boat. that fear is real but don't let it dominate you. you need a plan. so i want you to get focused. start budgeting, get yourself out of debt and build up emergency fund of 3 to 6 months of expenses and then start continue to vest. it's never too late to get started. steve: meanwhile asked the viewers if they had any questions for the ramsey team. anthony you are first up. the question comes from samantha in ohio. she writes i'm currently paying off loans for my undergrad degree. however, i really want to get my master's degree. go back to college, and advance my career. should i wait until i can pay cash for tuition or should i use a student loan?
3:37 am
and i think i know the answer to this. given the guy who is sitting right in front of you. >> well, you know what? this is a good question i'm asked all the time when i'm traveling around to different colleges. yes, i want you to wait to pay cash. here's the thing. do you really need this master's degree? is it worth encountering expenses? no. i want you to pay cash for it. steve: looks good on your resume. >> by some's opinion it would be. but i recommend a debt-free process the whole way through. steve: ken. here is another question from georgia. elizabeth writes i'm a military spouse and we are moving overseas. i have never been to college and i would like to make the most of our time while we are there. my passion is photograph. is it worth getting a two year degree while we are abroad? >> i don't think a two year degree is going to make a better photographer. what i do think will make you a better photographer going online, youtube, so many people that show you the ins and outs they will teach but equipment and lighting. spend time overseas with
3:38 am
photographers that are successful there learn more about photographer doing that save time and money by doing it that way. steve: all right, christie, final question from one of our viewers dana from georgia asks i'm an educator and kids are my passion. i would love to open a bilingual preschool but i'm crippled with fear. how can i move past this to start? >> this is a great question. i will tell you this is really normal. any time you do something new it's scary because have you never done it before. identify your fear. what are you scared of? is it something really simple like i don't know the laws in my state when it comes to being compliant? great. that's something you can tackle. the second thing is do your homework. find out what bases you need to cover to become compliant and make a plan. when you see on paper what your plan is to build this business. it's not so scary. steve: gotcha. exit question, dave, the big news this week is that apple is getting into the credit card business. and it's going to be much easier. you just use your phone to spend money. >> yeah. it's wonderful for apple. [laughter] steve: what about us though?
3:39 am
>> well, you are going to spend more. and if you use the new credit card it's 13% to 24%. it's a credit card. it's no different. it's just from apple and apple has just got wonderful brand loyalty. they will do very, very well with it and a bunch of people will go further in debt and we will still have a job. steve: makes it much more painless to go into debt. >> that lack of friction causes people to spend more. steve: ramsey team, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. steve: that's the first team we are meeting on opening day for major league baseball. all right, meanwhile, let's go up to the news team and jillian has the news. steve: good morning to you. steve, good morning at home. let's start off with a really tragic story. a 10-year-old girl dies after a fight in elementary school classroom. are wright got into a fight with another girl. her injuries so severe air lifted in south carolina and passed away days later. still unclear what started the fight. wright's mother has hingted at&t bullying. the other student is
3:40 am
suspended from school but she has not been charged. remember congresswoman rasheda tlaib's vulgar promise to impeach president trump? >> when your son looks at you and says momma loves you, mom. bullies don't win. we are going to go in there and impeach the [bleep]. jillian: freshman lawmaker formally submitted an impeachment resolution. texas congressman al green is the only other democrat who supports it the orange county sheriff's department cuts ties with ice months after officials overwhelmingly voted to reject california's sanctuary state law. nearly 700 illegal immigrants will be transferred out of county jails in order to expand mental health and drug rehab for inmates. meantime, in north carolina, lawmakers just advanced a bill that would require sheriff's offices -- sheriffs to comply with ice detainers. that's a look at your headlines. time to go outside to janice dean. baseball's opening day. all eyes on the forecast
3:41 am
january january great crew on the plaza. wonderful children here. we have got mascots. are you guys going to behave yourselves? right, i don't think so. hi, how are you guys? are you having fun? >> yes. janice: yea. we have cranker jack nathans and cracker jack look at the weather for opening day here in new york city. so it's going to be in the 50's. we are going to group to the 60's this weekend. then back to the 40's next week. >> we are on the good side of this. the springtime is coming, my friends. 37 right now in new york city. those are your current temperatures. we are watching a system move out the west the pacific northern plains. i am going to talk to you in just a second. potential for unfortunately more rain in the forecast for flood weary states. this is the system we're going to be talking about over the next couple of days. hi giggly what's your name? [giggles] janice: you have been giggling the whole time what are you laughing at?
3:42 am
[giggles] janice: are you having fun? are you happy to be on "fox & friends"? are we going to get cracker jacks? yes. wave, everybody, we are happy to be on fox square today. ainsley: so cute. steve: so excited their parents are letting them have cracker jacks for breakfast. brian: look at the size of the cracker jacks abnormally large. i think he is scaring the duck. a judge napolitano's legal career started 44 years. he started when he was 12. he says the jussie smollett case is the casiest thing he has ever seen. he is on deck. ainsley: buy me some peanuts or cracker jacks or just get it from janice. we are celebrating opening day on the fox square. ♪ ♪ prestige creams not living up to the hype? one jar shatters the competition. olay regenerist hydrates skin better than creams costing over $100, $200, and even $400.
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3:46 am
steve: a fox news alert. in the last five minutes president trump tweeted, weighing in on the jussie smollett case he wrote fbi and doj to review the outrageous jussie smollett case in chicago. it is an embarrassment to our nation. ainsley: our next guest says he has never seen a case like n 44 years as a judge or in his career. here is fox news judicial analyst and host of liberty file on fox nation is judge andrew napolitano. >> where did that 44 number come from. brian: i saved you. i said he got in law at 12. steve: can we redo that open? let's put in lengthy. >> the president is 100 percent correct. a, it is a national embarrassment and b, because it involves law enforcement and potential corruption. i don't mean cash in somebody's pocket. i mean doing something for the wrong reason political favor. improper use of government and needs to be investigated. i'm sure this is what trump is talking about. fbi investigation into smollett himself as to
3:47 am
whether or not the malgt of thmailingof the letter himself e fox studios of all places in chicago constituted an act of mail fraud putting a deceptive instrument or a threat through the mail. steve: they were looking into that anyway. >> correct. is that worthy of prosecution? but just as significantly and this is what i believe the president alluded, to was it an act of corruption on the part of the prosecutor. who first said i'm out of the case but don't tell anybody i'm back in. if you are in or out. if you have a conflict you have to get out. was that an act of corruption. if so, was anybody's civil rights violated by it? those are what i think are the two areas the fbi will focus on. steve: cook county state's attorney kim foxx said she never would have -- apparently she never would have gotten involved if she knew smollett would be a suspect not a victim. at the victim stage, that's when she was involved with the family, apparently.
3:48 am
>> i don't know what her involvement is. but, when someone comes to you -- if i was about to sentence somebody and somebody that i really knew and like and respected came to me and said hey, you should give that person a break? what's the right thing to do? brian: get out of it? >> get off the case don't say publicly why. totally get off the case. don't slowly walk back. in get off the case. the case must not only be just they must appear to be just. ainsley: what do they find out if they uncover something and maybe he was involved in all of this and did do all of this. can he be recharged. >> no. he can't. he is home free. steve: the officials could be. >> yes. he can be charged for the mail aspect of it by the feds. it won't have this outcome i assure you. brian: here is what foxx said yesterday if the public is upset about this case they don't understand the law. >> i think what she means is they don't understand the corruption in the chicago system. where the. steve: that's what she means. >> she is not going to say that. prosecutors and judges run
3:49 am
for office and solicit campaign funds from the lawyers that appear before them. ainsley: does it happen often and we don't hear about it. >> yes. i'm going to suggest. steve: chicago or everywhere. >> it happens in a lot of states where the judges and prosecutors are popularly elected. we know about this case because jussie is a celebrity. brian: if the police chief and public doesn't gain from this who is the politician who gains from this? >> i don't know. there are pieces of the puzzle we don't yet understanding. all of this is below the radar screen. somebody wants something and so they did a favor for somebody else. and i can't fill in the blanks yet but i think it's going to come out. this expungement? this allows them to answer under oath truthfully that he was never arrested and never charged. the whole country knows that he was. ainsley: they cleaned his record? >> yes. 44 years, brian. steve: he had a lengthy career still going on. ainsley: he is an expert.
3:50 am
brian: sweet 16 tips off tonight before that it's the tournament of government waste like 1 million bucks spent on gambling pigeons. steve: yeah. brian: senator joni ernst and james flank ford break down the brackets next hour. steve: janice and jillian are stepping up to the plate on fox square for opening day of major league baseball and major league mascot. ♪ ♪
3:51 am
3:52 am
3:53 am
brian: "fox & friends"
3:54 am
celebrating america's favorite past time right here on the fox square. steve: today is opening day. janice ainsley and jillian putting slugging skills inside the test. brain brian and the preferred outer wear is bright green jackets as we know for everybody basic player. also joining us is bret brown and from sam clone might be here too, he is from in motion. steve: ainsley tearing it up. brian: bret, as you look at ainsley's prowess. what is your philosophy as someone who runs the slugger's academy? >> fund mentales. so the swing starts from your hips, your feet up. so you have got to make sure you are rotating your hips and finishing with your hands through the ball. staying low. steve: are you the kind of teacher who talks about squashing the bug. >> we don't talk about squashing the bug anymore. we use the word rotation. but we did squash the bug. steve: take a look jillian in the cage.
3:55 am
how she is she doing. >> actually moving her feet. she is starting to eat the ball. brian: with kids, you try get across have you got to make it fun, right? >> have to make it funnel. brian: so much failure in the sport and some misses, every 10. you have to understand that it's okay to fail. because the successes that make the failures less. steve: one of the things though, bret, as the fact we watch janice i think she has hit every ball so far while the kids are having fun, sometimes the parents get a little overbearing because they want to make sure their kids get a scholarship and wind up going to harvard. >> yes. you start with a big base and then as they get older and they start to get to a larger field. that's where a lot of the kids go away. they don't play. and you try to make that fun and build them so they can go to high school and play for high school team. brian: do you get them excited about the professional game and excited for opening day to
3:56 am
make their game for fun. >> we practice all winter to get them ready for today. steve: what's the best thing a parent can do when they send their kid off to little league baseball practice, softball, et cetera today? >> let the coaches coach and the parents parent. brian: i notice toot protection. they are wearing the masks now. >> a lot of the softball players do. the basic players usually wear a little bit of a face guard as one of our players has also to protect against foul balls. steve: these players playing today they all look like they're under the age of 50. they are in grade school. >> varies some are from downtown. all new york city. >> where are you from. >> from the bronx. got to be a player from the bronx. steve: thank you very much for joining us on opening day for major league baseball. brian: good job in there, janice. the slugger's academy endorses you. steve: coming up, president
3:57 am
trump. brian: thank everyone for the bats and gloves. who should we thank for that, googavin? >> special thanks to you guys. rand paul is coming up, too. cancer, epilepsy, mental health, hiv. patients with serious diseases are being targeted for cuts to their medicare drug coverage. new government restrictions would allow insurance companies to come between doctor and patient. and deny access to individualized therapies
3:58 am
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4:00 am
brian: fbi stepping into the review of jussie smollett's controversy. ainsley: comes as new questions are being raised about possible special treatment of the empire actor. >> doing something for the wrong reason as an apolitical favor improper use of government authority and needs to be investigated. cases must not only be just, they must appear to be just. >> i have plans to declassify and release. they wanted an insurance policy against me. and what we were playing out until just recently was the insurance policy. >> president trump promised to try to release the fisa warrant used to launch the fbi's investigation into his campaign. >> two weeks ago i briefed the media and testified in congress that our immigration system was at the breaking point. that breaking points has arrived. >> the nation's top border
4:01 am
chief sounds the alarm as more than 8,000 migrants are caught crossing into the u.s. just this week. >> captain measure star chris evans is a big new england patriot's fan. but his allegiance to tom brady may be on the chopping block. >> play ball. it is baseball's opening day. the earliest season opener in mlb history. ♪ they're is my house baby take control now ♪ we can go out. we don't have to go out. ♪ welcome to my house. ♪ play that music too loud. steve: it's opening day for major league baseball as people go to on the stadium today. we have the food, as you can see right there. special edition of "fox & friends." ainsley and brian, i heard something on the radio this morning as we watched these young people wave and play baseball as they take the field today, there is not a single active player left in the major leagues from the
4:02 am
20th century. ainsley: no way. steve: not a single person who is playing before the 21st century. unbelievable. ainsley: young kids out there. brian: it's going to be a big day. a little bit later we are going to celebrate 50 years since the 1969 mets. look back unique bond that team has not only with each other but with the country. what has happening in 1969 also special thanks for all that stuff out there from fsk. they not only provided a lot of the equipment, they provided us robinson ken know's glove who is going to be starting for the mets today. he will be acquired from the seattle mariners. we will go out there in a little while and talk to the kids and we cannot talk to the mascots. who are minor league mascots. steve: you could. they just won't talk back. thanks to baseball. ainsley: kick off to spring and summer. we always have our fox fan day at yankee stadium. steve: it's coming. meanwhile start this hour out with a fox news alert.
4:03 am
the federal bureau of investigations has now stepped in to review the jussie smollett case after his charges were suddenly dropped. they want to know why. brian: president trump just tweeting this fbi and doj the case in chicago it is embarrassment for our nation. ainsley: todd piro is live with new developments. todd? >> good morning, guys. the president alluding to the fbi's involvement which comes just days after the cook county prosecutor's office dismissed 16 felony charges against the empire actor with the chicago police union now asking the u.s. attorney's office to investigate the investigators. prosecutors though, they are denying any special treatment in this case. fox news though has obtained an internal memo from within the prosecutor's office asking for other examples of similar cases where charges like jussie smollett's were dismissed. the memo says in part, quote: we are just looking for further examples of how we, as prosecutors, use our
4:04 am
discretion in a way that restores the victim but causes minimal harm to the defendant in the long term. and amid accusations of special treatment, state's attorney kim foxx is speaking out. >> well, obviously, we have gotten a lot of inquiry about whether we gave mr. smollett special treatment. we have had to make a tough call on cases throughout my entire tenure. >> in response, chicago police releasing its investigative report where once again they say their investigation revealed a plan by smollett to stage a beating. smollett's lawyer responding saying, quote: we will not try this case in a court of public opinion. the case was dismissed. we should all allow mr. smollett to move on with his life as a free citizen. now, it's so important to remember that dismissed does not mean innocent. those are two different things that's a key distinction to keep in mind. as for the federal charges,
4:05 am
you heard judge talk about it earlier in the 6:00 hour. federal charges could still be brought in this case. that's what the u.s. attorney's office is reviewing. and specifically, that mail fraud charge is very interesting. and it hearkens back to another case where chicago cops got somebody that was accused of something else. what we would call a white collar crime. remember al capone gangsters in chicago he was nabbed on tax evasion. we will see what happens here in this case. guys, back to you. steve: great point. todd, thank you very much. kim foxx also said smollett was not exonerated she said, quote. we believe the facts were sufficient to charge him for the crime. this office believed they could prove him guilty. so now the fbi is investigating although they won't confirm it to wls that broke the story out in chicago. they are looking into was there something funny going on behind the scenes? ainsley: chicago police furious about this. they released a 61-page report that you can find
4:06 am
online. steve: the evidence. ainsley: talking about how they got a warrant to search his icloud account and details about $3,500 check that he sent that he gave to the brothers. brian: foxx said the clerk who sealed the records, well we didn't advocate that we don't believe the court file should have been sealed. things are going well for her and her office. six minutes after the top of the hour. things are going well for the president. he feels like weight off his shoulder for the first time in two and a half years. when the mueller probe was launched you could sense that when you listen to the 45-minute interview with sean hannity. sean got to the heart of this. now that he feels relieved and redeemed. is it time to find out what happened to launch this whole thing to begin with? and if you are going to do that. at the basis of it, finding out about the fisa application that allow you had the spying on someone named carter page? that would reveal what they think they had to launch this type of probe. here's what the president said to that. >> i have plans to declassify and release. i have plans to absolutely release. a lot of people wanted me to
4:07 am
do it a long time ago. i'm glad i didn't do it. we got a great result without having to do it. they wanted an insurance policy against me. what we were playing out until just recently was the insurance policy. they wanted to do a subversion. it was treason. it was really treason. if the republican party had done this to the democrats. if we had done this to president obama, you would have 100 people in jail right now and it would be treason. we'll have to see how it all started. but, i'm going to leave that to other people, including the attorney general and others to make that determination. steve: well, rand paul tweeted something out regarding the fisa application and other things, including the so-called dirty dossier. rand paul tweeted breaking a high level source tells me it was john brennan who insisted that the unverified and fake steele dossier be included in the intel report. brennan should be asked to testify under oath in congress asap. we will talk to the senator
4:08 am
90 minutes from right now right here on the channel about that. ainsley: what a bombshell if true. brennan pushing this? steve: no kidding. here is a bombshell. texas monthly has done the -- they have done the math. and they have figured that in the last five months, .5% of the entire population of guatemala has tried to come into our country. point 6% of the population of honduras has tried to come into this country. clearly as the president has said, many of his supporters say there is a crisis down there. ainsley: the president is saying more this morning. this is tweet from earlier today. mexico is doing nothing to help stop the flow of illegal immigrants to our country. they are all talk and no action. likewise, honduras, guatemala, and el salvador have taken our money for years and do nothing. the dems don't care. such bad laws. may close the southern border. brian: the department of homeland security released 24,000 foreign family members over the last two weeks. that according to the border patrol in breitbart today.
4:09 am
figure out. this in case you are saying to yourself same old thing. people coming across the border. whether they are a threat or not. we will get on top of it. no it isn't. 13,000 the last two days. they say a busy week is 4,000. so this is out of control. they say are we getting to the breaking point? no. the answer is we are at the breaking point. here is kevin mcclenan u.s. customs and border patrol commissioner. is he begging for action. >> on monday and tuesday, cbp started the day with over 12,000 migrants in our custody. as of this morning. that number was 13,400. a my number is 4,000, a crisis level is 6,000. the increase in family units is direct response. migrants and snug glories know that they will be released and allowed to stay in the u.s. indefinitely pending immigration proceedings. legislative relief changes in the law, and closing the
4:10 am
vulnerabilities in our legal framework is the only way that this flow is going to be reduced and we are going to be able to in-store integrity to our immigration system. ainsley: detention centers are overflowing. steve: that's why they're letting folks out. we are going to talk to hector garza about an hour from right now. brian: height of the border crisis may of 2014. 16,000 mikes. they are going to over over 100,000. how could any democrat or republican sit on their hands right now? it makes no sense. hey, jillian. jillian: hi, brian. that was very abrupt. brian: i wanted to be abrupt or smooth i chose abrupt. ainsley: waiting on someone not sitting on their hands. jillian: starting off with news we are following. starting with a fox news alert. serious news to get. to say brand new video showing airstrikes hitting syria over night. the syrian military claims it intercepted attacking missiles from israeli jets hitting targets in aleppo. tensions are rising between israel and syria. after the recognized
4:11 am
israeli control over the golan heights. egypt's is attempting to broker a peace deal between israel and gaza after days of violence between the nations. the faa grilled on capitol hill over safety concerns surrounding boeing's 737 max planes. >> the faa has some responsibility to tell these airlines that they cannot short change safety for profits. >> it is part of the fabric of what we have used to becomes a safe as we are today. jillian: the agency defending its practice of allowing manufacturers like boeing to certify jet safety. boeing just briefed officials on a new software fix in the wake of two deadly crashes. federal regulators will decide when max 8 planes can fly again. tonight, president trump will make his first on stage appearance since being cleared of collusion in the mueller probe. the president tweeting, quote: we'll be heading to grand rapids, michigan tonight for a big rally. we will be talking about the many exciting things that
4:12 am
are happening to our country. but also the car companies and others that are pouring back into michigan, ohio, pennsylvania, north and south carolina and all over. and how about this? captain america causing a bit of controversy, a venture star chris evans says he is willing to distance himself from half of his audience to criticize the president. the actor tells the hollywood reporter, quote: you don't want to alienate half of your audience but i would be disappointed in myself if i didn't speak up. especially for fear of some monetary repercussion or career damage, that just feels really gross to me. he also says he might have to cut ties with tom brady over his friendship with the president. ainsley: is he from massachusetts patriots fan and cut ties because he doesn't agree with his politics? give me a break. steve: his politics are he campaigned for hillary clinton in 2016 according to the hollywood reporter. as for the 2020 candidate he has not yet decided. brian: right. i just think that one is an actual hero and one pretends
4:13 am
is he a hero. i would rather be the one who actually is a hero tom brady. ainsley: exactly. they play super heroes on tv and now because of that he is willing to give up his career or hurt his career? brian: if you are that close to him ask him directly. why are you going through a reporter before you break up with him? and if he breaks up with him? ainsley: don't break with up with him in an article. like don't break up with someone on a sticky note. brian: looking for a famous friend he is going to be looking for a new one. i think tom brady does support the president. ainsley: i don't think tom brady cares the fact the guy doesn't like him. 13 minutes after the top of the hour. inmate punches a lawyer inside out courtroom. the shocking moments caught on camera. brian: remember how our government spent 500,000 bucks to study shrimp on a treadmill. government waste like a million dollars spent in cabs listening to classical music. breaking down the brackets
4:14 am
with joni ernst and james lankford. ♪ michael cohen, michael cohen, michael cohen because of my service in the military, you pass that on to my kids. something that makes me happy. being able to pass down usaa to my girls means a lot to both of us. he's passing part of his heritage of being in the military. we're the edsons. my name is roger zapata. we're the tinch family, and we are usaa members for life. to begin your legacy, get an insurance quote today. ifor another 150 years. the fire going ♪ to inspire confidence through style. ♪ i'm working to make connections of a different kind. ♪ i'm working for beauty that begins with nature. ♪ to treat every car like i treat mine. ♪ at adp we're designing a better way to work, so you can achieve what you're working for. ♪
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4:18 am
million dollars. a tournament of government waste during march madness one you can vote on. here to break down the bracket senator joni ernst of iowa and james lankford. they join us from the russell co-tundra. good morning. >> good morning. steve: senator ernst start with you. a lot of people love cats. why are you upset that $1.3 million was spent to figure out why cats like classical music? [laughter] >> well, this was a study done by the nih to the tune of $1.3 million. to determine if you pamper your cats will they have less hair balls. yes, of course the study found out if you pamper cats they do come up with less hair balls. the problem with this it was done through the nih with taxpayer dollars. i would rather that the nih were studying issues that would really benefit our taxpayers. maybe a cure for cancer.
4:19 am
steve: right. national institute of health. not the national institute of if you are balls. >> right. steve: senator lankford. $50,000 was given to a professor to write a book about russian wine, right? >> that's correct. not just russian wine, soviet era wines. steve: old wine. >> soviet era wines on europeanness. this is something if a professor in california and wine country wanted to be able to write. there are folks in wine country be interested in that. why in the world a federal taxpayer should pay for that i have no idea. steve: senator ernst final two 1.6 million to research glitches in classic video games. and then move onto the final one. that is $1.3 million to figure out why birds are so good at gambling. >> yes. we spent combined total for those two studies $2.9 million of taxpayer dollars only to find out
4:20 am
that the easy way to win those classical video games is to cheat. and use programming glitches. again, taxpayer dollars there. and then the final one teaching pigeons thousand gamble on pigeon size slot machines. i'm not sure what the benefits to the american taxpayer was. steve: senator lankford, exit question. what's the moral of the story? we thought you people in congress were going to put a stop to all the government waste. >> so this is part of the push that we have to be able to expose these areas and push it out in the public eye for more transparency and to force these agencies to think twice before they try to do some of these studies and things. and then actually release out a book every year we call federal fumbles. we do a little bit earlier not a basketball theme on that one to be able to get all the transparency out and series of solutions. steve: all right. well, interesting stuff. senator joni ernst and senator james lankford thank you for joining us live. >> thank you, steve. steve: what does the move to
4:21 am
drop charges against jussie smollett mean for the criminal justice system in chicago? a debate on that coming up. and, aoc seeing red over critics of her gnd coming up. trusted. it's got to be tide.
4:22 am
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a get your questions answered by awesome experts store. it's a now there's one store that connects your life like never before store. the xfinity store is here. and it's simple, easy, awesome. ♪ brian: welcome back. in a matter of moments i will be walking, but now it's time for news by the numbers. let's begin, first, 20 years, that's how long it took florida police to solve a cold case. this guy todd barkin is charged with murdering a woman in 1998. he was just busted after submitting his fingerprints on a job application. police matched those prints to the crime scene and is he busted. now, it's my search for spot number two. and suddenly i'm there. next $25,000. that's how much the new york governor andrew cuomo's recent fundraising dinner cost earning criticism from fellow democrats.
4:25 am
do you think so? the "new york post" reporting several state lawmakers accuse him of engaging in pay to plie. that is a lot of money. and finally, i will walk over here and find my third mark. seven. that's how many women are pregnant at north carolina's fire department. the baby -- there they are. the babies are due in september. a photographer catching the moms to be in their husband's gear cradling their tummy. that's it. see you. ♪ ainsley: thanks, brian. the chicago justice system is under fire, president trump just tweeting this out. fbi and doj to review the outrageous jussie smollett case in chicago. it is an embarrassment to our nation. so, what does this all mean for the chicago justice system and the culture there? here to debate this is fox news contributor gianno caldwell a native of chicago and jason nichols a lecturer in african-american studies at the university of maryland. thank you both for being with us. >> thank you. ainsley: gianno i saw you on
4:26 am
shannon bream's show. you were fired up about this. your brother lost one of his best friends in a car when that car was shot at in chicago. what's going on in that city? >> you know, now, with the jussie smollett case, it seems there is a tide that's turning. just to really think about what jussie smollett did and as a black man from the city of chicago, this isn't just some news story to me. this is political. this is personal, i should say. considering the fact that jussie smollett, what he did was methodical and strategic and intended to create a political revolution, i think that at this particular point and juncture, there should be a full-on federal investigation. many americans feel like they are living on a powder keg politically. considering the fact that 80% of americans now fear political violence, his actions were intended to create hate between the races. it was intended to create another charlottesville and it was actually, i think, a hate crime against the
4:27 am
conscience of our country. when we are thinking about these issues, president trump is absolutely correct in what he said. there should be a full-on fbi investigation because this state's attorney really dropped the ball here. and she allowed for more african-americans to feel very unsafe considering jussie smollett's actions. ainsley: jesse, do you agree with gianno. >> i certainly agree with a lot of the elements of what he said with the fact that there should be an investigation from the fbi to see what's going on. because, really, i feel like we don't really know what happened. what occurred and then all of a sudden the case just disappears. this is really curious. it certainly doesn't bode well for the city of chicago and say much for the justice system there we already saw what happened with laquon mcdonald and the coverup by rahm emanuel who now all of the sudden is outraged about justice. how dare he, in my opinion, be so outraged when, in fact, he orchestrated a coverup of a man who would
4:28 am
have never faced justice had it not been for others who released that tape and other people in chicago where there have been all kinds of situations where black men only 5% of the nonfatal shootings in chicago get solved by the police. so i think there is a lot of miscarriage of justice in chicago. jussie smollett, i don't really know what happened, but it certainly appears that something fishy is going on in that city. ainsley: yeah, crime, corruption. we continue to do stories out of chicago. gianno, you told our producers this makes us all unsafe. you said mlk, martin luther king jr. said injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. what do you mean by that? how does it make the rest of the country unsafe? >> we just look at the numbers. there is a 20-year high in terms of count of groups that hate each other, that hate people. the hate groups is what i'm referring to. there is a 20 year high of that when we look at the overall numbers by the fbi, 2017, there was a 60% increase of hate crimes against black people
4:29 am
accounting for overall 28% number for those that crimes against black people. so, when we think about the fact that there is somebody that can perpetrate a hoax who i don't think it was just mint to bolster his career. i think he wanted to create another charlottesville. when we think about that and a states attorney willing to drop a case with everybody, including the police department and the states attorney said that he was guilty, that, again, makes everyone unsafe because people say well, you know, black people believe if -- go ahead. ainsley: you can go ahead and finish. >> less people will believe the potential victim. so, yeah, that makes us all unsafe. ainsley: thank you guys for being with us. we appreciate it gianno and jason. >> thank you. ainsley: you are welcome. the brexit deadline is one day away and theresa may is willing to lose your job to save her deal. we are live in london coming up next. it's the 50th anniversary of the miracle net. two o members of that team are
4:30 am
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i have no idea how we're going to get through this. follow me. unitedhealthcare has the people and tools to help guide you through the confusion, well that wasn't so bad at all. that's how we like it. unitedhealthcare. ♪ ♪ ainsley: the british prime minister theresa may willing to sacrifice her job to finalize brexit. steve: that's right. the english leader offering to quit if parliament passes her plan. ainsley: benjamin hall is live in london as the deadline to leave the european union gets a little closer. benjamin? >> hi steve and ainsley. this process, this saga has become so complicated you were hard pressed to find someone in the u.k. who really understands how it is going to play out. remember, for for two and a half years theresa may and the government have been trying to negotiate a deal with the eu. divorce deal to pull out of the eu. the deadline is tomorrow. now, there are a couple of extensions in place so she has got some time.
4:34 am
she has been unable to find a way through. her last political move is to say i will resign if you back my deal. and she released a statement yesterday saying i'm prepared to leave this job early, that i intended to. in order to secure a smooth and orderly brexit. i know there is now a desire for a new approach and a new leadership in the second face phase of the brexit negotiations and i won't stand in the way of that this seems unlikely to have worked. and still, not enough are willing to support her. yesterday mps gathered to try to find a way through. they voted on eight scenarios how brexit plays out everything from staying in the eu to postpones the departure to holding a second referendum. perhaps having a soft brexit and joining a common market. none of those received majority. we are right back in total dead lock. one of the things they did agree upon is that small extension. now everyone lining up for their leadership bids and you get a feeling that theresa may's time on number
4:35 am
town downing street may be up. steve: vote yes, she is out. benjamin hall in london. thank you. ainsley: jillian has headlines for us. jillian: we do have pretty intense video to show you. take a look at this. a public defender rushed to the hospital after inmate punches her in the head. the shocking moment was caught on camera. look at this. >> the state attorney's office has provided copies of the reports. i would also note. -- >> what happened? >> you can see attorney julie chase fall to the ground when an inmate hits her from behind in a florida courtroom. chase is okay. officials believe the inmate did not know her but that is scary. thanks to generous donors, brand new american flags, line the streets of a small town to welcome home a fallen hero. army specialist joseph collettey was killed in afghanistan last week. people in his ohio community noticed the american flags were torn and tattered. so a local group stepped up
4:36 am
to pay for new flags. the community is preparing to host a procession for him. that's a nice community there. and a man gets toasted over bagels. social media erupting after a st. louis native posts a picture of bagels sliced like bread. this is not the video. we will have it. one twitter user calling it a crime. the washington, d.c. resident there we go says he brought them to work to introduce everyone to the st. louis secret which begs the question, i guess how guy guys slice your bagels? steve: i don't do it that way. it's a little bite, easier to chew on. ainsley: you don't have to eat the whole bagel. looks like the bagel chips. they slice them like that. >> true. good point. steve: all right. thank you very much, jillian. ainsley: delicious no matter which way you slice it. steve: only way to splice it today is opening day for major league baseball. all 30 teams are playing and brian has the miracle mets.
4:37 am
brian: their book is here after the miracle lasting brotherhood of the 1969 mets. what better way to start gotten bigger and better with age. now i find out heartening as a met fan. you are really friends in real life and one bonds stay together. thanks so much for joining us. >> great to be here. it's a wonderful day. owning day oopening day of base. what's better for that. brian: 50 years since shocked the world. >> i played 13 years and nobody talks about the other 12. it's about 1969 eddie played a long time. we hear how we helped the city get through some tough times. for us, it's a natural thing. but 50 years is 50 years. brian: you played with one team for 18 years. back to '69, when did you sense there was something magical? he writes in this book it was the beginning of the streak may 28th.
4:38 am
right? what about for you? >> i think it was. i think it was june when we beat the california teams. you know, swept the series out there. we never beat those [inaudible] we came back and then faced the cubs, beat them four in a row. so we knew we had something going. we finally hit 500. once we got to 5 lurks, ther500, therewas nothing stopp. brian: loveable losers. comes from the dodgers and say it's not okay to lose. he starts changing the culture. yogi berra was one of our coaches. the funny time that broke the ice there was a bucket full of jocks and bill was mad what happened. >> i kicked the bucket and everything went up in the air and the jock landed on yogi's hi head and everybody started laughing. crazy but fun time. brian: ed, when you win the world series and beat the baltimore orioles, it's a
4:39 am
great moment. they run the field and everything like that. but did you think 50 years later we would still be talking about this miracle team? what do you think it did for the country? >> well, it brought everybody a lot closer together. that was a special year '69. you had people walking on the moon. had you woodstock. you had the mets winning, the knicks winning. the jets winning. everybody beating baltimore. it's great. they don't let you forget it. it keeps you young. it's great to come to new york where people want to talk about 69 that we are celebrating this year along with -- it's been a lot of fun for us. brian: this book talks about a brotherhood. you were making 20 to 30,000 not 200 to 4 million. this was about friends that care about each other. >> the book is about friendships, camaraderie and aging. really about aging and how we have grown together and still maintain a relationship. we have lost about 10 people from that team. the nucleus is still there. and the legacy of that team will be gone forever because of what we did for the city
4:40 am
owhat -- the legacy ofthat teamn forever. brian: pick up this book i don't care if you are a met fan or not friends and team that made a difference after the miracle the brotherhood of the 69 mets. before we started this janice dean, ed said what a great idea bringing stu leonards down here. he loves these guys. janice: 50th anniversary stu leonard you are the june your though. >> i'm the junior. >> you brought the food that the mets love. >> first of all one of our big great customers. janice: come over here. come on. you were talking about how wonderful these guys are. they are so humble. they sign autographs. amazing. >> they are the bestian january tell us, do you love all this stuff. >> best in the world. >> of the new york mets, these are the two that live in new york, right? so they shop at our stores. we are celebrating our 50
4:41 am
year anniversary at stew leonard's along with your 50th anniversary we are bringing it all together. janice: tell us what we have here. sliders. what do you call it? >> finger sand witches. we bring a big long sandwich. we have fruit, of course, you have to have. janice: wings? popcorn, the best chips ever. and the guacamole dip and hello, bob. >> the best thing on the table though is this right here. janice: is that brian kilmeade on a cake? oh my gosh, that's amazing. >> you want this? janice: where should i cut? janice: happy anniversary. we love you, mets. steve and ainsley, over to you. i'm going to save you some of this. steve: bring it all in. looks delicious. ainsley: the food is so good there they have the best ham.
4:42 am
steve: they have the best everything. you know him as carlo in the godfather movie. now actor gianni rousseau is revealing his real life mob ties. he is coming here live in about five minutes. ainsley: can't wait for that new obamacare showdown on capitol hill as democrats dare republicans to try to repeal it again. rnc chairwoman ronna mcdaniel is here to react. steve: hello, how are you? ♪ leave no man behind. or child. or other child. or their new friend. or your giant nephews and their giant dad.
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4:46 am
else democratic lawmakers daring him, please, mr. president, do it again. >> the president wants to go back to repeal and replace again? make our day. the republicans here in the senate tried over and over and over again to deal with repeal and replace. they couldn't. because they have no replacement. ainsley: here to respond is rnc chairwoman ronna mcdaniel. >> good morning, great to be here. ainsley: what's your reaction. >> watching the people say medicare for all. medicare for all. what it is a government takeover of your healthcare. the president is saying there are things we do need to do to lower healthcare cost. the obamacare is broken. it is a government takeover. let's reduce the price of prescription drugs. make sure we restore the doctor-patient relationship. these are the things that the american people want that's going to lower the cost of healthcare. is he focused on that. steve: the story floating around kevin mccarthy
4:47 am
leader on the house republican side apparently said, mr. president, let's not do the healthcare thing. bad idea. at the same time, have you the president going out and saying republican party will be the party of healthcare. >> well, the president is a bold leader. he recognizes that the american people are concerned right now about healthcare deductibles are still high. insurance prices are still high. steve: worried about pre-existing conditions. >> very worried. the other thing is the president will absolutely make sure we have pre-existing condition coverage. democrats know it's broken, too. that's why they are saying medicare for all. steve: that's how they won last time. >> that is not the solution. a government takeover with bureaucrats in washington saying oh, yeah, you can get this or taking it back to the patient-doctor relationship. lowering prescription drug prices but making sure have you that coverage for preexisting conditions. brian: it's going to be a tough spot. the president is pushing the republican party and pushing the democrats at the same time. because they let him down in year one. he went with them. he said they had a replacement. they don't. now he doesn't have the house. it's going to be tough to put out. now the texas court ruling could blow up obamacare. so something has got to get
4:48 am
done. meanwhile, when something has got to get done, speaker pelosi has to find a way to get her caucus in order. i know your heart goes out to her. >> it does. brian: seems to have a lot of anti-israeli sentiment. especially among freshman congresswoman omar. how did plan on handling that. >> one of the things so crazy is nancy pelosi is now the moderate in the democrat party. the san francisco liberal is now the most reasonable member of her caucus. but it is very alarming to see that the 2020 democrats none of those presidential candidates showed up to aipac. it's bipartisan, it's not partisan. doesn't prefer one party or the other. they won't even show up. the democrat party is now anti-israel and the president has shown that he is a president that stands with israel every step of the way. s announcement this week about golan heights moving the embassy. all the things the president has done. here's the concern if you allow this anti-israel anti-semitism to seep into your party, if you don't pounce it out the second
4:49 am
that it comes in. this is dangerous for our country. and the democrat party is now saying this can coexist peacefully in our party. steve: all right, ronna mcdaniel thank you. >> thank you so much. thank you. steve: straight ahead on this thursday telecast. senator cory booker of new jersey once called the jussie smollett case a modern day lynching. now, he is trying to blame president trump for what happened. >> for donald trump to cut funding, to cut funding from the justice department to investigate a domestic terror groups, white supremacist groups is making us less safe. steve: and the senator was not done there we have more coming up. brian: plus, you know him as carlo in the godfather. now actor gianni rousseau, as ayman an italian i'm embarrassed to screw up that name. he is going to reveal his mob ties he is coming up next. this isn't just any moving day.
4:50 am
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♪ brian: his breakout role was in the godfathers in the 1970s, gee annie rousseau is we veelg mob ties incredible story much his life lived on the edge. ainsley: all in new book hollywood godfather, my life in the movies and the mob. actor and author of that memo memoir gee annie rousseau joins us now. i'm i'm watching the movie first one not allowed to hit a girl the godfather's daughter and had you zero acting experience. >> it was in the script. i had to do it. ainsley: zero acting experience. >> i still don't have any acting experience. i have done 48 movies. ainsley: how did you get the job then. >> i straightened out a couple of union problems with the columbo family here. it was my opportunity, i thought, to get into the film business. and i was able to solve some problems and got the part of
4:54 am
carlo. brian: you played the wife beating double-crossing son-in-law and got beat up by james khan. really beat you up. >> i didn't know that that was my first movie. i'm saying this is really a tough business. i'm only going to do love scenes from now on. ainsley: he broke your ribs? >> chipped my elbow and broke two ribs in a fight scene. brian: marlow brando said you are going to ruin the movie. who is this guy he has no experience. he will ruin the movie. >> he ended up becoming a friend of yours. >> i saw that happening. i just had a big party. all my friends thought how are you going to get in this movie to begin with? now this guy is trying to get me fired. i just took him aside. i didn't know what i could do because, again, it was my first time on a set. so i dismissed the director and to put my arm around brando and took him to the side. i didn't want to embarrass the guy i just told him i said listen, you screw this up for me? do you hear what i'm telling you i will suck on your heart. you will die. [laughter] and he stepped back and he said that was brilliant.
4:55 am
he thought i was acting. brian: you were serious. >> oh, i was. ainsley: tell us about your real life mob experience because you write about that in the book. >> what it was really i was selling ball point pens. i just did a long, five years in the hospital i had polio in 1949. so when i came out i wanted to use my deformity. brian: to get money. >> parlay on it i was selling ball point pens they first came out. i came up town. 59th and fifth avenue. every day this guy would come by and just touch my shoulder, never take a pen. give me a dollar, $5. and then after a while he asked me if i wanted to work for him. brian: his name was frank costello and he the man. >> he was the main guy. created what's called the syndicate. he left the five families in new york. they created a world situation which got me to go all around the world, too. which i appreciated. brian: is it on your resume.
4:56 am
>> i don't have a resume. brian: i didn't think so. >> i had one job. that was it. brian: wow. was that a job that you liked? >> oh, i loved it. amazing, actually. brian: the mob or the movies? >> both. [laughter] all right. hey gee annie, it' gee guy>> i t april 12th and 13th. ainsley: what are you doing there. >> big book signing. tonight i'm at book review in huntington. i'm all over the place and going to vegas. ainsley: been there a few times. they will love you there and treat you well. brian: thank you so much. the name of the book is hollywood godfather my life in the movies and the mob. >> i appreciate it. thank you so much. brian: meanwhile, straight ahead, brand new trouble for facebook this morning. the news breaking right now why the social media giant is in big trouble with the feds. ainsley: plus dana loesch and senator rand paul here live ♪ all fired up ♪ all fired up ♪ fired up
4:57 am
♪ fired up ♪ with the new pronamel repair toothpaste we can help actively repair enamel in its weakened state. it's innovative. with pronamel repair, more minerals are able to enter deep into the enamel surface. the fact that you have an opportunity to repair what's already been damaged, it's amazing. i think my go-to toothpaste is going to be pronamel repair. . .
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♪ brian: the fbi stepping into the review of jussie smollett controversy. ainsley: comes as new questions are being raised about possible special treatment of the "empire" actor. >> jussie smollett what he did was methodical, it was hate crime against the conscience of our country. >> i have plans to declassify and release. they wanted insurance policy against me. what we were playing out until recently was the insurance policy. >> president trump promised to release the fisa warrants used to launch against his campaign. >> what he says he appears to get rid of this guy to shut down a investigation threatened me. i thought that was obstruction of justice. >> i testified that our immigration system was at the breaking point. that breaking point has arrived.
5:01 am
>> nation's top border chief sound the alarm, 8,000 migrants caught get getting into the u.s. just this week. steve: opening day for major league baseball. ♪ . steve: that ladies and gentlemen, in the batting cage in front of our world headquarters, number 44, lucas hoge. number one billboard artist. you will love it. it is called dirty south. he is with us on opening day. coming up at end of this show, he will sing, "take me out to the ball game ♪ ainsley: there are teams out there. trump ball softball from connecticut, sluggers from the bronx, legends from port
5:02 am
washington, long island. brian: minor league mascots in the background and crackerjacks. all 30 teams play. steve: they could be doing the floss. "fox & friends" live today on opening day. it is 8:02 here in new york city in our world headquarters, thanks for joining us. ainsley: straight to a fox news alert. the fbi stepping in to review the case of jussie smollett after his charges were dropped. steve: president trump chiming in on twitter. fbi and doj to review the outrageous jussie smollett case in chicago. it is an embarassment to our nation. brian: no kidding. todd piro is in chicago. reporter: good morning to you, as the sunrises over this embattled city, what shoe will drop. it has been a wild week a wild
5:03 am
story from the beginning. the fbi's involvement kays after the cook county prosecutor's office dropped all 16 felony charges against the "empire" actor. with the chicago police union asking the attorney's office to investigate the investigators. prosecutors denying any special treatment to jussie smollett. fox news has obtained an internal memo from within the prosecutor's office asking for other examples of similar cases where charges like smollett's were dismissed. the memo says in part, quote, we're just looking for further examples how we as prosecutors use our discretion in a way that restores the victim but causes minimal harm to the defendant in the long term. amid accusations of special treatment, state's attorney kim foxx is speaking out. >> right now there is a lot of emotion and i wholeheartedly believe that in our work we cannot be driven by emotions. we have to be driven by facts. reporter: but chicago police say the facts were.
5:04 am
there the department releasing its investigator report where once again they say their investigation revealed a plan by smollett to stage a beating. smollett's lawyer responding saying, quote we will not try this case in a court of public opinion. the case was dismissed. we should all allow mr. smollett to move on with his life as a free citizen. but keep in mind, that dismissing the charges does not mean he is innocent. in fact, the prosecutor who took over the case from kim foxx said as much. he said he believed that smollett did these crimes but dismissed nonetheless. also keep in mind, federal charges could be forthcoming because federal and state, two different jurisdictions. we will see. guys, back to you. steve: thank you very much, todd. regarding the latest break in the case from out in chicago, wls is reporting what todd was talking about, how the fbi apparently reviewing why the charges were dropped. jussie smollett would not be in any trouble for that. anybody who might be on the hook
5:05 am
as the judge told us about two hours ago would be the officials who were involved in the decision. was there any funny business going on behind the scenes? ainsley: when the top lawyer says it is not about emotion, it is about the facts the police department says we do have facts they released a 61-page investigative report. the facts are this is publicity stunt. they said we could prove this in court that he was guilty. brian: i don't know what is crazier, he is not contrite or admits anything now or dreamed the whole thing up to begin with. they have to get stories straight, he was attacked by two maga supporters or attacked by two nigerian brothers who trained him and write him a check of $3500. if fox is upset about the outcome of the case they don't understand the law. i have to watch another episode of "murder, she wrote."
5:06 am
maybe it makes sense. >> or "empire." brian: or paper chase back in 1977. steve: "empire" could strike back. his lawyer is not denying that he would be suing over this. brian: wrongful firing. steve: cory booker, who of course is the senator from the state i live in right now, new jersey, he would like to be president, he has been able to connect jussie smollett and the case there with president trump. he was on cnn we thought we would play it for you. >> i don't know all the details and the prosecution decision, but that will come out. but we got to know this is happening in larger context where hate crimes in this count dry are on the rise. white supremacist violence is on the rise. for donald trump to cut funding, cut funding from the justice department to investigate, i mean he talks about terrorism all the time. but to cut funding to investigate the domestic terrorist groups, white supremacist groups, is making us
5:07 am
less safe. ainsley: what? brian: kamala harris says i'm confused. cory booker says trump's a bad guy. i don't understand why that is adequate. one thing president trump should teach all the candidates, republicans or democrats, you have to answer questions in the moment. he was calling into shows answering everything question he was president when he was auditioning for the job. cory booker, kamala harris, they keep ducking major news stories demand to see their leadership ability, their ability to come up with an opinion. he doesn't want to answer that question because he is afraid of x, y, and z. he says, do the old standby. go back to donald trump. i think people trying to look at candidates right now should make them answer these questions. to earn the vote. that is not a way to earn anybody's vote. steve: they don't want to alienate anybody. talk about this, sean hannity, sat on camera for 45 minutes while the president of the united states talked to him on the tv show from the
5:08 am
white house. ainsley: we were promoting it. i stayed up watching him. we were interviewed him before and thought it would be seven minute. steve: 45 minute interview. ainsley: they are canceling guests and the president is on and most important person in america. he is talking about vowing to fight back. he will get to the bottom of this. he does plan, he will release the full, unredacted fisa warrants used to investigate his campaign of the hasn't done it yet. not sure when he will do it but he will. listen. >> i have plans to declassify and release. i have plans to absolutely release. a lot of people wanted me to do it a long time ago. i'm glad i didn't do it. we got a great result without having to do it. they wanted an insurance policy against me. what we were playing out recently was the insurance policy. they wanted to do subversion. it was treason. it was really treason. if the republican party had done this to the democrats, if we had done this to president obama you
5:09 am
would have 100 people in jail right now, it would be treason. we'll have to see how it all started. i will leave that to other people, including the attorney general and others to make that determination. steve: during the 45 minutes, he did refer to certain members of the fbi as being dirty cops. he said james comey was a terrible guy. he referred to john brennan as a sick person which leads us to a tweet from senator rand paul. brian: just real quick on the rally, the rally will be tonight. president first time he will stand up and say i've been redeemed and this is what it has been like the for the last 2 1/2 years. it will be interesting time, when you put together the speech. i don't know how much he will read or ad-lib. does he look back and go after mueller or move forward. karl rove speculates move on from mueller. you have so much to do. he has momentum. in last night's interview it looks like he will not move on but look how it all started. steve: mentioned rand paul tweet.
5:10 am
breaking, high level source, tells me it was brennan, unverified steele dossier should be included in the report. brennan should be asked to testify before congress asap. we'll ask senator paul about that in 20 minutes on fox news. ainsley: that will be breaking news. we'll want to hear more about this. brian: james comey said last night he believes there was obstruction. the report in the summary says pretty much up to you, attorney general barr. he doesn't see obstruction. steve: president tweeted in the last 20 minutes, adam schiff should be forced from office because he has been lying for the last year or two. we'll ask the senator about that. we have busy final hour. brian: he keeps doubling down. he says he knows more than bob mueller. ten minutes after the hour, nobody knows more than jillian. jillian: i know everything. fox news alert, a illegal immigrant is charged with murdering a missing mother. the mexican man was picked up during a traffic stop in austin,
5:11 am
texas. the woman's body was found in shallow grave. he and accused killer knew etch either but relationship is unclear. she had been missing since february 23rd. tonight president trump will make the first on stage appearance inches since being cleared in the mueller probe. we'll be heading to the grand rapids michigan for a rally. we'll talk about the many exciting things happening in our country and car companies and others pouring back into michigan, ohio, pennsylvania, north and south carolina and all over. i'm sure he is going to be fired up tonight. someone very lucky is waking up to a whole lot of cheddar. one winning powerball ticket was sold in wisconsin, worth a whopping $768 million. that is the third largest prize in history. lucky numbers are, 16, 20, 37, 44, 62 powerball is 12. powerball says 1 in every 25 tickets win as prize starting at $4.
5:12 am
ainsley, you never heard of cheddar? ainsley: cheddar cheese, call me stupid, yeah i never heard that phrase that it means money. steve: somebody out in wisconsin right now may not be up right now and later today they will find out they are rich beyond their wildest dreams. ainsley: favorite movie all time, "family man," nicolas cage, the guy is going, cheddar, cheddar, it makes sense now. the world makes sense. steve: nothing to do with the dairy counter. thank you, jillian. meanwhile the crisis at our southern border, we've been telling you about it, now it is at a breaking point as record numbers about arrests are made each and every day. our next guest patrols the border, says congress needs to act now for america. brian: one local news team tried to be cool with the kids. how did that work out? let's listen. >> they woke beyond fleak and get that gucci breakfast.
5:13 am
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5:17 am
ainsley: the u.s. border patrol commissioner sounding the alarm on the border crisis. tuesday 4,000 migrants, look at the number, 4117, flooded the southern border. that's in one day. making it highest number of apprehensions in two years. steve: what can be done to restore the immigration system? they could change the laws in congress. that doesn't look like it is happening. we'll talk to hector garza, border patrol agent and vice president of the border patrol union in washington. >> good morning. steve: one reason some people streaming across the unsouthern border, rise of social media, lower smuggling costs. here is the ultimate thing, they know if they're apprehended in the united states, the way the laws are written they get to stay. >> that is the number one people why these people are coming over here. think about it. if you live in poor country like
5:18 am
central america. you make your way to the united states, you will be released into the united states steal somebody's identity to be able to work, why would not these people come? congress has to get serious about this. make sure they change the laws so people are not encouraged to come into the united states. quite frankly we need to discourage illegal immigration. stop rewarding illegal immigration. ainsley: now the commissioner said we are at a breaking point. do you agree with that? >> of course. right now, we have lost the ability to know who or what is coming across the border. that includes dangerous drugs and that includes potential terrorists. we don't know what is coming across. agents are having to process people, transport them, feed them, care for them. we can't do our job of border security. that is unacceptable. steve: it was in the month of february, which is historically the coldest month of the year, 76,000 people came up the coldest month of the year. now, i understand, you are predicting that 100,000 will be
5:19 am
apprehended in the month of march. we have it on the big screen right there. and, here is the other part. you're releasing all sorts of people who have been apprehended there is simply no room to house them. so, question a lot of people might be having, is what, how does that impact the release of these folks, on the average american? >> so think about it. out of those 100,000 coming in the month of march, 90% are being released into the communities. now the american people are impacted, communities are impacted, all the people come with criminal records from their countries. a lot of these people do commit dangerous crimes. a lot of these people bring serious diseases into our community. as a matter of fact, we've been dealing with diseases in the processing laredo, wed family infected with fleas. chid fevers. it is matter of time tragedy
5:20 am
occurs in the processing center. congress needs to pass law and provide resources to border patrol agents so we can prevent all the mayhem on the border. >> hector, thanks for all you're doing. >> thank you. ainsley: chicago's top prosecutor kim foxx defending the move to drop charges against jussie smollett. dana loesch says she is part of the chicago machine. steve: you have got to hear that. encouraging aoc not to give up on the gnd, the green new deal. he. he wants to talk about it coming up. ♪ ♪.
5:21 am
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5:24 am
brian: quick headlines now. stopped by the sound of fox news alert. turkish oil tanker hijacked by more than 100 libyan mike grants just rescued at sea. armed forces in malta came to help. you got that. terrorist under arrest accused of trying to derail high speed trains in germany, turns you're not supposed to do that. police found isis flags and notes on the tracks. the suspect was arrested arrests you see yaw. icelandair line suddenly shuts down. wow airlines saying rebook with other companies. wow had recently been in talks with investors. ainsley: pretty plane. all pink. this is a fox news alert. president trump vowing that the fbi and doj will review, quote, the outrageous decision to quote, drop charges against jussie smollett, as prosecutors insist they acted by the book.
5:25 am
>> it was availed to alternative prosecution model. we treated mr. smollett the same way we would treat similarly situated folks. steve: did they. not the first time kim foxx has been under fire. our next guest says she is part of the of the chicago machine. here from "the dana show" is dana loesch. good morning to you. >> good morning to you all. steve sieve a lot of them are scratching their heads. a couple weeks ago, months ago, superintendent of chicago came out and said we have the goods on this guy, we have the evidence. we're going to convict him. fast forward to 36 hours ago, suddenly state's attorney says we dropped the charges, first time offender all that other stuff. people are scratching their head. did something behind the scenes happen? >> yeah, something had to have happened. 16 felony charges dropped. they said, well he has done such
5:26 am
amazing community service, so that is one of the things we factored into our process. he did 16 hours of community service with jesse jackson's rainbow push, where is was described he gave critiques of video production. one hour of critiquing for every felony charge. this is insane. this isn't unusual with kim foxx's office. remember she recused herself, because one of michelle obama's top aides reached out to her and reached out to the family. they were discussing the case. they're not explaining why. they didn't file any motions. they just dropped it. not only that they also wiped it off the database. police are scratching their head. even rahm emanuel, even david axelrod, media said conservatives were outraged. i don't know what david axelrod
5:27 am
and rahm emanuel described themselves as conservatives, chicago police chief eddie johnson himself too but this is a miscarriage of justice. for cory booker to go out saying this was lynching, don't forget, us jussie smollett, kim foxx, all the people were perfectly fine condemning two innocent black men for a crime they didn't convict. people talk about a lynching there is one, one done for hollywood privilege. one that was done with all of the access in mind. i better criminal out interest today wishing they could get the jussie smollett treatment. ainsley: kim foxx said it is not about emotion, it is about the facts. the police department says we have all the facts. this could be proven in court. >> yeah. wouldn't you want to clear your name in court? let's also remember, that there was a check that was, that was made that had his signature on it. and these two individuals that were accused of doing this are on closed-circuit television
5:28 am
video at the crafty beaver, purchasing bleach, rope, things that you would need for an ordinary night out i guess in chicago. it is craziest story i ever heard. they're allowed to walk because chicago is corrupt and prosecutor's office. that is one of the problem with repeat offenders and high crime rate. look no further than kim foxx. brian: who benefits? people say this is political. i don't understand who benefits? >> yeah. exactly. i guess all of the peep with their connections. you know who doesn't benefit, brian with this? all the innocent people caught in the middle by kim foxx's corruption and elsewhere. just a couple weeks ago one of the violent offenders her office slapped on the wrist killed a cop. there is a family out there mourning the loss of one of their finest. police out there mourning the loss of one of their officers. there was a story, i tweeted it out, retweeted last night discusses how officers were
5:29 am
attempting to make a drug arrest recently. they were in chicago. they were surrounded by a mob. they realized there was nothing they could do. if they drew down on individuals that would make a headline. everyone talks about the police. they will lose their jobs, their lives will be ruined, they let the suspects go. there is no law and order in chicago. there is no respect of the law. the police are doing everything they can and prosecutor's office are letting offenders out. steve: we'll see if the fbi finds anything. dana loesch from texas. go do "the dana show." >> thank you. brian: john brennan talked about the russia collusion narrative for two years. senator rand paul says he has a source that brennan claimed to push to add the anti-trump dossier to "the intelligence report. the senator explains live next. ainsley: we're taking you out to the ballgame on fox square. we're celebrating opening day. ♪ us as people.
5:30 am
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♪ ainsley: president trump calling to investigate obama era officials for their role in launching the russia collusion probe. steve: senator rand paul of kentucky tweeted out last night this shocking claim, breaking, a
5:34 am
high level source tells me it was john brennan insisted unverified fake steele dossier should be included in "the intelligence report." brennan should be asked to testify under oath in congress as soon as possible. brian: senator paul joins us to explain, what more can you tell us about the lead you got? >> my source tells me that the intelligence community, obama's intelligence community, brennan, clapper, comey, they were frustrated because they had this russian dossier but nobody believed it was real. it under wasn't verifiable. they couldn't get anything of it. so they sent spies into the trump campaign. tried to entrap trump officials to admit they were working with russia so they frustrated. they wanted somehow to get the information out, this russian dossier, that even the media wasn't publishing. nobody would publish it was so scandalous, unverifiable, was fiction. they decided we have to attach
5:35 am
the fake dossier to an intelligence report. so the president receives these intelligence reports. they're given directly to the president. what they do, they staple to the report the russian dossier. so now obama officially seeing it. also given to trump at this point. realize this is a big circle. they would have the dossier for months and months so when john mccain is given the dossier, it is given to him by people who may have leaked it from our government to john mccain, so john mccain can give it back to the fbi. it is a crazy circle, all trying to justify something that wasn't true but extraordinary power of these people and exextrordinary corruption. they almost brought, they tried to bring down a sitting president. this shouldn't happen to anybody. when, when president trump spoke to us this week, he said he doesn't want it to happen to any future presidents, republican or democrats. that the intelligence agencies use all the power of surveillance to bring down a sitting president. ainsley: brennan, clapper, comey were frustrating.
5:36 am
what is frustrating they used this dossier, unverified salacious dossier, very scandalous as you say to take down the president. you have a high level source. i doubt you tell us who the source is. i have to ask you who the source, if you won't tell me the name how trustworthy is this person? >> comes from someone who has a great deal of information what is going on. not everybody, nobody knows the complete picture yet. that's why i'm in favor the president now said he will declassify some of these documents. see i believe that the dossier, had been held by the fbi for several months. brennan starts his little group to investigate it. i believe at that time they did talk to president obama about it. i think they all should be asked when did president obama learn about this, what was his recommendation? he is in charge of the government. did he recommend that you try to spread the dossier throughout the government? remember those reports right around the time of the elections right after trump won they were saying that obama officials were spreading this information throughout government. they were spreading the dossier
5:37 am
and they couldn't get any traction. then they released it to people outside the government, reporters who would write a story. say to the fisa judge. look there is story being written about this dossier. it must be true. steve: it will be interesting when you're able to call mr. brennan in front of congress. that will be great. a member of congress got the attention of the president this morning in a tweet. want to read it to you, senator. congressman adam schiff, the president writes, who spent two years knowingly and law fully leaking and lying should be forced to resign from congress. what do you think about that? >> pretty strong words. i think we should see the evidence. i think if you're on the intelligence committees or any committees that handle sensitive material, leaking that to the media is a crime, ought to be a crime. we have certain rules for congressman. so you could say things in public on the floor in the spirit of debate. you can't be censored for that, but if you're from a committee hearing classified hearing, then you're talking to a reporter about it, that is a real problem.
5:38 am
it is one reason why whenever i go to a classified hearing i don't stop to talk to the media immediately, i want to make sure i collected my thoughts, that i don't reveal anything came from the classified hearing. steve: but it does happen a lot. >> comes throughout all of government. a sad thing. comes from the pentagon, the department of state. i talk to ambassadors, our ambassadors overseas. some are afraid to talk to me on official lines because they're being listened to by other members of our government. brian: by the way the democrats are not buying the summary. they still think the president colluded, just about to a person. they can't get enough of this story. >> yeah. i think what is going to happen, what i'm telling people i'm okay with the mueller report coming out more completely but in addition we need to have information on obama white house officials, comey, brennan, clapper. that should be part of it because the report is the conclusion but the beginning is why did we get to the report in the beginning? did someone misuse their office? democrats want the complete
5:39 am
mueller report. i will object until we get a complete report of the obama era officials that got this thing started. >> you're not alone. a lot of americans feel the same way. thank you for being with us. >> thank you. ainsley: jillian has headlines for us. jillian: a number of stories following with this fox news alert. facebook charged with housing discrimination by the federal government. the company is accused using race, gender, religion to star get who can see home-related ads on the site. in a statement hud secretary ben carson said using a computer to limit a person's housing choices can be just as discriminatory slamming a door in someone's face. facebook changed ad practices last year after hud filed a discrimination complaint. the social media giant tells the virg it is working to address the issue out of court. trump is warning that the u.s. could end up like venezuela if the green new deal ever pass. >> well i don't want to speak badly about the new green deal,
5:40 am
sean, because frankly i'm afraid they will stop using it because i really do want to campaign against it. it is ridiculous. it is crazy. it will cost $100 trillion. nobody knows what that means. it is more money than you have in the world. it will be catastrophic. it is not going to happen. it is just talk. they will campaign on it. they say we'll give free everything. you will end up being venezuela if that is happening. jillian: the senate overwhelmingly voted down the green new deal. alexandria ocasio-cortez introduced the bill, furiously defended it on the house floor saying climate change should be a national crisis. i think everyone will enjoy this story. listen up, a local news team tries to be too cool for school. >> they woke beyond fleak and get that gucci breakfast. >> gold. say bye, felicia to the stressing test. >> can we look at okur. better than okur.
5:41 am
we're talking fomo won't be an issue. jillian: that is the wtol team in toledo, ohio, wishing students good luck on standardized testing this week. ainsley: when did i get so old. >> the pronunciation of the words. jillian: brian not having it. brian: janice dean is talking to kids that know exactly what is going on. janice: that is absolutely right. it is gameday. look at fox square. we have everything you need to start the baseball season, right? delano is with us. with clowns for you set up the square. how long did it take? >> this took about 15 minutes. it is pretty fast. janice: 15 minutes? tell me what you do, where do you go, how do people contact you? >> sure. we do all kinds of childrens and corporate events. contact us through our website, we'll come anywhere where the
5:42 am
party is. if you need it at a house or hall we're there. janice: what do you bring? baseball season, catching cage and hitters place? >> we do so much more. inflatable bouncers. mechanical bulls. dunk tanks. cotton candy and popcorn. janice: i love it. can you come this weekend. >> sure. janice: what are your names? >> tinan. >> harper. janice: are you awesome baseball players? >> yeah. ainsley: where are you from? >> from the bronx. janice: let me see, let me see how fast you can go. let's see. you're on tv. very nice. 44 miles an hour. here re go. yes. steve, over to you. i want to see your big throw coming up. good job. can i try? steve: i would be lucky to get it 45 miles an hour. lot of fun. opening day for major league
5:43 am
baseball. meanwhile the brexit deadline is one day away. theresa may the prime minister there, is so desperate to save her deal, she sighs, if you vote yes, i will quit my job. benjamin hall on that live in london next. >> country singer lucas hoge just got back from spring training with the dodgers. he will perform live for us. you see him? janice: yeah. very nice. good job. ♪ sometimes, the pressures of today's world can make it tough
5:44 am
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a cfp professional is trained, knowledgeable, and committed to financial planning in your best interest. find your certified financial planner™ professional at ♪ brian: 14 minutes before the top of the hour now. british prime minister theresa may willing to sacrifice her job to finalize brexit. ainsley: the embattled leader offering to quit if parliament passes her plan. steve: benjamin hall live in
5:47 am
london as the deadline to leave the eu or brexit gets closer. benjamin. reporter: good morning. we're learning past ten minutes that theresa may will have one more attempt tomorrow to try and get members of parliament to vote on her deal. that will be at 10:30 eastern. if they say no, for a third time, then technically at 7:00 eastern tomorrow, the uk is due to crash out of the eu on april the 12th with no deal. there is a little bit of parliamentary work that could stop that, but that is how it stands. to try to get her deal through, she went to parliament yesterday i will resign if you back my deal. she released a statement to that effect. saying i'm prepared to leave the job earlier than intended to secure a smooth and the early brexit. i know there is desire for new approach panned new leadership in the next stage of the brexit negotiations and i won't stand in the way of at that but still at this point she doesn't seem to have the numbers. not enough mps will support her. they started looking at other
5:48 am
options moving forward. among them, no brexit at all, revoking article 50. having a second referendum or soft version of brexit. seems parliament is back where it was 2 1/2 years ago when they started this negotiations. the one thing that does seem certain, that theresa may will not be in office too much longer. already we have leadership bids coming up from her party. it's a time in british politics where nobody can tell you what will happen next. whether we crash out here in the uk, with no deal or even no brexit. it is uncertain today as it was 2 1/2 years ago. it is incredibly complicated. not even people on the ground fully understand the parliamentary procedures going on. tomorrow that significant deadline. back to you. brian: what is mess. thanks so much. meanwhile coming up straight ahead, you just heard his it song, dirty dog. now country star, lucas hoge is here on opening day. he is singing me "take me out to
5:49 am
the ballgame." steve: his new album is take me south. >> newt gingrich making his case what should happen next. also what should happen on the smollett matter. why the fib could be involved. the green new deal went over with a thud this week. the president is making the case do not drop it. big three hours. see you in a few minutes. top of the hour. it was a very life changing experience... and it felt like i was me again. that's when i realized i hadn't been for three years. at aspen dental we're all about yes. like yes to flexible hours and payment options. yes to free exam and x-rays for new patients without insurance. and yes whenever you're ready to get started, we are too. call now at 1-800-aspendental. uh, well, this will be the kitchen. and we'd like to put a fire pit out there, and a dock with a boat, maybe.
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steve: you heard his hit song, dirty south, but did you know that country singer lucas hoge is a huge baseball fan? brian: we're about to confirm this. he came back from the spring training with dodgers. he is here today. ainsley: here to perform live on fox square, country singer lucas
5:53 am
hoge. tell congratulations. where did you go up? >> i grew in rural small town, hubble, nebraska, 44 people. ainsley: 44? >> 44 people. seven in my graduating class. there was no stoplight. but combine came through two weeks later took it down. steve: before you went to nashville, you were a worship leader in your church. >> yeah. >> you were part of a christian group. then because you were so good, local folks wanted to send to you nashville, they had a fund drive essentially, they raised 2500 bucks to help put you on the map? >> that's right. we put, like a little, mini "grand ole opry" concert together. friends of mine came and sing. women of the town, they made baked goods. my mom quilted quilts. auctioned off paintings to give me start up money. brian: how did you get to the dodgers? >> so, it has been over 10 years, i've been going down to
5:54 am
raise money for hook for a cure for cystic fibrosis. rick honeycutt, orel hershiser, befriended these guys. me and rick, i was this year i would love to come to hang out with you guys in spring training. you're not just going to sit on the sidelines. you will dress up. you will hit the ball. steve: today you're not just going to stand there in a dodgers jersey. you will actually sing take me out to the ball game. can we all sing along? [cheering] >> let's sing it. ♪ . >> you guys ready? ♪ take me out to the ballgame, take me out with the crowd ♪ ♪ buy me some peanuts and crackerjacks, i don't care if i never get back ♪ ♪ so it's root, root, root, for
5:55 am
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5:56 am
these are very difficult times for israel and the jewish people. as the government spends more and more of it's resources for battling terrorism. the situation has become a crisis. every week the lines get longer and longer. there are more people who come than they expect because the numbers keep growing. its difficult to have to see people in this situation needy for food. especially at this holiday season of passover. this should be a blessing to you. this $25 food box will provide one desperately needy family here in israel with food, with hope and with a note inside each of these saying that's its from christians and jews in america who seek to bless them. with your phone call right now
5:57 am
a food box will go out to one desperate family in israel. inside the food box is a special note that will bless them and let them know that america stands strong in solidarity with israel in their struggle for survival. many of these people are ill they're sick, they're alone. they don't have the money to afford things that many of us, most of us, take for granted. people, who don't have enough money to even buy some matza the unleavened bread as the bible describes it. israel and it's people need your help now. you can make a life changing difference by calling and saying that you give a $25 food box to help a family in need in israel. thank you and god bless you for your support.
5:58 am
>> all right, live from fox square, special thank you today to in motion air sports for our batting cage. for the food and also nathan's cracker jacks. baseball usa. >> we have a lot of little league teams here. >> i'm jack. >> where do you live? >> i live in southern manhattan. >> who is your favorite team? >> the orioles. >> i live in port washington, new york. >> what is your name? >> thomas. >> what is your favorite food?
5:59 am
>> a shake shack burger. >> i'm jacob from west chester. >> what is your favorite snack? >> hot dog. >> ladies, you guys play softball, right? what was it like hanging out with all these guys? >> pretty cool. >> who practices with you? >> my dad, mother. >> what is your team? >> trum bull softball. >> you guys here, yorkville, the legends from port washington there you go. that's right. where is sam? happy birthday, good job. >> thanks to all the mascots. back on the program tomorrow. >> bill: good morning, everybody. breaking news, fallout from the
6:00 am
jussie smollett matter. president trump calls it an embarrassment for the nation. the f.b.i. and d.o.j. will investigate. no comment from the department of justice on that yet. more inside of "america's newsroom" momentarily. first president trump sounding off on democrats, the f.b.i., and the obama administration in his first interview since the mueller report summary. moments ago the president saying he wants to see congressman adam schiff out of congress all together. how is that going to work? good morning, everybody. thursday and i'm bill hemmer. welcome to julie banderas. >> julie: i'm in for sa


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