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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  March 28, 2019 6:00am-9:00am PDT

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the legends from port washington there you go. that's right. where is sam? happy birthday, good job. >> thanks to all the mascots. back on the program tomorrow. >> bill: good morning, everybody. breaking news, fallout from the jussie smollett matter. president trump calls it an embarrassment for the nation. the f.b.i. and d.o.j. will investigate. no comment from the department of justice on that yet. more inside of "america's newsroom" momentarily. first president trump sounding off on democrats, the f.b.i., and the obama administration in his first interview since the mueller report summary. moments ago the president saying he wants to see congressman adam schiff out of congress all together. how is that going to work? good morning, everybody. thursday and i'm bill hemmer. welcome to julie banderas. >> julie: i'm in for sandra smith.
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right now the house intelligence committee is gearing up for a hearing set to begin at any moment as both sides try and spin the mueller report findings in their favor. democrats meantime say they still want more answers. republicans say it's time to move on and as for the president, he is looking for heads to roll across the highest levels of government. >> president trump: i have plans to declassify and release. i have plans to absolutely release. a lot of people wanted me to do it a long time ago. ifm owe glad i didn't do it. they wanted an insurance policy against me and what we were playing out until just recently was the insurance policy. they wanted to do a subversion. it was treason. if the republican party had done this to the democrats, if we had done this to president obama, you would have 100 people in jail right now and it would be treason. >> bill: senator rand paul made a bombshell accusation about the former c.i.a. director john brennan and his role in the
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dossier that started it all. >> julie: we're live in washington with more. >> good morning. the president first ordered to surveillance warrant declassification last fall and dialed it back after concerns from his lawyers the mueller probe was ongoing and releasing the records could be seen as obstruction. here is more from the president last night. >> president trump: so they'll say oh, you released these documents. we would make all this information transparent. you know, politics you always here transparency. would make it transparent and then they would call it obstruction. >> this fisa warrant application and the subsequent renewals are a heavy left. 412 pages. most blacked out. the final renewal signed by rod rosenstein in 2017 is the most significant containing all the intelligence and within that renewal we understand there are 20 key pages that go to the anti-trump dossier and the allegation that important
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information about conflicts of interest was withheld from the national security court. bill and julie. >> julie: there is more fallout, catherine, this morning for senior house democrat and former intelligence chief. tell us about that. >> late last night republican senator rand paul tweeting breaking high level source said it was brennan who insisted that the dossier be added to the report. he should be asked to testify in congress. accuses brennan of incorporating the dossier into the january 2017 official intelligence community assessment from the f.b.i., cia that russia worked to interfere in the 2016 election. it is not referenced in the unclassified summary of the ica that has been publicly released. the president is tweeting this morning about democratic house chairman adam schiff who read
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huge sections of the anti-trump dossier into the congressional record in march of 17. >> but it is also possible, maybe more than possible, that they are not coincidental, not disconnected, and not unrelated. and that the russians used the same techniques to corrupt u.s. persons that they employed in europe and elsewhere. we simply don't know, not yet. and we owe it to the country to find out. >> president tweeting congressman adam schiff who spent two years knowingly and unlawfully lying and leaking should be forced to resign from congress. schiff is chairing a hearing on russian oligarchs and we'll bring you any developments. >> bill: back with us today newt gingrich former speaker of the house. host of newt's world, a new podcast that you can get now. sir, how are you? good morning to you. there is a ton to get through. the first thing i want to tee up for you is an interview that
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james comey did on nbc and aired earlier last night. here he is on obstruction and a very specific question after you hear this. >> the purpose of the special counsel is to make sure that the politicals, the attorney general, doesn't make the ultimate call on whether the subject of the investigation, the president of the united states, should be held criminally liable. the idea a special counsel wouldn't reach the question and hand it to the political leadership doesn't make sense. i don't pre-judging it, it doesn't make sense on its face and i have a lot of questions. >> bill: one could think he would have a lot of questions. the american people have a lot of questions. a lot has transpired over the past five days. what do you think as of today we learned? >> well, first of all none of this is going to go away. this is the first deliberate
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attempt at a coup by the deep state. an attack on the american constitution and entire governance. people of comey were right in the middle of it. the idea that he has the guts to go on national television to say anything given his own track record tells you how sick the system has become. the whole system frankly resembles a jussie smollett case, over and over and over again we have these people who are liars, who show back up as though they weren't liars, who pretend they can be relied upon. you had a head of the c.i.a. who i think was undermining the united states and undermining the constitution. and this is not going to go away. the president is right. he ought to start releasing as much as he can. frankly, he and his advisors ought to consider sending a letter to pelosi saying that as long as schiff is on the intelligence committee, there will be no cooperation from the executive branch because they have chosen a person who is
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totally, profoundly dishonest and there is no obligation to collaborate with somebody who is that unreliable. we don't have to sit around and pretend that this is acceptable. this is a direct assault on the american system. we now know it was a direct assault because after two years, 500 subpoenas, millions of dollars, you have a mueller report that says there was no collusion, period. which makes you question everybody who is out there protecting hillary clinton and trying to destroy donald trump. >> bill: read your piece and your op-ed. here is the title. it reads let's investigate why we've been lied to for two years and you make points you made there. karl rove over at the "wall street journal" is making the case, move on from mueller. there are more important matters to attend to now, that includes an election that's 18 months away from now.
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do you understand the point he is making, sir? >> sure. karl is a very smart guy and we just profoundly disagree. i think you have to be able to both walk and chew gum. the fact is yes, we should develop a better health program, yes, we can continue to grow thwhich trump has done brilliantly. yes, we ought to get more conservative judges approved but you can't as a historian look at the last 2 1/2 years and not feel profoundly troubled. to what extent was the attorney general involved? she has this secret meeting with bill clinton on an airplane in arizona during the week they're supposedly investigating his wife. what happened there? she ought to be put under oath and so should bill clinton. you have these different things going on. what did president obama know and vice president biden know. it is not occurring in a vacuum. there was a deliberate effort by the executive branch to destroy one of the candidates for the presidency and that effort continued after the
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american people elected him president. this is extraordinary historically. you can't walk off from it. furthermore, some 500 americans were subpoenaed. one person spent 1,200,000 on lawyers to prove they did nothing. why should you as a citizen have a full power of the state bankrupting you based on lies? >> bill: do you believe we have see the fisa warrant for carter page and the dossier again, do you believe we see the entire mueller report or to the extent it could be made public? >> sure. i think we'll see everything that does not involve direct security or that does not smear totally innocent people. it will all come out. that's the american system and the way it ought to be. >> bill: look forward to having you back on again. newt gingrich from washington, d.c., thank you. nine minutes past the hour. >> julie: president trump just announcing on twitter the f.b.i. and d.o.j. will be reviewing the jussie smollett
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case. the president calling it outrageous and embarrassment to our nation. just one day after the prosecutor defended her decision to drop all charges against the actor despite the fact that there was overwhelming evidence and they could have probably gotten a guilty conviction. matt finn is live in chicago with more on all this this morning. hi, matt. >> good morning. right now kim foxx is still defending her office which suddenly dropped the charges against smollett earlier this week. kim foxx recused herself from the smollett case. she was messaging with michelle obama's former chief of staff kim tchen. the family had concerns about the chicago police investigations and wanted them to turn the investigation over to the f.b.i. tchen convinced kim foxx to ask the police superintendent to
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drop his investigation and hand it to the f.b.i. that did not happen. foxx now says her office would have been able to find smollett guilty but dropping the charges was just and the actor did not have special treatment. he performed community services and forfeited his $10,000 bond. >> i believe in this case justice was appropriate. i didn't make the decision, but he was availed to alternative prosecution model that anybody else without his riches, without his fame were also availed to. >> an internal email inside her office obtained by fox news asked all assistant states attorneys to locate any case they can find that would bolster foxx's claim that dropping charges like smollett's is common and not as shocking as it appears.
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we are looking for examples of cases where we have entered into verbal agreements with defense attorneys to dismiss charges against a defendant if certain conditions were met. nobody is in trouble but looking for examples how we use our discretion in a way that restores the victim, causes minimal harm to the defendant in the long term. smollett's record was expunged and case sealed. foxx says it is in the process of being unsealed. >> julie: thank you very much. >> cbp is facing an unprecedented border security and humanitarian crisis along the southwest border. >> bill: there is the statement, a stark warning from border patrol officials as they brace for more migrants streaming to the southern border. >> julie: a cease-fire remains in place between israel and hamas. terrorists at least for now.
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but can it hold. we'll have a live report from inside gaza city coming up and then there is this. >> president trump: the new green deal is ridiculous but i don't want to speak badly. i want them to keep going forward with it. >> bill: why would that be? he wants democrats to keep pushing it. we'll tell you why in a moment coming up next. oh...i needed this. no, i can't believe how easy it was to save hundreds of dollars on our car insurance with geico. we could have been doing this a long time ago. so, you guys staying at the hotel? yeah, we just got married. oh ho-ho! congratulations! thank you. yeah, i'm afraid of commitment... and being boiled alive. oh, shoot. believe it. geico could save you 15% or more on car insurance. that guy's the worst. but prevagen helps your brain with an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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>> julie: a man of accused of abducting jayme closs pleads guilty in a wisconsin courtroom. jake patterson waived his right to a child and pled guilty to charges of homicide and kidnapping. he held the teenager in his home for 88 days before she managed to escape in january. and nearby residents called police who arrested patterson. >> president trump: i don't want to speak badly about the new green deal, sean. frankly, i'm afraid they'll stop using it.
6:17 am
because i do want to campaign against it. it's ridiculous and crazy. >> bill: the president on the phone with sean hannity last night urging democrats to keep pushing the green new deal. majority leader mitch mcconnell got a lot of present votes when it was brought to the floor. ocasio-cortez said she encouraged her colleagues to do that. good morning to you, josh holmes. >> happy opening day. >> who is your team? >> i'm a big nats fan. i was a twins fan but now that i'm in d.c. >> bill: at the rally tonight in michigan the president will push this deal a lot. >> no question. returning to the site of the last rally in 2016 for the first time. he is coming off a big week and being cleared by the mueller probe and this important vote in the senate with the green
6:18 am
new deal. he understands a political winner when he sees one in the state of michigan where it would shut down the american economy and michigan economy particularly with this insane proposal. i suspect you will hear a lot about it tonight. >> bill: mike lee talked about aquaman on the floor. he was on last night and addressed it this way. watch here. >> one of the things we have to take into account is that these things are far more serious than the green new deal. the green new deal isn't a policy proposal. it is a punch line. not one single democrat voted for it in the senate yesterday. that tells us something. >> bill: how dangerous do you think this is for republicans to ignore or democrats to push, josh? >> well, i think it's hugely dangerous for democrats just the evidence is in that vote that senator lee just articulated. when you are talking about 43 democrats that show up and vote
6:19 am
present. this isn't kindergarten. you don't get attendance points. you have to take a stand on these things. only four of them would go against a liberal progressive base and aoc and say they wouldn't support something that would destroy the american economy. all 43 of the rest of them basically just said i'm here but, you know, i'm not going to weigh in one way or another. they are in a dangerous place on this. they're pitted against a progressive base and the rest of america and i don't know there is any answers for them any time soon. >> bill: ocasio-cortez tweeted this on the vote. she said because i encouraged them to vote present along with others mcconnell tried to rush the green new deal straight to the floor without a hearing. the real question we should be asking why does the senate gop refuse to hold major hearings on climate change? mcconnell has given this the back of the hand ever since it was proposed. i don't imagine you get many hearings on the senate side on this. we'll see where it moves. i mention this rally in michigan tonight. grand rapids.
6:20 am
western part of the state. gerald ford country. what kind of president do you expect at the podium given the past week? >> i think he will shot out of a cannon. this is exactly what he does best. it is his best tool in the tool bag in terms of trying to rally his support. and what a better week could you possibly have than this. being cleared in the mueller report. coming off the green new deal, having a lot of important things to talk about and taking it directly to a state where it matters most. i think it will be a great rally. going back to what you were talking about with aoc for a minute, bill. i can't imagine the democrats feel particularly intrigued by the idea she is geppeto with a marionette telling them what they can and cannot vote on. >> bill: thanks, josh homes in washington >> julie: now a new report says senator kirsten gillibrand
6:21 am
experienced significant savings from the cuts in taxes. charles payne will be here to react. >> bill: two coaches accused in the college admissions cheating scandal that will go before a judge today. a live report on that coming up here on "america's newsroom."
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>> house intel committee that's headed up by adam schiff and republicans we are told are about to tee off. this is congressman conway from texas. he just started. >> president trump or anyone associated with the trump campaign colluded or conspired with the russian government. minority views, which you submitted were attached to our committee's findings and yet your views did not provide any evidence to support the claim of collusion. march 24, 2019 the special counsel delivered his findings to the government -- to the -- special counsel's investigation did not find that the trump campaign or anyone associated with conspired or coordinated with the russia in its efforts
6:23 am
to influence the 2016 presidential election. special counsel mueller's findings are consistent with those of this committee as well as the public statements and various senators on the senate select committee on intelligence. despite these findings you continue to proclaim to the media there is significant evidence of collusion and stated you will continue to investigate the counter intelligence issues, that is, is the president or people around him. your willingness to continue to promote a false narrative is alarming. the findings. special counsel refute your past and present assertions and exposed you as having abused your position to knowingly promote false information. damaged the integrity of this committee and undermined the faith of the united states and these associations. your actions past and present are incompatible with your duty of the chairman of this committee that has the obligation and authority to provide effective oversight of the u.s. intelligence community. as such we have no faith in
6:24 am
your bailt to discharge your duties and consistent with your constitutional responsibility and urge your immediate resignation as chairman of the committee. it is signed by all nine thembers of the committee and i ask it be entered into the record at today's hearing. >> i will turn to our witnesses who are the subject of the hearing today but before i do, and as you have chosen instead of addressing the hearing to simply attack me, consistent with the president's attacks, i do want to respond in this way. my colleagues may think it's okay that the russians offered dirt on a democratic candidate for president as part of what was described as the russian government's effort to help the trump campaign. you might think that's okay. my colleagues might think it's okay that when that was offered to the son of the president who
6:25 am
had a pivotal role in the campaign that the president's son did not call the f.b.i., he did not adamantly refuse that foreign help. no, instead that son said that he would love the help of the russians. you might think it's okay that he took that meeting. you might think it's okay that paul manafort, the campaign chair, someone with great experience in running campaigns also took that meeting. you might think it's okay that the president's son-in-law also took that meeting. you might think it's okay they concealed it from the public and you might think it's okay that their only disappointment after that meeting was that the dirt they received on hillary clinton wasn't better. you might think that's okay. you might think it's okay that when it was discovered a year later that they lied about that meeting and said it was about adoptions, you might think it's okay the president is reported to have helped dictate that lie.
6:26 am
you might think that's okay. i don't. you might think it's okay that the campaign chairman of a presidential campaign would offer information about that campaign to a russian oligarch in exchange for money and debt forgiveness. you might think that's okay, i don't. you might think it's okay that that campaign chairman offered polling data, campaign polling data to someone linked to russian intelligence. i don't think that's okay. you might think it's okay that the president himself called on russia to hack his opponent's emails if they were listening. you might think it's okay that later that day in fact the russians attempted to hack a server affiliated with that campaign. i don't think that's okay. you might think that it's okay that the president's son-in-law sought to establish a secret back channel of communications with the russians through a
6:27 am
russian diplomatic facility. i don't think that's okay. you might think it's okay that an associate of the president made direct contact with the gru and wikileaks and considered that is considered a hostile intelligence agency. you might think that it's okay a senior campaign official was instructed to reach that associate and find out what that hostile intelligence agency had to say in terms of dirt on his opponent. you might think it's okay that the national security advisor designate secretly confirmed with a you u.n. ambassador and about sanctions and that he lied about it to the f.b.i. you might say that's all okay. you might say that's just what you need to do to win. but i don't think it's okay.
6:28 am
i think it's immoral, i think it's unethical, i think it's unpatriotic, and yes, i think it's corrupt. and evidence of collusion. now, i have always said that the question of whether this amounts to proof of conspiracy was another matter. whether the special counsel could prove beyond a reasonable doubt the proof of that crime would be up to the special counsel and i would accept his decision, and i do. he is a good, honorableman and good prosecutor but i don't think that conduct, criminal or not is okay. and the day we do think that's okay is the day we will look back and say that is the day america lost its way. and i will tell you one more thing that is appear row poe of the hearing today, i don't think it's during a presidential campaign mr. trump sought the kremlin's help to consummate a real estate deal in moscow that would make him a
6:29 am
fortune according to special counsel, hundreds of million else of dollars. i don't think it's okay he concealed it from the public and i don't think it's okay he advocated a more favorable policy towards the russians even as he was seeking the russian's help to make money. i don't think it's okay that his attorney lied to our committee. there is a different for that than collusion and it is called compromise. that's the subject of our hearing today. >> will you yield? we all should get the opportunity to respond to that. if you are going to say we think you ought to allow us to speak. >> you can use your five minutes to speak. you attacked me in your opening statement. >> i have not had an opportunity respond at all to your statements of what we think. no one over here thinks that. you cannot speak for us. >> you are not recognized.
6:30 am
ambassador, you're recognized. >> thank you, mr. chairman and thank you ranking member nunes and everybody else that's here today. i want to start with some good news. ideological struggles -- >> bill: this is very real. it is still very fresh. we are only five days removed from the findings of william barr as to what he concluded based on the mueller report that was released on sunday afternoon. what the republicans have just done on the house intelligence committee, all nine republican members have signed a letter demanding the immediate resignation of adam schiff, the chairman of this committee, from the committee chair position. this is something that kellyanne conway first talked about on monday. many other republicans have joined that chorus day after day this week. the president chimed in last night in the interview with sean hannity expecting the same. he went so far as to say adam schiff should resign from
6:31 am
congress. in turn the democratic committee chair from california said this is not okay. talked about the trump tower meeting, russian adoption. russian intelligence agency and real estate deals and got back to the subject of today's meeting called compromise. republicans tried to interject, you saw what happened there. we'll watch this hearing. we'll see which way it goes. we know clearly where the republicans are going in terms of their direction with adam schiff as the committee chair on intel. stay tuned and we'll be back on that momentarily. 31 past. >> julie: a new battle over obamacare as the trump administration moves to invalidate the entire thing. again putting the president at odds with democrats. we are talking to senator john barrasso about a potential gop replacement for the law. new warnings of unprecedented problems at the border. what the white house is planning to do about it next. co. so chantix can help you quit "slow turkey."
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>> bill: this hearing will have fires works. over the break mike mcfall the former ambassador to russia is detailing how russia interfered in our election in 2016. republicans called on schiff to resign as chairman of the committee. a lot of back and forth over the next several hours. we'll bring you the headlines and some of those fireworks as we proceed. 9:35 now. alert from the middle east. cease-fire between israel and hamas in not holding. want to go to gaza city with more from there today. >> we just got word of an israeli drone strike inside gaza, the first strike since the cease-fire talks began. it doesn't mean the talks are over but it adds to escalating tension in the region and we understand egyptian negotiate ligentors have left the gaza strip.
6:36 am
they've been working with hamas and israel with terms to de-escalate the situation unfolding in the region after a rocket was fired into central israel earlier this week. we saw a mess in the region, air strikes from the israelis, rockets fired from gaza. we visited one of the places struck in gaza city. the twisted metal and debris is what's left of a building. israelis claim hamas used it for intelligence and security purposes. it is one of three structures targeted in israeli air strikes on monday after a rocket was fired from gaza into central israel. the tension here in gaza comes as the israeli military is staging along the gaza border. today the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu visited troops there. we've seen tanks and armored vehicles and troops that have arrived at the border not only in preparation for a potential
6:37 am
conflict that could erupt as a result of the rocket fire this week but this year is the one year anniversary of major demonstrations in gaza. saturday is expected to be a day filled with conflict in the region. >> president trump: obamacare is a disaster. it is something we can't live with in this country. the democrats let you down. >> the president wants to go back to repeal and replace again. make our day. >> i'm very disappointed and vehemently opposed to the administration seeking to invalidate the entire affordable care act. >> we're not going to give up on healthcare. it is an important issue and we think our ideas are going to work better for the public than obamacare. >> julie: president trump calling republicans the party of great healthcare. now the pressure is on for the gop to come up with a replacement for obamacare after the justice department backed a
6:38 am
court ruling declaring the affordable care act unconstitutional. joining us now is senator john barrasso the chairman of the environment and public works committee. busy morning this morning. first i'll tackle the healthcare issue and want to get your reaction on the schiff and gop basically calling on him to step down. there is a lot of pressure on the gop. the same as was the case when the president was elected to come up with a replacement for obamacare after the justice department backed a lawsuit to repeal the whole thing. the gop seems divided on the issue. some republicans supporting the move like susan collins disapproving. how key will the issue be in 2020 and how will republicans come together on this? >> first in terms of the lawsuit. it will take a while to work its way through the system. republicans and democrats agree that the obama healthcare law has failed because costs have gone up, people have lost choice and they've lost coverage that worked for them. all the democrats running for president are actually saying
6:39 am
get rid of obamacare and go to a government-run healthcare plan. i will tell, julie, republicans have never stopped working on healthcare and lowering the cost of care. we have eliminated the gag rule for insurance companies in terms of talking to pharmacists so that people and patients can work with it to hold down and lower the cost of drugs. we have association health plans providing much cheaper insurance for people. people want insurance that works for them and is affordable. it is the right insurance for them. plus we've done a lot with transparency. so you know what sort of prices and costs are at hospitals so you can shop around and be much more effective there. >> julie: it is important to note here that chief justice john roberts did uphold obama's individual mandate as a tax in 2012. congress zeroed out the penalty as part of tax reform in 2017. the lawsuit argues the mandate is no longer a tax and therefore is unconstitutional. my question to you is could
6:40 am
this blow up politically for either side? is this legal fight a lost cause? >> certainly obamacare has blown up for the democrats because the costs have skyrocketed when they promised affordability. well have to see what the court ultimately decides. it will take some time. as a republican, as a senator and as a doctor i'm committed, my party is committed to make sure that people with pre-existing conditions get the coverage and the care that they need. my wife is a breast cancer survivor been through three operations. i know as a doctor and husband how important it is protect people with pre-existing conditions. >> julie: i want to turn to the mueller report. the president tweeting adam schiff who spent two years lying should be forced to resign from congress. the president has also gone as far as calling the f.b.i.'s actions treasonous in an interview with sean hannity last night. adam schiff urged to step down
6:41 am
by gop members today. the president said if this happened under the obama administration there would be 100 arrests by now. are heads going to roll over this? >> we're going to see how it all plays out. if i were president trump falsely accused for two years and having to go through all of this i understand how he is reacting. the headlines are very clear. no collusion, no collaboration and no conspiracy. in terms of adam schiff, it sounds to me like the line from the movie he can't handle the truth. >> julie: will we see the mueller report? >> absolutely. i know they're working for ways -- i with like to see the whole thing released as much as is possible and i agree with the president there. i think accountability and transparency are important. the american people spent over $25 million and waited two years for the report. i think all people have a right to see it. >> julie: senator barrasso, thank you for seeing you this morning.
6:42 am
>> bill: the smollett case divided a city and prosecution defending their decision. >> we can be outraged that he lied to the police and besmirched the city. in the final analysis, it is still a disorderly conduct. >> bill: the president announces the f.b.i. and d.o.j. will investigate. next up a leader from chicago's police union will make his case live next. mer director of the united states mint. and as one of the largest us gold coin distributors in the country, us money reserve has proudly served hundreds of thousands of clients worldwide. there may have never been a better time to start diversifying your assets with physical gold and silver. and right now, it's easy to get started. just pick up the phone and call toll free to request the complete guide to buying gold with hundreds of pages of important information. don't put it off another day. call now. - of all my years involvement with buying gold,
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>> we have had to make tough calls on cases throughout my entire tenure. it is fair to say that the police department is not happy on every decision that we make. i have a healthy respect for our police department and we're an independent agency. we will continue to work with them as we do on thousands of cases that come through our office every year. >> bill: they say they don't always agree. jussie smollett matter putting chicago prosecutors against the police department as the
6:46 am
state's attorney fiercely defends the decision to drop all charges against the actor. police officials post case files online right before they were sealed. it was an intriguing move. police reaction, martin preib, second vice president of the chicago order of police. thank you for your time today. the f.b.i. is going to get involved. what do you think of that, sir? >> we think it's great. we requested that they get involved. we've actually asked federal authorities to get involved in looking at the cook county state's attorney kimberly foxx on several issues. so we're very happy and grateful that the f.b.i. is going to take a look into this case. >> bill: what foxx said we have a healthy respect but it doesn't mean that we won't always agree. talking about law enforcement from her branch and the police department. what is going on there? >> well, a lot of empty rhetoric. the tension between the police
6:47 am
officers and kimberly foxx's administration is intense. this decision in the smollett case is intensifying that. there is a basic distrust there. i don't think many of us buy these explanations coming out seems to change daily, so we don't buy it. >> bill: cut through it fotchin country right now. what do you think is at play here? why did this happen? >> well, that's the $64 million question everybody is asking. there is political dynamics to it, there is a mayoral election runoff next week. why she did this, why she waited to do it, why she would drop charges like this and not prosecute a 16-felony grand jury indictment, we can only speculate. but there seems to be something very, very dark and suspicious
6:48 am
that they would go to this length to just drop a case and endure all this national outrage over it. hopefully the f.b.i. investigation can get to the bottom of it. but she -- >> bill: she said we would have convicted jussie smollett if the case went to trial. a lot of people have been on tv suggesting that the police were too aggressive in their public prosecution of jussie smollett and the prosecutor's office wasn't happy with it. do you buy that? >> that's completely ridiculous. the police treated him as a victim long after a lot of media outlets were describing the glaring holes in his narrative. they put their entire -- look, he claimed he was a victim of a hate crime. the police did their part and they investigated it as a hate crime. as the police should. hate crimes are outrageous.
6:49 am
they put superb investigators who painstakingly looked at every single detail of evidence that they could find and they presented their case based upon the evidence. to make a statement like that is totally outrageous, totally outrageous. >> bill: thank you for your time. we are looking for answers as you are as well. thank you in chicago today. good luck. >> thank you. >> julie: fireworks at a house intelligence hearing today as republicans blast chairman adam schiff calling on him to resign his post after the mueller report summary cleared the president of collusion. what is going to happen next on capitol hill as this drama unfolds? >> you are willingness to continue to promote a false narrative is alarming. the findings of the special counsel refute you and --
6:50 am
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6:53 am
together we'll make the right choice. >> julie: two people in the college admissions scandal set to appear in court today. a former women's soccer coach at yale and former men's tennis coach at texas. both charged with conspiracy and wire fraud. molly line is at district court where it all goes down in boston. >> good morning, julie. as you said two more coaches ensnared in the massive college admission scandal face a federal judge, the first one ensnared the former yale women's soccer coach when the tipster kicked off the investigation. he will make his appearance at 12:30 facing charges of conspiracy to commit wire fraud and more and returns to court later on in the afternoon at 2:00 p.m. expected to enter a guilty plea.
6:54 am
a cooperation agreement was unvealed. if he provides substantial assistance in the investigation the government also calling for for tour of funds. the investigation got rolling when he was named by this man, tobin, a financial executive cooperating with authorities looking at a fraud case. he said meredith requested a bribe to help get his daughter into the school. he agreed to wear a wire met with him in a hotel room talking about a $450,000 paymlt in the coach listing the girl as a team recruit. also slated to appear former men's tennis coach at the university of texas at austin. he was fired after being charged with conspiracy to commit mail fraud and more and agreed to take $100,000 to range for a recruit that didn't
6:55 am
play tennis competitively. some are facing consequences the students. yale confirmed one student will no longer be admitted because of this college admissions cheating scam and a little tease for tomorrow. a federal court expected to be very busy. a good number of parents involved that were snagged in this case expected to appear before the judges here. >> julie: molly line, thank you very much. >> bill: breaking news now, two big stories happening at this hour. both the president and top republicans now say they want to see the chairman adam schiff out of his leadership post on the intel committee. a hearing underway at the moment. catherine herridge is watching the drama and up live in a moment. senator rand paul leveling a bombshell accusation at a former c.i.a. director, why he says that john brennan knowingly pushed a false narrative on the trump dossier. >> my source tells me the intelligence community, obama's intelligence community, brennan, clapper, comey were frustrated because they had
6:56 am
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to your existing trip. only when you book with expedia. >> bill: 10:00 in new york. fox news alert. the fallout from the bob mueller matter continues to reverb rate across washington at the moment house intel committee members joining the president, the republicans, saying they want adam schiff to resign his leadership post. it's a brand-new hour. i'm bill hemmer live in new york. sandra has a day off. how are you doing, julie? >> julie: i'm julie banderas in for sandra smith. president trump accusing chairman adam schiff of deliberately lying and leaking and calling for his resignation after robert mueller's report failed to make a case. adam schiff fired back. >> that's the subject of our hearing today. mr. ambassador, you are
7:01 am
recognized for your opening statement. >> yield. >> we think you ought to allow us to speak of what we think. >> you attacked me in your opening statement and i responded. >> i have not had an opportunity to respond to your statements of what we think. no one over here thinks that. no one over here -- you cannot speak for us. >> you are not recognized. >> bill: catherine herridge taking it to us. the hearing continues. have they gotten back to the meat of the matter. >> almost. it has been a dramatic series of events unfolding on capitol hill this morning as republicans laid out their grievances alleging his public statements especially media appearances about russia collusion now disqualify him from holding the chairmanship. this letter from republicans was read into the record from a senior committee republican. >> the findings of the special
7:02 am
counsel refute your past and present assertions and have exposed you of having you abused your position to promote false information. undermining the faith in the united states government and these institutions. we have no faith in your ability to -- we urge your immediate resignation as chairman of the committee. >> the criticism of schiff is centering on his repeated public statements which republicans now charge imply his knowledge of classified facts supporting the russia collusion allegations. of course, this conflicts with the findings of the mueller report. schiff has responded in the last few minutes with anger and with force telling his republican colleagues said the trump campaign was winning at any cost. bad acts if not criminal prosecution. >> you might say that's okay and just what you need to do to win.
7:03 am
but i don't think it's okay. i think it's immoral, i think it's unethical, i think it's unpatriotic. >> not clear whether this is coordinated or a coincidence but earlier today the president tweeting his displeasure with congressman adam schiff saying he spent two years knowingly and unlawfully lying and leaking. should be forced to resign from congress. we'll bring you more developments as we get them. >> bill: hot already. catherine herridge in washington thanks. >> julie: fox news alert the head of the border patrol sounding the alarm over a surge of asylum seekers warning the u.s./mexico border is at its breaking point. the commissioner speaking in el paso, texas, officials say the situation has gotten so bad it has forced them to shelter hundreds of immigrants beneath a bridge. >> cbp is facing an
7:04 am
unprecedented crisis along the border. it is worse here in el paso. >> president trump said mexico is doing nothing to stop the immigrants to the country. all talk, no action and other countries have taken our money for years and do nothing. the dems don't care. such bad laws. may close the southern border. casey stiegel is reporting live for us from dallas. >> top brass saying it is becoming more and more difficult to give the migrants in custody the humane conditions that they deserve. and this is what it looks like in el paso. you showed a little bit of that video in the introbut you can see detention centers and holding facilities so overcrowded they're housing people under the international crossing bridges outdoors at least at one of the bridges. you can see they put up fencing
7:05 am
and wire creating a giant makeshift holding cell with cots and tents. on monday of this week another group of about 1,000 migrants showed up in the el paso sector, the majority are seeking asylum. 1,000 in a 24-hour period and 4,000 total across the entire border again all on monday. say the feds, agents are the ground are telling us what they thought was overwhelming before, this takes it to a whole new level and they warn this system is on the verge of collapse. >> 40,000 children expected to enter the process this month. we're doing everything we can to simply avoid a tragedy in the cbp facility. but with these numbers, with the types of illnesses we're seeing at the border i fear it is just a matter of time. >> all minors, children under the ages of 17 have to be medically cleared at a cost to taxpayers, last month more than 76,000 migrants were detained
7:06 am
in the el paso sector alone hitting a 12-year high. it's family units, 40,000 of those, again just in the el paso area. uncode minors or children traveling alone 7,000 alone in the month of february. numbers federal agents say does, in fact, show a crisis on many fronts both security and humanitarian down at the border. >> julie: casey stiegel, thank you. >> bill: a-team now. morgan ortagus along with james freeman, assistant editor to the "wall street journal" and robert wolf. watching catherine herridge reporting and seeing the hearing on the hill. both sides are hot on each other. the president was with sean hannity last night and said this about treason based on the dossier, etc. >> president trump: we can
7:07 am
never allow this treasonous -- these treasonous acts to happen to another president. this was an attempted takeover of our government, of our country. an illegal takeover. and if it were the other way around where i was doing it to president obama or a democrat, it would be virtually the maximum sentence that you can find no matter where you look in whatever legal book. >> bill: that interview went on for 45 minutes. he said a lot and will say a lot tonight. what did you hear, morgan? >> it's not a matter of if but how attorney general barr investigates all of this. that's what we heard from senator lindsey graham last night talking about this. both sides are running hot for good reason. there was alleged -- let's not call this exactly what it is. it was alleged the president of the united states committed treason by working with a foreign power to interfere in the election.
7:08 am
that's an enormous charge and we had mueller and a special investigative prosecutor for two years working on that. the question is does everything that led up to this investigation also deserve a special prosecutor? i think so. what we're seeing on the hill. both sides are running so hot with each other the intelligence committees have been politicized, judicial committees have been politicized in a way that lends it hard to see investigations happening without a bunch of mudslinging and food fights. as a long-time member of the intelligence community what we really need to know is were there fisa abuses? was it committed? do we need to relook at the regulations and how we spy on americans. what about all the unmasking. was it done appropriately? i would love to take the politics out of this and have a special prosecutor look at this. our intelligence community, law enforcement community and all of our politics we deserve to know what really happened in an unbiased manner. >> we do need an accounting.
7:09 am
i don't think we need a special counsel. i think the justice department can do its job and find out how it is that the government came to spy on the presidential campaign of the party out of power. now that we know there was no collusion evidence, r? you can talk about the dossier, you can talk about going for those wiretap applications to the fisa court. misleading the court, putting vague references in a footnote in your application. i think we need to find out who ordered this and we go back to those page/strzok text messages saying the president wants to know everything we're doing. we don't know what they were referring to. we don't know whether it was this or a general statement. but we need to know who were the relevant officials ordering this investigation. >> i have no issue if people want to go backwards or not. i like the look forward. i'll kind of quote judge napolitano who is a fox news host who was on cavuto and
7:10 am
paraphrasing, the mueller report, which may be 700 pages, likely contains evidence pointing to conspiracy and obstruction. to me we should make it public. i think 420 congressmen, probably the only bipartisan thing we've agreed on in years say it should be public. i'm not one of the impeach trump. i have never said it once. spiking the foot ball on something that was four pages that could have been 700 pages, we don't know all the answers. listen, if the department of just -- it's about going forward to me. >> julie: you brought up treason. the president saying that the actions made by the f.b.i. were treasonous. if john brennan who rand paul says knowingly pushed this trump dossier knowing there was false information in that, that is an abuse of the court system and who is accountable in the end? >> it is not just an abuse of
7:11 am
the court system. it is abuse of his position as director of national intelligence. we have never seen a director of the c.i.a. be as highly political as john brennan. it is not good for the men and women in the c.i.a. or of the f.b.i. it was them pushing this concerted effort to the media, christopher steele shopping around the dossier. there is so much to unpack in all this. what i genuinely care about. i've worked for president bush and barack obama. no matter who is in this office whether it's a republican or democrat i serve at the pleasure of the president. it is important to me that we get real answers here. not politicized answers from either side but get to the truth. when the president says we can never let this happen to another president again, we do need to know does this president have the power to spy on whoever the 2020 nominee is? it goes both ways. so i think both parties should have a vested interest here in knowing exactly how this
7:12 am
investigation played out. why wasn't the president's campaign team told there is a foreign power that's trying to work with you. definitely going to happen in 2020. we know that emails will be hacked and campaigns will be attempted to be infiltrated. >> julie: russia is bound to do it again. >> bill: you have been patient. i will set you up in the following way. they're five days removed from barr. i don't know how many weeks we're removed from the rest of the mueller report. you really get a sense we're in the early stages of a lot of this exploration and education as people and as a government. and what they will do in washington or what they may not do. my sense is we're in the early days of this yet again, james. >> i think we do need that story. you mentioned the people and the government. we never want this to happen to another president. we also never want it to happen to another citizen that the law enforcement officials can decide to spy on someone for
7:13 am
their political activity based on an opposition funded dossier, a report in yahoo news which was taking information from the dossier. it's enough to turn the surveillance powers of the federal government against a citizen that yahoo news says that they have some ties to a foreign government? this is really i think foundational to not just our elections but our civil liberties. >> i'm not going against that. i couldn't believe with the wikileaks. we had a president that said we should release more. we're in the most polarizing time that i can recall. elections have consequences. we can watch adam schiff and the democrats will applaud him and the republicans will say he should leave. we did the same with nunes. we have to figure out -- we have so many issues in this
7:14 am
country. we have watching committees that all they do is yell at each other. something needs to change. >> bill: the republicans said to schiff your actions are incompatible with your duty of chairman. we have no faith in your ability to discharge your duties in a manner of your constitutional responsibility. we urge your immediate resignation. democrats have the votes. it will not happen. >> he should resign. not for the president to say who congress will choose as its leaders but he has spent two years saying he has more than circumstantial evidence of collusion. he is saying undoubtedly there was collusion, still no evidence. i think his credibility is gone, his story don't make sense and he ought to resign. >> bill: thanks to all of you. thank you morgan, james and robert. >> julie: thank you all. education secretary betsy devos back on capitol hill this hour. a senate subcommittee reviewing
7:15 am
her budget proposal. already controversial. she suggests eliminating federal funds to the special olympics say it is funded through private donations. just one of a series of cuts she is proposing. we're monitoring that hearing and bring it to you as news happens. >> bill: this could be coming at the expense of american security. a senator is asking google's ceo to testify. josh hawley to talk about this. >> julie: chicago prosecutors are on the defense as they stand by their decision to drop all charges against actor jussie smollett. >> the dropping of the charges in no way exonerates mr. smollett. our office isn't here for anything other than seeking justice. how'd i get this yard? behind pete's great looking yard, is his secret weapon...
7:16 am
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7:20 am
something is going on behind the scenes with respect to connections whether it's politics or people being famous. that's why this case was dropped. >> julie: foxx's office never said he was innocent. they said they are letting him off the same way they would somebody similar. there is no such thing. >> bill: expunged his record. >> it's unusual. you mentioned earlier today she is -- foxx said he would have been found guilty.
7:21 am
>> julie: there was an overwhelming amount of evidence but it is giving legs to his attorneys coming out saying we're innocent. she never said he was innocent and probably would have been found guilty. >> this is nowhere near over. the f.b.i. investigating, the attorney general in illinois investigating. there is still a federal investigation against smollett by the post office and f.b.i. for some threatening letters he was sent. this is not over. if i were his attorneys, i would sit down and be quiet and see if this can go away. >> bill: the two brothers have been quiet. >> you haven't heard a word from them and their lawyers. they have a story, too. >> bill: f.b.i. and d.o.j. to review the jussie smollett situation in chicago. >> i don't think it will be reversed? it could perhaps but i think one of the major issues here, the poor police superintendent came forward and said i have got to work with this office going forward. the police and the state
7:22 am
attorneys office work together on these cases. it is really best that the feds look into it if they are going to. that the other investigation continue. but this particular issue should be laid to rest so they can continue to do their jobs. >> julie: they don't ask an innocent person to pay $10,000 bond. he paid $10,000 but claims he is innocent. >> he should keep his mouth shut. he is looking to save the world. he should save the world and keeping his mouth quiet for a little bit. >> julie: this would be -- look at roseanne barr and what happened to her. >> i saw one of the state representatives has called for a bill to say he can't get a job in chicago. i don't think such a bill would be passed but it is a valid point. empire is filmed in chicago and other shows are filmed there. the money he is being paid probably be spent on other things. >> bill: i don't know if it's clear we know what his future is on the program. back to kim foxx on police reaction. watch here. >> we have had to make tough
7:23 am
calls on cases throughout my entire tenure. it is fair to say that the police department is not happy on every decision that we make. i talked to superintendent johnson this morning. he understands and appreciates this was a class 4 felony and that although we deal with this every day, the surrounding narrative around it is different than how we treat any other case. >> bill: i don't know where that goes. however, you deal in justice, right? that's your life. that's your career. what does it say about the process? what does it say about justice itself? >> we know that justice is not always fair. there is not always justice in our cases. we hope that's the case. we know money sometimes pays for things to happen that shouldn't happen and sometimes fame does. we know politics does. it seems to me that money, fame and politics played a role here and it shouldn't have and why an investigation by someone outside of the process. she didn't truly recuse herself. a special prosecutor could have
7:24 am
been named to look into it what kim foxx had a conflict of interest. there were a lot of reasons justice was not done here. whether it will play out further remains to be scene. >> julie: filing a false police report. there have been central park rape cases where the person who makes the false claims gets in a lot of trouble. there will be no jail time. this sets a horrible precedent in a city like chicago that already has such a high crime rate and then you say if you call the police and file a false report what does it say for the next person that does the same? >> the number of resources given to this case. he went on "good morning america" because he called it a hate crime and getting the f.b.i. involved. the amount of resources. talking about resources. >> julie: the money that cost to investigate it. >> a different situation. >> bill: the case in cook county won't be reversed but we'll see whether or not the feds continue. >> absolutely and the attorney
7:25 am
general in illinois. >> bill: thank you so much. nice to see you again and thanks for coming back. >> julie: the mueller probe may be in the books but now president trump is turning the tables looking to investigate how it all began. will we finally get the answers? our headliner senate judiciary committee member josh hawley takes that up next. >> bill barr is a man of the department of justice. this has been his life's work and he is disappointed and concerned by the way the f.b.i. handled the fisa warrant application, the counter intelligence investigation and he will be very supportive of looking to find out how this got off the rails. our finance b. and so if someone tries to breach your firewall in london & you start to panic... don't. because your cto says we've got allies on the outside... ...& security algorithms on the inside... ...& that way you can focus on expanding into eastern europe... ...& that makes the branch managers happy & yes, that's the branch managers happy. at&t provides edge-to-edge intelligence.
7:26 am
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7:29 am
>> bill: a lot of fireworks. a moment ago here is mike turner, a republican from ohio, represents the dayton, ohio area. what republicans are asking is for adam schiff, the democratic committee head chair, to resign that position. i doubt that will happen.
7:30 am
democrats have the votes on the committee. here is what turner said about the ongoing committee now. >> your response could have been you are here to insure this committee has no leaks and here to insure this committee works together and that you want to have a true bipartisan work to support the international intelligence efforts of our country. instead you've shown contempt for your fellow members of congress for two years your opening statements have repeatedly attacked the members of this committee, their motives and their work. you have transformed the staff of this committee that are prosecutorial instead of working on issues of national security and intelligence and misrepresented to the american people information that we received in classified sessions. and you've had this committee diverge from its goal. it is a danger to our national security. it is a distraction and causes this committee not to function. when this congress took a look back at itself and what had
7:31 am
happened with senator joe mccarthy, it made a commitment that congress would no longer be abusive in its powers. that it would look to protecting its national security. mr. chairman, your reactions today were in true mccarthyism as you chose to attack us. instead of state your commitment to national security. >> bill: mike turner the republican from ohio a moment ago. adam schiff defended himself in the opening statement and went off as well. want to bring in josh hawley, out of missouri on the judiciary committee. what do you think about the back and forth here? looks like adam schiff will fight for his job, is he not? >> it sounds like it. he probably should resign. this is somebody has for over a year and a half been spreading blatant falsehoods and shown to be falsehoods and has done it with an agenda and not what we expect from our elected representatives. >> bill: the president on releasing the fisa records with
7:32 am
sean hannity last night on the telephone he said the following in an interview that went on for about 45 minutes but here is the section about the fisa warrants here. watch. >> president trump: it was treason, really treason. if the republican party had done this to the democrats, if we had done this to president obama, you would have 100 people in jail right now and it would be treason. it would be considered treason and they would be in jail for the rest of their lives. >> bill: he also says he wants to make the fisa warrant public. will that happen? >> well, i think that's certainly something we ought to look at and go further. there ought to be an investigation and special counsel. we have the f.b.i. launching a counter intelligence investigation. for spies. a counter intelligence investigation on the president of the united states. trying to conceal it and make sure there is no oversight of it. what is going on here? we need to have an investigation to make sure the people that are in charge of this government, not the
7:33 am
infected politically biased leadership of the f.b.i. or any other agency. >> julie: you know, the president tweeting today and i want to pull this up on adam schiff, he says that the congressman who spent two years knowingly and unlawfully lying and leaking should be forced to resign from congress and he also said in an interview with sean hannity last night the mueller's russia investigation was an attempt to takeover of our government and wouldn't rule out pardoning michael flynn and others and many people were hurt. under the obama administration 100 people would be fired under this. there is a double standard here clearly but will heads roll? >> they should have rolled a long time ago. his comment about the f.b.i. we've seen this before in our country. from j. edgar hoover when the they tried to bully leaders and politicians and run the country. we cannot go back to those days. we cannot allow politically biased leadership in any of
7:34 am
these agencies to usurp the role of the of the people and congress needs to hold oversight hearings. bring them in front of the public and make them answer for what they've done. >> bill: lindsey graham said a similar thing last night. james comey on nbc now. watch this. >> there was smoke, and enough smoke to justify investigation and overwhelming evidence the russians were interfering in the election to hurt one candidate and help the other. whether americans were conspiring with them i didn't know. we had to look at this. >> is this a rebuke of your leadership and the f.b.i.? >> no, it establishes i hope to all people no matter where they are that the f.b.i. is not corrupt, not a nest of vipers and spies but an honest group of people trying to find out what is true. i thought that was potentially obstruction of justice and i hope somebody is going the look at that. the president appears to be
7:35 am
saying -- i don't know what is in his head. i can't reach the conclusion. he appears to be saying i got rid of this guy to shut down an investigation that threatened me. >> bill: the interview went on from there. we're five days removed from bill barr's initial summary. where are we on this story as we seem to be uncovering more and more material every day. what a lot of people thought once the mueller report came out it would put an end to it. that doesn't appear to be the case, does it? >> the more we learn, the more disturbing it is. i agree with james comey about one thing. there ought to be an investigation. he ought to be answering for his role in this. he ought to be answering for his actions, andy mccabe answering for his actions. the people are supposed to control our government and the people elected representatives, including by the way the president of the united states. not the f.b.i. not people who had a political vendetta against this president. we need to get some answers here and put these people under oath. we need to get the facts.
7:36 am
>> julie: president trump i want to move on to obamacare and the gop senators are divided over the obama/trump administration calling to overturn the obamacare act and is trying to find a replacement for obamacare a big mistake if that's at the forefront of the 2020 election? >> what's a big mistake is forcing people to continue to pay higher insurance premiums year after year. my state insurance premiums have gone up over 100% thanks to obamacare. nobody can afford it. now the democrats want to take away all private insurance and force everybody onto public plans. it is exactly the wrong thing to development we need to get health insurance and prescription drug costs down and need to move forward on doing that. >> bill: one final topic. the google ceo at the white house yesterday and the president shared with the american people is google is on the side of the u.s. government
7:37 am
and not the chinese military. >> we'll see. google is not a transparent company to put it mildly. this is a company chosen to do business in and with china that indirectly benefits the chinese military but won't help the united states armed forces. this is a problem. google's shifting answers. they need to come out publicly and say exactly why they're prioritizing china over the united states of america. let's hear from google on the record directly. >> bill: in time perhaps we shall. sir, thank you for your time today. josh hawley the republican from missouri. how are you enjoying your time in d.c. everything it was cracked up to be? >> it's great. a lot of work to do. >> bill: you are only three months in. great seeing you this morning. >> bill: 22 minutes before the hour. >> i want to follow up on the thing about the cuts to special olympics. do you know how many kids will
7:38 am
be affected by the cut, madam secretary? >> let me just say again we had to make some decisions with this budget. >> julie: betsy devos on the hill today after the fiery exchange yesterday. she took tough questions defending her budget that cuts funds to the special olympics. doug mcelway is following the story for washington >> the plot line from democrats thus far has been consistent. it is along the lines of heartless republican cabinet secretary hurts the most vulnerable was the mantra from house democrats who skewered for cutting funds to the special olympics. >> you have zeroed out special olympics once again. i still can't understand why you would go after disabled children in your budget. you zeroed it out. it is appalling.
7:39 am
>> democrats also tore into her on twitter. children and adults with disabilities shouldn't have to pay for tax credits to your rich friends, betsy devos. even the chairman of the special olympics appeared to indicate that kind of criticism is over the top. >> we've got your back, athletes. we'll fight for this resource that is so important to our future. we'll ask people all over the country to continue to work with us to open the hearts of the nation to the power of the special olympics athletes and their unified partners. >> he makes a key point. the special olympics financial statement from last year shows the 11.4 million in federal grants is a small portion of its total revenue. direct mail contributions make up over $44 million. four times as much. individual and corporate contributions make up $38 million. in a statement yesterday devos said even our current budget realities, the federal government cannot fund every worthy program, particularly ones that enjoy robust support
7:40 am
from private donations. still remember the administration's budget is merely a proposal. it is congress that appropriates money and senate appropriations committee chairman roy blunt said our department of education appropriations bill will not cut funding for that program. devos is testifying as we speak right now before blunt's committee. back to you. >> julie: thank you very much. >> bill: brand-new fox polling showing americans want the rich to pay more in taxes. we'll dig into those numbers as we learn that a democratic nominee may actually have benefited from the trump tax cuts. the money man charles payne has that in a moment here. >> julie: a tearful day in court as a judge hands down a sentence to a teenager who admits to pushing her friend off a 52-foot bridge. >> last summer my good friend go changed my life for the worse.
7:41 am
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7:45 am
>> julie: a teenager sentenced in washington state for pushing her friend off of a 50-foot bridge. taylor smith getting two days in jail and 38 days on a work crew. the teen admitting she thoughtlessly shoved her friend trying to gather the courage to jump into the water. smith showing her regret in the courtroom. >> i would like to sincerely apologize to jordan and her family and friends for the pain and humiliation i have caused from the action that occurred last summer. >> julie: the victim survived the fall but had broken ribs, punctured lungs and still suffers from ptsd. >> bill: voters are bothered by the rich not caring enough more than about their own tax rate.
7:46 am
how are you doing, charles payne? >> tax the rich is popular. i can't think of a time it hasn't been popular. let's go after those sobs and get that cash, you know? >> bill: i didn't say that. >> julie: we didn't say that, you did. >> bill: all right. >> do you really want the federal government getting that money? it is not coming to you. they'll waste it on something. i would rather see that money remain in the hands of private citizens spending it at the local store who may hire two people and have four or five children. you put it in the black hole called the federal government, it's gone. >> bill: kevin brady. tax reform is no sugar high. a lot of detractors say it's run its course. >> we'll see. some of these things i don't
7:47 am
debate. we'll know this year but i do tell you we just saw a revision of the gdp for the fourth quarter. people are pointing to business investment. business investment have rebounded in the fourth quarter from the third quarter. i bet people will be surprised to see it continue this year. also almost 700 billion came back to america that was offshore that wouldn't have come back. don't write it off. >> bill: more for the consumer. >> i don't disagree with that. i let the white house know that the time the day before this went through my personal opinion was they should have done -- you didn't have to go from 40 to 20 for the businesses like the retailers. i thought a little more for middle income households. >> julie: interesting kirsten gillibrand running for president. she released her tax returns and it turns out that unlike a lot of out there that protested the trump tax reform law that in fact she benefited we just found out. i wonder if she will give that
7:48 am
money back to the government. she must be insulted. >> no and no are the two options. here is what's really interesting. what she benefited from. a good cautionary tale for americans to pay attention to. the alternative minimum tax. she was able to write off $10,000 she would have had to pay on the tax. the history everyone should look into. i think it was 1966 someone wrote an article about 154 families in america that paid no tax. 154 people. remember that number. outrage, people lost their minds. how dare them not pay anything? so we came up with the alternative minimum tax to get money from the sobs and it was an index for inflation. the number was $200,000. decades later millions of americans getting slammed on the taxes because it was to take out the pitch forks and
7:49 am
torches. it snared millions of americans middle class folks who could have done good with that money. >> bill: see you at 2:00. >> anyone interested in lifting the ipo? i give the parameters. i like it at 80, not 120. uber is a big one. going to be exciting. >> bill: thank you, charles. >> julie: could unwanted interruptions soon be history? verizon is working on technology that drops robocalls. how it could soon become available. the latest innovation from xfinity
7:50 am
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7:54 am
for an emergency situations, great. i get that. all for that. but the call where you are telling me you want to tell me about my car insurance for a car i don't own or the interest rate on a credit card, forget it. 47.8 billion robocalls in 2018 and most of those were from scammers. great article in the "wall street journal" the fcc has fined robocallers $208 million. most are scam calls. they have $6,000. verizon will roll out software to let you put on your phone and let you block a majority of these robocalls. they'll find their way around it. part of the problem is the way our telephone systems work. it is easy to spoof someone else's number. you look at your phone and think this is the area code, this is my -- it looks similar. it is so easy to spoof someone else's phone number it is almost comical. there is a need to change the
7:55 am
way that the telephone -- the interchanges happen. >> bill: my parents have this thing now. they get telemarketers calling them all the time because they have a land line and they will force you to punch a number to confirm you are not a telemarketer. once you do that they say it works great. >> i have a google voice number because i'm a total dork and it will stop you and you have to say your name if you are not in my address book, otherwise the phone call won't go through. i'm curious to see how verizon will handle it. cell phone companies have been urged to handle this because it's getting worse and it is the most complained about thing to the federal trade commission. >> julie: intrusion in your privacy and shouldn't be allowed. what about other carriers? there are other carriers. >> verizon leads the pack.
7:56 am
at&t have done tests, and t-mobile follow suit. >> i think it's great that verizon is taking the first step. if they do this, this is how we'll do it the other carriers will follow suit. fingers crossed on friday. >> bill: good story. in a moment. bombshell decision to drop all charges against jussie smollett. what is next in his case that has already taken so many turns as president trump calls it an outrage and an embarrassment for the country. get a live report on that at the top of the next hour. come on back. what makes these simple dishes the best simple dishes ever?
7:57 am
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>> bill: 11:00 in new york. jussie smollett case isn't over yesterday. president trump saying the feds are launching an investigation as the county prosecutor's office does damage control in chicago. i'm bill hemmer live in new york. >> julie: i got a little knee injury, tore the acl and had surgery on thursday. wheelchair tomorrow, please? >> bill: i'll wheel you in, okay? >> julie: thank you. i'm julie banderas in for sandra smith. chicago police releasing that case file online calling the evidence against jussie smollett rock solid while also demanding an investigation into the prosecution's dismissal of all the charges against the empire actor.
8:01 am
>> bill: president trump said f.b.i. and d.o.j. to review the smollett case in chicago. it's an embarrassment to our nation. matt finn in chicago. good morning. >> this morning kim foxx is standing by her office's decision to suddenly drop its case against jussie smollett. 16 felony counts of lying to police. she says smollett did not get special attention. she said dropping the charges was just. smollett doesn't have a criminal background and did community service and forfeited his $10,000 bond. she said people don't understand the intricacies of alternative prosecution and she acknowledges the police are frustrated. >> the police department is not happy on every decision that we make. i think the notoriety around this case has somehow cast i
8:02 am
think an unreasonable expectation that the police department and us will agree on every case. i have a healthy respect for our police department and we're an independent agency and we'll continue to work with them as we do on thousands of cases that come through our office every year. >> also fox news obtained an internal email circulated around foxx's office. it asking for prosecutors to look for any similar cases that would bolster foxx's stance that it is common and not as shocking as it appears. nobody is in trouble, we're looking as further examples as we as prosecutors use our discretion that restores the victim but causes minimal harm to the defendant in the long term. the national district attorney's association that represents 2700 prosecution offices around the country released a statement heavily criticizing kim foxx. bill and julie.
8:03 am
>> bill: matt finn on the streets of chicago again today. three minutes past the hour now. >> julie: right now a fiery house intel hearing no longer in recess. the break coming as republicans on the house intelligence committee call for chairman adam schiff to step down. this was the fiery scene earlier this morning. listen. >> your willingness to continue to promote a false narrative is alarming. it's exposed you as having abused your position to knowingly promote false information and damaged the integrity of this committee and undermined the faith in the united states government and these institutions. we have no faith in your ability to discharge your abilities and urge your immediate resignation as chairman of the committee. >> julie: what a morning it has been. catherine herridge is live from washington >> just before the recess we
8:04 am
had one republican invoking the red scare of the 1950s. >> when this congress took a look back at itself and what had happened with senator joe mccarthy it made a commitment that congress would no longer be abusive in its powers. that it would look to protecting its national security. mr. chairman, your reactions today were in true mccarthyism as you chose to attack us. >> this letter signed by all house intelligence committee republicans focuses on chairman schiff's repeated public statements that republicans charge implied his knowledge of classified facts supporting the collusion allegations. this now conflicts with the mueller findings. schiff responded with anger and force this morning telling his critics that the trump campaign is guilty of bad acts even if they don't meet the standard for criminal prosecution. >> you might say that's all okay. you might say that's just what you need to do to win.
8:05 am
but i don't think it's okay. i think it's immoral, i think it's unethical, i think it's unpatriotic, and yes, i think it's corrupt. and evidence of collusion. now, i have always said that the question of whether this amounts to proof of conspiracy was another matter. >> another thing went down this morning and not clear whether it was coordinated or coincidence. the president tweeting his displeasure writing congressman adam schiff who spent two years knowingly and unlawfully lying and leaking should be forced to resign from congress. we'll monitor the hearing and bring you more as we get it. >> bill: want to bring in mark thiessen from the "washington post" and fox news contributor. how are you doing? good morning. >> i'm good, how are you? >> bill: i'm reading your headline. john brennan and the trump/russia hall of shame. democrats have a votes.
8:06 am
what happens to schiff? my sense is he is not going anywhere. >> they are right that he should resign. adam schiff is a disgrace. there are a lot of people out there in the trump/russia collusion hall of shame. reporters, pundits, commentators who said he had colluded with russia, coordinated with russia which we know is not true. they were speaking from a pinnacle of near perfect ignorance. but what is insidious people who had access to intelligence like adam schiff said there was proof trump had colluded with the russian government that it didn't exist. a month ago he said i can't go into the particulars but more than circumstantial evidence that trump colluded. he said there would be a conspiracy on the size and scope probably beyond watergate. what he was very clearly suggesting in those comments is that he knew something we
8:07 am
didn't. it is one thing for a "new york times" columnist or a newspaper columnist or commentator to say trump colluded with russia but another thing for a guy getting classified information saying things untrue and continuing on in that position. >> bill: a republican from ohio is talking about this issue as well. >> to the point of surveillance of the campaign, running people into the campaign and in my opinion to try and entrap innocent people from that campaign. we even saw an attempted entrapment on the chairman by some comedians. but with all this and i'm sure mr. putin looks on with glee as we now have a nation so divided, polarized, as was said here today it is beyond my belief. they've gotten away with it.
8:08 am
i said in this committee two years ago as the fighting began, which was not my first term on this committee, by the way, until mr. trump won. as the fighting began i said the russians are getting everything they want right now. >> bill: they've gotten away with it as he said. what would you do with the fisa documents and the mueller report. >> i think we should see it all. we now know that what adam schiff and all these other people and john brennan who accused donald trump of treason and said he was a russian agent and all these members of the senate and house and intelligence and judiciary committees who lied about what they knew about donald trump. we know it is not true. let the mueller report released but not just the mueller report. let's see everything that led to the false charges.
8:09 am
let's see everything, all the fisa warrants, all the applications. let's see the internal memos from the f.b.i. to what extent they tried to verify or didn't try to verify the steele dossier. the transcripts of the interviews with their sources. clear it for national security purposes but american people have to right to know how this whole thing got started. the biggest hit job in american history. >> bill: we should find out within a few weeks. newt gingrich said the following about advice for the republicans on that committee. >> they ought to consider sending a letter to pelosi saying that as long as schiff is on the intelligence committee there will be no cooperation from the executive branch because they've chosen a person who is profoundly dishonest and there is no obligation to collaborate with somebody who is that unreliable.
8:10 am
>> bill: all nine republicans signed it. what do you think of that? >> i think it would be great advice and the president would be on great grounds to follow it. it is not just adam schiff. he is one person but the eric swalwell, a member of the committee accused trump of being a russian agent. jerry nadler, chairman of the house judiciary committee said there is a lot of evidence that the campaign colluded. a member of the senate intelligence committee. there is no question that they were trying to subvert american democracy. mark warner this month, the chairman -- vice chairman of the senate intelligence committee said there is enormous amounts of evidence of collusion and no one that could factually say there is not plenty of evidence with the communication with the trump organization and russians. except bob mueller. it is a whole host of people who abuse their positions as members -- quite frankly,
8:11 am
president trump withdrew john brennan's security clearance i think he should look at withdrawing security clearances for members of congress with access to that intelligence and openly lied to the american people. >> bill: i see this crossing the associated press saying the department of justice official says the mueller report is more than 300 pages long. i thought 300 would be at the low end of that. a quick comment about that coming in live. we have to run. >> i'm sure there is a lot of detail in there and it should be redacted for both legal and national security purposes but it should be released along with the other documents and donald trump, if they won't remove adam schiff from the committee donald trump should revoke his security clearance. >> bill: you would have a battle then. i wonder what the font is on those 300 pages, fine or large print. thank you, marc, nice to see you in washington today. >> julie: president trump could
8:12 am
have a new reason to go after ex c.i.a. director john brennan. >> i think he is a sick person. i believe there is something wrong with him. i watch for him to come out of the c.i.a. and act that way was so disrespect t*ul fought country, the c.i.a. and the position he held. he was not considered good at what he did. >> julie: and now shocking new claim about brennan and the russia investigation. congressman peter king will join us live coming up next. >> bill: james comey is talking. and he is questioning the mueller findings and the president and obstruction of justice. in a moment chris swecker assistant f.b.i. director will give us his take coming up. >> julie: a dire warning about our southern border and whether it's reaching a breaking point. >> unprecedented crisis along the southwest border. monday we saw the highest total in over a decade with 4,000
8:13 am
migrants either apprehended or encountered at ports of entry in a single day. making my dreams a reality
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8:17 am
rand paul dropping a bit of a bombshell earlier today about the former c.i.a. director john brennan and steele dossier that figured in the russia investigation. peter king serves on the homeland security committee. good morning to you. rand paul was out with a claim late yesterday on twitter. that interview from "fox & friends" earlier today. were you aware of the claim that he is now making about john brennan is true? >> i was not aware of all the particulars and i'm not certain exactly what brennan's role was. it was a bad role. i felt from the start of this going back to october, november and december of 2016 that brennan was rigging this and slanting the report. he has been repeatedly on television and the media talking about collusion. now he says maybe he misinterpreted the evidence. if that's the case either he is a liar or number two he wasn't smart enough to be c.i.a. director if he would go on national television and basically call the president a
8:18 am
traitor by misinterpreting evidence. what rand paul said it could be true. you have brennan, clapper, comey. if president obama was not aware of it. if there is any collusion it may have been in the white house or top intelligence people working for president obama. >> bill: you just said john brennan is the evil force. is that what you said? >> yes, i did. when you have someone coming out being involved in reports coming out, going on national television as a former c.i.a. not as a congressman, senator or journalist but as head of the c.i.a. and that office is respected around the world. for him to say the president is guilty of collusion, treason, that to me was evil to say unless he had absolute proof. as it turns out he had none. this wasn't even like -- >> bill: he was asked about the other day. i think he said he had bad information. that was the initial comment on
8:19 am
monday of this past week. i want to -- speaking of the dossier the president was with sean hannity last night. here is what he said. >> president trump: when you look at what happened and when it happened and the money that was spent, the millions and millions on the phony dossier and then they used the dossier to start things and there was no truth whatsoever. it was a fraud, and paid for by hillary clinton and paid for by the democrats and the dnc, it is hard to believe. if you wrote this as a novel, nobody would buy it. >> bill: if that's all true and they include the dossier with the intel report. who sees that, congressman? who is privy to that information? >> that's a question of whether or not it was actually included in the report. but we know it was part of what was used to back up the application for the fisa warrant before a secret court, no adversary in the room. it was presented. the steele dossier was part of
8:20 am
the evidence submitted. it was a key part of the evidence submitted to get a wiretap of the trump campaign. they did not tell the court that was a campaign document. they used vague words. nowhere indicating it was paid for by the clinton campaign nowhere indicating how partisan it was. so again -- >> bill: if that's true what you're saying and what rand paul is claiming, that all the leading members of the previous administration knew about it, correct? >> they would have to have known it. considering the jobs they held, director of national intelligence, head of the f.b.i., president of the united states, attorney general, all of those people, if they did not know that this was a fraud, then they didn't deserve the hold those offices. if they knew it was a fraud it was a colossal scandal. i hope i would say the same thing if it would have been done against obama or clinton. it is wrong to have law
8:21 am
enforcement and intelligence agencies of the united states conspiring to unseat and bring down a duly elected president of the united states when they know there is no evidence there. >> bill: more answers that are needed. right now nancy pelosi holding a weekly news conference taking questions on the mueller matter now. >> we don't need you interpreting for us. it was condescending and arrogant and it wasn't the right thing to do. so the sooner they can give us the information the sooner we can all make a judgment about it. let me just say again what i said to you before, somebody thought i was joking when i said this. i'm deadly serious. if a foreign government comes to you and says they have information on your opponent, i say any member of congress or person running for office, you take that right to the f.b.i. so for this report to say that there was no cooperation.
8:22 am
if they didn't bring the information to the f.b.i. they were delinquent in their responsibilities. >> i just wanted to -- i think you would be upset. >> i defer to my neighbor. >> i defer to you in deference to him. >> a different topic, climate change as you mentioned hr9. when you were speaker under the previous president, though, the house passed a bill to actually launch a cap and trade system for significant climate change agenda. the bill asked the president to come up with a plan. i understand the committees are working separately. why do you feel the president should come up with a plan when he said he isn't interest in the issue. >> the question is in denial about a lot of things and about
8:23 am
the climate crisis. this bill yesterday was not our bill. this bill was announcing the continuation of the hearings that we're having on the climate crisis. whether we're dealing with it in terms of a public health issue, a national security issue, an economic issue to create jobs for a moral issue to preserve the planet. to the president you're walking away from paris, what do you have to offer? from our standpoint we've only just begun. yes ma'am. >> do you feel that the committee should still be going ahead on the issue of collusion or given the discretion, should the focus be moved to obstruction of justice? >> how can i say this more clearly? show us the report. show us the report. it's interesting to see in one of the -- as we frequently reference one of the hill rags
8:24 am
that mueller has said and i don't know if it's true, that the grand juries are still continuing their work. but it's serious to us to have this discussion. we have to see the facts. we have to see what the report is. and we do not need an attorney general whose job interview was that the president is above the law, that doesn't think a president can be indicted, to be our interpreter of something that he should just show us. and again, i made my statement on it. we're focused on meeting the needs of the american people in their lives and that is not what the administration is doing. you would think the justice department would be busy vetting the report so it could more quickly bring it to the public view. instead what do they do? they're going to court to
8:25 am
overturn every single provision of the affordable care act. not a good use of their time. we'll see them in court. >> madam speaker, thank you. since you have taken impeachment off the table. al green made a push saying the president doesn't have to commit a crime to be doing this. i said isn't there distance between those two members and the leadership since you took it off the table. leadership always tells us to reflect our district. do you think they're reflecting their district? is there distance between you and some of your members on impeachment? >> i don't think that's an important question. the important question is when are we going to see the information? now, some people have been asking for impeachment for a while. that doesn't impact my action. my action is what we want to do here is to be transparent so the american people have the
8:26 am
facts and the truth. show us the report. secondly, and by the way 80% plus of the american people say they want to see the report. 420 members of the house of representatives democrats and republicans voted yes, show us the report. so that's what we want to see. what other things that are going on are interesting but they are not dispositive of the course of action we take. look to our six chairs and the direction they're going in. now, on that score in terms of all of that, transparency, bipartisanship, unity. that's what we promised as we came in and how we did our for the people agenda. the american people could see what the choices were legislatively. no dark of night, speed of
8:27 am
light, giving tax breaks to the top 1%, no. let the public see what the choices are. let's go through the committee process and they have time to make their judgments whether their interests are served or the special dark interests are served in our country. transparency. secondly, bipartisanship. on this vote every single person voted or abstained but nobody voted no about releasing this report. i do think and i've said it and i'll keep saying it. impeachment is a very divisive issue in our country and we shouldn't impeach a president because of a political reason. we shouldn't not impeach a president if the evidence is there for impeachment. but that's not where we are. >> bill: she has been trying to corral her caucus on the democratic side. she said that's not the best
8:28 am
way forward. with regard to mueller and some of the questions you saw by our capitol hill producer and reporter chad perg ram there saying we have to see the facts. i imagine we will in a matter of weeks. bill barr did a conference call today the mueller report is more than 300 pages long. that's according to justice official who is familiar with the report. justice department said that bill barr talked about at length during a phone call earlier today with house judiciary committee chair democrat jerry nadler. both of them speaking -- the sources on the condition of anonymity with regard to the report. more than 300 pages. not much more detail than that. that's what the associate press is giving now. we are almost five full days later when the very early stages of discovering where this story goes next.
8:29 am
now back to julie, 28 past the hour. >> julie: president trump slamming james comey in a new interview calling the russia investigation baseless. listen. >> president trump: an investigation that should have never happened. there was no crime. as you know, you only allowed to do this legally if there is a crime. there was no crime. they have all admitted it. comey, who is a terrible guy. >> julie: comey, he is pushing back ask why mueller didn't reach a conclusion on obstruction of justice. former f.b.i. assistant director chris swecker joins us next. billions of mouths. billions of problems. morning breath? garlic breath? stinky breath? there's a therabreath for you. therabreath fresh breath oral rinse instantly fights all types of bad breath and works for 24 hours. so you can...
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♪ 'cos i know what it means ♪ to walk along the lonely street of dreams ♪ ♪ here i go again on my--- you realize your vows are a whitesnake song? i do. if you ride, you get it. geico motorcycle. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more. >> julie: president trump blasting james comey in his first interview since the mueller report cleared him of collusion as comey questions why the special counsel did not reach a conclusion of obstruction of justice. the former f.b.i. director says his firing did raise red flags. listen. >> potentially obstruction of justice and i hope somebody is going to look at that.
8:33 am
again, the president appears to be saying -- i don't know what is in his head which is why i can't reach the conclusion. he appears to be saying i got rid of this guy to shut down an investigation that threatened me. >> julie: john roberts is live with more on this. >> good morning to you. we may find out more about why mueller couldn't make a determination whether or not there was obstruction of justice when the full mueller report is released or what can be released of it. william barr and his team are working on trying to put together a version that can be given to congress and then put out there in the public. james comey telling nbc news last night he is puzzled that mueller could not reach a conclusion on whether or not there was obstruction of justice and then kicked it to the attorney general and his deputy. listen here. >> the purpose of the special counsel is to make sure that the politicals, in this case the attorney general, doesn't make the ultimate call on whether the subject of the investigation, the president of the united states, should be
8:34 am
held criminally liable for activities that were under investigation. i'm not pre-judging. i'm just saying i doesn't make sense on its face and i have a lot of questions. >> the president continues to hand out criticism to the players involved in the russia investigation and appointment of special counsel including comey and others tt f.b.i. >> as you know you are only allowed to do this legally if there was a crime. there was no crime. they all admitted it. comey, who is a terrible guy, comey, mccabe and strzok and page and the lover, page, and all of these people, they've admitted in testimony there was in crime. they started an investigation based on no crime. >> the president insisting he didn't fire comey because of the russia investigation but that he knew if he did fire him with the russia investigation swirling, it was going to get worse for him.
8:35 am
listen here. >> president trump: it would only get worse if i fired him. i knew it would get worse, not better. i'm not going to fire him and everything goes away. it was a negative, not a positive. >> we're going to hear a lot more from the president tonight. he is in grand rapids, michigan, for a big campaign rally. he won the county back in 2016. i think it's fair to say the theme of tonight's rally in grand rapids is going to be trump unleashed. back to you. >> julie: i think you're pretty accurate there. all right. john roberts. thank you. >> bill: want to bring in chris swecker former assistant at the f.b.i. what do you think of comey's comments? >> i think jim comey has become another partisan political mud wrestling sinking into the mud pit. what i resent and my former colleagues resent and the current f.b.i. workforce recenter is him constantly
8:36 am
trying to bring the f.b.i. into it and use it as a shield. to say that his firing was predicate for an obstruction investigation means he doesn't understand the threshold level to open up a case. that's just one of many problems that i have with jim comey right now. >> bill: what does that mean? >> just firing somebody, just firing the director of the f.b.i. who had been involved in very insubordinate activity. he had stolen some f.b.i. memos that belonged to the f.b.i. and leaked and laundered his leak through a third party and a host of other things that happened on his watch. he have created a culture of leaking inside the f.b.i. that was followed by andy mccabe and others. that was the reason for his firing. president trump can say things, that doesn't amount to a predicate to open up the
8:37 am
investigation. >> bill: your feeling on the fisa warrants. the documents, we believe they'll go public. the president said this last night. >> president trump: i have plans to declassify and release. i have plans to absolutely release. but i have some very talented people working for me, lawyers. and they really didn't want me to do it early on. >> bill: should we see them? >> i would like to see them. i think there is a bigger problem with releasing grand jury information, which would be a violation of the law. but the president can declassify the fisa. we know a lot of the information that went into it at this point. the dossier is online. anybody can read it. it would be good to see that information. i don't think it would jeopardize national security because the information that went into the fisa affidavit is pretty much well-known. i want to see just what weight was given the dossier and other
8:38 am
unverified information. whether information was withheld. >> bill: what would those documents show based on your experience? >> there is an application. it will be dozens of pages. i've seen 100 page applications with an affidavit attached that lay out the facts that support the issuance of a fisa warrant, a wiretap or some other extraordinary investigative technique. what we'll see in there is how much weight -- as andy mccabe testified in congress, he believes they wouldn't have gotten the fisa without this dicey dossier. and frankly i've read the dossier. if that was the main substance of the fisa application, we have a problem. it is opposition research. if a judge didn't know it came from the clinton campaign we have a serious problem. >> bill: it appears we have a lot to learn, too. chris swecker, thank you for your time. >> thank you. >> bill: good to have you back.
8:39 am
>> why she did this? why she waited to do it? why she would drop charges like this and not prosecute a 16-felony grand jury indictment, we can only speculate. there seems to be something very, very dark and suspicious that they would go to this length to just drop a case and endure all this national outrage over it. >> julie: so now the president says the f.b.i. is on the case reviewing the deal to drop all charges. there is also the possibility of federal charges over a threatening letter that jussie smollett claims he received. joining us now ted williams, former d.c. police detective, defense attorney and fox news contributor. good to see you this morning. it is critical to note not only was there enough evidence according to foxx's office to prosecute smollett making up his claim he was a victim of a hate crime. with the f.b.i. involved because of that, because this was a hate crime, if he tells that story and lyles about it
8:40 am
to the f.b.i., that is a whole other crime. could that get him in hot water all over again? >> absolutely right. there is also the possibility that the f.b.i. has already been involved early on in this case and there is also a possibility that f.b.i. agents have talked to smollett and as a result of that absolutely they could get him for lying and they also are looking at that envelope, julie. that envelope may have a potpourri of evidence. when you send out an envelope and they believe smollett sent this envelope to himself, that envelope, if you lick the stamp, your saliva, that's your dna. if he licked the envelope the saliva is there and that's his dna. if that happens the f.b.i. is certainly going to move to bring charges against him. >> julie: the damage has really been done. it is not going to be reversed between the chicago police
8:41 am
department and the state prosecutor's office by not consulting the police department before making this decision was really damming to the department when there should be cooperation between the two. play foxx's reaction. >> the police department is not happy on every decision that we make. i think the notoriety around this case has somehow cast i think an unreasonable expectation that the police department and us will agree on every case. i have a healthy respect for our police department. we're an independent agency. we will continue to work with them as we do on thousands of cases that come through our office every year. >> julie: she also says it's a a similar case to other. probably not another hate crime.
8:42 am
should foxx resign? >> let me say that, kim foxx should resign. what she just said is disingenuous b.s. police departments and prosecutors have to work together. they are married and joined at the hip. there are times where police departments disagree with the prosecutor and the decision that a prosecutor makes. that's normal. but in this case you had a high-profile guy that the chicago police department put 12 of its individuals on and spent a lot of money going at this situation and kim foxx then politicized it by meeting with michelle obama's chief of staff, tina tchen, and those two individuals talked to the family. it was clearly out of the ordinary. yes, she should resign. >> julie: that's all the time we have. ted williams. thank you so much. >> bill: in a moment the
8:43 am
customs and border protection commission saying the southern border is at a breaking point as thousands of migrants try to seek asylum in the u.s. mike morgan former border patrol chief under president bam is our guest coming up next. >> president trump: everyone knows you need the wall. almost every democrat voted for walls in the past. they're hurting the country. they don't now because they don't want to give us a victory. is a big one. t if you want to use it to get cash, call newday usa. and don't let less than perfect credit hold you back. even if you've been turned down for a va loan by your bank, call newday usa. they've been given automatic authority by the va, and they can often help veterans when other lenders won't. by re-financing up to 100 percent of your home's value, you could take out 50,000 dollars or more. you could use that money to pay credit card debt and other expenses,
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8:47 am
[inaudible question] >> i support special olympics. >> [inaudible question] >> yes, wholeheartedly. we want to make sure people are being protected. their privacy is being protected. what has been said that went on during that fisa program and especially after coming back with what mueller's report says i think all of america would want to know. i think senator lindsey graham should continue. >> i know you spoke with the president yesterday about healthcare. aren't there risks, though, to what they might do -- >> bill: the comment on adam schiff is where we began earlier today three hours ago with republicans trying to get adam schiff removed from the committee. we hear the mueller report is at least 300 pages long. apparently jerry nadler on the committee had a conference call with bill barr on wednesday of this week and looking for more details on that. jake gibson confirming that
8:48 am
from the department of justice a moment ago. 13 minutes before the hour. >> julie: fox news alert. the southern border at a breaking point. the customs and border protection commissioner citing a humanitarian and security crisis there. joining us now mark morgan, former u.s. border patrol chief under president obama. thank you very much for talking to us. since president obama left office and the president is trying to tackle this issue it's only getting worse. the commissioner saying the border has hit a breaking point in el paso. the border patrol is on pace for over 100,000 apprehensions and encounters with migrants mostly from central america seeking asiel imin the u.s. what needs to happen to stop this trend. >> there are a couple of things. what the commissioner said is right. this is a dual crisis, both a threat crisis and humanitarian crisis. we have to come up with solutions that address both of those. so one is the wall. the wall as a part of a
8:49 am
multi-layer strategy of infrastructure that the president is asking for is going to impact that threat portion. separate from that is humanitarian crisis which is what the commissioner is focused in. we have to reverse bad judicial precedent to remove incentives from the central american families coming here. if not they'll keep coming and we're overwhelming. they are in the middle of a crisis on the southwest border. >> julie: i want people to understand. when we say crisis it is a crisis. in february alone 76,000 migrants were detained. highest in 12 years including 7,000 unaccompanied children. 36,000 migrant families arrived in el paso. that's more than the fiscal year last year. the numbers are going up. the president threatened to close the southern border because mexico isn't doing anything to help this crisis. how do we get mexico to do something or do we shut the border?
8:50 am
is that what it will come down to that? >> they're trying a couple of pilot things working with mexico for those individuals seeking asylum they wait in mexico while they wait for their claims to be heard. the majority of them are not substantiated. that's a start. mexico is not cooperating with us fully and it is a challenge. we need to do that everywhere along the southwest border. a nuance two. another reason why it's a crisis, unlike the 90s and 2000s where we had over a million we moved 90% of them back to mexico. this year we expect more than a million illegal aliens but will allow 65% of them. 650,000 into the united states because of our broken laws. >> julie: how badly could it bite the democrats in the 2020 election if they don't do something now that they're in control. >> i think they'll get to a point where they can no longer just discount and say it's --
8:51 am
it will show they've been misleading the american people this entire time. >> julie: we'll be right back. stay there. to their level. draw the line. to their level. the sure shot wand extends with a protective shield to pinpoint those pesky bedfellows. it lets you kill what's bad right down to the root while comfortably guarding the good. draw the line with the roundup sure shot wand. roundup brand. trusted for over 40 years. we'd love some help with laundry. here's how you do it. spray and scrub anything with a stain. soak your nasty jersey. it stinks! wash the really dirty clothes separately. remember -hard work builds character! new tide pods with upgraded 4-in-1 technology unleash a foolproof clean in one step. aww, you did the laundry! but you didn't fold it. oh, that wasn't in the note.
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8:54 am
>> bill: new law proposed in the state of florida stemming from the parkland shooting last year. it would prevent recordings from shootings like it from being released to the public. rick leventhal is live in miami. >> it passed by the senate is a direct response to the mass shooting at the parkland high school in february of last year
8:55 am
aiming to protect victim's families from disturbing sounds and images and it only applies to government agencies and needs another vote in the full chamber to become law. it is expected to pass. but good face challenges from media organizations. meanwhile in parkland last night a standing room only town hall for concerned parents and students focused on mental health and suicide prevention after two teenage survivors of the shooting killed themselves in a past two weeks. therapy options include a wellness center opening near the school a month ahead of schedule. which is offering karaoke nights and yoga and kick boxing classes to help kids cope. >> it is not let's go to therapy, no, let's relax and play some games and let's make new friends here. >> long term there can be more deaths by suicide following a shooting than from the shooting. and we are going to do everything that we can here in
8:56 am
parkland coral springs to change the statistics. >> the governor wants to help address this problem. >> the first suicide is tragic, then you see another one and you saw one in another state from another incident. it is something we need to be engaged in. >> we reached out to the governor's office for comment on this bill to ban the shooting videos and the governor said it is still under review. >> bill: rick leventhal on that. >> julie: president trump says the feds will review the jussie smollett case after prosecutors cleared the actor of all charges. we're on the ground in chicago at the top of the hour. if you're a veteran homeowner and
8:57 am
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9:00 am
you were a champ today, by the way. >> melissa: think you're putting up with me. i have a complaint once, have i? not at all. >> bill: no, actually. which means he will come back tomorrow. >> julie: i will and five seconds when you're off there. "outnumbered" starts now. see you tomorrow. >> harris: fox news alert, nevada gets prosecutor's decision to drop all charges against dr. jussie smollett for allegedly staging a crime. president trump tweeted, "the feds are looking to the case." the fbi's never viewing the circumstances. you are watching "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner. here today, melissa francis. town hall editor and fox news contributor, katie pavlich is here. fox news analyst and cohost of benson and arif on fox news radio, marie harf. in the center seat, sirius xm patriot radio host and a host of "reality check" on fox nation, david webb. we see that number but he never believes


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