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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  March 28, 2019 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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economics and money. >> melissa: and benson and r. you want to plug yours they're all back here at noon eastern tomorrow. for now, here's harris. >> harris: president trump and his allies are going on offense following the completion of the mueller report. details new details and are breaking about the special counsel finding spirit let's goe 26, and harris faulkner. the president says he was the target of treasonous fbi officials and he says he wants to release portions of the surveillance warrants the fbi used it to investigate campaign. president trump now getting to the bottom about how that rush of collusion investigation began. sparks flew from the word go at the hearing. republicans on the panel demanding committee chair adam schiff to resign. >> there's different word for that than collusion, it's called compromise. that is the subject of our hearing today.
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mr. ambassador, you will be recognized. >> will determine you? >> i will not yield. >> there are things we should all -- >> i will not yield. >> we think you ought to allow us to speak. >> you can use your 5 minutes to speak. you attacked me in your opening statement and i -- >> i haven't had an opportunity respond, especially what you think. nobody over here thinks that. >> harris: meanwhile, the summary of mueller's report is coming under increased scrutiny today as we learned the full report now tops 300 pages. chief intelligent correspondent catherine herridge is live from washington. catherine? >> harris, this morning the issue of chairmanship's leadership came with house committee republicans calling for him to step down. >> the special counsel refute your past and present assertions and if exposed to as abusing her position to knowingly promote false information. damaging to the committee, and
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as such we have no faith in your ability to discharge her duties in a manner consistent with your constitutional responsibility and urge her immediate resignation as chairman of the committee. >> the criticism centers on a basic idea that the chairman of the intelligence committee is held to a higher standard, with access to highly classified information. his statements about russia collusion naturally carry more weight, and now conflicts with the special counsel findings. california congressman responded with force and a grossing the term campaign was guilty of bad acts even if they didn't rise to the level of criminal prosecution. >> you might say that's all okay. you might say, "that's just what you need to do to win." but i don't think it's okay. i think it's immoral, i think it's unethical, i think it's unpatriotic. >> another democrat singled out president trump, saying he reluctantly accepted the
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intelligence committee findings that russia had meddled in the 2016 election. >> the original assertion her quite some time by the mr. and was there is no inference whatsoever in the election. none. and then, when the weight of the unanimous opinion of the intelligence community came to full effect, it was, "there may have been interference, but they did in either candidate. >> enter pub encouragement from texas, former cia operative, took a more neutral posture at the hearing saying russian meddling divided americans and more. >> what the intelligence community refers to come at the attempts by russian government to influence our election, is going to go down in history as the russian intelligence's greatest covert influence operation. why? because, you allude to this, to erode trust in our democratic institutions. >> a couple of new development, harris, just in the last few
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minutes. we have more information on the scope of the mueller report. my contacts report that there is significant grand jury material and the 300 pages, and that is one of the reasons the review will take weeks and not months. in addition, we have some information from a federal court that is now requiring the justice department andprovide ty documented his conversations and meetings with the president in 2016 2016 and 2017, she bribed them to a court under seal. those memos are being sought by a number of media organizations, harris. >> harris: fascinating. we will follow those last couple details as they continue to develop this hour. catherine, thank you. joining me now a senate majority whip john soon, republican of south dakota. good to see you today. i want to start out with where we are with the mueller report being 30 pages. we know we've got a four page summary from attorney general barr. the present dissing release really solve it. where'd he put it?
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>> i agree with the president on that point. i think it's important that it be made public. i think it's important also that they go to the process, if they are right now, trying to make sure there is an classified information release. that there are not innocent lives put in jeopardy when it's released. soon as that process is completed, the attorney general, i hope, will put out everything. i think it's the best way to do this. transparency is always the best solution. i think what we know already is the conclusion they came to, the bottom-line conclusion, was that there wasn't any collusion between the term campaign and the russians to try and interfere in the 2016 presidential election. >> harris: let's take a look at what a recent cnn poll found with some of the american people. this is interesting, six in ten americans say they think congress should hold hearings to investigate mueller's findings. however, i should point this out, that the partisan divide is deep. many more democrats are saying this than republicans. senator? >> i'm not surprised by that,
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harris. i think that's the way this issue has played since the very beginning. my guess is there probably will be some hearings. i suspect lindsey graham, who chairs the senate judiciary committee, will invite some of the players up to testify about this. so i think there will be ample opportunity for people to get access to whatever information, whatever the findings were in the mueller report. again, bottom line conclusion all this is that there wasn't any collusion. i think there is something the president said from the beginning. his statements have not been validated by the special prosecutor in this case. i think the american people for the most part have kind of put this behind them and moved on. we are anxious to move on. there's a lot of issues we need to deal with. >> harris: health care has put on your plate pretty heavily by the present to the united states. i do want to get to this, there is this growing call now for the chairman, adam schiff, to resign. speaker, nancy pelosi defended him. watch this.
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>> they are just plain afraid. they are afraid of the truth, they are afraid of competence. they are afraid of a leader who is recognized in our country for being calm, professional, patriotic. i am so proud of the work of chairman adam schiff. >> harris: doesn't chairman schiff need to resign? >> i think it's perfectly appropriate for the republicans on the panel to ask him to do that. he has been peddling a false narrative about the president now for the past two years. he has never missed an opportunity to try and get in front of a camera to continue to come up and make stuff up out of thin air. that's exactly what the republicans on the senate intelligence committee were saying today, that as the chairman of the committee he shouldn't be out there making things up. it is clearly, in his case, always an opportunity to get in front of a camera. but he has been, for two years
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now, peddling this false narrative. and he's been busted on it. i think it's perfectly appropriate for them to ask them to do that. >> harris: let's move on l. politico is reporting that house judiciary chair jerry nadler spoke with attorney general william barr yesterday after which he said bar was not committing to turning over the entire report and would likely miss the deadline, which they set for april 2nd next week. nadler would not say if he intends to subpoena the doj. what happens if we go down that road with subpoenas? >> i think we ought to give bill barr the attorney general an opportunity to go through this report and make sure, again, they are not putting out there sensitive information that would harm innocent people or put classified information out there. remember, it took two years to do this report. the issue 2800 subpoenas, they interviewed 500 witnesses. it took a lot of time to put this report together.
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i think it's perfectly appropriate to allow the attorney general to have an opportunity to look at this and make sure that when it submitted its submitted without jeopardizing or putting at risk innocent people who might have been interviewed during the process. >> harris: 675 days, to be exact. to get to this point. great to see. senator thune, thank you. president trump slams the look a jussie smollett case, and announced an investigation into the move to drop all charges against the actor. this coming as the state attorney office now continues to defend its decision to drop those charges. finn, with the very latest from chicago. matt? >> harris, the chicago police superintendent is unwavering that his apartments meticulous investigation concluded that jesse 's mullet carried out a hoax he called him a liar, but the attorney is
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defending the decision to drop the case against smollett. >> it's fair to say that the police department is not happy on every decision we make. i think the notoriety around this case has somehow cast i think an unreasonable expectation that the police department and us will agreed on every case. >> kim foxx as her office could have gotten a condition in the smollett case but it would have resulted in the same outcome. smollett forfeiting his bond, and community service. she says her office chose to avoid the time and court andt she calls alternative prosecution. there's also a lot of criticism here in chicago that even though kim foxx recuse yourself from the smollett investigation, the case still stayed in her office. there was never an outside special prosecutor appointed. the national district attorneys association, which says it represents 2700 prosecution offices around the country, released a letter heavily criticizing kim foxx, writing in part, "when a chief prosecutor accuses him or herself, the
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recusal must apply to the entire office. not just the elected or appointed prosecutor." it also says, "prosecutors that should not take advice from politically connected friends of the accused. expunging the record at the meet at counter transparency. his record was expunged. the case was sealed, but now kim foxx -- she says it might have been exit was sealed and that it's in the process of being unsealed. if you want to wait a minute, i specifically watched the attorney on another network for jussie smollett say that, no, sue and this was not an accident. they negotiated that. that's on the record. wow. matt finn, thank you very much. the man accused of driving his car into a crowd of counter protesters at a white supremacist rally in charlottesville, virginia, has now pleaded guilty to 29 hate crimes. he was convicted of first-degree murder for killing heather higher, and injuring dozens of
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other people in 2017. a jury has found him guilty of intentionally plowing his car into a crowd protesting the white nationalists who were there. under his plea deal, he will not face the death penalty but could get life in prison. fox news alert, president trump sounding the alarm is the nation's top border security official warns of my current crisis has reached a breaking point. overcrowding has reportedly forced u.s. border patrol to stop filing criminal charges against first-time illegal border crossings along one busy stretch of the border in west texas. now the president has treated this. "mexico is doing nothing to help stop the flow of illegal immigrants into our country. they are all talk and no action. likewise, honduras, guatemala, and el salvador have taken our money for years and do nothing. the dems don't care. such bad laws. may close southern border." casey stegall's live in dallas for more. you've been on this as this has devolved.
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>> yes, we have information coming out of el paso, texas, where they say that has now become the epicenter of this problem, if you will, because in recent months that one sector alone has seen record-breaking numbers. we've been telling you about those, of apprehensions of migrant families in that particular area. we are talking a 1700% jump in family crossings, according to cbp statistics this year versus last. now this, zero space left according to federal officials, had regular detention centers in the region. so this is the overflow beneath one of the international crossing bridges there you can see temporary fencing, concertina wire, has been put at. creating a giant makeshift detention cell. agents say they are simply running out of space to house the flood of people coming to the u.s. seeking asylum. however, the feds say cartels and other criminal groups are exploiting that policy as a
10:14 am
loophole to immediate deportation. in other words, they are working the system. listen. >> why is all this occurring? the increase in family units is a direct response to the vulnerabilities our legal framework for migrants and smugglers who know they will be released and allowed to stay in the u.s. indefinitely pending immigration proceedings that could be many years out. >> in the el paso sector in particular has been booming. just this week, on monday, a group of 1,000 people showed up to turn themselves in. leaders on the ground say they are quickly reaching a point where they cannot take anymore, considering that we are reaching the spot where we are housing people outdoors under a bridge. of course this also raises safety concerns, because you can see by the looks of that video, when you see with your eyes, the fencing didn't seem all that stable there. of course they try to divert resources to the area to supervise, but puts on the
10:15 am
ground, harris, always tell us when you have large groups like this they worry about people getting angry, people losing their patients, and things getting out of control quickly. so this is certainly developing and evolving day by day, it seems, across the entire selfless porta. >> harris: those people outside, you can see them under that bridge. this will also become a kid by the weather coming home as well. casey stegall, thank you. president trump is now pushing even more for an obamacare replacement as democrats see that move potentially helping their party. each of the president move forward with his promise of repealing obamacare? or could it backfire for republicans customer texas attorney general ken paxton will join us to weigh in. he has some strong opinions, as he has been leading the effort in the courts to end the affordable care act. stay with me. ♪ i wanna keep doing what i love,
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♪ >> harris: president trump is stepping up pressure on republicans for an obamacare replacement after proposing to present a far better plan. the president reportedly speaking by phone with a handful of senators yesterday urging them to write a new law. democrats are seizing on the president's move with senate minority leader chuck schumer veiling to force a vote to get republicans on the letter. i want to bring in texas attorney general ken paxton. he has been leading the effort in the courts to end the affordable care act. it's great to see you today. what do you think about this move from the president, getting new legislation to replace obamacare? >> i think it's a great idea. i think obamacare is clearly
10:21 am
unconstitutional. congress does not have the authority to make anybody by house, car, a stick of gum, little in health insurance. i applaud the president for pushing forward on trying to do something about our health care issue. >> harris: attorney general paxton, do you have faith actually that congress can get this done? i say that because for years republicans and democrats have been promising that they were going to do something better than what we have. >> certainly raise a good point. i certainly hope they would. i also think the state should have the opportunity to do something about this. every state might approach us in a different way. texas might approach it a different way than massachusetts. allowing the states to experiment and do health care coverage the best way they see fit for their people. >> harris: you were so early in the process of trying to alleviate the mandate from obamacare and other tenets of it. what would you like to see in its place in terms of your state, and why did you fight so
10:22 am
hard through early? >> i fought hard because it's clearly constitutional. congress should not be able to force people to buy things. it's not right. i thought we had a solution in texas before obamacare came into play. other states did come too. we had a risk pool people could be part of. if they allowed the states to take advantage of this, i think we would provide options that actually work. >> harris: right now with the constitutionality being challenged, and the doj suing for and upholding of the ruling thereof, what do you think is the timetable? because democrats are pushing back saying that north of 21 million people could lose their current health insurance if there's not an immediate replacement. >> i don't think it's going to happen. right now there is a stay in place. it's already been declared unconstitutional by a federal court. it will take a while. a year, a year and i have come i don't know. it depends on how quickly the fifth circuit takes it, and the supreme court. the idea that americans would have coverage is just false. >> harris: it's interesting
10:23 am
because you are the only person i've heard talk about the gap. so there is time between a decision on what the replacement would need to be to be put into place. thank you for that. meanwhile, president trump again threatening to close the southern border of "the wall street journal" and i was reporting that overcrowding is forcing u.s. border patrol to stop filing criminal charges against first-time illegal border crossers along one busy stretch of the border in the west texas area. instead, micro adults traveling without shoulder and will be quickly deported without charges. is that a good idea customer why is that happening? >> i think the president is being forced into it. we just don't have room to detain the mass of a number of people coming to the board this is where he's declaring a crisis for there's no more resources available. speed when he calls it an emergency. everybody agrees it's a crisis. >> emergency, crisis, whatever you want to call it. the problem exists. we are running out of room to house these people. so i don't think he has a choice.
10:24 am
he has send them away because there's nowhere to put them. >> harris: how do you enforce this? and is this a forgiveness program, too, for people who have crossed over just once who are already in the country? what could enforcing this look like? >> i think it's somewhat complicated. this would fortunate we are in this position and it speaks to why we need a wall and why we need more advanced technology of the border. we just can't deal with the number of people coming into our country. that's the reality. >> harris: one quick question before actually go -- does the determination of an emergency as it would for a hurricane or anything else allow the president, especially in an instance like this where we can see as many as a million people coming across our border illegally by the end of the year, according to experts, does that declaration allow the president any more latitude than we've already seen? >> sure, the definition of an emergency, there is no definition.
10:25 am
congress, in their passage of this statute, left a wide open door for presidents to decide what they thought emergency was. there's no definition. i think the president -- they are certainly leaning toward excepting with the president does because there's no definition. >> harris: attorney general of this great state of texas ken paxton, think of being with me today. an unofficial cease-fire appears to be holding between israel and hamas after days of heavy fighting. what does this latest flareup mean for the future security of the only democracy in the middle east? and the president says the fbi and doj are now launching an investigation into the jussie smollett case. with this could mean for that actor moving forward. i will talk with a former federal prosecutor about all of it. stay with me. ♪ oh! oh! ♪ ozempic®! ♪ (announcer) people with type 2 diabetes are excited about the potential of once-weekly ozempic®. in a study with ozempic®, a majority of adults lowered their blood sugar
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>> harris: an unofficial cease-fire between israel and gaza's hamas appears to hold at least until last night, limited extremes of gunfire. schools have reopened in southern israel and people who live there resumed their due lives, we are told today. meanwhile, egyptian negotiators have shuttled between gaza and israel in search of a formal cease-fire deal. >> harris, that shuttle diplomacy continues at this hour. the egyptian delegation, which is a very high level one, comprised as it is the four generals, currently back in gaza having arrived across the egyptian border into gaza last night, having spent several hours today with the israeli officials. they are now back in gaza picking proposals and counterproposals to each side. meantime, the israeli army
10:31 am
stands ready. the lights that you can just make out behind me in the darkness here, just a couple of miles from the border, of those of israeli armored personnel carriers and tanks. some of those were already planned to be here out of what is expected to be a very large palestinian demonstration that the gaza border fence on saturday. but some of them have also been brought in a site deliberate show of force. the israeli prime minister, benjamin netanyahu, two at forces earlier today and he said that they are ready for what he called a broad operation. but he also added that it will be in operation of last resort when all other possibilities have been exhausted. mr. netanyahu is of course playing politics to a certain extent here. there is an election here on april 9th and mr. netanyahu has been under criticism from the right and indeed the left over
10:32 am
not doing enough to combat the threat from hamas. so he wants to appear strong. at the same time, he does not want a grand invasion and an all out war so close to election. atmos, the rulers of gaza, are also under pressure. largely over protests among the people in gaza over the dire living conditions that they continually have to endure. so a low-level conflict from hamas point of view with israel might be a useful distraction. on the other hand, the don't want and can't really afford an all out war at this point, harris. >> harris: jonathan hunt, the latest there. thank you very much. a story we are following, a washington state teenager reportedly has been sentenced to two days in jail and 38 days on a work crew. he will remember, she pushed a friend off a 50-foot bridge in a river last summer. 19-year-old taylor smith admitted she shoved her friend who was trying to gather the
10:33 am
courage to jump. you can watch it, that video of the incident that went viral last year. the girl smith pushed suffered broken ribs and a lung injury. the jussie smollett case is dividing the city of chicago, paving the police against city prosecutors, it would seem. after the state attorney office decided to drop all charges against the "empire" actor despite insisting it had enough evidence for a conviction. now president trump has weighed in saying the fbi and doj are launching an investigation into the case. joining me now, former federal prosecutor john seale. john, i want to unpack this a little bit because there are couple couple of things going on. you got the jussie smollett -- was a hoax, was it not a hoax? the state prosecutor's office even said they had a good case against the paper they dropped all charges. they have the fbi looking at that, i would assume, but also, top shelf, they want to see how the investigation actually went forth to get those charges
10:34 am
dropped. and you say what? >> harris, as a prosecutor i was involved in a number of high visibility cases. as a defense lawyer i represented a lot of celebrities. this is a textbook example of how a prosecutor should not handle the case. the evolution is it used to be celebrities got special treatment. now they don't. when i have a celebrity client, the first challenge is to ask, convince, try and persuade prosecutor, don't hold this person to a higher standard. apply the same rules you would to anybody else. here, there is a perception of the rich is a powerful get special treatment. the prosecutor has discretion. but they don't always have to agree with the police. they consult with the police, and they let the police know what they are doing. so, why was this done so quickly? why was this a case is sealed so quickly? they didn't require an admission of guilt. smollett is going out saying he did nothing wrong.
10:35 am
the prosecutor is saying publicly that they think he did do what they charged him with. the public perception is left, again, that the rich and powerful get special treatment. regarding the feds -- i'm sorry, go on. >> harris: is there something the doj and the fbi can do that the state attorneys didn't accomplish in this case? >> there are two things they can do. the first thing they can do was investigate the facts and determine if smollett committed a federal crime. is not double jeopardy. if they determine that and the evidence supports that they can charge him. but they can also -- and this is very unusual -- they can take a look at how the state attorney's office handled this case. ordinarily we don't get involved in something like that, but if there is any type of corruption there could be a mail fraud or while fraud there also. i think it's appropriate that the feds take another look at this. i just think that the
10:36 am
transparency was not accomplished until the feds finished we won't know when i on here. >> harris: doesn't smollett for smart jeopardy at this federal level in terms of present time. >> if he's charge, you bet he does. they were looking at mail fraud, wire fraud, they would definitely subject them to more prison time. they will be swayed by public opinion. they're going to follow the evidence. doesn't matter who he is. >> harris: a dangling participle from a reporter earlier said the state attorney, kim foxx, is now saying the case being sealed might have been on accident. i have personally witnessed smollett's attorney talking about procuring that sealed case, like other attorneys would, for their clients. and then they said they would go one step forward and tried to get it expunged. i don't know how you accidentally seal. is that possible? >> anything's possible. i don't practice in chicago.
10:37 am
>> harris: oh, wow. >> it was negotiating between this defense and sitting pretty. >> harris: jon sale, thank you very much. a little bit of a delay but we worked through it. i appreciate you. thank you. terrifying moments in seattle went a bus driver was shot in the chest as he was carrying about a dozen passengers. now the drivers being hailed a hero for the way he reacted. dan springer is live in seattle with this incredible story. >> harris, this is certainly a tragedy. seattle's nursing the metro bus driver very likely saved lives as he drove his 12 passengers to safety after being shot in the stomach. he told the local tv station that he spent about two seconds assessing how serious his gunshot wound was and then decided it was time to "get these people out of here." and he drove the bus away from the shooter. the case began at 4:00 in the afternoon. you can see the bullet holes in
10:38 am
the windshield of the bus. police say 33-year-old man who lives in the area came out of his house and began shooting randomly at vehicles. that's when he hit the bus. witnesses say he also attempted to carjack a 56-year-old woman. he shot her, then moved on. >> opens the door, he shoots. i don't know if he had the driver or not but he shot the gun right out there. point-blank range. >> they say they jumped on my driver has been shot. looks like we've got a couple of victims that have been shot, possibly one is a metro driver. >> cops of course flooded the area and arrived at the scene quickly. in fact, the first officers got there right after the suspect carjacked a red previous, shooting and killing the 50-year-old male driver. cops then talked to the suspect were to close the car door and sped off. the block and half pursued ended with the suspect hitting another car and on and killing the 70-year-old man driving that car. after a short standoff, the
10:39 am
suspect came out of the stolen car and gave himself up. seattle pd did not respond to our questions about whether those first responding cops had a chance to take out the suspect before he drove off and killed that other person. the bus driver and the woman who was shot are still both in the hospital in satisfactory condition. the suspect is in jail waiting charges. police say the man acted alone in the jean at this time have a motive. harris? >> harris: dan springer, thank you very much. coaches from two elite universities appearing in court today after being ensnared in the college admission scandal. the head, the schools involved in the possible legal fallout from the alleged scam that has shaken our school system. ♪ ( ♪ ) dealing with psoriatic arthritis pain was so frustrating. my skin... it was embarrassing. my joints... they hurt. the pain and swelling. the tenderness. the psoriasis. tina: i had to find something that worked on all of this.
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♪ >> harris: two key figures in the college admissions scandal where in court today. a former women's soccer coach at
10:44 am
yale and a former men's tennis coach at the university of texas. both are charged with conspiracy and wire fraud. we are in in federal district court in boston. molly >> >> buy, harris. he mentioned that you in court today, the first one was the women's soccer coach, the first one nabbed in this investigation when the initial tipster kicked off the feds in an unrelated investigation. he just went before the judge for his initial appearance, looking sober, taking the occasional deep breath. he's facing charges of conspiracy and wire fraud. at 2:30 this afternoon is expected to enter a guilty plea related to bribes he took. over the week and a cooperation agreement was unsealed revealing with the feds have agreed to recommend incarceration at the low end of the guidelines if meredith provides "substantial assistance in the investigation." he's facing 20 years next sentence. the investigation got running when coach meredith was named, according to "the wall street journal," this
10:45 am
man. maury tobin, financial executive cooperating with authorities investigating a security fraud case. tobin told investigators that meredith had requested abrupt help to get his daughter into school. tobin agreed to wear wider, met in a hotel room, capture conversation about 40 or $50,000 payment that would result in the coach was the girl as a team recruit. also slated to appearance afternoon, former men's tennis coach at the university of texas at austin. he was fired after being charged for his alleged involvement of the cheating. he allegedly tried to take money in exchange for recruiting a student who did not even play tennis competitively. the cookies for tomorrow here in federal court, formal people expected to appear. many of the parents nabbed as the result of the scheme unfolding. >> harris: we will watch for that. molly line, thank you very much. president trump says he wants democrats to keep pushing the green new deal so he can campaign against the controversial proposal.
10:46 am
this, as 2020 hopeful senator cory booker experience to be trying to distance himself from his party's left-leaning policies. can booker distinguish himself by taking a more pragmatic approach to policy goals? the part about all in. ♪ the power panel slides in. ♪
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>> dana: hi, everyone. i'm dana perino. on "the daily briefing," we hear from one of the nine republicans on the house committee calling for adam schiff to step down in light of the mueller report. texas condiment will hurd will also address the rapidly deteriorating situation of the southern border, with the border patrol at a breaking point. an alarming report about drinking water for people in middle america. why but 1 million wells are at risk of serious contamination. we'll see what the top of the hour. >> harris: president trump says he hopes democrats keep pushing the controversial green new deal in 2020, suggesting he would be easy to campaign against it. >> i don't want to speak badly about the new green deal, sean, because frankly i'm afraid that they will stop using it. because i really do want to campaign against it. it's ridiculous. it's crazy. it will cost $100 trillion. nobody knows what that means. that means it's more money than you have in the world.
10:51 am
it will be catastrophic. it's not going to happen, it's just talk. >> harris: meanwhile, despite support for the green new deal, 2020 hopeful senator cory booker appeared to trent distance himself from some of his parties' other controversial ideas including impeachment and free college. >> i understand the sense of urgency to get rid of them, but i'm going to wait for the mueller report to be released. you see now, our attorney general wants to say, "we are going to give it a cliff's notes version." no, i will commit to you that we will beat donald trump. we will have this nation, through the electoral process, sent them packing from the white house. what i worry about us when you hear people talking about free college. a lot of plans, i will not know how you pay for. we can pay by ruling breakfast toxic comp tax cuts. >> harris: i want to bring in the power panel. alex wilkes, senior vice president for america rising. richard fowler, most of the richard fowler show and a fox news contributor.
10:52 am
great to see you both. richard, i'm going to start with you. there are some in your party including pete buttigieg who would love to get to the white house come as well. they say that running against donald trump will be enough. >> pete buttigieg -- mayor pete, as would like to call -- she's absolutely right. are parties going to have to outline the real message to the american people. we are going to have to ask the ronald reagan question. was it your life better off than it was four years ago? for several million americans who are 90 days behind in their car payments, that's not realit reality. that the question we will ask americans. i think what cory booker did last night in another network -- and i got a chance to watch it -- he outlines what her messages. college doesn't work for everybody, but can we invest in apprenticeship programs? this idea for medicare for all doesn't work for everybody, but repealing the affordable care act doesn't work for everybody either. >> harris: some of the criticism may be how would he stand out in a car like this? because he sell a lot of other people.
10:53 am
what do you do? alex? >> the problem for cory booker's he might be preparing to run in the general election that he might not make it to. based on a sort of him did mirroring on these policy issue issues. not getting in the weeds in any one issue and let all of you other candidates, have a moment while he quietly does these meetings in iowa and south carolina, attempting to sorta build a base of support. the problem is that the democratic base really wants some of these proposals. they want the green new deal, medicare for all, they want free college tuition. cory booker, especially with his ties to big pharma and his support for big tech like amazo amazon, and his big donors that are backing him, that could be a real problem with this liberal base. >> harris: richard come we don't have to solely focus on cory booker but he had a town all last night and he said these things and got on the record. what is your response to alex? >> here's the thing, the
10:54 am
democratic base -- would you have big dreams. we will settle for a couple of simple things. we'll settle for public schools that work. he will settle for health care that everybody can afford. things of the president has not focused on. let's remember that just last year, all across this country, educators walked out of the classroom because the school classrooms were not adequate enough for their students. and the president's response, and betsy devos' response was nothing. we have white house continuing to tempt the economy. when you peel back the onion of this economy, you are realizing that for students and working families it's just not working. >> harris: will not start with green new deal for just a second. senator mcconnell got everybody on the record, there were actually three democrats and independent angus king who voted against it, joining republicans and that, against the green new deal. the president says to bring it on, he wants to run against it. alex? >> [laughs] i would want to as well. the giant price tag that comes with this deal, the fact that it's not particularly well thought out in so many areas, and the fact that it affects so many facts in american life
10:55 am
whether it's commercial airline travel or hamburgers. i think it really causes a lot of pain for people out there to hear about these things of the democrats are proposing. if i were the president and if i were mitch mcconnell i would want the democrats to be talking about this all day long, too. >> before let you go, i have to ask -- where is joe biden? >> we will have to wait and see. we are expecting a pronouncement. i understand alex's frustration to the green new deal, but here in lies the problem. when you have report after report, whether it be the mentor congress talking about climate change, and their public and responses that it doesn't exist, that there is no such thing as climate change, you could run against the green new deal. but as long as you are denying climate change have a big problem yourself. >> if there have been republican critics, alex, who said that was not helpful to joke about. i will give you a quick last word. >> i think the idea with the green new deal's not much about opposing or denying climate change. it's about who should pay for it. should the middle class in this
10:56 am
country -- >> but the president has denied climate change. >> harris: i will bring you guys back.el i've got to run. thank you. four years or thirty-two years like myself. one of the benefits we as a country give our veterans is eligibility for a va loan for up to 100% of your home's value. so if you need money for your family, call newday usa. with automatic authority from the va, we can say yes when banks say no. call 1-833-844-6703 if you're a veteran homeowner who needs cash, call newday usa. home values are rising, and with newday's va cash out home loan, you can borrow up to 100 percent of your home's increased value. you could get 54,000 dollars or more and lower your payments by over 600 dollars a month. with automatic authority from the va, newday can say yes when banks say no. take advantage of your home's increased value. call newday usa now. go to
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♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ >> harris: you may have noticed i looked a little startled. something was happening beneath us but we figured it out. i'm harris. here's dana. >> dana: three big stories we're following. one of the former coaches colleged in the college admissions scandal is in court and expected to plead guilty. plus, the illinois state's attorney coming to her own defense after her office dropped hate crime charges against actor jussie smollett. head of u.s. customs and border patrol said his department is at a breaking point at the southern border. hello, everyone. i'm dana perino and this is "the daily briefing." first follow-up from the release of a summary of robert mueller's report continues to reverberate across washington. republicans calling for adam


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