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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  March 28, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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tomorrow as well, little tease ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ for what's happening tomorrow. about 16 of the parents are expected to appear here in federal court, tpaeugs charges >> harris: you may have noticed as a result of this scandal. i looked a little startled. dana? >> dana: we're going to want to something was happening beneath see that. us but we figured it out. molly line, thank you. >> what this says is that i'm harris. here's dana. mueller could not establish a >> dana: three big stories we're criminal conspiracy. following. one of the former coaches that's something you would have colleged in the college to establish beyond a reasonable admissions scandal is in court doubt. doesn't mean there's not and expected to plead guilty. evidence. there is. plus, the illinois state's >> dana: house intelligence attorney coming to her own defense after her office dropped committee chairman adam schiff pushing back on calls for him to hate crime charges against actor resign. jussie smollett. they accuse him of pushing false head of u.s. customs and border narratives on trump collusion patrol said his department is at before and after the report was finished. a breaking point at the southern let's bring in our guests. border. great to have you here. hello, everyone. i'm dana perino and this is "the >> thank you. >> dana: unanimous on the republican side. daily briefing." nine committee members and all first follow-up from the release of them signing off today. of a summary of robert mueller's >> that's what i find interesting. it wasn't the usual people out report continues to reverberate in front. it is people who tend to be more across washington. republicans calling for adam reserved in criticism for
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schiff to step down during a congress men. fiery hearing. will hurd, you had on the show. >> willingness to continue to promote a false narrative is this, to me, he is not going to alarming. the findings of the special resign, but it is a matter of counsel refute your past and republicans reaching out, present assertions. putting in record that we need accountability for the abuse of damage to the integrity of this power when it came to came to classified information, then committee and under mind the faith of the united states saying you can't back it up. government and this institution. still saying there's collusion. >> reporter: mike emanuel has more from capitol hill. the mueller summary, at least, so what is the latest on the says there's absolutely no republicans calling for adam collusion. they can kweubl over the schiff to step down? obstruction issue but schiff is >> reporter: there are attacks still focused on the collusion part of this. on capitol hill every day, but so republicans are looking at it when they go face to face, it -- >> he's not the only one. adds to the drama. >> dana: people i know have been all republican committees called saying this was going to be a big deal. they still believe this. on adam schiff to step down. >> it's a difficult day for republicans to be making the >> we have no faith in your case that adam schiff should be resigning or this was a bit of a ability to carry out your duties nothing burger when we hear from and urge your mediate resignation as chairman of the "the new york times" that the mueller report is over 300 pages committee. >> reporter: that challenge led and the wall street journal said to this response from chairman it's less than 1,000. that's a big range. schiff. it's a lot more than four. >> as you have chosen instead of
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addressing the hearing to simply i have not been a collusion attack me, consistent with the truther type of person, but i president's attacks, i do want think when it is clear that mueller wanted to say he's not to respond in this way. exonerated. my colleagues may think it's there's certainly something on obstruction of justice and we okay that the russians offered should be seeing the report. i challenge republicans to dirt on a democratic candidate answer honestly about how things for president as part of what was described as russian would work if it were reversed. if you had gotten a four page government's effort to help the summary of a special counsel trump chain. you might think that's okay. investigation from loretta lynch or eric holder who said, no big >> reporter: don't expect republicans to let this go. deal. obama is in the clear. leader kevin mccarthy noted >> republicans are also asking today the public beating then for the same transparency. devin nunes took that led to >> dana: the cbs poll says 90% of democrats want the whole nunes recusing himself from the thing released. republicans say 60%. russian probe. >> dana: speaker nancy pelosi, i think overall people want to see it released, but also how did she handle questions? released in a responsible way. >> reporter: she is pushing for is that going to be done. the robert mueller report to be >> not using allegations made released. that led to her blasting the against people who were attorney general william barr investigated to then use that to for his summary. berate them when they weren't charged. justice system in america, >> show us the report so we can that's not how it works. draw our own conclusions. we protect the accused. just because it's in a report we don't need you interpreting and because it was investigated
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doesn't mean that person is for us. it was condescending, it was guilty. people like adam schiff have been using those arguments to arrogant and it was the right smear a variety of people who thing to do. >> reporter: it is not clear worked on the trump campaign that that complaint will speed with really saying there was evidence but not providing it. up release of the mueller >> doesn't it raise some flags report, but it is part of a for people? we know there was russian pressurized campaign to get the attorney general to hand over interference. that was one of the main things the paperwork. >> dana: head of border patrol the president said didn't happen sounding the alarm saying a and putin assured him of that. surge of families seeking asylum we have that. there was a lot of interference. has pushed the southern boarder there were contacts with trump to its breaking point. campaign officials where they here's what he said yesterday in lied about it. >> dana: i hear all of that and texas. i do think that's why people >> on monday and tuesday, we want to see the report. started the day with over >> but the silver lining is, the 12,000migrants in custody. as of this morning, that number mueller summary said the russians did try to reach out. was 13,400. >> dana: we all know that. >> dana: casey stegal has more >> but we rejected the help. from dallas for us. >> dana: let's move on to one >> reporter: top brass u.s. more thing, a poll that shows a customs and border protection little bit of news here. saying it is becoming now more jessica, i want your take on and more difficult for them to this. biden still at the top of the provide humane and safe pack at 29%. conditions for the migrants he's not even announced he's along the entire southern running yet. border. look at this video coming out of the other number that was a surprise for some people, pete
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el paso and what the government is having to resort to. den shun centers and holding vudevich, from indiana, mayor of facilities to crowded, the south bend, he's got a big bend. he's tied with elizabeth warren. international crossing bridge, one of them underneath it, it's become a made up shelter. >> the mayor has been on an they put up fire and wire absolute media blitz that has been a success. creating a giant holding cell, the interview that he did with if you will, with cots and tents. on monday of this week, the morning joke crew went anothered group of 1,000 absolutely viral. we were talking they hadn't migrants showed up there in the heard a response to an interview el paso sector overwhelming the system. like that since they had senator majority are seeking asylum. barack obama commented to them. 1,000 in a 24 hour period. pete has always been compelling. i have been paying attention to that accompanied 4,000 across him when he spoke out against the entire border. religious liberty law in that was all on monday. indiana. he is leading with policy, which agents on the ground say they is important and with his face. thought they were overwhelmed before, but this takes it to a he's making a very important case against mike pence and whole new level and they warned a stretched system is on the other evangelical christians verge of collapse. >> with 55,000 families, that are supporting president trump and his agenda. >> i think he's been able to including 40,000 children, expected to enter the process this month, we are doing everything we can to simply define himself. the question may be is he able avoid a tragedy in a facility. to get into the race as an but with these numbers, with the outcider. he talks about wanting the
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types of illnesses we are bridge the gap between the lgbt seeing, i fear that it is just a community and chick fil-a. matter of time. >> dana: let's just eat chicken. >> reporter: last month more forget politic. than 76,000 migrants were >> his outsider appeal is good. detained in the el paso sector, elizabeth warren seems to be hitting a 12 year high. latching on. >> 1% to 4% is a big deal the majority are all family because there are ten people units. kind of hanging around 1%. 40,000 were of those were >> dana: debates are going to be accounted. interesting. great to have you in the studio 7,000 children traveling alone, here. encountedered in february. >> thank you. >> dana: time for today's numbers federal agents say they campaign trail mix. haven't quite seen in sometime mayor of mirimar florida joining and they show, they say, that a the crowded field of democrats crisis does, in fact, exist along the border. running for president. his campaign said he will head dana? >> dana: thank you. to south carolina and florida in the next few weeks. let's bring in bill herd. democratic candidate amy klobuchar announcing a $1 i want to ask you about that activity this morning. trillion infrastructure plan. she said it will be her top you also represent the border budget priority. down there in texas. democratic governor john car think of delaware signing i think it's fair to say that we legislation that would add his can describe this as a crisis at state to more than a dozen this point. is that right? others pledging to give their >> for sure. electoral college votes to the it's not just a crisis in el winner of the national popular paso, it's a crisis along the vote.
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florida taking action after entire border. the recent suicides of two border patrol is doing their parkland shooting survivors. work. they're working hard. plus, house speaker nancy pelosi we don't have enough border out with a new proposal to fight patrol agents. we also need to be looking at climate change, as the president our asylum laws. again suggests democrats should people are abusing asylum. run on the green new deal. and be sure to check out the new that's hurting them that have episode of my podcast "i'll tell credible asylum claims. you what" with chris stirewalt. if you have opportunity to claim we talk obamacare and chris' asylum three times before you left your home country and then perfect way to make scrambled you try to sneak in between ports of entry, i think your eggs. it's available on i tunes or motivations are not pure. kwroeufr listen. come here, babe. >> dana: how quickly could asylum laws be addressed? >> that's a good question. the administration is going through some of the legislation they think they need. we're working on trying to identify some legislation that we can move. i think our colleagues recognize this problem. not only is ice being overrun, you have organizations like catholic charities who are trying to help with dealing with some of these people when they're transferred. they are hitting capacity. ok.
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>> dana: right. >> this is a real problem. nasty nightime heartburn? >> dana: one last question try alka-seltzer pm gummies. before we talk about adam the only fast, powerful heartburn relief, schiff. the border patrol has some plus melatonin so you can fall asleep quickly. reinforcement help from dod, the oh, what a relief it is! personnel down there. they would like for dod to allow we really pride ourselvesglass, on making it easy them to help them with the to get your windshield fixed. processing of some of these asylum seekers. with safelite, you can see exactly when we'll be there. is that something that you would saving you time for what you love most. support? >> kids: whoa! >> that is a noncombative use >> kids vo: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪ for that. we need more ice, we need more immigration judges to process these asylum claims. so additional people in the entire process would be valuable. and if we have folks, let's put them in that place where they can be used the most. >> dana: let me ask you about the other news. you're one of nine republicans on the house intelligence committee to demand that adam schiff, democrat from california, resign. tell me more about that. >> 22 months, $25 million, 14 u.s. attorneys, 40 fbi officers,
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500 subpoenas, 50 phone taps and bob mueller, who is probably one of the most aggressive prosecutors ever said there was our mission is to provide complete, balanced nutrition... no evidence of collusion. my colleagues especially the for strength and energy! gentle man from california, whoo-hoo! great-tasting ensure. mr. schiff, claiming that this with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. access to information, he had 22 ensure, for strength and energy. months in order to show it. look for savings in your weekly paper. this is continuing to erode our institutions. what's frustrating is now our democratic colleagues are trying to act as if there's debate on whether the russians tried to influence our election. republicans and democrats agree on this. but ultimately, adam schiff has used his position. he has abused his position to intimate that there was more information coming. we found that is not true. he's lost the trust of the republicans on the intelligence committee and he's the chairman of the entire committee, not just the chairman of the
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democrats. >> dana: do you think that the committee is broken? >> there are problems when it comes to this particular issue. the fact that they want to continue to pursue issues of collusion. there is no way any committee in congress is going to have the resources that bob mueller had in order to look at this. so now we should be talking about how do we counter russian's covert influence over the united states. >> dana: absolutely. >> how do we work with muldova and montenegro. >> dana: wherever it's coming from. >> absolutely. >> dana: indeed. we just got this out of venezuela. the government announced it is barring the opposition leader juan guaido, from holding public office for 15 years. they cite irregularities in his financial records. he said he expects nicholas maduro to try to undermind him. >> this is an example of how maduro is scared of people in
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the opposition to his rule, to his illegal rule. i think this is one more example of how a dictator like maduro is trying to stop what the people of venezuela need. >> dana: are you worried the momentum to get maduro out has slowed down so much? >> look, this is a tricky issue. i think most people want this done and have maduro step down without their being any blood shed. we have to continue to put sanctions on folks that are involved in the government. i think the top 200 generals benefitting from all the money maduro is dealing, we need some allies in europe that add and join us in doing sanctions in >> dana: wellness center opening its doors near parkland high order to put continued pressure school, the site of last year's on not just maduro but all his gun rampage. community leaders hope it will help teens in crisis, especially henchmen who are allowing him to in the wake of the recent be in power. suicides of two of the shooting >> dana: thanks for being here. survivors. >> longterm, there can be more
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a new fight with the future of deaths by suicide following a healthcare in the balance. shooting than from the shooting, plus, why jussie smollett may and we are going to do everything that we can here in not be in clear yet as the parkland coral springs to change those statistics. attorney general who dropped the charges defends her decision. >> dana: the eagles haven well, you should definitely see how geico wellness center opened a month could help you save on homeowners insurance. nice tip. i'll give you two bucks for the chair. ahead of schedule. president urged to address two?! that's a victorian antique! global warming after the green new deal was blocked in the all right, how much for the recliner, then? senate. nancy pelosi just unveiled a new wait wait... how did that get out here? climate bill. >> american people know that the that is definitely not for sale! is this a yard sale? if it's in the yard then it's... for sale. congress, the climate crisis is oh, here we go. a threat of our generation, of geico. it's easy to switch and save our time, a crisis manifested in on homeowners and renters insurance. ensure max protein... natural disasters of epic to give you the protein you need proportion. >> dana: joining me is john with less of the sugar you don't. (straining) i'll take that. (cheers) mccormack. let me read you about the green 30 grams of protein and 1 gram of sugar. new deal, saying it proposes to ensure max protein. in two great flavors. retrofit every house in america and eliminate fossil fuels within a decade. p3 it's meat, cheese and nuts. that would mean higher energy i keep my protein interesting. oh yea, me too. costs, much higher taxes. i have cheese and uh these herbs.
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democrats want to use climate change as a political totem as p3 snacks. long as they don't have to tell the more interesting way to get your protein. voters what a carbon-free future really means. president trump telling hannity, let's keep talking about the green new deal because he wants to run against it. >> he'll have a chance to run against it. every democrat in the united states senate running for president already endorsed this. they've already endorsed this. early this week when the democrats cited although present on this, the rational didn't really make much sense. on one hand they were saying this is a goal setting document. this is just our vision. it's not implementing anything. the other hand they were saying we need a lot of hearings first to understand more than the science of this makes sense. they're trying to say this is a goal. then they're saying, we're not really sure science backs it up. >> dana: what about the new pelosi bill which is a stripped down version. basically saying our version should be to reduce emissions,
11:13 am
trying to get the president to rejoin the paris accord. obviously a much narrower focus. >> especially trying to get back to the paris climate. every democrat is going to be on ( ♪ ) dealing with psoriatic arthritis pain board. whether it's these more was so frustrating. progressive democrats in the my skin... it was embarrassing. senate. so i think that's really what my joints... they hurt. pelosi has been trying to do so the pain and swelling. far. sort of experting this the tenderness. the psoriasis. leadership, not letting the far tina: i had to find something that worked on all of this. left of her caucus obviously nancy pelosi is, herself, very i found cosentyx. now, watch me. liberal. there are people even more real people with active psoriatic arthritis aggressive than she is. are getting real relief with cosentyx. she is trying to tap the brakes it's a different kind of targeted biologic. and bring them back to liberalism of a year ago. cosentyx treats more than just the joint pain >> dana: she's saying let's not of psoriatic arthritis. it even helps stop further joint damage. focus on impeachment, let's don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting, get checked for tuberculosis. focus on governing. listen to al green. an increased risk of infections >> mr. mueller is investigating and lowered ability to fight them may occur. criminality. the house taking up impeachment tell your doctor about an infection or symptoms. does not have to confine itself if your inflammatory bowel disease symptoms develop or worsen, to criminal activity. or if you've had a vaccine or plan to. it can confine itself to what serious allergic reactions may occur. the constitution prevents, what
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i got real relief. the framers called to our i got clearer skin and feel better. now, watch me. attention and that is the deeds get real relief with cosentyx. and actions of a president who cause harm to a country. get real relief own a home, and need cash? you should know about the newday va home loan for veterans. >> dana: since the barr memo on the mueller report came out, lot of democrats backed away saying it lets you borrow up to 100 percent of your home's value. not just 80 percent like other loans. and that can mean a lot more maybe impeachment is not to go. money for you and your family. al green is kind of standing with our military service, alone there, john. >> this is another area where veterans like us have earned a valuable va benefit. pelosi has actually led some of the right to apply for a va home loan. her party in the direction she the newday va loan lets you refinance your mortgages, wanted it to go. consolidate your credit card debt, even before the barr memo came out, the percentage of democrats put cash in the bank, and lower your payments over 600 dollars a month. nationwide who supported impeachment dropped from 48% to newday usa has been granted automatic authority by the va. 36%. that came in the wake of pelosi they could close your loan in as little as 30 days. saying, hey, we're noted going to do any impeachment unless so call newday usa. it's serious. they look at your whole financial picture, she said that before the not just your credit score. and they'll do everything they election and said it now. possibly can to get you approved. i think obviously this is a huge call today. win for the president so far. and get the financial peace of mind every veteran deserves. unless we find some democrating information in the mueller
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go to, report. >> dana: some people are hoping or call 1-877-236-1855. on the democratic side, hoping that comes true. other democrats like pelosi, looking to try to move on from that. we remember where that phrase came from back in 1998. john mccormack, thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> dana: some concern for people who want to adopt a dog from overseas. plus devastating floodwaters in >> dana: the jussie smollett the midwest could be causing yet legal saga not over yet. another very serious problem. president trump tweeting the fbi and justice department will review the case, calling the decision to drop charges against the actor, quote, outrageous. chicago's police union praising the move, but the state's attorney maintaining it is all on the level. >> if the fbi does end the investigation, it appears that (kickstart my heart by motley crue)) they are, that we're going to (truck honks) have some resolution to this on (wheels screeching) what happens. >> the state's attorneys office, . chicago police and mayor have a shared view. their frustration about how this . case was handled. i hear it and i respect it and i say to them what i have said to
11:16 am
others. this case was treated no billions of mouths. differently. >> dana: managing director of guster law firm and daniel linske chief of police. let me just start with you, eric. you were on the other day. we talked about the fbi looking into this. president trump said so. just found out rahm emanuel had a quote saying my recommendation is the president go to opening day baseball, sit on the side line, stay out of this. you've created a toxic environment. not sure how the president is to blame for a toxic environment. but anyway, this escalating, eric. for the fbi, they're not saying anything. is that good or bad news for smollett? >> well, the fbi will rarely say anything until they actually do something. just like the college admission scandal. they didn't tell you they were looking at these people until they showed up at their door at 6 a.m. asking president trump to stay out of something is like telling a 5-year-old, don't go in that room. they're gonna go straight to it.
11:17 am
i do expect the fbi to look into it. there are several factors that could influence smollett. number one, if there was something sinister that occurred. was there bribery or some other type of incident that encouraged the charge to be dismissed? the second possibility is if there was mail fraud or wire fraud. jussie sent that letter to himself at the empire studio, but they claimed it was a hate crime and may be tied into this, which could give it federal jurisdiction. it's kind of a touch and go thing if that works. it's a possibility. the state side and federal side, there are often times several charges very close to each other, just like drug trafficking or theft, depending if you get one federal question, when it gets into the federal realm of justice. >> dana: take a listen to more sound from the state's attorney last night doing some interviews with local media. watch this.
11:18 am
>> there's some people who are never going to be satisfied unless smollett spends many nights in prison. and there were others who believed that the charging of 16 counts of disordinarily conduct was excessive. >> dana: lots of questions about her reaction here, dan. >> sure. let's be honest. i don't think he was going to go to prison for this. just the way in which the case was handled, the secrecy where the police department was left out of it, conversations occurred with the defense. smollett knew he had to do some type of community service. it's the keeping the information out of the public's eye that makes this case a problem. i don't think he was going to jail. it wouldn't be appropriate for him to go to jail. a large fine and commune service. it is not a large violent crime. it did tear apart the city of chicago. >> dana: and continues to. >> there was a statement the prosecutor made that she was conflicted and she was not going to get involved in the case. billions of problems. she didn't exonerate herself. dry mouth? parched mouth? cotton mouth?
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there's a therabreath for you. therabreath oral rinse and lozenges. help relieve dry mouth she let people continue to using natural enzymes to soothe and moisturize. investigate it. when you exonerate yourself you so you can... breathe easy, bring in people from another there's therabreath at walmart. jurisdiction so they can beism partial. >> dana: to that point, eric, on foxx, there you see her, kim foxx, she said she was going to recuse but that was after she already placed a call at the request of a politically connected friend to try to get the fbi to take it over. >> dana: now a look at other stories it's our daily three. >> now, if she was considering getting the fbi to take it over, first up air grounded for good going out of business. that was great on her part. low cost carrier suddenly but you have to also look at canceling flights and leaving thousands of whether kim foxx removed herself passengers stranded. there the case. second a medical milestone that's what we don't know yet. if she removed herself or her at johns hopkins first kidney transplant with a influence from the case, meaning the person in her office was living donor hiv to a recipient who is also hiv handling it, did she direct them positive. finally a strain of canine to do anything? did she direct them to dismiss the case or was it just his name distemper on soil first signing on the plea agreement
11:20 am
and the dismissal? if that was the case, that would time. scientists at cornell lead her into some possible bar identifying the virus coming from a dog that hadline trouble or legal issues. rescued in south korea. >> dana: one thing we found out, dogs already immunized are she has a memo she put out to not in danger. the midwest is bracing for a her team asking them, she said, rainstorm. the northern and central nobody's in trouble but we're looking for further examples of plains including areas how our prosecutors used our trying to recover from discretion. destructive floods. what she's asking for is folks chief meteorologist rick on her team to identify other reichmuth is tracking those cases in which there was something similar like smollett storms. >> any more rain is not good so she has some cover, so to because of all the precipitation that they had really mostly the snow melt. speak. eric and daniel, thank for being the snow they had and then here today. rapid melt. >> thank you. you see that big cluster of >> dana: one of the lesser known storms right there in the 2020 democrats rising in the missouri river valley and that's some really heavy polls and making a big promise rain that's going through right now. that will kind of on fund-raising. plus, the trump administration immediately make some of the rivers rise because the making a serious charge against facebook. ground is so saturated and already the rivers are in pretty big flood stage. watch what happens over the next couple of days that line of storms moves through. another one for tomorrow. by the time we get toward hey, who are you? saturday we start to clear oh, hey jeff, i'm a car thief... things out a little bit. you can see all of the spots what?! i'm here to steal your car because, along the mississippi river well, that's my job. primarily looking for flooding as we move over the
11:21 am
what? what?? next probably about say, six what?! weeks or so. (laughing) what?? here is the precipitation what?! through sunday. we will see some spots right what?! in that central plains. [crash] what?! haha, it happens. maybe two to three inches or and if you've got cut-rate car insurance, so and kind of more paying for this could concerning this is the feel like getting robbed twice. outlook for april through june right across this -- a so get allstate... and be better protected lot of the same area anyway from mayhem... looking for above average precipitation, unfortunately like me. that certainly is not good ♪ news either. dana? >> dana: of course. i also was watching this report today about there is like a million what else in welt could be contaminated due to recent floods and snow melts. 10 states impacted. look at the states national ground water association says standing water could have transferred e.coli and other contaminants into private wells. rick, so this obviously that's very dangerous. how do we look going into spring? >> what a fascinating story that is when you think of all of the livestock that's there all of the fertilizers in there and all of that leaching down through the soil. >> dana: and if that is your only source. obviously well water is
11:22 am
delicious and fantastic. if it gets contaminated it's very dangerous and expensive. >> most people's only source. that's how they get their water just for their own use much less just for the livestock. so, that's certainly a problem. do you know what happened? people thought there was so much rain here, a lot of the area had their snowest winters ever. ground completely frozen rain came on two to three inches across eastern nebraska and that rain rapidly melted to snow and the ground was frozen. it couldn't go anywhere. it completely spread out all across the land and that's why we are looking at flooding. >> dana: incredible. was the groundhog right? are we getting spring early? >> i don't even know what that is. >> dana: wait, is that from back in february had the whole gear on? >> she was freezing and foot behind her. >> dana: she looked beautiful. happy to have her. thanks for being here today. babies graduate from the neonatal intensive care unit. take a look at their outfits. see them all dressed up
11:23 am
complete with cap and gown. the commencement ceremony happening in lodi, california yesterday about 40 miles south of sacramento. the good news is the babies even got a diploma which is, of course, very good news. all right. you are going to want to stick around for fox news. we have more coming up with the information that adam schiff has been called to resign from or step down from the chairmanship of the house intelligence committee. all nine republicans agreeing on that. you also have the news out of venezuela that nicolas maduro the disputed president is saying juan guaido is not going to be allowed to take power for 15 years. obviously some funny business going on down there. we will take a look at that i will be on "the five." we have wild card thursday today. that's always fun. thanks for joining us, everyone. i'm dana perino, up next here's shep. ♪ all of you. how you live, what you love. >> shepard: it's noon on the west coast. 3:00 on capitol hill where that's what inspired us to create america's most advanced internet. some republicans are demanding that the democrat internet that puts you in charge. adam schiff step down now.
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that protects what's important. as chairman of the intelligence committee. it handles everything, adam schiff has his own thoughts on the matter. and reaches everywhere. this is beyond wifi, this is xfi. insanity in washington. we will hear from both sides simple. easy. awesome. ahead. plus, president trump says xfinity, the future of awesome. the feds will review the jussie smollett investigation. though the feds themselves haven't actually weighed in on this matter. we will talk to a reporter who says she found some key evidence in the case. and, new word of how cops plan to make jussie smollett pay by sending him a bill, the reporting begins now. >> >> dana: welcome back. department of housing and urban development is charging facebook with violating the fair housing act. the complaint said the sites targeted advertising enabled landlords to discriminate against renters based on religion, race and other factors. facebook said it was surprised by the charge because it had been working on hud with the
11:25 am
issue. president trump pushing again to dismantle obama care, reportedly siding with his acting chief of staff and backing a suit to invalidate the act. take a listen to what he told sean hannity last night. >> we are going along with the texas case. we will have great healthcare. we'll have preexisting conditions, absolutely. we already got rid of the individual mandate, which was costing people a fortune. it was terrible. >> dana: joining us now is university of michigan law professor and jared stepman. great to have you both here. nick, let me start with you, because i read something you wrote earlier this week in "the new york times" that obama care, you don't think, obviously has been a disaster for america. you think it's been good. and that it is true that the law is more popular now than it was even when it passed. so what do you make of this
11:26 am
latest move? >> i think it's pretty troubling. i think it's troubling, whether you support the affordable care act or whether you're against it. the justice department has a longstanding bipartisan commitment to defending acts of congress. the president to say he is not going to abide by that commitment is a threat to the rule of law. >> dana: jared, want to read you in from roy blunt. he's a fourth ranking senate republican and of course the party's chief policy maker. he said there's been no internal discussions on healthcare and emphasized there are no plans to develop alternatives. we'll be eager to hear the president's proposal. i wonder what you think about this as republicans. they know it's the number one issue on people's minds. they haven't been able to do what they said they were going to do. now the president is saying you're going to have to get it done and do it well. now they're dealing with a democratic congress, at least in the house. how are they going to get this
11:27 am
done? >> i think it is necessary to get something done on this. discontent over obama care, i think there's some discontent coming from the left as well. you have an aggressive minority in the house that's pushing for medicare for all. socialized medicine, single payor ideas are going to be on the table. i don't think it's a matter of can or can't they push for these things. i think they're going to have to or they'll get an aggressive minority that will push for socialized medicine which many americans are at. obamacare is failing this country. it has not delivered on the promise. its increased cost for the american people, the amount of choices obama promised people are not there. we've seen a collapse in individual markets across the country. it's not about these individual court cases, it's ab moving forward with a state based system that i think will benefit americans across the board.
11:28 am
>> dana: 55% of americans want to improve the system. it's interesting in this debate. now that you have so many people, especially on the left, saying health care is a right, so if there are improvements to be made, do you think that's to make the system more free market or to head more in a direction where the government takes over? >> well, look, i think it's a debate worth having about what we should do to move forward with healthcare. what i can say for sure is republicans so far have not come forward with a viable plan to actually reshape the health care markets along the lines they claim they'd like to remake it. there's no plans to increase coverage. there's no plan to reduce cost. it's a choice between the affordable care act and something aggressive. the claim there there will be some republican plan that will finally emerge and command broad assent in congress is a fiction. we've seen it repeatedly demonstrated to be a fiction over the past few years.
11:29 am
>> dana: we know people get anxious about healthcare. tell me how quickly you think republicans can pull this together. do you think the strategy exists, they just need to package it? >> i think there's policies that exist. health care choices would double down on some of the things that have already gone on in the administration. bring more choices to individuals and families and states at the local level. i think it's fiction to say the only proposals that are accessible are government, more government and more government. top down control. people want to go on a different path. >> dana: they'll have to find out how to tell more people about it. we're glad you are here to talk us through it. thank you nicholas and jarrett. republicans on the house republican committees pressure chairman adam schiff to step down. president trump wants him to resign. plus, coaches caught up in a college admission scandal are in court. will any of them fess up to
11:30 am
charges they took bribes from parents? we're live at district court in boston. i switched to miralax for my constipation.
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>> dana: right now an ivy league coach involved in the admission scandal is in new york court. the yale women's soccer coach is accused of accepting bribes to get their inexperienced children bought on the college team. molly? >> reporter: dana, two coaches in federal court today standing before the judge including the first one, former yale women's soccer coach who was snagged in the original tipster. right now as i speak, rudolph rudy meredith, one of the coaches, is before the judge. his initial appearance was earlier today. right now he stands before the judge and is expected to plead guilty for his part in this scandal that >> host: led to multiple coaches being charged and some fired and dozens of parents charged.
11:35 am
meredith is facing charges of conspiracy and wire fraud. over the weekend corroboration revealed the feds have agreed to recommend incarceration at the low end of the guidelines if meredith provides, quote, substantial information in the investigation. they talked a little about his cooperation in court. he faces 20 years max sentence. investigation all got rolling when coach meredith was named by, according to wall street journal, maury tobin who was corroborating with authorities investigating a securities fraud case. tobin told investigators meredith had requested a bribe to help get his daughter into the school. tobin agreed to wear a wire. in court they talked about the room being bugged. at any rate, tobin met with meredith and a conversation was captured talking about a $450,000 payment that would result listing the coach as a team recruit.
11:36 am
later on this afternoon also slated to appear former men's tennis coach at the university of texas at austin. he was fired for being charged for his alleged involvement in this scandal. he allegedly agreed to take $100,000 in return for arranged to recruit a student who did not even play tennison continues.
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