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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  March 28, 2019 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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>> juan: it is a good weekend for that. >> dana: why don't you go. >> greg: walked right into that one. never miss an episode of the "the five." "special report" is up next. >> bret: how many times have you told him that? this is a fox news alert and good evening, i am bret baier. an hour from now president trump will host its first political rally since the russian investigation ended. the event at grand rapids, michigan, comes as we will await the release of the special counsel report which is said to number more than 300 pages. as we await the president giving his unfiltered take on the russian investigation we look at some analysis from a man with his own strong opinions and millions of listeners. i will talk live with the radio talk show host rush limbaugh was called investigation a waste of time from day one. let interview and just minutes, but first the chief white house
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correspondent john roberts joins us live. good evening. >> it is the president's first big event since the conclusion of the mueller report found that there was no collusion between the president or his campaign and russia. a safe bet to say the fallout from those conclusions will form a big part of the president's rally. >> sources tell fox news president trump will take a victory lap in grand rapids tonight emboldened by what he says is full vindication in the mueller report. >> it is a disgrace what happened. this was a terrible thing that was put on to our country. nobody has seen anything like this, probably never happened before. beautiful conclusion. >> in an interview with sean hannity he gave a preview of where he may go tonight ripping his critics and those who gave rise to the investigation. >> i think he is a sick person. i believe there something wrong
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with him. james comey was a terrible guy. peter strzok and page, the lover. all of these people. they have admitted an testimony that there was no crime. they started an investigation. >> democrats were quick to say not so fast. all they have is with the political appointed attorney general told them. >> no thank you mr. attorney general. we do not need your interpretation. show us the report and we can go on her own conclusion. >> the former director is looking for more information as well saying he is puzzled that robert mueller could not make a determination on the question of obstruction of justice. speak with the idea that a special counsel would reach the question and handed to the political leadership doesn't make sense and so i have a lot of questions. >> president trump has promised the public will see more than the report say now that the investigation is over he will
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finally declassify and release the documents at the heart of the probe. >> i have plans to declassify and release, i have plans to absolutely release. one of the reasons that my lawyers didn't want me to do it is because they said if i do it they will call it a form of obstruction! >> in addition to slamming his critics he is also expected to hit the reset button and pushes 2019 agenda hard. jobs, economy, and health care will top the list while some republicans have questioned the wisdom of reviving the battle against obamacare, he believes it is a winner. >> we have put together a group of four or five and they will work together and come up with something that is really spectacular and maybe we will even get support in the house from democrats. >> president trump insist that any plan they come up with to oppose obamacare will protect people with pre-existing conditions. while there is little to no appetite among house democrats
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to replace obamacare, if the supreme court were divided, they will have to do something. >> bret: john roberts, thank you. republicans on the house intelligence committee are calling on the chairman to resign his position. he made numerous statements linking president trump with conspiracy to work with russia to affect the 2016 election which the attorney general wrote that they did not find in the report. congressman adam ship is not backing down. catherine herridge has a report from capitol hill. >> i will not yell. i will not do that. >> with the routine hearing turning ugly -- >> they refute your past and present assertions and expose you as having abused your position to knowingly promote false information. >> democratic chairman schiff multimedia appearances. >> the case has more than that
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and i can go into the particulars but there is more than circumstantial evidence. >> i simultaneously released letter shows all intelligence committees republicans on the chairman to step down. they say has public statements carry more weight because of his actions and access to highly classified information. >> we have no faith for you to discharge your duties with your responsibility and urged a resignation. >> you attack me. >> he responded with force and anger saying the trump campaign is guilty of bad acts, even if they don't rise to criminal prosecution. >> you might say that is all okay and i think it is immoral and unethical and unpatriotic. yes, i think it is corrupt! >> a former cia officer urged his colleagues to see the big picture. >> or election will go down in history as the russian intelligence greatest covert influence operation. why? their goal is to erode trust and
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our institution. >> the animus spilled over into leadership. >> they have lost confidence. it is up to nancy pelosi. >> they are just plain afraid. they are afraid of the truth, competence, i'm so proud of the work of chairman adam schiff. >> a senior official says the mueller report is more than 300 pages going well beyond what the regulation requires. there are significant material that cannot be public as well as evidence from sensitive sources. the expectation remains that the report will be delivered here to capitol hill sometime in april. >> bret: catherine, thank you. the 2020 democratic presidential race is the most diverse ever. five women, an african-american, one hispanic and a gay mayor running for the white house. voters want some more of the same. peter doocy has a report.
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>> the democratic field, more diverse than ever which some candidates see as key to toppling trump. >> i think is kryptonite is actually a strong woman who speaks her mind. >> i would like to jokingly say, maybe the best woman win. >> i intend to win. >> three might one occupy the top three spots in a new national poll. the only three candidates and double digits are joe biden, bernie sanders, beto o'rourke. >> would you consider a woman as a running mate? >> kamala harris trying to catch him in the polls just announced a campus-based effort in iowa called "camp kamala harris." >> help us organize and build this campaign. >> she is also touting five fresh endorsements in south carolina where cory booker was the headliner at a town hall and complained about a lack of depth concerning a decades-old debate over preparations.
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>> i tell you why i am frustrated, it is because it is being reduced to just a box to check on a list. >> other contenders have a renewed focus on health care has a trump administration tease up another effort to eliminate obamacare. >> they never intended to repeal and replace. all they wanted to do was just burned on the health care system. >> medicare for al all of the preferred health care pitch of candidates, but bernie sanders introduced a less ambitious bill today focused on expanding community health centers. >> our goal is to stay in this country that is not a radical idea that when you get sick, a rural area or an urban area, you have a right to get into a doctor's office. >> he will be the democratic front runner if joe biden decides not to join the race. even though the democratic socialist would be the oldest president ever if he wins, democrats find that young voters
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like bernie are the best. >> bret: peter doocy, thank you. an unfiltered analysis of the 2020 presidential race and many more topics, we turn now to a syndicated radio talk show host, rush limbaugh. he joins us live from his studio. good evening and welcome to "special report." >> it is great to be here, this is a milestone for me. my first ever appearance on your program and i am honored to be here. >> bret: it has been a couple days since the attorney general wrote that four-page letter describing his conclusions from the mueller report. what is your assessment of the fallout since that time? >> i think he thought as a distraction. we have to keep track of exactly what this blows. there was zero collusion. there was no collusion and there was never any evidence of any collusion between trump or his campaign and russia. zilch, zero, nada. to begin investigation based on
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a phony dossier that was created and written by associates of hillary clinton. he was opposition research and this is outrageous what has happened here. there needs to be an investigation into this and there needs to be accountability for everybody who participated in this, from people high up in the obama administration and all the way down and including most of the mainstream media. it has been two years that we have been distracted -- this country has been going through hell. they were told their president was a traitor! they were sure he stole the election and none of it happened in the special counsel has known there was no collusion since before the investigation began. there has never been any evidence of it. i don't care what he says and i don't care what james comey says were any of the rest of them. this will think is a manufactured coup because these people could not accept the results of the 2016 election and their continuing! they are continuing to try.
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you look at schiff, their conduct illustrates that this is an ongoing political project to get rid of donald trump. it has nothing to do with finding out if a foreign power has anything to do with our elections because a foreign power to todd. >> bret: he mentioned congressman schiff, they said they want to see all 300 plus pages of the mueller report and they are saying that there could be more in there. take a listen. >> i think he acts on rush's behalf and he puts russia's interests i had to opt of americans interests. >> there is ample evidence of collusion in plain sight and that is true. there's a difference of evidence of collusion and proof beyond reasonable doubt of a crime. what do you think? >> there is no evidence of collusion! the man is lying through his teeth and this is what i mean that he is trying to keep this alive. i heard today in "the new york times," guess what it is actually 300 pages and
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bill barr summarized it in four? are they serious? they really -- nancy pelosi wants us to believe that bill barr is lying about what is in this report and that there is evidence in this report! if that is true then what must they think of bill barr? where is mueller? he is lying about this and i found collusion! i thought obstruction! it is in my report. the 19 pro-hillary investigators on the staff. it is just into doing. they are lying to the american people because they can't give it up. it is outrageous and some of these people need to be held accountable. i hope the president calls a special counsel to look into this because the american people deserve to know how they've been manipulated, how they have been used. they deserve to know with the democratic party the american left dissenting from the obama administration attempted to pull off here. it better never happen again.
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this is probably the biggest political scandal certainly of our lifetime may be even longer. >> bret: the president called in with sean hannity and talked about the fisa documents that started this investigation and here's what he said. >> i have plans to declassify and release, i have plans to absolutely release. i have some very talented people working for me, lawyers. i thought it would be better to hold it to the end. i did the right thing by not doing it so far. >> bret: to thank -- you are calling for a special counsel? is there a special counsel overload with the american people? >> what was that? >> bret: overload, our people -- >> there is that possibility. how else would we get -- i understand, two years and can the american people put up with this? i asked myself the same
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question. the president is right. if you would declassify everything to do with pfizer and everything to do with his investigation and then announcing he is closing the border and shutting down immigration and we can get a handle on it. and then pardon everybody that has been abused by this unnecessary investigation. he mentioned pfizer, for crying out loud where the judges on this? a phony opposition research document called a dossier was used four times, there's not a shred of evidence and net. none of it has been cooperated and they used it to get warren to spy on the opposing presidential campaign four different times! there has never been at the evidence of collusion! i keep repeating this because -- i'm adamant the american people understand what is happening. this is a huge hoax that has been perpetrated that makes every other hoax that our
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lifetime pale in comparison. not a shred of evidence, all four warrants were based on absolutely deaf dumb mike dunn like absolute lies put together by hillary clinton's campaign. it is outrageous to me. >> bret: even sean hannity, laura ingraham and mark levant, a small group believe that from day one. we can take you back two years ago you were saying roughly the same thing and one of the reasons we wanted to talk to you. when you go around the country there are some people who support the president and his actions and what his administration is doing. they don't like the way he treats or talks or attacks his opponents. what you say to those people? >> i say he should continue tweeting and look at the forces that are aligned against them. he has what everybody thinks is a media. we don't have a media in this country, there isn't a group of people reporting the news and telling us what happened that we
3:16 pm
didn't know about. we have democratic activists and left-wing hacks that are disguised as journalists that are helping propel the effort to get rid of donald trump. the only pushback, the only opportunity to get his side of his via his tweets. i hope -- plus there is money. i hope he keeps it up. i'm a trump supporter unabashed and i love them. it does not bother me in any way shape, manner or form. i people telling me, he should tell him to stop tweeting and i wouldn't. i want him to keep doing it. >> bret: if you wouldn't mind sticking through the break and we will come back and talk about 2020 and the look ahead of that is okay. radio talk show host rush limbaugh after a quick break. ♪ and when you do remember to be open and honest with your doctor about how you're feeling. because how you're doing emotionally, affects your physical health - and vice versa mr. danson, would you mind?
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just say "teach me more" into your voice remote and see how you can have an even better x1 experience. simple. easy. awesome. ♪ >> bret: welcome back and we continue our conversation with rush limbaugh. the president coming out about health care saying that the department of justice is not going to defend obamacare, essentially wantonly repeal and replace to finally happen. there is not really a replace yet. that has him to fire up democrats really capitalized on
3:21 pm
health care during the midterms. here's the speaker speaking about it just today. >> all would be added if the president gets his way. we will fight that in congress and court. public opinion as i am fond of saying. we should make health care better and to reach her goal of ever expanding access to many more people that are quality, affordable health care. >> bret: third people out there who said listen, he is having a great week why don't down the road and hand the issue to the democrats? >> i kind of understand people saying this. my preference would be for the president to zero in on the border, 20 in on immigration and stop this. we are being invaded and we are being invaded by a bunch of people that have the potential to totally destroy the makeup of
3:22 pm
our culture and the makeup of our society and the democratic party and the american left arm total total support of this. it has got to stop. the president got elected on that issue and it has not solved. the wall has not been built on the border is still wide open. it needs to be shutdown. we stopped immigration from the 1920s and the 1965 to allow those who have been up emigrated to the 40 previous years to assimilate. there isn't any assimilation happening here that ought to be his primary focus issue was. >> bret: in the studio you are scratching your head about health care? >> i'm sorry i'm having some connection problems. >> bret: you are scratching your head about the health care discretion about going this way coming out of -- >> i understand. it is an issue that the democratic party has owned and i know the president would love to take it away from him and have it be something that the american people rely on the
3:23 pm
republican party four. unless -- needs to be done right and it needs to reemphasize the free market and private sectors. the only way we will get costs down and anything we do with health care expands the government's role, it won't work out or improve anything. i really just wish that we would focus on emigration. we don't know how much time we have left to do this. it is imperative while he has this political capital now, especially after prevailing here and beating back this silent coup to take every political capital he has and use it on the border. >> bret: one about a 2020 candidates? when you look at that, the over under is 20 potentially democratic candidates. your thoughts on the field? >> i think it is beatable. you take a look at the democrats, what are they talking
3:24 pm
about? we are diverse and wide open and every demographic had who was leading in their polling data? the 77-year-old white guy followed by a 75-year-old white guy. this is not what they want. i don't to be democratic party wants to dominate an aging, old, white dinosaur from drastic park and the old-fashioned days of their party. where were they nominated i think they are imminently beatable. i don't think this push to extreme leftist socialism has any chance of being supported by a vast majority of the american people. we are not there yet. we have to beat it back. i'm glad they are so many writing because it will be a hoot as these people try to out left each other and compete against each other. who can destroy america this way the fastest were who can get them out o out of here the soonr what have you. they don't love -- they don't speak positively. the democrats are not laughing
3:25 pm
or having a good time. they don't seem to enjoy life. climate will destroy us and 12 years. why worry about that? if we only have 12 years to live than why worry about our trash? what is the point of all we have is 12 years which is absurd anyway, but that is what they want their campaign to be about. have at it, i don't think the american people want to be led down the path to the apocalypse but who can get us there first and who can get us there saved us. >> bret: the last thing, you've been doing this a long time. have you seen the country is divided? >> not in my lifetime, no. obviously it was greatly divided during the civil war. i think one of the reasons why the country is divided the weight is right now. the media is a central figure in this spirit of the media use to at least pretend that they were not a participant in the ongoing events of the country.
3:26 pm
they were casual observers that were fair and objective, they are not anymore. they have chosen sides and become political activists and there isn't any news anymore. there is a daily attack, countless attacks on republicans left and right and led by donald trump or conservative media being attacked. the drive-by media and the american universities have created i think this radical left portion of our population that fused life as a war. every day is a battle. the war is against republicans and conservatives and they must win every day. the country is perceived to be constantly at war. i have not seen it like this in my lifetime. it has been close, they hated nixon and there were problems with ronald reagan, but i've never seen it as partisan and as destructively divided as it is right now. >> bret: we wanted to have you
3:27 pm
want to get your analysis, we used up a panel segment because we wanted to hear what you had to say. we appreciate you coming on "special report." >> i would love to be on the panel and analyze what i just said maybe we will do that sometime. [laughs] i do appreciate being here. thank you for having me. >> bret: next, following days of backlash president trump promises to protect funding for special olympics. ♪ look limu. a civilian buying a new car. let's go. limu's right. liberty mutual can save you money by customizing your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. oh... yeah, i've been a customer for years. huh... only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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♪ >> bret: president trump says he will fund special olympics. the move comes after the education secretary received he did backlash this week over the administration's proposal to cut the funding. correspondent doug mckelway has the report. >> the special olympics will be funded. i just hope my people, i want to find the special olympics. >> before his decision later today to restore funding to the special olympics, betsy devos was pummeled by democrats during two years of testimony. >> i did not personally get involved. >> plumber came up with that idea, and sensitivity. to speak with the proposed 60 millions were included in the departments across the board's, 10% reduction. the brain child of chief of
3:32 pm
staff and deficit hawks, mick mulvaney. her implantation made worse by proposed increases in funding for another democratic nemesis, charter schools and school choice. >> this is about you prioritizing your agenda over students with special needs. >> you attack in question my motives and priorities. i want to be clear where my heart is, my heart is with all students. >> she also fired back with hard numbers showing that special olympics as mostly privately funded. it received over $50 million in federal grants, 44 million and direct-mail contributions and another 44 million in corporate contributions. the chairman seemed to indicate to the private sector could pick up the difference. >> we will ask people all over the country to work with us and to open the hearts of the nation to the power of the athletes and their unified partners. >> prior to that, the subcommittee chairman roth that he too was fond of the special
3:33 pm
olympics and vowed that his bill would not cut its funding. he like the president was altered resident to handle them a big soft softball to knock out of the park. >> bret: of the department of housing and urban development is charging facebook with violating the fair housing act. they said to debbie social media site has long advertisers to see from where they live to their race and religion. facebook said it was surprised by the move saying it has already been working with the department to address the concerns. he is also looking into google and twitter. the drop of charges in the case against jussie smollett has caught the attention of president trump, who supporters blamed him in the attack. he says the case is an embarrassment to the country and has plans to review the decision to drop charges in the case. matt finn has our story. >> my recommendation is that when he writes the check, but
3:34 pm
the word i am accountable. >> no science backing down in the saga, president trump passes the fbi and department of justice will review the case. >> i think the case in chicago is an absolute embarrassment to our country. >> the mayor who has pleaded with the president for years as he should set this one out and po chicago accountability and $. the attorney fired right back in a statement writing, it is the mayor and the police chief who owed an apology for dragging an innocent man's character through the mud. he has paid enough. also today the cook county attorney kim fox estate, tomei, spokesperson made another announcement. she claims she did not have an official interest. they told the "chicago tribune" as a result she did not have to seek the appointment of a
3:35 pm
special prosecutor under state law. she says her office could have convicted him but arc is going to trial likely would have resulted in the same outcome. forfeiture of a $10,000 bond by community service. >> the notoriety around this case has somehow cast i think an unreasonable expectation to the police department. >> the police union has announced it plans to hold a public demonstration against kim fox right here in downtown chicago on monday. >> thank you. >> bret: and negotiators rush to work out a cease-fire deal as tensions between israel and hamas. we take you inside gaza, next. ♪ so, you're open all day, every day. that's what 24/7 means, sugar. kind of like how you get 24/7 access to licensed agents with geico. hmm? yeah, you just go online, or give them a call anytime. you don't say.
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3:40 pm
that follow the 2017 shootin 20n outdoor concert that left 58 dead. the dow was up 92 and the s&p 500 closed to had ten points of the nasdaq finished ahead 26. 26. the venezuelan government barred opposition leader juan bardo from holding public office from 15 years today and the ongoing fight for power in that country. the move by disputed leader nicholas, more political theater has dozens of countries see them as the rightful leader. he said after the announcement that he plans to keep up his campaign to oust him. meantime negotiations are working to ease tension between israel and hamas. the two sides praise for the possibility of renewed violence this weekend. correspondent trey yingst with the ten situation from gaza. >> tanks, armored vehicles and utility units on standby at by the border. they await orders from possible
3:41 pm
ground invasion into gaza. the israeli air force pounded gaza for two days in a row. following a palestinian rocket that had a house and entered seven people. in return they fired dozens of rockets into israel. the prime minister says he is keeping all options on the tab table. >> all the citizens must know that if we need a border operation we will enter with strong incompetence and after we have exhausted all other options. >> egyptian negotiators are engaged in a diplomacy between the israelis and the palestinian militant groups. they discuss terms for a cease-fire. much like the israelis a few actions are preparing for the possibility of a war and also another year of border demonstrations. >> unfortunately until now we haven't achieved anything. the contrary we hope to regain
3:42 pm
and we will continue for a year, two years, three years and forever until we achieve our goal. >> with massive gatherings expected this weekend for the one-year anniversary of the organized protests against the israeli blockade, there appears the situation could unravel quickly and lead to conflict. tension remains high and violence continues. balloons were launched from gaza into israel today in the israeli military responded with a drone strike towards one position. >> bret: trey yingst and gaza, thank you. next up president trump recovers has a ministrations fumble over special olympics funding, plus will there be another special counsel? we will discuss all of it with the panel after the break. ♪ this is your car.
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get ready to watch with xfinity x1 or the xfinity stream app. xfinity watchathon week. free starting april 8th. boop! ♪ >> you have zeroed out special olympics once again. i still can't understand why he would go after disabled children and your budgets. he was here that out. it is appalling. >> what is it that we have a problem with with children and special education. where we cut in these programs? >> this is about youioritizing r
3:47 pm
students with special needs. >> i heard about it this morning olympics. >> bret: the education secretary betsy devos spent a lot of time on capitol hill will take some heat as you saw from lawmakers about the project and special olympics funding. the president signed this afternoon he is overwriting that. that is where we will start and we will bring in our panel. leslie marshall, democratic strategist and the mainstream columnist for "the wall street journal." you have seen how the white house has worked with budgets, it is a process any anu put your people out to defend it it kind of shifts today. >> i think president trump was smart. this was a political blunder, let's put it in the larger context. she was trying to cut the budget which is very hard to do. this was the private institution and it does tremendous work.
3:48 pm
this is the way washington has behaved, it is very difficult to do. to cut spending and i think one of the democrats pointed out that their real issue per betsy devos is that that she can't stay spending for special olympics, she has a different agenda with charter schools and so forth than they do. >> bret: health care, a focus this week that kind of viewed -- people wondered where it was coming from but the department of justice not to sending obamacare which will open up a whole bunch of doors for what comes next. here is the president late this afternoon on that. >> we put together a group of four or five and bill cassidy is a terrific health care person and they are going to work together and come up with something that is really spectacular and maybe we will even get support in the house from democrats. it is going to be far better than obamacare. if we win, it will be
3:49 pm
terminated. we'll see what happens. >> bret: what are your thoughts? >> i can tell you what is going to happen. millions of people will be without health care and many off those millions voted for the president and support the president, but they also support and like their obamacare. in addition republicans have felt on the past on more than two occasions, i guess i would say to republicans and to the president, thank you for the extra vote, 2020. many republicans are pushing back on this. >> bret: it is daunting, they've been around this track before on health care. mother to replace it is there that is the question. he says he has these lawmakers ready to go. it is not there yet. >> i don't think he has the lawmakers ready to go and i don't think the replacement is there in my view or my world. the states experiment and unleashed a free market.
3:50 pm
i don't think that there is a political consensus for that. the obamacare case was saved by a thread in the thread was the chief justice of the unique observation that this is a tax on the government can tax anything it wants. they can't regulate but it contacts. when the trumpet tax plan went through they moved to the tax aspect of this, that which saved the constitution of obamacare is no longer in there. that is the theory of the trial court in taxes which i believe will be upheld by the court of appeals in new orleans and then we are back before the supreme court. the very same statute on is that which saved it in 2012 with the tax. >> bret: while i have you, the former fbi director is out again with an interview with lester holt on nbc. we put together my interview with the former fbi director to compare and contrast.
3:51 pm
take a lesson. >> did you inform the president-elect at the time what you knew about how it was funded? >> no i did not. >> did you inform him that he had been fired by the fbi or that he had lied? >> know and i didn't know those things at the time. >> that can be used to impart to spy on someone in his campaign? >> that had come up. >> the bedrock of the department of justice which bill barr loves and mueller loves. people have faith and confidence that it does not part of a political drive. >> bret: he is talking about the special counsel's report and he wants the whole thing out. what is your reaction? >> jim comey is indefensible. i know him and when he was running the fbi, he was beloved by the agents and i can't say that that is my perception of the case any longer. in terms of the entire report
3:52 pm
coming out of their parts of the attorney general under the law cannot release. he could not release grand jury testimony about people who were not indicted. you can't release that which is classified as confidential secret or top secret. he isn't even supposed to release any ambivalence about whether there is enough evidence under the law to indict. he has already tipped his hand on that. when this comes out, page after page and black and of course the democrats are going to howl. they want to see what is under those pages and most people want to see it as well. >> bret: we had rush limbaugh on the show earlier talking about the fallout of all of this and he was one of a few people saying the same thing for more than two years. on this issue of whether the attorney general somehow is covering up, address this directly and take a listen. >> nancy pelosi wants us to believe that barr is lying and what is in this report.
3:53 pm
if that is true, what must they think of barr? where is mueller saying, wait a minute barr is lying. i found collusion and obstruction. it is in my report and he was saying that. >> bret: a fair point? >> i have three things that i think are relevant to this. i want as much of this report as public as possible. maybe it can't be all about but i think the american people should see most of it. second i also want all the other stuff out. i want defies that information and all the other stuff. let's see the whole story about how the fbi behaved and third you have to ask what kind of show was james comey running. a lot of people around him had been replaced. andrew mccabe, he is possibly facing perjury charges. we have a pending ig report on the faisal warrant on the leaks. a lot more could come out.
3:54 pm
there is a u.s. attorney looking at it and he is going before a grand jury jury. i'm not sure the fbi will come out of that looking very good. >> bret: to wrap up here. do democrats want to stay on this road and had this heart or do they want to move onto health care and other things that they think they have good putting on? >> it depends what democrat you ask. people like nancy pelosi and even a schiff even the people are angry with him lately. they have always been saying the report comes out there's going to have to be a bombshell and we are going to have bipartisan support. there's been no bombshell that would not beat bipartisan support and i even sat a lot of the democrat said, impeachment is not the way to go. that faction really doesn't want to proceed with the investigation after investigation although they do have a responsibility in congress to have proper oversight of the executive branch and of the president and i think they want investigation
3:55 pm
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4:00 pm
>> bret: he loved it. that's it for this special report. fair, balanced and still on the freighter. the story" hosted by martha maccallum begins now. >> martha: happy opening day. any moment we expect the president to take the stage, and that was the two year cloud of collision. we will get you there as soon as i gets underwriting. with that, good evening everybody. this is the story


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