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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  March 28, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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but with the white house on fire in the hill and chaos, we need happy news like this. this is why god created baseball late on the sixth day. >> bret: he loved it. that's it for this special report. fair, balanced and still on the freighter. the story" hosted by martha maccallum begins now. >> martha: happy opening day. any moment we expect the president to take the stage, and that was the two year cloud of collision. we will get you there as soon as i gets underwriting. with that, good evening everybody. this is the story tonight.
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one of the president's biggest enemies adam schiff said this for over ten years. >> surely there is significant evidence. >> that to me it is direct evidence, but there is also abundant circumstantial evidence. >> now he is facing a lot of heat, who did something that is unprecedented today. all of them signed a letter and asked him to step down from his post as chairman and resign. >> mr. chairman, i ask for your resignation today because i believe you are advancing putin's work. >> we have no faith in your ability. >> i do not think that conduct criminal or not is okay. and the day that we do, is the day we will look back and say
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today is the day america lost its way. >> good evening to you sir. what was your reaction to that? that's an ugly exchange, not the kind of thing that you see off and on capitol hill. what do you think? >> the process is unprecedented. and we've never had a day where we've asked a chairman to step down. the substance is what caught my attention, there's only one campaign that took negative information from russia. there is only one campaign that paid for that. remember in the letter, despite multiple opportunities, no evidence to collusion between the trump campaign and russia. yet fusion gps on the clinton campaign was actually spending money to dig up brush and dirt on trump. and for adam to -- i have never heard him address that. i've heard him talk about the
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trump tower meeting where nothing happened, but i've never -- in fact he went to court to keep us from finding out about fusion gps so if they could be taken a little bit more seriously, if every once in a while he acknowledged the only campaign that took information from russia was the campaign he supported. >> martha: now to the report itself which we are learning is over 300 pages, but it's a lengthy report. if you look at the other reports that sort of in line with what we have seen in the past. a lot is being made of the size of this document. what do you think? >> honestly, i thought it was kind of short. >> so did i, 200, 300 pages? >> i'm reading crime and punishment right now, i wish it was only a hundred pages. i thought given the amount of time, the witnesses they interviewed, the search warrants in the subpoenas, i expected something longer. perhaps a collision section is not that long and then what
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russia did to us, i expected it to be longer. >> jerome nadler asked for it by april 2nd and he said that was a hard deadline. he had i guess about a ten minute conversation, and what about the time frame. they cannot disseminate grand jury material, they can't disseminate classified information. and i suspect he did. it is chocked full of information. so you have to scrub it, so sod scrubbed the grand jury material. the department of justice is a true false agency. you either indict or you do not
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indict. but you don't do up a research and then turn it over to someone like adam schiff which is only once. he just wants any kernel of negative information about president trump so he could use it in 2,020. >> so you have talked about the fact that you would like to see some investigation. there are ongoing investigation investigations, and here's an exchange between you and the cia director john brennan back in may of 2017. >> do you know whether the underlying allegations made in the steele dossier were ever tested, probed, examined or cross-examined, where their efforts made by the bureau to try to understand whether or not any of the information and that was valid, but i don't have any first-hand knowledge of it. >> do you know if the bureau
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ever relied on a steele dossier as part of any court filings? >> i have no awareness. >> also in light of john brennan's voluminous statements, that he was sure that there were indictments coming down, now he says that maybe he got that information. what do you think. >> maybe he is the reason that the dossier was included in the intelligence committee. in late 2017, it was not publicly known that there was a fisa. i hope what they will someday learn is the fbi made no efforts to corroborate or that the information even as late as december 2017. it had been used in the fbi still made no effort.
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so brennan's animosity toward the president is so manifest, and that's the animosity he has toward president trump is sobering. >> i have a quick response from you and then we got to go. >> i think that congressman adam schiff is correct, the report will have evidence of a conspiracy and in that report will be evidence of obstruction of justice, and it, do you agree with that? >> i don't know and i hope that judge napolitano also said, the reason agencies don't release reports, -- imagine if every law enforcement agency. we don't have enough information to charge you, but we will disseminate all the negative
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stuff you earned. >> thank you very much, good to see you tonight. >> or e.r. moments away from president trump's rally in grand rapids grand rapids, michigan, his first since the end of this probe. michigan is marking a key state and grand rapid was the sign of his final rally. he went on to win the state by less than one percentage point so it's an important place for him to be as he looks ahead. kevin corke is live on the scene here tonight. hello kevin. >> it's good to be with you martha. let me just say this. jobs are expected to be the main focus of tonight's event. but as i step out of the canvas, if you take a look, we got here pretty early in the day. i want to say my first time over here was around 9:00 a.m. and
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they were lined up by the thousands. and, while they will talk about jobs and in particular the auto sector which is obviously very important here in michigan, if anyone tells you he's not going to talk about his political critics in the end of the russia probe, they are simply not being honest about it. clearly the economy and jobs is going to be the main focus. this is what he said about washington before leaving michigan. >> we are opening up lands in michigan again for the first time in decades. they are coming in, pouring in. and michigan is booming. >> so back here in grand rapids, as you see, they are here by the thousands. it's really great to see, they are lined up by the tens of
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thousands out there. it's a real event here and as you put it out in your leader in, it's a chance to say a lot to the people of michigan and to the people of america. the official start time is about ten after. whenever they start playing music like this, i start looking for them. so maybe in a couple of minutes. >> that's a very nice backgroun background. thank you. so you heard of president trump could come in any minute here in grand rapids, michigan, and tonight that signature campaign slogan, now the target for criticism from former obama attorney general eric holder. watch what he said. >> i think to myself, exactly when did you think america was a great, it certainly wasn't when people were enslaved and it certainly wasn't when they didn't have the right to vote. it's as certainly wasn't when
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the lgbt community wasn't. >> lara trump is a 2020 campaign senior advisory. and, what a terrible thing to say about our country. we live in the greatest country in the world. i think every american can agree with that and that's why we try to see people come to our country. we talked about putting a man on the moon, let's talk about putting our freedom from england way back when this country was founded. we've had incredible periods in our history. >> martha: if you know as well as i do that what he is suggesting is the trump administration wants it to be, like the old white boys. that is -- and they want it to be in an era where there wasn't equality. >> what a ridiculous statement. this president has always run on the ground that he wants every american to have a shot at the
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american dream. giving everybody the opportunity is, . let's talk about what the focus will focus on tonight. there's a lot being said in terms of how much victory laps you actually want to do, at what point do you want to move aside from that and focus on the things that he's probably been wanting to focus on for a long time? >> let's talk about this. for two plus years, this has been a vilified president by the left, by the mainstream media. our entire campaign that we are so proud of, he deserves a moment. >> let me break in there and ask you, we heard from don jr. the other night. what's it like for you to have this sort of lifted?
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>> there was no collusion, and they certainly didn't have that political experience, and for people to rush in, that they couldn't have one fairly and the president colluded with russia, it was crazy and frustrating for anybody. >> so in began and how it got underway, is that something that's very important for him and, is not something you want to continue to push for? >> i think every american wants to know how this started, because this should never happen. as donald trump has said, to any other american president, devise a warrant and how that was granted and all the background stuff. we need to get to the bottom of
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this because there were us some nefarious stuff happening and it really shouldn't be happening. >> martha: the department of justice investigation led by michael horowitz, and he is going to dig into this. is that enough for the president or does he feel like those are two significant investigations or, is he going to put a lot of focus. >> if i knew what he was going to tweet about it i would be making a lot of money right now. i think he cares greatly about this but, i don't think he wants to see it happen again in this country. it's not right and it's not fair to the american people who elected this president. i do think it's -- i guess we will see what comes out of this investigation. >> this is a pace that put him over the top and he won it by less than 10%. this is a match up, a fox news poll of him against some of the
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potential democratic candidates. i say potential because joe biden is of the top of the list. this has him down to all of these opponents in head on, one-on-one races. so what will he be doing to try to peel off some of these undecided people, not the folks that support him all the time but the folks that have been questioning this whole russia thing and now they may be somebody that would perhaps pull over to his side? >> and this president has done such a great job. i think he's got a point to his successes. this country as a whole is better off whole than it is. in the president needs to do
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that too. >> he was talking this afternoon, more manufacturing in automobiles happening in michigan. you have the gm plant that close, and the chairman said she felt that the pressure from the tariffs, the chinese situation with the trade was one reason that she thought that they couldn't open that. how big of an issue is that for him, convincing people that the trade situation is not going to be a big weight on farmers in michigan and auto companies in michigan? >> is one of those things that i think we have to focus on the greater good, the fact that right now it's probably difficult for some people but, overall down the line it will benefit everyone. to balance trade with china, this president sometimes takes a little tough love upfront. that's what he's trying to do here and i understand, it probably is difficult for some.
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but i think in the long run, people will be so grateful that we had a president that played the game that he is doing with china. >> the future of the politician, and, i think we have some sound from him talking about this in a radio interview. >> i definitely enjoy the fight and i like being out there and i would like being able to see the impact and the difference that it makes on these people's lives that i get to see. i decided to get into politics at 68 and i'm 41, plenty of time. >> i could certainly see him doing something. out of everyone in our family, and he has taken to politics may be more than anyone, and he's great at it.
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you see his twitter is almost not as popular as the president but a close second. i want to -- i wouldn't be shocked. i will say that at the very beginning of this, maybe one day we would consider -- i think it's deterred a lot of us from ever wanting to run for office. >> that might be a long shot, he loves what he does in the trump organization. >> what about you? >> i haven't really considered that. >> again, we can never rule anything out. but after we are done with this, we will need a long break before any of us ever consider getting into politics. >> we are waiting for your father-in-law and i will tell your boss on the 2020 campaign to come in in a few minutes.
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ray marie harf is here. let's get your thoughts on what eric holder had to say. we've been talking about the democrat potential candidates, but the comment that he made his getting a lot of attention in terms of when was america great. what is your response to that? >> it's an interesting question because i've often asked trump supporter's what they make of that slogan. what do they mean when they say, make america great again? i think some people have straightforward economic answers and some people have security answers, and they feel like it has a racial tinges or harking back to the past when there weren't equal rights for women. and i don't think that's what all trump supporter's believe. including myself that slogan has always begged the question, what do you mean by making it great again. and if that means going back to
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a time before equal protections for minorities and lgbt folks -- >> do you think that's what the president means when he says he wants to take equality away? >> it's hard to get in his head or -- >> has he done anything that you could point to, to say i think he would rather that women were not equal for example? >> i think he has pursued policies for example when it comes to the lgbt community or for transgendered soldiers that do hearken back to a time for folks in those communities had as much protection. his administration has tried to roll back parts of the voting rights act. >> you know that they would argue that they have other reasons for that. i'm just putting that out there. >> the language he uses when it comes to immigrants, when it comes to hispanics, when it comes to even white nationalists, go back to charlottesville. i don't know what's in the
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president's heart. i know that some of his supporters take "make america great again and here in that at times that there were more equal protections. >> he's getting ready to walk out, stand by. president trump is now on the stage, it is 7:21 p.m. in grand rapids, michigan. taking his way out to the soundtrack that he usually likes to have at these rallies as they get moving. obviously as we have said, michigan is a very important state in any parts presidential election. he won michigan by less than 1%. very tight race, and they attributed that to going places in in michigan. and that was one of the reasons they said they would flip it.
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and there are issues with the automobile manufacturers and farmers who have felt the pinch of the trade fight that has been going on with china, so some of them may be people that might need to be persuaded or, who he might want to speak directly here tonight. one of the things obviously that we are going to be watching is how much time he spends on that victory laugh that we were just discussing with president trump. he painted the picture that obviously he would want to take a bit of a victory lap and he did get an outcome in the bar that are based the molar muellr report. the crowd here has been gathered for several hours and, but how much time does he spend on that,
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and it, what he wants to focus on this week, he has turned back to health care and said that he does want to see republicans come up with an alternative health plan to obamacare. and he said it's a disastrous plan and found people to do just that. rick scott is among them, the senator from wyoming is among them. that is going to be a big issue as we move forward today. let's listen to the president. >> president trump: thank you
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very much grand rapids, it's great to be back. right here in america's heartland. you know that, right? with the hardworking patriots from the great state of michiga michigan. by the way, we are bringing a lot of those car companies back. they are coming back, pouring back in. they are coming back fast. this has been an incredible couple of weeks. the economy is worrying, the
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i.c.e. -- is defeated 100%. and after three years of lies and smears and slander, the russia hoax is finally dead. the colors and is over. the special counsel completed in shreveport and found no collusion and no obstruction. i could have told you that two and a half years ago very easil easily. total exoneration, complete
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vindication. it's interesting. robert mueller was a god, and they'd like them so much right now. the crazy attempt by the democrat party and the fake news media right back there. the have had in a long time may be right from the beginning.
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this is nothing more than a sinister effort to undermine our historic election victory and to sabotage the will of the american people and this is the one we want. we want ourselves, we want us, and that's what we got. we came from all over to vote and they've never taken it away from us. our movement took on the political establishment, the corrupt media, and it has never been more corrupted than it is today. and many special interests.
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and they are very tough to take out. the russia winch hunt was a plan by those who lost the election to try to illegally regain power by framing innocent americans, many of them. they suffered. with an elaborate hoax. they wanted to destroy the movement like our country has never seen before. these people thought that wasn't true, they would be right again. they've never seen anything like it and nobody has in this country's history and in most countries histories, there has never been anything like what we did in 2016. on november 8th.
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we defeated a very corrupt establishment and we kept our promise to the american people and it is driving them crazy. today our movement and our country are thriving. their fraud has been exposed and the credibility of those who pushed this hoax is forever broken. and they have no big problems. harm done to our country, think of what they have done, think of
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the time wasted. despite this terrible cloudy, this phony, corrupt, disgusting cloud, we have done more together in the first two years than any administration in the history of our country. this group of major losers did not just ruthlessly attack me. and everyone who questioned their lives. they tried to divide our country to poison the national debate and to tear up the fabric of our great democracy. the greatest anywhere in the world. they did it all because they
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refused to really accept the results, of 1 of the greatest presidential elections, probably number one in our history. many people were badly hurt by this scam, but more importantly our country was hurt. our country was hurt. and they are on artificial respirators right now. they are getting mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. little pencil necked adam schif schiff.
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he has the smallest, thinnest neck i've ever seen. he is not a long ball hitter but i saw today, we don't really know but there still could have been some russia collisions. sick, sick. these are sick people and there has to be accountability because it is all lies and they know it. jerry nadler, i have been fighting him and for many years he was a congressman from a and manhattan. i had to beat him many, many times, can you believe it. i want every record in the
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history of the trump organization. and what do you have to fight, justify, a mistake must have been made. these people are sick. [cheers and applause] sick. every single deal, every single paper. the media bosses, they are bad people. the crooked journalist, the totally dishonest tv pundits. and by the way, they know it's not true. they just got great ratings.
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by the way, their ratings dropped through the floor last night, did you see that? [cheers and applause] and our friends, tucker, sean, laura, through the roof last night. and all of the current and former officials that paid for, promoted and perpetuated the single greatest hoax in the history of politics in our country. they have to be -- i'm sorry, they have to be accountable.
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just think of it. a fake dirty dossier, millions and millions of dollars paid for by who? they failed in one way. can you believe it? maybe i got lucky. they published and printed all of these horrible law lies, they
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couldn't get any of the media to print it. thank you very much, i appreciate it. you never know. [cheers and applause] that could make a difference, but they wouldn't print it. and i tell you what, on that score i give the media a lot of credit. it came out after the election and everyone had a big fat yonder. i heard about russia, they say something about russia. i said russia, what does that have to do? i hear, were you involved in russia? and i said russia, what does
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that have to do with russia? i go up to wisconsin, and he didn't go. and bill clinton said he was in wisconsin. you better get up there, there are a lot of signs up there. better get up there darling. and wisconsin, they don't come to a place called michigan. michigan. and bill clinton said, you know i was in michigan, you better get to michigan, it's not looking good. they have so many of those signs every place i look, michigan
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hasn't been lost in decades by the dams, hasn't been lost, and if you remember this was my last stop. [cheers and applause] [cheers and applause] >> president trump: this was it. and i will never forget, this was a spur of the moment because i heard crooked hillary and bill barack obama, and michelle. they were all headed here in the last moment, they had a tiny little crowded. and i had -- i'd like to say more but i can't have more than this, because every seat is gone and outside you are 25,000
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people. [cheers and applause] and i remember leaving and i said, i had 32,000 people including the people outside, i will tell you we have more tonight because outside we have even more than we do here. and i started speaking at 1:00 in the morning, so it's no election day. i actually said, am i allowed to do this? it's 1:00 in the morning, i had made six beaches and when i said she was coming here, i said, you know what? what the heck. so it was spur of the moment, last second, and we had 32,000
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people including all of the people outside. so i said, let me ask. and she explained, why am i going to lose michigan. why? [cheers and applause] i was asking my people. i get home at 4:00 in the morning and i told our great first lady, soon to be first lady -- and she's doing a great job. i said you know i had this incredible crowd and i didn't start speaking until 1:00 in the morning. i said it, how can i lose michigan, and guess what? we didn't lose michigan. [cheers and applause]
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and you know what? we didn't lose wisconsin, eithe either. and we won a lot of places, we won pennsylvania, we won north carolina, we won florida, we ran the east coast. and we won iowa, you better believe we won iowa. we won a lot. we won three oh 6-223. would you say that's good? i would say it is. remember they said there is no way that they have the election. and there is no way to 270.
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i was a little short, and, they were dying. it will be a very short evening for donald trump. there is no way and they were right. but in this country, and in this country, we are not criminalizing political differences. we do not abuse the
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law enforcement intelligence power to target our political opponents. and they spied on the campaign. the single greatest political hoax, and, they tried to make something great away from peopl people. they came from the mountains, they came out of the rivers. i don't know what they do at the river but they came from the cities. they came and didn't even know these people existed. they are hardworking, successful, they are the smartest people, the toughest people, the most loyal people.
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they are the smartest. there is the elite. i said it last night. they are the elite, i'm not. but i have a better education, i'm smarter than them, i went to the best schools. much more beautiful house, much more beautiful apartment. much more beautiful everything. and, then they say the elite, the elite. they are not elite, you are the elite. we are the elite.
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nd aers a them, so-and-so -- then you see this guy. we are the elite. you are smarter and sharper, you are loyal and lots tougher. so we can't have two different standards of justice in our country, one where the left wing radical establishment can get away with anything they want. but you know, i have to tell you, i set it last night. we have some great, great friends in the media, too. if you look at rush and sean and laura and steve and tucker and janine. janine is back. she was back on saturday night.
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and even greg likes me now. he started a little slow but he likes me now. we have a lot of great support, we really do. lots of great support, more than you think. but when we really have to support, whatever they are pulling, they are pulling out for us. so the russia hoax proves more than ever. that we need to finish exactly what we came here to do. drain the swamp. [cheers and applause] the democrats have to now decide whether they will continue
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defrauding the public with ridiculous -- [cheers and applause] partisan investigations, or ways that they will apologize to the american people. and it join us to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure. bringing down the cost of health care and prescription drugs and, they are coming along really well. we have our team right now in china, they just arrived. they've gone up and they've gone down but we want them to be happy and healthy. they are building that wall.
4:48 pm
building. we had to go down a little bit of a different path, but that's okay. national emergency it is, and if you look at the border and the hundreds of thousands of people that are invading, or at least trying to invading, we are building it and, it's better and better. it's better and faster and less expensive.
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and also much more beautiful. >> we are building it very rapidly and it's moving along. a lot of it was in shape, and that's $0.25 from the dolla dollar. even if you rip it down and win a brand-new wall, they call that a renovation. they do anything they can to -- they do whatever they can to make it look not so good. we are really doing well but we have a problem. our country has never done better economically, and people are trying to get in. they have to come in legally, and they have to come in based
4:50 pm
on merit. based on merit. [cheers and applause] despite all that we have been forced to endure every day, we are working and fighting and winning. remember that. because we are making america great again, and we are making it great for all americans, all americans. and it's getting to be that time. it very. maga country. he said he was attacked by maga country.
4:51 pm
ever hear that one? maybe the only time i have ever agreed with the mayor of chicago right there. it's a terrible situation. that's an embarrassment not only to chicago but it's an embarrassment to our country, and what took place there. remember that. but they are looking at it. we are delighted to be joined this evening by some really incredible people, people that love you. embers of congress, bill high's anger. is bill? bill huizinga her. where is he? you didn't get a very good location. you didn't get a good bill, you didn't get a great location but
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we have some news. john mullen are. thank you, john. and jack bergman. thank you, jack. so here is something good. in honor of those guys, and some of your other representatives and all that we think are fantastic, we have some breaking news. i don't know, can you handle it? i don't think you can. i support the great lakes. they are beautiful, they are big and very deep, record deepness, right? and i'm going to get in honor of my friends, full funding of $300 million for the great lakes restoration initiative. which you have been trying to
4:53 pm
get for over 30 years. so we will get it done. it's time. it's time. you've been trying to get 30 yes time. also, and as you know, this one you already have pretty much locked up. i say locked up, and you understand that. because we are very close to getting started on the beautiful new sue locks that people have wanted to build for a very long time. we are very close to finishing that one off. and by the way, don't let your new democrat governor -- or
4:54 pm
don't let -- [boos] don't let the people that fought us all the way take credit for that. we are also joined this evening by the speaker of the michigan house, lee chatfield. thank you. a person who is doing a fantastic job, g.o.p. chairwoman, laura cox. and a woman that you know very well, she headed up michigan. they said she was wasting her time and it trump is never going to win michigan. but i said, i'm going to bring back your auto business, remember? and i did. and when we won, i said who is
4:55 pm
that woman, i want to see her. and we put her in charge of the rnc, republican national committee. ronna mcdaniel. and a friend of mine, very shy but very rich, he shouldn't be shy. he's one of the biggest builders and real estate people in the world. one of the biggest owners -- i shouldn't introduce him because you guys won't like him because he's a big owner of property but, you own property. he just owns more of it then you do. and he's a great guy and he's been with me from the beginning. stanley tara. beautiful buildinn manhattan. how much did you make this mont month? stanley is a great guy, he's
4:56 pm
been with us all. he loves you and he's been with us from the beginning. you wouldn't believe, without a lot of support. we've embarked on an unprecedented economic revival, unprecedented. america is now the hottest economy anywhere on the planet earth, there is nobody close. since our election when, the stock market is up almost 50%. your wife or your husband is saying, darling, you are such a great investor. how are we doing? we are up 67%. and your whole life you've been criticized by her or him but all of a sudden they think you are the single greatest investor.
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thank you, donald. by the way, if you want to see those 401(k)s and all of your stocks and all of the things, and you want to see them deflate, put a good socialist in this position. go get yourself a good socialist, you will see some deflation. you will see a nice deflate of your stocks and your bonds and your 401(k)s. we have created since my election 5.5 million new jobs. nobody would have believed that was possible. including 600,000 brand-new -- remember this couldn't happen. you would need a magic wand. brand-new manufacturing jobs. how did that happen? we weren't going to have any
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new -- it was going down. 600,000 and it was going to be increasing by a law to because you have a lot of companies pouring into michigan under other great states. more manufacturing jobs in fact were created in 2018 then in more than 21 years, that's not bad. and that's not even one of our better statistics. that's actually at the bottom of the pack. can you believe it? after years of stagnation, wages are rising fast. remember i used to say that people made more money 21 years ago and they had one job. then they did -- this is two or three years ago. but now wages are rising. you have your choice of jobs, like i got choice for the
4:59 pm
veterans, also got choice for people wanting jobs. so wages are rising substantially for those people. you are doing great. but they are also rising most quickly for the lowest income americans. first time in decades. and here is the statistic that i love because blue-collar jobs recently grew at the fastest pace in more than 30 years. who would have thought. unemployment has reached the lowest rate in 51 years and as soon it will be in the history of our country. 51 years.
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to me, very important, you should have criticized that and i said, what's true. >> they have reached the lowest rates ever recorded in the history of our country. [cheers and applause] and you remember in the last election, they said donald trump will not do well with women. and i said, really?


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