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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  March 28, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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of our country. 51 years. to me, very important, you should have criticized that and i said, what's true. >> they have reached the lowest rates ever recorded in the history of our country. [cheers and applause] and you remember in the last election, they said donald trump will not do well with women. and i said, really?
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all of the fake news, they said he will not do well with women. and maybe they didn't want to say that they liked me, to be honest and that i can understand. then the election came, and they say whatever happened to the fact that he wasn't going to do well with women? because we did really well with women. right? [cheers and applause] remember when there was -- they were sitting back, a couple of them were crying. one of the true killers, she was crying not from happiness. but i produced, because women filled more than 60% of all new jobs created last year.
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60%. that means the men better get moving folks, they are falling behind. they are beating you pretty good. the women have 60% of all new jobs and that's an incredible number. we have cut the greatest number of regulations in two years in the history of our country. not for two years in the history of our crying. that's one of the things helping us. and the united states, people aren't going to believe this, it all happened very recently, it's now the number one oil and gas producer in the world. number one. by the way, russia is not happy about that.
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but they are fine. they are doing just fine but they are not happy about that. if hillary got in, he wouldn't have that stat. if it doesn't blow, you can forget about television for that night. darling, if you want to watch television, i'm sorry, the wind isn't going. glowing. i know a lot about wind. we passed massive tax cuts, the biggest in the history of our country. and very importantly, for those people with small farms and businesses, we got rid of the
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death tax for the estate tax. so now when you leave your farm or small business, you or your children -- on the assumption you like the children, some people don't. under any circumstances, i can't stand my kids. but for those of you that do come which i assume is hopefully a vast majority, you don't have an estate tax to pay. they can take over your farm, take over your business, they don't have to mortgage it to the hilt, then the bank comes in five years later takes it away from your kids. no taxes. [cheers and applause] we eliminated the obamacare individual mandate. the most unpopular part, and
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hopefully in the court, in texas you heard we won the case and now it has to be appealed, and now we will go to the united states supreme court. we almost did it but somebody unfortunately surprised us. but we will do it a different way. we will do it a different way. we got rid of the individual mandate, where you were forced to pay a lot of money for the privilege of not having to buy bad health care. so i said at the other day, the republican party will become the party of great health care. it's good, it's important. and we've created new options to help americans purchase affordable health plans all across state lines. you now have options you would
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have never i had to. the democrats are pushing socialist, government run health care, advanced private health insurance for 180 million americans. now think of it. a lot of you have private plans and they are great. they are great and you want that. they want to take them away, that's not going to work. republicans want used to have an affordable plan that is just right for you. and by the way, you can use your doctor, remember that? that was a lie. 28 times. 28 times he said, that was a li lie. you get cheaper premiums and much lower deductibles. deductibles are so high, on average $7,000. you don't get to use that unless a really great tragedy hits and then you really don't want it. you would be in a position to
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say, who cares about this. let's see if i can live. we believe that no one in america should be bankrupted by health care costs and that's what's happening with obamacare. and remember this, because it's very important, and i'm speaking now for the republican party. we will always protect patients with pre-existing conditions, always. my administration has also begun the bold initiative to reduce the price of prescription drugs. and in 2018, drug prices saw their first decline in 46 years. first time. and they will be coming down a lot. this is the first time in 46 years that prescription drugs came down.
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even stanley like that because he needs plenty of them. and then we passed a va choice and the va accountability. they've been trying to get va choice for over 40 years. we signed it six months ago, and now instead of waiting online for one 11 day, one week, two months, people that were okay but not feeling well, waiting so long they have become terminally ill, there was no reason for it. now they go outside and they see a private doctor, we pay the bill and they get better quickl quickly. [cheers and applause] and for 46 years, va
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accountability, you couldn't fire anybody. they were rough, and they wouldn't have hit them in prime time by the way. not in prime time. they would say, i don't want to touch you. they took advantage of people that are our great heroes that protected us and you couldn't fire them. they stole, they robbed, it didn't matter what you did it, you couldn't fire them. it's called accountability. we passed seven months ago today, we passed va accountability. you hurt our vets and you stole from us? guess what, you are fired. get out. [cheers and applause] and to give former prisoners a
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second chance, i probably signed groundbreaking criminal justice reform into law. they've been trying to do that for so many years. some of the people that most supported it are the most conservative people you've ever seen. both sides, very bipartisan believe it or not for a change. but, while we are pushing and pursuing all of these common sense policies to advance the common good, for our citizens, democrats are pushing a cynical and destructive agenda of radicalism, resistance, and revenge. what do you think of this, sign is resist.
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you look into have -- you say what does that mean? no, we want to do legislation, with so many things we can be doing. together, $100 trillion government takeover, called the green new deal. but i would rather not talk about it tonight. because i don't want to talk about it -- talk them out of it too soon. because i love campaigning against the green new deal. i want to make that a big part of their platform. no more airplanes, one car per
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family. how do you like that? i don't think one car per family in michigan plays too well. do you agree? and it's got to be of course an electric car, even if it only goes, what, 160 miles? what do you do, it's 160 miles darling, where do i get a charge? we want to have a lot of cars, we want people to leave a great life, and we want all of these companies to keep coming to michigan. we had a problem because when they didn't want the airplanes, they were saying, how do you get to europe?
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nobody knew. how do you get to get to australia? nobody knew. but they are working on it. they were interviewing this woman from hawaii, the senator. the one that was so vicious about justice gore such kavanad justice gorsuch. by the way, do we love justice gorsuch and justice kavanaugh? and they hit her. what do you think of the green new deal? it was just put up by the democrats. well, i like it very much but she never saw it. and then they said, you can't fly anymore. and she's in hawaii. she said but how would i get to
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my island? and they said we are working on some kind of train system. so she said okay, then i am for it, 100%. it's the craziest thing i've ever seen. they want to rip down all of the buildings in manhattan, let's do that. hey stanley, how do you like that idea? i don't think -- it's the craziest thing. it's like they attacked so violently, pocahontas. and i knocked her out of the race, i guess. and i said what do i do that for? it's too early. i have to start in about nine months from now. we have plenty more to knock out, you are right. they just keep coming. before i the oath of office, the united states on the mobile
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industry is decimated and it was going down. and you people with better than anybody else. we lost one in four auto manufacturing jobs over the last few decades. think of it, one in four. and i think the numbers are worse than that and so do you. we talked about cafe standards, where they were choking engines, and we had a great meeting and we took historic and dramatic action to save the american auto industry, and to defend american autoworkers right here in michigan.
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and in the very last short period of time, we have added another 6,000 vehicle manufacturing and auto parts jobs in michigan alone. and, they can't do that anymore. and, and mexico as the toughest immigration laws in the world. catch and release. and then you have to release them. think of it. the visa lottery. you are in a lottery system from these countries, you pick up the
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name. isn't that nice? guess what, do you think they are giving us their best people? no they are not. they are giving us their worst people and so would you and so would i. visa lottery, that's another beauty. we have nothing but bad coming out of those laws and you know the good thing about what's happening, the rest of the border. mexico could stop them, so if you know what, if they don't it will cost them a lot of money because they could do it so easily. and if they don't, and i'm telling you right now, they will close the border.
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and i don't know if you know it or not, michigan, but mexico took about 30% of your car business. when i was here, when i'm here and they are not. if we close the border that means we are not taking those cars into our country. what does that mean? that means we will make more cars right here in the good old u.s. of a. that's what that means. it's all very simple. people try to make it complicated. that was the job killing sovereignty wrecking transpacific partners which would decimate your industry. that's why one of my very first acts in office was to withdraw
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our country from that horrible potentially disastrous trade deal. and stopped the off shoring of michigan jobs. saved a lot of jobs, that was a disaster, that could have been almost as bad as nafta, one of the worst trade deals of the world. her empty factories are still all over the place, they still haven't recovered from nafta and nafta will be a thing of the past. soon. we had a huge surplus with mexico. we lost over the last six or seven years with mexico, $100 billion. before and after, we made 40-50000000000 which doesn't
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sound like too good of a deal. so we have right now the usmca and it's very good if the democrats want to raise their hand. it's a hard thing for them to give us a victory, but otherwise we don't go to prenafta. so that was okay with me. a time later, i traveled to detroit to cancel burdensome regulations that unfairly harmed the motor city which was getting decimated. we renegotiated the u.s. trade agreement to double the american auto exports to korea. they doubled them, and we were not happy about it. and to stop the cheap foreign pickup trucks from flooding our market. you know why? because we have a chicken tax, we have a tariff, 25%. they can't come in here and take away your business and take away
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your jobs. they weren't thrilled but that's okay. under my administration, we live by two simple rules. by american, and higher america american. and we are already seeing the results. since the election we have created 55,000 brand-new motor vehicle auto parts jobs in our country. 55,000. the out chrysler just announced a $4.5 billion investment in michigan, including the first new auto plant in detroit and over a generation. [cheers and applause] and they are going to be investing in our country
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$13.5 billion over a very short period for just announced a $1 billion investment just outside of chicago as well as additional $900 million going right here in michigan. i have been a little bit disappointed with them because everyone else is coming in but general motors did just announced a $300 million investment at its assembly plant here in michigan, right now. but i am also fighting with general motors and the uaw to take swift action on the gm plants at hamtramck and warren, michigan, and lordstown, ohio. get the plants open, everyone else is coming in. get them open now.
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so with companies like chrysler and ford and toyota and volkswagen, all investing heavily in america, and heavily in the state of michigan, we think general motors will soon be doing the same. i really do believe that. they went, before my time they went to china and they spent a lot of money building stuff. they went to mexico and spent a lot of money building stuff and that's not helping us much. so we think they are going to come around. as we protect our jobs, we are also protecting just north of the border. they are radical extremist democrats who want open borders and crime. because that's what happens. last month alone, more than 76,000 illegal immigrants arrived at our borders to be
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apprehended. we have to apprehend them. do you know what a great job -- think of it. 76,000 people, many of which are rough people. i'm being nice because they will criticize me if i'm not. they will say how dare he say that. but we have people that have criminal records, we have a lot of people and a lot of problems, we apprehend them. we capture them. do you know how tough that job is, border patrol? i don't think any of you -- well that guy would like it. and it's been, these are great american patriots. and we are on track for a million illegal aliens trying to rush our borders. it is an invasion, you know that. i say invasion and they say, isn't that terrible? i don't know what these people are thinking. it's your country, to 300
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americans per week die from mexican traffic heroin. 300. think of it, 300 per week. tens of thousands of americans are killed every year by heroin. meth, cocaine, fence and all, vast quantities. 78,000 people died and that is a number that is much, much smaller than the real number. to confront the border crisis last month, i declared a national emergency on our southern border. the radical democrats retaliated by passing a reckless resolution to terminate vital border security operations. can you believe this? and two weeks ago i probably
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issued my first veto. and two days ago our great republicans in the house of representatives, i will get fancy with you but i will just say they essentially gave us the right to build the wall, and lots of money pouring in. so we are building the wall and we will be finishing the wall. it's moving along rapidly. we are giving out many additional contracts and we will be building it in many different locations simultaneously with different contractors. and sometime over the next two weeks i will be going to a certain place which i won't tell you now, because they will be waiting for me. i will be going to a certain place and that we will be showing you vast sections of brand-new beautiful wall,
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because we are going to put the jobs, the safety and the security of american citizens first. you know when i campaign, it will be so much easier the second time. remember this. i've never done this before and on one and one. we are 141. i get up on the stage and i've never deviated before. meaning we bore winning the whole time, and i said, where are these people coming from? but i never did it and i never said to anybody, i'm going to produce jobs. i will bring back your auto business. i will do great events, great for tax cuts, i will cut
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regulations more than anybody in the regular's and of our country. i did say that i was going to do it, but who is going to believe me? now i have done more than i ever promised i was going to do so the debates could be very easily. democrats want to pretend there is no border crisis. thank you. i will give you a question. so i call you before, the lowest unemployment rates in the history of our country, or african-american rate citizens now i say that, and it's like, i say that and i'll just say, your turn.
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what are they going to do to beat that? we have many other things for every single sorenson, everybody is benefiting, everybody. everybody is benefiting. so, before the first election, my first election, i never did it before but i did a good job, do you agree? and so you will. the fact is we did it together and i've always said, i didn't do it, we did it together. but think about that. now instead of saying, i'm going to do this, i'm going to produce 5.5 million new jobs, i'm going to bring back manufacturing, 600,000 new jobs in a short period of time, now i've done it. it should be easy, don't you agree? democrats want to pretend that there is no border crisis.
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for one simple reason, because they have caused the border crisis. and you know why else honestly? because they want to boats and because they don't want to give us the win. they put that ahead of what is good for a country. the mass illegal immigration across our border is a direct consequence of democrats supported loopholes. democrat promises of amnesty. amnesty. you have people coming up -- they are all met by the lawyers, and they have come out. they are all met by the lawyers and they say, say the following phrase. i am very afraid for my life. and then i look at the guy and he looks like he just got out of the ring. he's the heavyweight champion of the world, he's a freshman.
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it's a big fat con job. and it democrat sanctuary cities and their refusal to protect american borders, it's not the money. when i fought for them recently, they gave me so much money for everything else, but nothing for the wall. think of it. walls work, folks. we need the wall. they said, would you call it slats? i said i'll call it slots. they said call it steel barriers. i said i will call it whatever you want, just give me the money to build it. then they got cold feet and now i call it the wall and i got the money anyway so that's okay. [cheers and applause] but, they are open border policy are truly a betrayal to the american people. this is dangerous what's coming into our country, it's
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dangerous. dangerous. to defend the united states of america i deployed the united states military. i got thousands of troops. right now we have about 4,000 troops on our southern border and they are fantastic. and think of it. for years, we defended the borders of foreign countries but we don't want to defend their own borders. we are defending the borders of countries that are 6,000 miles away, that many of you have never even heard the name of these countries but, our southern border, our border along mexico where we have a lot of problems and drugs and human traffickers, and child traffickers, and all of this coming in, we don't want to defend our border. think of how crazy that is. so now, we are defending our
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borders for our country and the people of our country. in the last two years alone, i.c.e. officers -- we love i.c.e. have made 266,000 arrests of criminal aliens. who wants to do that, you don't want to do that, right? if you like what you are doing, making cars, right? i like making cars better, too. but they like it, that's what they do and they are great at it. including those charged and convicted of nearly 100,000 assaults, 30,000 sex crimes, 4,000 kidnappings and 4,000 murders. we got them. what if you don't get them, what if you leave -- all of those people, you just leave them. you know what that means for our
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country? but democrats want to abolish i.c.e., they want to get rid of these very tough people that love our country as much as anybody i have ever seen. they want violent defenders free and directly, they will be coming into your communities. we are not having it. we want our country to be a sanctuary for law-abiding americans, not for criminal aliens. right? [cheers and applause] the republican party will always stand with the heroes of i.c.e. and the heroes of border patrol. these are great people. every day i.c.e. is tracking down gang members, drug dealers and criminal aliens, and we are either throwing them behind bars or throwing them out of our
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country. and we are throwing out gangs like ms-13. these are some of the sickest most demented and vicious people in the world. we are throwing them out of our country by the thousands. in recent months, the democrat party has also been aggressively pushing extreme late-term abortion, allowing children to be ripped from their mother's womb right up until the moment of birth. and now, we go a step further in virginia. the governor stated even allow a
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newborn baby wrap the baby up, make the baby comfortable, to be executed. after birth. and that is why in my state of the union address, i called congress to immediately pass legislation prohibiting the extreme late-term abortion of babies. [cheers and applause] the democrat party has never been further outside of the mainstream. they are being brought so far left, you wouldn't like it folks, you won't be happy. radical democrats are the party of high taxes, open borders, late-term abortion, crime, hoaxes and delusions. the republican party is the
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party for all americans, it's what we want to be and it's the way we want to live. we are the party of the american workers, the american family, and we are the party of the american dream. and every day we make good on the motto promises made, promises kept. last week, i signed an order to defend free speech on college campuses. and to keep america safe, we are rebuilding america's military, making it more powerful than ever before, by far.
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i withdrew the united states from the horrible, costly, one-sided iran nuclear deal, and look what happened. iran is a different country than it was two and a half years ago. i recognized israel's capital and opened the american embassy in jerusalem. just days ago i announced that the united states recognized israel's sovereignty over on the golan heights. they recognized the government of venezuela and they strongly come condemned the socialist brutality of the maduro regime.
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we stand with venezuela, cuba, nicaragua, and they're right struggle to finally be free. we stand with them. socialism is not a good thing. each of us here tonight is united by the same time as values. and the american rule of law. we believe in the dignity of work and the sanctity of life. we believe that faith and family, not government and bureaucracy are the true american way. we believe in religious liberty, the right to free speech, and the right to keep and bear arms.
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we believe that children should be taught to love our country, to honor our history, to be proud to come to be happy, to love, and always to respect our great american flag. and we believe in the words, and always will. we are not changing it.
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it's not happening, of our national motto, in god we trust. these are traditions, customs and principles. these are the values that unite people all across the magnificent land of michigan. these are the values that brought the incredible people to this incredible state of grand rapids, for the very last rally of the 2016 campaign, probably the most exciting and hopefully the most fruitful campaign in the history of our country. [cheers and applause]
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on that sordid day, they shipped away your jobs, sold out your sovereignty and tied us down in endless foreign wars. you stood up to the corrupt special interests, and you stood up to the rigged washington power structure. you watched this rigged power structure, you are with me and i won't forget it and you will be very proud looking back that you did it. [cheers and applause] you took back your country.
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you recaptured your destiny. you defended your dignity, and you proudly reclaimed your freedom. maybe for the second time. you have always been loyal to your nation and now you have a president who is loyal to you, 100%. [cheers and applause] the democrats took the people of michigan for granted but with us, you will never, ever be forgotten again. you will never be taken for granted ever, ever, ever.
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i am fighting for you and your jobs, and your life and your community, with everything that i have. and i will never, ever stop. we are winning so big, nobody ever thought it could happen. [cheers and applause] we will always fight on to victory. together, we are going to make our beautiful stand we are going to stand for justice, for sovereignty and for the sacred rights given to us by the hand of almighty god. [cheers and applause] we are one united movement, one united people, and one united states of america.
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[cheers and applause] because together, with the very proud and very truly incredible and inspiring people of michiga michigan, we will make america wealthy again. and we are doing it. we will make america strong again. we will make america safe again. and we will make america great again. thank you. thank you very much. thank you, michigan. [cheers and applause] ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to
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"tucker carlson tonight." that was a president of the united states speaking to reporters in grand rapids, michigan. his speech went about an hour and 20 minutes, a wide range as always. funny in parts and bellicose in others. author and columnist and probably our all-time favorite guest mark steyn joins us tonight and he has been watching for a reaction and recap. what did you think? >> well, ending with, you can't always get what you want which should be the new cnn and msnbc and theme tune after robert mueller managed to nuke collusion as it were. you know tucker, you've been through some tough times and i've been through some tough times and there were times where you actually want to have just a good old-fashioned globe fest over your slain enemies. in fact if anything, the president was a rather restrained, apart from some references to pencil next and little slippers, he was actually rather restrained on sticking it
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to the enemies, he managed to vanquish after these two long years. >> tucker: picture him with his boot on the chest of the vanquished and a mug of meat in hand and howling of the night sky, that's how it was, wasn't it? >> that was part of it. i have to say, i won't bore any of your viewers, but it was a terrible day hold up in the courtroom today and when i came out, your producer said you have to watch this drop speech, it starts in about 10 minutes. and i said i just want to go to bed. but it's actually fantastic because in about 15 minutes i forgot the lousy court business and i was howling with laughter. the president of the united states has developed a totally unique rhetorical style that connects with live audiences. he says things that nobody else
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on earth could get away with saying, when he is talking about the elites, and he says i have a bigger more beautiful house than they have and, when he says, i love the great lakes. they are great, they are big, they are deep. amazing deepness. i have actually heard serious so-called intellectuals at the new yorker and "new york times," but it's actually a unique rhetorical style that makes every other politician just seem fake and boring, and he has that going for him on the eve of the new presidential season. >> tucker: that's what i was struck by as well, the reference he is he made to that season. he seems all into me, to run again. >> i think there is no doubt that he enjoys it and i think, in a sense, when he attracts
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your attention as elizabeth warren did, basically the minute he is settled on you and he has an attitude on you, it's like he is running around in your brain all day long. so he's standing up there. elizabeth warren was taken seriously as a prospective presidential candidate two years ago. he is there, he's doing his poker hugs with skaggs and he's regretting that he mocked her too early so that his insult has knocked her out of the race. you've actually got to be pretty cool to be able to just stand there and do that. and as you can see the relish that he is having and coming up with the perspective, we already see that with alexandria ocasio-cortez, when he says he won't be able to watch television because there will be no when that night.
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, the fact is, i've heard people say, this isn't a speech. but he's actually not, he's just riffing on the day's news. it goes back to the very first time i saw him live, where you he came out. that was about a week before iowa and new hampshire 2016. he had no message discipline whatsoever. and he just riffs on the news, and he's actually funnier than late-night talk show hosts, the 200 strong writing teams. he's standing there doing it and it's natural to him. the one unbelievable. mark steyn, welcome back from court, never plead to collusion. >> i think collusion is a word that he actually drove a stake
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through. >> tucker: mark steyn, thank you. as you just heard and if you saw it, you knew, the rally was an upbeat event. it's good news, the president is not a traitor. but the news is a disaster for the democratic party. democrats are planning to read that conspiracy theory to victory in the election next year. they were so certain that trump was guilty of collusion that they installed their party's chief collusion monger at the head fund-raiser for the democrats in congress. adam schiff was planning to spend the next 18 months writing direct mail pieces about espionage and the kremlin and don jr. going to jail. robert mueller foiled his plans but now, he's back on the house intelligence committees. and, he is none of those things. no matter how absurd, he doesn't
5:52 pm
believe and repeats wholeheartedly. >> there is significance evidence of collusion, there is ample evidence, and indeed there is, of collusion of people in the trump campaign with the russians. there's plenty of evidence of collusion and conspiracy. >> that report has been tough on people who have said things like that. you might think they would be hiding under the bed or begging for forgiveness, or at least not saying anything for a couple of years. but no, they are still talking. adam schiff is first among them. he believes in collusion as fervently as he ever has. conspiracy is true. >> from the public, you might think it's okay. you might think that's okay. i think it's immoral, i
5:53 pm
unpatriotic and yes, i think it's corrupt. evidence of collusion. >> tucker: on immoral, unethical and unpatriotic. he went on and on like a mental patient screening a car is in an intersection. at one point he pointed to wikileaks as proof of russian collusion. the intel committee handles most of the information our government produces, it's not a place for crazy people. not a good idea to have one of the home. he's not mentally competent for it. >> that's a manner consistent with resignation of the chairman committee. >> he's a republican, and he
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joins us. thanks so much. i can't ever remember them calling for a resignation of the chairman. >> you have adam schiff, and on the committee. this is a serious committee but you don't know the members because they kind of work under the cover of darkness. they are focused on iran and north korea and china and terrorists, and it's very bipartisan, working at to keep america safe. but you have adam schiff up there who is not taking the bob mueller report who he said is a gold standard and he is not accepting it. he's out there trying to undo the election from 2016. if you look at all the crazy commentators that got it wrong, even look at klapper and, they
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went on tv and spewed the lives of russian collusion. the only one who is still getting daily briefings or daily jobs who was intelligent was adam schiff. then, you go to the media and lie about that intelligence to promote the story of russia collusion. he's lost the confidence of the american people, and he needs to step down because he's not trusted anymore and we need to bring this committee back to one that works for the american people, give up the russian collusion. you have hollywood, you have big technology, the liberal media all trying to take down donald trump. we should be celebrating tonight that the american system actually works. an investigation happened and,
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the american system is alive and well in our country. that says something about your capacity for reason. and that's so true. congressman, thank you very much. the president actually addressed this during the speech. the question of the speech that you just gave in grand rapids, the question of whether the chairman of the house intelligence committee shouldst stay there. we will tell you exactly what he said, and it's worth waiting for. we will be back, after the break. ♪ ..
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>> president trump: little pencil neck adam schiff. >> tucker: the smallest neck i've ever seen. that is it for us tonight. we'll be back tomorrow a 8:00. sean hannity. >> sean: great show. wow! did you not love the rally if grand rapids? unbelievable. we have the highlights. if you missed it. welcome to "hannity." busy news night. rush limbaugh joining us and don jr. joining us, moments away. but first, donald trump wrapped up a massive rally in western michigan where 140,000 people wanted to go a 15,000 arena. he was touting his impressive record of accomplishments, the ones the media never talk about. despites facing political witch hunt for two years the president guided the country on the right path with regulations and tax cuts and
6:01 pm
energy independence for the first time in


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