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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  March 28, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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i guess that explains why fox news didn't get a democratic debate. actually asking questions beyond the vegan one. that's all the time we have tonight. i dropped a new podcast today. it's all about brexit. go shannon bream and the "fox news @ night" team take it from here. >> shannon: we begin tonight with a fox news alert. total exoneration, complete vindication. those are president trump's words, post-mueller victory lap beginning with a rally in michigan. predicting that fbi officials who authorized the secret surveillance warrants would soon have "big problems." stick around. we are live from michigan for highlights. the president goes after adam schiff again. the democrat at the helm of the house intelligence committee is not backing down. his vow to continue investigating the president. calls for schiff's resignation are growing.
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hello, i'm shannon bream in washington. kristin fisher reporting on the tone of tonight's rally with the president reaching for swing voters, firing up the base, trying to do both. we take you live to michigan with white house correspondent kevin corke. good evening, kevin. >> always good to be with you, shannon. to put it mildly, the president came out swinging, to use a boxing analogy. he threw a few punches that the media. he took took a cue hard left hk that the democrats and in particular i thought he really came out swinging gets what he e deep state. the president holds them all responsible for this so-called russian hoax. >> president trump: the russia witch hunt was that planned by those who lost the election to try and illegally regain power by framing innocent americans, many of them. they suffered with an elaborate hoax.
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the crazy attempt by the democratic party and the fake news media right back there. in the deep state. to overturn the results of the 2016 election. they have failed. >> as you see, the president was none too pleased. later on he, well, colorfully called out democrats for their lack of legislative action since the 2018 midterm election. >> president trump: the democrats have to decide whether they will continue defrauding the public with ridiculous [bleep] artisan investigations or ways they will apologize to the american people and join us to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure, help us fix our broken trade deals which are coming along really well.
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>> also i can tell you, shannon, don jr. was here tonight. he really got the crowd going. that was before the president hammered home his administration's success in helping to revitalize the auto sector right here in the great state of michigan. >> president trump: under my administration, we live by two simple rules. buy american and hire american. we are already seeing the results. fiat chrysler just announced a $4.5 billion investment in michigan. by the way, we are bringing a lot of those car companies back. remember i told you they're coming back. her pouring back in. >> okay, so the ap took issue with the idea of them pouring back in but fiat chrysler is one example. i can tell you it was quite the same tonight, almost like a campaign rally, may be on steroids. it was really something else.
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you may have noticed the crowd was quite raucous. 12,000 inside, more than 10,000 outside. may be a harbinger of things to come for the 2020 run-up. shannon. >> shannon: you know he loved being out there. he does journaling but now with the mueller report and the collusion thing behind him, he was deftly feeling it as we say. kevin, safe travels. president trump facing a choice, continue to celebrate being cleared of collusion and vowed to get the bottom of the origins of the russian investigation or visit the key issues voters care about. kristin fisher is here analyzing the strategy. >> shannon, the state president trump was in tonight, michigan, it's going to be a critical battleground the next election. in 2016, president trump became the first republican to win the state since 1984. a democrat won in the midterms.
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>> president trump: they spied on me. they spied on our campaign. >> from retaliation to a return to the issues. >> we are going to put the jobs, safety, and security of american citizens first. >> we got a taste of the lanes president trump could take in his post-mueller presidency. many republicans believe he has to choose between his revenge hungry base and the more policy starved swing voters. the latest fox news poll shows in head-to-head mate matchups, between 13 and 20% of voters are still up for grabs. that's what president trump should be focused on, according to new op-ed in "the wall street journal" from karl rove. "team trump should use the mueller report to pivot to issues like the economy and the opioid crisis that matter to swing voters who will decide the
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2020 president election." >> it's imperative while he has this political capital, especially after prevailing here and beating back the silent coup to take back every bit of political capital he is and use it on the border. >> president trump chose a different issue to highlight. >> president trump: the republican party will soon be known as the party of health care. >> four more years! >> tonight at his first rally since the end of the mueller investigation, the president just couldn't resist sticking it to his critics. >> president trump: they are on artificial respirators right now. they are getting mouth-to-mouth. speak of the question is which path will the president pick? he could try to do a bit of both as he did tonight but a lot of prominent republicans believe he should be going after the swing voters, shannon.
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his base is likely going to stick with him no matter what. >> shannon: it's a small percentage of the electorate who decides these big elections, so we'll see. president trump turning mueller's report into political advantage tonight but will he continue to use it on the 2020 campaign trail? time for tonight's power panel. marjorie clifton, the director of strategic communications for the trump 2020 campaign, marc lotter. guy benson. welcome. "the wall street journal" writes, karl rove writing "move on from robert mueller, mr. president." he said team trump should use the report to pivot to issues like the economy that matter to swing voters. the president should focus his time, voice, tweets on the roaring economy and bigger paychecks. i don't think he's going to resist the so-called victory lap. >> he probably shouldn't. i am all for pivoting to issues.
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i've always said i wished he was a bit more disciplined in his messaging and sticking to certainly the economy which is a high point of his presidency. this is a cloud that was manufactured that hung over the presidency for two years and now on the central question, robert mueller has said there was no collusion, no coordination with the russians. i think he is well within his rights to point that out to the american people loudly and often and point out the number of people who were wrong and frankly i don't necessarily think of a place right that it's politically bad advice either. there are plenty of independents out there who might've been looking at the president with a jaundiced eye, saying i'm not too excited about this russia thing. is he guilty? i'm not sure. now that he's exonerated on the major point, he might be able to bring them over while playing off the media that was so deeply dishonest and i think irresponsible throughout this entire imbroglio. >> shannon: he did talk about the media, as he always does but
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he talked about immigration and building a wall, the economy. here he is talking about what he says is the best to your start for any president probably in history. >> president trump: the economy is roaring. the isis caliphate is defeated 100%. [cheers and applause] and after three years of lies and smears and slander, the russia hoax is finally dead. >> shannon: marjorie, a lot of good talking points when it comes to the economy and record low unemployment. he does have some issues that he can campaign on. >> health care being one that he came right out of the gate surprising people on, that being one of the biggest issues where it came to what moved swing voters, its health care. democrats paid a lot of attention to that.
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if he's looking at targeting audiences, i think that's one that's frightened a lot of people. his approach was to repeal health care. what we know, the pre-existing ignitions clauses important to a lot of people. what is the plan for replacing? on the front of whether he continues on this mueller finding and his being exonerated, i think the thing he needs to take pause on is there is a 300 page report looming. while there weren't criminal charges, i think a lot of those independents karl rove and others are talking about are people who don't look at issues as black-and-white. that's kind of why they are independents. they are thinking about yes, there may not have been criminal charges but there was interference in the election by the russians. that's been proven. there are some pretty close ties to the campaign. it's still in the gray area. i would caution him ongoing to strong on that issue. >> shannon: mark, your
8:11 pm
official response. >> the president is going to continue to talk about all of the above because the lies that the democrats and many allies in the mainstream media for the last two and half years overshadowed so many great accomplishments in the economy, the defeat of isis over the weekend last weekend got scans coverage if any at all because of the focus on the mueller probe and the ag's letter. the president is going to talk about that. he's going to remind people they've been lied to for two years and then he's going to remind them about the economic success many of them haven't heard of. in michigan in the last two weeks, there've been about 7,000 auto jobs that have been announced that her coming back to michigan. some of those jobs are coming into our country that were planned outside of the country. these are great things for the president to celebrate. he's got a long time to be able to make this case, and i think as more and more americans are feeling the bigger paychecks, feeling more comfortable with those jobs, the low unemployment, the more and more
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were going to see people giving a fresh look at president trump and his record and why would you want to go to socialism? >> shannon: he brought that up tonight too. we want to talk about more of the rally with you guys if you will stick around and come back. thank you very much. pressure intensifies as republicans demand congressman adam schiff resigned, as he continues to insist despite the special counsel's findings, that there is "undoubtedly collusion." harry litman and andy mccarthy join us next to break it down. great news, liberty mutual customizes... uh uh, i deliver the news around here.
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>> shannon: calls for the democrat at the helm of the house intelligence committee, congressman adam schiff's resignation growing louder by the minute because of numerous comments he continues to make linking president trump to russian collusion. despite mueller's conclusion, schiff is not backing down.
8:17 pm
catherine herridge reports. >> i will not yield. >> all of us and i think we all should get -- >> i will not -- >> the routine congressional hearing turned ugly. >> past and present assertions and expose you of having abused your position to promote false information. >> according to democratic chairman, adam schiff, multiple media appearances. >> the cases more than that. i can't go into the particulars but there's more than circumstantial evidence. >> simultaneously release letter showed all house intelligence committee republicans want the chairman to step down. they say schiff's public statements carry more weight because of his access to highly classified information. >> we have no faith in your ability to discharge your duties in a matter consistent with your constitutional responsibility and urge your immediate resignation. >> the california congressman responded with force and anger, saying the trump campaign is guilty of bad acts, even if they
8:18 pm
don't rise to criminal prosecution. >> you might say that's all okay. i think it's immoral. i think it's unethical. i think it's unpatriotic. yes, i think it's corrupt. >> former cia officer turned congressman urged his colleagues to see the big picture. >> our election is going to go down in history as the russian intelligence greatest covert influence operation. because their goal is to erode trust in our democratic institutions. >> the animists spilled over into leadership. >> they have lost confidence. it's up to nancy pelosi to remove chairman schiff. >> they are just plain afraid. they are afraid of the truth. they are afraid of competence. i'm so proud of the work of chairman adam schiff. >> senior justice department official confirms the mueller report is over 300 pages long, going well beyond what the regulations require. there's also a significant amount of grand jury information that can't be public, as well as evidence that comes from
8:19 pm
sensitive sources and methods. the expectation remains in the mueller report will be delivered here to capitol hill sometime next month. shannon. >> shannon: catherine herridge, thank you. president trump calling out congressman schiff again in michigan, also predicting the former fbi officials pushed the collusion theory would soon have what he called "big problems." let's see what our legal eagles think. harry litman and former chief assistant u.s. attorney andrew mccarthy. welcome. we talked a little bit with the last group about whether or not the mueller investigation and going after everyone behind it would be helpful to the president on the campaign trail. in the atlantic, they have a headline that says "inside trump strategy to use mueller on the campaign trail. white house officials suggest the president has no plans to move on from the report because democrats aren't moving on. instead they are doubling and tripling let's talk about theres
8:20 pm
collusion and obstruction. i think nothing is fair yet until we know what the report says. it's certainly true that schiff is being pilloried supposedly for having made everything up but that's fanciful. we saw in plain sight over the last couple years things that needed to be investigated and it did involved russian overtures to the campaign. >> shannon: that's different than collusion. >> right, no, don't get me wrong. i think we accept mueller's clean bill of health but i don't hear schiff to be saying there's a crime. i hear him to be saying there were in fact overtures by the russians. certain contacts together like for example the campaign chair giving over of secret information. in other words, what he's saying is that is the stuff of oversight. on the other side, i think it's a little risky because i hear them basically saying that trump has been given a complete bill of health.
8:21 pm
andrew, as a former prosecutor, would affirm this difference between saying i won't indict you in all of this was fiction for the last two years. >> shannon: those are two very far apart distinctions. i want to read something from the karl rove opinion piece. he says to the president, he can count on mr. them to continue cleaning up the justice department and fbi. he says the president should leave it to them. is it a good strategy? >> shannon, i think a lot of this is stage managing before we have seen what the scriptures. until we see the underlying documents which not only is mueller's report but yesterday the president said and i think we've heard this from lindsey graham, among others, on capitol hill, that there's going to be disclosure of the underlying investigative information. >> shannon: fisa warrant and
8:22 pm
applications. >> yeah, so to my mind, there's always a lot of blather when a case gets initially brought and then you get to trial. what happens in a trial is the jury doesn't just get the prosecutor's version of events. the government has to give discovery to the defense of all the underlying investigative information including how they collected information, what represented representations they made to the court. then the jury gets to sort everything out. based on hard information. not a bunch of politicians. maybe it's of interest to people on capitol hill. i think if it doesn't turn the public off, i think it tunes them out. stay on "washington post" opinion piece by john mclaughlin, former deputy director of the cia, talks about the releasing of the fisa documents. he said tossing such a investigative tool into a hot political controversy would be totally irresponsible and yet
8:23 pm
there are demands on the left for everything to come out, except for the fisa warrants and applications. quick comments from both of you. harry, you and then andy. >> i think it's dangerous. this is why congressman nunes did this the last couple years. it's a process that shouldn't be uncovered and i do think i agree there's good reason not to reveal that willy-nilly. >> shannon: andy, i'm assuming you would come with plenty of redactions. >> it will come with redactions but it looks like the procedure has been abused. we have to have this procedure because we needed to protect the country. if we don't get accountability, what's going to happen is congress is going to end up repealing some of these powers and then the country is more vulnerable to things like terrorist attacks. i think you need accountability. >> shannon: we'll see what we get on both the mueller report on the fisa documents. harry and andy, please come back soon. good to see you both.
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>> shannon: it's payback time. chicago seeking thousands of dollars from jussie smollett to cover the cost of the investigation at least in part. tonight smollett's legal team is seeking something else. they want an apology. trace gallagher is on the case. he has the latest. good evening, trace. >> >> chicago police department estimates the jussie smollett investigation cost upwards of $200,000. the city of chicago was trying to claw back a chunk of that money, sending a letter to smollett's legal team asking for $130,000. here is the mayor. watch. >> when he does pay the city back on purely what the taxpayers have fronted, he can write "i'm sorry and i'm accountable for what i've done." >> sean: instead of contrition or a big fat check, smollett's lawyers are upping the ante,
8:29 pm
demanding the mayor and police superintendent apologize for "dragging an innocent man's name through the mud." innocent being the operative word because despite dropping the charges, states attorney kim foxx today and her strongest statement yet said smollett is not innocent. look. >> this was in exchange for the forfeiture because we do believe we would be able to prove he's guilty of the charges he was charged with. >> we also learned that although kim foxx said she recuse herself, she never illegally did so. her office said she use the word in the colloquial sense, you know, latin for i didn't mean it literally. even though foxx got pressure from michelle obama's chief of staff and spoke to smollett's family, she maintains her actions were aboveboard. president trump is not so sure. watch. >> president trump: it's a terrible situation. it's an embarrassment not only to chicago. that's an embarrassment to our
8:30 pm
country what took place there. remember that. but they are looking at it. >> they being the fbi who the president says will investigate the charges being dropped, the mirror manual says the president should stay out of it. smollett's attorney dismissed the president's comments altogether, though she did offer an explanation as to why jussie smollett said the osundairo brothers who attacked him were white. >> looking up the brothers in one of the first videos that showed up was one of the brothers in whiteface during a joker monologue with white makeup on. it's not implausible. >> when asked if smollett wants his attackers arrested, she said he just wants to move on. shannon. >> shannon: and i guess i will too. i will leave it right there. thank you. in the face of intense scrutiny, president trump says federal funding for the special olympics will continue. >> president trump: i have been to the special olympics.
8:31 pm
i think it's incredible, and i just authorized the funding. i heard about it this morning. i have overridden my people. we are funding the special olympics. >> shannon: the reversal comes hours after education secretary betsy devos defended the department's budget proposal which did cut special olympics funding for 2020. housing and urban development suing target over targeted advertising practices. it looks like other platforms may be caught in the cross hairs. hillary vaughn has been following the story all day. good evening. >> good evening. that department of housing and urban development says facebook actively allows advertisers to target housing out so that entire classes of people are prevented from seeing their posts, that they do not want to advertise to whether it's because of their race, gender, economic status. hud secretary ben carson saying
8:32 pm
facebook users should know how advertisers are using their data to discriminate. >> they know what other sites you've been visiting. they know what apps you have found. they know what your interests are. to use this in an advertising forum write a platform when you can discriminate against people. >> facebook says they are surprised and disappointed by the charges because up to today, they had been negotiating with hud in good faith to try to settle the issue, saying in a statement "we've been working with them to address their concerns and have taken significant steps to prevent ad discrimination while we were eager to find a solution, hud is to sensitive information like user data without adequate safeguards." sources at hud tell me the changes facebook made were not enough to address the full scope of the problem on the site. a hud official telling me they've issued two letters of inquiry to two other major tech companies, twitter and google
8:33 pm
both received letters from hud requesting more information about their ad practices. companies responding to statements given to me, telling me they do not allow advertisers to target users based on any sensitive issues like gender or race and they actively work to root out any discrimination by their advertisers online. shannon. >> shannon: hillary, thank you very much. good to see you. breaking tonight, homeland security secretary kirstjen nielsen sending a letter to congress urgently asking for new authority to help the "dire situation" on our southern border. she's asking right now for authority to deport unaccompanied migrant children from central america more quickly and for the ability to detain asylum seeking families together. they are calling it the mother of all caravans. that tops two nights where in the world. a wave of migrants preparing to head to the u.s. mexican officials say the caravan could be more than 20,000 strong by the time it leaves honduras.
8:34 pm
u.s. and mexican officials discussing new ways to deal with the surge of immigration. migrants commandeered an oil tanker that rescued them. armed forces able to reclaim it and remove the migrants. italy's minister calling it an act of piracy. travelers stranded by the seven closure of wow airlines due to bankruptcy. >> no one was there to give me advice. we were just left. we have one email that said we will get refunded $150 for a night to stay in a hotel. once we found out it was bankrupt, we were like are they going to refund us that? >> shannon: wow was externally popular for its low base fare prices. other airlines are offering so-called rescue fairs for those stranded travelers. the crowd roaring their approval at the president at his rally tonight in michigan as he takes a victory lap at a make america
8:35 pm
great again rally. the left is taking issue with the maga event. >> when i hear these things, let's make america great again, i think to myself exactly when did you think america was great? >> shannon: the power panel is back to weigh in on that and much more. woman: this is your wake-up call. if you have moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis, month after month, the clock is ticking on irreversible joint damage. ongoing pain and stiffness are signs of joint erosion.
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what?! what?! [crash] what?! haha, it happens. and if you've got cut-rate car insurance, paying for this could feel like getting robbed twice. so get allstate... and be better protected from mayhem... like me. ♪ >> these things, let's make america great again. i think when did you think america was great? it certainly wasn't when people were enslaved. it certainly wasn't when women didn't have the right to vote. >> does that phrase echo is discrimination? >> it takes us back to i think an american past that never in fact really existed. >> shannon: president trump returning to the campaign trail for the first time since the end of mueller's russian investigation with his make america great again rallying cry. the former obama attorney general questions who had it so great. let's bring back two nights power panel.
8:40 pm
marc, i will let you take the first stab at that. >> it's the same campaign slogan ronald reagan ran on a 1980 and i didn't hear any complaints about racism. when america is greatest when we are free, and people can support themselves, have great jobs. putting people on the moon. that's when america's great again and we're going to make america great again. >> shannon: speaking of going to the moon, democrats have been likening back to this green new deal saying it sounds impossible but we went to the moon. people didn't think we could do that. here's what the president said tonight in his rally about the green new deal. >> president trump: green new deal. i want them to make that a big part of their platform. no more airplanes, no more kyle kyles. -- no more cows. one car per family. you're going to love that in michigan. how do you like that?
8:41 pm
you know, i don't think one car per family in michigan plays too well. >> shannon: marjorie, you know the president. he said yesterday i want them to keep talking about the green new deal. things like that he tries to turn to his advantage because he doesn't think it works for common sense for average americans. >> i don't get works for his base. it's a hard thing for people to get their heads around. climate change being something that i think -- i don't want to say most but i would help most people have acknowledged the challenge we are dealing with. how we tackle that and the urgency of it, that's a hard play because the reality is most voters act on what they are seeing, in their bank accounts and what they are experiencing in real-time. climate change is something that's really, really hard to quantify and see unless it's affecting you in a dramatic way with hurricanes and fires in areas like that. i hope we can find a way to talk about it productively. >> shannon: in the meantime democrats of talked about
8:42 pm
diversity. the primary field is the most diverse in history and yet the polling continues to turn out the same names. bernie and biden and now beto. here's what rush limbaugh says about their efforts at diversity. >> what are they talking about? we are diverse. we are wide open. every demographic. who is leading their polling data? a77-year-old white guy followed by a 75-year-old white guy. this is not what they want. >> shannon: how does it play out for them? >> it remains to be seen. biden and bernie have the biggest name recognition advantage of this particular moment and i think we might see if biden jumps in that they would be near the front of the pack for quite some time. but it's true they have a pretty diverse group of people. i wish we weren't constantly doing been counting on various box checking on intersectionality bingo. but they do a lot of people running for president from different backgrounds and i think several of them will probably come to the fore as a process plays out.
8:43 pm
>> shannon: i want to get you to weigh in on the other hot story of the day. we're learning more about jussie smollett and the fact that the state attorney never recused herself. now he's being asked to pay $130,000 in costs. he maintains his innocence. we'll give you each a chance. >> i thought justice is supposed to be blind and that includes whether you're a celebrity. he broke the law. he got caught. he needs to face the full consequences for his actions. >> shannon: marjorie, words that the feds are going to look into it and possibly the separate charge regarding the threatening letter. >> i wish we could take politics out of justice. it seems to be affecting our highest offices. for most people, they just want to see justice served and they want honesty and transparency, like in the case with trump and the russians right now. it's all across the board. >> shannon: die. >> jussie smollett perpetrated a hoax that was disgusting and inexcusable. the fact that he wriggled off
8:44 pm
the charges without having to apologize for what he did, to claim he's innocent despite the evidence is a disgrace in the state's attorney's office, kim foxx, they have a lot to answer for. this is not over. >> shannon: as we talked about with his attorneys making interesting arguments including statements that they may sue the city, i think everyone would love to see the discovery process. marjorie, marc, and guy, thank you. democrats coming after the president in 2020. what about potential republican challengers. what are they hoping to prove? i will ask one of them. former massachusetts governor bill weld joins us next. you get 24/7 access to licensed agents with geico. hmm? yeah, you just go online, or give them a call anytime. you don't say. yep. now what will it take to get 24/7 access to that lemon meringue pie?
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with love, california. ♪ >> shannon: g.o.p. operatives helping special counsel robert mueller's findings will make it even more unrealistic for anyone within the party to mount a primary challenge but correspondent gillian turner is here to tell us how republican never trump-ers are responding that conclusion. speak of the list of 2020 democratic hopefuls growing longer and now some prominent conservatives are openly advocating for a republican to go to bat against the home team. >> those of us who still want to try to save the republican have
8:49 pm
a question about whether we nominate donald trump in 2020. it's time for me will not to keep quiet. people have an obligation of the country if they think donald trump shouldn't be president, they need to say so. >> republicans have endorsed the idea. jeb bush being one of the first. he accuses president trump of alienating america's allies and emboldening its enemies. one of the themes republican challengers are rallying around is the mueller report. they say it doesn't cut the mustard and doesn't exonerate president trump. former massachusetts governor bill weld launched an exploratory committee in february. he plans to make a final decision about running next month but in the meantime, he says president trump has got big problems i had. >> we can go onto the next thin thing. there are questions of character, questions of agenda. cushions of temperament. it is one step along the road. >> former governor of ohio john kasich himself toying with the idea of a run, agrees. >> the republicans got drubbed
8:50 pm
in the midterm not because of collusion or -- because of russia or anything else. it had to do with the way the president conducted himself. >> and the aide to governor larry hogan confirmed he is still considering a run. e bottom line is republican challengers so far don't seem deterred from taking on the president, this despite the fact that the special counsel found no evidence of collusion and despite the abysmal record of intraparty candidates taking on sitting presidents. >> shannon: you have to wonder, what is the motivation? all right, thank you. one republican critic of president trump says he probably will still challenge the president for the republican nomination in 2020 despite mueller's findings. joining me now former republican massachusetts governor william wells. >> great to be with you. >> shannon: if you heard the president, he had a rip roaring speech. he loves to do this. here's a bit of what he said tonight about how things are
8:51 pm
going. >> president trump: we defeated a very corrupt establishment, and we kept our promise to the american people, and it's driving them crazy. today our movement and our country are thriving. >> shannon: governor, how do you compete with that level of enthusiasm? >> i saw a lot of the presidents speech. if i thought i could believe all of it, i would've thought it was pretty good. it was well-written. there were points that i thought strained credulity. the president said we all love how unified we are and we love unity. i think the burden of the record is that the president has concluded that pitting groups against each other and sowing disunity is to his political advantage. he also said we all love the rule of law. as a former 7-year reagan administration justice department official, i kind of think that the president's early
8:52 pm
steps in this administration have gone well beyond anything president richard nixon ever did. on those points, i'm not sure the speech holds up. it was certainly enthusiastically delivered. >> shannon: when he referenced president nixon, deeming illegality? what do you mean by that? >> i'm talking about the president's demand for loyalty in a law enforcement context similar to what president nixon did in the watergate case where he said let's try to squelch this investigation by saying its national security. this is the president's dealings with james comey and michael flynn. i'm not making any recommendations as a result of that. i'm just saying those are two points that leapt out at me from the president's speech tonight. i would much rather gonna talk about what issues are on my mind. >> shannon: quickly, do you think he's guilty of obstruction? >> i'm sorry? >> shannon: do you think he's guilty of obstruction? >> i've said earlier publicly
8:53 pm
that i think demanding loyalty in a law enforcement context as opposed to the rule of law is perilous ground. i said that on television. i said by way of caution perhaps even warning to the president. these are dangerous waters i do think. >> shannon: you know the rnc has pledged their only going to support this president. he is for all intents and purposes the g.o.p. nominee. you have different positions and many in the republican party on climate change, gun control. why are you running as a republican if you indeed get in? >> i want to do the job. i consider myself an economic conservative. i cut spending in real terms when i was governor, and i was ranked by "the wall street journal" and the cato institute the most fiscally conservative governor in the united states. i don't consider president trump, with all respect, and economic conservative which was part of the republican party that i grew up with. i think the trillion dollar deficits and the most recent
8:54 pm
budget adds another 7.9 trillion. we are talking about a trillion dollars of the community deficit. that raises a fairness issue to the young, the millennials and generation x who are going to pay that bill. i'm not going to pay that bill. young people, it's going to be on their backs. i think it also hollows out the economy. how many households can afford not to make their checkbook balance? all 50 state governors, 49 of them, all except vermont are required by their constitution to balance the budget and i think the same should be true of the federal level. that's one reason i would like to get to washington. >> shannon: i think a lot of americans would be there with you and would be a much more responsible way to handle our federal finances. governor, thank you for dropping in. great to have you. >> month of april. thank you. >> shannon: our midnight hero rides to the rescue next.
8:55 pm
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>> shannon: carjacking in seattle ended tragically but it could've been far worse if not for the baroque actions of a bus driver who is our midnight hero. a seven year veteran of the king county metro. a man allegedly went on a shooting rampage. the bus was apparently caught in the line of fire. the driver was hit. in the midst of all of it, he was able to make control of the bus and steer away from the chaos. he pressed the emergency alarm with his foot to alert transit control he'd been shot. the 12 passengers on his bus were not hurt. the alleged shooter carjacked another vehicle and crashed, killing the driver. amid all the tragedy, seattle authority saved not for that bus driver, eric stark, who kept his cool and protected his passengers, things could have been much worse. eric stark, you are our midnight hero.
9:00 pm
thank you so much for being with us tonight. most watched, most trusted, most grateful you spend your evening with us. good night from washington. i'm shannon bream. >> sean: we are going to take yo grand rapids where the president is addressing supporters after being vindicated by the mueller report. he is ruling. >> president trump: they have reached the lowest rates ever recorded in the history of our country. [cheers and applause] and you remember in the last election, they said donald trump will not do well with women. and i said, really? i said, really? no.


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