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tv   Hannity  FOX News  March 28, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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>> little pencil neck. >> smallest that i've ever seen. that's it for us tonight. we'll be back tomorrow at 8:00 p.m. >> took a great show. wow, did you not love that rall in grand rapids? unbelievable. we have all the highlights if you missed it. we had a busy newsnight. rush limbaugh will be joining u tonight. don junior also joining us moments away. first president trump just wrapped up a massive rally in western michigan 140,000 people wanted to go to a 15,000 seat arena. he was touting his impressive record of accomplishments, the ones the media never talk about. and despite facing a political witch hunt forh over two years, the president has guided this country on the right path with regulations and tax cuts and
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energy independence for the first time in 70 years. the booming economy, record low un-americanic for african-americans, hispanics, women. the u.s. is again the leader in the envy of the world wide evening so many people want to come here? the haters were wrong. the media lied for two consecutive plus years. the deep state thankfully has now been exposed and those responsible will be held accountable. the president who promised to make america great again, it when people wear that hat if th trigger for the left. promises made, promises kept. let's take a look. to give this has been an incredible couple of weeks for america. the economy is roaring.
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after three years of lies and smears, and slander, the russia hoax is finally dead. >> the president, the crowd on fire today. we have a huge announcement. big, at the end of the show. we've been busy reporting the news, what's happened with the rest of the media? they've been waging a political work against the president and also we, the people, the smelly walmart people, the irredeemabl deplorable, what we have been driven by fax, we don't rush to judgment, we believe in due process, they have been blinded by hatred and rage. that's where we make sure we ge it right on this program. clearly almost every big story they get it wrong. that's were poor rachel maddow
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with her conspiracy hat has los all credibility. while cnn and nbc are now and b experiencing dramatic ratings decline so precipitously it is unreal. and deserve. that's where i lead adam schiff the only one left standing facing urgent calls to resign from his position atop the hous intel committee. take a look. >> the willingness to the findings of the special counsel conclusively refute their past and present and expose you of having abused her position to only promote false information. as such we have no faith in you ability nto discharge her dutie and ran consistent with your constitutional responsibility and large your immediate resignation as chairman of the committee. >> i think it's immoral, unethical, i think it's unpatriotic, and yes, i think it's corrupt and evidence of
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collusion. o i don't think it's okay that is an attorney to our committee there is a different word for that conclusion. it is called compromise. i will not yield mr. master. remember, it was adam schiff, w call him the cowardly schiff on this program who claimed to hav clear evidence of trump russia collusion he was promising that. now that robert moeller $25 million probe found a thing as did the nine-month investigation of the fbi and th house intel committees, he is i congress still claiming to have the smoking gun evidence that those foreign investigations di not find.. president trump is calling out the cowardly schiff. take a look.
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>> little pencil neck at them schiff. he's got the smallest thinnest neck i've ever seen. she is not a long ball hitter. i saw him today. well, we don't really know, there still could have been som russian collusion. sick. sick. these are sick people. and there has to be accountability i because it's a lies and they know its eyes. >> there has to be accountability.. he is on fire tonight. we have wainvited many times th cowardly schiff on this program to present his evidence, the on that the fbi, the house intel, the senate committee, and rober moeller didn't find about russian collusion. he's always defined coming on
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the program. that's because he's been lying to you, the american people, fo political gain. guess what? we are announcing to make them as program that i have my own dossier on the cowardly schiff. he and his own words for two plus years will play him in his own words. when he was caught on tape colluding with people that he actually believed were russian sources tryingma to get compromising materials on drum to impact our electoral system? he is caught on tape colluding. >> usually met with trump when a russian goal, celebrities, wh are also known as a person with a strange reputation. >> what is does the nation of m
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spirit to give there were pictures of naked >> so putin was made aware of the e availability of the compromising material? >> is, of course. could you think you, we will be back in touch with you through our staff to make arrangements to obtain these materials for our committee and for the fbi. i appreciate you reaching out t us. >> he is caught on tape colluding with russians.ri unbelievable. california's 28 district, you can obviously do better. schiff should resign as a disgrace . also a disgrace. ca director turned director turned msnbc tinfoil hat conspiracy, he's called the president on multiple occasions that trader pushing collusion conspiraciesra is other fact. almost every day. it turns out he was lying on an
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extreme level. tonight were learning something about john brennan and we will follow the story. tweeting out the high-level source telling him t that it wa brennan who insisted that the unverified t bot and paid for i still dossier with bush that thinks you do report as cia director to validate the phony russian clinton bought and paid for dossier. i returned to set them up trump up from the get-go? that would be a blatant abuse o power. how is this corrupt is credit conmen? it is our promised you and we take this seriously. every single night, every singl person, every member of the dee
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state not rank and file fbi, they are awesome. the greatest law enforcement agency on the planet. the others, the few we will hol accountable. with the help of key lawmakers dedicated investigators, equal justice underr our law, equal application of her loss will take for example ranking intel member doug collins, today he followed up again releasing eve more transcripts from his committees closed-door hearings things you never heard before. this batch included testimony from nelly or, he worked hand-in-hand with christopher steele. he happened to be married to th wife of disgraced doj official he was once the fourth highest-ranking met thanks to release testimony this is what we learned today. he admitted to meeting with christopher steele one day before the fbi launched it
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counter intelligence broberg on day before. and the doj husband, bruce or was at the meeting. according to her words and transcript, we learned tonight that nelly or was instructed to dig up dirt on paul manafort. lo and behold, guess what. who ended up being targeted by the special counsel? paul manafort and michael flynn. she also admits to targeting donald trump junior and even th presidents wife. don't forget, as reported by th hills john solomon, nelly or even gave her husband the flash drive with her bought and paid for russian lies in the hopes that he would disseminated throughout the doj and the fbi. it was leaked to the media before the election. that's not all, now thanks to testimony we know that the key source for fusion gps is the very same ukrainian lawmakers accused of timing the release o
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sensitive information about pau manafort back in 2016 in order to help only clinton were in th election. ukrainian and appearance interference in our elections with hillary with real evidence. the irony of all ironies, there was collusion in 2016, bought and paidn for by the clinton campaign and the dnc. libhart not your truck parts be trouble. that day reckoning is around th corner. next week, devin nunes will be issuing criminal referrals criminal conspiracy, there are going to the people people now investigated as we have been calling for for over two years. president trump is also last night on this program found to release all fisa documents
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arriving carter page. from campaign associate. they denied him his constitutional rights at the height of the election which gave him a backdoor to spy on the trump campaign. if you corrupt deep state bearcats with the help of hillary clinton's bought and paid for phony laying rushing dossier. earlier, president trump had this to say about the biggest abuse of power corruption scandal in american history tha the media has ignored. >> the russia witchhunt was a planned by plan by those who lost the election to try to illegally regain power by framing innocent americans, man of them. but then elaborate hoax. they wanted to destroy of movement mike our country has never seen before. >> the democrats have to now decide whether they will continue defrauding the public
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with ridiculous leap [bleep]. partisan investigations or ways they will apologize to the american people. >> of long said that president trump is the disruptor we need in the oval office. he's not the establishment the swamp needs to be drained. i kind of plastic, keeping promises, imagine the uproar politician prayed he has from the get-go challenge all conventional thinking and in doing so exposed a dark bureaucratic underbelly that is within our federal government. in doing so he really is making american great again. the statistics fee for themselves. according to obama as former attorney general eric holder, america, the country we love that beat back fascism and nazism and imperial japan, is
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not a great country, it never was. >> i hear these things about let's make america great again. i think to myself when exactly did you think america was great it wasn't when people were inflated, it wasn't when people women didn't have the right to vote, it certainly wasn't when the lg bt community was denied their rights to which it was entitled. it takes us back to an american past that never the never in fact really existed. >> we have paid the price for freedom, for more people on the face of this earth there's neve been a country that has accumulated more power, abused its less, and used it for the advancement of the human condition more than the united states of america. i'm pretty sure holder won't be the last successful wealthy figure the democratic party.rt you want to go on trashing the greatness of america?
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tonight the great people of michigan have a different tape come '20s 20, america's greatness will prevail. let's watch. >> each of us here tonight is united by the same timeless values. we believe in the american constitution and the american rule of law. we believe in the dignity of work and the sanctity of life. we believe that faith and family , not the government and bureaucracy are the true american way. we believe in religious liberty the right to free speech, and the right to keep and bear arms. >> that was the president at hi rally earlier tonight in michigan. joining us now from is just don
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trump junior. we want to give a shout out to getting the shout out. don, great to see you. you have been surrounded since obama you walked in the buildin today. but you and your family have been through over two years now of never-ending attacks, speculation,l. collusion, jail, all of it. and yet no collusion, no obstruction in the end and i want to get first your reaction. your general reaction. >> listen,nt it's great. most importantly, well it's bee an incredible vindication for me , for my father, for our entire family, it's really been a great vindication for all of those incredible hard-working ra americans.s the deplorable to stuck with us through all the nonsense, through all of the lies, so jus by cnn, msnbc. it is really nice.
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sean, wwhen you looking for my fathers accomplish in the last two years, when you look at his winning track record, despite the largest witchhunt, the largest hoax ever perpetrated o the american people. imagine what he can do now with that cloud off his back.e i think it's going to be a big deal and to think america wins because of it. >> you talk about tinfoil hat conspiracies that's for tv and adam schiff, but now would star all over again purdy of. yes 6-8 congressional committee that want to drag everybody back . by the way, a lot of people can't return of attorneys and the lives and the stretch the pressure of being grilled on th same issue now. this will be the fifth investigation. >> i have done 27 hours and change myself on a 20 minute meeting. for example that's about three times more than miller clinton spent on benghazi while secretary of state.
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i was a civilian on the campaign . that goes to show you the doubl i was blessed because i could afford lawyers to do this. not reeveryone can spend his se figures defending themselves an that's all this has been. this is a way for the left and the media lackeys to be able to drive people into the ground. that's why this has been such a great vindication. it's so important for us. again, my fathers track record speaks for itself. he's going to do now more now that he has that monkey off his back. >> when you talk about all that everyone goes through. here's the other big story, if there was russia collusion, i have an ensemble cast on the show. for two straight years with rea evidence, we have pointed out a rigged investigation into hillary. flying and committing fraud on pfizer board. we have pointed out again and again and again that people kne from the beginning that this wa unverified, but then they used it to spy on the campaign, deny
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the constitutional rights of carter page. what do you think needs to be done to and sure as you're father said on the program last night this never happens to another president? >> they have to get to the bottom of it. no one wants to move on more than i do. i would love to see o bipartisanship, i would like to see the democrats get on board and work on infrastructure, maybe work for the american people for a change rather than just trying to take out someone who's done an incredible job. if the democrats had actual rea policies that they could run on and win on, t maybe they should that, but they don't so maybe they should get on board with these winning policies for america and do that. john brennan the former head of the caca going on there and see where aware of this collusion that's been going on. guess what, i got that information g. i been saying it in scream and it like a lunatic for two years and all of a sudden, i got some bad information, let's move on.
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we have to get to the bottom of this because this can't happen. it's been a stain on our republic. it's a blight on democracy and our constitution and it can't b allowed to happen again to either side. this is a partisan issue. this is something it should never happen again.te it's the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the american people and it was done by hillary clinton, the dnc, and 9 media. the media has done an irreparable damage to themselve and their reputation. even the two or three people on the left that try to report tha honestly and said maybe work in a little bit over our skis, the get killed, they got lambasted for the last two years. the only ones who have been vindicated. the only way we heal as if we know how this farce actually started. if you best of your devices or had busted up with hammers and
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remove some cards and then if you created a fraud, amidst telling that the opposition party paid for this dossier, it was never verified, the author v of the dossier doesn't stand by it, but you present it to a court not once, but four times. the bulk of information was the line brushing dossier. >> only hillary clinton and maybe a could get away with tha kind of farce. >> is mentioned something about your father success, record low unemployment, he was talking about it tonight. african-americans, hispanic americans, a asian americans, women in the workplace. we're going on five and a half million new jobs now. w economic growth, we have been haven't seen in over a decade. i have never, not one time watched on any of these other so-called news networks any
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reporting on this great story that has taken millions off of food stamps and out of poverty and created a ladder to success. >> it doesn't fit the narrative? it doesn't work. the business guy who left the billionaire lifestyle to do thi for the american people, that's not a story the americans want. they need a swamp creature in there to perpetuating the nonsense to perpetuate their failed policies and frankly to take their failed policies even further by now implementing aspects of socialism into that policy. it sailed a thousand times, bu they're going to get it right this time. >> of known your dad and your family for a lot of years. i know that this has to wear on your bird is the toughest momen for you? >> the reality was a tried and true american, being called a traitor every day, having peopl
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chime in on social media. you're kids are going to enjoy seeing you behind bars day in and day out. it's pretty brutal. i know it's nonsense because i was actually there, but it stil gets to y you and still wears o you especially when you take some of your patriotism as seriously as i do. that was rough even though you know it's nonsense. with lifetime is the deal is nonsense. now that that is over other tha a few of the lunatics on the left, it's pretty exciting. we can go back to winning. >> the sad thing is they will never admit they're wrong. the sad thing is, i remember fo example to give there is no culpability because on their side, sean, you don't need to because there'sto no accountability. you don't need accountability t do what you do. they do it because it's part of the narrative and everyone's in on itut. my father, he's talking about the deep state back in 2016. people were like i don't know i that's real. if the last two years have show us anything, that is very real
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and very own life and we are combating it hard. >> we've had a great ensemble here and we been right the whol time and the media has been wrong the whole time. i know they're never going to top. they're just going to move onto the next series of lies and misinformation, but as you say don't think theyag ever get the trust a back again. here is a question a lot of people want to know. you've been on the stump a lot lately. a lot of people, the big crowds that your drawing, do you ever think about it maybe one day yo want to run? >> right now, i will never rule anything out. i enjoy it i like being in the fight and i like being in the mix. i like seeing the difference making to real working-class families all over the country. i get that i'm the son of a billionaire from newe york city but i think everyone anyone hissing and the campaign trail mess i have friends that fly over the country i spend with them over the years. i actually spend much more time
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here than i do at the rubber chicken charity dinner circuit in new york city. these are my people. watching it make a difference t them. watching them recapture their american dream, that american dream that's been to foreign countries. f most of the film hate our guts for the last year. i'm going to keep fighting for him. i won't roll it out for myself, but first things first, we're going to let him finish off strong. >> thank you for being with us. the fbi investigation to congressional investigations about the now the mueller reports and these insane want t continue. joining us live from southern command headquarters, the most listened to talk radio host in the history of the medium radio talk show legend rush limbaugh. rush, how are you?
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take i am fabulous. great to be with you tonight. >> sean: for those who never got you, with half my brain tie behind my back, and a lot of ways you're like trump, you say these things and people buckle and it's like alka-seltzer, the have no sense of humor. i'm not sure if that got through . so, you say controversial thing also and you're joking when you say have my brain tied behind m back. >> no, i do. i split my skull open and they take half of it out and i put i behind my back. it's like when ike say talent o loan from god. he's calling himself god. you know, sean, i have been listening to your whole show. the people that we're talking about tonight don't have a sens of humor. to them, life is a war.
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every day of their lives is a battle. their effort is to eliminate us. al qaeda is not their enemy and isis is not their enemy and socialism is not their enemy, w are, conservatives and republican american are the obstacles in their way to their desire to create this totalitarian state that they think was going to be a utopia. i was listening to you and don junior talking about they shoul never ever happen again. i have to clarify, it is not hover.oc it is still happening. the democratic party and the media and all of these people from the obama administration who ran the scandal are still running it. the objective remains to get donald trump out of office either by dragging his numbers down or impeaching him or defeating him in 2020. today the new york times has th story that the mueller report i free 300 pages and the bar
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masummary is four pages. therefore, bar is lying. pelosi, literally said that we cannot trust the attorney general. so what were being led to believe by these people, they have to feed their beast with this fake news constantly. they have created a monster tha believes and absorbs and needs fake news like vampires need your blood. these people are believing now that there is evidence of collusion and the mueller repor and that bar is not telling the truthor. in the new york times leading this effort the rest of the drive-by media is going to pick it up because it prolongs the narrative that trump is unworth that trump cheated, that we nee to redo the election results fo 2016. we are being led to believe tha this report does contain evidence of collusionol. bar is lying about it. if this is so silly, if it
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contains evidence and collusion then where is mueller on television all night same way t minute, that's not what will my report says.ol my report has plenty of evidenc of collusion i had all these anti- hillary people on my staff , why isn't he doing that if buyer is lying about what's in the report. it'sng an ongoing effort to continue to attack and impugn the integrity and the decency and the qualifications of donal trump to be president of the united states. it's not going to stop. the media. i told the story on the radio today. if i had lied to my audience fo two years that i knew hillary clinton was being investigated. i had sources and that she was o going down and she was going to be locked up, you can count on me, you can believe me. i'm hearing it from people i trust, it's going to happen. two years every day on my program i pummel people with it and then it turns out to be not
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true, i'm finished. i can't face my audience again. i've lied to them, they wouldn' want anything to do with me. i would try to apologize, but wouldn't get away with it ld because i would've exploited them would abuse them, i would have toyed with them, i would have liked. this exact thing has happened from msnbc to see even to the new york times to the new york post, they are lying to everyon and their audiences don't seem to care, just give us mark fake news. they want it, they can't accept that it's not true. they can't accept that don mold trump is not a traitor. they are not happy to learn tha their president is not a foreig agent. they're unhappy. we're dealing with deranged people that are not rational. we can't deal with them rationally. mister president, you need to move on you don't need to find out what happened, swing voters don't care. one thing i heard that you guys
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were discussing that i completely agree with. we've gotm to get to the bottom of this. we've got to have people named, they have to be held accountable . if jail time is called for, the need to go to jail. they knowingly lied to the american people.d. the media was complacent in this . they ran a scam to try to get trump thrown out of office. normally there able to get rid of republican presidents whenever they want to, but the filled with trump so now with her doing a new tack the muelle report must contain some evidence its 300 pages, they ar not going to give this up and this is why they're needs to be i don't know if it's a special counsel, i don't know if it's charging people, but we need to get to the bottom of this and find out how high up the obama told him hold this goes and i think it goes all the way up to obama. brennan, klapper, all of these people and his regime, leadership at the fbi, it's not
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enough to call it the worst scandal in the world, they almost got away with this. the fact that we say it could never be allowed to happen again , it is still happening. they haven't changed their tact whatsoever. the objective remains get rid o trump, and defeat us, however they can. >> sean: i'm listening very very closely to what you're saying. >> that was with half my brain tied behind my back. >> sean: think about it, it doesn't take much. i have listened to you, if you syndicated the last year of ronald reagan. you're being a leader of the conservative movement. what you are saying is scary that this is an attempted coup.
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>> it is totally scary. i don't think the american people understand this was not, don't doubt me here, it was not an investigation. there was never every any evidence of collusion. robert mueller took this gig an opened his investigation withou evidence. there was ifno evidence. he wasn't even given a specific crime to pursue. it was go find a crime because there weren't any crimes that have been committed. what we just went through was not an investigationll. robert mueller has known from a minimum of 18 months that there was no collusion. why did he take the gig? he took the job knowing there was no collusion. the only collusion we have been seen hillary clinton with the russians, and steel creating this dossier. they try to pass this off as legitimate and tell. he met with the house democrats
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yesterday. this isn't over as far as they're concerned. brennan issi the guy who passed the dossier to harry reid. everybody thinks it was mccain and mccain played a role in this, but this was not not an investigation. this was an attempt to find a crime and the fact that they with all of this money and 19 people on his investigativero team, the lawyer who were from the anti- trump camp and donors to hillary clinton, and they couldn't find it. you have to know the passage in the mueller report where it say numerous and treaties were made by russians to the trump campaign, but the trump campaign , but that's not what happened. what happened was the fbi attempted to plant their own informers in the trump campaign one of them at cambridge professor. mi six, uk. they tried to get him hired in the form policy advisor role during the campaign and
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fortunately, whoever interviewe him didn't hire him. if he had been hired and mature in madrid to get to other people . they t would've started communicating with russian agents they know and then there would have been the collusion that the fbi was trying to create. there wasn't any. this is worse than anybody is being led to believe it is because it's being called an investigation and trump passed the test a. they didn't find anything. they're not finished. they are not through trying to get rid of donald trump, they'r not through trying to overturn the election result of 2016. even if he's elected in 2020, they're setting up the impeachment now with all the stuff. that's why these people need to be politically defeated and bounded into the ground to the point of irrelevance. the way to do it is to educate is many americans is possible t what happened. you can't do that by moving on and say okay, well, we escaped
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this one, gang, let's move onto the next agenda item here, whic better be immigration. it is not finished, and it wasn't an investigation. there was no evidence ever of collusion. it should never have begun. w rosenstein should've never appointed anybody. the ones to spy on the trim campaign were ill legal. the judges there were ever complacent in this or they were lied to and now don't care. we have a two-tier justice system, the very foundations of this country has been attacked and assaulted, and the people who know what in the mainstream media are complacent in it instead of trying to load up an explain it to the american people. we are at a very beery dangerou point in the history of our nation andst there is just one standing up against all of this and that is trump. there's not another republican know of, there's not another
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republican who could've withstood wet trump has put up with for one week. they would've been. suing for peace they would've been giving up, they would've acknowledged and resigned, it is a stroke of luck here that we've had trump to put up with this, but the fact that it was attempted by that the counter intelligence apparatus of this country, cia, dia, msa was turned against one man and his family. and by extension his supporters and his administration because he had the audacity to win and defeat hillary clinton. these unelected people, these arrogant elite snobs in the so-called deep state administrative state simply couldn't abide it and had not stopped. still selling his book on the basis that there is collusion.
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we see pencil neck out there claiming there is collusion. these guys, it ought to to get rid of trump. they don't care about whether o not the russians actually spied or actually affected the election because they know it didn't happen. if some dude was given the orde to rig a presidential election don't think it's possible. this whole premise is ridiculoul , it's not legitimate, and yet everybody is dealing with this serious investigation. it's not an investigation. this was an attempt to throw hi out of office just because you won and they didn't like it. it's no more complicated than that. >> that is an extraordinary monologue. >> no teleprompter here. >> no, you know, there are a fe
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of us here at fox, prime time laura, tucker, fox and friends, there is you leading in talk radio. i'm on talk radio. i have had an ensemble cast on the show that have dug deep. the 99.9 percent of media drive-bys bobbit, sold it, hook line and sinker and as they always do, get it wrong. that's never going to change. >> they didn't buy anything. they were in on it. they don't feel any remorse. they are unhappy they failed. they don't care that they lied to their audiences. they're not worried that their audiences are going to reject them they're not worried that their audiences now don't trust themn or believe them, they wer in on it. they considered themselves to b
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part of this elite gang inside the beltway that runs the town. they were in on it. so all it is now is that they failed. i saw something were msnbc primetime had a son had inexplicable 20 percent loss an audience one night this week. now what does that tell you? you're a broadcast professional i'm a naturally talented highly attuned broadcast specialist. let me tell you. when she leaves, when they lose 20 percent of their audience just because this thing bombed out, it tells me that their audience is there not because o those people, but because of th fake news. when the fake news bombs out, with all these expectations trump is going to jail, trump i going down. well he's not. it didn't happen. they failed to. so msnbc cannot serve their expectations anymore and their host are not enough to hold the
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audience. it is nothing other than a testament to the fact that they create an audience that wants t believe a bunc that's why these people have to come up with the new hook the molar report is 300 pages the bar summary is for. there's got to be collusion there. now they're trying to get worke back backup, continually lying to them. misrepresenting the truth. manipulating. it's no wonder we can't come together. whoever it is that watches the f drive-by media and primetime cable on the left, there's no way we can have anything in common with them. they're being told, there being instructed to literally hate this country because it's unjust , it's unfair, its founding and morally or something. this is a dire circumstance winfax and truth don't even hav a chance with a certain segment
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of the population. when they have been trained and condition to want to believe th worst and you would think that they would be happy that the president didn't collude. that the russians didn't determine the outcome of the election, but every election going forward is tainted. the russians. every time the democrats lose, it's going to be some external factor. a campy that they lost because they were rejected. no it's got to be the russians or some other foreign agent got in there and she cheated and stole it from whoever their nex nominee that's why there shouldn't be anyro attempt across the aisle, they need to be pummeled into the political dirt and become acknowledged as the minority that they are. i'm dead serious about this. did serious about it. we're it a crisis in this country because the media has given up even the pretense of objectivity.
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they're left is pushing an agenda and this one failed so it's onto thehe next one. >> as i listen to you really closely, this is ongoing, but there is another factor. luke 22020. new green deal, what do you see on the horizon politically? okay, look. what is the selling point of th green new deal that we've got 1 years to live? that 5 percent of the worlds population because of the unite states to blame, if the united states has to engage in all the fixes. the united states has to do all the reparations. the united united states hass t fix it because we are destroyin the climate. 5 percent of the worlds population and we've only got 1 years. we've only got 12 years, then w better just throw everything ou the windowve and start doing
10:44 pm
everything we wantau to do ever day because we're going to be dead in 12 years. it's absurd. the idea that anybody can believe this intellectually, if the exit take a moment, and by the way how many. i remember in 1988 amadi this week meets edavid brinkley and they have some guy on their we've only got 20 years to save the world. can you prove this is happening? no, but we can't take the chanc that it isn't so we need to implement policies immediately. pendenza came along and said we got ten years of we don't fix the oceans were going to die. this is something that gets recycled. we don't even have the power to impact the climate. we can't change it for better o worsel, but it is constantly changing. all we can do is adapt to it. the green new deal they can't even supported in the senate when it comes up for a vote and it's another lie. it's another example of how the thnipulating and misrepresentin
10:45 pm
their unfortunately sick the sick base wants to hear this . they want to hear that were going to die. they want to hear the apocalyps is coming.. they want somebody to pay the price for it. if it's the rich, if its billionaires, if its corporations, if it's republicans are whoever else. so these people are happy. they are happy to lie to their own voters and tell them life ends in 12 years and must we do what? retrofit every and stop cows from parting. it is insane. you can go through there. yes, i know i've got. >> i really have one more question. can you stay? they're not going to come me fo not breaking. can you stay for one more question? >> yes.
10:46 pm
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(boy): dance recitals are so boring. ♪there's a me no one knows ♪waiting to be set free the grand prize trophy duh ♪i was born to be somebody >> sean: as we continue >> as we continue our exclusive rush limbaugh. rush, this may go down as your greatest rent ever, but the mos important. no, take that's what happens when you have a lot of time. i appreciate that, sean. you're very generous. >> listen, this is really important. you say we must defeat them.
10:51 pm
2020 is around the corner. how? >> well, obviously defeating them requires the president being reelected. in my estimation the one thing that he needs to zero in on his immigration. i know he wants the republican party to become known as the party of healthcare because tha is a tangible thing that really matters 12 every human being in this country. i'm telling you, he was elected on immigration and stopping it. sean, we suspended immigration in the united states from 1921 through 1965. in order to assimilate all thos who had come into the country legally from the late 18 hundreds through 1820 we had to assimilate them, they had to become americans. they had to join american society and american culture. we have a political party opening the border for illegal immigrants. i think the president should t
10:52 pm
shut the border. if he shuts the border and buil the wall, there is nobody that can beat him in 2020. it remains the issue for the vast majority of freedom loving constitutional loving american loving citizens. if it doesn't happen, the country we know and love, it's not going to remain a constitutional republic is founded if we don't get a hit. it's nothing about these people that makes them bad, it's the rule of law. once you allow people to break the law, when juicing all that lawlessness is okay, where does it stop? these people are not being conditioned to assimilate. the democrats don't want them t assimilate. the democrats want to keep them poor and dependent so they will always vote for democrats. democrats are not compassionate people. they need a permanent underclass . they want these people to come in here, remain poor, remain in
10:53 pm
need. if they're going to be here let's turn them into productive people that can help this country grow. right now we have got to stop the flow.t, if trump does that, with a wall or shorting the border for a little while to make sure we ge on those in the country now, nobody can beat him. >> let me go to the other issue and that is the economy, foreig policy, here is the bigger question. where is the backbone of other republicans. i'm rnot a republican i'm not registered republican i'm a conservative because i think they are weak. where is their backbone? >> you know, we talk about this a lot. every time we get together, and look, the republicans for the first nine months of trumps first-year thought they believe this scandal and they thought trump was gone so they wouldn't
10:54 pm
get behind the agenda. half of them didn't want him to win. look at all the republicans tha resigned because they were losing their committee chairmanships, butte we wouldn' have suffered this massive midterm loss if so many hadn't resigned. the republican party is not unified. american conservatism is not unified. right now, donald trump remains the unifying figure or at least the blunt force figure that everybody wants to be in the lkbright lights of winning even these are public and you're talking about. the league lead to show up when the fight is over and shake hands in and put their hands in the air and not like they playe a role in it. maybe so, but waiting around fo them to get on board is i don't think we have the luxury to do that. we have to bring them on board like we have to bring the swing voters to our side. notd go defensive and try not t
10:55 pm
offend anybody and hope we show them were nice people. if we haven't proven that were nice people after all of these years, it is a lost cause. we have to engage in issues tha matter most to the american people. there are gobs of people that want to feel this way. there are gobs of people out there that want to be proud of this country. i just tap into it and they can have it. there i go again. >> thank you. this is an epic monologue that will be looked at for years. we can't thank you enough. a big announcement about tomorrow's tomorrow show is next . when we started our business
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>> sean: what an epic monologue by rush. big lineup.
11:00 pm
judge jeanine pirro right here along with the great one mark levin. that's tomorrow night 9:00 eastern. remember, we'll never be the destroyed trump media mob ever.r thank goodness to the americans out there like rush. here is laura ingraham, another great american. >> laura: hannity, thank you. >> sean: wasn't that amazing? >> laura: i could sit and listen to him all day long. i'm really glad you showcased him. >> sean: we've been on the radio and tv. he forged the path and we are lucky he did and he took a lot of crap for it too. >> laura: i'm laura ingraham. this is "the ingraham angle" from washington tonight. the president bringing down the house in grand rapids tonight. highlights and analysis in moments, plus my angle on the rise of the loser class. what does that mean? the latest absurd development in the jussie smollet case. tonight, we have a reaction chicago pd reps and, by the way


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