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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  March 29, 2019 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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thank you for being with us. most-watched, most trusted, most grateful for spending the evening with us, i am shannon bream. >> after three years of lies and smears and slander, the russia hoax is finally did. >> it is march 29th, "fox and friends first". happening right now at 4:00 on the east coast coming out swinging. donald from taking a victory lap and the first rally since the mueller probe concluded. the mounting calls this morning for democrats. adam schiff and others to resign over handling of the probe. payback time for jussie smollett. >> the recommendation when he
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writes the check, put the word i am accountable. shannon: how much cash the city of chicago amid growing outrage over a new award nomination for the actor. holding on for dear life, the wild ride that swoops 10 feet into the air. "fox and friends first" starts right now. ♪ ♪
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heather: little rascal flats to start friday morning the right way on "fox and friends first". thank you for joining us. we always appreciate you wrapping up your week with us. days after being cleared of collusion donald trump is on the road in grand rapids, michigan, doing what he does best, rallying his base. >> america is now the hottest economy anywhere on the planet earth. there is nobody close. shannon: the president wasting no time touting the good economy and tearing into democrats in fiery campaign style rally, the highlights, very exciting. >> reporter: the crowd was fired up. at one point even trump supporters taking aim at democratic socialist darling alexandria ocasio cortez while don junior was on stage. watch this.
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[chanting] >> reporter: the president taking aim at the freshman congresswoman's green new deal calling it, quote, an extreme $100 trillion government takeover. the plan the calls for the us to shift away from fossil fuels failed a senate test vote. the president mocking the democrats suggesting the green new deal is actually helping his campaign. >> i love campaigning against the green new deal. i want them to make that a big part of their platform. no more airplanes, no more cows. one car per family. >> reporter: he took swipes at his 2020 opponents grouping them together as a socialist who would destroy the growing economy. >> if you want to see those 401(k)s, you want to see them deflate, put a good socialist in
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this position. go get your self a good socialist, you will see some deflation. >> from vowing to close the border of mexico doesn't stop the caravans heading this way and promising to get rid of obamacare once and for all. republicans maintain trump has a chance of winning in michigan in 2020 but changing demographics could prevent some headwinds there. heather: some specific things about healthcare we will talk about coming up. great to have you with us. senator rand paul blocking a measure to make the mueller report public. the house unanimously passed it earlier this month but a resolution to release communications from top obama officials including john brennan, james comey and james clapper about how the russia probe started.
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>> we also need to know was there malfeasance? was their misuse of government power? did president obama's administration get involved in an election to try to manipulate and infiltrate the trump campaign to entrap them? shannon: the mother reported 300 pages long. attorney general william barr says it will be released within weeks. donald trump doubling down on calls for congressman adam schiff to resign as things get heated when republicans on the house intelligence can be accused chairman of misleading the american public amid the probe. more on the fiery exchange, this was the big story yesterday. >> the president of the rally in michigan did not hold back, going after one of his fiercest critics on capitol hill, chairman adam schiff. >> little pencil neck adam
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schiff got the smallest, thinnest i have ever seen. we don't really know, there could still have been some russia -- sick people. and there has to be accountability because it is all lies and they know it is lies. >> the president isn't alone in going after adam schiff who again and again claims there was clear evidence of trump campaign collusion with russia. something robert mueller reportedly couldn't find. schiff defended his position on this. >> you might say it is okay, you might say that is what you need to do to win but i don't think it is okay. i think it is immoral. i think it is unethical. i think it is unpatriotic. and yes, i think it is corrupt. >> reporter: but schiff is under the gun on capitol hill because
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many republicans, all republicans on the house intelligence committee want him out. >> your actions past and present are incompatible with your duty as chairman of this committee. we have no faith in your ability to discharge your duties, your constitutional responsibility average your immediate resignation as chairman of the committee. >> reporter: doesn't look like that's going to happen anytime soon. the document battles continue in washington with democrats demanding the release of the mueller report and republicans meantime are trying to go after those underlying documents that kicked off the probe to begin with. heather: très gaudi of the house intel committee has been calling out schiff from the start saying his motives are about tarnishing donald trump's term in office. he has never seen anything like this in washington. >> we had a lot of bad days, we never had a day we all ask a chairman to step down.
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the substance is what called my attention. there is only one campaign that took negative information from russia, only one campaign that actually paid for that information. remember the bar letter, the summary bar said, despite multiple opportunities, no evidence of collusion between the trump campaign and russia and yet fusion gps and the clinton campaign was spending money to dig up russian dirt on trump and for adam, i never heard him address that, heard him talk about the trump tower meeting when nothing happened but he went to court to keep us from finding out about fusion gps. campaign he supported. heather: should adam schiff resign from congress? senator -- send us your comments and we will share the later in the show. fox news alert, 50 isis fighters
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in us-led coalition airstrikes. hiding in caves and bunkers underground as ongoing efforts continue to clear the region. the democratic forces announced victory over isis last weekend. donald trump in the meantime is hosting the leader of south korea next month. the white house announcing overnight president moon will be in washington april 10th and 11th. the two leaders will discuss how to denuclearize north korea. talks between the us and north korea stalled last month when donald trump and kim jong un left the summit without a deal. a new report to tell you about overnight, the ethiopian airlines crash is a 737 max flight control feature automatically activated before the plane nosedived to the
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ground killing 157 people. the wall street journal reporting the stall prevention feature is believed to have misfired, and in indonesia last year, killed 189 people. boeing says it is updating the software. the findings come as boeing faces its first lawsuit in the ethiopian airlines crash from the family of a man killed in a crash. the midwest bracing for more rain as the flooded region is forced put recovery efforts on hold. catastrophic flood waters swept through the heartland washing away homes, farms, livestock. in nebraska alone farmers and ranchers say the $880 billion in losses, the devastation may soon be felt all across the country, several railroad tracks were damaged, that impacted the shipment of things like ethanol which could raise prices at the pump.
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the opening day in major league baseball giving up 7 runs in 3 innings, the red sox dominated by the mariners 12-numfour. philly fans after a 0-3 and two strikeout debut. the philly still beat the braves 10-4 and the dodgers smash opening day record eight home runs rallying the diamondbacks 12-5 and the rangers shortstop grabbed three hits including a home run. 's secret, could be the way we can't get enough of. ♪ heather: baby shark working for him but not the rangers unfortunately. cubs win 12-numfour. what would your way be?
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11 minutes after the top of the hour and donald trump firing up that michigan crowd with this promise. >> all of the current and former officials who paid for, promoted and perpetuated the single greatest hoax, they have to be, i am sorry, they have to be accounted for. shannon: what does that look like? ned ryan predicted this would happen, proof that a crime was committed but not by the president. disney parks announcing huge changes, what you won't be able to bring in starting soon. ♪
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>> all of the current and former officials who promoted and perpetuated the single greatest
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hoax in the history of politics in our country. they have to be, i'm sorry, they have to be accounted for. heather: donald trump using the russia probe victory to rally the crowd in grand rapids, michigan, the president now vowing to release unredacted versions of the fisa document the jump started the probe into his campaign. what will it take for that to happen? let's ask republican strategist ned ryan. thank you for joining us, appreciate it. the president rallying his troops and saying specifically mentioning the fisa document thing he wants those to be released. what would that take? >> he has to inform ag bar he wants the fisa applications in their entirety declassified and release all of them and rejected and the important thing about this is for people to understand
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and to see that these fisa applications were falsified. we know this because andrew mccabe testified under oath in 2017 that these fisa applications were based on the fake steel dossier and the important thing to understand is it is a crime to falsify fisa statements and applications. it wasn't in once or twice the four times, i keep hearing people saying we need to move on, writing opinion pieces, time to move on, that would be a dangerous thing to do because our entire security regime is based on trust, an honor system. we have to have people who are above reproach running a surveillance state and law enforcement so the book has to be thrown at john brennan and james clapper and james comey and andrew mccabe. they have to have a reckoning for what they did. it wasn't a big misunderstanding. this was intentional, it was systematic, it was malicious. for us to not have a reckoning
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in many ways is to so the seeds of our demise as a republic. heather: he blocked the mueller report, he wants this resolution passed to release communications from the top obama officials many of whom you just mentioned. this isn't the first time you mentioned the problem with john brennan. let's listen to some sound on "fox and friends". >> the thing that is troubling about this, somehow this dossier found its way into the hands of john brennan and the cia, brennan put into a top-secret file, got it to the obama white house, put it in the bloodstream of the obama administration, james clapper and john brennan felt the need to brief people on this fake unsubstantiated dossier. this is the question, are they terrible intelligence agents or are they politically motivated? heather: that was 2017 and here
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we are right back there. >> this is one of those things when you look back at the summer of 2017 there was enough information that some of us put the pieces together and realize brennan was the one, far more involved in people understood, he is a puppetmaster, more than an instigator and pushing the dossier throughout the administration but really being the one that has been pushing the russia collusion fairytale and this is the former director of the cia and you have james clapper, this is very troubling stuff. for us to move on and say that somehow it is okay, trump was cleared of all collusion. that would be devastating. we would need another iteration of the church committee, you would have to have trump, public hearings for people to understand what we have experienced and say we are going
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to have reform and never let this happen again. only republican but democratic presidents in the future as well. heather: what about repercussions for those involved? what could repercussions be for someone like brennan or comey? >> jail. i did serious, they committed crimes. this was not a misunderstanding. they knew what they were doing, they committed crimes, they should be investigated and they should have the book thrown at them and we see a full or measure of justice it will include jail time for some of these people 100%. heather: ned ryan, definitely looking forward to having you join us. you did not disappoint. have a good day. the time is 20 minutes after the top of the our. the fda proposing mammogram changes, the new guidelines 20 years in the making. who is heading to the elite eight and is your bracket busted? march madness highlights up next.
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it's a now there's one store that connects your life like never before store. the xfinity store is here. and it's simple, easy, awesome. heather: march madness is back. for another thrilling weekend, down to the sweet 16, serious xm 115, the first round of the teams advancing to the elite eight. getting ready for big friday night. heather: taking on our been. >> a lot of people -- the best bracket in america got busted, picked every game, perfect run
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came to a end. taking a look right now, the oregon ducks, the 12th against the title contender. cavaliers on defense, only gave up 49 points in the original semifinal. oregon was in line for the upset, lewis king, 3 with 6 left, oregon didn't make another basket. under pressure the ducks quack, three point, scoring but they went 53-49, 32 in virginia. they can get to the final four. >> in anaheim and texas number 2, michigan. the score was 8-6 in the first
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half, 24 at halftime against the nation's top defense mission. the wolverines missed the first attempt at three point range and kept shooting. they take one with 22 seconds left. 22 points last night, they advanced to the second straight year 63-44. a tough test. one year after gonzaga got knocked out in florida state, suite 16 revenge. 5 blocks to go with 15 points front boards, 17, one of four, with 14, huge game for josh perkins who had a steel in the first half, gonzaga dominated, a second chance pouring 17 of them.
1:27 am
not close enough, he win 72-58. shannon: not a surprise. gonzaga know. we will talk about that. we will definitely talk about that. >> louisville and purdue and tennessee. tennessee came back, ryan klein with three game lead. tennessee hits a field goal, back and forth but at the very end. it gets fouled on three point shot here. they have to make two. he does make the first to over time and that is when turner took six points in overtime. heather: that is what the tournament is about. >> they move on. it is good to be a fun day as we look at that continuing.
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the sweet 16, lsu michigan state and auburn and north carolina, tar heels were 51/2 point favorites. heather: you never know what will happen in virginia tech and duke, my pick virginia tech. you like houston over kentucky. >> i want them to win for you. heather: i don't want your bracket to get busted. thank you so much, great to have you here. it is almost half past the top of the hour and the pentagon cutting a check for the president's border wall. our next guest the sheriff in a swing border state explains why the cash is so important. chicago sending jussie smollett a bill for the cost of the investigation, people who live there sound off. >> should be focusing on
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children. >> how bad is it in chicago? >> it is horrible. heather: we have a message from people who live there. ♪
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get our special tv offer a 4-week trial plus postage and a digital scale go to and never go to the post office again! heather: a look at the top headlines, senator rand paul blocking a measure to make the report public, the senator says he wants to see top obama officials about how the russia probe started. in a report overnight about the airline crash, the 737 max 8 control feature automatically activated before the plane nosedived to the ground. the feature is believed to have misfired. 157 people were killed. boeing says it is updating the software. 16 parents accused of a massive college admission scandal expected in court today. in boston they face serious
1:33 am
charges from the bribery scheme. felicity happen and lori laughlin will face a judge next week. >> he said he was attacked by magar country. that is an embarrassment not only to chicago. that is an embarrassment to our country. heather: donald trump slamming jussie smollett at his rally in michigan as new details about the case rattle the city of chicago but jussie smollett wasn't there to face the backlash because he's attending to la avenatti for a big award. todd pyro has more. >> reporter: good morning. another day, more drama that won't go away. all this is happening, jussie smollett in the city of angels nominated for his naacp image award. the empire actor declining a speaking role as he touched down
1:34 am
at lax. >> 16 hours of community service. >> rom emmanuel says he wantss jussie smollett to pay and he means actual money, $130,000. the chicago cop spent on the investigation. >> given he doesn't see any sense of contrition or remorse, saying i am accountable. >> cook county prosecutor kim fox's decision to recuse herself. that is not what she meant, and in part of that we use the term recuse as it relates to state
1:35 am
attorney fox's involvement in this matter it was a colloquial use of the term rather than its legal sense leading to a city that quite frankly is fed up. >> focusing on the children getting killed in savings. >> two days ago. >> we talk to people of all races and generally one common theme, the city of chicago wants to get back to focusing on its residents. and general services. heather: todd pyro live, the other great story, the border wall. it with resistance in all angles.
1:36 am
the swing state in new mexico the national emergency is a sign that help is finally on the way. my next guest, sheriff tony magar joins me to discuss why it is important to the men and women in uniform to protect all-americans. thank you for joining us. >> good morning. heather: let's listen first to what the president had to say last night. one of the things he said in reference to the border crisis and border patrol. >> we are building that wall. look at the hundreds of thousands of people that are invading our country. you would know that we need it. the republican party will always stand with the heroes of ice and the heroes of border patrol. heather: is he doing enough to help you in new mexico? >> law enforcement officer, i could point this effort and i am
1:37 am
happy that money was released, 57 miles of wall, border patrol will extend down there so they have to close the check points on the interstate which means massive amounts of drugs and that influx into the whole united states, over 8000 crossings in one week alone. there is such a strain on the area of the southern border they are moving these individuals up to the city of albuquerque and it is a huge issue for the state at a huge issue for the country and it is time for us to do something to get this issue resolved. heather: the president talked about that, when it comes to drug trafficking and people crossing the border illegally bringing drugs into the country. he pointed out 300 americans a week die from heroine that is trafficked from mexico. have you seen a rise in their
1:38 am
problem over the last years? >> we have seen a huge problem across the state and the huge increase in heroin, methamphetamine uses. it is a big issue for the state right now. heather: in terms of extending this wall, 57 mile stretch of wall, what part of it would be in your area? >> the southern border, louis county, and also on the southern border. i am more central in the state but i represent the sheriffs association. i am familiar with what is going on. i've been down there. i talked with those sheriffs regularly and border patrol, even the cabinet secretary for homeland security says we are having to rely on alternate resources other than border patrol.
1:39 am
heather: what do you mean? >> national guard down there a little bit. this is going to help out. heather: talk to many sheriffs across new mexico. and the sheriffs association. can you be sure there are specific stories, sticks in your mind? >> the thing that speaks in my mind, the citizens down there at the southern border, the medical issues, the influx of people, the stuff going on with private property and homes being broken into, vehicles stolen. we hear about it all the time on local news, you see it happening. if something needs to happen to slow this down. heather: what would you say to democrats trying to block the $1 billion being spent to build
1:40 am
this wall or block the president himself? what would you say to those democrats? >> they need to put their personal differences aside and realize what is good for the united states of america and recognize that there is a problem down there. there is a problem with the immigration system. rather than fight the system let's figure out how the united states of america can slow this. heather: let's hope we can. thank you for joining us, we appreciate it. be safe. the time is 20 minutes until the top of the hour, donald trump turning his focus to healthcare. >> we are going to get rid of obamacare. i said it the other day, the republican party will become the party of great healthcare. it is important. heather: what does the gop play need to look like to win over voters? our next guest is a doctor with an inside look. it starts with covering one thing.
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julie: are watching "fox and friends first". the british parliament, where teresa may is hoping for a hail mary to savor brexit deal, the critical vote happening hours from now. benjamin hall live in london with what happens next. >> today was the day the uk was scheduled to leave the eu after the british public voted to do so but it is unlikely they will be leaving because there is no consensus on what brexit should mean. one more time to be voted on, the potential options. if that vote passes brexit is delayed until may 22nd at which.the uk is out and they moved to discuss future relations which of the vote fails, it will extend two weeks
1:45 am
from now. at that point parliament must ask the eu for another extension or leave with no deal. the you can -- parliament are so divided, those who want to stay in the eu say the deal goes too far, those who want to leave the eu say they are severing ties and it is -- that vote happened this afternoon we will find out what the future of the uk holds in terms of its relationship with the eu. shannon: donald trump reviving republican push to illuminate obamacare. >> we are going to get rid of obamacare. i said it the other day, the republican party will become the party of great healthcare. it is good. important. heather: what the republicans need to do to fix the healthcare crisis? joining me, doctor jeanette, thank you for joining us. let me get into what the
1:46 am
president had to say and what republicans need to do to have a legitimate plan voters will vote in favor of. >> i think the biggest focus needs to be preservation of preexisting conditions, there are millions of patients in this country who may suffer from cancer or high blood pressure or any congenital birth defect. it is out of their control. that is the number one priority, to protect them. heather: he said i'm speaking for the republican party who will always protect patients with preexisting conditions. >> another focus is trying to get the cost of healthcare reduced. with obamacare we were promised your premiums would go down, you could keep the doctor. and reverse that to tackle those.
1:47 am
it takes competition. we need more competition. we need to strengthen insurance companies, allow patients to purchase healthcare across state lines. it has got to be a bipartisan effort, not just 1-sided if parties come together to focus on getting what is best for patients it can be successful even though it is a complex situation. heather: the president talked about party differences with healthcare. a lot of you have private plans that are great, they are great, they want to take that away, that is not working. republicans want to have an affordable plan that is right for you. can they come together on that? >> as a physician my number one priority is insuring my patients have accessible high-quality healthcare without being forced into bankruptcy or having to choose medication versus putting food on the table are paying their mortgage. we are ready point we've got to come to a solution, bipartisan
1:48 am
agreement to take care of millions of patients in this country. heather: what about the latest decision about obamacare, the individual mandate? >> that would last year. that mandates was considered a constitutional tax. that is why now the department of justice and courts are deeming obamacare and constitutional. they want to scratch it entirely. we want -- we don't want to give up preexisting conditions. there are other benefits to it but it increased the premiums for so many people. heather: thanks for joining us, appreciate it. the time is 10 minutes until the top of the hour. chicago mayor ron emanuel wants jussie smollett to pay for his crime. >> when he writes the check he can put the word i am accountable for the hoax.
1:49 am
heather: social media going crazy, carly shimkus up next. ♪ when you t
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heather: chicago city official demanding payback for their investigation costs into jussie smollett. >> he doesn't feel any sense of contrition or remorse. my recommendation when he writes the check in the memo section he can write i'm accountable for the hoax. heather: carly shimkus with serious xm 115 here with online reaction. what a soundbite from ron emanuel. his legal woes may not be over.
1:53 am
the city wants him to pay $130,000 to cover the costs of the investigation and if he doesn't pay that money in 7 days the department could prosecute. his legal team has responded with the statement saying it is the mayor, the police chief who of jussie smollett and apology for dragging an innocent man's character through the mud. jussie smollett has paid enough. one twitter user says i would hope he would pay for his lies was another tweet saying the empire cast can raise the money and donald trump said yesterday the fbi -- >> it was crazy. as attorney coming out saying it is possible the brothers who attacked him were in whiteface. something good. costco is always great and this dad flipped out about that. this california dad is going viral for his enthusiastic
1:54 am
reaction following his first trip to costco. we can relate to this. >> get a good deal on that. $9. probably 1250. getting costco card for your birthday. >> who needs golf clubs when you have a costco card? 1-stop shopping absolutely. >> you can get anything. that is awesome. maybe trips to costco today. have a great weekend. the time is 6 minutes until the top of the hour and disney parks announcing huge changes. what you won't be able to bring in soon. but a spoonful of sugar make the winds died down? a serious storm turned this guy into a real-life mary poppins.
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heather: the first time in two decades the fda is recommending changes for mammograms. they want providers to tellents breast tissue which can skewer signs of breast cancer and hide potential tumors, the proposal will be open for public comment
1:59 am
for 90 days. the happiest places on earth got stricter. disneyland and disney world banning large strollers from their an easement parks. starting in may strollers bigger than 31 inches wide and 52 inches for long will not be allowed. the change is meant to ease guest flow. disney suggests parents bring strollers instead. this incredible video showing a whole new meaning of being swept off your feet was a gust of wind whipping a man clinging to an umbrella 13 feet in the air. the market worker, this happened in turkey, jumped off before the umbrella hit a pole and dropped to the ground. he was lucky. lucky wasn't injured seriously, 13 feet up in the air. that wraps up this hour of "fox and friends first," thank you for joining us, wrapped up another busy week. i hope everybody has a great weekend. see you monday. "fox and friends first" continues, have a great day.
2:00 am
goodbye. >> the democrats have to now decide whether they will continue defrauding the public with ridiculous [bleep] or whether they will apologize to the american people. rob: the president takes a victory lap in grand rapids michigan probably boasting the result of the mueller probe and it backfires on democrats. jillian: he tears into his 2020 opponents as well, live with the highlights. >> are you confident in the cook county prosecutor's office? >> know. >> i want to know why it was dropped. >> sounding off on jussie smollett, $130,000 bill for the investigation. rob: the empire star is not here to hear about it, he's in hollywood nominated for an naacp award. >> chick-fil-a is the target of another anti-christian attack.


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